Veronica Goes on a Cruise by JB57

The giant luxury cruiser cut through the Caribbean like a gleaming silver knife, its monstrous prow slicing the water, its brilliant metallic skin reflecting the blazing tropical sun. The ship was The Leviathan, a moving island, home to thousands of the wealthiest people in the world. Almost 400 meters long and 100 meters to the top of its radar tower, The Leviathan was a testament to excessive wealth and luxury. Super-rich people bought customized luxury apartments aboard the ship, which travelled the entire world, staying in the warmest climates for most of the year. The ship possessed helicopter landing pads, luxury stores, restaurants and 4 different swimming pools. On the top deck were found the most expensive private apartments. Here, each unit had its own sectioned-off patio, most of which housed hot tubs. One even had a private pool.

Veronica Carter stretched out luxuriously, flexing her muscles and arching her back like a cat. Long, strong, bare legs tensed as her toes pointed toward the bottom of her lounge chair. She raised her arms over her head and sighed loudly as the delicious release flowed through her voluptuous body. Her massive breasts, round and taut and beautiful, strained deliciously against her tiny bikini top.

Veronica relaxed back into the lounger, picked up her e-book reader, and tried to focus on the words on the screen. But she was feeling drowsy, a side-effect of basking in the hot sun for so long. Veronica put down her book and settled back on the lounge chair. She picked up a sun hat that was lying beside the chair and positioned it over her face. She relished the warmth of the sun on her beautiful, tanned body.

Veronica was wearing a barely-there bikini, two scraps of cloth that hardly covered anything and left almost nothing to the imagination.  The triangles of her bikini top were just large enough to cover her nipples and areola; her bikini thong cupped her pussy tightly and reached just barely high enough to fully conceal her beautifully-sculpted, thick black bush. Veronica had recently begun shaving her pussy hair into a thick, dense reverse triangle that began at the top of her succulent vagina and narrowed to an arrowhead as it moved up her pubes. She was not prepared to shave her cunt bare; she loved her bush and enjoyed using it on other women. But the fashions had begun to change and the revealing bikinis that she loved to wear were designed for women without pubic hair. Veronica’s compromise was to make her bush less noticeable, but it remained thick and full around her vagina. Veronica settled back and dozed, letting the hot sun and the ever-so-gentle sway of the ship rock her into a light sleep.

Veronica was enjoying her stay on The Leviathan. She had a friend who owned a full-time apartment on the giant ship and he had offered to let her use it for a few weeks. She had gratefully taken him up on his offer. Veronica had been on board for only a few days of a planned three-week trip. The ship was scheduled to be off the French coast at the end of that time. Veronica intended to take a helicopter to Paris and then resume her search for wealthy male patrons to maintain her in the style to which she was accustomed. In the meantime, she planned to relax.

Veronica’s friend’s apartment was two levels and had two bedrooms, three bathrooms and a huge open living area. It was also one of the units that included a private, fenced off deck with a hot tub. The fence opened onto the main deck, so passersby could see in and the owners could wander out. Veronica was lounging beside the hot tub; she planned to go tubbing that night, once it cooled off a bit.

The ship also contained common areas where the wealthy tenants could mingle. The many pools on the massive ship provided opportunities for the many beautiful trophy wives and mistresses to show off their bodies. Veronica had spent some time at the nearest, largest pool, displaying herself and attracting considerable male attention. She ignored, but enjoyed, the jealous and angry glares of several women. A number of men approached her, but she had put them all off. She planned for her time on the boat to be a real vacation. If a man struck her fancy, she might consider bedding him. But she was not looking for male companionship right now.

Veronica’s afternoon doze was interrupted by the sound of someone clearing her throat.  Veronica pushed up her sun hat and stared up through her mirrored sunshades at a vision of incredible erotic delight. The blonde woman before her was gorgeous. Her face was beautiful, with a pert nose and sea-green eyes and luxurious eyelashes. Long, golden blonde hair flowed around her shoulders.  A pair of sunshades were perched on her head. Her body glowed a healthy bronze. She was wearing a red thong bikini, as brief as Veronica’s bikini. Her long, powerful legs swelled up into wide, lush hips. Her belly was taut and rippling with well-defined muscle. Her navel was long, narrow and deep. Her breasts were fantastic – two meaty mounds of round, thick flesh, topped by thick nipples that indented the meager fabric of her bikini top. The woman had a short, thin wrap thrown carelessly over her sculpted shoulders, but it did nothing to hide any part of her voluptuous flesh. She was standing in high heels, her hands on her hips, smiling down at Veronica.

Veronica let her gaze sweep over the delectable creature in front of her, taking in every inch of the blonde’s incredible body. She felt her own body responding immediately to the succulent flesh of the woman before her. Her nipples tightened and lengthened, her tits swelled as blood and hormones rushed to bring her to arousal. Veronica felt her cunt grow wet and hot and she shifted her sleek, slick thighs, rubbing them together in building excitement.

“Are you Veronica Carter?” the blonde woman asked. Her voice was friendly, as was her smile.

Veronica removed her hat and smiled back. “Yes, I am,” she replied. “And you are?”

“I’m Katherine Brecken,” the blonde responded. “Please, just call me Kathy.”

Kathy offered her hand to Veronica, who took it eagerly. The women’s hands slid together. Veronica smiled slyly as she felt the sensual power flowing in the other’s woman’s flesh. The other woman smiled back in the same way. Both women continued to hold hands, but took care to rub their palms together with a bit of force and touch each other’s wrists, before letting each other go.

“I’m pleased to meet you, Kathy,” Veronica smiled. “Please,” she said, gesturing at the other lounge chair beside hers, “join me. Would you like anything to drink? I can ring for the butler.”

Kathy slipped off her pumps, shrugged off her wrap, and slid into the lounger, lying on her side to face Veronica. Hidden behind her mirrored shades, Veronica’s eyes swept hungrily over the other woman resting on her side. Veronica drank in the long, tanned legs, the deliciously round, jutting hip, the heavy tits that now fell toward the chair. Kathy propped her head up on her hand as she faced Veronica, her face still lit by a friendly smile. Veronica figured this woman was about her age, and every bit her equal in the looks department. She wondered if Kathy could match her in other ways too.

Kathy politely turned down the offer of the drink. “Thanks, but I drank some water and juice just before I came here. I’m fine.”

Veronica placed her hat beside her chair, on the deck. She removed her shades, so that Kathy could see her eyes. She stretched out on the lounger, her body mirroring Kathy’s position.  The two beautiful women unashamedly examined the other, each one weighing and comparing the other’s almost nude body to her own. Finally, they looked into each other’s eyes, acknowledging the truth that they were each a perfect match for the other.

“So, what brings you here?” Veronica asked after a moment. She was not interested in bedding men, but she could not let a body like Kathy’s go away without at least trying to get the blonde into bed. The signals she was picking up from Kathy convinced her that it would not be difficult to achieve that goal. She couldn’t think of any other reason for this woman to seek her out. Veronica was already imagining what it would feel like to have the blonde’s magnificent tits squashed and rolling against her own. Her nipples grew even harder and longer as the thought played in her mind. “Are you just visiting the neighbors?”

“No, I’m not a neighbor,” Kathy replied. “I’m staying with a friend, towards the middle part of the upper deck.” Veronica knew that the units in that area were even bigger and more luxurious than her own. “I saw you at the pool the other day.”

“Oh, really?” Veronica asked. She was getting incredibly wet. If this woman had tracked her down because of a physical attraction, they would soon be in bed together, fucking each other’s brains out. She could barely contain her excitement. “I don’t remember seeing you, and I’m sure I would have noticed you.”

“Well,” the blonde explained, “my friend’s place has a nice view of the pool, so I was up on his private deck looking down. That’s probably why you didn’t see me.”

“OK,” Veronica smiled. “So, how did you find me?”

“Oh, easy enough,” Kathy grinned. “There aren’t a lot of women who look like you. I just asked around a bit. The serving people identified you immediately.”

“You look like me,” Veronica said pointedly. She looked directly into the blonde woman’s deep green eyes, making her intentions and desires absolutely clear. The blonde stared back and, with a deep thrill, Veronica saw her feelings shared. But Kathy did not take the next step. Instead, her eyes locked with Veronica’s.

“I think I look better,” the blonde purred. Her voice suddenly dripped with viciousness.

Veronica’s smile grew even wider, even as her eyes narrowed. This woman was here to challenge her, she realized with a thrill. If there was anything she enjoyed more than fucking beautiful women, it was fuckfighting beautiful women. Her pussy almost gushed with excitement.

“Really?,” Veronica replied. “I don’t think so.”

Kathy simply sniffed. “My boyfriend saw you last night, too,” she said. “He liked you. A lot.” Her eyes narrowed dangerously. “I’m here to tell you not to go back to that pool. And if my boyfriend comes looking for you, you had better turn him down.”

“What’s your boyfriend’s name?” Veronica asked. She continued to smile, though her grin was now wicked and almost savage.

“James Drake Bell,” the blonde responded. Veronica recognized the name. The man was a tech billionaire, and no doubt this woman’s meal ticket.

“Well,” Veronica replied. “Why don’t we make it interesting? We could have a threesome. You and I, together, would be too much for any man to handle. He can get his rocks off fucking both of us. Then, when he’s done, we could have some fun with each other.”

The other woman smiled. “Nice try, bitch,” she replied. “But I’m not letting you get anywhere near my man. I’ve got too much riding on him to let some slut get her claws into him.”

Veronica kept smiling, but she sat up and placed her bare feet on the deck. Kathy moved to mirror her. The women glared at each other, their eyes locked, the smiles dropping from their gorgeous faces. Then, both got to their feet at the same time, their massive tits rocking, their sharp nipples straining the tiny cloth triangles of their bikinis.  Their hands on their voluptuous hips, the women swayed closer until they were only a step apart. Both women could smell the other’s wet cunt as their shared sexual musk combined to create a miasma of musk between them. Veronica felt herself going crazy with lust.

“You’re smarter than you look, whore,” Veronica snarled. “Once your man gets his cock in me, he’ll never go back to your weak, smelly cooze.”

“You dirty cunt,” Kathy responded, her beautiful face twisted into a vicious sneer. “I’m twice the woman you’ll ever be. And I’m going to prove it right now.”

Kathy and Veronica closed the distance between their throbbing tits, pushing their distended nipples together, the thick nubs shoved directly into each other, slowly crushing each other back through the thin material of the women’s bikini tops. Kathy and Veronica groaned in concert as their pulsing nips crushed, sensations of raw electricity rippling through their tits as the fleshy cylinders mashed tight. The women rotated their throbbing nips against each other hard, grinding the pebbly nubs viciously, gasping with pleasure. They pushed tighter and closer, their muscular thighs rubbing together. Their titflesh bulged out from behind their bikini tops as their tits squashed, dense flesh melting together. Hands on their hips, the women ground tit to tit, the constant pressure soon causing their tops to shift out of place, baring both women’s rock-hard nipples and pebbled areola. Kathy and Veronica gasped then moaned in pleasure as their naked nips penetrated each other and flicked side to side.

“Fuuuccckkkk,” Kathy moaned, the incredible sensations of the nipple to nipple fencing sending spikes of pleasure straight to her swollen cunt.

“Mmmmmmm,” Veronica groaned, ecstasy coursing through her throbbing tits.

Kathy and Veronica, as one, lifted their hands from their hips and gripped each other’s biceps, holding each other as they began grinding their tits harder and harder, both women moving their torsos in the opposite directions, mashing their tits tight, struggling to flatten each other down. Instead, their engorged, aroused sex organs grew harder and thicker and more sensitive, pleasure flowing like molten lava through the women’s incredibly aroused bodies. Their naked nipples scraped and twisted together, exploding with heat.

Kathy arched her back, shoving her bare belly forward. Veronica eagerly slapped her abdomen to Kathy’s and delighted in the feel of their deep navels sucking, of their hard abs rippling against each other as their tanned, slick bodies undulated against each other. The women’s grunts, groans and gasps of pleasure and effort grew louder and faster as they struggled on, incredible hard body to hard body. Their bare feet shuffled around on the smooth deck, seeking solid grips from which to grind at each other. Both women’s thongs became soaked with womanly secretions as their mutual lust built to unbearable levels.

Veronica was enjoying herself enormously. Testing herself against another Alpha bitch, fighting another woman sex to sex, was the most delicious, desirable experience she could imagine, especially if her opponent was her equal. The most exquisite pleasure Veronica had ever had in her life was in her marathon fuckfights with Louise Long. From what she could feel in her pulsing tits, the blonde bitch she was fighting might be Louise’s equal.

Suddenly, Veronica felt her right foot slip out. In the course of the battle, she had stepped too close to the hot tub’s edge and lost her footing. She gasped as she felt her body stumble. In an instant, Kathy had control of the fight. With a powerful shove, the blonde sent Veronica flying, right into the tub.

Veronica cried out as she hit the steaming water, but managed to take a gasp of air before she fully submerged. Vaguely, she thanked God that she had not hit her head.  The tub was very big, but there were many protrusions on which she could hurt herself. Soaked to the skin, she found her feet and stood up in the hot water, sputtering as she regained her footing, using her hands to smooth back her soaked hair and clear the water from her eyes.

Veronica cleared her eyes just in time to see Kathy enter the water, jumping from a sitting position on the edge of the pool. The blonde submerged just for a moment, then burst out of the water, throwing herself at Veronica. The black haired beauty cried out as Kathy threw herself into Veronica’s arms. As their massive, naked tits squashed together, as their bare nipples pierced each other and stabbed deeply, crushing each other back into dense titflesh, Veronica realized that her bikini top had slipped under her heavy tits and was now acting as a kind of bra, leaving her breasts completely naked but supporting her massive glands as they pancaked with Kathy’s equally perfect tits. Though she did not know it, Kathy had deliberately pulled her bikini bra into the same position, meaning that the women’s tits were attacking each other from a position of equality.

Veronica still had not recovered from her sudden dunking when Kathy’s magnificent body came together with hers, the luscious impact causing both women to scream in pleasure as nipple stabbed to nipple. Veronica was forced across the hot tub and found herself falling back, her shoulders pressing into the rim of the tub. She used her hands to support her body and stop her fall, but she could not get her feet under her as the back of her knees hit one of the tub’s molded seats. She screamed out in rage as she felt Kathy’s body crush down on her own. The blonde wrapped her arms around Veronica’s back and squeezed tight, even as she rotated her torso hard, rubbing her massive tits around and around on Veronica’s chest, pushing Veronica’s meaty boobs around, grinding them down. At the same time, Kathy forced her legs and hips between Veronica’s legs, spreading the other’s woman’s thighs. Veronica cried out and released her grip on the sides of the tub. She wrapped her arms around Kathy’s magnificent body, squeezing back. But her back was suddenly forced to take the weight of both women and she felt herself sinking deeper into the hot water. Veronica felt the pressure of Kathy’s hard belly on hers, the force of the other’s woman’s pussy pressing on her own twat. Almost involuntarily, Veronica spread her legs and then wrapped her thighs around Kathy’s waist, arching her back to give the blonde better access to her burning twat. Kathy bore down, using the power of her round, naked ass and thrusting forward with her hips, driving her thong-covered cunt down onto Veronica’s covered pussy. The women groaned in pleasure as they felt their swollen vulval lips slap and crush each other even through the intervening layers of soaked cloth. Veronica could feel the sizzling promise of the other woman’s hard, thick clit, still not quite swollen enough to protrude from its hood, but quickly swelling with intense arousal. Veronica’s clit pumped up to meet its counterpart.

Veronica grabbed Kathy’s thrusting, flexing ass, pulling the blonde down onto her harder, deeper. She knew that she was being humiliated, that she was being dominated by this blonde whore. But the pleasure of the pussy to pussy grinding was too great to deny.

Veronica felt her thick tits shoved to either side of her chest as Kathy’s wriggling, grinding torso worked their battling titmeat into a final confrontation. Veronica felt her hard clit slide up, reaching for Kathy’s thumb-thick clit behind her thong. The women gasped then screamed in concert as hard clits caressed and sent shockwaves of pleasure rippling through their locked, writhing bodies.

Veronica looked up into Kathy’s beautiful, sweaty face, her eyes half-closed as waves of raw sexual pleasure washed through her. The gorgeous blonde’s eyes were closed, her face a mask of ecstatic concentration, as her body slowly, powerfully, dominated Veronica’s luscious form. Pussies slapping and grinding together, tits rolling and pulsing, hard bellies sliding and rubbing, the hard-bodied women ground each other into a frenzy of lust.

Veronica knew that she was being dominated, but there was nothing she could do to stop it. Kathy suddenly reached up and yanked back on Veronica’s wet hair. Veronica’s mouth opened to shriek with pain. Kathy covered her opponent’s mouth with her own, her tongue probing deep into Veronica’s yielding mouth. Veronica’s tongue lashed back and the women’s pink muscles fought slickly for several minutes, before Veronica had to turn her head and break the frantic kiss, her body desperate for oxygen and energy as Kathy ravaged her throbbing twat.

Cheek to cheek, gasping and crying out, the women continued to struggle, intense sexual desire firing both women with insatiable hunger. Veronica felt the pleasure building in her pussy, she felt the waves of ecstasy radiating in her tits. But she could also feel her body giving way, her breasts being squashed, her energy ebbing.

“Fuck, you fuck,” Veronica gasped.

“Say I’m the better woman, bitch, say it!!,” Kathy groaned, cheek to cheek with Veronica, her powerful ass rising and falling as her cunt wrestled Veronica’s twat into submission. “Say it or I’ll grind your flabby tits into paste!!”

Veronica sobbed in rage, even as intense pleasure rippled through her. She could not surrender! But she knew that she had no choice. She was not in a position from which she could recover.

“You’re the better woman, you’re better!,” Veronica finally conceded, her pride curdling like bad milk. She needed to survive to fight again. But she almost sobbed with fury.

“Say you’ll stay away from my man, cunt,” Kathy breathed, her gorgeous face lit up with vicious triumph.

“I’ll stay away from your man, he’s yours, he’s yours,” Veronica gasped. She felt like screaming in rage.

Kathy cunt-punched Veronica several more times, using her hips to slam her pussy into Veronica’s twat. It was obvious that she desperately wanted to continue fucking Veronica and, for a moment, Veronica was torn between being afraid or hoping that Kathy would strip off their thongs and take her in a victory fuck. But, after a few moments, Kathy pulled herself off of Veronica’s beaten body.

Kathy stood back, then pushed herself up to sit on the edge of the tub. She climbed up onto the deck, glaring down at Veronica. She pulled her bikini top from under her breasts and rearranged the tiny cloth until it covered her nipples and areola once again. Her thong was also askew, the tiny scrap of cloth pushed aside to show half her pussy. Kathy straightened that too, as she glared down into the tub. She sneered at Veronica, who glared up at her. Veronica’s eyes blazed with rage and humiliation.

Kathy put her hands on her hips and thrust out her tits.

“Don’t forget this, cocksucker,” the blonde threatened. “If I ever see you around James or anywhere in our area, I’ll suck that little pussy dry and leave you so fucked out that you won’t be able to sit for a week.”

With a final haughty grin, Kathy grabbed her wrap and her pumps and stepped out from behind the fence, back onto the main deck. Veronica watched the other woman’s thronged ass wiggle away as she sat boiling in the hot tub, stewing in her anger and powerlessness.

Finally, Veronica pulled her thong and her bikini top back into place and climbed out of the hot tub. She went into her apartment and was soon nude. She headed for the shower. As the warm water washed over her, she explored her own body and was soon masturbating hard, seeking to relieve some of the incredible tension permeating her body. She came hard, screaming in rage and pleasure, gushing a solid blast of hot ejaculate onto the shower floor.

Veronica dried herself, then examined her nude body in the full-length mirror. She cupped her massive tits and pointed them at the image in the mirror.

“I promised I wouldn’t go after your man, you fucking cunt,” she said to the image. “But I didn’t say anything about going after you.”

With a savage smile, Veronica plotted her revenge.

The very next day, Veronica set about finding out what she could about her new rival. A bit of internet research and a few well-placed bribes later, she learned that Kathy had been with her boyfriend, James Bell, for the better part of a year. Veronica learned the exact location of the luxury apartment the couple was staying in. Unfortunately, unlike Veronica’s apartment, Bell’s unit was only accessible from the main deck through a locked door. The cabin was a three-level mini-mansion, up on a special section of the ship. It had a patio deck that looked down on the main pool.  The locked door sealed off the staircase that led from the deck to the pool area.

With a bit more investigation and a few more greased palms, Veronica was able to find out that Bell would be gone from the ship for a few days at the start of the next week. Kathy would be staying behind. Veronica saw her opportunity. She had no intention of breaking her word to the blonde cunt. Kathy had defeated her fair and square. If Bell came after her, Veronica resolved to turn him away. And she did not plan to approach him at all, at least not until she had humbled his voluptuous, dangerous bitch of a girlfriend.

Veronica used the next few days to work out her plan of attack. The following Monday morning, she watched from the observation deck as the ship’s helicopter took Bell away from The Leviathan for business. Then Veronica got to work. She went down to the pool, dressed unobtrusively in a baggy shirt and full-length pants, a big sun-hat and sunglasses and carrying a small bag. (She had needed to buy the clothing as she had nothing that was not revealing in her regular wardrobe) She pulled up a lounge chair far away from the pool, in a shaded area under an overhang, and watched the door that led from Bell’s home to the pool. In the late morning, her heart sped up when the door opened and Kathy stepped through. The blonde was wearing a wrap, sunshades and holding a hat. She walked to the pool, dropped the hat by a lounger, stepped out of her sandals, and then pulled off the wrap. Veronica felt her mouth go dry. The blonde bitch was wearing a slingshot bikini, a miniscule contraption that consisted only of strings. A spaghetti-thin string looped around Kathy’s neck, then came down either side of her torso. It stretched over her incredible tits, pressing the meaty globes back so they were perfect round mounds of succulent flesh. The strings expanded as they passed over her tits just barely enough to cover her areola and nipples, before narrowing again and continuing down either side of her torso. At her crotch, the strings met again, holding a tiny triangle of cloth that was pressed tight to Kathy’s cunt and was barely able to cover her bush. When Kathy turned around, her ass was bare, the thong-like string stretching up from her ass-crack to connect to the string at her neck. Veronica had to admit that the blonde whore looked absolutely incredible. Veronica had many slingshot swimsuits of her own and she knew how spectacular they could be on the right kind of body. Kathy definitely had the right kind of body.

Veronica’s attention was pulled away from Kathy and back to the door. A cleaning woman had just opened the door and was carrying a bucket and mop inside. Veronica moved quickly. Making sure that Kathy did not see her, she took a position in a chair near the door. Many people were lounging around the pool, so Veronica was able to stay unnoticed. After about 20 minutes, the cleaning lady came out. Veronica was ready. When the maid left, she did not look at the door, expecting it to swing shut behind her as she carried out her mop and pail. Veronica caught the heavy gate just before it closed and quickly slipped inside. She let the door close quietly. She pulled out of her bag a roll of strong, sticky tape, the same color as the lock mechanism. She cut a piece of tape and then carefully opened the door and fit the tape loosely inside the catch for the lock. She left enough tape coming out of the catch to provide something to hold later. The tape would not prevent the door from closing, but it should make it possible to push the latch back later. Satisfied with her work, Veronica quickly stepped back into the pool area, then pulled the door shut. She cast a final glare at Kathy, who was now basking in the sun, her near nudity attracting all the attention that she had intended. Fucking whore, Veronica thought.

That night, as the full moon hung heavy in the tropical sky, Veronica strolled down the main deck towards the pool adjacent to Bell’s home. She was wearing a short black wrap that barely covered her ass, and wedge sandals. Her ebony hair hung in seductive waves around her bronzed shoulders. Her luscious hips swayed enticingly as she walked and her long, strong, tanned legs attracted many admiring gazes. She could barely contain her excitement. Her nipples were stiff and her pussy was wet and hot as she thought about what she would soon be doing to and with Kathy.

Veronica walked into the pool area and made her way to the private door that provided access to Bell’s unit. She approached the door and used a pair of tweezers that she took from the wrap’s pocket to seize the edge of the tape in the catch. Very quickly, she was able to push back the latch just enough that it let go. The door opened and she was in. She closed the gate quietly, removing the tape. She walked up the long flight of stairs that were just inside the entryway. The stairs let out on the patio deck. Veronica looked around. The hot tub was on the far end of the deck, pressed up against the sea side railing, giving its occupants a view of the moon-washed ocean.

Kathy was sitting in the tub by herself. The blonde had not yet seen Veronica. Her eyes were closed and her head was thrown back. Her long, blonde hair formed a nimbus of light around her head. Her heavy tits floated on the surface of the water. From what Veronica could see, Kathy was topless, and probably nude.

Veronica smiled as she studied her prey. The other woman was completely unaware of her presence. Slipping out of her sandals, Veronica walked, barefoot and silent, up to the edge of the tub. She stared down into the water, at Kathy, for a few moments. She enjoyed these final moments of lustful anticipation. Then, gathering herself, Veronica finally alerted her prey to her presence. 

“Are you enjoying yourself, cunt?” she asked pleasantly.

Kathy’s eyes snapped open in sudden shock. But the shock lasted only for a moment. An eager, predatory smile spread across the blonde’s gorgeous face.

“Well, look who’s here,” Kathy drawled, her insolent grin barely hiding her growing desire. “I’d ask how you managed to get in, but I suppose that anything is possible if you’re willing to sell your twat for change.”

Veronica smiled back. “Your man is gone for a few days. I’ve come by to settle accounts. You didn’t really think you could play a dirty trick on me and get away with it, did you?”

Kathy stood up in the tub and arched her back, pointing her massive, naked tits at her rival. Water dripped from the tips of her rapidly engorging nipples. Veronica could see that the other woman’s nipples had swollen up and looked thick and hard. But her own nipples now felt so hard she was sure they could cut diamond. Veronica also noticed that Kathy was not naked; she was wearing a neon-orange bikini thong.

“I don’t need tricks to beat a slut like you, Veronica,” Kathy replied. “You made a big mistake coming here. I let you off easy last time. This time, I’m going to fuck you raw.”

Veronica smiled. Then, without another word, she pulled on the string holding her wrap closed. The small garment fell open. Veronica pushed her thigh forward, modeling her legs for the other woman. She pushed the wrap off her shoulders and let it flutter to the deck. Veronica stood before her enemy perfectly, gloriously nude.

Kathy’s eyes raked hungrily over Veronica’s naked beauty, lingering on the black-haired beauty’s round, meaty tits and her wet, hairy cunt. The blonde licked her lips in anticipation, her eyes bright with sexual fever. She reached under the water, and tugged at the string holding the thong around her jutting hips. A moment later, her right hand emerged from the water brandishing the wet, bright orange scrap of cloth.  She threw it past Veronica, onto the deck.

“Come on in, you bitch,” the blonde beauty purred. “If you think you’ve got what you need to take me on, come and prove it.”

Grinning, her eyes feverish with lust and excitement, Veronica sat down on the edge of the hot tub. This tub was substantially larger than her own, but that was good. It gave them a much bigger arena in which to battle.

Veronica slid her naked body into the steaming water, then walked slowly and seductively towards Kathy. The blonde reached for her as she came near, placing her hands on Veronica’s muscled shoulders, drawing her in. Veronica placed her hands on Kathy’s smooth hips, then slid them around the woman’s waist as she got closer. The sensual contact of bare flesh on flesh sent electricity racing through the women. Kathy and Veronica panted with desire, their eyes locked, their round, thick tits heaving with their growing excitement.

Slowly, carefully, the women brought their inch-long, rock-hard brown nipples into direct contact. Their erect nipples touched and caressed, sending pure pleasure arcing through the women’s exquisite bodies. Kathy and Veronica gasped and moaned as one as their enflamed nipples made contact. Veronica felt her cunt gushing into the hot water. They held each other just slightly apart and flicked their nipples against each other. Then, they locked the thick brown cylinders side to side and began trying to bend and twist each other back. Sexual electricity flowed along their nipples, teasing and tightening their sexual organs, feeding erotic sensations deep into their cores. Neither woman was able to overwhelm the other in these contests. Kathy pressed her nipples head to head with Veronica’s and began pushing them back. Veronica could feel her milk holes seizing and locking to the milk holes of Kathy’s nipples. She felt the sense of mutual, intimate violation all the way down in the core of her pussy. The women pushed slow and hard, crushing their nipples back into their areola. Their dense tits came together, slick, hot meat to slick, hot meat. Their taut tits strained and mashed and the women slowly, carefully, rolled their shoulders and moved their tits side to side, grinding and mashing each other down. The slow, sensual dance was a tit to tit massage, a delicious exchange of raw pleasure. Kathy and Veronica were soon gasping with pleasure, their chests burning with sensual delight. They rotated their tits around and around their locked nipples, moving in opposite directions to grind each other down. But their maneuvers only made their massive tits hotter and harder, causing them to mate and join more intimately, more completely. Kathy felt on the verge of expressing milk when, finally, Veronica stopped the titfight. The women looked deeply into each other’s eyes, then slid their hands around each other’s backs to engage a mutual bearhug. They pulled each other in tight, groaning in pleasure as their thick, taut mammary glands squashed tight and pulsed with unrestrained sexual power. Their hard bellies rubbed, they squeezed and squeezed. The sweat poured from between their mashed tits and the women rolled their shoulders gently, subtly, desperately trying to break down the other’s tits. Finally, after 20 minutes of tit to tit wrestling, rubbing and nipple to nipple grinding, it became clear that their tits were too evenly matched. Even more, the raw pleasure caused by their tit to tit struggle had enflamed their bodies to unbearable levels. Their clits were swollen and pulsing, aching for contact. The women needed more to decide this contest.  Staring deeply into each other’s beautiful eyes, seeing the raw hate and lust that they felt for each other, the gorgeous sex warriors prepared for the next stage in their bitter rivalry.

“How do you want to do this?” Kathy asked hoarsely. Her body was trembling with lust.

“Right here, clit to clit,” Veronica said, nose to nose with her blonde foe, their eyes so close that all they could see was the other’s beautiful gaze. “We fight it out in a stand up fuck. No limits to orgasms. Loser is whoever gets dominated.”

“Mmmmm,” Kathy murmured, tightening her grip, pulling Veronica even closer. “Sounds like this could take a while.”

“The longer the better,” Veronica smiled. She turned her head slightly, slipping her nose past Kathy’s, moving her wet lips into gentle contact with the blonde’s. Kathy’s tongue ran along Veronica’s lips; Veronica’s thick, pink probe darted out to slide against and caress its counterpart.

“I couldn’t agree more,” Kathy whispered. “I’m going to fuck your cunt inside out, bitch. And I’m going to take all night to do it.”

“Let’s see you try, fucker,” Veronica whispered back. She arched her back, pushing her cunt forward. Her taut belly slapped hard with Kathy’s abdomen. The women rubbed their wet bellies together, sighing in delight as they felt their deep navels line up and suck at each other gently. Abdomens rippled seductively. The blonde shoved her pelvis forward to meet Veronica’s hungry cunt. The women’s slick, thick bushes met under the water and slid on each other. Their swollen, thumb-sized clits came together with a powerful thrust, the nerve-rich, excruciatingly sensitive sexhorns mashing tight, head to head.

It was the first contact of naked, swollen clit on naked, swollen clit. Indescribable pleasure roared through both women, erupting from their caressing clits like a volcano, filling their cunts, hardening their tits, sending waves of heat and cold radiating through their perfect bodies. Every inch of their skin shivered with ecstasy.

“FUCK!!,” Kathy screamed, her eyes going wide as the clit on clit contact rocked her body. She had clitfucked many women before, but she had never felt anything quite like this. She realized that Veronica’s clit was every bit as big and hard as her own, something she had never encountered in the past. But, even more, the black-haired bitch seemed to give off a sexual power, some kind of energy that made her skin and her sex even hotter and slicker and more erotic than anyone else the blonde had ever met before.

“CUNT!!,” Veronica shrieked. She had thought she was ready for the clit on clit contact, but Kathy’s sex was incredibly powerful, incredibly desirable. She felt her body burning up in a way that she only ever felt with Louise. Veronica’s body shuddered with raw sexual pleasure, electricity arced through her muscles, and she realized that this was going to be a very long night.

Both women slipped their hands around the other’s waist and then down to the other’s heart-shaped ass. They gripped the round, hard ass muscle, sank their fingers into the taut flesh, and began to pull each other in tighter and harder. But they both held back for a moment, readying themselves for the next step in the fight to come. Gasping into each other’s beautiful faces, they panted, nose to nose, glaring at each other through eyes half-closed with pleasure. They writhed, rubbing their taut, crushed tits even harder. Their abdomens rippled against each other, thick muscle testing and teasing its counterpart. Then, spreading their hands on each other’s ass, they thrust their pelvises forward.

 Thick, hard clits touched, then rubbed and grated against each other as the women stroked and stroked, clit to clit, their hips and asses moving slowly, powerfully, grinding the most exquisitely pleasurable parts of their bodies directly into each other. Raw, pure ecstasy pulsed up from their stroking clits with every thrust, every moment of delicious contact, filling their bodies, charging their sexual organs, pumping their erogenous zones with power and desire.

Forehead to forehead, nose to nose, eyes locked in hate and unbelievable lust, Kathy and Veronica clitfucked each other desperately, powerfully. They trembled with the intense sensations, their moans and screams and cries of pleasure grew quickly and more frantic, but neither woman would stop or back away. Instead, they kept their engorged, throbbing clits glued together, locked as one, and fucked mindlessly.

“You cunt, you fucking cunt…,” Kathy gasped.

“You cocksucking cow…,” Veronica moaned in reply. The women’s hot breath mixed, their luscious lips touched, and their hot tongues began to lick and touch, tease and tantalize. Groaning with insane lust, Veronica and Kathy slipped into a tongue-twisting, lip-crushing kiss, ramming their mouths together as hard and deep as they could, trying to devour each other in every way. They sucked back each other’s spit, they sucked and licked at each other’s tongues. Both women determined that they would not be the first to break the kiss, so the deep, sensual French-kissing went on and on and on, even as the women’s moans and cries of passion grew louder and more desperate.

For Kathy and Veronica, time soon ceased to exist. They both stopped thinking. Dimly, they felt their mutual hate. But this was dwarfed by their mutual passion and desire, by their overwhelming need to consume and possess the other woman completely, to become one body, one flesh with the other woman. The sensuality of their duel overwhelmed their senses. Their minds were filled with the raw sensations as their incredible bodies writhed and wriggled and rubbed and slid, every sexual organ enflamed with power and sensitivity, every cell alive with heat and electricity. The heat from the water, the heat from the night, wrapped around them until they were dripping with sweat, until their hair was soaked with perspiration and their bulbous tits slid slickly and deliciously on their sweat-oiled flesh. Their moans and cries of sheer, unbridled lust rose to the sky, when they were not muffled by their locked mouths and dancing, wrestling tongues.

The women stood in the center of the hot tub, the boiling water almost to their waists. Their bodies were sealed together from mouths to tits to undulating bellies. Their gripped each other’s asses and squeezed and clawed. Their hips and asses moved in perpetual rhythm, keeping their enflamed clits constantly stroking, stroking, grinding, rubbing, grating, beating sheer ecstasy out of both combatants, until the women’s clits felt ten times their normal size, until both women felt like their bodies had become huge sexual organs, burning with pleasure, locked and twined into one mass of pleasure, until neither woman knew where she ended and her enemy began.

One hour of clitfucking turned to two. Kathy and Veronica fought on, both women completely delirious with ecstasy, their bodies trembling with tension and pleasure. They occasionally broke their kiss to moan and gasp and pant and, even more occasionally, whisper vicious obscenities and threats to each other and exchange passionate bites of hate and lust. But, always, their mouths would lock again and their tongues would twist together into sensual knots.

Suddenly, near the end of the second hour, Kathy released Veronica’s ass and reached up to pull savagely at Veronica’s hair, pulling her out of the locked kiss, pulling Veronica’s head to force the ebony-haired beauty to stare at the sky. Veronica returned the grip.

“Ohhhhh, god, god, god…,” Kathy chanted, her face pulled to the night sky, her beautiful visage contorted with pleasure. Her body was still fully engaged, her hips and ass continued to work, the clitfuck continued. But both women were trembling, shuddering with barely contained, barely controlled sexual power and tension and, for the first time, Veronica thought that her sexually insatiable foe might have a weakness.

Gasping, Kathy suddenly pushed Veronica away, something Veronica had not been expecting or prepared for in her trance-like state. For the first time in two hours, the women’s engorged clits separated, and Veronica moaned in agony, feeling instantly bereft as the intense pleasure that her body had been enjoying so much came to an abrupt end. But her blood still boiled with lust and she regained her footing and began to pursue Kathy, desperate to resume the fuckfight.

Kathy had backed up to the side of the tub and lifted herself out of the water, her ass on the rim. As Veronica pursued her, however, she did not move to flee. Instead, she pushed herself further up the deck and a short distance away from the tub, still on her ass. As Veronica pulled herself out of the tub, getting onto her knees, Kathy fell flat onto her back and spread her legs wide. She reached out, holding out her arms to Veronica, inviting the black-haired bitch into her embrace. Veronica looked down to see the other woman’s red, blood-engorged cuntlips, her enormous, swollen, thumb-sized clit. She could almost see the sex organ throbbing with need and Veronica had a flash of understanding. Kathy had not been running from the battle. Instead, she wanted more. The clit on clit fucking had been unbelievably, excruciatingly pleasurable, but the full fuck that both women wanted, the complete joining, the deep mutual violation that they both craved, was only possible from a scissor position or a full trib.

Groaning, almost screaming with lust, Veronica threw herself at Kathy. She grabbed the blonde’s muscular left leg and placed it on her shoulder. At the same time, she threw her left leg over Kathy’s right. The women’s legs fit like scissors. Glaring down into Kathy’s glazed eyes, Veronica snarled in joy.

“Oh, you fucker, you cunt, you whore,” she moaned, “I’m going to fuck you, I’m going to fuck you so fucking hard…”

“Yes, yes, do it,” Kathy moaned. She arched her back and raised her pelvis, opening her pussy. Looking down, Veronica saw Kathy’s vagina flex with hunger and she knew that the other woman’s pussy could still devour her own.

Veronica lowered her soaked, aching twat down onto Kathy’s equally large, thick, red fuckmeat. The two hungry cunts fit together like mouths, kissing gently at first, slick pussy lips sliding deliciously against each other, heat rolling off the fleshy contact, wet, sticky juices mixing and clinging to the turgid flesh. When she was sure that she had the right aim, Veronica thrust hard, she thrust with all the force of her powerful, trembling ass. At the same time, Kathy thrust up to meet her with all of the strength of her hips and ass.

The women’s twats met, soft, slick flesh melting and sealing, open orifices sucking and suctioning, powerful thrusts driving soft, hot fuckmeat into one searing mass of pleasure. Their sensitive, enflamed labia melted together. Veronica thrust with all of her power, determined to drive her twat as deep into Kathy’s cunt as she could; Kathy thrust back with the same desire. The women’s genitals sealed tight. As they locked, both used the muscles in their vagina to seize and squeeze at each other’s clits, to massage and pull at each other, forcing the suction between their twats to form an almost airtight seal. Their massive, swollen clits squashed tight and sizzled as they melted and flowed into one.

Kathy screamed uncontrollably, her head thrashing from side to side, her tits bouncing ferociously. Veronica screamed with her, as their bodies erupted in sheer ecstasy, as they joined together and violated each other and mated in the complete and total way that they both needed. They began to work their hips and asses hard, moving in unison, keeping their cunts glued together, driving deeper and harder, clits grinding and grating furiously.

“You bitch, you bitch, you fucking bitch,” Kathy snarled at Veronica, her eyes burning with insanity and lust. Veronica was almost bouncing on top of her now, but their twats remained locked as Kathy moved with her. Kathy shifted her left leg off of Veronica’s shoulder and, instead, wrapped her thighs around the other woman’s waist, before sliding her legs down to lock them around Veronica’s spread legs. Kathy seized Veronica’s pumping ass with one hand. With the other, she grabbed Veronica’s sweaty head and pulled the black-haired beauty’s face to her own. The women groaned in concert as their meaty tits crushed each other again and began sliding and grinding as their bodies writhed. Kathy wrapped her lips around Veronica’s lips and sucked her enemy into a passionate kiss. In a moment, Veronica returned the kiss with equal fervor. Veronica seized Kathy’s writhing ass; Kathy returned the grip, sinking her claws into Veronica’s pumping ass. The women writhed and moaned and gasped, their legs spread, their bodies pounding at each other, their pussies locked, their clits on fire, their tits flat against each other and grinding hard and slick in the shared sweat.

For thirty more minutes, Kathy and Veronica rode each other mercilessly, ecstatically, their bodies lost to the incredible sensual pleasure, their beautiful flesh sizzling with heat and lust, melting and flowing together into a symphony of ecstasy.

Suddenly, the unbearable tension that had been building inside of Veronica for so long reached an impossible peak. She broke her kiss with Kathy and, nose to nose, gasping for breath, she stared deeply into Kathy’s eyes. Both women knew what was happening, they could feel their locked bodies synchronizing deep inside, they could feel their fused, wrestling cunts quivering with uncontrollable power.

“Yes, yes, yes…,” Kathy whispered, her eyes wide as she stared up into Veronica’s eyes, as she felt the unbearable orgasm coming.

Bucking hard, Kathy and Veronica drove their clits together one final time, ramming with all of their strength, rubbing furiously. With a shriek, the women came at the same time. Kathy twined her legs with Veronica’s and locked their bodies together. Their insides convulsed in ecstasy and long, hard, hot shots of cum erupted from both women’s pussies at almost the same time, cum jetting so hard that it almost felt like the women were peeing into each other. Kathy and Veronica screamed and writhed and clawed at each other. Their cunts clamped on each other, their deep muscles undulating, convulsing, as their twats tried to eat each other. Orgasm after orgasm rippled through their grinding, straining bodies, shattering their minds and senses, forcing them to scream and scream and gasp and sob, even as they exchanged and shared and mixed hot ejaculate. Their swollen clits twisted and melted together and continued to chain orgasms through their struggling bodies. Their vaginas crushed their clits, squeezing, squeezing, massaging and squeezing.

Finally, after more than 15 minutes of almost constant orgasms, the beautiful women collapsed on each other. Cheek to cheek, panting furiously, their magnificent bodies slicked with sweat and cunt juice, Kathy and Veronica rested. Their bodies remained twined together, their swollen clits pulsing against each other, as they fought to recover from the incredible mutual fucking they had administered.

Finally, Veronica raised her head and stared down at her blonde foe. Kathy turned her head so that they were nose to nose, and stared back, her sea green eyes still slightly glazed with pleasure. The women kissed, slow and hard and angrily, exchanging tongues and spit and bile. They kissed for several minutes before they finally stopped, biting each other’s lips, sucking at tongues. Veronica pushed down on Kathy, rubbing her slick pussy on the blonde’s equally hot twat, sending a pulse of pleasure through both of them as their softened clits caressed.

“Say it,” Veronica growled. Her eyes were lit with fire.

“Fuck you, whore,” Kathy replied, defiantly.

Veronica pushed down harder. She felt her clit stirring, but she could feel Kathy getting harder too. “Say it, whore!” she snapped. “You know it’s true, you have to accept it.”

Kathy’s eyes flashed. “Alright. You won, fucker. But barely.”

Veronica smiled triumphantly. “Doesn’t matter. I still came out on top. I fucked your brains out.”

“We fucked each other’s brains out,” Kathy snapped. “And this isn’t over, not by a long shot.”

“Maybe not,” Veronica smiled. “But it is for now, and now it’s my turn to set some terms.”

“What do you want?” Kathy asked sullenly.

Veronica smiled more broadly. She raised herself slightly off of Kathy’s luscious body and rubbed her tits around and around the blonde’s chest, until Kathy gasped and her nipples, already thick and hard, began to thicken even more.

“I think maybe it’s time we talked about a threesome with your friend,” Veronica said, her beautiful face smug, her eyes excited.

Kathy glared at her angrily. But the blonde knew that she had lost the most delicious fuckfight of her life. Now, she had to pay the price.

Kathy’s lover, James Drake Bell, returned to the ship early on Thursday night, as expected. Bell was a handsome man, in his mid-50s. He had been successful fairly late in life, so he was less obnoxious than many other men of his status. Still, he was with Kathy, a woman whose profession was finding men to support her, so he was not a shrinking violet and he was used to getting what he wanted.

Bell and Kathy went for dinner at a luxury onboard Italian restaurant.  When they entered the restaurant, every head turned to stare. The reason was obvious. Kathy was wearing a slingshot swimsuit which consisted of a golden strip of cloth that looped over her neck and then stretched down her torso. The design was a bit more substantial than the slingshot bikini she had worn to the pool the day of her second battle with Veronica. The v of the garment extended all the way down the front of her body, leaving her midriff almost completely exposed and pressing her breasts into her chest just enough to accentuate the round thickness of the beautiful glands as they swelled up around the cloth. Her breasts shifted easily as she walked and her beautiful back was left naked. She was also wearing a gold miniskirt, which left her luscious legs fully revealed. She finished off this incredibly sexy display with three-inch, gold come-fuck-me pumps.

Bell and Kathy had a pleasant dinner at the restaurant, sitting at a table on a balcony looking out at the passing ocean. Bell had looked forward to reuniting with Kathy almost from the moment he had left the ship. The blonde woman was an excellent companion and an incredible lover. He was anticipating a night of exquisite sex.

After dinner, the couple walked around the upper deck of the ship, taking in a romantic sunset, before returning to their luxurious apartment. Bell and Kathy walked in the ornate door that opened into the apartment’s foyer. They stepped into the great room, where the wall of windows allowed in the last rays of the fading sun. Gentle lights snapped on, activated by a light-sensitive sensor.

Bell walked in from the foyer and came to a sudden stop. Standing in the center of the great room, smiling at him, was a gorgeous, naked woman. Bell blinked, then looked again. The woman was still there, but he now realized that she was not naked, though she was close to it.

Veronica stood seductively, her hands on her voluptuous hips, her swelling chest thrust forward. She was wearing a slingshot swimsuit, which consisted of strings that swelled only just enough to cover her areola and her pussy. Otherwise, all of her luscious body was proudly displayed in all of its erotic glory. Her long black hair cascaded down her shoulders, her blue eyes glittered with mirth and sexual promise. She was wearing three-inch heels that set off her magnificent legs.

“Hi, baby,” Veronica smiled.

Kathy had come up behind Bell, who was still gaping in wonder, trying to figure out what was going on. The two beautiful women exchanged a venomous look of hatred, then Veronica gestured with her eyes. Bitterly swallowing her pride, Kathy began to play her role in this farce.

“Jimmy,” the blonde beauty explained, “this is my friend, Veronica. I thought she could join us tonight.”

“Your friend?” Bell said, still a bit dazed. He could not take his eyes off of Veronica’s delicious body. The black-haired women caught him with her eyes and smiled lasciviously. “I didn’t know you had any friends on the ship.”

“I met Veronica a few days ago, right after you left. In fact, you may remember her – she was the woman you were admiring from the deck the other day.”

Bell snapped his head around to stare at Kathy uncomprehendingly. He now recognized and remembered Veronica. He had seen her from the deck of the apartment as she sunned herself in a barely-there bikini on the pool deck below. He had been admiring her luscious curves and glistening flesh for some time, when Kathy had caught him looking. His beautiful blonde lover had been less than pleased. He knew that Kathy was incredibly jealous, especially the few times that they encountered women who could match her body. The woman down on the deck was Kathy’s rival in every way. At the time, he and Kathy had an argument over his ogling of the sunbather. Kathy had called the unknown woman a “whore” and a “cunt.” The idea that Kathy had gone off and made friends with this same woman while Bell was gone made no sense to him. 

“Uh…,” Bell began, his gaze shifting back to Veronica’s body.

“Yes, I know what I said,” Kathy said with an insincere smile. “But I met Veronica here and we had such a good time, I thought it would be nice to welcome you home with a special treat. How would you like a threesome, baby?”

Bell pulled himself together, though the raging hard-on that now tented his expensive pants made it hard for him to focus. “You want us to have a threesome? With your friend here?” He knew he sounded like an idiot, but this whole thing was so unlike Kathy that he suspected some kind of trap.

“Yes,” Veronica chimed in. “Kathy told me that the two of you had an argument when she caught you looking at me. She felt bad about that. She came to find me and we…,” Veronica smiled more broadly as her eyes locked with Kathy’s, “…got along really well. Kathy thought a threesome would be a nice way to make up to you and I’m game. I like threesomes. They’re a lot of fun.”

Bell looked at Kathy again. The blonde woman’s eyes were blazing with rage, but she continued to play her role.  “Yes,” she purred. “This is a special treat for you. I’m sorry for being such a bitch.”

“Let’s stop talking and start having fun,” Veronica suggested with a seductive smile. She walked across the wooden floor, her high heels clicking. She approached Bell and ran her hands up his chest. The man seemed dazed, his mind almost overwhelmed by sexual desire. Veronica pulled Bell in by his collar, ran her tongue over his lips and then drove her tongue into his mouth, pulling him into a shatteringly sensual kiss. Bell’s cock seemed to swell even longer and harder as the woman’s tongue moved inside his mouth, as her massive, nearly naked tits crushed into his firm chest. He moaned uncontrollably.

As she kissed Bell, Veronica opened her eyes and locked gazes with Kathy. Pure hate and viciousness flowed between the two rivals. Both women’s nipples grew steel-hard as their eyes locked.

Veronica released Bell and then slipped her arm through his arm. Kathy took his other arm. Flanked by the two beautiful, voluptuous, nearly nude women, Bell let himself be led into the apartment’s main bedroom.  Kathy pushed him onto the bed and then, with a strained smiled, unhooked her mini-skirt, revealing her long, luscious legs and bare hips.

With Bell watching, Kathy and Veronica walked up to each other. The delicious women looked deep into each other’s eyes as they placed their hands on the other’s shoulders.  Their throbbing nipples jutted from under their meager tops like spikes, reaching for each other. Both women turned their beautiful faces to smile at him lasciviously. Then, as one, Kathy and Veronica reached behind their rival’s neck and untied the strings holding their swimsuits in place. The slingshot bathing suits snapped open. Two pairs of equally massive, perfect tits bounced free. Their suits fell off their bodies, dropping to the floor at their feet, leaving their ripe flesh exposed.

Bell looked at the two nude women before him, struck by their incredible beauty, by the fact that their voluptuous bodies were virtually mirror-images of each other. As he watched, Veronica and Kathy wrapped their arms around the other’s flawless back and pulled each other in. They pressed tit to tit, hard belly to belly. They hugged each other tight, their meaty tits crushing and going taut in resistance, bulging like fleshy balloons. The women’s tongues played with each other, lapping and licking, before sliding together and into each other’s mouths. Slowly, slowly, the women’s mouths slid together and sealed into a sucking, passionate kiss. Bell could not see, but Veronica and Kathy’s tongues fought viciously within their locked mouths, struggling to overpower each other.  The women tightened their grips on each other, eager hands moving over firm flesh, squeezing harder, wriggling against each other, grinding tits and bellies. Their muscled thighs pressed tight against the other woman’s wet pussy.

Finally, panting with desire, the women broke their kiss. Their hungry, angry eyes locked, full of promise and hate for the future. But, for now, Veronica intended to take her revenge on Kathy’s boyfriend and Kathy was obligated to watch and participate. Veronica pulled Kathy in and whispered in her ear, “Come on, baby. Let me show your man what a real fuck is.”

Kathy’s nails dug into Veronica’s back. “You’re going to be sorry you ever did this, you cunt-eating sow,” she murmured in Veronica’s ear.

Reluctantly, the women peeled apart, their eyes locked. Their taut breasts disengaged, nipples slowly releasing each other.  Finally, Veronica and Kathy turned to Bell. Smiling, the naked, voluptuous women walked sensuously towards either side of the bed, their womanly hips swaying.  They crawled on to the huge bed, their massive tits swinging, their luscious bodies tanned and radiant with sexual power. Kathy came up Bell’s left side, Veronica on the right. Together, smiling, the women undressed the man, slowly unbuttoning his shirt, unzipping his pants, playing with his engorged cock through his underpants. Soon,  they had stripped him naked.

Veronica kicked off her high heels. Kathy did the same, then stretched out beside Bell, pushing her heavy tits into his chest. She stroked down his body, her fingers tracing down his belly to his cock, which she slowly gripped in her warm hand. Bell groaned. Veronica stretched herself out on Bell’s other side and pushed her breasts down on his chest. She leaned over so that her tits touched Kathy’s bulging glands, nipple teasing nipple. She also slid her hand down Bell’s belly to his pulsing dick. Veronica ran her hand over Kathy’s, then began to play with the tip of the man’s sensitive penis.

“Just lie back and enjoy it, Jim,” Veronica whispered. “Kathy and I are going to fuck your brains out. After tonight, you won’t know how you can live without two of us.”

Kathy shot Veronica a venomous look, a look Veronica returned with a smug smile.

The women played with Jim’s cock, stroking and rubbing the hard shaft, cupping and stimulating his balls. At the same time, they writhed on either side of his body, rubbing their luscious flesh into his eager skin, their powerful legs draped and twined through his legs. As the women worked to seduce and stimulate Jim, neither missed an opportunity to rub and stroke and seduce the other. Their long legs twined and stroked at each other, bare feet pressing and teasing. Their probing hands occasionally tweaked the other woman’s nipples or cupped and kneaded taut titflesh or curving hips. Jim’s body was simply the arena on which Kathy and Veronica continued their vicious sexual rivalry.

Veronica moved down Jim’s body as Kathy continued to kiss him and rub her massive tits into his chest. Veronica licked the tip of his cock, then slowly, carefully, swallowed the whole shaft, her lips sucking, her teeth gently nibbling at the sensitive flesh, her tongue coating the turgid meat in slick spit. Jim gasped, crying out in ecstasy. Kathy slipped down his body and, grabbing Veronica roughly by her hair, pulled the black-haired beauty’s mouth away from her man’s penis. Kathy sucked on Jim’s shaft and began rubbing the thick meat with her hand, her head bobbing up and down over his groin. Veronica pushed in. At first, Kathy refused to share Jim’s pulsing dick. Veronica bit her on the ear. With a yelp, she released Jim’s cock. The women glared at each other, then began to share the blowjob, taking turns rubbing and licking at Jim’s engorged shaft. They licked and sucked at his balls and each worked different sides of his cock with their tongues, their spit mixing and flowing together on his sex and in their hungry mouths as they took turns descending on the man and sucking his dick. Kathy and Veronica’s tongues lapped at each other as they sucked Jim and each beauty fought to outdo the other.

“Oh God!!,” Jim gasped, his cock so hard and hot it felt like it would burst. Several times, he had come close to ejaculation, but both women were expert at extending a man’s pleasure and they used their hands on his cock in a way that relieved some of the pressure without getting him off.

“Maybe it’s time for me to take you for a little ride, Jim,” Veronica cooed. “Would you like that?”

“Yes, fuck, yes!!,” the man shouted, his lust so great that he was almost delirious.  Then he reached down his body, took hold of each woman’s nearest tit, and squeezed the thick meat desperately.

Glaring hatefully at Veronica, Kathy moved up Jim’s body, maneuvering herself so that her massive tits were in his face. She knew what he liked during sex, and he especially enjoyed sucking on her tits. Ordinarily, he liked doing that while she rode his cock, but Kathy had to give up her lover’s cock to her rival. It was an essential part of the deal with Veronica. But if she had to give up Jim’s cock, she could make sure that the tits he sucked on were her own.

Smiling, Veronica straddled the prone man’s body. She raised herself up and then slowly, slowly lowered her thick, juicy twat down onto his jutting shaft. She impaled herself on the meat. As Jim’s cock slid up into her hot, wet fuckhole, she squeezed and undulated her internal vaginal muscles around the swollen member, massaging and caressing the rock-hard meat. It looked like the mouth of her vagina was slowly, sensuously, eating every inch of Jim’s throbbing dick. Soon, Veronica had lowered herself completely onto Jim, until the curly hair of her bush twined with the hair around his cock. She began to undulate on top of him, her belly rippling, her hips rocking forward in a scooping motion, as she did her best to fuck Jim senseless. At the same time, her vaginal walls continued to work his throbbing shaft.

Kathy had positioned herself so that her knees were spread on either side of Jim’s head, her breasts lowered down to his face. He was sucking and chewing on her sensitive nipples and thick titmeat as Veronica picked up the pace of her thrusting, rocking movement. Kathy pushed herself forward, moving her face down Jim’s belly, kissing his hot stomach. Veronica ran her fingers through her thick hair as she bucked and groaned. She put her hands on Kathy’s back, then lowered her breasts to the back of Kathy’s head and slid her hands down her rival’s ripe body, grasping the other woman’s rounded ass before thrusting two fingers up the blonde’s asshole. Kathy leaned even further down Jim’s body and shoved her face into the intersection of Veronica’s cunt and Jim’s shaft. Veronica’s swollen clit was jutting up from her pussy. Kathy eagerly began to lick and lap at the pulsing nub. Veronica gasped, wriggling her upper torso so that her throbbing tits rubbed hard into Kathy’s back. For a few minutes, the three straining bodies writhed together in this erotic tangle of sensation.

Kathy pushed back, shoving Veronica off of her back, then shifted her body again, moving forward so that her dripping twat was positioned directly over Jim’s mouth. Eagerly, he buried his face in his lover’s cunt and began sucking and licking hungrily. Kathy sat up, facing Veronica across the man’s torso. The women exchanged looks of pure hatred and hunger. Kathy extended her hands; Veronica quickly replied and the women locked up, hand to hand, fingers intertwined. As they writhed, their massive tits bounced exuberantly on their chests. They squeezed their hands, harder and harder in a test of strength. Their sweaty palms stuck together. Veronica’s belly rippled as her deep vaginal muscles kept working Jim’s shaft.

Kathy suddenly broke her hand to hand grip with Veronica and reached for the other woman’s tits. Veronica reached for Kathy’s massive glands too. The women seized each other’s thick titmeat and began kneading and massaging and stimulating the overheated, sweaty flesh. They twisted and caressed pebble-hard, inch-long nipples until neither of them could resist any longer. As one, Kathy and Veronica leaned forward and took the other woman’s right tit into her mouth and began sucking furiously, ravenously, licking and sucking and biting at the succulent flesh.  All the while, Veronica continued to work Jim’s shaft, Jim continued to suck and feast at Kathy’s dripping twat.

Suddenly, Kathy could not take it anymore. In a sudden act of rebellion, she released Veronica’s tit from her mouth, placed her hands on both of her enemy’s massive tits, and shoved hard. Veronica flew back, Jim’s hard cock popping free of her sopping pussy as she fell, almost rolling off the huge bed. Kathy wasted no time; she immediately turned herself around on Jim’s body, found his thick shaft with her hand, then impaled her fuckmeat on his throbbing dick. She smiled with pleasure and locked his cock in place with her deep muscles, clamping down and then undulating inside as she worked to stimulate him. She placed her hands on his chest and smiled down at her lover.

“Oh baby,” Jim moaned, “Oh god.” He was almost completely delirious, Kathy realized with an angry jolt. She rarely got Jim to such a point herself. She had never felt more threatened by another woman than she did now.

She lowered her body to Jim, crushing her tits to his chest and wrapping her arms around him, then rolled their writhing, grinding bodies so that he was on top. She wrapped her thighs around his hips. Immediately, Jim began pumping his cock into her, gasping with pleasure as his body overflowed with erotic sensation.

Veronica climbed onto Jim’s back. Her beautiful face was a mask of rage, but she still intended to salvage this battle in a way that would humiliate Kathy as much as she could. For a time, the man groaned in pleasure as he writhed and moaned in the center of a sex sandwich, two incredibly beautiful, sexually voracious and voluptuous women wriggling and grinding on both sides of his body, their heavy tits and rock-hard nipples scoring his flesh.

After a time, Jim found himself rolling on his side again. He had a vague notion that Veronica had pulled him over. Then, suddenly, Veronica was somehow working her body between himself and Kathy, pushing Kathy away from him with one arm, shoving him away with the other. In his delirious state he was not really sure what was happening. There was a flurry of activity, hard, sharp breathing and panting curses. He realized, at some level, that the two women were fighting over him. Then, suddenly, he was free, his cock bobbing in the open air, no longer lodged balls deep inside of either woman’s hungry cunt. He looked to his side; Veronica was on top of Kathy and the two women were snarling at each other, face to face, tit to tit, belly to belly, bodies twined and struggling. Veronica was between Kathy’s legs and the blonde’s legs were wrapping around Veronica’s hips.

Veronica looked at Jim. “Come here, baby,” she cooed. “Come and fuck me from behind. I’ll fuck Kathy and we can all come off together.”

The idea excited Jim enormously. He immediately rolled to his knees and came up behind Veronica. He looked between her legs and he saw, to his amazement and incredible arousal, that both women’s spread cunts were open and pressing on each other. He could make out Veronica’s engorged clit pressing head to head with Kathy’s equally swollen sexhorn. From this position, he could shove his cock balls deep into either Kathy or Veronica. For a moment, he considered impaling Kathy. But he had spent many an hour inside of his blonde lover; he wanted to go off inside of Veronica’s new, exotic pussy.

Placing his hands on Veronica’s shoulders, Jim thrust deep and hard into her twat. She groaned with pleasure. He began thrusting and pounding at her firm flesh. Veronica used the power of Jim’s thrusts to grind and rub and grate her aching clit against Kathy’s rock-hard sex nub. The women were locked hand to hand, their arms shoved out to the sides of their heads, their bodies grinding and sliding in the hot sweat of their passion, their tits mashed and grinding mercilessly, their slick bellies wriggling, the heat from their driving cunts searing their inner thighs. Jim’s body dropped onto Veronica’s back as he thrust, his weight crushing the women even harder and deeper into each other.

Veronica’s black mane and Kathy’s thick, golden hair were tangled up in a sweaty mess. Cheek to cheek, gasping and cursing at each other, the women turned their heads and glared into each other, nose to nose, forehead to forehead, lip to lip, as they fucked and fucked, Jim pounding away on top of Veronica, his body building to a powerful climax.

“You’re mine, you’re always going to be mine,” Veronica snarled at Kathy. Their hot breath mixed and washed over their sweaty faces like a sweet breeze.

“Like fuck, whore,” Kathy breathed back. “When we’re done here, I’m going to fuck you up so bad, I’m going to ream that pussy raw…”

Veronica cut off any other threats by covering Kathy’s mouth with her own. Jim had not heard their exchange, his own grunts and groans far too loud, his building ecstasy and the unbearable tension in his overheated body his only concerns.

The three bodies writhed and rubbed and ground against each other for several more minutes, the women’s enflamed clits grinding relentlessly, the man’s burning cock pumped to unbearable levels. Finally, almost screaming with pleasure and release, Jim came with excruciating force. As he came, Veronica did something with her deep muscles, squeezing then releasing him several times, giving him an almost multi-orgasmic finish. With a final cry, Jim collapsed across Veronica’s back, his weight pressing the two women down into the bed.

Jim was unconscious on top of her, Kathy was wriggling and writhing below her. Veronica savored the sensations for a moment, then pushed up hard and rolled Jim onto his back, rolling her body off of Kathy’s prone form in the process.

For several minutes, the three lovers lay together in a tangled, sweaty heap, the man unconscious, the women alert, but waiting for the right moment to continue. Veronica turned her head to find Kathy glaring at her. She glared back. Then both women smiled. The real battle was about to begin.

Kathy stirred, climbing from the bed and going into the bathroom. Veronica heard the tap run and heard something fizzing. A moment later, Kathy came out with a glass of bubbly water. She sat down on the bed beside Jim.

“Here, baby,” Kathy purred. “Take this, love. It will help you sleep.”

Half conscious and exhausted, the man did not object as his lover made him drink the glass of water to the bottom. Jim fell back on the bed and seemed to pass out. Kathy covered him with a blanket, then returned to the bathroom with the glass.

Veronica watched all this from the bed, her head propped up on her elbow. After Kathy returned from the bathroom, she walked straight out of the room and down the hall. Veronica slipped out of the bed and followed the other woman down the hall and towards the great room, their naked feet padding almost silently on the wooden floor.

Kathy walked to a great gas fireplace placed against the glass wall. Outside, the full moon shimmered off the gently swaying ocean. Kathy pushed a switch; the gas fireplace blazed to life, the orange light casting a warm glow in the room.

Veronica glanced at a clock on the mantle over the fireplace. It read 10 o’clock. She had been in bed with Jim and Kathy for only about two hours.

Kathy lowered her naked body to the soft, plush rug in front of the fireplace. The orange light rippled on her taut, succulent flesh, playing on her luscious curves, glittering on the sweat and sex juices coating her perfect body. The blonde sat back on her round ass and slowly, seductively, spread her muscled thighs. In the dim light of the room, Veronica saw the blonde’s hungry twat flex with anger and lust. Thick juices trickled down to the carpet. Kathy used the forefingers of her right hand to spread her fat pussy lips, coaxing her massive, engorged clit free.

The blonde looked up at Veronica, her green eyes blazing with hate and lust.

“Now, you fucker,” Kathy breathed, “We’ve got all night. Jim will sleep well into tomorrow morning. Now, we settle this.”

Her heart pounding, her tits taut with heat and arousal, her pussy dripping with desire, Veronica lowered herself to the rug, facing Kathy. She spread her legs, she used her hand to spread her twat and free her aching, throbbing clit.

“Yes,” Veronica breathed. “Yes. Let’s fuck, you dirty whore. Let’s fuck each other to death.”

Veronica and Kathy moved across the rug, sliding on their heart-shaped asses, their beautiful faces masks of raw, unadulterated hatred and pure animal lust. Green eyes locked to blue. The women smiled at each other savagely, both combatants overflowing with the desire to lock cunt to cunt, to completely break and consume the other. They braced their bodies with their arms and pressed the balls of their feet and their toes together and paused for a moment, holding each other off, studying each other from the short distance apart. Their legs were spread and the two women looked down at the other’s red, wet, engorged twat.

“I’m going to make you pay for what you did to Jim, you fucking bitch,” Kathy snarled at Veronica, her beautiful face lit with viciousness. “No one tries to steal my man, especially not a black-haired cunt like you.”

Veronica pushed her toes harder against Kathy’s foot, making the blonde push back. The women shivered together at the sexual pulse that flowed up from their pressed feet.

“I gave your man the best fuck of his life, you blonde cunt,” Veronica replied. “You should be begging me for lessons on how to keep a man satisfied.”

The women smiled maliciously at each other, their faces ferocious in the light of the fire. Veronica and Kathy read their mutual desire to destroy each other, to completely humiliate and dominate each other, and their perfect bodies thrilled in erotic anticipation. They slid their feet apart and resumed pushing towards each other. Their right legs slid over left as they scissored, pushing closer and closer. Their massive, taut tits shuddered on their chests, the meaty globes aroused beyond measure, their brown nipples as hard as rocks.

Veronica and Kathy stopped when their hungry quims were only an inch apart. They could feel the heat radiating out from their sexual cores, warming their inner thighs.  Their twats lubricated hard, thick liquid trickling down to their asses then to the rug. They inhaled deeply, breathing in the heavy musk of their combined sex, which hung in the air between them like a living force. Their bodies trembled with desire.

Veronica pushed just a bit closer; Kathy moved to meet her. The women arched their backs, thrusting their pussies forward and slowly, gently, pushed their slick, hot cuntlips together.

“Aaaahhhhhmmm,” Veronica moaned as erotic electricity arced through her perfect body. She threw back her head, her black mane flashing, her beautiful eyes fluttering closed as the intense sensations radiated from their ravenous cunts.

“Mmmmmmmm,” Kathy groaned, her cunt lubricating even harder, wetting both women’s pussy lips as she squirted just a little. The blonde closed her eyes tight, gasping with pleasure and desire.

Veronica and Kathy felt each other’s heat and slickness, felt each other’s sensual power. They rubbed their smooth, wet cuntlips together gently, carefully, the slick, lubricated flesh sliding wetly, kissing lightly, the turgid flesh sticking just a little. Waves of pure pleasure burned away from the women’s gently kissing twats, causing the women to tremble uncontrollably.

“We don’t stop until this is settled, bitch,” Kathy panted at her enemy. “We keep fucking until one of us can’t take it anymore.”

“That’s fine by me, cuntlicker,” Veronica gasped back. The black-haired beauty leaned forward, her massive, throbbing tits hanging like ripe fruit, engorged with lust. Her rock-hard nipples stopped only inches from Kathy’s matching nubs.

“Give me everything you’ve got, fucker,” Veronica groaned. “Every inch of you against every inch of me.”

Kathy smiled savagely. Bracing her body with her left arm, she extended her right hand and grasped Veronica’s left thigh. Veronica returned the hold, gripping Kathy’s muscled thigh in reply. The women leaned back, holding each other tight. Then, signaling with their eyes, the women thrust at each other with all their power. Their hungry cunts slammed together, a thick, wet sound of juicy meat slapping to juicy meat. The women gasped in unison as pure erotic sensations exploded through their bodies. They began to move, thrusting slow and hard, their hips and asses undulating powerfully, picking up speed and force as Kathy and Veronica began to grind into each other, working to spread each other’s twats, wet,hot cuntlips pressing and squashing and forcing each other’s vaginal openings wider, hot flesh melting into one pulsating join of succulent meat, the sensitive petals of their luscious labia meshing and merging, forming a delicious mass of erotic tension and pleasure. The women’s battling cunts lubricated powerfully, juicing up their struggling twats, soaking the intersection of their perfect bodies. The sound of hot, turgid flesh sucking and squelching as the women’s cunts locked and sucked combined with the gasps and moans of the two sexual warriors as they slowly, powerfully, deeply, penetrated and violated each other. Kathy and Veronica leaned back and began thrusting into each other even harder, grinding deep and strong, pulling on each other’s thighs for leverage as the mutual fucking picked up speed and force. The women’s massive tits rocked exuberantly as they fucked, nipples burning with heat and tension.

The women moved in a hard rhythm, driving into each other, their hips and asses bucking, their bellies rippling with effort. The women’s pants and groans and moans of pleasure filled the room, their cries a symphony of ecstasy as they harmonized, both women grunting like rutting animals with each mutual thrust.  As their sopping wet cunts sucked together into a hot, pulsing mass of fuckmeat, the women’s powerful twats sank deeper and deeper into each other, slick fuck slits slotted together in an unbreakable bond of juicy flesh. Their thick blonde and black-haired bushes twined and grated, twisting together. Kathy and Veronica began squeezing, crushing, using their vaginal muscles on each other’s quims. Their locked pussies trembled with the exquisite tension as muscled cunt wrestled with muscled cunt.

The women’s swollen clits crushed and jousted head to head, grinding and sliding and fencing, the thick nubs pulsing with ecstasy as they rubbed and rubbed and rubbed mercilessly.  The women’s engorged sexhorns grew to an incredible size. With screams of pleasure, Kathy and Veronica knotted their clits together, fusing their most exquisitely sensitive body parts into a single hot tongue of flame. Kathy and Veronica clamped their powerful vaginal muscles on their struggling clits and squeezed, crushing their battling clits into one pulsing mass of ecstasy. Then they rippled their deep muscles on the twined sexhorns, massaging the nerve-rich organs into a lather of erotic bliss. They alternated their attacks on their struggling clits, forcing waves of heat and electricity through their writhing bodies.

“Oh god, oh god, you fuck, you dirty fuck…,” Kathy gasped, her mind struggling to hold on in the face of unbearable pleasure, her clit seeming to swell to ten times its usual size. She bucked and thrust, desperate to dominate her rival, but just as desperate to keep fucking her foe, to keep enjoying the incredible joining between her exquisite body and that of her powerful rival.

“Whore, cunt, fucking, fucking slut…” Veronica shot back. The black-haired beauty tried to increase the force of her thrusts, to increase the intensity of their clit to clit fucking, but her body was trembling with pleasure deep in its core and it took all her will to not just give in to the unbearable sexual sensations. “Oh god,” Veronica moaned aloud, “Oh god, this is so good, so fucking good…”

“Yes,” Kathy panted, “Fuck, fuck, yes, yes, YESSSSS!”

The two women tightened their grips on the other’s thigh and then used the hands they were using to brace their bodies to reach out and cup and knead one of the other’s woman’s bouncing tits. Kathy and Veronica squeezed and twisted the other’s nipples, powerful fingers sinking into yielding, thick titmeat.

“I hate you, I hate you so fucking much…,” Kathy groaned at her enemy. She despised this beautiful bitch, and she hated Veronica even more for giving her such incredible pleasure with her fantastic body.

“You weak, jealous bitch,” Veronica gasped, twisting Kathy’s nipple harder. “I’m going to suck every drop of cum out of that weak little cunt, I’m going to fuck you blind…”

“Give it to me, slut,” Kathy challenged. “I’m going to drain your quim and squeeze it dry, I’m going to fuck every orgasm that you have out of that dirty cunt…”

The women released each other’s tits and braced their bodies again. They thrust harder and deeper, their pussies wrestling and struggling, violating each other as intimately as they could. Panting, gasping, moaning, their incredibly voluptuous bodies shining with sweat, their muscles rippling, their bodies writhing, their tits bouncing, Veronica and Kathy  fucked and fucked and fucked. Their eyes locked in hatred as they watched each other intently, looking for weakness, hoping to see the other woman come first in a submissive orgasm. The orange firelight played on the women’s slick, trembling, voluptuous bodies, the shadows dancing on their succulent flesh. Tears of raw ecstasy poured down their beautiful, savage faces.

After more than 45 minutes of constant, delicious, clit to clit fucking, Kathy began to feel the intense pleasure in her core begin to build to a sudden peak. Her body trembled with tension, her pussy ached with effort. Moaning, she redoubled her thrusts, driving even harder at Veronica. Veronica immediately returned the attack, matching Kathy thrust for thrust, her cunt clamping down and rippling in concert with Kathy’s twat as the women’s pussies struggled to devour each other. Driving against each other, Kathy and Veronica fucked each other’s brains out.

“Come, you fuck, come!!,” Kathy snarled at her black-haired rival. Her voice was desperate as she felt on the verge of a devastating orgasm.

“No, you come for me, fucker!!,” Veronica screamed in reply. Her eyes were anxious, her body teetering on the edge of ecstasy. “No,” she thought to herself, “No, I won’t give in, I won’t!” Veronica could barely keep from shrieking in frustration and she tried to fuck Kathy even harder. She knew the blonde was on the edge too.

Suddenly, both women’s eyes went wide. Kathy felt the incredible orgasm arrive, filling her insides like a blossom of unbearable heat. She was going to come. Screaming, she pushed herself up and reached for Veronica’s luscious body. At the same time, Veronica reached for Kathy. She could see what was happening with the blonde, she could feel the explosion building in her own body.

The women wrapped their arms around each other, reaching for the other’s round ass, and pulling hard. Their massive tits mashed tight and hard, nipples spearing each other, milk holes locking and fusing, thick titmeat crushing and sliding in delicious heat on the slick sweat. The intense pleasure of their tit to tit mash pushed the battling women over the edge. Kathy and Veronica kissed fervently, feverishly, tongues twisting together, spit flowing between their inosculated mouths, their ravenous hunger for each other’s flesh driving them both insane with lust.

The women’s bodies shuddered with an incredibly intense mutual orgasm. Their cunts contracted with excruciating force and ejaculated powerful jets of thick, hot cum deep into both women’s locked pussies. Veronica and Kathy moaned and screamed uncontrollably, their locked mouths stifling their shrieks of joy.  The women trembled with erotic joy as the unbearable pleasure as the heat of their shared cum inundated their bodies. They tightened their grips on each other’s asses, pulling each other in deep and hard, sharp nails sinking into the taut flesh. The women clawed and gripped each other’s backs, their abdomens rippling against each other, navels sucking, as their bodies pumped cum back and forth, intense heat flowing between them, orgasms chaining through their bucking bodies. Cum bubbled up from the fleshy join of their locked cunts, drenching the intersection of their powerful bodies, coating their lower bellies as they rubbed and writhed against each other.

Kathy and Veronica broke their kiss. Nose to nose, forehead to forehead, gasping and sobbing with pleasure, the women looked into each other’s eyes with wonder as they felt their bodies sync up. Intense, excruciating orgasm after orgasm rippled and shuddered through their conjoined bodies, filling both women to the brim and then exploding in waves of ecstasy, releasing in hard shots of ejaculate as they drowned each other’s quims in girl cum. For more than 15 minutes this continued, orgasms ravaging the women’s straining, grinding bodies.

Finally, the orgasms abated. Panting furiously, sobbing with pleasure and exhaustion, Kathy and Veronica leaned against each other, their arms still wrapped around their sweat-soaked bodies, their tits mashed tight. Vaguely, Veronica became aware that her tits were leaking, that the pleasure had been so intense that she had lactated. She realized that Kathy was lactating too, thin trickles of milk tracing down their sweat-damp tits and bellies. Their milk holes were locked together and the milk ejaculate had helped to send intense pulses of pleasure through their throbbing tits.  The women rubbed their sweaty faces together, kissing and licking tongue to tongue.  They rested, cheek to cheek, chins on each other’s shoulders.

“You fuck, you dirty fuck,” Veronica moaned in Kathy’s ear.

“That was good, bitch,” Kathy gasped. “That was so fucking good. But we’re just getting started.”

Veronica shifted her face, so that she was nose to nose with her blonde enemy. The women stared deeply into each other’s eyes.

“I’m ready for everything you have, blondie,” Veronica smiled. “I can go all night.” She ran her tongue along Kathy’s lips. The blonde licked back.

“Good,” Kathy smiled in reply. “Because we’re going to be riding each other until your cunt dries up. And I hope that takes a nice, long time.”

Veronica smiled, then ran her tongue over Kathy’s cheek. “Let’s suck each other,” Veronica whispered in the blonde woman’s ear. “I want to taste your milk.”

Kathy licked back. “Mmmmm. Sounds good to me, fucker. Then, I’m going to suck your clit and drink up your cum. But I’m still going to fuck you raw.”

The women kissed slow and hard, working their shoulders to rub their throbbing tits, to rake their sharp, hard nipples against each other.

Veronica broke the kiss. “Plenty of time, whore,” she finally replied. “Don’t worry, by the time I’m done with you, you’ll be begging me to stop making you come.”

“One of us will be begging, but it won’t be me,” Kathy promised.

Veronica smiled. The women slowly pushed away from each other, disentangling their luscious bodies. Their locked, sealed cunts sucked apart with a thick, wet pop. Thick dollops of mixed cum leaked out onto the carpet, or joined the women’s wet twats in viscous strings of ejaculate. Veronica reached down and scooped out her twat, then offered the thick glob of juice to Kathy. Kathy ran her into finger through her own fuck slit, then offered her finger to Veronica. Eyes taunting each other, the women sucked each other’s fingers clean, then grinned at each other viciously. They pushed apart and then kneeled in front of each other, resting on their haunches, their hands on their muscular, luscious thighs. Their knees were almost touching.

Veronica raised her hands. Kathy reached out; the women’s hands twined together, fingers interlocked, palms pressed tight. Milk swelled from both women’s nipples. Kathy and Veronica tested each other’s strength then, slowly, pulled their arms apart as they got to their knees. They pushed close, until they brushed their thick nipples against each other. The women shuddered in concert. Then, they released each other’s hands and both women leaned in, using one hand to cup the other woman’s free breast, lowering their heads to the other tit. In unison, they wrapped their lips around the other woman’s thick brown nipple and began to suck vigorously.

Moaning with pleasure, Kathy and Veronica feasted on the other’s tit, sucking hard for milk. The women’s tits throbbed with heat and sensation, heavy with arousal. Each woman cupped the other’s right tit and licked and sucked feverishly at the stiff brown nipples, the engorged areola. Their free hand squeezed and kneaded the other woman’s free tit, pausing to stroke and pull at the other throbbing nipple. Veronica felt Kathy’s sweet milk slowly building in her mouth. Neither woman was lactating much, but the intense sexual fever of their encounter had released hormones and chemicals that were now causing their glorious tits to pulse with sensation.  Veronica and Kathy swallowed back the other’s milk. Their massive, beautiful tits were already glistening with sweat. Now, they were gradually getting covered with spit and milk as the women sucked and bit at each other with ravenous hunger. Their muffled moans of pure pleasure filled the room.

After a time, Veronica twisted Kathy’s blonde hair in her hand and pulled the other woman’s face to her own. Their mouths and tongues locked for a moment as they exchanged a hot, spitty, milky kiss. They broke the sucking kiss, then turned their attention to sucking the other’s left tit. As she bit and licked at Veronica’s thick nipples and succulent titflesh, Kathy slipped a hand down the black-haired beauty’s taut, slick belly and began to sensuously, deeply stroke the other woman’s dripping wet sex gash. She ran her middle finger deep into Veronica’s hot, wet slit, teasing the grape-sized clit. Veronica groaned uncontrollably and immediately returned the favour, sending her questing fingers deep into Kathy’s wet, hot twat.

For long minutes, the beautiful women sucked tits and masturbated each other. The sound of wet fingers pumping hot, moist cunt echoed in the great room, forming a symphony of sensuality as it combined with the sound of lush lips feasting at succulent tits. Veronica and Kathy moaned and sighed in pleasure as they tortured and seduced each other’s luscious bodies once again. Kathy soon felt her throbbing pussy start to leak, clear, wet fluids trickling down her inner thighs. She could feel the same wetness flowing from Veronica’s over-stimulated twat. Both women drove their questing fingers deeper and harder into the other’s vagina, all the while stroking and teasing the other woman’s pulsing clit.

Kathy reached up and pulled Veronica’s head away from her leaking tit, yanking painfully on the black-haired beauty’s hair. The blonde and the black-haired woman glared hatefully into each other’s beautiful faces, their eyes shining with mutual hate and desire.

“Let’s eat each other, you fuck,” Kathy breathed. “Let’s suck each other out.”

Veronica smiled lasciviously. She began to lower her body to the floor, on her side, her heavy tits shifting with her movement. Kathy immediately reciprocated, lowering herself in the opposite direction. Both sex-crazed women raised their upper leg at the same time, offering their dripping, fragrant cunts to each other.

Kathy smiled savagely. She slipped her hands around Veronica’s hips and grasped the other woman’s muscled ass tightly as she buried her gorgeous face in Veronica’s succulent, wet gash. “God,” Kathy thought as she moaned in pleasure. “This is soooo fucking good.” She rubbed her face around and around the sopping wet, pungent fuckmeat, then shoved her tongue between the tight vaginal lips and began lapping at Veronica’s dripping cunt. She soon wrapped her lips around the other woman’s swollen, grape-sized clit and began sucking vigorously, teasing the exquisitely sensitive flesh with her soft, lapping tongue at the same time. She felt Veronica twitch and thrash under her ministrations and, inside, she smiled savagely.

At the same time, Kathy’s body was wracked by unbearable sensations as Veronica feasted on her twat, the black-haired vixen devouring Kathy’s snatch with an insatiable hunger, her tongue and lips pulling wave after wave of sheer pleasure out of the blonde beauty.

Side by side, their tits crushed tight to each other, underside to underside, their moans and groans of ecstasy muffled in each other’s succulent flesh, Kathy and Veronica devoured each other’s pussies. Their hands moved over each other’s asses and backs, until Veronica shoved her middle finger deep up into Kathy’s tight asshole. The blonde woman moaned louder and harder, then returned the favour, shoving two fingers into her enemy’s puckered hole.

Kathy took the struggle to the next level. As their beautiful bodies trembled with the sensations rippling through their flesh, the blonde Amazon moved her face back from Veronica’s twat, then slowly thrust two, then three, then all five fingers up into her enemy’s sopping wet, tight fuckhole. Veronica thrashed, gasping with the incredible pleasure of the violation. She immediately retaliated, even as Kathy closed her hand into a fist and twisted it around and around inside of Veronica’s convulsing vagina. Even as she did this, she wrapped her lips around Veronica’s distended clit and sucked vigorously.

Veronica screamed and screamed and then began pumping her fist in and out of Kathy’s taut fuckslit. It was now Kathy’s turn to sob and scream with pleasure. Veronica licked and sucked at the blonde’s clit; Kathy returned to the attack.

Hot juices flowed around the women’s wrists, their fists buried deep inside of each other, their free hands and fingers probing each other’s ass. They rolled back and forth on the rug, their powerful thighs wrapped around each other’s heads, their wet, hot bodies gleaming in the firelight, the room filling with their animal growls of passion and ecstasy.

Kathy was on top, pumping her fist viciously into Veronica’s tight cunt, lapping at Veronica’s clit, when she felt the powerful tension deep in her core grow into an excruciating convulsion in her pussy. Screaming uncontrollably, her pussy contracted powerfully around Veronica’s invading fist and wrist and then gushed hard with a powerful, radiating set of intense orgasms.

“Jesus FFFFUCCCKKKK!!!,” the blonde shrieked. She sobbed uncontrollably as the intense pleasure roared through her. Kathy gasped as one orgasm turned into a chain of building explosions.

Veronica snarled, tears running down her face, as she worked Kathy’s cunt viciously, reaming the other woman out with her churning fist, determined to reduce Kathy to a quivering heap of sexually ravaged flesh. But, as she came, Kathy’s fist twisted hard and strong inside of Veronica’s quivering cunt. The black-haired beauty screamed in ecstasy as her powerful cunt suddenly clamped powerfully around the blonde’s wrist and hand and then released in a terrible eruption of pleasure.

Both women pulled their hands out of the other’s twat and buried their gorgeous faces in the other woman’s jetting cunt. They moaned with pleasure as they felt their faces bathed in the other’s hard, hot ejaculations. For several minutes, Kathy and Veronica exploded in each other’s faces as they drank and gorged themselves on the other woman’s ejaculations. Their powerful bodies tensed and writhed as multiple orgasms rippled through their cores.

Finally, the orgasms faded. Kathy on top, both women panting furiously, the two women lay sprawled and exposed to each other, their legs wide. Kathy kissed Veronica’s twat, then rested her cheek on Veronica’s thick, wet pussy. Veronica’s head rested on the floor, sticking out from between Kathy’s spread thighs. Veronica’s hands were spread on the blonde’s heart-shaped ass. She gasped for breath, her beautiful face soaked with the blonde’s juices.

Veronica raised her head and looked into Kathy’s magnificent cunt. The normally tight, thick slit was slightly distended, the soft, engorged flesh pushed apart by her invading fist. Veronica smiled. She took her hand and quickly slid it back into Kathy’s dripping pussy. The blonde moaned tortuously, then cried out in pleasure as Veronica’s invading hand became a fist. Kathy shuddered uncontrollably as she was violated again.

“That’s it, that’s it, you fucker,” Veronica moaned. “Let’s spread this tight little fuckhole…” She pumped and rotated her fist hard. A moment later, Veronica bucked and screamed as Kathy’s fist drove into her own cunt, spreading her twat, the hard, round ball working against the elastic muscle and tissue of Veronica’s powerful pussy.

The women groaned and gasped as they each reamed out the other’s wet, hot twat. Their vaginal walls contracted powerfully around the invading fists. Veronica moaned as she rolled Kathy back onto her side. For a few more moments, the women ravaged each other’s cunts. Suddenly, Veronica pulled her hand out of Kathy’s vagina with an audible “pop,” and pushed the other woman away, pulling her twat free of Kathy’s invading fist at the same time. Panting furiously, Veronica rolled onto her knees, then quickly sat, facing Kathy, with her legs spread. Kathy had pulled herself up to her knees and glared at Veronica, momentarily puzzled. Then, looking at Veronica’s distended, open cunt, she realized what the black-haired bitch had been doing. Kathy quickly turned herself around and sat on her ass. She spread her legs wide and then reached down to pull her pussy lips even further apart. She could see that her own pussy was a bit wider than usual, the vaginal hole between her legs dark and inviting, open and eager to merge with Veronica’s luscious meat.

The women slid across the rug towards each other, panting with lust and rage. Their mutual desire to destroy each other, to meet cunt to cunt, meat to meat, to devour one another, burned in their bodies like a fever. Right legs slid over lefts. Kathy and Veronica pushed up, their arms bracing their powerful bodies. Veronica pushed her hot, turgid cunt slow and hard into Kathy’s matching fuckmeat. The women groaned in unbelievable pleasure as their soft, wet flesh kissed, as their hotly lubricated cuntlips slid and caressed, sending pulses of electricity racing through their erogenous zones. Their slightly open vulvas kissed, lip to lip, and slowly sucked, forming a powerful bond as the women pushed together, the power of their asses and hips slowly driving their cunts together, forcing the soft flesh apart. Hot juices flowed out to mix, encouraging the women to push harder, to violate each other even more intimately. Their distended cunts sucked tight, labial folds melting and meshing like fleshy flowers and fusing. As they sucked each other in, the inner flesh of their vaginal walls seemed to flow together.

Kathy and Veronica glared at each other, their eyelids heavy with the incredible sensations rocking their bodies as their twats fused. They panted, their massive tits heaving, the excitement and lust combining, driving them crazy with need. 

“Give it to me, give me everything, you fucker,” Veronica snarled, her eyes glowing with heat.

“Fucking bitch, I’m going to suck you inside-out,” Kathy gasped.

The women’s twats merged, and as they sucked tight, both women undulated and rippled their deep vaginal walls, trying to pull the other in farther, trying to suck the juice from the other. Kathy and Veronica moaned in indescribable ecstasy as they melted into one body, as they struggled to eat each other’s cunts. Their swollen, throbbing clits pressed tight, head to head, grinding as the women’s hips moved, slowly at first, but then growing faster and tighter as the women rubbed clits furiously. The women gritted their teeth and moaned, then growled, then threw back their heads and screamed in ecstasy as their clits grated on each other with unbearable force.

Veronica and Kathy seized the other’s right leg and, leaning back, they thrust into each other as deep as they could, their vaginas becoming one, their vaginal lips flattening and spreading against each other, then folding and slotting together, their fuckholes lining up and forming an unbreakable suction. Their powerful abdomens undulated, muscles rippling as they fucked viciously. The wet sound of thick, juicy cunts sucking and mating filled the room, harmonizing with the women’s grunts and groans that came with each powerful, violating thrust.

“God, oh God, oh Fucking Goddddd!!!,” Veronica cried out. She reached out to Kathy who eagerly took her hand. Both women reached further and grabbed each other’s right forearm with both hands and pulled on each other, leaning back, putting all their weight onto their tumescent cunts, dragging each other in as deep as they possibly could. The women arched their backs as they struggled to penetrate each other completely, as they squeezed and wrestled, twat to twat, their contracting pussylips crushing and massaging their intertwined clits. The women fell flat onto their backs, their voluptuous bodies writhing between each other’s legs, driving and pulling each other with all their power.

“YES, YES, oh God, YESSS!!,” Kathy shrieked, her body bucking hard, sweat spraying from her bouncing breasts as she fucked Veronica with all her power and was fucked just as hard in return.

“YOU CUNT, YOU WHORE, YOU FUCKING BITCH!!,” Veronica howled, her body shuddering,  its core overflowing with incredible pleasure and sensual delight. Dimly, her mind warned her of her tendency to surrender when overwhelmed with enough ecstasy. Her past battles with Louise echoed somewhere in her head. But, at this moment, nothing mattered but the incredible pleasure she and Kathy were inflicting on each other.

Locked together as tightly as two women could be sealed to each other, Kathy and Veronica pumped with all their power. It was hard to tell whose orgasm came first; suddenly, both women were ejaculating powerfully into each other, their hot cum flowing and filling their vaginal canals, burning hot and thick into their deepest womanhood. Kathy screamed with delight as she felt orgasm after orgasm burn and erupt from the depths of her body, terrible erotic tension building in her core then releasing into Veronica’s magnificent body. She felt the flow of Veronica’s hot juices mixing with her own; she knew that Veronica was feeling her emissions inside of her. The very thought of how deeply and intimately she and Veronica were violating and humiliating each other filled the blonde beauty with a volatile combination of hate and delight.

Locked in an unbreakable hold, twat fused to twat, Veronica and Kathy bucked and writhed and screamed, their incredible bodies undulating, their asses rubbing into the rug, their tits jolting. The women held each other’s forearms, gripping each other hard, as their bodies spasmed together in shared erotic bliss. Orgasm after orgasm shuddered out of their cunts, cum leaking out from their inosculated twats to lather their lower abdomens and coat their intertwined pubic hair.

The orgasms finally tapered off. Exhausted, Veronica and Kathy lay on the soaked rug, their arms thrown over their eyes, their tits shuddering as they panted like they had run marathons, their gorgeous bodies shining with sweat and cum.

After more than 20 minutes lying together, their pussies locked and sealed, Kathy pushed herself up on her elbows and stared down her body at Veronica. The black-haired beauty raised her head and stared back defiantly. The two beautiful women glared at each other hatefully. Then, signaling with their eyes, they pulled apart. The women groaned as their hungry twats separated, as their intermeshed pubic bushes tore and ripped away from each other. The women rolled apart and got to their knees on opposite sides of the rug, their gorgeous eyes locked with hate and lust.

“Are you ready for more, bitch?” Kathy asked hoarsely. Even as she sat glaring at her enemy, she could not prevent her eyes from glancing down at Veronica’s swollen tits, the fire-limned curves of her voluptuous body. Kathy felt the heat stirring again in her loins.

“I’m ready to go all night with you, cuntlicker,” Veronica growled back. She felt her nipples hardening and her still-wet pussy starting to lubricate some more.

Kathy got to her feet. Veronica started to get up, but Kathy gestured for her to stop. “Stay there,” the blonde said. “I’ll be right back.”

Veronica watched the blonde woman’s naked ass flex and her luscious hips sway as she padded down the hall, a bit unsteadily, back to the bedroom. A few moments later, Kathy came back down the hall, wearing a tiny smile. In her hand, she held a massive, two-headed dildo. It was easily 12 inches long or more, and maybe three inches thick. Veronica’s eyes lit up when she saw the sex toy.

Kathy smiled wider, then walked past the rug where Veronica lounged and towards the door leading onto the private deck.

“Come on, fucker,” the blonde purred. “Let’s continue this outside.”

Smiling hungrily, lust burning in her beautiful green eyes, Veronica rose to her feet like a cat and padded after her blonde enemy, happy to take the fight to the next level of erotic warfare. It was going to be a long, long night.

To be continued:

Veronica Goes on a Cruise, Part VI

Veronica followed Kathy out onto the deck. The moon was high in the sky and the sound of the sea lapping against the side of the ship whispered in the dark. Otherwise, the night was quiet. Kathy walked out to stand on the padded rubber floor beside the pool. She turned around and cocked her hip and smiled lustfully at Veronica. Veronica watched as Kathy took the thick, hard shaft and slowly, carefully, inserted it into her wet, tight twat. The blonde bit her lip, her eyes fluttering with pleasure, as she shoved the massive dildo hard and high into her vaginal canal. When it was in more than halfway, she stopped, placed her hands on her hips, and jerked her pelvis forward, holding the dildo rigid with her cunt. It pointed straight at the ground, already growing slick with Kathy’s juices as they trickled down the shaft. Then, Kathy turned around, her back to her rival. She shook her ass at Veronica, watching her enemy over her shoulder, her beautiful face lit by a savage grin.

“Come on, fucker,” Kathy taunted. “Let’s see how strong your pussy really is. Let’s have a little tug of war. Ass to ass.”

Saying this, she dropped to her hands and knees on the rubber flooring and shoved her powerful, heart-shaped ass high in the air, offering her sex to her foe. The dildo jutted straight out, parallel to the deck.  Moaning with lust, her heart pounding with excitement, Veronica moved quickly across the deck, towards Kathy. When she reached the blonde, she dropped to her knees behind the other woman. Instead of reversing herself and pressing ass to ass with Kathy, however, Veronica found herself sliding her hands up and around the other woman’s perfect, round buttocks, then down Kathy’s curved back. Kathy groaned and pressed back into Veronica’s hands. Veronica twined Kathy’s golden hair around her left hand and pulled viciously, yanking Kathy’s head back. At the same time, Veronica grasped the massive dildo with her right hand and, with a hard shove, drove it deep into Kathy’s yielding twat.

“Nnnnnnn, Fuck!!,”Kathy groaned, her ass wiggling and her hips jerking as she was impaled on the plastic rod. She tightened her inner muscles around the dildo, trying to hold it in place. Veronica braced her elbow on Kathy’s ass, however, and strongly, agonizingly, pulled the dildo back, until only three inches were jammed in Kathy’s cunt. Then, grunting, Veronica slowly shoved the shaft back in, putting her whole body behind the push, until more than nine inches were buried in Kathy’s succulent flesh. Both women were panting hard with excitement and effort.

“Nnnnnn, you dirty fuck!,” Kathy gasped. But she did not try to get away. Instead, she wriggled in pleasure, using the dildo to churn her insides, deliberately rubbing her g-spot into the stiff, rubberized plastic. Veronica leaned down and worked the dildo even harder and more viciously, around and around. The blonde moaned uncontrollably. From Kathy’s cries of pleasure, Veronica could tell that she was quickly driving the other woman to the point of ecstasy. But her own pussy was pulsing with heat. The smell of Kathy’s aroused body, the feel of the other woman’s succulent flesh writhing and wriggling under her hands was driving Veronica wild. Her pussy was throbbing so hard that her entire lower body felt like it was on fire. The tension in her cunt was unbearable.

Veronica couldn’t help herself. She needed to feel Kathy’s cunt and clit locked and grinding with her own, she wanted to feel the dildo driving into her. She pulled the shaft out of Kathy until about six inches was exposed.

“Enough of that, whore,” Veronica panted. “You’re all nice and hot, so let’s see what your cunt can really do.”  She turned herself around so that she was on her knees, her round, taut ass pointing at Kathy’s ass. Veronica quickly backed up, pressing the soles of her bare feet into Kathy’s soles. The women flexed their feet against each other, both women sighing with pleasure as the sensitive flesh rubbed, as they shared the pleasure of grinding their luscious bodies like to like. Veronica then reached between her legs to grab the dildo. Kathy locked her vaginal muscles around the dildo, holding it fast as Veronica slowly rammed her juicy twat onto the stiff shaft. Veronica pressed back as hard as she could, moaning in delight as the thick padded muscle of her ass flexed and rippled against Kathy’s powerful backside, as the shaft slid deep into her vagina. The women groaned in harmony as they arched their backs and pressed their thick, wet vaginal lips together, the meaty flesh fusing, electricity suffusing their bodies. The women’s bare feet pressed together before they slid them past each other and rammed ass to ass. They pushed back, allowing their cunts and asses to mash tightly.

Kathy gripped the dildo tightly and rolled her ass around and around, using the shaft to stir up Veronica’s insides. The black-haired beauty cried out in bliss. She let the dildo work her insides, delighting in the pleasure it created, until she was hot and wet through to the core of her being. Then she clamped down on the dildo and began wrestling with Kathy’s twat for control of the sex toy.

The women moaned and cried out, they screamed and groaned. Their asses and hips moved restlessly as they shoved and struggled, twat to twat, to overpower the other beautiful vixen and gain control of the shaft. Occasionally, the women raised their lower bodies high above the deck, arching their backs so they could press their swollen cunts together, slit to slit. Their throbbing clits caressed, grinding underside to underside. Kathy and Veronica screamed in concert, then resumed their desperate fuckfight. They rubbed and ground their heavy tits into the cool, sweat-slicked deck, they wriggled and writhed, their lower bodies trembling as they fought to control the massive shaft stirring up their womanly centers.

The raven-haired beauty and her blonde rival lost all track of time and place. On and on the battle raged. The only thing that existed for both women was the intense pleasure radiating up from their locked cunts, filling their insides, throbbing in their rock-hard nipples as their engorged tits mashed against the deck. After more than 90 minutes, however, Kathy’s cries of joy became louder and more insistent, more desperate. Veronica was not even aware of how close Kathy was to a full-fledged orgasm; the black-haired vixen was enjoying the fuck far too much, lost to the sensual pleasure suffusing her body.

Suddenly, Kathy’s pussy clamped around the dildo like a vise. “You fuck, oh God, you filthy FUCK!!,” the blonde shrieked. An instant later, Veronica felt hot juices spraying onto her naked, rippling ass. The women’s twats were pressed into one, labia melted to labia. Veronica felt hot cum surging into her vaginal canal, flowing along the rubber shaft.

“Yes, oh Christ, yessssss,” Veronica moaned, her gorgeous face breaking into a triumphant smile. She continued rocking her hips, driving herself against Kathy’s bucking ass, the sheer ecstasy of the sensations in her core too much to ignore. Veronica knew she was very close to her own explosion of pleasure.

Kathy cried out as her insides convulsed, her pussy clamping and releasing on the dildo at least four times in rapid succession as multiple orgasms tore through her writhing body. Her thighs and ass were soaked with cum, her entire body dripped with sweat. Gasping, she fell forward, momentarily exhausted. Her ass remained plastered to Veronica’s still moving, rubbing ass. Veronica pushed back, raising herself up slightly. Getting a better grip on the dildo, she began to ram it down into Kathy’s tumescent cunt. The blonde groaned in pleasure and humiliation.

Grunting, Veronica relaxed her grip on the dildo and moved forward on the shaft just enough to give her some room to maneuver. Then, she swung her left leg over and around, lifting it high over Kathy’s ass, followed by her right, as she rotated her entire body around the dildo, until she was facing Kathy’s elevated buttocks. Veronica shoved herself back down the dildo, getting a powerful vaginal grip on the instrument. She began pumping Kathy from behind, driving the slick shaft as hard and deep into the blonde’s twat as she could. Her belly began to slap on the blonde’s round ass. Veronica reached out and grabbed Kathy’s blonde hair, pulling on it viciously, forcing a gasp of pain and hateful pleasure from her enemy. She pulled Kathy up, curving the woman’s back. The blonde’s massive tits jiggled furiously as Veronica pounded into her from behind.

Veronica leaned forward on Kathy’s back and reached down and around, slipping her right hand up the other woman’s torso until she cupped and squeezed Kathy’s bouncing right tit. The blonde snarled, unbearable pleasure fighting with her humiliation.

“Oh God, you dirty whore,” Kathy sobbed, “I’ll fuck you so bad for this, I swear to God…”

“Shut up and take it, cunt!” Veronica snapped. “Beg me for it, you cow, beg me, tell me who’s the better cunt…” Veronica scratched at Kathy’s ass and pounded into her rival, riding the other woman viciously. Their incredible bodies flowed together, their pants and curses harmonized into a symphony of ecstasy and raw, sexual hate.

Veronica felt a powerful, irresistible surge of pleasure erupt in her core. With a scream like a banshee, she came hard,  delighting in the feel of her hot juices cascading down the dildo, jetting into Kathy’s wet, waiting twat. She sprayed her juices all over Kathy’s ass and pussy, and delighted as her body convulsed through three more orgasms in rapid succession. Gasping, Veronica collapsed on Kathy’s naked back, pushing the blonde into the deck. The two women lay this way, their naked bodies sprawled and tangled together, Veronica pitched across Kathy’s back, their hair tangled, their sweaty faces pressed cheek to cheek as they gasped in unison. They could feel each other’s hearts pounding as Veronica’s heavy tits pressed into Kathy’s back. After a few minutes, Kathy bucked up and Veronica rolled off of her, sliding off the shaft.  The black-haired woman landed on her back and remained lying on the deck, her breasts shuddering as she panted furiously. The dildo remained buried deep in Kathy’s wet, hot slit.

Moaning, Kathy reached down and pulled the soaked, dripping dildo out of her tight quim. The blonde pushed herself up on her elbows. Her body felt exhausted, her muscles felt as loose as noodles. But, deep inside of her womanly core, her sexual power reverberated, like a pounding drum. Kathy had never been this sexually aroused in her life. Her clit throbbed with heat and her nipples remained as hard as pebbles, even after her orgasmic release.

Snarling, Kathy threw herself onto Veronica’s prone body. The women’s voluptuous bodies struggled, luscious flesh to flesh.

“You little slut,” Veronica growled. But she could not help but smile in delight as she reveled in the feel of Kathy’s taut breasts squashing hard with her own, their nipples finding each other and sealing tight, pulsing furiously. The women’s bellies slapped hard, navels sucking. Almost involuntarily, Veronica spread her legs wide and tilted her pelvis upward, exposing her distended cunt, its fat pussy lips and cum-slathered slit. She moaned with pleasure as Kathy’s wet, slick, cum-slimed twat slid onto her own. Veronica twined her legs through Kathy’s legs and wrapped her arms around the other woman, pulling the blonde in tight. The women’s hungry mouths sealed and their thick tongues twisted together. Hot spit flowed between them and Veronica and Kathy began moaning furiously, into each other’s mouths. Smooth, wet pussy lips caressed vigorously, sliding on the smooth, hot flesh, then slowly sealed and spread as they flattened against each other. Hard, thick clits rubbed feverishly into each other. The two women’s hips and asses moved slow and hard as they worked their clits together, as they fucked and fucked, riding each other higher and higher up the pleasure curve.

Once again, Kathy and Veronica lost all sense of time and place. They were locked together in their erotic paradise, their world only the hot flesh and streaming sweat, their tangled tongues and throbbing nipples. Their breasts began to lactate as the women’s bodies reached new levels of arousal. Milk flowed down, covering both women’s chests as their tits rotated into each other, mashed tight.

The mutual fucking went on for 20, 30, 40 minutes. The women never broke their ravenous kiss, but their moans and cries of ecstasy began to grow deeper and more frantic. Suddenly, Kathy grabbed Veronica on either side of her head and squeezed hard, pulling the raven-haired beauty out of their kiss. Kathy threw back her head and moaned tortuously as she fought to keep from exploding in another devastating orgasm. Veronica screamed in joy and sank her fingers into Kathy’s pumping ass, pulling the blonde in even tighter and harder. The women looked deep into each other’s eyes.

“Oh, you filthy cunt, you filthy fucking whore…” Kathy sobbed.

“Dirty slut, fucking dyke….” Veronica gasped.

Both women’s eyes went wide and, shrieking in concert, they exploded in a delicious, simultaneous orgasm. Their hot cum shot into their vaginal canals, mixing and flowing together, filling both women with a luscious sense of mutual violation. Their clits melted together in a prolonged blast of searing heat. Their engorged tits jetted milk directly into each other, their milk holes sucked tight. Veronica and Kathy bucked, grinding furiously, their screams of ecstasy stifled as their mouths locked together once more.

The two beautiful combatants rode each other hard. They shared two more devastating orgasms before, finally, the pleasure slowly subsided and they collapsed in each other’s arms, their luscious bodies soaked with sweat and cum once more, their hearts pounding, their breath coming in shuddering gasps of pleasure.

After some time, Kathy rolled off of Veronica and lay beside her rival, gasping for breath, struggling to regain her energy. She knew that this battle was not over. Her body still felt deeply aroused. It was just recharging now, but soon she would need more, and she was certain that Veronica was not about to surrender.

Veronica sat up beside Kathy and, without any hesitation, spun around on her ass and faced the blonde. She spread her legs wide, offering her pussy in challenge to her enemy. Kathy sat up and spun on her ass to face Veronica, then spread her own legs in reply.

By the light of the moon and the reflected lights from the deck, Kathy and Veronica stared hungrily into the other’s dripping, slick twat. The women’s breasts were covered with milk and shining with the liquid sheen in the dull light.  Their nipples dripped with the lactation. The women braced themselves with their arms behind them and slid across the deck, moving together. They slipped right legs over lefts and pushed close, close, until their swollen nipples touched and seized to each other. Kathy and Veronica gasped in unison as their pulsing nipples fused. The women glared into each other’s beautiful eyes, lust and hate shining out from their locked gazes.

“More, you fucking whore,” Kathy whispered. “Give me everything you’ve got. We’re not stopping until you’re a puddle on this deck.”

“Baby,” Veronica smiled back, “You’re nothing to me. I’m going to fuck you raw, I’m going to squeeze every last drop of cum out of that weak little twat and milk you like a cow.”

The women leaned back slightly, their breasts separating, and braced themselves. Veronica and Kathy slammed their juicy twats together, gasping with pleasure as they mated. They thrust hard, their powerful bodies trembling, their hips and asses working slow and hard, as they rammed their succulent quims together, flexing their vaginal muscles, slowing sucking each other in, sealing their bodies together. Thick lipped slits flattened and merged, slotting together, succulent flesh melting and merging. Kathy and Veronica sobbed uncontrollably as unbearable pleasure rippled through their voluptuous bodies, filling them to the brim. Their swollen clits ground and rubbed, sending erotic electricity arcing through their writhing bodies. Their cunts locked in an unbreakable bond.

“Yes, yes, oh God, yesss…,” Kathy cried out, her body trembling with ecstasy.

“Come here, fucker,” Veronica moaned.  She reached for Kathy, leaning forward. Kathy reached for Veronica in turn. The women pulled each other in, their nipples fusing, their massive tits squashing and slowly leaking milk as the engorged glands rolled against each other. The women wrapped legs around each other’s hips, they twined their bodies together, and fucked each other mercilessly. Twisted together in an erotic knot, their ravishing bodies struggling relentlessly, Veronica and Kathy fucked and fucked, inflicting raw ecstasy on each other, trying to wear the other down, trying to prove who was more sexually powerful. On and on they fought until they exploded in a series of overwhelmingly powerful orgasms, sharing cum, their pussies convulsing and wrestling as their bodies trembled in bliss. Finally, they collapsed flat on their backs, their bodies locked together cunt to cunt, their beautiful tits leaking milk, shuddering as they gasped for breath.

Kathy slowly regained her senses. She moaned as she pulled away from Veronica. Their thick, pubic bushes were still twined and crusted together. The thick hair pulled apart, sending a shock of pain through both women. As Kathy rolled away, she found herself rolling onto some object, which bit into her side painfully. She reached down and found her hand on the rubberized dildo. Veronica moaned, coming back to awareness.

Kathy saw her chance. Grasping the dildo in her right hand, she threw herself at Veronica, catching the raven-haired beauty by surprise. With a scream, Kathy drove the dildo all the way up into Veronica’s turgid twat. At the same time, Kathy lowered her mouth to Veronica’s right tit, wrapped her lips around the swollen nips and, biting hard, began sucking vigorously. Kathy worked the dildo hard, churning it around and around inside of Veronica’s deep core, taking care to grind the thick shaft against Veronica’s throbbing clit.

“Oh my fucking God!!,” Veronica shrieked, her body vibrating with unexpected and overwhelming pleasure as her rival attacked the most sensitive, pleasurable parts of her body. “Ohgodohgodohgod,” she sobbed, the sexual energy that had been building in her body all night suddenly surging up, filling her to the brim, threatening to overflow and take away her ability to control herself. Desperately, Veronica tried to push Kathy away, but the blonde was relentless. She sucked mercilessly on Veronica’s aching tit, sucking back milk, sending waves of excruciating pleasure vibrating through her rival.

Veronica thrashed uncontrollably on the deck, her body writhing helplessly, her hips twisting and bucking as Kathy ravished her. “Oh my GOOODDDD!!” Veronica howled. Her back arched and her body went as rigid as a plank as a monstrous orgasm exploded from her core. Hot cum gushed out, splattering the deck, soaking Kathy’s arm and spraying the rest of her body. Kathy sucked even harder on Veronica’s tit and was rewarded with another devastating orgasm erupting out of her enemy’s luscious body. Veronica orgasmed again and again, then collapsed, sobbing, physically exhausted but overwhelmed by her sexual power.

Gasping, Kathy collapsed beside Veronica. The blonde’s body was vibrating with lust, but she refused to give in to her feelings now, not when she was so close to victory.

“You bitch, oh fuck, you bitch,” Veronica moaned, her ass slowly rubbing into the deck. She felt another orgasm building inside, and another. She knew that she had lost control of her erotic power.

“Come here, fucker,” Kathy snarled. She got to her feet and grabbed Veronica by her long hair. Kathy began pulling Veronica across the deck, away from the hot tub, towards the stairs that led down to the main deck.

“Noooooo,” Veronica groaned miserably. Her body left a slick of sweat and cum leaked from her pussy. Even as Kathy dragged her towards the stairs, the black-haired beauty’s body went rigid with another gushing orgasm.  Gasping, Veronica turned around onto her knees and managed to get to her feet. Desperately, trying to bring her body under control, she grabbed at Kathy’s hands holding her hair. Kathy wrapped Veronica into a headlock and pulled her victim down the stairs.

When they got to the bottom of the stairs, Kathy pushed the door open, making sure that she left it unlocked as she pulled Veronica out onto the main deck. Thankfully, there was nobody around. Kathy twisted her body and threw Veronica away from her. The beautiful, raven-haired vixen fell on the deck on the edge of the pool. As Kathy watched, Veronica writhed uncontrollably and came again. She lay on the deck, gasping, struggling to regain some semblance of control.

Kathy stood with her hands on her womanly hips, her breasts dripping milk, her cunt dribbling onto the deck. She thrust her chest out, her massive tits quivering with power, her voluptuous body perfect and radiating power in the moonlight. Veronica looked at the luscious Amazon before her and came again, to her shame.

“Never forget this, cuntlicker,” Kathy snarled at her foe. “Never forget that I fucked you until you couldn’t stop coming. Now we both know who’s the better woman.”

“Cheating…cunt…,” Veronica managed to choke out. But her body was still far from under control.

“Don’t come sniffing around here again, you whore,” Kathy continued. “If you do, I’ll fuck you until you can’t walk for a week. Stay away from my man.”

With this final threat, Kathy spun on her heel and walked back through the door. She slammed it shut and locked it. The moment she was inside and out of sight, she ran up the stairs and went immediately for the dildo. The massive toy was soaked in Veronica’s bodily fluids. Kathy licked the head of the shaft then, throwing herself on her back on the deck, eagerly thrust the shaft all the way to the hilt in her soft, wet cunt. Kathy worked the dildo around and around and around, grinding up her insides, her mind filled with images of Veronica’s incredible body, her body slick with sweat and raging with sexual fever until she came hard, screaming with pleasure, bucking and heaving until, finally, she collapsed in an exhausted sleep. Jim found her there the next morning, sprawled on the deck beside the hot tub, the dildo barely visible as it protruded from her swollen pussy.

For Veronica, the walk of shame back to her cabin was humiliating and enraging. She managed to find a towel on a lounger, that the pool crew had missed. She wrapped herself in the towel, gasping as her sensitive nipples bit into the thick cloth. She staggered back to her cabin, her thighs wet with cum, her clit so sensitive that even walking ended up causing her to orgasm twice more before she finally made it to the privacy of her cabin. Fortunately, she had not encountered anyone on the walk back. She was sure that anyone looking at her would figure out what had happened.

Raging with hate and lust, Veronica staggered into her cabin. She threw the towel to the ground, then raced for her bedroom. Once there, she pulled a massive dildo out of the night table drawer. She threw her naked body onto her bed, spread her legs wide, and shoved the enormous shaft all the way up into the core of her being. She masturbated herself desperately, until, finally, her body arched in ecstasy and she screamed in fulfillment. Cum sprayed out onto the bedsheets.

Just before she drifted off to an exhausted sleep, images of Kathy’s luscious body played in Veronica’s mind.

“You fucking whore,” Veronica murmured to herself. “This isn’t over, I’ll make you pay, I’ll make you pay…” Then she closed her eyes and fell into a deep, dreamless sleep.

Veronica did not stir until late on Friday morning. When she woke, she was surprised to find that she was not exhausted and spent. Rather, her luscious body seemed to vibrate with sexual power. She examined her incredible form in the full-length mirror in her bedroom. There were marks on her back and ass; her right nipples bore the indentations of Kathy’s teethmarks. If her skin had been lighter, rather than a healthy tan, she knew that there would be handprints on her rounded ass.

Veronica showered for a long time, luxuriating in the hot water. “That bitch cheated,” Veronica convinced herself. “There is no way I’m letting that blonde cunt get away with this.”

Veronica made up her mind. After her shower, she brushed out her long, black locks, lathered herself down with sunscreen, then looked for the smallest, most erotic swimsuit she could find in her impressive collection of beachwear. She settled on a bright red slingshot, a tiny one-piece contraption that looped over her shoulders on either side of her neck, spread out to spaghetti-thin straps that stretched down her tits, barely covering her nipples, then came together just over her pussy to form a thong. The thong string stretched up from between her round, perfect buttocks, back up to her neck, where it forked to become the loop bracketing her neck. The effect was devastatingly sensuous as the tight cloth pushed against her meaty round tits, bulging them out. It cupped her succulent vagina, and made her long, powerful bare legs look even longer.

Slipping on a sunhat and some high-heel sandals, her bag hanging from her smooth shoulder, Veronica marched down the ship’s upper deck, back to the pool right below Jim and Kathy’s private suite. Veronica’s pussy felt a bit sore, her nipples were a little sensitive. But she knew that none of that would matter if she could goad Kathy into another sexual confrontation. Veronica found a lounger in the sun. Ignoring the jealous glares of other women and the mesmerized stares of the men around the pool, Veronica stretched out on the lounger in all of her nearly naked glory. She sunned the front of her body first, then turned over to expose her back, her powerful, moon-shaped bare ass glinting in the tropical sun.

Veronica read a book, she slept. She spent the entire afternoon by the pool. But neither Kathy nor Jim ever appeared. Veronica was deeply disappointed as she left for supper. She could not believe that Kathy did not know she was there. She had come back to challenge Kathy; that must be obvious. But the blonde bitch had ignored the challenge. Veronica was beside herself with frustration, but there was nothing she could do. If Kathy was not willing to be provoked, Veronica would have to accept that she had been defeated with no chance of a rematch.  The prospect of having to accept defeat, especially after she was cheated out of victory, drove Veronica almost crazy with anger. Humiliation burned through her voluptuous body, tightening her abdomen, making her throat hot with rage.

Veronica returned to the pool on Saturday, but was disappointed again. She did not bother showing up for Sunday. Kathy had turned Veronica’s efforts to provoke her into another exercise in humiliation. Veronica had been sure that the blonde bitch would not be able to resist the temptation of her incredible body, the challenge of her sexual defiance, or the prospect of locking up with Veronica again. Instead, Kathy had ignored her, proving that Veronica did not matter, that her body could be easily resisted and rejected.  Veronica tried to fight the feeling, but she could feel her self-confidence shaken. It would take some time to regain her sense of her womanly, sexual power. She would be leaving the ship in a week’s time, on the following Sunday. Now, she could not wait to get away.

Monday afternoon, Veronica was lying on the lounger on her deck, enjoying the sun and reading a book. She was wearing the same red slingshot. Her bronzed body glistened with sweat and sunscreen, her magnificent tits strained up from her chest. Her long, brown legs stretched endlessly away from her taut torso.  The raven-haired beauty put down her book and leaned back on the lounger, her eyes covered by her dark shades. She closed her eyes for a moment.

Suddenly, Veronica heard the sound of high-heels clicking on the deck, getting closer. She opened her eyes, hoping against hope…

Kathy entered Veronica’s fenced-off deck. The blonde beauty was wearing a wide sunhat and dark shades. A straw bag was thrown over her shoulder. She was propped up on four-inch sandals. But it was what she was not wearing that moistened Veronica’s twat. Kathy was sporting a slingshot every bit as tiny as Veronica’s swimsuit. The suit was gold, matching Kathy’s radiant hair. The woman’s massive tits bounced deliciously, barely controlled by the meager, tight cloth. Her wide, curving hips swayed enticingly.

Veronica sat up on the lounger; she did not want to be caught in a disadvantageous position. Kathy threw her hat on the other deck chair, put her bag on the deck inside the fence, and smiled coldly.

“Hello, fucker,” the blonde purred, her hands on her jutting hips.

 “What do you want, you cheating whore?” Veronica’s heart was pounding with excitement, her nipples were throbbing and hard. She could see Kathy’s nips were already rock hard and she could make out a growing dark spot on the other woman’s thong. Veronica shifted her legs, feeling the heat and wetness in her crotch.

“Jim has left for the rest of the week,” Kathy said, removing her glasses. She gave Veronica a predatory smile. “I told you that if you ever came sniffing by my man again, I’d fuck you so hard you wouldn’t be able to walk for a week. Well, you came sniffing, like the bitch you are. Now, I’m here to make good on my word.”

Veronica pulled off her sunshades, so that she could look her blonde nemesis directly in the eye. Then, with a sullen grin, she rose to her feet and stepped away from the lounger. For a moment, the two nearly-naked women glared at each from across the deck. Then her beautiful, naked ass flashed in the noon-day sun as Veronica spun around, walked to the patio door to her suite, pulled it open, and stepped inside. She walked across the living room towards her bedroom. Her ass swayed deliciously. She did not look back.

Behind her, Kathy pulled off her hat, dropped her sunshades onto the lounger, and kicked off her high heels. She picked up her bag. Barefoot, clad only in her slingshot, she followed Veronica into the suite. She closed and locked the patio door, then walked across the living room and entered Veronica’s bedroom. Her eyes swept the room. She saw that Veronica had already stripped the king-size bed of its coverings, which she had tossed in the corner. Kathy threw her bag down inside the door. The black-haired beauty was waiting for Kathy, her hands on her hips, her chest thrust forward. Kathy mirrored Veronica’s stance. The two women glared at each other for tense minutes. Hatred flowed between the sexual rivals like a living force. But even more powerful was the mutual lust and excitement. Their hearts pounded, their bodies were tight and hot with anticipation. Veronica and Kathy were soon panting with desire, their massive tits heaving in tandem as the tension grew unbearable.

Moving as one, Kathy and Veronica reached up and pulled the neckhole of their slingshots up over their heads and then down off of their shoulders. The tension flowed out of the incredibly tight garments. The red and yellow scraps of cloth fell down the respective women’s bodies, catching slightly at their crotches, where the wetness of the women’s vaginas momentarily sucked at the damp cloth, before dropping to the floor at their feet. Kathy and Veronica kicked the scraps of cloth aside.  They glared at each other, their hungry eyes sweeping over the other woman with ravenous desire. Kathy took in Veronica’s tanned body, her heavy, jiggling tits, her flat, taut belly, her powerful legs and swelling hips. Veronica’s eyes devoured Kathy’s bronzed beauty, her thick blonde pubic hair, her swollen tits with their spike-hard brown nipples. The women were almost perfect reflections of each other’s nude beauty.

Slowly, the naked women moved towards each other, their massive tits swaying gently as they approached. Kathy reached for Veronica’s hands. Eagerly, the women gripped each other, palm to palm, fingers digging into the back of the other’s hands. Veronica pushed their arms up, so that the women’s heavy, jiggling tits rose, growing hard and taut with the tension, and came together, brown, thick nipple to brown, thick nipple. The women cried out in unison as their nipples fused, as their massive breasts mashed together, tight and hot, succulent titmeat crushing and rolling. Kathy pulled their arms down, then freed her hands and wrapped her arms around Veronica’s body, pulling her rival in. Veronica wrapped her arms around Kathy in reply and the women crushed each other tight in a powerful bear hug, both trying to flatten the other’s tits, to overwhelm the other woman. Their hard bellies slapped together, their powerful naked legs rubbed, their bare feet shifted on the floor as they struggled to maintain their balance. Groaning in rage, the Kathy and Veronica pressed their foreheads together. Nose to nose, they glared hatefully into each other’s eyes.

“Fucker, fucking cunt…!” Kathy gasped. Veronica could not resist any longer. She locked her lips to Kathy’s, sealing their mouths together in a ravenously hungry kiss. The women’s tongues twisted into a hot, thick, slick knot, they swallowed back each other’s saliva as the kiss went on and on. Their muffled groans of pleasure and hate filled the room.

Overwhelmed with lust and sexual sensations, the women staggered around the room before falling onto the bed. Instantly, they began rolling back and forth, writhing and grinding against each other, both women delighting in the feel of flesh on flesh.  They rubbed into each other furiously, burning skin sliding and caressing burning skin. Their bodies grew slick with sweat, adding a delicious lubrication to their sensual struggle. Neither woman could hold the top position for long. Finally, Kathy and Veronica broke the kiss and pushed each other away.

Panting, tits heaving, the women sat at either end of the bed, glaring at each other. Their legs were spread wide, their dripping, swollen pussies faced each other hungrily. Veronica leaned over and reached for her night table drawer. She pulled out a massive double-headed dildo and a large bottle of baby oil. She left the dildo on the table top, but she took the baby oil and squirted a healthy dollop on her pussy, then on each of her engorged tits. She threw the bottle to Kathy, then spread the liquid around on her body as the blonde administered the oil to her steaming body in the same way. Soon, both women’s luscious torsos were glistening with lubrication.

The women pushed up to each other, right legs over left, smooth flesh sliding. They braced their voluptuous bodies with their hands and stopped only when their throbbing pussies were a hair’s breadth from kissing. Their pulsing clits jutted from their leaking cunts like fleshy, aching swords.

“You’re not leaving here until this is settled,” Veronica snarled at Kathy, her voice hoarse with tension and lust. “I’m going to fuck you into a coma, cunt.”

“That’s right, bitch,” Kathy replied, her voice equally hoarse. “We’re not stopping until your filthy body submits to me completely. Then, I’m going to ride you until your twat gives out.”

The women smiled at each other, their eyes blazing with desire. Gently, the women closed the gap and pressed their swollen cuntlips together. Their perfect bodies shuddered with unbearable pleasure as their soft, sensitive, turgid flesh sizzled with erotic heat. Kathy and Veronica threw back their heads, closed their eyes, and cried out in joy. Their pussies kissed hard, slick and hot and delicious, burning with the promise of so much more to come.  Wet slits gushed pussy juice, each woman bathing the other’s quim with liquid heat. Their aching tits grew even harder and thicker. The panting women opened their eyes and smiled at each other again, their beautiful faces masks of incredible desire and hunger.

“Let’s get started,” Veronica whispered.

The End

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