Unexpected Encounter by Hype

Priya used to work as an accountant in a big firm and had a good package. She was raised by her uncle after her parents died early. Her uncle died at the age of 25. She came from a well to do family and used to stay at her bungalow outside of the city alone.  She wasn’t really sad about that and was happy as she had privacy. Even though she tried to get into relationships with many men it didn’t really work out so she remained single and didn’t really care. Now she was 33 years old and was pretty busty. She had low social life and she liked it like that.

But Priya was pretty upset about one thing and it was eating her everyday. Priya had a secret fetish of fighting an equal woman. In her childhood she once saw a video of a catfight between two girls. She was really turned on by it. From then she was obsessed by it. But alas it remained a dream for her.

Even though she got in little scraps.  It never went forward. She wanted to fight a girl in a secluded place without any interruptions. She wanted both of them to beat the shit out of each other away from the world. But she couldn’t fulfill it as she couldn’t find anyone in the conservative society she lived in. she was disappointed about that.

One day she was returning from a party in her company. It was already past 10. So she was returning home in a small shortcut. She didn’t see the muddy water in the middle and ran the car over it and the water rose and fell outside.  Suddenly a stone broke the glass and entered the car. She was immediately angry and got outside. She saw a lady drenched in muddy water looking at her angrily.

She was the same size as priya and was a bit dark. Both of them were wearing smooth sarees and their bosoms were amply visible. The girl looked like she was from a nearby village. Both of them approached each other

“you bitch! look what you did to my car” screamed Priya

“look what you did to my saree slut” screamed the girl

They both stood inches from each other with hands on their hips. Priya was surprised how similar they are

 “bitch who told you to move in the middle of the road” hissed Priya

“it’s not your dad’s road whore”  hissed the girl

Both of them hissed at each other. Priya was getting angry and aroused. Is this it? is she going to fulfill her fantasy like this? She knows this road and nobody is going to stop them if they fight. Priya didn’t want to lose the opportunity and the girl was not backing off.

“ bitch I am giving you a final warning. Pay for the car and leave” warned priya pushing her tits into the girl

“slut you pay for my saree and leave” said the girl pushing back.

Both of them pushed their tits into each other. Priya realised she has already become a little wet. Both of them growled at each other dangerously.

“you don’t know what you are getting yourself into whore” growled priya

“its you who don’t understand bitch. This is your last warning” the girl growled back 

Priya couldn’t wait any longer.  She slapped the girl. The girl was surprised for a moment but slapped back. That’s it, both of them started pulling each other by the hair and started punching each other with other hand.

Priya felt amazing beating and getting beaten by another girl. They both danced around and reached the end of the steep slapping each other. They both fell down and rolled down the steep. They continued punching each other

Aanghhh, uhhhh, bitchhhh, kill you, fuck you, were coming through their mouth. They both punched and pulled hair and rolled around. After sometime they kicked away from each other and got on their  knees. They both looked at each other angrily. Their saree came off and the blouse was torn off and the breasts were hanging out partially.

“I will kill you bitch” hissed the girl.

“not before I kill you bitch” hissed Priya.

They both came forward and started a fistfight. Both hit each other where ever they want. They both fell to the ground and punched each other laying side by side. After some time they got tired and stopped to catch their breath. Priya was living her fantasy. They both were a good match. Suddenly the other girl pinched Priya’s boobs and Priya pinched back.

They both started scratching, pinching and clawing each other, tears were forming in their eyes. At last they both pulled away from each other and stood up, their bras were torn and they removed to check their boobs. They both looked at each other angrily.

“I hate you slut” screamed the girl

“me too bitch” screamed Priya

They both got up and started circling each other breathing angrily. Priya looked at each other’s boobs and realised how similar they were. There was no soul in any direction. It was just the two of them

“village whore”

“high class slut”

Priya felt like she was in a dream. It was as if they both were the only people on the planet. They circled cursing at each other. They both slapped and swung at each other.  

“fuck you slut”

“screw you bitch”.  Both spat at each other. Priya couldn’t believe whats happening . she and this bitch are fighting each other in the middle of nowhere.

They both came forward and once again started beating each other up, they scratched, punched and pinched each other viciously. They kicked each other a few times.  



They screamed at each other. Priya was enjoying every minute and it looked like the girl was enjoying too. At last they lay side by side occasionally slapping each other. Priya was completely wet  down under. At last they stopped the fight and got up and looked at each other. They both were completely filled with bruises. 

“bitch you completely tore my saree” screamed the girl

“you tore mine too”  screamed Priya

“now what am I going to do?”

“don’t worry my home is nearby. Let’s go there”

They both began to move to the car occasionally pushing each other.

They both entered the car and began to drive.

“my name is Radha” said the girl

“my name is Priya”

“bitch we don’t even know each other. But we fought and beat the shit out of each other like we have rivalry for years” said Radha

“it’s because we hate each other slut ” said Priya



They both looked at their naked tits and erected nipples.

“so where are you from?” asked Priya

“I am from neighboring village. What about you?”

“I am an accountant in a big firm. I live in my mansion”

“you are an accountant? You fought like a street whore” asked Radha

“we both fought like two street whores. So what’s your story ”

“my father was a drunkard who married me to a rogue and died recently. My husband got into a squabble with someone and stabbed him to death and was jailed for a lifetime. As I studied until degree I decided to go to the city for a job”

“I basically live alone after my uncle who raised me. died” said Priya

There was an awkward silence in the car. Radha wanted to break the silence and  pulled priya’s hair

“ look what you did bitch” showing at her naked boobs which was filled with red marks

Priya stopped the car and both started a slap fight inside the car. They slapped each other viciously. They even tried to bite each other.

Suddenly Priya stopped “ let’s go to my place bitch” and began to drive

They reached her place and entered the mansion

“you live here alone slut” asked Radha


They both went and stood before the mirror and looked at the reflection

“bitch we did beat the shit out of each other” said Radha

“that I agree”

“So you want to sleep or fight now”

“let’s fight in the morning I am tired” 

Priya looked at radha’s panties and saw it completely wet like hers.

They both went to bed in their panties and Radha was about to go to sleep. But she felt someone pulling her back. Priya crushed Radha towards her and whispered

“I enjoyed each and every moment of our fight slut” hissed Priya

“me too bitch” hissed Radha

They both started pulling each other’s hair. They slowly started humping each other and started moaning. 



They both came at same time and looked at each other and kissed.



 They whispered to each other and difted into sleep hugging each other.

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The next morning Priya woke up groggily and rubbed her eyes. Slowly she began to remember the events that transpired last night. For a minute she thought she dreamed everything last night. But when she looked at scratches on her body, she realised it was not a dream. She looked aside and realised that Radha was gone.

She was a bit saddened as she wanted to argue and fight with her all day as it was a holiday for her that day. They both were a good match. She went to the bathroom and washed her face. As she was approaching kitchen she smelled some good aroma. She went in and saw radha cooking something.

For a second priya was happy. Both of them were naked except for their panties. Looking at radha priya realised how similar they were.

“who told you slut you could use my kitchen” asked priya angrily.

“I don’t need your permission slut” radha replied back.

“this is my home whore” 

“I don’t care cunt. I was hungry”

They both came forward and stood tit to tit. Their nipples were  piercing into each other.

“village cunt” hissed Priya

“high class whore” hissed Radha

They wanted to fight but both of them decided to eat first. They both sat side by side and began to eat. Priya was surprised how tasty the food was

“this tastes like shit bitch” smirked priya

“yes I mixed some shit into it” radha smirked back

They both liked getting on each other’s nerves.

“I still can’t believe the things that happened last night radha” 

“me too priya. It was as if it was as if we were destined to fight”

“I always wanted to fight with someone in such a way” said priya

“I never thought that a high class girl like you would fight in such a primitive way” said Radha

“yes I did beat the shit out of you right” 

“its me who beat the shit out of you”

“don’t make me laugh”

“you don’t make me laugh” 

They both were getting angry slowly.





Suddenly radha spit on priya and priya was stunned. She hit radha with her plate and ran. Radha screamed and ran behind her.

Priya stopped in the hall and radha tackled her to the ground. Both started rolling on the ground pulling hair. Priya was enjoying this. They both were punching each other on the sides.

“arrogant whore”

“fucking slut”

They both hit each other in the breasts and stomach. Suddenly radha punched priya and ran upstairs. Priya followed her and pulled her hair on the stairs. Radha once again punched and ran to the stairs and priya followed. They both fell on the bed and continued their catfight.

They both were slowly getting wet as they both rolled on the bed scratching and punching each other. They both cursed at each other like two drunken sailors. Priya wanted to take the fight outside, so she pushed away and ran down.

Radha followed her outside. The mansion was very big and there was a lot of open space. Priya looked back and saw Radha coming towards her like a banshee. Priya too ran towards Radha screaming.

Unnggghhh both locked up and fell to the ground. They both clasped their legs together and got into a catball. They both screamed at each other as they rolled on the grass scratching, punching and hitting each other



At last they stopped and lay side by side catching breath. They both were surprised how equal they are. But they wanted to continue the fight.

“bitch lets get up and fist fight” said Priya

“lets do it whore” 

They both got up and looked at each other’s panties. It was completely wet. They both removed it and stood naked in front of each other. They both looked at their hairy bush. They both raised their fists and started circling each other. They both came forward and tried to hit other and connected some punches. They both did it for sometime.

Priya was getting tried of this and came forward and pulled towards and started punching her and radha retorted.  There was wild look of hate as they punched and slapped each other. They both fell on their butts and continued their fight. Even though both of them were feeling pain they didn’t wanted to give up.

They both were moaning at each other. Aahhh, uhhhhh, ummmmm, ohhhhhh were the sounds coming out of each other. Pussy juices were flowing freely. At last they frequency of punches stopped as they got tired. They both stopped and looked at each other with tears in their eyes.

“I hate you bitch” Radha said

“I hate you more slut” replied Priya

As for Priya she enjoyed it to find such an equal match.

“no winner this time too whore” said Radha

“we seem too equal to win a fight bitch”

“I agree”

“I want to fight you like this everyday bitch. So I give you an offer” said priya

Radha was surprised for some time. She too wanted to fight priya. Priya awakened the sleeping slut something in her. 

“ what is it?”

“as you see I live alone. I always had this deep desire of finding an equal girl and fighting her. last night and now they way we both beat the shit out of each other. I realised that you are my equal. I enjoyed every minute of it. I know you did too. Would you agree?”

“yes I do bitch”

“now listen as you don’t have anyone like me why don’t you just move in with me. I can recommend for a job in our firm” said priya

Radha was surprised. She didn’t know what to say, but she liked the offer

“I agree slut” 

“in this big mansion we fight anywhere”



“lets seal the deal” said Priya and let her tongue out. 

Radha let her own tongue out and both touched the tip not before they started a deep kiss.

They both came forward and started tribbing.



They both cummed at the same time.

“we are rivals for life slut” moaned Priya

“I agree” moaned Radha.

They both stared at each other.

“so what now bitch?” asked Radha

“I don’t know about you slut, but I want a bath” said Priya and ran to the back of the mansion.

Radha was surprised to see a big swimming pool. They both jumped into it and started swimming. But before they knew it they started another catfight in the pool.

The End

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  1. jackmicheals says:

    I am an Indian and i loved that you had Indian female characters
    You must explore this more .
    Can we connect so that i can give you some scenarios?


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