Who’s the Bully Now? Part I By Mr. Cage

Jeff and I were in the common backyard with some model warships we made the year before. Now we were dropping burning plastic down on them simulating battle damage. It was fucking stupid, but it was July, hot as hell and our other friends were at the community pool. We’d been kicked out for pulling off some older bitch’s bikini. Both of us were in cutoffs and worn tennis shoes. The cheap-ass rental units we lived in didn’t have air-conditioning. Our moms worked. My dad was with his new girl friend across town and Jeff’s dad was long gone.

“Hey, what are you little fags doing playing with fire?”

Jeff muttered, “Oh shit.”

I turned. My older sister and Jeff’s older sister were standing in the back yard wearing their bikini bras, cutoffs, and flip flops. Their summer cut hair was wet and their bathing suit bottoms showed wet triangles under their faded blue jeans. The bitches giggled. Cathy was dirty blonde like me and Jill’s hair was dark black like Jeffs.

Cathy, my sister, said to Jill, Jeff’s sister, “I think these little bitches need another lesson.”

Jeff said, “Billie, let’s just outrun them.”

I thought about it. My sister was three years older and had tormented me since before I could stand up for longer than a minute without falling over. When she and Jill became friends they bullied us. At least twice a year when nobody was around they’d force us to fight, usually down in the basement in the utility room. The last two times they had taken it further, taking our clothes and making us lick them and suck each other’s dicks while they used their fingers or coke bottles on our asses.

But, Jeff and I had grown a lot the last year. The bitches were still bigger than us, but we were catching up. If we ran they would just jump us again. I was tired of Cathy’s shit, tired of her calling me a fag and bragging to her girlfriends how she beat me up. So far she hadn’t told anybody about what they did to us, but I had no doubt they would if they could do it without looking like perverts.

I stood my ground, “Fuck off you bitches!”

Cathy glared at me, “I’ll make you drink piss you little faggot. We’re going down to the basement bitch.”

Jill laughed, “You forget what we made you do the last time, Billie?”

“Fuck you too cunt!”

Jill stepped forward, but Cathy grabbed her arm and said, “Not out here. Down in the basement.”

Down the wooden stairs and through the hallway storage rooms all four of us stood in a ten by fifteen area. The floor was concrete covered by a rubber mat of sorts: a bunch of interconnected flooring squares composed of crisscrossing rubber treads, kind of like a rubber grate. You could see the concrete and the water spill under the flooring. The place stank of years of stale water and worse. Three washer/dryer wall units covered one wall. The north wall was concrete blocks and wooden tables lined the south wall. The east boundary was formed by the chain link fence storage units and the double chain-link door that was meant to be locked when not in use by the tenants. The lock no longer worked. Temperature must have be a hundred degrees already.

The girls kicked off their flip flops and we kicked off our tennis shoes. I would fight Jill and Jeff would Cathy to start, but we had learned the girls would double up as soon as one of them got in trouble. I’d been beating up Jill last time when Cathy kicked me in the face from the side.

Cathy promised, “We’re going to make you put your tongues in our assholes this time you little pervert faggots.”

Jeff blurted, “I’m going to put my cock in your ass bitch.”

Cathy snarled and rushed forward swinging her fists. Jeff ducked his head and slammed into her trying to tackle her. She grunted but kept on her feet punching his back and the back of his neck. They struggled in a tight circle, Jeff still trying to lift her off her feet. As he came around again, bent over, his sister kicked and drove her foot up into his belly. Jeff gasped and went down.

Jill raised her foot to kick him again as Cathy dragged him by his black hair. I rushed forward and smashed Jill in the mouth with a roundhouse right. She cried out and staggered away, holding her mouth. Cathy cursed me and glared at me as she kneed Jeff in the back of the head.

“Fuck you cunt!” I yelled and slammed my foot into the back of her left knee. She squealed and fell down. I raised my foot to stomp her in the belly, but Jill slammed into me from behind and splashed me face first into the storage room chain link wall. She grabbed the back of my hair and dragged my face across the links. It hurt like hell. I drove an elbow back into her. She moaned. I did it again. She cried out about her tit and my hair was free. I spun around and punched her in the nose.

Jill staggered backwards to the washing machines holding her nose. Her lip was swollen. I wanted to bloody her nose like she had mine every time before. I rushed forward and her dirty foot hit my right on my jeans’ short zipper. It wasn’t a ball shot but it hurt just the same. Jill slammed a right and left into my face and then went for a hair pull to slam my head into the washer. I reached out to stop her and pulled off her bikini top. It wasn’t the first time she had been stripped in a fight and didn’t matter to her. I did manage to keep from being face planted into the washer/dryer combination.

I slammed fists into her bare belly and wrestled her into the corner. Her damned nails carved furrows in my back so I reached up in between us and grabbed her left nipple. The rubbery black nub was hard and erect. She squealed and cursed as I wrenched and crushed it just as brutally as I could. She kneed at my balls, but I caught her leg between my thighs and pushed her back into the corner. My head ended up under her left armpit and we tangled together throwing short punches and knees.

I could see Cathy and Jeff tangled on the floor in the opposite corner. Cathy had lost her top and was bleeding from the nose. Jeff must have got her good! She was half on top of him and he was cursing and writhing. My bitch sister had her teeth in his left bicep and was alternately clawing and punching his face. Jeff kicked and kneed, trying to bridge up and roll my bitch sister off.

He grabbed the back of her short summer cut hair and pulled her head back. She kept biting his left bicep; it showed blood now. Jeff leaned his head up and bit her ear! Cathy screamed and pushed away cursing and rubbing her ear. It appeared she could dish it out but didn’t want to take it.

Just then my vision went red. Jill had gotten a hand free and grabbed my balls. She was doing her best to crush them through the jeans. Luckily all it did was hurt me. The jeans’ crotch was tight because my legs were spread so I had some protection. Jill was bent over so I used my right hand in her hair and banged the side of her head into the washer/dryer. That hurt her. Her hand left my crotch and ripped at the front of my jeans opening the button and pulling down the zipper. I twisted and drove my knee up into her face. She groaned and fell down bleeding on my foot from her nose. I kicked her hard in the ribs.

Jill squealed, “Cathy, help!”

I kicked her trying to get under her arms into her tit. She cried out and grabbed my foot. I grabbed the back of her hair and pulled her up. About that time my sister’s fist hit me in the right eye. I let go of Jill and fell back against the wall.

Cathy was all over me: punching, clawing and kneeing. I saw Jeff on the floor pushing up. His chest and arm was bloody from deep bite marks. Jeff’s right eye was swollen and his nose was bloody. I grabbed Cathy by the hair and jerked her into a knee. I cunted my bitch sister good, doing to her what she had tried to do to me about a dozen times in her maniacal attack. She stopped for a second and I used her hair to pull her around in a half circle and then drive her back into the chain link cage wall.

She raked my eyes. I fell against her. “I’ll kill you, you little fucker.” “I’m going to cum in your cunt whore bitch.” “Faggot!” “Dyke!” “I hate you!” “Die bitch!” She clawed my back and tried to bite my forehead. I slammed my fists low in her belly trying to gut her. She groaned and grabbed for my arm. I drew back and drove my forehead into her nose. She groaned and slumped against me. Now blood spurted over both of us. I’d fucked her up good and was happy as hell to have done it.

Jill’s foot took me full in the balls from behind. I stopped breathing and fell to the ground expecting a beating. Cathy was crying and she staggered away holding her nose as blood bubbled between her fingers. I looked around dumbly to see why I wasn’t getting kicked to death.

Jeff had his sister pinned against the wall. He was biting her tits. Apparently he had learned from my sister. Jill was screaming and pounding his head. He twisted away and drove his knee up into her cunt just as hard as she had kicked me. She moaned and grabbed herself, but didn’t go down. That was unfortunate for her; Jeff smashed his sister in the mouth with a round house right. Her lips ruptured and she dropped to her knees grabbing for his shorts. He kicked her hard in the belly and she bent over gagging. He grabbed her hair, lifted her head and drove a knee into her bloody face. Jill flopped down screaming for help.

Cathy, covered in blood to her shorts started for her girlfriend, but I tackled her from the side. She slammed hard into the side of the washer/dryer. I crawled on top and started beating her with both fists as she squirmed and tried to cover up. I hit and hit her. She cried and begged. I penned her arms under my knees and looked to Jeff.

I was stunned. Jill was face down on the rubber mat moaning. Jeff was fucking his sister in the cunt from behind, really ramming into her. He was asking her if she wanted a coke bottle next like the last time she had ass raped him with one. I looked down at Cathy, her face was a swollen mess and she was crying and begging.

I smashed her in the mouth until it was bloody. I reached around and undid her shorts. Getting her out of them took some time and the bitch kicked me twice. I wrestled her down and worked on her tits with my fists and elbows until she was begging for me to stop. I stood and kicked her in her bare cunt. She curled up and rolled over trying to crawl away.

I looked at Jeff. He was squirting his cum into his own sister’s cunt. I wasn’t sure I should do that. So I spread her ass cheeks, and then stuck my thumbs into her puckered asshole. Cathy screamed for me to stop. I reminded her of all the things she had done to me. I jammed my cock into her ass. Getting it all the way in was a fucking job, but once inside it was tight as a glove. She clawed at the mat begging for me to stop. I plowed the bitch until I filled her asshole with cum.

I pulled out. She was face down crying. My cock was dripping on her back. I looked to Jeff. He looked as surprised as me. We nodded to each other’s sister. Jeff came across the room jacking his cock to keep it hard and jammed it in Cathy’s cunt. My sister howled as she was fucked like a bitch face down on the hard rubber mat.

Jill rolled over and started begging. I grabbed her hair and dragged her over to the table and slammed her against it. Holding her hair in my left hand I kept her bent over the table and jammed my cock into her cunt. It wasn’t as tight as Cathy’s ass, but it was warm enough. It took me awhile to leave a deposit in her sperm bank, but when I did it was sweet. I leaned on her back as she moaned. I punched her in the sides a couple of times to remind her she had been finally beaten.

Neither one of us had the energy to fuck them again so we made them lick each other, cleaning our dripping cum from their holes. Then we had them sixty nine each other until they came. After that we used broom handles and coke bottles then fucked them twice more before cleaning up.

The mothers would be home soon. All in all, it was not a bad afternoon on a hot summer day when you were banned from the community pool.

The End.

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