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I saw this story on the sexfight forum after it was reposted by gmenn . The foot-fetish corner of our community is rarely served by authors and so I wanted to bring this tale to our site and thereby our readers. I was unable to figure out who the original author to this story was, and since it was posted nearly 2 decades ago, they may have left us to forever wonder. And though that is my assumption, I want to say:

If this is your story, please contact me at ri************@gm***.com and if you wish, I will remove. Or, if you are as proud of its posting and remembrance as I would be, let me know your author name, and I will give you full credit for your wonderfully hot work.

For all others, enjoy!

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The night I first discovered something was wrong was last Tuesday. Monica and I are lovers, and we had been in the midst of some very hot lovemaking when she asked me to do something we hadn’t done before. She asked me to suck on her toes. I had always had a fetish about feet, and had told Monica about it, but she had never acted on it, much to my dismay. I readily complied now, putting her big toe in my mouth, still with my long fingers buried in her sweet hot pussy. Facing in opposite directions, I didn’t see, but rather felt her put one hand around my bare foot and bring it toward her mouth, where I felt her soft, full lips encircling my big toe and sucking. Still with our fingers inside each other’s pussy, thumbs circling each other’s clit, we licked and sucked each other’s feet and toes and came thunderously within moments of each other. Lying beside each other, sweaty and spent, I asked her how she had come upon the idea of footplay. She didn’t answer right away, then said she had discussed it with one of her female coworkers. Immediately, I tensed up but I had to ask the question.

“Was it Robin?”

A delay, then “Yes.”

“You’re seeing her again, aren’t you?” It was a wild accusation, but my jealousy always bubbled close to the surface. Despite the accusation, I was honestly shocked when she replied that she and Robin, who work in different parts of the same office, had met at Robin’s apartment during lunchtime the day before and had made love to each other. During that lovemaking, Robin had confessed a foot fetish of her own and they had done all sorts of things to and with each other’s feet. She apologized, saying that Robin had been the aggressor but that that was no excuse. She said it wasn’t my fault and that our relationship was fine. Monica had always been prone to flirting with other women. That’s how I met her in fact, stealing her from Robin, but I thought she would have calmed down by our sixth month of living together. I’m not exactly a saint in that department myself, so call me a hypocrite, but I was pissed. Because Robin and I had never liked each other and had threatened each other physically when Monica moved in with me, she begged me to blame her rather than Robin. It didn’t work. After calling my Italian lover a few choice names, I grabbed a thin sheet, wrapped it around my naked body and walked out to the couch. For an hour I laid there picturing Robin, a beautiful black woman, licking and sucking the woman I thought belonged to me. I also couldn’t help picturing yesterday’s lunchtime encounter, only with Monica replaced by me, tasting Robin’s treasures. My emotions roiling with a mixture of hate, jealousy, and lust, I was determined to confront her the very next

That morning I called Robin at work and told her that if she wanted something to do for lunch that day, I had something a little different in mind. It would take place at her house, but it would involve pain instead of pleasure. Robin took the challenge immediately, telling me to “carry my bony ass” to her house at noon sharp. All morning I was virtually useless at work, butterflies in my stomach as I pictured subduing my rival. Anticipating the physical confrontation to come, I took the afternoon off.

At noon, I pulled up to her house, sweating in the afternoon heat. She was already home. We hadn’t discussed many details on the phone, as we were too busy cursing each other, but we had decided to wear cutoff sweatpants and tank tops. After some debate, I decided to wear nothing underneath that the bitch could rip and ruin.

As I approached the door, it opened. Robin stood looking at me wearing the same gray sweatpants I was, and a very similar white tank top. We both had short white socks and sneakers on.

“I’m surprised you showed, Darcy,” said Robin defiantly.

Walking with purpose toward the door, I replied, “Oh, I wouldn’t have missed this for the world. You’ve tasted Monica for the last time.”

“The hell I have. She likes her meat darker than you and she always ends up coming back.” With that, she stepped away from the door and allowed me to enter.

“I’ve got the perfect place for us downstairs. Follow me, slut.”

“Lead the way, cunt. I’m right behind you.”

After that verbal exchange, we stood inches apart in her entryway, feeling each other’s hot breath as our bodies began to heat up, heeding their primitive reaction to an upcoming fight. For a moment, the look she gave made me think we weren’t even going to make it downstairs, then she broke the stare and led me down into the cellar. She had cleared out a large area for us. The floor was covered with a very thick, soft red carpet. She walked into the center of the open area, hands on hips, and stared at me.

Robin is about 5’7″ while I’m 5’9″. She has a slightly larger build than me, but we weigh about the same because of my small height advantage. My hair is blond and approximately the same length as hers. She may have half a cup size on me, but we both have fairly large breasts. We are both in good shape, with round, firm butts. Hers might protrude a bit more than mine, but is incredibly firm-looking, I have to admit. Our lightly muscled legs are also very similar.

As I walked into the cleared area, we were only about four feet apart. She bent over, her eyes never leaving mine, and started unlacing her sneakers. “I like to fight barefoot. What about you?”

I bent down to untie my sneakers as well, our faces now a foot apart,and said “Oh yeah. Monica told me you had a thing about feet. Wait until you see what I do to yours,” I replied. After we had removed our shoes, we both sat down on the floor so we could take off our socks.

“Yeah? Well Monica told me the same thing about you. And if you touch my feet, I’m gonna touch yours.”

My anger at this arrogant bitch had crested so I slid forward on my butt and grabbed both her socks, one in each hand. By doing that, I had put my feet within her reach and she quickly grabbed my socks. We began to yank on each other’s socks trying to get them off. One sock came halfway off her left foot, exposing her heel, but she had curled her toes and I couldn’t get the sock the rest of the way off. The other sock came off in my hands, exposing a large black foot with a deep arch and long well-formed toes. Other than the darker skin color, it looked a lot like mine which only infuriated me more. Also like me, she wore red toenail polish. She was having more luck with one of my socks than the other, and pulled one off leaving each of us with one bare foot and one partially bare. We now lunged at each other’s partially sock-clad foot with both hands, squirming on the floor, rolling over each other. I kept my foot and toes curled as tight as I could, Robin doing the same. After a bit more struggling, I dug my fingers deep inside the bitch’s sock and yanked it off, my nails running along her sole as I did it. Robin got mine seconds later.

Once barefoot, we rolled away from each other quickly and stood up. Both of us had a sheen of sweat from our first struggle. Robin’s tank top had become twisted during our skirmish and her erect brown left nipple peaked out of the shirt. She didn’t seem to notice but I saw it and craved it as a target. Reluctantly, I took my eyes off her nipple and back to her face. She was glaring at me. She lifted her right foot up slightly and flexed her toes.

“You wish you had feet like this,” she said. Although I did think they were very attractive, I’d never let her know that.

“My feet are much sexier,” I said, likewise lifting my foot toward her.

“And when I get a hold of yours, I’m going to rake my nails right across
your soles.”

“You slut! I’m gonna bite your toes right off.”

Growling like jungle cats, we closed our distance again. Still unaware of her exposed nipple, she stepped towards me until we were scant inches apart. Both of us had our teeth bared, scowling at each other through a frame of black and blond hair. I decided to get this battle underway by going right at her. I brought up my right hand and simply started pulling her exposed nipple. Her face changed quickly from anger to surprise to anguish as my thumb and forefinger pulled her nipple towards me. She grabbed my wrist but I had a pretty good grip, having grabbed her nipple at the base. Her dark brown areola became oblong as I yanked. She dug her nails into my wrist, which hurt, but not enough to make me let go.

“Owwwwwww let go, you cunt!” she screamed. She was dumber than I thought if she believed that would make me let up. Finally she did something that helped her cause, though, as she took her right hand and worked it inside my tanktop through the front, scooping my breast in her hand and digging her nails in. My tank top’s left strap slid down limply on my arm. I threw my head back in pain and yelled. Not knowing exactly how much pain I was giving her with my nipple pinching, I only knew her big black hand on my tit was killing me. I let go of her nipple and grabbed her tanktop with both hands, ripping it down the front until it came away. Her large breasts bounced free and I was surprised to see how much dewy perspiration had already settled on the tops of her breasts. She looked down at her exposed breasts and belly then back up at me. With teeth bared she grabbed my shirt at the bottom and began to pull it over my head. With her arms raised and my shirt coming over my head, I reached out blindly with both hands and found her breasts. I dug into them with my hands, squeezing my fingers together and feeling her soft breast flesh yield. She screamed in pain and flipped my shirt away. She brought her hands back down and dug them into my hair, yanking my head back and forth while I struggled to maintain my hold on her sweaty tits.

“You CUNT!!!”


“SLUT!!” we spat at each other as we slowly rotated around the room, torturing each other.

Our legs began to strike out as we attempted to trip each other. Finally, our feet tangled and we fell to our butts down on the carpet more or less facing each other. Both of us had our legs spread and were sitting down, our earlier holds released. I laid back on my elbows and drove my right foot into her crotch hard. “Now you’ll see what my feet can do, bitch,” I yelled. Once my bare foot made contact with her sweatpants, I ground the balls of my feet into her crotch, twisting my foot back and forth.

Robin took her right foot and surprised me by working her foot inside my sweatpants through the leg! She drove her long foot inside my shorts and soon her toes were pushing against my cunt. As her toes curled, she pulled my sensitive pussyflesh painfully. As her toes probed and pushed, she worked her big toe inside my pussy. While not very painful, this invasion at the hands of my archrival infuriated me. I quickly drove both my bare feet into her shorts, one on each side, and noticed that she had also elected not to wear panties. So much the better! My toes soon became bathed in hot moisture as it became obvious Robin was getting turned on as much as I was. My juices were likewise spilling all over Robin’s black foot. Amidst grunts and groans from both of us, she brought her left foot inside my shorts and we battled this way, four feet digging, scraping, probing, scratching, penetrating each other’s vulnerable cunts.

After several minutes of foot fucking each other, Robin turned her feet so the toes pointed upwards then she pulled, trying to take my shorts off with her feet. I reached across to her shorts, pulled my feet out, then just started yanking. Her feet came out of my shorts soon thereafter and we rolled to our sides, yanking each other’s shorts off. We pulled them down to each other’s knees then put our feet in each other’s shorts, pushing them off the rest of the way. Before they were even off us, though, we had buried our claws in each other’s now exposed cunts, squeezing and scratching. As we each dug a hand around and into each other’s cunts, the room was filled with our primitive yells, grunts, and curses.

“Aaahhhhhhhh, Bitch!!”

“Unhhhhhh, Slut!!”

“Ooooohhhh, Fuck!! Oooooww, you CUNT!!!!”

We had taken our arms closest to the floor and grabbed each other by the hand, fingers interlocked, nails digging into the back of each other’s hands. Our other hands were buried in each other’s crotch. Both of us seemed to know it would cause more pain to move around each other’s crotch with our hands than to concentrate on one tactic. One moment I’d be pulling her thick, curled pubes while she’d be pinching my clit. The next moment we’d be driving two or three fingers into each other’s wet canals, scraping the tender walls with our nails.

I was incensed when Robin spat at me as we lay there yelling and hurting. Feeling her hot spittle run sideways across my face to the ground infuriated me beyond what I thought possible. I spat back at her, hitting her large bottom lip. Now staring daggers at each other, we decided without speaking to attack each other with our teeth. I moved closer and bit into her full bottom lip. Robin quickly countered and bit my top lip. As our lips connected, so did our breasts. Our nipples were like stone as they flicked over each other then were buried in each other’s dense, sweaty titmeat.

Locked in this way, my animal instinct noticed the one body part remaining to fight with. Our legs were already partially spread due to each other’s invading hands, but now I used my upraised foot and scraped my toenails across Robin’s soles. She let out a muffled squeal (muffled due to our mutual liplocks) then did the same to me, running her toe-talons along my sensitive soles. Our toes and feet continued to duel as we lay there, squirming.

We soon had to stop our lip biting, primarily because we needed to suck in more air. Our hair now completely matted, we were staring at each other when our eyes didn’t wince closed as a result of a particularly painful jab, pull, or pinch. Then I felt Robin try to climb on top of me. Our muscles straining, I resisted as best I could, prying my hand away from hers and pulling her long black hair backwards, but I couldn’t stop her. Now on top of me, our hands were forced to pull out of each other’s crotch. Both our hands were bathed in sticky wetness, though that didn’t stop us from trying to get a grip on each other.

We scratched, squeezed, and grabbed each other wherever there was an opportunity. As we both wailed and continued to hurl insults at each other, I took the hand that had penetrated my rival’s pussy and slapped her ass with it. It hit her firm cheek with a wet smack. I kept my clawed hand on her ass, digging in, surprised at the incredible meatiness of it as it gave somewhat around my fingers. Robin’s pussy juice on my fingers mixed with the sweat on her ass to make holding on difficult. Robin took her “dry” hand and grabbed my face by the chin, her fingers along my cheek. I countered, wrapping my other hand around her neck, my long fingers encircling her throat.

She took her free hand, slick with my vaginal juices, and scraped it down my side, causing me to buck wildly and yell out. I could feel her black pubes brushing roughly against my blond ones and her heavy tits weighing down on mine. She had her teeth bared due to the pain I was inflicting on her asscheek and throat. She grabbed the wrist that was clamped onto her ass, trying to wrench the hand off. She was partially successful and our arms dueled, me scraping her asscheeks with my nails when I got close enough, her hand around my wrist pulling it away from her. She closed her other hand around my throat and dug in. We teetered back and forth and realized we couldn’t keep up the choking. I took my hand off her throat and slapped her hard across the cheek, at least as hard as I could muster. It was enough as she fell away.

Both of us were now bathed in sweat in her cellar, and moving slowly because of the supreme effort we had expended. Our crotches were on fire and our hands closed around our throats. While both our breasts had been the subject of attacks, they were relatively unharmed compared to the other long scratch trails we had left on each other’s sides, backs, and buttocks. We looked at each other now through sweat-blurred vision, breathing heavily, our ample chests rising and falling as we laid on our backs, our heads turned to face each other.

“Monica’s mine, bitch!” I croaked, my voice still affected from Robin’s chokehold.

“The fuck she is,” Robin replied, her voice similarly hoarse and breathing hard “But I know a way to settle it once and for all.”

“Name it!” I spat.

“Match me cunt to cunt first one to cum loses Monica.”

I didn’t answer right away, looking at Robin and feeling my breath slowly come under control. “You got it, slut!!”

Robin’s eyes widened at the latest insult but she started to sit up as did I. We spread our legs wide and scooted across the floor on our butts toward each other, both of us staring at each other, wary of a recurrence of the more violent action we had been having so far. By now we had no modesty or reservations and we both pushed our cunts together without hesitation. An electric shock went up my body as Robin’s slick, hot pussy lips contacted mine wetly. We had one leg draped over our opponent’s and we were reclined slightly, supported by our arms on the ground behind us.

“Anything goes to make the other one cum,” Robin said, her voice still
somewhat hoarse. “Anything.”

“You got it!” I said again. I didn’t want to talk. I wanted to finish


“Yeah,” I replied and pushed my cunt into Robin’s. She grunted and returned the thrust. We began to twist and thrust our cunts together, each thrust sending waves of electric pleasure through my body. I had cold shivers and my body tingled as this extreme pleasure replaced the pain I had been receiving. As Robin threw her head back, I could easily tell I wasn’t the only one. I grabbed Robin’s chocolate breast with my hand and started squeezing it lightly, fondling it, lifting its weight in my palm, circling her large dark nipple. She let out an involuntary gasp and her eyes popped open. She quickly moved her right hand toward me and started manipulating my left breast, focusing on its pink nipple. We continued to convulse and shudder, our clits rubbing rawly against each other, lips smacking together with wet, slurping sounds.

Moans of pleasure replaced the moans of pain that had filled her cellar earlier in the afternoon, but neither of us was shy about making noise.

“You’re goin’ down, bitch,” Robin hissed as she pumped into me.

“No way, hon,” I replied, pumping back into her.

Soon, our cunts were in complete contact, lip-to-lip, clit-to-clit and neither of us was breaking the clinch. Our legs slid over each other with each pump, both of us covered in sweat and girl-cum. Sensing we were deadlocked in this activity as well, Robin turned her head behind her and grabbed my bare foot. She brought it up to her mouth, put her full, round lips over my big toe, and started sucking.

She flattened out her tongue and ran it wetly along the bottom of my toe. Seeing her suck hungrily on my toe made me spasm again. I was moving toward orgasm and I didn’t want to lose so I grabbed Robin’s foot and brought it up to my mouth. I flicked my tongue between her long black toes and felt Robin shudder madly against my pussy. Still pumping and twisting, we attacked each other’s feet. Our tongues ran along each other’s soles, we sucked each other’s toes one at a time from the big toe to the small. As I sucked on three of her toes at the same time, my mouth wet and warm, I saw Robin’s face contort. She was ready to explode! I pumped my cunt into hers even harder and sucked on her toes madly.

“Unhhh, unhhhh, unhhhh, aaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!” Robin yelled. I pumped as hard and as fast as I could, slamming my cunt into hers, hoping my clit was hitting hers head-on, determined to give her the best orgasm she had ever had. She worked her fingers between my toes and squeezed until it started to hurt as she shook with spasm after spasm. I was working her cunt so hard, though, that I began to feel my own orgasm hit. I shrieked in pleasure and Robin, through her haze, seemed to push into me even harder to make sure she drove me to an equally intense orgasm.

After the waves of intense pleasure subsided, we fell onto our backs, legs still draped over each other. I smiled weakly, knowing I had won by the barest of margins. Knowing Monica was still mine.

The End.

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  1. Giannis says:

    I liked it. Foot fetish is not my top preference (without to turn me off though). However, the story also contained some of hot tribbing during a sexfight !
    Thanks RR because you posted it here. I had not read it in the forum.


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