Tigra vs. Cheetah by Luffy316

Tigra felt at an all time low after her latest defeat. However close the fight with Wolfsbane had been, the winner had been obvious. After being forced to wear a collar and mewl for her victor, she had to wonder if she was worthy of being the champion of the Cat People. Even her teammates on the Avengers couldn’t help but notice her downtrodden mood lately, and their attempts to reach out to her somehow made Tigra feel more pitiful.

During a lull in her watch at the Avengers mansion, the computer alerted her to a break-in detected at the museum. Standard procedure was to send the call to the other Avengers to group up and strike together, but she hesitated this time. Her insecurity and anger mixed into an urge to prove herself and reclaim her pride. Greer silenced the notification on the console and moved to strike out on her own.

Tigra bounded over rooftops and slinked through halls with impeccable silence only available to a woman of her unique position. The guards were all knocked out, not that they would have been likely to detect her silent presence. She entered the room that the computer’s scanners had picked up the intruder last, but Tigra hadn’t considered one thing about her approach: someone of the same sort of abilities would be able to sense her.

The iron gates dropped down over all the windows and entrances; nothing that Tigra couldn’t get through eventually, but not quickly. She whipped around to see Cheetah standing there, the grinning villainess coated in fur and hair.

“So you came on your own,” Cheetah observed out loud. “The trap worked better than I could have hoped.”

“So that’s all this was?” Tigra snapped, turning to face her with her claws at the ready and steely leg muscles tensed. She quickly noted that Cheetah had no manner of loot or jewels on her person at all. “You were looking to attack the Avengers with your cowardly trick?”

“Think of it as a formal challenge. One that you cannot refuse.” Cheetah paced slowly in front of her, clearly sizing up Tigra. “I heard about your latest defeat,” she mused, making Tigra’s blood chill and her fur stand up. “Losing to a simple mutant… and a mongrel of a wolf, at that.”

“You have no idea what happened,” Tigra defied bitterly, baring her fangs aggressively. The shame was rapidly turning into outrage to hear the criminal talk down to her like that.

“I know that you sound pathetic. Calling yourself the champion of the Cat People and then losing like a pathetic house cat. I think it’s time that we had a new champion…”

“So you weren’t here to steal from the museum. You just wanted to steal my title?” Tigra briefly thumbed the amulet between her breasts, the sign that she was the champion.

“Oh, I don’t want to steal it. That proves nothing. I want you to give it to me.” Cheetah folded her arms under her lean yellow breasts. “Either crawl away like the coward you truly are, or accept my challenge. The loser yields and surrenders their pride and the amulet to the other.”

Tigra hesitated. She hated being trapped into this, but it was really what her ego needed. A victory just for the sake of proving herself to her foe. She slid the amulet off and set it on the pedestal beside another display case. “I accept your challenge for champion, so long as you’ll do the same when you lose.”

“Agreed,” the villainess grinned confidently. “Let’s begin then, shall we?” Cheetah charged even faster than her name implied, emitting a quick growl as she lunged for Tigra’s throat. Greer pulled back at almost matching speed to avoid what would have easily slain a normal woman and any number of superhumans. She caught Cheetah by the arm and spun with her, using the same momentum to slam her to the ground. Cheetah gave a hard grunt as she landed, arching her back a bit to thrust her breasts outward but lashing out quickly with her claws. Tigra blocked her foe’s forearm with her own, but the claws still slashed down her arm. Her striped fur reduced the damage dealt, but she still felt the sharp sting just below her shoulder as Cheetah drew first blood.

“I won’t lose to a coward like you!” Tigra declared through bared fangs, twisting again and mounting Cheetah’s back. She wrenched back on her captive arm, getting a pained shriek from the villainess as her claws raked along the tile. She knew that Cheetah was legendarily fast, but tangled up wrestling like this was a level playing field.

“Says the one who acted as the pet to a bitch!” Cheetah hissed back. She thrashed and bucked, but was unable to properly dislodge Tigra. The orange woman grabbed Tigra by her hair and pulled back, just to shove her nose into the hard museum floor. The villainess grunted and was dazed by the impact, but twisted with her cat-like agility. It resulted in some of her long hair to tear off in Tigra’s fingers, but a price she was willing to get to face the Avenger head on.

Cheetah lashed out with one hands to grab Tigra’s breast, feeling the mounted heroine do the same with her own furry jug. There was a half-second’s pause as if daring the other to act first before they clamped down, squeezing with strong fingers and sharp claws into their rival’s tender flesh.

Tigra grit her teeth to hold back a cry of pain, letting it out as a savage snarl. Cheetah replied in the same manner, but she lifted up her lithe legs and wrapped them around Tigra’s neck from behind. She acrobatically flipped her over, landing the tigress on her back in a head scissor.

“Some champion you are with reflexes like that,” Cheetah taunted her, squeezing her lean but muscular thighs around the heroine’s neck. Tigra grunted and pushed at the powerful legs, making little headway towards escaping besides sparing herself some room to breathe. When brute force didn’t work, Tigra reached lower and twisted one of Cheetah’s toes. The villainess yowled and recoiled in pain at the attack on her tender digits, but Tigra kept her grip on the toe hold and pulled the leg up behind Cheetah’s ass. The tan-furred thief landed clumsily on her chest as Tigra took a firmer grip on the leg itself, wrenching it up harder into half of a boston crab until even the flexible Cheetah gave a scream from the pain of her stretched muscle.

“Are you ready to give, you stupid stray?!” Tigra taunted.

“Never! Not to a weakling like you!” Cheetah snapped back. With that act of defiance, Tigra gave the hold another harp tug and started to drag her claws along Cheetah’s taut inner thigh. The villainess grit her teeth until drool ran from her lips at the tormenting pain, but caught sight of Tigra’s flicking tail. She grabbed it between her hands and bit down on the thin appendage.

Tigra screamed in surprise, quickly abandoning the crab and whipping around and away from Cheetah. The speedy thief kept her grip on the tail and followed her movement, twisting herself behind Tigra as she turned and wrapping her own tail around her throat like a fuzzy piece of piano wire. Tigra gasped and gagged at the humiliating position, pushing and kicking at her feline rival.

“Is this what her leash felt like, you bitch’s bitch?” Cheetah hissed into her ear. It spurred Tigra’s anger enough to drive her elbow back into her ribs right below her breast. Cheetah tried to tighten the pull of the strangling tail, but another pair of blows to her torso made her let go, both of the transformed women pulling back to stand off and catch their breath.

“Biting like a savage?!” Tigra snapped. “You expect to act like a champion with honor like that?”

“What room is there for honor when it costs you victory?” Cheetah grinned, flashing her fangs through her lips. “Is that your excuse for how the wolf beat you so easily? ‘Honor?”

“You dirty little stray!” Tigra snapped at her.

“At least strays wear no collars!”

At that, Tigra let out a feral screech and threw herself at Cheetah. She let out her primal instincts mixed with her personal anger as she slammed into the cat burglar, grabbing her wrists and slamming her into the far wall. Cheetah drove a knee into her side, but Tigra ducked down and wrapped her arms around the thieving cat’s waist. Cheetah beat her fists across her back to make her let go, but the tigress held on and turned her flexible back over to suplex her foe into the hard tile floor.

Cheetah grunted and would have bounced off the floor if Tigra didn’t have such a secure grip on her midsection. The Avenger rose to her knees, pulling her arms up and under Cheetah’s armpits to bind her in a full nelson. The dazed thief jerked and pulled, but the hold held tight. Tigra leaned further back and bent her foe backward, thrusting out Cheetah’s breasts and bending the her opponent uncomfortably with her. Cheetah growled and pulled against her, but once again proved unable to break the hold. Failing that, she finally positioned herself where she could deliver a reverse headbutt into Tigra’s nose.

The Avenger let out a startled yowl and let go to clutch her face. Cheetah whirled around and hit her with a backhand fist, knocking Tigra flat onto her (not so flat) chest. She tried to push herself back up, but her agility was matched by Cheetah’s as she kicked Tigra’s arms out from under her. The villainess grabbed them and pulled them behind her back, bending them against their natural angle while bracing her foot into Tigra’s back for a painfully contorting surfboard hold.

Cheetah dug her clawed foot into Tigra’s back while grinding her heel against her spine, finally drawing a pained scream from the striped fighter. “Pathetic!” she laughed, bending Tigra’s arms back as if she were trying to dislocate them. Of course, she would need to leave them intact if Tigra was going to hand over her amulet. Then again, maybe she could bring it to her in her mouth like a true animal… “Just admit defeat and give your people the champion they deserve.”

Tigra gave another wordless shout of pain and rage, but shook her head to toss her red mane about. “You unworthy bitch!” she yelled back at her, twisting her wrist around to claw at Cheetah’s breast. While it didn’t make her fully lose the hold, it let her turn her arms into a less painful angle and grab Cheetah’s arms. With a furious cry and tremendous effort, Tigra flung Cheetah over her shoulder by both arms.

The feline villain definitely didn’t land on her feet as she slid a few inches on her back, rolling back to all fours as quickly as she could. Tigra was already on her by then, mounting her back in an almost Greco-Roman position. Her strong arms wrapped around Cheetah’s neck in a chokehold while she fell backward, pulling the tan-colored challenger on top of her. Cheetah clawed at Tigra’s arms and dug her heels into the ground to try to push free, but the tigress grit her teeth and held on tight. In fact, she only added to the pressure by wrapping her legs around Cheetah’s stomach and squeezing a combination chokehold and bodyscissor on her.

“Let me go, you pathetic, clawless coward!” Cheetah fumed, but quickly broke into coughs when Tigra tightened her grip.

“Let me go, you pathetic, clawless coward!” Cheetah fumed, but quickly broke into coughs when Tigra tightened her grip.

“Either I break your will or I break your back!” Tigra threatened, shouting into her flickering ears.

“You wouldn’t dare, hero!” Cheetah sputtered weakly.

“Try me!” Tigra growled, scraping the tips of her claws menacingly over Cheetah’s chest. The villainess arched her back in surprise, her chest heaving as she started running short of air.

Cheetah pawed weakly at Tigra’s strong and choking arm, finally patting at it as she shook her head. “Stop!” she choked out. “I yield!”

Tigra’s heart skipped a beat in delight as her opponent surrendered. Her pride swelled, but she only eased up slightly on her holds. “That sounded too dignified for a true submission to your champion,” Tigra purred to her. “Meow your surrender to me.”

Cheetah hesitated at the demeaning demand, but Tigra flexed her legs and dug her heels into the muscles of her inner thigh. Cheetah blushed as best she could through all her fur as she mewled meekly to the chosen of the Cat People. Only when she had demeaned herself to the timid meowing did Tigra let her go.

“Good. Now bring your champion her amulet.” Cheetah went to the nearby pedestal, crawling in defeat on all fours. Her body was sore and her breathing was still coming ragged, so even if she’d wanted to steal it and run, she wouldn’t make it far before she was caught and beaten harder. She picked it up and turned back to Tigra, shocked to find her stripping herself nude.

“Good,” Tigra praised indifferently, taking her prize from Cheetah and slipping it back on to tangle between her naked breasts. “Now, as my submissive subject… bathe me.”

“What?” Cheetah asked in disbelief rather than outrage.

“Bathe me in the way of our people. Or did you lose your tongue in our battle?” Tigra’s insecurities were replaced by her urge to humiliate the attempted usurper. “I could always force you… but that will be much less pleasant an experience, I assure you.”

Cheetah hung her head in defeat. Tigra shoved her foot into her face, forcing her to lift it before her tail flicked around from behind her, slapping her across the cheek with her striped appendage.

“Please… not like this,” Cheetah muttered, eyes watering up in shame. “I only thought I was stronger. I wanted to protect our pride…”

“A lot of good that did you,” Tigra sneered, taking Cheetah by the hair and bending down to her knees. “Now clean me, you useless stray.”

The alarm had been silenced and the cameras rigged, so no security came by to check on the display. It gave the two women perfect privacy as Cheetah closed her eyes and ran her thick, warm tongue over Tigra’s chest. Tigra’s breathing picked up slightly, but she held a cold, indifferent gaze on Cheetah as she was reduced to licking every part of her begrudging champion’s body. Tigra would occasionally yank on Cheetah’s hair to guide her to spots she missed or simply where she demanded more attention. She would even pull on Cheetah’s tail to drag her away if she was lingering too long on a spot and making her fur overly wet. Of course, Tigra made sure that Cheetah spent plenty of time between her strong thighs, holding her head in place for many long minutes where Cheetah was forced to taste and smell her champion’s womanhood. Tigra’s noisy purring and pulling at her hair ensured that it was the most degrading part of her cleansing.

At last, Tigra released her victim and made her fetch her clothes to help her dress. “I defeated you,” Tigra said firmly and suddenly. “I am the champion of all cats. That is all that you’ll tell anyone about tonight, or I will find you and do the same to you again. Do you understand?”

Cheetah felt a disgusted knot in her stomach, but she ultimately let out a timid meow in reply. Tigra smirked and lifted up the iron gates around the room, sliding out before setting off the alarm a moment later.

The End

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