A Lovelace Tale: Chapter 2 by Rival’s Rapture

She had a smile upon her face, but she was nervous. Not because she was unprepared, for nothing could be further from the case. For Anna Lovelace had been preparing for months, 6 of them, half a year exactly….

Her textbooks were purchased. This week’s assignment and next’s were read, briefed, and read again. She had memorized her various syllabi, word-for-word, even downloading student notes from those who came through Penngrove in the several semesters before her. And yet, despite all of that … she was worried. Not about anything in specific, instead only of all that wasn’t.

In high school, Anna had straight A+’s, from day one, till graduation. She had been captain of the chess club, possessed the best voice in the glee club, and even spent a year as the co-captain of the cheerleading squad. In almost every way, Anna was perfect. Smart. Beautiful. Mature. Good-natured. Proud. And even with all that being the case, today shook her.

For as her father, a man who had once been filled with so much strength, laid dying in a hospital bed, he asked Anna and her sister Vanessa to promise. Promise that they would attend Penngrove University, that they would get their degrees, and allow the school to mold them into the women he and their mother wanted them to be. Both sisters accepted without question on that day, as their eyes shed tears for the man who had been there since they were born.

Not a day has passed since that fateful, painful day, that Anna has not thought about that promise, and how much she wants to fulfill it. Wanting to not only keep true to her father’s terms – but also to be the best student Penngrove had ever seen, so that she in some way, could make him proud, even if he was gone.

It was that desire, that dream, that drove her to be ready. To be prepared – in uniform, as the dean instructed, and in her seat on time. And so there she sat, watching, listening, wondering, about everyone who entered the class. Who were they? What kind of grades did they get? Would they be a good study partner? Or friend? Competition when the tests were handed out, and the bell curve was set? It was that hyper state of vigilance, that let her catch the professor, a Ms. Samantha Stone, a middle-aged, but incredibly well-figured, and busty blonde, whispering to one of the students as they entered class. Intrigued by the sight, and her own nervous imagination, Anna watched the scene unfold, with the teacher’s lips not even an eyelash’s width from the petite brunette’s ear. But as her eyes remained fused to the two, Ms. Lovelace witnessed the instructor, raise an arm and point, aiming directly at she who watched, no less – at Anna.

At the realization, that such a finger was meant to identify her, Anna’s eyes grew wide, and her hands tensed, one around her ready pencil, and the other around her open notebook. With intensity did Ms. Lovelace then stare, as the finger lingered, and the whispering continued. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, but likely only lasted a minute or two, the brunette girl nodded, and pulled away from the professor, only to look over to Anna, and examine her closely from across the room. That inspecting gaze only ending when the girl narrowed her eyes briefly at Anna, and then took to her seat, in the front row of the class.

From there, the hour passed without event or interest, save for Anna learning the student’s name, with whom the professor had been whispering. She was Maisie Morales, and seemed, from what Anna could derive, to be not only the teacher’s pet, but also working hard to keep such a role. She was tall, but thin, with a darker skin tone than Anna, possessing a pair of perfectly perky breasts, a tight ass, and a feigned smile that faded as soon as Professor Stone turned away. And though such observations did not to help Anna calm herself, or decipher what had been whispered about her, she made them nonetheless, going so far as to write each in her notebook, under a heading underlined more times than Ms. Lovelace could count: Maisie Morales….

When class ended, Anna intended to wait. To speak with Ms. Stone, once all the other students had left. Not to ask directly what had been whispered, but to just get a feeling of what the teacher thought of her, and to get a sense of what she might possibly have to say in such a quiet manner. But just as quickly as Anna had made a decision to do as much, the Professor left, with an intentional quickness, exiting the class along with almost all of her students. In fact, almost all, was all, save one: Maisie Morales, who stood and watched Anna. Her face. Her body language. Everything about her.

Unsure what to do, or why any of this was happening, Anna stood up, and began to gather her things – intending to leave the awkwardness of the moment, and go on to her next class. But as soon as her knees straightened in the attempt, Maisie’s approach began, coming closer and closer, as Ms. Lovelace fumbled with binders and books, until finally the petite brunette was not but half a foot away from Anna. There she stood, until she grabbed a fistful of Anna’s hair, and pulled hard, forcefully tilting Ms Lovelace’s head back, so that she was forced to look into Maisie’s eyes.

For her part, Anna did not fight or squirm, instead she only shook nervously from head to toe, completely shocked by what was transpiring, and having literally no idea what to do in response.

“Awwww, is the new girl scared…? Good! Ms. Stone said I’d get extra cred if I broke your ass in, and it looks like this’ll be the easiest thing I’ve ever done for a grade.” As Maisie spoke, she used the hand of hers that wasn’t gripping tightly to Anna’s brown hair, and let it lower, trying to slip it under her short skirt, and into her pretty red panties.

“Oh my god! No!” Anna shouted, as she suddenly raised both hands, and tried to shove Maisie off of her. The petite brunette clung tightly to her grip on Anna, and after being pushed just far enough away to stop her advance into her prey’s undergarments, the young Morales, reached that diverted hand up, and grabbed Ms. Lovelace’s face by the cheeks, thereafter squeezing, so that her lips appeared to pucker.

“You want to fight then!? Let’s fight!” Maisie said harshly, before leaning in and kissing Anna’s still closed lips, the former using her tongue to try and break into the latter’s mouth. Ms. Lovelace reeled, stumbling backwards horrified and confused, her eyes open and watching as Maisie continued to kiss her. In that state did Anna linger, using her blindly searching hands to try and brace herself against her desk, not wanting to faint or fall, and put herself in an even more precarious position. Once secure, a flood of emotions and feelings began to overwhelm Anna: fear, anger, desperation, but the three that pushed her over the edge into action, were the unexpected and shameful feelings of enjoyment, lust, and a pride-derived desire to show this bitch what kind of woman she was messing with.

Acting on all, Anna again shoved Maisie, this time dislodging her from her grip of hair, and kiss of lips, thereby sending her back several feet, and out from between Ms. Lovelace and the doorway.

“Oh, you don’t want to kiss me?” The petite Morales asked in a voice that dripped with feigned and mocking disappointment. But even as the insulting comment was being set free from lips to air, Ms. Lovelace was already running – already gone – bolting out of the door of the classroom; a sprint she did not stop until she reached her car, and drove home – her eyes again with wet with tears, just as they were on the day she promised her father that she would graduate from Penngrove, a promise that seemed to be fading with every rotation of wheel and turning of steer.

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