Thorns of Karevi by JB57

Part I

Klara Jorgenson bit into the thick, juicy pear-shaped fruit. The juice shot out. It splattered onto her deep cleavage, generously displayed within the scandalously revealing scoop-neck of her one-piece, sleeveless tunic, and dribbled down between her large breasts, down her sculpted abdomen, towards her navel. Klara brushed the juice away. She would wash up later. For now, she enjoyed the pear and looked forward to gorging herself on many more of the delicious fruit.

Klara stretched out in the heat of the day. She was wearing only the loose, sleeveless tunic. The skirt of the tunic was short, barely going to mid-thigh. The tunic itself was made of a thin, almost transparent material that allowed for an all-over tan that did not leave lines. After so many months in the jungle, Klara had a nut-brown tint to her smooth skin. Klara was a big woman, of part-Swedish background, with all the stereotype implied. She was tall and blonde and beautifully muscled. Klara’s lovely face was well-matched to her shapely, voluptuous body. Her bulbous chest was at least an E cup, maybe bigger. On this world, the lower gravity made it easier for her considerable assets to stand and bounce at full attention without additional support.

Klara took the pit of the pear-fruit and tossed it at the red stalk of a bush about 10 meters away and down from the tree in which she was perched. Instantly, on impact, sharp thorns began flying in every direction, continuing for several seconds before they abated. Klara laughed. She had bet herself that the younger, smaller thom-bushes would re-arm within 5 minutes, faster than the older bushes. She had been right. The older bushes, of course, were far more dangerous – their thorns were larger and hit with greater force.

 Klara thought back to how she had ended up here, on Karevi Prime, a world a galaxy distant from Earth. Almost a year ago, she had been a student, on her way to class at the university in Denver. Suddenly, a massive ship dropped out of the sky. She had little recollection of what followed.  Monstrous, bipedal aliens in spacesuits and wielding energy whips had streamed out of the ship.  Klara and thousands of other civilians had been forced, screaming and yelling, inside the massive compartments that opened up right after the ship landed. In moments, their screams were stilled by the odorless gas pumped into the vast rooms. When next she awoke, Klara was in the slave compounds of Karevi, along with thousands of other humans, waiting to be sold. She soon discovered that, while unconscious, she and the other slaves had been outfitted with some kind of chip that provided them with knowledge of the local languages and customs of their new planet, along with information informing them of their new circumstances. The chip also acted as a tracker, making them easy to find if they escaped.

Klara had been sold to the commander of a military unit attached to the local embassy of the Catani empire. There were Catani all over the futuristic city in which she found herself. The Catani were massive, olive-skinned aliens. The men were thick and squat, not too tall, beautifully muscled, ferocious and powerful, and superstrong in the lighter gravity of Karevi. The women were taller and extravagantly beautiful and voluptuous and just as strong, ferocious and impetuous as the males. Klara was meant to be the commander’s secretary and, she suspected, his bed mate once his wife was gone. As Klara soon discovered, Catani females were ridiculously jealous. She was kept away from the commander’s wife and family and this gave her a lot of time to prepare her getaway. Two months after being captured, she succeeded in getting aboard the commander’s personal sky flitter. She used an electrical probe to fry the tracking device on her personal chip without impairing its other functions. She disabled the flitter’s tracker and its sending and receiving functions and shot off over the city, hoping to hide herself in the dense jungles surrounding the enormous city. So far, at least, she had been successful.

The flitter had crashed just a few hours after she rocketed away in it, its power failing unexpectedly, probably as a result of her sabotage. But she had managed to land the machine in a thick forest of thom bushes, which acted as a natural deterrent to predators or anything else that tried to sneak up on her.

The machine had served her well ever since. It could not fly and it was crippled as an up-to-date source of information, since she could not risk activating its ability to tie into the planet-wide information grid.  However, the onboard computer proved to be very good company and a source of invaluable information. Like most computers in the empire, it possessed the store of all of the galaxy’s knowledge and was more than happy to share it.

During the day, Klara explored the forest around her, learning what she could about the geography, foraging for food, and testing the information that the computer shared with her on the nature of the world around her.  She made a careful study of the thom bushes surrounding her flitter and learned how many there were and where to trigger them. Every night, she slept in the relative comfort and safety of her makeshift bed in the flitter’s living compartment, knowing that the thom bushes would provide some additional protection and early warning.

 Klara knew that she could not live like this forever. Eventually, the flitter’s power would run out. However, that would not happen for years and she was trying to work out a way (with the help of the computer) to jury-rig a solar charger for the ship. If that did not work and the computer did fail, Klara was sure she would be ready to live off the land by herself. But she knew that what she really needed was a plan that could get her back to Earth. With the information provided by the computer, she was working on that.

This sunny day, Klara was snugly ensconced in the crook of a giant branch of a massive tree. Her long, tan, bare legs stretched out in front of her. She wiggled her bare toes, then stretched out her bare arms, enjoying the tensing of her muscles. Her tits jiggled appreciatively. From her perch, she had a clear view of the thick, wild jungle stretching out as far as the eye could see. The brilliant light of the yellow sun beat down on the verdant scene and the vibrant sounds of the jungle provided her with a constant chorus of life. She was learning how to read that chorus – the animals communicated with each other in many ways, and Klara had learned to spot the warning call for various kinds of predators across many different species.

Things could be much worse. So far, the planet had showed no signs of changing seasons and the perpetual summer was a fine fit to the meager clothing that she possessed. From what the ship’s computer told her, the occasional month-long cool spell did hit this part of the planet, but these were irregular and infrequent, though difficult to predict. If things did get colder, she would find survival in the jungle to be a much more difficult affair.  She had used up the rations she had found in the flitter. The pear-like fruit she had been eating had proven to be an excellent source of everything she needed to survive. Other fruits and seeds provided some variety. She fished and scavenged when she could. She had gotten very good at making fires and she was learning how to develop seasonings from the many plants and minerals around the flitter. Again, the computer was an invaluable aid. It told her what kind of plants and salts to look for and how to prepare them.

Klara relaxed in her tree, lazily enjoying the sun and the fruit and the spectacular view of the green valley.  A high-pitched buzzing sound interrupted her reverie. She recognized it immediately – the sound of a distant flitter. She got to her feet and parted some of the branches over her head, giving her a clear view of the cloudless sky. Two of the many moons of Karevi were visible, their ghostly images washed out by the bright sunlight. As she watched, she made out the distant, jerking movement of flitters zipping around on the horizon. At first, she assumed some local Catani were out on a hunt. There were huge, rhino-like predators that the Catani enjoyed fighting, much as Spanish matadors fought bulls. As the flitters came closer, however, it became apparent that one of the flitters was pursued by an angry swarm of other flitters, several of which were firing on it. It was not long before the entire group of high-speed fliers was at the foot of Klara’s valley. As she watched, one of the pursuers fired off a shot that managed to hit the main engine of the fleeing ship. The engine began trailing smoke and fire and the ship shot up into the sky, hesitated, then came curving back to the ground. It hit a tumble of boulders on the edge of the river near Klara’s refuge, smashing into the rocks with an enormous, jarring crash. Klara gasped as she watched a figure, a man, leap from the wreckage, a bound that carried him more than 15 meters. She was amazed that anyone, even a Catani, could have survived the impact. Moments later, the flitter exploded, the blast resonating across the valley. Black smoke billowed from the tangled metal. Shrapnel whistled away from the wreck, peppering the jungle as far up the slope as Klara’s refuge. The pelting of small metal fragments triggered the thom bushes, which filled the air with their deadly darts.

The man staggered from rock to rock, trying to put as much distance between himself and the wreckage as he could. As Klara watched, the other flitters closed in on the burning wreck, hovering in the sky above it. The smoke streaming off of the metal was making it difficult to see the ground; Klara realized the survivor was using this advantage to cover his escape. The man managed to move a few hundred meters away from the wreck without being seen, before he collapsed. Klara did not see him get up. Klara knew it would not be long before the fliers’ pilots landed to check out the crash and would realize that their prey had escaped. As she watched, a few of the fighters took shots at the wreckage.

Klara was surprised to find herself halfway down from her perch. She had pulled on the compact slipper shoes that served as her foot wear without even realizing she was doing it. She knew that the pursued man was not a Terran – the leap he had made was far too prodigious for that. But there were several species of alien, humanoid slaves on the planet, including some who could have made the leap. Klara was too far away to tell the species of the fleeing man, but she did know that no one should face the prospect of dying under Catani force-whips.

Quickly, she ran down the slope of the hill, avoiding the many thom-bush thickets along the way. She came to the cliff that formed the falls of the river that ran through the valley. She had secured a vine there as a rope, to give her quick and easy access and, if need be, an escape route to the water. She descended to the river bank, where she kept to the dry, flat rocks, before she came to a series of stepping stones which bordered the pool made by the river’s waterfall. She used the stones to cross the river, then through a gully, and across another thom-bush bordered clearing. She found herself roughly where she had last seen the injured man. Keeping close to the brown rocks that were so close to the shade of her tanned skin, Klara crossed the remaining distance. The black smoke cleared for a moment and she almost tripped over the injured pilot.

“Catani!” she cried out disdainfully. Now that she saw him up close, the yellow and grey of his familiar uniform was more obvious. It was charred and burned, which had obscured the original color. She tried to turn the man over with her foot, but he was far, far too massive. She pulled his head up by his slate-grey hair – his olive skin was a little bruised – and examined his face. He was handsome for a Catani, with a straight-bridged (though still bulbous) nose and a firm mouth. She saw a gash on his head, which probably accounted for his unconsciousness.

Behind her, Klara heard a sizzling hiss and a crack. The hovering fliers were still firing on the wreckage. The mass of metal was now twisted and molten, totally obliterated. Soon, they would destroy whatever was burning and the smoke would clear.  The fliers began to maneuver to land on the plateau behind the wreck. Klara had to make a decision fast. She decided she could not just leave someone to be murdered, even if he was a member of the race that had enslaved her. The man groaned and struggled to rise. Before she helped him, Klara walked on the raw rock as far back as she could to the edge of the forest, checking to see if he had left any tracks of his escape. The heavy smoke had dropped ash all over the area, obscuring any foot prints. Klara hurried back to the Catani, who was now standing unsteadily, bracing himself on a rock.  

“Come on,” Klara said to the olive skinned Catani. “God,” she thought, “he’s huge! Like a mountain!” The tale of Muhammad and the mountain flashed through her mind; she found herself thinking of the olive alien as “Mahomet.” The Catani was a bit shorter than Klara’s nearly 6 feet, which made him very tall for a Catani male. But his mass was enormous. His shoulders were easily a full meter across; his legs looked like small tree trunks and his arms were almost as thick. Add to this the sheer weight of an extra-dense Catani and Klara knew that she would not be moving him anywhere without his help.

“Come on,” Klara repeated, pulling at the Catani’s tunic, trying to guide him. He staggered, shook his head, turned his burning yellow eyes on her. He appeared confused, but fighting to regain his senses. Klara heard the babble of voices near the wreck. God, the other Catani had gotten there quickly! But she knew they could make enormous leaps in the (for them) low gravity. The sound of the other voices seemed to jerk the injured Catani back to awareness. He grasped Klara’s bare shoulder in a vice-like grip and allowed her to lead him back to the river bank. When they got to the stepping stones to cross the river, however, Klara knew she had a problem: there was no way the semi-conscious Catani could negotiate the stones. Behind her, she heard the sound of shouts. The other Catani had searched the wreckage, not found a body, and were beginning to fan out to search the area.

Klara made a decision. She led the injured Catani to the pool by the base of the falls. “If you can’t swim, it’s too damn bad,” she muttered under her breath. Taking a running start, she threw herself at the Catani, pushing him over the edge of the pool into the water. She plunged in after him. As she feared, he sank like a stone. She swam down after him, secured a good grip on his chin, and used all her strength and skill as a swimmer to get him back to the surface. In the water, his mass was much more manageable.

They surfaced behind the falls, where the water acted as a screen. The Catani began to struggle in Klara’s grip when, suddenly, five other Catani leaped into view in the clearing by the pool. The injured Catani was instantly alert. He freed himself from Klara’s grip and began treading water beside her. The five Catani were arguing amongst themselves. Klara could not quite make out what they were saying. She suspected the sound of the falls was preventing her translation chip from working properly. However, the giant olive man beside her in the water was listening intently. After a few minutes of argument, three of the five hunters charged back the way they had come, still squabbling loudly among themselves. The other two began working their way up the river bank in the opposite direction, overturning boulders with ease as they searched for their target.

Klara and the Catani treaded water in the waterfall’s pool for several more minutes, waiting for the other Catani to get out of sight. While they waited, Klara got colder and colder. The river was fed by a glacier some distance away, but the water remained cool, too cool for a human to endure for too long. The Catani finally nodded to her, motioning with his head towards the river bank from where they had come. When she realized that he wanted to return in that direction, Klara immediately objected.

“No!” she shouted at him over the roar of the fall, “I’ve got a flitter over there!” She gestured in the opposite direction. “It will be safer there!” Suddenly, she realized what she had done. “Oh god!” Her eyes wide, she hoped he had, somehow, not understood her. However, the Catani was moving in the direction she had indicated.

When they climbed out of the water on the opposite bank, Klara was almost too cold to move. Her tunic clung to her like a second skin, almost transparent in places. It left nothing to the imagination, drawing attention to her heaving breasts and her generous hips and beautifully molded abdomen. Her nipples were as hard as rocks, frozen by the cold into fleshy spikes.

The Catani had realized the mistake that Klara had made. He decided to reassure her.

“You have helped a Catani. You will not suffer for that,” the giant yellow-eyed Catani said to Klara. “Now, where is this flitter?”

Glumly, Klara began to lead him towards her makeshift home. She thought about trying to escape or even doing something to alert his enemies, but she knew that her chances of escaping such a powerful creature were tiny and alerting his enemies would only bring much greater trouble on herself. She would have to rely on his sense of honor to protect her.

Klara was angry that she had given away her hiding place/home and she was angry that she was having so many problems stopping her chattering teeth and trembling body. “Come on,” she said, leading the Catani up the hill. “I’m going to have to lead you through the thom bushes…or are Catani hides immune to the thorns?”

“No, we feel them too,” the alien replied. He grinned at her, relieving some of her anxiety. He followed Klara’s footsteps exactly as she navigated the thom bushes.

They were halfway to the hidden flitter when they heard the staccato sound of voices rattling off to their side. Mahomet listened and smiled, a fire lighting in his leonine eyes.

“They have spotted movement over here,” the Catani said to her. “We need to hurry.”

Klara began to jog-run through the bushes; the winding path meant that going much faster would not be safe. Mahomet followed close at her heels. When they broke into the dell just before the extensive thicket where the flitter was hidden, Klara stopped.

“What’s wrong? Are you lost?” the Catani asked.

“Through those bushes,” Klara said. “Just watch and wait; when I tell you to move, move.”

Klara kneeled down, picked up a number of pebbles from the ground. With practiced ease, she cast the pebbles left and right, triggering the spray of thorns, counting off the bushes that had fired in her mind. When they were done, she picked up another handful of pebbles and threw them in a wide arc, just to be certain she had activated all of the thom bushes.

“Move!” Klara said, urgently.

Mahomet was gone in a flash, covering half the distance in moments. Klara had to sprint hard to catch up to him and pass, preceding him into the bushes.

“We have five minutes to cross before they re-arm,” she said to him. A look of respect crossed the alien’s face. Klara took the Catani by the hand and led him on a meandering path through the dense thicket. When they turned the final corner, there was the flitter, its nose buried deep in the thom bushes. Mahomet chuckled.

Klara waved open the flitter door and bade him enter with a regal gesture. The Catani went immediately to the instrument panel. He turned up the power, checked the gauges and readouts. “Half a charge of energy,” he said. “And it looks in good condition, despite the landing site.” He turned a switch and dialed the power back down. He glanced up at the transparent roof, which was now covered in vines, then took in the bed she had constructed on the floor and the makeshift utensils and other tools she had scavenged from the flitter’s lockers.

“Well, at least I landed it in one piece,” Klara said, somewhat indignantly.

The Catani laughed again, then looked at her more closely. Klara became more aware that her one-piece, already very revealing tunic, was still wetly plastered to her body, skin-tight. Her considerable breasts were quivering as she recovered from her chill. Her hard brown nipples pierced the thin material.

“So, you’re the one who stole the Commander’s vehicle,” the Catani said. Klara nodded. “Well, you’ve been putting it to better use than he ever did.” The giant green alien drew closer to her. “You are a Terran?” He reached out and touched her bare shoulder with one powerful finger, running his finger along her skin. “Very thin-skinned species.” His eyes returned to Klara’s heaving tits. “I haven’t bothered to try a Terran yet…” he said absently.

Before Klara could move, the big Catani slipped his left hand inside her tunic and cupped, then gently squeezed, her taut, throbbing tit. With his right hand, he grasped her tunic by the back and ripped it away from her body in one powerful jerk. In an instant, Klara found herself completely naked, except for the flats on her feet. The Catani started pulling her towards him.

“No,” Klara cried out, her heart beating in panic. “I saved your life!”

“And that is why I am going to reward you. You are very brave and you deserve to receive the favor of the Catani. Do not worry; Catani men are known all over the galaxy for our skill as lovers.”

He picked her up like she weighed nothing and deposited her, flat on her back, on her bed on the floor. When she tried to wriggle away, he put one massive hand on her bulbous chest, pinning her in place like a ton of bricks. With his free hand, he stripped off his tunic, exposing his massive chest. His perfectly defined muscles rippled sinuously. A moment later, he stripped away his pants and kicked off his boots. Klara’s eyes darted immediately to the huge appendage hanging between his legs, an appendage that was now in the process of swelling up to even more enormous size.

“Oh no!” Klara cried in desperation. “You’re too big! I can’t take something that big!”

The Catani glanced down at Klara’s wide, curving hips and shrugged. “I think that you can easily accommodate me. Catani have been enjoying your species since we first found you.”

“Yes, but have we enjoyed it?” Klara asked, wriggling, trying to break free.

 “I have never heard of any of you females being hurt,” the Catani assured her. He repositioned his naked body, using both of his hands to hold Klara down by the shoulders. Klara continued to bat at the giant olive man. His member continued to expand and lengthen, frightening her even more. The Catani reached down, grabbed Klara by each of her ankles, and spread her legs wide. He reached higher and pulled off her shoes as an afterthought, leaving her completely nude.

“No!” Klara shouted out. The Catani sighed, then shifted Klara’s legs so that they were stretched out before her and he could lie down beside her. He wrapped one arm around her shoulders, looping it around her neck so his hand could reach down and caress her chest, even as it held her in place. With his other hand, the Catani began stroking Klara’s voluptuous body, starting just below her trembling tits and running smoothly over her belly, over her navel, down into her dense thicket of blonde pubic fur, and into her quivering pussy. He pushed gently on her clit and, to her amazement, Klara found herself responding.  She gasped as the shock of pleasure reverberated inside her. The heat of the Catani’s touch was remarkable, the power of his caresses was undeniable. His left hand continued to fondle and work the sensitive, dense meat of her tits, massaging her meaty mammary glands until they were tingling with electricity. He leaned down and licked each of her engorged nipples, biting them gently between his teeth, forcing Klara to let out a sharp gasp of pure pleasure.  His right hand stroked her clit, stroked the smooth lips of her pussy, occasionally slipping down to caress the hot, wet insides of her thighs. Klara’s gasps began to come from growing excitement and arousal. Her clit swelled like a balloon; for the first time, her pebble-hard nipples burned with erotic power, growing even stiffer beneath the Catani’s ministrations. Klara forced herself to relax. She felt relief as her pussy started to lubricate, then was amazed by how much her cunt juice was flowing, by how wet she was getting, by how hungry her cunt felt. Her nipples began to trickle too. Her whole body began to feel electric, hot with a growing need.

The Catani slowly inserted one of his huge fingers in Klara’s cunt, as if testing her to see if she was ready. He wiggled his large digit, trying to loosen her cunt. Klara groaned in response. Apparently satisfied, the Catani shifted again, this time swinging Klara’s legs towards her head so he could slip around them, then lowering and spreading them on either side of his hips. “Now,” the Catani rumbled, “we will both enjoy.”

Klara was open and spread, waiting anxiously, eagerly, for the alien male’s enormous shaft. The Catani aimed his monstrous erection straight at the blonde woman’s pussy and closed the distance. The head of the Catani’s massive prick pushed hard against Klara’s slick, wet pussy lips, a hot, stiff probe of throbbing flesh. The tip of his cock was already leaking a kind of milky pre-cum. Klara sighed, then moaned with need and lust. Her hands reached up to grip the Catani’s powerful chest as she arched her back, giving the alien warrior even easier access to her steaming cunt, her womanly core. The Catani pushed slow and hard, his incredible strength impossible to resist. The alien’s swollen cock slid inexorably into Klara, a meaty spear that slowly, irresistibly, spread her juicy cunt lips and filled her vaginal canal as it forced its way up her tight, hot, wet twat. It felt unbearably good, even as it hurt Klara, filling her to the brim, stretching her far beyond what she had thought she could take. The agony was real, but it somehow added an extra shot of intensity to the growing pleasure, as the hard shaft grated against her clit as it slid deeper and deeper into her. The pain built, the pleasure grew more intense. Klara was impaled on the Catani’s massive prick. The pain was fading. She groaned and writhed in unbearable pleasure. Just as she was sure she was going to be split in two, the shaft came to its end. The Catani’s groin and his thick thatch of curly pubic hair tangled with Klara’s thick blonde bush. She felt the flesh of her groin press tight with the Catani’s flesh; she knew that he had forced himself all the way up into her body, his monstrous shaft a welcome sword of pleasure filling her womanhood. A wave of relief rushed over her; she relaxed completely and began to move with the Catani. He lowered himself down on her, his massive chest crushing onto her tits, spreading those mounds of hot, throbbing meat on her chest; she could tell he enjoyed the feeling of her mashed tits and rock hard nipples rolling against his flesh, digging into his olive skin. She rejoiced in the delicious sensation too. Their hard bellies slapped as they moved, first in opposite directions so they could come thrusting together again, but soon they were moving together, hips rocking in rhythm, Klara wrapped her legs around the Catani’s hips and held him in place. Her ass and hips moved with his thrusts. She closed her pussy on his massive, invading shaft, rippling and massaging the dense, hard meat, doing all she could to test what kind of pleasure a human woman could give to an alien warrior twenty times stronger than her. She quickly discovered that, as with human men, the Catani’s cock was deliciously sensitive. Her rippling muscles squeezing and releasing his cock sent waves of intense pleasure racing through his body. Their grunts and gasps began to build in volume and intensity as they fucked harder, as they settled into the rolling rhythm of the fuck, as the intense pleasure built and built, filling them both to the brim with erotic heat.

At the end, Klara felt a rush of pure relief, an intense release of pressure, and a wave of pure, unbearable ecstasy as she came hard, with excruciating force, her pussy clamping and squeezing the invading cock with all its power. Lost on waves of orgasmic delight, she heard, as if from far away, a loud, shouted exclamation of surprise from the Catani riding her. Even as he cried out in pleasure, she felt the powerful spasm of his cock deep inside her, the convulsion of his muscles, and the molten heat of his intense release of cum filling her vaginal canal, erupting into her body. Some of the powerful discharge flowed back along the Catani’s prick and squeezed out of Klara’s pussy, leaving a spray of cum on her inner thighs, mixed with her own juices. Klara squeezed the Catani hard with her deep vaginal muscles, and felt him go stiff again, followed by another shot of steaming cum deep inside of her.

The Catani collapsed on top of Klara, his massive body crushing hers, his chest flattening her thick, meaty tits into her chest, belly crushed to belly, their equally long bodies stretched out full-length, tangled together. The Catani’s monstrous cock remained sheathed to its hilt in Klara’s tight, wet twat. Klara and the Catani panted. Klara twined her legs through the Catani’s massive limbs. Silence descended in the flitter.

A few minutes later, the silence was shattered by a harsh curse. The warm, strong body of Mahomet stiffened. Klara looked up at him in alarm. He brushed his finger against her lips; staring into each other’s eyes, Klara and the Catani on top of her listened to what was happening. The flitter door was still open and Klara and the Catani heard the distinct sound of the thom bushes releasing their protective thorns. There were loud cries of pain and further curses. Klara saw the malicious delight dancing in the alien’s eyes. Loud voices and curses sounded in retreat. It was clear that the pursuers felt nothing could have gone that way. Klara and Mahomet remained silent and motionless, even though they were more than a 100 meters from where the other Catani had encountered the thorns of Karevi. They remained silent until the only sound was the sighing of the wind.

With a brief laugh, the Catani finally withdrew from Klara, pulling his massive shaft from her distended cunt until, with a sucking sound and a gush of cum, he was out. He rolled on his side next to her. His monstrous member was wet and trailed a thick string of cum, attaching it to Klara’s pussy. The Catani laughed and stretched, his joints popping loudly.

“I had heard there was a run on Terran women, and now I see why,” he said. “You use your heads as well as your tails!”

She slapped at him in chastisement, though she felt like a flea swatting a lion. Lying beside her, the Catani began to stroke Klara’s naked body, exploring it, playing with her massive tits and hard nipples, running his hands gently along her wet belly, sliding his finger down her smooth, slick slit, rubbing along her powerful legs.

“Yes, I certainly understand the appeal. You are soft, yet strong. Your breasts give yet push back. You can do things with your inner muscles that most cannot. Your cunts are strong and flexible. Your bodies are easily a match for a Catani woman, at least in the giving of pleasure.”

He lay back and glanced around the flitter. “This flitter has been gone for months. Why have you stayed here so long, alone?” A thought occurred to him. “Are there others here with you?”

“No, I’m just here by myself,” Klara assured him. He smiled and relaxed back on the bed.

Sensing his receptivity, Klara decided to question him. “Why were your own people trying to kill you?” she asked.

“Oh,” he shrugged negligently. “A tactical error. I was forced to kill their squadron leader. He had insulted the accomplishments of my company. Unfortunately, as I was without allies, I had to withdraw.”

“’He who fights and runs away lives to fight another day’?” Klara quoted.

“The next day,” the Catani corrected her, absently. He was still playing with her formidable breasts.

“The next day?”

“Yes. We Catani are very violent people. If we were allowed to carry on vendettas and hold grudges, it would never end. It is against Catani law to continue a quarrel past the same hour of the following day.” He smiled at her. “All I have to do is lie hidden for the next day and I can return.”

“Won’t they be waiting for you?”

He shook his head violently. “Against the law. Otherwise, we Catani would quickly exterminate each other.”  

“You honestly mean to say that If they can’t find you by noon tomorrow, you will get away with killing a fellow Catani? They have to give up?”

The Catani nodded.

“Does that law apply to slaves too?”

The Catani’s eyes glinted. “It can. And, in your case, I will personally see that it does.” He smiled wider. “But, while we are waiting for tomorrow…” He reached for Klara purposefully.

She batted at his possessive hands, squirming to get away.

“What? Was I not gentle enough?” Concern flitted across the Catani’s face. “Did you not enjoy yourself? I am sure I heard you cry out in pleasure, several times. We Catani pride ourselves on our skills in the erotic arts. You must tell me if I have not pleased you.”

The Catani began stroking Klara’s body, his hands running gently, insistently, over her womanly curves, sending thrills of pleasure arcing through her body. Klara had to admit that the Catani had been gentle; more, he had given her enormous pleasure. Already, her nude body was responding to his caresses, shaping itself to fit his body, acting as though it had a mind of its own. Her pussy began to water, her breasts began to ache with desire.

“You’ve had a hard day,” she temporized, trying to come up with excuses, even as she readied herself for more pleasure, for more penetration, for more delicious fucking. “You’ve been in an explosion, you were in water, you’ve been injured…”

The Catani smiled, pulling Klara to him, pushing her legs apart and aiming his monstrous, fully aroused member at her wet, dripping pussy. “Do not worry,” he told her. “Like the thom bushes of Karevi, it takes Catani very little time to re-arm.”

He thrust himself into her, filling her to the core, impaling her on his monstrous prick. Klara gasped, unable to catch her breath as she was overwhelmed with sheer ecstasy. She groaned in pleasure, grasped his rippling ass, and began to move her hips in concert with the Catani.

Klara and Mahomet fucked relentlessly for the rest of the day, all through the night, and all through the following morning. Mahomet proved true to his word: it took very little time for him to “re-arm” and he proved to have an almost insatiable sex drive. Klara matched him thrust for thrust, her own desire to fuck brought to boil. Klara had never had as many orgasms, one after the other, in her life. She began to fear that she might never feel tight in her pussy again, but she did not care. When they slept, it was with the Catani lying on top of her, or Klara sprawled on top of him. Either way, his cock was sheathed balls deep inside of Klara’s warm, inviting body, filling her tight, hot twat. He licked and sucked her breasts, enjoying playing with the massive glands. He enjoyed licking and exploring her pussy, and he sucked her out many times. For her part, Klara enjoyed having the Catani’s massive cock inside of her, all the way in. She licked and tongued his massive shaft, putting all her skills to work to give him expert blow jobs. She sucked on his balls and spent a lot of time riding him, when she was not writhing and bucking under him. During the night, they closed the door to the flitter and the small space was soon steamed up and fragrant in the scent of hot sex and cum. Klara enjoyed every minute of it. It was wonderful to have so much raw, pure sex, without worrying about consequences or obligations.

Around three hours past noon, they finally stopped fucking. The Catani had agreed to let Klara call him “Mahomet” as she was unable to pronounce his real name. Mahomet powered up the ship and was soon sending out messages to his squadron, telling them about his circumstances.

“Don’t bother coming to find me,” he told his fellows. “I’ve got a flitter here. I’ll bring it in shortly.” He explained to Klara that the flitter could automatically self-repair the damage caused by its crash, but it needed access to external servers. Once it had the information, repairing the flier to make it fly again took only a half hour.

Klara finally remembered that she had been nude since the previous day. She pulled on her flat shoes then sat down with her tunic and used a makeshift needle and thread to patch up the damage that Mahomet had done to it when he removed it. Mahomet found the sight of her sitting and sewing in the nude, except for her slipper-shoes, to be so appealing that he threw her down on the bed and fucked her senseless for another couple of hours.  It was not until the early evening, shortly before twilight, that the flitter finally lifted off from the thicket. It took a few well-placed blasts from the front cannon to free the little flier, but soon they were soaring back towards the city that Klara had left in such a hurry almost ten months before. At full speed, it took more than two hours to reach the outskirts of the massive urban sprawl.

Mahomet brought the flitter in low over the city, giving Klara a quick tour of sights she would have been unable to enjoy on her way out. He brought the flitter down on the roof of a military building deep in the Catani quarter of the city, near the embassy, where most of the Catani military were garrisoned.  A number of Catani soldiers were waiting for him there, men and women. When the flitter door opened, a group of ten or so Catani made for the portal, eager to see their leader and discover what had happened to him. At the forefront was a woman, an absolutely gorgeous Catani woman, who clearly had very strong feelings for Mahomet. The moment that Klara saw the Catani female she knew that there would be trouble. Catani women were known for being jealous lovers. The look of bewilderment and then sheer, blind rage that settled on the Catani woman’s face when she saw Klara only confirmed the Terran’s worst fears.

“Who is this?” the woman demanded, the moment they stepped out of the flier. She gestured at Klara. “Why are you with a Terran slave?”

Mahomet held up his hands for calm. “Bryannna (that is how Klara heard the name), this is Klara. Yes, she is the Terran slave who stole the commander’s flitter almost a year ago. I am alive because of her. She rescued me after I crashed, she helped me evade the Sundown squadron when they were searching for me, she got me back to the flier for shelter. Without her, I would certainly be dead right now.”

The Catani woman, Bryanna, backed off a bit. Klara took her in. Like many Catani women, she was incredibly beautiful. She was wearing a uniform that mirrored that of Mahomet, but adapted for a woman’s body. Her top wrapped around her chest, leaving her arms bare and revealing no cleavage, but it was tight enough to emphasize her remarkable chest, which swelled against the binding material. The women was, in Earth terms, at least an EE cup. Her waist narrowed then flared out in curving hips and powerful legs. Her uniform was almost skin tight and left little doubt that this woman was voluptuous and powerful. She was about Klara’s height, making her tall for a Catani, but not unusually so – Catani women tended to be taller than the men.

“We owe you the life of our commander, Terran,” Bryanna said, stiffly. “Much thanks and honor are due to you.”

“Klara risked her life to help me,” Mahomet continued. “This is even more remarkable when you consider that she is a runaway slave and a thief.” He gestured at the flitter. “Nova squadron!” he barked. “I want all of you to swear to protect her well-being.”

There was a loud chorus of voices vowing, on their honor, to protect Klara, pledging the honor of their squadron. Klara could not hear Bryanna’s voice over the din; she hoped the Catani woman had sworn the oath too.

“In the morning, I will see to taking care of Klara’s well-being and dealing with the problems of her slavery. I think the theft has resolved itself. For now, we need to keep her presence here our secret.”

The squadron agreed. After that, Mahomet spent some time describing and explaining his battle with the Sundown Squadron. When he got to explaining what Klara had done, his comrades were suitably impressed, even Bryanna. But when Mahomet casually mentioned that he and Klara had spent the past day and more fucking each other’s brains out – a revelation that surprised no one and led to some ribald comments about Terrans – the Catani woman’s eyes blazed with fury and Klara felt a deep shiver run up her spine.

After a while, the welcome back party wrapped up. Mahoment consulted with one of his junior officers about administrative matters, then led Klara into the building and to his quarters. She was impressed. His quarters were a suite of well-appointed rooms, with a spectacular view of the Catani quarter and the city beyond.

“You will stay here with me for the next few days, until I can resolve matters with your former owner and the authorities. After that, we will see what we can do about setting you up somewhere.”

“I really appreciate it,” Klara said, somewhat uneasily. She removed her shoes and walked around the comfortable living room, examining various trophies and other mementos the Catani had on display.

“We both know I would be dead without your help,” Mahomet said. “I owe you more than I can repay. Think nothing of the help I give you now.”

“Do you and Bryanna have a ‘relationship’?” Klara asked abruptly.

Mahomet shrugged. “We fuck from time to time. It is very enjoyable for both of us. She is a fantastic lover. But we cannot be more than that, because I am her superior officer.”

Klara did not speculate on a military structure that encouraged sexual relations between superiors and their soldiers but did not allow for binding marriages. There was a great deal about the Catani she did not understand. She plunged on. “OK, well, it’s pretty clear to me that she’s going to kill me if she gets a chance.”

Mahomet considered this. “Yes, you may be right. By nature, Catani women are very jealous. There are evolutionary reasons for this. I have had situations where I was in bed with other women and Bryanna broke in and attacked them.”

“What?!” Klara screamed.

“Oh, yes, very entertaining. Two times, the other women were Catani, so they were a match for her. The battles ended in threesomes, where the women agreed to share me. One time, she attacked a Terlion slave I was with. That girl was strong, but no match for Bryanna. I had to step in and stop the fight.”

“You don’t see this as a problem?” Klara screeched. “She’s at least ten to fifteen times stronger than me! One backhand from her and she will take my head off or break my neck! I can’t fight that!”

“That is why she is sworn to protect you. She understands how important you are to me.”

“Doesn’t that make it worse?” Klara asked. “And if she does kill me and she goes off to hide for a day, don’t you have to forgive her and move on?”

Mahomet paused. “Well, in matters of honor, it is not quite that simple….”

“But if she kills me and hides for a day, are there any long-term consequences for her actions? I thought you said that the law required there be no retribution?”

Mahomet looked uncomfortable. “This is a case where a law that works on Catani Prime may not translate that well to other places, where it is easier to hide,” he murmured, apparently forgetting how the law had worked to his advantage the day before. Finally, Mahomet nodded. “I understand your concern. I think that I might have a way to help you.”

“What is that?”

“Your concern is that your weaker body means that you have no ability to fight back against Bryanna if she comes for you, correct?”

“Well, that’s one of my concerns, but I suppose it’s the big one. So, yes.”

“There is a drug you can take…” Mahomet held up his hand as he saw Klara preparing to object. “Let me finish…this drug has no permanent or harmful side-effects. It will greatly increase both your mass and your equivalent strength. It will take a few weeks to have the full effect, but once it does, you should be strong enough to hold your own against Bryanna. The drug will have no outward effect on you – it will not change your physical appearance in any way – but it will alter you physiologically.”

Klara nodded. This sounded promising. “All I have to do is keep taking it and once I stop, I go back to normal?”

Mahomet nodded, then paused. “There is one other essential ingredient that you need to have for the drug to work properly.” He smiled.

“What is that?”

“The sexual emissions of a Catani must be part of your chemical makeup. The drug reacts with that. It basically turns you into a Terran who has Catani qualities, but it needs the genetic contribution from a Catani to act as a guide.”

Klara smiled. “So, let’s see if I’ve got this right,” she said. Klara rose from the couch and began walking slowly, seductively, towards the Catani officer. Her hips swung, her big tits bounced enticingly. “For this drug to work on me, I need to have a certain amount of your cum in my body?” She reached up and undid the slip knot on her tunic. She pulled it up over her head, slowly, teasingly revealing every inch of her naked body. “Well, then, I think we should start working on building up a stockpile for me.” She kneeled on Mahomet’s lap, her magnificent tits directly in this face.

Mahomet licked her breasts, nibbling at her nipples. Klara smiled and gasped. She rubbed her titmeat in his face. The Catani slid his hands around her waist, then reached down and filled his enormous hands with her perfect, heart-shaped ass. He rubbed her buttocks, sliding two fingers up her ass crack. He continued to suck and nibble at her tits. His erection had grown enormous in his lap and was pushing at her pussy, even through his tunic.

Mahomet got to his feet without effort, lifting Klara with him. His face still sucking at her tits, he carried her into the bedroom and threw her on the bed. Klara smiled, pushing herself higher on the bed and spreading her legs in encouragement and offer. Mahomet paused only long enough to rip off his clothing. Completely naked, his monstrous cock at full arousal, he approached the blonde Terran. Klara smiled wider as she saw his massive erection, revealed in all its glory.

“Bring that thing here and stick it all the way up my cunt, baby,” she cooed. “I’m going to do things to your prick you didn’t think were possible.”

Mahomet climbed onto the bed, his massive weight straining the reinforced frame, and mounted Klara eagerly. “You’ve already done things I did not think could be done. I would be grateful for more of that.”

He grabbed Klara’s widespread legs by the ankles. She arched her back, setting herself up for his full penetration. They smiled lustfully at each other as Mahomet placed his enormous, swollen cock directly against Klara’s enflamed pussylips. Then, with a slow, hard thrust of his powerful hips, he penetrated the blonde Terran, ramming in his massive shaft all the way to the hilt in one smooth, relentless push. Klara threw back her head and screamed in absolute ecstasy. Nothing felt better than feeling her cunt expand around Mahomet’s monstrous member, expanding just enough to take it in, but gripping it as tight as it could. The Catani’s cock trembled as Mahomet rejoiced in the feeling of being surrounded by the tight, wet, hot core of Klara’s voluptuous body. He paused for a few moments, relishing the sensations rippling through his body from his pulsing cock. Smiling, he lowered himself onto Klara. She groaned as his weight settled on her body, mashing her tits into her chest. She seized his ass, wrapped her legs around his hips, and moved up and down, back and forth with him as they fucked deep into the night.

The next morning, Mahomet went about resolving Klara’s situation. He returned the flier and offered to pay for any necessary repairs. However, despite its jungle ordeal, the machine was in remarkably good shape. Mahomet was successful in convincing the commander that pressing charges against Klara for the theft did not make sense, given the Catani laws on how long a grudge could be held. More delicately, Mahomet negotiated the sale of Klara from the commander to him. He assured Klara that he intended to give her freedom. For now, though, it was safest that he own her so that he could protect her as part of his property. Klara did not like this, but she felt she had no choice but to go along.

The morning after he told her about the special drug treatments, Mahomet took Klara to the doctor to get the necessary prescription. Klara discovered the drug had been developed specifically to help make Terran worker slaves more productive and efficient in the higher-gravity worlds where they sometimes worked. Even on the low-gravity worlds, like Karevi Prime, it was useful to have stronger slaves.

Klara started using the pill, once a day, at night. It turned out that the pill needed only a tiny amount of Catani DNA to act as a template.  Usually, the treatment involved taking another pill to provide the DNA template, but Mahomet’s contribution to the process negated the need for the additional medicine. Klara and Mahomet decided to provide the chemical process as much cum as possible, just in case. Klara began seeing and feeling changes almost immediately. Her body began feeling stronger, she began feeling herself getting denser. She started weighing herself and found her weight had increased by almost 2 kilos after the first pill.

Klara saw Bryanna from time to time. Every time she did, the Catani beauty fixed her with a look that froze her blood. But, as she got stronger, Klara became more defiant. If that bitch Bryanna wanted a fight, Klara thought angrily, she would get one!

After more than three months, Klara was ready to move on with her life. Bryanna had made no move against her and, while she felt a bit silly, she was glad she had taken the precaution of preparing herself. Mahomet’s unit had come to accept that Klara was their leader’s bed companion. She was his slave, after all, and a beautiful slave was expected to be the lover of her master. Klara had no intention of simply being the bed warmer for a powerful Catani officer. While she valued the security that Mahomet provided, she was not about to leave her fate in the hands of a man. Secretly, she began to work on a plan to get back to Earth.

The pill had altered her sex life with Mahomet. Now, when she bucked and heaved, she was strong enough to lift his body. Her deep internal muscles grew stronger, giving her even more ability to squeeze and massage his penetrating cock. Her breasts also grew a little larger, another beneficial side-effect of the drug. She was probably a taut EE cup by now. She investigated the pubic hair fashions of Catani women and, in keeping with the current trends, shaved herself bare, except for a thick blonde landing strip at the apex of her pussy. Klara was delighted in the changes in her body. Mahomet loved them too. She was a human with all the human sexual talents combined with the strength of the Catani. He could not ask for a more satisfying sexual partner.

One afternoon, Klara returned early to Mahomet’s quarters from doing some of the daily household work. She hated to admit it, but she had, effectively, become the Catani officer’s wife, even if she was just a domestic slave. She entered the apartment, kicked off her shoes, and began putting away food and other recent purchases. She was wearing a simple tunic, one that hung like a tube skirt around her shapely form, but was also very short, going down to just over the tops of her thighs. She was naked underneath.

She walked into the living room, trying to decide how to proceed with certain technical aspects of her planned escape when, suddenly, a powerful arm wrapped around her throat and another gripped her head, locking her into a sleeper hold. 

Klara could not see her attacker, but she had no doubt of who it was. Her last thought was that all the pills had not saved her from the fate of being attacked and overpowered by Bryanna. Then, she passed out.

Klara awoke sometime later. She felt the hum of a powerful energy source in her body; she immediately realized that she was in a flitter. She opened her eyes and stared up at the transparent ceiling of the flier. The clouds were speeding by outside, against the brilliance of a blue sky. As she watched, one of Karevi’s moons floated in then out of view. She was tied up. Her ankles were tied together, so were her wrists, which were lying in her lap. She discovered that the rope that tied her wrists together in her lap was also secured to the rope at her feet, meaning that her arms had very little mobility. So much for her plan of sneaking up behind her captor and choking her with her tied wrists.

Klara turned her head very slowly. She did not want her kidnapper to know that she was awake just yet. She wanted to see what was around her, to gain as much information as she could, before giving herself away. She was lying on the floor of the passenger compartment of a standard flitter, very similar to the one she had used as a home for so many months. She was lying on a mat, similar, again, to the one she had used as her makeshift bed. As she recalled, most flitters carried these mats as standard equipment precisely so passengers could sleep on long journeys.

Bryanna was sitting in the pilot’s seat, flying the craft. The Catani woman looked absolutely gorgeous, as usual. Her grey-black hair was hanging loose around her shoulders. She was wearing a halter that barely contained her impressive breasts, her belly was bare, and her lower body was sheathed in some kind of skin tight garment that extended mid-way down her calves, like capri pants on Earth. On her feet were the familiar slipper shoes that everyone wore.

The moment Klara turned her head, the Catani woman saw her. She hit the autopilot button on the console, then spun around in her pilot’s chair to consider her captive.

“Where are you taking me?” Klara asked. She could not keep the slight tremble out of her voice.

“Back to the jungle, where he found you,” Bryanna replied. “I’m not breaking my vow. I’m not hurting you directly and, if you’re resourceful, you’ll even survive.”

“Why are you doing this?” Klara asked, plaintively. She had to keep the Catani talking, to see if she could find some weakness to exploit. “You know that I have no choice in any of this. I’m just a slave.”

“That’s true. I am not unaware of your plight and I feel sympathy for your situation. But, for me, the final truth is that so long as you are around, you will be fucking my man. I cannot have that. Indeed, as you may know, a Catani woman can go literally insane under these circumstances. So, I am protecting my own health and well-being. If I have to choose between you and me, I choose me.”

Once more, Klara briefly reflected on how crazy the entire Catani culture seemed to be. She was amazed it had not collapsed already under all of its violence and social dysfunction. But it had not; apparently, whatever they were doing, the Catani had figured out how to manage their circumstances. Klara did not know that Catani women could go crazy with jealousy, but she was not surprised. It seemed like a very plausible assertion, given what she had seen. She had to figure out some way to get to Bryanna, or the Catani woman would abandon her in the jungle.

“I’ve deactivated the tracker in your chip,” Bryanna continued. “No one is finding you that way. I certainly hope that you picked up some survival skills while you were in the jungle. You’re going to need them.”

“Why are you so jealous?” Klara asked, trying another approach. “You know that you can join us in bed, if you want. Several times, Mahomet has had other women join us, even members of other squads. Why don’t you do the same?”

“Stupid girl! The kind of attachment I have to (here she said Mahomet’s real name) is not the superficial kind you have! I have a true mate-bond. I cannot see him with others without being enraged!”

“He’s told me you have shared him before.”

“Only when there was no choice. I am cursed. I am a woman who has formed a mate-bond with a man who cannot take me as a mate! That is my fate.”

Klara thought about how humiliating it must be for a woman like Bryanna to be in this situation. But her sympathy did not blind her to the fact that Bryanna was trying to kill her. She decided she had to try one more strategy that could appeal to Bryanna’s pride and insecurity at the same time.

“If you love Mahomet so much, why are you trying to get rid of me? He says I am the best fuck he has ever had. I give him so much pleasure, he can barely leave the bed in the morning. I can be there for him and I am never a threat to you – he can never marry me! As long as I am there, he won’t marry another Catani woman.”

“You bitch!” Bryanna snarled, enraged. “You are not the best fuck he has ever had! I am! I have given him more pleasure than anyone!” Bryanna had taken the wrong point from Klara’s argument, but the blonde beauty saw how she could use this.

“Maybe, but that was before me. He says that Terran women are in a class of their own when it comes to giving Catani men sexual pleasure.”

For a moment, Klara was sure the enraged woman was going to slap her. However, Bryanna seemed to reconsider. She whirled back to the control console and the ship picked up speed, zipping over the treetops as it moved further and further away from the city. Klara knew how fast these things could go. She had no idea how long she had been unconscious, though what she could see of the sun made her think an hour, maybe bit longer. But she did know that in the time she had been awake, the flitter had easily covered 50-60 kilometers and was picking up speed.  Klara knew that a flitter going all out could easily cover more than a 500 km in one hour. Wherever Bryanna planned to dump her, it was far, far from any civilization, maybe even further out than Klara had been before she encountered Mahomet.

The women settled into a sullen silence. The Catani woman continued to stew in her rage; Klara got angrier and angrier, too. She was determined to fight back, given the opportunity. If she was dropped in this jungle, so far from shelter and assistance, her chances of survival were better than most, but still not that good. She had spent months taking pills to make her strong enough to survive an attack from a Catani woman; now she would see if they had paid off.

After almost another two hours of travel, Bryanna began to slow the flitter down. Soon, she dropped it so it was just above the canopy of the forest. She had previously chosen a spot where to leave Klara. The jealous Catani woman was a soldier and having a complete plan meant leaving nothing to chance. Soon, the flier came to a stop and began a rapid descent. Klara could not see out, but the flitter had to be landing in some kind of clearing, probably not far from a source of water.

The flier touched down smoothly. It was now late afternoon and would be dark within the next couple of hours. Bryanna turned off various instruments on the console, then spun around in her chair. She glared down at Klara for a moment, then she got to her feet. She pulled off her shoes. Slowly, the Catani woman reached between her breasts and undid the clasp holding her straining halter top in place. She slid the halter off her chest and threw it in the pilot’s seat. The Catani woman’s thick, round tits bounced free. Her breasts were incredible – round and taut, thick and succulent. Her nipples were dark and tight, hard as spikes. Topless, she paused, allowing Klara a moment to examine her massive tits and her smooth, hard belly. The Catani woman then reached down and slipped the tight pants over her wide, inviting hips, down her powerful thighs and calves, dropping them at her bare feet. Klara noted that the woman’s pussy was clean-shaven; a thick landing strip, very much like Klara’s, was Bryanna’s only pubic hair. Bryanna was breathtakingly beautiful; her body was perfectly shaped, but also muscular and strong. She radiated sexual heat and power.

Bryanna flexed her back muscles, pulling back her shoulders, shoving her incredible tits forward. “See what I have, little Terran? Do you really think your sad, pathetic bags can match these?” She stroked her pussy, running her finger along her wet, tight, naked slit. Her clit was already swelling up at the top of her pussy. “I’m going to destroy you with this, too,” she snarled, pushing down on her pussy lips to tease her engorged clit free. The throbbing sex nub seemed to nod at Klara as it pulsed with arousal.

Bryanna reached down and grabbed the rope around Klara’s wrists. She pulled and the entire construct came undone. She grabbed the rope binding Klara’s ankles and pulled it; again, the knot unraveled and Klara’s legs came free. Instantly, Klara lashed out with her legs, trying to catch Bryanna by surprise, but Klara’s circulation had been constricted by the bonds, making her legs weak, and the Catani soldier was expecting the attack. She grabbed Klara by the ankles. The naked woman dropped to her knees on the deck and pulled the blonde towards her, then pushed Klara’s legs up and to the sides, spreading Klara’s thighs and exposing the Earth woman’s succulent, clean-shaven twat.

“You cunt!” Klara cried. She felt like a rag doll tossed around by the olive-skinned Catani. Her mass had increased three times over the past few months, to the point that she rivaled Bryanna’s weight, but the physical strength of the Catani still meant that she was almost feather-light to the olive-skinned woman. For that instant, all Klara had done to prepare herself for this moment seemed futile.

Bryanna reached down and grabbed Klara’s tunic; with a single jerk, she ripped the garment away from Klara’s voluptuous body. Klara gasped as she was stripped naked. Bryanna paused momentarily, gazing down on Klara’s nut-brown, sun-kissed body. Her eyes devoured the blonde woman’s magnificent tits and carefully sculpted pubic hair, and her clean-shaven pussy lips, which were glistening with natural lubrication. Klara reached up for Bryanna’s massive tits; Bryanna brushed the Terran’s arms aside, then gave her a solid, back-handed slap across her face.

“Uugh!” Klara cried out as she fell flat on her back onto the pad on the deck, momentarily stunned by the powerful blow.

Bryanna grabbed Klara’s hands and pinned them to either side of the blonde’s head. She forced her hips between Klara’s thighs, then leveraged Klara’s legs apart with her own powerful thighs.

“I’m going to fuck you to death, you whore,” Bryanna snarled.

“Fuck you, cunt,” Klara gasped in reply, readying herself for the sexual violation to come.

Bryanna mounted Klara’s voluptuous form and stretched her body out onto Klara’s lush body, covering the blonde beauty, from cunts to hips to tits. Their heavy tits mashed and mated, nipple sinking into nipple, areola eclipsing; their strong, flat bellies slapped tightly together, navels sucking at each other hungrily. Klara felt the thick bristles of Bryanna’s dense pubic hair mesh and tangle with her own pubes. Both women gasped as their naked bodies came together, taut flesh on flesh. Bryanna shoved down with her hips and sighed in pleasure as her fat, thick-lipped cunt slapped wetly onto Klara’s exposed, succulent twat. Klara gasped at the sudden, incredibly pleasing, electric sensation. Bryanna moaned as she worked her hips and ass, grinding her cunt into Klara’s twat in a circle, rubbing and mashing her naked pussy deep and hard into Klara’s yielding fuckmeat. Both women groaned with the sudden explosion of delicious, erotic sensations. Klara felt herself spreading under the powerful assault, her quim opening like a flower of wet meat, accepting, even welcoming, the intimate violation. Klara gasped as she felt Bryanna’s massive, throbbing clit stab into her labia, then come up through her fuck-slit and rub hard and strong against her own clit. Klara’s clit was still swelling, growing larger, more engorged with every second, burning with a heat and intensity she had rarely felt before. It seemed to fill her lower body with pulsing, erotic power.

“You dirty whore,” Bryanna whispered to Klara. They were panting, nose to nose, eyes staring deep into each other. “Now we’ll see who has the best cunt.”

“You fucking cow,” Klara gasped. “I’ll fuck you blind, I’ll…”

Bryanna cut her off by jamming her tongue deep into Klara’s mouth. The women locked into a deep, passionate, savage kiss, each trying to dominate the other tongue to tongue. Hot spit flowed between their inosculated mouths. Even as their mouths went to war, their luscious bodies moved in rhythm. Klara wrapped her powerful thighs around Bryanna’s waist, then slid them down to the olive-skinned woman’s hips, holding her in place. Bryanna’s hips and ass moved slow and hard, grinding and grinding her throbbing, aching, pulsating clit head to head and length to length with Klara’s engorged clit. Klara’s hips moved with Bryanna’s, keeping their clits glued together in constant, slick friction. The women’s upper bodies undulated against each other. Their bellies rippled, hot navels sucking at each other. The constant thrusting kept their massive tits rolling and mashing and massaging each other, hot nipples grating and stabbing into each other, flicking and burning up and down as the humping went on and on. The women’s hungry cunts were sucking at each other, fuckholes hot and wet, muscular vaginas pulling and wrestling. Slick, hot pussy lips slid on each other, sending pure erotic sensations roaring through the women’s powerful, voluptuous bodies, driving them both crazy with lust. Juices poured from their struggling pussies in a constant trickle; their nipples were wet as they leaked nipple pre-cum. The feel of their hot, sweaty bodies writhing and wriggling against each other almost overwhelmed the battling women.

It was not long before Klara and Bryanna had to break their angry kiss. Spit flying, Bryanna pushed cheek to cheek with Klara. Panting, gasping, crying out in shared ecstasy, the women’s erotic moaning grew louder and louder, mixing and harmonizing as they fucked each other relentlessly. In the tight, closed confines of the flitter, the air grew hot and humid; their writhing bodies were wet with sweat and dripping with sexual secretions. Klara slipped her sweaty hands free of Bryanna’s grip and wrapped her arms around the other woman’s narrow waist, sliding her hands down to grip Bryanna’s perfect, round taut ass. She sank her fingers into the hard, strong meat, enjoying the feel of the muscle rippling under her fingers, and pulled the Catani woman onto and into her even harder. Bryanna slipped her arms under Klara’s upper body, grasping the blonde by her shoulders and her hair, grinding down against her enemy with all her power, her ass rippling, her hips jerking. Glaring at each other through half-closed eyes, the battling alien women fucked each other higher and higher up the pleasure curve, both striving to break and humiliate the other with her superior sexual power, to prove to the other who was the better fuck. On and on and on they fucked, until their bodies were trembling with sexual tension, their skin was soaked with sweat and their pussies and nipples were flowing with sexual juices.

“You whore, you fucking dirty whore,” Bryanna gasped, pressed nose to nose, forehead to forehead with Klara. Their hot breath mixed.

“You jealous, vicious little cunt,” Klara moaned, matching Bryanna thrust for thrust, pelvis moving with pelvis.

For both women, the intensity of the pleasure they were inflicting on each other was greater than anything either had ever experienced before. Klara had been ridden to levels of ecstasy by Mahomet that she had not thought possible; she loved being split in two by the massive Catani’s incredible cock. But what she was now feeling with Bryanna somehow transcended even the experience of having Mahomet balls deep inside of her; somehow, being joined cunt to cunt and clit to clit with the Catani woman was pumping her sexual energy, her erotic sensitivity, up to extremes she had not thought possible. She felt herself melting into the other woman’s incredible body in ways she could not explain; she felt a matching and merging of like to like that could not be denied.

Bryanna was struggling desperately with the same feelings. She had shared her body many times with males and females, but this sexual battle with Klara was giving her pleasure, sheer erotic joy, on a level she had never felt before. She did not know why; was it possible that the Terran woman’s cunt really was so good, so primal in its power? She struggled to hold out, to resist the incredible orgasm building in her body. She refused to admit that Klara might be giving this kind of unbearable pleasure to Mahomet.

Bryanna put her hands on either side of Klara’s body and pushed herself up, just enough to separate most of the mass of their meaty tits, but keep their fused, sharp nipples and areola tightly together. Her action pushed her pelvis down harder on Klara’s cunt, fusing their twats even more tightly. Bryanna began sliding her nipples back and forth, up and down, stimulating and torturing both women’s tits. Klara writhed, moving her shoulders and torso in response, undulating, massaging her tits back against Bryanna’s massive glands, rubbing her belly harder with the Catani woman. Their nipples flicked and locked and released, back and forth, sending courses of pleasure through their battling breasts, getting wetter and wetter with sweat and nipple emissions.

“You fuck, you filthy Terran fuck,” Bryanna moaned, struggling to hold on.

“You cunt-eating Catani whore,” Klara gasped in reply.

Burning nipples flicked and fenced, the women’s throbbing, engorged clits crushed and rubbed constantly, their hungry cunts sucked at each other ravenously. The meat of their pulsating tits mashed and rolled. Their strong bodies undulated sinuously and writhed against each other as the women struggled to overwhelm and conquer the other with sensual delight.

Bryanna felt the end come; her belly rippled, her pussy tightened its grip on Klara’s cunt, her clit fluttered and her nipples seem to catch on fire. She felt the tension of nipple cum, ready to release; she felt the heat in her clit become nova hot.

“Oh gods, oh great gods, Fuuuucccckkk!!,” Bryanna shrieked. Her whole body clenched, then released in a gush of cum, her orgasm more intense than any she had experienced before. Her nipples exploded, creamy, thick nipple cum ejaculating in a flood.

At the same instant, her clit stimulated beyond control by the fluttering of Bryanna’s clit, Klara could not hold back a moment longer. Shrieking, bucking with her hips, lifting Bryanna off the floor, her cunt injected her burning cum into Bryanna’s twat, her nipples shot clear, thick liquid, coating both women’s tits in moisture.

The women screamed and bucked, howling out their pleasure as their bodies twined together, long legs lacing and straining, grasping hands seizing round, bucking asses and holding tight, backs arching as they ground their throbbing tits together as hard as they could. The women pulled orgasm after orgasm out of each other’s bodies, until they were wet and slick with cum and sweat. Screaming, sobbing, gasping with pleasure, they fucked and fucked in a frenzy of orgasmic ecstasy. Finally, they collapsed in each other’s arms, Bryanna sprawled across Klara, cheek to cheek, panting, gasping, moaning, their thick hair tangled in a sweaty mess. Silence finally descended inside the flitter as the spent women lay twined together, their hearts and clits pulsing into each other in the aftermath. The wetness between their legs and on their chests cooled and dried as they lay twisted into one body on the mat.

Summoning all her strength, Klara wrapped her arms around her nude foe and rolled their bodies, trying to take the top position. She succeeded in getting Bryanna onto her side, but the Catani woman resisted. For a few moments, the two naked women rocked back and forth on their sides, their arms tight around each other. Klara slammed their pelvises together, their bodies slapping from hips to tits, both women exhaling desperate groans with each impact. Bryanna strained to push back. Finally, Klara pressed her forehead hard to Bryanna’s forehead; the women glared into each other’s eyes, Klara’s blue locked with the Catani woman’s yellow, leonine gaze. Klara let loose with a headbutt, payback for Bryanna’s earlier vicious slap. The Catani woman was not expecting it. Gasping, stunned with the sudden blow, she collapsed flat on her back. Klara mounted the prone woman, reared up and slammed her boobs down onto Bryanna’s, thick fleshy orbs. Their hard nipples found each other and sizzled tight. Klara slid her bare-lipped pussy into place against Bryanna’s slick cunt. As she did so, she felt her engorged clit slide into the other woman’s labia. Bryanna felt it too, and moved to bring her own swollen clit to bear against its counterpart. The wriggling, writhing women wordlessly worked their hardened sex nubs into position for the intimate confrontation to come.

Up and down, feinting in circles, grinding head to head and length to length, Klara and Bryanna fought clit to clit. It took all of both women’s concentration to engage the erotic duel, to not lose themselves to the incomparable ecstasy they were inflicting on each other. The women clung to each other’s asses, their hot, sweaty bodies writhing and sliding against each other as their clits battled for domination. Both women were whimpering, moaning with erotic heat and need, as they fucked each other to the edge of orgasm. Bryanna bucked under Klara, her hips moving, her pussy wrestling expertly against the attacking cunt. Klara groaned tortuously, forcing back an orgasm of tremendous power, holding onto her wits only by the thinnest of margins. Under her, Bryanna moaned in sheer sexual agony, on the verge of orgasmic explosion. Klara pushed down with her hips, pinning Bryanna’s clit, pushing the Catani woman’s engorged clit to the side, trying to crush the pulsating sex horn with her own. Bryanna howled in full-throated orgasm as she came with excruciating force. The olive-skinned woman’s scream of pure sexual joy echoed in the flier and poured out into the jungle beyond. Steaming hot cum gushed out of her convulsing pussy, soaking Klara’s groin, slicking the women’s inner thighs. Her nipples jetted creamy cum, which pushed from around the women’s compressed tits, slicking their chests.

Klara collapsed onto Bryanna, her naked body covering the Catani woman’s luscious body, legs to hips to breast to lips. Klara slowed her thrusting pussy, catching her breath, giving her body the chance to pull back from the edge of a devastating orgasm. Bryanna looked up at her, her yellow eyes glowing with rage and shame. Klara began pumping again, driving her wet, thick cunt into Bryanna’s succulent twat, riding the other woman back up the pleasure curve. The women grunted in unison with each powerful thrust. Bryanna seized Klara’s powerful, rippling ass and pulled her in deeper and harder. The women locked in a savage, tongue-filled kiss, before their mouths separated. They gasped and snarled at each other in rage.

“You dirty fucking whore, you cunt-eating filth!” Bryanna moaned, her lips joined to Klara’s with a think string of saliva.

“Filthy slut, goddamned cunt!” Klara moaned back, her ass working hard, her hips thrusting and jerking with pleasure and need. She rode Bryanna relentlessly; the Catani woman moved with her, keeping their cunts sealed together, their clits grinding mercilessly and constantly.

At the moment of purest ecstasy, Bryanna spread her legs wide in submission, her fingers digging into Klara’s powerful, rippling ass, dragging Klara as deep inside as the blonde could go. Bryanna screamed in orgasmic release, her pussy gushing with hot Catani cum, inundating Klara’s soaking twat. Klara threw back her head and roared in ecstasy as she came hard, came with unrelenting force, injecting her boiling cum deep into Bryanna’s yielding twat. She came again and again, matching Bryanna’s writhing body, their shared cum mixing and flowing together as their bodies joined in mutual orgasmic bliss. The women screamed in concert, their bodies convulsing and trembling as their muscles locked and strained against each other. Their nipples exploded again and again; nipple cum squeezed out, almost sprayed out, from between their compressed tits. After several minutes of sharing and exchanging devastating orgasms, Klara and Bryanna collapsed, gasping and moaning, panting furiously. With a groan, Klara rolled off of the beautiful Catani woman. Thick, wet strings of ejaculate connected their jiggling tits and their wet, hot cunts. Side by side, their massive tits heaving, their luscious bodies soaked in sweat and cum, the women struggled to regain their strength, both knowing that their battle was not yet decided. Klara had won a battle; there was still a war to fight.

Klara felt the sexual desire building and building in her core. She had already discovered that the drug she was taking to enhance her strength also greatly increased her sexual stamina and appetite. This was another quality of the Catani that she was taking on. She had found that, just as Catani men re-armed very quickly after an orgasm, so too did Catani women. She was not surprised when, a few minutes later, Bryanna pushed herself into a sitting position, her slick body glistening in the half-light of the cockpit, and spread her legs wide in invitation and challenge.

“You dirty whore,” Bryanna snarled viciously. “We’re going to keep fucking until you drop.”

“I’m going to fuck you into a coma, you slut,” Klara shot back, sitting up and spreading her legs in reply. “I’ll ride you into the ground.”

“You Terran bitch!” Bryanna snapped. She began sliding across the slick mat towards Klara, her legs wide, her thick-lipped twat burning with angry desire, her swollen clit twitching with tension. 

“You filthy Catani whore!” Klara snarled back. She slid down the mat to meet the challenge, her cunt hungry for more, her pussy aching and burning with need. Her clit felt like it was ten times its normal size.

The women fit into the fork of each other’s powerful legs. They came together with a thick, wet slap. The juicy lips of their bare cunts slammed together, two muscled, soaking wet mouths closing on each other and locking together like ravenously hungry animals joined in a battle to the death, trying to consume each other. The women braced their voluptuous bodies with their hands and shoved into each other with all the strength in their hips and asses, grunting with effort as their cunts mated and sealed wetly into one. Their equally large tits jiggled in concert as the struggling women pumped each other, fucking furiously, with all the power and viciousness inspired by their sexual rivalry. Their pussies spread and opened against each other, labia fusing and melting together, a powerful vacuum forming between their inosculated cunts as they sucked at each other, their vaginal canals linking under the pressure. The women’s hugely engorged clits crushed and grated on each other, locked together within the muscular arena formed by the women’s fused cunts.

“Fucking cunt!” Klara gasped. She grabbed Bryanna’s muscled thigh and worked her hips and ass with all her power, striving to grind her enemy into submission.

“Filthy slut!” Bryanna moaned. She reciprocated the move, grasping Klara’s thigh, meeting Klara’s thrusts with her own.

Their cunts poured with lubrication, soaking the intersection of their bodies, sending little spurts of pussy juice squirting out from their fused fuckmeat, increasing the powerful suction between their struggling twats are they grew wetter and wetter, hotter and hotter. The women’s clits burned and throbbed, aching and pulsing with incredible power, feeding unbearable sexual tension into every cell in their bodies. The women moaned louder and louder as they fucked each other mercilessly, each absolutely determined to break and humiliate the other. Their torsos rippled, their tits quivered and bounced, every thrust driving the sex-crazed women further and further up the path to absolute ecstasy.

The women glared at each other hatefully, their eyes half-closed from the incredible sensations wracking their bodies, their teeth clenched as they struggled to hold back the unbearable pleasure building in their cores. They grunted, gasped, moaned, screamed in an agony of pure sexual delight as they fucked each other mercilessly, both women transported to a state of erotic pleasure that transcended anything either had ever felt before. After a particularly delicious round of clit-grinding, both women threw back their heads to moan in barely-contained ecstasy. Bryanna stared at Klara’s bouncing tits. Anchoring herself with her grip on Klara’s sweaty thigh, she reached out and grasped one of Klara’s massive jugs. She caressed and massaged the supple, taut flesh, running her fingers teasingly over Klara’s engorged nipple. Klara cried out even louder, shuddering in pleasure with the new, erotic sensations. Gasping, the blonde Terran reciprocated the attack. She filled her hand with Bryanna’s succulent tit and caressed the throbbing flesh, squeezing and stroking the hard, thick nipple. The Catani woman sobbed in delight.

As the pleasure filling their voluptuous bodies built to a crescendo, the struggling women slowly fell over onto their backs, a position from which they could use the full power of their hips to drive into each other. Their cunts were sucked and merged tight, boiling hot twats locked together in a meaty seal, pussy lips spread out and flattened to each to each other, pulsing clits sawing at each other relentlessly in a symphony of pure ecstasy. Their powerful bodies trembled with erotic power, their luscious muscles quivered with tension. Their massive tits bounced joyfully on their chests, spraying sweat, leaking nipple pre-cum, threatening to explode with ejaculations at any moment.

Both women reached out and grasped different parts of the cockpit with which to anchor themselves as they fucked and fucked to the end. Klara gripped a wall and the base of the pilot’s seat; Bryanna braced her writhing body against the opposite wall and dug her fingers into a seam in a floor panel.

“Cum, you whore, cum, you dirty, fucking slutty bitch!” Bryanna screamed, her body boiling over with erotic pleasure. She could not hold out much longer. She was on the verge of an absolutely devastating orgasm, but she refused to lose another battle in this fuckwar.

“No, no, you cum for me, filthy fucking cunt!” Klara shrieked in desperate rage, the tension and pleasure in her body trembling, radiating through every muscle in her writhing body.

The women’s long, powerful, voluptuous forms writhed sinuously, bucking and humping as they fucked furiously, desperately. Their nipples were leaking, their bodies were soaked in sweat, pussy juice flowed from their intermeshed cunts down into their ass cracks, down their inner thighs, slicking the mat. The pleasure built up in both women like a bomb, heat and sweat, electric pleasure and slick sweaty flesh all combining in a miasma of sensual delight. Klara and Bryanna thrust and thrust into each other, grinding relentlessly, each trying to force the other into a submissive orgasm before she exploded herself.

“Oh gods, oh fuck, oh shit, no, no, Noooooooo!!,” Bryanna howled. Her back arched, her body convulsed, and her pussy erupted in a gush of hot, steaming ejaculate. At the same moment, her engorged nipples erupted with a thick, creamy cum, the kind of heavy flowing cream that only came from a Catani woman in the most extreme sexual pleasure. The nipple cum jetted up, splattering back down on the olive woman’s torso and face, spraying the walls of the flier.

Klara’s back arched with Bryanna’s keeping their cunts sealed tight. She screamed out in triumph as she felt the other woman’s steaming cum flow into her vaginal canal, gush all over her quim, squeeze out from between their inosculated cunt lips, flow hot and thick down her belly.

“Yes, yes, cum you fucking whore! Cuuummm!” Klara shrieked. Her body trembled on the verge, but she managed to hold out just seconds more before the feeling of cum, the grating of Bryanna’s twitching clit against her sex horn, was too much to resist. With a sobbing, screaming cry, Klara came harder than she ever had in her life. She was swept away on an orgasm so intense that she could only scream in sheer ecstasy. Her pussy injected steaming cum into Bryanna’s body; their cum mixed and flowed into both women as they squeezed and sucked at the steaming sexual broth with their convulsing cunts. Klara’s nipples ejaculated creamy cum of the same consistency as the liquids flowing from Bryanna’s throbbing tits. Once again, Klara saw and felt how much her body had become like that of a Catani.

The women arched their backs, forming a bridge, lifting their pelvises high over the deck of the flier, as they shoved and ground into each other deeply. Screaming, their asses fell down to the deck and the women began writhing, wriggling, their bodies twisting and jerking as they fucked devastating orgasm after orgasm out of each other. For nearly 15 minutes, Bryanna and Klara sexually assaulted each other, each trying to overpower the other, both determined to fuck the other to exhaustion.

Moaning and gasping, the women finally stopped writhing. They had ground every orgasm that they could out of each other and lay, spent, in a pool of cum and sweat on the deck of the flier. Their pussies remained mashed tightly together, pussy lips flat to each other, vaginas sucked tight. Their clits throbbed and pulsed against each other in the aftermath of their sexual warfare. The air in the small ship was ripe with the scent of sweat and cum; it was hot with the body heat generated by hours of hard fucking.

Klara felt like she was floating on air. Her entire body was vibrating with sexual power and raw ecstasy, electricity arcing away from her swollen clit and filling every molecule in her voluptuous body. Even more, she could feel, deep inside, a growing and insatiable hunger for more, more, more. Her sexual desire was truly insatiable. Vaguely, it occurred to her that what she was experiencing was a side-effect of the drug. The drug was altering her physiologically, making her a Terran-Catani hybrid of sorts. Maybe it was altering her sexual responses on a fundamental level, making her far more sensitive to certain kinds of contact.

Bryanna was ashamed that the Terran bitch had forced her to orgasm twice and she fully intended to avenge herself on the other woman’s body. But she was confused by the incredible pleasure she was getting from the Terran’s luscious form. The mind-shattering orgasms Klara had forced on her were incomparable, more intense than anything she had experienced before. Something about this blonde woman was playing havoc with Bryanna’s emotions and sexual responses. She did not understand what was happening; she only knew that she wanted more.

The women finally pushed themselves up to glare at each other down the length of their interlocked bodies, Bryanna and Klara pulled away from each other, their hungry cunts sucking apart with a gush of cum.

“You fucking whore,” Bryanna snarled, her breath coming in hot pants as the lust and excitement built up in her once again. “I’m going to fuck you until you drop.”

“Just try, you dirty cunt,” Klara shot back. Her body was burning, growing more aroused with every passing moment. “I’m going to keep riding you until your pussy gives out.”

The naked women hurled themselves at each other. Their luscious bodies slapped together, they wrapped their arms around each other and fell to the floor of the flitter. Twined together, biting, scratching, pulling hair, cursing each other, the voluptuous women rolled from one end of the confined space to the other, each trying to gain and hold the dominant position.

“Fuck, you fucking cunteating slut…,” Klara moaned into Bryanna’s ear, her body straining powerfully to control the other woman.

“Bitch, fucking filthy bitch…,” Bryanna gasped, enraged at her inability to physically and sexually dominate her hated enemy.

For more than 20 minutes, the women thrashed on the floor of the aircraft, their bodies growing hot and slick with sweat. They slapped at each other’s naked ass, they pulled hair, they exchanged pussy punches. Neither one could overpower the other. Finally, they kicked apart and sat at opposite ends of the tiny space, panting furiously, tits heaving, eyes locked. After 20 minutes of vigorous, intimate skin to skin contact, the struggling women were more aroused than ever. Their pussies were sopping wet and leaking onto the rubber mat.

“Let’s eat, you fuck,” Klara said, her voice a low growl. “Let’s suck on each other’s cunts and see who lasts longer.”

“Gladly, you whore,” Bryanna snarled back. “I’m going to suck your little pussy dry.”

The women slid across the deck towards each other, both spreading their legs and getting down on their sides. Bryanna and Klara slipped their heads  into the forks of the other woman’s legs. Eagerly, they wrapped their arms around their opponent’s hips, filled their hands with the other’s ass, and thrust their faces deep into the other woman’s fragrant, wet twat and began to lick. They ran their tongues along the other’s slick pussy lips, spreading the lips, probing into wet, pink depths, playing and teasing at juicy labia. Both women used their fingers to open the other’s cunt, to allow deeper access with their tongues. Soon, both had their fingers shoved deep into the other woman’s cunt, testing, stroking, finger-fucking. Soft, questing lips wrapped around swollen clits and sucked hard.

Bryanna and Klara screamed, their cries of sexual ecstasy muffled by the other’s pussy. Their cries faded into continuous, erotic moaning as they sucked and sucked and feasted on each other’s dripping cunts. Both women were overwhelmed with the desire to completely devour, to utterly possess, their sexual rival.

Bryanna rolled their locked bodies, taking the top position. Klara did not try to resist. She spread her legs wider, tightened her grip on the Catani woman’s ass, and sucked and ate her enemy’s cunt with even more passion and hunger. Bryanna buried her face in Klara’s pussy and moaned in joy as she devoured the Terran’s clit, as she sucked back Klara’s juices. Both women tasted the other’s asshole, they probed and fingered each other’s cunts and asses deeply. Klara reached down Bryanna’s back to sink her fingers into the woman’s thick hair and pull viciously. The women writhed as they 69ed, Bryanna sometimes rolling her body far enough down Klara that she mashed their tits, before sliding back up to resume her sucking and licking. Inevitably, the women’s fingerfucking turned to fisting. They churned up the insides of their opponent’s pussy even as they sucked and nibbled at their opponent’s clit.

The woman were sexually overloaded. Their vicious, ecstatic 69 went on and on, an hour eventually becoming two. The air in the flitter filled with the luscious perfume of aroused cunt and hot sweat. The women’s relentless moaning and screaming could be heard even outside the flier, in the surrounding jungle. Bryanna and Klara pulled orgasm after orgasm from each other. They soaked each other’s faces in cum, they drank back all that they could. Their throbbing tits ejaculated over and over into the other woman’s belly. After more than two hours of relentless cunt munching, sucking and eating, the women exploded together in a series of orgasms they could not contain. Screaming, bucking, kicking, sobbing with pleasure, they passed out from the intensity of the erotic sensations. Finally, silence came to the flitter and the jungle returned to its usual nocturnal noises.

Hours later, sometime in the middle of the night, Klara returned to her senses. Her body felt exhausted, but also enormously stimulated. She was lying under Bryanna, her face positioned directly under the Catani woman’s pussy. She could feel Bryanna’s breath on her naked genitals. With a grunt, she rolled Bryanna off of her. The Catani woman slid onto her back, but did not stir. Groggy, Klara got to her feet and climbed into the pilot’s seat. She turned on the onboard computer and programmed in a return course to the apartment she shared with Mahomet. She hit the button to engage. Silently, smoothly, the flitter lifted into the air. In moments, it turned around and began speeding back to the city.

“What are you doing?”Bryanna groaned. She pushed herself up, seemingly trying to get to her feet.

Grunting, Klara threw herself onto the naked Catani woman. With a shared gasp, the women collapsed onto the deck in a tangle of arms and legs. Their tits mashed, their naked bellies slapped. The women felt the heat from the other woman’s genitals calling to their own. Gasping, groaning, wriggling against each other, the women struggled for control. Klara arranged her body on Bryanna’s so that their burning twats lined up. She pressed her slick pussy lips onto those of the Catani woman. Their pussies kissed. Klara slid her slick, wet cuntlips up and down against Bryanna’s equally wet, slick lips. Bryanna thrust back in reply, working her hips, rubbing her wet, hot cunt into Klara’s twat with all her strength. The women moaned in concert. Their nipples hardened into spikes, indenting each other’s titflesh. Their clits began to swell, to heat up, with every passing moment. It wasn’t long before Klara brought her clit to bear, pressing it down on Bryanna’s clit. The women’s clits fenced, rubbing around and around, flicking head to head, sliding side to side. The women’s erotic moaning grew louder and louder. They locked up in a hungry, violent kiss. Hands moving on the other’s body, asses and hips slowly rocking in rhythm, limbs twining, bodies writhing, Klara and Bryanna fucked each other slowly but relentlessly for the next two hours. As the flitter made its way back to the city, the women shared orgasm after orgasm – not the incredibly intense releases of raw ecstasy they had enjoyed before but, rather, slow and hard, deep and powerful orgasms that built and built from their constant clitoral rubbing then released in powerful, throbbing explosions of pure pleasure. Their cries of ecstasy reverberated in the closed space. They fell into an exhausted, satisfied sleep.

Shortly after, the onboard computer beeped, then announced that it had arrived at its destination. The sounds woke Klara. Slowly, wearily, she pulled herself off of her Catani rival. Their sticky bodies peeled apart. Bryanna grunted and shifted her naked body on the rubber mat, but remained asleep. Klara found her one-piece shift and pulled it on over her nude body. It was torn, but she held it together with her hand. She looked out the windshield of the ship. It had landed on the roof of her building.

“Computer,” Klara said to the AI controlling the ship. “Find the home address of the woman lying on the floor. Set the autopilot to take her to her home. Can you do this?”

“Yes,” the ship replied.

“Good. Implement my order after I have left.”

Klara touched the control to the ship’s door. She stepped out onto the roof. The tiles were cool on her bare feet. She looked back into the flier. Bryanna’s beautiful naked body, sprawled on the floor, her luscious flesh gleaming with sweat and cum, the gorgeous woman’s face a mask of satisfaction, was her last sight before the flier hatch slid shut. A moment later, the small craft lifted silently off the roof and shot out across the rooftops, heading to Bryanna’s residence. When it got there, Klara presumed the ship would either wake Bryanna and wait for her to leave or park itself and wait for her to recover.

Klara tied her tunic around her like a cape. Bryanna had torn it in the back, so Klara reversed it and held it shut with her hand in front. She was alone on the roof so, for a moment, she let the garment flap open. She ran her hands down her luscious body, cupping and squeezing her heavy tits, running her hands down her flat, hot belly, to the sensitive, burning flesh of her reddened twat. Physically, she was incredibly tired. Sexually, her body seemed almost super-charged, burning with a barely-contained desire, a hunger that she could not explain. She felt proud. Her preparations for dealing with Bryanna had paid off handsomely. But something more had happened, something she had not expected, something she might be able to use to her advantage.

Sighing, Klara made her way to the roof access. She was not sure what she would tell Mahomet. Right now, all she wanted to do was sleep.


Two weeks later, Klara moved out of Mahomet’s quarters into her own private apartment. What she could afford was small – barely more than one room and a sleeping quarters. But it was hers and it afforded her the privacy that she needed. She continued as Mahomet’s mistress, sleeping over often and getting her regular infusion of Catani DNA through natural means. She could not get a job. Most of the work on the world was done by robots. The little left over for slaves was usually too dangerous to do, or was sex work. Other than being Mahomet’s mistress, or entering a life of open prostitution, there was not much that Klara could do. This lack of independence would have rankled, except for the fact that she did have a purpose. She spent as much of her free time as she could learning everything that she could find out about the world she was on, the empire than ran it, and the physical location of Earth in relation to it. She was determined to get back home and that was going to take time and a very good plan.

Two weeks after she moved into her new quarters, she was awakened one night by the door’s buzzer. She woke from a deep slumber and saw that it was a little past midnight. She was not surprised by the late night call. She had been expecting it.

Naked, Klara crossed from her sleeping quarters, which was almost completely filled with a large bed, to the apartment door. She looked through the peephole, smiled grimly at what she saw. She paused to prepared herself, then opened the door.

Bryanna was standing in the hallway. The beautiful Catani woman was wearing a skin-tight one-piece tunic, so short that it barely reached the top of her thighs, and the standard flats. Her hair was loose around her shoulders, her eyes were bright with sexual fever. The glow in her eyes grew even hotter as she took in Klara’s naked body.

Klara made no effort to conceal her nudity. She stepped back into the apartment, making room for Bryanna to enter. She thrust out her chest, put one hand on her hip, and gave the Catani woman an appraising glare.

“What do you want, Bryanna?” she asked coyly. She knew exactly what Bryanna wanted.

The Catani woman did not answer. She entered the apartment and closed the door behind her.  The lock clicked into place. She kicked off her shoes, then reached up and unhooked the clasp holding her tunic in place. The entire garment loosened and slid from her body, leaving her naked.

The nude women stood less than a meter apart, examining each other. Their eyes roamed over the other woman’s perfect body, taking in the thick, round, heavy tits, the sharp, swelling nipples, the flat, muscled abdomens, the thick, narrow pubic landing strips that arrowed down to clean-shaven, fat-lipped pussies, which were already glistening with natural lubricants. Their wide, muscular hips tapered down to powerful, long legs. Other than their difference in skin-tone, nut brown to olive green, the women’s bodies were perfectly matched. The Catani woman’s yellow eyes fixed on Klara’s pussy; they shone with feverish desire.

“You want my cunt, don’t you, Bryanna?” Klara purred seductively. She cocked her hip, presenting her naked pussy to her enemy.

Bryanna licked her dry lips. “Yes,” she said hoarsely, not even trying to play games. “Yes. Ever since that night, I have ached for your body, for your cunt. I have mate bonded to you, in a way that I can’t understand…”

Klara nodded and smiled. She had realized this herself. Something about the drug she was taking had created some kind of bond between herself and the Catani woman.

“I want you, too,” Klara murmured. Slowly, she stepped forward, reached out and stroked Bryanna’s thick right tit, caressing the engorged nipple. The Catani woman closed her eyes, bit her lip, and moaned uncontrollably, a sound that came from deep in her core. Klara smiled, but her own lips were trembling with lust, her body was quivering with desire. Sexual heat was building, burning, deep in her tits, deep in her pussy. She knew that this was a fire that could only be quenched with Bryanna’s body, with the heat of Bryanna’s cum.

The nude women came together. They screamed out in mutual pleasure as their voluptuous bodies mated, as their heavy tits crushed and mashed, rolling against each other, nipple searing to nipple. Their bare, flat bellies slapped, their thick thighs shoved up into the other woman’s pussy. They wrapped their arms around each other and squeezed hard, crushing each other, trying to bring their flesh together as tightly as they could. They wriggled against each other, grinding tits and bellies, rubbing pussies. Their hands roamed over backs and asses, squeezing, kneading, pulling hair. The women’s mouths locked, their tongues lashed at each other, then twisted together. They pushed their mouths as deep into each other as they could and struggled to overwhelm each other. Their moans of pure lust spiraled higher and higher.

For a few minutes, the naked women staggered around Klara’s small apartment. Then Klara spread her legs wide, hopped a bit off the ground, and wrapped her thighs around Bryanna’s powerful hips. The green-skinned woman had no difficulty at all in supporting Klara’s weight. She seized and held Klara up by her round, strong ass. Groaning, she carried her rival into the bedroom and leaped onto the bed, her massive body crushing down on Klara.

The women broke their kiss to scream out in shared passion. Bryanna writhed on top of Klara, who was spread out and open beneath her. Klara tilted her pelvis upward, offering her succulent pussy to the woman on top of her. Bryanna lined up her twat, aimed herself at Klara’s juiced up cunt, and thrust down with all the power of her hips and ass. The women shrieked in mutual joy as their wet, hot fuckmeat slapped and sealed, as they worked their hips to drive themselves deeper and deeper into each other. Their throbbing, aching clits crushed tight and ground into each other relentlessly. Waves of pure erotic ecstasy roared through their writhing, grinding bodies like tidal currents. Their heavy tits crushed hard and tight, thick titmeat rolling and mashing as they wriggled and surged against each other.

Klara seized Bryanna’s ass and pulled the Catani woman deeper into her. Her legs were spread wide in welcome, but she soon wrapped them around Bryanna’s hips and began moving with the other woman, keeping their clits glued together as they fucked. Bryanna sank her fingers into Klara’s thick blonde hair and pulled viciously. The woman panted into each other’s face, nose to nose, eyes glaring.

“Fuck me, fuck me harder than you’ve fucked anything, you whore, you bitch,” Klara snarled.

“Oh gods, oh gods, I will break you, I swear, I will break every part of you…” Bryanna was pumping frantically, desperately into Klara, her lust burning her like acid.

“You filthy slut,” Klara growled. She pulled Bryanna’s head down to hers and locked the woman in a lustful kiss.

Moaning, screaming, crying out in raw ecstasy, Klara and Bryanna fucked each other senseless. They fucked and fucked and fucked, taking each other in every way they could imagine, feeding the incredible hunger in their bodies. They fucked all night, all morning, all afternoon, going at each other like two inexhaustible fuck machines, releasing all the incredible, pent-up lust that had built in their bodies over the previous month of separation. It was hours later, late in the evening, that they finally stopped, momentarily sated.

The women lay together in the dark, the only illumination a small nightlight glowing out from the rim of the bed that filled the sleeping quarters. The naked women lay side by side, pressed together, Klara flat on her back, Bryanna on her side, her left tit crushed tight into Klara’s right tit, her body stretched along the length of Klara’s body. Their voluptuous bodies were drenched in sweat and cum. Bryanna’s hand moved up and down Klara’s naked flesh, tracing her belly and her breasts, stroking, exploring, occasionally inserting fingers into Klara’s raw, red cunt and scooping out thick cum to lick from her fingers. Klara’s hand moved along Bryanna’s body, less insistently, pausing to caress and probe the Catani woman’s pussy.

“You are mine,” Bryanna purred, after a while. “You belong to me now. You must come back with me to my quarters and be my bedmate. Every night. I need you, I need your body…”

“You belong to me, too,” Klara whispered, her voice hoarse. “I will come with you. We will satisfy each other, give each other what we need. We will fuck each other’s brains out every night. I will be your mistress, but not your slave. And you will help me, too.”

“What do you mean?” Bryanna asked.

“I want off this world. I want to get back to my planet. You will help me do this.”

Bryanna paused. What Klara was suggesting was treason. It was a crime for a slave to escape; it was a crime to help one escape. But Bryanna cared nothing for such rules. Much more important was that she was mate-bonded to this woman. Her need for Klara’s body was overwhelming. She realized that she was as much a prisoner to Klara as Klara was to her.

“I will help you, but only if I come with you when you leave.”

“Yes,” Klara said. “That is something we can do.” As it was, Klara suspected that she was every bit as mate-bonded to Bryanna as Bryanna was to her. That effect might fade if and when she stopped using her drug, but that would not happen for a long time. Moreover, she suspected that the drug’s effects would eventually be permanent. But she did not mind. She could imagine far worse fates than being trapped on a small spaceship for a long time with nothing to do but fuck and fuck and fuck a woman whose body gave her immeasurable pleasure.

Bryanna pushed herself off of Klara, then sat back on the bed. She spread her legs and presented her naked, dripping cunt to her Terran lover. Her massive tits quivered with growing tension.

“We fuck on this. We fuck to seal our agreement. I will help you. You will help me. We will take from each other what we need. We will not abandon each other.”

Klara smiled. She sat up, spread her legs, and eagerly pushed herself forward, scissoring her rival, her partner. Both woman sighed with pleasure and smiled at each other savagely as their slick, thick-lipped twats slapped together and mated, sealed, in an explosion of heat and pure erotic pleasure.

“I agree,” Klara moaned. The women seized each other’s thighs. Gripping each other tightly, they began pumping their pussies together, the sound of wet, hot cunt sucking, slapping and mating, filling the small room. Hips bucking, asses rippling, bodies jerking and rocking, tits bouncing in rhythm, moans and cries of ecstasy spiraling ever higher, the Terran woman and the Catani sealed their bond. They fucked and fucked and fucked late into the night, riding each other mercilessly, screaming out in ecstasy again and again and again, before finally collapsing together to sleep, exhausted, well into the next day.

The End

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