Apartment Ambush by Caporegime18

The beautiful Annabelle Wayne entered her home in a WWCL-owned condo in the League Compound with a mile wide smile on her face and a championship belt around her shoulder. Annabelle is a fighter with the World Women’s Championship League, a franchise that moves women away from the simple roles they have in competing leagues and elevates them to a status beyond any male wrestler. Tonight, Annabelle had decisively ended her rivalry with the redheaded beauty Miranda and not only won the League Championship belt, the Queen of the League belt, but also ended her rival’s career in a spectacular fashion. As stipulated by their One-Hour Ironwoman Match, the two faced off in a match that would force one of the competitors to leave the League. For the first part of the match it seemed that Miranda would prevail against her platinum-haired and busty rival, but after a vicious counterattack that included a powerbomb nearly ten feet off the stage onto a table, the Southern Girl took complete control of the match and extracted pin after pin and submission and submission from the beaten former Queen. The beating would be so brutal that even if there had been no retirement stipulation, it would have been unlikely that Miranda would have fought again anyway with the tremendous beating and utter destruction that she endured that evening.

  Annabelle walked towards her fireplace, wincing from the abuse that Miranda had inflected on her earlier, and placed her hard won belt on top of her mantelpiece, the light reflecting off the polished silver and leather of the Queen of the League belt. Though several of the League’s championships, the Hardcore Title in particular, are supposed to be defended 24/7, Annabelle has been given a twenty-four reprieve from this policy in recognition of the tremendous effort and length of her championship match.

  Her body aching and screaming for rest, Annabelle simply collapsed onto her couch, still gazing in adoration at her new belt. Though exhausted and battered, Annabelle had never felt such pride in herself before, she had finally accomplished a dream she’s had since leaving Texas as a teenager, in being a champion of champions. Even before being invited to join the WWCL, Annabelle knew that she would one day rise to the ranks of greatness in the League. After completing her training in the various fighting disciplines that are offered in the WCCL, the middle-twenties Annabelle rocketed up through the ranks of the League, brutally cutting a swath through her opponents. Finally she had finally risen high enough in the ranks to be eligible to face the Queen of the League, the top title in the WWCL where only the two top ranked fighters in the league are eligible to compete.

  Eyes dropping and the effects of League Doctor prescribed pain-killers taking hold, Annabelle gradually laid down on the couch and fell into a deep and partially drug-induced sleep, forgoing even the changing from her street clothes into something more comfortable. Hours would pass by until a soft click could be heard at the door and a shadowy figure would slip into the New Queen’s home, closing and locking the door behind her. Moving softly across the apartment, the figure would find Anna laying on the couch and bore a hole through her with her dark brown eyes. The figure is Lucia Luciano, a vicious, dirty fighter and specialist in causing pain in the WWCL.

  The scion of Italian and Spanish immigrants, the twenty something woman is the very picture of a Mediterranean beauty; long jet-black hair framing a beautiful face, near permanent golden tan skin on a body fit for a model, and a bust that rivals the sleeping blonde’s own. When invited to join the League, Lucia began her WWCL career by earning herself a name as a vicious and hardcore fighter, taking matches to extremes and crushing her opponent’s wills to fight. Lucia found herself a rival by the name of Miranda, the former Queen of the League, and clashed with her continuously in a rivalry that has become legend. Lucia was eventually suspended from the league for 24 months after nearly putting Miranda in a coma after a particularly hard fought match. After completing her suspension and once again climbing up the rankings, Lucia was all set to take on Miranda for the Queen of the League until a last second rankings jump by  Annabelle stymied her chances. Witnessing the Championship match tonight and realizing that Lucia would never humble Miranda in the ring again threw her into a rage that led her to the platinum-haired woman’s home tonight.

  Starring down at the newly-christened Queen of the League, Lucia slowly knelt down next to the couch and quietly pulled out a set of handcuffs from her  pocket. Taking the nearly drugged woman’s hands, Lucia gently pulled them behind Annabelle’s back and cuffed them together. Making sure the cuffs were fully secure, Lucia now walked over to the kitchen and got a glass of water from the sink. Walking back to the couch, Lucia poured the water onto the golden-tanned blonde’s sleeping face.

  Sputtering wide awake and shooting to a standing position, Annabelle searched for the source of the water only to find her hands cuffed behind her back and a unknown woman standing just a few feet away.

  “Who the fuck are you!?” The blonde yelled. Lucia simply smiled in her cruel way and viciously punched Anna in the face, the force of the punch knocking Annabelle flat on her back by the side of the couch. Quickly straddling the busty blonde‘s stomach and pinning her shoulders down with her arms so that Annabelle couldn‘t buck her off, Lucia kept on Annabelle on the ground. Leaning forward so that they were nearly nose to nose, Lucia stared daggers down into the new Queen’s blazing blue eyes.

  “I’m Lucia, whore. Miranda was mine to destroy, I worked hard for months to climb the ladder so that I could ruin the bitch only for some stupid blonde whore to come in and fuck! Everything! Up!” Lucia punctuated each word with a punch across the kisser of the Southern Girl.

  “I…have a…day reprieve…you’re going to…be fucking fired…for this!” Annabelle managed to gasp out as pain shot through her jaw. Annabelle’s insides twisted at the identity of the woman in her home, the raven-haired vixen’s exploits well known throughout the League. Not having met Lucia personally, Annabelle had none the less studied her matches against Miranda extensively to explore the former Queen’s weaknesses and tactics in the ring. Anna knew in her current predicament she couldn’t face Lucia and her mind raced to find a way to escape.

  “You only have a day reprieve from losing your belt, not from getting your ass kicked! Besides, I want to take your title away from you where everyone can see it, here and now I just want to hurt you!” Lucia said as she once again punched the downed Annabelle. Leaning back and ripping open the blonde’s t-shirt, Lucia revealed the tremendously large and tanned breasts that Annabelle had become so famous for, held back only by a pink lace bra. Having comparable assets, Lucia knew just how much breasts can be targets and she fully intended to enlighten Annabelle to that fact!

  Ripping off the pink bra and tearing off the tatters of Anna’s shirt, Lucia almost playfully traced the half-naked blonde’s right nipple with her sharp red nail, gazing coyly into blonde’s furious eyes. Believing she built up Annabelle up enough, Lucia suddenly applied a double breast claw to Annabelle’s assets, her nails stabbing Anna’s rack and flesh oozing from out between Lucia’s fingers as she squeezed with all the considerable strength in her hands. The Queen screamed and tried to buck Lucia off of her, only to receive a backhand for her trouble. Releasing her hold on Annabelle’s left tit, Lucia focused all her strength on the Blonde’s right breast, squeezing it so tight that it began to turn purple from lack of circulation and.

  “Why are you doing this!?” Annabelle screamed out as the pain in her chest grew worse with every second.

  Lucia looked down on Annabelle and spoke slowly and through clenched teeth as though talking to a particularly dim child, “Because you took Miranda away from me, slut, she was going to be my toy and you went and broke her before I got a chance to play again. I told you this already, cunt.” Switching from right tit to left tit, Lucia continued, “However, now that Miranda’s gone, that means I’m now up into the top two and you know what that means, don’t you, Blondie?” Lucia smiled viciously as now the left tit turned purple. “It means I’m stuck with you now, so I suppose I might as well make the most of it!”

  Releasing her grip on Annabelle’s left tit, Lucia lowered her head towards Anna’s prized assets. Giving the tip of Anna’s battered right breast a playful little lick, Lucia proceeded to bite down and chew as much as the tit as possible, centering on Annabelle’s nipple. Screaming bloody murder and tears flowing down her cheeks, Annabelle desperately tried to roll onto her back to assuage the fire that consumed her breast, but the weight on her chest kept the Queen on her back. Switching from right to left, the Italian-Spanish beauty chewed on Anna’s other tit as well, the taste of sweat and flesh filling Lucia with a powerful lust that needed to be sated, a lust to destroy Annabelle.

  For nearly ten minutes, Lucia chewed on Annabelle’s tits, the blonde struggling the entire time. After a final nibble to both of Anna‘s nipples, Lucia final released her Doberman-like hold on Anna‘s assets. Leaning back and examining her handy work, Lucia licked her lips as she felt another surge of pleasure flow through her at the sight of Annabelle’s battered but otherwise beautiful rack covered in bite marks. Though none of her bites had broken skin, Lucia knew from past experience the excruciating pain that breast attacks can have. Playing with her own tits through her shirt and bra a little bit, Lucia felt her blood race and shuddered with pleasure with the thoughts of what she was going to do to this bitch tonight and in the future.

  Annabelle through all this is desperately trying to find a way to find a way to escape, even though her mind is clouded with the immense pain that Lucia inflected upon her. Given the exhausting Ironwoman match that she went through earlier and now the beatdown that Lucia is giving her, not to mention the fact that her hands are cuffed behind her, Annabelle just didn’t have it in her at the moment to put up any kind of fight. Anna knew in her heart that any other time she could have taken the black-haired bitch on and beat the shit out of her, but here and now she just couldn’t do it.

   Resting her hands upon her opponent’s breasts, Lucia leaned forwards, and looked Annabelle in the eyes again, noting the lack of tears and the look that promised Lucia that when Anna gets free of her cuffs, she would come after Lucia with everything she has and make her pay. Nodding in acknowledgement of the threat, Lucia got off her enemy’s chest and took a firm grasp of Anna’s long hair. Dragging Anna to her feet, Lucia shot a knee into the Queen’s stomach, doubling her over and knocking the wind out of her. Taking advantage of Anna’s position, Lucia grabbed Anna by the back of her jeans and her hair and began racing them both into the far wall, building up a full head of steam before ramming Anna’s head into the wall, denting the drywall with her skull.

  Collapsed up against the wall and seeing stars, Annabelle stared straight ahead in a dazed manner. Seeing that her opponent was almost out of it, Miss Luciano decided that she needed to help Annabelle wake up a little. Taking a grip of the platinum blonde hair of the Queen, Lucia forced Anna to crawl on her knees across the condo and into the bathroom, flicking on the light as they entered. Almost dragging the Queen towards the toilet, Lucia flipped up the seat and shoved with both hands Annabelle’s head into the thankfully clean water. Waking up instantly, Anna frantically tried to get her head out of the bowel, kicking her legs out as Lucia did her best to try and drown the other busty woman in four inch water.

  Anna had never been so humiliated in her life! On what should be the proudest day of her life, she’s fighting to keep from drowning in her own toilet bowl! Spots forming around her eyes, Anna felt her lungs burn from lack of oxygen and desperately wondered how far Lucia was going to take this.

  Noticing Anna’s movements began to slacken slightly, Lucia pulled Anna’s head out of the bowl and allowed the Queen to take a few gasps of air. Turning her head to face Lucia, Anna bared her teeth and made a heroic effort to try and lunge at Lucia, fully intent of tearing the bitch’s throat out with her teeth. Laughing at the attempt, Lucia easily halted the attack of the now weak-as-a-kitten Anna with a backhanded slap and forced the Queen’s head back into the bowl, closing her eyes and listening to the churning of the water as though it were beautiful music, losing her focus on Anna.

  Feeling her new rival‘s arm slacken ever so slightly, Annabelle quick as a rattler pulled her head out from the toilet and scampered away as best she could, coughing violently as she tried to clear the water from her lungs. Collapsing up against tub a few feet away, Annabelle looked up at the smiling Lucia through her wet hair. Seeing her enemy get such pleasure from her pain, Annabelle made a solemn vow to herself to hurt this bitch as SEVERELY as possible and humiliate her as PUBLICLY as possible! Annabelle vowed to make what she did to Miranda tonight pale in comparison to what she’ll do to Lucia!

   Looking down at the platinum blonde as she did her best nearly unconscious wet animal impersonation, Lucia smiled widely at the furious look of pure hatred that the new Queen gave her. Lucia was a woman who thrived on hardcore competition and bloody rivalry and she knew that with her opening salvo tonight, the rivalry between Annabelle Wayne and Lucia Luciano would be one that would put all others to shame!

  Feeling her now-wet shirt cling to her skin and feeling a bit overdressed even for this auspicious occasion, Lucia simply tore her black shirt off and revealed her purple lace bra. Now on nearly equal terms, clothing wise, Lucia simply walked over to the downed Anna with the intent of continuing, not expecting the kick to the breast that Anna would suddenly lash out with. Fortuitously for Lucia, Annabelle’s battered body simply didn’t have the strength to do any kind of damage to the Mediterranean Beauty and would actually wind up hurting Anna more then her.

  Smiling condescending at the weakened woman, Lucia simply went tsk tsk and wagged her finger at Anna, letting the Queen know that she doesn’t have a chance of winning tonight. Leaning down and taking both of Anna’s legs under her arms and dragging her onto her back, Lucia spread Anna’s legs nice and wide and then let fly a  devastating kick right to Anna’s pussy! Mouth open but with no sound coming out, Anna was simply in too much pain to scream as the blows rained down on her.

  Delivering more then twenty kicks and stomps to Annabelle’s pussy, all the while screaming obscenities at her rival, Lucia smiled feverishly at the pain she was giving Anna, at the complete and utter dominance she had over the woman thrilling her in ways she has never felt before; never with her other opponents, never with Miranda, never even with a lover. Shuddering and moaning in pleasure, Lucia dropped Anna’s legs and rubbed and pinched her hardened nipples through her bra as Anna curled up in a ball, instinctively trying to protect herself from further harm. Desperately trying to regain composure and keep the night going, Lucia swallowed some air desperately and tried to force down the volcano that threatened to erupt within her.

  Stripping off her bra, pants, shoes, socks and  thong, Lucia next kneeled down next to Anna and tore off her shoes and unbuttoned the jeans she had been wearing, pulling them and Anna’s pink thong past her knees and off her legs. Lucia wanted to feel skin to skin contact with her enemy, to get all the sensation possible. Getting back to her feet, the now naked Lucia grabbed her bra and wrapped it around the equally-naked Anna’s throat, pulling the new Queen to her feet. Dragging Anna into her own bedroom, Lucia momentarily let go off Annabelle to open up one Anna’s drawers and pull out all the contents. Pulling Anna again with her makeshift leash, Lucia pulled the choking Queen over to the drawers.

  Slamming her rival’s head into the dresser once to daze the poor woman, Lucia then forced Anna to bend over at the waist over the drawers until her large tits were in the drawers as much as they could. Taking a moment to wait for Anna’s eyes to lose their dazed look and realize the peril she was in, Lucia simply smiled cruelly at the naked blonde’s look of panic and as hard as she could slammed the drawer shut, bracing herself against it with her shoulder!

  The Queen’s scream rattled the windows as she felt as though all the pain in the world had descended into her bust. Lucia didn’t help matters any as she moaned with pleasure at Anna’s screams and felt her knees go weak, nearly collapsing against the drawers herself.

  After nearly ten minutes of this particular abuse, Lucia finally relented and stopped pushing on the drawer. Walking behind Anna, Lucia examined the once proud Queen as she nearly collapsed against the drawers, her tits still trapped inside and the pain nearly knocking the woman out. Gripping Anna’s hips, Lucia pulled the all but collapsed Southern Girl back into a standing, bent over position with her beautiful ass sticking out. Eyes glazed with lust, Lucia ran her hands all over the battered woman’s ass, kneading the flesh and spreading her cheeks. Kneeling onto the floor, Anna’s black-haired tormenter licked her lips as she drew closer to Anna’s pussy, the abused organ calling like a siren to Lucia. Running her tongue along the pussy, Lucia tasted Anna’s honey pot for the first time and wondered if the nectar was so sweet because it had been tenderized?

  Fighting off the darkness of unconsciousness, Annabelle felt a new sensation coming from her pussy, one that felt so alien in comparison to they treatment it  received tonight. It actually took a moment for Anna to realize what was happening and when she recognized it for what it was, her head whipped around and saw her busty tormentor eating her out.

  “What…you do…ing?” Anna called out breathlessly called out, not truly getting a good look at Lucia as her breasts where still trapped and couldn’t turn properly. Lucia rose up slowly, her tongue following a path that led past Anna’s pussy, over the curve of her posterior, and ending as Lucia placed a little peck on Anna’s lower back just below her cuffed hands.

  “Simply warming you up, my little blonde whore, for the main event.” Lucia smiled cruelly at Anna’s bewildered expression before kneeling back down and sending uppercut into the Queen’s pussy!

  Once again, Anna bellowed at the pain inflicted on her be this Raven-haired demon. Screaming again as the Mediterranean goddess sent another uppercut into her pussy before rising and starting repeatedly kneeing her, Anna didn’t know how much more she could take and begged for unconsciousness. Fortunately for Anna, the kneeing helped dislodge her tits from the drawers and she collapsed on the ground, saving her pussy from further abuse.

  Lucia sensed it was getting near the end for her adventure tonight and took hold of Anna’s battered breasts, pulling her to her feet by yanking on her nipples. Lucia dragged the Queen across the room before throwing Anna’s naked body across her own bed, where she laid limp and beaten, on the verge of unconsciousness..

  Crawling into bed next to Anna as though she was her lover instead of her enemy, Lucia took Anna into her arms and entangled their legs together. Pulling Anna to her chest and whispering soothing shushes into her ear, Lucia ran her hand up and down Anna’s back in a comforting fashion as the Queen breathed in a shuddering manner, the torment her body has gone through tonight clearly being too much for her.

  Kissing and licking away the tears that flowed down Annabelle‘s face, Lucia leaned close to the Southern Girl’s ear and whispered, “tonight’s almost over, my little whore, but there’s still one thing that needs to be done.” Leaning away once again from Anna and giving her a coy wink, Lucia gave the blonde another backhanded slap.

  Crawling down between Anna’s legs, Lucia faced the blonde’s trimmed pussy and appraised in admiringly. Leaning forward, Lucia closed her eyes as she took a long, slow lick up Anna’s pussy, savoring her enemy‘s taste. Moaning for a moment and rubbing her own vagina, Lucia ate the ambrosia that was her enemy and savored her victory. Anna, barely conscious, hardly took notice of Lucia‘s actions, the only clue that she was aware of it being the steady increase of the rise and fall massive chest betraying her pleasure.

  Face glistening with Anna’s wetness, Lucia suddenly pulled away from Anna’s pussy, a shallow moan escaping from the dazed blonde’s lips. Crawling on her hands and knees, Lucia crawled up on Anna and kissed her deeply, Lucia’s tongue thrusting into Anna’s mouth. Her wits slowly returning to her, Anna tasted herself on Lucia’s lips and suddenly ripped her mouth away, disgust flowing through her.

  Eyes darkened with lust, Lucia straddled Anna once again, this time facing the Southern Blonde’s trimmed pussy. Taking Anna’s legs under her arms and bending her till Lucia sat on top of Anna’s large but firm tits, Lucia put Anna’s pussy once again on display for her to feast on. Looking behind her and looking into Anna’s steadily clearing blue eyes, Lucia said, “I’ve been working on this new submission technique. I’ve tried it out a few times out of the ring and it seems to work rather well. I haven’t come up with a name for it yet, and the only suggestion I get from the people I discuss it with is ‘AHHH!’, maybe you can help with it.”

  Giving the Platinum blonde a seductive little wink, Lucia turned to her meal in front of her and starting tonguing Anna’s pink flower, the taste now familiar to her. Driving her tongue as deeply as she could, Lucia feasted on Anna’s pussy, lapping up the juices and diving in for more. Annabelle resisted for as long as she could, her loathing supplying her with a tremendous well of reserve to draw from, but after nearly twenty minutes, Anna began having difficulty resisting Lucia’s skilled tongue and she felt as though a volcano of pleasure was building up inside of her.

  Finally, Anna could hold back no more, her face flushing as she felt her orgasm reaching it’s inevitable conclusion. Getting in a one or two more licks in before the explosion, Lucia lapped up the busty blonde’s orgasm and felt her own pleasure once again rising as this production reached it’s final act.

  Releasing Anna’s legs, Lucia simply turned around again and saw the stunningly beautiful Southern Belle flushed and sweating, gasping in great mouthfuls of air as she tried to calm her racing heart. Getting off the Queen’s chest and curling up beside her, Lucia leaned in close to Anna and gave her another deep kiss, this time facing no resistance from the extremely busty blonde. Finally breaking off the kiss, Lucia looked almost lovingly into Annabelle eyes and said, “I know what you‘re thinking, ‘that‘s the best submission I‘ve ever had‘, but I got to tell you, that wasn‘t it. See, a woman’s pussy is always so much more sensitive after cumming and it makes it so much more fun for me. When you get tired of pain, simply tell me that I’m better then you and it‘ll all end.” Lucia, her face turning into a mask of stone, suddenly grasped Anna’s pussy in a claw move!

  Anna screamed voicelessly at the white hot pain in her pussy, the pain paralyzing her legs and rendering her impotent to stop Lucia’s attack. Eyes slammed shut and teeth clenched almost to shattering point, the agony of Lucia’s submission move was readily visible on the beaten Queen of the League. Lucia twisted and stabbed her pussy with her nails, sending stinging bolts of fiery agony through Annabelle. However despite the pain, Annabelle Wayne refused to surrender, her pride and her rage refusing to submit to this dark-haired bitch.

  Seeing Anna’s eyes snap closed and teeth clench, Lucia knew that Annabelle was going to hold out for as long as she can and felt more pleasure then she has even felt in her life! Flushing herself, Lucia panted as she clawed, pinched, and squeezed Anna’s pussy and began furiously rubbing her own, the orgasm she felt building all night quickly building up to red hot levels.

  Eyes loaded with pain shot open as pain ripped through Anna, her will eroding and rage turning to despair. Biting back her submission, Anna looked over at her newly discovered mortal enemy, at the sexual pleasure she was getting from her torment. Gritting her teeth her tighter, Anna refused to surrender to this dark-haired cunt, instead dreaming feverishly as her own brand of torment she would release on Lucia!

  After a few minutes of no apparent progress, Lucia’s reluctantly released her own pussy and wrapped the free hand around Anna’s face, forcing the busty blonde’s cloudy blue eyes to stare deep into Lucia’s vibrant dark brown eyes.

  “Look me in the eyes, whore, I want to look into your eyes as I make you give!” Lucia said as she rendered a especially vicious claw on Anna’s pussy, quickly eroding Anna’s continued will to resist.

  “Fuck You, Slut!”

  “Give Up! You know I’m better then you, Give Up!”

  Anna‘s will, strong though it is, was finally overruled by her body. Her match against Miranda had left her running on empty even before Lucia stepped into her home, and all the subsequent attacks had left her broken. Nearly subconsciously, Anna’s felt her lips and throat cry out her submission to the Raven-haired woman, her mind not registering it had happened until the look of nearly decadent pleasure crossed Lucia’s face.

  “Now, you see my little Queen, was that so hard? Imagine, you could of said that so much earlier and saved yourself the agony. Now, I am a woman of my word and I promised to end tonight’s lesson of my superiority over your blonde whore self if you played the game right.” Once again winking coyly, Lucia straddled Annabelle for the final time. Taking hold of the back of Anna’s head, Lucia slowly leaned forward as she rested her tanned breasts on Anna’s face, giving the Queen a textbook breast smother!

  Anna, broken and battered, nevertheless tried to resist Lucia once more. Unable to turn her head and gasp for air, Lungs burning and her vision going dark, Anna desperately wanted to make Lucia feel even the slightest bit of pain that night. Opening her mouth as wide as she could, Anna bit down as hard as she could on one of the breasts choking her out.

  Suddenly crying out in pain and outrage, Lucia quickly raised her bust off of Anna’s face, the teeth marks on her left breast clearly evident. Snarling in rage, Lucia punched Anna across her face, leaving an angry mark standing out in red on Anna’s cheek. Pulling herself off of Anna, Lucia disappeared for a few moments out into the hallway, before returning with a purple article of clothing, Lucia’s thong that she had left in the bathroom!

  Staring deep into Anna’s eyes as she sat down roughly on the Blonde‘s breasts, Lucia forcibly shoved her thong into Anna’s mouth to act as a gag. Pulling her pussy up to Anna’s face, Lucia’s cold eyes looked as stone as she said, “We could have done this quickly and relatively painlessly, but you went ahead and did fucking stupid, you blonde cunt whore! Now you got to pay the consequences, I was saving this for when I took your damn belt away from you, but you‘re begging for it tonight.” That being said, Lucia suddenly grabbed both sides of Annabelle’s face and drove it into her pussy!

  Vaginal juices smeared themselves across Anna’s face as Lucia ground herself into the Southern Girl’s beautiful features. Moaning and feeling her blood race, Lucia focused on Anna’s nose as the pleasure built up in her, her golden body draped in perspiration. Taking a look down, Lucia saw the murderous fury in Anna’s eyes and rode Anna’s face all that much faster.

  Her face glazed with Lucia’s love fluids and spots dotting her vision from lack of oxygen, Anna’s felt her lungs burn as she endured a humiliation like she’s never felt before. Anna desperately tried to spit out the disgusting thong in her mouth, only to find that it had soaked up her saliva and made it difficult remove. Knowing it was the end for now, Anna reiterated her vow and promised to break Lucia into little bitch pieces.

  For nearly twenty minutes this continued on. Every so often, Lucia would raise herself up and allow Anna a few breathes of air before slamming back down onto her face. Eventually, Lucia got so caught up in her pleasure, Lucia didn’t notice Anna as the woman slowly fell into unconsciousness, relief finally coming to the besieged woman. All Lucia cared about at that moment was putting out a fire within her that had been raging since she first entered Anna’s home. Letting Anna’s face drop, Lucia grabbed hold of her own breasts and squeezed, pleasure oozing out of the Black-haired goddess as she ground upon Annabelle’s features. Flushing and her breath hitching, Lucia felt a explosion erupt from within her as she finally came on Anna’s face. Still feeling desire and not nearly enough satisfaction, Lucia would continue on till after another two mind-blowing orgasms that caused Lucia to collapsed, self-satisfied, off the bed and onto the floor.

   Smiling tiredly up at the ceiling, Lucia would pass out herself, completely spent from her marathon on Anna’s face. Waking a few hours later, Lucia would gather herself up and put on her clothes, after gazing lovingly at the dried fluids on Anna‘s face and “borrowing” Anna’s thong to replace her own. Before leaving, Lucia spied the Queen of the League belt on the mantle. Walking over, Lucia gazed in awe of it for a few moments before running her hands over it, never before even touching it. Looking at it now, the shine of the silver in her eyes, Lucia knew that had to have it, but she refused to simply steal it. No, Lucia knew that it would be hers soon, after beating Annabelle Wayne once again, this time in front of hundreds, thousands of screaming fans, all bearing witness to her superiority over the Blonde Whore as she makes her tap out again and then ride her face to victory!

  With reluctance, Lucia tore herself away from the belt and walked out the door, leaving the beaten champion in her home. As she walked across the League compound to her own home, Lucia Luciano felt great anticipation her future, especially her future with the soon to be former Queen of the Ring, Annabelle Wayne.

The End

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