When A Sister Can Watch No More by Rival’s Rapture

Jessica had watched her sister-in-law abuse her brother for years –  verbally, emotionally, and even at times sexually. In a way, despite being John’s sister, Jessica couldn’t blame Ellery. John was weak-willed and unwilling to defend himself. Not only that, but Ellery was an absolute powerhouse of sexual might – her breasts were huge, her body well-proportioned, and her ass with just the right amount of jiggle. That being said, and despite the understanding, Jessica couldn’t just stand by, and watch as her brother was subjugated and oppressed,  even by a woman so worthy of undertaking such actions. And so she planned, and waited, until Christmas, and the boys of the family left for their yearly football game – a moment when all that would be left in the house was the women.

On that early morning, when all the men had left, and all the women still slept, Jessica crawled into Ellery’s bed, pulled off the covers,  and positioned herself behind the woman she intended to tame. Slowly,  she lowered her hand down the body of her familial rival, and with the most subtle of motions, brought it under and into Ellery’s panties, and to bear against her sister-in-law’s waiting for clit and pussy. Jessica’s hope was that her brother’s wife would slowly rose, and be so shocked by the sudden engagement, that she would simply lie there and allow herself to be dominated – fighting back only when it was already too late.

Despite that plan, and even the possible soundness of it, Ellery was only pretending to react in the way her rival expected. For, in fact, she was ready. She had sensed it. The growing boldness in Jessica. Catching the glares at the dinner table, and the wincing whenever precious brother was insulted. And so she too formulated a plan. One that involved her waiting for Jessica to attack, allowing her to do her worst, and then once her best had been exhausted, to counter-attack. And so like a fly into a spiderweb, the loyal sister fingered Ellery slowly, gently, not wanting to arouse the dominating spirit of her enemy. That paucity of passion gave the busty blonde exactly what she wanted, a meek, drawn-out attack, which would allow for her to play the role of expectant submissive, just long enough for Jessica to gain enough confidence to stay engaged when the moment of rebellion occurred.

Ellery could feel a powerful orgasm building within her, and so she went to turn, both the tables and her body, so she could take control of her husband’s sister, but as she made that attempt she found herself stuck.  With thighs wrapped around her abdomen, and a firm hand squeezing at one of her massive tits. She had made a classic mistake, assuming sexual strength equated to physical strength, and that her own carnal prowess meant that she could overpower her opponent whenever she pleased. Such was not the case, as Jessica was stronger, faster, and had been trained in both wrestling and jujitsu, and so she held firm, as her fingers worked, draining Ellery’s strength, concentration, and bringing her closer and closer to a quickly approaching orgasm. The realization that she had so mistaken her position, and the mishandled the fight for  sexual domination caused her to cry out:

Ellery: “NOoOoOoOOOOooOo!” Doing so just as she came, gushing her sweet juices all over her sister-in-law’s expertly utilized fingers, without thinking of the consequences. Consequences which surfaced only a moment later as every woman in the family, who had woken since the start of the long battle of attrition, rushed into the room.

In the doorway they stood, 7 of John’s sisters and cousins, shocked to find the bitch of the family, a woman known for being not only powerful but demeaning and rude, spent and spurting on the fingers of Jessica,  one of the nicest and least aggressive sisters.

Shamed and embarrassed, Ellery again tried to escape from her tormentor’s grasp but found herself held still. Knowing that the moment for complete domination was at hand. Jessica extended her legs, wrapped them around her rival’s, and pulled open closing thighs so that all could see how wet Ellery’s panties were, and how her pussy’s quivering could be seen even though the silk of them.

Jessica: “Kiss me.” John’s sister demanded. “KISS ME!” She shouted, as a  final command to her sister-in-law – a last humiliation, as the women of the family continued to watch.

Reluctantly, Ellery leaned her head back and kissed her new oppressor.  But as lips came to touch lips, Jessica began to probe and slide her fingers once again, forcing another devastating orgasm from the now completely spent strawberry blonde, who collapsed back into her rival’s arms. But that rest was short-lived, as Jessica grabbed Ellery’s hair,  and threw her face first down to the bed, thereafter Jessica raised herself up, away, and off of the bed.

Meanwhile, all those who had entered the room to check on the screaming  Ellery had stayed, each of them now standing flush-faced, confused, and yet joyous after having seen what had just transpired.

Jessica, enjoying the looks on their faces, walked to the gathering confidently, before moving past them and shouting back:

Jessica: “You’re making breakfast, Ellery — get to it!” 

The End

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