Wild West Wildcats Chapter 5 by Ahna Brown

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Blossoms and Bosoms Bloom

As told by Diamond Diane

After the brawl in the store, Betty and Red Blossom left, walking down the wooden sidewalk. Both women were in a bit disarray. Betty tried to hide it as the Mayor’s wife despite the greetings she received from the townsfolk. Red Blossom didn’t really care what the white people thought of her condition since one massive breast stuck nearly out the side of the bone breastplate.

“She and I will meet again…. Soon,” Red Blossom said quietly.

“Oh your just angry because your lesbian sister is humping her daughter,” Betty answered back cattily.

They had just turned the corner by the bank and feed store Betty wanting to get off the Main Street. The Indian girl grabbed her arm and put the blonde against the buildings wall.

“Ummphhfff,” came from Betty’s pretty lips.

“That is my sister,” Red Blossom hissed.

Betty swing the Indian around slamming her hard into the wall. Red Blossom pulled her around slamming her into the wall again. The blonde grabbed a handful of long silky black hair giving a yank. Likewise, Red Blossom gathered a handful of long blonde hair equally pulling. They glared at each other.

“Anytime you want to take me on injun, just say so and we’ll find a nice private place where no one will find your body for days. Remember who I am,” Betty growled. They stared at one another and then the hair holds loosened. “If you want to get even for your sister fine you do it, but that bitch Diane pulled a gun on me. Me. The Mayors Wife. There is something about her and I’m going to find out. Where did she say she was from? Now let go of my hair,” Betty stated as a command.

They both released their hair holds. Betty went on down the alley way while Red Blossom thought of a plan.


“The cabin is all done Ms. Ahna,” Billy said as he wiped sweat from his brow.

Over the past few weeks, the boys, along with me and the girls were working on a small cabin for the two love birds, my daughter Katerina and Red Flower. The pair had grown very close at this point I didn’t care what the towns folk thought. If the two were happy, then I was happy. Red Flower had completely cut herself off from her sister and the rest of the Monroe Gang. I didn’t know if the pot was going to boil over but I was ready if it did. Maggie and Seth practically ran the mercantile store for me. I was free to ride back and forth to Tombstone to discuss the Cowboys with Wyatt and his brothers. As the later part of the year was approaching, I had to take stock of who my friends and who my enemies were.

Diane moved into the house, now that Katerina stayed close to Red Flower. But she was rarely in her bed at night. She would hop between my room, Maggie’s room and Nettie’s room. Womanly grunts and squeals could be heard late at night. I knew Diane could stay here forever but I wanted her at my side in case something big happened.

I rode into town and up to my store. I was dressed for riding with a long grey split skirt and dark brown riding boots. The pale blue long sleeved blouse was tight over my chest. I took off my brown Stetson and knocked the dust off. My Colt Army Single Action was sitting on my right hip. I had started to like Kat’s Colt Lightning and she showed me the fun of the cross draw. I had witnessed a few bounty hunters who had their rigs set up like cavalry, with a set of pistols in a cross draw was set over the pummel of the saddle.

Ewa Savont was walking up to the store and I held the door for her. Her red off the shoulder dress showed off that never ending cleavage of hers and I held back a moan thinking of the fun that she, Kristina, Lucie and I had.

“Good day to you Ahna,” she said in a sweet voice.

“Same to you, Ewa,” I replied, “What brings you here?”

“Ah, I ordered some items and the lovely Maggie sent word to the Dove that they had arrived,” Ewa said with a smile, “They are for the show and for, well, after.” She winked at me.

“I completely understand,” I winked back, “Maggie will get you taken care of.”

As Ewa went to the counter to talk with Maggie, I looked around at the repaired shelves and new items that sat on them. The fight with Red Blossom had cost me a pretty penny but the stock was back on the shelves. The bell on the door rang as it opened. I turned to see a blonde, about my height dressed in an emerald green off the shoulder dress. Her massive breasts were barely held in place and the top of her cleavage was colored in a deep tan. Her blonde hair was neatly done under a green bonnet with a few curls coming down on the sides of her face. Her eyes were not looking at the merchandise, but were fixed on the backside of Ewa.

“Is there something I can help you with miss?” I asked, breaking that stare of hers from Ewa and now she focused on me.

“I doubt that, sugar,” the blonde said in a sweet southern twang. “The only thing that interests me here is your other customer.”

Ewa turned and was looking at the blonde. “I am sorry; do I know you?” Ewa asked.

“I do suppose we have not been properly introduced,” the blonde said smiling. “My name is Sabrina Jackson, the real entertainer in this town. You can catch my much better shows at the Screeching Cat nightly.”

Ewa laughed out loud, “My dear, from what I hear, your shows are a copy of mine,” she said looking the blonde up and down, “And from what I see, there isn’t much comparison.”

Sabrina and Ewa seemed to be drawn together like moths to a flame. The walked and stopped with barely any air separating their large breasts from touching.

“Your employer is going to get a rude awakening soon,” Sabrina stated.

“I would watch your tone if I were you when talking about Kristina Blanchard that way,” Ewa said back.

I could feel the tension in the store, the air was still and the hairs on the back of my neck were standing on end.

“I will speak of that old slut any way I please,” Sabrina said, “Unless you think you can stop me.” With that said she moved forward and her breasts pushed against Ewa’s.

Ewa pushed back and the tops of the breasts threatened to come forth from their dresses. “Name the time and place.”

Sabrina leaned her head forward and whispered in Ewa’s ear. When she was finished, she stepped back and turned and walked out of the store.

“What did she say?” I asked as Ewa was visibly flushed.

“I can’t say, Ahna,” Ewa said as she gathered her packages and walked out; leaving me and Maggie perplexed at the scene that had just occurred.


After Ahna had tended to the store till closing, she stopped in to the saloon for a quick drink then headed home. Today she wore her Stetson. A pale blue button front top long sleeve but with the sleeves rolled up to the elbows and a gray long split skirt along with her riding boots. She was taking her time going home and just passing an outcropping of boulders when a heavy brown body struck her coming off one of the closer rocks. Knocking her from her horse to the ground; Ahna’s right hand went to her gun thinking, mountain lion. While propping up on her elbows pulling the pistol, Red Blossom pounced on her again grabbing her gun hand as she withdrew the firearm. Ahna wrapped her other arm around the Indian girl and wrestled her over. Red Blossom held tight to the gun hand and as she was wrestled over her other hand pulled the Stetson off and grabbed the long red hair.

Red Blossom stayed on top of Ahna, holding her wrist in a tight grip as Ahna struggled to withdraw the holstered pistol. The busty redhead got her arm around the Indian girl’s neck pinning down her long black hair under it. She rolled the girl over on her back. Likewise, Red Blossom got her arm around Ahmad neck holding down the white woman’s long red hair.

Ahna knew the reason Red Blossom jumped her wasbecause of her daughter Katerina and Red Blossom’s sister,Red Flower. That and the catfight Ahna and Red Blossom had in the store a few weeks ago. The Indian girl held tight to the gun wrist pushing the arm up over their heads in the dirt. Ahna’s sleeves rolled up baring her forearms. The light red hairs covering her arms getting coated with a thin layer of dust as is her dark red hair. Red Blossom‘s own black hair taking on a light tan dusty coloring. Again the two women rolled in the dirt their struggle and kicking feet sending up a mini dust storm. Ahna held on tight to her pistol not knowing if she would or could use it against the sexy Indian girl but Red Blossom seemed to want to make an issue of it.

Again the two wrestling women rolled over in the dust now coating their bodies and clothes. Ahna’s grey split skirt and crotch less pantaloons allowed her free leg movement only her riding boots weighed upon her feet. Her blue blouse was popping buttons as she fought with the equally bosomedIndian. The blouse was not meant to hold in her large breasts in a fight. The lost buttons opened the blouse down to her flat stomach.

Red Blossom‘s own massive mounds were not held in place but merely concealed behind the bone breast plate she wore. It was more of a symbol then attire. Her massive breasts moved freely under it. The breast plate had no sides so the mounds of flesh protruded from each side of the ornament and slightly from the bottom. The simple buckskin loin cloth around her waist allowed free leg movement which at the start of this fight saw her dark thick black hairy bush pressed against Ahnas thigh. That may of womanly hair now also had a dusty tinge to it. Her feet were clad in thin moccasins.

The fighting women wrestled each other further away from the trail. Ahna’s horse, although spooked and jolted as Red Blossom took Ahna out of the saddle, stood idly by waiting for its rider to return. No noise came from either combatant at the start other than a grunt from hitting the ground. Now as the battle progressed, both started the grunting, groaning and moaning only two women fighting can make. With another roll in the dirt Ahna lost control of the heavy pistol and released it. With the gun threat gone Red Blossom still kept a tight grip on the redheads now empty hand. Her other hand withdrew from around Ahna’s neck and went to her hip where she pulled out a bone handled knife. Ahna moved herfree hand from the Indian’s neck and just in time latched tightly onto the knife wrist. With teeth clenched tight and each holding the other’s wrist they rolled onto a platform of flat rocks covered by moss and grass.

Ahna and Red Blossom rolled and wrestled over the knife. They were both covered in a dusty film. Both women grunt and groan with each other. They worked their way to their feet, swaying back and forth, struggling and moving round and round. Holding tight to the Indian girl, Ahna pushed the wrist with the large knife closer and closer to Red Blossom’s chest. The point of the blade slips under the neck strap and is cut letting the bone breast plate fall to the ground exposing the girls only slightly smaller chest. Red Blossom grabbed the back of Ahna’s top and yanked,tearing it. She pulled again ripping it more and hooked her leg behind the white woman’s. The Indian woman twisted and the two of them stumbled off the edge of the rocks, falling approximately 10 feet down, landing luckily in a built up pile of bushes and tumble weeds.

The fall stunned both of them. In the fall and the bushes Ahna lost her blouse. They rolled out of the weeds and separated. Red Blossom got up and went back to the pile searching for the knife. Ahna grabbed her from behind and flung her around to the ground then turned her attention to looking for the knife. Red Blossom got up and charged the white woman who spun around to meet her. They wrapped their arms around one another and went down on the ground wrestling. Holding one another tight with double D’s pressed tight into double F’s. Legs hooked around legs and they rolled each other over and over onto another cropping of rocks. The two fighting women pulled each other in tight pressing their huge mounds of flesh into one another. Nipples that were already erect at the start of fight, now turned rock hard. Ahna grabbed the Indian’s arm pulling it from around her. They grabbed hands clenching fingers. Laying side by side an arm around one another and their other hands clenched they pushed breasts into one another. Moans and groaning came from both of them as breasts crushed together mushrooming out the sides. Ahna rolled getting on top. Then Red Blossom got on top. They rubbed and squeezed the mounds of tit flesh into each other. Faces inches apart the two women wrestled rolling all over the rocks. A flat portion of the rocks contained a puddle of water from recent rain. They rolled thru the water wetting their bodies and hair. Once through it, they wrestled each other back, getting more wet. On top of Red Blossom, Ahna pushed the clenched hands up over their heads. They strained and struggled.

Ahna felt the girl moving under her. Moving in a way besides wrestling. Red Blossom ‘s loin cloth was up around her waist her thick black patch of pubic hair pressed against Ahna’s torn split skirt. Ahna shifted here legs so the split skirt and her crotch less pantaloons allowed her own red colors bush come into contact with the Indian girls. Red Blossom sucked in air as the two damp pussies came into contact. The pubic hairs mashed together as did the tits and Ahna allowed herself to be rolled over. Red Blossom began rubbing herself into Ahna gyratingslowly. She grabbed Ahna’s wet tangled red hair pulling in a feeble attempt to mask the sexual moves and pretend she was still fighting the white woman. Ahna played the charade and grabbed the long black hair pulling sharply.

The hair pulling did nothing but heighten the arousal between the two women. One hand in each other’s hair and the other hands clenched, Ahna rolled them over getting back on top. She ground and gyrated her pussy into the Indian’s. Red Blossom squinted her eyes shut and clenched her teeth trying hard to fight not only the white woman on top of her but also the feeling building between her legs. Ahna felt she had the girl right where she wanted her except the same feeling was building down between her own legs. Before it was a matter of who may kill who. But now it was a matter of who may cum first.

Ahna and Red Blossom moaned and groaned as their once kill each other fight now became a sexual encounter. Both women desperately trying to get the other to orgasm first. Ahna felt if she could get the Apache woman to cum then Red Blossom would have little to say about Katerina and Red Flower as now she fell into the same category. The Indian woman must have had this thought in the back of her mind because although she was deep into humping this white woman, making them both wet; she knew if she came what the outcome would mean.

Her hands then clamped on Ahna’s throat choking her. Ahna grabbed Red Blossom back by the throat and began choking her. They exchanged places several times in a strenuous slow rolling but the close embrace they had on each other was far out weighing the choking they were doing. Red Blossom put more pressure on Ahna wind pipe feeling some of the strength finally leaving the woman’s arms around her throat. She concentrated on the choking Ahna and rubbing their hairy womanhood’stogether.

Ahna got back on top of Red Blossom, still choking each other and still going at each other sexually. They ground their pussies hard into each other, both moaning loudly and choking each other. Red Blossom was getting the better of the red head. Ahna began really squirming under the Apache woman but the more she tried to get free the more aroused she was making both her and Red Blossom too.

It suddenly changed when Ahna started getting weaken from the choking battle. At least the Apache didn’t have to worry about cumming first. She continued to apply pressure to Ahna’s throat watching those huge 36FF’s breasts slowly stop moving.

Suddenly she was tackled off the redhead to the ground. The momentum carried her over and over with her attacker on top of her. When they finally stopped she recognized the attacker as Katerina, Ahna’s daughter, the main cause of her and Ahna fighting. Katerina having a lesbian affair with Red Blossom’s younger sister. They started to get up but Katerina also a red head but only a teenager at 18 took them back down to the ground. Red Blossom grabbed the long red hair and began pulling. It was a good thing Red Blossom was already tired from her fight with Ahna not that Katerina couldn’t handle herself. The teen grabbed at the already tangled knotty dirty dusty long black hair and began her own pulling. They got to their feet but went right back down. Over and over they wrestled pulling hair fighting. Katerina held her own against the Apache woman. The rolling Red Blossom latched onto the girl’s throat and her huge breast. Katerina returned the hold grabbing the Indians huge tits. They got up to their feet, the Apache ripping the teens top before spinning each other back down on the ground.

Ahna shook her head taking deep gulps of air. She sat up just in time to see Katerina and Red Blossom go down on the ground pawing at each other’s chests and pulling hair. A hard tug by the Indian tore the girls top open. They struggled to their knees and Red Blossom caught site of Ahna struggling to get up. Thinking better of it to try and take on mother and daughter she pulled the girl up by her tit and hair and delivered a ringing punch to her face. Katerina staggered back a couple steps before the Apache delivered a second roundhouse knocking the girl out. Red Blossom then turned tail and ran not looking back to see if she was being pursued.

Ahna stumbled to her daughter who was just coming to. She held her upright. “How did you find me?” Ahna asked.

Katerina groaned, “I was headed home and saw Goldiestanding near the trail. Then I could hear the two of you fighting.”

Ahna helped Katerina up looking at her face. “You are going to have one hell of a black eye.”

They got back to the trail and found Ahna’s gun before mounting up and heading home.


On the outskirts of town stood the house that Bessie Monroe and Louise Hobbs lived in. A group of riders rode up to the small house and dismounted.

Bessie walked out with saddle bag to her front porch.

“Howdy,” she said by way of greeting, “Curly Bill, here is what I owe ya. I hope you can forgive my forgetfulness.” She handed the satchel to the Cowboy.

“Oh Bessie girl,” Curly Bill said as he turned to Ike Clanton. “See Ike, I told you Bessie was reliable.” He turned back to the redhead. “But we have heard word you are few girls short. Seems one of your squaws departed and Kim the Cat got detained by the federalies. So let me introduce you this this Texas Rose.” He motioned with his hand and a woman, dressed in riding jeans and boots with a long sleeved button shirt and brown vest over it, dismounted her horse. “This is Anna Vargas. Momma was from Mexico and daddy was a ranger.”

Anna Vargas was 20 years old. Her body was slim but toned with hard muscle from riding and from fighting. The feature most saw first was her big brown eyes, calm yet full of fire. The second thing people noticed was her backside. It was rounded and sculpted with power behind it. When she wore jeans or dungarees, it stood out prominently. Her father had been tracking Curly Bill, so Bill and some of the Cowboys went to pay him a visit. But when the ranger got the drop on Curly Bill, Anna shot her father. She was immediately tackled to the dirt by her mother and the Cowboys watched and hooted at the two women in a catfight. Anna choked her mother to death after a few minutes and begged Curly Bill to take her with them. But what surprised even Anna, was that Bill took the roll of father to her. The rest of the Cowboys knew she was off limits.

Anna looked Bessie over and spit on the ground, “Now Anna, is that anyway to greet Bessie here?” He asked with a toothy grin.

“If you cheat us again,” Anna said in a low voice, “I will kill you myself.”

“See, now that is better,” Curly Bill said with a laugh, “Let’s have a demonstration. Bessie, where is your lover?”

“What are you meaning to do, Bill?” Bessie asked as color rose to her face.

“Me and the boys are itching to see a fight,” Curly Bill, “We have already seen you fight before but never sweet Louise. You won’t interfere.”

Louise Hobbs walked out to the porch. She was dressed in a red blouse and grey skirt. She untied her black hair and it fell to her mid back. “It is fine, Bessie. This won’t take long.”

Louise had about 4 inches and 20lbs on Anna. The brunette removed her brown hat and took off her two-gun rig and placed it on the pummel of her horse. The two women rushed at each other. The collision took both to the dirt and they began to roll over as hands punched at backs and head and hands pulled at hair. Louise was not a stranger to fighting, having learned and fought with the girls in her gang. The black woman rolled the pair over and mounted Anna, grabbing the girl from Texas by the hair and prepared to punch, but Anna slapped her hands over Louise’s large covered breasts and squeezed. The black women shrieked in agony and the pair rolled over again. Her blouse was torn open and Anna grabbed the large mounds of flesh and constricted her fingers over them. Louise decided to fight fire with fire and tore open Anna’s shirt and grabbed the firm breasts inside. Both women cried out as they wildly rolled back and forth. The dust kicked up and Curly Bill and his boys were hooting and hollering. Bessie watched in concern as her lover was fighting wildly with the young woman from Texas. Over and over the pair tumbled on the dirt. When one would get on top, fists would swing from on top and below. Knuckles thudded into shoulders, chests and heads. Blood began to trickle from lips and noses. The dark red stained faces and dirt stuck to the dripping liquid. Both Anna and Louise lost shirts and they naked chests slammed together. Though Louise had much bigger breasts, Anna’s pert and frim ones stabbing into the dark skin, making the black woman grunt in pain.

“Get her Louise!” Bessie shouted out, getting nervous as the women rolled and wrestled.

Louise Hobbs rolled on top and tried to push her body up to smother Anna out with her large tits. Anna Vargas was breathing hard but she wasn’t out of the fight. Her legs were out to the side and ready to coil. She opened her mouth and sunk her teeth into the inside of the black woman’s left tit. Louise screamed like she had been shot and tried to scamper away, but Anna locked her thighs around the other woman’s waist and rolled her over.

Curly Bill had seen enough and knew if it continued, Louise would be permanently hurt and he might lose Bessie’s allegiance. “That’s enough Anna!”

The woman from Texas let go of the bite and rolled off the downed woman.

Curly Bill turned to Bessie with cold eyes, “She is like a daughter to me, anything happens to her and I will repay it tenfold.” Bessie nodded sheepishly. “Anna, Bessie is in charge but you know what I want.” Anna Vargas was putting on her shirt and eyed the cowboy.

“Yes, Bill,” she said as she buttoned what she could of her shirt. “I know what you want from me. I need to ride and get a room at the hotel. I think I will try the Screeching Cat.”


Betty Abbott wife of Mayor John Abbott had sworn to the Apache woman Red Blossom that she would find out who this stranger, Diane, was. This came after a free for all in Ahna Stevens Mercantile where Red Blossom and Ahna Stevens went at it and Betty took on Diane. The fracas came to an end when Diane pulled a gun on Betty. Betty sent out riders to the area to see what they could come up with and they came back with information she loved to hear.
Diane was sitting at the table in Ahna Stevens home having a coffee while the black woman Nettie fluttered around tending to household chores. Nettie and Diane had a hairpuller in the hay not too long ago as a get acquainted tussle when Diane came to stay at the Stevens home. Diane and Ahna also had a friendly catfight in the barn which very well could have turned ugly for the both of them if it weren’t for the ranch hands watching them fight.

Ahna was also present now and the 3 women were joking and laughing and having a good time. A ranch hand knocked on the open door then stepped in.

“A message just came by rider for Ms Diane,” he said handing the folder paper to Diane then he left. Diane opened it up reading then uttered a grunt.

“What you got.” Nettie asked.

“It’s an invitation from Betty Abbott to an afternoon tea at her house,” Diane stated, shaking her head. Both Nettie and Ahna flew around the table to stand behind the brunette and read the paper. Ahna’s eyes glancing down at the 3 unbuttoned buttons on Diane’s shirt showing her cleavage. Nettie took notice of Ahna’s interest.

“Whoa girl you must be important. Getting invited to the Mayors house for tea. ” Ahna sounded a little sarcastic as she had never been invited to Betty’s house.

“It says to where my Sunday best. Hell my best is what I have on now,” Diane said quiet voice.

“I think I have something that will do you nice,” Ahna said smiling.

“I like your offer Ahna but your chest and mine don’t really match to well,” Diane said grasping her breasts over her dress.

“That’s Ok Nettie is a wizard with a needle and thread. Let’s go see what we can pick out,” Ahna said winking.

With a little of Nettie’s stitching Diane came away with a royal blue floor length dress. Low cut off the shoulder, short sleeve. She had a crotch less pair of pantaloons. Ahna offered a corset but Diane refused saying God wanted her tits to be free and that’s how they will be.

When Sunday came Diane dressed in the dress and all the family headed into town in the buggy for Sunday service. They dropped Diane off at the Mayors house. Diane knocked on the door and the blonde buxom Mayors wife opened it.”So nice of you to come Diane,” Betty smiled sweetly with venom hiding behind it.

“So nice of you to have me,” Diane returned with an equally sweet smile.

Sarcasm dripped from both woman’s exchanges. Diane entered and surveyed the room. The Abbotts did quite well for themselves. Betty noticed Diane in awe and stated.

“I know your kind is not use to this type of home living but I thought it would be nice for you to see my home,” Betty said, the intention of the comment hoping to elicit a response.

Diane ignored the slight as she looked her and there at the furnishings.

“Shall we have tea” Betty asked

They sat on a settee side by side. A small table in front of them with a flowered tea pot and matching cups along with some type of small bread and fillings. Diane sipped her tea and nipped at the bread. Betty got up and went to the dresser in the room and when she came back she had a gun in her hand, a derringer. Diane froze.

“I know who you are, Diamond Diane. I know your reputation and that you beat up the Preachers wife back where you live. I’m sure there is a warrant out for you and I plan on collecting it,” Betty stated with the derringer leveled.

Diane stood up.

“Sit down,” Betty yelled. pointing the gun at the brunette.Just then the door opened and Mayor John Abbott stepped in. He took in the view, his wife in her Sunday best white long dress holding a gun on Diane dressed in what he thought the most provocative dress he has ever seen. He kept his eyes on Diane’s breasts. Diane took the interruption to lash out and grab Betty’s gun wrist. The two woman stumbled backwards the gun waving this way and that. The Mayor ducked and dodged the aiming of the weapon. Diane slammed the blondes wrist against a table and the gun dropped from her hand.

“What the hell is going on Betty?” John asked

“John just stay out of this. This here is Diamond Diane and I going to bring her in,” Betty grunted and let loose with a hay maker that staggered the brunette back several steps. The mayor was proud of his blonde buxom wife for that punch. She went after Diane and the two women caught each other by the hair. Both women sported long hair Diane’s dark brown, Betty’s golden blonde. Both women had their long hair done up on their heads for the Sunday tea. Now hands buried into the long tresses yanking and pulling. Strand of long hair fell down across faces and shoulders as they moved each other around the room pulling hair. Mayor Abbott thought this was the best hair pulling fight he has seen in Silvertown yet. Going to one handed hair pulling, the two women swung fist after fist into their opponent.


Betty grabbed Diane’s sleeve tearing it off. Diane retaliated by ripping apart the blonde’s collar. They crashed around the room fighting and fell onto the settee’ knocking it over and spilling them to the floor. John got himself a whiskey as he watched his wife battle the other woman. On the floor Betty and Diane rolled each other over and over. Legs kicking dresses ripping.

“You hogs ass bitch!”

“You should know you pigs cunt!”

Dresses ripped apart as they got to their feet and bear hugged each other grabbing hair from behind and pulling. Dresses began to come apart. Long hair now hanging down over their arms and faces. Heads bent way back and both women groaned grabbing at arms and wrists.

“Get her Betty!” John finally voiced; his huge erection throbbing in his pants.

They crashed into a dresser knocking it over. Things in it shattered and broke. They twirled around fighting puling hair punching kicking slapping. Neither woman had nails to scratch but he used their fingers to try and gouge eyes and mouths. Diane’s dress came off first leaving her in just her crotch less pantaloons and Sunday boots. She saw John admiring her body and went after the blonde. Ripping and tearing she soon had the blonde down to her crotch less pantaloons too. Betty took them down to the floor and they rolled and wrestled. Getting back up the two woman separated breathing hard and bloodied. Diane grabbed the tea pot and threw it at Betty. The blonde ducked and the pot crashed against the wall shattering.

“That was my mother’s you bitch!” Betty screamed at Diane.

She rushed the brunette grabbing her hair. Diane dug into the blonde hair and they went against a window tearing down the curtains. Both topless their huge mounds ground into one another. At the same time a townsfolk passing by saw the two bare chested women fighting against the window. A call quickly ran out that there appeared to be a problem at the Mayors house. Others came running forming a group at the garden gate straining to see or hear.

The mayor now in full erection noticed the group. He shoved his erection as best he could and with his whiskey stepped out on the front porch to address the gathering crowd, “I assure you everything is…….”

Diane and Betty locked tight together in a fighting embrace came out the front door and down on the porch. Both women topless breasts swaying to and fro. They pulled hair and tumbled down the steps to the ground.

“That’s the stranger” someone said

“Betty’s fighting the stranger”

“That’s Diamond Diane” the word spread.

“Diamond Diane…Diamond Diane…”

The blonde and the brunette now exhausted picked each other by the hair. Diane swung her fist catching Betty in the jaw and staggering her. Only the hold Betty had on Diane’s hair kept her from falling down. Betty drove forward and the two went into the garden and down in the dark dirt.

“Mayor aren’t you going to stop them,” one of the townsfolk said.

“That woman attacked my wife and she is getting revenge,”John Abbott said smugly.

Betty and Diane wrestled and rolled each other around the garden getting covered in the dark dirt. They came up pulling hair and swung fists at each other


Diane drove the blonde across the walkway and into the other garden. Down on the ground they went fighting. Both women were totally exhausted breathing hard panting. Betty got Diane down and began punching her. Again and again fists rained down on the brunettes face, till finally Diane was out.

Just at that time Marshal Ted “Lucky” Lewin came up and after a nasty stare at the mayor pulled the topless blonde off of Diane. To make matters worse someone had let Ahna know about the fight at the church and now she along with Nettie, Katerina and Maggie pulled up in the Stevens buggy. Marshall Lewin had to restrain Ahna from going at the blonde as Nettie, Katerina and Maggie attended to the unconscious brunette.

“Come on bitch you wannna fight” Ahna yelled at the Mayors wife. John retrained the blonde who at this point was in no condition to go another round with anyone.

“I know who she is Marshal” Betty yelled staggering against her husband bleeding from the mouth and nose. “That’s Diamond Diane. She beat up the Preachers wife back over yonder towns. That’s probably why she’s hiding out here. There must be a warrant out for her and I aim to get the reward!”

“There is no warrant Betty” Marshal Lewin said “I checked with the marshal in Tuscan. I know who she is. You made a mistake.” Betty’s jaw dropped.

The Mayor pulled his bare chested buxom wife inside the house and closed the door.

“Ok folks go on about your business things is over here. Ahna, you might want to get her back to your place,”Marshal Lewin said.

“What I want Lucky, is to get my hands on that bitch Betty!”Ahna cursed back.

“Well, I won’t have that Ahna. Nettie, Katerina, Take Ahna and Ms. Diane home,” Lucky stated in a commanding voice.

They helped the staggering bloodied Diamond Diane to the wagon and helped her in and headed home but it wasn’t the end of things to come.

Ahna’s Perspective

It took a few days for Diane’s face to look back to normal. Luckily she didn’t lose any teeth or get any bones broken but she learned that Betty could use her fists. With the dark marks fading, Diane and I took the wagon into town to the Soiled Dove for some whiskey and plotting. Nettie had done her magic on another of my dresses for Diane. It was a dark green off the shoulder dress with lace around the collar and hem of the dress. I wore a blue to the ankle dress. The top was tight to show off the swell of my breasts but faired out at the hips and it gave me leg movement.

As we walked through the bat doors, we both looked at the crowd gathered around one of the tables. An intense poker game was going on. I heard a man laugh loudly followed by some coughing. The woman behind him refilled his glass of whiskey. She turned and locked eyes with Diane and nodded curtly.

“Ahh, the great game of poker,” Diane said dryly, “Good thing I no longer carry my jewels around with me.”

“Who is that?” I asked quietly.

“That, my dear, is Big Nose Kate,” Diane whispered back, “She and I had a disagreement a few years ago, but we worked it out. With her here, you do know who is sitting at that table, don’t you?”

“Good ole Doc Holiday,” I answered. “I saw him once in Kanas. He does have an interesting reputation.”

Kristina Blanchard noticed us and walked over, “Well, howdy ladies. Diane, I see you are well recovered. I didn’t know that big titted blonde had it in her.”

Diane’s eyes narrowed at the brothel owner. I grasped her arm, “It is just her way, she doesn’t mean anything by it.”

“AHNA STEVENS!” A voice boomed and I turned to see Doc Holiday wave me to a chair.

I walked over and sat, facing Doc.

“I have a letter for you my dear,” he said in a southern drawl, “My, my. Ahna, you are even more beautiful than Wyatt said.”

“Now don’t say that too loud,” I said, “Don’t want your lady upset.”

“Oh, his lady already thinks you are beautiful,” Kate said smiling as she put her hands over Doc’s shoulders.

I took the letter. “Thank you, Doc. We have more and more Cowboys here in town and I don’t like it.”

“Wyatt and Virgil have a good plan,” Doc said as he coughed into a handkerchief.

“Ahna,” Kate said, “May I talk with you in private?” Doc kept coughing and waved us off.

I walked to the bar with Kate, “What can I help you with?”

“Can you help me with an issue between Josie and Maddie?” She asked as I got us two whiskeys.

“Wyatt?” I asked back.

“He is clueless as most men are,” Kate said as she drained her shot, “Maddie is ready to kill Josie. I want someone to make sure the fight is fair; I am not that woman. I can get them both to where ever you want.”

I thought about it for a moment. “If you can get them to my farm, I will make sure they don’t kill each other. It will be fair.” I could see the relief on her face.

I caught movement out of the corner of my eye and saw Ewa Savont walking fast to the back but Kristina rushed to block her path. I edged closer to hear.

“Kristina,” Ewa said flatly, “Get out of my way.”

“No, Ewa, I forbid this!” Kristina said, “You don’t need to fight her, you don’t need to do any of it.”

“I have been challenged and have been wronged,” Ewa said, “I will not let this stand, that blonde tramp is going to get what is coming to her.”

“For heaven’s sake!” Kristina breathed. “At least, take someone with you. Or tell me where you are going.”

“I cannot,” Ewa said, looking at Kristina, “I will return. Do not worry.” With that she slid by the busty brothel owner and walked out the back.

Kristina was on the verge of tears when Diane and I walked to her. “Can you please follow her? You know these back paths better than I do. Make sure she stays safe.”

“Going to ruin these dresses,” Diane observed.

“We will make sure she is ok,” I said, “If it is a fair fight though I will not interfere.”

Kristina Blanchard nodded her consent.

Diane and I slipped out the back. We caught sight of Ewa and she was walking instead of riding. Diane and I followed at a distance and after about 15 minutes of walking she stopped. Waiting for her at an open grassy area, was the blonde Sabrina Jackson. The two women were actually dressed as if they were ready to perform. The lacy outfits hugged their curves like a second skin.

Diane and I remained in the shadows and stayed quiet to try and hear what the two were saying to each other.

“I am glad you didn’t run and hide behind your mistress, slut,” Sabrina sneered as the two women started to circle.

“I don’t have nor will I ever have a mistress, unlike that cow, Bella you please at night, whore,” Ewa shot back. “She wasn’t woman enough to stand up to Kristina, just like you are not woman enough to beat me.”

“BITCH!” Sabrina cried out and rushed at her rival.

The two women came together in a wild melee of swinging arms and kicking legs. Neither looked to be trained fist fighter but they did manage to land a shot here or there. But it didn’t take long for fingers to comb through thick hair, dark and light and start to pull. Each woman remained on her feet as heads were pulled back and forth. Sabrina used the nails of her left hands to rake them down Ewa’s pretty face. I winced as I heard the woman from Europe scream. Ewa grabbed the nose and lips of the blonde from Georgia and gouged her nails in. Sabrina let out a shriek that could have woken the dead. Each pushed away from the other and hands went to faces to check. Each hand came away with blood on it. They rushed at each other again.

The momentum carried them to the grass and legs locked as bodies rolled. They continued to pull at hair and use nails to claw and rip at the frilly undergarments. The large breastswere both suddenly freed and nails found new targets.

Diane moaned as we could see four hands find four large breasts and begin to torture and crush them. The rolling slowed as the two wildcats continued to pull and grope at large tits. Ewa got on top and used her left leg to stop the rolling. She gripped the undersides of Sabrina’s tits and started crushing the large mounds. The blonde from Georgia stabbed her nails in around the dark areolas of the brunette and constricted her fingers. I could hear the pain in both as they screamed to the heavens. Ewa fell over to her side and now side by side the two tried to destroy the others breasts.

Ewa couldn’t take anymore and released the blonde’s tits and grabbed her wrists to wrench them from her wounded breasts. Sabrina laughed in glee and rolled on top, pinning Ewa’s wrists to the grass.

“Fat fucking cow!” The blonde sneered, “You are a weak bitch, just like all the whores at the Dove!”

A fire burned in Ewa’s eyes at those words. She bucked her hips and it caused Sabrina bounced up and her tits dangled and the brunette opened her mouth and sunk her teeth into the right breasts.

“AAAAIIIIIEEEEE!!!” Sabrina cried out and started slapping the sides of Ewa’s face to get her to let go.

Ewa held on and started to shake her head from left to right causing the blondes breast to stretch and wobble. They rolled over with Ewa on top and she released the bite and there was blood oozing from the bite mark. Ewa kneeled over the blonde and started to pull the rest of Sabrina’s outfit off. The naked blonde was still curled up but as Ewa walked towards her, a left foot shot out, catching Ewa between her legs. The brunette let out a throaty moan and dropped to her knees. The blonde kicked out with her left leg again and it caught Ewa between her tits. Sabrina stripped Ewa and the now the two dirty, bloody women were naked.

Ewa reached up and dug her nails into the fleshy labia of Sabrina, causing the blonde to her knees in front of the kneeling brunette. The blonde clawed at Ewa’s pussy and their big tits slapped together as mouths moved to mouths to bit over lips. Blood flowed down chins and dripped onto the big warring tits and smeared to the other as the breasts ground together. Nails pulled on the fleshly lips and pubic hair. In the light of the full moon, the blood streaming over mouths and staining breasts and tummies looked almost black.

Hands quickly left their womanhood’s and they wrapped arms around the other’s backs and squeezed. Their large tits pressed in tight and mushroomed out. They tipped over and fell to the grass and their legs locked together. The slow roll had each only obtaining the top for a few moments before they rolled off. I could see Sabrina’s reach out with her right hand and grab grass and dirt. She brought it up and rubbed it into Ewa’s eyes. Ewa howled out and rolled away and lay on her back moaning. Sabrina looked around and crawled to the far end of the small grassy area and picked up a rock in both hands.

I ran as fast as my dress would allow me. The blonde straddled the brunette and with both hands brought up the rock, preparing to slam it down on Ewa’s face. I tackled Sabrina and took her off Ewa just in time. She spat up at me and threw a straight right punch to her jaw and she went limp. Diane was checking on Ewa as I crawled back to them.

“These scratches and bite marks are going to take a while to heal but I don’t think she will have too many scars,” Diane observed.

I ran back and got my wagon and rode back to load both Ewa and Sabrina in. I dropped off Ewa first at the Soiled Dove. She was taken up to her room. As I pulled up the wagon to the Screeching Cat, Bella Reed and some of her girls came up.

“Christ Sabrina,” Bella said as her girls pulled the bloody blonde out of the back of the wagon, “I told her not to do this. While I appreciate you not leaving her out there, it doesn’t change anything between us.”

“Bella,” I said looking down from the driver’s seat of the wagon, “I hope you understand, when you and I fight, it won’t be about sex.”

She stared hard at me and nodded.

Diane and I rode back to the ranch in silence. As we rode up, Nettie was waiting on the porch in her dressing gown. She and Diane stared hard at each other. I smiled. I got the wagon unlatched and got the horses in the barn and walked back into the house. I could hear them and walked to Nettie’s room. They didn’t even bother to close the door. I watched for a little while as Nettie and Diane were naked and locked up pulling hair, their big tits slapping together as they rolled and pulled each other up to slam onto the bed then roll off. I smiled and closed the door and walked to my room. Grunts and moans were now muffled but it helped as my thought shifted from Betty Abbott to Bella Reed and finally to Lisa Simmons.

Continued in Chapter 6.

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