Tiffany vs Valeria by The Scribbler

Tiffany stood at the railing of the long covered deck that ran along the entire length of the two-storey building that made up the exclusive Biscayne Bay Beach Club, and stared out across the grass, then the waters of Biscayne Bay at the lights of downtown Miami, glinting in the gathering dusk.  She held a glass of cranberry juice in one hand.  It was just cranberry juice for now since there was business –serious business – to attend to.  Later, after tonight’s fight was over, she would add a generous splash of Grey Goose vodka.  She had no doubt about the outcome of this fight – she was going to destroy this bleached blonde bimbo – but she also had doubt that afterward, the vodka was going to feel very, very good.

Her other arm rested around the shapely waist of Heidi, her lover for the past three months.  They had met at one of the Society’s parties in Manhattan, the night that Tiffany had defeated a visiting fighter from Japan.  Heidi was a fighter herself and come to the party as the guest of one of the patrons.  She had ditched her date at the end of the fight for the chance to be Tiffany’s post-fight back-scrubber, and they had been inseparable ever since. 

Since that night of course, Heidi herself had fought and earned Society membership, so this trip to Tiffany’s home town of Miami had been a celebratory vacation.  When the Society had heard about their plans, they had even offered to pay for their travel and accommodation, on the condition that Tiffany would participate in a special exhibition match against a fighter from the Society’s sister fight club in Miami.  Tiffany had agreed without hesitation.

Below them was a broad area of lush grass, normally occupied by lounge chairs and used by the beach club’s members for sunbathing.  Tonight though, the chairs had been removed and replaced with a thin rubber mat, colored identically to the grass and some twenty feet square.  This would be the arena on which Tiffany and her opponent would fight.  The mat was perhaps ten or twelve feet from the base of the steps that led down from the deck, and the grass spanned approximately the same distance to the left and right before it ended in lush beds of tall hibiscus shrubs.  At the far side of the lawn was the white sand of the beach and the gently lapping edge of the water.  Four floodlights on tall poles stood at each corner of the lawn.  They would illuminate the fight though right now, the last golden rays of the setting sun were still falling on the tops of the bushes right now.

Tiffany pulled the curvaceous brunette closer, her left breast pressing firmly into Heidi’s right, and stretched up a little to kiss her.  At 5’7” Heidi was two inches taller than Tiffany and the stiletto heels they both wore tonight did nothing to alter that.  “Life’s good,” Tiffany murmured with a smile as they broke the kiss after a long moment.  They clinked their glasses together.  Heidi’s held an expensive and perfectly chilled white wine.  She was simply a spectator tonight.

“So, the two yankee whores managed to find your way here.” The voice came from close behind them, with the slight hint of a Latin American accent. 

Tiffany stiffened, then turned.  “Valeria.”  She said the name as though it was a mild curse word.

The woman who stood facing her was a little taller than Tiffany, though only an inch or so, with long straight blonde hair that fell in thick waves, almost to her waist.  She wore a strapless white kerchief top that clung tight to her voluptuous bosom, her nipples pushing proudly at the taut fabric.  It hung loosely below the proud swell of her breasts to expose an inch or so of tanned flesh at her narrow waist.  Her red and black print skirt swept her ankles, slit at the side to expose a hint of muscular but very feminine thigh, along with a white stiletto-heeled sandal.  She was looking at Tiffany steadily, her large brown eyes slightly slitted.

Tiffany wasn’t intimidated despite the blonde’s impressive appearance.  At 5’5” with long dark brown hair and a lithe but buxom figure that turned heads wherever she went, she knew she gave nothing to this bitch in the looks department.  Already tonight, she had turned more than a few men’s faces red and their wives’ and girlfriends’ faces green with envy.  Her halter-necked black mini-dress dipped almost to her navel, and though it was tight enough to contain her full, rounded breasts, that same tightness served to emphasize their lush curves.  Her hips were narrow, her waist narrower, and the dress barely covered the taut orbs of her firm ass, exposing the alluring length of her lissome legs.  Her shoes matched her dress, elevating her by an extra four inches.  If any heads hadn’t turned when she and Heidi walked into the club earlier that evening, they had certainly done so when she devoured her lover with a long passionate kiss in the doorway.

Tiffany hadn’t seen Valeria since New York, at the Society the night that Heidi had fought for membership.  Valeria had been whispering in Michael’s ear then, gesturing at Tiffany.  Only later did Tiffany learn what the bitch had been doing – arranging this ‘special exhibition fight’.  Valeria had wanted a piece of Tiffany ever since they had first laid eyes on one another, but the sneaky skank wanted that fight to happen here, on her own turf and not in New York where Tiffany would have the home crowd advantage.  Not that it really mattered – this wasn’t a title fight, just an exhibition match – but Tiffany planned to make a humiliating example out of Valeria, just to teach her not to be such as scheming bitch.

She smiled a smile that didn’t reach her eyes.  “I guess you’re finished cleaning the toilets, huh?”  She extended her hand with the glass in it.  “Maybe you can refill my drink for me?”

Valeria’s eyes narrowed further and the hint of a hiss escaped her full lips.  “I’m going to enjoy beating that engreido attitude out of you…cocky bitch.”

“I’m going to show you up and shut you down, bimbo,” said Tiffany quietly.  “You’re going to regret setting this up.”  She winked at Heidi.  “Take a look, babes…this is the turkey that called an early Thanksgiving.”  They both laughed.

“You think you’re something special, don’t you?”  Valeria smiled.  “You think you have all the answers.  You’re about to learn a very big lesson,perra. You won’t be laughing soon.  Soon you’ll be begging me to let you kiss my cuca so your shame can be over.”  It was her turn to wink at Heidi.  “When I get done with this pendeja, I’ll take you home  with me if you want, and show you what a real woman is like.” She blew Heidi a kiss.

An attractive dark-skinned woman in the white and blue livery of the club’s staff appeared at Valeria’s elbow.  “Excuse me for interrupting,” she said with a faint Jamaican lilt, “but it’s time to go get ready.”  She looked at Tiffany.  “If you’d follow me please?”

Heidi looked a little surprised.  “I thought the fight didn’t start till after dark.  That’s more than an hour away.”

Tiffany grinned.  “Special surprise, babes.”  Michael had told her about the costume she would wear for this fight, but she had decided to keep it a secret from Heidi until the start of the fight.  With a last contemptuous glance at Valeria, she handed her glass to her lover, gave Heidi a lingering kiss and turned to follow the woman.

“Don’t be too long,” called the blonde.  “I can’t wait to clip your claws, gatita!”


Forty five minutes later, Tiffany stood in the center of a small, well air-conditioned and brightly lit room, barefoot and wearing nothing but a tiny, tailor-made black thong that hugged her firm curves and bore the gold seal of the Society, the size of a silver dollar, on the little black triangle of spandex that barely covered her mound.  The thong was so small that it did not even reach up to the narrow, neatly trimmed stripe of her pubic hair.

Her arms were stretched above her head, her hands grasping a heavy wooden ring that hung from the ceiling as she tried to obey instructions and remain completely still.  That wasn’t at all easy at this precise moment.  She suppressed a shudder.  “Hold still!” came the command for the umpteenth time.

“Sorry,” Tiffany apologized as it seemed she had done almost constantly for the past half hour.  “You tickled my nipple and made me shiver.”

The pale skinned young woman with the spiked, jet-black hair laughed.  “Not quite the way I’d like to, hon.”  She looked up at Tiffany and winked.  “Seriously though, don’t you dare spoil my work or that crazy bitch Val will be the least of your problems.  I’ll kick your ass myself!”  Tiffany raised an eyebrow at the words crazy bitch but she had the feeling that the airbrush artist – she had introduced herself as Mitch – was only half joking about kicking Tiffany’s ass, or about making Tiffany shiver for that matter.  She tried to make herself as still as a statue.

It was almost another half hour before the job was finally complete and she stood regarding herself in the three-way, full length mirror that stood in the corner of the room.  “Oh…my…God!!!  I can’t believe it.  You did an AMAZING job!”

Turning to one side, then the other, she surveyed the results of Mitch’s endeavors.  Her face, her throat, her chest including the inner curves of her breasts, her firm hard belly and the front of her legs down to her shins were airbrushed white.  The remainder of her body, including the rest of her bosom, flanks, back, butt – even her arms and legs – were a brownish orange.  Across all of it were airbrushed black stripes, horizontal but irregular.  The stripes around her hips, crotch and ass mimicked the cut of her thong, so it looked like simply another stripe.  Her eyes and lips were lined out, her finger- and toe-nails a glossy black.  Even her hair, pulled back and tucked up in a French braid, was streaked to match the paint that covered her lithe body.

She looked like – no, she was a tigress. 

The transformation was almost surreal but beneath it all, she was the same fierce fighter.  Her arms rippled as she moved.  Her breasts, proud and full – and now almost glowing with their new orange color – swelled as she took a deep breath.  Her abs were hard and well defined, her thighs strong and shapely. Almost naked, she felt somehow strangely clothed, full of – power. 

She let a soft growl, then giggled.  Mitch, putting away her tools, laughed.  “Embracing your inner feline predator, huh?”

“Damn right,” said Tiffany.  “I can’t wait to put that scheming bitch in her place.”

“I hope you do.  She’s been due for an attitude adjustment for a long time.  The rest of us would love to see her get what’s coming to her.”

“The rest of ‘us’?” queried Tiffany.  “You fight here too?”

“Oh yeah.”

“You ever fight her?”

Mitch didn’t look at her.  “Yep.”  She closed the lid on her paint box with more force than she needed to.  “I don’t cry often…but…” She let the sentence hang in the air as she walked over to the door, pulled it open and stuck her head outside.  “She’s all done.”


Wearing a light white wrap over the body paint, Tiffany followed the same Jamaican woman who had brought her to the studio, via a circuitous route through the multiple buildings that made up the beach club, until they emerged into the open air.  It was after dark now and when they first made their way down the steps and onto grass, Tiffany thought that this might be the arena for the fight, but her guide – she had identified herself only as Karen – smiled and said “No…it’s over there.  Come.”  She led Tiffany across the lawn to a narrow gap in a tall hibiscus hedge.  “They’ll announce you.  Then you step out.  After that…” she smiled “…you know what to do.”

Tiffany peered through the opening.  Beyond was another grassed area – the same one she had seen from the deck earlier.  The green mat in the center was now brightly lit by the spotlights at each corner of the lawn.  On the other side was another opening, a dark chasm in the greenery.  There, she knew, her adversary – her enemy – waited.  She reminded herself that this was not a title fight.  Nothing rested on this but personal pride.  Despite all that, she wanted nothing more than to punish this bitch who had come after her – who had dared to challenge her!  She wanted to do this in front of Valeria’s whole home club and most of all in front of her Heidi.

Less than a minute later, though it seemed like a thousand beats of Tiffany’s heart, a man’s voice echoed out over the gardens, evidently enhanced by a public address system.  “Ladies and gentlemen!”  Tiffany turned her head and saw the crowd of people gathered on the deck.  Some were sitting, most were standing, and all were looking intently and expectantly in the direction of the arena.

“It’s time for tonight’s main event,” continued the announcer, a man in a grey suit with an open-necked white shirt.  “A very special exhibition match between our own club champion…” There were loud cheers and applause.  “…and a visiting champion from our sister club, the Society in New York City.”  There was more applause, though it was muted compared to their initial eruption.  Tiffany didn’t care. It was only natural that they would cheer loudest for their own.  By the end of the fight, she’d have them cheering for her – and even if they didn’t, it wasn’t their cheers that mattered so much as Valeria’s screams.

“First up, we have our visitor from New York…who hails from down here by the way…at five feet five and one hundred twenty four pounds, give a warm Miami welcome to Tiffany…the tigress!”

Taking her cue, Tiffany stepped out of the shadows, allowing Karen to slip the wrap from her shoulders as she did so.  Naked except for the body paint and the tiny thong, she strode to the edge of the mat, turned and raised her arms to acknowledge the crowd.  The applause was much louder now – they were cheering her beauty, her physique and her wild attire.  She grinned and turned a slow circle.  The volume of their clapping grew even louder.  As she faced them again, she hooked her extended fingers into claws and let out a theatrical roar.  They cheered and Tiffany smiled.  Already, she had them on her side.

“Against Tiffany tonight, we have our own club champion,” continued their host.  “At five feet six, weighing one hundred thirty pounds, put your hands together for Valeria…the Jaguar!”

Valeria stepped from the darkness on the far side of the lawn and strode toward the mat.  Tiffany watched her, riveted.  This was the first time she’d seen Valeria in anything other than a cocktail dress or casual wear, and the first time she’d gotten a chance to properly appraise the blonde’s body.

Like Tiffany, she was clad only in body paint and a miniscule thong.  Her paint was slightly darker than Tiffany’s – more a golden brown than an orange – and punctuated with small black rings like the pelt of a jaguar.  Her thong matched the pattern precisely, making her appear completely nude to a casual glance.  Her long hair was tied up behind her head in what appeared to be a similar style to Tiffany’s own.  Tiffany smiled to herself.  She would still yank it down and use it to throw the bitch around the mat.

The smile grew a little more forced as the blonde came closer.   She moved with a sinuous grace, her knees slightly bent – a fighter’s walk.  Her arms were well toned, her shoulders broad, the muscles well defined but still shapely.  Her bare breasts, easily as impressive as Tiffany’s own and mottled brown, black and white, jiggled only slightly with each loping stride she took.  Her belly was a flat, firm plane and Tiffany saw that the airbrush artist had added faint shadows to accentuate the muscles of her abs – or had she?   It was impossible to tell under the harsh lights but if not, then the bitch had truly impressive abs.  Either way, those abs would feel the power of Tiffany’s fists, knees and feet.  She would soon see how well they held up.

The blonde’s tapering torso and slim waist were accentuated even more by the sensuous swell of her hips immediately below, unimpeded now by her skirt.  As she turned, like Tiffany, in a circle for the appreciation of the audience, she revealed the smooth, sculpted musculature of her lithe but powerful thighs, along with an ass that even Tiffany had to admit was nothing short of magnificent.  She couldn’t wait to sink her fingers into the blonde’s butt cheeks and – if she were honest with herself – not solely for the purpose of inflicting pain.  She pushed the thought from her mind.  She’d have the chance to take her pleasure from the bitch’s body all right, when Valeria lay beaten and sobbing on the ground.  That thought brought an even wider smile to her face.

The announcer waited for the crowd’s cheering to subside as Valeria completed her circle, then spoke again.  “So here we have them…two fierce jungle cats.  Which one will be the queen of the jungle tonight?” There were cheers and catcalls, in Tiffany’s favor as well as Valeria’s.

Tiffany turned her head.  “Gonna make you my bitch…bitch!” she called out.

Valeria’s brown painted nose curled in disdainful amusement.  “I’ve wanted to break you since I first saw you,” she shot back, her body tensed like a coiled spring.  “They say pride goes before a fall.  Tonight is the start of your long, hard fall!”  She licked her dark painted lips in anticipation.

By tacit consent, they did not wait for the announcer’s permission.  Bonded together in a single purpose – to punish and vanquish the other – they turned and strode toward one another, fists clenched, ready to do battle.

They stalked toward one another, neither willing to be the first to halt, like a fierce game of ‘chicken’ played by two nearly naked, beautiful women.  Finally they stepped right up to one another, chest to chest.  Tiffany smiled into Valeria’s face, inches from her own.  “I didn’t like you, from the moment I laid eyes on you.  I’m so glad you showed up for this.  Now everyone will see those muscles of yours are just pumped up with nothing behind them.  All show and no substance…just like you.”  She flexed her arms, posing as much for the crowd as for her opponent.  There were a few cheers from the deck.  “That’s strength!  I’m going to teach you a lesson you won’t forget…sweetie.”  The endearment dripped with scorn.  “Get ready to be humiliated in front of your home crowd!”

Valeria smiled back at her unfazed until she flexed.  Then the blonde latina rolled her eyes ad laughed softly.  “Bitch, you are so full of yourself.”  She arched her back a little, thrusting her chest out.  Her nipples were already rock hard, unusually long and each surrounded by a black circle on her body paint.  They scraped hard across the firm flesh of Tiffany’s breasts.  “Look, zorra…the only thing pumped up here, is your reputation.  You got where you are by fighting cheap, average girls, but now you got one right here…” She ran her hands sensuously down her sides, over her body as she wiggled her hips to even louder cheers from the audience.  “…who’s gonna teach you a life lesson.”  She pushed her face even closer to Tiffany’s.  “DON’T mess with latinas!

She lunged, pressing hard into Tiffany, their breasts crushing hard together.  Tiffany thrust her arms up, reaching for Valeria’s hair, ready to twist the bitch’s neck and make her scream in pain right from the start.  Valeria caught her wrists however and suddenly they were locked together, bodies straining as each fought to force her opponent back or to tear her hands free to slap, punch and claw.   They groaned, flexed and heaved against one another as the sweat broke out on their painted skin and their bodies grew slippery, shining under the bright lights.

Her left ear close to Valeria’s mouth, Tiffany could hear the rasp of the blonde’s breath as  they gasped and struggled for advantage.  She felt her opponent’s chest swell even more firmly into her own as Valeria took a massive breath.  Then the latina let out a long, low groan that slowly grew louder and more urgent, as she seemed to draw herself in.  Tiffany felt a rush of elation as she felt herself begin to move forward, an inch or so – but then the other woman’s voice seemed to explode out of her lungs in a savage scream and she surged upward and forward, flinging Tiffany away from with a mighty lunge that sent the brunette stumbling backward. 

It took Tiffany three staggering steps before she could regain her balance and when she did, she stared at the latina who stood glaring back at her, eyes shining, her arms flexed in front of her.  “Feel it, yankee whore!”

Tiffany blinked in surprise.  She loved these contests of strength – it was her favorite way to show her opponents just what they were up against – and though she had won and lost them in the past, never had she had an opponent hurl her away with that kind of force.  Her pride stung, she drew her lips back in a savage snarl.  “Think you’re all that, bitch?”  She clenched her fists.  Her heart was racing, the adrenalin pumping now, her nipples rock hard as always when she was in a fight.  The paint that covered her body made her feel even more powerful than usual, like a wild cat ready to tear into her prey – this arrogant upstart who stood before her now  “Now it’s YOU who’s going to feel it…feel the PAIN!”

She had no illusions that the latina would be a pushover.  From the moment she had seen Valeria emerge from the shadows, she had known she was in for a fight.  Valeria was strong but Tiffany had fought girls who were stronger, had more experience, but still wound up kneeling at Tiffany’s feet in the end, just as this bottle blonde bitch would.

Valeria too clenched her fists, her body seeming to swell again, muscles undulating under her body paint as she strode forward flashing a fierce smile, her purposeful walk accelerating just as Tiffany’s did, charging one another again.  Their firm breasts met first, slamming together, mushrooming and flattening into one another just as they had moments ago.  Their hard flat bellies too came together, then their rippling thighs, as the solid smack of their bodies’ impact echoed throughout the crowd, who had begun to drift down off the deck and take up vantage points around the periphery of the lawn.

Their bodies slipped back and forth across one another, pressed tight together, breasts rolling, swapping paint and sweat.  Their legs thrust forward, hips grinding against one another, each with one strong thigh pressed into the other’s crotch.  Feet spread wide on the rubber mat, toes digging in for traction, Tiffany reached up again, wrapping her arms around Valeria’s neck.  One arm gripped the blonde’s hair tight – it was indeed pulled up in a French braid just like Tiffany’s – and with the other she tried to cinch Valeria into a head lock, pulling down with all her strength, trying to get enough leverage to pull her opponent off balance.

Valeria too spread her feet wide, keeping herself low, pushing up with her legs and resisting Tiffany’s attempt to bend her over.  “You’re good, perra! But you have everything to lose here, and I have everything to gain.  After I own you in front of everybody, they’ll give me a shot at your title!”

Tiffany poured even more effort into her arms and upper body, trying to overcome the blonde’s resistance by brute force.  “Come on, you nasty slut!  You wanted to fight me?  You wanted you chance at the big time?  Let’s see what you’ve got!”  She ripped at Valeria’s hair, jerking her head back and forth, loosening the braid at the back of her head.  “When I’m done humiliating you, you’ll be the laughing stock of this whole place.  Nobody’s gonna take your, or this wannabe club, seriously!”  She a rumble of comment from those in the audience close enough to hear, and even a few boo’s.  She brushed them off.  They’d all be cheering her before long, when she showed them just what a pathetic loser this bitch was.

Valeria kept her stance however and managed to avoid the head lock.  “Oh you come on, you cheap bitch!  The only big time thing here is your ego, and soon I’ll pop that just like I’ll pop those balloons you call tits!”  There was laughter from the onlookers and Tiffany growled.  “People want new experiences!  Your fake stage shows are getting old!  Am I right or what?” Valeria called out to the audience, who roared their agreement.  “You’re the past…I’m the future, and this fight will prove that, perra!”

As Tiffany shook her head violently, the blonde stepped in close and wrapped her arms around Tiffany’s waist, bending her knees ready to heave Tiffany into a bear hug, but Tiffany foiled her attack by shoving her own arm down inside Valeria’s forcing her elbow out, breaking the lock of her arms.  “Not so fast, blondie!  You’re not fighting first-timers now!”  Valeria snarled in frustration and grabbed for Tiffany’s hair but Tiffany caught her hand and they strained against one another again, arms quivering with exertion, their hot breath hissing on one another’s faces.

Tiffany felt Valeria’s chest expand again as the blonde prepared to repeat her power roar.  She snorted derisively.  “Please, bitch!  You think that cheap party trick impresses me?  You might have surprised me once, but not this time!”  As Valeria bent her knees slightly once more, Tiffany broke her right arm free and shoved her forearm across the blonde’s throat beneath her chin, wrapping her other arm behind Valeria’s neck, under the tendrils that dangled from her opponent’s now disheveled braid.  Forcing Valeria’s head back, stretching her neck and squeezing her throat, she smiled grimly as she heard the groan of power turn to one of pain.  “How’s that feel, puta?” 

She bore down on Valeria’s neck with all her weight, all the force she could muster.  At first the coiled muscles of the latina’s lithe thighs pushed back hard, resisting her, but she held Valeria’s head tight and stepped backwards, pulling the blonde off balance.  Valeria grunted sharply as she went down to her knees with Tiffany staring her in the face.  “Get used to being on your knees, skank!  You’re going to be spending a LOT of time there tonight!”  She twisted herself hard to the left, then the right, pulling Valeria with her and dragging cries of pain from the blonde’s painted lips as she wrenched brutally on Valeria’s neck.

“Colla!” hissed Valeria, her teeth bared as she stared venomously up into Tiffany’s eyes.  “You think you know about pain?  Try this!”  She whipped both her hands up and seized two handfuls of Tiffany’s dangling breasts, pinching her erect nipples between fingers and thumbs, squeezing and twisting.

“FUCK!!!”  Tiffany screamed out and jerked herself backwards, tearing her breasts away from Valeria’s vicious grasp.  She retreated a couple paces to regroup, taking a moment to glance down at her throbbing breasts.  The harsh grip of the blonde’s fingers, along with the sweat and friction of their chafing bodies, had rubbed some of the paint from her breasts, exposing the tanned flesh and the dark brown, puckered aureolas around their peaks.

Valeria rose to her feet, grinning cruelly.  “Feeling the pinch, puta?  That’s just a taste of what I have in store for you.” 

The two fighters faced each other again, circling before, for the third time in as many minutes, they coiled their muscles and threw themselves at one another, body to body in a grim contest of strength and determination.  The slap of flesh on flesh as their full breasts came together was louder now as the heat of the tropical evening brought the sweat out on their lithe bodies.  Strong legs strained, arms quivered with fierce exertion as they grunted and strained, sharp breath hissing in each other’s ears, each determined to show the other – and the crowd – that she was the stronger one.

Tiffany growled as she pushed against the blonde, their fingers interlocked, slippery chests mushrooming against one another.  She was determined to show her supremacy – again.  Each of them had prevailed once so far – Valeria the first time, Tiffany the second.  She wanted to win the third, to show this bitch and her supporters who was the true champion here.

Valeria surprised her by changing tactics.  Instead of pushing herself against Tiffany in a contest of brute strength, she angled her body a little to the right, sliding her breasts across Tiffany’s as Tiffany felt the latina’s rock hard nipples scrap across her flesh.  She whipped her arms down, pulling Tiffany’s hands with her and before Tiffany could react, Valeria wrapped her arms around Tiffany’s waist, pinning Tiffany’s own arms in the small of her back.

“Got you, bitch!” snarled the blonde, her face an inch from Tiffany’s own so Tiffany could feel the heat of her breath.  

“You think?” Tiffany sneered back at her.

“I…THINK!” Valeria suddenly bent her legs and tightened her arms, pulling Tiffany closer into a bear hug and then surging upward with a loud cry.  Tiffany cried out in surprise as she felt herself lifted onto her toes.  Unable to keep a firm footing, she had no chance to brace herself as Valeria slid a foot forward behind her ankle and shoved forward hard.

They slammed down on the grass at the edge of the mat, Tiffany on her back with Valeria on top of her.  She had the wherewithal to suck in a deep breath and tense herself during the fall but the impact nonetheless forced a sharp groan out of her as her chest took the full weight of Valeria’s body.  She opened her eyes and saw Valeria staring down at her with triumphant malice.  “I don’t think, bitch…I know!”

The force of their landing had jolted Valeria’s bear hug loose and Tiffany’s arms were up beside her head, though Valeria’s hands still grasped her wrists, pinning them to the grass.  Tiffany sucked in her breath, feeling the blonde’s big breasts pressing down into her chest, sharp nipples again scraping her chest.  She bridged up with a groan of effort, jerking her hips off the ground, lifting Valeria with her, their squirming bodies pressed tight together, belly to belly, thigh upon thigh as Tiffany fought grimly to get her enemy off her and Valeria struggled with equal determination to stay on top.  “Get…used to it…whore!” hissed Valera through clenched teeth.  “You’ll be spending…a LOT…of time…under me!”

Tiffany gave a guttural roar of fury and, getting one hand free, managed to twist her fingers around a stray lock of Valeria’s hair that had escaped from her now disheveled braid.  She yanked hard, eliciting a scream of pain and anger from the blonde.  Valeria lurched to the right and, bucking her hips wildly, Tiffany managed to flip her adversary off her.  She rolled one way, Valeria the other as they separated to regroup.

As they each rose to their feet again, Tiffany felt the beginnings of the burn in her legs and arms from the furious pace of the fight so far.  She was panting with the exertion, her heart racing as her body rose to the challenge.  She looked across at Valeria under the harsh lights of the arena.  The blonde’s chest too was heaving, the body paint across her jiggling bosom smeared by sweat and flaked in several places by the fiction of breast on breast.  Despite all that, her eyes were bright with excitement and the lust of combat.  “Come to me, perra.  Come and meet the future.” She smiled.

Slightly winded from the fall, Tiffany took a moment to catch her breath before she closed once again with her foe.  She studied Valeria as they once again circled each other, looking for an opening, for a sign of weakness.  She felt mildly embarrassed, not to mention angry that the bitch seemed to have had the upper hand more often – so far at least.  The blonde had managed to get the better of Tiffany twice so far, while somehow countering Tiffany’s own attacks, turning them back on her.  Tiffany mentally shook herself, reminding herself that it didn’t matter.  This fight wasn’t about points, or who got her opponent down on the ground more often.  The only thing that mattered was who would scream out her surrender at the end.  Tiffany vowed to herself that it would be the latina who lay groveling at her feet.  She would not let this bitch beat her.  No way would she give the cocky cunt the satisfaction of winning!

Despite her determination, despite her hatred for her adversary’s cocky attitude, she found herself with a grudging respect for the blonde.  The moment their bodies were first pressed together in a struggle for supremacy, Tiffany had discovered that Valeria was certainly stronger then her last few rivals, with a fire in her eyes and her belly that Tiffany had not seen in a while.  She could tell just how much Valeria wanted this, how badly she wanted to break Tiffany.  Tiffany knew just what that desire felt like.  Valeria had never faced someone like Tiffany though, and she would soon learn what it was like to have her hopes crushed.  Soon she would be nothing but a sobbing blonde bimbo, begging for mercy.  That was the moment – the moment when her opponent realized it was hopeless – that Tiffany relished the most.

She bought a little more time, circling to her left.  Her right hand gently massaged her left breast, which was aching a little since it seemed to have borne the brunt of Valeria’s body slam, though it was nothing she couldn’t shrug off.  She’d felt far worse before in a fight.  Her paint was smeared, and she was wearing more than a little of her adversary’s too.  She reached up behind her head, trying to tighten her braid.  She could see that Valeria’s hair too was coming down around her neck.  Good – this fight wasn’t about making a fashion statement.  Tiffany would use the latina’s hair as a weapon against her now, and have her shrieking in pain.  “Ready for round two, bitch?”

Without waiting for Valeria to reply, Tiffany rushed at her and their bodies collided once again with an explosion of breath.  “HUMPH!” They threw their arms around each other and wrestled for position, pushing, probing, seeking leverage.  Their sweat on their skin, along with the flaking, smeared paint, made it difficult to hold onto one another, and Tiffany’s hands hands slipped and slid over Valeria’s firm flesh.  She tried to grab a hold of her enemy’s shoulders but had no luck as Valeria squirmed out of her grip, and then she found herself fighting back an attack from the blonde.  She reached up, her left hand grabbing Valeria’s neck, and squeezed trying to get a grip.  Her right hand shot up behind Valeria’s back and found the blonde’s dangling hair.  This she had no trouble holding onto, wrapping it around her fist several times, enjoying the look of pain on Valeria’s face and the soft moan that came through her gritted teeth as Tiffany pulled back hard. 

“You’ve had your fun…now it’s time for me to start dominating this fight, bitch!”  With her enemy off balance, Tiffany shoved forward, pushing her opponent off the mat, across the grass toward the row of bushes that bordered the lawn.  “I can’t wait to make you look like a fool in front of all these spectators!”


As they each rose to their feet, Valeria looked across at Tiffany.  A faint smile emerged on her lips as she saw the hint of worry on her adversary’s face.  She could already see the change in the perra’s attitude.  Tiffany had discovered the hard way that Valeria was something very different than the girls she had fought before.  That was also true for Valeria herself however.  Against any of her previous opponents, she would already have ended this fight but Tiffany’s experience, strength and resourcefulness were taking Valeria to her own limits, and pushing her beyond.  She knew she couldn’t allow Tiffany any chance, any opening.  She had to constantly harass her, keep the pressure on, make sure that when the moment of truth came, Tiffany would have nowhere to run.

Tiffany came at her and again their bodies collided. They both struggled to gain the upper hand, and Valeria gasped as Tiffany grabbed her hair – a cheap move but an effective and painful one.  She yanked it back, dragging a moan from Valeria, but the blonde forced herself to ignore the pain.  She couldn’t let this bitch have her way, couldn’t allow her to gain control of the fight. 

By holding Valeria’s hair, Tiffany had left her midsection open, and Valeria took advantage of the opportunity to send a punch to her opponent’s belly.  The blow connected cleanly and Valeria felt a rush of exultation at the way Tiffany’s face changed from a cold smile to a look of pain.  Tiffany’s hold slackened slightly and when Valeria slammed her fist into the brunette’s belly a second time, Tiffany finally released her hair. ,

“You’re not getting to dominate anything here, putita! Get ready because I’m just getting started with you!”


Tiffany leapt back toward Valeria and feinted low but then threw her arms up as she lunged forward going for Valeria’s hair again, now falling down in tendrils around her face.  She planned to show the bitch just what it felt like to fight the Society’s champion as Tiffany used it to spin her across the lawn like a Frisbee.

Valeria had other ideas.  She ducked almost to her knees, under Tiffany’s sweeping arms and Tiffany’s claws missed her hair by a finger’s breadth.  With a loud cry, the nimble latina bounced back up and her clenched fist pounded into the pit of Tiffany’s stomach with a sound that could be heard even by the spectators on the deck, forty feet away.  Tiffany’s hard abs absorbed some of the force but still the punch dragged a grunt of pain out through her clenched teeth.  She folded forward, only partly from the instinctive urge to ride the blow as she pulled her arms in to guard her body.  Fuck, the skank was strong!

As she started to straighten up, Valeria rose to her full height and stepped in closer, thwarting Tiffany’s immediate attempt to strike back with a retaliatory punch.  Wrapping both her arms around Tiffany’s neck, she pulled Tiffany close, driving the brunette’s face into her bosom.  Tiffany let out a surprised “mfffttt!!!” and twisted her head quickly to the side to try to keep her face clear of her enemy’s smothering breasts but her grunt turned to a yelp of pain as the blonde’s swollen nipple stabbed her sharply in her left eyes.

Valeria laughed.  “Mmm, I like that!  Do it again!”  She squeezed Tiffany’s head even tighter against her chest, forcing Tiffany’s head back and sending pain shooting up her neck.  Then she shook herself violently from side to side, not only putting more pain into Tiffany’s neck and back but also jabbing her long, hard nipple again into Tiffany’s eye socket.  “Oh, see how hot I am for you, perra?  I’m thinking of how it’s going to feel after I break you, when I make you serve me in front of all these people!”

Tiffany growled in furious frustration as she fought to turn her head enough to draw a proper breath.  She wanted to snarl, “You cocky cunt, I’ll own your ass in front of your club…and half of them will love to watch it!” but she saved her air for fighting.  The blonde had her hands wrapped tight round Tiffany’s head, fingers dug deep in her hair.  She was using Tiffany’s braid, which was meant to protect her hair – she hated having it pulled, as that Japanese slut had done so effectively – as a weapon instead.  Tiffany shrieked in anger and pain as her adversary’s sharp nails dug into her scalp, not only hurting her and disintegrating her braid but even worse, holding her in place as Valeria clamped her elbows in tight, cutting off Tiffany’s air, and once again sticking those freakishly fucking hard nipples into her eyes!  She screamed a muffled, frustrated “FUCK!!!” as she grabbed at the blonde’s encircling arms, trying to loosen Valeria’s grip enough that she could squirm free without hurting herself even more.

Valeria held on tight as they stumbled in a half circle, locked in a tight embrace.  “Get used to this too, bitch!  You’ll learn to like it!” She laughed cruelly.

Tiffany realized that her current course of action was futile.  All the clawing in the world wasn’t going to make the blonde release this hold. Tiffany would have had the same sort of tenacity if their positions were reversed.  It occurred to her that despite all the bravado, this bitch was just as tough and resourceful as she was.  Tiffany had a fight on her hands.

She arched her back further, enduring the pain it cost her in exchange for a little space between their bodies.  Her belly gave a twinge of protest where Valeria’s knuckles had pummeled her a moment ago, but she ignored it.  Pain was the price of victory.  She drew back her leg to send a knee up into her enemy’s abs.

Valeria was faster.  As though reading Tiffany’s mind, she didn’t wait to pull her leg back but simply reared upwards as soon as the gap opened and sent her own knee slamming into Tiffany’s stretched tummy, unerringly striking the same spot as her fist had done, less than a minute ago.

Pain lanced through Tiffany’s body and she gasped into Valeria’s sweaty cleavage.  Before she knew it, her legs gave way and, to her horror, she found herself crumpling to her knees, her face sliding slowly down between the blonde’s breasts, her nose tracing the line of the other woman’s breastbone, down over her ribs, her lips still pressed against Valeria’s firm abs in a bizarre parody of a kiss, all the way down past her navel.  It was small consolation, as she gagged and gasped for air, that at least her face was now free to take it in.

“Hurting, bitch!” said Valeria, standing over her.  “This is only the beginning!”  Her knee suddenly snapped up under Tiffany’s chin, flinging her over onto her back.  Tiffany lay there, shaking her head to clear the spots that danced before her eyes.  Her enemy’s words seemed to come from far away as Valeria prowled around her in a circle.  “This is where your education begins!”

Tiffany forced herself to blink rapidly to clear her sight.  When she opened her eyes, she found herself gazing up at a full Miami moon, so bright that lit up the sky and made the floodlights largely superfluous.  She took a deep breath and gasped as reality hit her hard along with the pain.  Her stomach felt like someone had just slugged her with a baseball bat.  She pushed herself up onto one elbow, gazing down her body.  Her sweat was mixing with the smeared paint, making her run.  She thought ruefully about how she had looked in the mirror before this fight, and what she must look like now.  She tried her hardest to control her breathing, to force air back into her lungs – strength back into her body.

She caught sight of Valeria out of the corner of her eye and turned her head sharply to the right as the blonde stalked slowly around to the front.  It angered and dismayed Tiffany that her enemy’s body paint was also dripping, but nothing like her own.  Valera moved with her chest pushed out, her head high.  Tiffany tried not to sneer.  The dumb bitch was a fool for not being on her already.  When she regained the upper hand, no way would she allow Valeria any time to compose herself.

Slowly she rose, her body aching.  One hand covered her belly.  She was hurtng but she was far from done.  You didn’t earn admission to the Society without being to take some punishment – unless you were tough and could take a real beating.  Tiffany had been there, and done that.  She hunched a little to favor her abs, but her body and mined were ready for battle.

She curled her fingers into a fist, thrusting her breasts out, her nipples aiming right at Valeria like weapons.  “You want a fight…I’ll give you a fucking fight!!!”  She beckoned.  “Come get me, sweetheart.  Just don’t make a mistake…because when you do and I come back, you’ll never ever forget the beating I give you!”

Valeria smiled, and Tiffany braced her body for all out war as the latina leapt directly at her.  Tiffany too hurled herself at Valeria, feeling the burn in her muscles but pushing it aside.  She had work to do, punishment to inflict.  She kept her body low, pushing with her strong thighs, aiming her shoulder at the dark shadow of Valeria’s belly button, ready to crush the air and the fight out of the bitch.

Valeria whirled just as Tiffany reached her, spinning aside like a matador with a bull.  As Tiffany tried to turn, to stay on target, Valeria shoved both her hands into Tiffany’s hair, leaning back hard and spinning Tiffany with her in a half circle as the brunette roared in frustration, anger and pain.

Tiffany screamed and struggled, cursing as Valeria dragged her forward on her belly, holding her by the ends of her hair.  “Let go my fucking HAIR, you BITCH!”  .  As the blonde suddenly stopped, Tiffany twisted her torso trying to draw a knee up under her so she could take some of the strain off her stinging scalp, so she could get to her feet and start to repay this bitch for the pain and punishment she’d been dishing out.  The arrogant cunt had made her look bad in front of the audience, and Tiffany was ready to pay her back in spades.

Before she could pull her leg up however, Valeria stepped forward alongside her, still holding her head up.  She pivoted on the ball of her right foot and, lifting her left leg, stomped her foot down hard into the small of Tiffany’s back.  Tiffany groaned as her enemy’s weight drove her belly and hips into the ground.  Valeria pressed down even harder with her bare heel to grind Tiffany’s mound into the grass.

“You think that hurts, perra?” sneered Valeria.  “I’m just getting started on you!”  She leaned forward and rolled her wrists to wrap Tiffany’s hair even tighter round her hands, then jerked herself up to her full height, yanking Tiffany’s head up even higher by her hair, bending Tiffany’s spine like a drawn bow.  Tiffany’s anguished howl echoed around the garden as the twin agonies in her scalp and spine made tears well up in her eyes.

Her instinct was to grab for Valeria’s wrists but as she did so, the full weight of her upper body came onto her hair and she screamed even louder, the tears brimming over and coursing down her cheeks.  “Let GO!  FIGHT ME you fucking BITCH!  Stop pulling my fucking HAIR!!!” She hated having her hair pulled – hated it with an aversion that bordered on the irrational.  It awakened some kind of deep primal loathing within her.  That, combined with her wounded pride at the way the blonde had taunted and treated her, sent her into a white hot rage.  “FUCKING BITCH, I’LL DESTROY YOU!!!  AAAGGGHHH!!!” She roared in anguished fury as Valeria wrenched even harder on her hair.

“Fight you?” repeated Valeria mockingly.  “You want me to fight you, puta?  I think I’m fighting you pretty good right now, no?”  She shook Tiffany left and right, putting more strain on the brunette’s back. 

Tiffany pulled her arms away from Valeria’s and shoved her hands down against the grass, bracing her arms wide and trying to stop her own torso from swaying so violently and adding to the agony in her back.  Valeria simply hauled her up higher, until she could no longer reach the ground properly, then shook her even harder.  Tiffany howled, “You…BITCH!!!” through her tight clenched teeth.  Her breasts bounced wildly from side to side, at one moment brushing the grass so her sensitive nipples scraped harshly against the ground, then yanked up high and shaken like a rug an instant later.

Caught between a rock and a hard place – defending her back or her hair – and fighting to think, Tiffany chose to trust the hard muscles of her back and belly to take the strain and endure the pain, and instead threw her arms up again to grasp and claw at Valeria’s wrists and forearms.  The blonde too roared in pain as Tiffany’s sharp nails dug deep into her skin.  She clung on tight to Tiffany’s hair though, twisting and pulling.

At last Valeria lifted her foot from Tiffany’s back, releasing her hold on the brunette’s matted, sweat-soaked hair at the same moment.  Driving her foot hard between Tiffany’s shoulder blades, she slammed Tiffany down on her face in the grass.  Tiffany let out a sharp “UNGGGHHH!!!” as her body weight crushed her breasts into the ground.  She lay there a moment, gasping.  She was covered in sweat, her scalp burning, her back aching.  More than the pain, though, she burned with anger. 

“You can take the pain, zorra!” growled Valeria as she stalked in a circle around Tiffany.  “I give you that much.  But it makes me think…just how much pain can you take?”

Tiffany took a deep, painful breath as she pulled her arms in beneath her shoulders and pushed up onto her elbows.  She tossed her head to sweep her hair out of her eyes, wincing at her aching neck, drew a hand across her face to wipe away the sweat and the tears – tears of pain and tears of anger.  This bitch was showing her up!  That had to end – now.

She glared poisonously at the blonde.  Valeria stood watching her, six feet away, her hip cocked, posing with accentuated nonchalance as she regarded Tiffany with a confident smile.  Her body too was gleaming with sweat from head to toe, her blonde hair tumbling across her shoulders and chest, her proud breasts with those long, hard nipples poking through her tangled mane.  The paint on her body, particularly her breasts, belly and forearms, was smeared with her sweat and Tiffany’s, marred with the marks of their fierce combat but elsewhere the golden brown and black of her jaguar’s coat lay largely intact, and she looked more animal than human.  The harsh lights threw the sculpted curves of her muscles – her arms, her thighs, her now-pumped abs – into sharp relief.  The golden seal of the Miami club – a palm tree embossed within a circle – caught Tiffany’s eye like a target.  It gleamed in the center of her tiny thong, the only civilized element at all on this true wildcat.

“I was thinking the same thing about you, skank!” snarled Tiffany as she drew her knees in under her body, lifting her hips up off the ground.  “How about we find out?”  She sprang at her enemy, every fiber of her being focused into the all-consuming urge to hurt this bitch.

She crossed the distance to her opponent in two strides, angling even lower this time, lunging in under Valeria’s guard to drive her shoulder into the bitch’s lower belly, between her navel and the glinting gold seal on her thong.  She’d have this skank gasping on the ground like a fish out of water, and then the retribution could really start.  She looked forward to the sound of Valeria’s screams.

She actually felt her shoulder connect, the surge of adrenalin as she realized that this time, the slippery slut hadn’t been able to evade or deflect her attack.  The cry of elation was already roaring from her chest when Valeria twisted deftly to the right and Tiffany’s shoulder slid off her hip.  Shit!  Tiffany let the momentum of her charge carry her past the blonde and away, to disengage so she could spin round, regroup, and attack again.  She had regained the initiative and now she had to keep the pressure on.  She would break through to this bitch’s defenses – then she would begin to break her.

Too late she felt Valeria’s fingers brush her scalp, then tighten in her hair, and her cry of exultation turned to shock, then pain as Valeria’s grip on her hair brought her up short, yanking her head back and sending new pain stabbing through her neck and back.  “AAAGGGHHH!!!”  She spun on her heel to face the latina, keeping Valeria from jerking her backwards off her feet.  The momentum of her headlong charge still worked against her however, carrying her backwards away from her enemy, yanking her head forward and down, bending her at the waist. 

Valeria herself planted a foot forward to brace herself and wrenched savagely on Tiffany’s hair, dragging another anguished scream from the brunette as she whipped Tiffany upright and dragged her back toward the center of the arena.  “FUCK!!! FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!”  Tiffany yelled in pain as her face was forced up to the night sky.  The words turned into an agonized wail as Valeria used her own weight to spin Tiffany again and fling her away across the grass like an Olympic hammer thrower.

Tiffany’s legs pinwheeled madly as she fought a desperate battle to stay on her feet.  The crowd parted around her like the sea as she staggered through them, arms flailing as she struggled for balance, to finally slam backwards into a palm tree with a force that knocked the wind out of her and sent further pain shooting through her already aching lower back.

She screamed like a banshee, as much in frustration as in pain.  “What the FUCK!!!”  She pushed herself off the palm trunk with a guttural growl.  “What the FUCK is it with you and my FUCKING hair!!!”  She took two paces toward Valeria and stopped, her arms at her sides, fists clenched tight.  Her bare chest heaved, her breasts rising and falling as she shrieked at her enemy in indignant fury.  “Stop…messing…with my hair… BITCH!!!  All you do is pull hair!  What do you think this is, fucking high school!  FIGHT PROPERLY!!!”  She spun to face the crowd.  “Make her stop pulling my FUCKING HAIR!!!”


Valeria stood a few paces away, watching Tiffany screaming and glaring at the crowd.  She smiled to herself.  She had done her homework, researched this bitch’s strengths and weaknesses, learned how to defend against the former and planned how to exploit the latter.  Now all her planning, all her training was coming to fruition.  She had not only hurt the Society’s champion but had managed to get inside her head, shake her confidence and make her lose her temper.  As her first trainer had told her, years ago, ‘an angry fighter is a stupid fighter.’  Now Valeria was about to make this bitch look very stupid indeed.

She leapt forward.  Tiffany, still glaring and ranting at the crowd, was unaware of her approach until she cried out as Valeria’s upraised foot slammed into the back of her right knee, buckling it and dropping the brunette to her knees before she knew what had hit her.  Valeria speared her fingers into the tangled mess of Tiffany’s sweat-soaked hair.  “That’s right, perra…they’re laughing at you!” She wrenched her opponent’s head backwards. 

Tiffany cried out.  “BITCH!!! MAKE IT STOP!!!” As Valeria jerked her head back and forth viciously, tears began to streaking the brunette’s cheeks now, making the body paint run in dark rivulets down her skin.  .  “PLEASE!  MAKE IT STOP!!!  PLEASE!!! Make her stop pulling my HAIR!!!”  Valeria heard gasps of surprise from the onlookers.

The brunette reached up with her own right hand to grab at Valeria’s wrist, but Valeria was ready for that.  “Oh I’m sorry…I forgot that’s not proper fighting,” she sneered contemptuously in her opponent’s ear.  “Let me try something else!”  She shoved a knee hard into Tiffany’s back, grabbed Tiffany’s right arm, jerked it up high and used it to bend her adversary’s torso savagely to the left. 

Tiffany howled in pain and tried twist her body left, to bend at the waist and take the strain off her trunk, but Valeria rammed her knee even harder against her enemy’s back, hooking the slut’s trapped right arm under her own left, trapping Tiffany in a painful hold, her entire body stretched sideways.  Valeria leaned back, stretching the brunette’s already injured abs even further.  “How does that feel, puta?  Is that proper enough for you?”  She smiled at the pain-filled groan that burst from Tiffany’s parted lips.  The watching guests roared their approval.

“What?” she asked mockingly as she hovered over the struggling, moaning brunette and stared down between her jutting breasts, gleaming in the bright lights, heaving with the exertion as she poured the pain into her adversary – weakening her in body and spirit  She gazed into Tiffany’s pain-pinched face.  “You don’t like that?  How about this?”  She stretched her free hand down and, spreading her fingers wide, grabbed hold of Tiffany’s bouncing right breast. 

Tiffany made a sound that was somewhere between a gasp and a sob, then turned into a plaintive cry as Valeria clenched her fingers together, squeezing her enemy’s breast, kneading it, digging her fingers in deep as though trying to pinch Tiffany’s breast in half, then relaxing her grip and instead pressing and crushing Tiffany’s entire breast into her ribs, grinding the hard nipple with the heel of her hand as Tiffany howled in anguish, writhing in a futile attempt to escape that only poured more pain into her tortured back and belly.  “Oh…you…bitch…” she gasped between shuddering breaths.  “I’ll…”

“You’ll what?” Valeria laughed.  “All you will do is scream!”


Tiffany knelt in Valeria’s grasp, her abs stretched until she was afraid her muscles might tear if she struggled too much.  She felt the tears run down her cheeks, knowing she was in a bad position – trapped.  Her right breast throbbed worse then a getting a finger smashed by a hammer from the bitch’s incessant breast torture. Her scalp was also burning as she looked out into the crowd through blurry, tear-filled eyes.  There was little sympathy in the smiling faces that gazed back at her – only a few showed any concern for her. 

She looked in vain for Heidi.  It felt like yesterday when she had was watched her lover take apart that slutty blonde Tonya.  That was the day she had first laid eyes on Valeria, sitting sitting next to Michael.  She had pointing at Tiffany, whispering to him.  Little did Tiffany know at that time, that Valeria was the Miami champion.  They had exchanged words.  The bitch had been so cocky.  Not many girls would have challenged Tiffany, but she did.  From that moment Tiffany had wanted this fight her so badly – to show that blonde bimbo up, to teach her the price of her jumped up pride. 

But here they were.  It was Tiffany on her knees, held helpless, at the blonde’s mercy.

She struggled to free herself, to try to fight back.. The muscles in her arms and legs flexed and bunched as she crunched forward as much as she could, straining to break loose, trying and trying but it was no use.  She was held fast.  “FUCK!!!”  She wailed in torment as the blonde kept attacking her breast. Twisting her neck to look down, she saw her enemy’s black-taloned fingers squeezing her breast as though she was trying to pinch all the way through.  The nipple looked as though it might actually pop like an over-ripe plum.  She tried to choke back her tears but the sight of her tortured breast was too much and the tears flowed freely.  She let out a sudden sob and the spectators laughed.

The blonde squeezed again, and Tiffany screamed in pain, just as Valeria said she would.

She had no idea how long she writhed and screamed before she felt herself thrown forward, landing on all fours on the thick grass.  Panting, her shoulders shaking, she lifted her left hand immediately to her chest, feeling the damage the bitch had done to her breast.  It hurt even to cup it in her hand but she did so protectively. 

Nails tore into her scalp one again, pulling her up tight by her hair.  She was shocked to hear her own voice as she screamed out, “No!  Please!  Not the hair again!!!  Get her to stop! PLEASE MAKE HER STOP!!!” 

She knew she needed to focus, needed to regain her composure.  She had to – or this fight was over.   She had to find a way, to reach deep and find her reserves of strength and determination.  If she could just find an opening, she vowed to herself – and to the Society – then this bitch would be a broken mess.  No mercy.


Valeria dragged Tiffany forward on all fours, smiling without humor as she heard the note of growing panic in the voice of the Society’s champion.  She had dominated this fight almost since the beginning, showing them all just what she was capable of doing against the best fighter they could put up against her.  She had planned, trained, sweated and suffered for this opportunity and now, she judged, the moment had come to take things to the next level.  She would make a statement that no-one in the catfighting world – not here in her home club, not in New York – would forget in a very long time.  She was about to pull the rug out from under this bitch.  The mighty would soon be the fallen.

She thrust her other hand into the back of Tiffany’s thong, hooking her fingers inside the material.  “Time for me to claim this!”  She yanked hard on the thong, jerking Tiffany’s hips up, almost lifting her off the ground.  Tiffany screamed in pain as the thong jerked up into her crotch.  “What’s the matter, puta?  I thought you were proud of that slutty camel toe!”  With one hand cradling her breast and the other bracing herself on the floor, the brunette had nothing with which to fight back without losing the support for her upper body and taking her full weight on her already hurting scalp.

Valeria wrenched again.  The time the stitching gave way and the thong tore free in her hand.  “There…my first prize tonight!”  She laughed.  “But not my last, I promise!”  She tossed the ruined thong away over her shoulder.  “I’ll enjoy it later…along with everything else I’m going to take from you tonight!”

Straightening up, heaving, she hauled the groaning, now naked Tiffany to her feet, holding her from behind, her hard nipples digging into her enemy’s back, scraping across her sweat-soaked flesh as Tiffany swayed unsteadily in her grip, cursing and pleading, to Valeria and to the crowd, to stop torturing her hair.  Her cries became softer as the fight started to go out of her, as Valeria knew it would.  She knew something about psychology, about how a fighter ticked and more than a little about how pain worked.  Make her angry, force her to make mistakes, then put her in enough pain that she didn’t think clearly.  Even the best would then crumble.   Defeat her in her mind, and her body would soon follow – as it was doing now.

Tiffany held her hand clasped tightly across her battered breast but just like Valeria her breasts were more than a handful, so there was plenty of unprotected flesh as the blonde sent her fist arcing up under Tiffany’s right arm to slam into the underside of her breast, bouncing it upwards almost out of her grip.  Tiffany’s reaction was quite beyond what Valeria expected – she wailed in agony and rose up onto her toes – but such was the punishment Valeria had inflicted on her soft flesh.  That confirmed what the latina already knew.  This bitch was on the ragged edge of her resistance.  Soon Valeria would strip that too for her, just as she had torn away Tiffany’s thong.

She shoved Tiffany roughly away and the other woman spun to face her, still keeping her left arm clasped across her chest, holding her right arm out, fist clenched defensively as she glared at Valeria through tear-filled eyes.  “Bitch…” she breathed.

“No, zorra” grinned Valeria as she took a step toward Tiffany, “It’s you who’s going to be the bitch tonight…my bitch!”  She snapped out a quick punch with her right hand, testing Tiffany’s reflexes, wondering how much the pain and exhaustion had slowed her quarry down.  Valeria herself was feeling the burn in her arms and legs but she had trained incessantly for months and besides, her fatigue came mostly from dealing out punishment to her enemy, not from receiving it.  Tiffany would be hurting in her body.  Valeria was about make her hurt in her heart.

Tiffany whipped her right arm down to defend her belly, but Valeria was merely feinting and pulled the punch, sending her left fist in higher with a straight-armed blow at Tiffany’s wounded right breast.  The brunette was not quick enough to bring her right arm up again and even though the punch simply slammed into the back of her shielding left hand, it was enough to squash her bruised flesh against her ribs and gain another shriek of pain.  Tiffany stumbled backwards.

“Too slow, puta!  Way too slow!” sneered Valeria as she pursued her retreating foe.  She fired another punch at Tiffany’s belly aiming for the right side where the ab stretch would have already weakened her.  Tiffany pulled her arm down instinctively, then pushed it back up again, obviously fearing a feint and another strike at her injured breast.  The bitch was beginning to second guess herself.  That was exactly what Valeria wanted.  The seed of self doubt was planted in Tiffany’s heart.  Now she would nurture that doubt into full bloom.

She pursued Tiffany, firing punches at her belly when she raised her guard, slaps at her face when she lowered it.  Not all the blows landed but those that did, rocked the brunette hard enough to stagger her, sending her stumbling in a zigzag course across the mat and onto the grass on the far side.  “Where’s your trash talk now, bitch? Come on!  Say something to me, bitch!”  She slapped at the brunette’s face again.  “Talk back…or better still, FIGHT BACK!”  She sent another punch at Tiffany’s ribs that the other woman only avoided by stepping back out of reach.

Valeria laughed.  “Don’t run away, gatita!  I want you right here with me!”  She dropped her hands to her sides.  “Here, I’ll make it easy for you.  Look…I’m wide open.  Try to hit me…come on!”  She stared Tiffany directly in the eyes.  “Or don’t you have the agallas?” Her meaning, her challenge was evident in her tone.

Tiffany’s eyes narrowed and her shoulders tensed.  She growled dangerously and opened her mouth to reply but instead lunged at Valeria, her right fist driving forward in a devastating punch that had all the power her body could muster, her left arm pulling back hard to swing her shoulders and increase the intensity of the blow.

Valeria leaned back and swayed her body to the left as her opponent committed herself to the blow.  Tiffany’s fist whistled past her head and she felt the wind of it ruffle her hair.  She let out a sharp grunt of her own as she too lunged forward and rammed her clawed fingers once more into the brunette’s right breast, twisting them savagely as the blow sank in,

Tiffany’s eyes flew open wide and she made an inhuman sound as the combined momentum of both their bodies crushed her breast, stopped her dead in her tracks and sent her stumbling backwards, clutching her breast with both hands, hunched over as tears poured down her agonized face.

Valeria fired another slap at Tiffany’s cheek, snapping her head to the right.  She stumbled, retreating again, and the blonde faked a blow to her right side, stopping her from slipping that way.  Tiffany retreated, doing her best to dodge and parry.  Some of Valeria’s blows landed but she didn’t really care.  She had plans for her prey, and was herding her now in the right direction, off the edge of the grass and onto the white sand at the water’s edge.


Tiffany backpedaled as Valeria came after her, trying to protect her throbbing, aching right breast with one hand and fend off the rain of punches, slaps and even the occasional kick with the other, all the while looking for an opening, some way to turn the tables on this bitch and begin the truly fearful retribution that she so longed to deliver.  The beating she had taken however, the punishment she had endured, had sapped her strength, eroded her stamina and was now beginning to eat away at her will to fight.  She needed to do something, to get away from this bitch, buy herself some time to recover, regroup and retaliate.

She felt a change in the ground beneath her feet as she took another step back to avoid a slap that almost brushed her nose.  She had reached the edge of the grass and now stepped onto the narrow strip of sand that separated the lawn from the water.  She stopped, raised her fists and took a deep breath, trying to ignore the pain it caused in her chest and belly.  She tossed her head, flicking her hair off her face, and glared at her advancing enemy.

Valeria strode forward, semi-silhouetted now by the floodlights behind her.  The tangled mane of her hair, soaked with sweat just like Tiffany’s own, stood out from her head in a backlit halo.  Her pumped arms gleamed in the light, her muscles rippling beneath her skin.  She pushed her shoulders back and her full breasts thrust out proudly, their hard peaks pointing directly at Tiffany like little fingers.  The dappled, painted markings on Valeria’s skin seemed to undulate like the skin of a real cat as she stepped closer.  Her thighs flexed, her toes curled as she too stepped onto the sand.   “Have you found your courage yet, putita?” she asked archly.  “Ready to stop running and fight?”  She lifted her arms and glided her hands lightly, caressingly over her body from her shoulders to her hips.  “Want another shot at me?”

The blonde’s eyes, locked with Tiffany’s, Tiffany tensed her muscles, ready to attack.  Valeria’s eyes flickered momentarily downward, in the direction of her right breast.  Tiffany halted, and her left arm reflexively went up across her chest, shielding herself.  Before she knew it, she had taken a step backward. She started as she felt water lapping at her heels.  She was at the ocean’s edge.  Valeria smiled at her.  “Nowhere left to run, perra.”

Tiffany stared back at her in silence.  Her mind was reeling.  Valeria had dared her to attack – but she had not.  Now the chance was gone.  As she looked at the fighter before her, seemingly glowing with a fierce power while all Tiffany felt was pain and exhaustion in both body and spirit, she realized that it had been her last.  She had nothing left with which to fight.  In this place, at this moment, she had just lost the fight, and now she was about to pay the price.

Valeria attacked with the speed of a striking snake.  Tiffany had only time enough to pull her other arm up to protect her tortured chest, but that was not the blonde’s target.  Valeria’s left fist slammed deep into Tiffany’s belly to the right of her navel, angling upward, and the force of the blow lifted her onto her toes, doubling her over as the breath rushed out of her and she gave a strangled gasp, without enough air to scream.  She swayed for a moment, took one step back into ankle deep water, then sank to her knees, her mouth working in silent agony.  She couldn’t breathe.  She couldn’t think.  The world closed in around her.  There was nothing but her and the pain.

She was only dimly aware of Valeria stepping behind her, into the water as she tried in vain to find the strength to stand.   Even when her tormentor twisted Tiffany’s matted hair around her wrist again, she could muster no more than a groan of misery.  Her arms lifted halfway to her head and then, as Valeria pulled her upright on her knees and dragged her head back, stretching her brutalized belly, they flew back to her middle as she sucked in an involuntary breath.  Even that was agony, but she could not help herself.

A knee – no, not a knee but something else – drove into the middle of her back.  Then there was another burst of pain in her scalp, then her neck.  She cried out as Valeria’s hand snaked between her thighs, cupping, grasping her womanhood, but before she could even squirm, new pain blossomed in her back as she felt herself lifted off the ground, draped over her enemy’s shoulders, her agonized eyes staring up into the star-filled sky as Valeria surged to her feet with a power cy.

“You got some trouble getting up, putita!” hissed Valeria through teeth clenched with the effort of holding Tiffany up.  “Let me help you!”  She took a step forward, bouncing Tiffany on her shoulders.  The beaten brunette wailed in torment at the awful pressure on her spine.  She tried to struggle but that only made the pain worse in her back and sent new agonies emanating outward from her crotch, already smarting where her thong had torn free, as Valeria held her firmly there.

“Mmmmm…you’re all hot and sweaty, bitch!” Valeria taunted her.  “Maybe you should cool off!”  With a roar of exertion she suddenly heaved upwards, extending her arms and lifting Tiffany up even higher, gripping by her hair with one hand, cupping her pussy in the other.  Tiffany gasped and stiffened as she hung there for an instant, the terrible realization coming to her along with the knowledge that it was far, far too late to do anything to save herself.  Then Valeria stepped back and pulled her arms away.

Tiffany barely had time to draw breath, and no time to scream as she plummeted downward, hitting the water on her back with a mighty splash.


Valeria swiped a hand down her face, wiping away the sweat and the splash of salt water from where Tiffany had gone inelegantly into the ocean in a welter of arms and legs.  As the brunette’s pain-pinched face broke the surface, coughing and gagging, Valeria stepped astride her and seized her floundering opponent by the hair.  Lifting Tiffany’s head, Valeria shook her violently, turning the water to foam around them.  “Are you cooled off now, puta?”  She stared down into Tiffany’s gasping face.  “Oh yeah…the fire’s gone right out of you now!”

“My…fucking…hair…” panted Tiffany painfully.  “You…”

Valeria laughed.  “Listen to you!  From cocky champion to whiny bitch!”  She slapped Tiffany hard on her left cheek, eliciting a sharp grunt of pain.  “Shut up, zorra!  From now on, you speak when I tell you!”  A backhander rocked Tiffany’s head back the other way.  “You say WHAT I tell you!”  She let go of Tiffany’s hair and the battered brunette sank back beneath the surface.

She let Tiffany languish there for a few seconds before she bent and plunged her hands beneath the lapping waves.  There was an explosion of bubbles as she closed her hands on Tiffany’s breasts, sinking her fingers into the slippery flesh and hauling her beaten opponent up above the water, coughing, moaning, her arms flailing as she tried without success to grab Valeria’s hands.  Valeria could tell from her sobs that it was not salt water streaming from her eyes but tears of anguish too.  She gazed down into Tiffany’s eyes and saw no anger now, none of the fierce determination of before, only pain, exhaustion, defeat – along with a deep, deep sadness.

Squeezing Tiffany’s breasts even more firmly, she hauled her helpless enemy up higher.  Tiffany’s head and shoulders were above the surface now, water streaming from her hair.  Her breasts were pulled unnaturally upward and outward from her chest, their nipples still rock hard and gouging the palms of Valeria’s hands as she gripped them firmly.  Tiffany’s eyes shut tight and her breath came in short ragged gasps as even the effort of breathing caused her pain.  Valeria shook the brunette’s breasts hard until she moaned softly and opened her eyes to stare up once more at Valeria.  “Look at you, putita!  So sad!”  She smiled.  “I’m so sorry!”  Then she lifted her captive even higher and Tiffany gave a long, quavering moan of abject anguish.  She pulled higher, harder, Tiffany’s body hanging by her breasts from Valeria’s hands, arms dangling limply.  At last she drew Tiffany all the way up to her knees where she hung, gasping in the blonde’s grip.

Valeria released her grip and Tiffany swayed unsteadily, almost falling.  Valeria reached up higher to grasp the bedraggled brunette’s head, holding her by her cheeks.  She bent until her face was inches from Tiffany’s own.  “Feel it, perra,” she said, loudly enough for the audience, crowding the the shore, to hear.  “Feel the pain, feel the defeat, feel how helpless you are…and know that this is only the beginning.  I’m coming for you…” She shook Tiffany by the cheeks.  “…coming to New York…coming to take your title…and everything that I’ve done to you tonight, will be nothing compared to what I have planned for you!”


Heidi sat in her original place on the deck, where she had an unimpeded view over the heads of the crowd that had flocked down onto the lawn and even onto the sand.  She was a little disappointed that she was too engrossed in the current fight to pay much attention to taunting the blonde  beside her – the same bitch she had defeated and humbled a few weeks ago in New York.  She felt a tiny tremor in her loins at the memory of that tongue but she pushed that thought from her mind and turned her eyes back toward the water.

Never had she seen her Tiffany – or anyone else – take such a beating in the Society.  She was shocked at the way this blonde hellcat was dominating her lover with such apparent ease.  She had expected Tiffany to dominate the cocky blonde but Valeria had an answer for everything Tiffany could throw at her, and now she had completely shut Tiffany down.  Heidi was surprised, impressed – and even a little aroused.

Valeria stood over a kneeling Tiffany, her back almost turned to Heidi as she held Tiffany’s head in her hands.  Her bare breasts jiggled as she shook Tiffany back and forth.  The cheeks of her painted ass gleamed in the light, glistening with perspiration and water.  Heidi found herself remembering the latina’s words to her before the fight – I’ll take you home with me if you want, and show you what a real woman is like.  Her mind drifted to wondering what those cheeks might feel like in her hands, those breasts pressed firmly against her own, as she tasted those lips with her tongue.  A shiver passed up her spine and she realized she had her hand pressed between her thighs, beneath the lifted hem of her short dress.

Valeria was saying something to Tiffany, her tone emphatic.  Heidi couldn’t hear what was being said but she noticed the commotion it caused among the crowd.  Tiffany seemed to be dazed, her eyes wide as she almost hung in Valeria’s grasp.  Looking at her, at the way she knelt there helpless, Heidi felt a twinge of disappointment.  She had somehow expected more from her strong, fierce lover.

The blonde suddenly stopped speaking and slugged Tiffany hard in the stomach.  Tiffany’s eyes bugged wide open, their whites clearly visible even from this distance, and then she collapsed forward, her tortured face disappearing between the waves.  Valeria turned, lifted her foot and placed it down again, presumably on Tiffany’s back, holding her down while those nearby cheered.  Valeria tilted her head up.  Her eyes locked with Heidi’s across the crowd, and she blew a kiss.  Heidi felt the heat in her face – and somewhere else too.

Valeria bent at the waist again and reached down to drag Tiffany up above the surface again by her hair.  Tiffany coughed up water, but didn’t attempt to reach up or even to try to pull her knees under her.  She simply hung in Valeria’s hands like a rag doll as the latina stepped around in front of her again, took Tiffany’s face between her hands and once more began to speak.  Her voice was too low to hear but Heidi could see the menace in her body language.  Tiffany’s eyes were wide.  When Valeria paused, she shook her head.  The blonde continued, her face thrust close to Tiffany’s.  Tiffany nodded – once, then again, never taking her eyes off Valeria.

Apparently finished with her lecture, Valeria turned on her heel.  Still holding Tiffany by the hair with one hand, she waded out of the water, dragging her vanquished foe in her wake.  Tiffany’s face hung only inches above the ground, her arms trailing at her sides as her battered breasts, her hands and her legs dug furrows through the sand.

The crowd parted and flowed around the victorious latina and her unresisting, barely conscious captive as they made their way across the sand, the grass, the mat and then the grass again, until they approached the steps that led up to the deck, only ten feet or so from where Heidi sat watching.  There Valeria halted and the watchers who had followed her and Tiffany formed a circle around them at the foot of the steps.

Valeria jerked Tiffany up onto her knees.  Sand and grass coated Tiffany’s dripping body.  The paint had been scraped from her chest and belly by the long drag across the beach and lawn, exposing her flesh and the marks of the grueling fight.  Her hair – that of it not held fast in Valeria’s hand – hung plastered in wet rat-tails against her face and arms, her drooping shoulders and her heaving chest.  Her breasts seemed to sag heavily, swollen after their ordeal in Valeria’s hands.  Tiffany looked utterly exhausted – beaten.  Her eyes seemed empty.

The proud Valeria was a stark contrast to her ravaged rival.  She stood erect, her head held high, her hair swept back from her face.  Her eyes were alight, glinting almost surreally from her painted face as she regarded the audience around her.  Her shoulders were pushed back, her chest thrust out, her dappled breasts rising and falling, her abs undulating gently with each deep breath.  Her arms were flexed, her legs braced as she planted her feet wide, hips thrust forward – a huntress posing with her prey.  Heidi flushed as she felt her hand pressed once more against her crotch beneath her dress.

“Atención!” Valeria called out.  “Tiffany has something to tell you!”

Tiffany stared blankly into space as she opened her mouth, then closed it again.  She knew what she had to say – what Valeria had told her to say as she held Tiffany on her knees in the water and instructed her – but the utter desolation that gripped her heart held a tight grip on her throat too.  She knew she would not be able to get the words out without sobbing – without breaking down in front of the entire crowd.  She also knew that she had no choice.

How had she come to this?  Why hadn’t she trained harder, fought harder?  Words jumped unbidden into her mind – the turkey who called an early Thanksgiving.  Her own mocking words to Valeria, before the fight, came back to taunt her now.  She tried to choke back a sob, and failed.  Tears flowed freely down her cheeks.  She tasted them on her lips – the salty taste of defeat.

Valeria held her by the hair, controlling her, turning her head so that her brimming eyes scanned the crowd.  They looked back at her expectantly.  Some were smiling at the spectacle of her – the Society’s champion – kneeling before them in shame.  Some were openly disappointed – disappointed in her, though it did not compare with the emptiness that she herself felt.  Some wore expressions of derision, even contempt.  Then, right in front of her, almost close enough to touch, she saw one who was truly shocked.  Heidi.

Her lover looked down at her with a bleak expression.  Her eyes shone too – the hint of tears.  Her face was flushed all the way down to her chest.  Then Heidi looked up over Tiffany’s head to Valeria and her expression suddenly changed.  She took a quick, deep breath, her bosom swelling beneath the figure-hugging black dress.  Her lips parted and her pink tongue flicked across them momentarily.  Tiffany knew that look and it crushed her heart in a vice-like grip.  Her despairing sob shook her whole body.

Valerie pulled her head up.  Tiffany blinked up at the blonde as she held Heidi’s gaze for a moment, then looked down at Tiffany.  “Your time is up,” she said.  Tiffany thought of too many ways in which that might be terribly true.  “Say it.”

Tiffany’s lip trembled.  “I…sub…submit…” she stammered, as a succession of sobs forced their way out between her words.  “I submit to Valeria.  She’s…the better woman.”  The pain, shock and deep sadness in her voice was nothing compared to the chill she felt in her soul.  She sagged even further in Valeria’s grasp.  “She’s…the true champion.  She’s…better than me.”  She fell forward onto all fours, shoulders shaking, awash in a misery that went far beyond physical pain.

Valeria stood over her.  “This is the Society’s champion!  This is the one they sent to us for an ‘exhibition match’…to have some fun and show us just how superior she is!”  There was laughter from the crowd.  Valeria smiled as she pulled her back upright, bending her backwards, displaying her for all to see…her matted hair in wild disarray, her makeup ruined, her body paint smeared and flaked away.  The tigress had been tamed.  “How are you enjoying your vacation, bitch!”  She shook Tiffany by the hair.  Tiffany’s bruised breasts slapped from side to side.  Her stretched, aching abs screamed in protest.  “Are you having fun now you met the Jaguar Goddess?  How superior do you feel now?”

Tiffany knew precisely what the latina was doing – showing her off, beaten in body and broken in spirit, for them all to see.  Tiffany had done that herself, more times than she could count.  Was this what it felt like?  Had they been beaten down as low as she had been taken tonight?  She feared not.

“What else do you need to tell them?” Valeria prompted her.  “What else do you have to say, zorra?”

Tiffany swallowed hard.  “Valeria…is the queen…” she spluttered between sobs.  “…the true queen of the Society.”  The last word dissolved into a wail as she burst into a frenzy of tears.  It was bad enough that she had to say it.  It was even worse that she feared it might be true.   Could she have beaten Valeria?  Did she have it in her?  She could not say with any certainty.


Valeria jerked Tiffany’s head up higher and stared down into her defeated enemy’s face.  Tears and sweat had streaked the brunette’s makeup and body paint, leaving black trails from her red-rimmed eyes, down her cheeks to her jaw – the emblems of her anguish.  Feel it, puta, she thought.  Feel every ounce of the pain.

“Not officially…not yet,” said Valeria.  “But soon…soon, perra, I will come for you…for your title.  I will take it all from you.”  She arched Tiffany’s back even further, thrusting the beaten fighter’s chest out toward the crowd.  Tiffany didn’t even make a sound.  “Remember the pain,” Valeria told her, “remember how you feel right now…and remember this…it’s only the beginning.  When we meet again, this is nothing compared to what I will do.”

She lifted her free arm and flexed the muscle of her bicep.  “This is the strength…the power…the capacidad…that beat you tonight…and that will soon destroy you!”  The crowd cheered her.  She looked down at Tiffany for a moment, letting her words sink in, then turned her gaze upward – to Heidi.  “Feel my strength.”  Heidi’s eyes locked with hers.  “Go on…you know you want to.”  She glanced down again at Tiffany as Heidi slowly reached out her arm and touched Valeria’s bicep, stroking slowly upwards across the smooth painted skin to her shoulder, then to her neck and finally to her cheek.  Tiffany’s gaze followed her lover’s touch, spellbound, her tear-filled eyes wide.  Valeria turned her head, still watching Tiffany, and kissed the tip of Heidi’s finger.  Heidi smiled as she withdrew her arm, pressed her finger to her lips and gently sucked on it. 

“I’ll take it all,” Valeria repeated to the defeated champion who knelt at her feet.  Tiffany’s lip puckered.  She closed her eyes in abject despair.

“But…we must remember tradition!”  She gazed over her shoulder, back toward the center of the lawn.  “I have a prize to retrieve!”  She twisted Tiffany around, turning her in a half circle on her knees, then threw her forward.  Tiffany just managed to get her hands out to brace herself on all fours, her forehead an inch from the ground.  Valeria swung a leg over the brunette’s slim waist to straddle her.  “You can help me…I’m feeling tired, so I need a ride.”  She lowered herself until she sat in the small of Tiffany’s back.  “Let’s go, yegua!  Find your thong.  It’s going to be front and center in my trophy case!”

Tiffany barely hesitated before she reached one arm forward, along with the opposite knee, and began to crawl toward the mat, carrying Valeria on her back.  Valeria smiled to herself at the thought of the proud Tiffany humbled this way.  There had been flashes of light from the crowd as phone cameras went off when she had taken the bitch’s surrender, and there were even more now.  She had no doubt that the Society already knew the fate of their champion and were getting a stream of texted pictures showing every stark moment of her disgrace.  There would be an email in the morning with her formal challenge for the title.  She wouldn’t fight the perra too soon of course – she wanted to give Tiffany time to digest her defeat, to let the doubt gnaw at her.  She would beat the bitch before she even stepped into the arena in New York.

She shook Tiffany’s hair like the reins of a lazy horse.  “Come on!  Faster!  I want to get to the fun part!”  The crowd, walking beside and behind her and her mount, laughed along with her.

Tiffany’s torn thong lay almost in the center of the mat, the Society’s gold seal ironically face down.  “Pick it up, bitch!” ordered Valeria, still holding Tiffany’s hair.  “You know what to do!”  Tiffany stretched her head forward and down.  Valeria tugged on her hair, making her enemy pull against her grip to accomplish the task, forcing her to hurt herself., making the ignominy of it even more painful.  Tiffany took the scrap of cloth in her mouth and lifted her head again. 

Valeria reached over the brunette’s shoulder, plucked it from her teeth and held it aloft.  “Oh, so pretty!” she laughed.  “But not as pretty as the one when I take the championship from you!”  She wrapped the thong around her left wrist, tucking the end under to secure it in place.

“And now comes my favorite part!”  There were murmurs from the crowd.  They knew what was coming.  Valeria herself was almost trembling with anticipation, but she wanted to savor the moment – savor her fallen foe’s humiliation.

She rose up off Tiffany and drew the brunette up with her, to her knees.  Pressing one hand into the back of Tiffany’s neck, she pulled back on her hair with the other, arching the beaten brunette’s back until Tiffany’s tangled hair swept the upper curves of her butt and her hands hung almost to her ankles.  “This is the best they could send!” she declared to all those watching.  “I took her apart.  I showed her up!  I earned to right to take my prize…to use her like a cheap whore…and that’s just what I’m going to do!”

“What was that you said, earlier tonight, about me cleaning toilets?” she asked mockingly, her accent thickening a little with her growing excitement.  “Later, maybe I’ll make you clean mine…with your tongue!”  The onlookers laughed.  “First though, I’ll give you a special treat…you get to lick something much tastier!” The laughs turned into cheers and applause.

Placing one foot beside Tiffany’s knee, pressing her captive’s shoulder against her thigh, she spun and swung her other leg over Tiffany’s body until she stood with the brunette’s neck trapped between her powerful thighs, back arched, arms dangling, chin pressed against Valeria’s firm mons, staring up helplessly between the blonde’s out-thrust breasts.

Valeria reached down, slipped a finger under the edge of her thong and pulled it aside to expose her bare, clean shaven crotch.  She saw Tiffany stare at her pouting pussy lips, inches from her eyes, then look up again.  Their eyes met and she saw the anguish there.  She drew in a sharp breath, her chest rising and swelling as the look in Tiffany’s tormented eyes sent a rush of elation surging through her.  This was what she had worked, trained, sweated and suffered for – and it was only the beginning.  She licked her lips and murmured, “You know what to do, zorra!”

Tiffany’s lips parted and her tongue appeared, extending slowly, reaching down between Valeria’s thighs, held open by Tiffany’s neck trapped tight between them.  Only when she had fully extended her tongue did she hook the tip upward and touch Valeria’s flushed nether lips.  Valeria gasped and shuddered, the motion sending a tremor down her body and into Tiffany’s too.  “Oh, bitch…you do that like you like it!”  A ripple of amusement wafted through the crowd.

Valeria began to roll her hips, letting her arousal have its head.  There was no need to hold back now.  She could indulge herself all she wanted at this bitch’s expense.  The physical pleasure was beyond her imagination – and she had imagined this moment many times – but even that was not the sweetest part.  The best thing – the best thing of all – was the thought of who was kneeling helpless at her feet, serving her with lips and tongue.  She had beaten the best, had broken the best and proven to all that she was the best. 

That exultant thought sent the first explosive spasm through her body like a hammer blow.  She cried out, clutched her breasts with both hands, threw her head back and roared her ecstasy at the night sky, her body thrashing, shaking the brunette beneath her like a leaf as Tiffany moaned, whimpered, lapped and sucked with desolated diligence at her streaming pussy.

Her loins clenched and she screamed even louder as her juices gushed.  She dimly heard Tiffany cough, felt the pressure of her captive’s throat against her thighs as Tiffany swallowed, but all that just a backdrop to the raging storm of Valeria’s jubilant lust.  Again and again the tremors shook her as she took her pleasure from her conquered rival.

It was a long time before the all-consuming pleasure finally ebbed away and she found herself on her knees, unaware of just when she had fallen.  Tiffany was still beneath her, the brunette’s legs bent back beneath her body, her head and shoulders pressed into the mat by Valeria’s still shivering loins.  Tiffany’s eyes were half-closed, her face beet red and glistening now with more than just tears and sweat.  Her neck was still clamped tight between Valeria’s slick thighs.  The bitch was barely conscious.

That brought a smile to Valeria’s face as a wicked thought entered her mind.  She relaxed her thighs a little.  Tiffany drew a gasping breath but made no other move.    Valeria slapped her cheeks lightly – left, then right.  Tiffany’s eyelids flickered.  “You eat pussy well, zorra.”  She chuckled.  “I hope you like the taste because you’re going to eat even more in New York!  We’re going to make a BIG show for all your friends.”  She slid herself forward a little on her knees, feeling Tiffany’s nose slide backward beneath her, parting her pussy lips, then further backward still.  “Right now, though I’m giving you something else for dessert!”  Leaning back, she pressed the firm, rounded cheeks of her shapely, painted ass firmly downward into Tiffany’s face.

The trapped Tiffany tried weakly to twist her head, but Valeria pushed her calves together and pinned her captive’s head in place.  Tiffany’s back arched upwards as a faint, panicked “mmmppphhh!!!” sounded from under the blonde’s buttocks, before she slumped down again.  After a moment more of weak, futile struggle, she stopped moving.

Valeria slowly leaned herself forward, resting her hands on the ground as she lifted her haunches, taking her weight off Tiffany.  Her ravaged rival lay still, her chest rising and falling faintly.  Even defeated and degraded as she was, her nipples were still rock hard.  Her arms were spread wide and her legs too lay open, one knee drawn up, foot tucked behind her knee, her naked womanhood open to the lustful eyes of the audience.

Turning, Valeria crouched beside Tiffany and slapped her cheek.  Tiffany moaned softly but her eyes did not open.  “Tonight, perra, was just a taste of what’s coming to you!  I’ll be seeing you very soon.”  She bent and kissed the motionless Tiffany firmly on the lips, then rose to her feet and stared at the circle of onlookers.  “This is what happens to anybody who gets between me and what I want!”

She turned her back on Tiffany and strode toward the club house with every eye – admiring, envious and even a few hostile – upon her, leaving her devastated adversary in a crumpled heap, a broken doll in the middle of the lawn.  Let the bitch lay there and think about what was about to happen to her.  Valeria smiled to herself as she mounted the stairs, the crowd giving way before her as she moved sinuously through their midst like the wild fierce cat she was.

The End

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