Wildcats of the West: Chapter 13 by Ahna Brown

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Alice Burns watched in both horror and titillation as Persephone Morgan and her mother, Deanna Matthews, rushed and slammed together in the middle of the back room. The naked women latched onto hair and went down hard to the wood floor. Claws slashed at flesh as both mother and daughter screamed in rage and hate at the other. Persephone rolled on top, digging her fingers deep into the large breasts of her mother. Deanna howled in pain but used her own claws to rake red furrows down her daughter’s arms. The two rolled again with mother taking the top position, sinking her nails into her daughter’s milk filled breast. Almost immediately, the breasts let down and sprayed Deanna with a stream of white fluid. Levi moved closer to the warring women, his one hand stroking the erect cock. He moaned out which seemed to make the women fight harder. The two redheads grabbed double handfuls of hair and shook the other’s head violently. He walked closer as both her sister lover and his daughter lover pulled themselves to their knees. The mouths of the two redheads fell over the hard cock. The mother and daughter kept the hands pulling hair as their tongues coiled and wrestled with Levi’s engorged member between them. Deanna released her left hand and massaged Levi’s balls, making her lover moan out louder, his knees shaking slightly. Persephone’s right hand expertly grasped the long shaft as her father shook more and almost collapsed.

“So close my angels,” Levi groaned out as the mother and daughter moved with hands leaving his cock. They continued to pull hair as they kneeled in front of him. The patriarch of the Matthews clan grunted and shot ropes of sticky cum over the faces and breasts of his sister and daughter.

“Fucking cunt!” Persephone screamed as she surged, taking her mother back to the wood floor. The man seed spreading over flesh as tits mashed together.

Deanna gouged her nails into Persephone’s face, blood dripping from puncture wounds. The younger woman screamed in pain as she was rolled to her back. Her own claws stabbing into her mother’s taut tummy, raking so deep that blood oozed out from the damage. They rolled apart, breathing heavily. Each touched the wounds created by the other and growled. They lunged again with heavy breasts slamming together as they fell over to the wood floor, slick with sweat and blood.

Levi’s cock had not gone down. His eyes glassed over as he stroked the member and shot another load of cum onto the rolling mother and daughter. He could not decide who he wanted to win more, his sister or his daughter. His eyes caught a glint of something in the window and he knew they were being watched. Levi sunk back into the shadows.

Alice felt warm all over as she watched with erotic anticipation of this naked fight between the two redheads. Suddenly a strong arm closed over her face and covered her mouth.

“Utter a single sound and you die, Miss Burns,” Levi Matthews threatened. She could feel the swell of his large cock press against her back. He led her into the room as Deanna and Persephone separated.

Each woman looked up, their flesh covered in oozing scratches and bite marks.

“We have a spectator,” Levi announced as Deanna smiled while Persephone glared. “Now you hush up and watch, my dear. It is just getting good.” He grasped Alice by the top of her hair and pushed her face down, closer to his throbbing cock. “Be a good girl and take care of this!”

Tears were streaming down Alice’s face as she glanced over to see Persephone and Deanna clash again, this time with legs wrapped around hips. The furry red patches between legs grinding as big pale breasts mashed flat. The two women opened mouths to bite down over jaws, blood dripping onto the valleys of cleavage. Alice heard something from the shadows and looked up at Levi. The man’s head was pulled back and a knife sliced across his neck. He gurgled but didn’t make enough sound to drown out the screams of Deanna and her daughter.

“Run, girl,” a woman’s voice said softly as Levi dropped to his knees, he coughed and Alice was sprayed with blood. Her eyes were wide in terror but she didn’t see who saved her. She quickly exited the Morgan house and ran as fast as she could to home.

Deanna grabbed her daughter by the throat and tried to choke her with Persephone grabbing the huge dangling breasts of her mother, squeezing and pulling.


A tomahawk buried itself in the wood inches from the fighting women. The looked up and only say the kneeling Levi, his throat opened and his chest covered in his own blood. Deanna screamed and pushed her daughter away, rushing to her brother. Levi Matthews was dead.

“Where is she?” Deanna screamed, “Where is Alice Burns?”

“No!” Cried Persephone, seeing her father dead. She knelt next to her mother. “I will kill her!”

“We set aside our differences for now,” Deanna said softly. “He must be avenged. I do not think little Alice could do this. She is coward like her family. But she might know more.” Deanna wiped her eyes, steeling her resolve. “We need to get dressed and get your father dressed. We were all attacked. That is our story. Do you understand me?”

Persephone looked into her mother’s eyes, “Yes, Mama.”

“Now let us get dressed and call in Will,” Deanna said as she stood, holding a hand out for her daughter.

Word spread like wild fire throughout the small town. The Matthews family had been set upon by raiders, possibly Comanche because of the tomahawk. While they fought back valiantly, Levi Matthews was killed. I couldn’t believe it when I heard it. I was also a tad bit upset since I was hoping the man would be discovered for his crimes and justice would then be served. I stepped outside in the morning chill with a cup of coffee in my hands. This morning, Billy, my old ranch hand, was going to be escorting Nettie and Louise back to Silvertown, Arizona. He laughed off getting shot as his pectoral muscle was so dense, it stopped the bullet. Katerina, my daughter would be going to New Mexico to finish up moving her and Red Flower’s belongings to the house that was being built here on my ranch. Ashley Simmons stepped up to me, she preferred to be called Ash now.

“So you aren’t going to go back to your mother?” I asked. I knew the answer but wanted to hear her say it.

“I want nothing to do with my mother,” Ash said as she looked out over the assembled group. “I gave Louise a letter to give to her.”

“What did it say?” I asked with a smile as I sipped. “If you don’t mind me asking.”

Ash chuckled, her huge chest wobbled in her blouse. “Basically it said if I see her again, she and I would spend our time in a naked fight like before. And if I ever see that cunt, Maggie, it would be the same.”

“You do know I would love to see that,” I laughed as I sipped again. “You are welcome to stay as long as you want here, Ash.”

“Thank you, Ahna,” Ash replied. “I like it here. At first, I didn’t think I would especially with the history with Kat. But we buried it and now we are good.”

We stood and waved as Billy, Kat, Nettie and Louise rode off.

The next few days had the burial of Leviticus Matthews with all the pomp and circumstance that would accompany a man of his stature in the community. Deanna and Persephone healed up and were side by side during the procession through town. After it was completed, Deanna sat in her brother’s seat at his table in the Gem Saloon. She waved over Will Conley. “Will, go fetch Harold, Doris and Alice Burns. If they don’t come willingly remind them what will happen.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” Will answered.

As Will left through the batwing doors, Persephone Morgan, dressed in black like her mother, walked in and sat down next to Deanna. She handed across the telegram.

“Bailey Matthews and her younger sister, Ashley, are on their way here. Their stage coach should be here by morning,” Persephone said quietly. “I have not seen them since we were very little. Will they be helping us?”

“Bailey and Ashley’s mother is my cousin,” Deanna said as her hand fell over her daughter’s, “Like me, she never married and sired both from the same man. And like what I did with you, Constance did with her two girls. They are well versed and quite competitive by Connie’s accounts. I hope they do not set off on the other. Having more family here will secure our hold. Levi would not want this town to slip through our fingers.”

Persephone squeezed her mother’s hand. At that moment, The Burns family walked into the saloon.

Harold bowed his head, “First let me say that you have our condolences.”

“Save your false fawning, Harold,” Deanna cut him off, “We all know you had no love for my brother or my family. The reason I called you all here is to discover what your daughter saw that night. She will tell me now.” Her gaze fell on Alice. “Tell me what you saw girl.”

Doris stepped up and stood blocking Deanna’s gaze, “Watch your tone when you talk with my family, Deanna. Alice told me what she saw. All of it.” Their eyes met and traded hateful glares. “When you sick brother tried to force himself on my daughter, she only heard a voice telling her to run. Nothing else.”

Deanna stood so fast the chair was knocked backwards. “If you try and spread those lies about my brother, you and your family will not live to see the sunrise.”

Doris strode forward and leaned her hands against the table going nose to nose with Deanna Matthews, “If you ever threaten my family again, I will end you, bitch!”

Deanna and Persephone were taken back by this sudden change in Doris Burns. Alice on the other hand, took the new steel in her mother’s persona as a gift and straightened herself and glared at her one time rival Persephone Morgan. Harold was trying to suppress the excitement growing in his loins. Doris stood up to her full height and turned to her family, ushering them out without permission.

Persephone turned to her mother as they both sat back down, “I think our next endeavor just presented itself, mother. I cowed little Alice before and her mother will not be able to truly stand up to you.”

Deanna smiled at her offspring, “Oh my dear, just the thought of you and I naked in the primal combat with the Burns women does heat my blood. It reminds me of when we would get the saloon girls to fight us those years ago.” The mother and daughter smiled as they leaned in close, lips touching and tongues exploring the other’s mouth.

On the road from El Paso to Rattler’s Holler, the large stage coach bumped and jostled on the dirt path. The only two occupants sat opposite of the other. Bailey Matthews was a beautiful young woman in her mid twenties, her dark brown hair set up high over her head. When down, the length was to her mid back. She wore a tight corset that extenuated her large bust, pushing it up to creamy proportions. Her smile was that of a Cheshire cat. The warmth it showed hid the sexual sadist that she was. Lovers, both men and women as well as rivals had felt the wrath of this young woman in the most hateful of ways. She enjoyed both dishing out and receiving pain. It drover her. The harder a woman fought against her, the longer and harder she would fight back, until at times, a lifeless corpse lay before her. She could bare knuckles box with most anyone, using her small but fast hands to bruise and cut open skin.

Across from her sat her younger sister, Ashley. The young brunette was only two years younger than her sister. She used her body to seduce men and women alike. At times her seduction would put her at odd with the man’s wife. But Ashley did not rely on her sister to fight her battles. Both had learned from their mother, Constance, how to fight in the wild, nasty brawls. She and Bailey would often be pitted against each other and sometime against their mother. This allowed Ashley to learn how to hurt a woman in a close and dirty fight. She loved when she and her lover’s wife would tear off clothing; slap, pull hair, gouge at naked breasts. She relished the screams of a tortured woman. Both she and her sister knew their roles in Rattler’s Holler. They were there to assist family. There would be no undermining their Aunt Deanna. For Ashley, she hoped the new environment would prove fruitful. For the time being though, she sat across from Bailey and worked to poke at her sister.

“I am bored, Bailey,” Ashley pouted, “When do I get to fuck something?” She thrust her large corset covered chest out.

“Will you shut your whore mouth?” Bailey growled. “Your insistent blathering is grading on me, little sister. You will keep your cunt in check in this town. I do not want to have to take care of things like in Chicago.”

Ashley sat up straight, “You did nothing for me in Chicago. I took care of the wench, left her naked and bloody in her bed. All you did was let her know where to find me. For that, I do owe you.” With that, the younger sister slapped her older sister across the left cheek.

“Ignorant wretch!” Bailey shouted as she sprang across the gap between them. The sisters slammed bodies together as they pulled at up done hair, their alabaster cleavage rubbing through their corsets. Bailey pinned Ashley down on the seat but the younger woman wrapped her longer legs around her sister’s waist. The flowing bottom of the dress bunched up without a bustle. Ashley humped her hips against Bailey and moaned as her hair was pulled.

“Come on, cunt!” Ashley growled, “Fuck me!” She dropped her right hand to pull at the bottom of Bailey’s dress.

“Fine you cow!” The older sister shouted as she straddled Ashley’s legs, positioning her crotch less pantaloons above her sister’s inviting pussy. Bailey grasped her sister’s throat as she ground her young womanhood down.

Ashley’s chest heaved as she bucked up, the heated mounds grinding. She slapped the top of Bailey’s cleavage, eliciting a yelp of pain which brought a wicked smile to her face. The older sister tightened her grip on the throat and slammed the furry patches together as they grunted with each impact. The two sisters were so caught up in their fuck fight that they did not realize the coach had stopped until the door opened. Both looked up with surprised looks on their faces as Deanna Matthews smiled at them.

“I see my cousin taught you well,” Deanna said with a smile as the sisters separated. “Now make yourselves presentable.”

Bailey and Ashley composed themselves and got out of the coach, hugging both their Aunt and Cousin, Persephone. “Any leads to who murdered our beloved uncle?” Bailey asked.

“Alas, only the bloody knife and tomahawk were left,” Deanna said, “There are many who wanted him dead for a long time. Even the Comanche girl he raised, Willamina. She turned her back on us to go back to her heathen ways.”

As they chatted, Jennifer Dumont and her lover, Anna Gonzales walked down the street to tea at the Burns residence. Bailey Matthews and Anna locked eyes for a moment before they went about their business.

“Who was that?” Bailey asked intensely.

“That is Jennifer Dumont, the proprietor of one of the brothels here,” Persephone spit onto the ground. “I hate both of them. The other one is Anna Gonzales, her mexi-cunt lover and muscle.”

Bailey shook her head, “Her name isn’t Gonzales, it is Vargas. And she is a wanted woman. I saw a wanted poster of a beautiful woman in El Paso and now I see the real thing here. She murdered her father and mother. Aunt Deanna, if we are able to get the outside parties to stop looking into Uncle Levi’s death, so that we may concentrate on ourselves, we will need someone to pin it on.”

Deanna Matthews followed her niece’s logic, “Tell me what you have in mind.” Bailey and Deanna walked arm and arm whispering all the way to the Gem Saloon and hotel.

A few weeks had passed since the arrival of the Matthew’s sisters……

I walked out onto my porch as my daughter rode up in a covered wagon with another trailing behind her. In the second wagon sat a beautiful blonde woman dressed for the chill in the fall air. Katerina got down and walked out to hug her. “Welcome back,” I said, braking the hug, “Who is your friend?”

The woman got down from her wagon and walked over to us. Katerina made the introductions. “Mama, this is Miss Sharon Temple, Sharon, this is my mother, Ahna Stevens. Sharon here is a school teacher by trade and was hoping to open a school in town.”

I shook hands with the gorgeous woman. “Pleasure to meet you, Sharon. I do believe rattler’s Holler is in need of the education of its youth.”

Sharon undid the shawl over her head and neck to reveal a mass of cleavage. “Why thank you, Mrs. Stevens. Your daughter has told me much of this town; and of you too.” A smile crept to her lips.

I looked the blonde up and down, “Well, I do know the fathers of your students will be very pleased at your arrival. The mother’s might not be as welcoming.”

“Oh,” Sharon chuckled, “I can handle a few mothers.”

“Mama,” Katerina chimed in, “Sharon does not have lodging as of yet. I was planning on accompanying her into town tomorrow to seek both a suitable school house and room.”

“Then please stay here at my ranch, Sharon,” I said with a smile.

“I wouldn’t want to impose on you,” Sharon replied.

“Nonsense,” I said taking her arm and leading her up the porch and inside. “We have plenty of room here. I insist.”

Later that evening in Rattler’s Holler….

Anna Gonzales walked out of Kat’s Ranch and mounted her horse, planning to ride out to visit Ahna Stevens. As she set out on the road to the ranch, 6 riders on horseback converged on her. Her hand drifted to her hip and the Colt, but all the riders, except one had rifles pointed at her.

“Please do not do that, Anna Vargas,” came the voice of Bailey Matthews. “I would hate for the festivities of tonight to be cut so short. Now, my men here will relieve you of your weapons and secure you for a ride to an out of the way place I have found so that you and I can talk.”

Anna said nothing as she was led away. The group rode for an hour and stopped in a clearing only lit by moon light.

“Start a fire, boys,” Bailey commanded, “Miss Vargas and I need to discuss a few things.”

The large fire was started as Bailey led Anna a short distance from the group. “Sit,” she said as she forced the woman to sit on the grass. “Now, your bounty is $500, dead or alive. I would prefer alive so that you have a chance at redemption. In learning more about you, I discovered your father and mother probably deserved what they had coming to them. So, maybe the law decides you will not swing by your neck. But my Uncle Leviticus Matthews was murdered and look here,” Bailey said as she removed the knife with dried blood on it. “You were in possession of the knife that slit his throat.”

“You crazy puta!” Anna shouted, “I did not kill your uncle!”

“Yes, you did, you fucking bitch,” Bailey growled, “And it just so happened that my riders and I found you, a wanted criminal, gave chase and caught you. Now, either you can take the fall for killing Levi or you die, simple as that.”

Anna stared hard into Bailey’s eyes. “You want to kill me, fine. But give me a sporting chance. I will fight you. I win, I get to walk away. You win, I take the fall.”

“Interesting proposal,” Bailey said as she stood and motioned for one of her men, “Cut her bonds but make she doesn’t run. Make a circle boys, you are going to have some entertainment tonight.” Bailey Matthews walked to the center of a loose circle the men made. She unbuttoned and removed her dark shirt, her huge breasts bouncing in the moonlight. Anna Vargas walked into the circle and removed her worn shirt. Her smaller breasts were the focal point of the men.

Bailey raised her fists, “Well, then, let us get to it.”

Anna raised hers to meet the brunette. The two women circled and tested range with jabs and feints. Anna came in with a straight jab that Bailey avoided but her own fist smacked into the Latina’s side. Anna backed off covering her side. She came at the woman again sending looping left hand at Bailey but again it was evaded and the Matthews woman answered back with jab, mashing Anna’s lips to her teeth. This stunned the young woman who soon found herself on her ass as Bailey landed an uppercut to her face. The standing brunette grabbed Anna by the hair to send another fast to her face but the Latina threw dirt into Bailey’s face, making the woman back up, rubbing her eyes. Anna kicked the legs out from under her and then pounced on Bailey Matthews. The fist fight changed to catfight as the two women rolled wildly in the makeshift circle with the men cheering. Anna mounted Bailey, a left hand squeezing the brunette’s big right breast as she brought a fist back to bring it down. The wily woman on the bottom smiled and threw a straight right hand that slammed into the pert left breast of the Latina. Anna howled and fell off with Bailey rolling her over. The two women grappled in the dirt, close and body to body. The breasts compressed as fists punched at the sides of heads and bodies. Blood dropped from noses and lips as they continued to fight back and forth. They rolled apart and Bailey was the first to her feet as she kicked Anna in the face. Blood and sweat flew from young woman’s face as she fell over to her back moaning. Bailey mounted Anna’s waist, grabbing the top of the Latina’s head, sending fist after fist into the woman’s face. Bailey fired one last fist to Anna’s face, blood and a tooth falling out. She rolled off as the beaten Latina turned over to crawl away.

“Jennifer…..” Anna softly moaned as she weakly tried to crawl.

“I think I have decided that I do not need you to admit to killing my uncle,” Bailey said catching her breath. “All I need is a wanted criminal, alive or….. dead.” Bailey came down on the small of Anna’s back, grabbed the woman’s head, twisting the neck violently to the left and then quickly back to the right. There was an audible snap, as the life drained away from Anna Vargas’ eyes. Bailey licked the blood from her knuckles. “Dress her and put her on the back of a horse. We will get the bounty tomorrow.”

I rode into the town the next day with my daughter and new friend, Sharon. We had not been in town long before we watched six riders come into town with a body placed on the back of a horse. A woman was in the lead, a beautiful brunette. They rode towards the town marshal’s office. I turned my head to watch one of the saloon girls race down the street toward Kat’s Ranch with Jennifer Dumont rushing from the saloon and down the street. Her hands held up her skirt to allow her to run. I decided to see what was happening as a crowd started to grow around the group at the marshal’s office. I broke through the crowd just as I heard Jennifer scream in horror.


Jennifer Dumont wailed and fell to her knees. I rushed to her and held her as I looked up to see Anna’s body being pulled off the horse and onto the ground.

“You fucking animals,” I swore as I stood up, my hands hovering near my pistols. “Who murdered her?”

The beautiful brunette strode forward. “Oh no, you have it all wrong,” she said with a smile. “I just brought in a wanted murderer.” She held out the wanted poster for Anna Vargas.

The town marshal, Ben Brown and US Marshal Mathias Breecher came out from the office with grim looks on their faces.

“Everyone needs to remain calm,” Marshal Brown said as he handed the brunette the reward money, “Here is the reward for the bounty, Miss Matthews.”

I lost it at the name and rushed forward to swing at the brunette when Mathias caught me and held me as I swung and kicked at empty air. The woman and her men laughed as they walked away. Ben Brown’s wife Emily joined her husband.

“I am sorry, Ahna,” Mathias whispered, “It is all legal. There is nothing I can do.”

I pulled away roughly from him, “She was your friend, Mathias. She was family.” I poked him in the marshal’s badge as his wife, Dr. Samantha Breecher walked up with her baby, Rufus, in her arms. “You need to decide what means more to you, Marshal Breecher.” Samantha stepped up to speak but I cut her off, “I don’t want to hear it, Sam. I don’t want to hear any of it.” I looked up to face the town marshal, Ben Brown. “Get her off the street. Now.” His wife, Emily looked to defend her husband but I held my finger up to her face, “Young lady I am not in the mood.” I went back and picked Jennifer up from her knees. I held her as her sobbing face was buried into my shoulder. Katerina and I carried Jennifer back to Kat’s Ranch and up the stairs to her room. She curled up in a ball on the bed as Madame Kristina came up to sit with her.

I stepped out and was met by my daughter and her lover Red Flower. “You are not going to like this, mama.”

“Tell me,” I said as I crossed my arms over my chest.

“They are saying a blood knife was found with Anna,” Katerina said, “The same knife that killed Levi Matthews. They are saying it was her.”

“Those fuckers!” I shouted. “She cannot defend herself so now she goes down as a murderer. This is all a plan of Deanna Matthews. I will kill her.” I stepped to walk down the stairs but Red Flower blocked my path. “Now is not the time to test me, Flower.” I growled.

“No good will come with you dead,” she said calmly. “They are hoping you do something rash and get yourself shot by the law. We know it was not Anna. We know it was not Willamina, she was with me and Kat. Someone killed him and we need to discover who. Only then can we clear her name.”

Reluctantly, I nodded approval. I peeked my head into the bedroom and Kristina Blanchard had Jennifer’s face on her lap. Stroking the crying woman’s hair and singing softly to her. I walked back down the stairs and Mathias as well as Samantha Breecher were waiting for me.

I looked them both up and down. “What do you want?”

Sam answered first, “We want to make sure you do not go out halfcocked after Bailey Matthews.”

“So that is her name,” I said, “Perfect for a tombstone.”

“God Damnit, Woman!” Sam shot back. “You are not thinking clearly!”

“You do not get to tell me how I am thinking, Doctor!” I shouted back at her. Then Mathias grasped my arm.

“Ahna, please calm down,” he said but I spun and my right fist met his left cheek. Mathias staggered back but stayed on his feet.

“Get out, both of you,” I said quietly as the entire brothel stopped moving and making noise. “This place is for family.” I turned around and stalked to the bar as the Breecher’s left through the bat wing doors.

“Well done, Mother,” Kat chided, “You just shunned our friends and a girl who looks at you like a mother.”

I grabbed a bottle of whiskey and took a long pull. I glared at Kat who glared right back until I broke the stare.

“I am not intimidated by you, mama,” Katerina said, “You may eventually best me in a fight, but it is gonna cost you.”

I took my daughter’s words to heart but did not speak. I took another swig from the bottle and left the saloon to go back home.

Sharon had found a suitable structure to start a school. She was a free spirit and was close to nature. There was a full moon that night. Sharon brought out the jars of water to make moon water. She undressed in the back outside area of the school and meditated. Unbeknownst to her, Marshal Ben Brown watched in bewilderment until he was discovered by his wife Emily. Sharon turned her head when she heard the tongue lashing of the young woman to her husband and smiled. With the moon water gathered, she dressed and took her wagon back to the Stevens Ranch.

Outside of Silvertown, AZ…..

Louise Hobbs took her small buggy to the Simmons Ranch. The young black woman stopped in front of the main house as Lisa Simmons and her lover, Maggie Smith walked down.

“I have a letter from Ashley,” Louise said as she held out the envelope. Her eyes narrowed at the sight of the two woman. More than once she had wanted to take each on based on the haughty attitude that both Lisa and Maggie had.

“Why thank you, dear,” Lisa said sweetly as she stared at the chocolate covered cleavage on display. Maggie bumped her to break the gaze.

Maggie leaned in close to Louise, “If you ever make her stare like that, I will hurt you.”

“You are welcome to try at any time,” Louise replied back in a quiet voice.

“Come now, Maggie,” Lisa said, “Let us retire and see what that bitch of a daughter of mine wants. My guess would be money.”

The two women walked back up the porch with Maggie and Louise trading menacing glares back and forth. They sat down in the parlor as Maggie poured them some brandy. They sipped as Lisa opened and read the letter. The glass of brandy she was holding was thrown against the wall with a crash. Maggie flinched at the anger of her lover.

“That little cunt!” Lisa exclaimed. “She think she can threaten me and also you?!? She got lucky when she and I fought. So lucky. Never again, my love. She will never beat me again. Or beat you!”

Maggie started to kiss Lisa’s neck as her hand massaged the heavy breasts. The older woman moaned out as her young lover pinched the stiffening nipples. Lisa grasped Maggie by the back of her hair, pulling her in for a forceful kiss.

“Maggie, my dear,” Lisa said as she pushed the younger woman back onto the floor of the parlor, “You and I are going to be traveling to Texas.” She pulled off her clothing as Maggie was working to get out of her own. The two naked women embraced, kissing passionately on the floor.

In Silvertown, Julia Vargas finished opening mail when she saw an address that made her blood freeze. An article in a newspaper had gotten Julia some recognition for her business prowess and the article was republished in different papers, including the one in Abilene, Texas. Julia’s fingers trembled as she read it.

“Dearest Whore,

Imagine my disgust when I opened my local paper and saw your bitch face. I hate you so much, pig. You left before we could meet and I could have my revenge. My daughter, Aleena, still brags about her breasts destroying your cunt daughter’s tits. I was pleased to see the article mentioned you have business dealings with ranches outside Big Springs, Texas. You and your offspring tried to come to my town, my white town and pollute it with your brown mexi ways. You know, bitch, I always look for beautiful Mexican sluts to fight. Same with Alena.

I want to fight you again. Aleena wants to fight your little bitch daughter again. We will meet you anywhere in Texas. If you do not accept, you are a coward but that is your race, you cowardous brown cunt.

With hate

Alexandra McClintock”

Julia gripped the letter, crushing it in her hand. She had not thought of the busty redhead and her daughter in a long time. The first between the families had been a wild affair. Both sets of mothers and daughters were naked with Julia making Alexandra give up while Aleena bested Esmerelda. It was the catalyst for relocated to Silvertown. Now she knew she needed to end the feud, once and for all. She penned the letter, accepting the challenge and proposing they meet at a ranch just outside of Rattler’s Holler. She knew Ahna Stevens would not mind one bit.

A few days later, Julia and her daughter Esmeralda sat in one car of the train while Lisa Simmons and Maggie Smith say in another. Neither party knew they were going to the same place.

The next day I received the telegram from Julia, informing me that she and her daughter would be visiting. She also informed me about the meeting with this Alexandra McClintock and her daughter, Alena. I needed to get my mind of things and watching a wild catfight would most likely do it. I woke early and prepared the barn. All the stalls were cleaned out and fresh straw went around the sides of the walls. I made sure all the boys would be away doing chores elsewhere. Rosalina helped me rake the dirt in the barn to make the ground even. Ash carried in the last barrel full of straw and added it to the pile in the barn. My daughter Kat and Sharon Temple filled buckets of water and placed them in the barn as well refilled the troughs.

Rosalina eyed me as I finished the preparations, “Will you be able to keep yourself centered as I prepare food for our guests?”

“I will be fine,” I said as glanced sideways at her. “This is between Julia and her rival. Not me.”

“We shall see,” Rosalina replied as we saw the first horse drawn buggy approach the house.

I walked to greet Julia and her daughter with big hugs as another buggy rode up and I got my first look at Alexandra and her daughter. The striking redhead was almost my height with breasts that could rival Ash’s large pair. Her daughter was a younger version of that with massive chest. Both sets of mothers and daughters glared as I opened the barn but a cloud of dust in the distance caught my eye. Another buggy and wagon were making way up the lane and I swore under my breath as in the buggy was Lisa Simmons and Maggie Smith and in the wagon was Samantha Breecher and Emily Brown. As the buggy came to a stop, Ash Simmons saw her mother and started to walk to the buggy but my daughter and Red Flower held her back.

“What are you doing here?” I asked to both sets of women. They started to answer at once with Samantha pausing and nodding her head at Lisa to start.

“I received the letter from my offspring and decided I would make myself available to her,” Lisa said stepping out of the buggy with Maggie following.

“Fuck you, mother,” Ash swore, “I will fight both of you.”

“No, Ash,” Katerina said, “You concentrate on Lisa. If Maggie interferes, she will deal with me.”

“I ain’t afraid of you, bitch,” Maggie sneered at my daughter.

I did the count in my head; now two pairs of fighting women became four. I locked eyes with Samantha. “What do you want?”

“You and I are going to talk about all this,” Sam said as she pulled the break on the wagon and stepped down. “Emily here wants to talk with the new school teacher about her naked habits around the men in town.”

Sharon laughed, “So it was your husband who watched me gather moon water? I am sorry that upset you, my dear.”

“Oh don’t my dear me, you hussy,” Emily said angrily.

“I am done talking, Sam,” I said, “Go home.”

“I will not,” she replied.

I shook my head, “Fine. Then get yourself ready.”

I ushered all the women inside with Red Flower moving back to lean against the barn. Julia and Esmerelda were dressed in low cut matching dresses, black with green lace trim. Alexandra and Aleena were in similar ones but red with black lace trim. Ash was dressed in a worn button up brown shirt and black dungarees and boots while Lisa was wearing a tight worn cotton dress that had seen better days. Maggie Smith wore an off the shoulder grey dress that showed a lot of cleavage and Kat unbuttoned her shirt a few buttons to match her. Both Emily and Sharon wore simple dresses, Emily in green and Sharon in blue. Sam was dressed like I was with worn shirt and grey split skirt. The twelve of us were now all in the barn, giving the other haughty stares and then it started. Esmerelda charged at Aleena with the two women who were barely out of the teens grabbing hair and pulling the other around. Their mothers charged soon after with a violent embrace that took them to the barn floor. Ash screamed and ran at her mother, tackling Lisa into a pile of straw. The scream caused Kat to look and then Maggie hit her in the belly with her shoulder, taking my daughter to the barn floor. Emily bared her claws as Sharon did the same, the two circled, hissing and spitting at the other. I pushed my sleeves up as Sam did the same, raising fists and walking toward the other.

Hands clenched into thick black and red hair as Esmerelda and Aleena yanked and pulled each other around the barn floor. They kicked out with feet at the other’s shins to try and cause more pain. Like their mothers, each had dreamed about getting another opportunity to tangle with the other. They pulled the other close at the same time, large busts impacting behind the dresses they wore. Legs tangled and the pair crashed to the dirt, hands leaving hair to rip at the tops of lace covering the others tits. Large breasts came forth as they remembered the way they fought last time and slammed huge tits together. Hands fell to the rest of the dresses, pulling and tearing to get at more flesh.

Their mothers wrestled wildly on the barn floor, fingers ripping at the back of their dresses from mid back to the curves of their hips. The pair separated briefly to rip the dresses down past hips. Hands moved quickly to sink deep into breasts. Each screamed as the tits we groped and pulled. Julia found herself on her back as she locked her arms out straight, the redhead howling as her breasts were pushed up towards her face. Alexandra clawed and twisted the Spanish woman’s breasts in return. The Spanish vixen grasped the long pink nipples and pulled them down toward her as the redhead yelped and her body followed. Again the pair grasped hair, crushing tit to tit, rolling in the dirt.

The mother and daughter were lost in the pile of straw, only the occasional arm or piece of clothing was seen. Then Lisa and Ash tumble out. Lisa was naked as the day she was born, straw sticking out of her long dark hair. Ash was topless with her dungarees around her knees as she pushed away and removed them. The two naked women did not wait long as they came together like they did in Ash’s bedroom years ago. Their massive breasts pushed out their sides as bellies and hips slapped together. Hands rained down over ass cheeks or grabbed the fleshy mounds to gouge and knead the flesh. Ash batted her head against her mother who returned the smack back.

As soon as Maggie speared Katerina, the two women went tumbling to the ground. The former lovers pulled at hair and clothing as more and more of their flesh was revealed. The covered cleavage roughly pressed as dirt kicked up around them. Kat rolled the brown haired woman over but screamed and pulled back as Maggie raked her nails over the young red head’s face. My daughter was pushed over to her back as the former saloon girl ripped open Kat’s shirt and grabbed two handfuls of the large breasts. She leaned all her body weight down as the red head squirmed. Kat reached up to grasp the bouncing tits above her making both women scream out in pain as they ravaged breasts.

“I am going to teach you a lesson, schoolmarm,” Emily taunted as she slowly circled the blonde. “Teach you not to tempt my husband.”

“Oh, little girl,” Sharon cooed as she unbuttoned more of top of her dress, “I have met with many wives who felt jealous of me and these.” She said cupping her large breasts. Then they charged.

Hands went to long blonde hair and short red hair respectively as the large chests impacted with a muted thud. Arms locked around shoulders as they leaned their busts into each other. Each let go of one hand to pull and tug at dresses. The seams started to split in the worn garments as now naked breasts surged forth to battle the other. The grabbed upper arms and started to ram their full firm orbs together. The skin slapped as growing nipples speared into the mass of flesh. As they stumbled around on their feet, the dresses started to peel down from hips, leaving both in white pantaloons. Sharon stomped her foot down over Emily’s causing the young woman to yelp in pain and stumble back, pulling the blonde down on top of her. Their tits ballooned and pushed out of their sides as hands went back to hair and they began to roll.

I barely got my feet set when Samantha caught me with a hard right hand and sent me to my ass.

“That was for punching Mathias,” Sam said as she stood over me and offered her hand to me.

“I hope that wasn’t your best,” I said as I took her hand, rolled back and sent her ass over tea kettle to her backside. I rolled over and got to my knees as I pounced on her.

As it turned out, it was not her best shot and I felt her fist impact my right breast. I howled out as I still came down on top of her. We tussled back and forth, swinging fists and mostly missing but with each swing, seams started to tear in our shirts. As we rolled, we bumping into pair after pair of women. I mounted Sam as she grabbed my shirt and punched me again, ripping the shirt open.

“Okay, Doc,” I growled, “If you want it like that I am going to milk you like a cow!” I ripped open her shirt and grabbed both of her milk filled breasts as she screamed. My fingers squeezed and pulled on them as a white secretion started to leak from her nipples.

“Oh you bitch!” Samantha cursed as she slapped her hands over my breasts and gouged her fingers in, “I wonder….ugh…. how much dust… OW… I will get from your tits!”

Esmerelda and Aleena managed to not only rip down the rest of their dresses but also the frilly undergarments they had on. Now naked, the two hated rivals clawed and bit while huge breasts pancaked and pushed up to their faces. The redhead got on top but the black haired girl sent her knee into the red furry patch. Aleena screamed out in pain, rolling off, holding her womanhood. Esmerelda pounced, sending them careening out of control, straight into their rolling mothers.

Julia kicked out of her dress as pulled Alexandra’s hair from the back, causing the older redhead to yelp. Both women’s dresses found their way to the barn floor, torn beyond recognition. Alexandra slammed her forearm against the front of Julia’s bust with the Spanish woman howling as her breasts were slammed against her body. As the redhead tried to take the advantage, she was hit in the mouth with a backhand and fell over. The two mothers grabbed a handful of hair and one of breasts as they started to roll. Then their daughters slammed into them, making the pair fighting a foursome.

Still on their knees, arms wrapped around the other’s back, Lisa and her daughter, Ash, squeezed in a mutual bear hug. The mass of their breast flesh pushed out under and over arms. They were forehead to forehead, noses touching and breathing heavily into the other’s face. They bared teeth as they pumped tits together.

“You will never beat me,” Ash growled as she squeezed hard, bringing a grunt from her mother’s lips.

“Bitch!” Lisa grunted back at her, “There is more than one way to fight.” With that she slapped her hips and pubic mound against her daughter.

“Like a whore then, mama,” Ash hissed as she thrust her own mound forward to meet her mothers.

Hands reached and grabbed long hair from behind their backs as they tipped over, spreading thighs wider to let their womanhoods slap together.

Kat and Maggie had flesh oozing through fingers as they tortured the other’s tits. The dark haired woman was still astride my daughter as their heavy orbs were punished. She looked over at her lover and her lover’s daughter, eyes widening as she saw them open legs to let pussies fight. She refocused on Katerina and slapped the big breasts together. The young redhead howled and her hold on Maggie’s breasts slackened. The dark haired former prostitute started crawling towards Lisa and Ash but strong arms wrapped around her from behind.

“Oh we are not done, cunt!” Katerina growled in Maggie’s ear, her hands sliding under the woman’s dress. “I remember how you like to fight and fuck, Maggie girl.”

Maggie stiffened as Kat’s fingers played with her moistened sex. Her hands reached behind her to tug at the redheads dungarees. “Get these off if you want to meet me woman to woman,” Maggie hissed back.

Kat shoved her down as both women quickly removed the rest of their clothing. Each spread legs as they sat on their backsides. Scooting forward until the wet mounds met. They arched in pleasure and wrapped limbs around the other to start to grind.

Emily was surprised at how feral the blonde schoolteacher was. The two had been slapping, clawing and even biting the other as they rolled around on the bard floor. But she answered every bite, every slash with nails and every slap with ones of her own. The two women rolled apart and looked at the red marks that adorned their bodies. Large breasts were red with nail and teeth marks, white pantaloons were torn in spots on inner thighs. Sharon reached and tore the opening of her inner thigh more, showing a mass of blonde curls. Emily bared her teeth as she did the same. The two women knee walked towards the other as they reached for a breast and their pubic hair at the same time. Fingers constricted over the orbs as the other hand started to tug at the short and curlys.

I was sprayed in the face and on my chest by Samantha’s breast milk. I screamed out as she gouged her fingers into my big tits. She pulled me over to where we were side by side, our split skirt covered legs locked together. My hands were slipping as the milk made them slick but since I showered myself, she was having a rough time holding on to mine as well. We let the hands slide off and slammed our upper bodies, going cheek to cheek. I really didn’t want to hurt Samantha, who I thought of as another daughter and she thought of me as a mother to her.

“I am sorry,” I whispered in her ear as we clutched together. “I am sorry I got upset with Mathias and hit him. I am sorry I shunned you both.”

I felt her relax. “I am sorry too, Ahna,” Sam said back into my ear. “Should we stop?”

I smiled which she couldn’t see and moved my mouth closer to her ear, “No,” I whispered and then bit her ear lobe, rolling her over. The milk on our chests getting covered in dirt, turning to a thin layer of mud. I smacked my tits down onto hers.

“Bitch!” She smiled up and grabbed at my split skirt to pull it off. This changed the tide from a full on brawl to something sexier.

The catpile of mothers and daughters tumbled in a ball of naked madness over the barn floor, into a pile of straw and out again. Each woman scratched and slapped at the other, sometimes hitting or clawing their own family. Open mouths found homes on the big breasts bouncing around. Fingers reached in between thighs to pull at the puffy labia and insert fingers into womanhoods. Eyes were shut so they could not tell who they were attacking and who was attacking them. Alexandra grabbed a face and had her hand bitten; she opened her eyes to see it was her daughter who bit her. Esmerelda had her hands squeezing large breasts as hers were being tortured, opening her eyes to see to was her mother, Julia who she was mauling and was do the same to her. Something snapped in all four women as the screamed in rage and paired off, Alexandra and her daughter Aleena grabbed double handfuls of hair as Julia and Esmerelda threw arms around the other and smacked busty naked bodies together. They fought the other like they had been hated rivals for life. The two redheads arched back to send their massive breasts into a collision. Like two trains colliding, the sweat flew off their pale bodies. Julia and her daughter latched teeth over lips as they squeezed breasts and pulled hair, bodies rolling back and forth. Again, the two pairs of women slammed together, this time all four broke apart. The rest did not last long as Alexandra jumped onto Julia as Esmerelda slammed into Aleena.

Dirt kicked up around Lisa and Ash as they slapped their full hips and furry patches together. The flesh flowers opened as the pair careened over the dirty floor. The mass of breasts pushed out at their sides as fingers groped the dense meat. Lisa found herself on top of her daughter and started to grind her hips down. Ash ground up as her clit grew and squared off with her mother’s in this whorish war. The younger woman bucked and Lisa rolled off with Ash getting on top. She separated their chests to grab her mother’s huge tits as her own were grabbed back in kind. The mother and daughter screamed out as big breasts were twisted as they fucked the other.

Kat and Maggie rolled around in a lusty catball, bouncing on pairs of fighting women as they went. Nails scratched lines in backs as dirt covered sweaty, naked skin. Mouths opened as teeth latched onto mouths, drool dripping down to mashed breasts. Maggie upped the tempo of her grinding until Kat was on the edge and screamed out as she came. The holds on the other loosened as Maggie started to crawl towards Lisa and Ashley.

Emily and Sharon screamed out as fingers pulled on big tits and tore out short hairs between legs. Tears streamed down faces. Neither could take any more pain and slapped beaten bodies together, leaning into the other. Hands slapped at backs and sides as bruised tits mashed and jostled for space. Heads rested on shoulders. Emily grabbed a handful of blonde hair and pulled, dragging Sharon to her back with the redhead crawling on top. The wily blonde pulled Emily down with a slap of sweaty bodies meeting. Hands drifted to hair for both and the rolling struggle began anew.

Samantha and I quickly shed the remaining clothes and lunged together on our sides. Her bare legs locked with mine as our massive tits compressed. Her’s were still leaking milk, which caused them to be slippery. I opened my thighs as did Sam, our fur covered cunts slapped and ground as we slowed rolled. We roughly kissed with tongues sliding over the others and over lips.

Sam broke the kiss, “I am going to fuck you in two, bitch.” I slapped her ass and grabbed a handful of flesh, rolling us as we slapped bodies together harder.

Aleena dragged Esmerelda to her feet, balling up her right fist and slamming it into the brunette’s belly. The young woman almost dropped to her knees, her eyes blurry with tears. The red head pulled her up again by the hair, fist cocked back to punch again. Esmerelda kicked up with her left foot, catching Aleena right between her legs. The redhead’s eyes bugged out as she dropped to her knees. The Spanish beauty pulled the red hair and slammed a fist into Aleena’s cheek, knocking the young woman out and to the barn floor.

The two mothers fought like younger women as they tumbled into a pile of straw. They came together on their knees, heavy tits slapping as hands pulled mightily on hair. Alexandra dropped a hand from brown hair as latched onto Julia’s throat. The brunette’s eyes went wide as her airway was constricted. She drug her nails up Alexandra’s arm, digging red furrows in. the redhead cried out but held fast. Julia latched her talons onto the huge breasts, spots of red blood dripped as she tore down them. Alex released the choke hold as she was pushed to her back. The Spanish mother’s eyes were crazed as she raked her nails over the large breasts. As the redhead cried out her surrender, Julia grabbed the red hair, pulling the head up and slamming it down, as Alexandra McClintock stopped moving. The brunette stood up on shaking legs and saw her daughter rise from an unconscious Aleena. The two locked eyes. The looks they traded the other roamed up and down their sweaty and dirty naked bodies. The stares turned to glares as neither mother nor daughter felt they settled anything with their brief struggle. Esmerelda crouched and spread her arms out, Julia smiled and matched her daughter as she stalked forward. The two brunette’s screamed as they rushed together.

Ash and her mother experienced a mutual orgasm as Maggie came down on the younger blonde’s back. The three of them rolled over and over as Lisa and Maggie tried to overpower Ash. Lisa caught an elbow to her jaw and fell away, stunned. Maggie pulled the blonde’s hair as their heavy breasts clopped together.

“Fuck you, cunt!” Maggie growled as her body pressed hard to her rival.

“I am not going to fuck you, whore!” Ashley growled as she grabbed the dark locks with the pair of women commencing a wild catfight.

The two bitter rivals twirled and tumbled as light and dark hair was torn from heads.

After Katerina’s orgasm, her lover Red Flower pulled her back from the bevy of brawling bitches, dropping down next to her and removing the bone breast plate and buckskin skirt. The two lovers wrapped bodies together like a couple snakes.

Over and over, Emily and Sharon rolled, bouncing off one pair of fighting women to roll back and bounce off another. Finally they slammed into myself and Samantha. I sat up and was met with a slap from Emily Brown, which I returned and the busty Sheriff’s wife and I went down into a heap on the barn floor. Sam and Sharon brushed back blonde hair, their massive chests rising and falling as they inched together. Finally slamming big breasts in a meaty clap of skin on skin. Hands digging into long blonde hair. They stayed on their knees, rearing back chests to send the orbs forward in a titfight.

Julia and her daughter, Esmerelda, screamed in Spanish as their naked bodies came together in a SPLAT of flesh on flesh, falling immediately to the barn floor. The two did not see the other as family, only another female rival she needed to vanquish. Tanned legs wrapped as they started to roll back and forth in the dirt. Hands alternated pulling hair, to scratching backs and sides, to grabbing the other’s large tits and squeezing.

Esmerelda rolled on top and spit down in her mother’s face, “Fucking old cunt!”

Julia bucked her off and rolled on top of the busty younger version of herself, “Stupid Puta!” She spit down back at her daughter. They fought to a sitting position with legs curled over hips, slapping bodies together as mouths opened to bite down over the other’s jaw.

Maggie was firmly seated on the Ash’s belly as her hands pulled and groped the huge mounds. The blonde was screaming but fought back, clawing up the brunette’s sides to the outsides of the rounded tits, digging her own nails in as she smashed them together. Both women screamed in agony as the breasts took on horrible shapes. They rolled to their sides as knees came into play and slammed in between the other’s legs. Each sloshy shot brought a grunt of pain as they started to tire and slow. Finally they release the other’s breasts, slamming together in a mutual bear hug and started to roll across the dirt.

Emily and I rolled wildly into a pile of straw, our naked bodies, slick with sweat and coated with the dirt from the floor. Her breasts were only slightly smaller than mine were but that didn’t matter as they were crushed together as she and I tore at hair. In the straw pile we got to knees and slapped each other across the face before grabbing two handfuls of tit and twisting. Our bodies tilted side to side with every tug. She was a hellcat in a fight. I got my feet out from under me and rolled us backwards, putting my feet on her belly and flipping her into the air. She came down with a thud but still had the presence to roll over and get to knees as I slammed into her. Our breasts compressed again as we hit the barn floor on our sides and locked legs. Our lower limbs squeezed as we grunted out and ground big tits into the other.

Samantha and Sharon were twisting their upper bodies and slamming the heavy orbs together with sickening slaps. Each woman was crying now as the breasts were reddened and sore. Sharon grabbed the other blonde in a bear hug and it was returned. The mass of the flesh mushroomed out and over the other’s arms as they slapped hips together on their knees. Bellies and furry patches slammed over and over as each groaned in pain. They tipped over and legs became entangled with the pair rolling wildly. Sharon’s hard sex nub found its rival and the two horns slashed and ground together as both blondes screamed out in angry lust.

The violent ball of mother and daughter careened over the dirt of the barn floor as Julia and Esmeralda fought like two hated enemies. Teeth broke the skin on their lips with the blood dripping to the large mashed breasts. Hands wove into dark locks of hair as they each pulled heads back, teeth leaving lips as they grunted and growled. They ended up on their backsides as legs unlocked with the two getting to knees. Esmeralda and Julia pulled their bodies back and then slammed them forward with a clop as their large tits smacked. They pulled back again and CLOP! Then again, CLOP! On the forth CLIP, they let go of the other and fell to their backs. Each cradling their hurt breasts.

“This isn’t over,” the daughter hoarsely whispered.

“Anytime you want continue, little girl,” her mother breathed out weakly.

The rolling Ash and Maggie stopped on their sides. With breasts still crushed and legs grapevined, hands pushed and clawed at faces. The busty blonde covered her rivals mouth and nose. Maggie tried to shake her head back but Ash held on tightly. The brunette’s struggling was getting weaker and slower with the blonde rolling her to her back to mount her. Ash let go of the face and slid her huge tits up to smother out Maggie. The former saloon girl’s hands slapped at Ash’s back for only a few moments and then fell limply to the dirt. The victorious blonde rolled off her mother’s lover and collapsed beside her.

My limbs strained and hurt as Emily Brown and I squeezed each other with all our left over strength. I felt like my tits were going to burst against hers. I did not know what she had left but she wasn’t giving up at all. My nails bit into her back and she cried out and then I screamed as her hands slide down to gouge into my backside. My hands slapped down over her big ass and dug in. Slowly we worked our way to our knees, still groping ass cheeks as tits crushed and we went cheek to cheek. The little bitch was strong and we started to tip over back to the dirt, this time Emily got on top in a full body to body press with me. Her younger body grinding down onto mine. My body was too spent to buck her off and I whispered out my surrender.

“I am done, get off,” I whispered out. All I heard was a groan in response as Emily rolled off. Neither of us moved. I looked over and smiled as I watched the two busty blondes finish.

Sharon had ridden the doctor down to her back. Sam’s thighs were wrapped over the school teachers hips as Sharon smacked her matted pussy into Sam. The busty schoolmarm moved her mouth to suck the milk out of the big titted mother’s breasts. Sam screamed out hoarsely and came with her liquor splashing Sharon as she came. The two bucked and writhed in orgasmic bliss. The busty schoolmarm came to rest on top of the other blonde, licks and kisses to lips started as they continued a light grind.

Over the next hour or so, the McClintock women were strong enough to dress and get back into their buggy for the long ride back to Abilene. Lisa and Maggie headed towards lodging in Big Springs. Before she left, Lisa told her daughter, Ash, that she would be back, by herself so she and Ash could finish their fight. Emily and Sharon ended up shaking hands. The schoolmarm promised to let Emily know if she would be going naked in town, each laughed. Samantha and I hugged and continued to apologize to each other.

That night as I prepared to go to bed, I heard a thump and a muffled grunt. I walked out of my bedroom and down the hall to the guest room where Esmerelda was supposed to be in, but it was empty. The room next to that was where her mother, Julia Vargas was sleeping. I cracked the door open to see the mother and her daughter, naked on the bed, locked up in a furious catball. Their large breasts mushroomed out at theirs sides as they rolled back and forth. The sight alone got me as heated as I was during the fights earlier. I decided not to interfere between the two family members, letting them sort it out and hoping I would be witness to the sorting.

I went back to my room and laid down on the soft bed. Thoughts of family fighting plagued me. I had known of the rivalry between Deanna Matthews and her daughter, Persephone Morgan. Had seen firsthand, twice now, Lisa Simmons and her daughter, Ash, battle it out. Now seeing Esmerelda fight her mom, Julia, my thoughts went to wondering how I would have fared against my mother or even my own daughter, Katerina. I imagined Red Flower watching as Kat and I rolled across the barn floor, hands greedily pulling at our large breasts, legs tangled so tight, we screamed in torment. My juices splashed over my fingers. Good lord, Ahna, get a hold of yourself, I thought. Then drifted off to sleep with visions of naked women fighting in my dreams.

In Rattler’s Holler, Ashley Matthews pulled her naked body off Will Connelly with a pop as his big dick came away from her swollen womanhood.

“MMMMM,” Ashley moaned as she placed her head on his broad chest. “So who else in this Podunk town do you fuck?”

“Well,” Will smiled, “Your aunt and your cousin, but neither know about the other. I also have a regular at Kat’s Ranch, a blonde named Dolly. But after tonight, I may just stick with you.”

“Oh Will, you smooth talking man,” Ashley fawned, “I know my sweet sister told me not to interfere with family, but your cock is too good. I will have to deal with my Aunt and cousin, Persephone soon but since I despise blondes, maybe Dolly and I should become better acquainted. Tell me what she looks like.”

“She is close to your height, tall, large heavy breasts,” Will said as he conjured up the image in his mind. “Her blonde hair is a mass of curls.”

“The better to get a hold of,” Ashley Matthews purred. “I think after tomorrow, there will be no need to ever visit her again.” Ashley fell asleep with images of her and a busty blonde in a naked catfight.

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