Wildcats of the West: Chapter 6 by Ahna Brown

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Passionate Poker and Brothel Battles

Word spread fast about Daniel Prescott selling me his land. The fences to the north of my property were taken down. The plan was once the first bit of money came in; we would purchase more cattle and horses. We also had plans to expand the house, barn and bunkhouse.

Jennifer and Anna were making their rounds at the different saloons as the former lady of the night, Jennifer Dumont won game after game. For the time being, no one accosted her or Anna.

I rode into Rattler’s Holler on Friday to help Rosalina with items from the general store. She rode next to me, driving the wagon. As we passed the Gem Hotel, I saw Marshal Jeb Mathews rush in through the bat wing doors as he recognized me. Rosalina and I went into the general store and noticed prices for items had gone up since Levi had taken ownership from the Burns family. Harold and his wife Doris assisted us with what we needed. Doris did not show the same hostility towards Rosalina or me as she had done the previous week. She even thanked us, as we got ready to depart.

“Doris, may I inquire about your daughter,” I asked as I pulled her aside to speak with her in private.

“Her wounds were not just physical,” Doris Burns informed me. “Harold and I had to take her to Big Springs because we do not have a doctor here. The doc from Big Springs only makes visits on Sundays. And now the young man she was hoping to marry, John Morgan, has already proposed to Persephone Mathews; which she accepted.”

“I am sorry for your troubles,” I said as I put my right hand on her shoulder. “If you ever need time away, please call on me at my ranch.”

“I do not know why you are so kind to me after the way I acted towards you and your cook,” she said with teary eyes.

“Because we all deserve a second chance at life,” I said hugging her. “I think I am on my fifth chance now.”

That got her to laugh. We said our goodbyes and started through town back to the ranch. Jeb Mathews stopped us.

“My uncle would like a word with you,” he said standing in my path.

I turned towards Rosalina, “Will you be alright to ride back to the ranch?”

She smiled and pulled the blanket next to her up to show me the repeating rifle and tomahawk. “The question is will you be alright?”

I nodded, “I will be just fine.” She nodded and slapped the reigns as the wagon left. I got down off Clem and led her to the hitching post next to the Gem. I followed Jeb in to find Levi at his normal table with a bottle of whiskey and two empty glasses there.

I motioned for me to sit and Jeb pulled the wooden chair out for me. Levi nodded at his nephew and Jeb departed.

“I understand you have been quite busy, Ahna,” Levi said as he removed the cork and poured us each a glass of brown liquor. “I had been hoping that Daniel Prescott would have sold to me. Let me make you an offer, whatever you paid for it, I will double it, if you sell the land to me.”

I paused as I took a sip of the whiskey, which must have been from his private stock because it was very smooth. “While I appreciate the offer, I have plans for expanding my ranch.”

“I can give you 1,000 acres to the east of your property line to compensate you,” Levi countered as he drank the whiskey down. “You can still expand. I want that land. And I will pay any price to get it.”

“I am sorry, Levi,” I said with a straight face, “I know the value and what is on it. I plan to keep it.”

“Mrs. Stevens,” he said coolly, “It would not be wise to make an enemy of me.”

“Mr. Mathews,” I said as I stood. “Since I presume you know of my past, you will know that my enemies usually end up short of their goals. Thank you for the whiskey and I hope to see you tonight at the festivities.”

“Please excuse my ill temperament,” he said standing, “I would not dream of accosting one so lovely as you. My mind is elsewhere as I must depart for Washington DC as President Chester A. Arthur has called on me.”

“I take no offense, Mr. Mathews,” I said keeping the conversation formal, “I wish you good travels and a speedy return.” I curtsied and walked out. As I walked some distance from the Gem, I stopped and looked at my shaking hands. Had it gone bad in there, I would not have made it out alive.

The sun began to set as torches lit the streets of Rattler’s Holler. I walked to where the crowd has gathered. Tonight was going to be Bella Reed and Karen Dempsey. I still had strong hateful feelings towards Bella and Karen Dempsey had made it to my I don’t like list.

I was able to stand next to the makeshift fighting circle as the crowd gathered around. Levi and Deanna were in their normal seats. I also noticed Persephone talking with the Comanche woman who had smothered me out with her hands. The woman was young, close to the redheads age. She was buxom up top with a thin waist. Her straight black hair was made up in two long braids that were set over her shoulders and came down to her waist.

Levi stood and hushed the crowd, “Good evening folks. Tonight the madams fight. There has also been a stipulation that the winner will run both brothels.” Neither Bella nor Karen looked happy at that notion. As this will be the last fight for the foreseeable future, I hope this will be memorable.”

I stepped forward, “Mr. Mathews, since you want this to be a fight to remember, I would like to throw my hat into the ring. But if I beat both, I want control of Bella’s Place.” The southern belle turned madam seethed in anger at me.

The crowd cheered as Levi looked me up and down. ThenDeanna stood.

“My dear brother, I know how you hate odd numbers, so I will join the fray as well. However, when I win, I want control of both brothels and expulsion from this town of Karen Dempsey!

Levi did not waste a moment, “Well then, ladies, let the festivities begin!”

The four of us removed clothing to stand bare foot in a loose circle in white cotton pantaloons. My eyes caught Bella’s and her large pale breasts.

“You are not going to like what happens,” I said with a scowl.

“Bring your worst, ranch whore!” She came back at me.

Deanna Mathews smiled at the back and forth, turned towards Karen and lunged. Bella and I rushed together.

My hands buried into blonde hair as large breasts slammed into mine. Bella yanked hard on my red locks as we kicked out with our bare feet at the other’s shins. I finally had gotten what I wanted since I first saw my mother fight Bella in the stream by the Union camp. Moreover, since my mother and I ruined part of Ms. Reed’s life, she was getting her revenge as well. We sent our tits slapping together to the roar of the crowd. Separating bodies to launch our chests forward. The smack of skin on skin made the people watching hungry for more. We slammed together again with arms locking around backs to compress the large breasts. I twisted and spun us wildly to the dirt. The impact broke us apart for only a moment until we lunged and went back to the dirt.

Deanna and Karen pulled their heads left and right, back and forth by the hair. Both women had bodies so similar that really only their faces and hair coloring was the difference between them. The blonde madam slammed her foot down onto Deanna’s with the red head howling out. The pair fell to the dirt and started to claw at flesh. Red furrows were raked down bare backs and sides as their large breasts ground and jostled for space. Deanna was the first to draw blood as she bit down on Karen’s lower lip. The blonde screamed and brought her nails to the redhead’s face, drawing wicked scratches on the cheeks. Deanna cried out and lost her bite but she spit the blood that had pooled in her mouth at Karen.

As Bella and I rolled, her legs worked up to straddle my waist. She grasped my hair and slammed the back of my head onto the hard earth. Stars swam in my vision and then there was darkness as the madam’s large bosoms came down over my face. My hands slapped at her sides as her hands pulled my head into her cleavage. I grabbed the back of her cotton pantaloons and pulled up. She yelped and moved her tits. I sucked in breath and turned my head to sink my teeth into the inside of her left breast. Her body went rigid for a second before she screamed out. Her hands slapped at my face and head but I did not let go. I knew I broke skin because I could taste blood in my mouth. Bella stabbed her nails into the side of cheeks and I let go, pushing with my hands to throw her off the side.

The two mature women continued their wild catfight in the dirt. The pair were adorned with scratches with sweaty skin being coated with dirt. Karen stopped the rolling as she pulled her chest up and sent it crashing down onto Deanna’s large pair. The red head coughed out as her hands wove into blonde locks and pulled the madam’s head back. Karen grunted as the Deanna rolled them to their sides and then with her on top. She pressed her heavy chest down and started to grind the orbs together. The blonde’s hand clawed down her rival’s back and latched onto the pantaloons. Karen started to move them down, revealing a pale backside which she stabbed her nails into. Deanna screamed out, her hands pushing on Karen’s face until they rolled apart.

The four of us looked around and scrambled to knees and then feet. I went at Deanna as the two madams rushed together.

I swung a right fist which she ducked and the redhead slammed her shoulder into my tummy and took us back to the ground in a thud. I had the wind knocked out of me as Deanna straddled my waist. Her hands fell over my breasts and she gouged her fingers in deeply. The pain of it had me bucking to try and dismount her but her thighs clamped tightly around my sides. As I reached up with my hands, she let go of my tits and grasped my wrists, pinning them above my head. She smiled down at me as her large breast brushed over mine, making sure our nipples scraped together.

“I rather like this position, don’t you, whore,” Deanna Mathews growled, breathing hard.

I gritted my teeth and brought my knee up between her legs. Her eyes went wide as she fell forward. She started to crawl away and I grasped the back of her sagging pantaloons and tore them as I pulled her back.

Karen and Bella remained on their feet as they let their large breasts press in tight as they bear hugged the other. Hands slapped over backs, with each strike getting lower and lower. Hands found the pantaloons as fingers slide under the garments to scratch the firm flesh. Karen turned her face and bit Bella in the ear. The southern woman screamed out and pulled away with her hands tearing down Karen’s under garments. The Emerald Palace madam reach forward and ripped Bella’s pantaloons down, leaving both naked. The crashed together, fell to the dust covered ground and grabbed onto the ample breasts of her rival. The orbs were stretched and kneaded with attention paid to the long nipples. Both had tears streaming down faces, leaving lines in the dust that covered them. Legs wrapped together tightly as they began a slow roll.

I got to my knees, throwing the torn pantaloons aside and was preparing to launch myself at Deanna when the rolling Bella and Karen hit me and I toppled forward. The redhead turned and jumped onto the pile. I felt my own pantaloons get tugged down and a hand slapped my bare backside. I grabbed and pulled on a large breast as I heard a scream of pain. My head was yankedback by the hair and a large pair of tits slapped down onto mine. I opened my eyes to see Karen Dempsey glaring down at me. My hands smacked over the sides of her boobs, clawing and pushing them together. Her hands grabbed my tits as we rolled to our sides. Fingers worked greedily on the dense flesh. Our breasts were pulled, twisted and scratched as we yelled in pain with tears streaming down our faces. Karen grasped my nipples, pulling the flesh taut as I howled. I grabbed the undersides of her tits, crushing them as I pushed them towards her face. Her screams made the crowd howl. I felt her let go of my left breast and then BAM! Her right fist slammed into my face. I fell away as I touched my nose and saw blood in my hand. Karen rose to her knees and I followed suit. We slapped bodies together with hands reaching for dirty, tangled hair. My chest was on fire from the abuse it was taking but as our tits compressed, I saw the look of pain on her face as well. We pulled our face together to bite. The teeth banged as they tried to chomp down on skin. We pulled faces away to spit blood at the other. I let my left hand fall away from her hair, balled it up and slammed it into the side of her head. She went down moaning. I turned towards the other pair of women fighting.

Both Bella and Deanna had gotten their second wind. They traded who was on top of whom to grab and torture the other’s tits. The large globes took on painful shapes as the gritted teeth. Deanna rolled on top, grabbed the hard nipples of the blonde and shook them hard. Bella screamed out so loud it hushed the crowd for a moment. The madam tried to pull the redhead’s hands from her tits but Deanna held on. Bella brought her left fist in an uppercut that impacted with the underside of Deanna’s right breast. The tit bounced up as the redhead fell off to the side. Bella crawled to her as they grasped the other in a clench. The blonde was able to roll them over and she pushed up to slam her breasts down. I grasped her hair and pulled her off.

Bella’s head was at my knees as I leaned over her. Her hands immediately grasped my breasts as she pulled my right to our open mouth. I howled out in pain and slammed my face on her left tit to sink my teeth in. Our free hands groped the other orb, twisting and digging nails in. I re-bit on the teeth marks I had left earlier as I reached down her body to stab my fingers into her womanhood. She screamed like a banshee as she thrashed trying to get me off her. Her legs clamped tight trapping my hand, but my fingers continued to claw her most intimate of intimates. Her hands grabbed my dangling breasts and she slapped them together. I groaned and fell to my side. We lay there for a few minutes. I slowly got to hands and knees as she started to rise. She was openly crying now as I grabbed the top of her hair with my left hand; balling up my right, I slammed it into the side of her jaw as her head snapped to the side. She crumpled unconscious to the ground, leaving me kneeling with torn out blonde hair in my left hand.

Deanna and Karen had locked eyes and started crawling towards the other. Faces stained with dirt and blood but could not hide to masks of hate they felt for the other. As they came to the other, they rose to knees, weakly slapping breasts together with a groan. Hands fell into the others hair as mouths opened to lock onto jaws. The tipped and fell over with a slow roll starting as they continued to bite. Blood oozed down chins as teeth broke skin. Deanna rolled on top as Karen stopped biting. The redhead spit blood down, covering the blonde madam’s face and hair turning it pink. Deanna slammed her breasts over and over until Karen’s eyes rolled into the back of her head. She slowly turned to glare at me.

Our eyes locked. She rose to her knees as I did. The movement was slow and labored but we knee walked with fists raised as high as we could get them. I swung out with my right as it hit bouncing breast. She cried out and jabbed me in the mouth with a right hand. We leaned back and traded punches over repeatedly. The fists hitting arms, faces, bellies and tits. The two of us fell into the other in a clench with heads resting on our shoulders. I felt her legs moving and I countered to not let her scissor my waist. The lower limbs did wrap around hips as one leg was over and one under the other. I felt my hair get pulled back as my head left her shoulder. I grabbed her tangled red locks as well. Our bosoms compressed so painfully I thought mine would burst at any moment. I felt her matted southern hair rub against mine with the mounds rubbing, the little hairs tangling and snapping off. I let go of her hair and brought my hands in between us, grasping her breasts and squeezing. I heard her hoarsely cry out and then she grabbed my tits. We leaned back as our breasts stretched with our hairy mounds grinding. Fingers kneaded and pulled the dense orbs as we opening screamed and cried. I felt her hard nipples in the palms of my hands. I grasped them and pulled towards me. Deanna’s body followed as I pulled my head back. When her face came within range, I slammed my forehead against her mouth. My head rang with bells and I got dizzy. Deanna went limp, leaning against me. Once the world stopped spinning, I pushed her back. She fell, still unconscious. The crowd was silent as I weakly turned to face Levi. The look on his face was part way between elation and surprise.

Levi Mathews stood from his chair. “Looks like we have ourselves a winner, Ahna Stevens, the new owner of Bella’s Place.” He looked over to Persephone and the Comanche girl. “Take her to the house and see she is cared for.” The two girls came forward and gently untangled the elder Mathews woman from our leg lock. Both girls stared in wonderment at me.

Hands grabbed me and I started to struggle.

“Ahna, let us help you,” Jennifer said as she and Anna Gonzales pulled me up. The draped a blanket over and hoisted me into the back of a wagon. “Be still and stay with us. We will get you home.”

“Homeeee…” I weakly said.

I awoke to a cool cloth being run over my body. My eyes felt like they weighted as much as full grown steer. I finally convinced them to open as I could make out two blurry shapes. As my vision cleared, Samantha and Rosalina were tending to me.

“Drink this,” Rosalina said, “You will not like it but you must drink.” She held my head up as she poured a bitter liquid into my mouth.

“Horse piss,” I said trying to be funny.

“If you keep it up, it will be,” Samantha laughed. “It is just some herbs and plants. It will help you heal.”

“Learning from Rosalina?” I asked.

“So much so,” Sam answered, “I also learned so much from my father about medicine. I even brought his journals and books with me. I would like to open a doctor’s office in town.”

“Let me ask,” I said groaning, “When I am able that is.”

I spent the next few days recuperating. On Tuesday, I took Samantha with me into town. We hitched the horses next to the Gem, so I could inquire if Levi was still in town. Will, one of Levi’s men, stood at the entrance.

“Is Mr. Mathews in?” I asked.

“Mr. Mathews is, but he will be leaving today,” Will answered as he stepped aside as Sam and I walked in.

“Mrs. Ahna Stevens! The new proprietor of Bella’s Place,” Levi said as he stood. “I do suppose that the name will change though. I do know you feelings towards her.” Levi’s gaze fell upon Samantha. “Well who is this desert rose?” He walked forward and took Samantha’s right hand in his to kiss it.

I smiled as Samantha looked confused. “Mr. Mathews, please let me introduce Miss Samantha Cartwright.”

“I am honored to make your acquaintance,” he said as he smiled at the young blonde.

“Samantha’s father was a Union doctor and taught his daughter,” I said, “Since Rattler’s Holler does not have a full time doctor, and I believe Miss Cartwright could fill that gap.”

“This is a very interesting turn of events,” Levi said. “Ahna, again you have proposed a welcome addition to our town. I should watch my back as you will soon take my position as the head of the chamber of commerce.”

“Levi, I am just doing my part to make this town better,” I said, “I have no desire to assume any position that takes me from the ranch.”

“Well then, who will be running your new brothel?” Levi Mathews asked.

“I still need to make a decision on that,” I said, “I intend to use the profits to secure a small building for the doctor’s office.”

“Oh, Ahna,” Levi said, “I have a small building that will be perfect. Please let me donate the building for Miss Cartwright, or should I say Doc Cartwright.”

Samantha blushed, “Thank you, Sir. I do not have my degree but have learned much from my father and local medicine as well.”

Levi pulled out his pocket watch, “Ahna, Samantha, if you will excuse me, I need to head towards Big Springs. I have a train to catch. I will send word for Deanna to show you the building. Please set up the doctor’s office as soon as you can.” Levi nodded as he turned to leave.

Sam and I walked out to the street and she hugged me. “Thank you so much, Ahna.”

“Your father would be so proud of you,” I said in her ear as we hugged.

Anna Gonzales and Jennifer Dumont rode in with the four of us walking towards Bella’s Place. The saloon was relatively empty and Anna shooed the remaining patrons from the building. I walked to the bartender and asked him to have all the girls come out. As the women gathered, Bella, flanked by Sabrina Jackson, walked up to me.

“This is the deed to the building,” she said through gritted teeth.

“Thank you,” I said curtly. The 15 girls were standing in a line facing me. I turned to a tawny haired girl in her late teens. “You, what is your name?”

“Loretta, Ma’am,” she answered in a soft voice.

“Loretta, how much of the money that you make do you get to keep?” I asked.

“Ms. Bella says we get 60 cents for every dollar we make,” Loretta said, not looking over to her former madam. “Ms. Bella keeps the money for us.”

“Now you make 90 cents for every dollar you earn,” I said, “You will pay half price on drinks if you are with a customer.” The young women gathered all looked at each other. “Kat’s Ranch will be place where you all will get to reap the rewards of your work.” I turned to face Bella, “I will need the lock box and accounting for what is owed to the girls.” If a look could have struck me down, it would be the look Bella Reed was giving me.She nodded. “This is Jennifer Dumont, Madam Dumont now. She will run this place fairly. To any one you who wish to leave, please do so now.” Not one girl moved, not even Sarina Jackson. Bella glared at her former friend.

“Mark my words, Stevens,” Bella said, “You will rue this day.”

Jennifer turned to Anna, “My love, can you see that Ms. Reed’s horse is hitched to her buggy? She is no longer welcome here.” Anna smiled at Jennifer and nodded her head in Bella’s direction, who followed Anna out the batwing doors. The new madam turned back towards the girls, “Who here can write properly?” A few hands raised. “Good, you three will paint the new sign to hang. It will take me some time to learn all of your names, but Anna and I will take care of you all.” She turned to the bartender, “And you, Sir? Are you wishing to stay?”

The balding man in his 40’s nodded, “Name is Sheamus Fitzpatrick,” he said in an Irish accent, “I would be grateful to remain here.”

“Good,” Jennifer said, “Your salary just increased by $5 per day.” The man beamed. “Also, if any of you have disputs or disagreements with any girls from the Emerald, you will let me know immediately. No fighting, unless Anna or I tell you.” The girls nodded. “Sabrina, you are in charge of the girls. Any issues, you tell me first. Ladies, let’s get this place cleaned and ready to open tomorrow.”

I looked over at Jennifer as Anna came back in. “I leave it to you. I will not be receiving any profits from this place. It belongs to you both.” I headed over the deed. “However, I do get to drink for free.” I laughed.

“We will see,” Anna winked, “If you start drinking the profits, it may have to change.”

Over the next week, Samantha, along with Mathias and Rosalina got the new doctor’s office set up. It was a two-story house with a large parlor so she could see patients and a living area on the second floor.

The relationship between Samantha and Mathias blossomed with the culmination out at the ranch with a preacher from Big Springs. Mr. and Mrs. Breecher were married and moved into the upstairs of the doctor’s office. Mathias was deputized as a US Marshal again, much to the chagrin of town marshal, Jeb Mathews.

The next year brought new beginnings to everyone in the town and surrounding areas. Besides the nuptials of Mathias and Sam, Persephone Mathews and John Morgan were married as well. Each couple must have gotten the silver bullet the first night, since each woman found out she was with child. For Sam and Mathias, they welcomed a baby boy, Rufus, named after Samantha’s father. Persephone gave birth, with Samantha’s assistance, to a girl, Miriam.

Levi Mathews spent much of his time between Rattler’s Holler and Washington DC. Word reached the town that Levi Mathews would be returning permanently top town. However, he would not be returning alone. US Army Major Joshua Brogue, along with 100 soldiers rode into town with Levi Mathews.

I was called to the Gem saloon for a meeting of the influential people in the town. Myself, Samantha Breecher, Deanna Mathews, Jeb Mathews, Levi, and a rancher from the south of town, Hank Campbell.

“Folks, my name is Joshua Brogue,” the Army Major said. “I have been sent by General Lucius Wainwright, currently in the New Mexico territory, to be a presence in case of any issue with the Apache or Comanche in the area. We will be upgrading the old fort near town and expanding for families to be posted with our soldiers. We, of course, will be coming to town to restock and replenish items we need. And because of the federal writ I am bringing, we will be receiving these at cost.”

Hank Campbell spoke up, “Major, with all due respect, there has not been an issue with any of the neighboring tribes in almost 10 years. I do not see a need for such a presence. It could have the opposite effect.”

“And what, pray tell, is the opposite effect?” Major Brogue asked, scowling.

“The Comanche could see it as another group to push them out of the land already provided to them by the federal government,” Hank said, “And, in addition, some in town rely on the profits made from their stores, a large group receiving items at cost could hurt the growth of this town.”

“I am sorry to hear you feel that way, Sir,” the major went on, “But due to information we have received, this is what will be required for the foreseeable future. I will also add that our outpost will be requiring 10 head of cattle from each ranch once every two months as well as grazing areas for our ponies.”

“Major Brogue,” I said as I fixed the Army officer with my gaze. “Big Springs has a cattle train twice per week. Wouldn’t it be more beneficial for all here for you to requisition your required livestock from there instead of bleeding this town dry?”

“May I ask your name, Ma’am?” He asked.

“Ahna Stevens,” I said and saw the reaction on his face.

“Ah yes, the once famed outlaw,” Major Brogue chuckled. “Had your pardon not happened when it did, I would have hunted you down myself.”

I smiled sweetly at him, “Well since I am a free woman, maybe we can get back to the point at hand.”

“I will take you question under advisement,” he said, “But for now, the writ will be followed to the letter. I will liaise with Mr. Mathews if I need anything else. Now if you will all excuse me, I must depart to see to the fort.” He stood and nodded before leaving the Gem.

Once he was outside and out of earshot, “Did you know this would happen, Levi?” Hank Campbell asked.

“I do not appreciate the tone you are taking with my brother,” Deanna said as she spun in her chair.

“It is a fair question,” I piped in with it earning me a scowl.

“No, I did not know that the fort would be occupied,” Levi replied tersely. “I received no indication that President Arthur thought there was an Indian problem here. I certainly did not tell him of any.”

“You can afford it, Levi,” Hank said standing up, “Some of rely on the profit of selling our livestock to live. Mark my words, this town will crumble under the vice of this major.” He stomped out of the Gem.

“Good riddance,” Deanna said as she patted her brother’s right hand. “We do not need dissention at this moment.”

“Deanna,” I said, “Mr. Campbell makes good points. “We are not in a time of war. These requirements will destroy this town in a matter of months. I do not intend to be drained of my livelihood by this man or any man for that matter.”

“Please calm yourself, Ahna,” Levi said, “I will inquire as to the duration of his stay and these requirements he has levied.”

“Please let me know what you discover, Mr. Mathews,” I said as I stood. Sam and I walked out to the dusty street. The town was already crowded with soldiers. “You best head home.” I said to Sam.

“Rufus is with Rosalina at the moment,” Sam said as she rubbed her swollen chest. “Even this meeting is a welcomed break from feeding.” She laughed as she walked back to the office as I went back to the ranch.

Later that night at Kat’s Ranch, the saloon had been crowded for much of the night, filled to capacity with soldiers and ranch hands. A few fights broke out but were quelled quickly. Jennifer sat at the table with two soldiers and a ranch hand playing poker. The large pile of chips and cash in front of her and the smaller ones in front of the other three was an indication of how she was doing.

“I call,” said one of the soldiers, slurring his words.

“Full house,” Jennifer said as she winked, pulling the pot towards her. The other soldiers hand came down over hers.

“What is that, 10 hands in a row now,” he slurred angrily.

“Honey, do not be sore loser,” Jennifer said smiling, “And kindly take you hand off me.”

“Cheating whore!” He exclaimed as he pulled a long knife.


The butt of Anna’s pistol slammed down over his head, knocking him out. She turned and cocked it at his friend who was reaching for his pistol.

“Do it and I will burn you down,” Anna said in a growl. “Take him and yourself out of here and don’t come back.”

“The major will hear of this,” he drunkenly said as he hauled his friend out of the saloon.

The lone ranch hand looked wide eyed.

“George,” Jennifer said, “Pick a girl, on the house.”

“Yes ma’am,” he said enthusiastically.

Jennifer waved Sabrina over, “I am turning in, if any trouble arises, wake me.”

The blonde belle from Georgia looked from Jennifer to Anna. “I am guessing you won’t be asleep right away.”

“Oh hush, you,” Jennifer said laughing. She walked up the stairs to a vacant room, opening the door and letting Anna walk in first.

Jennifer grabbed Anna by the shoulder and pushed her up against the door as she pressed her own body in. The dirty blonde haired woman’s hands grasped the buckle of the latina’sgun belt and fumbled with the strap. Their mouths met in a heated kiss as Anna started to pull the shoulder straps of Jennifer’s dress down. The two lovers pawed at clothing, as the gun belt dropped to the floor and the madam’s breasts were revealed. Anna’s hands cupped and kneaded the flesh as her pants were pulled down to her knees. Jennifer reached around to grip the taut buttocks and squeeze. They each groaned as fingers worked on naked skin. Jennifer dropped quickly to her knees as Anna spread her legs wider. The Latina gasped as her lover plunged her tongue into the folds of womanhood. Anna wove her fingers into the dirty blonde hair, the grip tightening with each lap and lick. She was trapped in that position with her ass bouncing off the wooden door, her pants still down at her knees and her gorgeous lover in between her thighs. Jennifer hummed as she licked, tonguing the moistening skin until she found the stiff sexrod. Her mouth latched over it and she licked and sucked. Anna tried not to scream out pleasure so she grabbed Jennifer’s hair and pulled the head in more. Her knees were shaking as she tried to stay on her feet. Jennifer could feel the shaking and paid even more attention to the nub of electric flesh. Anna started to convulse against the door as she cried out. Her hips bucked as she sprayed her lover’s face with warm juices. Slumping down, Anna tried to get her breathing under control. Jennifer sat back and smiled as she licked the remnants of her lover’s liquor off her lips.

“You dirty whore!” Anna exclaimed through heavy breaths.

“Oh you love it!” Jennifer said as she stood up and let her dress fall to the floor.

Anna kicked off her boots and pulled the pants the rest of the way off. She got to her feet and charged. Jennifer squealed in delight as their bodies came together and fell to the bed. She knew her girlfriend needed to be in control, so her laid back, opened her thighs and let the latina’s muscular thighs intertwine with her own. The bed started to creak and rock as Anna ground her mound into Jennifer’s. The young madam reached and cupped the pert breasts, pinching and tweaking the already hard nipples. The succulent slits opened more as the flesh pedals latched on to the opposite pair. Jennifer’s smooth right leg came up with her foot rubbing down over the plump posterior of her lover. Anna leaned over Jenn and pushed her lips down roughly. The swirl of tongues wrestled in the mouths, heated by heavy breathing. Jennifer wrapped her arms around Anna’s strong back as breasts compressed. The rocked with the lubricated lady bits melding in perfect union. Anna wiggled her hip as her clit speared and pushed against Jennifer’s. The dirty blonde cried into their kiss as her own cunt erupted in a torrent of hot fluid. The kiss broke as they stared into the other’s eyes.

“I love you, Jennifer,” Anna whispered.

“And I love you, Anna,” Jennifer quietly said back.

The pair rested for a few minutes wrapped in the other’s arms until the need of carnal lust over took them both. Sabrina Jackson listened outside the doorway and smiled. She knew the pair would be like that for the next few hours. Her own thoughts lingered on her rival from the Emerald Palace. The raven haired, Eva Savont, and Sabrina had an almost fatal fight in Silvertown a couple of years prior. When Sabrina and Eva locked eyes again here in Rattler’s Holler, they both had to be restrained. The southern belle’s dream had been plagued by the image of the memorizing body of the woman from Europe and her own in the throes of naked lusty combat.

“Dear lord,” Sabrina half prayed to god and half to the devil, “Let me have her again.”

The next day, Jed Ten Bears and I took the rode back from Big Springs towards the ranch. We spied a group of soldiers coming our way. As our two groups got closer, I noticed Major Brogue in the lead. He waved as his group stopped, blocking the road.

“What a wonderful surprise to see you again, Mrs. Stevens,” Major Joshua Brogue said in a loud voice. “I assume you are coming from Big Springs. We are on our way there ourselves, as your idea poured forth with more bountiful fruit, so to say. We were able to obtain more cattle than we need from there. We will not be acquiring much from the ranchers around Rattler’s Holler.” It was then, he noticed Jed. “Well, well, what do we have here? Mrs. Stevens, I did not see you as the sort to consort with heathens.”

I did my damnedest not to glare at him, “Major, this heathen as you call him served as a scout in your Army. He was commended personally by General Cook and spot promoted to Sergeant after he saved 10 white soldiers.”

Joshua Brogue looked amused, “Who was General Cook’s Sergeant Major? Since you served in distinction with them.”

“Sergeant Major William A. Keating,” Jed answered immediately. “He retired and lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I was able to go hunting with him two seasons ago.”

“Ah, I see,” Major Brogue grumbled. “All of my men are Indian hunters and killers. I hope they don’t mistake you for a savage.”

“See that they don’t,” I said. “It would not bode well for you or your men. Now if you will yield the road, we will be on our way.”

“As you wish. Good day to you, Ma’am,” Brogue said with that smile as his men parted to let Jed and I pass.

Jed and I rode for another few minutes until I slowed. “If you or the other boys have any trouble, you tell me. Don’t go half cocked around them. They look to have itchy trigger fingers.”

“Yes, Mrs. Stevens,” Jed said, “We will not shame you.”

We made it back to the ranch before the evening meal. The wagon was out in front of the house. It was loaded with different dried plants and herbs.

“Are these going to Samantha?” I asked Rosalina.

“Yes,” she said, “I was planning to head there today.”

“I will take them in,” I said, “The person I met on the road made me lose my appetite.” I climbed into the driver’s seat and slapped the reigns. The ride into town did not take long as I rode up the busy street. More soldiers and more women. The rumor was that comfort women were living at the fort and in tent towns around it. I stopped the wagon in front of the doctor’s office. Samantha with Rufus in her arms came out to greet me.

“Oh Ahna,” Samantha said as she placed her son in the wooden bassinet on the porch, “Let me help you with those.”

We paused as a pair of blond women crossed on the sidewalk. I paused as I knew one of the woman and she knew me. She and I turned at the same time towards each other.

“Ahna Stevens,” she sneered at me.

“Hello Betty Abbott,” I said smiling a little.

The other woman turned and looked Samantha up and down.

“Samantha?” She asked bewildered.

Sam’s eyes went wide, “Mother?”

To Be Continued in Chapter 7! Click Here to Read It!

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