6 thoughts on “When Life Starts: Chapter 4.5 – Turns in the Dark: by Rival’s Rapture

  1. Giannis says:

    Very hot.., until – now my personal taste ,speaks – you brought in your story the new “mode” i now find every where in adult net sites, especially in videos : the threesomes, among 3 women, a mode i really do not like.
    I fully understand a threesome with a man and two women, it is the ONLY kind of threesome i like, the dream of most men in this planet. But 3 women ? why this new mode ? Now in adult lez videos about 50% are threesomes ! I can’t stand it ! They reduce the tribbing videos or they reduce the duration of the tribbing scenes to find space for threesomes. Or the whole video is a threesome. Totally unrealistic for me and not hot at all.
    Again : all these according to my personal taste, i do not say, i do not imply that all who like it are wrong, or that i am right. What i like may be a turn off for you, i know this. Each with its own taste.
    That beeing said, the story was well written and hot. Expected as it came from you !

  2. Giannis says:

    What happened to my comment ? I just left a comment

    1. Giannis says:

      It was a long one, i clicked on post a comment… nothing. I returned to a previous state, i found it, i clicked on post again… i got the message that it is already posted. Where ?

  3. goliadmike says:

    Living vicariously through Brooke? It’s hot! Totally enjoying the character development of Kat and Jennifer.


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