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Wild West Wildcats Chapter 1 by Ahna Brown

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Late Summer 1881

“I do swear Ms. Ahna,” Nettie said from the stove, “Billy eats more than those other 5 boys by himself. Good thing he likes my cooking or he might wither away.”

I chuckled as sat in the kitchen, sipping my cup of coffee. “He is a good young man. I don’t know what I would have done without him. Katerina and I are going into town later and I will get the spices you wanted from the general store.”

“Oh that reminds me, Ms. Ahna,” Nettie said turning towards me, “There is a new outfit in town. Looks like they bought the Sling Saloon. I think they are from my neck of the woods because them cats kept eyeing me as I walked down the street. Don’t know if they seen a free black woman in a while.”

I stood and walked toward her and we hugged. “Nettie, you are my family. Anyone accosts you and they answer to me.”

“Thank you, sweetie!” Nettie said holding back tears.

I went out and the wagon was latched to a couple of our work horses. Katerina was seated in the driver’s seat and I took the space on the bench next to her. “Time is a wasting, girl. Let’s go.”

As we rode down the thoroughfare, we could see a group of men removing the sign above what was once the Sling Saloon. They raised a new sign, Screeching Cats Saloon and Hotel. From the balcony, a slew of women with low cut dresses were waving at the townsfolk.

Katerina and I went to our store to open it. We waited on customers and took orders for items to send off via telegram or pony riders for later. I decided to get some fresh air and take a walk. I wore a simple white long sleeve blouse and a grey pleated long skirt covering my knickers. The sun was up and the earth cooked in the late summer heat. I opened my parasol to block the sun and my boot heels clicked on the wooden sidewalk connecting the businesses of Silvertown. As I past the livery, I bumped into the madam for what was once the only brothel in town, aptly named the Soiled Dove. Kristina Blanchard was a beautiful woman who commanded attention with not only her lovely features but her sometimes ruthless attitude.

“Kristina,” I said by way of greeting.

“Ahna,” Kristina answered back, “Did you see the new group of whores in town?”

“I did,” I said and smiled, “Looks like they are going to cut into your earnings.”

She narrowed her eyes and looked down the street at the new establishment, “I have classy and clean girls. Doc Parsons checks them out weekly. From what I have seen of this trash, they couldn’t hold water against my girls.”

“Didn’t you mention you had a special attraction coming in this week?” I asked. My ranch hands had been talking about it for a week. Some raven haired goddess from Europe who could sing and dance the pants off of any cattleman.

“Oh why yes I do,” she said perking up a little. “Ewa Savont is a famous singer and Courtesan from Europe. She came to the states on her own dime and has been traveling west. I was able to secure her services for a few weeks, maybe longer. I am hoping she will be on the coach coming in later.”

Kristina and I stood in silence for a moment looking each other up and down. There was a sexual tension between us. I knew she had male and female lovers, as I had since the passing of my husband Robert.

“I look forward to a good show,” I said and nodded to the madam as I past. I continued to walk down the street, greeting shop owners and townsfolk as I strode. As I neared the Screeching Cat I heard a commotion.

“YOU FUCKING BITCH!!!” A woman screamed and I heard a thud and then two women crashed out of the batwing doors and tumble to the streets. Dust kicked up around them as they rolled. It was a dark haired brunette and tawny colored blonde. The fronts of their dresses were already torn down, exposing a mass of breasts crushing together as they rolled. The blonde got kicked off with the brunette rising quickly to her feet but she was grabbed from behind by two other girls, one with flaming red hair and freckled cleavage to match and a darker skinned beauty with the looks a Mexican descent. The blonde started wailing away on the brunettes face and breasts with punch after punch. I could see the face started to swell as she was almost out cold. As the blonde reared back again, I caught her wrist and spun her around to face me.

“That is quite enough,” I said in low growl.

“Don’t you touch me, old hag!” I blonde screamed and swung a right fist at me. I batted it way with my parasol and slugged her in her belly. She coughed and went down to her knees. I used my boot to push her over into the dirt.

“I said ENOUGH! Now you two, let her go!” My voice was commanding. The two women holding the brunette let her go, the girl slumping down crying.

“Who the hell do you think you are, laying hands on one of my girls,” a voice with a southern twang said from behind me.

I turned to come face to face with a blonde woman about me height, adorned with a frilly white dress that showed an expanse of cleavage. Her honey hair was piled up on the top of her head with a few curls coming down over her face. I recognized her immediately from 17 years ago. It was the face of Bella Reed.

She looked at me puzzled. “Do I know you?” Bella asked.

“Last time I saw you, Bella Reed,” I said calmly to her, “The Union had you in shackles.”

“So you were the girl so many years ago,” She sneered at me, “Where is your mother? I owe her something painful.”

“My mother is dead,” I said in lower tone, heat starting to rise to my cheeks.

“Aww, that is too bad,” Bella said quietly, “I was hoping to one-day end her myself.”

I was about to throw a punch at her face but my arm was held back by strong hands. I turned to see the town marshal, Ted “Lucky” Lewin, holding my arm.

“Ms. Reed,” Lucky said, “I don’t like having to break up catfights, because I usually get scratched. And as it was explained to you, your girls will behave on my streets.” He held me fast but I didn’t struggle.

“Why Marshal, I do apologize for any inconvenience,” Bella said with a thick honey like voice. “This one,” she said pointing to the brunette, “Was caught stealing and no longer in my employment.”

“You are a liar!” The dark haired girl said as she scrambled to her feet, “I never stole a thing in my life!”

“That’s quite enough of that missy,” Lucky said, staring down the girl. Looking back to Bella Reed, “Take your girls back into your saloon Ms. Reed. I don’t want to have to come over here again.”

“Oh but of course,” Bella cooed, “Oh and please return for our grand opening tonight, everything will be free for the town marshal.”

Lucky cocked his eyebrow and waited for Bella to sigh and nod at her girls and they all went in the door of the saloon. Only then did Lucky let go of my arm.

“Damn Ahna,” Lucky said, “Why do you have to have history with this one?”

“I guess you are just lucky, Lucky,” I said with a smirk as I walked over to the brunette, “Honey, let me look at your face.” I held her chin as I looked at the bruises starting to form. “You are going to need a few steaks for those shiners. Do you have a place to stay or means to get one?” I asked.

“No ma’am,” she said softly, “All I had was given to me by that bitch!” Tears were forming in her eyes.

“My name is Ahna Stevens, call me Ahna,” I said releasing her chin, “You can come back to my ranch. I have a spare room. It is not free and I have work you can do to earn it. But it is there if you want it. Do you have a name?”

“Maggie, Maggie Smith,” Maggie said, “I do appreciate your kindness.”

Just then Katerina rode up in the wagon, “Seth is minding the store. Are we taking in another stray?” Katerina said with a cattiness to her voice. She was 18 and a spitfire. Long dark red hair like me, the full breasts and womanly hips that ran in our family. Her dresses were sometimes too tight which I knew was on purpose.

“Be nice, Katerina,” I chided, “Maggie here is someone in need.”

“Sorry, Mama,” Katerina said and turned to Maggie, “I apologize for my rudeness, Maggie. I know I have some clothes that will sort of fit you.” She winked. Maggie smiled and went into the back of the wagon and covered her still bare chest with a blanket. With that we rode home.

Katerina found Maggie some clothes to wear and she settled into her room. We all sat around the dinner table and I learned a little about Maggie Smith. She was born in Chicago to a poor family and was sold to into prostitution by her father. She was 20 years old and had only been with Bella’s girls for a few weeks as they moved from Texas to Arizona. There were still bruises on her face but they would fade in time. I was enamored with her and her beauty. Her face was beautiful despite the marks adorning it. And her chest swelled to very large breasts. The ranch hands stole glances which I noticed and smiled at. Maggie helped Nettie clear the table and clean the dishes. She and Katerina were chatting it up like two long lost friends which was nice, because Katerina didn’t have many female friends in town and living with me and the ranch hands could grate on a young woman. We all retired to bed and I could hear giggling down the hall. I was dressed in just a sleeping gown and left my room to the tell the girls they needed to be quiet. As I neared Maggie’s room, I could see the door was cracked open.

“So what happened next?” I heard my daughter, Katerina, ask.

“Well, since we were both naked and sweaty from our times with cowboys,” Maggie said in a hushed tone, “We jumped at each other grabbing our hair, letting our big titties slap together. Deidra was a hell cat and a little older than me but I wasn’t going to let her beat me.”

“And then what happened?” Katerina asked in a husky voice.

“Well, we were rolling around with our bodies really clingy to each other,” Maggie said and then whispered, “Then we kissed.”

“You did not,” Katerina exclaimed and then quieted down. “Was that all? Just kissing?”

“Oh no,” Maggie said, “We rolled a little slower now and started rubbing together, you know with your lady bits. Then we both erupted from down there, like when your fingers have fun, but this wasn’t fingers.”

Both girls were dressed in sleeping gowns but the buttons were open a little and I could spy on two sets of cleavage.

“I really want to try that,” my daughter said and I was a little shocked by the revelation. “Boys here aren’t much fun and closest I ever came to what you did was a catfight down by the creek with our neighbor’s daughter, Ashley Simmons. But all we got were our titties out and we scratched the dickens out of them.”

“Well,” Maggie said, getting closer to Katerina on the bed, “I do need to thank you for the clothes.” Then they started kissing. Part of me wanted to barge into the room and demand Maggie get away from my daughter but I didn’t. They were young women coming into their own and exploring which my mother had told me in private was needed for healthy women. I tip toed back to my bedroom and closed the door. There was something that brought heat to my body and it was a jealousy that Katerina was getting Maggie first. I shook my head to clear the thought and tried to get some sleep.

The next day started as normal as possible with a big breakfast cooked up by Nettie and Maggie, who helped serve it. Philip, one of the ranch hands who was handy with a rifle told me he spotted coyote tracks near the property line with the next ranch over. I sighed deeply because the owner of the ranch was a widow like me. Lisa Simmons and her daughter Ashley, who was around Katerina’s age, had a spread close to the size of mine. Lisa and I were friendly to each other in public but some of our private conversations could get heated. She was a beautiful and buxom brunette and her daughter carried on the family traits.

“Katerina,” I called and my daughter walked into the dining room. “Take Maggie and Seth to the store with you in the wagon. Please start to show Maggie some of the store. I will be ride in later after I check out the property line.”

“Yes, Mama,” my daughter answered. She shared a glance with Maggie, which I did see, and they both smiled.

I took my favorite quarter horse, Goldie, out of the barn and put my worn saddle and cinched in tight. I wore brown dungaree pants with my dark brown leather boots. My blouse was worn but still held up and was the color of the blue sky. I pulled a brown Stetson on my head with my dark red hair pulled back into a pony tail. I put my trusty Colt Single Action Army 45 into the leather holster at my right hip and tied it off on my right thigh. I mounted Goldie and galloped off with Philip in tow.

We came up to the property line and I got off Goldie and started looking at the ground in near the fence. I found scat on the ground and paw prints, definitely coyote as wolves would have been much bigger. I noticed a few carcasses of small animals near the fence line. I put my right hand over my eyes to block the sun and looked down the fence line, to see if I could spot any movement.

“Philip,” I said, waving the young man over, “Make sure you and a few of the boys come out here after sundown and patrol. I don’t want them getting at the cattle or getting close to the house.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” Philip said, “I will grab a few of the boys and make sure we got the rifles ready. Do you need anything else, Ms. Ahna?”

I shook my head, “No, Philip. I will head into town after I am done here.” I watched as he rode off and walked the fence line to check the wooden fence. I heard a galloping horse and wondered why Philip was heading back but when I looked up, the horse and the rider were on the other side of the fence. Lisa Simmons rode up on a jet black horse. I could she her huge chest bounce as the horse slowed to a trot as she came to the opposites side of the fence and dismounted. She was dressed much like I was with the exception of her long sleeved button up shirt was maroon and not blue like mine.

“Well, well,” Lisa said, “You wouldn’t be trying to break down my fence to steal my cattle now would you?”

“Good lord, Lisa,” I sighed, damn she could grate on me, “You know as well as I do, Robert put this set of fence in. I was looking at the coyote problem we both have.”

“Fucking varmints!” She swore, taking her Stetson of her head and slapping it against her legs. “I will have my boys shot them on sight.”

“Just have them watch out what they shoot at,” I said, eyeing her, “Some of my hands will be out at night to see if they can get them.”

“Fine, same goes for your boys,” Lisa said, “Oh and by the way, did you take in another stray? A young little thing with big titties?”

“Maggie will be staying with us for the time being,” I leveled my gaze at Lisa. Like me, she had been with both men and women since her own husband had passed.

“Why don’t you send her by sometime?” Lisa teased, she knew it got under my skin.

“Lisa, keep your unwanted advances away from Maggie,” I warned.

“And if I don’t?” Lisa persisted and stepped closer to the fence.

I stepped close, matching her steps, “Then you and I will have a problem that needs dealing with.”

“Good,” she said as she smiled, stepping back from the fence and hopping up to her horse. “I know where you and I stand.” She turned the horse, kicked her heels in and galloped off. She and I were building to a confrontation. I knew Katerina and her daughter Ashley didn’t like each other as well.

I got onto Goldie and headed off towards town. As I was riding up, I came upon two riders, one being led by the other. I slowed as I passed the trail rider, a redhead in a torn open green blouse and dirty jeans. Her hands were tied behind her and a gag was secured in her mouth. As I strode up to the lead rider, she made sure her hand was on her pistol until our eyes met and we recognized each other.

Lucille “Lethal Lucie” LaChapelle was a bounty hunter in the Arizona territory as well as New Mexico and Texas. She was born in France but moved to the eastern coast of the US with her family. She learned the bounty hunting trade from both father and mother who worked many times with the Pinkerton organization. At the young age of 18, Lucie ventured out west on her own. She was one of the fastest guns in the territory and wouldn’t back down from a fight. She was also a lesbian and only had eyes for the female species. Now normally this is extremely frowned upon but neither the civic organization or the local minister ever said anything to her, they were too scared. She looked as disheveled in appearance as the redhead she was leading to town.

“Howdy, Lucie,” I said nodding to her, “Who is this upstanding citizen you are bringing into town?”

“This,” Lucie said with a French accent, “is Elizabeth “Bessie” Monroe. The Monroe Gang has been robbing stage coaches for a few months. I caught up with this saucy ginger a couple of nights ago.”

I look Lucie over once and glanced back to Bessie, “Looks like she gave as good as she got.”

“Oh, this?” Lucie smiled, “This was from last night when we camped over off of Mac’s Ridge.”

We entered town and were about to part ways, me going to my store and Lucie to the Marshal’s office. “You will have to regale me with this story over a whiskey, Lucie,” I said tipping my hat.

She returned the nod, “You get the first couple of rounds and I will give you every rip roaring naked detail. Au Revoir, Ahna.”

I rode up to my store and noticed a wagon out front with Seth loading bags of flour and packages into the back. I hopped off and secured Goldie and walked in. I immediately noticed the round curved ass of Lisa Simmons leaning against the counter talking with Maggie. I looked around and didn’t see my daughter anywhere. She loathed all Simmons women, not just the busty young Ashley. Maria, the voluptuous Mexican maid and cook that Lisa employed was pointing out items for Seth to take to the wagon. I walked up and around the counter and Lisa pushed herself off where she was leaning.

“How’s my credit at this place?” Lisa asked playfully, knowing the answer.

“As long as you pay last month’s bill in full, you can have credit,” I said as I hung my hat on a notch on the back wall.

Lisa pulled a wad of bills and started licking her thumb as she counted. Once the transaction was complete, she nodded curtly at me and smiled at Maggie. “Oh, Ahna, dear, now where is that beautiful offspring of yours? Where ever could she be?” I heard laughing as she walked out.

“Where is Katerina, Seth?” I asked as Seth wiped his brow with the back of his sleeve.

“W…w….well, Ms. Ahna,” he stuttered, “M..m…miss Katerina left about an hour ago.”

I looked over at Maggie who all of a sudden tried to look really small, “Spill it, girl.”

“Well,” Maggie said searching for her words, “I think she was curious about what I used to do.”

My eyes went wide! I rushed past Seth and went out the store entrance in a run. I ran past the Soiled Dove with Kristina just smiling. I swear she is a witch as she knew everything going on in this town before it happened. I came up to the Screeching Cat and went through the bat wing doors. Normally a woman that was not a saloon girl who worked there or an invited guest would be tossed out of a place like the Cat or the Dove, but no one bothered to stop me. I looked quickly around and spotted my daughter sitting at a table with Bella Reed. I marched over.

“On your feet, Katerina,” I said in a stern voice, “You are coming home now.”

The first look from my daughter was one of annoyance and then she cowed and rose slowly.

“Like I said, sugar,” Bella said in that sweet southern accent, “You let me know what you want to try and I can make it happen.”

“Like hell you will!” I yelled at the blonde.

“Isn’t your daughter a woman?” She asked as she stood facing me, “A woman who can make her own choices and decisions?”

I pointed a shaking finger into the blonde’s face. “You stay clear of me and my family.” I was boiling mad and I knew if one more thing was said I was either going to sock her in the jaw or draw my Colt and shoot her. Either way, it would go badly.

She just kept staring at me and my finger. I grasped my daughter by the arm and walked briskly out of the saloon. Once on the street, I pulled her around to face me.

“What the hell are you thinking?” I asked, still seething with anger.

“I am not a little girl anymore, mama,” she said with a steel to her voice that I hadn’t heard before. “I was just curious about what they do is all. But make no mistake, this is my life and my choice. I don’t want to run a ranch or store. I want more out of life.”

“Katerina,” I replied trying to keep my anger in check, “Making money from your back is not going to help you see what is out there.”

“I don’t need to screw for money,” Katerina answered, rolling her eyes, “I can sing and dance too.”

“I don’t want to hear another word,” I said putting a hand up, “Get your ass over to the store and help close up. We will talk about this more tonight.”

She huffed and stomped off. I stood there debating on whether I was going to go back into the Screeching Cat and throw down with Bella but I needed a drink. I walked up to the Soiled Dove and Kristina met my gaze and nodded and held the bat wing doors open to me. Kristina grabbed a brown bottle and couple of glasses from the bar and walked over to a table. She kicked out a chair for me and we sat.

“Rough day, Ahna?” She asked with a smile as she poured me a shot of whiskey.

I downed the whiskey, savoring the burn in throat as it went down. “I would reply fuck you, but you would only ask when,”

She snorted with laughter and poured another. “If I only knew your daughter wanted to try the arts, I would have volunteered to be her teacher.”

I cocked an eyebrow, this was Kristina’s way, she liked to push it to the edge. “My daughter,” I said quietly, “Is not going to be on her back or kicking up her legs for cowboys. I don’t look down at you or any of your girls, never have, but this is my daughter, all I have left. I can’t lose her to this life.”

The madam of the Soiled Dove saw the pain in my eyes, she put her hand on mine and squeezed it. “Honey, I will do all I can to make sure she doesn’t. You know that.”

I squeezed her hand back. Just them the batwing doors came open and Lethal Lucie strode in. She nodded to some of the girls and walked over to our table. Kristina rose and kissed her on each cheek by way of greeting. Lucie pulled out a chair and sat down. She opened the flaps of her long sleeve button up brown shirt and fanned herself.

“How much did you get for her?” I asked as I poured a shot from the bottle and slide the glass over to the bounty hunter.

“$500,” Lucie said then downed it and winced, “God I needed that.”

“Who did ya rangle?” Kristina asked.

“Bessie Monroe,” Lucie said and took another shot, looked at me, “I owe you a story don’t I?”

I smiled at Kristina and nodded.

Lucie started tracking the Monroe Gang about a week ago. After robbing the stage from Tombstone Abilene, the gang split up. The Mexican Bandita, Kim the Kat, rode down south while the two Apache sisters, Red Flower and Red Blossom went back onto Indian land. That left Bessie and her lover, the former slave, Louise Hobs headed to the north. Louise rode ahead to secure a safe place in a town of freed slaves, leaving Bessie to wait for her return. Lucie found her two nights ago and used her Winchester and some well-aimed shots to spook Bessie’s horse, with pistol and rifle attached to the saddle, galloping away.

The pair had ridden all the next day and camped at Mac’s Ridge in preparation for the ride to Silvertown the next day. Around the small fire that night, Bessie laid into Lucie as best she could. She threatened, cursed her family, told her what her girls were going to do when they caught up and went so far to say Lucie wasn’t woman enough to take her. Then Lucie stood, took off her pistol belt and looped it over the saddle. She took out her bowie knife and cut Bessie’s bonds and stowed the knife in the saddle bag and slapped her horse on the ass, sending it off. Then the two women came together.

They went to the dirt right away, churning over, creating a cloud of dust as they rolled. Hands sought out hair as heads were yanked back sharply. Their large breasts slammed together still covered by shirts. Legs locked up as they wrestled for control on the ground. Lucie was able to get on top and when she did, her strong thigh spread open Bessie’s, the jean covered crotches came into contact and Bessie soon learned what is was to go woman to woman with Lucie. The redhead torn open the brunette’s shirt and her hands filled with the large dangling breasts. Lucie cried out as her breasts were being squeezed. She kept the jean crotch press going and tore open Bessie’s shirt and grabbed and kneaded the redhead’s big tits. Bessie bucked up and they rolled over and over, hands pressing breasts flat. They pushed away from each other and gathered a much-needed break. Lucie started to remove her torn shirt and unbuttoned her jeans. Bessie followed suit and the two women stripped naked.

A sheen of sweat from the fire and body to body contact, formed over their skin. Streaks of dirt adorned their magnificent bodies. They clashed together again and went down rolling in from the dirt to the grass. Again, Lucie opened the redhead’s legs but this time their flowers were ready. Moist and inviting, the two womanhood’s met in a clash of sopping folds. The moaned at the first touch of their labia and started rough and energetic trib as hands held hair for control and large breasts ground together. They rolled slower now, when each was on top they ground down and the girl on the bottom bucked up. Clits became unsheathed and pushed past warring lips to slash and parry like two swords.

When Lucie rolled on top she lifted Bessie’s right leg and forcibly slammed her wet cunt in. The meaty clap followed by the redhead’s scream was heard for miles. Lucie was in control and played with her. She brought her close to a screaming orgasm only to stop and pinch a large breast. Bessie could hold out no more and screamed loudly like a wolf baying at the moon. The force of her orgasm almost dismounted the brunette but she held on and rode the redhead like she was breaking a horse for the first time. Once the erotic bliss ended, Lucie scooted her body up and grabbed two handfuls of hair and slammed the outlaw’s face into her pussy until she too screamed and exploded.

“Good lord that was hot,” Kristina said as she caressed her large breasts. “If I would have had that for entertainment, I would be flush with money for the next year!”

My face was reddened as I listened and pictured it. “Lucie, if I ever make you mad, please do that to me.” I winked at her. “Ladies, I need to head home. I have an unruly daughter who needs to be dealt with.”

Lucie nodded at me as did Kristina. I went back to get Goldie and headed off back to home.

Even though it was summer, the dining room was chilly as we ate in silence. Everyone could tell there was something wrong but no one dared say a word. Once the meal was done, the ranch hands went out to patrol the fence line, leaving Nettie and Maggie to clear the dishes and me to stare at my daughter.

“Is that life what you really want?” I asked.

“I don’t know, maybe,” my daughter answered back, our eyes never leaving the other.

“Do you know who that woman really is?” I asked, leaning forward. “She was a spy for the south, she tried to shoot your grandma and me, she would have been one of the people who had owned Nettie. Do you really want to associate with that ilk?”

“That was almost twenty years ago,” Katerina said in defense of Bella, “Maybe she changed mama, you still see her as that confederate spy. I don’t.”

Maggie walked in, “She called me a liar, took everything I had. She is no good.”

“Who knows if you did steal?” Katerina shot at Maggie, “Maybe you are the liar!”

Maggie took a step forward but Nettie grasped her arm, “You best not get between them, Maggie.”

Katerina stood as did I. “You will apologize to Maggie right this instant.”

“I will not do such a thing,” Katerina answered me.

I slapped my daughter across the right side of her face. She looked at me stunned. Then she slapped me back. We lunged at each other, burying hands in dark red hair as we pulled each other onto the dining room table. Maggie grabbed me around the waist and Nettie pulled Katerina free.

“Damnit you two!” Nettie yelled as we were pried apart.

Katerina pulled free of the black woman’s grasp and walked outside. I had calmed and Maggie released me. I heard the whinny of one of the horses and it gallop away.

“You want me to fetch of the boys to go after her,” Nettie asked more softly now.

“No,” I said as I sat down in my chair. “Someone will watch her in town. She will realize people like Bella Reed don’t change. I just pray she learns it quick.”

I didn’t go into town the next day but when Nettie and Maggie returned, they handed me a letter. I used the penknife to cut it open.

Dear Ahna,

Your daughter is holed up in the cat. One of my regulars said she isn’t part of the working girls yet. I have my eyes on her. She is attached at the hip with that blonde cow Reed. Do come into town tonight. Ewa Savont is here now and this is her first show. I will have a seat for you in the private box.


I dressed in an off the shoulder emerald green dress with black lace highlights. The dress came to my ankles and I wore black boots with a low heel. I took a small black satin bag and put some money and a silver plated derringer in it. I had Billy hook up two horses to my wagon and stepped out. Maggie was waiting. She was dressed in a red dress that had a plunging neckline and was off the shoulder. Her dark hair was done up over her head. She looked beautiful. We rode off to town. As we passed the Screeching Cat, some of the women made cat calls and obscene gestures to Maggie and me. We parked the wagon next to my store and walked to the Soiled Dove for the show.

The townsfolk had turned out in droves and Kristina had the place looking like a very swanky establishment. Champagne flowed and people cheered. Maggie and I sat with Kristina in the private box. The piano player started playing and out walked one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen. She was dressed in only black, lacy undergarments that looked like they were painted on her body. Her long dark hair was done up over her head but as she sauntered out, she pulled a pin the lush curls dropped. She had a beautiful voice danced, kicking legs or moving her hips. It was intoxicating.

“If ya don’t close your mouth,” Kristina whispered in my ear, “Flies are going to find a home.”

I gulped and was intrigued by this woman. Number after number was performed to many cheers and whoops of excitement. When she finished that crowd roared with applause. I few guns went off into the ceiling.

“Well at least you will know when it rains,” I said to Kristina.

“Small price my dear, a very small price to pay,” the madam of Soiled Dove beamed.

Maggie and walked around the crowd chatting and drinking champagne. Then I heard a woman scream. My hand clutched the drawstring pouch at my wrist.

“It’s the marshal!” A man yelled out, “I think he is dead!”

I pushed my way through the crowd and out the door. Lucky was slumped over his horse, two arrows in his back.

“Get him down and someone fetch the doc!” I yelled. They got him off his horse and I knelt in the mud on the streets, not caring about my dress anymore.

“Oh marshal!” I heard the doc say. He felt around Lucky and listened to his chest. “Ms. Anha, he is barely alive. I would say it is sheer will power alone. We need to get him back to my office.”

They took Lucky off to doc’s place as I walked with Lucie to the marshal’s office. Bessie was all smiles as we walked in.

“Do you know if the deputies are nearby?” I asked Lucie.

“Lucky said they would be coming in with a secure coach for her,” she answered as she hooked a thumb at the redhead in the cell.

“Aww, did something bad happen?” Bessie piped up. “I told you, bitch, my girls are coming for me!”

I walked closer to the cell, Bessie had her face pressed between two of the bars. “I am sorry, I didn’t hear you,” I leaned in close, “What was that you were saying?”

“I said…” Bessie started to say and I punched her in the mouth hard sending her sprawling to the floor of the cell. She was now moaning, holding her face.

“Shut that hole under your nose,” I yelled. Turning back to Lucie, “I can get a few of the townsfolk with pistols and rifles ready. How bad are these girls?”

“They are not a war party of Comanche’s but they can shoot and they can fight,” Lucie answered.

Maggie walked in. “Maggie, take the wagon and a few gun hands with you back to my place. Get Nettie to fetch Billy and the boys to came back her with rifles and ammo. Then run over to the Simmons ranch and ask Lisa Simmons if her boys can join.”

“Are you going to be alright?” She asked as she looked at my appearance. My dress was both muddy and bloody.

“I have clothes at my store, don’t you fuss,” I said with a smile, “Now git!”

I went to the store and changed into a dark brown buckskin shirt and dark jeans with riding boots. I loaded a Colt Single action and put it into my holster on my right side. I made sure extra rounds were placed in each of the slots on the gun belt. I grabbed the Winchester Model 1873 from back room and loaded it and took an over the shoulder saddle bag and filled it with ammo. By the time I got back to the marshal’s office, Billy, Philip, Seth and my other ranch hands rode in with Nettie in the wagon trailing behind. Three of Lisa’s boys followed.

“Where is Maggie?” I asked as Nettie got down from the wagon.

“Well, Ms. Lisa said Maggie was staying with her and the rest of her boys,” Nettie said with a little disgust in her voice. “Said she was going to protect her.”

“Goddammit to hell!” I cursed.

Lucie walked out of the office dressed to ride. “I have an idea. I know a few places they might hold up at and I want to see if I can find them. I won’t do nothing, and will get word back to you. Who is your fasted rider?”

“Seth for sure,” I said, and luckily for Lucie, Seth didn’t like girls, but he was one hell of a rider and could add and subtract in his head faster than any man I knew. “Seth, you go with Lethal Lucie and when she tells you to ride back, you do it, understand?”

“Y…y…yes, Ma’am,” Seth answered and mounted his steed and the pair took off.

The next half of the day was some of the most intense the town had felt since the Earp’s went up against the cowboys. I sat with my feet kicked up on the railing in a chair in front of the Marshal’s office. Doc had told me Lucky was very lucky he wasn’t dead. The arrows didn’t sink in his back too much. I took that two ways; one they were fired at him from a long way out, or two, they were fired by a woman. Which meant two Apache woman riding with the Monroe gang.

Billy ran up to me, “Riders, Ms. Ahna,” he said and hefted his scatter gun.

I stood and cocked the lever of the rifle once, loading a round into the breech. I turned to look at the road out of town and could see two riders ahead of a large group. I relaxed just a bit as Lucie and Seth rode up and stopped in front of the office.

“Well,” Lucie said spitting on the ground, “You are not going to fucking believe this!”

I looked back out and it was a sea of dark blue, the army, most likely out of Fort Huachuca. As the small garrison entered town,I saw four women riding in the middle of the group. A tall and busty black woman, a slim but foreboding Mexican and two Apache women, practically naked in bone vests and very short buck skin skirts. They were all still armed.

The major leading the group stopped and dismounted. Marshal Ted “Lucky” Lewin hobbled up wearing a blanket.

“You should be in bed, Lucky,” I chided as I lead him to a chair on the deck in front of his office.

“I’m fine, quit your fussing,” he weakly smiled at me.

The major walked to us, “Good Morning Marshal, I have a pardon here for one Elizabeth Monroe.”

“Signed by whom?” I asked which seemed to annoy the major.

“It is signed by the Honorable John C Fremont, Governor of the Arizona Territory,” the major said as he handed Lucky the paper.

Lucky looked it over and handed it to me, “It’s all legal, Ahna. Major, you do know these women having been robbing coaches in the territory?”

The major sighed, “It’s out of my hands, Marshal. They have friends in high places.” He nodded to a couple of soldiers who entered the office and escorted Bessie out. As she passed, we locked eyes. “You are free to go, Miss,” the major told her.

“I think I like this town,” Bessie said stretching, “I think me and my girls might be sticking around for a while.” She looked at me and smiled a very wicked grin. Her lover, Louise rode over with the reigns of another horse, which Bessie mounted and the 5 women rode off.

“If it is possible,” the major asked, “My horses need water and some new shoes as well as provisions. I have money and we will pay for everything.”

Lucky was trying to stand and I pushed his shoulder down. “I got this, Lucky, please rest,” I said as I turned back to the major. “The livery is down the street and to the left. My store is open for you and your men.” The major nodded his appreciation and set off.

Around high noon I left Seth to assist the soldiers and rode off towards the Simmons ranch. I galloped up the winding dirt road to the house and Lisa Simmons was waiting on the front porch.

“I heard we no longer have trouble in town,” she said leaning back on a rocking chair.

“Maggie,” I started to say.

“Is just fine, no one accosted her,” Lisa said with a grin. “She is already back at your ranch, dear. I just wanted to make sure the pretty young thing was ok.”

My hands stayed on the reigns as I eyed her, “You and me, tonight. By the fence where we met yesterday.”

“It will be a full moon tonight,” Lisa said rocking back and forth. “Dressing gowns, nothing else.”

“Fine by me,” I answered back. I turned my horse and rode back to my property.

I walking into the house in a rush. Maggie was exiting her bedroom, dressed in a tight grey dress, her breasts swelling.

“Are you alright?” I asked as I went to her.

“I am fine, Ahna,” Maggie said blushing, “Ms. Lisa really hatesyou so much. I feel really bad about it but when I defended you, Nettie and Katerina, it set Ashley off. So we fought. Lisa just watched and shouted encouragement. It was a quick tussle as her cook, Maria joined in and then Lisa. It turned from a fight in, well, more rubbing.” Her face was bright red.

I walked to her and took her face in my hands and I kissed her on her lips. Our large breast swelled together. Her hands reached around and gripped my hips and then roamed down to my rear. Her hands squeezed my ass over my dungarees. I heard an “Oh My” and we broke apart, both embarrassed as Nettie walked into the room.

“Well,” Nettie said, fanning herself, “Don’t stop on my account.”

I laughed and that started Maggie laughing as well.

“Maggie, girl,” Nettie turned towards the brunette, “Did I hear you correctly? Did that big titted maid, Maria join in?”

“She did,” Maggie blushed again, “And she doesn’t like you very much at all.”

“Well that feeling is mutual,” Nettie said, her arms folded under her large breasts, “I think she and I need to have a talk.”

“Nettie?” I asked, “If you do, please let me know. I would love to see that.”

“Oh Ms. Ahna,” the busty black woman said, “If it is anything like what I did as a young woman in Carolina, it is going to be a lot of naked brawling.”

I decided against letting the two of them know about my meeting with Lisa. I stayed to myself for the rest of the day. I did a few chores with the boys around the barn to get blood flowing. After dinner, I retired to my room and started counting down the time. I watched the moon rise. I took off all my clothes and did a quick wash of my body from the water basin in my room. I took out an old sleeping gown and put it on. My large breasts swelled against the cotton material. I crept from my room and went to the barn. I threw a blanket over Goldie’s back with a lighter saddle. The horse snorted at me.

“Well, Goldie girl,” I said rubbing my horses neck, “You are going to get a show.” I trotted out from the barn and waited until I was a way from the house to start to gallop faster. I got to the fence line at the same time a horse and rider from the other side neared. The moon was high and full; I could make out Lisa Simmons dressed much like me. She got off her horse and looped the lead over the top of the fence. I did the same. She crawled under to rungs of the fence and came over to my side of the property line.

“This is a long time coming, bitch,” Lisa sneered at me as she removed her sleeping gown and stood in all her naked beauty in front of me. Her breasts were larger than mine but sat high and firm on her chest. Her tummy was flat and her hips flared out with a firm backside and strong legs. Her dark hair came down to her mid back. There was a thick patch of dark curly hair covering her lady parts.

I took my gown off. My large breasts were crowned with dark areolas and thick nipples that seemed to be growing more as I looked at my rival. My red hair flowed down to the middle of my back. “It has been, whore,” I taunted back, “Maggie told me what you did and now comes the reckoning.” I crouched.

“Come on over, pole cat,” Lisa said back as she crouched.

We took off towards each other, covering the short distance between us. We slammed bodies together and it sounds like a whip cracking. Our hands were buried into the other’s hair and we yanked heads around. I felt her hard nipples stab into my large breasts and knew mine were doing the same to her. We stumbled around the tall grass, bare feet digging into earth as we pulled each other left and right.

This was not my first rodeo. When I first met Robert, my late husband, there was another young woman who was looking to make him her husband. We had gotten into an argument near my farm in Michigan but were separated by our mothers. The two mothers arranged for she and I to meet near the creek. The fight between us was wild and nasty. Our dresses were torn down and we grabbed and mauled the breasts with our fingers and short nails. Both mothers shouted encouragement but soon my mother and her mother began their own brawl. It ended after a few minutes with me straddling the blonde and punching her large breasts with my fists and my mother bouncing her butt on the blonde mother’s chest. Over the years, I had tangled with saloon girls, ranchers’ wives and even a few native women.

I stomped my bare foot down over Lisa’s right foot and she hissed at me, but it caused her to stumble back and fall. Her hands were still latched into my red hair and she pulled me down on top of her. Our legs kicked out as we rolled and wrestled around, flattening the tall grass around us. We were still pulling wildly at hair as our bodies fought. Lisa rolled on top of me and she raked her right hand over my face. I could feel the nails scratch in and I screamed out in pain. I could see her smiling through teary eyes. I let go of her hair with my left hand and grasped her huge right tit. I squeezed the mound of flesh so hard, it oozed through my fingers. She howled out and tried to roll off me. I let her roll away and then got to my knees and tackled her back to the grass. We grabbed a handful of hair and one of breasts and we rolled wildly about the grass. Our fingers started not only squeezing and pinching but scratching and pulling on thick nipples. We were both screaming to the heavens like a pair of wolves howling at the moon. I wrenched her head to the left and we rolled over and I got on top. My thighs straddled her hips and I let go of her hair and grabbed her other fat tit. She did the same and we locked arms straight, pulling and groping our large breasts into unnatural shapes. Lisa slammed her knee up in between my legs and I flew forward over the brunette, holding my pussy. She rolled over and got to her hands and knees and started crawling towards me. I saw her out of the corner of my eye and I kicked out with my left leg. My foot connected with her dangling right tit and she fell back crying. I tried to rub the pain away as I got to my knees. Lisa rose holding her large tit and got to her knees. I yelled in rage at each other and slammed together on our knees. Hands reached behind heads and latched onto hair and we pulled back sharply. This also caused our huge breasts to mash and push out our sides. She again tried to slam a knee into me but I blocked it, letting it thud off my left thigh. I fired one back and it landed home. I heard Lisa moan out but she latched her mouth and teeth over my left shoulder. I screamed in the bite and I raked nails from her left ear around to her chin. She howled and lost her bite. I balled up my right fist and slugged her in the left side. She crumpled and we went back down to the grass in a heap. I tried to get on top of the busty brunette but her fist socked me in the mouth. I tasted blood as I fell off of her. Each of us moaned and cried as we lay on our backs and sucked in air. I felt my hair being tugged and I blindly reached out and grasped hers as well. We rolled to our sides, breasts pressing together as our thighs locked around the others. Lisa pulled my hair hard back, her own head went back and I knew what she was doing. I fought through the pain and moved my face down, losing some hair in the process but instead of her head smashing into my face, it SMACKED against my forehead and everything went black.

I woke to a damp cloth being run over my head. My eyes blinked and I tried to sit up but Nettie pushed me back down.

“Now don’t you move, Ms. Ahna,” Nettie said, “You are in your bed.”

“What….what happened?” I asked weakly.

“Well, the screams you two were throwing out had both me and Maria heading to same spot. We found you two cats out in the other’s arms. Must have been one hell of a fight. That big tittedbitch and I almost went at it but we decided to help y’allinstead,” Nettie said as she tended to me. “Oh and Ms. Lisa looks worse, honey.”

I laughed which hurt a little.

“Now don’t you try moving about,” Nettie said sternly, “Or I will show you the type of fighting I can do. I will bring your meals here; the boys think you came down sick is all.”

I rested for the day and I slept a lot. I was sore but not permanently damaged. Scratches and bruises were all over my naked body. I knew I lost some hair but was happy that Lisa was most likely in a similar state. I knew it was late but the door to my bedroom opened. Maggie came in wearing a sleeping gown. I opened my mouth but she put a finger to her lips to shush me. She removed the gown and slid into bed with me.

“Let me take care of you,” Maggie whispered.

Her lips touched sensitive skin and I did my best not to moan out. Her hands roamed over my naked body as she moved to press breast to breast and our thighs caressed. She licked at my ear lobe and down to my neck. I cooed in enjoyment. Her hands lightly brushed against my large breast and she moved her mouth to lick and suck on each nipple. My loins were on fire and I moved my hips to crush my lady bits against her smooth thigh. She gently moved my right leg up to open me up to her. Our kitties touched softly at first, like a slow soft kiss. I needed her, wanted her. I reached and cupped her large breasts and kneaded the firm flesh. She moaned softly and her hips started moving faster. The bed creaked as we ground our bodies in erotic bliss. I was starting to get close and she sensed it. I was about to scream out in my orgasm but her lips covered mine as I came. Her tongue and mine crossed and wound around the other as we screamed in our mouths, hushing the sound in the room. We lay there, sweaty and breathing hard. Her large breasts and mine moved together as our chests sucking in breath and our hearts raced.

“I am going to have to get my ass kicked more often,” I whispered with a smile on my face.

“Oh hush you,” Maggie giggled.

To Be Continued in Chapter 2.

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