When Two Wildcats Cross Paths by Hype

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Life couldn’t be any more better for Geeta. She got married recently and was living a pretty luxurious life in the city. Her husband used to work in a software company while she used to be a delivery manager in one of the biggest marketing companies in the city. On top of all that she was extremely beautiful and had what people called an hourglass figure. She was always very proud of her body. Being the delivery manager she used to travel to different cities around the country once in a while for some conferences or client meetings. This was also one of the reasons she loved her job as she had the freedom to travel once in a while alone and spend some time with herself. On rare occasions her husband used to accompany her but not always because of his hectic schedule.

It’s been almost 8 months since her marriage when she was told to travel to a nearby city to attend a conference. She was more than happy as it was her first time visiting the city and also the conference was planned on the final day of the week and she was free to roam around on the rest of the days. Even though she was a bit disappointed as her husband couldn’t accompany her. Her journey was pretty smooth and she was provided  a pretty good accomodation. The next day she was pretty busy meeting the clients and making necessary preparations for the conference. Once the work was done she was free for the rest of the week. So she planned to roam around the city.

On Wednesday she was out to do some shopping and was wandering all over the market checking things. Suddenly she got a glimpse of another woman standing at the far end of the street. There were few buildings which were pretty far from the rest of the Market. The woman was wearing a black top and small skirt barely covering her ass. Her tits were oozing out of her top and she had a heavy make-up all over her face. For a split second Geeta felt extremely jealousy looking at that woman as she had a body which was perfect in all aspects rivaling Geeta’s. Her wildcat competitive nature begin to resurface. As she passed both of the women locked eyes and the other woman looked at Geeta skeptically and immediately smirked as if she understood something. Hands on her hips she thrust her tits forward and looked at Geeta with a bitchy smile on her face.

Geeta was shocked for a moment and immediately just sneered at the woman out of jealousy while she was smirking the whole time. After passing a few steps she turned back and saw the woman having a talk with some man and both of them went to a nearby dirty building. Geeta realised that the woman was some hooker. Later that night Geeta just couldn’t sleep as the images of the woman’s bitchy smile flashed infront of her. She felt insulted. ‘was that bitch challenging me? Stupid whore! I am not going to let her get the best of me’. She planned to go through the same way tomorrow in one of her sluttiest dress and give the other woman the taste of her own medicine. 

Next evening Geeta wore a small pink top and a black skirt she looked at herself in the mirror and was proud of her own body. She reached the market and slowly begin to roam around searching for the other woman. When she reached the end of the market she got a glimpse of her standing at the exact same place. Taking a deep breath she made her way to the building. With hands on her hips she walked slowly and within few seconds she got the woman’s attention. Geeta smirked as the other woman had a nasty sneer on her face and purposefully thrusted her tits forward. As they passed each other Geeta flipped her off while the woman was staring daggers into her eyes. 

After reaching the hotel she felt extremely happy and satisfied and went to bed. It’s only on bed when she begin to replay all the things that happened in the past two days that she felt extremely surprised. The immediate jealousy she felt looking at that woman. The sleepless night she had the other day. And the thing she did today why did she even do that? She felt extremely happy remembering the sneer on the other woman’s face. Questions begin to flood her mind. What would have happened if either of us confronted each other? Would we have had a bitchfight? She felt goosebumps all over body imagining both of them locked in a catfight. Just the thought of getting into a catfight with some hooker bitch she doesn’t even know felt thrilling to her. That too out of pure jealousy and anger. Thinking about all these things she went to sleep.

The rest of the week went by smoothly and she attended the conference. But she just couldn’t stop thinking about that slutty confrontation with that woman. She never acted like that before in her life. The thought of confronting that woman came into her mind again and again. But it was too late. She was to leave that day. The company provided her a car to travel back. She declined a driver as she had a license and also the distance was relatably small. But the real reason was she just wanted to travel alone along with her thoughts.  She started traveling to her home town in the afternoon. She was wearing a blue top and a small skirt. Her cleavage was clearly visible. It was almost 4 hour drive. Her mind was just clouded with the thoughts of her little adventure in that market. She just couldn’t get that smirking face of that other woman out of her mind…that bitch!!.

Almost half way through Geeta saw a bus by the side of the road and a group of people were standing. Looks like the bus has a breakdown…she thought to herself as she moved forward feeling sorry for the people. She may have travelled half a kilometre when she saw someone standing there, a woman probably her age almost dressed just like her holding her hand for a lift. When she got closer she got the shock of her life. It was the same woman who had been in her thoughts all along. She stopped her car on instinct and the other woman picked up her luggage and approached the car happily. She was about say thank you when her eyes locked with Geeta. Both women out of some natural instinct just hissed at each other like two wildcats. 

For the next few minutes they just stood there hissing like two wildcats who just crossed into each other’s territory. Both of their tits were oozing out of their tops as they were Breathing heavily. Geeta noticed that they must have been of the same size. The other woman’s was a little dark. After a while Geeta controlled herself and the other woman came to her senses too. 

She put her luggage in the bag and sat in the front and again for another few minutes they just stared at each other. Finally the woman spoke

” Nice to meet you! I am Reema by the way…bitch” she spoke with a little smirk.

Geeta felt dizzy and thrilled. Just a few minutes back she was imagining about a confrontation with the other woman now it was happening for real. 

” Nice to meet you too! I am Geeta by the way..slut” she smirked back

“Looks like you haven’t forgotten me Geeta” Reema said thrusting her tits forward. 

” Oh how can I forget that sneering face of yours Reema” Geeta said thrusting her own tits forward.

Reema’s eyes narrowed ” bitch it was you who first sneered at me”

” Yes bitch I felt disgusted at you thrusting your tits like the hooker you are” Geeta hissed back.

” And exactly the next day you yourself dressed like one and acted like one” Reema hissed back.

“I just wanted to give you a taste of your own medicine”

” Shut up whore! Stop lying. You did it because you felt threatened” 

” You shut up cunt! It’s you who felt threatened that’s why you sneered at me a wildcat”

” You will have a good life as a hooker Geeta. Trust me”

” Looks like they have kicked you out Reema”

” Fucking whore”

“Stupid tramp”

” Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr”


Both of them were screaming at each other thrusting their tits at each other. They could see the outline of their erected nipples poking through the top.  Geeta just couldn’t believe herself, she was trash talking like some trashy bitch. She could feel herself already a little wet. She was also extremely angry at Reema. She just couldn’t take it anymore and just stopped the car.

Both the women just looked at each other as if on a cue they just lunged at each other. 

Hands in each other’s hair they slapped  and pulled each other’s hair side to side.

” Bitchhhhhhhhhh”


“I hate you Geeta”

” I hate you more Reema”

The car begin to shake as both the women slapped and yanked each other’s hair screaming. It continued for atleast another 5 minutes until they heard the sound of thunder. Realising where they were they controlled themselves and sat back. Both of their hair was a mess as they sneered at each other. 

” You stupid whore” 

” You dirty Tramp”

Geeta just couldn’t believe what just happened. She just got into a bitchfight with some bitch in the middle of nowhere. And she liked it and wanted more. Dark clouds begin to loom all over the sky as both Geeta and Reema realised a storm was brewing and within no time it began to rain heavily. 

” This isn’t over Reema” hissed Geeta as she started the car.

” Not a chance Geeta” Reema hissed back.

Geeta picked up the speed as the raining showed no signs of stopping. It was becoming too hard to see and the wind was pretty heavy. It would atleast take another 2 hours for them to reach the City and it was too dangerous to travel any further. 

” We can’t travel in this storm slut. We have to find a place to take shelter” Geeta suggested.

” Oh!! Let me Book a star hotel nearby whore. Where can we find shelter here?” Shouted Reema.

” Would it kill you to show a little positivity bitch?” Geeta shouted back.

Murmuring Reema turned away and suddenly she got a glimpse of a cave faraway. 

” Look there bitch. How about we stay there until this storm subsides?”

Geeta couldn’t find another option as it was also getting dark. She immediately picked up the speed and begin to travel in the direction of the cave. The road was pretty bad and the car tyre got stuck in a pit and couldn’t pick up. 

” Get out and push it slut” Geeta screamed. 

Seeing no other way Reema got out and begin to push the car but it wasn’t picking up. Getting angry Geeta got out and made her way to the back.

“What are you doing skank?”

” You are welcome to try it yourself bitch”

“Weak whore!” 

Reema spit on Geeta and Geeta spit back. They were about to get into another bitchfight but realising where they were they controlled themselves and pushed the car and within no time the tyre got out and immediately begin to travel to the cave.

They entered the cave and closed the cave with big stones and also parked the car in the front to cover the remaining gap. The cave was pretty big and there was small pool in the middle too. Both Geeta and Reema were completely drenched in rain and both of them could see each other’s tits hugging to their tops. Their erected nipples were completely visible now as they realised either of them were wearing a bra. 

They both looked at each other jealousily as both could see each other’s perfect hourglass figure. As for Geeta she just couldn’t believe the situation she was in, she was about to spend a night in the middle of nowhere with the bitch she loathe. She felt completely thrilled at this.

” Looks like you can’t get your eyes away from my body bitch” Reema smirked.

” Oh come on slut!! You really can’t compare your hooker body with mine” Geeta smirked back.

Staring at each other they both slowly removed their tops and once they got a glimpse of each other’s Naked tits they just hissed at each other like two wildcats just like before even surprising each of them. They began to spit venom as they realised realised how similarly slutty they were.

” I hate you Geeta”

” I fucking loathe you Reema” 

” You disgusting trashy cunt”

” You nasty hooker bitch”

Approaching each other slowly with hands on their hips they bashed their tuts into each other as they snarled nose to nose. Both could feel each other’s erected nipples poking into the other’s areolas. The only contrast was that Reema’s tits are a little dark compared to Geeta’s.



Suddenly Geeta Heard her phone ring as she forced herself away from the bitchy staredown. It was her husband. She stepped aside and begin to confirm to her husband that she is safe and she is going to stay in a motel for the night. She looked back at Reema and saw her tying up her hair staring at her. She put the phone down and tied her own hair back. Both of them just couldn’t take it anymore  and walked towards each other and hands in each other’s hair started slapping the shit out of each other.

Aaahh…slap.. bitchhh..slap..slap… fucking pig… dirty dyke…ohhhh…slutt..slap. screams could be heard all over the cave as they slapped each other like two crazy whores. They yanked each other all over the cave by the hair. One of them would yank the other down and getting even more angry the other would get up and lunge at her. 

This continued for sometime as both slapped and clawed each other wherever they want. 

” I am going to rip those fake tits of yours cunttttt” Geeta hissed and clawed Reema’s bare tits.

“Aieeeeeee you sluttttt not before I rip yours” Reema clawed back.

Like two possessed women they jerked and clawed each stumbling around. Geeta enjoyed every minute of the bitchfight. They both were two equal bitches. But she Fucking hated Reema. 

They both pulled each other’s heads down by the hair as they slapped each other taking turns catching their breath. They slapped each other’s faces, tits and back. Atlast they let go of each other breathing heavily. Their tits were red because of the slaps and clawmarks were visible. Getting completely angry they both bashed their tits into each other and begin to argue and trash talk like two madsluts.

” You think you are so hot bitch!!! I am better woman than you” screamed Reema thrusting her tits.

” Of course I am hotter than you whore!! You are nothing” Geeta screamed back thrusting her own tits hard.

” Ohhhh yeah!!!!”

” Yeahhhhh bitchhh!!

” Whoreeee!!”

Their nipples were rock hard as they trash talked back and forth noses pushing into each. Can’t taking it anymore they both yanked each other’s hair side by side as they danced around. Loosing balance they both fell to the floor rolling around as they slapped, clawed, raked each other every where. 

” Ahhhh leave my hair your whore” screamed Geeta as she clawed and pinched Reema’s shapely ass.

” Ohhhh you crazy stupid trampppp” Reema raked her claws all over Reema’s back.

They rolled all around the cave bitchfighting like two hookers. Ripping off each other’s skirts and panties they both were completely naked as they kicked away from each other. 

Tears were forming in their eyes as they looked at each other breathing hard. Geeta realised that Reema was also wet just like her.

” Had enough cunttttt?” She hissed as she began to approach Reema on all fours like a wildcat.

“I could ask you the same skankkk” Reema hissed back as she approached Geeta on all fours. They circled each other hissing and cursing each other. As if on a cue they lunged at each other and got into a nasty catball. They continued rolling around as they clawed each other allover.

” Ohhhh bitchhh!! Just give up and accept I am better woman than you” Reema screamed openly crying now.

” You are just a hooker sluttttt Reema!!!” Geeta cried back.

They begin to grind their bodies against each other as their pussies were rubbing Hard. They both even tried to bite each other a few times. Reaching the edge of the pool Reema was on top as both of them stopped for a little breath.

” It’s fucking useless Geeta. Just give up” hissed Reema bucking her hips into Geeta’s.

” Never!!!!!” Geeta screamed and pulled Reema aside as both a them fell into the pool. 

Both of them swam up and hands in each other’s hair growled at each other and begin to grind harder and harder as they begin to reach climax.

” Aaaaaahhhh bitchhhhhhhhhh”

” Ohhhhhhhhh whoreeeeeeeeee”

They both cummed at the same time biting each other’s shoulders. For the next few minutes they just stayed there sobbing resting their heads on each other’s shoulders.

After some time they both came out of the pool and sat beside each other their hips touching. Both of them were calm for sometime trying to reel their thoughts about what just happened. After some time they just got up and stared at each other. Geeta felt dizzy thinking about what just happened. She just couldn’t believe that she and Reema had bitchfight each other so nastily.

” I don’t know about you bitch but I am totally hungry” Geeta said nonchalantly taking out two protein bars out of her bag. 

They both ate the protein bars as they looked at each other once in a while. Both of their bodies were filled with bruises and clawmarks. Their nipples were still rock hard. They finished in silence. 

Geeta took out a sleeping bag out of her luggage and spread it on the floor. She looked at Reema and smirked at Reema.

” Two members can fit in that sleeping bag Reema bitch. Unless you want to sleep on the ground”

” You can sleep on the ground slut. I will sleep in the bag” Reema entered the sleeping bag.

Getting angry Geeta too entered the sleeping bag as both of them struggled for place.

” Move you fucking whore”

” Watch it you shameless slut”

Atlast they both hugged each other and entwined their legs as it was the only way too fit in. Their lips were almost touching as they stared at each other.

” Wow bitch!! We really did beat the shit out of each other” said Geeta their lips touching.

” That was one nasty bitchfight we had cunt” said Reema

” I made you cry like the bitch you are, skank”

” I made you scream like a slut, whore”

” Fuck you cunt”

” Screw you dyke”

” Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr”


They both trash talk back and forth. Geeta feels totally surprised how easily they can get on each other’s nerves. They both begin to scream at each other when suddenly Reema let’s her tongue out and lick Geeta’s lips. Geeta let her own tongue out and both of them flick tongues back and forth.

They begin to grind their bodies again as they lock mouths. Grinding harder and harder they cum for the second time. Holding each other closer they mutter words into each other’s faces.



Completely entwined together they fall into a dreamless sleep as the storm outside slowly subsides.

The End

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  1. raygart says:

    Nice fight. I really like how you described their Fighting. This is amazing. Can’t wait for your next stories


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