Lady Death vs. Purgatori: The War for Hell by JB57

Additional Credit

Inspired by a story originally done by XP on the HB site.

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The Nexus of Worlds roiled powerfully. A festering swirl of red and purple energy rippled through the brimstone-scented air. Then, in a burst of crimson light, a gaping hole opened in the fabric of space and a blast of heat and light roared through. The hole closed almost as suddenly as it had opened, shimmering clouds of sulfur marking its passing. But something had come through the portal, something alive and powerful and deeply angry.

On the ground beneath where the portal had opened, a large oval mass quivered with life and steamed with the heat generated by its passage through the Nexus. Slowly, the oval opened, revealing itself to be tightly locked wings which had been folded in a protective cocoon around the being inside. The wings unfurled, unveiling the incredible body of a stunningly beautiful woman. Purgatori, the vampire goddess, rose to her feet. She stood to her full height and stretched out her wings to their utmost. She reached up with her arms, tensing and releasing her powerful muscles as energy flowed into her from the surrounding environment. The vampire was wearing a tiny black bikini top. The tiny triangles of the bra strained against her magnificent tits. A black thong cupped her crotch. Her belly was naked and her legs were sheathed in black, high-heeled, boots that traveled halfway up her thighs. Her arms were covered to midway up her bicep by black, fingerless gloves. Her shoulder epaulets were the skulls of fanged creatures. Purgatori’s skin was crimson, her hair straight, long, and jet-black. Horns curved up from her skull, just above her forehead.

The vampire demon’s eyes burned red as she gazed out over the sulfurous terrain of Hell. It had been centuries since she had last set foot on this corrupted ground, since she had breathed deep of the noxious air. Then, she had been the consort of Lucifer himself. She had been cast out of this infernal dimension, defeated and expelled by the being she hated most in the universe: Lady Death, the current mistress of Hell, the woman who had replaced her in Lucifer’s bed. For centuries, Purgatori had been condemned to be a vampire goddess ruling over backwards nether realms, sometimes even condemned to crawl in the slime among the hated mortals of Earth. She had been banished from her home and from her destiny for too long. She had lost too many battles to Lady Death in the time since. But now, finally, she was back in her own realm, able to draw power from the essence of Hell itself. And this time, she swore, Lady Death would pay the price. This time, Purgatori would conquer her beautiful rival completely and emerge as the new, the restored, Queen of Hell.

With this thought burning in her mind, the beautiful, savage vampire goddess flexed her wings, rose into the vaporous air, and began to fly, straight and true, towards the capital city of Hell and the palace of Lady Death.

In her fortress-palace, Lady Death slept in her bedchamber, resting on a giant circular bed in the center of the room. She had inherited the room and its arcane furnishings from Lucifer, after she had deposed the demon lord. The bed was sculpted from the bones of ancient dragons. Directly over the bed was a glowing, circular opening in the ceiling, which served as a mystical scrying glass, as well as a mirror. The room was dimly lit with the red and golden glow from a massive fireplace in a corner of the room and by torches placed strategically around the space. The entire chamber dripped with garish opulence. Ancient stone floors and walls and sculpted bone furniture were complemented by rugs made from the fur and skin of mythical and mystical monstrosities. Ornate picture frames enclosed swirling, horrifying landscapes and faces or shimmered into scenes of distant times and places. An oppressive heat enveloped the chamber.

Lady Death opened her luminous eyes, suddenly alert. She stared up at the distant ceiling, where the light of the fire played across elaborate stone carvings of monstrous creatures and scenes of lechery and debauchery that had played out in this bedchamber in the distant and not-so-distant past. The magical mirror directly above her head swirled with dark light, but nothing more. Lady Death could feel all parts of her realm, as she drew power from everything around her. She had felt the Nexus opening and closing. Only very powerful beings had the strength to manipulate the Nexus. Some being of great power was now in Hell; she could feel that being drawing energy from the dimensional core. Lady Death concentrated, trying to focus on discovering who the intruder was. Her magical mirror flared to life under her command. But its surface was clouded, only able to show a dim and dark figure moving through leaden skies. The being’s supernatural protections kept her from seeing it clearly, but something felt very familiar about the approaching presence, and the Queen of Hell had little difficulty deducing who was coming to see her.

Smiling grimly, the ivory-skinned, ivory-haired goddess rose from her bed, her nude, voluptuous body uncoiling like a cat. She stood, naked and perfect, beside her bed. A haze of energy flowed around her and her familiar attire appeared on her body: a brief black bikini top, clasped at her chest with the symbol of Death, the two triangles of cloth barely able to contain her massive, perfect white tits. Her sculpted abdomen was bare and she wore a tiny black thong and long black boots that came halfway up her thighs. Long, fingerless black gloves adorned her arms. Her long, wavy white hair flowed down her back. Her black cape billowed out behind her. She concentrated again and her mystical sword, Nightmare, flew across the room and into her hand. She was ready to greet the intruder.

Lady Death sensed that the being approaching her palace was coming directly towards her tower. Using telepathy, she ordered her guards to allow the being to pass. She knew that only she would be capable of dealing with this creature.

Purgatori flew in the high, open window of the master chamber, her wings stirring up a powerful wind as she landed on the casement. The vampire goddess saw Lady Death instantly, the white-skinned goddess limned by the golden light of the fire. Purgatori’s red eyes glowed even brighter and her beautiful, savage face twisted into a sharp-fanged snarl of hatred. She drew herself up, standing proudly in the window. She put her hands on her womanly hips and thrust out her powerful chest. She growled at the beautiful Hell-Queen with undisguised rage.

Lady Death surveyed the vampire goddess with a cool gaze. Purgatori was a vision of incredible, demonic beauty. Her power and majesty flowed into the room like a living thing.

The goddesses glared at each other, their glowing eyes locked in mutual hate. Power scorched the air between them. The force of their supernatural and psychic energies clashed just by being in the same space. A wind moved violently around the chamber and a boiling cloud of energy began to swirl inside the enclosed space, spilling out to electrify the air around the top of the tower and create an expanding storm of force. The women’s beautiful tits heaved with excitement and anger as they confronted each other.

Lady Death broke the bitter silence first. “I knew it was you, Purgatori. You’re as hard to get rid of as a cockroach. But I’m impressed. This is the first time you’ve managed to get back into Hell in centuries.” She shifted her sword in her hand, gathering her power. “What do you want, Hell-bitch?”

Purgatori smiled, her fangs glinting in the half-light. “I want YOU, you cunt.”

Lady Death snorted derisively. “We’ve fought many times before, you slut. I’ve always won. Why should any battle between us end any differently this time?”

Purgatori pulled in her wings and stepped into the room. Her high-heeled boots clacked on the stone floor. She planted her hands on her womanly hips and let her eyes wash over her hated nemesis. Unconsciously, both goddesses cocked their pelvises forward, pointing their pussies at each other.

“Because this time, we will fight by MY rules,” the vampire purred, her voice low and seductive as she smiled.

“Really?” replied Lady Death, smirking. “And what would your “rules” be?”

“My challenge is simple: we shall fight here, in this bedchamber,” the vampire explained, her arm sweeping the room. She spoke slowly and deliberately, her eyes shining. “No magic. No weapons. No clothing. Just you and me. Woman to woman. Cunt to cunt. Tit to tit. I shall face you as Sakkara, you shall face me as Hope. We shall fuckfight, until one of us submits or can’t go on. The loser shall be the sex slave of the winner forever – no rematches.” Purgatori paused, smiling lasciviously. “Are you willing to accept my challenge?”

Lady Death laughed contemptuously. “Why should I agree to any of that, you slattern?” the goddess asked. “It is you who are sexually obsessed with me; I have no use for you or your disgusting body. What have I to prove to you? Do you think by insulting my pride you can goad me into a foolish battle to satisfy your own perverted lusts?”

Purgatori smiled tartly. “I know what life in this place can be like. I know how boring it can be. I know how easy it is to lose passion over centuries of life. I know how long it has been since you were challenged in a real way. And,” her smile grew even wider, “I know that I am not the only one who has wondered what it would be like for you and me to battle each other in a …different way. We have fought in every other way. We have crossed swords, we have fought with our magic, we have battled with our fists, we have kicked and snarled and clawed at each other. But I think that both of us have always known that what we really wanted to do was to settle our differences woman to woman, your naked body against mine.” The vampire goddess grinned, the lustful fire in her eyes burning Lady Death as it swept over her nearly nude voluptuousness.

Lady Death paused, a sarcastic retort dying on her lips. Her mouth had gone dry and she licked her lips. Her eyes swept hungrily over the vampire goddess’ luscious body. In truth, she was bored. She filled her nights with orgies and sex-play with the male and female demons who were her servants, but she was still bored. It had been a long time since she had faced a true challenge. And she knew that the vampire goddess was right -she had always looked upon Purgatori’s magnificent body with more than a little lust. The idea of locking up with that body, of crushing round tits together, of rubbing wet, hot cunts, of grinding clits, of sharing thick tongues and fevered breath, of feeling hot, tight flesh sliding and merging and straining … Lady Death felt her sexual hunger flaring. As goddesses, Lady Death and Purgatori possessed almost inexhaustible physical resources. They could go hours, days, without getting tired. Their supernatural bodies were exquisitely sensitive to pleasure. Lady Death knew that all-out sexual combat with Purgatori would be a singularly incredible experience. She knew that they could fuck each other for days, giving each other indescribable pleasure, before one of them could succeed in overwhelming the other. She licked her lips. The idea of foregoing that kind of pleasure, the idea of turning away from this kind of challenge – she had not become Queen of Hell by being timid!

Lady Death pushed aside her doubts and the little voice in her mind crying out that she was taking far too great a risk. Another part of her said that she could win this battle and remove Purgatori as a threat forever. Even more, she could have the vampire as her prize, as her fuck toy, that she could enjoy for all eternity. Maybe Purgatori as her slave would be enough to ease her boredom for a few centuries.

“So, “Sakkara”,” Lady Death said sarcastically, “You think that you can outfuck me? You think that your body is a match for mine? You think that you have more sexual power than I do? Well, we shall see, slut. Strip down and prepare to be taught a lesson you will NEVER forget.”

Smiling triumphantly, Purgatori moved further into the room. She closed her eyes, lowered her head, and concentrated. Slowly, slowly, then more quickly, her expansive wings began to shrink down in size, folding in, receding into her back, until they were completely gone, leaving her flawless back unbroken. She stood before Lady Death as a crimson-skinned demon with horns and jet black hair in a tiny black bikini and thigh high boots. Slowly, smiling seductively, Purgatori removed the skull caps from her shoulders, then stripped off her long black boots. She pulled off her black gloves. Slowly, seductively, her eyes locked to Lady Death’s glowing white orbs, she reached behind her neck and untied her bikini bra. Carefully, teasingly, she pulled the straining triangles of her bra away from her chest. Her magnificent, massive tits bounced free, high and round, thick black nipples pointing like spears. She reached down and slid her thong down her smooth hips, down her long, beautifully muscled legs. Her pussy was absolutely clean-shaven, powerful and thick-lipped. It glistened with arousal.

Lady Death drank in the vampire goddess with her eyes. The nude demon woman before her was the most beautiful, erotic thing she had ever seen. Lady Death felt the heat building in her cunt, she felt her nipples thickening, her tits getting heavier and harder with arousal. She placed her sword aside and stripped off her long gloves. She reached up and unhooked her cape, removing it with a flourish and casting it aside. She sat down on her bed, then slowly peeled off her high boots, revealing her long, perfectly muscled alabaster legs and perfect feet. She stood up. Eyes locked with Sakkara’s, she slowly, tantalizingly reached between her magnificent breasts and unhooked the skullhead bra clasp. She pulled the tiny cloth aside. Her fantastic tits bounced free, the ivory –colored orbs topped by thick, black areola and hard nipples. Finally, she reached down and, with a seductive wiggle, slid the thong off of her smooth, curving hips and down her long legs, exposing her clean-shaven pussy. Her twat dripped with liquid.

The nude goddesses stared at each other, their hungry eyes devouring every beautiful, erotic inch of the other. Except for the differences in skin color and other superficialities, the two women’s fantastic bodies were perfect matches for each other. They were the same height, their beautiful breasts the same size, their curving hips the same width. Their powerful, womanly forms were dark mirror-images.

Lady Death’s heart beat harder, her excitement building and burning. She felt her ravenous sexual appetite rising. She knew that to win this battle, she would need to completely unleash the erotic beast inside of her, and she could not wait to do so. She thrilled to the sense of danger, to the anticipation of the sexual struggle to come, with everything at stake.

The gorgeous nude goddesses moved towards the albino beauty’s enormous, circular bed, keeping their distance from each other, their burning eyes locked. They mounted the bed on opposite sides, then began to crawl, cat-like, towards the center. They stopped only inches apart and got to their knees. The glow in their eyes faded; Lady Death’s eyes became the blue eyes of Hope, the human she had been. Purgatori’s eyes became the dark brown of Sakkara, her human identity.

The women felt heat and power radiating off of their naked flesh. Even putting aside their magic, the goddesses could not cease to be goddesses, and the power of Hell, the power they were both drawing upon, rolled around them. Outside, a raging vortex of energy surrounded the high tower. Both women eagerly anticipated the intense, erotic confrontation to come.

Hope let her burning gaze wash over Sakkara’s voluptuous crimson flesh. Her body, her pussy, throbbed with heat. Hope’s eyes lingered on Sakkara’s clean shaven cunt, her round, hard tits, her thick nipples and engorged areola. Soon, she thought, those beautiful womanly weapons would be meeting her own in sexual combat. Those weapons would decide their battle.

For her part, Sakkara had to suppress the incredible excitement burning in her core. She had waited for this moment for centuries. She had dreamed of having Lady Death at her sexual service from the moment she had first laid eyes on the luscious ivory-skinned goddess. Purgatori had been a lesbian as a human. Once she had become a vampire, her sexual appetites had grown exponentially, along with her other hungers. Lady Death’s incredibly voluptuous body filled her with unbearable lust. For centuries, she had longed to feel the other goddess’ flesh writhing and grinding under her, joined to her in sexual ecstasy. The time had come for her to face Lady Death woman to woman, goddess to goddess, tit to tit and cunt to cunt, to ravage and savage and fully possess the beautiful Hell-bitch. Purgatori could barely control her excitement, but she knew that she had to if she wanted to win this struggle.

The women leaned forward, their throbbing tits hanging down, almost touching. Their faces came almost nose to nose.

“Well, slut,”Hope whispered, “It is time to see who of us is the better woman. Do you wish to reconsider?”

“Not at all,” Sakkara whispered back. “When we are done, I will have Hell as my kingdom and you as my whore forever. I will enjoy your body, your womanhood, every inch of your flesh, for all eternity.”

Hope smiled. “Or I will have you.”

Hope lunged onto Sakkara, who welcomed her with open arms. The nude goddesses felt their massive tits crush tight, hard nipples spearing and crushing each other, thick areola meeting and fusing into one. “Gods,”Hope thought as the pleasure arced through her with almost physical force, “gods, that feels so good. So fucking good.” The beautiful women locked their mouths together, driving their lips together hungrily. Strong tongues twined within their inosculated mouths as the women locked into a sloppy, intense French kiss. Their tongues circled and circled and licked within their mouths. Their breasts mashed and rubbed together tightly, thick, taut flesh straining against each other. Their hands roamed hungrily over each other’s naked backs, caressing and stroking beautifully sculpted muscles, massaging and gripping each other’s hard round asses. Moans of pleasure caught in their throats, saliva mixed and filled their mouths and spilled over, dripping down their chins as their tongues fought and slid wetly within their spit-filled maws.

Sakkara found herself almost exploding with joy. Her mind was overwhelmed with the incredible desire burning in her core. She felt her naked pussy lips grow fat and hot and wet as her excitement grew. Her tits were mashed thickly to Hope’s burning breasts, their nipples pulsing with pleasure, spearing and grinding against each other, trapped together in the prison of the women’s mashed titmeat. Sakkara’s deepest desire was finally becoming a reality. Lady Death’s incredible body felt every bit as delicious against her own as she had dared to dream.

The women groaned and moaned into each other’s mouths as they struggled to overpower each other. The kiss, the stroking, the shared moaning, went on and on, the goddesses’ passion growing uncontrollably, both women swallowing back their shared spit, until Hope finally succeeded in pushing Sakkara onto her back, driving the demon’s head onto a pillow. The women’s lips remained locked.

“I have her now,” Hope thought to herself dimly, through the raging heat of her own lust. She slipped her left hand down Sakkara’s taut belly and began to finger the vampire goddess’ wet, swollen pussy. Sakkara screamed with lust within their locked mouths as she felt Hope’s fingers probing her cunt. Hope plunged her fingers into her rival’s thick, tight fuckhole and began masturbating Sakkara viciously. At the same time, Hope broke their kiss and quickly moved her mouth down to Sakkara’s massive right tit. She began sucking and kissing the nipple and areola, running her tongue and teeth along the sensitive flesh before wrapping her lips around the hard nub and sucking and biting vigorously. Sakkara writhed in pleasure, her hips bucking, her ass rubbing into the silken sheets. She moaned and screamed uncontrollably as indescribable sensations radiated through her perfect, red body. “Yes,” Sakkara shrieked as her deepest fantasies became reality, “Yesssssss, oh yessssss.”

Fighting the delicious pleasure burning up from her pussy and her tit, Sakkara slid her right hand down Hope’s perfect, curving back, over her smooth, round buttocks, to her anus. Sakkara circled and teased the tight opening with her fingers, then plunged two sharp-nailed fingers up into Hope’s perfect asshole. Hope gasped, then bit down even harder on Sakkara’s tit, even as she wriggled her ass, delighting in the violation. Sakkara smiled and slipped her left hand down the front of Hope’s body, along her smooth belly, teasing her deep navel, to the ivory-skinned goddess’ twat. Sakkara began to finger Hope’s exposed cunt. The Hell Queen moaned in unbearable pleasure as the double-penetration of her cunt and ass sent waves of erotic power rippling through her body. Her moans were stifled in Sakkara’s thick titmeat, but the pleasure was impossible to control. Hope responded to the attack by increasing her assault on Sakkara. She slipped her right hand down Sakkara’s back and inserted two fingers into Sakkara’s anus. Sakkara moaned loudly, almost screaming with the pleasure. Then, she lowered her head onto Hope’s chest and fastened her sharp teeth and red lips around Hope’s large right nipple. She sucked viciously. Hope redoubled her own sucking of Sakkara’s tit.

The women fingered and sucked each other, violating each other intimately, forcing growing waves of pleasure onto their wriggling bodies. They struggled on and on, stimulating and ravaging each other, as the erotic power built to unbearable levels. They began to shudder and shake with sexual tension and an intense wave of pleasure swept through their struggling bodies. The goddesses exploded in shrieks of mutual orgasm, each unleashing earth-shattering screams of pleasure. For the first time in their centuries-long rivalry, Lady Death and Purgatori brought each other to an excruciating orgasm, and they both loved it.

The goddesses’ wet, hot pussies spurted, splattering their probing hands and writhing bodies with cunt juice. The deliciously intense orgasm was only the start. The goddesses were far from being spent. Even as orgasmic pleasure caused them to scream in ecstasy, they attacked each other with renewed vigor, fingering and sucking each other with supernatural intensity. Sakkara was able to roll their bodies onto their sides, so that they could attack each other on equal terms. Their sexual battle began in earnest as the two supernatural creatures marshaled all of their physical and magical power and attacked one another savagely and with superhuman lust. Sakkara slipped her right hand over Hope’s crotch, inserting her thumb into the ivory goddess’ cunt and her middle and index fingers up Hope’s asshole. Hope immediately returned the violation, even as she sucked even harder at the vampire goddess’ succulent tits. The women fingered and sucked each other relentlessly, with a sexual stamina and power far beyond any mortal being. Raw pleasure radiated out of their bodies, filling their flesh, burning in their cores, rippling in waves of heat away from the bed. They forced pleasure on each other that would have killed any human woman. The women orgasmed again and again and again, soaking each other, soaking the bedsheets, with sweat and cum. Hours passed as they moaned and screamed and gasped out their pleasure. It took the better part of a day before the sex-crazed goddesses finally exhausted each other and had to rest.

Hope and Sakkara slept deeply, their nude bodies sprawled side by side but not touching. Their divine bodies drew power from the Hellish realm, rejuvenating them, feeding their sexual hunger. When the goddesses awoke a few hours later, they glared at each other, both enjoying the feeling of intense lust that the other stirred inside. They threw their naked bodies together once again and locked into a French kiss. Hope succeeded in toppling Sakkara onto the bed and taking the top position. The women pressed their naked flesh together, arms wrapped around each other, legs twined, tits crushed tight. Their eyes closed as they concentrated on the kiss, on dominating and controlling each other with tongue and teeth and lips. The women wriggled and ground their naked bodies together, rubbing their meaty tits around and around. Sakkara reached down to fill her hands with Hope’s magnificent ass. She wrapped her arms around Hope’s nude body and, shoving hard with her hips, arching her back, managed to slowly roll their locked bodies. All the while, the women remained sealed together in the kiss, their tongues and lips working, their mouths filling with spit that they mixed and then swallowed back, their moans of sheer pleasure filling the room, their raw sexual hunger radiating away from their locked bodies in waves. Purgatori and Lady Death stretched the length of each other, their arms and legs wrapped around the other, their nude bodies plastered together so tightly their red and white flesh seemed fused into one, their heavy tits bulging against each other in a tense, meaty mass. The battle continued, the women rolling slowly, agonizingly, back and forth on the giant bed, constantly exchanging the top position, writhing and grinding their lush bodies. They kept their focus on the kiss, concentrating on stimulating and mastering the other woman. Their tongues lapped and teased, their lips burned with sensitivity, until it almost felt like their tongues were two thick clits twisting and sliding against each other. The sexual heat in their lush bodies burned bright, their pussies leaked steadily, but they did not bring each other to orgasm. It was several hours before they finally released each other when it became apparent that no victor was emerging from their mouth to mouth duel.

“It seems that you are lucky, whore,” Sakkara gasped. She was back on the bottom, her nude body twined around and straining against Hope’s delectable muscles, their powerful calves taut and hard against each other, their voluptuous bodies soaked in sweat, their torsos slick with the lubrication from their burning pussies. “I’m surprised that you have managed to last this long.”

“You cunt,” Hope replied. “You are lucky that I haven’t fucked your brains out yet, slut!”

Sakkara smirked. “When we start fucking, I will have you screaming like the whore you are in minutes. Then, I’ll fuck you dry.”

Hope smiled back, savagely. “You cannot win, Sakkara,” she said. “You are just a stupid vampire-demon bitch. “ Then Hope changed her tone. Her voice became a low purr. “Are you ready to 69 with me?” she challenged.

Sakkara smiled. “Gladly, you cunt,” she replied. “I’m going to show you what it really takes to suck a pussy.”

The goddesses separated from each other reluctantly, their perfect bodies peeling apart. The goddesses glared at each other in mutual lust, their eyes roaming possessively over the other woman, taking in the slick, sweat-drenched nude perfection of their enemy. They moved back to the center of the huge bed. Hope placed a pillow under her head for support and lay flat on her back. Sakkara moved on top of Hope, her full weight pressing down on the Hell goddess, her face staring down into Hope’s beautiful bare cunt. Hope stared up into Purgatori’s equally beautiful, naked twat. The women spread their legs wide to allow each other full and easy access to the other’s dripping hole. Their heavy tits pushed into the other’s belly; the undersides of their breasts mashed and both goddesses wriggled a little harder against each other, grinding tits. Purgatori slid up, pushing her massive rack down onto Hope’s matching tits, crushing the thick titmeat until both women moaned with pleasure, until their hard nipples were grating against each other in pleasure. Then she rolled her way down their bodies until her face was directly over Hope’s twat again. The women groaned in unison. Sakkara descended on Hope’s cunt, her tongue sliding up and down the goddess’ thick, long gash, playing on the ivory woman’s pussy lips, licking and kissing and sucking, before finally penetrating the wet, pink flesh. Her tongue caressed Hope’s labia, then moved deeper into the vagina, working its way into Lady Death’s twat like a thick pink cock. Hope sucked and licked at Purgatori’s pussy with equal passion. She drove her tongue deep into the vampire goddess’ twat, then wrapped her soft lips around the woman’s swollen clit and began sucking it like a sweet. Purgatori trembled uncontrollably, but she sucked Hope’s engorged clit with equal fervor. Sakkara wrapped her lips around the whole of Hope’s dripping pussy and sucked hard, eliciting a gasp from her foe, her prey. Hope returned the move, sucking as much of Sakkara’s twat into her mouth as she could, attacking the vampire goddess’ cunt like it was a delicious pie. The two battling women concentrated on each other’s clit, licking and nibbling at the sensitive organs, driving each other insane with pleasure and lust. In minutes, their trembling, quivering bodies were convulsing in intense orgasms as wave after wave of raw pleasure roared through the struggling goddesses, sending them into extreme ecstasy. They screamed in mutual joy and ejaculated powerfully into each other’s beautiful face. Gasping, sobbing with pleasure, Lady Death and Purgatori rode out the waves of ecstasy, their perfect bodies writhing and bucking in erotic joy. But the women did not rest. The moment their powerful orgasms receded, they began feasting on each other again. Hope drove her fingers deep into Purgatori’s anus as she sucked the vampire’s clit; Purgatori returned the favor. Soon, the women were finger fucking each other as they sucked. Their tongues attacked the other’s asshole as well as their pussies. Purgatori spread Hope’s ass cheeks with her powerful hands and drove her tongue as deep into the goddess’ ass as she could; Hope eagerly retaliated, then took the attack to another level by inserting three, then four, then five fingers into the vampire’s tight, hot cunt. Purgatori arched her back and screamed in pleasure as her foe’s fist drove into her vaginal core. Moments later, it was Hope’s turn to shriek in ecstasy as the vampire’s fist twisted around and around inside her cunt. The women worked each other into a sexual frenzy. Raw pleasure built and built. Every five minutes, like clockwork, the two goddesses screamed in orgasmic ecstasy, their superhuman bodies shaking and convulsing as waves of pure pleasure roared through them. But still, their mutual lust only increased, their shared desire to completely devour the other gorgeous body grew only stronger. Overwhelmed with pleasure and desire, Purgatori and Lady Death devoured each other in a luscious 69 for hours, sucking and licking, fisting and rimming, finger-fucking and violating each other continuously, blasting jet after jet of hot cum into each other’s gorgeous faces until, finally, they were unable to continue. The goddesses finally rolled apart, their incredible bodies exhausted, their ravenous sexualities momentarily at bay. They curled up on opposite sides of the bed to take another long rest.

Their battle had now lasted for days, but neither goddess was even close to being forced into submission. When they woke, after several hours of replenishing sleep, the breathtakingly beautiful women crawled towards each other, their gorgeous faces lit by sadistic, vicious grins. They got to their knees and confronted each other, hands on their hips, gorgeous breasts only inches apart, hard nipples jutting at each other.

“You’ve lasted longer than I thought you would, bitch,” Hope said, smiling contemptuously. “And you are a good fuck. But your luck has run out. Today, you are going to be mine. I’m going to smash your tits flat. Then I’m going to enjoy ravaging your body for all eternity.”

“You think that your small, sagging tits are a match for mine?” Purgatori shot back. “ I’m going to enjoy squashing those bags into your chest until they pop. Then, I’m going to suck every drop of milk out of those udders and leave you with your tits flopping down to your knees.”

The women glared at each other, but neither could hide the deep lust burning inside. For both goddesses, much of their physical rivalry had always revolved around their massive tits, beautiful meaty orbs of which both women were justly proud. The fact that the other goddess’ tits rivaled and even equaled her own was a source of enormous frustration, rage and unbridled desire for the beautiful women. Their tits had been mashing and grinding against each other for days. But now, for the first time, the women were ready to unleash themselves on each other in an all-out titfight, to go after each other’s sexual weapons in a fight to the finish.

Slowly, smiling at each other savagely, Lady Death and Purgatori brought their massive tits together, nipple to nipple, titmeat to titmeat. Both women groaned uncontrollably as raw pleasure filled their throbbing mounds. Their enflamed nipples swelled even larger and harder, fusing to each other nipple hole to nipple hole. Both women felt the mystical, sexual power of the other flowing into her through their joined nips, trying to infect and overwhelm her own erotic power with the energy of the other. They wrapped their arms around each other’s backs and squeezed tight, groaning in indescribable pleasure as their thick, taut tits crushed and throbbed against each other, as their engorged nipples were forced deep into the dense flesh. Forehead to forehead, nose to nose, Sakkara and Hope glared into each other, their eyes bright with erotic desire and raw sexual power. In unison, they began to rub their tits together with all their strength, going up and down, up and down, grinding and thrusting, trying to squash the other woman’s spectacular rack flat. Their hard bellies slapped against each other as they moved, their narrow navels sucking and releasing each other as their abs rippled and flexed against their counterparts. The women gasped and cried out as their succulent tits struggled. With each hard grind, each powerful thrust, Purgatori and Lady Death both felt like their hard tits would explode from sheer pleasure. They panted and gasped in each other’s faces. Their bodies were soon perspiring profusely, their tits wet with sweat as the heat between their jousting glands threatened to overwhelm them. They began grinding side to side as well as up and down, their nipples bending and grating on each other with every tug. The struggling beauties moaned loudly. Sakkara moved her face forward and locked her lips onto Hope’s. The two women French-kissed, their tongues rolling around each other inside their hungry mouths, their sweet spit mixing and flowing, their moans of pleasure growing ever more intense. As they kissed, the women began humping their tits together, drawing back slightly, thrusting hard, working their backs, thrusting harder and harder, their flesh mashing like taut, heavy pancakes with each hump. Their nipples speared each other, burning with intense heat, bending and circling. The kiss, the tit to tit grinding, went on and on. The women’s bodies were soaked with sweat, their groans grew more intense. Their inner thighs grew wet as pussy juice trickled then flowed away from their impossibly aroused twats. The bed under their bodies grew damp. Their sexual fever grew unbearable. The women grew impatient, desperate for more pleasure, for sexual release. The women broke their kiss and moved slightly apart. Glaring ferociously at each other, Lady Death and Purgatori reached up and cupped each other’s breasts. Their fingers sank into the dense flesh. The women began to rub and massage the beautiful globes of flesh. Their moans became louder as they continued to knead and caress their opponent’s tits. Hope pinched and rolled Sakkara’s hard nipples, causing the vampire goddess to sigh and squeal as excruciating pleasure filled her red tits and sent pulses of pure ecstasy down to her dripping cunt, causing her to gush. Sakkara retaliated with a stimulating nipple attack of her own and it was Hope’s turn to squeal and gasp and gush. The women’s incredible sexual desire flared again and they locked together mouth to mouth once again, their tongues twisting slickly together, their saliva mixing in and dripping from their mouths. Their hands worked and kneaded their succulent titflesh, squeezing harder and harder as the women became more and more aroused. The women were engulfed by pain and lust as they squeezed with all their might, the flesh of their huge mammaries oozing out between their fingers.

For more than a half hour, the women kissed and sucked each other’s tongues and spit, and kneaded and squeezed each other’s tits relentlessly, with no winner. The two goddesses finally pulled apart again and stared into each other’s eyes. They glared, each seeing their sexual rage and desire mirrored in the other goddess.

“Suck me, you bitch,” Lady Death said sullenly. Purgatori smiled evilly.

The women came together again, each gripping the other’s right breast and enveloping as much titflesh as possible in their mouths. They bit and chewed and sucked at the juicy meat. They cupped each other’s left tit and continued squeezing and kneading the succulent flesh. They sucked each other’s nipples with all their might, licking and circling the sensitive flesh with their tongues, using their hand to keep the large globe they were mauling in place. Saliva began to cover their beautiful tits as the sucking and licking went on. They massaged and rubbed the other breast, playing with each other’s nipples, squeezing and caressing. They did all they could to force as much unbearable pleasure on each other’s tits as possible. They sucked as hard, as deeply, as they could. They switched and began sucking on the other breasts. They moved back and forth from tit to tit. Their pleasure and desire built with each second. Yet, even after several hours of relentless tit sucking, the women were unable to force each other to surrender. Finally, Sakkara and Hope broke apart. They were breathing hard, panting, rivers of sweat dripping onto the bed, rivulets of spit running down their soaking tits. Their massive boobs were covered in teethmarks and clawmarks, signs of eager, squeezing fingers digging into the dense flesh.

“We will rest. When we awake, we will decide this, cunt to cunt and clit to clit,” Lady Death snarled. Even in saying the words, she felt her dripping pussy grow even wetter and hotter. She realized that her body was charged with sexual fever, eagerly anticipating the ultimate sexual confrontation with the demon goddess.

“Yes,” Purgatori agreed immediately. The red-skinned demoness felt her entire body start to throb and ache and burn with lust. A meeting of cunts, something she had dreamed about for ages, was finally about to happen. She could hardly contain herself. “We will rest. Then there will be no quarter. We will fuck until one of us has to submit.”

Hope nodded. Silently, the two naked women retreated to opposite sides of the bed. They stretched out their naked bodies, they turned their backs to each other, and tried to sleep on their sides. For both women, sleep was long in coming. The heat boiling in their bodies was unbearable. Energy continued to swirl and clash around the tower and even inside the bedroom. The air was thick with the scent of hot, steaming sex and the room itself boiled with the heat the women’s struggling bodies had generated. Both women wanted nothing more than to throw themselves at each other, to mount the other woman and fuck her into a coma. But to give into their desires now would be a sign of weakness. Sleep eventually came. Lady Death and Purgatori both knew that, soon, they would meet in the ultimate woman to woman battle and their rivalry would be decided.

Hours later, the goddesses awoke, fully refreshed. Their bodies were ready to battle to the finish. The women turned over to stare at each other. Their eyes locked. Hope and Sakkara licked their lips. They sat up and turned to each other. Both women took in the other woman’s incredible beauty. Their bodies radiated sexual power. The women’s eyes swept over the other’s physical perfection, the round tits and jutting nipples, the muscled abdomens and thick, beautifully formed legs. Their gorgeous faces shone with lust.

As one, Lady Death and Purgatori spread their thighs. The women fixed their stares on the other women’s unspeakably beautiful, bare cunt. Their pussies were wet, pussy lips thick and juicy, their gashes pink and hot. The women’s hands moved down to rub and caress their succulent, naked twats. The women’s mutual arousal had grown even more intense while they slept. The goddesses could barely control themselves. The women began to lewdly fingerfuck themselves as they glared hatefully into the eyes of the other. The giant bedchamber was silent except for the whistle of the energy roaring outside and, soon, the wet, sucking sounds of two fingers moving vigorously inside of hot, slick pussies and the fevered pants of two bitch goddesses struggling to control their insane arousal.

Hope and Sakkara teased their swollen clits out of their cunts. They both spread their pussy lips with their wet fingers. They gently stroked their burning labia. The women began to move on their asses, sliding towards the center of the bed. Hope and Sakkara’s perfect bodies came together in a scissors, muscled legs sliding over each other, rights over lefts. The goddesses shuddered as their bare flesh touched. They pushed close, until their aching cunts were only a whisper apart. Heat rolled out of their throbbing womanhood, warming their inner thighs. Their pulsing clits seemed to give off electricity. The goddesses were maddeningly aware that they were only millimeters from bringing their most powerful sexual weapons to bear against each other in a final erotic battle to the end.

The women finally closed the gap, pressing their slick, naked pussy lips solidly together. The women trembled and moaned as sexual power flowed between them like a current of electricity. The delicious sensuality of their slick, naked vulvas touching and squishing wetly sent shockwaves of erotic bliss radiating through their perfect bodies. The anticipation, the mutual taunting, was driving them insane with lust. But the goddesses did not push. For several minutes, they sat still, their pussies pushed tightly together, sharing and reveling in the tortuous feelings pulsing out of their kissing cunts. The women stared at each other with electric glares, their mutual lust growing exponentially with each moment. Their minds settled on the same thought: to win the war, to decide the rivalry that had aggravated them for centuries, to completely and totally dominate and devour the other woman with their cunt. One of them would finish this battle as the slave, the plaything of the other. Whatever else happened, this would not be a short battle.

Finally, Lady Death spoke. “You are mine, Sakkara,” she whispered. “All of the centuries have come down to this moment. You were right; we were always meant to decide this thing between us in this way, cunt to cunt, clit to clit. I will make you submit to me. I will have you for my slave forever.”

“No, you whore,” Purgatori moaned in reply. “We were meant for each other, that is true. We were always meant to meet this way, cunt to cunt. But you were always destined to belong to me. Your pussy will surrender to mine. I will consume you. I will feast on your flesh, on your cunt, for all eternity.”

Smiling at each other savagely, the goddesses shoved with their hips, they bucked with all the power of their incredible asses, driving their cunts together. They screamed in erotic ecstasy as they mated. Their ravenously hungry twats hissed as fat, juicy cuntlips flattened and spread against each other. Their sizzling labia squashed and melted into one, their fuckholes locked to each other. Lady Death and Purgatori struggled to close their vaginas on each other, sucking each other in. Their thick, powerful twats trembled as they locked. The women’s fuckholes sucked to each other, sealed tight as a torrent of lubrication poured from their bodies, soaking the bed, soaking their lower torsos and inner thighs. The women’s throbbing clits pressed directly into each other, head to head, sending unendurable sensations racing through the goddesses incredible bodies. The women realized at the same time that all the ecstasy they had inflicted on each other to this point paled in comparison to what they were feeling now as their burning clits fused into one grinding, grating nerve of excruciating pleasure.

Snarling, determined to destroy each other, to force the other woman to collapse from the erotic pleasure, the goddesses reached for each other. Their massive breasts pressed together, thick flesh crushing deliciously, hypersensitive nipples spearing each other and twisting into fleshy knots. Lady Death and Purgatori wrapped their arms around the other’s back, pulling each other in. Their lips were an inch apart. They stared into each other’s fevered eyes, both seeing the fire and passion that they had for each other, their mutual determination to conquer the other. As if a bell had rung, the two beautiful goddesses locked their lips in a lustful French kiss. At the same time, they worked their hips and asses, grinding their pussies up and down, driving and fencing with their swollen clits. Their clits circled and rubbed and jousted as the women fucked furiously.

Moans of sheer pleasure escaped both goddesses’ mouths. They kissed with an intensity and passion that defied mortal comprehension, that could only be understood by other immortal, godlike forces of nature. They unleashed all of their desire on each other. Their tongues circled in their mouths, fighting for dominance. Their saliva mixed in their mouths and, as their kissing became even more intense, began to overflow their locked lips and run down their cheeks. The goddesses were ravenously hungry, they were starving for each other, and both refused to break the kiss.

Their hands moved up and down each other’s perfect, muscled backs, feeling and massaging, sometimes clawing with passion. Occasionally, they would bring their hands up and pull each other’s long, thick hair, or push their opponent’s head, forcing their faces closer, making their kiss even more intense. As the goddesses’ passion built and built, they slid their hands down to squeeze and fondle the other woman’s tight, round, sweaty ass. After only a short time, their fingers were deep in each other’s asshole, sliding in and out, in and out, causing both women to moan loudly in pleasure between their kisses. They used their hands to explore and tease the lower reaches of their succulent, grinding twats, when they were not violating each other’s asses. The women writhed in each other’s arms, rubbing their throbbing, heat-soaked tits, rejoicing as their rock-hard nipples ground and twisted and tortured each other with pleasure. Their beautiful breasts seemed to fuse into one meaty mass of hot pleasure.

Even as the rest of their bodies warred, inflicting raw sexual pleasure on each other, the goddesses’ pussies moved together in rhythm, cuntlips locked and sealed in their own French kiss. Their clits were grinding, circling, dabbing, rubbing, their love juices mixed and dripped from their locked, wrestling cunts onto the bed. Squishing, smacking and rubbing sounds filled the air as the battling women humped harder and harder, faster and faster.

Hope and Sakkara were aroused beyond belief. Every muscle, every nerve in their perfect bodies was on fire. Their blood boiled with need and desire. Their hunger for each other grew more and more ravenous with every stroke of clit on clit, with every thrust of bulging tit to tit. The goddesses’ senses were overwhelmed with sensuality. The full power of their womanhood, their erotic power, their erotic cravings, were unleashed on each other. They fought like two wild animals, each determined to devour every inch of the other. Their moans, grunts, growls, screams of intense pleasure continued unabated. Their concentration broke, at times, as they orgasmed over and over and over again, their bodies convulsing with ecstasy, their hot cunts pumping copious amounts of boiling cum into each other. But the women did not stop. They kept up the fuckwar, riding each other mercilessly, both women determined to destroy the other, to drain her opponent dry. The bed was soon soaked with godly ejaculate, but Hope and Sakkara continued to fuck each other mercilessly, both goddesses insane with lust, lost in the unbearable intensity of their shared pleasure.

Second, minutes, hours passed, and still there was no winner. Though they were exhausted, the goddesses continued, fucking and fucking without stopping. Unbelievably, their grinding, kissing and caressing became more and more intense and passionate, the pleasure they gave each other just kept building and building. It was not long before both women were completely overwhelmed by their lust for one another. Their battle for domination was forgotten; what drove them on was their desire to give and take as much ecstasy from each other as it was possible for two goddesses to share. Somewhere along the line, their vicious fuckwar became impossibly intense love-making.

The energy swirling around Lady Death’s fortress began to flow and unite, sliding in and out, merging and coalescing into a single burning power. As the goddesses’ fucking continued, the energies grew ever more intense, the winds roared ever louder, the fury around the fortress reflecting the unbridled intensity of the sexual passion wracking the locked bodies of the battling women. The ground began to shake and a powerful grumbling from underground could be heard. Hope and Sakkara were far too engulfed in each other to notice any of this. Instead, they reveled in the unparalleled ecstasy of orgasms that rocked them to their souls and that grew even more unimaginably powerful with every moment. The roaring of the wind became deafening, the quaking of the ground made it impossible for any of Hope’s demon minions to stand. The fury of what was happening in their mistress’ tower threw fear into the hearts of Lady Death’s servitors and they began to flee the castle in droves, sensing what was about to happen. Everything grew to a fever pitch. Suddenly, Hope’s fortress exploded in a burst of pure white light, a burning flame that filled the sulfurous skies of Hell and washed across the arid plains.

The exploding light lasted for days, ebbing and flowing, but growing steadily brighter, reflecting the intensity of the passion locked inside. Occasionally, screams of unbearable erotic bliss echoed across the Hellish dimension, as the goddesses at the heart of the conflagration inflicted incomprehensible ecstasy on each other.

Finally, the light gradually faded. In the end, all that was left of Lady Death’s fortress was a monstrous hole in the ground, a canyon almost a kilometer deep and twice as wide. The ground was black as pitch, the rock melted and fused into glass, the harsh landscape scarred with a deep blow.

In the center of the deep, black pit, lay Hope and Sakkara. Hope’s pure white body shone out like a light; the crimson skin of Sakkara blended more readily into the blackened devastation around them. The naked goddesses lay flat on their backs. Their massive tits heaved with their labored breathing. Their bodies were soaked and dripping with sweat and cum. They were stretched away from each other, but still scissor-locked together cunt to cunt, their powerful twats gripping each other, their aching slits slotted into each other and refusing to let go. Their pussies trembled, whether with exhaustion or pleasure was not clear.

After some time, Lady Death pushed herself up on her elbows. Her majestic tits jiggled as she sat up and looked down her magnificent, naked body to the body of the demon goddess who had given her more pleasure than she had ever thought possible, who had fucked her out of her mind and fucked her to a standstill. She squeezed Purgatori’s cunt with her own. She thrilled with delight as she felt the answering pressure. Purgatori opened her eyes, then pushed herself up to return Lady Death’s gaze.

“Do you accept your defeat, Purgatori?” Lady Death asked, her voice hoarse. “Do you submit to me and my power? Do you accept to be my slave, my fucktoy, for all eternity?”

“My defeat?” the red-skinned demon shot back. “You were the one defeated! I had you howling like a common whore! You were cumming like a river! My clit crushed yours and I squeezed every drop of cum out of your filthy cunt! You must submit to me!”

Hope sat up, reluctantly pulling her engorged pussy away from Purgatori’s equally thick, hot cunt. A stream of steaming hot, milky cum poured out of both women, hissing and sizzling as it hit the blackened ground.

“So, you refuse to concede, hm?” Hope snarled. Her body was already drawing on the power of Hell; she felt her full strength returning. She felt her pussy growing hot, her breasts getting heavy with arousal. She smiled, her eyes fevered. “Then I’m going to have to fuck you again, until you accept the truth.”

Purgatori smiled back, her demon eyes glinting with infernal lust. Her incredible body had drawn on the power of Hell, too; already, her pussy was hot and her breasts were aching to feel themselves mashed and throbbing into Hope’s massive tits. Her cunt began to dribble pussy juice and her clit swelled up like a balloon in anticipation of more of the unbelievable pleasure she had given and taken from Hope’s incredible body.

“I am ready whenever you are, whore,” Purgatori growled. “This time, slut, I will reduce you to a screaming, mewling cow. I will make you beg me for more.”

The goddesses moved in on each other, their magnificent, naked bodies fitting together once again. They shuddered in unison as their succulent flesh caressed. They closed their eyes and moaned in pure ecstasy and aching anticipation as their swollen cunts kissed. They smiled at each other in feverish lust as they felt their engorged clits move to meet. Heavy tits crushed, nipple to nipple. The women pushed their faces to each other and looked deep into the other’s eyes. They were panting with desire.

“And if this doesn’t decide it, Sakkara, we will fuck again…” Hope whispered.

“…and again,” Sakkara smiled. She ran her tongue along Lady Death’s beautiful lips.

“….and again…” Hope continued, her grin turning to a gasp as her clit caressed Purgatori’s thrusting member. Purgatori shuddered with her, moaning in joy.

The beautiful goddesses eyes closed in pleasure, then opened, shining with lust. They smiled at each other, their desire for each other so intense that neither could think. They slipped their tongues together and sealed their mouths in a passionate kiss. Their hands seized the other woman’s round, bucking ass, their naked bodies began to grind and writhe, undulating in passion.

Soon, the crater was lit by a coruscating glow that flowed and swirled, its energies moving in and out and through each other. The foundations of Hell began to rock and shudder as the light intensified. From somewhere deep in the pit, shared moans and screams of orgasmic bliss echoed into the sulfur stained skies. It would be a long, long time before they stopped.

The End

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1 thought on “Lady Death vs. Purgatori: The War for Hell by JB57

  1. wodensday says:

    Lady Death and Purgatori…now those are two names I haven’t heard in a very long time. As a comic reader, I don’t really read their stories, but I know the rivalry between the two is legendary. Glad to see that resurface here of all places, even more so in a tit/sexfight story. Hot damn.

    I see this is an old work of yours, so it probably won’t mean much if I say that you did a great job here, but allow me to say it anyway: great job. Especially love the effort put into the descriptions, to the point that it paints the full picture rather than leave gaps in imagining the scenario. Love that.

    I can imagine you have enough stories on your plate right now, and I do love your original stories, but if I could suggest, I’d love to see what you could do with more stories using existing fictional characters, like in this one. Pairings like She-Hulk/Power Girl or Red Monika/Red Sonja, off the top of my head. Just some suggestions. But hey, that’s just me daydreaming.


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