A Conference, A Room, and a Sexfight by Michelle DeChappa


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I checked into the Hilton Hotel early, hoping to get a private room for the weekend conference. Unfortunately, I was told by the desk clerk I would be sharing a room. The rooms were all paid for by my company and a Email was sent to all of us who were attending this conference to expect a roommate, or even two. Luckly, the desk clerk said I would just have one roommate.

I walked over to the elevator, pressed the button and waited for the elevator to show. Next to the elevator doors was a large mirror. I looked at my reflection for a moment; wearing black running sneakers, black and slightly baggy sweat pants with a light grey baggy long sleeve sweat shirt, I let out a long sigh, feeling that I looked like a bum. My choice of clothing was very comfortable for the long drive to the hotel, but a bad choice in a professional atmosphere.

The elevator let out a “ding” and the doors opened, I pressed number seven and the doors closed.

I approached my room door, slid the card and heard a soft click as a tiny green light lit. I opened the door, pulling my luggage carrier into the room with me. I was then greeted with a soft, “Hello?”

The room was large with two full size beds. The curtains were closed, but several lights were on. Standing in front of one of the beds, with an opened luggage carrier was a beautiful woman, probably close to my age thirty-eight years old, and seemed equal in height, five foot, six inches. She wore faded blue jeans, and had a green sweat jacket covering a white T-shirt. As she walked over to me, I could see her chest was a bit smaller to mine. She looked to be a healthy 36C compared to my 36D. Her hair was thick, long and red and she had stunning blue eyes. She was obviously of Irish decent. I’m sure she could tell by my thick wavy curly black hair and brown eyes, I was of Italian decent.

She walked up to me with a warm and friendly smile as she stuck out her hand to shake mine and said, “I’m Nadine. I guess we will be roommates for the next two nights.”

I smiled back, shook hands with her and said, “I’m Michelle. I snore really loud, I sleep walk, and I constantly wake up screaming from night terrors.”

For a moment, Nadine’s smile faded, then she burst out laughing. “You got a good sense of humour Michelle, I think we are going to get along just perfectly.”

Our first conference meeting wasn’t going to start for a few hours. Nadine and I unpacked as we talked and began to get to know one another. It was obvious we felt comfortable around one another since we both changed in front of each other as we got ourselves ready for the meeting. When she undressed to her bra and panties, I tried to keep eye contact, but I couldn’t help to look at her beautiful body.

We sat next to one another during the conference meeting. As the meeting went on, we would whisper to one another from time to time, even giggle and knock knees. Part of me felt like I was in high school. As another part of me felt very attracted to her.

The meeting finished about two hours later and everyone moved to a giant ballroom where a buffet style dinner was served with many tables and chairs. Nadine simply asked, “Sit with me?”

We got our food and sat down. Others joined us at the large table, we made small talk, but we focused on conversing to one another. As our conversations went from topic to topic, Nadine finally asked, “Are you seeing anyone?”

It took a moment for me to speak as I suddenly became slightly embarrassed, not sure how she would react as I told her, “No…… I’m widowed. My husband passed away almost ten years ago. Since he passed, I have only been with other women, so I guess that makes me lesbian now. I have a sixteen year old daughter, and it’s kind of hard for me to bring home other women, so things have been quiet for me for a while now.”

Nadine just smiled. It was a long smile and I was starting to wonder if she was being polite,or just was not sure how to respond. She finally answered, “I’ve been divorced for five years and only been with other women since then. I have a daughter also.”

We both just had huge smiles. We didn’t talk for almost two minutes. Finally I broke the silence with, “Wow! ….Just WOW!”

We ended up having a few glasses of wine and talked until we were almost the last ones in the ballroom. It was very late, we were both tired and it was time for bed.

We walked back to our room, talking and even sharing stories of past relationships. We talked about family, our daughters, and friends. When we got to our room, we got ready for bed. I showered as she stayed in the bathroom as we kept talking. Nadine then showered as I stayed, brushing my teeth and talking to her.

I grabbed my sleepwear, a oversized grey T-shirt and my favorite maroon boxer shorts. Nadine put on an old, faded green football jersey and black panties. Oddly, with her red hair, it was a very sexy look. For a moment, it seemed like we were both admiring each other’s sleepwear.

We said goodnight to one another, both smiling and we went into each of our beds. Nadine reached over to the lamp by her bed, which was the only lamp on. She waited until I was in bed and my head was resting on my pillow before she turned off the light.

The long drive, the wine, and so much talking made my eyes very heavy and soon I was fast asleep.

“Michelle!” I woke up, seeing Nadine sitting at the side of my bed next to me, her arm was on my shoulder, her eyes wide open, “Michelle, wake up, we overslept!”

Feeling a little groggy, I asked, “What?”

Nadine let out a small laugh, “Come on Michelle, we got less than fifteen minutes to get to the conference.”

“Holy shit!” I quickly sat up. Nadine let out an excited yelp as she stood, and began to quickly get dressed. I stumbled out of bed quickly, laughing how my body wasn’t ready to move so quickly, so suddenly.

We got to the conference about ten minutes late. We managed to find a place to sit next to one another. The conference was long and somewhat boring. Nadine and I would sometimes whisper to one another, or pass notes which seemed to make the conference more entertaining.

The conference ended around 7pm. Nadine and I went to the ballroom buffett and has a few glasses of wine with our meal. Knowing the next day was check out, and no more conferences, we decided to drink a little more.

Nadine’s cell phone rang. She got up and walked away, to get away from the noise, or for some privacy. About five minutes later, Nadine came back to the table. She was still on the phone, but it was obvious she was annoyed and trying to end the phone call. She said, “Okay. I got to go now” several times. Finally she said, “She’s my daughter, she is grounded for the weekend, and I don’t want her going out to that party tonight, got it?” There was a moment of silence, then Nadine said, “Okay, I’ll see you sometime tomorrow, goodnight.” Nadine put her phone down on the table with a bit of force. She took a deep breath, looked at me and could see the concern on my face. She said, “My sister is watching my daughter. She’s wants to be the cool aunt and let my daughter go to a party even though she is grounded isn’t allowed to go out this weekend. So I have to be the bad mom and enforce my rules.”

I placed my hand on Nadine’s should giving it a light rub, showing empathy. “My sister Terri is the same way. She is the cool aunt, and has even questioned my rules to my daughter in front of her, making it a very stressful situation. ….Sometimes, I just want to slap her.”

Nadine smiled. Took a drink from her wine glass and said, “I’ve done that before.”

I laughed as I said, “My family is Italian, so my sister and I have the classic female Italian tempers. We’ve had our share of fights while growing up.”

Nadine laughed, “It’s not just you Italian women, us Irish girls are known for our tempers and sister fights also.”

I held up my wine glass, and Nadine took hers and we made them clink as we smiled at one another.

We entered our hotel room about forty-five minutes later. Both feeling a little tipsy, still chatting up a storm, we shared the bathroom again as we continued to talk and laugh. I finished my shower and as I exited it, Nadine had just finished brushing her teeth. I could see her starting at my bare 36D chest as I reached for my towel. Feeling there might be more than just a growing friendship between us, I was moving slow to cover my breasts with the towel. However, Nadine then made eye contact with me, gave me a smile and proceeded to exit the bathroom.

For a moment, I just stood in place, feeling a bit confused, rejected, and embarrassed. I decided having Nadine as a friend is better than anything else. I took a deep breath, dried myself off and walked out of the bathroom.

Nadine just finished putting on her old, faded green football jersey and was getting herself into bed. As she got into bed, she reached over to her light, which was the only one on in the room, “Goodnight Michelle.” Nadine gave me a warm smile as she turned off the light.

I was suddenly in darkness. Feeling a little more confused as to why Nadine wouldn’t have waited until I was in bed also before turning off the light, I silently felt at the edge of my bed for my sleepwear. My eyes began to adjust to the dark. The glow of the digital clock seemed to help my vision. I found my oversized T-shirt and put it on. My hands slid along the bed, I couldn’t find my shorts.

“Are you okay Michelle?”

Feeling I might be disturbing Nadine, I simply said, “No, all is good.” I raised the bed sheet and blanket and slid into my bed, only wearing my oversized T-shirt. I dismissed Nadine’s odd behavior due to the all the wine. Within moments, I could feel myself falling fast asleep.

My eyes were closed, but I could tell there was a bright flash of light.

Another flash of light. My eyes were still closed, but I was feeling myself becoming more aware of my surroundings. Then I could hear, a low distant rumble.

Silence. Then another flash of light. This time my eyes opened. The room glowed dimly red from the digital clock. My eyes looked at the closed drapes over the large window. Was I dreaming? How can there be lightning showing through with the drapes closed?

Suddenly lightning lit up the room again. The light was so bright, it entered the room through the edges of the drapes. The thunder was a little louder. There was a bad storm coming.

My heart was beating as I stared at the window, watching the storm, feeling fully awake, and for some strange reason, a little scared. More lightning, and the rumble of thunder soon followed. It’s getting closer.

Then I heard a low whisper from Nadine’s bed, “Michelle?” Her voice was low, but sounded to have the same growing fear as I did. She said my name low enough where if I was asleep, I probably wouldn’t have been woken by it.

I answered her, “I’m awake.”

More lightning. This time the thunder seemed lower, but lasted longer, like a growling angry dog.

Nadine said, “I don’t know why, but this storm is starting to scare me. I know this is going to sound weird…..” There was a long pause before she asked, “Can I stay with you until the storm passes?”

I rolled over to face her bed. I did not answer her. I simply raised my bed covers. Nadine was quick to move from her bed to mine. As her whole body slid into my bed, she was close to me. She smiled and started to say, “Thank…” Suddenly, there was a very bright flash of light and an almost instant explosion of thunder. The thunder was so loud, so I could feel the vibrations of the thunder shaking the room and my body. Nadine and I both yelped at the same time as we suddenly clung to one another like two little girls.

We held each other tightly as the rumble of the thunder seemed to not fade away. Then it was suddenly silent. Car alarms could be heard sounding off in the parking lot. Nadine let out a low, “Holy shit!” as we realized the danger had gone away.

There were a few more strikes of lightning with thunder, but none of them were as close as the other one. After a few minutes, the storm seemed to be moving on. There was still plenty of lightning, but the thunder was slowly fading.

Nadine and I were still holding each other. However, our embrace had loosened knowing we were no longer in the immediate area of the storm.

Even though we were both awake, Nadine still whispered, “Is it okay if I stay here? …..In case of another storm?”

I smiled, and gave her a small comforting peck of a kiss on her cheek. “Of course it is.” I whispered back.

Nadine then leaned in and gave me a peck of a kiss on my lips. I could feel shivers of excitement race through me as our lips connected for only a second. Nadine slowly pulled her head back, but then suddenly moved her head closer to me and gave me another kiss on the lips. This time our lips touched for a few seconds. Nadine started to pull her head away slowly.

I reached out with my right hand, cupping it around the back of her head, pulling it back towards me. This time as our lips met, our mouths opened, and our tongues slowly greeted each other.

Our kiss was soft, long and slow. Nadine slid her left hand around the back of my head. I could feel her hand very slightly massaging my scalp. My left barefoot slowly slid up and down Nadine’s smooth, bare leg. My left hand began to slide softly up and down her shoulder as we continued to kiss.

Nadine let out a low moan of excitement and approval as I did the same. Our kiss began to grow quicker, our tongues moving slightly faster. My left hand sliding down her arm, to her hips. As my hand reached the edge of Nadine’s jersey, I slightly lifted it, sliding my hand under it, feeling her bare hips. Nadine let out another soft moan of excitement and approval as my hand slid over her firm belly. Nadine lifted her right leg as to give me no resistance as my hand slowly began to go lower. As my finger tips lowered, I suddenly realized Nadine didn’t have on her panties. Nadine’s right hand began to cup and stroke my left side of my face. Her left hand still in my hair began to massage me quicker as her excitement grew.
My left hand slid lower slowly, as I could feel Nadine’s body started to tremble with excitement, awaiting my touch.

“OUCH!!!!” I suddenly cried out as I broke off our kiss.

Nadine seemed confused, “What?!? Are you okay Michelle? What’s wrong?”

With the glow of the digital clock, I could see the genuine look of confusion and concern on Nadine’s face. “You pulled my hair Nadine, hard.”

Nadine frowned, “I’m so sorry! ….I just got lost in the moment.” There was a pause of silence, “I’ll be more careful. …..I’m sorry Michelle.”

I gave Nadine a smile. “I don’t mind it, I just wasn’t expecting it.” I could see Nadine felt a little guilty. My left hand slid to her shoulder where I gave it a small shake, as I admitted to her, “I can get rough at times too.”

Nadine’s frown was replaced with a slight smile. There was excitement in her eyes. Nadine laughed and said, “Oh…. You don’t want that to happen Michelle…. I can be pretty rough.”

My right hand, still on Nadine’s head closed, gripping a handful of her hair. I pulled at it sharply. Nadine said, “Ungh!” as I jerked her head back from my pull. I quickly leaned in, gnawing and kissing at her exposed neck for a moment as I continued to pull hard on her hair. Inbetween my kissing I said, “I can give as good as I get Nadine.”

I then let go of her hair and leaned back slightly. Nadine’s head tilted back slowly to face me. Her smile seemed to glow. Nadine’s left hand suddenly gripped my hair tightly, her right hand quickly followed. A sharp pull and my head was jerked to the side, forcing me to look over my left shoulder. I then could feel her kissing and nibbling my right earlobe. Then her warm breath entered my ear as she said with an excited whisper, “You hot bitch.”

Both of my hands grabbed onto her thick red hair and pulled hard. Nadine’s grip tightened even more as she pulled on mine. We both jerked each other’s heads with our pulling. Both of us making quick grunts and moans from each other’s attack. Our legs began to slide around. I forced my head against her pull, trying to bring my face closer to her as she did the same. Our mouths quickly opened and our tongues collided with a frantic passion. We kissed deep and hard as we both continued to pull at each other’s hair at the same time.

My left hand released its grip on Nadine’s hair. I pulled back my head, breaking off our kiss. My right hand then delivered two quick slaps to Nadine’s left side of her face. As she let out an “Uuungh!” I was quick to move in and kiss her again.

Nadine welcomed my kiss with more excitement. For a few seconds our kiss continued, then suddenly I felt Nadine release her grip in my hair. Nadine broke off her kiss. My eyes closed tightly, waiting for the return face slap. Nadine slapped with force, but not to my face. Her right hand landed on my chest. “Uuumph!” I cried out as Nadine squeezed at my T-shirt, gripping and squeezing my left breast.

Both my hands let go of Nadine’s hair. They slapped down on her jersey. I gripped hard, but making sure not to grab her 36C chest. As my hands closed on the old faded jersey, I pulled my hands in opposite directions, the old jersey ripped wide open with ease, exposing Nadine’s breasts. I said in a yelling whisper, “You fucking Irish cunt!” Both of my hands slapped down on each of her breasts where I began to squeeze and knead at them.

Nadine gave a sharp pull on my hair with her left hand, jerking my head back. She then let go of my hair, with a sharp whisper she said, “You Italian whore!” As her left hand gripped my T-shirt, her right hand gripped my shirt and she began to pull and jerk at my T-shirt. My body was being jerked back and forward sharply as Nadine tried to rip my T-shirt. I squeezed harder at her breasts, I could feel her excited hard nipples in the palm of my hands. Suddenly my T-shirt gave into Nadine’s attack. The sound of ripping fabric echoed the room. Nadine planted both of her hands on my breasts, squeezing them, and giving a few nipple pinches.

We both grunted and moaned as we continued to attack each other’s breasts. We even began to exchange slaps. Some to the face, others to the breasts. We cursed at one another in harsh whispers, “You cunt, you bitch, you slut, you whore!”

Through gritted teeth, Nadine, said, “You fucking Italian cunt!” A quick slap to my face. As I let out a “Ummmph!” Nadine suddenly pushed my body, forcing me to lay on the bed flat on my back. Her right hand grabbed my left leg, placing in on her shoulder as she straddled on top of me. She quickly pushed her hips forward. Nadine pushed her warm moist womanhood against mine. We both gasped out loudly of excitement as they contacted for the first time. Nadine pushed hard as her hips moved quickly.

I reached up with both hands, grabbing her red hair, pulling it hard, making her body bend down as she humped wildly. We kissed hard. Our tongues almost seemed to be in a wild dance. As Nadine continued to grind into me, her left hand gripped my hair tightly. Our upper bodies were practically motionless as we kissed deeply while our hips frantically grinded into one another.

Nadine’s breathing was hard. My mouth opened as we kissed, breathing deeply. Nadine began to moan steadily. Her body began to shake. I pushed my hips quickly into her’s, the moistness from our exciment made wet slapping sounds echo in the room. Nadine said, “Oh Michelle!” Her body quivered uncontrollably. Our kiss broke off as she leaned back, pushing her wet womanhood hard against mine. Her mouth opened wide, but only heavy gasps of air escaped it. Nadine’s sweaty body glistened from the glow of the digital clock. As Nadine began to slow down her movements, she said, “You fucking hot Italian bitch.”

Both of my hands reached back into her hair. I sharply pulled on it, pulling her forward as I slid myself from under her. Nadine was weak from her orgasim and couldn’t resist, she simply said, “Ummph,” as I forced her down on her belly on the bed. I quickly crawled behind her, grabbed her hips and pulled hard, raising her backside, As Nadine was positioned into “doggy style”, I grabbed onto her red hair and began to thrust my moist, pulsating womanhood into her backside. Nadine pushed back with every thrust I made. I pulled on her hair tightly as Nadine said with an almost breathless excitement, “Fuck my ass harder you bitch!” I could feel the excitement building as I grinded and slapped my womanhood into her backside. As I pulled on Nadine’s hair sharply, raising her head back as far as it can go, I could hear Nadine’s excitement growing again.
Suddenly my orgasim hit me. My hands let go of Nadine’s hair, gripping her hips as I grinded hard as my body shook from the flow of my orgasim. I thrusted into her a few more times, but was feeling over stimulated. Nadine, had a second growing orgasim and I wanted her to have it.

I slid back, and began to kiss her ass checks. Nadine, still keeping in her doggy style position said, “Oh god yes Michelle…. Do it.” Her left hand began to rub her own womanhood.

I began to gnaw on her smooth, but firm right ass cheek, with each gnaw, moving slower to her crack. I said in a low tone, but with excitement, “I want your Irish ass you bitch.”

Nadine began to pleasure herself faster as she said, “Do it Michelle, do it you Italian slut”.

I kissed her Irish rosebud a few times, then my tongue slid in. My right hand reached to her hair, pulling at it while I tongue fucked her ass. Nadine moaned loudly as her left hand rubbed her moist pussy. Her excitement was building fast. My tongue tingled as it glided in and out of her. Nadine pushed herself back, trying to get my tongue to go inside her backside as deeply as it could go.

Nadine cried out loudly, “Oh god, OH MY GOD!!!! FFFUUUCCCKKK YYYEEESSS!” Her body wildly spasmed as she almost instantly collapsed onto the bed, panting for breath. I weakly crawled next to her and dropped down on the bed.

It took us a few minutes to catch our breath. Once we got control of our breathing, we kissed deeply again. Our kiss was long, gentle and passionate. After our kiss, we remained cuddled for a while. We were both exhausted and sleep was overtaking us fast. Out of the silence, Nadine confessed, “I hid your boxers… I was going to sneak into your bed and wake you up by going down on you. …..I’m happy the storm came as it seemed like it was a better way to get into bed with you.

I gave out a little laugh, “I would have been happy being woken up to that.”

Nadine gave me a little kiss on my cheek. “I’m sure I can get my sister to watch my daughter another night…. What I mean to say is….. I can stay another night if you can?”

I gave her a lazy peck on the cheek in return as I said, “I’d love too. We can spend the day shopping, and have some wine, then go back to our room for round two… And if your sister says, ‘No’ then I’ll just have to kick her butt.”

Nadine said, “Either way, that’s my kind of a date.” She let out a soft giggle, “You are one hot Italian bitch.”

We gave each other another long kiss. It was slow, and we were both starting to drift off to sleep while we kissed. I very slowly broke off the kiss, placed my head on her shoulder and said, “And you are…. One…. hot…. Irish slut.” Sleep overtook the both of us.

The End.

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