Turns in the Dark: by Rival’s Rapture

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This story is super hot, and leads into the next chapter of the When Life Starts Series, but it doesn’t contain an actual fight. So if you need a back and forth battle, with women at odds to enjoy a tale, skip this one.

That being said, if you (like me) can enjoy some lesbian ranger, fetishizing of smaller elements of a fight, then read on, Rival!

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With only a single yellow-tinted light to resist the darkness of their shared hotel room. And with their heater turned on as high as it could possibly go, two women sweltered.

Each nude and drenched with sweat.

One seated and suffering, as behind and onto her the other leaned.

She in front named Jennifer and she behind named Kat.

“Struggle for me….” The latter whispered, as she kept her left forearm buried deep beneath the former’s chin.

A request made, even though Jenn was trying. She shifting hopelessly left and then right, as with a single hand, she pulled at the arm pressed against her throat in a sleeperhold.

The weight of wrestler who kept that air-depriving hold bearing down on the brunette beneath her. The heat of the room, one sealed off from even the thought of coolness, turning the already exhausting submission overwhelming.

And though it was, and though it was she who withered in it, still with her free hand had Jennifer reached back behind her own body and begun to stroke. Her fingers slipping through the Nile-wet valley entrance of her rival’s pussy.

A pussy that without hesitation or surprise started to grind on those same fingers, its owner knowing they would be there and enjoying the fact that they were. Their coming and going making Kat moan softly into the ear of Jennifer who in the oppressive darkness and heat continued to choke.

“I’m better than youunnnnggghhh….” The strawberry blonde derided and then moaned, as an orgasm welled deep within her.

“You-FUUUUCK-hear meee…?” Kat asked though she didn’t need an answer, her every thought focused on leaning her heavy breasts in and against Jennifer, as she ground down against the working fingers placed beneath her. Doing so as her own elbow-bent right arm pressed firmly to Jenn’s forehead at the palm.

“I’ll never….” Again The Golden Goddess of Women’s Wrestling Network tried to speak, but for the first time that night found herself unable.

“Never….” Once more she tried, and yet once more she failed. As Jenn’s fingering, added to the scene, the heat, and their perfect encapsulation of her finally satisfied fetish drove her closer and closer to orgasm.

“Shit….” Finally a full thought, a single syllable though it was. One that came shaken, as behind Jenn Kat shivered. Her body seizing. Arms releasing. And in a blissful and darkness-drawn collapse of all else but pleasure, she came.

On Jenn’s fingers that continued stroking, even as she, newly freed, hacked and gasped for air. Her eyes only then clearing from the black spots that had began to form before them.

Then, even before her vision had completely returned, Jennifer spun around, reached out, and grabbed the still aftermath-suffering Kat by the hair. A grip the brunette used to pull her lover-rival up from the bed onto which she had fallen, and then into a seated position.

Wobble though Kat did, with eyes still fluttering, Jennifer, without waiting, scooted in. Only to thereafter wrap her legs around Kat’s abdomen and arms around the back of the same.

“My turn.” Jennifer said playfully, though hoarsely. Her windpipes still affected by the long choke she had only a moment before suffered in.

“Do your….” Kat began before her focus and voice failed. “…your worst, bitch….” The strawberry blonde began again and then ended, before in a quick taking, Jennifer pulled her in tight. Their sweat-wet breasts of equal size clapping together with an impact-made spray. The mist of which hit coated their upper chests, as into a bodyscissor-bearhug the lap-sitting brunette settled.

“Ugh fuck!” The Doll cried out in agony and exhilaration. Pain wracking her mind and body as the woman she humiliated only a week before began to squeeze. Her excitement sparking, from knowing that finally, and for the first time in her life, she was with someone who not only understand her kink, but loved it just as much as she did.

A fetish that was almost impossible to explain, let alone convince another woman to try. One that called for suffering and exhaustion — heat and hate — pain and submission. Both taken and given — both inflicted and received.

It was a demon that had always chased Kat. Nipping at her heels and then tugging at her soul since she first began to watch wrestling. But it was always just beyond and just outside of what others were willing to give her. Even if they wanted to. Even if they tried.

Until she met Jennifer. The woman whose thighs, at that moment, clamped around her ribs and squeezed as Kat sat willingly and without resistance. The woman whose arms wrapped around her back and bound themselves palm to wrist. Those arms squeezing. Those arms pulling. Making sure that The Doll couldn’t breathe.

And though Jennifer did each, she nonetheless leaned in and sealed her lips together with the blonde’s in a kiss.

A kiss the two women — the two rivals took to hungrily. They both knowing and understanding, as their tongues met in the heat of the room and their lip-bound mouths. That though it was their intent to hurt one another — wearout one another, until both had literally not another ounce of energy left to give, it was a game.

A trade.

Kat’s punishment for Jennifer’s. One hold for another. Whenever their night had ended or they found the space.

The two young women having found a fire they wished to live in. A hell-made-heaven they wished to burn in. Hotly and fiercely. Again and again.

Their conflicting personalities and intense initial meeting doing nothing but cement the passion they felt for one another. Though Kat might never admit it to Jennifer or anyone else.

That they were made for each other. The Better Woman and the Doll. The Goddess and the Latinador.

A truth at odds with the sound, that at a hard sudden squeeze from one, poured out the lips of the other.

“UUunnnnggghhh!” Kat groaned into and then out of the kiss she shared with her tormentor.

“Yuuuusssss, give it to meeee.” Jennifer sounded out, lip-to-lip, with eyes closed. Her forehead pressing against The Doll’s as together they shared the purest or most deviant of joys, depending on one’s perspective.

“I’ll never give IIIiNNNNNNUUUunnnNNGGgGgHHhH” The Goddess began boldly, before The Better Woman tightened once more and forced her words to disappear in a symphony of pain.

“Biittcchh….” Kat muttered, as she and her rival’s lips played softly and slowly between them. They, amongst the sweaty strands of blonde and brown hair that hung between their faces, stealing away delicate half-kisses as their owners dueled. One meaning to inflict and the other to endure.

No effort made to escape the breast-to-breast bearhug held.

No thought spent trying to shift and out-angle the tight thighs coiled.

“Give up, Doll.” Jennifer whispered with an intentional formality she used for effect. She being fully aware that by making a request for submission sound official, would make Doll hate it so very much more.

A seeding of frustration that made Jennifer smirk as she shifted her head to the side and brought their sweat-wet, red-hot cheeks together in a press.

“I’ll never…. Give…. To YYYOOOUU-AAAAHHHHH!!! FUUUCCCKK!!” It needled Kat: Jennifer asking. It offended pride and ego, the very idea that The Doll would give in. And though it made her flare, in words and temper — as Jennifer cinched up and broke her concentration, it’s what she wanted.

What they wanted.

What they needed.

What they felt gnawing at them whenever they competed against another woman in the ring.

What made them wet whenever their opponent would lock them in a rest hold, or whenever they would lock those opponents in the same.

A desperate need, as illogical and inexplicable as it was, to suffer at and in the hands of a rival. To exist in that suffering. To linger and languish in it. To be weak, though they were strong. To be trapped and dominated by a woman they wished so badly to conquer.

Bliss though such punishment was for both Kay and Jennifer, they enjoyed the reverse of it no less. The feeling of catching a rival. Of locking her in their grip and settling in on her. Keeping her weak and fatigued. Pathetic and begging. Making her rely on their mercy — their allowance just to breathe and certainly continue on.

It was that pendulum of power that drove Jennifer and Kat to moan for and with each other, even as one squeezed as tightly as she could and the other teetered on breaking in that hold.

Their sweaty breasts of different hues pressed together so tightly that between them they flattened and oozed out in every direction but forward.The steel-hard nipples off each digging deep into the other’s flesh like daggers that had been buried and left by their attacker.

And though the hold was perfectly held and their dual roles of on-pouring dominaneer and enduring submissive were expertly played, still did the heat of the room add even more. It making them both dizzy. Both weak. Even as they fought to be strong.

So intense was that weakening, in fact, that in the midst of it all weighing down upon her, Kat leaned in, and as she brought her chin softly on Jennifer’s shoulder, she whispered desperately. “J-j-jennifer….”

The sound of it. The normally bratty, brash, and egotistical Doll calling out for her. Not in a submission, but in as close to one as she had ever gotten. Made The Better Woman’s heart crack open and leak rainbows, as she might describe it.

Rainbows that pushed her to let loose her body scissor. Not in mercy, but instead, so that she could shift her hips, and with all the flexibility she could muster, slide right leg beneath Kat’s left. A move that allowed her to scoot forward on the perspiration-soaked comforter and seal their shaved and soping womanhoods together in an audible seal.

“FuuuuuuUuuUuuUck….” Kat muttered in her exhaustion, the feeling of their meeting mounds and valleys feeling as good or better than anything she had ever experienced in her life. Despite it coming with so much pain and oppression.

“You want this….” Jennifer said, both as fact and demand. The tone of her voice making it clear that she wanted The Golden Goddess she still held tightly in her bearhug to say it back.

“I…. UUUNNNGgGHgGHH!!!” The strawberry blonde began, before Jennifer without warning pulsed the muscles in her arms and in so doing squeezed Kat as tightly as she possibly could.

“Nnnnnnggghhhh…. I want this….” It was forced from her lips and lunges, but she meant it more than anything she had ever said.

“You need this….” Again, Jennifer both spoke and demanded for it to be spoken back. And though she was already withering, Kat fought fatigue to comply. “I….” And though the brunette in control didn’t squeeze with a sudden pulse, she still attacked her rival. Not with pain, but instead pleasure.

She, in the heat of the room and their long exhausting embrace, driving her hips forward and above a puddle of their own making, slaming her sex into The Doll’s.

“Uunnngghhhh, god…. I–I need this….” That same Doll gasped out, just as Jennifer’s clit came for her’s once more.

Building though each was, towards orgasm and perhaps even a submission on Kat’s part, suddenly a knock came at the door to their room.

A knock the pair tried to ignore as again and again Jennifer continued her dual onslaught. She continuing to keep her lover and rival trapped deep in a bearhug, even as with her sexy Latina hips she fucked her.

Try though each did, to block out the pounding sound of someone’s fist against their door. Finally, when it had continued for at least a full minute, Jennifer released her hold and ceased her grinding as with an exasperated sigh she dropped back to the bed.

“Unnngggghhh!” The naked and pouty brunette exclaimed, as she raised her right hand and palm to her forehead.

“I swear to GOD, whoever the fuck that is…..” Angry, horny, and no less wet with perspiration, Kat groused as she crawled across and then off the bed. She, without a stitch of clothing on moving to open it, just as Jennifer chased after her, and shyly hid behind the door as it opened.

“What the fuck do you….” The golden goddess began, before seeing who it was.

“Oh fuck, I am sooo sorry.” The thick blonde named Brooke from talent relations exclaimed as her eyes went wide at the sight of her naked charge.

“I just…. We needed to t-AaaagghgHhH….” The girl stumbled over her words, just as Kat reached out and grabbed her by the hair — dragging her into the steamy and dimly lit hotel room.

“Hold her, Jenn.” Kat growled only a moment before the door to the room shut closed. The normally hyper brunette complying quickly thereafter by grabbing Brooke and trapping her arms behind her back with a criss-crossed forearm-against-forearm pinning.

“Hi, Brooke!” Jennifer greeted cutely, even as she held the arms of the same tight. Her naked body and large breasts pressing hard against the back of the woman who had hired her.

“Now, bitch….” Kat said with a palpable sexual energy and anger. A tone she used as she reached out and with a single double-handed grab and pull she used to rip Brooke’s button-up blouse open. Every black attachment meant to keep it closed snapping off and in a carpet-muted rando falling to the carpet.

“You’re going to be a good girl, and do exactly what we say. Is that understood?” Came the strawberry blonde’s demand and asking of understanding. Words of instruction she gave as her fiery eyes made it ever so clear what she had in mind for the intruding Brooke before her.

As Kat’s eyes sparked and flared, and as she waited for an answer, one bead of sweat after another rolled down her curvy body. A body Brooke examined hungrily, before lifting her head, winking with a smile, and then as her eyes hardened, spitting in Kat’s face.

To Be Continued in When Life Starts: Chapter 5. Coming Soon!

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6 thoughts on “Turns in the Dark: by Rival’s Rapture

  1. Giannis says:

    Very hot.., until – now my personal taste ,speaks – you brought in your story the new “mode” i now find every where in adult net sites, especially in videos : the threesomes, among 3 women, a mode i really do not like.
    I fully understand a threesome with a man and two women, it is the ONLY kind of threesome i like, the dream of most men in this planet. But 3 women ? why this new mode ? Now in adult lez videos about 50% are threesomes ! I can’t stand it ! They reduce the tribbing videos or they reduce the duration of the tribbing scenes to find space for threesomes. Or the whole video is a threesome. Totally unrealistic for me and not hot at all.
    Again : all these according to my personal taste, i do not say, i do not imply that all who like it are wrong, or that i am right. What i like may be a turn off for you, i know this. Each with its own taste.
    That beeing said, the story was well written and hot. Expected as it came from you !

  2. Giannis says:

    What happened to my comment ? I just left a comment

    1. Giannis says:

      It was a long one, i clicked on post a comment… nothing. I returned to a previous state, i found it, i clicked on post again… i got the message that it is already posted. Where ?

  3. goliadmike says:

    Living vicariously through Brooke? It’s hot! Totally enjoying the character development of Kat and Jennifer.


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