A Nocturnal Adventure by JB57

A Nocturnal Adventure by JB57 Sexfight Story

Jennifer Martin arched her back, presenting her magnificent bosom to the spectacular city scape spread out before her. It was a half hour to midnight on a Sunday night. Jenn was perched on the roof of a luxury apartment building on the East side of Starcity, preparing to embark on another daring late night adventure in extracurricular criminality.

Jennifer was a beautiful, voluptuous blonde vixen. She had inherited a fortune and a highly profitable company. She was a gifted acrobat and athlete. She was highly intelligent and quick-witted. She had traveled the world and had many exciting experiences. But none of this satisfied her urge for adventure and danger. So, she had embarked on another career as the infamous cat burglar known as the Cat.

So far, Jenn had been remarkably successful in her side career. The only glitch had been four months earlier, when she had encountered an unexpected rival for the title of “Top Cat in Starcity.” Her challenger was the beautiful Britney Johnson, a gorgeous brunette every bit as voluptuous and gifted as Jenn. Britney had also taken up an alternative career as the high-class burglar known as “the Panther.” The two women had slugged it out, then fucked it out, ravaging each other in Jenn’s penthouse apartment. They had finally agreed to settle the question of who would have the rights to which side of town by fuckfighting with a massive dildo. Britney had lost that first battle, but Jenn had suggested that the women meet on a monthly basis to decide who would get which side of town for that month. Since that time, Jenn had lost twice to her brunette rival, in long, tortuous, unbelievably ecstatic sexfights. This month, she was relegated to pillaging the East side of Starcity, where the pockets of wealth were far fewer than the West side. She still had two weeks before her next rematch with the Panther. Jenn smiled. She had already come up with a new sexfighting strategy that, she was sure, would win her back control of the richer side of town.

Right now, Jenn was preparing to rob the Avalon Apartments. More specifically, she had learned through her society sources that one of the wealthiest couples in the city, Gerald and Miranda Foster, had a priceless collection of jewelry that they were presently keeping at their high security, multi-story apartment at the Avalon. Miranda Foster was a gorgeous young redhead, and Gerald Foster’s third wife. The new Mrs. Foster had a particular thing for diamond necklaces and broaches and liked having the bright shiny trinkets easily available for her many society outings. Jenn had never met the woman, though the redhead’s reputation as a real ball-breaking beauty was well-known. Jenn had learned from her sources that Mrs. Foster kept the most expensive diamond necklaces, bracelets and broaches in the safe in her bedroom. Jenn had also learned that the Fosters were going to be away in Florida for the next two weeks. Jenn’s plan was simple: get into the apartment, get into Mrs. Foster’s bedroom, crack the safe and get the jewelry. Of course, it was going to be a bit more complicated than that. The first thing she needed to do was shut down the apartment’s elaborate security system by remote without the security provider knowing that it was down. It had taken her a while to crack the system but she had succeeded. Now, even though no one but Jenn knew it, the Foster’s apartment’s security system was inoperative, though it was still regularly sending updates to its home base that all was well. Jenn knew that there were only two live-in servants and that their quarters were two floors below Mrs. Foster’s bedroom. She was sure that once she was in, it would be an easy matter to avoid detection.

The Cat picked up a high-powered grappling rifle and shot a line from the rooftop of the building she was on to the 45th floor of the Avalon. That was where the Foster’s living quarters were located. Like her namesake, Jenn raced along the inch-thick tightrope, completely self-assured. She crossed the gap between the two buildings, never once looking down or feeling the slightest fear. She was completely confident in her remarkable acrobatic abilities. In moments, she was on the Avalon. She secured herself to the side of the building, then pulled a remote override from her utility belt and used it to open the lock on a carefully selected window. She opened the window onto a beautifully appointed hallway.

The Fosters had very good taste. The hall was constructed of a beautiful cherry wood. Modern paintings were skillfully placed the length of the corridor, complementing beautiful and ornate sculptures. Jenn smoothly entered the hall, then silently walked down it, admiring the art and enjoying the sense of opulence. Jenn walked up to a thick wooden double-door on her right, about halfway down the hall. This was Mrs. Foster’s bedroom. Her husband had a bedroom at the other end of the building, on the same floor. Jenn knew that many wealthy couples did not share a common bedroom, so she was not surprised by the arrangement. She was also not surprised to find the door locked. She used her override electronic key to open the door. She slipped in, silently, and shut and locked the door again.

Jenn paused in the doorway, giving her eyes time to adjust to the darkness and her other senses a chance to absorb an impression of the room. The room was very, very big. One wall was solid glass, looking out on the city. But it was now tinted pitch black to block out the light. A small night light provided a bit of guidance to anyone seeking the bathroom in the dark, but the light was hooded and did little to illuminate the room. At best, it provided only hints of objects in the dark. Jenn could make out the king-sized bed directly across from her, up against the opposite wall. There was a sitting area and a separate corridor leading to a massive ensuite bathroom and an even larger walk-in closet. Jenn had obtained blueprints for the room so she knew the layout, but she had not been able to find out exactly where Miranda Foster’s safe was. She would need to search the room. She had a small penlight in her utility belt. She was reaching for the light when, suddenly, something totally unexpected began to happen. Her nipples began to buzz, then harden and thicken! Jenn knew, instantly, what was happening: her body was responding to the pheromones of another Alpha Bitch!

Jenn crouched down, her senses alert, her posture ready for action. The strength of her reaction told her that she was not alone. Residual pheromones would not create such a powerful response in her body. At first, she wondered if Britney was in the room, going after something on the East side of town, in violation of their deal. But Jenn put that idea out of her mind almost immediately. Each Alpha Bitch reacted to another in a distinctive way and she was now experienced with reading the particular signals that Britney’s body sent to her own. The tension in her tits told Jenn that the woman in the room with her right now was not Britney.

Jenn heard a movement in the dark. As her eyes adjusted, she realized, with a shock, that someone was moving on the king size bed across from her. It was just one person. Jenn realized that her information must have been incorrect; unless some other woman was sleeping in Mrs. Foster’s bed, this was Miranda Foster. Apparently, she had not gone to Florida with her husband or had come back early. Either way, Jenn was caught. The other woman appeared to be asleep, but her body was surely reacting to Jenn’s presence the same way that Jenn was reacting to her. It was very possible that Foster would awake at any moment.

Jenn’s head was spinning. She had had no idea that Foster was an Alpha. She had never met the woman and had only seen a picture of her face. Jenn had noted that the woman was beautiful, but the picture had not given her a full view of the redheaded woman’s body, only a glimpse of a very impressive diamond choker. Jenn had concentrated her research on breaking the Foster’s security system, not learning a great deal about the Fosters themselves, other than their travel plans and their jewelry collection. Now, her carelessness might get her caught.

“I know that you’re there,” a husky female voice suddenly said out of the dark. “I’m going to turn on my bed light. Step out where I can see you.”

A light snapped on, casting an island of brightness on the bed, but only dimly illuminating the rest of the enormous bedroom. All of Jenn’s attention focused, laser-sharp, on the incredible woman revealed by the light.

Miranda Foster was absolutely gorgeous, in her mid to late 20s and physically perfect. Her voluptuous body was barely concealed by a diaphanous nightgown. The light streamed through the flimsy material and revealed the fact that the woman was nude under the nightie. Her magnificent tits hung high and firm, unsupported but unhindered by gravity. In the filtered light, Jenn could see that the woman’s nipples were long, hard and thick and tenting her nightgown. Her long red hair framed a gorgeous face and bright green eyes that were now lit with excitement and a bit of fear. Miranda blinked, her eyes adjusting to the sudden light. She saw Jenn and, immediately, the look in the redhead’s eyes became one of pure, raw sexual desire. Her beautiful lips twisted into a predatory grin.

Jenn felt her entire body go hot and hard with sexual power and desire. Her nipples flared with heat and hardened into fleshy brown spikes; her pussy grew hotter, tighter and wetter by the second. She was so instantaneously aroused that, for a moment, she feared she would cum on the spot. She felt her cunt lubricate powerfully. She felt her clit start to throb in anticipation. Jenn smiled. Her plans for this night had suddenly become much, much more exciting.

Slowly, the Cat stepped out of the shadows and into the range of the light. Jenn’s catsuit was already unzipped at the chest, revealing considerable lush cleavage. Now, as she walked closer to the bed, Jenn reached up and unzipped the suit even more, all the way down passed her navel. As Miranda watched, Jenn’s massive, perfect breasts slowly revealed themselves, two meaty, golden orbs, centered by two thick brown nipples. The shadows of the room emphasized their breathtaking size and firmness. The cat burglar’s tits bounced deliciously as Jenn moved. Jenn slowly, seductively, slipped the catsuit off her flawless shoulders, freeing her jiggling tits. The nylon garment slipped down her torso, revealing her muscled belly and deep, narrow navel, and continued down over her lush hips. Jenn pulled the suit down her thighs, noting that the suit stuck at her crotch, where it was damp. She slipped the nylon down her powerful calves to her feet, then kicked out of the built-in rubber soles. Jenn stood absolutely gloriously nude in front of the redheaded woman, the only stitch of clothing on her perfect body the full-headed leather cowl with the cat ears that she used to conceal her identity. Miranda’s eyes roamed over Jenn’s incredible form, taking in every luscious inch of the unbelievably voluptuous beauty before her. The sheer, overwhelming hunger in the redhead’s eyes sent a thrill of anticipation racing through Jenn’s nether regions.

“I’m the Cat,” Jenn purred, smiling saucily. “Have you heard of me, Mrs. Foster?”

“Indeed I have,” Miranda replied. Her eyes were wide and glowing with heat. “What do you want, Cat?”

“When I came here, I wanted to help myself to some of your jewelry,” Jenn replied. She slowly moved to the edge of the bed, until her thighs pressed into the high mattress. Her clean shaven cunt was visible over the top of the bed and she smiled inwardly as she saw the redhead’s eyes hungrily drink in the sight of her naked slit. “Now that I’ve seen you, I think that I want to make a deal with you.”

“And why should I make any deal with a naked stranger in my bedroom?” Miranda shifted sensuously in the bed, throwing back the covers and getting onto her knees. Her nightgown only covered her upper body; her legs were gloriously, seductively naked. “Why don’t I just hit the alarm and have security come and arrest you?”

Jenn smiled into the other woman’s eyes. “You know why,” she purred.

Miranda smiled wider, her predatory grin turning into a full smirk. She knew why indeed. She and the Cat were both Alpha Bitches. The Cat had invaded her territory. They needed to sort out which of them was the dominant bitch. And they both knew that settling their differences meant inflicting unbelievable sexual pleasure on each other until one of them could not stand it. There was no way that Miranda could or would pass up the opportunity to match her body, her sex, the essence of her power as a woman, against that of a worthy rival.

Jenn continued, her voice a low, seductive purr. “You against me. Woman to woman. Tits to tits. Clit to clit. We fuck until one of us submits or passes out. If I win, I get some of that frosting in your safe. My pick.”

“And what if I win?” Miranda smiled in reply. She licked her lips and Jenn could see, could feel, the raw sexual excitement radiating off the other woman.

“You get the best fuck of your life and me as your sex slave for one month.”

Miranda smiled wider. The redheaded beauty sat up on her knees, reached down to grasp her nightie, then slowly, slowly slid the gossamer thin scrap of cloth up her body and over her head. She threw it off the bed, into the dark. Jenn stifled a gasp as the woman’s incredibly voluptuous body was fully revealed. Miranda’s tits were big and firm, every bit the equal of Jenn’s own massive rack. Miranda’s thick, golden orbs were topped by hard brown nipples that seemed to swell and lengthen even as Jenn watched. The redhead’s torso was muscled and strong, and her hips wide and meaty, flowing into powerful thighs, lush, shapely calves and perfect feet. This woman was an Alpha Bitch, no question about it. Jenn shuddered with desire.

Miranda sat back on the bed, completely nude, and spread her lush legs. She reached down and used her middle and index fingers to stroke her naked, clean-shaven pussy, sliding her middle finger slowly and languorously up and down her hot pink slit, wetting her probing digit. She raised that finger to her mouth. Her eyes locked with Jenn’s, she licked the hot juices off her finger, then reached down again and used her fingers to open her succulent cunt lips and tease out her growing, pulsing clit. Jenn looked down at the woman’s naked, glistening cunt and felt her own twat grow wet and hot with lubrication. Soon, soon, she knew that her own genitals would be buried within Miranda’s hot pink labia, she knew that their deepest, most intimate body parts would be fused into one hot, wet mess, that they would fight cunt to cunt and clit to clit and devour each other with their raw, womanly sexual hunger. She could not wait. Her heart pounded with excitement and desire.

“I agree to your terms, Cat,” Miranda murmured, her green eyes shining, half-closed behind heavy eyelids. “With one caveat. If I lose, I have the right to challenge you to win back what I have lost.”

“I agree,” Jenn almost whispered. Her lust was far too great to be contained. She would have agreed to anything that Miranda wanted, so long as it guaranteed her access to the other woman’s dripping sex.

The naked Cat climbed onto the bed, and began to crawl across the enormous mattress towards the luscious woman who was waiting for her with her spread legs and inviting cunt. When Jenn was close to the redhead, she sat back on her ass and spread her legs in reply to Miranda. The redhead gasped, then bit her lip, as she stared fixedly down at Jenn’s juicy, thick-lipped twat. It was the most beautiful thing Miranda had ever seen. Jenn slowly, slowly, fingered herself, running her fingers up and down her slick pink slit, shoving her middle finger into her hot wet twat. Carefully, skillfully, Jenn began to masturbate, the whole time staring deeply into Miranda’s dripping twat. Miranda reciprocated, stroking and probing her own hungry cunt even as her eyes remained fixed on Jenn’s succulent pussy.

For several agonizing, feverish minutes, the two sexual rivals masturbated, stimulating and teasing themselves in front of the other, working their perfect bodies into a state of almost transcendental arousal. Their clits grew equally huge and hard, rising from their genitals like thick, hooked fleshy daggers. Gasps, suppressed grunts of pleasure, and the wet sounds of fingers moving in sopping cunts disturbed the silence of the room. Feeling some hidden signal, the women raised their eyes from the other’s dripping snatch. Blue eyes locked to green. Miranda and Jenn smiled at each other hungrily. They were panting, their tits heaving, their bodies slick and hot and ready, so very, very ready, to fuck to the finish.

Jenn leaned back and braced her body with her arms, spread her legs even wider and prepared to slide up to scissor with her new rival. But, to her surprise, Miranda rolled flat on her back on the bed, her legs spread wide, her cunt wet, pink and hot. Miranda flexed her pussy, her nether lips rippling with muscular control, offering themselves to Jenn. She held out her arms, encouraging Jenn to mount her and take the dominant position.

“Come on, baby, don’t be shy,” the redheaded beauty taunted. “I like starting out on the bottom. It makes it so much more fun when I end up on top.”

Jenn smiled as she got on her hands and knees and crawled over to Miranda. She moved to cover the luscious redheaded vixen’s naked body with her own, positioning herself between Miranda’s wide-spread thighs. Miranda’s hands slid warmly over Jenn’s naked hips, reaching down to grasp the Cat’s powerful round ass. Jenn and Miranda shuddered in concert, both women gasping with pleasure, as their massive, meaty tits came together, nipple spearing and locking to nipple, areola eclipsing areola. Jenn groaned uncontrollably as her flesh slowly, sensuously, mated with the warm, soft, yielding flesh of the woman below her. Miranda began to writhe in pleasure, her torso wriggling as her tits were pinned to her chest by the weight of Jenn’s tits and body. Miranda pulled harder on Jenn’s ass, bringing the cat burglar solidly onto her body. Jenn felt Miranda’s arms tighten around her waist, she felt her body crush down on Miranda’s lush form, aligning perfectly. Bellies flattened against each other, hot, deep navels lined up and sucked and mated. Miranda twined her legs through Jenn’s powerful legs, wrapping their bodies tightly, forcing their smooth pubes together.

Miranda adjusted her hips, tilting her pelvis up and offering full access to her dripping cunt to Jenn’s equally hot, hungry twat. Thick, juicy flesh on flesh, the women’s pussies met in a trembling kiss. Their labia were slick and wet with their juices, their cunts sopping wet with expectation and desire. Jenn moaned uncontrollably as she felt her slick pussy lips slide electrically on Miranda’s smooth, sex-slimed cunt lips. Miranda shuddered, biting her lip, closing her eyes and gasping in wild anticipation. Jenn thrust hard with her hips and ass; Miranda bucked up to meet her. The women screamed in mutual erotic joy as their cunts joined with a thick, soft squish. Jenn’s cunt sank into Miranda’s swollen labia. Jenn worked her hips, rubbing and grinding her soft, succulent core deeper and harder into the redheaded slut beneath her. Miranda moaned uncontrollably, bucking up with her hips, pulling harder on Jenn’s ass to draw the Cat even deeper into her. The women’s cunts sealed and fused. Both women simultaneously contracted their deep vaginal muscles, pulling on the other woman’s twat, trying to suck and seal the other even more deeply. The women screamed in unison as their thumb-sized clits came together, rock-hard nubs of pure ecstasy that began grating and grinding against each other furiously, sending waves and waves of pure erotic pleasure rolling through their writhing bodies.

“Fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, yesssss,” Miranda groaned as the sensations of perfect sexual union flowed through every cell in her trembling body. She pulled and squeezed even harder with her hungry twat and cried out in ecstasy as she felt Jenn’s answering vaginal pressure. The heat where her labia meshed and merged with Jenn’s wet labia felt like a furnace burning between her legs.

“God, oh god, fuck, fuck, fuck,” Jenn cried out. Her body seemed to melt completely into Miranda’s lush form, their tits and cunts joined in an unbreakable bond of hot, wet flesh and sensual suction.

The women’s breasts rolled and thrust and crushed, heavy, thick nipples fusing into one. Their bellies slapped, their legs strained and locked. Their swollen clits jousted and rubbed, head to head exquisite head, filling their aching bodies with unbearable tension. Their naked bodies began to move in a smooth, wavelike undulation, rippling like mating snakes, flesh flowing and melting to flesh. Miranda slipped one finger up Jenn’s hot asshole and used her other hand to pull on the back of Jenn’s cowl, pulling the beautiful cat burglar into a deep, passionate kiss. The women’s tongues played and twisted. They took turns sucking on each other’s tongue, sucking back each other’s spit as their ravenous kissing went on and on, neither woman wanting to break the passionate lip lock.

Both sexually insatiable women lost all track of time and space. They drove each other insane with lust. All that mattered was joining with and consuming the delicious, unbelievably sensuous flesh of the gorgeous woman each was riding so passionately. The women’s moans and screams of pleasure grew louder and higher as they fucked and fucked. Their bodies trembled with unreleased sexual pleasure and tension. But still they kept going, both vixens lost in the sheer sensual ecstasy of their unrestrained fucking. Their bodies grew wet with sweat, their sweltering cunts grew hotter and slicker, their navels sucked into one as their sweat damp bellies moved in rippling waves of taut muscle.

Miranda body rolled Jenn and, true to her word, took the top, dominant position. Jenn bucked up furiously, her hips and ass moving in a hard rhythm. The rhythm of the women’s fucking never let up. Their bodies continued to move in concert, fused together as tightly and deeply as two women could be joined. The women’s four massive tits continued to grind and mash hard, locked in a sensual duel of their own, nipples throbbing and grating deliciously against each other, taut meat rubbing and rolling against meat. The women’s bodies were dripping with sweat, the wetness adding a sensual layer of slickness to their mating, making the merging of their flesh even more intimate.

How long they fucked, neither woman knew, but they could feel their incredible bodies had reached the point of no return. Both women were trembling, shuddering, every muscle in their bodies filled to the brim with unrelieved sexual pleasure and power. They moaned and sobbed, Miranda and Jenn both struggling to hold back the incredible orgasms building in their cores, struggling to outlast the other woman, to force the other into a submissive orgasm. The women screamed, then kissed passionately, their tongues twisting together, their lips sucking and pulling at each other.

Suddenly, Miranda broke the kiss. She threw back her head, her eyes closed tight, her beautiful face contorted with the agony of unbearable pleasure, and howled in absolute sexual bliss. Her powerful abdominals rippled against Jenn’s hard abs, and she shot a full load of steaming hot cum into Jenn’s welcoming cunt. Her ejaculation flooded Jenn’s pussy with wet heat and soaked the intersection of the women’s battling bodies.

An instant later, even as Miranda continued to shudder in orgasmic release, Jenn rolled Miranda onto her back. Miranda’s cunt drowned in the hot gush of Jenn’s release. Jenn bucked hard, pumping her cum into the woman beneath her, her ass rippling, her head thrown back, her teeth clenched in the agony of sexual pleasure as she came like a fire hose into the redhead’s receptive twat. Beneath her, Miranda’s body convulsed in an equally intense set of orgasms. The redhead’s fingers sank into Jenn’s bucking ass. Miranda’s face was also a portrait of sexual agony and bliss as she pumped the cum right back to Jenn, her body straining muscle to muscle with the Cat. The two bucking, fucking women screamed in shared ecstasy, their cries and moans of pleasure harmonizing into a choir of erotic joy.

For more than five minutes, the two beautiful women strained against each other, their muscles locked, their cunts sealed, as they pumped and mixed hot juices inside of each other. They pulled orgasm after orgasm out of each other, each woman determined to ride the other to the end, to suck the other woman dry. The sheets, already soaked with sweat, grew even wetter with the women’s copious vaginal secretions.

Once she stopped bucking, Jenn collapsed on top of Miranda. The redhead wrapped her arms and legs around Jenn, holding the burglar in place as tightly as she could. The women’s eyes ran with their tears of ecstasy. Their hearts pounded into each other through their mashed, mated tits and their clits pulsed and throbbed against each other in the aftermath of their sexual release. They panted furiously, beautiful faces pressed cheek to cheek as they struggled to recover from the unbelievable pleasure they had inflicted on each other.

For ten minutes, Jenn lay prostrate on top of Miranda, their limbs tangled, their bodies soaked with sweat and cum. Finally, Jenn pushed herself off of the redhead and rolled onto her back beside the other woman. Their naked pussies throbbed with heat.

“God, that was incredible,” Miranda moaned.

“Yeah,” Jenn panted in reply. “You’re a really good ride, baby.”

“So are you, bitch,” Miranda smiled, rolling onto her side to look at Jenn. Jenn rolled onto her side to face Miranda, not wanting to give her redheaded challenger any advantage. The women pressed tit to tit and shuddered with pleasure as they felt their nipples tightening and hardening as they caressed and locked.

Miranda ran her hand along Jenn’s side, tracing the cat burglar’s hip and thigh. She ran her hand over the Cat’s thigh, stroking the wet, smooth flesh. Jenn returned the caress, running her hand along Miranda’s firm, taut abdomen, pushing the palm of her hand on Miranda’s deep, wet navel until the tight, wet hole sucked at the heel of her palm. Both women seized and fondled the other’s thick, bulging tits, squeezing and massaging the succulent, heavy meat. Their eyes weighed down with pleasure and their breathing became hotter, faster as their mutual arousal grew. As one, the two women slid their hands down to the other woman’s dripping wet pink slit. Each woman raised her leg, to give the other unimpeded access to her tight, wet fuckhole. They began to stroke, caress and tease the delectable flesh of the other woman’s vaginal lips. Their sighs of pleasure soon grew into moans of delight as their fingers moved into the other woman’s hungry pussy. Fingers probed and caressed slick labia and moved deeper into vaginal canals, even as they teased and stroked aching, throbbing clits. Jenn worked three then four fingers into Miranda’s tight, wet meat, before she finally shoved in her thumb, then knifed her entire hand deep into the redhead’s aching cunt. Miranda involuntarily contracted her vaginal muscles around Jenn’s invading hand. Miranda immediately returned the violation, driving her entire hand deep into Jenn’s hot pussy. Both women were panting furiously, their faces pressed together nose to nose and forehead to forehead. They moaned and gasped directly into the face of the other as their lust and passion grew more and more intense.

Jenn and Miranda fisted each other at the same time, both women balling their hands into fists deep within the other’s contracting cunt. They screamed in concert as their fists violently penetrated and stretched the other’s tight, wet cunt to the delicious limit, filling their cores. Involuntarily, both women began to move up and down on the other’s fist and bent wrist, rocking their hips to better facilitate their mutual penetrations, to take the violating fist even deeper into their steaming cunts.

“Whore, you whore, you dirty filthy fucking whore,” Miranda moaned at Jenn, her wet lips moving against Jenn’s panting mouth.

“Cuntlicking, ass-sucking slut,” Jenn shot back. The women’s mouths closed on each other, eating and sucking and then sealing ravenously as their mutual fisting continued, driving them both crazy with desire. Their bulging tits crushed hard and tight, nipples stabbing together, swollen areola grating deliciously.

With her free hand, Jenn reached up and pulled back Miranda’s head by her thick red hair. Jenn lowered her lips to Miranda’s massive breasts and began biting and sucking at the juicy flesh. She sucked all of Miranda’s left nipple into her mouth and bit into the flesh, forcing a shriek from her redhead rival. She wrapped her teeth around the thick, brown nipple and sucked exuberantly, moaning wildly as she ate her rival’s succulent tit. Miranda cried out wildly with the sheer pleasure. She did not resist as Jenn rolled her onto her back. Both women continued to fist each other violently, but Jenn now moved her head back and forth on Miranda’s chest, sucking and gnawing hungrily at each of the redhead’s swollen breasts. Miranda writhed beneath her, her hips rocking and thrusting on Jenn’s fist, her torso twisting in delight as Jenn ate her titmeat. Miranda’s free hand pushed Jenn’s head more deeply into her chest. The redhead could not get a good grip on her rival’s head because of the slick leather cowl.

“No, no, oh fuck, noooooo,”Miranda groaned. Dimly, she realized she was on the verge of losing this conflict with the home invader who was so methodically fistfucking and titsucking her into an orgasmic coma. Summoning what remained of her will, Miranda thrust up violently with her hips, bucking and heaving, and succeeded in throwing Jenn off of her. With an audible pop, both women’s fists pulled free of the other’s tight, slick cunt.

The two women rolled apart, then got to their knees on opposite sides of the bed. Panting, still inflamed with desire, they glared at each other lustfully. With a cry, Miranda and the Cat threw themselves at each other. Incredible nude bodies came together with a thick slap as massive tits met in full collision, four meaty pads of taut flesh crushing each other and absorbing the impact. The women wrapped their arms around each other and squeezed hard, crushing each other in a mutual bearhug, throwing back their heads to cry out in pain and desire as their steaming flesh mashed tight. Miranda and Jenn fell over onto the bed and, for long minutes, rolled back and forth, their limbs twined tightly, their bodies straining and rubbing, writhing and bucking. Their hot tits struggled, they pounded and slammed their pussies against each other as each incredible woman fought to dominate and control the other.

Their bodies grew slick with sweat. Miranda found herself sliding off of the Cat as she tried to pin the other woman to the bed in a submissive position. Their struggling bodies slid apart and, after a moment of scrambling, Miranda found herself turned around, staring into Jenn’s naked, dripping pink twat. Smiling in anticipation and desire, Miranda looped her arms over Jenn’s hips, placed her hands firmly on the cat burglar’s beautiful tight buttocks, and buried her face in the woman’s dripping, musky cunt. Miranda probed the slick, soft labia with her tongue and teased Jenn’s swollen clit. She enfolded the thick, fleshy nerve in her soft lips and sucked hard. Jenn screamed and screamed as waves of pure ecstasy rolled through her convulsing body. Jenn sobbed as she drove her face deep into Miranda’s open and inviting cunt. She rubbed her face around and around in the hot, fragrant pink maw, then began sucking and eating the redhead’s vaginal core.

Wrapping their thighs around each other’s heads, spreading their hands on the other’s ass, Jenn and Miranda devoured each other. They rolled onto their sides, to better eat each other from a position of equality. Their moans and cries of shared sexual ecstasy were muffled inside each other’s twat. Both women drove their tongues into the other woman’s asshole, rimming each other enthusiastically, then sucking hard at the tight, wet hole. Both vixens enjoyed the taste of the other woman, the puckered texture of the other’s anus, and the delicious sense of mutual violation and intimacy. Both women knew that there was nothing off-limits in their struggle to dominate and sexually overpower the other. It was not long before the women’s eager fingers were buried in each other’s cunts and asses, probing and thrusting, seeking for pleasure spots.. Miranda was the first to drive her fist deep into Jenn’s cunt. Jenn worked her hand up into Miranda’s even hotter, tighter asshole, before closing her hand into a fist. Miranda screamed in delight, then returned the violation. Hands buried deep in each other’s cunts and asses, working at spreading and violating each other as deeply, completely and erotically as they could, Miranda and Jenn sucked hard on each other’s clits when they were not licking and eating each other’s labia. Moaning and screaming in delight, the women settled into a long, hot session of fistfucking and clitsucking. Miranda rolled their locked bodies so that she was on top. Jenn did not resist. From these positions, the women reamed each other out, working each other into a mass of quivering, trembling womanly flesh. Their moans and cries of pleasure soon turned to sobbing spasms of pure erotic pleasure. Both women came hard in each other’s faces, their ravaged twats squirting regularly as the mutual sexual assault went on.

Jenn and Miranda devoured and penetrated each other, working each other’s bodily orifices vigorously. Every fifteen minutes or so, the women’s bodies thrashed uncontrollably then went stiff in ecstasy as they convulsed in intense orgasmic release. Miranda’s hair and face were soon soaked with Jenn’s vaginal discharge; Jenn’s cat mask glistened with ejaculate. For more than an hour, the two struggling women ate each other, fists stretching and pounding their tightest holes. As they fucked, their bodies became even hotter as more and more sexual power built up inside.

Finally, moaning in need, Miranda rolled off of Jenn and flopped over onto her back. She kept her hand buried deep in Jenn’s aching cunt, but she pulled her other hand out of the Cat’s throbbing asshole. Jenn retained her grip on Miranda’s pussy. The women lay side by side, stretched out with their bodies pointed in opposite directions, their left fists buried in the other’s juiced up cunt. Their delectable bodies glistened with sweat, their faces were soaked with cum. Panting, tits heaving, the women sat up, side by side, and glared at each other. They licked each other’s faces, lapping up the ejaculate.

Miranda pulled her fist out of Jenn’s twat. Jenn removed her hand from Miranda’s cunt. The women kissed deeply, then slowly pulled apart and looked deeply into each other’s eyes. Both saw the incredible hunger that they shared. Jenn and Miranda smiled at each other savagely.

“It’s time to scissor-fuck, baby,” Jenn murmured at her foe. “I want to go cunt deep in you. I want to grind clits until one of us explodes. It’s time to settle this.”

“I’m ready for you, fucker,” Miranda moaned back. “I’m going to fuck your brains out, baby, I’m going to ride you until I break you. You’re not getting any of my jewelry, but I’m going to add that pretty pussy of yours to my collection.”

The women pulled apart just far enough to turn their bodies towards each other. They arranged themselves, flipping their legs up and over, scissoring each other right legs over lefts. Miranda and Jenn braced their lush bodies, their hands behind their backs supporting them. They leaned back, their massive tits quivering with tension and hard with arousal, and pushed their hips and pelvises forward, lining up their naked, dripping cunts. They opened their legs wider. Jenn reached down and spread her pussy lips, revealing the wet, pink flesh inside, the tight muscle of her vagina, waiting to be spread and penetrated, waiting to lock slick flesh to flesh with Miranda’s equally glorious twat. Miranda spread her cuntlips too, readying herself for battle. She stroked her bulbous clit and shuddered, biting her lower lip as a shock of intense pleasure raced through her body in response. Both women could see that their mutual fisting had distended their tight vaginas, giving them a chance to lock deep into each other, pink to pink.

Jenn let her lustful eyes roam over the luscious body of the beautiful bitch before her. She drank in Miranda’s bulging chest, her sweat-slicked abdomen, her quivering cunt. Jenn’s mind was exploding with need and desire. She wanted Miranda’s body, she wanted the redhead’s cunt, with a ferocious longing. She could see the same intense desire mirrored in Miranda’s fevered eyes as the woman’s green gaze feasted on every inch of Jenn’s incredible body. The women’s eyes locked and they smiled at each other again.

“Are you ready, Cat?” Miranda asked, her voice trembling and hoarse with need.

“Of course, you bitch,” Jenn replied. “Let’s fuck, baby.”

Miranda did not bother replying in words. Instead, she drew back her hips and thrust out furiously. Jenn’s thrust met the redhead’s thrust half-way. Thick fucklips slammed together, wet meat slapping. The women’s powerful hips and asses began to buck and grind, moving in a slow, hard rhythm as they drove into each other with all their strength, working to spread and enter each other’s twats. Their engorged clits crushed tight, two raw nerves of unbearable ecstasy becoming one. The women’s abdomens rippled, their tits bounced, hard nipples longer, thicker and harder than ever. The Cat and Miranda threw back their heads and screamed in pleasure, overwhelmed by the sensations of their bodies joined and ravaging each other.

“Yes, yes, oh fucking god, YEEESSSSS!!” Miranda howled, her head thrown back, her eyes closed, her beautiful face a mask of pure, unrestrained animal lust. Her body jerked, her muscles strained, as she threw all of her power into fucking Jenn into submission.

“Cunt, cunt, cunt, you fucking cunt!!,” Jenn cried, her body moving with Miranda’s, matching the redhead thrust for thrust.

The women spread their legs even wider and pulled each other close, their massive tits crushing and merging. They grasped the other’s ass, filling their hands with round, rippling assmeat, and bucked their hips, grinding clit to clit, sealing their bodies together at their twats, squeezing and wrestling cunt to cunt. Their engorged clits were fully engaged, hot, hard nubs of pure ecstasy rubbing and jousting with their equal on the other woman. Their fingers were sunk into the other woman’s taut assmeat, their index fingers inserted deep in other’s tight asshole. Their mouths closed on each other, their tongues wrapping into knots, their lips melting into one. As their bodies bucked, their naked bellies slapped hard. Their swollen clits sent waves of erotic heat burning through their struggling bodies. Writhing, wriggling, grinding at each other, the two women fucked relentlessly.

The Cat came hard, gushing like a firehose, her hot cum spraying all over the women’s battling twats and injecting into Miranda’s vaginal canal. The redhead moaned in delight and contracted her deep vaginal muscles, pulling on Jenn’s pussy, sucking up the Cat’s cum like a milkshake through a straw. Jenn moaned, her tongue still twisted and locked with Miranda’s tongue, as the incredible feeling of her pussy being sucked into the redhead’s twat nearly overwhelmed her. Jenn squeezed and pulled back. Moments later, she felt Miranda’s abs tightening and rippling, she felt the other woman’s tongue thrash uncontrollably inside their locked mouths. Miranda came, screaming within their mouths, her cries becoming deep moans of pure joy. Her ejaculate washed over their battling cunts. Jenn concentrated and used her pussy to suck up as much of the woman’s vaginal juices as she could.

Jenn and Miranda continued to thrust at each other, belly to belly, bulging tits mashed to tits, thick nipples spearing and fused into one, their powerful bodies moving in rhythmic waves of rippling muscle. Their mouths were locked, tongues twisting and turning, spit overflowing and dribbling down to the deep crevasse formed by their mashed cleavage. Eyes closed, Jenn and Miranda swallowed each other’s moans and screams, along with their mixed spit. Both women were in an erotic paradise, both fully committed to conquering and overwhelming the other beautiful bitch using nothing but their innate sexual power. They would fuck each other until one of them gave out and gave up, until the body of one woman was drained and her insatiable sex drive overwhelmed by the greater sex of the winner.

Every few minutes, Jenn or Miranda exploded in orgasmic release, their powerful bellies rippling as they came, as they screamed desperately into the other woman’s mouth. The other woman would contract her inner vaginal muscles, sucking in as much of her enemy’s cum and cunt as she could, basking in the delicious feeling of female ejaculate entering her body, relishing the warm flow of hot cum. To both women, forcing their enemy to cum so hard was a small victory. Sucking in the other woman’s cum was a claim on the enemy pussy. Usually only moments would pass until the woman receiving the orgasmic gush found herself coming just as hard and the tables were reversed. Often, Jenn and Miranda found themselves ejaculating simultaneously. They clung to each other, screaming and sobbing, riding each other as their jetting pussies soaked their bellies and crotches. The wet spot on the bed kept expanding until they were fighting on a sopping wet sheet.

After some time, Miranda released the Cat’s dripping wet ass and pulled her finger from Jenn’s asshole. She leaned back, disengaging her tits and belly from Jenn’s, and shifted her hips and legs, allowing their bodies to fit together in a true scissorlock. Jenn understood what the other woman was doing and welcomed it. From this more prone position, they had better access to each other’s twat, better ability to drive deeper and harder into each other and to grind clit to clit. Leaning back, gripping the naked thigh of the other woman for leverage, Jenn and Miranda resumed pumping their asses and hips, driving their dripping, aching cunts deeper and deeper into each other. Their hot genitals fit together like fleshy slots, meaty pussy lips spreading and opening, interlocking. Throbbing clits buried deep into enemy cunt and then came together, grinding and jousting, within the fleshy arena of the women’s conjoined twats. Moaning, screaming with pleasure, their tits bouncing, their bellies flexing, their legs thrashing as the erotic sensations flowed through their bucking bodies, the women fucked and fucked, exchanging orgasm after orgasm, riding each other in ecstasy.

Miranda fell onto her back and, for a moment, Jenn thought she had succeeded in sexually overpowering her rival. But the redhead used one hand to brace against the bedhead and shoved her body into Jenn’s twat even harder. Her other hand remained gripping Jenn’s thigh. Jenn fell onto her back and reciprocated the move. The women reached for each other. Hand to hand, fingers intertwined, Jenn and Miranda pulled hard, using their mutual grip to anchor themselves as they drove at each other cunt to cunt, harder, deeper than they had before. Their bodies writhed and wriggled as they fucked, two long, strong female bodies, joined at the twat, forming an undulating, sensuous mass of jiggling tits, rippling torsos, and bucking, grinding hips. The women arched their backs, lifting their asses high off the bed, as they drove themselves into each other with all their strength. Their round, taut asses rubbed furiously, their four rock-hard cheeks sliding and grinding on each other. Both women twisted their hips and spread their legs trying to mate their puckered assholes. The women’s heavy tits bounced furiously, dropping back to strike their faces.

Writhing, gasping, screaming, Jenn and Miranda threw all of their power into sexually exhausting the other woman. Waves of pure pleasure rolled up their jerking bodies, radiating from their interlocked cunts and fused clits, flooding their voluptuous flesh with sexual heat and tension. They held tight to each other’s forearms, holding and giving each other leverage with which to fuck. The women lost all sense of time and place. Their world became the erotic sensations rushing through their bodies, the hot cum coursing out from their burning pussies or entering them from the other woman’s contracting twat, or squirting out onto their bellies and inner thighs, running down to their jiggling tits. Orgasms broke over both women in waves of ecstasy. Their breasts and nipples burned with erotic heat. Lost in pleasure, Jenn finally passed out, her body overwhelmed with the sensations of pure sexual bliss. Moments later, Miranda passed out too, never knowing that she had outlasted her incredible rival.

Sometime later, Jenn regained consciousness. She did not know how long she had been out, but she could feel that she was still joined to Miranda and the cum soaking their interlocked thighs still felt warm. Jenn pushed herself up on her elbows and looked down her voluptuous body at the other woman. Miranda looked completely unconscious, her head thrown back on a pillow, her bulging chest rising and falling as she breathed deeply in her sleep.

Summoning all her remaining strength, the Cat pushed herself up and slowly disengaged from Miranda’s lush body. The women’s pussies pulled apart with a gentle sucking pop. Miranda groaned and stirred but did not wake.

Jenn moaned in her exhaustion, but she turned her body around and crawled to Miranda. If she was going to establish her dominance over this woman, now was her chance. Jenn raised her body over Miranda’s voluptuous form, then slowly lowered herself onto the redhead’s hot, sweat-soaked body. Jenn mounted the other woman, using her thighs to push Miranda’s legs further apart, spreading the woman beneath her. Miranda moaned as Jenn’s lush body settled on her’s, as their heavy tits crushed and hot, wet bellies slid together, navels sucking.

Miranda groaned and her eyes opened halfway. She seemed dimly aware of what was happening. Her wet lips spread invitingly. Jenn pushed her mouth onto Miranda’s soft lips, she aggressively shoved her tongue down Miranda’s throat, and moaned as the redhead’s tongue twisted and joined to her own. Miranda spread her legs even wider and tilted her pelvis up, offering her juiced up cunt to Jenn. The women moaned deep in each other’s throats as Jenn thrust down hard, wetly slapping her aching twat to Miranda’s fuckmeat. The Cat worked her hips, grinding down into the redhead, spreading the other woman’s pussy lips with her own, reveling in the slick, delicious feeling of wet cunt merging with cunt. Jenn felt her throbbing clit swell up out of her twat like a balloon as her excitement grew and heat began running through her veins. Her hips and ass moved as she slipped her clit deep into Miranda’s vaginal slit and slid the thick, fleshy sword up the woman’s fuck trough, caressing Miranda’s growing clit at the end of the stroke.

Jenn and Miranda shuddered in unison. They swallowed back their cries of lust. Miranda twined her legs through Jenn’s legs, she slipped her arms around Jenn’s waist and spread her hands on the Cat’s beautiful ass, pulling the other woman in even deeper. The women’s bodies moved in rhythm, Jenn driving her clit deep and hard into Miranda’s slit, her hips moving in a scooping motion to send her clit grinding against the redhead’s growing, rigid sexhorn. Miranda’s vaginal lips tightened around Jenn’s throbbing clit, gripping and massaging the exquisitely sensitive organ. Jenn trembled as she squeezed back. The women kissed deeply, lustily, as their cries of pleasure became ever more intense.

Thrashing with pleasure, Miranda suddenly reached up with both hands and, gripping the Cat’s mask tightly, pulled the cowl away from Jenn’s beautiful face. Jenn’s sweat-soaked hair fell out, her gorgeous face marked by the indentation of the mask. Jenn was too lost to lust to care about the sudden revelation of her identity.

“Mmmm, you’re blonde,” Miranda moaned. “I love fucking blondes.” Miranda buried her hand in Jenn’s thick hair and pulled the Cat down to her, locking them into another tongue-twisting, lip sucking kiss. Jenn kissed back just as passionately, the women’s mouths sealing to each other like suction cups.

Jenn’s ass and hips moved hard, pounding and grinding down into the succulent pussy mated and sealed to her own. Jenn and Miranda moaned and screamed as they fucked each other to a final, devastating conclusion.

“You’re mine, you bitch, you’re mine,” Jenn gasped at her rival, her body burning with need, her ass aching as she pumped her cunt murderously into the magnificent slut she was riding so hard.

“Yes, yes, oh fuck yessss,” Miranda groaned.

Trembling with ecstasy, Miranda rolled back her head and screamed in wild pleasure. She threw her legs wide in surrender, accepting and inviting Jenn’s devastating assault. Miranda howled as her pussy exploded in orgasmic release, her hot ejaculate jetting out, dousing Jenn’s cunt in cum. Pulling savagely on Miranda’s hair, Jenn clenched her teeth and squeezed her eyes tightly shut as she struggled to hold out, to force another orgasm from Miranda, to establish her final victory over the beautiful bitch writhing and bucking under her. She contracted her pussy, her vagina closing on Miranda’s swollen clit. Miranda howled again, screaming as her body shook through another incredibly intense orgasm.

Jenn screamed out in relief and joy as she let herself go. Orgasm after orgasm chained though her as she drowned Miranda’s quim in cum.

The women collapsed in each other’s arms, gasping, moaning, soaked in each other’s juices. Miranda wrapped her body around Jenn’s luscious form. Both women were sobbing with pleasure. The redhead reached down and grabbed the heavy duvet she had thrown aside earlier. She pulled the duvet over their intertwined bodies, trapping their shared body heat under the luxurious cover. Jenn smiled as she felt the heat and the wetness of Miranda’s body close on her own. Sighing, Miranda reached up and hit a button on the bedhead. The light over the bed faded out.

Wrapped together under the blanket, soaking in their shared sweat and cum, Miranda and Jenn kissed deeply and bit at each other. They wriggled in each other’s arms, rubbing their bodies, mashing their tits and pressing cunt to cunt, until they fell into an exhausted sleep, locked as one in the dark.


Jenn woke slowly. She smiled to herself, feeling the familiar sense of sexual satiation and exhaustion that always followed one of her marathon fuckfests with Britney. She could feel the luscious body under her, every curve, every taut muscle, every hot bodily orifice radiating heat into her own. But something felt different. Jenn’s eyes snapped open as the truth of where she was came flooding back.

Miranda was still asleep, a gentle smile of complete satisfaction on the woman’s gorgeous face. Jenn looked around. There was a dull grey light in the room. Apparently the windows filtered light but did not block it completely. The sun must be high in the sky by now, Jenn realized. She looked around and saw a digital clock on the table beside the bed. It read 7:30 AM. It was far too bright for the Cat to leave now, at least not the way she had come.

Miranda stirred beneath her. The beautiful woman opened her green eyes and smiled. Without hesitation, she grabbed Jenn by the back of her head, buried her fingers in Jenn’s thick blonde hair, and pulled Jenn into a deep, tongue-probing kiss. Jenn happily returned the kiss. Miranda wriggled and moved beneath her and she could feel the other woman’s body becoming aroused, she could feel Miranda’s nipples growing hard against her own and the redhead’s pussy getting wet as Jenn’s thigh moved in the woman’s crotch. Jenn’s body was growing hot and hard too and she moaned inwardly, already anticipating the delicious pleasure that she and Miranda would give to each other.

Reluctantly, Jenn broke her kiss with the redhead, pulling away from the luscious lip and tongue lock only with an act of supreme willpower. Her loins were aching for Miranda’s body. Miranda groaned in disappointment as Jenn resisted her advances.

“I want my frosting, baby,” Jenn gasped. “I want to take what you owe me.”

“Yes, yes,” Miranda grunted impatiently. “But first, we fuck. We fuck hard.”

“That’s fine by me, baby,” Jenn purred, her body on fire with need. “I’m always up for a good, hard morning fuck.”

“Stop talking and do it, bitch,” Miranda groaned. The redhead spread her legs wide and seized Jenn’s ass, wasting no time in driving both of her index fingers up into Jenn’s tight asshole. Jenn smiled lustfully and leaned forward hard on Miranda’s body, mashing the other woman’s tits with her own bulging rack, grasping Miranda’s hard, round ass and returning the violation by driving two of her fingers into the other woman’s anus. The women smiled at each other savagely, both insane with lust. Their sexual appetites were fully rejuvenated after hours of sleep and they could not wait to merge, body to body, flesh to flesh. Their mouths locked even as their hungry cunts flattened against each other, spreading and opening their fuckmeat, and sank into each other, labia meshing with labia. They contracted their vaginas, pulling each other in and sucking tight. Thick, throbbing clits swelled into each other and mated. Jenn and Miranda screamed together in absolute ecstasy and began bucking and grinding, humping and pumping, fucking each other as hard as they could.

The next time Jenn glanced at the clock, it was a little past 9 AM. She and Miranda were sprawled together, Miranda on her back, Jenn on her side, draped over the redhead’s perfect body. Their limbs were tangled, their bellies and tits pressed tight, their bodies dripping with sweat and streaked with fresh cum. The women’s faces were pressed close, cheek to cheek, hot breath passing between them. They were both panting, their hearts pounding. Jenn stretched her weary muscles, then leaned in to bite Miranda gently on her chin. Miranda smiled and stretched, then leaned over to bite and nuzzle Jenn’s neck. Her right hand found Jenn’s heavy tit and squeezed the nipple viciously. The women pressed together nose to nose, forehead to forehead and exchanged eager licks on their red, pouty lips. Miranda trapped Jenn’s tongue with her lips and teeth and, for a few delicious moments, sucked ravenously on the blonde’s taste organ.

Miranda finally released Jenn’s tongue. “Come on,” the redhead said. “Let’s see my jewelry collection.”

Jenn rolled off Miranda, giving the other woman the chance to slide off the bed and get to her feet. Miranda did not bother putting on a robe. Naked, she walked away from the bed, her womanly hips swaying, towards the corridor that led to the ensuite and the walk-in closet. Jenn realized this was the first time she had seen the other woman standing up. She admired Miranda’s flexing ass cheeks as the woman walked away from her. Jenn hopped off the bed and padded after the other nude woman. She was not surprised to find that her legs were weak and her pussy was sore.

The nude women entered the walk-in closet, which was the size of a good-sized apartment. Miranda walked up to a mirrored wall and picked up a remote control that seemed designed to work with room’s sound system. She pressed in some numbers. One of the wall to ceiling mirrors shifted and then slid aside, revealing a shiny steel vault door. Miranda pressed some more numbers on the pad and the vault silently slid open.

The naked women stepped inside. The walls were covered in glass cases, behind which glittered no end of diamond necklaces, broaches, earrings and every other kind of jeweled accessory. In the center of the vault was a column which contained what Jenn guessed were the jewels that Miranda preferred to wear on a more regular basis.

Miranda stopped in the center of the room and waved her arm, indicating the whole vault. “Pick one item that you like,” the redheaded beauty said. Now that it was time for her to pay her debt, Jenn could tell that the other woman had grown more reluctant.

Jenn smiled brazenly. She walked up and down the room, coolly appraising the jewelry with an expert eye. She made her way to the center column and peered inside. She spotted a glittering diamond choker that looked familiar. She realized that it was what Miranda had been wearing in the picture that she had of the redhead.

“That one,” Jenn said, pointing at the choker. Reluctantly, Miranda removed the choker from the display case and handed it to the Cat. Jenn immediately put it on, her beautiful breasts rising as she reached up to secure the glittering piece behind her neck. She turned to admire herself in a full length mirror on the wall of the vault. She smiled. Jenn knew that she looked spectacular in the nude. The tiny bit of ornamentation added to her otherwise naked body made her reflection somehow even more erotic.

“We agreed that I can challenge you to get that back,” Miranda said. “I want to challenge you now.”

“Uh-uh,” Jenn replied, smiling smugly as she continued to admire her reflection. “That’s not how it works. I’ve got to take it with me before I can be said to actually have it. You can challenge me for it the next time we meet. Then, if I win, I get a little more of your collection. If I lose, you can get back one piece of what you lost.”

Miranda sidled up behind Jenn and placed her warm hands on Jenn’s curving hips. She traced Jenn’s naked hips for a moment, then turned Jenn around to face her. The naked women leaned into each other, both smiling hungrily as their massive, perfectly matched tits eclipsed each other nipple to nipple. Jenn wrapped her arms around Miranda’s upper body and pulled the other woman in; Miranda slipped her arms around Jenn’s waist and squeezed back .The women’s noses pressed together. Jenn shuddered with pleasure as she pushed her bare belly into Miranda’s warm belly. The women rippled their abdomens against each other and their smiles widened as they felt their navels suck. Their thick, strong thighs pressed tight.

“When will we meet next?” Miranda whispered, her lips moving softly, gently against Jenn’s wet lips.

Jenn remembered that she only controlled this side of the city for another two weeks. She could not be engaging in sexual contests to rob a woman on the East Side of Starcity without violating her agreement with the Panther. On the other hand, if she wanted to meet and fight this woman every night for the next two weeks, that would be her business. Today was Monday. She needed time to recover, to meet other obligations. But there was no need to stretch things out, either. She smiled inwardly as she felt her libido stirring hungrily inside of her. The idea of fucking this beautiful bitch every night was incredibly appealing.

“Let’s meet again Wednesday evening,” Jenn murmured, her wet lips moving against Miranda’s hot, slick mouth. “I’ll come to you. Let’s say 8 PM. I’ll tell your doorman that I’m a visiting friend. I’ll call myself…Catherine.”

“That sounds fantastic,” Miranda whispered. Her hands moved easily over Jenn’s ass, tracing the blonde’s ass crack.

“When I visit, let’s fight for that,” Jenn said. She pointed at a ruby necklace prominently displayed in the glass display column. “I think that will go well with some of my dresses.”

“Fine,” Miranda said. “You can try for it. But now I know what you’ve got in that pretty little pussy of yours. You won’t be getting much more of my stuff, but I’m going to add your cunt to my collection. And bring that choker with you. You won’t be leaving with it, either.”

Jenn smiled savagely into the other woman’s gorgeous face. “Hmmmm. You’re way too confident baby. I just fucked your brains out. I’m going to do it again. I’m going to give you the most expensive set of fucks you ever have in your life. And the best. I’ll be worth every penny.”

Miranda grinned back. Her green eyes were shining with lust. She tightened her grip on Jenn’s waist, pulling the Cat in even tighter.

“We’ll see, baby,” Miranda growled.

Jenn and Miranda thrust their mouths together, their lips sealing to each other as deeply as they could, their tongues looping and lapping at each other. They began to writhe in each other’s arms, their bulging tits burning and grating, their nipples fusing to each other, their naked bellies slipping and sliding and slapping, their long legs twining tight. They pulled each other down to the floor and separated only long enough to spread their legs to each other. Soon, the vault rang with the animal sounds of two women fucking each other furiously, both crazy with lust.

Jenn left the Avalon Apartment building a little after 1 PM that afternoon. She was wearing her skintight catsuit, but also items she had borrowed from Miranda: a shirt, a hat, some sunshades and a small bag in which to carry her mask and the diamond choker that she had won through her sexual prowess.

As she walked away from the building, Jenn’s sex organs, already aching, began to throb in anticipation. She smiled a predatory smile. The East side of town had suddenly just become a lot more exciting. Maybe “losing” to the Panther in the future would not be such a bad thing.

The End

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  1. Giannis says:

    Οne of the best sexfight stories i have recently read. EXCELLENT ! Expertly you added a third person to the cat-panther duo. I expect panther to visit Miranda soon. Then… after the inevitable sexfight, who knows what will come next ? A threesome ? Or the redhead to finaly decide who of cat and panther is the real A ? Or a fourth woman ?
    You keep the pen, you decide. I simply applaud and i wait for the next chapter of this wonderful saga.


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