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Wonder Woman vs Hippolyta: All or Nothing by Luffy316

A month had passed since Wonder Woman’s repeated defeats. Diana had decided to set herself apart from these losses and return to her business as princess and guardian of the world. It seemed like the healthier choice than pouting around the palace and trying to pick another fight with her mother or the local kryptonians, and it was doing her a lot of good. She saved lives and quite famously played a pivotal role when the Justice League defended the world from Brainiac. She was regaining her pride as people started to remember her for her heroism rather than some local oil wrestling.

However pleased she was with herself, Supergirl wasn’t so amused. She had put a lot of effort into seeing that the amazonian heroine was humiliated and defeated during those championship bouts. It wasn’t long before Diana was flying back to Paradise Island to be greeted with praise and cheers rather than snickering, and she was back to hugging and talking to her mother quite comfortably despite her defeat. Still annoyed with the bothersome brunette, Kara decided to put an end to Diana’s swelling ego.

“You know,” she had casually mentioned during a lunch when Hippolyta was busy with regal matters. “You really should still be champion. You’re obviously good enough, so I’m not sure why you haven’t used the champion’s rematch clause yet.”

“The what?” Diana looked up while Power Girl tried to recall it herself. The league was new and she hadn’t memorized every single rule so far.

“You’re a former champion and still the top contender,” Supergirl went on. “You have the right to demand another challenge for the title bras. All three of them, if you wanted. You really should challenge your mother again…”

This had the princess’ interest, not to mention the lingering effects of her cursed tattoo that made the kryptonian’s words that much more compelling. Supergirl withheld that Hippolyta would have the defender’s advantage, letting her decide on a few rules for herself. She’d automatically get a “second,” one ally for each match that could act as a trap to ambush the challenger once in each fight. Diana was still clearly thinking about it, and that was all Supergirl needed out of her to make her point.

“In fact, if you were thinking about it, I think I know a great way to stir up some attention for the fight.”

Supergirl was delighted to find that Wonder Woman didn’t remember the sort of publicity that she and Power Girl liked to employ. It was what landed Diana on stage wearing her white t-shirt and some star-speckled blue bikini briefs, blushing at the audience that was already cheering in anticipation for the wet t-shirt contest. In celebration of the match, Kara and Karen had decided that both competitors and their referee (their queen Power Girl) would compete in a pre match show. Local amazons and visitors alike had lined up to see the royal family in their soon to be skin-tight outfits.

“Thank you all for coming!” Supergirl happily greeted the audience. “I hope to see you all tomorrow for the main event, but for now, let’s get on with the show.”

What followed was yet another on the growing list of Diana’s most humiliating memories. The three powerful women took their turns stepping forward and being sprayed by cold water from a hose. In the end, they would be judged by the amount and volume of cheers from the crowd. Hippolyta went first, leaving Diana to squirm uncomfortably as the royal milf knew just how to work the crowd into a frenzy. She made sure to jiggle her impressive chest the whole while and turning to let the water make her bottoms ride up her shapely ass until the short shorts looked like a thong.

Diana went next as the challenger, but she jumped and gave a surprised yelp at how cold the water was. The audience laughed at her reaction rather than cheered, even as her nipples hardened and were clearly visible through her top (especially on the oversized TV that had zoomed in on her labeled as “The Jug-o-tron”). She smiled meekly and did her best to dance and flex, but she shuddered from the cold water that pooled in her cleavage and stuck to her hair.

Power Girl seemed far better prepared for it as her white bikini bottoms became just as tight and see-through as her top. Rather than the flirty jiggling of Hippolyta, she approached it with lots of posing and flexing before bending way over for the crowd and giving them a huge crowd-pleaser as she flexed her powerful chest muscles to make her breasts bounce.

It was nothing truly official, but Diana didn’t stop blushing until she was allowed to leave the stage. Of course, Hippolyta won the demeaning popularity contest (with PG not far behind), and Diana had landed in dead last. She hated that she had to stick around and take the tacky bronze medal that Supergirl hung between her tits, but the official rules were announced after the show and Diana would need to be present for them.

As an “impartial” and trusted visiting party, Supergirl was entrusted to set the final rules based on input from the current champion. All three bouts would be fought all in a row, with Supergirl on standby with buckets of their mystical healing water to be used on each of them before the next round began right where they’d left off. While they would start in the ring, the battle could be taken anywhere in the fighters went. “From the castle to the seas,” Supergirl described it. “Of course, there won’t be any powers allowed in this battle, so that’s all pretty unlikely.” The crowd laughed at the little jab as she went on.

Any non-lethal weapons they could obtain would be allowed, and some would be left around the stadium in hidden locations. As the defending champion, Hippolyta would be made aware of these locations on the morning of the fight. She would also be able to secretly designate an ally to help her once during each match, chosen before the battles and declaring themselves when they made themselves known in the fight. Each time Diana won she would obtain one of the championship bras of her choice, but every time she lost she would become Hippolyta’s slave for a week (a maximum of three).

Other than that, it was anything goes. The crowd was thrilled to see more from two of the sexiest fighters in the public eye, and Diana simply hoped this would be the final act to mend her damaged pride and reputation.

When the big day came, the coliseum was packed with heroines, former villains, amazons and travelers who had come to see the hyper-sexualized royal duel. Hippolyta wore a shimmering gold bikini as she came out to her returning theme music from her title bouts, dancing down the runway to MILF. While a queen and a warrior, taking Paradise into the public eye had shown that Hippolyta could love being in the spotlight. It was quite a stark contrast to Wonder Woman, who came out in a skimpy two piece rendition of her famous costume (as Supergirl had magically suggested). She marched promptly out to the ring. Anything to stop the speakers from blasting Ass N Tittiies.

Power Girl floated out between them, arms folded patiently. “Alright, ladies. You’re my daughter and my wife, so I’ll stay impartial the whole way through… unless the rules tell me otherwise. The rulebook’s still a little fuzzy on some things, but hey! It’s a new league. We’re still getting a few kinks out of it.” The crowd hooted at her choice of words and she gave them a scolding wag of her finger before breaking into a grin. “Alright! We’re all ready here, so ring that bell!”

The great gong sounded as the two scantily clad women hurled themselves into battle. When they both reached the middle of the ring, Diana threw the first punch of many of the night. She knew that despite her curvy figure, her mother was no slouch in a fight. Even with that in mind, their last battle was a month ago, and her built up self esteem had brought confidence with it. It made it easy for Hippolyta to duck the blow and bury her own fist into Diana’s breast with a counter attack.

“UGH!” The superheroine grunted and clutched her jiggling chest. The crowd responded with immediate cheers as Hippolyta’s strong, humiliating, and vaguely sexual blow set the tone for the rest of the night.

“I face you as a champion, child. Not as your mother!” Hippolyta declared, making it clear that like their last showdown, she would show no mercy. Diana tried to reply with promises of the same, but the queen threw a kick into her belly before she could find the words. The crowd whistled and cheered once again as the gorgeous heroine was left doubled over with her star-spangled ass sticking out behind her.

Wonder Woman coughed and sputtered, despite knowing better than to ask for mercy after that kind of showing. Hippolyta grabbed her daughter by the hair and forced her to stay bent over. The queen shot her knee into Diana’s bouncing chest, knocking the wind out of the warrior princess and keeping it out of her as she kept pounding her knee into her like a reverse jackhammer. Diana could only give off a vibrating moan as Hippolyta repeatedly flattened her breasts. By the time she stopped and let go, Diana gasped weakly for air as she fell to her knees. She would clearly be fighting an uphill battle for the rest of the round after the intense breast beating.

Hippolyta raised her fists in a wordless shout to the audience, her amazon sisters and subjects echoing the warcry back to her. Diana was still powerlessly resting on her knees when Hippolyta forced her back up by the hair and hurled her into the ring’s elastic ropes. Wonder Woman was at least able to grab onto the ropes to catch herself, but Hippolyta was already charging after her. Diana turned around just in time to receive a double dropkick that smashed into her bouncing breasts instead of the back of her head.

Diana shrieked as the tough leather boots crushed her chest once again, sending her toppling over the ropes. The crowd cheered at the powerful blow that left Diana laying face first in the sand of the arena, groaning and just slowly pushing herself back up.She had hardly lifted herself up when she heard the audience cheering and clapping ominously. Diana lifted her head, looking around in a daze while Hippolyta nimbly climbed to the top turnbuckle and leapt after her daughter.

Wonder Woman screamed in shocked agony as her mother’s landed a knee drop to her lower back, making her bikini-clad bottom jiggle from the impact. Hippolyta rolled with her landing, ending up on one knee with her fists raised in preemptive triumph. The crowd went wild for their daredevil queen and champion while Diana was holding her back and fighting back tears. She started to crawl away to regroup, but Hippolyta caught her booted ankles and dragged her back towards her. Diana let out a shriek of pain as her breasts were dragged across the firmly packed sand. It scratched her chest and got irritating grains of the stuff into her top until Hippolyta finally came to a stop.

It still wasn’t the end to her suffering, as the queen held onto the princess’ legs and sat on her back. “AWWWWWAH!” Wonder Woman screamed as she was twisted into a boston crab, bending her aching back and legs while Hippolyta’s juicy hindquarters rested on the back of her shoulders.

She could practically hear her back cracking from the crushing hold as her mother tried to bend her completely in half. Diana briefly considered tapping out there and then. Perhaps then she could save some of her stamina and have a fresh start with the second round.

Supergirl floated nearby with her sealed buckets of healing water in hand. “Aww, don’t tell me you’re giving up already,” Kara teased, knowingly triggering Diana’s tattoo to keep her fighting. The princess hardly realized as her mind was made up for her, choosing her pride over her body and fighting on.

“Nooooo,” Diana groaned, clearly in pain but stubbornly clenching her fists. “I… won’t… yield! UHNFF!”

Hearing her defiant declaration, Hippolyta released her legs. Diana’s lower half slumped to the arena floor, allowing her to curl up on her side and rub her overworked thighs. She was too consumed by the relief from all that pain, failing to realize what Hippolyta was up to as she reached under the ring. As part of the rules as champion, she had been told about the location of many of the weapons hidden around for the hardcore match. The queen pulled out a steel chair and after lining up her shot, swung the flat end of it right across Diana’s ass. The princess jolted and screamed as her mother continued with the metallic spanking. Diana writhed and howled until she rolled over, rubbing her ass and wincing as her toned ass was now bright red from the powerful paddling. The crowd laughed and cheered, even as Hippolyta turned the chair around in her hands and pressed the central bar across Diana’s throat. The busty princess gagged as she grabbed at the weapon, kicking her long legs around like a flopping fish as she struggled to breathe.

“The amazons have no place for a weak princess!” Hippolyta declared, mocking her opponent while firing up the crowd. Power Girl had to admit, she certainly got into her warrior queen persona in the ring. She’d had to see if she would bring some of that kind of talk into their bedroom.

When Hippolyta finally removed the chair, Diana coughed and clutched her throat while her eyes and mouth watered. Wonder Woman rolled pathetically on the ground, struggling to flop away from her dominating mother before she could come up with her next brutal punishment. She knew she was too late when Queen Hippolyta grabbed Diana under her arms, lifting her back to her feet in a full nelson. Diana was still coughing, making her breasts bounce in her skimpy top. Her hair and face were a mess from the beating she’d taken, with sweat trailing down into her cleavage. Just when that seemed to be the lowest Wonder Woman that had felt the whole night, Hippolyta grabbed her top while maintaining the hold and pulled it down.

The crowd erupted into cheers as the famous heroine’s breasts were exposed to the audience and the many cameras around the arena. Hippolyta paraded her along one side of the arena, right within groping distance (as some brave, bold hands discretely proved to her) of many lucky fans.

“Bauren,” Hippolyta declared, turning Diana to face the crowd and pointing to one of its members. “Your champion calls upon you.”

Diana recognized the woman from their farms. She was a broad but motherly woman who tended to the cows. The smiling woman was one of many amazons wearing a shirt with the logo of the Paradise Island wrestling league as she cracked her knuckles readily. “At your request, my queen,” Bauren said proudly. Diana braced herself for some double-teaming beating from Hippolyta’s first laid trap, but she had forgotten to consider why Hippolyta would choose a dairy farmer over a trusted soldier.

Bauren’s strong hands wrapped around the base of Wonder Woman’s tits and squeezed hard. Her masterful grip got a deep and miserable moan from Diana as the princess tried to kick her way free. Hippolyta just pulled up harder on her arms, making her back arch and her breasts push out further into Bauren’s expert hands. The princess screamed as the professional milker’s fingers dug into her mammary glands and pulled on her royal rack.

“STOP! STOP! MERCY!” Diana’s hurting body and wounded pride wanted no more of the harsh treatment to her bosom, and her mother was restraining her from any valid attempts at escape. Against her shameful wails, the crowd started to cheer as she felt a familiar sensation of milk escaping her teats. She had lactated before, but never as part of a pleasant experience. It was always at the hands of her enemies, so her body shuddered with revulsion as the past embarrassments came rushing back into her mind. All the while, her milk fell through Bauren’s fingers and splashed onto the dust of the arena floor.

It went on for a long and painful minute before Hippolyta yanked her roughly away from her second’s hands. The force sent a ripple of agony through Diana’s chest as she was squeezed through the fingers, but also created a wet streak of white through the air as her milk splashed onto several laughing fans. Diana was breathing heavily, making her tits bounce with each painful breath before the queen dragged her back into the arena. There were large red marks left along her chest like vicious fingerprints left by Bauren’s handiwork. Diana was staggering from the pain alone, and Hippolyta’s rough handling didn’t help that any. The queen spun her daughter around to face her, grabbing her in a bearhug that buried Diana’s face into her mother’s bosom. She hardly had the time to recognize the familiar smell of Hippolyta’s sweat before the queen lifted her up, still holding her between her breasts until the last minute of her suplex. Diana’s head bounced off of the ground, flopping like a rag doll before she came to a stop. Power Girl finally floated over, lifting and dropping her limp arm a few times.

“She’s out cold! Round one goes to Queen Hippolyta!” The crowd cheered as she defended one of her title bras and had earned the right to own her challenger as a slave for a week. The milfy queen flexed and smiled with pride at the crowd, planting a foot on Diana’s mindlessly drooling face as she drank in the stadium full of cheers.

“Too bad for Diana,” Clark Kent noted, sent overseas to cover the major event for the Daily Planet.

“Hard to believe she had fared better against Brainiac,” Bruce Wayne added dryly.

Supergirl came out dutifully with a pair of water bottles, each faintly glowing with the mystical spring waters of Paradise Island. “Don’t think we need the buckets just yet. Do you, your majesty?” Kara asked playfully. Hippolyta laughed and took the bottle for herself, drinking it down. The few bruises and bumps she’d gotten from the struggles and Diana’s few strikes healed over, and even the fatigue wore off from her muscles as Supergirl handed her a warm towel to dry up the old sweat.

With Diana out cold, she naturally couldn’t drink, so Supergirl just turned the bottle over and emptied it onto her face and chest. Diana gasped and sat up choking as the water made her top cling to her breasts, but the water still worked its magic. The deep bruises and visible sores vanished beneath the healing waters, and her impressive strength returned to her. She spat up some of the water and wiped it from her eyes as she hurried back to her feet, the kryptonian officials floating back away from the action.

“You owe me a week of your life now, sister,” Hippolyta reminded Diana as she flexed her arms and stretched her shoulders.

“And you owe me two more bras,” Diana growled back, taking up her ready fighting stance. Hippolyta laughed as the gong sounded to start the second round. This time, the raven-haired princess leapt right into battle. She couldn’t let her mother take charge again if she was going to have a chance at this. The crowd gave an impressed little sound as Diana landed the first blow of this round, slugging her mother clean across the mouth. Hippolyta was staggered by the right hook, but she didn’t falter for long before she took up her stance again and punched Diana right back. The crowd reacted loudly as Diana was similarly dazed by the hit, feet dancing on the sand before she threw another punch. The women traded their powerful blows back and forth, each phasing the other woman but not quite dropping them.

It was Diana that finally broke the pattern. She ducked under one of the queen’s punches and caught her forearm, twisting around behind Hippolyta and forcing her to bend over by the arm bar. The crowd let out some whistled as the busty milf’s rack was left hanging for the crowd to get a view down her cleavage. “Don’t tell me you’re getting sloppy, mother,” Diana scolded as she twisted the arm painfully, but Hippolyta just grit her teeth and bore it.

“And don’t tell me you’re becoming a cocky little brat,” Hippolyta growled. She grabbed one of the offending arms and twisted free, surprising Diana as she wound up with the upper hand (so to speak). Rather than putting Diana into the same hold, she grabbed the princess by the leg and lifted her up into the air. Hippolyta pulled down on both limbs to bust Diana’s spine across her shoulders in a painful and back-bending torture rack. Hippolyta rose up on her toes before dropping back down to her heels, the bouncing causing her chest to jiggle while Diana howled from the pain in her twisted back.

“Crying already?” the dominant queen taunted as she bent Diana hard enough that her back cracked. “What sort of weak challengers have you brought me, amazons?!” Diana thrashed an arm around Hippolyta’s front, slapping and grabbed at anything she could. Luck (whether good or bad) landed her hand on the queen’s bikini top and accidentally yanked it down. One of the queen’s impressive breasts popped right out, causing the cheering to hit another peak. She gasped briefly before she simply lifted Wonder Woman over her head and threw her roughly to the ground.

“Cowardly tricks won’t save you this time,” Hippolyta scolded as she stomped her heel down on Wonder Woman’s breast. The princess grunted as she curled up, trying to protect her chest and back as she rolled in the sand. Hippolyta dragged her back up to her knees as she adjusted her top. “If you wanted a good look at them, you should have just asked.”

“No!” Diana blurted, but Hippolyta had already bearhugged her head right into her tits. The queen shook her shoulders to let the massive mammaries slap her face around, knocking her daughter silly when they weren’t simply suffocating her. Wonder Woman gave several muffled shouts from between her mother’s breasts, making her thrashing resistance more comical than it was effective. She finally managed to shove her mother’s stomach, gasping for air and coated with sweat by the time she was freed. She looked disoriented from the beating and humiliating smother, and Hippolyta didn’t hesitate to take advantage. She grabbed Diana by the hair and threw her against the nearby wall of the arena, getting a husky grunt from the heroine as her skull met the stone.

Wonder Woman slumped to her knees once again, holding her face as Hippolyta went to one of the nearby statues of some ancient amazon warrior. She reached behind its sandal, once again using her right as defending champion to know where the weapons were hidden. She revealed a length of chain that she tugged tight between her hands before letting Diana feel the cool metal wrap around her warm neck. The queen put her knee into her daughter’s back, forcing her breasts into the stone of the wall while pulling the chain like a leash as if they were the reins of a disobedient horse.

The front row guests got a great view as Diana’s face went red, the powerful amazon still needing air to breathe if she was to fight. Her lovely features bulged as she gagged and drooled, spilling her saliva messily over her chest in her struggles to breathe. Her mother’s knee was still working over her already aching back, the combined pain and lack of air making tears pour from her eyes. She started seeing spots when the chain suddenly went slack. Diana rubbed her neck and coughed before Hippolyta swung her leg high into the air, landing an axe kick to the back of her skull and bouncing her face off the top of the arena walls.

“You always were the type to try too hard at offense when you should be minding your defense,” Hippolyta lectured as she let Wonder Woman slump against the stone in a moaning daze. She whistled to one of the wandering snack vendors, the crowd chuckling as she came down with her tray of drinks and food. “Put it on my tab,” she said with a wink, the crowd laughing again as she lifted Diana by her hair and flung her into the stands. Diana crashed right into the snack tray as the vendor stepped back, letting the princess land in a mess of popcorn, beer and fruity beverages.

Diana spat out a mouthful of cheap beer from amidst the jeering crowd as Hippolyta followed her into the stands. She caught Diana by the legs and started to walk up the stairs, dragging her through the mass and making sure she was angled so that her breasts bounced off of every step on the ride up. She emitted a low grunt with every few steps, only for Hippolyta to hook her booted feet under her arms. She spun around in a broad circle, her powerful limbs lifting Diana high enough that even with her wide arc, the princess never came too close to hitting anyone in their seats. When Hippolyta suddenly and finally let go of her like a hammer throw, Diana flew several yards higher into the stands before landing flat on her back on the steps. She slid a few inches lower with more of her miserable grunts as the steps banged up her back and head.

With the princess in a daze of pain and woe, Hippolyta grabbed her by the hair and dragged her a few rows higher still. “Rayna! Your champion calls upon you and your comrades!” Hippolyta pointed out to a few of the attending amazongs as Power Girl floated up to catch up with them. The rule book had said something about recruiting small groups of women as seconds, so long as they weren’t part of any particular soldier class. Diana was too busy groaning to care, but PG quickly recognized Rayna and her friends that climbed out of their seats. They were very fashionably dressed in stiletto heels and high-cut dresses, much like the clothes they had modeled in Karen’s fashion show from a few months ago. Models were clearly not soldier class, so she dismissed it as fairplay.

The women stood up as Hippoylta threw Wonder Woman at their feet. “Put this defiant child in her place for opposing me. Walk all over her!”

Diana barely registered what was happening as she looked wearily at the sky above. She only had a half second to realize the implications as Rayna went first, raising her leg with the sharp-looking heel of her shoe right over the princess’ belly.
“No! Stop! WaiAIEEE!!” Diana wailed in agony as the first step dug into her navel. They weren’t sharp enough to break the skin, but the weight of even the most slender amazon was still packed with dense muscle. All of that power was being focused into the pinpoint of the shoe’s heel, stomping from her belly to her breasts before stepping on her hair as Rayna went by. The rest of her crew followed suit, stomping where they saw fit as Diana was powerless to stop them from trampling her face, crotch, breasts and stomach.

Diana ended up sporting a few quarter-sized bruises on her pale skin by the time they had strut their stuff with her as their living runway. Hippolyta grabbed her daughter by the ankles, flipping her over in the row so that she was laying flat on her face of the well-used floor. “One more time, ladies,” Hippolyta commanded with an indicative twirl of her finger. Diana gasped as they came trampling over her once again, this time their steps grinding into her back, calves, shoulders and ass.

Diana hurt all over on both sides of her body, almost no part of her left unblemished. Power Girl floated closer to her with a concerned frown. “Diana, do you submit?” she asked.

“I… won’t… ugh…” Diana could barely grunt a response as she grabbed the back of one of the seats to pull herself up to her knees. She slumped onto the chair, the crowd laughing as her breasts were left resting on the head of the Teen Titan Starfire. The orange alien giggled and took it as an invitation to give Wonder Woman’s rack a few firm squeezes before boosting her back up. Diana barely got to one foot by the helpful handfuls, but Hippolyta was waiting with a high kick that knocked Diana right back into the steps. Hippolyta pursued her as mercilessly as she would any foe, dragging Diana to her feet by the hair and throwing her down the nearest flight of steps. Diana went bouncing down the rough stone, something she would have easily endured or stopped at her full strength but now far too exhausted to try. She ended up falling out the rear entrance, landing in the dirt just outside the exit to the stadium. She started to stir slowly, puzzled by the lack of noise from the crowd with the stands between them and her. The cameras quickly picked up on the action, showing it on huge monitors in the arena.

Diana barely realized she had left the coliseum when she heard her mother’s booming warcry. She jerked in surprise, but didn’t realize where she was coming from until Hippolyta was already leaping off the stairwell and slamming her knees into Diana’s breasts. The air rushed right out of her lungs, hacking miserably with what little breath she could manage to gather. It did her no good as Hippolyta rose to her feet, standing over her daughter’s body before she slapped her ass several times. The crowd-pleasing taunt got it good and jiggling before she let herself drop ass-first on Diana’s face, staying in a squatting position with her legs spread. The focus of her body weight on her cushy rear made it impossible for Diana to keep breathing, barely even squirming until she passed out completely.

“Two bras down! Two weeks to go!” Supergirl called as she caught up to the action. Sticking with the rules, the women would have to keep fighting outside the arena since it was where they had left off. Hippolyta was handed her water bottle, drinking most of it down before pleasing the crowd once more as she poured the rest on her face and breasts, rubbing it in for a quick cooldown.

With Diana still unconscious, Supergirl took the liberty of forcing her mouth open and squeezing the bottle down her throat. Diana woke up coughing and gagging, just for Kara to unscrew and empty the rest over her head. The brunette princess screamed at the unnecessarily cold water, courtesy of Kara’s ice breath. “Last round, Diana,” Kara teased with a knowing smile. “Better make this one count.”

“I do not need your permission,” Wonder Woman grumbled as she pushed herself back to her feet. She was wet, but healed and determined. She had been beaten and humiliated yet again. She wasn’t about to let her people become such a farce of a spectacle after centuries of priding themselves on combat. “No more games, mother,” she stated firmly. “I won’t let you win this one.”

“If you’ve been playing games and ‘letting’ me win, then you needn’t have wasted the effort,” Hippolyta replied curtly. “I would have beaten you senseless either way.”

At the next gong, Diana showed how serious she was right away. She covered the distance between them in an instant, moving so fast that there seemed to be crackling lightning coming from her wrists. Most of the crowd wrote it off as special effects or some sort of reaction to her incredible speed (“I do that kind of stuff all the time,” commented The Flash), but a particular redhead made a mental note of it for later.

Diana had landed three blows to her mother’s face before she could mount any proper defense. Hippolyta’s head snapped with her punch, but she raised an arm to stop the fourth. She sent a fist of her own at Diana’s stomach, but the heroine similarly caught her arm and shoved it to the side. With the two of them locked together, Wonder Woman reared her head and brought it crashing into her mother’s skull. The queen reeled from her headbutt as the crowd got over their surprise and started to cheer for the idea of the princess taking the lead.

“You taught me well, mother!” Diana shouted, but her tone was defiant and undaunted by her defeats. The losses only made her angrier, and she grabbed her stunned mother around the waist. While the crowd cheered for their wet busts grinding together, it didn’t last for long before the princess suplexed Hippolyta into the ground behind her. Clods of dirt were sent flying from the impact as the powerful amazons started to fight with all of their might.

Diana moved into a pinning position, but Hippolyta was only hurt and not stopped. The queen balanced herself on her hands and double kicked Wonder Woman in the chest, sending her breasts bouncing and knocking the air from her once again. She rose and charged like a raging mother bear until she spearing Diana around the waist. Her daughter was lifted off her feet with the force of the running tackle and Hippolyta kept holding and charging as if she had no intention of stopping. It brought Diana crashing through several tables and wooden stands, splintering the wood as merchandise (shirt, commemorative flagons, and prop golden bras like those of the champion’s) and stray beverages bounced off of Wonder Woman’s back as she shouted from each stinging crack of wood against her back. She drove knees and elbows into Hippolyta’s midsection, but the rampaging mother only grunted in response to the blows. She only squeezed tighter to put more pressure on the warrior princess’ stomach and back.

When brute force seemed to be failing her, Wonder Woman finally changed tactics and grabbed her mother’s arm. She twisted sharply and kicked out her legs, flipping her into a high-speed shoulder toss. Hippolyta tumbled through the grass until she hit a stone wall, Diana barely noting it as the outside of one of the amazons’ farmhouses. They kept several of their farms near the arena since ancient times, making it easier to bring their beasts to the stadium. Horses for cavalry, food for their feasting guests, and the occasional more wild creature for trials by combat.

Diana sent a boot stomping towards her mother’s head, but the queen rolled aside. Her heel left a visible crack in the stone instead of her skull. Hippolyta tried to tackle her again, but this time Diana was alert and waiting for it. She nimbly twisted and sidestepped her mother before kneeing her in the stomach. Hippolyta went to her knees and clutched her stomach, forced to allow Diana to grab her hair and deliver several knees into her chin. She had her teeth grit, but even while mainly using her legs there was the occasional spark that sprang from one of her wrists.

The flying camera drones kept feeding the fight to the crowd at the arena as one massive knee sent Hippolyta flying backward. The queen fumbled for something to hold herself up, but she merely went through the broad wooden doors of the barn and fell inside. Diana caught her breath for a moment before marching after her mother, dead set on keeping some fraction of her pride in tact after today. She kicked the doors back open, but before her eyes could adjust to the shadows of the barn she felt a harsh impact against her skull. Wonder Woman staggered back out of the barn, clutching her head and literally not knowing what hit her. Hippolyta followed her out while clutching a shovel in both hands.

“Where was this fight in you before, you craven bitch?” Hippolyta snarled, letting out more of her old warrior ego. Wonder Woman giving this round her all was definitely stirring it up inside her as she too became more desperate. She wound up again and delivered a massive swing across Diana’s face, the metal clanging and bending as it send her flying back a few feet and landing her in a cart full of hay. The princess was still seeing stars when Hippolyta went to the horses at its head and slapped one on the flank with a sharp shout. With a loud winnie, the horses bolted away while bouncing the startled and screaming Wonder Woman around in the cart behind them.

Hippolyta couldn’t keep pace with them at full speed, but over a short distance it was entirely possible. She sprinted after them with her dented shovel in hand, hurling it in a wide arc as the cart started to turn away from the farming fences. The tool whirled through the air before wedging itself inside one of the wheels, stopping the cart short. The horses broke free and kept running, but the abrupt stop sent the screaming Wonder Woman flying through the air. She soared over the fences before landing face-first in one of the pig pens, where the squealing creatures spread out to let her land face-first in the mud.

Diana rose after several seconds, groaning and with her front caked in mud. She wiped it from her face and breasts as best she could, but there seemed to be no means of getting it all. She had completely lost track of her mother and the layers of mud weren’t doing her any good in relocating her. The hogs has scampered to the other side by the time Hippolyta leapt over the fence herself, catching Wonder Woman by surprise as she delivered a pair of punches into her breasts that knocked her flat on her back.

“Finally decided to go back to your home, did you?” Hippolyta taunted. She had done a similar maneuver when she was challenged to a duel by a usurper decades ago, and she felt proud of pulling it off again. Diana was still trying to regain her breath when the warrior queen took her by her muddy hair and dragged her through the mess. She forced Diana to her knees, just to shove her face into the water trough and hold her under. The mud was washed away from her pretty face, but that of course came with its own problems. Her startled shout came as a spray of bubbles as she kicked at the mud and pushed on the trough. Hippolyta didn’t relent on her grasp, so when there seemed no escape Diana simply shoved the container over, spilling its contents and finally letting her breathe again.

Hippolyta still had her by the hair but Diana gave a sharp shove at the water trough. The thick wood struck Hippolyta in the knees, tripping her over into the mud next. Diana crawled on top of her and landed several punches to the side of Hippolyta’s head before the queen delivered a double uppercut to her daughter’s breasts. “AWWAHH!” Diana let out a husky cry as she forgot to protect her chest in her vengeful payback. Her breasts went bouncing out of her top, her nipples hard and excited from the rough treatment they’d been through all day. Hippolyta ignored them for now, grabbing the straps of Diana’s top and planting her feet into the heroine’s belly. With a quick pull with her hands and shove of her feet, she flipped Diana right over the fence and sent her crashing through the open window of the next barn over.

Diana landed with a crash, falling right through a wooden table. This farmhouse, at least, had its lights on, so she could see the wide open space inside. There was some farming equipment, both modern and traditional, and the entire floor was covered with straw. It was clearly some universal structure to hold and handle the various animals and machines around the farmlands. Diana finally rolled to all fours, alternately rubbing her aching back and chest as she got back up.

Hippolyta hadn’t followed her too closely, and Diana couldn’t hear any noise outside the window. Deciding that was good enough for her, Wonder Woman grabbed a nearby wrench and darted next to the door. She waited to ambush her mother, her improvised weapon at the ready. While it was no magic lasso, it would be enough to really stun even the powerful queen of the amazons.

The main flaw to her plan was assuming that Hippolyta would enter using the door. The queen’s fists punch right through the wood of the barn’s wall, grabbing Diana by the hair and bashing the surprised princess’ head against the hard wood. As the heroine staggered, Hippolyta withdrew her hands and shoved the door open, letting it smack right into Diana’s face and chest to knock her flat on her ass.

“Now what did I say about cowardly tricks?” the queen taunted. “You’re breathing so heavily that I could have tracked you down from a mile away!” Hippolyta stomped on Diana’s breasts, pinning her to the ground as she grabbed a wooden rake from nearby. “Besides, you smell of pig crap and trough water.”

Diana could only blink at her in a beaten daze, seeing too late that Hippolyta have turned the business end of the rake on her. She started to rapidly scrape its tongs across the princess’ exposed breasts as if she were tending to an especially fertile piece of land. Diana screamed herself to tears as numerous shallow but painful scratches appeared along her now famous melons.

“Yea, give it to her good, Hips!” Harley Quinn cheered from the stadium. Wonder Woman finally managed to shove the cruel weapon away, scrambling on all fours to escape and gain a moment to recover from the tenderizing pain. While she was out from beneath Hippolyta’s boot, she hadn’t escaped the queen’s reach. The milfish warrior turned the rake around and whacked the blunt end up into Wonder Woman’s crotch, making her moan loudly and bounce off of the hay-covered floor for a second before flopping onto her stomach, tits sticking out beneath her chin.

“So long as you insist on crawling around on all fours like a beast…” Hippolyta mused, taking her daughter by the hair. She lifted her up over her head, spiking her down gut first onto the gate to a small enclosed stable. Diana let out a short gag, kicking her feet but unable to dislodge herself so easily. Hippolyta grabbed some spare rope and bound her wrists swinging the door open to keep Diana’s face and tits facing her. Hippolyta kicked something beside her, Diana’s vision coming into focus as she heard the loud humming of an engine. Whatever the device was, it couldn’t be good.

“I seem to recall some of your former opponents mentioning a certain weakness of yours,” Hippolyta said with a smirk. She grabbed the hoses attached to the milking machine and secured them onto Diana’s nipples before firing up the main device. Wonder Woman screamed as the device meant for cows started painfully forcing the milk from her tits.

“AUGGHHH! STOP! MOTHER! DON’T!” she wailed in agony. Tears spilled along with her milk as her beautiful breasts were strained and pulled by the pressure of the painfully suckling machinery.

“Get used to it, you weak little cow,” Hippolyta taunted. To make matters worse, she went over to a wooden bucket where they had left out a part of their harvest of ginger root. Having used it in her past matches on several occasions, and they had even used it to punish disorderly troops in their armies. She grabbed Diana by her bikini bottoms, wedgying them up into her ass before she pulled aside the front and shoved a sizeable ginger root into her pussy.

The princess screamed and pulled away. Only her panicked flailing gave her the momentary strength to pull the milking machine off of her. Hippolyta watched with amusement as her daughter ran around screaming and grabbing at her crotch to try to remove it from inside her bottoms. It gave the queen plenty of time to walk to the milking machine and remove the plastic container that was concerningly full of royal milk. When the shouting and crying Diana came close enough, she swung the heavy jug and knocked her flat on her back, splashing the panicked princess with her own milk in the process.

Wonder Woman was an absolute mess. She was writhing weakly on the floor of the barn, stirring up the hay as she reacted to her crotch full of ginger root. Her breasts were bruised and scratched and a few more red welts developing on her lovely royal face. She could do nothing but stare at the ceiling and groan distantly as Hippolyta stood over her. She picked up Diana by the hair, letting her hang limply like a human punching bag. She put her hand on her hip and looked behind her as she spoke.

“My final second. Your time has come.”

Something blindsided Diana and hit her like a truck… or a plane, to be more precise. It lifted her completely out of Hippolyta’s hands and off the ground, smashing her through the wall and flying her the short distance between them and the coliseum. The second came to an abrupt stop, dropping Wonder Woman on her tits in the middle of the arena. She heard the crowd cheer as they realized that they had returned. Diana rolled over to look up and see Power Girl floating over her.

“But… but…” Diana mumbled, more out of confusion than protest.

“Sorry,” PG said, shrugging as she grabbed her snug referee jersey and tore it off, showing a similarly checkered style of a skimpy bikini top. “But rules are rules.” She landed back on the ground, just to hammer an uppercut into the stunned Wonder Woman’s belly. While Diana had fought well against Brainiac during the recent invasion, PG had been fighting off hordes of his underlings single handedly. One of those same boulder-smashing punches sank into Diana’s stomach, knocking the wind right out of her as she fell to her knees. She grabbed at her stomach, coughing and gagging as she grabbed onto the blonde kryptonian’s legs just to stay on her knees.

It turned out to be an easy position to exploit as Hippolyta came sprinting back into the arena. She entered the arena at top speed and leapt to smash the heel of her boot into Diana’s face, knocking the princess silly and sending her falling to the dusty ground.

“You’re so cute when you’re kicking ass,” Power Girl praised, kissing her wife on the cheek before they went back to work on her opponent. Wonder Woman was barely groaning, but Hippolyta had a reputation to maintain. It wouldn’t do to simply pin her in this state. Instead, the royal queens of Paradise Island double teamed her for all they were worth. She let Power Girl grab her daughter and fly into the ring, hurling her violently into a corner. Diana grunted as her arms and legs flopped onto the top and middle ropes, suspending her in midair with her legs splayed out. Karen landed on the mats and started to charge her with a leg pulled back for a devastating kick at her crotch. Diana saw it in time to cover her crotch and shriek, but she stopped short anyway.

“Two for flinching!” Karen teased playfully before slapping Diana across the face twice. The second knocked her flat on her ass in the corner, head rolling dizzily until PG turned around and bumped her ass into her face. Wonder Woman’s face was smothered in sweat and skin until the blonde stood back up and grabbed her hair again. “What’s that, hon? You want some more?” PG taunted. Diana was too busy coughing for air, but the crowd shouted a unanimous “YEA!”

Diana was powerless as the kryptonian powerhouse flew her to the next corner, repeating the stinkface in each of the ring posts. “I always wanted to be cheek to cheek with you, Di!” Power Girl laughed as she ground her into the second post. Another firm throw and she was delivering the third. “Hoo! I needed that! I was sweating up a storm! You’re lucky you got those baths in between rounds, cuz I wasn’t so lucky!” Diana only coughed and sputtered when Karen’s jiggling butt was pulled away, just to drag Diana to the last post. “Come on. You can take one more for me. Right, princess?” She slapped her cheeks, letting them get to jiggling before squishing them into her face, twerking around. She finally turned back and kicked the choking brunette back out of the ring towards her mother.

Hippolyta got Diana into a full nelson, holding her steady while Power Girl beat her breasts around at super speed. Most of the crowd couldn’t follow every punch with the naked eye, but they could see Diana screaming as her breasts bounced in every direction. Hippolyta revealed more ginger root stored in her cleavage, squeezing her tits together while Power Girl held Diana’s hair and rubbed her face and eyes all over it until she was uncontrollably bawling her eyes out.

“Just like when she was a child! Weak, crying and on her mother’s breast!” Hippolyta taunted her loudly. Many found the highlight of the night when the happy couple dropped her onto her stomach, each of them sitting on her back and facing either end. Hippolyta locked her fingers under Diana’s chin while Power Girl grabbed the princess’ legs. Both of them lifted up and bent backward, forcing her spine into a C shape as they forced her to arch her back in two different directions. Diana screamed and flailed beneath them, but the queens of Paradise Island leaned so far back that while the princess screamed for mercy, they were able to bend backward and share a deep and passionate kiss.

At last the queens let Diana go. She flopped to the ground, groaning miserably as her face stung and her spine ached. Bruises and hand prints marked her all over, and her breasts leaked milk from her hard and stretched nipples. Power Girl gave Hippolyta a proud pat on the ass. “You got this from here, champ,” Karen praised before floating back to enjoy the view.

Hippolyta grabbed Diana roughly by the hair and lifted her off the floor of the arena. Diana’s eyes fluttered as if struggling just to stay conscious, but she managed a weak glare at one point. Her wrists crackled, emitting a few weak sparks while one spectator picked up on the tattoo that seemed to be generating them. They were all gone in a second as Hippolyta lifted Diana off her feet between her hair and a wedgie, throwing her back into the audience.

“I don’t think my people have truly witnessed your weakness,” Hippolyta scolded. She forced Diana onto all fours, sitting on her back in a humiliating and painful pony ride. Wonder Woman’s back was in such pain from the beatings and holds that her queen’s shapely ass put her through a massive amount of agony. “Ride, my mount,” Hippolyta ordered, but Diana could barely move in her weakened state. She found the motivation to go faster when Hippolyta pulled out another slice of ginger root, pushed aside Wonder Woman’s bottoms to show off her ass, and shoved it up the heroine’s ass. The younger fighter screamed and instinctively crawled quickly through the crowd as if trying to escape the anal agony.

“I see she has an appetite for ginger!” Hippolyta laughed, slapping Diana’s ass to make her go even faster. The rest of the audience got into it, sneaking in their own gropes and slaps on Diana’s exposed butt. Hippolyta gave her the occasional encouraging whack herself, but had more fun waving to the crowd regally while working Diana’s hair like a set of reins. Wonder Woman cringed whenever someone with super strength took a swing at her buttocks, and she cringed as she passed by Raven. The dark sorceress created a floating hand made of shadow so that even when Wonder Woman was out of reach, the levitating limb kept slapping her butt like a cheap set of bongos.

Hippolyta forced the exhausted princess to trudge across one whole side of the stadium before she climbed off. Diana was sweating like a pig, letting it drip off her face and hair. Some dribbled down her chest, mixing with the milk that still trickled out of her nipples. Hippolyta drove a knee up into her chin, knocking the princess back over the barrier to land her inside the battle arena properly. Diana landed on her back, groaning and head rolling as she looked dimly up at the sun. It light was suddenly blacked out, realizing too late that the eclipsing orbs were her mother’s breasts. Her tits might have cushioned the queen’s fall, but they hit like boxing gloves on Diana’s face. The princess flopped on the dirt, and when Hippolyta rose she was absolutely cross-eyed from the dizzying blow.

The crowd went wild as Hippolyta invited Power Girl over for the finishing touch. Diana couldn’t even stand under her own power, so so the queens each grabbed one of her breasts to keep her on her knees. From there they both backed their asses into her face, grinding them together with Wonder Woman’s face stuck between. She drooled and moaned witlessly, but she could only hang there like a ragdoll until she slipped out from the sweaty cheeks, unable to breathe and finally, absolutely unconscious.

Hippolyta gladly drank up the audience’s affections, posing with her wife and over her defeated daughter with the three ceremonial bras (one over each shoulder and one on her slim and fit waist). She let Diana stay unconscious for a while, out cold for the celebration. She could use the rest, because once they woke her up with the healing waters, her three weeks of slavery would begin.

Diana was defeated once again, and she found any hopes of receiving mercy from her mother to be quickly annihilated. Her first task upon waking up was to worship her mother’s entire body with her tongue. Apart from the healing waters tossed onto her, Diana was not allowed to clean herself from all the sweat and dirt until she had given Hippolyta a full body tongue bath. It took her over an hour of licking the bitter sweat from her skin, forced to take her time by her patient mother. She watched her like a hawk for any signs of slacking. The queen was clearly treating the punishment as part of her challenge and taking it every bit as seriously. Only after all that, with her mother’s every crevice still fresh on her tired tongue, Diana was allowed into the bath. She was then forced to wash her mother with proper oils and bathwater to wash the smell of Wonder Woman’s failure off of her.

It went on like that for all three weeks. Her mother was relentless in maintaining that Diana was not only obedient but always at the ready to serve her. She spanked her for the slightest signs of laziness, and sometimes made them up just as an excuse to paddle her daughter’s plump ass some more. “You stupid, silly little slave!” she scolded as she paddled the woman who had saved the world’s juicy ass under the skimpy skirt she was forced to wear. Wonder Woman cried and shouted as the pain and shame became unbearable and her cheeks became bright red.

The princess was forced to serve guests in her maid outfit, an old favorite of Power Girl’s. The blonde queen was given express control over the new slave by Hippolyta, and she had to admit that the strong superheroine made a good footrest while she watched TV. The work was exhausting, and PG often gushed about how cute she looked when she was asleep. With her in the same bed as her mothers, Wonder Woman didn’t expect Power Girl to become so… snuggly. She rolled around in her sleep and would frequently grab onto Diana as if she were her teddy bear. The honor-bound heroine found herself waking up to a faceful of enormous breasts and hands digging into her ass while the busty blonde drooled peacefully.

Even the other handmaidens giggled at Diana’s fate. The proud and powerful princess was forced to travel with her mother and stand in the changing rooms with her as she changed into various outfits. The body that had defeated her was flaunted so freely that it made her uncomfortable, on top of it already being her mother. She served meals to her guests, including other superheroes who were treated as honorary members of Paradise Island. Hawk Girl couldn’t even meet Diana’s eye when she offered her more wine, but Super Girl made a point to stare at the subservient princess. Kara went on sucking loudly on her milkshake, looking into Diana’s eyes as she enjoyed a celebratory drink. The piercing gaze made Diana shudder, making her flash back to the loud sucking noises of the milking machine. Her nipples grew erect as she felt phantom pains from the intense pressure.

Deciding that her servants must be graceful, attractive and elegant, Hippolyta called in some help. Selina Kyle (who Diana knew better as Cat Woman) came in for what the queen called “dancing lessons,” even if their training session involved using a stripper pole and learning how to give lap dances. Diana was graceful and strong, but she was tired and reluctant to try. They saw to that as Selina brought out the whips at the slightest lapse in attention or lack of energy in her gyrating hips. Her mother quickly joined in when Selina handed her a second whip “for extra motivation.” They both loved finding any excuse to lash and punish their former opponent, and when Diana tried to show what she learned by giving Power Girl a lap dance, it was such an awkward failure that both of them whipped away at her ass. Selina and Hippolyta spent the next several minutes laughing and whipping as she screamed and squirmed in PG’s lap.

Maybe the worst of it was Hippolyta insisting that she remain at her call at all times, ready to serve at a moment’s notice. That meant that she was never far from arm’s reach, even when Hippolyta was in bed. She was forced to sleep in the same bed as Hippolyta, even forced to have her ass or breasts act as the queen’s pillows. It also meant that on the nights when PG was feeling frisky, Diana was forced to stay and watch in case Hippolyta called for drinks or one of their sex toys.

“Wow, you’re really into this! We should have kept Diana in the bedroom a long time ago!” Power Girl grunted as Hipployta kissed her way up her wife’s abs. Hippolyta cupped and loudly kissed PG’s breasts, playfully biting at her nipples to get them especially excited. She smiled through her mouthful of her lover’s breast, egging the blonde heroine on to take the initiative. She swept Hippolyta into her lap, keeping her legs spread wide as she reached around her waist and firmly fingered her from behind.

Hippolyta’s loud grunts and humping against her fingers were too much for Diana as she turned away from her mother’s wetly fingered pussy. “Diana!” Hippolyta snapped, forcing her to turn back. The lusty queen still showed her impressive focus in her lusty state to enforce obedience in her servants and subjects. “Watch.” Wonder Woman squirmed, but she obeyed as she acted as the sole witness to her mother’s screaming, gushing orgasm.

Diana suffered unbelievable embarrassment, but she reached the last day of her punishment at last. When it had seemed the worst was over, Hippolyta pulled her out of bed at the crack of dawn and told her not to bother getting dressed. She was going to be part of today’s fashion show, and anything she wore would just be stripped off of her anyway. Diana was left awkwardly following her mistress in just her lacey black bra and panties, the same that Hippolyta had forced her to wear to bed after scolding her for sleeping in the nude “like a wild hog.”

It was another of Paradise Island’s promotional shows. Hippolyta had gotten quite into modern fashion over the last year or two, and it was a common rumor about how much she loved to show off new lingerie or swimwear for Power Girl. This was all but solidified as fact when the appearance showed the royal family walking the runway in some custom-made outfits (collaborated works between the champion and Victoria’s Secret) that left nothing to the imagination.

Hippolyta showed off a glittery silver thong sling bikini that barely covered her crotch and absolutely vanished into her big maternal thighs and buns. It had to do most of the work since she proudly went topless. Power Girl wore a white and red lingerie set, proudly strutting down the runway for the audience before grabbing and kissing her wife sensually. It was an awkward sight for Diana to witness as she came out in her own custom outfit. She may as well have been naked, her outfit a parody of her crime fighting costume. She wore her tiara and what amounted to two napkins’ worth of fabric. There was a single golden eagle barely covering her nipples with its outstretched wings, stuck on like one big pasty that held her heavy tits together to make them look even larger. A small triangle of star-spangled blue covered her slit and asshole, but most of her hips and butt were left out for the world to see. The high heels she wore just made her ass look even bigger and bouncier. The “The New Challenger” look was greeted with huge amounts of whistles and catcalls.

She finally reached the end of the runway, forcing herself to smile for the crowd while striking her awkward poses. Hippolyta eyed up her daughter’s uncomfortable showing and decided to spice it up for her last day in control. She took the hand that Karen had rested on her belly, twisting it around in a playful twirl. PG laughed and went with the simple dance cue, but it made her whirl around so fast that her kryptonian tits smacked Diana right across the face. The heroine stumbled awkwardly on her high heels until her face bounced off her mother’s chest. That just disoriented her more until she fell right off the stage.

Diana landed in the front row with her bouncing breasts popping right out of the tiny top. She happened to land tits first on Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, cuing the two villainesses to loudly and happily start sucking on the humiliated heroine’s tits. When she finally realized what was happening, she grunted and struggled to get free but the villainesses held onto her until they were done. With a loud smack of her lips, Harley finally let her go.

“Nuttin’ beats milk fresh from the cow!” Harley laughed.

“I could get used to that. I wonder if they’ve considered putting her out to stud,” Ivy added with a smug smirk.

Diana growled in frustration as more tiny sparks started to crackle around her wrists. From the back of the audience, a chesty redheaded woman in a suit watched like she had been waiting for just that. She pulled out her cell and sent a quick message to the lab. They replied with just what she suspected: they had tested Hippolyta’s sweat. Her and Diana were not related.

“Go ahead with the plan,” she replied curtly before sticking the phone back into her pocket and leaving the show. She had what she needed.

The End

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