When BFF’s Battle by Rival’s Rapture

They weren’t neighbors as children, scurrying to each other’s houses to ask if the other could come out and play. They weren’t friends in junior high, or high school, in fact during that time, they didn’t even live in the same state or timezone. No, it took until their first year, or more narrowly, their 3rd day at Kentucky University for Heather and  Michelle to meet. 

They had each been studying, the cover of Cosmo, not their chemistry textbook, under the shade of a large leafy tree, one that seemed at odds with the painfully overly modern buildings that littered the KU Campus.  There, as they each sat, a conversation between the two began. A  conversation about nothing of note or substance, but one that carried them nonetheless to become each other’s closest friends – ‘BFF’ with hearts, they labeled each other in their phones.

In a manner befitting such prestigious titles, they went together to movies; bars; line dancing; parties; bull-riding; and every other activity that could be done in a state like Kentucky. They were inseparable, truly. So much so, that they together came to the conclusion, wise or not, that if they were always bouncing from one’s dorm room to the other’s, why shouldn’t they just rent a place off campus together? After all, they figured, such a move would help them save time, help them study together more easily, and would allow each of them to enjoy each others company, without break or barrier. 

With such motivations, the two set off and found a small apartment above a  busy little restaurant on Cheapside Avenue, in Lexington. It was a  single bedroom, which seemed like an issue at first, but when they found they could afford no bigger and no better, they decided to just pull the trigger, and sign the lease. What could be so bad about sharing a  bed with your best friend, they thought, as each pressed an overly inky pen to paper. But even as they signed, they knew, that meager though the apartment was, it was not one they could actually afford. But, as  Scarlett O’Hara used to say, they’d ‘worry about that tomorrow’. 

But, as they oft do, tomorrow came, and when it did, the two needed to find an answer to the gnawing question of how they would cure their lack of funds. To each of them, the solution came in a blink: they would get part-time jobs, and together that way, make up the difference of the added expense that came with their BFF flat. Such a search was quick and required them only to walk downstairs, as each found jobs waiting for them at the restaurant beneath their apartment, The Cheapside Bar  & Grill. 

One paycheck after another came home with them, as the weeks passed, and though they could pay the rent and utilities, their apartment was left near empty. In fact, their furniture consisted of electricity cord spools for tables, milk crates for seats, wood pallet bookshelves, and whatever other cheap-to-free ideas they could find on Pinterest. But eventually, even in their excitement for having found a way to spend more time with each other, Heather and Michelle grew tired of living so penniless. 

Just as before, the solution was simple: work more, study less, get less sleep. As before, their solution worked, for a time, leaving each tired: yes, but more comfortable, as their apartment began to fill with furniture they loved and decor that spoke to them as like-minded girls.  But with the comfort of furniture, came a desire for better food, and nicer clothes – new cell phones, and a car that they could share to get around Lexington’s strange mix of forced rural areas, and almost unwanted urban centers. Such desires they fought off for a while, dealing with what little they had, but eventually, they were each overcome,  deciding in their wisdom, to take a year off from the university to save up money and improve their lot in life. 

Work then consumed them, as each found a second job while working longer hours at each. Eventually, not only one semester had passed but two, and the girls found that nearly 14 hours of their every day were being spent playing the role of waitress, at restaurants across town. To add to their fatigue, they had together made the commitment to go to the gym after their back-to-back shifts, leaving them near dead when they reached home, each night at around 8:00 PM. 

Such a simultaneous arrival at home was intentional, as each wanted to carve out that time for each other. After all, that was why they rented the apartment in the first case – to spend more time together. But as day turned to night and back again – as weeks turned to months, and then months to years, such moments with each other became less and less desirable, as bitterness began to seep into their hearts. Bitterness over anything and everything, but driven and stoked by the fact that each blamed the other for their mutual decision to drop out of college.  It was on one particular night, that all said tensions flared, and the title of BFF was truly put to the test. 

It was a night like every other they had been living for more than 700  days: work, work, work, work, gym, home. But home, felt like hell, as it was filthy, disorganized, and littered with the signs of the other’s failings as a roommate. For so very long each muzzled their complaints,  and tried to ignore what irked them – what drove them absolutely insane about the other. But finally, after having worked themselves to the point of utter and complete exhaustion, then after traveling past that point by miles, that finally, Heather let loose what was on her mind. 

“Uh, I thought you were going to do the dishes last night?” Heather asked from the living room attached kitchen, in a voice clothed and carried by a barely restrained rage.

“I was going to, and then I noticed that they were all YOURS, so…” A  short explanation, but one that made clear that Michelle would not be apologizing, it having been spoken from the couch. 

“It doesn’t matter whose dishes they were, it was YOUR job to do them,  Michelle.” As she spoke, Heather turned from the sink which was overflowing with dishes, and began to lean on the counter nearest her roommate: “And, half of those are yours! I don’t remember eating Coco  Puffs, or Ramen – and these forks that are covered in FUNGUS NOW, are  yours from a week ago!” Emphatically, did the brunette speak, her outfit the exact same as Michelle’s, a bright blue Kentucky University hoodie,  with form-fitting black leggings, and gray socks, they both having just come home from the gym.

“If you want them done that badly, do them your fucking self! I’m tired,  my body hurts, and I am not getting off this couch.” Having made her stance known, Michelle tried to pretend that she was listening to the news she had on the TV, turning it up, despite their ongoing conversation. 

“Oh no, you’re going to get up and do these dishes, right goddamn now. I  don’t care how tired you are, I am tired too!” Demanded Heather, as her hands raised up off the counter and began to ball, though not intentionally so. “And I just … I can’t live like this…” The brunette’s voice frayed at her last speaking, her eyes closing as she suddenly realized how much she hated her life with Michelle.

“Oooh, I can’t live like this! I can’t live like this!” Mocked Michelle in copy, as she hit the power button the TV remote, and burst to a  stand. “I can’t live like this either! Your dirty clothes are everywhere! You’re wearing my new leggings, so I had to wear these dirty ones! Keep in mind, they’re dirty because your fucking cat pees on everything in the house. By the way, did you even ask if you could borrow those? No!” As Michelle voice turned from speaking to yelling,  she began to step towards the kitchen. “I’m more exhausted than I have ever been in my life, and I’ve felt that way for so long I can’t remember, and it’s all because you wanted a fucking cell phone. So,  PLEASE shut the fuck up.”

“Me!?” Heather’s face began to contort with outrage, and her body began to shake. “You’re the fucking bitch who came up with the idea of us dropping out of UK, because you were tired of taking the bus and wanted a  pretty little car. And if I recall, you owe me a pair of leggings,  since you tore mine at the gym. Maybe if you didn’t eat so much goddamn  food, they wouldn’t have ripped, and you wouldn’t have so many dishes to  clean!” Heather spat in insult of Michelle’s weight, though the two girls’ bodies could not have been more similar. Each standing about 5’2,  weighing about 155 lbs, with most of that weight reserved for their breasts, asses, and thighs, making them thick girls without a doubt, but ones whose bodies were as curvy and sexy as nature allows.  

At the comment, Michelle stood, mouth open, shocked at what her ‘BFF’  had said. “Did you just call me fat?” The strawberry blonde sought to  clarify, though she knew the answer.

“I didn’t call you thin, that’s for fucking sure.” Heather’s  clarification, did nothing to solve the tension which had become so  thick, it could only be cut with a chainsaw.

“That’s it! I’m DONE!” Michelle shouted, as she turned and began to look around the apartment, under both chairs and tables.

“What are you looking for?” Heather asked, worried about what Michelle’s response might be. 

“I’m looking for your stupid fucking cat, I’m going to throw him out the  window.” Driven past the point of anger, Michelle answered with a  sentence which sounded like humor given its absurdity, but could not have been any more serious.

“NO, YOU’RE FUCKING NOT!” Heather shouted in absolute disbelief, as she burst into as best a sprint as she could muster out of the kitchen, only slowing when she came within a foot of Michelle’s bent over back. It was then that the brunette reached out, and grabbed the leaning blonde by the shoulders and pulled her upright, so her search for the cat would stop. 

“DON’T TOUCH ME!” At Heather’s very touch, Michelle yelled, before turning and grabbing her BFF by both wrists. Then and there between couches which had been organized in an L-shape, did the two friends begin to fight for control of the others arms, their limbs moving up and down, back and forth, each pair almost seeming to move at random. 

For the first few seconds after engagement, they moved quickly and forcefully, but then it hit them, like a truck, their states of complete physical exhaustion. 14 hours of waitressing, and then 2 hours at the gym, for more days than they can even recall, had left them shells of their normal strength and energy. The thought crept into their mind of stopping, of releasing each other, so they could rest and begin this some other day when they weren’t near dead, but no. NO!

This wasn’t some sort of planned settlement of an issue in specific. This was war. This was a fire that had been smoldering for months on end. Each letting their anger fester and grow. Stoked every night as they tried to fall asleep in the same bed as their ‘BFF’ stole their blankets and pillows,  every morning as one took too long in the bathroom, and every evening when they would get home from work to a filthy apartment. And so, they continued their struggle.

With aching legs giving way, and arms they could barely lift, the blonde and brunette began to stumble. Perhaps at full strength and energy,  they could have kept their balance, but as their E cup breasts pressed into and then bounced off of each other, they soon found themselves crashing onto the long couch which sat behind Michelle.

In their short fall, Michelle landed on cushion, and Heather landed atop her in a  sitting straddle. Their battle of hands and arms having become useless,  Michelle released Heather’s wrists and went to push her off, though in her state, the force used was weak at best. The brunette for her part grabbed at the back of the blonde’s head and pulled her forward, as to bury her face between hoodie-covered tits.

Michelle prepared herself to panic, her mouth and nose caught between breasts of such a large size, but found quickly that the hoodie worn by her BFF, and the lack of strength of the same, left her able to breathe.  Still, wanting to escape, however, the blonde gave up on her pushing,  and instead reached her two hands up, and began to gouge them into the brunette’s eyes. The effect was immediate, as to escape, Heather began to lean backward, the dead weight of their two fatigued bodies causing them to together collapse to the dirty carpeted floor. 

This time, it was Michelle who landed on top of her opponent in a  straddle. Despite having landed in such a seemingly advantageous position, Michelle held her seat too low, and too bent over, a fact  Heather quickly took advantage of. She capitalizing by grabbing at the top of Michelle’s bright blue hoodie, and pulling it up over her head,  just far enough for it to cover the blonde’s eyes, and to catch her arms halfway out, and halfway in. With her roommate having been trapped within her hoodie, Heather began to throw slow punches into Michelle’s exposed stomach. It only took two to cause the exhausted blonde to keel over on top of her BFF with a loud groan. 

Not wanting to be stuck underneath Michelle, so close to her giant bra-less tits, which had begun to hang out of the bottom of her half-off hoodie, Heather began to buck her hips and bridge upwards with her body. And though mustering the effort required was brutally hard,  eventually, as she continued to throw slow, thudding punches, then into the side of Michelle’s abdomen, Heather pushed her BFF off of her,  causing her to roll off to the side. 

The brunette then went to move fast, to capitalize on her momentary victory, but found herself so slow that she was only able to rise up to all fours by the time Michelle had stirred, rose to her knees, and pulled her hoodie fully off of her body. Having done so, the blonde,  with a wild grab, gripped the top of Heather’s hoodie and began to pull it off, stopping midway, as was done to her. Then, with the brunette trapped inside of the sweatshirt’s blue contours, Michelle bent over her opponent’s back, with her large tits pressing into flesh right past the last threads of the half-removed hoodie. Once atop her opponent, the blonde wrapped her arms around Heather’s abdomen and then began to throw, or more push, a lazy knee forward, ramming it with a slow but heavy force into the soft place where Heather’s neck met her shoulder.  The first blow was followed by a second, and at the third, the brunette collapsed from her position on all fours down to the carpet, face down. 

As Heather collapsed with her head between Michelle’s legs, the latter went with her, she not possessing the strength to either keep the brunette from dropping or to keep herself from following with her hold still in place. There, in a heap, they laid, blonde on top, brunette on bottom – Michelle topless, and Heather close to the same. 

“I hate you…” Michelle said breathlessly, as she lifted herself up off of Heather by only a matter of inches, before letting herself crash back down on top of the same, causing a sudden ‘oomph’ to escape her lips.

“I hat … ” Heather began in response, her voice muffled by Michelle’s leggings-covered thighs which surrounded her head, and the carpet her face dug into. But as soon as her words had begun, the blonde again lifted herself up, and let herself fall back down, knocking the wind out of Heather, leaving her only to moan in pain. 

Then, both went silent and still, one on top of the other, almost as if even in their brief battle, they had expended all of the energy that they had left. But, after seconds of inaction had turned to minutes,  finally Michelle began to raise herself up again, once more intending to drop down on her opponent, smashing her into the floor. But as she lifted up, Heather mustered the strength to try and pull herself out from underneath her opponent. In reaction, Michelle tried to squeeze her thighs together, to catch and hold Heather’s withdrawing head. Too slow the blonde was, however, leaving her to instead catch only the hood of her opponent’s sweatshirt, thereby pulling it off of her as Heather pulled herself free and into a kneeling position. 

Kneeling in front of each other topless, with their hands on their knees to keep upright, with each aching from head to toe, and dizzy from fatigue, they stared into each other’s eyes. They could stop, and call a  truce. Talk it out. Let it breathe. But just as each contemplated such a  ceasefire, Heather’s cat let loose a purposeless mew from their bedroom, which caused Michelle’s eyes to go wide, and Heather to attack in defense of her poor cat. And so they engaged again, their hands reaching out and meeting, their fingers lacing together, and their giant, and their now free natural E cup breasts smashing together, each matched up pair spilling out to either side of their bodies. 

In each other’s grasp, they again pushed hard at first, each with their arms lifted into the air, then to their sides, and then back again. Palm pressing against palm, they took their turns forcing their opponent to lean back, before they, in turn, gave way to the same. But with every passing moment of such struggle they weakened and slowed, they having already exhausted their energy reserves before the month started, and before today even began – before they even reached their first shift,  let alone their second, and then the gym – before their foolish fight began. And so, spent beyond words, their arms slowly drifted downwards,  until their still finger-laced hands came to a soft rest next to their leggings covered thighs. In that way, they still pressed into each other,  both tit-to-tit and palm-to-palm, but barely. In fact, each leaned against each other more for support than offense, their hands clinging together more to keep the other from pulling their’s free, then to test strength or endurance.

“I’m gonna …” Michelle got out before tiring, only finishing her sentence when she had brought her head down to rest on Heather’s shoulder and yawned. “… ki-kill your fucking cat, bitch…”

“I’ll kill you first, cunt…” Heather spat back, as she too brought her head down for a rest on her opponent’s shoulder, Michelle’s having been caught and replicated by she.

As each girl finished their spiteful promises, they began to push into one another with renewed vigor, doing so hard enough for their tits to begin to ache.

“Owe”, Michelle exclaimed!

“Aaggh”, Heather’s voice soon followed. 

The sound of their BFF’s pain drove each to press harder, and then harder still until they two together began to try and stand. And though their calves, ass, and thighs ached from the effort, after a slow climb, they both made it, their hands still hanging with fingers laced to their sides, and their breasts still mashed together. 

Once the two were on their feet, Heather began to push with her legs,  driving Michelle back, until her lower back slammed into the top of the kitchen countertop. With a sudden cry, the blonde gave way, let loose  Heather’s fingers, and began to collapse downward, back to the floor.  With shaking arms, the brunette then caught the blonde with a tight grip with both arms around the lowest part of her back, a bear hug in which the former’s forearms coming to a rest just on top of the latter’s ass.  Once in her grasp, and after a moment spent assembling her strength, Heather lifted Michelle up and placed her on top of one of the spinning stools that sat next to the kitchen counter.

With Michelle so seated and no longer falling, Heather squeezed,  tighter and tighter, trying to drain the will to fight out of her opponent. In reaction, the blonde began to groan as her hands sought to pry the brunette’s arms away from her body. Feeble, Michelle’s attempts were, but even they began to threaten Heather’s weakened grasp, causing her too to groan, more from effort than pain. 

Despite their battle, the hold began to take its toll, and Michelle could do not else but lean over Heather’s shoulder, which found itself nestled into the blonde’s stomach. Deeper and deeper her opponent’s bearhug drove Michelle into oblivion, until finally when she was only seconds away from passing out, she made one last desperate gambit to escape. Doing so by rocking her stool back and then forward – back and then forward, until forward it went and did not return, sending both her body and the stool crashing down on top of Heather. 

 The stool pushed downward by she atop its weight, drove deep into  Heather’s stomach, knocking every molecule of air from her lungs.  Michelle, though finally free of the bear hug, landed in a motionless clump, her groin landing on top of her opponent’s face. There the two laid, each desperate for air and a moment of peace in their slow war of attrition. 

Or at least that’s what Heather would have been desperate for, if her  BFF’s cunt, even though clothed, wasn’t sitting atop of her mouth.  Driven by that fact, the brunette, still gasping for breath, reached up,  and in a futile effort to try to pull the blonde off of her, grabbed at the top of Michelle’s leggings and tugged. 

Michelle, for her part, thinking that Heather was trying to lock in her into some new hold, reached out, and grabbed the door frame to the bathroom, on which she began to pull. The effect of their mutual pulling, each trying to escape in their own way, caused the blonde to drag herself forward off of the brunette, but also Heather to accidentally take with her both Michelle’s leggings, and panties,  leaving the blonde nude, save for a pair of gray socks. 

Though ordinarily she would have been shocked by her sudden nakedness,  Michelle was too tired and too busy crawling away to notice. For she was focused on putting as much room as she could between her and her opponent, so she could find a moment to rest.  

Heather, though still recovering from having the wind knocked out of her, got to her feet somewhat quickly, and stumbled after Michelle. Such pursuit ended when she caught her quarry just within the bathroom door.  It was there that the brunette reached down, and grabbed two handfuls of strawberry blonde hair, with which she drug Michelle’s upper body up,  and over the side of the bathtub. 

Not willing to be so maneuvered without a fight, Michelle began to kick back like a horse, driving one foot, and then another into  Heather’s mid-section. The blonde’s kick attacks came again and again and only ended when her foot caught on the top of the brunette’s leggings and panties. Michelle, wanting to continue her attack, ripped her foot back, just as Heather fell backward onto her ass, causing she too to find herself without bottoms of any kind, they laying on the bathroom floor at her feet.

Michelle, having finally recovered enough to take control, pushed herself off of the side of the tub, and stood. Once balanced, she then turned around, grabbed Heather by the hair, and drug her to the side of the tub as had been done to her. Reaching over her, Michelle then turned the shower on, causing it to spit and spurt until finally, it began to go full blast. 

As Michelle looked down, it finally hit her that both she and Heather were naked, and the thought and the site gave her pause. Not that they had never seen each other naked, or that the sight disgusted her, but  … what were they doing? She thought… They had been friends. The closest of friends and now this? Just as the thoughts began to calm her,  stay her hand, and bring her back to reality, Heather struck out with a backward hammerfist, driving it into Michelle’s stomach. The blow caused Michelle to double over, and collapse next to her BFF, with each on all fours, with their tits hanging over into the tub. 

“Fucking bitch…” Michelle groaned, as she tried to push herself up. 

“Get in!” Demanded Heather, as she reached over, grabbed a handful of strawberry blonde hair, and drug Michelle not only back down but forward into the tub. In Michelle did then go, rolling over the side, and landing on her back in the tub, with the shower’s warm water spraying down on her body. Not wanting to be caught unprepared, Michelle went to sit up, or stand, but found Heather atop in a straddle before she could even blink. 

“Get off me!” Demanded the blonde, as she began to try and slap and strike at her opponent in whatever way she could. But as she swung,  Heather captured, taking the blonde’s wrists as she leaned forward,  thereafter pinning them behind Michelle’s head against the shower wall,  as she buried the face of the same between her tits. 

“Shhh…” Heather said softly, as Michelle began to struggle beneath her, violently at first, but then… As the minutes passed, and the brunette kept her tits in place, effectively cutting off all air to her opponent, not lifting her chest for even a moment, the blonde’s squirming slowed, until it could only barely be felt. 

There, in that moment, needing to do not but lay upon Michelle, and keep her wrists held down, Heather finally rested, letting the warm water cascade down on her back. It was peaceful, blissful even. No more fighting. No more cursing. No more anger. Just she and her BFF having a  calm moment together again.

Eventually, however, the moment ended, as Heather could feel Michelle not only taking her last desperate gasps beneath her, but also spasming from lack of oxygen. For though the brunette had threatened murder, she intended no such thing, unless Michelle made good on her threat about the cat. Then, well…

“Fine.” Said Heather as she sat up, finally letting Michelle breathe.  And breathe she did, taking each in giant gasps, only separated by violent coughs that rasped and scratched. 

“OMG” Michelle shouted in part before coughing loudly, only to continue directly thereafter. “YOU FUCKING BIT…” But even that was interrupted,  as Heather with a sigh, simply began to lower her tits again, making it clear that any defiance would be met with a continued smother. 

The threat of slowly lowering tits worked, as Michelle immediately changed tunes. “DON’T… PLEASE… I’m sorry, ok?” The words quickly stopped Heather’s descent and caused her to rise up again. 

“Are you going to stop?” Asked Heather, her voice confident and calm. 

“Yes.” Came Michelle’s short reply. 

“You promise?” Heather asked to make sure. 

“I do. I promise.” Michelle said with seeming verisimilitude. 

“Ok.” With acceptance, Heather spoke as she began to lift her tired body off of Michelle, and climb out of the tub, though her every muscle ached upon doing so. “Here” The brunette continued, reaching a hand out to Michelle to help her up, hoping that such a move would be seen as an olive branch, and that they could put their battle behind them. 

“Thank you,” Michelle said as she took her BFF’s hand, and with it pulled herself into a wobbly stand. Once on her feet, the two friends, each naked apart from two pairs of soaking wet socks, smiled sweetly at each other. 

“Let’s clean up and then we’ll talk.” Stated heather in instruction as she turned her back to Michelle. A mistake she would regret as with an instant, the blonde struck. 

“Fuck talking, bitch!” Michelle’s yelled as her smile suddenly disappeared. Thereafter, and before Heather could turn around or react,  she found herself shoved hard, and slammed head-first into the door frame of the bathroom.

The impact was brutal, causing the brunette to stagger back into the bathroom. There, Michelle caught her by the hair, by which she then drug Heather to their shared bedroom. “You think you can fucking smother me with your tits and we’ll just be cool!? Hell fucking no!” As Michelle ranted, she tossed Heather onto their unmade bed, the latter still woozy and unstable from the blow she had just taken.

Once Heather was sprawled out on her back, Michelle crawled atop and over her, only stopping when her legs passed over her opponent’s shoulders. Once there, the blonde lowered her milk-white, thick, and perfectly soft ass down, until she had taken a seat upon her roommate’s waiting face. 

“We’ll see how you fucking like it!” With every word, Michelle pressed herself down harder, grinding her shower-wet cunt into her friend’s face, the former using her shins to pin the latter’s arms to the half-covered mattress. There, atop her still drenched BFF, Michelle continued to adjust and wiggle her hips, until she felt a nose press into her clit, and a mouth seal inside of her pussy lips. It was only then after she had secured such a perfect smother, that she felt the exhaustion hit her again, causing her to fall forward, only stopped by her hands, which she placed on her thighs for support.

“Tasty? Huh!?” Michelle asked, as she started to grind again, back and forward, left and then right. Heather, being in such a way abused, began to speak, though the only sound that Michelle could hear came in the forms of unintelligible mumbles. “I can’t hea…” The blonde went to speak, to tell the brunette that she could not hear the words she was speaking into the pussy that smothered her, but then it began. The feeling. The pleasure. Brought about by the grinding, Heather’s struggling, and the vibration her loudly spoken but unheard words made.  Oh god it felt good, Michelle thought to herself, even though the thought seemed somehow dirty and shameful.

Despite its taboo nature, Michelle’s motions, which had been meant to punish, suddenly began to focus on providing to her more of that feeling. In such a pursuit, she began to drive Heather’s nose deeper into her, and use her labia to catch on anything hard she could, so she could then forcefully fuck it with her clit. Not satisfied, she also began to lift herself up, just enough to trigger the brunette’s gasping,  only to then seal her facesit shut again, thereafter grinding down on  Heather’s opening and closing jaw.

The blonde’s excitement and enjoyment of her facesitting became apparent quickly to both, as she began to not only moan, but her juices to drip onto the face and into the mouth of Heather, who beneath her still gasped for air. 

In protest, Heather began to scream, but so surrounded by flesh she was,  that still all Michelle could hear was muffled and muted. “Shhh…” The blonde said teasingly, in mirror of what was said to her when she laid under Heather’s tits in the tub. “You ha-had your tur-turn …” Michelle said in a broken and stuttering voice before her sentence was cut in half by a loud and glorious moan of pleasure. “… now let meeee have  miiiiiiine.”

Heather did indeed let her, though she had little choice in the matter,  as she was hopelessly pinned, by a girl whose ass and thighs were too impossibly thick to ever be moved in the brunette’s state of utter exhaustion. Helpless then did she lay, as drip after drip of her roommate’s juices fell upon her face, she having no choice but to open her mouth wide to take in whatever air she could, even though each such attempt filled her mouth with the same. But as such torture continued,  Heather noticed that Michelle, with each step closer to orgasm, began to lean forward, further and further, she no longer focused on holding herself upright. Such a thoughtless drift continued until she collapsed entirely, falling face first into their pillows, screams of lust and bliss beginning to escape her lips. 

Michelle believed that despite her forward fall, Heather was still stuck beneath her, and so without raising herself up, she continued, almost twerking, hoping to drive herself into an orgasm upon her BFF’s face.  But, when the moment was right, and the pressure of the blonde’s shins pressing down on the brunette’s arms lessened, Heather thrust herself downward and pulled herself out from beneath Michelle’s pussy, ass, and thighs. 

Once free, Heather began to gasp deeply for air, and cough hoarsely, the sound of which mixed with Michelle’s desperate lamentations.

“NoooOOO! I was almost there!” The blonde cried out, as she picked herself up from her prone position, and turned. “Come back here!” The same demanded, before she dove at Heather, then attempting to push her back down, so that her face could be mounted again. Desperate not to be trapped again, the brunette turned, and caught the blonde in mid-air,  thereafter turning so that she landed atop her roommate, their naked bodies outstretched, lying together in a missionary position. 

There, with Heather looking down at Michelle, their eyes locked, and their bodies pressed together, they rested, each tired beyond description. 

“I wasn’t finished,” Michelle said, half-serious and half-joking. The comment made Heather smile, the sight of which caused her roommate to return the expression until both together started laughing, as they had so many times before when they first met. But as the moment of laughter passed, each began to look at the state they found themselves in. Naked from head to toe, their bodies connected flesh-to-flesh, their lips not centimeters apart. 

“So what now?” The blonde asked, the brunette atop her still not having spoken.

“What, aren’t you going to try and escape?” Heather responded as she snaked her legs around her opponent’s before locking them with her foot hooked over Michelle’s calf. 

“No.” Responded Michelle, as she lifted her head and rubbed her nose against Heather’s. 

“Good.” The word was said by Heather, just before she bent down and kissed Michelle’s lips sweetly, only to then pull back so that she could see Michelle’s reaction. On her roommate’s face, she found a blissful smile, which quickly gave way to an expression of intense desire, a look that led both girls to dive into a deep and passionate kiss, one they continued for hours until they together fell into a much-needed sleep.

The End 

Palm to Palm and Out of Patience

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