A Cold Chill by KingOfDaPirates1

A cold chill ran through the air at midnight as it always did in the small town of Limor or so I have heard. I watched from out the window of the village inn, where I had rented a small room for the night from the kind old innkeeper. Limor was a small village located on the far east of the kingdom with a tiny population. It had several houses, a market, a small inn, a small church and nothing much else. If it wasn’t so gloomy and dark all the time here, I guess I could see it as a somewhat beautiful place with its hills and rivers and people may have visited more often. Granted it was a tough village to get too even for experienced travelers, hidden in small valley of mountains. But there was another reason this area was more or less deserted and had a small skull on many maps that showed it. The true reason this place was so avoided by both the people of the kingdom and the others was the giant abandoned castle located on the hill right above the town. 

This castle is the main reason I am here; for I am a dark hunter of the Golden Council. My purpose is to be sent around the kingdom taking down creatures and demons of the dark and this town was considered one of the most dangerous; for rumors had been spreading of something living in the old walls long abandoned.  Joseph is my name and I have been hunting the dark for 10 years now reaching the age of 28. I write to you now as I believe I will face one of the most powerful dark sources in my young life. I wish to write to all the future readers to understand what I have faced and how they may take victory over the darkness.

 Even now I can see the castle from my window and get a sense of someone watching me. I do not know why I get this feeling but as my candle flickers I know that my presence in the town has not gone unnoticed by whatever dark forces lie in wait for me. This mission seemed the most folly of all I had taken on presented to me by the elders. Usually I had some hint or guidance, or some warning to what I was facing from the council, but they seemed as lost as me. The castle seemed to have no past, no hints, or any clues from where it came from, it was just always there. Some reports from the town told of some blood sucking demon, others told of a giant monster but none of them seemed to match anything I had faced before or left the signs I was looking for.  

Whatever the reason, I had been dispatched to make sure it was stopped for good after a high noble’s son had been found dead near the town, his eye’s wide with a grin on his face at his last moments before death. That had spurred the dark hunters to finally attempt to take care of the thing that had made its home in the castle. I sighed and finally turned away from the window looking at my small room. All it had was a small bed, desk, and a mirror, a mirror that suddenly started giving off a light glow. The candle went out making the mirror the only source of light and I felt that this might be my first chance to see what I was facing of some sort a clue at last. I moved to in front of the mirror hoping that I might get a glance at what was attempting to communicate with me.

 As a figure appeared, I felt a little shock of surprise as I took in what was now facing me. A woman more beautiful than I had ever seen stood in the mirror. She had pale skin that gave off a moonlight glow, and jet-black hair that was perfectly straight down past her shoulders nearing her lower back. She wore a midnight blue strapless dress that revealed her amazing figure with cleavage of full breasts and skin tight on her stomach and below. Her dark green eyes were alluring but they were nothing to the dark blood red lips that were full and almost puffy looking. I locked eyes with the mystery woman and held her gaze trying to keep my eyes away from her body, trying to keep my senses. She looked a bit surprised and gave me a small smile revealing perfect white teeth. Then her long tongue appeared from her mouth and she licked her full lips giving me a look up and down that would have made most men crumple. I had trained myself to face creatures that used looks, but even for me this was different as I had never seen such a beauty and could feel her spell. I wavered slightly even if it was clear this was obviously dangerous dark figure, the feeling was intense. I felt myself get hard as our eyes held longer contact. Her lips then began to move as she mouthed words to me. I could not hear her but was able to make out some of what she moved reading her lips. 

‘Welcome to my small town’ was the first thing I could make out. I wasn’t able to make out some of the middle, but the last line sent a chill. ‘I look forward to our upcoming erotic encounter’. That was it. She gave me one last lustful look before disappearing and the room was completely left in the darkness. I didn’t know what to make of what I had seen. I knew this woman was dangerous, but I decided I must continue my path and not run away just because I was worried about her ability to seduce me. I had to defeat this and clear the world of another demon, it was my duty. I decided to masturbate to clear my head but found that no matter how hard I tried I was unable to orgasm. It was incredibly frustrating until I realized that this might have been part of the mirror woman’s plan and now I would be so incredibly horny when I faced her in person it might mean my end. 

‘She must have thrown a spell on me while I was distracted’, I was annoyed but interested about this woman and what dark powers she possessed. Finally, after an hour I fell into a horny sleep for once nervous of what the dark could bring and the power of evil sexuality, but the mirror woman did not appear, and I awoke to the sun rising and a lone rider coming down the mountain trail to the village.

As the sun had risen, I waited until mid-day, where the light was strongest. I made my way out of the inn preparing myself for the short climb to the castle to look around the area when a galloping horse caught my attention. I turned to see a white stallion making its way to me with a cloaked figure ridding upon it. It made its way right next to me and I recognized the seal of the Council on the cloak but couldn’t tell who it was with the hood covering the full length of body. “Who are you?” I asked as the rider jumped down and I was shocked to see it was a woman. When the girl removed her hood, I couldn’t stop my eyes from widening in shock for the second time in 12 hours. 

The woman in front of me was one I had known but had not seen for a long time. Her name was Aria and she too was a part of the dark hunters like me. The last time I had seen her she had been a recruit like me who caught my eye and we had hooked up a few times and I couldn’t’ help get hard remembering her sexual ability. I realize now she was nowhere near her peak of beauty when I had seen her last. She was gorgeous and had matured into a sexy and powerful hunter, with a body nearly exactly the same I had seen the night before. Her hot figure was mounted by her large breasts and even more so by her big powerful ass with long well-toned legs that were very pale like the rest of her body. She had long silver hair that glowed in the sun and dark brown eyes. She also had dark red lips that I would have said were the best I had seen but after last night I felt that Aria and the mystery woman lips were a near perfect match in terms of redness and fullness.

 She must have noticed my obvious staring and before anything she began teasing. “Like what you see? I have grown up a bit huh Joseph?”. Aria gave me a smile as she too took a look at me. “You have done some growing up yourself huh? This trip might have just gotten more fun for both of us.” She was very flirty I noticed and couldn’t stop myself from smiling at her and feeling safe from her confidence. She was well known now as one of the best hunters, her methods she kept to herself but whenever a darkness grew in the world Aria seemed to be able to destroy it.

I finally found my voice and quickly responded. “You look amazing Aria but I have to ask what are you doing here?” She had finished tying up her horse giving me a great shot of her ass in riding pants and turned to face me once again. “The council thought you could use my help. They realized that whatever is here might be much stronger than we once thought. And any way we haven’t seen each other in so long I thought it would be fun to catch up a bit.” She gave me another lustful stare obviously hinting I might have the possibility to getting in bed with her at some point. 

Suddenly the hot silver head stretched allowing me to enjoy the full length of her body. “I am tired from this ride and think it would be good to rest my body. Why don’t you come up with me Joseph? You have a room already, right?”. I barely had time to nod before she walked up to me quickly and brought her hot lips onto mine. My mind reeled enjoying the hot body on mine and her lips felt like heaven. She broke off quickly smiling at my panting. She held the key in her hand that had been in my pocket. 

“Come up with me and I will help settle that hard dick that might distract you with whatever we are facing.” With that she turned around and made her way into the inn. I remembered last night not being able to get myself off and wondered if Aria could break whatever spell was on me. I didn’t really care though and would have gone up anyway. But then a chill ran through me and my eyes were drawn to the castle looking up at as the sun stood high overhead. I knew at that moment the mirror woman was watching me somehow, and by the feeling of the chill she was not pleased with Aria’s presence. I felt myself being drawn to the castle where I am sure I would feel pleasure I could not understand. But at the same time, I felt a similar draw toward the inn where Aria was now waiting. I had a sudden dread that these two women were using their powers on me and against each other to draw me to them.

 But I had never heard of a dark creature who could do that with only sex and wouldn’t believe if Aria had any sort of power like the woman and I shook it from my mind.  I was able to clear my head for a second and made my way into the inn knowing the pleasure with Aria would be the best thing I could get right now. But in the back of my head I knew I would meet the dark-haired woman soon, but for now Aria had promised me a night of bliss and I would never turn down the beautiful woman waiting for me up in the room. But even as I walked up the steps I felt the same cold chill enter my body as if it was increasing its strength. But as at fast as it had come to me it left, as I entered the room seeing the hot Aria nearly nude in a hot lace red thong and bra.

 I knew the women of our order wore those thongs to seduce male demons and kill them, but now it seemed Aria had taken to wearing them just for fun, and lord was it amazing to see. I felt myself get hard. She turned to face me.

 “Come here big boy and let’s have some fun. We haven’t been together for a long time and as you can see, my body is beyond I’m sure you can imagine”. She shook her tits at me and I couldn’t help myself tackling her on the bed. We fucked for almost an hour but to my and her annoyance she wasn’t able to make me cum. It was still amazing and easily the best sex I had ever had but Aria only got more and more determined as the time went on becoming wilder and bit angry. She tit fucked hard and took me deep into her soaking tight pussy riding me harder and harder. Finally, at the moment of bliss as Aria took me in her mouth again sucking expertly and making me feel like she might be able finally release my cum, the mirror began to glow.

 The dark-haired woman appeared again but this time she did not look calm but rather angry and somewhat annoyed watching Aria and I fuck. My eyes locked to hers and I noticed she was wearing a hot black bra and a similar red thong that Aria had been wearing before it was ripped from her body in the beginning of our sex marathon. But the dark-haired woman’s thong and bra had jewels laced around making it look very sophisticated in a royal sense. I realized she might have thought I was headed to her clutches, but Aria had stopped me and wanted to see now what she was dealing with. I couldn’t look away even from the mirror as Aria began to suck harder, and her long silver hair moved up and down with her mouth but was oblivious to the newcomer in our room.

 The dark-haired woman reached around her and pulled up a small vial that must have been filled with oil as she began to drip it on herself. She didn’t strip her little pieces of cloth left but did rub the oil everywhere else turning around and giving me a look of her big sexy ass that was completely equal to Aria’s hot buns. This show went on for a few minutes with oil getting dripped everywhere and with Aria working my dick with her powerful tongue and the hot dark haired woman giving me a sexy show I was close to a very powerful orgasm that still could not cum. Aria worked harder and suddenly I felt close as if she was breaking a wall and I saw the black-haired woman scowl. But it didn’t happen as right before I came I felt Aria stop and I realized in a moment of fear that Aria had noticed I was looking at something else instead of her amazing technique. I looked down to her staring at the mirror and as I looked up the pale woman was staring down at Aria. 

The women’s eye lock did not break, and I felt the temperature drop as they seemed to be absorbed into each other and had forgotten about me in the moment. Suddenly Aria gave a big smile to the other woman that held plenty of malice and turned me to the side, so she could stare at the girl while still blowing me. The other woman was also looking on hard as Aria’s blowjob seemed to even get sloppier and more skillful and I groaned as a powerful orgasm came over me and as if the spell had been broken I explode into her mouth. I looked down at Aria and away from the mirrored woman, but Aria’s brow eyes were still looking at the black bra-ed woman as she took in a hot mouthful of cum. My muscles spasmed hard as she sucked every drop out of me, not letting up until I stopped shaking. With a loud pop she finally released and got up lightly pushing the still orgasmic me to the bed. She then turned to face the mirror as if it was the only thing in the room. The mirror woman looked shocked, her mouth slightly open, until it became angry and confused. It was clear to me she had not expected Aria to be sexy and skilled and enough to break her spell. They locked eyes again as the dark-haired girl continued to rub her now very oily tits mouthing words to Aria that I could not read. Aria’s eyes narrowed as she spit out some of my cum onto her own tits and began to rub spreading the sticky substance around them in a similar manner as the mirror girl. She too began to mouth things back and I realized they were talking quickly, faster than I could read on their lips and understand. I couldn’t tell what was happening expect maybe they were making threats at each other. This continued for a few minutes. I watched fighting my exhaustion desperate to watch the women and the show. Suddenly the mirror went dark and Aria stopped mouthing but still staring at it for several seconds. 

She then sighed and moved back to the bed laying down next to me. She gave me a small kiss and whispered “You are really lucky I am here. What we face may beyond you and that woman you were staring at is someone we will have to face. But don’t worry about that now hunk.” She stretched her body and began to rub my dick lightly that sent a warm feeling in my body. “For now fall asleep and rest, we will both need our energy to stop this.” I wanted to respond and learn what the woman had said to each other, and what Aria had done with my cum but I couldn’t continue my mind going blank. I slowly fell asleep letting the bliss of sleep take over my body. 

I awoke to find myself alone in the bed once again with nothing on pillow next to me. I was a bit frustrated hoping to fuck Aria once again before we began our climb and mission to the castle, but something deep in my mind I must be horny when I reached the grand tower in the castle. I shook my head, but couldn’t shake the feeling and I jumped up quickly and began to dress thinking it odd that Aria didn’t even leave a note to her whereabouts. I should have worried more, but I knew that girl could take care of herself, and I had a job at the castle. 

‘She most likely went ahead to see it for herself or around the town’, I thought as I finished dressing and gripped all the weapons for fighting the dark I had brought with me. I left the room and the inn as I noticed it was still very early in the day with the sun only peeping over the eastern mountains making the castle seem bigger and more masterful. The town seemed empty once again and I also noticed that Aria’s horse was missing as well. 

‘Maybe she just came to fuck me’, the thought was a weird one and made little sense in my head as Aria always had a purpose. ‘And she said last night we needed to work together, where the hell is she.’ I began move once again noticing how few people were on the streets and those who were scurried quickly in and out of houses and shops. Sadly, my mind was stuck thinking of the woman in the mirror, and what she must have done or is doing to keep these people scared and in fear. That led my mind to the amazing sexual night with Aria, and just how much more I wanted to do with her. Aria was almost unrealistically beautiful and easily the hottest woman I had ever met in person, but that mirror woman may have given her a run for her money. I continued up the hill now letting my mind wander as I thought of the woman in the mirror again not able to focus on much else expect their bodies. 

‘I wonder what her name is…’ which again was a weird thought, why did I care? I was more interested in what Aria and she had to say to each other, god I wish I had learned to read lips at a faster speed’. I imagined them making threats or something of the sort, or even attempting to use magic against each other as neither girl had blinked much during their talk and tit rubbing, a clear sign of it. ‘Impossible’, I told myself again and again, Aria was not a witch or had any supernatural powers, but the more I thought about the way they rubbed their own tits in such a rhythm that it seemed they had been in some sort of trance and slowly doubt began to fill my head. Before I knew it, I was standing at the great gate, now even more worried that I hadn’t seen Aria on the way or near here. ‘What if something got her.’ That ran through my head as I stared up at the massive gate and walls. 

“OPEN UP!” I yelled not sure if I was speaking to anyone, but did feel like there were eyes on me, watching and waiting for my next move. I waited for almost 10 minutes with not even a sound. I decided to walk around the castle looking for an entrance or somewhere to climb in but after exploring the entire castle outer grounds I found nothing like an opening, but something peculiar did catch my eye. There was a small leather piece that looked like it was from Aria’s saddle. ‘What the hell, it looks shredded.’ As I palmed the smooth material. I now knew I had to find a way in one way or another. I doubled down my searching only stopping for food or drink. 3 hours later I was starting to reach my limit and planning to again go to the town and review my notes. As I began to pack a cloud covered the sun basking the castle in an eerie shadow as if it was twilight. In the silence and darkness, I watched the gate open slowly allowing just enough room to allow me in. I was hesitant, not able to see what had opened it, and from experience knowing this was a trap. As I thought about Aria and having to stop any danger that the woman may be finding herself in, I felt my resolve. It was my job and as a member of the Golden Council I had to make this right…and I had to find Aria no matter what.

 I slid into the door and it closed behind me softly, sealing me into the fortress. My eye’s adjusted to the dark and I scanned around the room getting a cold chill run up my spine. The grandness of the castle seemed to disappear in an instant, almost dissolving on itself. The castle seemed to be smaller on the inside than its hill side appearance outside. I noticed the entire bottom floor was a huge ballroom with no furniture or windows with just small candles lighting the walls. There was a signal spiral staircase right in the centre of the room that went straight up into a small hole in the ceiling and also down into the floor and below. ‘What an interesting design’, I thought making my way around the room. Besides the candles there was nothing else and I finally made my way to the staircase. I tried to think if I had ever seen such design, and if that clue would give me an example on how to draw out the evil.  I walked further into the room toward the staircase and stood at the small break in the chain that allowed me to enter it and go up or down. Looking in both directions, neither were appealing, each dark with not a single ray of light and I couldn’t decide whether to ascend or descend the stairs when an alluring voice made me jump and whirl around.

 “What do we have here? An intruder entering my home?”. My eyes widened as I took in the woman who had just spoken, the very same woman in the mirror in all her sexual glory. I looked at her dark green eyes trying to keep my head up and not down at her body. She wore a hot dark green dress darker than her eyes that covered her breasts and shoulders but did reveal her cleavage. Her pale skin seemed to glow in the candlelight. 

“You may call me Lady Mallory and what did I do to have the pleasure of having an alluring man like you in my house?” she asked. I was a bit stunned and flattered but was still able to keep my defences up and not fall for her simple tricks. I could sense the evil and power radiating from her body as my mind wanted to surrender.

 I raised my voice and stared into her eyes keeping them off the amazing body in front of me, “I have come to clean this town of the darkness that has come over it, from my studies and knowledge it has arisen from this castle.”  I finished as the small smile that had stayed on her lips faded and I felt the temperature drop slightly. 

“So the town is sick of me huh? Well that is a problem as I have no intention of leaving until my mission is complete, but more importantly what proof do you have?”. I smiled at her reaching behind my back to make sure the holy water I had stored was ready.

 “You admit to being the darkness, yet still ask for proof? I saw you in the mirror twice now so I know you have some power in witchcraft.” Now it was her turn to smile. 

“So, you remember my little show from the mirror? I guess I left you with something very memorable.” As her eyes flickered down for a second toward her body and my annoying eyes followed suit and stayed there gawking at her dress covered body for a while longer.

 “Even when you are fucking that silver haired whore you couldn’t keep your eyes off of me.” Her voice sounded slightly harder bringing up Aria. “I can sense you are quite a good fuck and I can promise you I am the best you will have in your entire life.”  She finished letting her hands run down her own body showing her womanly curves. This conversation was fast moving to a sexual nature and I had to think of a response or plan as I felt a strong draw to fuck this woman, similarly how I felt the previous night when Aria had gotten me last night. It was true I wanted to fuck this woman no matter the consequence but the way she mentioned Aria brought my mind back to her. I decided to taunt her a bit to see if I could get more information out of her.

“You could never fuck me the way Aria can, last night she gave me more pleasure than I ever had.” I stared hard back at the girl, but the small smirk stayed on her lips.  

“That sounds like a challenge.” Mallory responded, and I watched her eyes flick down to my package which was hard right now and getting heavy. 

My body started to feel heavy and seemingly weighted down with urge of sex. ‘Focus Joseph, you need to get more information. “Where is Aria?” I was able to get this last question out before my sexual drive overwhelmed my common sense. 

“The silver haired witch? I am not aware…” The beautiful blackmailed woman smiled bringing attention to her bright white teeth surrounded by the full dark red lips. I had a strong sense she was lying, and I wanted to get Aria to safety but suddenly I caught the other word she had said.

 “Did you just call her a witch?” I asked gripping my water a bit tighter. Mallory’s eyes widened a bit, but she quickly regained her composer and now seemed to smile even wider at the unwilling information I had seemed to just provide.

 “What did she not tell you?” She asked. “Didn’t you see how she broke my spell and used your cum to face me in our little mirror standoff last night? Oh yes indeed, she is a witch and a powerful one at that, but compared to me with your cum she will not be able to compete with me.” She finished with a crazy look in her eye and she seemed to be preparing for something.

 Only three things from what she had said came into my mind. 1. The chicks had started some sort of rivalry between them that Aria had won the first fight using my cum. 2. Mallory wanted my cum. 3. Aria had used my cum to increase her strengths somehow and Mallory wanted the same boost. 

 “What do I have anything to do with this?! I am here to take you down!” I reached behind to grab my water and in a quick motion attempted to splash her, but the woman was too quick. She appeared behind me in a blink and with a strength I couldn’t believe she had ripped my clothes from my body and slammed me down to the cold floor. I felt my hands and legs trapped and as Mallory stood over me with her dress falling off her body. It dropped down releveling a body of which I had only seen once the night before, and I groaned at the sight of what was above me. Mallory’s body was perfect with curves and dressed in a green warrior thong and hot diamond bra…I was in trouble.

 “You like my little thong?”” She asked knowing I had been staring at it, only leaving so little to the imagination. “I heard some of your order had taken to them but let me tell you a secret…these little hot pieces of cloth are used in one kind of magic only. Witchcraft.”. She laughed an evil high-pitched laugh as she turned around, so I was staring at the triangle cloth that disappeared into her ass crack and toned legs stood right above me. “Now Joseph I need some of your amazing cum to begin my greatest spell and now that you are here I shall take what I need.”

 She leaned her body over keeping her legs straight and ass high showing her flexibility. I watched super aroused when I felt her mouth go over my dick which was already hard and sticking up in full attention. Her tongue was long using it to lick the head, and I could tell she was incredibly skilful at giving blowjobs as her long hair tickled my knees. I groaned as she gave another powerful suck and I realized she was going to get me off way to quickly and judging by how badly she wanted my cum made me think I did not her to get it but was in no position to do much about it. Mallory had dropped to her knees in a 69 position and I wanted to get my face into that thong covered pussy but my head was trapped. My dick was soaking with her spit and she used her hands to make hard strong strokes just like I liked. I groaned and held on for another 5 minutes.

 Mallory was getting more aggressive and I could tell much like Aria last night she was not used to not getting delayed by anything. I don’t know how I was holding off, but I kept pushing it down with what felt like hidden help. My eyes couldn’t leave the green thong that hid the pussy lips and asshole. My mind was going between the amazing feelings and what she had said about Witchcraft. I knew Aria wore thongs just like what I was seeing on Mallory. Suddenly I was snapped back to the blowjob and was amazed by the tongue work and I couldn’t help think that Mallory and Aria both had long tongues they knew how to use them almost wrapping around my head. I also noticed how red both their lips were making them very noticeable. Clearly I needed to clear my mind and not think about these two woman especially together. 

As Mallory began to deep throat me making me groan and I realized I was near cumming and giving this black haired witch everything she wanted. The help seemed to have left and now it was my will versus Mallory’s sexual power and I was losing. I didn’t realize how cold it was as the end was getting nearer but suddenly I felt another pair of eyes on me and I knew Mallory and I were not alone in this room. I looked away from the green thong so close to my face to the right and my eyes widened when I saw Aria standing there in a black thong, her tits large and bare, she was in matching high heels much like Mallory. Her long silver hair was down and her red lips looked like candy. Her brown eyes were strong but I noticed that the girl now standing near me was blurry like she wasn’t really there but almost a mirage. 

The fake Aria gave me a smile and quickly came up to me. She leaned in close to my ear and in my head I heard her whisper “Let go Joseph I won’t let her get your cum I need it instead”. With that she moved up next Mallory on her knees so that I could stare and compare their thong covered asses next to each other. Mallory seemed to be unaware of Aria’s presence and I knew beyond a doubt Aria was a witch, or something with magic. For just an image this Aria seemed really real. 

Now staring at two wonderful asses and having a dark witch Mallory suck my dick like an expert I began to cum. Mallory groaned with happiness and I feared I would shoot my load right into her mouth when Mallory’s groan became one of rage as I forced my eyes open and saw Aria had gripped Mallory’s long hair and had forced her mouth right off my dick making it less pleasurable for me but I knew this was for the best. Mallory was still able to get some cum in her mouth from the powerful shot but I knew she couldn’t get enough and most hit the floor as Aria had made sure it missed both their bodies.

 It seemed that she had now been able to sense Aria especially after her hair got pulled so roughly. She swung her body up and the spell holding me in place broke. I quickly backed off and crawled away but quickly turned back to see the girls fight. I was severely disappointed though as they were having just another standoff. I watched as they stood with the cum all over the floor between them. Both seemed to want to get it but were once again too focused on each other.  I was glad Aria was not really there as Mallory’s diamond bra could do some damage to Aria’s bare hot tits if they got into each other’s faces and tits. Luckily this time they spoke out loud to each other. 

“We can’t seem to get out of each other’s businesses, can we?” Mallory asked as she removed her bra making it vanish making her and Aria equal in clothing. I wanted to compare their asses again as they seemed to be the height, but the boobs were a close second. Their boobs were huge but seemed to be a perfect match in size and firmness against each other and once again both girls spit on their own tits and began to rub them 

“You may have stopped me this time from getting that hot load but as you can see by his already hardening dick he will be ready shortly for another round.” Mallory continued as Aria’s image became even more blurry.

 Aria growled and I knew that she was having difficulty because Mallory had cum mixed with her spit this time increasing her strength if anything I had now learned. “Well slut you did a pretty good job blowing poor Joseph so he may need a bit longer than you think. And now that the cat is out of the bag I will be claiming his next load for my own magic. You were lucky that little spell you were able to cast before last night made my batch not as strong but we both know the next load will be the big prize.” Aria said to Mallory. I gulped aloud when I noticed both of the woman’s eyes had turned a dark red to match their lips.

 “You’re right whore” Mallory said back before she continued. “I know you are around here, and we will meet face to face soon. We have some things to settle don’t you think?” The pale, midnight black hair green thong woman said. 

“Oh yes I will see you soon” The other pale woman, silver hair black thong woman responded. She looked as she would have continued to talk but it seemed Mallory’s spell won this time and as quickly as she had appeared the mirage Aria disappeared. Mallory turned to face me yet again, 

“You are lucky your cum is so special and to see two witches like us meet is something that hasn’t happened in a long time. But I don’t want that silver haired whore to surprise me tonight.” She let out a growl and a small group of flying bats appeared. “Find the other witch from my mind and tell me everything you can about her, capture her if you can but don’t worry if not she will come to me” she said to the bats. They flew off quickly and she once again focused on me. 

“You shall sleep in this room tonight. A bed shall be brought but do not dare enter the stair way up towards my quarters or down in the dungeon…not yet at least”.  She turned away and walked to the stairs. I watched that powerful ass and jiggle all the way as she climbed and when she rounded I saw her firm large tits move with her and I was horny yet again. “You have entered a dangerous game Joseph but a pleasurable one for you if you make it so”.  She gave me one last evil smile before disappearing in the hole. 

A bed had appeared next to me and I laid down quickly covering my still nude body. I was still amazingly horny and wondered if I should escape. As I thought that I realized it was futile as the door had seemed to vanish. ‘Please Aria come here’, was my first thought but then I continued to think in the dark and my mind gave me some bad thoughts. The girls had made this a bit more personal between them and I did want to see what would unfold between them. But what scared me most was Aria, ” maybe I didn’t know Aria as well as I thought'” I said aloud. ‘I think she has more personal gain here and if she is a witch competing with this dark witch this could be dangerous’. I realized I was the only person I could trust here, Aria and Mallory both seem to have goals and I seem to be part of them. I knew now Aria was a dark witch and Mallory was just the same. I knew I could have a chance to escape if I could get the girls to fight but as sleep took over my mind I knew that if the girls were going to fight I would not be able leave. Not because I would be trapped, but because I knew I would rather die than miss the sexy witches do battle…

I know just another standoff between the woman is boring and all I can say is sorry I just love buildup haha. They will fight… with some sex and magic I promise . Hope you enjoyed and more to come. (sorry for the long note)

My eyes snapped open as I took in my surroundings. I was still trapped on the floor with my clothes removed. I looked at where the door of the castle was when I arrived but was shocked to see it was gone. I knew the castle had some powerful spells attached to it but this annoyed me even more knowing I could be trapped in here until I solved the spell. I was not helpless though and with a great heavy I was able to break the spell holding my hands and body down. I figured it would weaken with time like many other spells do. I jumped up and looked around. 

No clothes were the first thought but that did not bother me as I also realized there was another thing missing. The door. I whispered a curse and knew I had to make a move before Mallory woke up or Aria found me. ‘These witches may have a small upper hand, but I can beat them down just as easily.’ They had removed the clothes, but I still had 3 silver rings on my fingers and if I could somehow slip them on the witches it would render them very weak. I made my way over to the staircase looking down into the ground first and getting a deep sense of dread from the basement. 

‘I should avoid going down there’ I made my mind up quickly meaning there was only one option, ascend the staircase and see if I could deal with the dark-haired witch myself. I climbed the stairs quickly going through the dark hole that I watch the big, hot ass of Mallory ascend just hours before. As I entered I moved to the closest dark corner and looked around. The room was slightly smaller than the downstairs. Just a giant bed with drapes around it in the centre and the floor was soft with animal fur. Two doors were behind the bed, one must lead to a bathroom, and the other I wasn’t sure. But eyes fell to the giant painting on the wall, a small creature the likes I had never seen hung above it. I felt my heart nearly stop, and my dark senses went in overload. ‘That painting… that is it isn’t it’. I could feel it’s energy and wondered what it really was.

‘This is one weird castle, it is like no design I have ever seen before’. I couldn’t see a figure in the bed and grew more worried by the second that the witch was already aware of my presence. Suddenly the door on the right opened and the beautiful black haired, pale witch appeared. She was completely nude, and the candlelight made her gleam. But I shook with a tremble of fear as I noticed her hands were covered in red…blood. She didn’t seem to notice anything different and walked into the left door which I assumed was the washroom. I waited for a few minutes, I thought I saw something else move through the door, but it was only a second and realized that my nerves were getting to me. At last Mallory appeared again wearing a dark red sleep lingerie set teddy and matching thong. She made her way to the bed and pulled aside the drapes, she was about to lay down when she stopped in an instant and turned her head around. 

“I know you are there” she said. I was about to get up and announce my presence when another voice found the air first. 

“I was wondering when you would appear from that room, I am here to settle are little problem.” Aria appeared from the other dark corner and I knew that only by chance the sliver haired witch chose that corner over the one I was in. Aria appeared wearing a dark cape and black bikini and thong.  They contrasted her hair and I nearly groaned seeing that the two witches were officially together for the first time wearing nothing more than strings. 

” So, you alluded my minions, I should have sent something stronger to take care of you. But I am glad I get to handle you myself”, Mallory said with a dark grin as she now pulled all the drapes around the bed off. Aria continued to move closer “I have to make you pay for giving me away to the sacrifice. It took me a long time to infiltrate that dark hunter club…not that it matters anyway after what I do accomplish here.” Aria moved closer to Mallory; their large tits jiggling as they moved to face each other from a few meters away. Aria removed her cape and stood facing Mallory. Aria had the hot black thong and bra, with a powerful ass and moonlight skin. Mallory stood facing her with her midnight black hair, red lingerie and pale white skin. I watched feeling myself get hard as the witches luckily seemed too focused on each other to notice me.

Both women held the standoff for a second when they both used their first spell as both women made two swords appear out of thin air and with a slash and snap their blades found each other. Their muscles strained as the woman tested their strength with their blades both woman muttering spell after spell under her breath trying to overwhelm the magic and strength of the other. They moved around the room moving quickly and dodging the swinging blades by inches. Their hot bodies showing extreme stamina and flexibility. In one instant the fight was over with Mallory missing a swing and Aria taking her blade and sticking it right through the dark-haired woman’s heart.

 I watched in horror as Aria twisted the blade and removed it. But something was off…Mallory’s face showed no emotion of pain and even more surprising there was no blood on the blade as Aria removed it. Mallory disappeared in a small amount of smoke and now Aria was alone. I was about to say something to her but once again another voice beat me too it. 

“You wish this fight would be so easy…” Mallory’s voice seemed to come right through the air. Aria stood tense in her black thong and bra sword raised but she wasn’t quick enough. Mallory appeared right behind her with a small dagger in her left hand. She reached up into Aria’s hair and pulled her head back taking the small blade and slitting Aria’s throat. I wanted to scream but I held it in.  Mallory laughed loudly but only for a second as Aria was spurting no blood and now had no emotion on her face. Aria disappeared in a smoke and Mallory sighed. 

“We can send our clone images to fight all night but we will have to meet face to face if we hope to solve anything”. Mallory seemed to be talking to the air and as she did this she made her dagger vanish. I was pretty sure this was the real Mallory but I couldn’t be sure. Either way I had already gotten hard watching the duel and was more desperate to really see how witches solved their personal issues. My eyes readjusted to see Aria had come in sight and was sitting on the bed facing me and Mallory. Mallory was facing her giving me a great look at her ass in the lingerie red thong. 

“Well Aria…May I call you that?” Mallory asked. Aria gave her a hard look but nodded. “I can see you are quite powerful, but you can tell so am I even more so. You seem to be convinced to stop me from the greatest sort of magic ever attempted and I want to know why?”  Mallory seemed to be moving closer and closer to Aria who looked to be getting more comfortable on the silk bed. 

“I am here not to stop the magic…only you. This castle and….” She gestured towards the painting”, is something I have been working on finding for a long time and even better they got a powerful magic hunter to come here which makes the final project even easier.” Aria had a small smirk and Mallory had stopped moving closer. 

“So…you know what this castle’s secrets?” Mallory asked a bit of annoyance in her voice. 

“Most… and I am sure I will find more once I am in control of it”, Aria responded. Mallory’s tone changed turning almost alluring. “Well we both know only one of us can be here as the queen of this castle, so it is time for us to settle it…in a true witch way.” Mallory reached up and undid her top letting it fall to the floor and now she stood in front of Aria topless with only a red thong.

 ‘True witch way…what is that?’, I thought to myself still hiding in my corner less worried about being seen as the women were way to absorbed in each other. 

“I was hoping we could settle it that way. Woman to woman is a true test of power and control as only the best can rule this world.” Aria stood up finishing her sentence and untied her bra making her topless as well. Her big tits looked wonderful, taunt and full. A perfect match with the white globes facing her.  Aria moved close to Mallory and the woman stood with their large breasts only a few centimetres away from each other face to face.

 “I will have you know many witches before you have been defeated and destroyed by my tits and pussy. I won’t just win, I will break your sexual will” Mallory whispered. I moved through the shadows to get a better view and watch the woman do whatever they planned to do.

 “And you think I haven’t? I have fooled the greatest council in the world using my body and mind” Aria whispered back and continued “The stakes?” 

Mallory smiled “Obviously the loser magic is absorbed for the winner and well we both know not many witches can survive that, and of course the winner gets our little sacrifice downstairs…and even more importantly….” Mallory said in a sexy purr motioning towards the painting of the creature on the wall… “unlimited power….”

 Aria purred back “Sounds perfect slut let’s see who the better woman is between us and who will rule this world.” What was going on I wondered they looked like they were about to kiss rather than fight. And suddenly they did. The two hottest women I had ever seen were making out aggressively their hands in the hair of the other and their bodies mashed up against each other. Aria’s and Mallory’s matching pale skin showed a deep contrast as their bodies rubbed and grinded against each other. The long kiss continued with some spit dripping out the sides of their mouths. I could see their tongues were deep in each other’s mouths and what spit escaped found its way onto their tits that were mashed together underneath. The focus of the battle moved to their breasts as they separated their mouths to breathe and speak aloud their threats. 

At least that’s what I thought as my eyes watched the big jugs of each woman push against each other and drive their hard nipples into the flesh of the other. Mallory was mouthing something quickly before she spit right on the face of Aria who didn’t stop her own mouthing. But a groan of was the last thing that came out of Aria’s mouth as she suddenly went still, and Mallory still moving tackled the frozen girl onto the bed. Aria’s black thong was very present as Mallory now stalked around her on her knees.

 “Do you like my frozen spell? It is perfect for little bitches like you and all I needed to do was get a good amount of spit on you. Now you are unable to move yet you can still feel the intense pleasure I am about to deal to you.” Mallory finished by making her way around to be on top of Aria sitting her red thong ass on Aria’s pale stomach. She begun to grope and play with Aria’s oversized tits. Mallory did this for a few minutes until her left hand moved down to Aria’s thong covered pussy and began to rub the fabric. Aria couldn’t tell make a sound or emotion but I knew she must be feeling devastatingly good pleasure. Mallory’s other hand she brought to her own mouth to suck her fingers making them drip with her own spit.

 “I watched you suck the sacrifices dick pretty well from the mirror, so I am sure you will enjoy this…” Mallory laughed bring her fingers to Aria’s mouth easily forcing the silver haired woman’s mouth open and inserting them. Moving them in and out quickly Aria was now still silent but for the sound of fingers being inserted and a wet pussy and cloth rubbing. I watched the fight continue knowing the Aria might not last to whatever ended this sort of fight. 

But as Mallory rubbed Aria she suddenly screamed in pleasure and pain. Mallory reached up and gripped her own tits seeming to try to stop whatever was happening. I then noticed Aria was moving and with a push she put Mallory on her back where she wiggled on the soft cloth. Aria seemed to take a second to recover before now crawling to the head of Mallory to face her upside down where she pinned the black-haired woman’s arms down with her own even though Mallory was shaking too much to matter. 

“Thanks for freeing my mouth slut…how do you like my spell now? It is a heat spell that makes my spit turn into a pleasure inducing substance. Now wherever my spit is you will feel an intense sensation. Here is a bit more.” Aria spit into the open mouth of Mallory whose eyes widened, and a deep groan escaped her mouth.

 “Hahahah” Aria laughed coldly as she was reaching down and pulling Mallory’s legs straight up to remove her red thong. It slipped off quickly and Aria threw it off the bed.

 “Now we will see who can take their pleasure.” Aria laughed reaching down and stealing a kiss on the lips of Mallory. But from the look on Aria’s face I could tell something went wrong. Mallory who had calmed down for a second gave her a small grin.

 “Just a little taste of your own medicine…my counter spell makes it, so your own spit makes you feel the same pleasure”. Mallory was still breathing heavily, and I could tell that even with that counter she was still in a bad position as Aria smiled back.

 “Not bad but not enough” Aria leaned forward and put some spit right on the pussy of Mallory. Mallory groaned deeply but not for long as Aria locked her into a wet kiss causing both girls to feel some intense pleasure on the mouths. Mallory was groaning louder and louder each second muffled by the moans of Aria. I thought for a second Mallory was going to lose control and surrender to a deep orgasm, but she had other plans. Aria broke the kiss to spit again on Mallory’s pussy making Mallory scream. But as she moved her face back toward Mallory’s mouth, Mallory gave her a light bite right on Aria’s right nipple.

 To escape Aria back off raising her upper body up to rub her now sore nipple. Mallory with incredible aim suddenly spit right onto the thong of Aria causing her to jump up. Aria groaned as the spit soaked into the cloth and touched her smooth slit. Aria jumped up and removed her own thong growling as she tossed it away from the bed. Mallory was now sitting up and had turned to face Aria. The pale black-haired woman was still shaking from the wet spit on her pussy but had a dark grin on her face. Aria stared back, she too grinning. They stayed like this for a few seconds when Mallory spoke up.

 “Not a bad spell for a slut like you, I hoped you liked your own pleasure spit on your own pussy.” Mallory finished still breathing heavily. 

 Aria laughed “You have no idea how many slutty witches have surrendered to just a drop of that. But I am happy you can take so much, and just to make things interesting…” Aria spit onto her own hand and rubbed her slit causing her to shake lightly. Mallory watched, arousal in her eyes. “

 “I like a challenge bitch and I think me, and you are going to have a long night before one of us gets our sacrifice…and the bigger prize. Anyway, this spell is easy to counter and it seems your counter only works on when my spit has been in your mouth so I don’t have to worry much unless we kiss.” Aria finished sitting and opening her legs to Mallory.

 Mallory smiled back, “Yes let’s rub our spit covered pussies into each other and see who can handle it more and I think you do…you won’t be able to not lock lips with me”. They began to scoot forward until their twats were less than an inch away. “Let’s fuck”. They said in unison. I watched still from the shadows. Harder than I had ever been in my life wanting desperately to revel myself and join them. But the word sacrifice that the woman kept saying back and forth between them made me stay quiet and silently watch the orgasmic battle taking place.

They touched cunt to cunt after a long a pause that felt like an eternity for me in the shadows and in an instant, I felt the energy from the room double resonating off the two women fucking atop the silken red sheet covered bed. The flimsy material swayed as a window burst open sweeping in a warm summer nights air and flowed their long silky black and silver hair as they tribbed against each other, strong sexy bodies moving against each other. The moonlight shined throw the glass and woman seemed to glow and it dawned on me I was in the presence of two sexual goddesses partaking in a sexual witch duel for a prize that seemed to include me and that creepy painting in some way.

“Wow how pathetic, I can already feel my cunt eating yours.” Aria muttered concentrating on flexing her ass into Malloy over and over. I could hear their pussies wetly squishing up on each other, dreaming of sticking my hard dick in-between the heavenly pieces of sex.

“No, that is my cunt preparing to sallow yours whole until you give up every drop of your magical energy. I will consume and use it to torture you for all eternity…” Mallory mouthed back. Their taunt large tits moved up and down with each thrust, and I couldn’t’ tell who was truly bigger and firmer with her chest as they fucked. They had taunted each other with their jugs twice now from the mirror and in person, and I wondered if they would settle that question between them here and now.

They hissed at each other as they flexed up and down their thighs, squeezing tight and moving in tune as one while they fucked. They were fully pushed into each other and it seemed every nerve on their pussies was wetly touching its counterparts of the two most perfectly smooth cunts I had seen up close. They pushed hard again holding the contact and breathing heavily, but I almost yelled as their eye’s went wide as I heard a deep growl while the castle seemed to shake. They separated swiftly and backed away with a gasp, their eyes turned to the painting above them. I watched it as well, but nothing moved, and the castle calmed. The warring witches seemed to realize it was safe to resume but instead of tribbing; they swung their toned legs around to be on their knees and slammed front to front, body on body with their hands flying to each other’ hair pulling harshly.  

“You scared to trib any longer fool, scared what will happen?” The witch hissed her fingers dug into the silver roots whilst having her own locks ripped hard at their cores.

“You were the one who pulled away faster! I will control it once it once it is out and you finished to nothing.” The priestess breathed back pushing back slightly to bring their tits slightly separated giving some space. Aria spit onto Mallory’s bouncing tits, she groaned as the heated substance seemed to engulf the nipple, she hissed in pleasure as her tits bounced up in down radiating with heat. The black-haired woman pulled Aria close looking to give her a wet kiss and get her own warming spit to play with. The silver haired woman pulled away trying to avoid getting her lips and tongues in contact, but it was impossible to keep their large tits to not touch. The warming sensation warmed Aria’s own breasts and they spread it easily rubbing their tits around each other. While they rubbed tit on tit, I wondered what their other hands were doing as they released each other’s hair and moved to the front of their bodies sliding slowly down each other’s hips. They had reached down to each other’s nether regions rubbing down the taut stomachs until they reached their goal, the smooth nether lips just waiting for her rival to enter. Their fingers entered each other simultaneously and they gasped at the sensation. They had tensed at first until they slowly relaxed as they moved in and out, finger fucking easily.  

“I just need a little of your cum and I’ll tie you up for good,” Mallory laughed before gasping as Aria had found a sensitive spot.

“You are wetter than me…I can tell.” Aria moaned back as Mallory’s long middle finger rubbed the g-spot she had found.

“Oh, we will find out, won’t we?”

“Yes we will.”

They pumped away and I could no longer hear the whispers they spat into each other ears and only the wet fingers that playfully worked a different type of magic between their legs. They stopped taunting each other and removed their right hands from the wet cunt, while also using their left to push each other away. I wasn’t sure why they separated, but knew I wanted them back on each other, body to body as quickly as possible as this fight was the most alluring thing I had ever seen.

Mallory brought her fingers to her mouth and licked each finger getting as much of Aria’s cum in her mouth as possible, and Aria was doing the same with Mallory’s. The did long licks up their fingers before sucking them clean, staring at each other eyes while they did so. The black haired, pale beauty final stopped and started rubbing her tits and began to mouth in that same strange langue I had heard before, cum on tongue as she had the first night in the mirror wearing that black bra and thong. Aria had followed suit and mouthed something back in the exact same, with emphases on the erotic tones, and I wondered if this would make it clear as to which woman succeeded in drawing out more cum from her enemy twat. They chanted at each other for about 10 seconds as I felt power resonating from both of them, but the wind around Mallory seemed just a breeze stronger.

“No!” Aria stooped speaking and launched her hands towards Mallory’s face; claws unsheathed in order to stop the witch, but she was to slow, and I saw her hands freeze in mid-air. I looked closer and was able to see that silk ropes had sprung out of nowhere in each corner of the bed. They had wrapped around each arm of Aria and lightly began to contract, pulling her down to the bed and beginning to spread her out full eagle. She groaned sexily as her back hit the silken sheets. Mallory smiled and pushed her cunt back with Aria’s with a light squish and some long white strings of cum were created. She pulled back quickly but the cum connected them indirectly and I couldn’t help but rub myself seeing how wet they both were. Mallory reached down and snapped them with her long black nailed fingers, letting the thick substance wrap around it. She brought it now to her mouth giving it a long lick and sucking her own finger. I could tell it must have been delicious as she moaned lightly at the taste, but I watched carefully and knew she hadn’t swallowed the substance. She had other plans for their mixed cum now in her mouth.

Mallory smiled darkly as Aria moaned underneath at the sight of her rival tasting them both, her hands still trapped by the robes of silk that held her arms and legs, spreading her wide and ready for sex. “Told you I turned you on more in our little game…” The witch gloated as she moved to her knees in front of Aria as if she was planning to fuck her missionary style, but she paused directly in front of her rival, and an eviler grin came to her face as her tits moved up in down with her breath.

“I think you need a better lesson in true dark magic from a real witch.” She reached down and rubbed some of their mixed cum from their legs, taking extra time to trace her fingers up and down the toned pythons of Aria who shivered at the touch. Finally, after taking all the cum she could, she palmed it and slapped it on her own huge tits. She also opened her mouth and I could see the original goo on her tongue, resisting the heating magic and muttered further words in that unknown language.  I felt the wind increase as an evil glint came to her green eyes and she opened her mouth agan as if she was about to swallow a large dick, but no words came out. My eyes went wide at what happened next, as a large black snake began to slither out of her mouth as if she had been deep throating it. It didn’t seem to gag her at all which was not surprising on how deep she had sucked my dick earlier and she looked calm. It passed by her large dark red lips inch by inch, releveling how long it really was. It immediately began to slither down the pales’ woman’s large chest like a dick sliding in-between the tits. Malory’s hands pushed her tits together and it seemed the snake vibrated at the sensation of acting like a dick, I felt almost jealous as I knew all too well how it felt to have a shaft crushed between the glorious balls of fat. The snake hissed as it moved down sliding wetly across her smooth skin until it went finally left her mouth completely. It slid down and onto Aria’s body sliding up between the other woman’s huge chest, but Aria was unable to titfuck it like Mallory had and the snake hissed its displeasure. Aria hissed like the snake but at Mallory as it curled around her huge left tit making its way back to Malory. She rubbed it’s head like a pet as it continued to move around coiling around Malory’s nude hips like a belt. It wrapped twice around the woman as if it was going to crush her before sinking its teeth into its own skin as the tail sticking out like she was wearing a floozy dick. She smiled and spit on to the tail and rubbed it once with her hands. The snakes tail went rigid and almost seemed to become a different substance than the rest of its body. I looked as hard as I could trying to make out what was happening.

“I’m going to fuck you raw with my pet, I’m going to drain every drop of cum out of your body.” The tail of the snake now had a distinct look of a penis, a large and thick rod that now was pointed towards Aria’s wet cunt.

“Don’t worry little girl, I will make it so very pleasurable, to the point you can’t handle it. No spell you have used to hold your orgasm in will last when fighting him and I.”

Aria growled in reply, “I can take anything you give me and more, enjoy your power while it lasts because I will be on top of you soon, and your spell will be the one in danger of breaking!”

Malory glared and now took position to fuck Aria with the snake’s rubbery looking tail that seemed to rigid and she began to toy with the trapped women.  She rubbed the fake dick on the folds of Aria’s cunt who growled again for a second at the contact before Malory leaned forward and kissed Aria deeply sucking the spit out of her mouth but I noticed neither girl froze or began to groan from the warmth. I watched steam rise from their mouths in the kiss and I assumed they were now using defensive spells so the freezing and warming seemed to counter each other.

As they kissed deeply Mallory moved her hips forward in a hard thrust with no hesitation. I knew from experience that Aria must have been soaked and maybe secretly wanting the sex as the snake seemed to slide easily into her body. The silver haired priestess moaned loudly into her rival’s mouth seeming to shake the castle walls as Malory began to fuck her hard with her fake dick, their womanly bodies connected in the most intimate ways.

The evil witch toned ass pumped hard as she fucked the moaning priestess on the bed, pale skin blending. I could see the sweat dripping off both their bodies that seemed to gleam in the moonlight now pouring in from the window. Unable to look away I watched the green-eyed witch thrust into the brown eyed priestess, their bodies rocking on the bed with only the noise being the slaps of skin on skin and grunts coming from them.

“Do you see how my wonderful pet finds every little sensitive spot? Its tail is built to locate the g-spot and ensure it rubs it over and over. Malory gloated continuing to pound Aria who moaned in deeper pleasure building every second taking the strap on like creature dove into her as she strained against the silken ropes struggling to maintain composure.

“Oh hell, fuck you whore!” The priestess growled but I watched her hips thrust into Mallory and I could tell she wanted the sex.

“Just cum slut, let your spell release… I will make your last moments alive very pleasurable.”

“You aren’t woman enough to make me cum!” Aria yelled as she began shaking her breasts at Mallory, taunting her with them by rocking side to side. I watched as Mallory followed the massive cannonballs moved amazed by how perky and firm they were for their size.

 The witch hissed, and I could tell she did not like Aria taunting her from that position as if she was in control of this fight. She leaned down whilst still in Aria, planning on making sure she didn’t try to show off her tits again.  I watched her eye’s glare at the brown orbs while she latched her red puffy lips onto one of Aria’s hard pink nipples and began to suck as if trying to draw milk.

The hard-tit sucking lasted a few seconds before Mallory froze with a light groan and I knew now from watching the fight thus far that Aria had succeed in getting a spell off and the power had swayed back to her control.

“You have never fought one like me…have you, one who knows just as much?” Malory was grimacing unable to answer with her lips still on Aria’s nipple, her ass seemed to be in the flexed position desperate to continue pumping the priestess but was held back by an invisible force. I watched the silk ropes release from Aria’s wrists and ankles and the silver haired goddess gave another slight flick to her wrist and the snake slowly unreleased it bite from the black-haired queen’s hips uncoiling slowly. She sat up slowly insuring that she kept her nipple in Mallory’s mouth that seemed to be the key to holding her rival in place. The dildo slipped out as they came to their knees and with one word in the evil langue the robes came to life again and tied Mallory up in her position, and only when they pulled tight did Aria’s remove her nipple from Mallory’s warm mouth. The snake had begun to slither from Malory and onto Aria who allowed it to go between her tits again, but this time she crushed it like a dick as Mallory had done feeling the snake vibrate happily. 
“He likes being a dick doesn’t he and that is how you control him isn’t it? With your tits… You never thought you would meet a rival woman more endowed than you who could tame him? That is your terrible mistake.”

The snake went again between Aria’s tits sliding easily from the spit that Aria lubbed from her mouth heating it more so and it now seemed ready to serve its new master.

“You fucking bitch.” Mallory breathed venomously at her rival watching her favorite toy switch allegiances and she found herself trapped on her knees.  

“This is an interesting spell…I however like to do the job myself.” She licked the tail of the snake tasting herself as it passed by her mouth and holding the cum to her tongue. The snake looped around Aria’s waist in a similar fashion as it had before, but she didn’t seem focused on it at all as she again said the dark language the woman had been using.  

After a few seconds Aria opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, but it was different than the one that had wrapped around my dick the night before. It was long, at least a foot and split at the end, just like a snake as it reached Mallory’s red lips and ran across it. She gave Mallory a dark grin and slid down to her back and under her trapped rival. The hardened dick tail slide erotically over the very wet pussy of Mallory who groaned, but Aria kept going till her face was under the fuck hole and gave it a light lick which caused the witch to shiver in pleasure.  

“Cum can be strongest from the source…and I think I am going to get plenty from your soaked pussy.” She reached up and firmly gripped the firm big ass of her rival using as leverage as she raised her own puffy red lips to the Mallory’s cunt, and I watched the long snake like tongue enter Mallory.

“Demon hell Bitch!”, The dark witch shivered, and she tried to shift away from the pleasure to little avail. Aria began to eat out Mallory from below who now shook from the pleasure unable to escape it. I could see that Aria’s tongue was at least 8 inches in her and the twin ends could touch every single spot.

“YOU WHORE!” Mallory cried out in a hot desperate way as Aria tongue fucked her, and I could imagine the intense licking she was receiving deep inside her twat. Aria’s red lips were connected to the swollen pussy lips in what looked like an intense make-out. The white finger nails groped the toned ass hard ensuring that Mallory was relaxed and couldn’t flex it to hold any resistance.

She moaned again, and Aria separated her lips from the pussy. “Do you love it slut? Do you know what the forked end is for? I can control the tiny thin ends, so they can fuck and stroke the smallest of things, like your clit for example.” I watched the tongue leave Mallory and lick the full length of the slit until it came to the front of the twat until the ends did what was promised and seemed to wrap the small nub with the end of the taster and moved up in down.   Mallory screamed in pleasure and her whole body seemed to shake and I didn’t think she would last long in this position. This went on for another minute before Aria again went deep into Mallory, closing her brown eyes, enjoying the taste and sensation of power.

I didn’t see how Mallory could get out of this knowing first hand Aria’s oral techniques could bring anyone to cum in orgasmic pleasure, but the woman again; as they both had done, surprised me. With a flexibility I had not seen from her yet, Mallory leaned her whole body back in a bridge like way, her toned stomach stretching and tits hanging off her chest. She was able to bend back far enough to wrap her lips around the snake’s tail dick that was behind her. Aria may have decided not to use but was still wearing the creature in a strap on like way. I watched amazed at the woman’s ability as she took all of Aria’s cum that had reminded on tip into her mouth in what looked like an upside-down blowjob. I felt a surge of desire wondering if she could do the same to me if I was eating her, and how amazing it would be to cum like that. She cleaned the tail as well as she could before Aria had noticed what had occurred, but it was too late. Mallory rolled herself back up and her green eye’s glared down into brown orbs, and with the cum on her tongue she began speaking in the dark language. I saw the robes slip away and Mallory was free once again, Aria pulled her head out and I heard her begin her own spell but was suffocated as Mallory lowered her pussy back onto Aria’s mouth who forced her tongue back in. Mallory moaned, and I wondered if the extra pleasure was worth stopping the magic, it seemed so as the snake had left Aria’s hips and she stopped tongue fucking to look down to see what had happened.

Aria hissed just like the snake had done as it seemed Mallory had gotten some control back of her wayward creature or at least enough to force it away. It unreleased the woman fully and slithered away as Mallory rolled off of Aria’s pink taster with a gasp of relief escaping from the incredible pleasure. She growled at Aria who growled back shocked at the sudden change of the battle, and both sat up quickly to face each other, finding themselves few feet away, the dildo snake had accidently slide in-between them. Each girl had cum on her tongue and was using it as a power to pull the snake to her and use it as a weapon. I noted that Aria’s sweet taster had returned back to normal and considered that Mallory might have been the reason. The snake looked confused and seemed to look back and forth between the woman unsure of its actions. It seemed a mental battle was occurring, but to me it just looked like they were using their massive tits to show she was worthier to control and use him to fuck her rival.

It hissed in annoyance and seemed to be taking mental orders from both of them, it shook his head with a headache and coiled itself before biting its own tail right off. Both women stopped moving their tits and watched seemly as confused as I was on what the creature intended. I expected blood from the creature, but it didn’t even flinch releasing it and from the stub the tail started growing back but this time it had split into two. The snake seemed to be taking orders from both of the endowed women and had created two dicks like tails to please both of their requests of fucking the other woman.

The girls seemed to pause for a second seeing the creatures new look before doubling their efforts to lure it to her until their patience had run out.


“BE MINE!”  They jumped at the creature but ended up only starting to titfight around its head, each trying to crush it between her jugs in an attempt to control it, their hard-pink nipples digging into each other’s tit flesh. Anytime a girl got close the other would slam her jugs hard into the other pair and bring them into further primal battle. They jiggled on every slap as Aria gave a big tit uppercut into Mallory’s which seemed to meld into her rivals’ sandbags.  The snakes hissed pleasurably as it was rolled in-between the soft flesh, its head the focus as it moved towards the small space that the 4 tits created when they moved up on and down each the woman’s bodies. It went between them like they were double titfucking it, clearly unable to know who its true master was and still taking commands from both of them.  It then slithered down the fighting girls and wrapped around both of their hips and started squeezing the girls together. They gasped at their tits mushroomed each other hard, looking down to see whose would break, but the snake pulled harder bringing their toned stomachs together.

“Release me!” Aria screamed!

“RELEASE”. Mallory commanded, but the snake seemed to no longer be listening and instead it tightened its coil and the tail that had dangled between them inserted its twin tails into both woman’s fuck holes easily. “Oh fuck!” Mallory gasped not used to having her own creature used against her.

 The snakes weight pushed them down so that Mallory was on the bottom of Aria and they again tried to push out of snake’s crush, but it was no use as they were stuck together on the bed. As Aria unknowingly humped forward to adjust her hips the snake’s tail in Mallory went deeper. Mallory grunted sexily and humped back using her end of the creature to play and fuck Aria again. The look they gave each other signaled they both knew how this would play out. They stopped struggling against the snake and turned their attention back to each other more interested into defeating each other sexually than escaping. It seemed they could only use their hips and legs to continue to duel with a connected shaft in their bodies and were happy to do so to continue fighting and fucking.  The taunting stopped as they began to focus now both girls realizing they had control of her side to fuck the other girl with the shared creature dick.

The snake seemed to shorten in response to what the witches were doing; fighting to control the creature’s dildo tail that connected their bodies and didn’t seem to interfere by squeezing any further letting their strength be the factor. They were dueling with the tails, tightening their incredible pussies as hard as they could, in order to use her end to force the other side deeper into the others sloppy fuckhole. connected pussy to pussy by the thick creature it turned into another fuck off. Their cum dripped out and mixed on the snake giving each woman control of one end but not able to take full power with magic and their muscle became the more prominent factor of the battle.

They were panting harder as they humped the dildos in and out of each other. I felt that they were getting closer and so did the creature, bringing them somehow even closer. The woman started biting into each other’s necks lightly to distract the other from the fighting below. They rolled on the bed and at one point their pussies came to face me. I watched taking in every detail as Aria’s ass flexed up and pushed down with her cunt leading the snake dildo deep into Malory whose wide-open lips took every inch and returned it with her own thrust. The twin moans came at a peak as they each took a good portion of the shaft until their nether lips could have kissed if not for the creature between them, at least 6-7 inches deep in each other.

They moved around the bed as I took in every angle I could as they rolled and fought. I could see their strong stomachs and large tits pushed into each other with Their eyes were closed and their faces turned away as they fucked, they looked determined but were lost in their pleasure. The room’s temperature seemed to double in heat as it seemed both women were struggling to control their sexual magic and an orgasm was near them.

“Break and be gone…”

“Never…I will own you.”

Mallory took the top position again and thrusted down while licking Aria’s neck. I saw for the first time Aria’s tight pussy grip slipped just a little as the battle swung into Mallory’s hands. “Oh, fuck me.” Aria breathed as the snake’s tail quivered on her end. Mallory sensed the moment of weakness and I could tell she doubled her effort, her ass flexing hard as she fucked her rival. It worked but also succeeded hitting her own sensitive spots as well as Aria continued to fight back.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck break and be gone whore!” It seemed both girls were close, and I watched as they seemed to pause their thrusting to glare at each other, wanting to watch the enemy’s eyes as she came for hopefully the last time.

They started to shudder, and the girls came in a small mutual orgasm and the magic they released disintegrated thee snake as if it vanished into thin air, and their nude bodies slapped together. Without the creature the slits meshed, but the change in the type of pleasure seemed to almost give them some relief. The girl’s spells and will seemed to hold in the most intense part of the orgasm, another crack in the dam and they launched their hands onto their rivals massive swinging chests rubbing around the nipples and holding as much of the tit meat as they could. It seemed that the spell that held back the full pleasure was able to hold on, but not by much as they squeezed each other’s big boobs in their hands and cracks of their magic began to leak through as they panted harder and harder, the wind increasing in the room again. Aria’s pitches were a little higher and it drove Mallory forward sensing victory. The silver-haired goddess released Mallory’s huge tits and slapped Mallory’s away roughly. She started rubbing her own nipples and Mallory this time sensed what was happening but was confused as how.

Aria had started mouthing stuff again and for the second time the silk robes came to life and wrapped around Mallory yet again, but they didn’t look as tight or firm.

“How?” Mallory hissed trying to understand what had happened during the struggle that gave Aria the ability to summon this type of magic when they both had been cumming.

“I still had enough cum from eating you to get this off. You should have tried to kiss me harder and you may have been able to get me to swallow it.” Aria taunted, but I could tell with the way she was breathing that she was still dangerously close to cumming against her will and had used the cum as a last resort to save herself.

Mallory laughed even as she was pulled down towards her back. “You clearly didn’t have much of my delicious cum. I can feel how weak these robes are”, She flexed her legs and arms and I could see the robes strain. She grinned, “I will be out in a minute and back on top of you…your simple magic has been so disappointing in this duel.”

Aria’s red eyes darkened even more so and I could tell she hated her magic being called simple. “You want dark magic sweetie? I’ll show it to you.” Aria said darkly, and I could feel the evil energy off her as she took their cum and began to rub it on her tits and clit mouthing a new phrase, but she never finished for I had been too distracted to feel the bats behind me that had finally sensed my presence. I felt the claws dig into my shoulder and I screamed in pain unable to supress it as they carried me into the light. Aria and Mallory looked over in shock nude and on top of each other, it was clear they had been unaware of me watching their sexual struggle. The creatures carried me up into the moonlight and on clasped my hands to chains hanging chains from the ceilings leaving me now in the middle of the room.

They seemed to pause their fight and looked at me with shock in their faces. They were quickly replaced with a looked of anger on Mallory’s that I also expected to see on the other woman, but Aria’s face seemed calm looking at me with even a curiosity filled look. I tried to avoid their glares and look only at their bodies which came quite easy.

“Have you been enjoying the show Joseph? I bet you have.” Aria asked, as the bottom Witch began to say something Aria spit on Mallory’s mouth and licked it as if sealing it from words. She leaned down into her ear, “I hate using your cum for this kind of spell, but that should keep you quiet while I get something” I heard her whisper lightly as if my senses had doubled. She licked the spit across Mallory’s puffy red lips with her strong tongue and the spit seemed to solidify into a gag robe like substance that allowed her to open her mouth, but no words came out. “That might be the last of yours but now I’m going to get the stuff we both want, slut.” Aria said She sat back up and ran a hand down Mallory’s incredible body over the strong stomach and valley of her breasts as if she was admiring her rival.

She was still toying with trapped Mallory giving small slaps to the witch’s big tits as she looked back at me, “How long have you been watching?”

“Not long.” I lied not wanting to give away what I knew. Aria may be a priestess, but she was evil, hell, I thought she might even maybe equal to the dark witch she was fighting. 

“That’s good…most men who watch this sort of spectacle eye’s start to bleed…” she lightly whispered filling her hands with Mallory’s huge breasts and squeezing them. She finally stood, unmounting the bound woman and separating the warring bodies from each other for the fight time in 30 minutes. She took one small step to bring her next to me.

“As you can see the dark witch and I are dueling in a special sexual way, if I let you down I know you will be to tempted to fuck one or both us which could power her or distract me, so I have to leave you up there for now, okay?”

I gave a slight nod though I knew that was not the real reason. My hands weren’t able to move held up by the chains the bats had placed me on. I groaned unable to move, they knew I had watched but I realized that neither Aria or Mallory knew how long I had watched their sexfight which was the only advantage I had.

“But you can help me Joseph, I need your cum to finish this, the binds I placed on her won’t last long. I will answer your questions after, just relax and let me draw it out of you. Look at my body…” I didn’t have a choice as the ex-priestess dropped to her knees and pushed her hair back. She spit on the head of my already hard dick and started slowly taking it into her mouth.

The blowjob began as Aria started to suck my dick hard and after 30 minutes of watching the erotic struggle I would not last long with her incredible skills.

Mallory groaned next to us trying to use her own spells and strength to break the bonds that Aria had created. She could sense the danger that I did too, that if Aria got a full load mixed with their own mixed cum she could summon the thing they both wanted or use it to defeat the trapped witch once and for all. She was bobbing her head in perfect time with my involuntary thrusts which she took easy. She released her mouth and used her hand focusing on my vein that she knew I loved. “Just like last night…relax.” I could see her spit covered hands moving like a piston and some pre-cum I couldn’t’ control starting to leak out. I looked at Mallory who was straining hard against the robes and mouthing invisible words that seemed to loosen the robes every second and I could tell Aria was speeding up now against time.

“Cum into my mouth Joseph, and I will use it to vanquish this bitch.” She rubbed my legs and ass releasing tension I was holding in. “I know you want cum, I can feel it, you can be the hero I need.” I moaned at the sensation as Aria deepthroated me taking every inch in without a single gag reflex. I was closer than ever still trying to hold it in. As Aria went back out and in though I felt and knew I was less than a few seconds away. I had to do something, if I gave Aria my cum she would destroy Mallory and me, but worse she could summon whatever they both wanted in that painting. I knew what Aria was and if I had any chance of surviving this night, I needed them to keep fighting and weakening each other. My hands still bound I had little movement to push away, and I shook as I felt my orgasm coming, a deep powerful one that I had held it in as long as I could was coming up. I started to groan and knew I only had one chance to get out of this moment. Aria sensed my upcoming explosion too and took a cocky pose with her red puffy lips right on the tip looking up to me with the soft brown eyes. I yelled as the first shot fired right into Aria’s mouth who groaned in excitement, but the second shot I used all my willpower to pull out as hard as possible from the warm wet mouth of Aria. She screamed in frustration and surprise as I shot my load at Mallory a foot away, hoping that it somehow reached her so that she could use it to counter whatever Aria was planning to do with the sticky substance. I got two shots off before Aria had regained control and took the rest inside her mouth, rubbing my balls to ensure I gave her everything I had left. I howled at the pleasure unable to see if my plan worked as Aria finished her skill with a loud pop. She rubbed a little extra as I flinched back from the pleasure.

My dick went limb and I felt faint from the sexual pleasure being held by the chains and drained of my sexual energy. Aria looked at me and I looked back hoping to see the kind woman I had known in my years on her pretty face but then she gave me a sadistic grin and all my hope disappeared.

“Hmm you are smarter than I gave you credit for Joseph. Did you figure it out?” I glared at her, trying to not look at her perfect body as distracting as it was. “Oh, you must have been watching our duel for a while haven’t you? That is why you were so hard…Well it doesn’t matter, I will be well beyond the council’s ability to stop me after tonight and you won’t be able to warn them. Thank you for the cum, I still got plenty and it’s delicious.” She gave a little groan as she opened her mouth and I watched the white goo get played with on her tongue. “I’m going to use it to destroy the witch and then…well, then I’m going to kill you for your soul.” She gave a grin at the words and I felt a shiver of despair.

“You are a witch…how could you?” I hissed lightly,

“I never liked that word, Dark Priestess is how I would describe myself, has a much sweeter tone to it, don’t you think?” She blew a light kiss at me that left me shaking in rage, but as she turned around, she gave to a sudden halt and seemed to huff in anger.

Mallory was standing there fully released from the spell. Aria grinned and started to say something but paused at the sight of the green-eyed witch opening her mouth and looking as sexy as ever with my cum on her tongue with clearly as much as Aria had.  

The green-eyed witch looked at me the same evil look on her face like Aria. “Thank you, dear hunter for your cum, I promise to make your death a little less painful for your assistance once I dominate and destroy this little dark priestess.” She said with a hint of sarcasm at Aria’s title.

I glared at her now, but I wasn’t surprised that no allies in this battle and my death was still the goal. But that was fine, I had succeeded in getting them to fight further and as I looked the two sexy, fuckable witches in front of me I couldn’t help getting sexually excited again as the woman now faced each other again this time with the cum they had desired so with such a fervor.

The girls turned their focus to each other “Not bad being able to catch his cum from that shot, I assume that is how you broke my spell?” They stalked, moving around and around.

“It wasn’t much of a spell in the first place, and a real-women wouldn’t have let a single drop miss her mouth, that is your mistake. Now you will know true horror.” Mallory’s face showed a fury I had not yet seen.

“No, you will know despair by my body.” Aria replied, and I could tell the fury was matched on her on features.  

Mallory opened her mouth but didn’t respond. She simply let my cum drip down to her tits where she began to rub hit entirely over her huge tits and speak the dark language with a new force and the castle began to tremble. Aria didn’t hesitate, mimicking the same move with my cum in her mouth to her own tits which now felt like a earthquake. The dark priestess walked closer to the dark witch till they were a foot away, where they stood staring at each other brown eyes to green. The langue got more complicated as they closed their eye’s and began moving around each other in a tight circle. Their perfect bodies stood like mirrors to each other, every curve illuminated by the moonlight, pink nipples sharp and ready to spear, and cunts dripping cum onto the floor as they around and around.  Cum covered and sweat dripping as the heat of the summer night nose and nose.

Their eyes shot open and I nearly lightly gasped from the new sight as they continued to circle. Aria’s soft brown which I had gazed in just moments ago and Malory’s rich green eyes that had drawn me to the mirror were gone, now both their eyes were ruby red as they pierced each other with a deathly glare. They seemed to be becoming more beautiful as they pulled their sexual energy from deep in their cores, stopping their circling and facing each other again. They paused with their tit rubbing and pushed into each other allowing their soaked nipples to slide and meet their counterparts. They locked lips and I could hear my cum being exchanged with their tongues as they tried to suck more and more away from the other while keeping hers. The kiss didn’t last long and I couldn’t’ tell who had succeeded at getting more into her mouth when they broke apart without a single string.

They broke apart quickly and had quickly spit the cum with spit mix out onto their large powerful tits and begun to fill their hands with the massive meat again, rubbing faster and harder; no longer moving away from each other and screaming their spells in each other’s faces that rang off the wall and seemed to shake the castle. It was incredibility erotic even as I knew they looked to destroy each other with their foreheads pushed hard into each other, and their lips touched even as they worked their magic. I could tell they were using incredibly complicated ones by the length and how much cum and spit they lathered on themselves. I knew from experience that using spells like this were dangerous, but I don’t think the women cared for their safety now. I felt the energy in the room grow to higher and higher levels until it seemed unbearable to everything but the woman in the room; then silence.

At the same time, they had stopped speaking and I could see the maniac looks of hatred they had for each other glaring into their rivals red eyes. Their hair was flying wildly as the energy seemed to engulf the wind around them from all directions. They released their tits and wrapped them around each other in what looked like a light pleasant hug in the chaos of their duel.

“Farewell Dark Priestess, you were a worthy opponent.” Mallory taunted as she began to pant harder and harder, something building in her core.  

“No, goodbye to you Dark Witch, thank you for memorable duel.” Aria laughed as the tilted her head and pushed her lips forward.

They came together and kissed with their puffy red lips, but it wasn’t like the previous one where they fought for cum that was sloppy and wet with their tongues, this looked more like a vacuumed duel, their mouths opened wide and sucking hard. They had done something to their kissing, and I realised this was part of the spell they had cast from the win building, but what they were trying to do I could not tell and only watch the sexy sight. Suddenly loud screams burst in the air, but it wasn’t coming from the girls, and seemed to come from the walls. I watched as hard as I had ever looked at anything, trying to ignore the screams and for the I could see the sexual energy seem to manifest itself as this dark mist around the sucking women. Their bodies became blurry like a disoriented sight and I thought I was going blind for a second. I couldn’t imagine what they were trying to do to each other, but it looked like a final moment and a final spell.

Now the girls began to scream, but it did not sound like pain from the walls but pleasure as if the spell they had used my cum for was going wrong for both of them. Their images lost complete focus for a split second before they collapsed onto the ground away from each other and wind and magic seemed to disappear as they hit the ground.

Their bodies came back to focus, and the moonlight seemed to increase in strength shinning on them from the windows of the castle. I watched the women lay there, neither moving for a full minute. I thought they had finished each other for a second, but I noticed now their chests were still moving in shallow breaths, so whatever they had tried hadn’t worked and they had failed to destroy each other. I looked at my own predicament and the knocked-out women was a chance for me to escape. I began to struggle against the chains, but it was no use. It didn’t move and now the girls were stirring.

Aria sat up first holding her head and looking faint and dazed. She looked towards me and her eyes bore into mine, but as if she was looking but not really seeing what was in front of her. She stood and took a step forward before stumbling and falling as if she was not accustomed to walking. She fell to her knees and I heard her gasp when she saw her hands and nails. I didn’t know what the issue was, it looked like she had won and all she had to was mount her rival, but something was very wrong for her and she wasn’t able to take advantage of the situation.

“How did this happen…” Aria whispered, now looking desperately looking back towards the now sitting up Mallory who was also staring at her hands and seemed unable to stand without some difficulty. 

“What did you do!?” Aria screamed her hands going to her hair and pulling it to see the silky silver hair to her red eyes.

“How…what….” Mallory was mouthing until looking at Aria a few feet away from herself with a cleared shocked face that quickly turned to anger. “This is your fault!” She yelled back at Aria, trying but failing to stand, her hands feeling her own tits as if this was the first time she had seen or felt them. I watched even more confused as Aria was feeling her own body, running her hands on her ass and feeling her cunt, exploring every inch.

Now Mallory growled, “You should be gone! I sucked your soul out with my kiss, you should be nothing left, HOW ARE YOU THERE?!”

“You liar! My spell and magic were stronger! I felt it, I felt you lose control and your soul leave your body, how did you survive? And how did this happen? TELL ME!?


I was confused to what the issue was until I saw how the felt themselves up. Then it all dawned on me as I heard their words, the awkward movements, and their hands feeling their own bodies up as if they were new. I think they were as clear fear of how they looked at each other a deeper understanding of what they both were. The two evil women had attempted to use one of the worst dark spells I had heard of to end each other’ existence. A power that can be used to suck their rival’s soul from her body, but their powers had meshed too well, their souls had found an empty body which could handle their intense power far too easy in which to occupy. They had which switched their minds with their bodies during the passions of their incredible sexual duel, the price when they mixed their own cum and sucked each other’s mouth with the same intention and power.

Aria was now in Mallory’s body and vice versa.  

The both started mouthing something in the language, but for once I felt no wind and no power resonating from them. I watched Aria’s body grimace as stood up and stumbled but seemed to be finding her footing. The body’s red eye’s glowing more so as she moved towards Mallory’s body. “Fine, if my magic won’t work in your pathetic body, I will fuck you into submission and finish you after.”

Mallory’s body stood as well awkwardly and did a come-hither motion at Aria’s. “Are you sure you wish to continue whore?” She said tauntingly.” I know my body and everything it loves…I will dominate you until you submit. Just surrender yourself to me right now and I will you’re your death quick once we switch back.”

The silver haired body hissed back, “Never, I am going to win this duel and claim the sacrifices cum with all its power. I will use that to unleash IT and be granted full control, then I will make your death slow and painful.”

Now Mallory’s body growled. “No, I will be the winner of our fuck duel! The power will ALL BE MINE!”

“NO, IT WILL BE MINE!” The screamed sounding mentally off as if the duel was affecting them in other ways than just sex. The woman had become obsessed with each other until one was fully enslaved.  

They fell to their knees and crawled round each other like cats, their minds still getting used to controlling the new bodies as they screamed at each other as if they needed to convince themselves they were going to win. I watched them like a hawk, their pussies literately dripping with desire which I couldn’t help but think it was strange, as that would mean they were turned on by themselves, their own body. Yet, when I looked at them I could see it in their eyes that they absolutely were, perhaps it was the ultimate challenge to a sexual witch, to defeat her own body with her own skill. They wanted each other more than anything, the sex must have been that good between them. It seemed that even though it would take a while for them to get full control, they were as turned on as ever and didn’t plan on waiting to fight. They hissed at each other and continued their circle, not yet quite in control enough to engage.

“I see this is a unique opportunity to see who is more turned on by her own image…” Mallory’ body said.

“Yes, I have and now I’m going to make you cum looking into your own real eyes, crushed by your own tits, your own clit bending.” Aria’s body said licking her lips after.

“I’m going to make you eat yourself out, drown you in your own cum as I finish you.”

“There will be no secrets between us…everything our bodies and souls can do until one vanquishes the other.”

“Until there is only one…”

They circulated each other knowing every weakness of their body and planning to exploit them. Their mind eye’s roaming over their own bodies, no longer worried if there were any surprises or tricks, just another fuckable body to overpower. With twin snarls they launched at each other with an awkward fury, breasts bumping into each other at first contact. They grabbled, trying to wrestle each other on the ground and onto her back, but it looked awkward; as if moving was a challenge, fighting looked to double it. The stumbling caused them to fall awkwardly to their sides where Mallory’s body began to rotate on the sweaty skin of her rival. They tussled slightly but seemed to be aiming for a goal and they soon found themselves in a 69 and I watched as the woman paused for a second taking in the situation before happily leaning in and eating her own cunt with a fervor. I wondered if they had ever dreamed of doing this, eating the cunt they had used to destroy other men and women, now needing to be destroyed sexually for victory. They might not have been able to physically fight well in their condition, but they could perform their oral techniques expertly and for the first time, on their own body. They moaned and shook as they felt their enemy’s tongue giving her teasing licks. There was little need for foreplay as their spit and cum mixed into one gooey substance as they ran their tongues up and down the slits harder each time, matching each other motion for motion, until they finally started to feast. They messaged each other’s glorious asses, spreading the cheeks as far as possible while putting their tongues in deep.

Malory’s body was on top of Aria’s grinding on her slowly her cunt to face. Aria’s body was grinding back and giving hard spanks to the top girl who moaned loudly each time her cheeks were spread and licked in-between the muscle. Each girl attempted to use magic screaming words I did not understand but seemly each had no results and I wondered as they increased their tempo after each failure of spells threat they were both now just looking to out fuck the other in this sexy little eat off.

“I know my body loves to be tortured and spanked.” Aria’s body slapped Mallory’s ass harder, hitting the firm meet with a strong force that seemed to resonate off the powerful muscle.

“Ugh yeah it does, but so does mine.” As Malory’s body leaned their bodies to the side and gave a hard spank that brought out a guttery moan from Aria’s mouth. Their asses were built to be spanked and each was giving a full dosing of abusing and rubbing their largest and strongest muscle near their faces. I saw them kiss their own cunt deeply and break apart attempting spells using the mixed spit with cum but ineffectively. A finger traced around each other’s and I could only wonder how long each woman’s spell of stopping the pleasure could hold out.

I watched them use different techniques that I’m sure was giving them great difficulty in concentrating as their breathing seemed to get louder and louder. Mallory’s body’s tongue was going in little circular motions around the clit while Aria’s body tongue was flicking the sensitive nub side to side. I wondered if it filled them with dread that they had to give away their bodies favorite positions and techniques to get ahead in the fight. If they switched back before one claimed victory, they would both know exactly how to use each other’s clits.  

“Give me my body back…”

“No, you give me mine…” The whispers seemed more like desperation pleas as they dove back into each other’s pussies licking hard and sloppily focusing on each other’s clits. They started moaning into each other’s cunts, sending a different vibration down their legs. Each girl wanting her own figure back even if the one they now possessed was equal in many ways, the temple in which she worked so hard to maintain back in her control.  Struggling to out fuck her own self, feeling the body she loved squirm underneath herself as she fucked it, breaking their own prides and joys.  

They seemed to only now be interested in exhausting each other through sex, since their magic seemed to be to un-predictable and uncontrollable in each other’s bodies. I could see they didn’t even try to cast or speak the dark language further, but the air was picking back up. I assumed that once the loser was fucked down for good, the winner figured she could find a way to get back into her own skin. During that time, I might be able to escape…if I wanted. I wasn’t sure how normal sex would be after watching these two witches sexually duelling and blowing me over the last hours of the long night. I focused as they had broken apart of their 69 pushing each other roughly before tackling each other to kiss their cum covered lips together erotically. Long fingers diving back to the cunt where their mouths had just been. Thick white strings built and broke as they masturbated each other on their knees before pulling each other to side and falling back onto the bed fucking each other woman to woman, and twat to twat.

The sexual frustration became more intense as they started to cum again with little orgasms that were leading to something bigger. Over and over the small orgasms shook their bodies seemingly every time they switched positions, Aria’s body grinding on Mallory’s body and Mallory’s body rubbing hard on Aria’s body, their hands exploring and pinching every inch of pale skin. The girl on top pushed the girl on bottom over her edge with a scream as I watched their muscles give small spasms, but then they would roll, and the reverse would happen. The original spell of sexual resistance still held with neither breaking the wall completely. I watched them rock when an orgasm whisked in their bodies as they shook off the small orgasms that they are releasing and aggressively spanked and slapped each other. But like a broken dam there was no stopping the leaks and flow that they were unleashing on each other with the spanks and slaps turning them on more.



Aria’s body screamed in pleasure as Mallory’s body’s firm tits crushed her own and her borrowed clit, but even as silver-haired body was still cumming she rolled their bodies, took the top and placed a strong thrust down into Mallory’s body who began to cum as well screaming curse words. Another traded orgasm as they moaned into each other’s faces as their night of sex and passion reached a peak in this evil witch duel.  

I watched on, unable to move, chained to the wall like a trophy as the witches unleased years of sexual build-up and frustration onto each other. I could tell they were no longer in control having turned fully animalistic, their magic unleashing in weird ways and their limbs holding each other tight. Their perfect bodies slapped wetly from the sweat that dripped of them like water. Their silver and black hair mixed as they brought their heads together to lick and whisper dark evil threats into their ears.

“My body loves her nipples sucked,” Aria’s body panted in an out of breath voice, latching onto the Mallory’s bodies sharp pink nipples, sucking like a bottle with loud pops as she released.

“Oh my god, yes it does…. but mine loves her hair pulled, and ass slapped.” She gave a hard tug and spank that resonated on the ass muscle making Aria’s body moan louder and louder. Fingers thrusted and rubbed, tongues dueled, and bodies twisted to always stay in contact. The energy grew more and more, and I gasped as they began to float in air as if suspended by a new power. They didn’t even seem to notice with the only thing it seemed to change in the fight was top girl no longer had any advantage as they humped and kissed every inch of each other they could reach.

Like a ball of pure feminine flesh, they clawed, sucked and fucked each other again and again in the air seemly unaware of what was happening around them. It was a sight I had never seen, and with the magic swarming around me I came without any contact as Mallory’s body ran it’s tongue up the full length of Aria’s body pussy to mouth. Even then as I recovered, I started to get hard as Aria’s body did the same, but reverse, starting at Malloy’s body asshole and running up her back to the neck and mouth from behind till they kissed again. I couldn’t stop watching the woman wrap around and around each other kissing deeply while tit to tit and pussy to pussy. They fully ignored my cum on the floor which I thought they would have wanted, now they only interested in each other and ending the battle on top of her sex-magic rival. I didn’t know how it could go on or what would end the struggle until I saw the silver-haired body seem to go rigid in the air and the dark red eyes widen bigger than before and I could tell the spell was broken. I thought for sure that Mallory’s body with Aria’s mind had won and was about to conquer her frozen rival, but the dark witch had other ideas as they came face to face in the air, Mallory’s body trying to push her rival away. “Get away and cum on your own whore!” Mallory’s body cried clearly on the edge herself trying to hold onto the last string that held her pleasure back. She could have clawed at her own body but didn’t want to do anything that would leave permanent damage on her own tits and face which gave the cumming woman the chance she needed to pull the black-haired, pale body close.

Aria’s body and Mallory’s mind screamed, “If I can’t win, neither can you! You’re cumming with me!” and instead of backing off or getting pushed away she launched herself with a sexual force onto the other woman, using her own intense cumming body to get her rival off with her and break the enemy’s spell. I watched Mallory’s body resist for a millisecond, but she too had no chance of keeping the waves back with Aria’s cumming body was rubbing up on her. It her attack worked perfectly, and I didn’t think that anyone could stop that feeling of having a body like that on her. I felt an energy blast as the spells broke and the most powerful orgasm I had ever seen started to shake their bodies even as they continued to fight. It was like they had been holding this one in and only letting small little bursts of pleasure out, but not anymore, the damn had broken. The way Aria’s body was shaking I could tell this one would not be a spell that could be recovered from quickly.

Mallory’s body moaned deeper than I had ever heard unable to respond as the orgasm rocked her body and she too went rigid unable to withstand having her own body cum against her. Their borrowed eyes went wide as they watch their own faces begin to cum as from the most intense sex their witch lives had given so far. Every cell in their body filled with magic and pleasure, toes curled, and they held onto each other unwilling to let the other go. They watched their own tits bounce up in down like full sandbags and feel each other began true pleasure of fucking their own bodies to orgasmic bliss as they humped each other harder to end the duel once and for all. On the final and hardest hump, they held it, so their clits slid into each other and did not separate. Their sexual nubs feeling as if they had blended into one, a single nub sending sexual waves of pleasure, and releasing enormous amounts of magical energy fused together.

They screamed in unison and I saw their borrowed bodies shake in time with the high and low pitches as another synchronized orgasm began just as big as the last, cum dripping out of their cunts and meshing into each other and on their clits. They started kissing unable to resist the puffy dark red lips of each other any longer, no longer caring about what spells they had done, what traps could be left, only wanting to ride the pleasure that was given. Aria’s body’s hands were filled with Mallory’s body’s tits and Mallory’s body fingers squeezed Aria’s bodies perfect ass looking to draw it out as long as they could. Their mixed spit and cum as both juices were traded from their cunts and mouths, tasting every drip and not missing a drop. A sloppy mix of their cum, my cum, and their spit flowed like rivers between their mouths each unable to cast a single spell and overwhelm the other with her magic and sex, maybe planning on drowning each other with the mix.  

My pupils were wide as the woman continued to cum in their orgasmic bliss body on body for another 10 seconds holding each other tight in the air. Their massive tits seemed to quiver with their bodies as they mushroomed flat trying to get as close as possible to each other, and their asses pushed in hard; flexed to their greatest ability in closeness of each other. They continued to kiss until finally after another few seconds I watched as their lips separated with strings, and their heads seemed to go slack. Their muscles un-clenched from the tight grips they had used to keep each other close. They fell to floor, their nude bodies weirdly landing lightly on the hard rock where they lay, collapsed from exhaustion and breathing shallowly against each other still holding tight, body on body. I couldn’t tell who had won, they had forced each other to cum multiple times once the orgasm resisting spell had broken, draining them of their strength. Now it seemed neither having the energy left to mount and finish the other for good in their sexual showdown. I wondered how long those resistance spells had held and how much pleasure they had to withstand when they broke, I felt as it might have destroyed lesser humans. They laid there for another 5 minutes as I waited to try to see who would move first.

“How…do you exist…” I heard the Mallory body whisper in the now quiet hall to Aria’s body.

“I never thought…another like me…” Aria’s body mouthed back at her. Their red eyes had opened, and they were staring at each other, both still with light distain in their voice, but now there was a much more apparent curiosity. Their red eyes burned into each other as if searching for some hidden answer, something that might now be possible if they did the unthinkable.

“I hate you…”

“I hate you too, but…together…we could…” 

“Yes, we could…”

They still didn’t act, containing to look at each other. Then I saw their hands were lightly running up and down each other’s body’s and for the first time it didn’t seem aggressive, but curious and questioning.

“If you and I are both willing to…share.”

“I am if you are…until we get back to full strength and if we want, settle this for all.”

They eyed again neither willing to admit first they wanted to work together after what they had just down, if only until their sexual magic returned for them to resume fuck fighting.

I couldn’t’ tell if they had succeeded in switching bodies back, but at this point I don’t think it mattered.  I had become an afterthought as the woman seemed lost in their own worlds and minds and the possibilities that could become available to them, until their eyes turned back to me.

“We should use him to recover and find another sacrifice…do you agree?” The Aria body said. “We could switch our bodies back and even fight more if we chose to settle this or do more….”

“Yes, poor Joseph got a sight of a life time, I think we should end him here and continue our dispute, if we chose.” Again, they implied their willingness to work together which I accepted was the end of me. The Mallory body stood moving towards me and Aria’s body followed behind. I realized they had not yet switched back and the woman still were in the opposite bodies at the slight awkwardness of their walking, but they seemed more in control every step. Not that it mattered for me and I felt the horror as they seemed to look more blood thirsty and somehow sexier than before. A woman just leaving her blissful like stake as they fell to their knees in front of me, sweaty hair matted down, and pale skin flushed with blood in their erogenous zones.

“I hope your throat can handle deep throating…”

“My body can do anything yours can and more.”

They gave each other a side eye of glares and even as they planned to work together there was a competition feel to it and a dominate Witch would have to be decided once they fixed their issue.  

I moaned as they took their first suck, running their strong tongues up and down my shaft. They focused on the head sharing between their mouths and kissing each other softly in the process. I groaned and knew my end was near unable to withstand the two women working together on my dick when they stopped, and their eyes went wide. They turned away from me and towards the painting they had been fighting in front of. They had noticed before me, lost in pleasure but something was happening in the room to the painting and the dark mist had reappeared swarming near it.

Suddenly the wind picked up again as energy they released was still running and flew towards the painting of the monster creature. I felt a great shake of the castle and both women seemed to look up at the painting wide eyed, but too tired to resist what was coming, their sexual magic fully spent on each other. I couldn’t hear what they yelled, but only screams of horror from both women as a blast of bright light exploded from the painting. It blinded me for a few seconds and I fell straight to the floor, the invisible chains releasing but instead of crashing onto the hard floor I landed on what felt like soft grass. I lay there for at least a minute breathing heavy until I forced my eyes open to see I was laying on a hill. I looked up and took in that I was now outside on the hill, the castle gone and the only thing around me my clothes and items.

A creature wearing a small crown stood in front of me, he was the exact same as the painting I had seen.

“Hello, young hunter. I must thank you for your assistance in freeing me.” 

I stood up finding myself slightly taller than the creature but could feel its power and knew I was overmatched in every way.

“What are you….?”

“I am something beyond you. Don’t’ worry I am not here for blood, I was released accidently, and no one can use me as they wish as the many who tried wanted.”

“What happened to them?” I asked the creature who seemed to be quite bored of the world already, lazingly looking around at the natural surroundings and smelling the air. I didn’t feel the malice from it as I thought I would and gave a small jump at my voice.

“Who? Oh, the two witches, please do not fret as they are quite unharmed, well besides the exhaustion of breaking their sexual wills against each other. They are here.” He reached behind him and pulled a crystal orb from his pocket. I stepped closer and with a small gasp with what it contained. Inside the orb was an exact replicate of the town in which I had been in and the castle standing on the hill. In fact, it seemed the whole valley had been shrunk down and placed inside it.

“They are…in there?” I asked both astounded and taken aback at idea. I was in no position to do anything about his creature and could only try to learn as much as possible.

“Yes, they were quite foolish, both deciding to go all out against one another and attempting to destroy their rival. But they only to find they had each met their equal in body, sex, and mind which was apparent when they switched bodies. It is quite twist of fate that they would run into each other as both had so much potential. They might have been the two strongest sexual witches in existence…and if one or worse both had gotten me it would have been much worse for your council and world.”

“You sound as if they are gone…as in…dead.”

“Oh, not gone and certainty not dead, not at all, I think trapped is the word I would use. Stuck together in a small world; a prison of sort. Unable to hurt each other or age, a suspended reality. I’m sure they will try everything to get out, even uniting which is an alluring and terrifying thought, don’t you think?” It finished almost sounding playful.

I listened taking in the information and got harder at the thought of Mallory and Aria playing nice with each other, but now I was unsure what to do. It seemed they were now trapped which was better for the world, but not for the lust I was feeling and the creature that stood in front of me.  

“What happens now?” I asked, waiting for the next words.

It now turned it’s tone serious. “You leave and forget this happened. I again thank you for releasing me even if all you had to do was be fucked by the witches, I’m sure it was a terrible yet pleasurable experience.”

I stood there staring at the creature who started back. Than the creature gave a sharped tooth smile showing yellow and black teeth.

“For your troubles, I give you this as I cannot take it with me.” He tossed the orb to me. I caught it easy but could feel a cold chill run down my spine holding it as if Aria and Mallory’s souls were trying to reach mine. The demon watched my interaction with the orb before speaking in a dark voice.

“A warning young hunter. Beware to your council and any that come into contact or study this orb. If a person comes near the orb with traits of body and soul matches the trapped ones, they face great peril.”

It was cryptic, but I think I understood what he meant. ‘Those with similar traits of body and soul…I thought about Aria and Mallory’s drive and bodies, hoping and thinking the rarity of women born like that.’  Those were the last words of the creature who vanished in front of me, and now with nothing else except the orb, I made my way down the hill towards the now empty valley. As I packed what little gear I had, I felt a sense of despair knowing Aria and Mallory were trapped inside the orb in my bag. ‘No, they are witches, and powerful ones. They must be contained…’ I knew it was for the best, but I did care for Aria even if it was a fake persona she had been using the entire time and wondered if Mallory had always been evil. I would bring the orb and lock it into the deepest tomb of our studies to ensure their sexual evil would not again come to this world again. 
I put my hood on and made my way by foot to the next town, the orb weighing down my travel and sending the constant shivers down my spine.


1,000 years later…

“And what are you looking for today my good man?” The old shopkeeper smiled with a missing tooth grin. The older business man looked up and down the counter. He was not normally associated with this type of business, but in this case, he had promised a gift.

“I’m looking for a present for my daughter. She is an archaeologist and has a fascination with old and somewhat cursed items”, he said with a strain of doubt in his voice as if he didn’t believe his own words.

“Well, I am sure I will have something in my humble shop that will meet her expectations.” He gave another grin and moved down with the man as he looked at each item.

His eyes caught the sight of orb that much looked like a snow globe with a miniature forest, town, and castle built in it. “What is that?” he asked pointing at the orb.

“Ahh, you have quite an eye and I think it might be exactly what you are looking for…”. He reached into the counter pulling the orb out delicately running his withered hands on the smooth glass. 

“It is a very cursed item long passed down through the ages, some say it holds the souls and bodies of unfortunate fools who studied dark magic. It was found many years ago from a deep cave expedition and has been in my possession for a while now.”

The older man’s eye brows went up. Again, he didn’t care for any of this nonsense of magic, but he knew his daughter did, and the talk of deep cave expedition was something she would love. She was entering her mid-twenties, career focused and driven rising quickly up the archology department of her school. He tried to look at other items, but the orb did seem to draw him back again and again and before he knew it, he had paid and was putting it in his suitcase. He left the shop shortly after, but not before the shopkeeper’s final words.

‘A good choice you have, but a warning to who you give this gift too…some items are not what they seem. They should be wary looking into the dark tools and curses of the world…’

“I’m sure it will be fine, but thank you, I will relay that message”. He said with a hint of sarcasm in his voice. The warning still played in his head though, but he much pushed it off as more nonsense. It would be the perfect the gift, his daughter would be thrilled to study and examine it as she had done with the other hundreds of items he brought her. He left the town the next day, driving to the closest major city and boarding a plane back towards his home country and metropolitan in which his daughter lived, unknowingly carrying an orb that sensed an opportunity and for the first time in 1,000 years had an eyrie glow imitating from the small castle in it.  

The End

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  1. dermonarch says:

    Great Story. I love this scenario, and how it works out. A little sad is that one of the highlights with the bodyswitch was on the preview.

  2. rustyford says:

    Would love to see this continued. Swapping bodies was a hot twist. Love to see them uniting and how that would happen. Please continue.


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