Truckers by Mr. Cage

I spend a lot of time on the road hauling freight. I spend some time in seedy bars and strip joints when I’m on the road and I’ve seen several female fights. Most of these things are one-sided or broken-up early. I was eating supper in a truck stop one night when in walked a big dyke blonde with a huge set of boobs.

She was dressed in boots, dirty jeans, a chain-link belt and a stretched to busting white muscle shirt. The lady had cut her hair like a man’s and her crooked nose and tough looking face would have fooled anybody except for the tremendous 44DDs, tight waist and ample rear-end. This bitch was sweaty and dirty. She was obviously braless and those big knockers were so full that they just bounced on her ribcage. I watched her order. Her arm muscles were bigger than a normal woman’s, but they were still more feminine than male. I actually felt myself attracted to her in a strange way that I didn’t want to thing too long about.

She didn’t like the food and told Sally, head bitch in those parts, to send it back to the shithouse. The two women exchanged snotty remarks until the tough looking blonde spit in her face. Sally cursed and through water in the blonde’s face. The owner of the truck-stop came out of the kitchen with a baseball bat and told the blonde to get the fuck out. Sally, his wife it turned out, told him to stay the hell out of it and challenged the blonde, Jill, to meet her around back on the gravel if she wanted to say anything else. Jill laughed and said she’d be there waiting all night if necessary.

Well the place emptied to the back lot. The place was well lit by several bright lights on poles. Gravel crunched under everybody’s feet as we milled around in a circle around Jill. Jill had to be at least 5’10” and weighed at least 180 pounds. Sally came out about ten minutes later wearing boots, jeans, and a tight T-shirt. Sally was a big woman, bigger than I had imagined when she waited on me in a pink uniform. She was about 5’8” tall and probably weighed 170 pounds. Her tits were held in place by a bra under the red t-shirt, but they looked to be 42DDs at least. Her belly and ass were a bit bigger and a bit softer than the blonde’s. Her arms were just as big and her legs were bigger.

Jill pulled out a pair of leather gloves. Then she undid the twisted chains around her waist and wrapped one around each fist. Sally looked around and found a couple of heavy work gloves and had her husband take two lengths of chain out of a small garage in back. I couldn’t believe these two big bitches were going to duke it out with chains. Sally tied a red bandana over her bushy brown hair and soon stood under the lights ready for action. Both women looked like they could lick their weight in most men easily. My wife’s a big lady and I would have loved to see her take on either one of these bitches. She’s been in a few fights because she is such a bitch, but I think these women would have handled her.

Somebody asked about rules. Jill laughed and said the only rules were the winner was the last bitch standing. Sally agreed. They started to circle around the center of the open area with their fists ready for action. The crowd was cheering and betting. Most money went on the blond. They circled around getting closer and closer. Jill lunged forward with a jab and missed. Sally surprised everybody by getting the first blow in. She kicked sideways and thudded her right boot into the blonde’s beltline. Jill grunted and stepped back. They exchanged misses and Sally scored the second good blow as her right fist glanced off Jill’s bare arm and clipped the blonde on the cheek. Jill countered with a left into Sally’s boobs. Sally groaned and took a step back.

Jill connected with a jab to Sally’s nose and snapped the waitresses’ head back. Sally turned and kicked at Jill’s knee. The blond dodged the kick, but was off balance when Sally slammed the back of her left hand against the blonde’s mouth. Now Jill retreated.

Sally lunged forward and sunk her right into the Jill’s left boob. The glove and chains disappeared into the white covered tit. Jill moaned and kicked Sally in the shinbone. Sally swung a right hook at the big blonde’s face and Jill ducked under it and smashed the brunette below the belt. The waitress stumbled backwards holding her gut groaning and cursing. A trickle of red was already coming from Sally’s nose.

Jill slammed two quick jabs into the nose and Sally was soon dripping blood from her nose onto her tits. Sally retreated and blocked the blonde bitch’s assault. The crowd yelled for Jill to stand and fight. The blonde cussed and taunted her. Sally waited until Jill lunged forward with a wild haymaker and dug an uppercut into the blonde’s bouncing right boob. The meaty thud followed by an agonized squeal from Jill indicated that Sally had struck back. The bushy brunette, her bandana had already slid off, smashed four unanswered blows into the big blonde’s ribs and tits.

Jill’s arms groped and grabbed Sally around the back, but the waitress leaned forward and kept digging her chains into the meat of the blonde’s body. Jill smashed a fist into Sally’s kidney and then slipped her left arm down and around Sally’s head in a front headlock. The waitress pumped her fists into Jill’s jeans driving the grunting blond backwards.

Sally was really taking it to the dirty bitch. Jill stumbled and fell to the grown pulling Sally with her. Jill snapped her legs around Sally’s hips and her left arm behind Sally’s neck. She pounded the back of Sally’s head and neck with the right arm. Sally scrabbled at Jill’s face with the palm and fingers of her left hand and dug the right fist into the blonde’s ribs and side of the left tit again and again.

Jill’s lips were already swollen and the rubbing of the chains across the face finished the job. The blonde’s mouth poured blood as Sally slammed her palm into it again and again. Jill grabbed a handful of hair and twisted Sally’s head to the side where she could punch the brunette in the face. Sally took to stiff lip splitting punches and shifted her right hand to punching the side of the blonde’s face.

Using her legs Jill rolled Sally to the side and moved her scissors up to the waitress’s soft belly. Sally gasped and desperately drove an uppercut into the blonde’s exposed chin. Jill grunted and her legs opened for a moment allowing Sally to roll away. Neither woman raced to get back into the fight. They crawled to their hands and knees and then stumbled to their feet and looked at each other.

Sally’s nose and lips bled freely covering her chin and dotting her red sweat-soaked t-shirt. The waitress’s right eye was puffy. Her arms were red and actually bleeding from both elbows. The gravel had taken its toll on her. She gasped for air and stumbled around waiting for Jill to make the first move. Jill’s lips were split as was her left cheek. Her left eye was puffy and almost closed. Blood stained her white shirt. She held her stomach and tits and cursed with each step. The waitress had really given her a first class body beating.

Jill challenged Sally to take off the bra and t-shirt. Sally nodded at had her husband pull the shirt off and undue the bra. Her big white tits fell down and sagged against her bare belly. Jill had a trucker strip of her top. Her magnificent breasts were so full they barely sagged. Both were red from Sally’s not too tender treatment. The women drank some water and waited until they had regained their breath.

Jill moved out swinging at Sally’s bare tits. Sally took two flattening punches while bashing Jill’s face with a left and a right. Jill staggered backwards. The waitress charged forward and delivered a vicious kick to Jill’s crotch. The dirty boot slammed into the blonde’s cunt and made a wet hollow sound. Jill grabbed the foot and fell forward gagging. Sally fell backwards and landed headfirst on the gravel.

The waitress was stunned and the tough blonde was still on her knees gagging. Sally came to on her back directly in front of the blonde and kicked her other boot into the blonde’s tits. Jill fell over backwards squealing. Sally got to her feet and kicked the blonde in the side as the fallen woman rolled over on her stomach to avoid the boots. Jill groaned with each new kick. She finally grabbed Sally’s foot and held it. Sally jerked her foot away and slipped again. Jill and Sally got to their feet at the same time, but Jill was in real bad trouble.

Sally landed a punch to the blonde’s jaw and sent her stumbling into the side of the restaurant. Sally slammed a haymaker into the blonde’s big tits as the blonde slumped against the wall. Jill cried out and fell forward trying to grab the brunette. Sally was waiting with a knee to the blonde’s gut. Jill fell to her knees gagging again. Sally slammed a knee into the beaten blonde’s face and knocked her over on her side. The brunette then stepped back and kicked with all her strength at the gagging bitch’s exposed tits. The boot dug into the white flesh with a sickening drum-like sound. Jill screamed and passed out.

Sally stomped the woman twice more before her husband pulled her off. The blonde laid on the ground a broken and wounded woman. A big black man stepped forward and said that his wife could lick either one of the bitches in a fist fight. Fresh from her victory Sally took the challenge and told him to bring his wife back around closing time the next month. Everybody started cheering and promised to put up ten bucks a piece for the winner of the next fight. There were about twenty of us, but I was sure word of mouth would bring out a big crowd.

Sally’s husband and Annie’s husband collected the ten bucks and announced that $1340 bucks would go to the winner of the Truck Stop Bare-Breasted Championship. Before the fight could get started a bunch of the women spectators started bitching about being able to lick either one of the fighters. Sally’s husband decided that any woman who wanted to fight for the prize money had to put up one hundred bucks, including Annie and Sally. Of course he put up Sally’s money. Seven women, most with boyfriends or husbands, agreed to fight it out for the $2040. Everybody realized you needed eight bitches so the crowd started trying to get other volunteers. Jill volunteered, but she didn’t have enough money. Five guys put up her share so we had eight fighting for $2140.

I was right. The waited forweekend came and the crowd had swollen to two hundred men and several women, including Jill. Sally’s face still bore the marks of the previous fight, but she looked ready. The black man introduced his wife, Annie. She was about 5’7” tall and weighed at least 190 pounds. She was as broad as a barn and stacked with a 46-34-44 figure. Annie wanted to fight in panties with bare hands, anything goes. Sally insisted on boots, leather gloves and bicycle chains. As Sally was the Champ and it was her husband’s place the official rules were established to specifications to the finish with anything goes.

The first four matches were picked by drawing names out of a hat. The first match was between two black women Connie (5’10”, 210 pounds, 44D-32-46, long bushy hair) and Janet (6’0”, 205 pounds, 44C-30-39, short hair). The second match was between Jill (5’10”, 180 pounds, 44D-32-37, short blond hair) and Mexican woman, Maria (5’7”, 150 pounds, 38C-28-36, long brown hair tied in a ponytail.) The third fight was between another Mexican woman, Nina( 5’9′, 180 pounds, 44D-35-40 short brown hair) and a black woman, Liza(5’8”, 160 pounds, 38D-30-37, bleached blond afro). The fourth fight was between Annie (5’7”, 190 pounds, 46D-34-44, big afro) and Sally (5’8”, 170 pounds, 42D-34-40, bushy brown hair).

These women were all big, muscular, tough-looking and nasty tempered. For $2140 they would batter each other senseless. Of the eight women four were black, two Mexican and two white. I put my money on Connie, Jill, Nina and Sally in the first round. I also put a few bucks on Connie to win it all.

The first two women stripped down to their panties and boots. They put on the gloves and wrapped the bicycle chains around their hands. Their black bellies sagged against the thin white nylon of their panties. Their sizeable boobs rested on the roll of their bellies. Connie came out swinging to Janet’s head. The taller black girl blocked the first wild swings and then took a chained fist in the mouth. Janet staggered away with Connie pounding her in the back. Janet swung around and grabbed her tormenter. The two big women struggled against each other throwing short punches into the body and trying to out-wrestle the other.

Janet’s long right leg wrapped around Connie’s left just as the taller girl pushed. Both women fell to the gravel with Janet on top. The two bitches wrestled and punched each other. Connie finally rolled the taller girl off her and grabbed a handful of tit. Janet pounded Connie’s side and kicked at her legs. Janet’s other hand found Connie’s long hair and pulled. Connie had to content herself with clawing with leather-clad fingers at Janet’s eyes and rubbing the chains across Janet’s cheeks and mouth. The ground battle turned against Janet as Connie’s tit mauling seemed to grow more painful than Janet’s rib-bruising punches. Janet tried to pull Connie away from her twisted tit. Connie finally rolled on top of her opponent and quickly dug a knee into the pit of the tall woman’s lower belly.

Janet gasped and tried to buck the heavier woman off, but Connie quickly straddled her and began to pound the tall woman’s face with her chained fists while bouncing up and down on her stomach. Janet fought back splitting Connie’s lips and jarring her eyes, but the tall woman was a bloody exhausted mess. Janet finally cried enough and four men pulled Connie off.

The second fight between the big blonde and the relatively smaller Mexican looked like a foregone conclusion. Maria dodged Jill’s early lunges and splattered the big blonde’s tits with her chain wrapped fists. The little Mexican was fast and good with her fists. Jill took two more punches to her face before she thudded a hard body punch into Maria’s ribs. The blonde’s bloody lips curled as the Mexican girl stumbled away groaning.

Jill closed for a quick kill, but Maria was playing possum. The brown girl drove her right boot into the blonde’s fat belly right below the line of her blue panties. Jill gagged and fell to her knees. Maria kicked again, but the hurt blonde blocked the blow and grabbed the Mexican’s ankle. Maria hopped on one foot trying to keep her balance, but the blonde regained her breath and used the hold on the leg to throw Maria onto her back.

Jill scrambled on top of the smaller Mexican and went to work. The little Mexican was no match for the big blond on the ground. Jill easily outmuscled the smaller girl. Maria fought back, but the blonde’s body blows and tit mauling had the small brown woman in trouble. The blonde finally straddled the Mexican and started pulverizing Maria’s face. The Mexican punched back, but Jill had the position, reach and strength. Maria’s face took a terrific beating until the Mexican girl stopped fighting back. Several men pulled Jill off her busted-up rival. Maria was unconscious and her face was a mask of blood.

Next the second Mexican, Nina, came out to me the blonde-afro Liza. Nina connected with a series of jabs driving Liza back from the very beginning. Liza’s lips split and her nose poured blood before she even got in a good lick. This was the most one-sided fight of the night. The Mexican woman knocked Liza backwards and rubbery legs and then finished her off with a boot to the pussy. The black girl collapsed and surrendered without ever putting up much of a fight.

The fourth fight of the night between Annie of the tremendous bust and the so-called Champ followed quickly. The men who had seen Sally beat the blonde, Jill, the previous month bet on the white, but everyone else bet on the heavy black woman. The women carefully wound the brutal links of metal around their leather gloves and eyed one another from a distance of twenty feet. The heat of the night and the excitement brought sheens to their skins and plastered their bulging panties to their fat asses. The heavy flesh jiggled as they took practice swings. Those bodies would take a lot of pounding, but I wondered about the heavy woman’s endurance.

Sally kept her distance as Annie swung several hay-makers just inches from the white woman’s still bruised face. The quicker, smaller woman retreated until she suddenly threw a sidekick into the advancing black’s right thigh. Annie groaned and stumbled forward into a wicked long traveling knockout punch.

The black’s head snapped backwards, but she didn’t fall. Blood gushed from her right cheek where the bicycle chains had split the flesh and dug deep into the red meat below. Sally’s following left thudded into the flat-footed woman’s tits. In close, Sally swung again and scored to Annie’s other eye, but this time the black woman fell forward and grabbed Sally in a bear-hug.

Their tits were squished flat and protruded under their straining arms. Annie’s arms were just long enough to close behind Sally’s back. Sally’s left arm was trapped and her left hand could only punch at_Annie’s side belly fat and back. The white woman’s right fist pounded Annie’s back and kidneys again and again as she tried to take the woman out fast. Annie held on and groaned, but she did not fall.

The bear-hug brought a grimace to Sally’s face and a cheer from the crowd, heavy bettors on the black woman. The thudding of Sally’s right fist into Annie’s back continued to bring deep grunts and groans, but Sally was groaning to as her lungs were crushed. Sally’s right foot left the ground and kicked viciously at Annie’s left shin. The black woman spread her legs trying to maintain the grip, but Sally’s struggling overbalanced them and Annie crashed to the ground with Sally on top.

The force of the fall sprung the bear-hug. The quick white scrambled on top and splattered Annie’s already blood soaked face with left and rights until the black woman managed to connect to Sally’s chin. Annie rolled and pushed the stunned white off. Sally reacted quickly and buried a boot in Annie’s belly before the black could crawl on top of her. Annie grunted and sat back in the gravel.

Sally crawled away and got to her feet gasping for+) wind. Annie got to her knees, blinking the blood out of her eyes and then stumbled to her feet. Sally’s attack had opened both of Annie’s cheeks, her lips, her nose and a cut over her right eye. The blood had coated both women. Without the chains, I would have given the fight to the stronger black woman, but with the chains and Sally’s quick fists it looked like my bet might be safe.

Annie just waited for Sally to attack. Sally came forward hesitantly and then backed away when Annie lunged forward. Annie’s hands grabbed the white woman’s arm and pulled her into a knee. Sally groaned and smashed her free fist into Annie’s mouth. Annie’s head snapped again, but she did not fall. She backhanded Sally with her right and then landed a return fist to the stunned white’s belly. Sally grunted, and slammed an uppercut with her freed left into Annie’s chin and a following right to the ribs. Annie smashed a left into the red white flesh under Sally’s left eye and sent the waitress staggering away, bleeding from the cheek.

Annie limped forward and smashed Sally in the middle of the back. Sally fell forward and rolled just in time to avoid Annie’s stomp on the small of her back. Annie kicked again and thudded a boot into Sally’s ribs. Sally screamed and rolled away causing Annie’s next two kicks to miss. Sally got to her hands and knees grabbed Annie’s leg just as wicked kick came at her fat white tits. The force of the kick still caused the toe of the black’s boot to dig into the dangling white flesh, but a groaning Sally held on and jerked. Annie hopped on her bad right leg for a second and fell backwards.

Sally scrambled forward on her knees and slammed the sides of her fists into the black woman’s heaving belly. Annie gagged and rolled to her side trying to get away. Sally crawled on top of her as she rolled to her stomach. Annie tried to press up, but Sally grabbed the back of her Afro and jerked her head back and then slammed it forward into the gravel. The screaming mad white woman repeated the action several more times until Annie stopped trying to rise. Sally’s husband pulled his battered, but victorious wife off the bloody black. Annie was out cold. Her husband left without her. Several of us dragged her inside and revived her. I was afraid she might be dead. She was alive, but her face was raw and swollen horribly.

The big heavy black Connie and the dyke blonde Jill faced each other for the first semi-final. Connie’s lips were swollen and still seeping blood. She leaned to the side and seemed to be still hurting from the body blows Janet had poured into her ribs. Jill’s battered face was puffy and still seeping blood as well. Her tits were red from the little Mexican’s fists, but she looked better rested than her heavier rival. Jill was for a change outweighed, but faster than her opponent. I put my money on black woman. That weight, 30 extra pounds, would be enough to finish the dyke blond. Both women liked to slug it out and neither had an advantage in dirty fighting, wrestling or groundwork. I put my money on the weight.

Jill dodged two wild swings and opened Connie’s nose with a terrific jab that sent the black woman stumbling backwards. The tough blonde followed up with a hook to the jaw and an uppercut to the boobs. The black woman backed-up a step drawing the blonde forward. Then the black drove her chain wrapped knuckles straight into Jill’s left eye, knocking the blonde backwards onto her generous ass.

Jill brought up her boots and fended the big black off with kicks for a few moments as the gravel ripped up her panties and her ass. Connie finally got inside the deadly boots and leapt onto the dyke blonde. I thought the big heavy black woman would destroy Jill in the dirty ground fighting, but the dyke stunned everyone with the quick viciousness of her attacks to the black’s body and face.

Connie tried to turn the fight into a contest of strength, but the blonde’s pumping fists and digging knees kept the bigger woman grunting and moaning. Nipples were pulled, elbows ground into guts and tits, fists were snapped into bleeding faces and jiggling flesh, knees dug into crotches and guts, handful’s of the black’s busy hair were ripped out, eyes were poked and faces were rubbed by chains and gravel. Connie finally kicked the furious dyke off and rolled away.

Both women got to their knees and rested. Connie’s face was bleeding from cuts above and below both eyes, her nose, her mouth and even her forehead. Her eyes were swollen and pouring tears. She was bleeding from one breast and numerous cuts and abrasions on her back and legs from the gravel and Jill’s boots and chains. She gasped for breath and held her belly and breasts. Jill was in much the same shape except that her left eye was swollen shut and the right side of her face was merely bruised and scratched. Her tits were bright red and covered in abrasions, but she wasn’t bleeding particularly badly. Her panties were hanging from the elastic waist band and one thigh. Connie had actually dug her fingers into the dyke’s cunt.

Jill got to her feet first and attacked. The big black woman barely had time to stand before her battered face was splattered again by the chain-wrapped fists of the dyke. Jill’s fists seem to dig deeper and deeper into the big black woman. Connie was fighting back, but her punches lacked the power of the first moments. The black woman’s head snapped left and right as the blonde’s fists continued to grind her face into bloody meat, but Connie did not go down.

She managed to grab the dyke in a standing clinch and hold on. Jill’s fists trapped below started to pound into the fat hanging on Connie’s belly and waist. Connie absorbed the beating until Jill grew tired and started gouging. Connie wrestled the blonde off her feet and took her to the ground again. Jill screamed as the black pulled her swollen 44D’s into oblong tubes and twisted. Connie cried when the blond rammed three fingers through the thin crotch of her panties into the flesh below. The fight was dirty, as dirty as you can imagine.

Both women were dead tired and hurt badly, but they continued to inflict pain. Jill’s deadly beating of the bigger black had sapped Connie’s strength advantage and turned the battle into one of endurance against exhaustion and pain. Jill rubbed a handful_of gravel into Connie’s bloody face and bit through the black woman’s lower lip while pounding her other fist into the black woman’s battered boobs. The black woman sunk her teeth into Jill’s bleeding right breast and opened two wounds. They rolled over and over inflicting outrages until Jill was left on top pounding the black woman’s face and tits with weak slow punches. Connie had passed out from a combination of pain and exhaustion.

Sally was still a mess from her grueling first fight with Annie. The bruises on her body, especially her tits and ribs, were angry reminders of the punishment she had endured. Her face was swollen and blackened and still bleeding from Annie’s chain-wrapped fist. Nina looked fresh and virtually unscathed. She was an inch taller, ten pounds heavier, brown and muscular. Sally was a goner for sure. No one besides her husband placed bets on her and he got six-to-one odds.

Nina charged in swinging. Sally tried one of her crotch kicks, but the Mexican took the blow on the inside of her thighs and slammed a fist into the waitress’s mouth. Sally fired back three quick uppercuts to the Mexican’s chin as the brown woman’s fists missed their mark and thudded into Sally’s back and shoulders. Nina backed up bleeding from the mouth and a cut on her chin. Sally’s mouth was pouring blood again, but she followed the Mexican with a right hook to the eye. Nina twisted around cursing and drove a back-kick into the waitress’s belly. Sally gagged and retreated.

The Mexican charged again and Sally surprised everybody by charging low and tackling Nina. Nina flew over the white woman’s shoulder and landed with a thud into the gravel. Sally shook her head and turned just as Nina got to her knees. With a wild scream, the waitress leaped onto the Mexican’s back and wrapped her arms around Nina’s tremendous, firm brown breasts and her legs around Nina’s waist.

Nina rose up on her knees and fell back on Sally. The white woman kept her hold and started to squeeze and twist the big brown orbs. Sally was going to take a toll before going down herself. Nina screamed and bucked wildly trying to free herself, but Sally held on and added nipple twisting to the torture. Nina cried out and reached over her shoulders for the waitress’s bushy brown hair. Sally screamed as the Mexican pulled out handfuls of hair. Neither bitch was giving an inch, but Sally was punishing the Mexican’s waist with a scissors as well.

Nina held Sally’s face in place by the hair and pounded the back of her head into the vulnerable face. Sally absorbed several butts before releasing the Mexican’s tits and going for her face by rubbing the chains across the brown flesh and digging in her leather covered fingers into the meat. Nina cried out as she jerked her face back and forth trying to avoid being blinded. During the twisting Nina managed to slide to the side and perpendicular to Sally’s body.

The two women pounded each other with short powerful punches. Nina groaned and cried out as her breasts were battered and her belly pounded. Her brown cheeks were split and blood poured from her nose and lips. Still, she more than returned the beating to the white woman. Sally cried out with each punch to her ribs and belly. Annie’s kicks and fists had already done a job on her. The waitress’s previous injuries were reopened and compounded. Sometime during the exchange her legs opened and Nina was free from the leg scissors.

Sally fought to the end, but the brown girl gradually forced herself on top and brought Sally’s championship to an end. The tough waitress was carried from the gravel yard a bloody, broken and unconscious woman. Nina, however, was severely beaten herself and could barely stand after her victory.

The two battered, bloody exhausted finalists rested for an hour after the last semi-final and then stumbled onto the already bloody gravel battleground. Jill had had two tough fights and still had injuries from her first fight with Sally. The dyke was an inch taller and slightly leaner and more muscular looking than the Mexican. Nina had only had one really tough fight, but the battle with Sally, the ex-champion, had the toughest and last fight of the night. I put my money on the lush brown Mexican. Nina had taken Sally’s best and won. The dyke had fallen under the waitress’s fists. The betting was split and the crowd was vocal. The two finalists stripped of the remnants of their panties and faced each other in boots, chains and leather gloves.

The combatants raised their fists and the battle was on. Jill scored first with four sharp quick jabs that reopened wounds all over Nina’s swollen, seeping face. Nina managed to score a hook to the blonde’s eye. Jill landed a boot to the Mexican’s right shin and an uppercut to the Mexican’s 44D’s. Nina stumbled, but stopped Jill with a right to the eye. The women backed off and circled one another.

Both of the blonde’s eyes had received fresh blows and she was blinking furious. Blood flowed into the right eye from a split brow and the left was already badly swollen.

Jill leaped forward and side-kicked the Mexican in the right thigh. The bone-crushing boot thudded deeply into the meat and Nina cried out. Jill recovered and slammed a roundhouse into the limping Mexican’s jaw. Nina spun in a full circle and collapsed to her knees. Jill drew back her right foot and swung a vicious, fight-ending kick toward the Mexican’s crotch.

Nina caught the foot and directed the toe into the inside of her already damaged right thigh. Nina cursed through bleeding lips and dug a chain-wrapped fist into the dyke’s exposed pussy. Jill doubled-over gagging. Nina grabbed the short blonde hair with the left hand and drove the right into Jill’s battered face. The dyke fell forward on top of the kneeling Mexican. Nina was bent backwards on her knee and trapped under the barely conscious dyke’s 180 pounds. Nina groaned and finally pushed the blonde away and scrambled for the far wall.

Nina rolled out of range and got to her hands and knees. She watched the blonde carefully as she rested. Nina could have ended it if she could have overcome the pain in her crotch. Instead she knelt and gagged. The blonde finally stirred and pushed herself to her hands and knees. The crowd yelled for their favorites to get up and finish the other.

Jill’s face was a mask of blood. Her right eye looked useless covered in blood and swollen shut. The dyke mumbled a curse and struggled to her feet. Nina stood up and staggered toward her swinging. Jill could have slaughtered the wild Mexican earlier in the day, but now the dyke could barely see or move.

Nina’s fists slammed into the dyke a second before her body and they both fell to the ground. Jill acted first on the ground with a fist into Nina’s belly. The Mexican vomited in the blonde’s face and grabbed for the Jill’s tits with one hand and clawed at her face with the other. Jill twisted her face away and reached between the Mexican’s legs. Nina screamed wildly as the dyke penetrated her bruised pussy with the leather covered fingers and ground the links of the bicycle chains into the swollen lips.

Nina grabbed for the offending hand. Jill’s other hand dug into Nina’s side. Nina groaned, but concentrated on pulling the dyke’s fist out of her cunt. Jill brought her face next to the Mexican’s and fastened her teeth into Nina’s broken and swollen right cheek. Nina screamed and released the dyke’s other hand. Jill dug the freed fist back into the Mexican’s cunt. Nina screamed out surrender and the crowd pulled the new champion off the ruined Mexican. The dyke issued an immediate challenge for Sally to fight to the finish. Sally croaked out a yes. Thirty minutes later the Jill-Sally rematch between to bloody swollen nude brawlers began and my money was back on the waitress.

The End.

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