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Ranch War

October 24th, 1881

Smoke billowed out of the chimney in the small cottage Katerina and Red Flower shared. The weather in the Arizona Territory was starting to get colder. Red Flower had been away for a few days to go to Apache land and try to reason with relatives there about the problems her sister, Red Blossom, was causing all Apaches. Katerina had returned to the cottage the night before after assisting Lucie LaChapplle in policing Henry Hooker’s land. She pulled to pot of coffee from the stove and poured a cup as she heard a horse gallop up. 

“GET OUT HERE INJUN FUCKER!” Ashley Simmons called out. 

Katerina grabbed the scatter gun from over the fireplace and marched out the door. Ashley was by herself and she had a pistol in her right hand. 

“You have a lot of nerve to show up on my family’s land a say that, whore!” Katerina called out as she leveled the shotgun at the busty woman. 

“You are lucky that bitch, Diane, broke us up when she did,” Ashley spat out, “Or that pretty face would have had my initials carved in it.”

“Get the fuck off my land, Ashley,” Katerina said as she cocked the hammers back, “Last warning.”

“Your whole family has a reckoning coming, bitch,” Ashley yelled out as she reached with her left hand into the saddle bag and pulled a letter out and threw it to the dirt, “Be here with your fucking family. If you don’t show, we will know you are all a bunch of cowards!” She reared the horse and took off fast down the winding road. 

Kat picked up the letter and opened it. She locked up her cottage and saddled her horse to ride to her mother’s house. Katerina burst in the front door, 15 minutes later. 

“Mama,” she said, “You need to see this.”

I walked out of the kitchen with flour on my apron. I had been helping Nettie with making some bread. She handed me the letter and I read it.

“Bitch, your slut of a daughter is living in sin with the heathen and her recompense is due. If you stand with her, bring yourself, your slut, that mongrel maid and the whore Diane to line of oak trees on the northeast side of our properties tomorrow at high noon. All of you, sinners are going to get your just due. Bring your pistols if you want to do it that way or we can settle it like the women we are. If you do not come, I will know you are a yellow-bellied coward.

Lisa Simmons”

Nettie had been reading over my shoulder. “Oh that trollop!” She exclaimed. “I hope she brings Maria.”

Diane walked into the room and read the letter. “Looks like that catfight I was hoping to watch will be coming true.” 

“She calls us sinners and she had her way with Maggie,” I said shaking my head. “I really want to fill her with lead but will settle for her hair and skin under my nails.”

“You don’t mind if I come to watch?” Diane asked with a twinkle in her eyes, “I will behave myself, well the best I can anyways.”

I laughed, “Sure, Diane,” I said smiling, “Make sure you wear the crotchless bloomers for easier access.” That caused all the women in the room to laugh. 

The next day Maggie went with Seth to the store. She was disappointed not to come but I explained she and the Simmons’ women already had a wild encounter and I wanted it to remain fair. I also needed the mercantile store looked after. Diane, Katerina and I saddled up horses and Nettie was in the buggy we normally use for Sundays. It didn’t take long for the four of us to arrive at the correct spot on the property line. It was off set from any trails and would keep the affair private. We seemed to be the ones arriving first but it didn’t take long for a set of horses and wagon to come up from Lisa’s side of the fence. 

“Goddamnit!” I heard Diane murmur. I looked to what she was glaring at. A busty blonde with her hair piled high on her head sat next to Maria, the Simmons maid, in the wagon. 

“Who is that?” I asked. 

“That is Sultry Sue,” Diane stated and spit out. “She and I have lots of history but I thought it was mostly buried. I am guessing that is no longer the case.”

The horses and wagon stopped and all was quiet. 

“I heard you were in these parts, Diamond,” Sue said as she stretched. When she arched her back, her large breasts pushed against the grey cotton dress she was wearing. “The invite for you was because I never got enough of what we used to do to each other. Since Lisa is my sister, I thought what better way to spend time with family, than to rip out that mop of hair you have.”

“Glad I left a mark on ya, bitch,” Diane said. 

Ashley Simmons got off her horse and started unbuttoning her white button up shirt. She pulled it off and her breasts were free. They were also huge. Bigger than Lisa’s from my vantage point. She stuffed the shirt into her saddle bag. She still had on brown dungarees and brown riding boots. Katerina got off her horse and similarly undressed, keeping her jeans and riding boots on. Each did a slow spin to shot the other they weren’t heeled and no knives were present. Kat stepped under the fence to the Simmons side of the property line. She and Ashley started to circle with fists raised. 

Maria and Nettie were staring daggers at the other. Nettie had on a brown dress that a little older and it hugged her voluptuous curves. Maria was a wearing a white and black dress that had seen better days. Nettie and Maria got out of buggy and wagon respectively with Maria crawling under the fence. Once she stood back up, she and Nettie charged. 

Diane got down from her horse and immediately hopped over the fence to walk towards the seated Sue. Diane was wearing a red long sleeve button up shirt with the sleeves rolled to her elbows and a grey split skirt and riding boots. As soon as the brunette got in range, Sue leaped off the wagon at her. 

Lisa got off her horse and removed her black short sleeved shirt and undid her belt and let her split skirt fall. Now clad in only white bloomers, she crawled under the bottom rung of the fence to my side. I reciprocated and removed my blue blouse and grey split skirt. Our naked chests bounced as our pace quickened toward the other. 

On both sides of the property line, women clashed. Katerina and Ashley circled and closed in, throwing a job here and there to test range. Kat had learned some fighting skills from Lucie and she waited until the busty blonde was in range before throwing a quick left jab, that was evading easily but her right fist to Ashley’s side caused the blonde to moan and back off. Katerina came forward and was met with a kick to the shins which made her wince and back off slightly. There large chest wobbled with each movement. Ashely let out a battle cry and came forward swinging wildly. Kat was able to duck most and answered back with more well aimed shots, but took blows to the face and chest. Kat ducked a wild right hand and grabbed the blonde around her waist, threw a right leg behind Ashley’s legs and tossed the busty 18-year-old to the grass. The blonde swept her legs and caught Katerina in the back of her knees and the brunette fell to the grass as well. Ashley pounced and her body came crashing down onto Katerina’s. Their breast compacted and mushroomed out as hands sought out long hair to pull. 

The charging Maria was met on my side of the property line by the busty Nettie. The two mature women grunted as their bodies slammed together. Hands immediately went to hair as they stumbled around the long grass. Their massive tits pressed tightly together, threatening to spill from the tops of the worn dresses. The Mexican maid spit into Nettie’s face and the black woman raked her nails down over Maria’s left cheek. She screamed out and stamped a foot down on Nettie’s, causing the voluptuous woman to fall back, pulling the busty maid with her. Legs locked up as pulled and scratched like cats while rolling and flattening out the grass around them. Nettie got on top and grabbed the front of Maria’s dress and pulled, the sound of the tearing fabric with Maria’s hiss filled Nettie’s ears. The Mexican grabbed Nettie’s worn dress and tore the top down and two sets of massive breasts poured forth. Maria filled her hands with her rival’s breasts and squeezed. Nettie let out a loud groan of pain and grabbed back. The flesh of Maria’s breasts oozed through the black woman’s hands. Maria bucked and Nettie fell forward and off of the maid who rolled and quickly pounced on the black woman’s back. Nettie felt hard nipples stab into her back as Maria pushed her face into the ground. The black cook threw her right elbow back and it struck Maria hard in her right side and she rolled off. Nettie got to hands and knees and jumped on the prone woman. Hands began to pull at the remains of their dresses and it wasn’t long before Nettie and Maria were naked, locked up side by side on the grass.

The momentum of Sultry Sue leaping off the wagon at Diamond Diane took both women down to the long grass. Fists started swinging as free hands pulled at hair. Since they had fought multiple times before, each knew what was waiting for them. They struggled on the ground, slowly rolling over. Sue’s right hand gripped Diane’s face and she pushed, forcing the brunette’s head back. Diane grunted and threw a right hand that connected with Sue’s mouth. The blonde cursed and spit blood at Diane and rolled off but Diane, quick as a snake, struck. Her tackle sent them off to a rolling tumble. Feet kicked out as fists smacked into faces and chests. The dress Sue was wearing was starting to tear at the seams and Diane’s shirt was slowly coming undone, button by button. Hands shot for hair, sinking hands in deep, twirling fingers in to get good holds. Heads were violently thrown this way and that as their chests grounds together. They pulled each other up to knees and then feet, arms stretched out as they looked into the other’s eyes. Bruises were starting to appear on faces, with a trickle of blood dripping from Diane’s nose and Sue’s split lip. Sue removed her right hand from Diane’s tangled locks and threw a strong punch to the brunette’s belly, doubling her over, but with her hands still deep into Sue’s hair, the blonde was bent over too. They bumped hips as Diane removed her hands from hair and they locked arms around the other’s head. Pressed cheek to cheek, they started punching and now swinging breasts. The short smacks of fists meeting flesh made each cry out and get weak at the knees. Sue’s left hand grabbed the split skirt Diane was wearing started to pull. 

“PIGS ASS!” Diane yelled. 

“WHORE!” Sue hollered back. 

Diane grabbed the remains of Sue’s grey dress and the two started to pull. Seams split and they fell back, holding the other’s clothes in her hands. Now clad in just pantaloons, they scrambled to knees and slammed together, going for hair once more, their large breasts smacking loudly. 

Lisa and I slammed our bodies, reaching around and latching onto long hair. Our large tits pushed in tight and painfully. Her bloomers and mine brushed roughly together as we wildly struggled on our feet. We each pulled back on long hair, making heads look skyward. I gritted my teeth against the pain and moved my left foot behind her right to try and trip us. She lifted her foot at the last second and slammed it down onto mine, causing me to stumble and I fell, pulling Lisa down on top of me. As we were falling our chests separated but when I landed on my back, she came down tit to tit with me. I groaned and had the wind knocked out of me. Lisa straddled my waist and pulled her hands from my hair. She poised her hands like claws and brought them down but I grabbed her wrists before they could attack my face. I bucked and we rolled over to our sides. I hand struggling caused our large chests to slap together. Our growing nipples stabbed into the undersides of breasts. Both of us were groaning in pain as we tussled in the tall grass. She spat saliva onto my face and I released her hands and dug my short nails into her cheeks. She did the same and we both screamed out. We thrashed around wildly in the grass, rolling back and forth, trying to claw at the other’s face. Lisa tried to grab my mouth with her nails and I opened my jaws to bite her hand. 

“AAAHHHH YOU DOG!!!” Lisa screamed out as she rolled away. We got to our knees and lunged again. 

The two busty teens rolled back and forth, pulling hair and throwing short punches with closed fists. The close in fighting started to get dirty as Ashley latched a right hand over Katerina’s left breast, digging her nails in. Kat screamed out in agony as her tit was crushed. She continued to use fists as her left hand buried deep into Ashley’s huge right orb, causing the blonde to howl out. The two girls pushed apart and rested on their backs. Katerina was the first to rise and Ashley followed suit. Now on their feet they charged and slammed together breasts crushing as they fell over to the grass again. Hands reached in between bodies and they latched onto the other’s large breasts. Fingers gouged and flesh oozed as they pulled and twisted the other’s tits with wild abandon. Legs became locked and they started to roll. The rolling picked up speed and went from a small rise in the earth and then down. Right towards the battling Diane and Sue. 

Maria powered herself on top of Nettie as the naked women tortured the other’s massive breasts. Long thick nipples were pulled and twisted as their thick thighs locked together. Nettie released the Mexican maid’s right tit and slapped her left hand over a fleshly ass cheeks and raked her nails up. Maria screamed and cursed in Spanish and the two rolled over with Nettie on top.

“PUTA!” Maria screamed up at the black woman.

“Brown slut!” Nettie answered back. 

The black woman grabbed Maria’s hair and pulled her head up and into the mass of sweaty cleavage. The maid started slapping at Nettie’s back to try and push her off. Nettie twisted her chest to slam the large mounds over and over again into Maria’s face. Her naked body slid up Maria more. The Mexican maid opened her mouth and bit down on Nettie’s right breast. 

“AAAIIIIEEEE!!!” Nettie shrieked out. She punched Maria in the right side of her head and the bite was lost and Nettie rolled off the maid, holding her wounded tit. Maria started to crawl to the black woman and pounced, taking her back to the grass. 

On their knees, Diane and Sue jostled back and forth, hands pulled wildly on hair. Lips were pealed back over teeth as they grunted and moaned out. Their large chests came into the closest contact. Hard nipple slashing across skin and sometimes stabbing into the other’s breasts. They pulled each other up to their feet and each release a hand to punch with fists. SOCK SOCK SOCK was heard as fist stuck heads, shoulders and sometimes the sides of mashed breasts. Being so close in didn’t allow for the best punches but each woman was experienced enough in fighting to make each shot count. Sue hit Diane with a hard right hand to the side and the brunette bent slightly coughing. She paid the blonde back with a haymaker to the temple that caused Sue to see stars and start to stumble. Diane grasped Sue’s face and pushed making the busty blonde press against the wagon. The blonde reached in between their bodies and grabbed a handful of Diane’s right tit and squeezed. Diamond moaned out and backed away, pulling Sultry Sue with her and then BAM!!! Both women were taken off their feet by the rolling Katerina and Ashley. The four broke apart but almost immediately lunged in a big pile of hair and breasts. Ashley and Diane latched onto long locks and Sue and Katerina traded belly shots and uppercuts to hanging breasts. 

There was an audible SPLAT as Lisa and I slammed together breast to breast. I groaned at the impact but so did she. Hands shot up for already tangled hair and we quickly toppled over. I scrambled to get on top but Lisa bucked and I rolled with her. We stopped rolling when my back hit the trunk of a large oak tree. We worked our way to our knees and then feet, still pulling hair. She slammed me back first into the tree. My head thudded against the bark and I started to slide down to the ground, my head swimming with stars. Lisa grabbed my hair to slam my head again and I lifted my left foot in between her legs. Her mouth opened in a silent scream as her eyes bulged. She fell to her knees, holding her womanhood. I followed the kick up with a right cross that hit her jaw and she sprawled out over the grass. I was still shaking my head to clear it and I saw her start to rise and stumble towards the fence. I got to my own shaky legs and went after her. As we neared the fence, I grabbed her shoulder and spun her around, but I was met with a back handed fist to my mouth that split my lower lip. She swung a right fist but I ducked and slammed my shoulder into her bare belly and slammed her against the fence. My head hit the post pretty hard and I went to down to my knees. Lisa grabbed my hair again and I punched her this time in her pussy.

“AAAHHHHHH!” Lisa Simmons screamed out as she leaned against the fence to hold herself up. 

I grabbed both of Lisa’s legs and lifted, tossing her back over the fence to her side of the property line. She landed hard and lay there moaning. I fell back to my knees and sat back, almost losing consciousness. 

Katerina and Sultry Sue swung the other around by hair as fists thudded into flesh. Blood dripped from cut lips and noses as bruises formed over breasts and faces. Kat was slammed back first into the wagon and she moaned out. Sue pressed up against her as large tits mushroomed out. Kat’s right eye was starting to swell shut and Sue wasn’t looking much better. The older blonde’s fist came back and went forward in a blur of movement, but Kat moved her face at the last moment and Sue’s right hand slammed into the wood of the side of the wagon. She howled and held her hand as she stepped back. Kat, seeing the distraction, swung a left fist the spun Sue around awkwardly and onto her shapely rear. The young woman walked up and grabbed Sue’s head by the hair, her fist ready to finish it.

“I ain’t got no quarrel with you,” Sue breathed out, “I just want Diane. You can do whatever you want with Ashley.”

Kat looked up to see the other women a few feet away. “You want Diane, you got her!” She grabbed the back of Sue’s bloomers and with her hand also in hair she hefted the older blonde onto the two struggling women, then jumped on herself, claws aimed for Ashley Simmons. 

When Maria hit Nettie with her body, the momentum sent the pair rolling together naked in the grass. Their massive tits were pressed so tightly together, it looked like to balloons about to pop. Hands fell into tangled and knotted hair as the mature voluptuous women went at it like cats. Maria rolled on top and grabbed Nettie by the throat and started to squeeze. The black woman coughed out and tried to buck the Mexican woman off of her. When that didn’t work, Nettie grabbed the swinging breasts and tried to crush them in her fingers. Still, Maria didn’t let go. Nettie was starting to see black but she reached down with her left hand and grabbed the thick black pubic mound of Maria and pulled. The Mexican screamed in agony and tried to get off the black women but Nettie held her tightly. They worked their way to their knees and Maria grabbed a handful of Nettie’s black bush as she pushed the black woman’s right breast to her mouth and she bit down. Nettie cried out but pushed Maria’s tit to her mouth and chomped on the mound of flesh. Tears streamed down the two woman’s faces as they bit breasts and pulled out clumps of their matted pubic hair. Maria’s strength was starting to wain and she flee back with Nettie falling on top. The black woman grabbed both of Maria’s wrists and pinned them over her head. She matched their massive tits and started grinding her body roughly into the other woman. The heavy body pressure was making it hard for Maria to take in a deep breath. The tits pushed out as Nettie shimmied her body over Maria’s; it only took a few minutes before the Mexican woman passed out. 

Diane and Ashley had two handfuls of thick hair and pulled and yanked heads around; their tits, Ashley’s much bigger, slapped together. They tipped over on the grass and rolled back and forth. Legs kicked out and knees slammed into thighs. Hard nipples stabbing into tits. Diane tried to fill her right hand with the blonde’s left tit, unable to get a good grip, she pulled on the long pink nipple as they rolled. Ashely screamed out and slugged Diane in the left side hard. Air expelled from the brunette’s lips and she rolled to her back with Ashley on top. The younger blonde grabbed Diane’s wrists and pulled them up over the brunette’s head. She moved her large breasts and slammed them down over Diane’s face in a smother. The older women thrashed about trying to unseat the teen but Ashley just pressed her tits harder into Diane’s face. Then Sue slammed into them and Katerina jumped on the pile. 

Once Ashley’s tits were out of her face, Diane sucked in breath. She saw Sultry Sue and lunged taking both older women back to the grass. Hands found hair again and they rolled around with bloomer covered legs locking together. Both women were tired form nonstop fighting and each knew that a fist fight wouldn’t do much so the hair pulling would have to suffice. 

Ashley and Katerina grabbed long hair and pulled the other into her, big tits slapped and it sounded like a whip cracking in the air. They tipped over and rolled away from the older women. The blonde stopped the rolling on top of Kat and she slammed her huge tits down onto her rival. Katerina screamed out as it felt like her own breasts would burst from the attack. As Ashley brought her body up again, Kat sent a left cross that impacted with the side of the blonde’s right breast, knocking it into the left! Ashley’s eyes bulged and she screamed and rolled off. She sat back up and Kat kicked out with her left leg and it caught Ashley in the face and the blonde fell back and moaned. 

Neither Sultry Sue or Diamond Diane had much left and were both on the verge of passing out. The brunette leaned her cheek against Sue’s and opened her mouth and bit at the skin. Sue cried out and it caused her to fall back. Diane got on top and grabbed the blonde’s throat. Sue struggled weakly and passed out. Diane kept squeezing, tightening her grip on her rival’s throat. Katerina grabbed Diane by her shoulders and pried her off. 

“GET OFF ME COW!” Diane screamed out as she was pulled off Sue.

“No one needs to die today, Diane,” Kat said, holding the brunette as she weakly struggled. 

“Let go of me!” Diane said loudly. Kat let her go but got in between Diane and the unconscious Sue. Diamond Diane glared daggers at the young women. She retrieved her torn blouse and split skit and went back to her horse without saying another word, mounted and kicked the horse into a gallop. 

Nettie and I pushed the moaned Maria through the bottom rungs of the fence to the Simmons’ side of the property. Katerina climbed over as the Simmons’ women started to all stir. 

“You ok, momma,” Kat asked as she saw the scratches on my face and chest. 

“Barely, could have gone either way,” I breathed out. “Where did Diane ride off to?”

“Can’t say for certain, but she is sore I didn’t let her kill Sue,” Katerina shrugged.

“Let’s go home,” I said as I surveyed the area of crushed grass, half naked bodies and clothes lying about.

As we got onto horses and Nettie into the buggy, I heard a commotion. I turned to see Lisa and her daughter arguing. 

“You told me you could best her!” Lisa shouted at Ashely. Both women were still topless. 

“Don’t yell at me, momma!” Ashley screamed back, “You were still on your back when I got up!” Then she bumped her huge breasts into her mother’s slightly smaller pair. 

“You little bitch!” Lisa cried out at her daughter. 

Hands went to tangled hair as the mother and daughter screamed and started pulling the other’s head back and forth. Their massive breasts mashed and mushroomed out the sides. It didn’t take but a moment and they fell to the grass and started wrestling for control. Ashley mounted her mother’s waist and grabbed two handfuls of Lisa’s breasts and started to squeeze, but her own breasts were grabbed by her mother and the pair started to compress the flesh in their fingers. Sue and Maria had barely gotten to shaky legs and they came over to the fighting women to try and separate them. I could see the tits being stretched as Ashley was being pulled off her mother.

We didn’t ride fast to the house and as we neared the barn, I saw Diane on her horse with the pack horse in tow riding down the road. We tied up the horses and went inside to clean up. Diane had taken all of her things with her. I didn’t know if she left for good or was headed into town. Nettie, Katerina and I cleaned each other and helped the others bathe. I was sore and bruised and scratched up but I didn’t think the scratches were going to turn to scars. Kat’s left eye was almost completely closed and her breasts had swollen some. Nettie had a set of teeth marks that oozed blood from her breast and it added to the battle scars over her body. 

We were all sitting in the parlor. I told the boys to get dinner in town and gave them money because Nettie was in no shape to be cooking. Maggie came rushing in. 

“What happened?” She asked as she started tending to us like a nurse. 

We each told her about the fights we had and what we had seen of Diane. 

“She rode into town and looks to be staying at the Soiled Dove,” Maggie said, “She glared at me something fierce as she walked in.” She handed Katerina a piece of meat, “Put this on your face.”

“I will ride into town in a couple days and try to smooth things out with her,” I said as I sipped at a glass of whiskey. 

“No, momma,” Katerina said, “I am the one she is sore at because I pulled her off of Sue. I will go in and talk with her. Just need to be able to see out of this eye first.” 

October 26th, 1881

I had spent the day at home with my family, resting and recuperating. Nettie was more like her normal self but I still helped in the kitchen as she prepared food. I kept the chores light for the boys and as evening started come set, Billy started a large bonfire and we all sat around, my family and my boys, sharing whiskey and telling tall tale. Billy was the first to hear a horse whinny and we turned, all of us armed, to see Marshal Lewin ride up. 

“Evening, Lucky,” I said standing slowly, still hurting, “Come join us.”

“I wish I could Ahna,” Lucky said, “I wanted you to hear it from my lips first. I got a telegram from Tombstone; Marshal Virgil Earp, Wyatt, Morgan and Doc Holiday were in a fight with some Cowboys.”

I became rigid. “Tell me everything you know.”

“Wyatt is fine,” Lucky said, “Morgan and Virgil were shot. They are going to be ok. Billy Claiborne, Tom and Frank McLaury, and Billy Clanton are all dead. I know you have had issues with the Cowboys, so I felt I needed to warn you. Everyone knows you are friends with the Earp’s, so be careful. I am headed to Tombstone at the request of the US Marshal for the territory.” 

“Thank you, Lucky,” I said, walking up and shaking his hand, “Be careful yourself.”

The next day I awoke to my daughter calling my name. I dressed in my sleeping gown and put on a robe and walked out. In the kitchen, seated around the table, was Little Flower and “Lethal” Lucie LaChapelle were drinking coffee as Nettie was preparing eggs. Katerina came out and presented me a large heavy box. 

“For you, momma,” she said smiling wildly, “I had already gotten this for you but had Lucie and Flower help. I was going to wait until Christmas but it seems you will need them now.”

I set the box down and opened it. I pulled out a dark brown leather belt with two holsters rigged in cross draw fashion, as I had been practicing at the cross draw and was loving it. I opened a wooden box and inside were two pearl handled Colt Lightning pistols, just like what Katerina carried. I looked again at the belt and the back had a wide sheath in it. The last item in the box was wrapped in a cloth. I unwrapped it and a bone handled bowie knife was revealed. 

“It will fit into the back of the belt,” Red Flower said, “Since you are right handed, keep the handle facing right.”

I slid the knife into the sheath and it fit perfectly. I was really touched and gave hugs all around. “Looks like I need to add more gifts for Christmas for you girls.”

We all ate and Lucie pulled me aside. 

“Diamond Diane,” she said quietly. 

“What about her?” I asked softly.

“She wanted to pass on that she wants to talk with you or Katerina at your earliest convenience,” Lucie stated, “She has been getting closer to Kristina but since she knows I work with Kat sometimes, she hasn’t talked with me much. I would be wary if I were you or Katerina.”

I nodded and said, “Kat said she would talk with her. I think she was planning on riding in today. Are you going to be headed back? Can you keep an eye out?”

“I cannot, sorry Ahna,” Lucie said, shaking her head, “I am headed back out to Mr. Hooker’s ranch today. But Kristina is there, she will make sure nothing bad happens.”

“Thank you again, Lucie,” I said with a hug.

Red Flower tried to convince Katerina to let her come with for the talk with Diane but my daughter wanted to go by herself. I told Billy and Matt to go with her to the town limits and ride back. Red Flower took Seth to the small woods on the south end of our property to hunt for some mule deer. 

I watched from the porch as Katerina, Billy and Matt set off to town. 

Continued in Chapter 7.

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  1. Giannis says:

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    You have outdone yourself. The four way catfight, at the end of chapter 6, is truly a masterpiece! And then you topped that off with a mother daughter catfight. You are the best of the best! I can’t wait to go on to your other chapters and books.


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