Wild West Wildcats Chapter 7 by Ahna Brown

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New Faces and Family Troubles

At the Simmons Ranch

Lisa Simmons was stewing. For the second time, she and Ahna Stevens had fought tooth and nail without the outcome Lisa truly wanted. This time though, her daughter, sister and maid had also failed to win in their fights. Her sister Sultry Sue, had already packed her trunk and had it transported to the Imperial Hotel in Silvertown. Sue was older by many years from her younger sister and the only thing that saved her in the fight was Katerina Stevens. Diamond Diane had almost throttled her but the young woman had gotten between Diane and herself to make sure no one was killed. For Sue, this brought a lot of confused feelings because of the things she had been told about the Stevens’ women from the outset. She bid her goodbyes and was driven by the wagon into town.

Lisa and her daughter, Ashley, had barely spoken since they were pulled apart after the fight. Ashley was about to turn 19 and she was feeling more resentful towards her mother. Lisa was finding it harder and hard to control Ashley. While she still loved her daughter, she had felt first hand, her daughter’s massive breasts, bigger than her own, and that brought a tinge of jealousy to the mother’s mind.

Lisa was relaxing in her parlor just before she was planning on going to bed when Ashley came in.

“I am leaving in the morning,” Ashley stated to her mother.

“And where do you think you are going to be going?” Lisa asked in a motherly tone.

“I am going to stay in town,” Ashley said, as she looked her mother in the eyes, “I am almost 19, a woman, and I don’t want the ranch life and I want to get that whore Katerina alone. I don’t need you or Auntie Sue or Maria to mess it up.”

Lisa rose from her chair and stood facing her daughter, each was wearing white sleeping gowns. “The hell you will,” Lisa said loudly, “You are my daughter and you will be staying here.”

“No, I won’t,” Ashley said just as loud back. “All you want is that big titted whore, Maggie. You want to take her from Ahna Stevens because you hate Ahna so much. I don’t want that whore living here.”

“Don’t you talk about Maggie that way,” Lisa growled as she took a step closer to her daughter, “Maggie will be mine!”

Ashley matched her mother’s step and the pair found themselves pressing together, breast to breast. “If I see her, I will fight her. And if you get in the way, I will fight you too. I will be going in the morning, don’t try and stop me.” The young blonde pushed her massive breasts into her mother’s pair and then turned and walked towards her room.

Lisa saw red. She was fuming at the insolence of her offspring. She marched to Ashley’s room and opened the door, stepped in and closed it. She turned the key to lock it. “If you want to fight her then you and I are going to fight now, you little bitch!”

Ashley smiled and pulled the sleeping gown off; standing naked in front of her mother.

“What in tarnation are you doing?” Lisa asked as her eyes went wide.

“We both know they are going to be torn off and I want to save clothes,” Ashley said as she cocked her hips and put her hands on her waist.

“Fine,” Lisa said as she pulled her own gown off.

The two women, mother and daughter, eyed each other before they lunged at the same time. SPLAT!!! The sound of naked skin slapping together filled the room as well as grunts from their lips. Their hands reached up and secured holds in the other’s hair and heads were pulled back and forth. The naked bodies jostled back and forth in the small bedroom. Brown and blonde hair got tangled in between fingers. Lisa surged forward, pushing her daughter back until Ashley’s legs hit the bed and the pair went falling onto it. They rolled across from the head of the bed to the foot and fell off. THUD! They broke apart only of a moment before slamming together on their knees. Ashley’s hands were on her mother’s upper arms and she separated her chest from Lisa’s. The older woman grabbed her daughter in a similar fashion and they lined up breasts. They locked eyes but each glanced down to the huge mounds of flesh poised for battle. The slammed chests forward with a slap and grunt from lips. They reared back and did it again. Over and over they pushed their huge tits into war with the other’s pair. Lisa couldfeel her daughter’s breasts begin to overwhelm hers so she changed tactics. She twisted her chest and slammed her breasts into the sides of Ashley’s. The teenager bellowed in pain but turned her chests and soon the battling bosoms were slapping together from the sides. Lisa pulled her daughter in tighter and their tits ground and pulled skin and slashed with long thick nipples that are dragged across the mass of flesh. Each wasmoaning out as skin is roughly pushed and ground. Ashley pushed her arms out and lined up her nipples with those of her mother and pressed forward. The long shafts stabbed into reddened breasts making both mother and daughter groan out.

“Dirty whore!” Ashley taunted, “Your breasts won’t last much longer!”

“I am going to rip your udders off, bitch!” Her mother responded.

Arms wrapped around backs as the breasts bulge at the sides and pushed out. Heads rested on shoulders as they began to pump their tits into the other; grunting with each pump. Ashley couldfeel her breasts pushing further than her mother’s pair.

“I have you now, you old cow!” Ashley hissed.

“Fuck you, hussy!” Lisa hissed back. She opened her mouth and bit down on her daughter’s right shoulder.

“AAAAHHHHH BITCH!!!” The young blonde screamed and pushed her mother back.

Lisa lunged forward, her hands in claws aimed at Ashley’s bouncing breasts. Ashley grabbed back and the pair push their arms out straight as fingers knead tits like bread dough. The overabundance of flesh oozed through greedy fingers. Hands gripped and then repositioned fingers for better grips. Ashley latched onto the long nipples of her mother’s breasts and twisted. Lisa screamed out and grasped her own daughter’s long nubs and pulled. The screams echoed in the room and were so loud, it made the other’s ears ring. They shook the massive mounds by the nipples, causing each to cry out in pain. The pain became too much and they let go and leaned back on their knees, each massaging wounded breasts. Eyes met and they growled and lunged again, but this time for hair. The hurt orbs slapped together, causing each to cry out. They teetered in their knees and tipped over. Legs locked up as thighs gripped thighs and a slow roll was started. Spit and bites at faces were exchanged as they rolled from one side of the room to the other. They pulled the other up to knees and then feet, still yanking on hair. Lisa slammed her daughter against wall and pressed in. Ashley released one hand and grasped her mother’s face and pushed, causing Lisa’s head to move back. This allowed the younger woman to roll her mother against the wall. Ashley pulled back and slammed her tits in. Lisa cried out, but was able to knee her daughter between the legs. The pushed away from the other staggering around the room. They came together again and went down to the floor with Lisa on top. She straddled Ashley’s waist and slammed her bust down on her daughter’s. SMACK SMACK SMACK!!! The younger woman cried out but didn’t surrender; as her mother pulled up to slam down again, Ashley slide her hand down the separated bodies and pulled on her mother’s thick patch of pubic hair. Lisa’s eyes went wide and she howled out as Ashley rolled her over. Now the young woman reared up and slammed her breasts down onto her mother’s! THWACK THWACK THWACK!!! Over and over and over again. Ashley grabbed Lisa’s wrists and pinned them down. She slammed down once more and ground her larger tits into her mother’s. She slid up Lisa’s body and pushed her tits into the older woman’s face. Lisa tried to buck her off but the daughter stayed and soon the attempts to break free were getting weaker and weaker until Lisa stopped moving. Ashley rolled off her mother and laid on her back trying to catch her breath. She heard a knocking on the door and rose to open it. Maria stood there with lantern. The maid’s eyes went wide seeing the naked Ashley and the naked unconscious Lisa on the floor.

“Take her to her room,” Ashely said as she stepped back. She waited until her prone mother was taken from the room and started to pack her trunk. She planned to leave at first light.

At the Stevens Ranch

I had just finished brushing Goldie and took the lantern off the hook in the barn and started to walk to the house. I checked the pocket watch I carried. It was getting late and there was still no word from Katerina, who went to town to meet with Diane. I had sent Philip and Craig out with rifles to check to see if coyotes were still raiding along the fence line. I heard the unmistakable sound of galloping horses and a coach riding up. I looked down the road and saw Philip riding hard with a few mounted horses and a large red stagecoach slowing down.

“Ms. Ahna, come quick,” Philip said out of breath, “It’s Craig!”

I rushed to the now stopped stagecoach and opened the door. Inside Craig was laying across one of the benches with a woman with dark hair applying pressure to his shoulder. I shined the lantern and his upper chest and her beige dress were covered in blood.

The driver of the stagecoach got down, “We were on our way from Tucson to Silvertown and we got ambushed by four riders in masks. We fired back but they were gaining on the coach. Your two boys shot back at them from the fence line and formed up with our riders but your young man was shot in the shoulder.”

“The bullet went through and out,” the woman with a Spanish accent said, “But they do tend to bleed a lot.”

Nettie ran down in her dressing gown, “Ms. Ahna, I will have one of the boys go fetch the doc. We can bring him into the house since we have a spare room now.”

I nodded and my hands and two of the riders from the coach hefted the groaning Craig up and into the house. The woman got out of the coach and looked down at her dress.

“I think this dress has seen better days, Madre de dios,” she said as she wiped her hands on her dress.

“Ma’am,” I said, “I am very much obliged for your help. My name is Ahna Stevens and this is my ranch and you are more than welcome here.”

“It is a pleasure to meet you, Ahna Stevens,” the woman said, extending her hand to me, “I am Julia Vargas.”

We shook hands warmly. “What brings you to Silvertown, if you don’t mind me asking?”

“I recently purchased the Imperial Hotel, the bank and the oriental laundry,” Julia said, “I have come to make Silvertown home for me and my daughter. She will be arriving next week.”

I paused thinking, “I had heard rumors that they were bought but I understood it to be a Rafael Del Santos, the bullfighter, who purchased them.”

“My husband has been deceased for a while now,” Julia stated, “But I find when conducting purchases like these, the sellers are more agreeable to sell when they believe it is a man not a woman buying them. I have used my maiden name for some time now.”

“I am sorry for your loss,” I returned, “I am a widow as well. But you will find a few businesses in Silvertown are owned and run by us of the fairer sex.” I smiled.

Julia laughed, “Well in that case, since your boys have saved me from who knows what harm, my bank and all services are open to you, no fee attached.”

“In that case,” I said, “You have made a new friend and if you ever need to order anything, my store is open to you as well. First purchase on me!”

Julia Vargas got back into the passenger area of the stagecoach. “Please let me know what the doctor says about your young man.”

“I will, thank you again,” I said waving as they departed for Silvertown.

As the stagecoach pulled away, Julia Vargas looked back that the waving woman. Her life had changed in the last 5 years so much. She had moved from Spain to Mexico to accompany her husband as he toured fighting bulls. The upper class women in Mexico had always looked down on Julia and her daughter, Esmerelda, even though her husband was loved wherever he went. When he was killed in the arena, she moved her daughter with her to Abilene, Texas in hopes of using her wealth to create a new life for them. But like in Mexico, the high society crowd, especially the women, looked down on her in distain. One big reason for the move was a knockdown, drag out catfight and sexfight she and Esmerelda had with the busty redhead, Alexandra Rogers and her equally busty daughter, Aleena. The four women had destroyed the Rogers’ home, fighting in every room, tearing clothes, biting and scratching naked skin. The hour long affair left all four naked and sweaty with Julia making Alexandra submit as they ground womanhood’s together, while Esmerelda lost to the very busty Aleena in a very close body to body brawl. The society folk had run them out of Abilene and the mother and daughter found themselves in Tucson, Arizona. This would be a fresh start for them both. The stagecoach hit a bump in the road, causing Julia’s ample bosom to bounce. She held her chest thinking back to when she and Alexandra had torn down the tops of their expensive dresses. Had thrown their bodies into war. With hands buried in thick hair, the pair tossed the other into walls, knocking down pictures, crashed onto tables and fell off to continue the mayhem on the floor. A heated flush came over Julia as she remembered when their pantaloons had been torn and her black bush met the red bush in a grinding battle. Their clits clashing as they grabbed two handfuls of large breasts. And as they fought, Julia would glance over to see her daughter in a tit to tit brawl with the redheaded offspring of Alexandra. She remembered the smell of the room, ripe with sweat and sexual arousal. The warm juices splashing against her sex as Alexandra came. The cries from her daughter as her large breasts were ground into submission from the redheaded teen. She closed her eyes and pictured it all. She felt the stagecoach slow and she peered out as businesses were passing by. It finally stopped in front of the Imperial Hotel. As she stepped out, there was a gasp from the porter as he saw the blood on her dress.

“I assure you it is not mine,” Julia said with a smile, “Please have my belongings taken to my room.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” the young man said.

The two Chinese sisters, Mei and Liun, came out in their new maid uniforms they had been provided. Gone were the plain grey smocks they had worn at the laundry. This was step up for both women. Mei, the older of the two sisters, was in the lead.

“Please draw me a hot bath,” Julia stated, “And Liun, when I disrobe, please have this dress cleaned properly. If the blood does not come out, burn it.”

The younger and bustier of the sisters nodded as they followed the new owner of the hotel inside. As Julia entered her new hotel she was wrapped in a fierce hug.

“Oh I am so glad you are alright,” came the voice of the woman hugging her. There was slight southern accent with it, “We got word the stagecoach was almost held up.”

“I am perfectly fine, Vanessa,” Julia said hugging back, “We got some assistance from some local ranch hands. One was wounded but he should live.”

Vanessa Carrington held Julia at arm’s length, “I take it that is his blood that adorns your dress.”

“Yes, and I sorely need a bath,” Julia said as Vanessa followed her up the staircase with Mei and Liun in tow.

A short while later, Julia immersed herself in the hot water as Vanessa ran a wet cloth over her back. “Vanessa, please tell me your thoughts on Silvertown. You have been here a few weeks now.”

“You have picked a very interesting place to start anew,” Vanessa observed, her mass of cleavage almost spilling out as she bent over the tub to wash Julia’s back, “On the outside, it is a typical western town. But the women here are the ones who actually make everything happen. The brothel owners are both women. Rumor has it they have already fought at least once. The mayor’s wife and a brunette got into a topless fight a few Sunday’s ago. There is also a family feud between the two prominent ranchers, the Simmons and the Stevens.”

“Ahna Stevens?” Julia said sitting up so quickly that water splashed out of the claw foot tub.

“Yes,” Vanessa said looking down at her wet dress, “She also owns the mercantile store.”

“She is now a friend, Vanessa,” Julia said as her eyes met the older woman’s, “If not for her young men, I don’t know what would have happened.”

“Noted my dear,” Vanessa stood, “Esmerelda’s room will be next to yours. I have the room over from that. I am very thankful you have kept me on. You and your daughter are family to me.”

Julia looked at the woman and smiled, “You are as much a member of this family as I or my daughter. I can finish up, have a good night, Vanessa.”

Vanessa walked out of the room and back to her own. She was born in Kentucky, the middle child of seven, three brothers and three sisters. Her brothers had all fought in the Civil War for the Union. She learned the womanly art of fighting from her three sisters and from other girls in town. She never married because she always found herself attracted to women instead of men. She went west after the war and learned to ride and shoot from Army cavalry units. She was good with a pistol or rifle and also with a bullwhip. Her prowess for fighting and shooting helped her get work with the Army as a scout and even bounty hunting. She found herself at odds with another female scout for the Army, Martha Jane Canary, also known as Calamity Jane. This rivalry found Vanessa and Jane in the loft of a barn, naked and covered in bruises and scratches from a long catfight. Hair was full of tangles and straw as the two women rolled in the hay. What started with fists had both changing to dirtier tactics when arms got tired. Neither woman won that day. Her body could rival that of a woman fifteen years younger. Large breasts still firm despite the hands of time. Vanessa first met Julia and Esmerelda in Mexico, five years ago, just after Rafael was killed fighting a bull. When a rival of Rafael attempted to take both Julia and her daughter forcefully, Vanessa intervened. She and the man drew pistols, but Vanessa was faster and killed him. She became not only a protector for the mother and daughter but also a teacher for young Esmerelda. Though she didn’t teach the young woman anymore, she was a confidant and friend to Julia Vargas and Esmerelda Del Santos.

Vanessa passed Liun in the hallway and nodded to the Chinese woman, their eyes locked and Liun followed Vanessa back to her room. The southern woman looked around and quickly ushered the younger woman inside. She closed the door behind her and turned to see Liun tanking her dress off. Vanessa quickly followed suit and once both were naked, they came together roughly. Grasping hair with one hand and wrapping an arm around the other as large breasts crushed together. Mouths opened and tongues invaded the other’s mouth. Vanessa had tasted both Liun and Mei but liked the younger woman much more. Liun could be very aggressive in bed and that fit Vanessa so well. As the two collapsed onto the bed with large breasts crushing and thighs working to pry apart the other’s, they wrestled back and forth, the same way they had done for the last five days.

A few days later at the southern edge of the Mule Pass Mountains…

Curly Bill Brocius got off his horse. He walked with a sly grin on his face to the cowering family seated on the ground in front of their wagon. The father, mother and their 3 teenage daughters,all sat with hand bound behind their backs. When the Cowboys rode up, the family didn’t offer any resistance. Bessie Monroe, Louise Hobbs, Anna Vargas and Red Blossom rode up to join Johnny Ringo and Frank Stillwell, as well as Ike, Phineas and their sister, Ester Ann. A few days’ prior, the youngest Clanton, Billy was killed in the gunfight at the O. K. Corral. Ester became unhinged at the death of her brother and demanded revenge on the Earp’s and anyone associated with them. She was in her later 20’s and already a widow, after her husband had been killed with her father in August 1881 by Mexicans. She had the beautiful looks of her mother and stood medium height with a large chest, small waist and womanly hips. Her dark brown hair was loosely tied behind her back. She slid off her horse and came to stand at Bill’s right side.

“Are they Mexicans or Indians, Bill?” Ester asked.

“Oh, they would be Mexicans, Ester dear,” Bill answered back, “They were riding from the same area those boys who bushwhacked your paw and husband were from,” he lied.

“Let me kill em, Bill,” Ester said in a sing song voice, “Please let me.”

“Just hold on, Ester,” Bill said as he turned to her, “Don’t you fret, you will get your time with them.” He turned back and motioned for all to dismount. “Now, no one wrongs a Cowboy. No one wrongs those with the Cowboys. The Earp’s and everyone that is family or friendly with them is fair game. We will cut them down one at a time. Bessie,” he said waving her over, “You and your girls will deal with those in Silvertown. The Stevens bitch, the Marshal, and that brothel owner who is friendly with Holiday. I want them dead by the new year.”

“It will get done, Bill,” Bessie replied.

“Oh and I want you to take Ester here with you back to Silvertown,” Bill said smiling, “You will find she doesn’t cower to the messy parts.” He turned to Frank, Phin and Ike, “You have fun with the woman and the oldest daughter now.” The three men came forward and grabbed the mother and her eldest daughter and pulled them to their feet. The father shouted in Spanish and the women screamed. “Ester, have fun with the rest.”

Ester took out a wood handled bowie knife and advance to the Mexican man and the two younger daughters. Behind the wagon, the men hooted as women screamed.

Anna Vargas looked in in shock and horror as Ester went to work on the man and his daughters. She was appalled that Curly Bill, who she looked at like a father, was allowing this. The screams of the man and the two young daughters soon stopped. Then there were two gunshots and all was eerily quiet.

Ester licked her fingers clean of the blood as her brothers and Frank Stillwell buttoned up pants. Johnny Ringo put two new bullets into his pistol before holstering it again.

“Remember,” Curly Bill said as they all got back onto horses, “Everyone dies!” Then he kicked hard and the horse galloped off with the Cowboys following.

“I must go and deal with my sister,” Red Blossom said.

“Make it quick, Blossom,” Bessie said as she sat up straight in her saddle. She looked over and Anna was still staring at the dead bodies, “They deserved what they got, Vagas. Didn’t you kill your own mother and father? Don’t go soft on me.”

Anna glared at the redhead as she brought her horse closer to Bessie’s, “My father was a sadistic man,” she said in low voice so only Bessie could hear, “And my mother allowed it, so when I strangled her, it was right. This,” she continued as she pointed to the now dead family, “This is wrong and you know it. Ester is not right in the head.” Anna and Bessie looked over at Ester Ann as she licked some of the blood off of her knife. “I will not ride with her.”

“Oh you will,” Bessie said, “You will and you won’t say another word about it. Or Bill will know what a yellow bellied coward you truly are.”

Anna spat on the ground and turned her horse and rode off.

“Where she going?” Ester asked in that sing song voice.

“She made her choice,” Bessie answered. She nodded to Red Blossom who rode off as well. “Ester dear, how would you like to kill someone close to the Earp’s?”

“Who is it and when do I get to do it?” Ester answered, a fire brewing in her dark eyes.

“Her name is Ahna Stevens…..

In Tucson….

The train stopped and passengers started to file out. The valet went over to the woman exiting from the private car.

“Where can I have your luggage delivered to, Ma’am?” The young man asked.

“There is a stagecoach headed to Silvertown tonight,” the gorgeous brunette said as she arched her back to show the massive swell of her bosom. The young man’s throat went dry. “They have been sent instruction to wait for me. Tell them Mrs. Judy McKenna will be arriving soon.” There was a slight European accent to her voice. She handed the young lad a ten-dollar gold piece.

“Yes, Ma’am!” He said enthusiastically and ran off towards the stagecoaches.

Judy Janik was born in Poland and as a girl moved with her parents to New York City. Her father became a Pinkerton agent and they moved to Chicago. She learned the art of both spying and coercing information from her father. She had helped the Pinkerton’s break up a labor union in Chicago. She became enthralled with detective at the agency. He was married and when the affair was discovered by his wife, she and Judy fought. The fight was in public and had them both using fists. It was broken up quickly. A day later, the wife had left a note declaring she was leaving her husband and she disappeared. The marriage to William McKenna was short lived as one night, a fire consumed the McKenna home, killing William. William’s family had suspected Judy had something to do with the disappearance of his first wife and that she was responsible for the fire, but they didn’t have proof. She was granted the sizable bank account that William had, meaning she would never have to work again. An article about the booming silver mines in the Arizona Territory had caught her eye. She chose Silvertown because of the name and had purchased two mines. Her foreman had been aggressive to secure the mines from previous owners but they were fairly compensated. She had a deep desire for things difficult to get. Especially men, especially married men or men in relationships. She enjoyed seeing the look of defeat in the other woman’s eyes as the man would look at Judi in lust. As she neared the stagecoach, a large gruff looking man in a black suit and long black, handlebar moustache walked to her.

“Ah, Mr. Condon,” Judy said extending her hand, “So nice to see you again.”

“Pleasure, Mrs. McKenna,” Norman “Norm” Condon said, “You will be pleased with the progress the mines have been producing. Since we stated sinking shafts, your holdings have increased fourfold.”

“That is delightful to hear, Mr. Condon,” Judy said with a big smile, “I trust there have not been any issues with the mines or miners.”

“None that weren’t dealt with accordingly,” Norm Condon said, “Mostly Chinese with some Mexicans. One of the miners tried to unionize them but he and his family, wife and three girls,were tossed off the land they were renting from you.”

“Good,” Judy said dryly, “Workers need to know their place in this world.” Norm held her hand as she stepped into the passenger compartment, “Will you be joining me in the coach?”

“Beg your pardon, Mrs. McKenna,” Norm said with a smile, “But I will be riding on horseback to provide protection. There have been a good number of attempted stagecoach robberies and I don’t want you accosted.”

Judy leaned forward to show off her cleavage, “I do so appreciate all you have done for me.” She closed the door and the stagecoach stated off.

On the road to Silvertown, the stage coached slowly passed a stopped, covered wagon. As Judy looked out the window, she spied a handsome man with a weathered face standing and stretching. She could tell he was muscular from the way his clothing sat on his tall frame. He wore a single gun rig on his hip. He removed his Stetson from his head, revealing a shock of grey hair. He nodded at the stagecoach driver and then nodded and smiled at Judy.

Wesley “Wes” Roberts put his Stetson back on his head and got back into the driver’s seat of the wagon. He and his daughters, Elizabeth “Beth” and Amelia “Amy”, had been riding for the last few weeks from the Dakotas to Arizona. His wife of many years, half white and half Sioux, woman Clara but called Red Wolf by the Sioux had passed away. She had come down a sudden fever that couldn’t be explained by the doctors. Wes had been a cavalry scout because he could speak the Sioux language. He was also a buffalo hunter but unlike most white men, he didn’t kill for sport. He followed the Sioux way of using the whole animal. Lessons he passed on to his daughters. Both daughters were widowed as their husbands had fought with Custer at the Battle of Little Big Horn. They had both returned home and both had fallen into a deep depression after their mother had passed. Wes believed a new life for them all needed to happen. His sister was married to the town Marshal of Silvertown and he decided to uproot his family to move there. Ted Lewin had told him he could work as a deputy until he found work he needed. Wes pulled the buffalo skin blanket over him and slapped the reigns and the pair of horses moved off.

At the Stevens Ranch

I sat on the porch as the hands moved the broken furniture from the house and moved in the new furniture I had Maggie purchase in Tucson. The china dishes would be arriving in the next few days. The windows that were broken were all replaced. I could barely move. Both eyes were still black and swollen, bruises adorned my face, cuts from the knife were etched into the skin on my arms, legs, stomach and a few on my breasts. I was found naked, bloody and unconscious on the ground in front of the barn. I don’t know how far Diamond Diane Farragut had been able to ride in the condition she was in after our fight.

“Ok boys,” I said in a chocking voice, “That is enough for today. Looks like a storm is coming in. Make sure to tend to the cattle before it hits.” I was answered by a chorus of “Yes, Ma’am”.

I looked over to Billy, who seemed to be taking it the worst. He had taken a liking to Diamond Diane but after seeing me laying on the ground after the fight, he had been even more quiet and reserved than usual. “Billy, come here please.” I said as he came over. “Billy, we fought fair. Same with Kat and her. It is just she and I lost this time. Ain’t no need to be saddened by that. I know you liked her but women like Diane don’t settle down easy. But I promise you Billy boy, the right girl is out there for you.”

He leaned in and kissed my cheek, “Thank you Ms. Ahna,” Billy said searching for his next words, “Don’t know a woman who want someone like me though.”

“Billy, you stop that this instant,” I barked out, “You are a fine young man. Strong and loyal and any young woman would be lucky to have you! Don’t you dare think of yourself that way, hear me?”

I could see his eyes swimming as tears formed in him but then he breathed in and out a few time, “I’m ok Ms. Ahna, thank you.”

“Good,” I said as I tried to rise from the rocking chair, “Now help me into the parlor. Miss Nettie will have supper ready soon.” I felt his strong arms hold me upright as I limped inside.

At Katerina’s and Red Flower’s Cottage…

The day was cold and rain was coming down in a steady amount. Red Flower touched her lover’s forehead to check for fever. She was happy there was none. The cuts and bruises would all heal. Katerina lay in their bed still sleeping. Her fight with Diamond Diane had taken a great toll on her. She was left bleeding and unconscious after the wild brawl. Red Flower had wanted to get revenge but Kat told her it was a fair fight and that Red Flower was not to do anything towards Diane. The busty brunette had also bested Kat’s mother, Ahna in a wild fight that left both women cut from knife wounds and had destroyed most of the inside of Ahna’s home. Red Flower had planned to ride to the homestead to see Ahna and make a tonic she knew from her days living on Apache land. She was wearing her bone plate vest but because of the cold, her buckskin skirt was replaced by the buckskin leggings and coat made of wolf furs. There was loud thud against the door of the house and Flower knew what it was. She made sure her bowie knife was in its scabbard on her waist and took Katerina’s Colt Lightning from the holster and walked outside. There was a bone handled tomahawk buried deep into the middle of the door. It was a sign of challenge for Apache people. On horseback in front of the small cottage sat Red Blossom. She was dressed like that of her sister with her bone plate vest, buckskin leggings and a coat of animal furs. Her long black hair was matted down from the rain.

Red Flower shrugged her shoulders and removed the wolf skin coat. She walked out from the porch and let the rain wash over her. She saw that Red Blossom’s face was painted. She walked to her horse, placed Kat’s pistol in the saddle bag and removed her paint and a small mirror; applying the paint to her face. She pulled her hair into two braids and tied them off with a buckskin tie. She readied herself for the battle. As she walked away from her horse, Red Blossom got down from her mount and removed her animal skin coat. The two sisters removed the knives from the sheaths on their hips and started to circle. There were no words exchanged, none were needed. The fight between them was a while coming. They each gripped the knives in right hands and held them up, moving the hands out towards the other, darting in and back quickly to provoke a movement. The sisters lunged at the same time with knives up, poising to strike down.

The free hands clasped the other’s wrists to prevent stabbing and slashing. The struggled on their feet as moccasins slipped in the mud from the rain. The muscles in their arms tensed as they tried to press the knives closer to each other. Flower struck first with her right foot hooking behind Blossom’s left and they went down to the mud. The knives got closer to skin as they slowly rolled in the muck. Blossom was able to get on top and brought the knife closer and closer to Flower’s shoulder, leaning in with her weight. The younger sister bucked up and it caused the knife to nick the skin and also cut the right tie of the bone plate on her chest. She put her feet against her sister’s thighs and pushed, her own blade cutting across Blossom’s left arm. The two quickly rolled to feet and advanced towards the other. Mud covered their clothed bodies as they came together in the clench again. This time Flower head butted her sister in the face, stunning Blossom, who stumbled back. The younger Apache went forward with a slash that caught her sister in the left side but she was cut in her left leg through the buckskin leggings. Flower dropped to knee in pain. Her sister saw this and rushed, but Flower rolled and slashed with her knife, cutting into Blossom’s right leg. Now both were slow to rise and circle, being more cautious to lunge. Blossom came forward but her stab was blocked downward by her sister. The sound of the metal hitting could be heard. Flower twisted the locked hands up but lost her hold on her knife and the one Blossom was using and they both sailed several feet away. The older sister turned to lunge at the discarded weapons but Flower grabbed her by the back of the hair and whipped her around and to the ground. She made a move for the knives but was tackled to the mud by Blossom. Hands found long, wet, black hair and pulled. They crushed bodies together as they rolled in the mud. The knife fight taking a dirty turn. Flower got on top but her sister tore the rest of the bone chest plate off, leaving her large breasts swinging free. She grunted and grabbed the ties that held on Blossom’s top and pulled back, the mud causing her to slide off her sister but she tore the chest plate off as well. Both topless sisters got to knees and lunged, the large muddy orbs slamming together as arms went around backs and they once again fell to the mud. They wrestled, each obtaining the top for a moment before being rolled off. Both had lost their moccasins in the struggled and the mud was weighing down the buckskin britches. Blossom rolled on top and grabbed both of her sister’s large breasts and she tried to crush them in her hands. Flower cried out and tried to pry the hands from her breasts. She reached up and grabbed Blossom’s back and she pulled her sister over so they were side by side in the mud, crushing the other’s tits. Their legs locked tight and they tried to squeeze the other’s legs with their own. The older Apache released her sister’s breasts and slapped mud into Flower’s nose and mouth. The younger sister tried to roll away as she coughed. Blossom rose to pounce but Flower used her legs to send her flip her head over heels and back first into the mud. The belt holding the buckskin leggings broke and they started to come down. Flower’s own leggings felt heavy, so she took them off. The sisters rose again to feet, naked and lunged. They impacted and fell in a tangle of arms to the wet earth.

The muddy catfight had the two sisters slipping and sliding all over each other. Keeping holds in hair or on large breasts was becoming harder due to the amount of muck on the bodies. Their strong legs tightened around the other’s, making both wince in pain. Flower grasped her sister’s throat and tried to squeeze. Blossom coughed and pressed her hands to her sister’s face, pushing the thumbs toward Flower’s eyes. The younger woman struggled and tried to break free, feeling the thumbs press in. She released the throat and punched it with her right fist and Blossom rolled off but Flower turned over and tried to blink her eyes to see. The older sister pounced on her back, grabbed the back of Flower’s hair and pushing her face into the mud to cut off air. The younger Apache flailed wildly trying to buck her sister off. As her hand slapped down in the mud, she felt something hard. Her strength was starting to fail her and she knew she would be dead soon. Red Flower swung the knife she had found with her right hand and the blade stabbed into Red Blossom’s right thigh.

“AAAAHHHHHHH!!!” Red Blossom screamed and fell off her sisters back.

Red Flower rolled over and coughed out mud and spit from her mouth. She cleaned the mud from her eyes. She saw her sister trying to pull the bowie knife from her thigh. Red Flower leaped and straddled Red Blossom, the older sister’s arms trapped beneath muddy thighs. Flower grabbed the knife and pulled it out, eliciting another scream from her sister’s lips. She brought the blood covered blade to Red Blossom’s neck.

“Finish it,” Red Blossom whispered.

Red Flower paused as she thought about what to do next. She looked up and Kat was leaning against the open door to their cottage. Katerina nodded to Red Flower.

“No,” Red Flower said, “I have spared your life and you will live in your shame. Let the scars be reminders of this day.” Red Flower rolled off and rose on weakened legs to her feet.

Red Blossom started to rise and glared at her sister, “You are too soft to be an Apache.” She left everything she had brought and got to her horse and crawled over its back and held on as the animal trotted away.

“I am proud of you,” Katerina said as she embraced her muddy lover, kissing her grimy lips.

“She will not give warning next time,” Red Flower said as she broke the kiss, “She will come for us again, but I couldn’t kill her when I had the chance to save her. But she doesn’t want to be saved. She is lost and will never be found.”

Katerina had tears in her eyes, tears because Flower would never cry them, so Kat did it for her. The walked into the cottage.

To Be Continued in Chapter 7.5.

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3 thoughts on “Wild West Wildcats Chapter 7 by Ahna Brown

  1. Dinos says:

    Very good ! I liked it even if two times a fight did not end as i was hoping. Mother and sister… only catfight… What a pitty ! LOL
    Then the two “red” sisters”… fgight and knives… What a pitty again !! LOL

    It will be a LONG novel, i am sure… i hope that sometime i will be more lucky !!

    1. Dinos says:

      mother and daughter i meant.
      More misstyping errors as i am in a hurry, i hope you got the meaning.


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