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Welcome to Our New Home

So … you googled something sexy. You clicked on a link that looked ready to deliver.

And now … you’re here.

What happened?

Well, search engines are SUPER slow at updating their results. So even though our site moved almost a year ago, rivals like you are still being sent to pages that no longer exist.

Good news though! All the same sexy content you were looking for is here. Just click on one of the drop-down menus above, and find what you were looking for! Or choose from the images below!

A page showing all that is new and spotlighted on Fights.Sexy
A forum to discuss your favorite authors, stories, styles of female fighting, and whatever other sexy struggles come to your mind.
A Facebook-like wall of what’s going on in the Fights.Sexy community. Post, react, and be the Feed.
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A sneak peak at AnubisX’s future projects
A quick and easy to use list of all of Fights.Sexy’s authors. Writers like JB57, Rino, Ragnar0k, and so many more!
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A catalog of long-form chat-logs, that serve as a reminder of how exceptionally good the cyber writers of our community are. Starring such legends as Clawie, Ewa, Mish, Bri, The Purple Vixen, and more!
A library of super sexy stories from across the fight fiction universe!
A collection of classic stories curated by Michael, the creator of
The sexy and insightful musings of your host Rival’s Rapture!
A collection of our host’s growing collection of 3D-fight art!
The center of Rival’s Rapture’s Universe — Where you can find the stories, art, blog posts, previews and recent activity of your host, artist, and writer: Rival’s Rapture.
A glimpse into the future stories of Rival’s Rapture
Some of the images/videos seen on this site have been provided by,, All That's Jass, and Charlotte Blanche! If you haven't yet, check out the Free Catfights Forums! The links to all of the above can be found in the Links menu above!