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When the new girl was introduced to Ashley, their nylon covered legs brushed against each other and each girl knew it was on. Ashley was introduced to none other than Valerie.

Two months had gone by and the tension between Ashley and Valerie was unbearable. Heather and Val worked behind that tiny desk together sharing the secretarial duties. Their chairs constantly pressed together. Their elbows touching as they typed. Their nylon legs becoming tangled as they jockeyed for space under their desk.

Both women were very queenie. Ashley liked to believe that she was the centre of attention where she worked, and Valerie always thinks she is the centre of attention.

The two battled for attention constantly. They even got into a shoving match in front of the courier guy one time. The both had equally hard and shapely bodies with big breasts and tight behinds. Both stood at the exact same height.

Any advantage one girl would gain the other girl would nullify. For
example, to stand out from the two Valerie dyed her hair platinum
blonde, so Ashley followed suit. When Ashley started to wear shorter dresses and funky types of nylons, Valerie copied her.

Because the girls looked so similar, only their clothes could set them
apart, but each girl kept trying to out do the other so neither could
stand out from the other.

After both ladies grew their hair to shoulder length, they both started talking to co-workers about how they needed a change.

Valerie walked into work Monday morning wearing a blue pin- stripe
suit that consisted of a jacket, white silk blouse, pants, accessorized
by a pair of black suede pumps and black knee high black stockings.

As she walked proudly showing off her new look she turned a corner and quickly crashed into Ashley who was wearing the exact same outfit, but with white knee high stockings.

As they collided their shoulder length hair flew forward covering
their faces. Co-workers could not tell them apart for the brief moment that their faces were covered.

As they stepped back, both women realized what the other had done – they both died their hair black. Each girl sported soft jet black
full-bodied hair that shone.

The co-workers in the office complimented both women as they attempted to calm the tension. Both women went to sit down at their desk and begin their daily routine.

During the day, the two women who usually at least acted phony towards one another to get through the day, didn’t mutter a single word towards each other. Both women had removed their shoes.

Valerie swiveled her chair to the right to answer the phone, and
Ashley swung to the left. As their hands collided, their nyloned feet
smacked together. Val’s left black stockinged foot slid over the top of
Ashley’s right white stockinged foot. Valerie pulled her foot back
immediately and allowed Ashley to answer the phone.

While Ashley spoke on the phone, Valerie got up to use the bathroom.

She slipped her shoes back on and got up.
As Valerie sat on the toilet she felt something that wasn’t right
about her shoes. She looked down to notice the one of the shoes seemed a little more faded than the other. The black suede on her right shoe was definitely more faded. But how she wondered.

She slipped off her shoes. Both were identical size and make. Even the toe indentations in the front of the shoe were identical. Valerie knew however that something was wrong. She sniffed at both shoes. It was odd, one of the shoes smelled different than the other. The right shoe was not a familiar scent.

The door to the bathroom opened and in walked Ashley. Valerie noticed her shoes under the stall door. She then realized what had happened, she was wearing one of Ashley’s shoes. Feeling embarrassed she put her shoes back on. Heather got into the stall next to Valerie and sat down.

“Valerie.” Ashley spoke politely.

“Yes.” Val responded with a polite tone as well.

“I think our shoes…”

“got tangled under the desk…”

Both women giggled like old school friends as they finished off each
other’s sentences.

“Just slide me my shoe under the stall and I will return yours.”
Ashley asked Valerie.

“Good idea.”

With that Valerie took off her right shoe and slid it under that
door and picked up the shoe Ashley had handed to her. As Valerie went
to put on the shoe she realized ith was the shoe for the left foot.

“Oh no! Wait a minute!” Both girls began to shout as they realized the
other girl had returned the wrong shoe.

Both women started to argue as to who owned the faded pair.

“Look, my shoes are not the faded pair.” Shot Valerie.

“And how would you know Val?”

“Because I don’t wear things that are worn out and faded, plus Your
shoe smells like shit.”

“My shoes smell, wonderful, it is your awful stench that stinks up
your faded shoes.”

It now became a battle of pride.

“My feet smell better.” Shot Valerie.

“My feet smell better.” Replied Ashley.

“How do you suggest we settle this little problem of ours,” asked
Valerie hoping Ashley would suggest some form of combat.

“How about we…”

Heather was interrupted by Leslie who came into the bathroom reminding Val and Ashley that they were late for lunch with the rest of the girls.

Both girls finished their business and headed out the door for lunch.

Sitting at the table were six women from the office. Valerie,
Heather, Leslie, Dominique, Teri, and Jenifer. All of the women were
all under 25 and very beautiful. It made for an impressive table. It
was Friday, and it was customary for the ladies to down a couple of
beers. As the conversation loosened up, the ladies competitive side
came out. They began to talk about how their boyfriends get into fights at bars, when the conversation switched to the topic of women fighting.

“A catfight. No I have never been in one, nor do I ever want to be.”
Stated Leslie after being asked.

“How a bout that time Ashley beat up that girl in here.” Remarked

“You remember, when that drunk girl started pushing me and you stepped in and gave her a beating?”

All of the ladies laughed as they remembered what happened.
Leslie leaned into Valerie, “Ashley has not only been the beautiful
one but also the best fighter out of us all.”

Ashley shot Valerie a smirk as Val turned to look to her. Teri who used to work with Valerie at another company spoke.

“Ah I remember Valerie beating up a few women and even some guys as the last job we had. Come to think of it, not only was she the most beautiful but the best fighter there.”

Valerie looked back and flashed a catty look at Ashley. The two now
locked eyes as Ashley spoke.

“I guess we have a pretty tough staff.”

“I guess we do.” Agreed Valerie.

“I wonder who would win in a fight between the two of you,” asked

All the women began to laugh now as the question added to much tension to the table. The women continued to trade stories as Valerie and Ashley tried to intimidate and impress each other with fight stories. Back at the office Val and Ashley continued to work. The phone rang and again both women went for it. This time neither women let go of the receiver. When their shoes collided Val did not pull back. They just stared at each other. Val wrestled the phone away from Ashley and took the call. She took down a message and put the receiver down. Nylon could be heard as friction resulted from the ladies rubbing their feet together.

“Why don’t you meet me at my apartment before we go out tonight to settle this shoe situation.” Mumbled Ashley.

“Finally, we will resolve this tension.” Agreed Valerie.

That evening Valerie was getting dressed and wanted to make sure she looked better than Ashley. After work was over the women agreed to go out for a night on the town.

Valerie showed up at Ashley’s apartment wearing a trendy old-fashioned look. She figured Ashley would not be so conservative nor as fashionable as she. Val had her hair tied up in a bun and was wearing her trendy glasses instead of contacts. She wore a red-knit sweater with a knee-length grey cotton skirt. She accessorized her outfit with a pair of black spaghetti strapped high heel shoes and a pair of sheer to the waist nude pantyhose.

Ashley opened the door and invited Valerie in. Ashley was wearing a
brown-knit sweater with a long floral printed blue skirt that hung
elegantly from her hip and fell to her ankles. She also had her hair
tied up in a bun, was wearing her own identical pair of wire-rimmed
eye-glasses. On her feet she had on a pair of black tap dance type high heeled shoes.

Both women looked down at each other’s feet to notice their open-toed shoes. Their toes were covered with such sheer nude pantyhose that one would think their toes were bare. Valerie was just about to start something when she noticed the Leslie
and Teri were in the room.

“They showed up early,” whispered Ashley. “We will have to do this

All four women left the apartment and hailed a cab. Val, Teri and
Ashley sat in the back seat while Leslie sat in the front with the
driver. Valerie and Ashley were sitting side by side, and both Leslie
and Teri noticed that Val and Ashley were rubbing their hips together.

They pretended to ignore it but knew there was a lot of friction between the two.

The ladies met up with the rest of the gang and they went
club-hopping. The night went off without a hitch. At about two in the
morning the ladies decided to call it a night. As all four ladies got
back to Ashley’s apartment, it was obvious that Val, Teri or Leslie were to drunk to drive home. Ashley offered all of them to sleep at her place until they were able to drive home. They all accepted. In the elevator ride up Leslie couldn’t resist making a comment.

“I still wonder who would win in a fight between the two of you?”

Both women being a little tipsy claimed they would easily beat the
other girl and dominate her.

“Why don’t we wager on it girls?” Asked Teri.

“Anytime any place you guys want.” Responded both women.

“Right now, upstairs then.”

It was agreed.

When they got into Ashley’s apartment, Ashley locked the door and
turned to face Valerie.

“What kind of rules are we fighting by?”

“Well me and Leslie are betting each other as to who would win a fight between the two of you. Leslie thinks you will win, and I think Val is going to kick your butt.”

“What’s the bet?”

“If Valerie wins you leave the office and she gets a promotion.”

“What kind of promotion?”

“Valerie will get Leslie’s executive job, and Leslie will have to
leave the company.”

“If you win, I and Valerie leave the company, and you will get my
executive job.”

NOw both women really wanted at each other. Finally a chance to
advance in the company and not have to work under bullshit conditions.

“Let’s do it” Shouted Valerie.

“The sooner the better bitch” Responded Ashley.

With that, the ladies cleared out the centre of the living room and
got ready to fight. Teri sat on the couch next to Leslie It was a site to see. Val wearing her red-knit sweater with grey cotton knee-length skirt, nude pantyhose and shoes with her glasses on and hair tied up in a bun. She was standing tit to tit with Ashley who was wearing her Brown knit sweater with her long ankle skirt nude pantyhose and shoes. Her lenses of her glasses were almost touching the lenses of Val’s glasses as they rub the sides of each other’s noses with their own nose.

Each girl had a tiny button nose that could barely support their glasses never mind enter into warfare. The room was so silent you could hear the cracking of leather as the tips of their shoes came into contact. Curly bangs that dangled from their hair began to entwine as they bounced, almost forming their own battle.

Each girl was a little intimidated by the other, since each had become a legend and neither girl really wanted to enter into combat. They began a verbal assault on each other as a stall tactic and to feel each other out.

“We still have that matter of a pair of shoes to take care of.” Ashley said referring to their office encounter.

“You can keep them.” Responded Valerie. “After I beat you and get my promotion, you will need a good pair of shoes to help you find a new job.”

“Listen bitch I’m going to snap you like a twig!”

“Oh YEAH!”


Both women were pushing their foreheads into each other as the wire rims of their glasses scraped against each other.

With Teri and Leslie watching intensely, both women wanted to display their verbal skills and defeat the other in a verbal catfight, but each girl was to nervous to think clearly.

“I am so sick of watching you wear those cheap nylons and outfits, and having to sit next to you having people think I am your friend and that I condone your method of dress.” Added Valerie.

“First of all you copy everything I wear, and my pantyhose are of the
finest quality.”

Both women were now engaged in a side battle of mercy as they played with each other’s hands at their sides. Their foreheads never separated and now a fine mist of sweat was bonding their foreheads together. As their heads jockeyed for position they began to spit into each other’s mouths as they spoke, for their lips were almost rubbing together.

They had now reached the second stage, as they tried to place one leg behind the other girl trying to trip her, but their shoes just kept
colliding and sounds of sheer nylon reverberating around the room could be heard. Grunts from the two women filled the room, as the two other women prayed for their gladiator.

Teri, who was on Val’s side was a black haired fair skinned beauty,
with shoulder length hair and a killer hard body with large breasts.
She was wearing a red cocktail dress with sheer white pantyhose and white pumps.

Leslie was and identical looking girl, but had blonde shoulder length
hair. She was wearing a purple silk blouse with a short black pleated
skirt, lavender pantyhose and matching colored pumps.

Both ladies began to eye each other as they sat on the couch.

“Nice come fuck me pumps Terri.” Shot Leslie as she kicked at Terri’s heel with her own shoe knocking it off.

“Nice purple hose slut.” Said Terri as she pulled at her thigh, stretching out the nylon on Leslie’s right leg.

“Don’t snag my pantyhose bitch.”

Leslie shoved at Teri who responded, now both women lunged at each other, diving for each other’s hair. Valerie noticing this went to break it up and that is when Ashley saw her chance.

She pushed Val from behind and Val fell into the wall and then onto the floor. Val got up and charged Ashley, smashing into her she bounced off Ashley. She did not budge her. She dug into the carpet with her heels and began to push Ashley into the wall. Val gave her one good shove and Ashley fell backwards into the wall and to the ground.

Ashley got up and charged Val. Both ladies crashed into eachother and no one gained and inch. Both ladies tried to drive the other backwards.

They compromised and began to spin in circles. They crash landed on top of Teri and Leslie who were now in a full blown fight. What a fight to see as eight pairs of pantyhosed legs became entwined on the couch, as beautiful, intelligent, and classy dressed women fought like animals.

All four women tangled up causing them to fall to the floor. All four women were rolling around the room.

Val and Ashley were able to separate themselves from Teri and Leslie and stood up. They faced off in a boxer’s stance toe to toe. Val took a swing and missed Ashley. Ashley returned the favour with a right hook that missed. Then both women lost their poise, put their heads down and began punching wildly. Some shots connected as you heard the smacking of flesh, while other shots missed all together.

As they got tangled up, they resumed a more familiar catfighting
style. Val reached for Ashley’s glasses, and Ashley tugged viciously at Val’s hair. Off came Ashley’s glasses and some of Val’s hair joined the glasses on the floor as Ashley ripped Val’s hair out of her bun. Then the two ladies simply switched tactics as now Val’s glasses and some of Ashley’s’ hair fell to the plush carpeted floor between their four feet that were jockeying for position.

Teri and Leslie, who had no clue how to fight, wrestled on the floor
in the expensive outfits. Teri and Leslie just had one hand on each
other’s hair, and the other had the other girls skirt hiked up to her
ass cheek while pulling on a handful of nylon.

“Let go of me.” Said one.

“Let go of me first.” Said the other.

It seemed that they weren’t even paying attention to each other, but
were happy to rest in that stalemate, jostling for position, waiting for
an upper-hand, while they watch Val and Ashley fight.

Val and Ashley looked as if they were dancing as they pushed and
shoved one another around the room. Their hose had tatters, snags,
tears, and runs in them. Their hair was all over the place as their hairspray kept it statically. Their clothes were still intact. As they collided again, their hair hid their identity. Down they fell to the floor were they rolled around for a bit. Now each girl wanting to finish the other girl off as they began to grow tired. They began by stretching each other’s expensive knit sweaters out.

They stretched them so loose, there was no difference in diameter between the neck hole of the sweater and the bottom of it. The sweaters came off, and then the bras were seductively ripped off. Immediately, they began ripping at each other’s dresses until all they had on were their pantyhose and shoes.

It was at that point that both ladies realized that they were wearing
crotch less pantyhose with no underwear. They looked at each other with a bizarre stare. They rolled away from the remains of their clothing back into the centre of the living room where they kicked off their shoes and tried to snag the rest of each other’s pantyhose with their feet. But that wasn’t important anymore. Each girl had the part she wanted exposed. They stopped wrestling for a moment and separated. Without saying a word, the two women formed a pair of interlocking scissors with their legs. They began to rub each other cunt, hoping to make the other girl come first. After ten minutes both women began to cum like they never came before.

They both passed out from exhaustion. When they came too, neither girl could remember what had happened. Funny thing was that Valerie woke up on top of Ashley. They began to separate as their pantyhose tried to keep them glued together. Dried juices made a loud tearing sound as they separated.

“What happened?” Asked Valerie.

“You won.” Out of the corner stumbled Leslie with nothing on except
for half a bra, and torn panties.

“However, Teri will not be joining you on your rise to the top.”

“Why not? If I won I won!”

“Well lets just say, we made a little side bet and she lost.”

With that Leslie walked over to a stunned Ashley, who rightfully had no recollection of losing the fight, and placed her half covered nylon clad foot on her face.

“I’m sorry, but Val is the better woman.”

And with that betrayal Valerie and Leslie left for their new life together. I wonder if Ashley and Teri are going to respect the rules of the bet

The End

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