Wild West Wildcats Chapter 9 by Ahna Brown

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Winter Love and Native Blessings

The morning air was cold and crisp as I set Goldie into a gallop down the back of my land. The December temperatures in the morning had frost on the ground but the sun today was heating it up. I contemplated the last few weeks as I rode. Seth was back on his feet with the help of a crutch and a cushion to sit on. Craig’s shoulder was good as new and he was back doing most of the normal chores he was accustomed to. I left the holes in the front of the store as a reminder of the plague that was descending on our town. If the Cowboys and Bessie Monroe wanted a fight, I was ready to give it to them. Virgil Earp was back as the acting Marshal for Tombstone and Lucky was back in town to make sure the peace was kept. I hoped that would free the new deputy, Wes Roberts, up for some time to spend with me. Every time I thought about him, I got a warm feeling all over. Good lord, girl! My face felt cold as the wind from the hard riding blew into it. My black duster flew out behind me. My eyes watered from the cold wind but I noticed a figure near an outcropping of boulders near the eastern edge of my property. I slowed Goldie and wiped my eyes. There trotting towards me was Wes Roberts. His head was covered in a brown Stetson and he wore a heavy buffalo skin coat. I could see the smile on his face as I neared. His black stallion was a beauty; strong, like its rider.

“Well howdy, Ma’am,” Wes said by way of greeting as he tipped his hat. “How goes the riding this morning?”

“Howdy to you, deputy,” I answered with a smile, “The riding is cold but needed. What brings you out this way?”

“Oh,” he said looking down, “Been looking for some good hunting spots. I know you had mentioned about the mule deer and I wanted to check it out for myself. That and the chance to see you again.”

We had not really spoken since we kissed the night Seth was shot. “I am glad you came out, Wes,” I said as I dismounted Goldie. “This area right here is a good spot for hunting.”

Wes got down off his horse. “I am much obliged for this, Ahna,” he said.

“Your horse is gorgeous, “I said, “What is his name?”

“This here is Bull, Sitting Bull,” he said but he saw my eyes narrow at the name. “You don’t approve?”

“No, it is not that,” I said quickly, “I have just not had many good relations with Indians over the years. A party of Cheyanne Dog soldiers killed my parents, sister and my young son.”

“Oh Ahna, I am so sorry,” Wes said and I could see pain in his eyes too. “My late wife, Clara, was also called Tawni Wahney. That is Sioux for Lonely Warrior. She was half-white and half-Sioux. Her father was a Cavalry Scout and her mother was from a tribe near Deadwood. She was part of both worlds and taught both me and the girls about life as a Sioux. She had no love for the Cheyanne.”

We sat down near a large oak tree and I nodded at him to continue.

“Her being with me caused more strife from the local tribe. ButClara chose me. We raised the girls to both honor and abide by the Sioux way. It was not easy for them. The girls were at odds with both whites and Indians, more fights than you can imagine.”

“My Robert got sick,” I said as I stared off into the field, “The doctors did not know what caused it but he got weaker and weaker by the day. When he passed, I did not know what to do, but knew I had to live for my daughter. The burden got less as time went on. It will for you too.” I looked back towards him. Our eyes met.

“Her death was fast,” Wes said, his eyes looking into mine, “She was only sick for a few days and then she was gone. I needed to leave that place. She will always be with me but she would not want me to wallow in my own pain. She was about life and living it.”

“Your Clara sounds like a wonderful woman,” I said with a small smile, “Your girls seem to be fine young women because of her.”

“They are,” Wes said, “And I am better for being her husband while she was here.”

I leaned towards him and him to me and we kissed. It was a long kiss, our mouths parting to let our tongues slide together.

I broke the kiss and moved my head back, “Is there a Sioux curse that would be put on me by the ghost of your wife for doing this?”

Wes laughed, “If there is, it will be visiting me as well.”

We kissed again, more passionately. Our hands started to roam. I could feel his strong arms and chest as my hands moved over his shirt. We started to undress each other. This was not the timid meeting of two new lovers, this was an experienced man and woman who knew what they wanted. My shirt was open and his hands wend to my breasts. The rough palms felt amazing against my smooth skin. He cupped and kneaded them as I moaned in our kiss. I opened his shirt and my hands combed through the hair on his chest. He pulled me closer to him. I fumbled with his gun belt and the belt holding his jeans up. We hit a stalemate as we were both sitting on the ground. We broke the kiss and looked at each other. We laughed and moved slightly back to undress. The clothes were lane around us as we came back together, naked this time. I reached down and caressed his large manhood, feeling it grow in my hand. It was large, very large. His hands went back to my breasts and he moved his mouth to lick and put a hard nipple into his mouth. I felt his teeth and then he sucked the long, hard nipple. I worked his cock in my hands, the shaft long and grooved with veins, pulsating with my touch. I pushed him back to the bare earth and climbed over him. I lowered myself slowly, feeling his cock impale my womanhood. I placed my hands on his chest as I slowly rode him. Each long stroke as I took his large cock into me. His weathered hands filled with my large breasts and he pulled them, kneading the flesh with his fingers. I moaned out and started to ride him faster. I could hear the slap of my hips coming down on his. CLAP CLAP CLAP! He pulled on my nipples, teasing them to my moans of bliss. A look of longing came over his face and then his hips started to buck faster and it almost dislodged me. I rode him as if I was breaking a new horse. His body tensed and I felt his manhood surge forth and he cried out into the wind. I looked down at him and could see his eyes tearing up. I brought my face to his.

“Thank you,” I said softly to him.

“I am sorry, Ahna,” Wes said as his voice cracked, “I haven’t been with another woman since my wife passed.”

“Do not be sorry,” I said as I kissed his tears, “Thank you for letting me do this for you. I know your wife would want you to live your life.”

I rolled us over with me on my back. He needed to take charge and be the man he needed to be. My legs curled around his hips as he thrust into me repeatedly. My hands clenched his shoulders and I dug my short nails in. I did not want this to ever end. I cupped his face and leaned up as he leaned down. WE kissed each other with wanton passion. His thrusting became more rapid and I could feel my soul on fire! My own cries mixed with his as our bodies slapped and writhed in the grass. We lay there in the grass holding each other, trading kisses to the other’s face. I heard distant gunfire.

“Damn!” I said, “I am late.”

“What are you late for?” Wes asked as we sat up.

“Just some target practice with some bounty hunters,” I said as I started to get dressed. Wes did as well. We came together in a passionate kiss. “Will you come by the store later? On second thought, I will be busy at the store. The girl, Maggie, who was living here and working at the store, is now with Lisa Simmons,” I said as I spat on the ground, “I really hate that woman. Maybe you and the girls can join me for dinner tomorrow night?”

“I think that would do just fine,” Wes said as he held me to him, “Do you need any help at the store?”

“I do, but good help is so hard to find,” at the mention of hard, I looked down at his pants and we both laughed. “You might put that stud of yours to shame, mister.” I winked at him.

I got onto Goldie and blew Wes a kiss as I galloped off toward my homestead. I came up to four women putting empty bottles on the fence. My daughter Katerina, her lover Red Flower, the bounty hunter Lucie LaChapelle and Vanessa Carrington. I eyed Vanessa as I got down off Goldie.

“Nice of you to make an appearance, mama,” Kat said in a mocking tone with a smile on her face, “Why do you have grass in your hair?”

I brushed through my red hair, “Oh, no reason. How goes the practice?”

Katerina cocked an eyebrow, “It is going good. Vanessa here knows Lucie from bounty hunting and was showing us the finer points with a bullwhip.”

As if on que, Vanessa pulled the bullwhip from her left hip and cracked it once, breaking the first bottle on the fence.

“Impressive,” I said, “Looks like you are a woman of many parts.”

“Some parts rougher than others,” Vanessa said in reply.

We kept glancing at one another as we each took turns shooting with pistols and rifles at the bottles. Once the practice was completed, Vanessa hung back as Lucie bid her goodbyes with us. Katerina and Red Flower walked back to the house.

“So when are you and I going to deal with the tension?” Vanessa asked, getting to the important aspect of what was going on between us.

“Look, Ms. Carrington,” I said, “I do not have issue with you or what you stand for or who you work with. My concern was in the heat of the moment but there is something here, as if a string pulled too tightly across a guitar. Therefore, it that means you and I retire some night to the hay loft and deal with it, fine by me.”

Vanessa smiled broadly at me, “Then you and I have a date. Say two days’ time and without clothing?”

I chuckled. “You do have a way with words and I cannot wait.” We shook hands but pulled each other nose to nose with our breasts mashing together. “Do not hold back, Vanessa, because I will not.”

She moved her large breasts with mine, “I do not plan to.” She broke the handshake and got back onto her horse. “Don’t get beaten up for we meet!” She laughed and heeled her horse into a gallop.

At the Simmons Ranch, Lisa Simmons lay on her back as Maggie Smith moved her mouth from nipple to nipple, licking and sucking.

“Oh yes, Maggie! Yes!” Lisa cooed out as the brown-haired woman worked her tongue and lips expertly. Lisa lifted the girl’s face so they stared at the other’s eyes. “I am so glad you left that bitch, Ahna and are now here.”

“She treated me good, but you are the better lover,” Maggie said in a husky voice, “If she would have let me watch when you all fought, I would have turned on her then.”

“Speaking of fighting,” Lisa said as Maggie moved her body up to press against the older woman’s, “My daughter, Ashley, does not like you and said she will fight you on sight. She and I fought about it but it ended in a draw,” Lisa lied, “She is tough and vicious; I want you to be careful.”

Maggie smiled, “I can fight, you know,” she said as she planted soft kisses on Lisa’s neck, “People always think I am meek and mild but I can claw and bite something fierce.”

“MMM!” Lisa moaned, “I know you can.”

“Now why don’t I put my face between your legs and get at that honey pot while you tell how you will fight and beat Ahna Stevens,” Maggie winked as she licked down between Lisa’s huge breasts, down the taut tummy, spreading open the thighs and moving her face there.

“MMMM I believe I will!” Lisa said as she ached her back.

At the Stevens Ranch, I mounted Goldie and rode off with Craig to town. Seth had opened the store but I did not want him there all day since he was still on the mend. I made sure to get all the grass out of my hair but still had on the long sleeve brown button up shirt, a grey split skirt, and the long black duster over my body. I walked into the store and Seth was at the counter. A man I did not recognize was standing next to the counter.

“Ah, Mrs. Stevens,” the man said, “I am glad I caught you. My name is Rufus Sitter. I am a representative of Cochise County. There has been a complaint laid against Mayor John Abbott regarding the distribution of money levied to taxes. Would you allow me to look through your tax records to see what you have given and what has been used by the town?”

A smile broadened my face, “Oh, by all means, Mr. Sitter. Seth will be able to show you all the records. May I ask where the complaint came from?”

“I am sorry but that is strictly a confidential matter for now,” Mr. Sitter replied. “The party may have to testify if this goes to trial.”

Seth handed Rufus Sitter the receipts and logbooks with all of the tax transactions I had made for the last two years. After about an hour, Mr. Sitter looked up and whistled.

“Mrs. Stevens,” he said with a smile, “These are some of best kept records I have ever seen out here. Are you schooled in accounting?”

“I am not,” I said with a smile, “But Seth here is. This is his handy work and he should get the credit and praise.”

Rufus turned to Seth and held out his hand to shake, “Young man, if you find yourself in need of a different job, you come see me in Tombstone.”

Seth turned three shades of red and smiled. “I…I…I am good right here, sir. Thank you for the offer.”

Rufus Sitter left and I helped Seth get into the wagon, with Craig and Seth heading back to the ranch.

At the Roberts house across town, Wes Roberts was all smiles as he entered his small house.

“That smells amazing, Amy,” Wes said as he hung his hat on the hook on the wall.

“Thank you, daddy,” Amy said as she stirred the pot, “Rabbit and pheasant today.”

“Amy,” Wes said as he sat down at the kitchen table, “You had asked if I found any work for you, to let you know.” Amy nodded at her father, “Ahna Stevens might need a little help with her store. You know numbers better than me. If you want to talk with her about it, stop there later today.”

“Thank you daddy!” Amy beamed at her father.

Beth walked in, “Why is everyone so cheery today?” She smiled at her father and sister.

“Just a very fun ride this morning,” Wes said, “Happened to see Ahna Stevens and she showed me some good hunting spots.” He could not keep the smile on his face.

Beth’s smile faded. She narrowed her eyes and looked her father over. She noticed grass on clothing and his collar. There was dirt on his jeans, looked new. She knew exactly what was going on. Hunting spots my ass, she thought. She forced a smile. “Oh, that is wonderful. If you will excuse me father, I need to go to the general store for some spices.”

Wes nodded as Amy poured some stew into a bowl for him.

Beth marched down the thoroughfare, her long dress dragging a little in the mud, as she did not bother to lift the dress to keep it from the dirt. Her fists clenched as she came up to the Stevens Mercantile Store. Beth Roberts paused and took a deep breath, then opened the door and went inside.

Inside the Imperial Hotel, Julia Vargas walked into the kitchen and found her daughter, Esmeralda, rolling bread dough.

“Esmeralda,” Julia said as her daughter turned, “After you are done, can you get this list to the mercantile store? The owner, Mrs. Stevens, will help you with getting the list ordered.”

“Of course, Madre,” Esmeralda smiled. “I was going to ask about the man you were seated with earlier. He was looking at the tax books. Is he the tax collector?”

“No, my dear,” Julia smiled, “He is with the county government and was seeing what I found out.”

“Which is?” Esmeralda asked impatiently.

“That our mayor is a cheat and a fraud,” her mother laughed. “I do not mind paying my fair share but it should go to improve the town, not pad his pockets.”

“Our mayor?” Esmeralda asked, “Is he the one with blonde wife? She will be upset.”

“Oh I am counting on it,” Julia Vargas replied.

Her daughter thought back to the fight with Aleena. “I hope she has a daughter.” That brought both the mother and daughter to laughter.

Back in the store, I heard the bell ring and looked up to see Beth Roberts close the door and turn the sign from open to closed. We locked eyes and I knew that she knew. I closed the receipt book and put my pencil down. She did not look like she was heeled, so I did not reach for the scattergun under the counter.

“May I help you with something?” I asked, already knowing the answer.

“I think you know why I am here, Mrs. Stevens,” Beth said in a calm voice.

“I think I do, Beth,” I said, “I am not going to hurt your father.”

“But are you woman enough for him?” She asked with a blank expression on her face.

“Is that what you want to find out?” I asked as I step around from behind the counter. We now faced each other only a few feet apart.

“That is why I am here,” Beth answered.

I looked at my pocket watch, “Ok, Beth. I do not want to break and shelves here. They are expensive to replace. Follow me to the back room.” I turned and walked into the back room with Beth following. She closed the door when she entered and I lit a lamp, hanging it on a peg on the wall. I turned back and she was stripping off her dress.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“We will settle this like women, like the Indian way my mother taught me and my sister,” Beth said as the top of her dress came down and her large breasts were exposed. She continued to take of the dress and her white bloomers and boots.

I started to unbutton my top and removed my shirt. My breasts were larger but hers sat higher. I kicked off my boots and removed my skirt, followed by my bloomers. We had a space about five feet by five feet with bags of flour and beans surrounding it. We looked the other up and down, both nodding in approval for the beauty of our naked bodies. Then she crouched, so I matched her move.

We lunged and came together grabbing upper arms, trying to power the other over. When she said “The Indian way” I took it as we were going to wrestle. She powered me back against a stack of bags of flour. My back bent some so I pushed on her chin to get her off. We separated slightly and came together again. We started to use our legs to try to trip the other. The awkward dance had us bumping into the piled bags, only to bounce off and continue. I managed to get my right foot behind her left ankle and she faltered. I surged forward, taking us down to the wood floor. We wrestled for control with more and more of our bodies touching.

“Your mother…. Ugh…. Taught you well,” I grunted out.

“She…ugh… did,” Beth breathed out heavily. Beth started thinking back to when she became a woman and her mother, Clara, taught her to fight like both an Indian and a woman. Her mother was not shy around her girls and taught them to be proud of their bodies. Both Beth and Amy had inherited large firm breast, taut tummies and womanly hips with shapely backsides. When she practiced with her mother, the two of them did not hold back much. Clara taught her the finer points of fighting both native women and non-native woman. Beth and Amy learned never to be ashamed of their bodies or the feelings that came with fighting; because even if she was fighting her mother or sister, Beth had, strange feelings come over her. She had witnessed her mother in fights with members of the tribe as well as wild catfights with local white women. Beth took all these lessons to heart.

Our large breasts compressed as we started a slow roll, still trying to out power the other. It was becoming a stalemate.

“You… will not…beat me….,” I wheezed out.

Beth could tell the same and decided to change tactics. She released my arms, grabbed two handfuls of my red hair, and pulled. I yelped in pain and grabbed back. Now the fight escalated from wrestling to a catfight. Legs locked as we now rolled wildly, puling hair with our large breasts slapping together. I let go of her hair with my right hand, grabbed her large left breast, and squeezed. She howled out and grabbed both of mine in retaliation. I let go with my left and grabbed her right tit. Our arms locked out straight as we kneaded and pulled on the dense flesh. Not a few hours earlier, Beth’s father was much gentler with my breasts than she currently was.

Walking up to the store, Amy Roberts and Esmeralda Del Santos reached the door at the same time.

“Pardon me,” Esmeralda said. Her green dress showed off the young curves with a hint of flesh.

“I am sorry,” Amy replied with her eyes going too quickly to the cleavage of the young woman in front of her. “Where are my manners; my name is Amy Roberts, my daddy is a deputy.”

“A pleasure to meet you Amy,” the Spanish beauty said to the gorgeous young brown-haired woman. “My name is Esmeralda Del Santos; my mother runs the hotel and bank.” Her eyes widened on the tight dress Amy was wearing.

“I guess we are both here for the store,” Amy said as she opened the door for Esmeralda to walk in first. Neither noticed the Closed sign. Amy closed the door behind her but there was no one in the store. “Did they forget to lock up?”

The girls jumped as they heard the scream from the back. Both rushed forward to the door to the back room, heard the grunting, and slaps of skin meeting skin. Esmeralda opened the door slightly, gasped, and motioned Amy to look. Her eyes went wide as she recognized both women fighting.

“That is my sister fighting Ahna Stevens,” Amy whispered to Esmeralda. Both girls could not take their eyes off the two women on the floor. Amy instinctively brought her hands to her large breasts and rubbed them. Her mind went back to when Beth and her mother would practice, but what she was witnessing here, certainly was not practice. Esmeralda was doing the same; her mind went to when she was on her knees, mashing her large naked breasts against the redhead, Aleena. However, a squeal from the two women on the floor brought both back to the present. Esmeralda turned her head and when she looked back at Amy, their eyes met and they closed the door to the back room. Amy pulled the Spanish girl into her arms and kissed her roughly. Esmeralda kissed back hard as their large chests pressed together.

In the storeroom, we pushed away from each other and rolled to hands and knees. I got up just in time to meet Beth’s charge and we slammed together and went down to the floor again. Hands slapped and clawed at skin. Beth rolled on top of me and reared up, slamming her large chest down onto mine with a sickening SMACK! I groaned out and she moved her chest up to do it again. However, this time as she came down, I arched my back to meet her tit to tit! SMACK! We both groaned and started to grind the wounded breasts together. My left hand grabbed her backside and I dug my fingers in. She squealed out and we rolled to our sides. Her hands went for my left breast and she pulled it to her open mouth. My eyes widened as she put as much of my tit into her mouth and started to chew! I screamed out and slapped at her head. She would not let go. I grabbed her left breast and brought it to my mouth. I opened my jaws as wide as I could to get as much of the dense mound of flesh in it and started chewing as well. We were both screaming in our biting. We rolled repeatedly as we chewed on our large tits.

Out in the store, Amy and Esmeralda were naked and grinding their bodies together. We each scream or grunt they heard from the back, they increased the roughness of the grinding and kissing. Their thighs scissor together as young flowers parted to unleash hard clits to stab the other. The leaned back on hands as their young womanhood’s slapped and ground. They reached forward and grabbed hair, pulling them up to mash large breasts. Mouths opened and tongues licked at faces and lips. They humped the other with such force, sweat flew off their bodies. They went cheek to cheek as they each felt the impending orgasm.

“AAAHHHHH!” They screamed in unison.

I heard the scream out in the store but I did not dare quit. We worked our way to our knees, but still had mouths chewing on breasts. I brought my right hand down between Beth’s thighs, gripped the thick patch of pubic hair, and pulled sharply. I felt the younger woman go rigid for a second and then felt my own patch being pulled. We were both crying in the bites and pulls. Our hands started to wrestle as we bite down harder and chewed on our large tits. I felt my head get pulled back sharply and I almost tipped over. I slammed a left fist into her belly and she coughed and lost her bite. I released my bite and threw myself onto her as we tumbled back to the floor. I grabbed her head and pressed my larger breasts into her face to try to cut off her air. She tried to push and buck but I held the position. She started frantically slapping and I moved my breasts back to let her have air.

I held her by her dark hair, “Are…we…done?” I asked, out of breath.

“You….you…are…woman…enough…for…my…father,” Beth breathed out.

I rolled off and onto my back. I do not know how long we lay there but we both seemed to sit up at the same time. This time when I looked at Beth, she beamed with happiness.

I rubbed my sore breast, though her teeth had not broken the skin, the teeth marks and reddened flesh was very visible. “You can fight, sweetie,” I chuckled.

“So, can you, Mrs. Stevens,” Beth said, laughing a little. “Toughest woman I have faced in a long time.”

“Oh, you can call me Ahna now,” I said as I stood, groaning. I helped Beth to her feet and we dressed. We stepped out from the back room and were surprised to see two young women adjusting breasts in dresses. I could smell the distinct aroma of arousal. I looked to down to see the wet spot on the hardwood floor and laughed.

“Amy, what are you doing here?” Beth asked with wide eyes.

“Hello, Beth,” Amy said giggling, “I am here to help Mrs. Stevens with the store. Ma’am,” she said turning to me, “My daddy thought my skill with numbers could help you. Esmeralda here has some items she needs to order.”

I looked at the young beauties and laughed aloud.

Out on the thoroughfare, Mayor John Abbott and his beautiful, busty wife, Betty, walked arm in arm nodding at passersby. Mr. Rufus Sitter walked towards them with Marshal Ted Lewin in tow.

“Good afternoon, Mayor,” Rufus said by way of greeting, “My name is Rufus Sitter and I represent Cochise County. I would like to see your records of all the taxes you have collected from businesses in Silvertown. The marshal is here to make sure I receive them post haste. “

John Abbott visibly paled, “What is the meaning of this?”

“Mr. Mayor,” Rufus said with a serious look on his face, “There have been complaints about the amounts you have collected and I am here to make sure the sum of what is left after the county gets its due is used for the town.”

“Who has complained?” Betty asked in an angry tone.

“That is a confidential matter, Mrs. Abbott,” Mr. Sitter answered, “Now Mr. Mayor, if you will lead us to the records, which would be wonderful.”

John Abbott hung his head and walked towards his home. Betty broke away from her husband and walked quickly away. She did not know if it was Ahna Stevens or the new bitch Julia Vargas who complained. Nevertheless, Betty was seeing red with anger. Her head went back and forth between the mercantile store and hotel. She chose store and started walking that way. Her new red dress with a considerable amount of cleavage showing. Shemarched so fast her bosom almost jumped out of her dress. From her hotel, Julia Vargas had witnessed the entire event and smiled to herself. She watched the busty blonde walk towards the store and decided to follow.

I was going over the list with both Amy and Esmeralda when the bell on the door rang and Betty Abbott walked in.

“You fucking bitch!” She screamed at me. “I know it was you! Do not try and hide your deceit, you sanctimonious whore!”

“Why Betty,” I said with a smile, “Why so cross?” I knew exactly why she was upset. “Did someone find out you and your husband have been stealing from the good people of Silvertown?”

She glared at me. “We brought the telegram office here. We brought the daily stagecoaches. The railroad is going to build a station here because of us! Not you and your stupid store!”

“None of that gives you the right to steal from hard working people,” a voice said from behind Betty.

She turned sharply and was nose-to-nose and breast to breast with Julia Vargas. “I suppose it was you who did it. The ungrateful curs of this town will regret the day they crossed me, Mexican whore and your whore daughter!” Suddenly Betty’s head whipped to the left and she held her right cheek.

“Do not ever speak of my daughter that way,” Julia Vargas growled. “And we are from Spain, not Mexico.”

“How dare you strike me!” Betty snarled and slapped Julia across her face.

The two were about to lunge when Amy and I stepped in between them. “You two are not fighting here. I just had this place fixed from the last fight here.”

Betty’s evil stare fell on me then shifted to Julia. “I am looking at two dead women.”

“Crawl way to your niece, Betty,” I said moving forward to bump chests with the blonde-haired woman. “Bring Bessie and her lot, because she has a reckoning coming as well. I might as well add you to the list.”

Julia and I were shoulder to shoulder as we returned the glare from Betty. She turned her head and spit once on the ground before turning and leaving the store.

Julia and I kept watching the door and she leaned her head towards mine, “You do know I would have paid for everything we would have broken.”

“Well, now you tell me that,” I said with a laugh.

Betty walked briskly across the muddy street and almost slipped. A small black horse drawn buggy stopped in front of her.

“Mrs. Abbot, my name is Judy McKenna,” the busty dark haired woman said from inside the buggy. “I heard of your troubles and would like to help you.”

Betty blinked and tried to remember that name. Her husband had told her a McKenna purchased some silver mines. “How can you help me?” Betty asked with her hands on her hips.

“We have shared enemies,” Judy replied, smiling, “I have already given aid to your niece and her friends. Please join me and we will ride together to meet with them.”

Betty did not hesitate and climbed into the buggy next the Judy. The two women sat in silence as they took the buggy up winding trails and through woods to a small cabin with smoke billowing from a stone chimney.

“Here we are,” Judy said, halting the single horse. “I built this on the very edge of my new land and use to for more private meetings and conversations.”

The pair of women got out of the buggy and were greeted by Norm Condon and Bessie Monroe.

“Glad to see you Aunt Betty,” Bessie said hugging her aunt. “We have lots of plans in motion, come on in.”

The group walked in to the already assembled party. Louise Hobbs sat with her left leg outside of her dress, the bandage visible from the gunshot wound she had received from Ahna Stevens. Ester Clanton paced back and forth, her hands clenching and unclenching. The Apache, Red Blossom sat near Louise and ran her bowie knife against a sharpening stone.

Betty looked at the injured Louise, “So it was you all that tried to kill Ahna Stevens,” she said, realization setting in. “Too bad you failed.”

“She got lucky!” Ester shouted walking towards Betty. Bessie stepped in between them.

“Calm down, Ester,” Bessie warned. “Aunt Betty here has no love for Stevens. She is here because she will be helping us get them.” She looked back at her aunt, “Isn’t that right, Auntie?”

Betty nodded her head, “As long as you add the Spanish whore, Julia Vargas and her offspring to your list.”

Bessie nodded as Ester stepped back.

Judy stepped forward, “Any fund you all require will be provided. I intend to take over control of the businesses that will no longer have owners when you are finished with them.”

Norm walked in with a long barreled rifle. “This is a Sharp’s and can be used for long distance targets. I have found a new spot on the Stevens property line where one of you can get a good shot at her while she rides.”

Bessie took the rifle, “Ester and I will make a trip out to her property tomorrow. We will wait for the right time and end her.”

Judy smiled. Her plan to take over Silvertown was slowly coming together. “Betty, how would you like to end Julia Vargas and her daughter? I do not want the hotel or bank burned, or shot up.”

“If I can get her alone, I will do it with my bare hands,” Betty said with a wicked grin on her face.

“I would like to see that,” Judy said.

Red Blossom put her knife in the sheath. “No one touches my sister or her lover. I have a group of Apache’s to deal with them.”

Bessie looked at her lover, “Honey, how is your leg feeling?”

The busty black woman moved her left leg. “There is only a little pain. I can do whatever you need.”

“You need to do what we talked about,” Bessie said, she noticed the look of sadness cross over Louise’s face, “If you cannot do it, I will.”

“No,” Louise said, “I will take care of Nettie.” She closed her eyes not wanting to think about killing the woman who helped raise her for a time.

“Then we need to get to it,” Judy said, “Anything you need, Mr. Condon or I can provide it to you. Just remember, after, this town is mine to control.” All heads nodded. “Good, now let them all die.”

To Be Continued?

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1 thought on “Wild West Wildcats Chapter 9 by Ahna Brown

  1. Giannis says:

    Very good ! I enjoy reading it as a very well written western story. Excellent plot, well-developed characters, action, some hot erotic scenes (alas, they do not last for long) and quite some well-described catfight scenes (i guess that the catfight fans will find them hot as well).
    What i like more ? The plot and – most of all – the building fighting and the intense erotic tension among many women. There are already many women who look ready to fight or to f@ck each other in sexfight or catfight duels. Either they have already catfought or sexfought against each other before or not. They are always ready to face any challenge of any kind, as sometimes they start to settle things by a catfight and they end it by a sexfight. You never know who will fight whom, who will f@ck whom ! This is the biggest advantage of this story which i hope to last for long.
    I hope ch. 10 to be posted soon !!
    P.S. Complain (LOL) So, some daughters confessed that they learned from their mothers to fight like real women (in nude) and they had practice with their sisters. OK… OK… that is all ? I soundly protest !! LOL LOL LOL


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