BriBunny vs. Stunning Steph: A Couple’s Complete Destruction

BriBunny vs. Stunning Steph from Discord


Takes a seat on the same loveseat as last time.


Get that fucking cunt baby. Turns to Amber, glaring at her, then walking slowly, I slide down next to her on the same loveseat, crossing my legs, and arms….


“Bitch.” I mutter, as I pretend not to notice you sitting next to me. Even though we both make sure to rub our bare thighs together hard.


We fucking both look straight… But our tempers are flaring…. My right nails tapping on my left arm, as I hiss; “Cunt.” My thighs squeezing SO fucking tightly.


The fucking bitch. THIS FUCKING BITCH!!! I don’t even really know where this cunt came from. Listening to my sister talk about her is like being in an episode of the Brady Bunch: Steph, Steph, STEPH. It’s fucking ANNOYING. 

It got a little bit less annoying when Ewa got everyone together at my sister’s place and then kicked her ass…. although kicked her ass is a bit of an overstatement. It was close. So fucking close that it annoyed me. Ewa was better than that… better than this common fucking whore that my sister was shacking up with. But when it was that close, it was hard to deny that at least … in terms of a catfighter… she fucking belonged. And wow…. did she make sure everyone knew. She was more careful around Ewa and I, but I heard it from friends. Every time this whore recounted the story of her fight with Ewa, the fight seemed to get closer and closer until it almost sounded like she was talking about a fucking tie. 

“You know what… fuck this bitch…. I’m going to go deal with her!” Ewa and I were in bed, naked, our pussies pressed together, our tits smearing over each other, our tongues licking at each other’s mouth. Ewa wrapped her arms around me. 

“You’re not going anywhere, love. I’m going over there tomorrow. I’ll talk to her.” I thrust my pussy down into my love’s, but a bit harder than we had been. I leaned back trying to get out of her arms and said firmly, “Nope… I’m going over there right now. I can’t stand this fucking bitch.” Ewa grabbed my hair and pulled my mouth down to hers and repeated her dictum, “You’re not going anywhere, love,” but this time she licked my face as she said it, and I moaned as I looked down into her eyes, “Then you better fuck the fight right out of me… ” She purred, “Can do, bitch!” and to say we wore each other night would be an understatement…

But I had a bit of an ulterior motive. I knew Ewa was going to see Amber and Steph tomorrow, and after finding out just how fucking sexually active my wife had been lately with my sister, I wanted to make sure that Ewa’s pussy wasn’t a leaking mess when she went over. I couldn’t go because I had to go to work, and when I came home that night, I was shocked by what I found. Ewa was in the bathtub. Her face was scratched. She had lost a bunch of hair. Her breasts were raw, swollen and bruised. Her back was carved up…. there was an X… angel wings, straight lines down from her shoulder… scratches everywhere in what had become a criss crossed pattern, and as I walked in on her, her hand was between her legs and she was moaning, but not in pleasure. She was in pain. 

“OMG…. baby… what happened?” I rushed to my knees by her side leaning against the tub. She started sobbing, and she told me. She told Steph to stop talking about their fight and to stop going on about how close it was, and Steph started running her mouth, going on and on about how close it and how if it weren’t for a few things here or there, she would have won easily. Just hearing about it made me angry, and I know my love reacted just like I would have. You two fought again… but this time… Steph won… and she made my love suffer. I gripped the tub tight and told her I’m going over to Amber and Steph’s right now, but Ewa grabbed my hand and pleaded with me not to. “I need you…. I need you here…. please.” How could I say no to my love when she was hurt this badly… so I didn’t go… but I also didn’t forget.

But then the damn fucking broke. I can’t hold it back any longer. I was out today again to see a friend about two hours away, and on my drive home my phone started dinging. It was a group message… one that my sister had started for me to get a chance to meet Steph. After all that had happened, I hadn’t touched it in a while, but Steph screwed up (or maybe that cunt is just that conniving) and started talking in there with Amber. At first I ignored it. It was all kisses and love you and we’re going to be forever bullshit. But then I saw Ewa’s name flash across my phone. “Do you remember the look on Ewa’s face as I was crushing those fucking tits of her in my hands? Her mouth just slacked open and I spit right inside it…. mmmm I’m thinking about that right now…. ” and then a picture of Steph’s wet, spread cunt with her fingers inside herself popped up on my phone. And the messages kept coming… “I think I made my point, don’t you Amber. I kicked that bitch’s ass…. and I could have the first fight too… 

My hands clenched the steering wheel, and I just screamed. I pulled over to the side of the road because I knew I couldn’t drive like this. My hands were shaking as I changed my destination in Apple Maps to my sister’s home, and then one by one, I sent an invitation to follow my ETA to Ewa, Steph, and Amber. Each of you got the same message to. “We need to talk.” I changed the music in my car…. Linkin Park and Jay-Z’s Collision Course, and I screamed the whole EP as I drove down the county roads at nearly 100 mph. “SHE WHO DOES NOT FEEL ME IS NOT REAL TO ME, THEREFORE SHE DOESN’T EXIST, SO POOF! VAMOOSE YOU STUPID BITCH!!!” I modified the lyrics to fit just how angry I was, and I sped to the house. When I pulled up, Ewa’s car was already here, Amber’s and Steph’s too. I got out of the car, not even bothering to take my keys or purse or anything, and I stormed to the house. I grabbed the door to open it and storm inside, but it was locked…

BANG BANG BANG! I slammed on the door. A moment later it opens, and past Steph who is standing there in front of the door, I can see Ewa and my sister on my couch, but I barely even pay them a moment’s attention. I look back at Steph and I smile…. “Hi there, you fucking cunt!” I pull my right arm back and swing it as hard as I fucking can right at Steph’s face, trying to slap this stupid whore so damn hard that I’ll knock her out of whatever fucking shoes she’s wearing. My hand cracks on your palm, my own sundress swaying and my feet turning in my sandals as I scream… “DON’T YOU EVER TALK ABOUT OR TOUCH MY WIFE AGAIN YOU FUCKING CUNT!!!!”

Stunning Steph (@Stunning Steph#5634):

I’ve been sensitive in the aftermath of my fight with Ewa. It was a wild intense fight where we tested one another in almost every way imaginable. We fought like wild cats, scratching and mauling at one another, we bumped and ground our proud chests and in the end we finished things pussy to pussy with me cumming moments before Ewa, our intense orgasms overlapping. Even as the powerful orgasm rocked my body I told Ewa that things weren’t over between us and they aren’t.

The result was humiliating for me, I set out to win and I failed to do so. I was fighting to show that I belong and that I was worthy of Amber, the most incredible person I’ve ever met, the person I want to share my life with and despite those powerful motivators I came up short.

In the immediate aftermath of the fight I was a sobbing wreck, ashamed.

Despite Amber’s care and attention, pleasuring me and tending to me all night long I felt like a failure, I’d let myself down but worse I’d let her down. Despite this I quickly reached the decision that I wasn’t going anywhere, Ewa came milliseconds after I did and I, whilst probably not in any state to, wanted to continue.

That bitch Ewa and her sister basically declared victory and got the fuck out of there. I can’t let it stand, I won’t let it stand. I’ve not been shy about telling our mutual friends our plans for the eventual rematch between us.

Then Ewa decided to pay MY Amber a visit. She’d deliberately been trying to make me jealous all day, truthfully she succeeded and I had no option but to challenge her then and there, the two of us quickly shedding our clothes and fighting tooth and claw once more but this time it was I who emerged victorious scratching Ewa savagely, pissed at my failure to win our first fight and sure as hell setting the record straight in the second.

Ewa of course fought incredibly but was missing just a tiny something, part of her x factor, part of her killer instinct. Not yet knowing her well enough to place it but something seemed different about her and I took full advantage, unapologetically so. 

Taking my revenge was delicious and afterwards I had the most amazing incredible passionate animal sex with Amber for hours on end. The two of us doing absolutely everything imaginable to one another, only stopping to clean up when absolutely needed and to consume vast quantities of high energy food and drink so we could start up all over again. Several times the pleasure was so intense I couldn’t remember my own name, my brain, for all intents and purposes, literally to keep enough plates spinning to process everything.

It’s something I’ve kept in my mind every night since as the two of us have made wild and vigorous love, sharing naughty texts with Amber to and titillate one another whilst at work.

I’ve loved every second of it and today I get to have more fun, Ewa coming to visit, always unable to keep away from my girlfriend. I play nice, a bit, only rubbing it in every minute or so with a bitchy look or offhand remark, wondering if perhaps I should take things further and hand her another loss but before I can there is a great banging at the door. Quickly opening it to see Amber’s sister Bri standing there, a face like thunder, before I can open my mouth to speak it’s not where I left it, now several inches to the side as my head is rocked by a nasty slap as you start screaming at me.

Completely stunned, it taking me a good few seconds for everything to register and be processed. That’s when I lose my shit. Reaching through the door for your hair with both hands and dragging you inside the house, I plant my left foot and pivot hard clockwise, not having the strength to really do it by trying to just toss you by your hair like I’m throwing a shot put “GET IN HERE BITCH! WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM?” I snarl in anger as I clumsily drag you through the door and look to send you flying deeper into me and Amber’s home, just having enough wherewithal to flick my foot back to push the front door closed as I glare at you… if looks could kill…


When you lunge for my hair after recovering from the hard, unexpected slap, I’m already grabbing for your hair… “YOU’RE MY FUCKING PROBLEM, WHOREEEEE!!!!! UGHHHHHH!!!!!” If I had more time, I’d mock you for telling me to get into a house that I’m obviously barging my way into, but the claw marks that I’m going to leave on your face and the way that I’m going to abuse your fucking pussy in front of your wife will be humiliating enough. Your hands grip my hair just above my ear and your fingers pull hard on the pink strands as I scream. Our breasts thrust into each other as I pull back on your hair and you pull forward on mine, and we stumble through the door, but I’m still fired up and irate. As you twist to try and pull me deeper into the living room, I’m twisting as well, and I turn and l slam you back first into the wall right next to the door… I yank back so hard on your hair that the back of your head pulls back against the wall, and I just keep pulling as I snarl into your face, my own facial expression contorted in pain from the way you rip back on my hair. Spit is flying from my mouth unintentionally as I hiss right into your face… “I’M GOING TO FUCKING RUIINNNNN YOUUU!!!!!” 

But you turn your claws from my hair into the back of my ears, and I scream. You turn hard on your foot, pivoting on one and pushing on the wall with the other, and you turn me back into the door. “GGGGAHHHH!!!!!! FUCKKK!!!!!” You hiss in my face, cursing and threatening me, and I let go of your hair as I scream, grabbing for your back, getting my fingers over your top and into your skin, and I PULLLL DOWN with my nails, tearing down the top fo your back and stretching maybe even tearing your top as I put my right foot on the door and SHOVE hard… and we go flying backwards, staggering into the room and crashing into the side of the sofa, falling over the armrest and crashing down on top of Ewa and Amber with me on top and my nails in your back.

My right hand comes free and I lift it up high as your face rest in my sister’s lap, and right in front of both of them I SLAP YOU again…right in the same cheek where a bruise is already forming as I scream, “FUCK YOU!!!”


Struggling with you as I pull you past the threshold of the door and slamming it shut behind us. Spinning in an attempt to unbalance you but you get a grip on my hair and grapple with me as you rotate with me and end up shoving me forcefully against the wall. 

I’m already gritting my teeth thanks to your fingers in my hair, my pride demanding I not give you the satisfaction of hearing the pain it causes me but I let out a grunt as I collide with the wall.

Up against the whites of your eyes as you get right in my face, feeling your saliva splash my lips and cheek as you hiss like a wild animal about ruining me. Still with my hands in your hair, sliding my claws to your ears as I turn the tables on you and then we just stat to claw at one another.

I’m not even sure what I’m doing, my focus constantly shifting at the array of targets you present and likewise your attacks whilst wide are fueled by anger not cold and calculating logic. Our tops taking a great deal of punishment, ripping sounds filling the air, as fabric is stretched, torn and ripped then as we careen through the room we stumble against the sofa, losing our balance and landing atop our surprised lovers. 

I let out a sharp cry as you slap me once more my face still sore from the last blow and stinging now. “CUNT!” I hiss back. Lashing out with my right hand clawing at the front of your dress obviously going for your breasts but seeking to try and latch on to your flesh through the fabric. With my left hand I try to cover my face, trying to protect myself from more blows.

“WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM?” I screech like a banshee. “Twice YOUR BITCH has challenged me and twice I’ve accepted! If you can’t handle her losing YOU SHOULDN’T LET HER FUCKING FIGHT!” 

Pissed not so much by the pain you’ve caused me already and the damage you’ve done to my attire but by the fact that you’ve attacked me, as far as I’m concerned, unprovoked and from out of nowhere. The tactics of a bitch not of a proud fighter.

For as much as I dislike Ewa and I do, the bitch threw down a challenge and fought her heart out both times. 

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“I ALREADY TOLD YOU WHAT MY FUCKING PROBLEM IS, YOU STUPID CUNT!!!” I lift my hand to slap you again as we lay across Ewa and Amber’s lap, but as I do your right hand latches onto the front of my pink, strawberry patterned sundress and you dig your nails in over the top, pressing them into my skin and squeezing… “ARRRGHHHHHH!!!” my head pulls back in anger and my hand falls to your face rather than slapping at it. I push on your head, trying to bend your neck over Amber’s thigh when I feel you turn under me and you send me crashing down to the floor with you on top of me. “UGHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Your fucking body is on top of me, but your words are like a deafening sound in my mind…. “YOUR BITCH” “YOU SHOULDN’T LET HER FUCKING FIGHT!!!!” I grunt from under you as you squeeze my tit… “LEEEETTTT HHEERRRRR? FUCKKKK…. YOU!!!!!” I grab your hair with both hands, and you grab my hair with your free hand while the other squeezes my breast, and our legs start to rub and tighten around each other. We go rolling across the carpet, screaming and losing hair as you maul into my breast. I roll on top and with both hands I shove your head back down into the carpet, but you yank back hard on my hair, pulling it straight back in your grip… and fuck…. you are strong… 

“AAWWWW GAWWWDD” My neck pulls back as I am on you, and my back starts to bend.. my hands release from your hair and I reach down for your dress, grabbing it just above your hips, but instead of grabbing at you or clawing at you or anything like that… I just push up… sliding the fabric up your body as I scream from the vicious hair pull… You twist and we go tumbling again, and this time it’s you on me…. pulling my head down into the carpet, hissing and screaming in your face, but without my weight on you too, your dress slides up more easily. I thrust up to your armpits, and then with all the fabric in my hands like a rope, I thrust I thrust up and against your throat…

My feet plant on the carpet and I bridge, rolling you off me and rolling on top with your dress up in my hands, your entire front side exposed and my hands pushing the fabric against your throat. I lean on my hands, putting as much weight on them as I can, and I lower my head between my extended arms, bringing them down to your big fucking tits that you seem so fucking proud of. I see your big fucking hard left nipple, and I lick it, dragging my tongue over it, and then I BITE DOWN… sinking my teeth into your areola as I try to choke you with your own dress…


Into the laps of the legion on the loveseat Bri and Steph spill. Two of the most beautiful women in my world clawing and grabbing — pushing and pulling at each other in a flash of nearness that puts me to the very edge of my strength not to touch. Take. Or take sides. But then, as quickly as the moment comes, it disappears, as onto the carpeted floor they go. The sound of tearing fabric, muttered curses, and screamed out arguments filling the otherwise quiet room.


Amber and Ewa incapable of moving even if they wanted to with the two of us firmly on top of as we battle, trying to protect my face but you just shove your hand past my efforts to stop you and shove my head back hard “UGHHHHHHHHHHHHH” Using my grip on your breast through your top and trying to buck under you and the combination of both of our erratic movements results on us very quickly ending up on the floor.

Once more you go for my face, again trying to just force my head down hard, this time though it’s the floor rather than Amber and Ewa’s laps I’m being crushed into. “AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW FUUUUCCCCCK!” Screaming my head feeling like someone’s standing on it. Yanking hard with my grip on you hair trying to back you up, needing to create some separation either so I can fight or take flight. Doing my best to just keep this ferocious snarling wildcat at bay.

As we battle wildly we each get our turn on top, clawing at one another and our respective outfits. You yank my dress up sharply, blinded by my own dress as you raise it above my head, disorientated as you roll me and use my clothes as a weapon against me. 

Blindly battling back against you until I feel… FUCK! is that your tongue on my nipple? Confused, it feels good but… no… but… wherever my thought was going something more important takes priority, my head arching back as I cry out sharply in pain as I feel your teeth stabbing in to my areola “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKKKKKKKKKKK NOOOOOOO!” I cry out as I feel the fabric from my dress tightening against my throat. 

Thrashing wildly just trying to escape now, kicking hard not fussed if I strike you or I can use it to push myself away from you but, all is not lost yet. As I blindly move the hand I had in your hair to where I think your back is and seek to rake my claws down your back with my right hand. My left had reaching for where I think your face is and just trying to shove it backwards nastily.


My hands extended and I sink my teeth down into your areola, and I bite hard…. fucking hard… I’m not playing around. When you start to scream in pain, I push even harder with my hands, trying to cut off your air entirely, but you start thrashing and kicking, and I lose my bite on your breast. I keep both hands extended as best as I can like I’m riding fucking bull who wants nothing more than to throw me off and I want to stay on for as long as I can. “DON’T YOU…. EEVEERRR TALKKK …. ABOUT…. OR TOUCH…. EWAAAAA AGAAIN …. YOU …. SADISTICCCCC… CUNTTT!!! AAWWWWWWW!!!!!” your nails stab into my back, just above my dress, and you start to pull down. The straps of my dress pull down into my shoulders and start to push. Your hand goes to my face and you shove hard, and finally you push me off you, and I roll away, but I still have your dress in my hands, and you still have mine. The fabric on mine continues to tear and yours starts to pull over your hair as we try to pull away from you, and with the sound of a big rip and the sudden release of your arms and head from the dress, we go rolling away from each other several feet, and I end up face down on the carpet with my breasts half in and half out of my torn dress and your dress in my hands. 

I scramble to my knees and I throw your dress to the ground. I put my hand to the ground and rise to my feet as I scream at you, “Do you think it’s funny to BRAG about clawing up my WIFE YOU FUCKING CUNT!!!! I SAW YOUR FUCKING MESSAGES TO AMBER, CUNT!!! YOU ONLY EVEN FUCKING WON BECAUSE SHE FUCKED ME ALL NIGHT LONG THE NIGHT BEFORE SO I WOULDN’T COME OVER HERE AND FUCKING DESTROY YOU!!!” I grab the tatters of my dress and pull them from my body, and for a moment I hold them in my hands. “But I’m here now….” I pause and then throw the fragments of my dress up towards your face as I scream and rush at you, my hands extended to your face tits to maul down where I just bit, “AND IM GOING TO FUCKING RUIN YOU!!!”


The two of us separated from our up close and personal battle, but as you’re shoved in one direction and my momentum carries me in the other direction you retain your grip on my dress and what doesn’t come away from my body cleanly just rips and I lay there braced against the floor wearing nothing but my thong. 

Taking a moment to catch my breath and tend to my breast following your nasty biting. Staring over and you, not prepared to take my eyes off you for an instant in case you follow up with a cheap shot.

Suspecting my recovery time will be limited, as you force yourself up to your knees and resume your spiteful bitching, screaming at me and then you grab what remains of your now ruined dress and pull it from your flesh. Confused, one minute you scream then you seem to calm down… wondering if you’ve worked out all the crazy bitch but wondering isn’t required as you throw what remains of your dress at me, my view partially obscured as the remnants sail through the air but I’ve got more than enough of a view to see you launching yourself towards me and just screaming i rage hands extended and their target is clear.

Whilst I knew I wouldn’t have long to rest up I figured I might have a moment more, only just starting the process of getting to my knees as you remove your dress, if at this point it can still even be called a dress, and completing the move before it hits the floor but there is little I can do but brace for the impact of your body, driving both hands outwards at you, claws out in a threat of mutually assured mauling “FUCKING CUNT! SO YOU CAN GET  HOT AND HEAVY WITH EWA BUT I CAN’T TURN ON MY GIRLFRIEND WITH SOME SEXY FUCKING MESSAGES AND PICS? YOU’RE FUCKING CRAZY BITCH!” snarling at you as I brace for impact


My hands extend as I charge at you, but you don’t take the bait. Fuck… I was hoping you would. I was hoping your hands would just go up and I could find my targets easily, but I shouldn’t be surprised. I watched that first fight, and yes… I feel guilty for having Ewa wear herself out fucking me all night and then getting thrashed by you in a fight, no matter how many times she’s said since that it had nothing to do with it and I shouldn’t feel guilty… I do… I don’t just want revenge… I want to clear my conscience.. but even if Ewa wasn’t at 100% because of a night with me, ANYONE who could send her home like that knows how to fucking fight. And that’s what pisses me off. You know how to fight, but you can’t stop running your fucking mouth, because the only way this FUCKING WORKS where your best friends and lovers and even your wife are all girls who love to fight just as much as you do is if once the fights are over…. it’s fucking done. No rubbing it in each other’s face. No taunting. But you’re new… you don’t know yet…. but you’re about to fucking learn…. 

“ARRGHHHHHHH FUCKKK!!!” as my fingers find your tits, yours find mine as well, but I was the one lunging forward and driving, and so as my fingers clench into your breasts and yours into mine, nails pressing into sensitive soft skin and fingers clamping down on sensitive glands and tissue, you stumble back and crash into the far wall with a loud bang that shakes one of the pictures you two that Amber has hung up to try and make it look like you’re this long term couple even though you’re just a flash in the pan, and the picture comes crashing to the floor, the frame and glass cracking, but thankfully not breaking. I push into you, so fucking angry that I’m literally pushing my tits into your fingers and nails, but I’m subtly shifting to the right as I do so that as I press, my left leg is between your legs and my right leg outside it….

“I’M GOING TO TEACH YOU TO SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH UNLESS YOU WANT ME TO MAKE YOU SCREAM, WHORE!!!” I hiss into your face much like when I barged into the house, showing my mind is still in that same enraged space, and as we claw at each other’s tits, with Amber and Ewa staring at my ass in my thong… I lift my left leg… first bumping my thigh into your pussy and rubbing it up over your cunt… but the real reason my thigh is lifting is to elevate my leg… as much as I can…. and then I turn my foot… pushing my SHARP toenails into the inside of your right thigh, and I start to SLOWLY SCRAPE DOWN your leg as I stare into your eyes and smile at the pain shooting across your face…

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My claws outstretched like chevaux de frise waiting for you to crash into them and impale yourself on my claws, I know you have momentum but I’m ready and waiting with my claws and as much as this is going to hurt me I’m going to make it hurt you.

Then you slam into me like a truck your vicious nails finding their targets “AHHHHHHHHHHH FFFFFFFFUUCCCCCCCCKKK SLUT!” your momentum driving me backwards and my cry of pain ends with a thud and a grunt as I hit the wall.

Pissed but I can feel my nails finding their marks and with you blinding charging in at my not only do my nails stab deep but you help keep the pressure on for me.

I snarl in your face as you threaten me once again not interesting in trading words with you when a catty snarl conveys all I need to say right now.

Feeling your thigh bump against my thong, assuming you want to move things in the direction of Ewa and my first fight, wondering if you think you’ve got me already. “Ughhhhhh bring it on you nasty bitch” I hiss so that only you can hear me but your leg keeps moving and then I feel your toe nails against my thigh as you slowly rake them down my leg my face a mask of pain as your surprisingly sharp toe nails attack my tender flesh.

Outraged, both at the sheer cattiness of your move and that once again you’ve confused me with momentary pleasure only to then inflict pain. “CHEAP WHORE!” I snarl as you keep me guessing. Deciding to teach you a quick and painful lesson about what I do to teases, my fingers still buried in your chest, I readjust my grip and twist my nails then pull your breasts apart before slamming them together as hard as I can slamming your big bare tits together. 

“SCREAM FOR ME WHORE!” I hiss sending warm spit at your face.

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My fucking tits are being mauled in your fingers, but I don’t care… it hurts… it fucking HURTS BAD… but I’m getting to maul you too, and right now that’s my primary concern, plus the rake of my toenails down your legs makes our grip loosen a bit… at least for a moment… at least… that’s what I think… 

“ARRRGHHHHHHH CUNTT!!!’ Your hands twist in my breasts…. you were just readjusting your grip, and you squeeze tight and turn your hands in my breasts, which would be enough to make me scream but you pull my tits apart and then slam them together…. “GGGAHHHHHHH YOU WHOREE!!!! AARRGHHHH!!!” You do it again… and then again… three times… making me stagger back and the pain sending my hands collapsing from your tits. My left hand goes up to your shoulder just to hold on as you start to back me up, but my right just drops as back me up towards the front door, but as we stagger back and you SPIT INTO MY FUCKING FACE as you drive me back… just as I am about to crash back first into it, I turn… and we slam shoulder first into the side… my back to the wall… your ass against the doorknob and your back towards Amber and Ewa….. my right hand reaches up behind you, and I grab the back of your thong and I PULLLL UP… wedging it inside you, and then my wrist just starts to turn…. I know Ewa will figure it out quick… Amber too… but they can see it… you can’t…. you just feel the pull… but behind you my wrist is wrapping your thong around the door-handle several times… looping it over and over with the stretched material to let the door trap you and keep you wedged so I can get both my hands on you. …

When I’m satisfied with the number of loops, and the pain is so intense for you that I feel your hands weakening on my grip, I shove my body into yours, driving your ass back against the door-handle, letting it press into the top of your crack and dig in as my left hand goes from your shoulder to your hair, and I pull back on your hair, yanking your neck back as my tits shove against your hands and push them back against your own chest, and my right hand reaches around your back, dig into at the top of your spine… and I RAAAAKKKKEEEE down… drawing five burning hot lines down your back…. making you scream…. making your mouth come open… and with your spit running down my face, I get as much saliva as I can from my mouth and throat…. and I SPIT…. RIGHT INTO YOUR FUCKING MOUTH!!!!!

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Sneering at you as I drive your breasts together over and over, using your big breasts against you like a weapon. “RUN YOUR MOUTH NOW YOU STUPID CUNT!” easily backing you up with my attack to your breasts. Feeling now that I’ve got you right where I want you. “WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM WITH ME BITCH? DON’T WANT YOUR SISTER TO BE HAPPY? EWA TRIED TO RUIN MY FUCKING RELATIONSHIP AND YOU WERE AS MUCH TO FUCKING BLAME AS SHE WAS FOR WHAT HAPPENED TO HER!” I yell taking a moment to breathe before continuing “SHE ACTED LIKE A CUNT SO I FUCKED HER UP LIKE ONE! IF YOU TWO CAN’T HANDLE BIG GIRLS GAMES THEN YOU SHOULDN’T FUCKING PLAY THEM AND YOU SHOULD STAY THE FUCK OUT OF ME AND AMBER’S RELATIONSHIP!” 

Whilst I’m busy giving you a piece of my mind you reach for my thong and give me a nasty wedgie “UGHHHHH BITCHHH!” the move surprisingly effective, momentarily stopping my breast attack, up on my tip toes trying to escape my own thong as you use it to attack my pussy, trying to move but something catching, trying to pull away with more urgency as I realise what you’re doing as you wrap my thong around the door handle, desperately trying to pull away but I’m tied to it tightly “Nooo…” I whimper “Bitch no! FIGHT FAIR!” as you bring both hands to bear as you drive me back hard, my eyes going wide as I feel the handle somewhere it really shouldn’t be and you drive your bare breasts into mine and start raking my back “AGHHHHHHHHHHH FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!” I cry out. 

“NOOOOOOOOOOO BITTTTTTTT-OUGHHHHHHHHHH ACKKKKK” my scream cut short as you spit into my mouth momentarily choking me as I cough. Desperately reaching for your hair with my right hand trying to grip you by the roots as with my left hand I just try and dig my nails into your rib cage, looking for any opportunity to hurt you and either get you to back off or to at least weaken your attack.

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“YOU WANT TO PLAY BIG GIRL GAMES, WHORE??? LET’S FUCKING PLAY!!!” I shout as I drive my breasts into yours and drive your tailbone back into the doorhandle….  because your back isn’t flat against the door, my right hand can reach up and rake down your back…. which makes you scream… which gets my spit fired from my mouth down your throat… you scream and then gag… and it’s a fucking DELICIOUS SOUND…I hope my sister can hear her SLUT gagging like a fucking whore sucking cock and gagging on it because she doesn’t know what the fuck she’s doing.. I push into you more… leaning into your face… “You know how I know when someone is a WEAK FUCKING WHORE…. when she cries out… ‘FIGHT FAIR!!!”

But the insult seems to get your fire going, because as I taunt you, I suddenly feel a pull on my hair with your left hand, which makes me groan in pain, and if the goal is to get my face out of yours, it works. You pull my head back and I groan… but I don’t really need to look at you right now. It’s the nails in my rip that are more problematic. You start to claw into my ribs, dragging down them at first and then jamming your nails in between them…. I HOWLLLL in pain… but this is why I wanted both hands free… I reach with my left hand and I grab your wrist. I wrap my fingers around it, and I curl my nails into the soft tissue of the undersides… I could have grabbed you anywhere… but it’s deliberate… I dig my nails into that soft skin and veins to weaken your arm, and then I shove your wrist back against the door…. “FCUKKKK!!!! YOU!!!” You keep pulling on my hair, and it hurts… but I can manage that… I bring my left hand down…. pressing it to your stomach…. and then sliding to your pussy… your thong is pressed in between your lips, and I slide two fingers into you… sliding them AROUND your wedged thongs…. and I SHOVE them hard inside you, forcing your ass back even more against the door handle….

“And do you know what I do to WEAK FUCKING WHORES WHO WANT TO PLAY BIG GIRL FUCKING GAMES, BITCH?”…. My fingers starts to drill inside you, pumping your fucking wet, leaky pussy hard….. “I TEAR THEM APART AND SLUT THEM OUT WHILE THE PERSON WHO MATTERS TO THEM MOST WATCHES THEM SCREAM!!!” 

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Desperately trying to fight back however I can, realising that I’m in the fight of my life and in an absolutely terrible position. 

Doing my absolute best to hurt your ribs, clawing nasily between the bones where your flesh is at it’s thinnest, hoping to overwhelm the meager protection that exists there and cut you deep and for a moment it seems to be working until you grab hold of my wrist and dig your nails in, targeting a fragile spot in return. 

All to aware of the peril I’m in, trying to resist your nails in my wrist, still stabbing fiercely but eventually you overcome my strength and pin my left hand to the door. 3 of my 4 limbs now incapacitated, one pinned the others keeping my thong at bay as I try to ease the pressure, just my right arm remains as I tug at your hair furiously trying to shake your head around looking to hurt your scalp and your neck.

Then my situation gets worse as you roughly shove two fingers into me “UGHHHHHH OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHH” trying to get further up on my tip toes, trying to escape both the thong trap and your fingers.

Like a wild animal caught in a bear trap as I try to escape your hellish trap. No choice but to release the bitchy clamp on your hair. Reaching back with my right hand and desperately trying to untangle the fabric from the handle but I can’t see it to work out how to manipulate it correctly to quickly and easily free myself.

Growing more desperate, just like the creature in the trap when it begins to try and knaw it’s own damaged limb off to escape I start digging and scratching at the mangled fabric but with how contorted and wrapped up it is my nails can’t easily cut through it. 

Knowing the only possible way I can stand a chance is if I can release myself from the door handle, freeing me to fight back but as you punish my pussy with your fingers my eyes start to water fearing the inevitable. “Cunnnnnnnnnnt” I sob, yes the pain hurts but it’s the humiliation, caught on the door thanks to your low-down and dishonorable tactics and then unable to defend myself, let alone fight back as you violate me for all to see.


So here’s the problem…. and if anyone wants to send their answer to my telepathically, I’d be happy to consider it…. but here’s the problem: If I make you cum like a cheap fucking whore right here with your ass pinned to the doorhandle with your thong wrapped around it, with my sister and Ewa watching…. it could end the fight…. I mean… you might want to fight… but like I said… when it’s over… it’s over… and if you tell me to stop… or Amber tells me for you… it’s over…. and I don’t want it to be over… because frankly, I’M NOT DONE FUCKING HURTING YOU….. but then again…. if I don’t make you cum…. if I don’t let your body exhaust itself by gushing all over my fingers, you could turn things around on me… 


What to do? What to do? ….

Given how tough this bitch SAYS she is…. let’s fucking see if she REALLY CAN do what she says…. that was her big claim right…. YES…. she came first in her fight with Ewa… but Ewa ended the fight while SHE wanted to keep fighting…. she said she can fight through orgasms and talked shit about how Ewa can’t…. so let’s fucking see… LET’S FUCKING SEE… 


I’m practically SNARLING in your face as my fingers jam into your pussy over and over… I don’t give a fuck about how good it feels or if I’m hurting you by fucking you around your thong…. because frankly, I don’t give a fuck about you at all.


Grabs Amber by the hair and YANKS her between my legs, shoving her face against my cum-stained thighs… Lick it bitch… Lick it and SHUT UP


Humiliated as you finger me cruelly, all the while bitching at me hatefully and yet as much as I hate it… and I do hate it… something… tied to the door and pinned as I am I can barely move an orgasm building fast from out of nowhere. Unable to even get any relief from even being able to writhe in pleasure completely at your mercy. Trapped, humiliated… by my lover’s sister… in front of that bitch Ewa.

“Please” I whimper as quietly as I can whilst hopefully still loud enough “ughhhh let me go!” I plead but there’s something else in my voice, another kind of pleading. Getting confused,… it does feel good, but I can barely even move my hips.

That is until you refuse to stop bitching, something about the way you demand for me to cum is like a switch flicking in my brain. Staring at you, as defiantly as I can as my body starts to shake “biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitchhhhhhhhh” I hiss “bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbiiiiiiiiiiitTCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH OOOOOOH OHHHHHHHHH OHHHHH FUUUUUUCK MMMMMM OHHHH FUCK FUCK FUCK!” all my strength, all my willpower, all my ego, everything I have left going into the gargantuan effort of keeping my eyes locked on yours as a huge orgasm takes me, my body squirming helplessly against the door as I’m ravaged by unwanted pleasure. As I thrash wildly my thong is taxed to it’s absolute limits allowing me some small added degree of movement despite not being able to take advantage of it.

Eventually despite my impressive effort to stare you down bitch to bitch even through an earth shattering orgasm my head droops, breathing heavily. The orgasm only lasting a brief time but it’s aftershocks still make me convulse and tremble, clearly super sensitive. “bitch…” I whimper weakly, looking at the floor.

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“Fuck you! No! I won’t! I WILL NEVER!” I cry and complain. But when I hear my lover cum, I know she needs a moment. She needs me to distract Bri, and so like a ravenous hungry wolf I dive between Ewa’s thighs and begin to ravish her.

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MMMMMMMMMMMHHH!!! *Grabbing you tightly by the hair, I SHOVE your head down between my thighs, my right lifting up, draping over the back of your head, half turned to you, I tighten my legs, capturing you…. “Oh you little WHORE…. You will fucking LICK ME CLEAN, because you WANT TO…”

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MMMMMMMM….. I’m just snarling in your fucking face as I make you cumm… I don’t have any fucking interest in bringing you pleasure. I really don’t. All I care about is humiliating the fuck out of you and teaching you this goddamn lesson, because if my wife ever comes home to me again looking like you decided to bring a weedwhacker to a catfight, I’m likely to come over here and fucking murder you, and I don’t want to do that…. 

“Please what? Please keep fucking you? Please keep hurting you? PLEASE WHAT CUNT!!!” I jam my fingers deep inside you as you twitch and spasm and gush around them. I hear your scream… we all hear your scream… “That’s it you cheap whore…. that’s it you leaky fucking cunt…. you weak bitch…. you think you deserve to be in the same breath as me, Ewa, and Amber…. FUCK YOU…. FUCK YOU CUNT…..”

And then I start to smile…. because you call me “bitch…”… two bad things could happen now… you could ask me to stop…. or Amber could…. but I don’t hear Amber saying anything at all…. and when i turn my head, I see Ewa grabbing Amber by the hair and shoving her head down between her legs, but it’s not like Amber is protesting… she’s moaning and licking at Ewa’s pussy…. and I grab your head… lifting it as it hangs… making you look over… “Do you see who she really wants? Think about it…. all you’ve done to get close to her… and while you’re getting ravaged, all she cares about is Ewa’s pussy…” I lean in and lick up the side of your face, and then I purr…. “You know.. maybe you need a closer look so you can get it through your thick skull….”

Both hands go to your hair as I release your wrist from the wall, and I just start to walk backwards. I keep my grip, pulling your head towards me and then down, and I just keep pulling… and one of two things will happen…. your thong will rip from the wall and you’ll come crashing to your knees or you’re slide out of the top of your thong and crash to the floor like a cartoon. Either way, I don’t really fucking care. I just want to get closer to Amber so she has a front row view for what I have planned next.

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I thought there was still fight left in Steph. Still a comeback to be had. Still more battle to go. And so I dared to distract. Sought to slip my tongue past Ewa’s panties and into her pussy to give my love one last chance. But instead, I have doomed us both to being dominated. Bri using my decision and lavish lapping as even  punishment of my poor Steph. At the sound of it I try to stop. Try to pull back. But Ewa’s hands pull me back, and cruelly twist at my hair until I continue and comply. Licking her still wounded and yet river-wet pussy as behind me Steph’s punishment begins.

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MOANS louder as I feel @The Real Amber trying to pull back, but I quickly lock my leg over her neck, blocking her escape route… On the love seat, bodies tilted, I shove your nose against my clit, rub your lips against my thighs and labia… “Oh you’re not going ANYWHERE bitch….. You’re fucking MINE as much as your WHORE is Bri’s…. BRING HER OVER HERE BABY… LET THAT CHEAP EXCUSE FOR A BITCH GET A CLOSE UP OF WHAT YOUR SISTER REALLY WANTS!”


You hold my glare as I cum, but the moment my head drops you lift my face back up forcing me to look at you as you keep taunting me and jam your fingers deeper inside me forcing a sob from me, demanding I tell you what it is I want, what I’m pleading for. 

For a moment you stop and then roughly you pull my head to look over at Amber but rather than seeing her there demanding you stop or consoling me I get a very different view. Amber licking Ewa like candy. Feeling my eyes welling up as you ask me who Amber really wants. “noo… NOOOOOOOO-O-O-O!” I cry and as you study my face you can see the exact moment that my heart breaks and the tears start raining from my face.

As cruel as you’ve been you aren’t finished yet. Pulling me by the hair. The thong finally giving way to all of the strain and tearing, releasing me with a jolt as I drop to my knees, forced to follow you. Sobbing and crying, broken.


Once and then again, your grip and headscissor soften, and when they do I try to escape, but at each such attempt you seize once more. Keeping me trapped. Keeping me between your legs and servicing. Your momentary allowances only made so that should Steph look up to us with her teary eyes it appears as if I am eating you out because of some long-denied love. It must hurt her. It must crush her. And though it does, I have no choice but to continue. Letting my tongue dive into your pussy and then stroke. My teeth catching your clit and nibbling. My only solace is to spell out my apologies to Steph with my tongue. Each letter causing you, Ewa, to moan and shiver. My eyes burning as tears shed and then after rolling down your perfect thighs, pouring into my mouth and your pussy in equal parts of this hot, wet, nightmare. 


With both hands in your hair and your thong all but stretched out to the point of breaking already, it doesn’t take much, and your thong breaks and you come collapsing to the floor on your knees…. I pull hard on your hair, making you lunge forward, and I groan… “fuck…. just how much do those fat tits you’re so proud of weigh?”… but I keep pulling… your hands and knees try to get under you… but you’re part crawling and I’m part dragging you across the carpet until my legs press against the sofa and I pull your head up to the sofa right where Ewa is sitting with her legs around Amber’s head… I twist your head to make sure you are staring right up at Ewa’s pussy and your sister’s hungry mouth… and I start to taunt you as I hold your hair in my hand and pull your to your knees in front of Ewa, and then I move behind you…. 

“Look, dummy…. look at who your sister really loves… take a fucking look…. I could be bleeding you out on the floor … and given the choice between drinking my wife’s cum and watching your last moments…. she’d choose Ewa…. You’re always going to be second best to her…. because you’re not Ewa…. and my sister is always going to be second to me…. because she’s not me…” 

I pull back hard on your hair as I move behind you, and the fingers of my right hand stroke up and down your ass as I make you watch your lover eat my wife’s pussy. But then my hand slides lower….. two fingers slide into your pussy again… and I start to suck you from behind as I bend over… pulling your hair… yanking your head back painfully…. my thumb rubs on your ass… i rub it over your fucking bud…. as my two fingers push deep inside you…. and then I press harder with my thumb…. forcing it inside you… but as I look at your back… I remember how Ewa’s looked… I can’t help myself… I release your hair… dig my nails into your back again…. and TEAR DOWN as my other hand fucks your weak pussy and ass.


My body shudders as I grin wickedly.. Watching my baby… My Valkyrie…. Sweaty, bruised, scratched… But standing tall like the Goddess she is…. Dragging that CUNT steph like the NOTHING that she is…. I smirk and LICK my lips with the tip of my tongue, GRINNING straight at Steph’s face……. “Look at it bitch.. Look at how fucking HORNY your wife is….. For me…. How turned on she is after watching you get WRECKED and SLUTTED OUT….”


Feeling sick… losing a fight is hard enough to take but it’s the heartbreak of seeing my girlfriend eating Ewa’s pussy that causes me more agony than anything even a cruel bitch like you could do to me.

Crying as I watch, all the while you bring me closer, giving me a good view. “amber…..” I sob weakly “please…” showing no mercy as you starting to finger fuck my pussy once more, this time forcing your thumb inside me as well, but it’s not just my pussy being violated this time.

Just feeling broken and numb I hardly react as you start having your way with me, as you claw my exposed back I do arch up but my head makes no attempt to move, my gaze locked onto Amber as she pleasures your lover and it’s just too much for me to bare “Bri… please…” my whimpers and crying turning in to loud sobbing as I just scream out “I LOVE HER!” at the top of my voice, my body shaking. “PLEASE… I LOVE HER!” the tears stinging my ears, the front of my face hurting as my tear ducts work overtime as a rainstorm engulfs my eyes “AMBER…….. I’M SORRY I FAILED YOU…..” fighting your grip, I’ve failed at everything I’ve tried but a wave of determination flows through me, I won’t fail at this, overpowering your grip on my hair so I can stare up at you instead of the hurtful scene you want me to endure “DO WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO BITCH! BUT I’LL DO ANYTHING FOR HER!” my body and mind broken, but my heart, even in it’s death throes won’t give up on Amber “I LOVE AMBER! I LOVE AMBER! I LOVE AMBER!” I start yelling at you the tears still coming, my sobbing overpowering some of my words “I want to be with her” I whisper pathetically, looking up at you with big wet eyes, my face stained with tears.


As you start to call out that you love her, I move to my knees beside you… kneeling on your left with you as my right hand pummels inside your pussy and my left hand yanks back on your hair…. I want you to look… I want you to see how much Amber loves my wife…. how desperate she is for the relationship that I have with Ewa… how desperate she is for EWA… and as you scream out, “I LOVE AMBER!” for the third time, I smile, and lean in… speaking into your ear but loud enough for everyone to hear it…. “We know…. and that’s what makes you SOOOOOOOO FFFFFUUUUCKING PPPPPPAATTHHETIC…..” 

I keep pumping my hand, pinching my middle and ring finger towards my thumb inside you as I rub and fuck you hard… and your comment about wanting to be with her is met with an angry…. hateful sneer…. “and what if I say no, whore…. what if I tell you that i’m not going to stop fuckign your pussy and ass until you say you’ll walk away from her forever….” My fingers start pumping hard… and I hear you cry out… but I can’t tell if it’s in response to what I just or the orgasm building inside you, because in a flash you burst again… squiritng all over my fingers… your pussy and ass tightening  as you cumm hard…. but I pull my fingers right out of you and I grab your hair again with both hands…. you were refusing to look…. well…. I’m done letting you refuse anything I’m trying to do to you… 

I look at Ewa and she spreads her legs out. I smile at her, and then I SHOVE your face up against your supposed love’s face… I see Amber start to pull back a bit, and I grab her hair with my right hand, and I just SHOOVVEE with both hands… shoving you two cheek to cheek… shoving your face right into Ewa’s pussy…. 


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I grin widely….. Savagely… There is nothing but cruelty on my face… Watching that CUNT.. That proud WHORE of a warrior Steph… Broken like that.. Turned into a whimpering whore…. Not so different from what she did to me, few days ago… The sight alone enough to make me GUSH a second time…. But…. It’s seeing my beautiful bride…. Dragging her like a cat bringing a bird to it’s owner and dropping it at her feet… I purrrrr….. And spread my legs wider….. Draping it over the arm of the love seat, holding Amber by the hair, while Bri guides Step towards my kitty…. “Oh yessssssss… Come on Steph… Fight Amber with your tongue…. Get me off you broken pathetic SLUT…. And lick my cum…”

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As you rip another orgasm from my pussy, I can’t even put into words what I experience, my mind, body and heart all feeling different things many of which are contradictory. Never having felt so low in my life, all the shit at work, failed relationships, abuse, fights, deaths of loved ones. This hits me as hard if not harder than anything ever has in my life, and yet my pussy doesn’t just cum it explodes all over your fingers.

Utterly broken as you force my face between Ewa’s thighs. Joining the love of my life, the only woman I’ve ever been able to have this kind of relationship with, the person who right now means more to me than anyone else on this planet and even here and now like this that proximity, that physical contact means the world to me as I feel Amber’s hand reach out and touch mine, silently affirming our love for one another even as we lick the soaking wet pussy of my conqueror’s love.

Our tongues working furiously. As I firmly tongue at Ewa’s clit, teasing it. Amber focuses on your love hole. The two of us working together to give you pleasure as you urge us both to make you cum.

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My head tilts back, feeling Stephs bruised cheek against my thigh…. Her warm breath blasting on my sex… Her tears.. ON GAWD the fucking TEARS smearing my kitty and dripping down on my thigh… I bring my right hand into her hair, joining my grip there with Bri’s, interlocking our fingers, as I MOAAN… TWO tongues going down on me at the same time… “OH YESSSSSSSSSSSS YESSSS YOU FUCKING BITCHES… YOU LITTLE HORNY SLUTS…. YESSSSS That’s where you whores BELONNGGG — OH GAWDDD!!” — I moan, shuddering hard… My toes curling, scratching at the air…. Moaning as you two shudder and I GUSSHHH hard, squirting all over your fucking faces… Spraying my nectar on your lips and cheeks, letting it drip off your chins as I feel you lapping it like obedient kittens feeding on a bowl of milk

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“Mmmmmmmmmm….” I just stand there behind you two… holding your hair…. shoving your faces into my beloved’s pussy…. I watch the look on her face as your two tongues work on her… I look down and notice you two holding hands, and I break the hand holding with my right foot just as my lovely wife takes my own hand in Steph’s hair. My eyes go to hers…. I mouth… “I fucking love you to death…” and I watch as her eyes close…. she gets a wicked fucking smile on her face… and she starts to gush hard on both of you.. 

“YOU FUCKING WHORESSS…. ” you both lick at her…. and then I suddenly I pull back on your hair. I tug Amber to the right and she collapses to her side. Ewa stretches out her leg and puts it down on Amber’s glistening face and pushes her head into the carpet…. you fall to the other side… collapsing to your back… I bring your arms in with my feet and then I lower myself on you, and I lower my pussy slowly onto your face as I kneel between Ewa’s legs…. “if I even think you’re going to bite me… I will murder you whore…. do you understand?” I don’t even wait for a response… I grab your hair with left right hand and pull your mouth up between my legs. My other hand reaches out for Ewa’s extended leg… the one stepping on my sister’s face… and I rub it up her leg…. 

“Let me show you whores how this is done…. ” I lean in… but I do, I feel a tug on my hair… Ewa is leaning forward… my lips reach for hers as she leans down into me, and my tongue slides out for hers… we make out as Steph starts to lick my pussy, and I moan to my love… “lean back…” and as soon as she does, I lower my head down between her spread legs, and I press my lips to hers. I suck on her wet labia and lick at her click. I slide my tongue inside her and curl it up… I rub it over her ceiling… over that soft bundle of nerves… and I rub it back and forth. as I moan in pleasure from Steph’s tongue finally getting to work.

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I MOAN and spread myself wider, pushing my foot on Amber’s SLUTTY face… Grinding it into the carpet as my beloved dives down into my still gushing sex… “OH GAWDD.. Yeah baby… Give me that tongue…. Lick me all clean… OH YES… OH YESSS… YOU DO IT LIKE NO OTHER… OH YESSSS!!” I moan reaching up and clawing at the headrest of the love seat…. Shuddering as gyrating, as you HUNGRILY eat me.. Trembling as I GUSH a third time, even before the effects of the second subsides, giving you more honety to lick and lap at…

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Beaten and humiliated and then to pour on even further disgrace Ewa cums hard right in me and Amber’s faces. Utterly exhausted now. The physical and mental toll taken is too much, and as Amber is shoved to one side I’m pulled now between a new set of thighs as you handle me roughly.

As you threaten me about feeling my teeth and the consequences for doing so I don’t even care, wanting the ordeal to be over so I can tend to Amber and try and make up to her for what I’ve done to us. Routed in my catfight, the two of us now used mercilessly.

Offering no resistance as your pull my vanquished body in close, my face forced deep and, on autopilot I just begin to lick trying to pay equal attention to the pairing of your clit and your slit as I serve you obediently but my right hand still reaches for Amber, still needing that closeness, the only thing that matters to me, Amber… my love. Thinking of her, of how I can still try to put things right with her all the whilst while my mouth and tongue service her sister.

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With Ewa’s foot placed firmly on my tear-wet and mascara-run face I sob. “The Power Couple” having truly destroyed Steph and I. Firmly putting us in our place somewhere in a distant 19th. My hand kicked free of my lovers as we are humiliated and destroyed in one way and then another. Ewa having broken Steph in their first battle, and now Bri having done the same in the next. What have I done? What did I allow to happen? I should have…. I wished I would…. The thoughts and regrets fill my mind so quickly I can barely process them. And yet still, even in my darkest of moments. And my most hellish of nightmares. When Ewa slides her foot down in orgasm, on instinct and now soul-deep subjugation I lick at her toes. 

Why fight it? 

Why resist?

What am I now other than her plaything?

What is left for me or Steph after such a vicious and heartbreaking destruction.

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I don’t care if it comes from a hard cock or my love’s wet pussy… I’m a swallower… I want it in my fucking mouth… I want to swirl my tongue around in it… I want it running over my taste buds, and so when my love starts to twitch and spasm in that way that I know perfectly well… I just seal my mouth around her pussy to make sure that I don’t miss a drop of her nectar…. but this time when she starts to fill my mouth, I don’t swallow it… I keep my mouth open as long as I can and then I seal my lips…. and it’s hard… because just as I do… Steph starts to find the spot… fuck… at least this dumb cunt knows what to do with her tongue… 

My body tenses… tightens…. and then releases…. I start to flood all over Steph’s face… which is already coated in my love’s cumm. I keep my mouth shoved tight as I cumm all over your mouth and face, and as the orgasms starts to subside… I slide back… sliding my ass back until I’m sitting on your stomach… I look over and see your hand reaching out and holding hers… but I don’t say anything… I can’t… because my mouth is still full of my love’s cumm…. my hands come up to your tits…. those big fucking tits that you are always flaunting… the tits I intended to ruin but I found other parts of you to play with instead…. but that doesn’t mean I don’t still want to ruin them…. I grab your fucking tits in my fingers… I dig my nails into  them… and I CCCLLLLAAAWWWWWW… I dig my nails in and twist my hands… I saw Ewa’s tits in the tub and days after… you meant to really hurt them you jealous cunt…. well…. turn about is fair play…. my nails rip into your chest, and as you start to scream, I open my mouth…. and like a flood of drool…. all the cum I was holding in my mouth begins to drain out down my tongue and onto your face… and open mouth…. and I moan… because hearing you scream makes makes me fucking turned on….

It’s like a scene straight out of a porno…. I’m just drooling my love’s cumm all over your fucking face as I claw all over your fucking tits…. scratchign them…. raking them…. bruising them…. even cutting them… I want you to fucking hurt… Ewa’s going to need a moment anyways…. but even with three orgasms she’s not completely out…  that’s how I knew that line this WHORE was telling about Ewa not being able to keep going after a single orgasm was FUCKING BULLSHIT… I drool all over her as I maul her…. and then when I’m done… and there’s no more spit and cum drolling from my mouth… I pull my hands off. I pull my knees up, and I literally starts to crawl over to Steph, pushing my knees into her tits and then one against her cheek as I climb up onto the sofa with Ewa… my body lays on hers… and I just start to kiss her… long… deep…. wet… passionate kissing…. as my sister and her latest fuck toy lay on the ground sobbing and broken…. although Steph much MUCH MUCH more so… I kiss Ewa… my side bleeding…. my breasts scratched and bleeding too…. my back with lines down it… I hurt… but I feel so fucking good right now… I kiss her again and then pull back…. “take me home…. love… I’ve still got a lot left… and our bed is a lot more comfortable than these whores’ faces…..

The End

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