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Part 1

I’m the head of security at a very large retail store. My office is set up with several surveillance monitors to spot shop lifters and to keep an eye on employees. Lately a new employee in our trendy clothing department has caught my attention. Even though my monitors are black and white I could tell right away she was a very beautiful blonde. On several occasions I made my way down to her department to check her out up close.

I learned her name was Wendy. Her long curled blonde hair travels down just above her waist and outlines one of the most perfect faces with the brightest blue eyes. She always wears short skirts and tight fitting tops that show off her large firm breasts. After a few days of seeing this gorgeous blonde around the store it became quite obvious to me that she likes to wear these over the knee nylon stockings. A style I’ve seen only a few of the young women around the store take too. She wears either white ones or black ones from day to day.

Over time I became aware of this young blondes aggression when it came to making the sale. Not with the customers but with the other sales girls on the floor. Working for a salary plus commission has quite a few of the ladies turning hostile towards each other when it came to making the sale. Wendy showed quite a bit more aggression than the other women which was hard to believe because my first impression of her was a little more on the innocent side.

I watched day after day as she used sneaky little tricks to take customers away from other sales girls. Telling them they had a phone call or telling them someone in another department needed to talk to them. She would then take over with the customer and make the sale. I caught Wendy in several arguments with the other sales girls but for some reason the other girls seem to be intimidated by her looks and back down.

Standing at about 5′ 6″ and 115 pounds it would have to be her looks.One day While helping myself to a cup of coffee in the break room I glanced at the employee schedule. Occasionally I will take note on who will be working in which departments. Due to a few employees taking time off for their vacations a lot of the girls had to be shifted around between departments. I had to take a second look because what I saw on the schedule surprised me.

Rene was schedule to work in Wendy’s department one day next week. Now I know that in the past Rene had become quite a problem with some of her co-workers. She was transferred from department to department because none of her piers could put up with her. She was finally put into gift wrap working by herself. I had heard stories of her attitude that made Wendy look like an angel.

I myself have even had a run in with Rene on occasion. Very smart ass talk coming from a bitch so beautiful all I’ll I could think about was fucking the shit out of her. Her long dark hair and fuck me face had all the men around the store drooling. A truck stop mouth coming from such a beautiful woman left the men around here not knowing what to think. With a body to die for I knew our new girl Wendy might not stand a chance up against this fiery brunette.

Rene being a few years older seems a little more strong-minded than Wendy. One thing for sure is the two of them seem to share the same taste in fashion. I have often seen Rene in the same style of skirts and tops that Wendy wears along with the nylon stockings pulled up over her knees. No matter what I knew there would be fireworks when these two were force to work in the same department.

Before the week arrive I made arrangements to have our surveillance cameras and monitors upgraded to color and even had a few extra cameras installed in the department Wendy and Rene were about to work in together. I even had microphones install in a couple of locations. I wanted to make sure to catch all the action when the time arrived.

When the day final came I arrived early and waited patiently behind the monitors in my office. Three large color monitors would give me the ability to catch the girls from three different angles at once. I practiced switching my monitors between six cameras. I also had the ability to adjust the angle on each camera as well and zoom in zoom out capabilities. With three v.c.r.s capturing the pictures from the three monitors I’ll be able to tape every scene.

It was Wendy that arrived first wearing a short denim skirt with a white top that was tightly clinging to her body while showing off her large firm breasts. As usual her legs were covered with white nylon stockings pulled up just above her knees and a pair of brown casual slip on shoes with about two inch heels.

At this point I kept one camera on Wendy as she stood behind the cash register counter and another camera pointed down the isle that I knew Rene would be traveling down. A few minutes passed and I spotted Rene approaching so I zoomed in to get a close look. She was wearing a brown and gray wrap around skirt with a tight brown top. I was excited to see that she chose to wear a black pair of nylon stocking pulled up over her knees.

She walked down the long isle in a pair of black casual shoes similar in style to the ones Wendy was wearing. I followed her up with one camera while positioning two other cameras on Wendy standing at the cash register. When Rene arrived at the counter I had three cameras giving me a 360 degree view of these feisty women. I zoomed in two cameras to get a close up of their faces.

Rene came around the back side of the counter and the two girls locked eyes. I was able to make a quick comparison as I watched as their eyes traveled up and down each others bodies with a somewhat look of disgust on their faces. From what I noticed there really was no size difference between the two. Even their breasts appeared to have no significance size difference. Both sets very large and firm.

“Who are you?” I heard Rene ask with her usual snotty tone. “My name is Wendy and this is my department.” She replied. “Sure it is. I’ll tell you what, just stay out of my way and I’m sure we’ll get along just fine.” Rene threatened. Wendy just stood their with a surprised look on her face. I knew she was about to get a lessen in working the sales floor.

Most of the morning went pretty smooth with the two of them keeping quite a bit of distance from each other. Only when both girls needed to use the cash register at the same time did things start to heat up. Seeing Wendy rushing towards it caused Rene to make a dash of her own. Wendy actually arrived first but was unexpectedly bumped out of the way by Rene’s hip. “Oh I’m sorry I didn’t see you standing there.” Rene said trying to sound innocent.

I saw Wendy’s face turn red with anger and I thought she was going to lose it right then and there but she just stood there trying to maintain her composer while Rene rang up her customer. Shortly after that scene Wendy approached a customer who appeared to be looking for help. She was practically run over by Rene coming out of nowhere. I could tell that Wendy was just about to lose control but somehow manage to contain herself as she walked back to the clothing racks and continued to straighten them out.

Once Rene finished up with the customer she walked over to Wendy with a stern look on her face. She taped Wendy on the shoulder. Wendy quickly turned and the two stood face to face. “Listen bitch I told you to stay out of my way.” Rene yelled out.

“I haven’t even been in your way bitch.” Wendy shouted back. There was a short period of time as the two stood with their hands on their hips, chests thrusting out while glaring wickedly at one another. Suddenly Rene bolted forward and bashed into Wendy tit to tit causing her to stumble back until she fell flat on her ass.

“Don’t you ever thrust your chest out at me!” Shot out Rene in anger. “You fucking cunt!” I heard Wendy yell out. Just as she made it back to her feet one of our old supervisors named Mary entered the picture. “Something wrong here lady’s?” She asked. “No, nothing at all.” Replied Rene. Mary looked over at Wendy waiting for an answer. “Everything is fine.” Wendy replied as the two gave each other dirty looks.

I was a little surprised Wendy hadn’t brought out a little more aggression. After seeing her behavior the last couple of weeks I thought she would give Rene a run for her money. After this brief confrontation the two once again stayed separated for some time.

Wendy spent the next half hour looking all around the department as if she were up to something. She must have been waiting for the perfect time because when no one was looking she made her way over to Rene. Stopping directly in front of her she stood with her hands on her hips and chest thrusting way out this time. “Care to try that dirty little trick again bitch?” She growled.

I saw Rene take in a deep breath expanding her chest. “Fuck you!” She whispered angrily. Rene charged forward but this time Wendy was ready for her and shot forward herself. With their chests thrusting out to their fullest they came together like two anger Rams.

There was a dampening thud along with a painful grunt from both girls as they collided chest-to-chest. Immediately their hands came up to shoulder level and locked tightly together. Their foreheads pressed together as they glared into each others eyes while trying to force the other back by crushing their tits together.

It didn’t take long before Rene started to overpower Wendy. Pushing her back a couple of steps just before a customer wandered in and the two had to separate. The two later met up behind the cash register as they fought over the small space while trying to fold and bag customer clothing purchases and ring up sales. This time the two brought their hips and legs into play.

Standing side to side they ended up with their stockinged legs tightly wound together. Wendy’s right leg with Rene’s left leg. Having a camera directly behind the counter gave me a perfect view of their leg wrestling. I could have sworn I heard the swishing of nylon on nylon.

Once they finished up with their customers the two turned face to face immediately grabbing two handfuls of each others hair and entwining both their nylon covered legs. “You fucking bitch!” Growled Rene as she glared into Wendy’s eyes. “Eat me you fucking slut!” Wendy growled back, returning Rene’s glare.

The two withered against each other and stumble around slightly. I could hear their nylons stockings straining against each other as their legs twisted themselves into a tight pretzel. The grip they had on each others hair tightened and all movement stopped. Their eyes were locked with a mixed expression of anger and hunger on their faces.

This time the two went uninterrupted for quite awhile yet there seemed to be some hesitation on where or not they should take this fight any farther as they continued to grip each other tightly. It was obvious that this was becoming a test of wills. The two were so deeply focused on each other that neither one noticed that a customer was approaching.

Only when the customer went to clear her throat did the two separate. Even while Rene was ringing up the customers clothing the two stood side by side with their legs tangled. Now with the store becoming quite busy Wendy and Rene kept a close eye on one another, provoking each other every chance they had. Their eyes would meet from across the store and they would thrust out their chests or swivel their hips in clear challenge.

On several occasions, when they knew no one was looking, the two would bump into each other tit-to-tit and make snide remarks about one another. Stocking covered legs would wrestling behind the cash register counter and behind clothing racks whenever possible. I overheard the two of them discussing meeting up after work in one of the dressing rooms.

With a camera set in behind a one way mirror in each of the dressing rooms I wouldn’t miss a thing. With the way these two were acting I knew I was about to witness one hell of an erotic girl fight. When the store closed the two girls hung around waiting for the perfect time to disappear into the dressing room area without being seen.

With no one around except a few janitors they finally sneaked into the dressing room hallway and chose the very last room knowing it would be hard for someone to hear them. I quickly switched to the camera behind the mirror. The dressing rooms were small. I had a perfect full view of the room with the door straight ahead and two small benches up against the left and right wall. Wendy entered with Rene right behind her. Rene closed the door and the two stood face to face, hands on their hips with very serious looks on their faces.

They were breathing heavily in anticipation. Chests expanding fully as they glared at one another. Transferring their weight back and forth from right leg to left leg and swiveling their breasts from side to side in comparison. “Alright bitch lets get it on!” Muttered Rene. “I going fuck you up bitch.” Yelled out Wendy and she leaped forward latching onto Rene’s hair pushing her back against the wall.

Rene retaliated and grabbing two handfuls of Wendy’s hair attempted to push herself off the wall. The two grunted and growled in a desperate struggle. Rene was slowly slipped down the wall until her ass took a seat on the bench. This was defiantly the Wendy I was expecting to see. Although Rene quickly brought a leg up and kneed Wendy in the crotch. She used her foot to push Wendy back against the other wall.

Both were on their feet in an instant and came together locking hands at shoulder level in a test of strength. Their breasts crushing together once again in a power struggle. This time Wendy appeared to hold her ground as the two remained dead even for quite sometime. Eventually Rene proved to be slightly stronger by pushing Wendy back. Realizing she was losing ground Wendy ripped her hands loose from Rene’s grip and threw her arms around her just before she fell back against the wall.

Rene became off balance and Wendy pushed forward causing the two of them to stumbled two short steps to the other wall. Rene’s arms flew around Wendy to keep from falling as they became locked in a mutual bear hug. Rene managed to roll their bodies to the side with both now leaning against the wall.

They struggle to get their balance and came off the wall into the middle of the small room. Their legs wrestled for position and ended up tightly entwined. I watched as the two girls proceeded to squeeze the shit out of each other. I zoomed in catching a close up starting at their locked ankles then traveled up their tightly entangled nylons stocking covered legs.

At the hem of their skirts I notice their hips jousting together. Up from there I saw their covered tits smashing equally against each other through their hot embrace. Their eyes were locked with a grimace expression on their faces that was indescribable. Clinching teeth so close that spittle could been seen flinging from between their teeth with the short quick breaths the two were taking.

Then it happened, Rene’s head shot forward and she clamped a wide open mouth across Wendy’s pushing her head back with a powerful force. Wendy’s mouth opened wide in response and she sealed lips with Rene. I could see her struggling to make up for this surprising attack. Slowly she managed to straighten her neck and gave Rene’s mouth every bit if an assault that she was giving her.

The two girls looked like they were trying to swallow each others mouths as saliva started dripping from their chins. I could only imagine the fight their tongues were locked in.With several minutes passing they started swaying back and forth and eventually lost their balance falling locked together against the one way mirror in the dressing room. I thought they were going to crash right through it as it shook loudly.

It held up just fine but obviously scared the two girls as they quickly separated and fell back on the benches. Wendy sitting on the left bench, Rene sitting on the right bench facing each other in the small room. “You think your some kind of hot bitch don’t ya?” Growled Wendy. “That’s because I am slut!” Shouted Rene as she kicked at Wendy’s legs. Wendy kicked back and soon their legs were thrashing wildly, actually causing their shoes to go flying off their feet.

They became tangled together and each ended up with a foot between the others thighs as their stocking covered legs traveled length to length in a slithering twisting grapevine. Each had a foot underneath their rivals skirt and from all the grunting and groaning that was going on I could tell they were angrily massaging each others mounds with their hot nyloned feet.

White and black nylon stocking covered legs appeared in tight braided combat as their feet dug deep into each other cunts. If the two hadn’t been wearing different colored stocking it would be hard to tell where one girls legs started and the other girls ended. After both of them clearly shot off an exploding orgasm the two locked eye while glaring hatefully at one another. Legs still tightly entwined.

“Is this what you want bitch?” Growled Rene. “Do you think that weak little pussy of yours can stand up to a real woman’s pussy like mine?” She yelled. “There is only one way to find out bitch!” Stated Wendy as she started to remove her top. Rene followed by removing her top.

They unlatched their tightly wound legs and stood up to remove their skirts. I notice their nyloned feet were soaked with each others juices. Rene stood wearing black lace bra and panties, Wendy in white lace bra and panties. Face to face they came together. Their lacy bra’s brushing together with a hateful look on their faces.

“Lets get it on bitch!” Wendy shouted as she reached for the waist band on Rene’s panties. Pulling and tugging she ripped them off but not before Rene was able to get a hold of her panties. Once their panties were ripped from their hips the two attacked each others bras. Gripping and stretching their braziers until Wendy’s ripped apart first.

Seconds later Rene’s came off in Wendy’s tight grip and she fell back against the wall. Rene stood there and casually leaned up against the opposite wall facing Wendy. With one foot up on the bench she spread her legs and started to massage her swollen pussy. A small patch of dark pubic hair dampened by Wendy’s foot assault.

“Is that tried little cunt of yours ready to fight mine!” She challenged. Wendy brought her foot up onto the bench and spread her legs exposing her wet pink mound. Her blonde curls also glistening in the fluorescent lit room. “My cunt isn’t even close to being tried bitch! I have a hell of a lot more fuck left in my cunt than you do in yours.” Wendy said as she massaged her own cunt in challenge.

“We’ll see about that!” replied Rene and she came off the wall moving to the center of the room. Wendy moved up and stood nipple to nipple with Rene. I was amazed at their resemblance. If both girls were blonde or both brunette and they weren’t wearing different colored stockings it would be hard to tell them apart.

Their equally hard nipples brushed and stabbed together. “Lets Fuck Fight!” Wendy quickly yelled out and reached around grabbing two handfuls of Rene’s tight ass pulling and thrusting their crotches together. Rene retaliated and helped herself to two handfuls of Wendy’s ass.

Underneath their grunts and groans I could hear the abrasive action of their pubic hair grinding together. Then came the smacking noises of their wet pussy lips clinging together. The look of concentration on their faces as they glared deep into each other eyes.

“Can you hear that. That’s the sound of my cunt sucking your cunt in bitch.” Groaned Rene with a shortness of breath. “All I can hear is your cunt being sucked dry by my cunt bitch!” Replied Wendy. Their hips started to swivel and grind together faster and harder. “Just wait till the my clit starts to tangle with your clit and we’ll see just how much you can take.” Stated Rene. “Go ahead! Put your clit length-to-length up against mine so they can fight.” Wendy said as their grinding increased.

It wasn’t long after that both girls let off a loud shrieking squeal. I knew their clits had made contact. Their stocking covered legs went into a grapevine and their mouths came together in a clamping vice hold. Arms were wrapped around each other tightly squeezing their naked bodies together. The moaning and groaning transferred back and forth between their tightly sealed mouths as orgasm after orgasm rocked their deadly embrace.

It was now a question of which woman had more. On and on this battle continued until once again they started to lose their balance. This time Rene forced Wendy up against the wall behind her. The two had been at it for over an hour now and this is when it appeared that Wendy was losing steam.

She started sliding down the wall with Rene locked onto her with every inch of her body. Several minutes later her back hit the surface of the bench beneath her. With Rene on top the two laid on the bench with their legs entwined and spread apart. I couldn’t believe I was getting a clear shot of their pussy’s sucked together in combat.

I watched the two lay motionless for several minutes, knowing that their mouths and cunts were struggling to overpower each other. I heard a soft whimper increasing to a crying sound of pain. The mouths broke apart and Wendy shouted out “I Give!” Their breathing was heavy as the two lay together.

“My Cunt beat your Cunt!” Grunted out Rene. “Come on let me hear you say it!” She yelled out. Her pussy still glued to Wendy’s. “Say it!” She yelled again.

“O.k. O.k. Your cunt beat my cunt!” Wendy whimpered. The words barely escaping.

“Can you feel my cunt devouring your cunt?” Shouted Rene “Can You?”

“YES, YES, PLEASE!” Cried out Wendy.

Eventually Rene pulled herself off Wendy. “I guess we know who the better woman is now. Don’t we Bitch!” Shouted out Rene as she proceeded to dress. “If we’re ever scheduled to work in the same department again, I would call in sick if I were you.” Stated Rene as she walked out of the dressing room.

Wendy laid there for some time. Her mouth and pussy reddened from the assault it took from Rene’s. Eventually she managed to get dressed and left the room. I’ve been watching the schedule very close from now on! At least I have the whole fight recorded on tape.

Part 2
The Nylon Fuck Fight

It had been at least two weeks since the dressing room battle between Rene and Wendy. Anxious for a rematch, I was able to pull some strings with the department managers to get these two fire vixens to work a couple of shifts together in our lingerie department. Although I wasn’t sure Wendy would stand up to Rene after the assault she took from her, or if she would even show up.

I went ahead and moved all my high tech surveillance equipment into our luxurious lingerie department and hope for the best. Once again I made sure I had every angle covered with video and audio. The executive dressing room was more than most women would even bargain for. It was a large prestige room with expensive furnishings, it even had a king size day bed for resting women. I was hoping for more than just resting since I even went as far as installing cameras in the bed railings

The day before the scheduled event I happen to run into Wendy in the break room. She was standing at the bulletin board reading the employee’s work schedule. She must not have known I was standing behind her because I heard her start to curse under her breath. I have to say she was looking as good as ever in her short skit and black over the knee stockings. “Bitch!” She yelled out before stomping out of the room. I was hoping that was a revengeful “Bitch” that she shouted out.

The day final arrived and I waited patiently behind my monitors. Wendy was scheduled to work a 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. shift while Rene was scheduled for a 12:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Wendy finally showed up looking fine in a short white skirt, tight baby blue blouse with matching shoes, and of course a pair of white over the knee stockings.

Two hours went by quick and as Wendy was busy counting the money in the cash register, Rene came strolling up. She was looking every bit a fine as Wendy. Wearing a black skirt, white blouse, black over the knee stocking with black shoes. She came right up a stood beside Wendy. She placed her belongings under the counter and gave Wendy a slight hip to hip bump. Wendy quickly look up and the two locked eyes during a brief moment of silence.

“I surprised you even show up Bitch.” Spat out Rene. “After what happen the last time we worked together.”

“Just because you got lucky the first time doesn’t mean its going to happen again.” Replied Wendy in a snotty tone.

I could see fire building in Rene’s face. She turned to face Wendy with her firm chest thrusting out as if to show dominance. I was happy to see that Wendy did not back down. She turned to face Rene and thrust her chest out in challenge. Rene stepped forward until her tits were lightly pressing into Wendy’s. A brief moment of silence passed as the two girls stood with hands on their hips, glaring at one another. Each could feel the others fresh breath across their mouths from the close contact.

Finally Rene gave Wendy a body to body push. “So I take it you didn’t learn your lesson the first time.” Stated Rene aggressively.

Wendy responded back with a push of her own. “I’m the one teaching the lesson this time Bitch!”
The two girls started pressing harder together. “What? You think your body can beat mine this time?”
Questioned Rene as she pressed in against Wendy.

“What do you mean? I can already feel my body winning against yours.” Stated Wendy pressing back.

Approaching customers quickly separated the two girls for the time being, but as the day went on the two took every opportunity to engage in quick little tussles. Breast to breast bumping, nylon leg wars behind the counter, and several glare fights from across the department.

Wendy was the first one of the two girls to take her lunch hour. When she came back Rene was allowed to take her lunch hour. I noticed Wendy had returned with a small bag from a book store. As she stood at the cash register counter she pulled out a magazine that she appeared to have just purchased. I swear I caught a quick glimpse of the front cover of the magazine but couldn’t tell for sure what it was.

She browsed back and forth through the magazine as I caught a few quick glimpses of naked women. She found an article of interest and continued to read for several minutes. When a few customers entered her department she placed the magazine on the counter and went over to help them out. This was the perfect time for me to run down there and check out what she was reading.

I ran a fast as I could through the store and ended up at the cash register counter in record time. I looked to see the magazine open to a page that was titled “Fight Time Stories.” I quickly started to read through the first story called “Garter belt Catfight.” A beautiful blonde and a gorgeous brunette in a dispute decided to settle their differences by stripping down to garters, stockings, panties and bras.

They then proceeded to fasten the front straps of their garterbelts to the lace tops of each others nylon stockings so neither woman would get away during the fight. Lots of body-to-body contact with their nylons rubbing together. There was even a brief description of a little nylon footsie fight. I looked up to see Wendy finishing up with her customers. I quickly disappear from the scene with that story planted in my head.

When I returned to my monitors, Wendy was back at the counter reading the magazine again. She read on and on and it appeared she was reading the same stories over and over. For the entire time Rene was out to lunch, Wendy continued to read. She seem fascinated by it and could not put the magazine down.

Finally Rene showed up and I watched as Wendy place the magazine in an obvious place that Rene would find it. She even left it open to the story page. As Wendy went about helping a new customer, she couldn’t take her eyes off of Rene. She watched as Rene picked up the magazine and started to read. A few moments later Rene’s eyes were scanning the store in search of Wendy.

Like heat sinking missiles the two girls eyes locked on target. Hatefully bitchy looks were exchanged from across the store.Wendy continued to wait on her customer while Rene took another look at the magazine. Both continued to track each other from the corner of their eyes.

There seemed to be a dry period for the next hour or so. Other then the two girls exchanging brief snarls there really was no action happening between them. Wendy took off for her 15 minute break while I caught Rene reading the magazine once again. Apparently she was having the same problem Wendy was having with putting it down.

When Wendy returned she had another shopping bag. This time some merchandise from our store. She apparently did some quick shopping and arrived at the counter.
“Find something of interest in that magazine, slut!” Wendy blurted out.

“I’m not the slut who purchased it.” Replied Rene.

Wendy ignored Rene’s statement and opened her shopping bag. She pulled out a short white pleated skirt as well as a red blouse and red matching high heel shoes. She admired them briefly as Rene glance up out of the corner of her eye.

“Now all I need is a new bra and panty set to go with my new outfit. Maybe even a new pair of Nylon Stockings and a garter belt! Wendy said out loud. Making sure to raise her voice with the words.
I could see Rene face heating up. It appeared Wendy was directing there little game now.
“I’m off on my break!” Shouted out Rene as she threw the magazine down and I could see Wendy snicker a bit.

It wasn’t long before the roles were reversed and it was Wendy sitting there reading the magazine when Rene came back from her break with a shopping bag.

“So which one?” Asked Rene.

Wendy casually looked up. “Which one what?” Returned Wendy.

“Which one wins?” Asked Rene again. “I know you’ve probably read that story a thousand times by now!”

“Well the blonde of course.” States Wendy knowing damn well the two women fighting in the story ends in a draw. “And I’m not the only one that has read this a thousand times bitch!” She shouts.

Rene proceeds to pull out her new outfit she purchased, making sure it captures Wendy’s attention. An identical short white pleated skirt to the one Wendy had just brought. Instead of a red blouse and shoes, she picked out a purple blouse and purple high heel shoes. I could tell Wendy was heated yet seemed excited about Rene’s purchase.

“I guess I need to find a bra and new panties.” Announced Rene. “Some Nylon Stockings and a garter belt with strong locking straps would go nice with this.” She stated loudly.

The afternoon was quite busy as Rene and Wendy waited on impatient customers. Every chance the two girls received they would browse through the stores lingerie. It didn’t take long before I noticed Rene walking around carrying a purple lace bra and pantie set.

As I watched Rene walk around into the stocking a garter belt isle she practically ran right into Wendy, who was holding a new bra and pantie set only red in color. The two quickly examine each others choice of under garments. When they both notice only one red garter belt and only one purple garter belt hanging on display, Wendy quickly reach out and grabbed the purple one. Rene gave her an icy glare.”So its a mismatch fight you like!” she growled.

“Doesn’t matter because I’ll look better than you in either one.” Wendy explained.

“Well then maybe you’d like a little pre-show of what I’ve got before I lock your body to mine.” Stated Rene.

“Only if you feel like being put to shame.” Replied Wendy.

“O.K. then, right now meet me in one of the dressing rooms and I’ll show you what a real woman’s
body looks like in stockings and garters.” She said while grabbing a new pair of White lace top stockings that hung near her.

“Then lets do it.” replied Wendy as she reach over and grabbed an identical pair of white nylon stockings.

They both stormed off to the nearest dressing room with Rene in the lead. The two girls were at serious risk of losing their jobs if both of them were caught off the department floor.

Upon entering the room they quickly started off with their clothing. Within seconds the two had already stripped out of their clothing and had put on the new bra and pantie sets. As the two girls sat on opposite benches within the small dressing room they proceeded to put on the white nylon stockings.

Rene was pulling the stocking up her right leg while Wendy was pulling a stocking up her left leg. As their legs stretch out to pull up the stockings the bottoms of their perfectly matched size 7 1/2 Nylon clad feet came together.

The two girls seemed a little surprised by this accidental encounter, yet they kept their hot moist nylon soles pressed together longer than just an accidental meeting of the feet. After lowering their legs they repeated this process with their other legs, nylon feet once again making
firm contact.

Upon lowering their feet the two stood up and proceeded to put on their garter belts. The two gave each other sultry looks as they attached the straps of their garter belts to their own stockings. The two girls gave each others body a long examination.

“See how much better my body looks than yours” stated Wendy.

“I don’t think so. Remember what my body did to yours not so long ago.” stated Rene.

“This time your body will be the one yielding to my body bitch!” yelled out

“Look at these tits. Do you think your tits can handle a rematch against mine. said Rene as she turned to examine herself in the full length mirror.

“My tits are ready to bust your weak little tits.” stated Wendy as she too examine herself in the mirror.

The two girls moved in closer together and angle themselves towards each other. With hands on their hips they swayed their bodies back and forth while checking each other out in the mirror. Which is exactly where my surveillance camera has hidden behind. Wendy’s right and Rene’s left breast made light contact with each other on occasion.

“What about your ass. Do you think your ass is as firm and tight as mine.” Questioned Rene as she turned her ass to the mirror.

“My ass will beat yours black and blue.” stated Wendy as she too turn to view her ass in the mirror.

They thoroughly compared their asses as they stood left cheek to right cheek. These two were quite a match.

“What about your tongue? Do you think it can overpower mine?” Asked Rene.

“My tongue will snake around yours and trap it, leaving you helpless.” stated Wendy.

“Well what about your cunt, do you think this time it stands a chance against
my cunt. Asked Rene.

“You know what it did to yours last time.” she stated.

“My cunt is going to suck the fuck out of your cunt bitch.” Replied Wendy.

Just then the two girls overheard voices coming from customers outside the dressing room. This quickly brought the girls attention back to what they were supposed to be doing.

They scrambled out of the stockings bras and panties, and hurried to put their own clothing back on. In the process, Rene quickly reached out and grabbed Wendy’s white panties.

“So you like a mismatch fight do you, then your white panties with my black bra should be the perfect mismatch.” stated Rene.

With that Wendy quickly scarfed up Rene’s black panties. “If your think wearing my panties is going to help you fight then our stockings should be mismatch also.” Stated Wendy and she stole one of Rene’s black stockings.

“You must really want to lock up with me this time. Trading one stocking is a show of war bitch.” Rene stated as she stole one of Wendy’s white stockings. The two girls continued to dress, even trading on black high heel shoe for one white shoe.

Rene was the first out of the dressing room. I was surprised the two girls didn’t get caught away from the department floor.

The total mismatched stockings and shoes the two girls wore struck the customers as strange. This didn’t seem to brother either girl one bit. In fact it seem to fuel the fight lust they had for each other. The rest of the day I caught the two of them going at it on several occasions. They engaged in different little battles throughout the day.

One time coming together with arms extended out to the sides and fingers interlaced. They held this positions for what seemed like several minutes and appeared to be locked in some sort of body-to-body push fight. Evil glaring eyes were locked together the entire time.

Each time a wandering customer would interrupt their battles. There was a lot of leg tangling battles going on. Looking very erotic as each wore one of the others stockings while entwining their legs together tightly. I even witness a couple of foot battles while the two stood behind the counter. A hot nylon clad foot would come out of its shoe and try to force its way into its rivals shoe.

With disappointment the day finally ended for Wendy. Her off set schedule from Rene’s sent her on her way. I was hoping maybe she would hang around and wait for Rene but no such luck. I knew the two girls would be working the closing shift tomorrow night and that’s when the fireworks would start.

When the two girls show up the next night both were looking hotter than I had ever seen. Their short white pleated skirts barely hide the lace tops of their stockings. Wendy approached Rene behind the counter and I could hear her whisper into Rene’s ear.

“I’m afraid I wore out your panties last night. You see my pussy ate through the crotch while I was sleeping last night.” State Wendy

“Well than I guess it doesn’t matter that my pussy juice burned holes through the crotch of your panties..” Stated Rene.

As their shift continued the two once again played at their usual games. One time Rene came up to Wendy behind the counter and reached down to unfasten one of her garter straps. In a flash she reached over and fastened it to the lace top of Wendy’s stockings. “The time is getting close bitch. Its not to late to back down. Once we are locked together there will be no getting away.” stated Rene.

Within seconds Wendy had unfastened one of her garter straps and had it hooked to the lace top of Rene’s stocking. “Ive waited to long to lock up with you. I’m afraid your the one who will be trying to escape from our garter belt catfight.” Replied Wendy.

The time finally came to close up the store as Rene and Wendy hustled to get things finish. It was Wendy who headed off to the executive dressing room first. I watched as she entered and started arranging the two chairs in the center of the room.

Rene gathered her things and entered the room where she casual joined Wendy, sitting directly across from her in one of the arranged chairs. Both girls glared at each other knowing this room was the final battle ground. Wendy seductively crossed her right leg over her left, eyes never leaving their hold from Rene’s.

Rene’s sexy nylon clad left leg crossed over her right as the two sat in silence. Their purple and red high heel shoes came into close proximity and soon started clashing together. For a few minutes they had a dangling war as each one tried to knock the others dangling heel form the others foot.

Eventually the two high heel shoes locked and fell to the floor together. Hot white nylon clad feet quickly engaged in a footsie fight, twisting and turning together in a hissing battle of nylon against nylon. Girl toes smashing with girl toes, practically locking together through their nylons. Soles were eventually lined up heel-to-heel and toe-to-toe and pressed firmly together. Their other shoe was quickly removed and the two girls connected soles of their other feet together.

As adjustments were made, the soles of two perfectly matched size 7 1/2 nylon clad feet press firmly together. With the girls legs raised up it gave them the perfect view of each others lace pantie covered crotches. Their feet started to slip and slide against each other causing an erotic hiss of hot nylons to rub together. With their leg spread apart, raised up and connected at the feet the two girls stared evil looks of hate into each others eyes.

“Are you ready to do some girl-to-girl fighting bitch!” Shouted Rene.

“Revenge is sweet!” Replied Wendy.

With that the two lowered their feet and slowly stood up. Rene reached into her bag and pulled out some lip gloss and generously coated her lips making them shiny and lubricated. Wendy followed by apply some of her own lip gloss to her lips.

Never taking their hateful eyes off each other they moved together with hands raised to shoulder
level. Closing the distance they laced their fingers together and pressed firm tight bodies together. They stood toe-to-toe and tit-to-tit. Their lips gloss coated lips brushed lightly and seemed to briefly stick together. They held their bodies together and stared into each others eyes for several minute. Each one trying to detect any bit of weakness in the other.

Slowly their bodies began to rub into each other. Their nipples stimulated by the silky fabric of the blouses rubbing together. It was Wendy that pulled away first, but only to remove her skirt and her blouse. Rene followed suite and now the girls stood in Lacy bras, panties, nylon stockings and garter belts. Large dark spots on the crotch of their panties was an identication of the fight that was about to happen.

“It time we hooked our garter straps to the tops of each others nylon stockings and declare war!” Shouted out Wendy as she unhooked the front straps of her garter belt away from her stockings.

“Yes it is time we garter lock our bodies together and fight like real women!” yelled out Rene as she unfastened her front garter straps.

The two stood only a few feet apart. Each one pulling on her own garter straps as if to test their strength. With a hateful look they grew closer. Wendy quickly reached down and took hold of Rene’s garter straps. Rene reciprocated and quickly took a hold of Wendy’s straps.

The two pulled together and the smack of flesh echo throughout the dressing room. Within seconds the two girls had fasten their rivals garter straps to the lace tops of their own nylon stockings. Their hands came up once again and they lace their fingers.

Pushing and rubbing into one another now with purpose. Short quick breathes of air, the hissing sound of lacey bras, panties, and the swishing sound of nylon stockings rubbing together was all that could be heard. Hips started to rotate into one another while tongues made their first wet encounter.

They pulled away from the tongue kiss and glared angrily into each others eyes. An occasional glance down to their battling lacey covered tits was made. “Its time to paste our bare tits together and make them fight.” shouted Wendy.

“Bring it on bitch. Lets take off these bra’s and have a nipple fight.” yelled Rene. Their bra’s were quickly removed and they started taunting one another. Shifting their upper bodies back and forth. Their hard excited nipples ready to fight each other.

“My nipples can bend your nipples back in a bending fight.” shouted Wendy.

“If you think so then put your nipples against my nipples and lets make them fight” Yelled out Rene, thrusting her chest forward.

Wendy came forward and the two girls lined up nipple to nipple. They brought them side by side and compared length only to find they were the same in size. Back and forth they started flicking them against each other. Both sets of nipples seem to bend equally. This frustrated the two girls.

After no decisive winner could be determined, they stopped and lined their nipples up head on. They two locked hateful eyes and as the very tips of their nipples touch it sent an electric charge through both of them that seemed to arc weld them together.

Slowly they pushed together and their nipples stabbed directly into each other Their breasts meat swallowed their nipples as they continued to push forward. Once their breast were firmly pressed together the two stood motionless while glaring hatefully into each others eyes. It looked as if they were taking in the feel of each others firmness and comparing it against their own.

After what seem like several minutes Wendy finally broke the silence. “Is your pussy ready to go up against my pussy bitch?”

“My pussy is ready to destroy your pussy slut!” shouted Rene. The two girls reached down and unfastened the waist bands of their panties. Their wet panties clung together as they fell to the floor between their legs. Now with their womanhood open to one another they moved their hips together.

Their beautiful nylon stocking covered legs started to entwine and they slowly started to shift their hips back and forth. I could barely hear the grinding of their pubic hair over the sound of nylon rubbing on nylon. The two held each other firmly in a double bear hug, once again glaring into each others eye.

“I have a challenge for you.” stated Rene. “Something that there will be no escaping. That is if your not too afraid.”

“I don’t think there’s much of you to be afraid of. So what is it bitch?” Growled Wendy.

“Well I’ll need to get something out of my purse.” She stated

Wendy glanced down and spotted Rene’s purse, curious as to what she had in mind she started to reach but Rene had responded quick enough to beat her to it.

Rene dug through her purse and pulled out a brand new pair of white pantyhose still in their wrapper.

“I challenge you to meet me inside this pair of pantyhose and fight me cunt-to-cunt bitch!” Shouted Rene. “While we’re still garter locked together.” She ended.

“Shit, your the one that should be afraid bitch. Yelled out Wendy. “Lets jump in and get it started.”

With that the two girls clumsily managed to pull one leg of the hose on.
After several attempts the other leg was stepped into and pulled up. As they
pulled the hose up around their hips it squeezed them tightly together. Now joined together their eyes locked once again in a bitchy glare.

They held onto each other forearms for balance as they re-adjusted their legs, snaking them together inside the pair of white pantyhose until they were tightly entwined. Both girls hands came up to shoulder level and they clasped them together, interlacing their fingers.

They brought their faces close until their foreheads pressed together. Evil bitchy expressions appeared as they glared into each others eyes. They begin to push, pull, mash, and grind against each other causing them to move about the room. This dance fight continued for several minutes. They started to make threats against one another and each was claiming to be winning their body-to-body fight.

“I can feel your weak body giving into mine.” Rene grunted out.

“Its your body that’s giving into mine.” Exclaimed Wendy. “I can feel my tits flattening your tits, I can feel my nipples pushing your nipples back, I can feel my legs crushing your legs, and I can feel my pubic bone forcing your pubic bone back.” She claimed.

“Then why don’t you bring your pussy lips up against my pussy lips so we can cunt fight?” Questioned Rene.

“Get ready to have your cunt destroyed by my cunt bitch!” shouted Wendy

The two girls hips maneuvered around and I could tell cunt-to-cunt contact was made when they both let out an aggressive growl. With foreheads still pressed together each one glared into the eyes of the other like angry animals. Eye brows twisted inward while saliva started to drip from the corner of their mouths.The two started to moved around the room with more aggression. They released each others hands only to latch onto one another s long thick hair at the sides of their faces. Nose to nose they danced around the room.

“I can feel my cunt eating away at your cunt bitch!” grunted Wendy.

“My cunt is the one eating away at your cunt slut!” growled Rene. “Besides, your cunt won’t be doing much fighting after I drown it in my juices!” she stated.

“When my cunt opens its flood gates its your cunt that will be the one drowning bitch!” shouted Wendy.

You know your a filthy mouth little bitch!” Stated Rene. “I should wash your dirty little mouth out.” she said.

“Your the one who needs a mouth cleansing bitch!” Shouted Wendy.

“Yeah, well I’m not going to use soap and water, I’m going to use my spit and my tongue to wash your mouth out, slut! stated Rene.

“Well that might be pretty hard to do when I’m cleansing your mouth out with my own spit and tongue.” replied Wendy.

With that the two tightened the grip on each others hair, smashing their noses together. Their eyes glared wickedly into one another while snarling mouths dripping with spit came within an inch of touching.

Rene was the first to make her move as a wet tongue coated with spit came out of her mouth and wiped across Wendy’s lips and teeth leaving them dripping with her own saliva. Wendy quickly responed with a wet dripping tongue of her own as she wiped it across Rene’s mouth. The two held each other for a brief moment, baring their spit coated teeth.

“Are you ready to tongue fight me bitch?” growled Rene.

“My tongue is more than ready to battle your tongue in a tongue fight slut!” grunted out Wendy.

With that the two girls snaked their tongues out and they tangled them wetly together. They started twirling them around and around each other while mixing their girl spit.

So the two girls stood with hands locked in each others hair, eyes glare fighting, tongues spit battling, tit and nipples compressed together, nylon stocking legs tightly entwined, cunts locked and sucked together. For several minutes they danced around the room grinding, mashing, pushing, and pulling against one another.

Rene finally angled her head and went in for the kill by sealing her lips with Wendy’s, then shoved her tongue deep into Wendy’s mouth. Wendy responded by opening her mouth wide and shoving her tongue into Rene’s mouth. Their hands released the grip they had on each others hair only to take a firmer grip on one another. One hand was place behind each others head forcing their jaws to interlock in a violent girl tongue kissing spit fight, while the other arm was wrapped around each others backs at shoulder level, forcing their tits to compress tight together.

 I could hear the sucking noises coming from their mouths and their cunts as well as the whispers their nylons were creating from rubbing together. Spit was dripping from their fighting mouths and I could only image the intensity these two girls were feeling.

The two started to become unstable and ended up falling together on the large day bed. Here they started to roll back and forth, first Rene on top than Wendy. Their arms wrapped around each other keeping their bodies pressed tight together. Each one would win a small amount of time on top where an aggressive struggle would take place.

The one on the bottom would bridge up by thrusting her pelvis upward, while the one on top would be struggling to keep her position by thrusting her pelvis down into her opponent. The one on the bottom would eventually manage to roll the other one from the top position. One of the bed cameras I had in place gave me the perfect view between their legs. I could see an outline of their fighting pussies through the crotch of the white pantyhose.

I notice they started to take a little longer time in between rolls and started concentrating more on fuck fighting each other. They would mash and grind into each other, mouths and cunts never parting from their suffocating assault, and never have I witnessed such an aggressive leg fight. Their white nylon stocking covered legs slipping, sliding, slithering, twisting, and entwining back and forth inside the tight white pantyhose that held them together. The nylon friction was so incredible and it looked as if the two girls were purposely trying to melt their nylons together.

On occasion they would even engage in a little nylon stocking footsie fight. Their feet would rub, tangle and twist together inside the pantyhose.
This nylon fuck fight went on for several minutes with each one eventually making it from the bottom to the top position, although each change of position was taking longer and longer to accomplish.

Things suddenly slowed down with Rene in the top position. Their movements became less aggressive. Just the light rustle of nylon and the smacking of lips. Just when I thought things had settled down, suddenly both their bodies jerk into a tight embrace. Nylon stocking legs were tense and locked at their ankles. Arms flexed as both squeezed each other into their tightest embrace yet. Bodies stiffened like boards yet jerk violently back and forth.

The two were moaning and groaning deep into each others mouths yet each one refused to break the tongue kissing spit fight. Their orgasm fight lasted more than a full minute and I knew each girl was trying to make her’s last longer than her opponent’s. I couldn’t see it but I knew the two girls must have been pumping large amounts of girl juice back and forth between their pussies.

Their bodies slowly lost their tense embrace as their orgasm subsided. Just as they appeared to be fully relaxed, Wendy quickly tensed up and threw her hips into the air fighting again for the top position. She managed to swing her their legs around and their hips twisted into an almost side to side position. Yet Rene was able to hold Wendy’s shoulders to the bed.

Their bodies twisted into an indescribable pretzel position as each fought to be on top. Their bodies remained in this position for a full minute until Rene finally lost her hold and Wendy was able to gain the top position. Rene started to fight back but was overwhelmed by the assault her pussy was taking from Wendy’s cunt. She settled back and concentrated on fuck fighting her opponent.

Once again the two went at it. Wide open mouths still glued together, tits still fully compressed, nylon stocking legs still slithering and twisting, while cunts sealed together. Their clits must have been tied together in a knot tugging back and forth because another orgasm soon erupted. Once again their bodies shook violently.

Before the orgasm ended, Rene made the attempt to swing into the top position. With their bodies pretzel ed together it didn’t take long before Wendy ended up on the bottom. At this point Rene was making a serious fuck fighting assault on Wendy. On occasion it appear that Wendy was making a retreat. Her head would pull back as if she were trying to end the tongue kissing fight. Her hips seemed to be yielding to the rough grinding of Rene’s hips.

Rene was really pouring it on as she felt Wendy weakening. Her tongue must have been ramming down Wendy’s throat as she would not let Wendy break the kiss fight. Her tits, legs, and cunt were really starting to do a number on Wendy. Their third orgasm erupted which seemed to give Wendy renewed energy. Her mouth pressed hard against Rene’s forcing Rene’s head to angle back. Her hips shot up proving she could still match the same amount of cunt-to-cunt pressure Rene was dishing out.

She bridged up and managed to twist their bodies over into a side by side position. Now the battle for top position was more intense then it ever was. Since their nylon stocking covered legs were tightly entwined inside the pantyhose, neither girl could use her legs for leverage. This made for an interesting body to body push fight.

The fight for top position seem to continue for some time before Rene finally came up with the idea of reversing her force which caused Wendy to come up on top. I think her plan was to keep the momentum going so she could roll on top of Wendy, but Wendy was too smart to fall for that trick. She immediately forced her cunt into Rene’s cunt pinning her ass flat against the mattress of the day bed. Rene’s head was also pressed into the mattress as a result of Wendy’s forceful kiss.

It was amazing that both girls had come this far without breaking away from this tongue kissing fight.I watched as Rene’s head started to lift off the mattress. She took in every bit of Wendy’s kiss and gave her back some of her own. They continue to fight as Rene’s kiss was proving to be more powerful than Wendy’s. She forced Wendy’s head back and her ass started to lift off the bed, proving that she could still out mash cunts with Wendy.

Rene also increased the intensity of her nylons stocking legs rubbing against Wendy’s nylon stocking legs. Wendy’s attempt to match the nylon friction could not sustain Rene’s aggressive motion. Even though Wendy gained the top position it appear as if Rene was gradually wearing her down. This went on for quite a few minutes until Rene finally decided to finish her off by making an attempt to gain top position.

She was certainly surprised when Wendy suddenly came to life and slammed her back against the bed. It became obvious that Wendy’s plan was to let Rene wear herself out, but at the moment it didn’t prove to be the case. Rene quickly came back by bringing her mouth and cunt into equal battle. The two girls were really pouring it on. Their arms squeezed themselves into a tight wrenching embrace. Wide open mouths crushed together. Tits pancaked against one another from the enormous pressure. Sweaty bodies completely pasted together. Cunts mashing into each other with clits entwined. Their nylon stocking covered legs were fighting with such intensity, it was a wonder I didn’t see smoke from all the friction.

At this point their fuck fight was the most amazing thing to watch. Each one would gain a short advancement on the other. Rene’s mouth would force Wendy’s head back slightly at the same time Rene’s ass would come up off the bed, forcing Wendy’s cunt to yield. Then the role would reverse and it would be Wendy’s mouth and cunt overpowering Rene’s. Each time I could her an almost painful moan coming from the yielding opponent. What was really tense was when they laid in equal positions and moaned into each others mouths. I suddenly noticed that their shared pair of pantyhose started to run. Looking closer I noticed that their nylon stockings were also starting to shred.

For several minutes the two nylon fuck fighters went at it. Their leg battle seem to slow down into a nylon footsie fight. Smooth nylon feet were twisting and sliding against each other inside the pantyhose. After a few more minutes I noticed Wendy was winning more of the struggle. Rene was moaning and trying to pull away from Wendy’s invading tongue and the smashing of Wendy’s cunt into her own cunt. Wendy took the opportunity and poured every last bit of strength she had left into breaking Rene down. At this point I knew Wendy was the victor. She continued to smash herself against Rene, making it clear that she was the winner.

Finally their mouths separated and both girls gasped for air. Rene was coughing and choking trying to catch her breath. After a minute or so Wendy finally spoke, “Revenge is sweet bitch!” she shouted. She reached down and proceeded to rip away at the pantyhose that had kept them entwined together for over an hour. She didn’t even bother unfastening their garter straps, she just took a hold of them and ripped them from the lace tops of their stockings. Looking close it appeared that their nylon had melted together in places. As Wendy pulled away from Rene, shreds pieces of their nylons were entwined. After partially dressing Wendy headed for the door.

“Maybe sometime we can make it the best two out of three.” Wendy stated. “That is if you think you can handle it bitch!” she shouted and then walked out the door.

The End

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