Ashley’s College Bash: Part 2 by Luffy316

“The Melee On the Quad” had been a turning point for Ashley’s social life. Everyone had at least heard of her beatdown delivered to some of the most popular girls in school. Ashley didn’t even have to brag about it, people just started accepting her as more popular and powerful, talking to her and excitedly asking about or even celebrating her clear cut victory.

It was just one thing to change over the last 6 months at the school. About half of the girls involved had simply changed schools in the following months to escape the embarrassment and fear. The trouble of a mid-semester transfer was worth it to them to escape Ashley’s wrath, change their ways, and start a new life in another town.

The girls that remained sat together in the cafeteria, getting a late lunch after their workout together. Amber in particular had been humiliated and thrown off her game by Ashley’s win, so she redoubled her training. She was still the heaviest, tallest, and strongest (also possibly the bustiest) of the girls, only more so now with all her boxing training. On top of that, she had the other girls asking for boxing lessons.

Natasha and Gabriella (the T&A sisters) were getting into a bit better shape, which wasn’t saying much. They were never much for fighting, and still kept asking Amber if the workout would ruin their perfected assets (Gabbi her J-Lo level ass, and Tasha her tits that constantly got in the way of even her own punches).

Allegra was taking to it a bit better. She was still a bit curvy, but was sensitive about her weight enough to stick to her training. She claimed to be more brains than brawn, wanting to fight smarter instead of harder, but Amber truly doubted her ability to do so.

Kasey was already doing some workouts for her figure, so she was catching onto boxing better than the most of them. Nothing professional in the slightest, but the once freshman socialite princess was still something of a fierce rookie, despite her petite height.

Bunny was about her size, slightly taller and bustier than Kasey but clearly slacking on her training. She made excuses often, and fought dirty whenever she could in spars. She was a weasley girl in personality, always keeping an eye out for a shortcut or a cheat.

It was part of her role as Megan’s second. She had always been the brains of the girls, at least in a driving force sort of things. She barked orders and got things done enough for the others to follow her lead. Amber also had to admit she was doing incredible in her training. She was clearly seething over the loss to Ashley, taking it out on her own body as she worked herself to exhaustion on more than a few nights. She was now clearly more athletic and second tallest to Amber. She was on another rant today, grumbling and objecting to how people ignored them more. Their elitist grip of fear had slipped away, and their nasty personalities not enough to keep their hangers on and fans.

Bunny had yet to reach the table for the first 10 minutes. She’d texted Amber to tell her that she had to attend some lecture for extra credit. Amber wrote it off as “because I’m lazy,” but Bunny ran to the table, leaning on it and announcing as if she’d heard the British were coming and they weren’t too happy with us.

“That geeky girl gave a presentation in class!” Bunny did not get the reaction she was looking for. She motioned at the air, trying to find the words. “The smart one, short but kind of has boobs. The brown hair, hangs out with Ashley…”

“Kimmy Porter!” piped up Kasey.

“Yea, yea,” Bunny confirmed listlessly. “So she talked about this medicine she was working on for like, crippled people and stuff. Says it’s getting medical testing now and stuff. Supposed to give you super strength and muscles when you take it.”

The girls were all ears now. “And she showed in her presentation that Ashley chick was her first human test subject.”

“She mentioned something like that,” Amber growled. “A new energy drink or some crap.”

Allegra frowned. “So we have HER to thank for all this. We should go teach her a lesson…”

Natasha leaned onto the table, her boobs puffing up under her folded arms. “And what? Get Ashley to find out and kick our asses again?”
“So we don’t let her find out!” Kasey suggested, but Bunny motioned for attention.

Megan cut in. “Not beat her up, idiots! We need her on our side. We need our own dose of this medicine so we can even the odds against her. We kicked her blond ass plenty of times before, so we’d be back in charge.”

“And!” Bunny added. “And, when Kimmy was talking about testing, she said the rats got the strength boost for a few weeks, maybe a month. The girls turned to her and then eachother, quietly putting it all together as Bunny beamed proudly.

“I guess it lasts longer in humans?” Allegra offered, but Megan grinned.

“So while Ashy’s getting weaker… we just might be about to get a loooot stronger… good work, Bunny. Come on, hurry up so we can get our holds on our little lab rat.”

Kimmy was working merrily in her lab when the once popular girls burst in. She was a short girl in hair and body, though chesty for her size and not without a few curves. She squeaked as they quickly moved in to surround her, towering over her and smirking at the shorter girl.

“So we hear you’ve got something for us, geek,” jeered Bunny. “We thought you’d be nice enough to share your friend Ashley’s secret.”

“Um… vitamins and milk?” Kimmy offered with a meek smile. A quick slap from Kasey told her they weren’t playing, lifting herself back up rubbing her cheek.

“Ow, ok, stop! What do you want?”

Amber folded her arms and sneered down at her. “Give us the same potion you gave her. The best you’ve got. Then we’ll see how tough Ashy thinks she is once we’re fighting fair with her again.”

“I can’t do that!” she insisted, fumbling for words when they scowled at her. “I mean… the sheer volume of the quantum charge in the micro-molecular particles could overheat. The mass of the substance would destabilize it like acids and bases times ten!” she insisted. The technobabble she threw together seemed to work as they stared at her.

“I’m pretty sure I know what acid is,” offered Allegra.

“I mean I can’t make that much of it,” Kimmy added.

Megan rolled her eyes and stepped in. “Fine. Then make as much as you can. We’ll only need one anyway.”

If that was all they wanted to leave her alone, that was all they’d get, figured Kimmy. She got to work on a watered down version, but she knew they’d want results before they’d leave. She couldn’t fully fake it.

So she made one potent dose of the stuff, offering it to Megan meekly.
“There. It’s enough to give one of you a boost just like Ashley,” she said timidly. “The equipment would have to cool down and recalibrate for a week to get any more than that. It’s why I only made Ash the one dose. The lab mice are one thing, but too much on one person and it could make you keel over.”

They seemed to run with her lie at this point when Megan took it and drank the beaker down. Amber had some thoughts on how she would prove the better use of the enhancer, but let it go to Megan’s judgement and fiery drive to ruin Ash. Megan felt the same, brief lightheadedness, Gabby grabbing Kimmy’s arm firmly in case it was some other trick but Megan regained her footing, grinning and flexing an arm testingly. “Yea… that’s the stuff,” she purred, turning to an empty lab table and lifting it off the floor with a grunt. She’d have hardly been able to flip it at her normal strength, the big wooden desks dense and sturdy as they were in the lab.

Kimmy gulped as she set it back down. “So, you can leave? Let me go?” she asked.

“Nice try, tiny,” Tasha cut in, moving in beside her and grabbing her other arm. “You’re staying with us. No sneaking free refills to your girlfriend.”
Kimmy gulped as she was dragged off by the curvaceous sisters behind her laughing, empowered boss.

Ashley came back to her dorm room, toweling off from a shower after her gym class. She signed into her Facebook to find herself invited to the new announcement:

“From the people behind the Melee On the Quad comes the Beatdown In the Ring! This Friday, One on One, Megan vs Ashley in a 3 round, all-out boxing match. No count-outs! Anything goes! Last one left conscious and standing is the winner. Loser has to work naked at the fundraiser car wash this weekend. All free to attend, if Ash accepts!”

“You’ve got it,” Ash replied, hitting Send with a confident but moody huff. She had seen the former alpha girls avoiding her when she walked by, even some having left the school. Some of the bolder ones glared at her when they passed, while others just jumped nervously when they recognized her. If they needed a refresher course on how bad she could cream them, why not?

Technically, there was a good reason why not. Ashley had noticed the same thing as Kimmy’s lecture had shown. She always liked to show off when boys and girls in her class asked her to show her strength and speed off. While she had done chinups with a second girl clinging to her back a few months back, it grew increasingly hard to pull off. She hadn’t signed up for any athletics clubs, but her lap times and weight limits had gone slowly downward. The booster was wearing off. And why not? It was a medicine, not magic (as far as she knew, anyway; Kimmy didn’t seem big on black magic and pointy hats at all). It had to go through her system like any drink would. The more of its power she used up, the less there was left for her body to tap into.

But that was her insider secret. She and Kimmy had been friends, and their favors had done wonders for eachother. Ash had beaten up all the problems in her life with the use of her wonder drug, and acted as both testimonial and evidence in Kimmy’s report on her experiment. The faculty board was astounded as Kim did most of her presentation while held up on Ashley’s one arm in front of the auditorium. All she had to do was ask for another dose and she could stay on top of keeping these troublemaking bitches in line.

She quickly found out that while she tried texting and stopping by Kimmy’s usual hangouts, she wasn’t able to find her anywhere.

Ashley was coming back from her night class, and starting to worry. It was a little under a day until her match, and she didn’t know how long her power would last. Given how badly she beat Megan AND her friends last time, she hoped to be able to finish it as fast as possible and find Kimmy while they were running scared. Even now, though, her backpack felt a little heavier than it had the last few months, and not from gaining any new books.

She took her usual shortcut, a well-known little path of grass between two of the dorms that were right between her dorm and classroom. Waiting at the end, she saw Allegra, in all her smugly smiling glory, and with her was a new girl Ashley didn’t recognize. She had long brown curls, fairly average build and height but a decently pretty face and smile. It just had the same wickedness behind it as the rest of the girls in Allegra’s clique.

“Oh hey, Ash,” chimed Allegra with a hand on her shapely hip. Allegra was on the tall side and had a figure to compliment her modeling career, voluptuous and curvy. She kept in good shape and held some 36Ds proudly, but not without a lot of work put into maintaining herself in a paranoid struggle between enjoying herself and watching her weight. “Liz and I heard about your big show tomorrow while we were at our photoshoot today.”

Leave it to her to slip in a brag about her brief but ongoing modeling career.

“It was really more of my gig,” Liz stepped in. “I’ve shown up at the same car show before as a spokesmodel, and I thought I’d bring Ally along for a favor.”

“Well they called me separately,” Allegra butted in. “So maybe they were looking for a replacement.”

Even if she wasn’t bullied by these girls, Ashley would have them just for their backstabbing double-talk. She never went through this kind of thing with Kimmy.

“None of my business,” Ashley sighed, walking towards them but they slid into her way, cutting off the exit from the naturally-forming alley.

“We’re making it your business,” insisted Allegra. “A little nerdy told me that you’re not so tough anymore. That you’re getting all weak and tired again.”

“And since we’re SUCH good friends,” Liz added with a sourly sweet tone.

“Al and me thought we’d save Megan the trouble of arranging all this and take you down for her.”

“And get the credit of course,” Allegra grinned.

“Of course.”

Ashley frowned at the girls, stepping forward quickly and bracing a hand on each of their shoulders before shoving hard. Both of them yelped and were pushed back, stumbling a few feet in the grass. Ashley had hoped to floor them with it, but it still had them startled.

“That feel weak to you? Because I’ve got more,” Ashley warned. The night before her match, she naturally wanted to stay as rested as possible, so she was hoping to intimidate them off of the idea.

The girls were brash and stupid enough to ignore the warning, Allegra snapping “Get her!”

They both rushed in and tackled into Ashley, who sidestepped Allegra but Liz managed to get an arm around Ashley’s waste in her lunge. It was enough to pull her down with the other two girls into the grass, but Ash remained quicker than either of them. She rolled over to straddle Liz’s midsection, her face looking surprised a split second before Ashley’s fists wound up and slammed across her face from either direction.

Allegra came up beside her to grab her hair while she wound up for a third, but she hardly managed to touch a few strands when Ashley sent a backhanding fist into her face. Allegra stumbled from the blow, but stayed on her knees and sent a kick into Ashley’s side.

Ash was able to soak it up, but still felt a sting from her shoe as it hit her side. She grabbed the offending leg to pull her off balance, letting the proud model stain her skin and clothes on the grass. Liz started to shove up at her, but Ash started smacking away her hands while holding her down with the same limb. She rose up a bit to lift a leg and drop her knee onto Liz’s belly, making her grunt and flop from the impact.

While she was busy with that, Allegra grabbed her by the shirt from behind, pulling back on it to try and rip Ashley off her teammate and get their advantage in numbers back. Her shirt tore a bit as she started to stumble off of Elizabeth, grabbing one of Allegra’s arms and pulling it under her arm. She clamped it tight against her side, holding the limb down to get a decent angle at her, and WAM! WAM! WAM!

Ashley drove her elbow back repeatedly into the young model’s face, rattling her head on her neck like a pretty bobblehead. Her grip slackened significantly from the hard blows, and Ash leaned back to swing a reverse headbutt into her face to send her toppling to the ground, clutching her face even as Ashley rubbed the back of her head.

While she was distracted, Liz managed to sneak in some wild punches into Ash’s lower belly. She tensed her body to try and absorb the pain while she regained her focus on the second opponent, though felt the affects of this weakning rapidly. As if her muscles themselves were shrinking as she used them up. It was a sinking feeling, but she rose up and grabbed Liz by the collar of her blouse, lifting her up with her. Liz stumbled and flailed for balanced as she rose, just for Ashley to shove her back against a wall. She grunted and settled against it before Ashley rained several hooking punches into her belly, sinking deep and hard enough to start lifting Liz off her feet with a few of the hits.

Ash finally let go, breathing heavy as Elizabeth slid down the wall as if she were plastered to it, holding her belly and coughing as she curled up pathetically.

“No… no more,” she wheezed, Ashley frowning down at the battered girls. She gave a sharp kick into Allegra’s ass as she tried to crawl away, toppling her over into the grass again holding her curvy butt.

“I’m being nice. I don’t know if skanks can understand that idea, but there it is! Either of you mess with me again, or show up anywhere NEAR Megan, any deal is off and you are MINE, you understand? Tell your friends the same.” She gave another stomp to Liz’s breast, making her curl up and cradle it as she stormed off.

The attack had her riled up, and at least a little paranoid. They knew about the serum wearing off. The only way they could know that was if they heard from Kimmy. It was also clear the more she used what strength she had left, the weaker she got. She had to hope that what strength she had could stop Megan tomorrow, and whatever she may have planned, but that still left Kimmy. She trudged back to her dorm and threw down her backpack, going to her laptop for a distraction from all this pressure.

She skimmed over the various chatter on the fight to come. Most of it was in her favor anyway, after her clear victory last time, which gave her a little assurance. Some requesting further humiliation of Megan after, or requests to punch in her crotch or breasts, or strip her, or the like.
The real comfort came when Samantha and Diana messaged her.

“Anything you need from us, you name it.” They were casual friends from her highschool, but known as other victims of the troublemakers’ torment. After their beatdown, they were among the first to approach her and thank her for it, and they hit if off as new friends over the last few months. She bit her lip, seeing they were still online and pitching her idea to them.

Ash met with the girls at her room, talking shop about tomorrow before sleeping over. They all slept in, saving all of Ash’s strength they could before heading out together. They gave themselves plenty of time, knowing what could easily be awaiting them on the way. If Allegra had the idea for the ambush, the other girls could easily come up with the idea for their own advantage, especially if Megan heard what happened and decided to keep up an exhausting gauntlet of slutty opponents for her to burn out on and go in weak as a kitten to her match. That was what the other girls were there for.

Diana was a cute-looking girl, though shorter and chubbier than the others. She did have an enormous chest for her size, and despite moving on from her goth phase, still had several purple streaks through i her hair. Despite her cute appearance and small size, she grew up in a tough part of town and could box and wrestle quite well already. She wore her trusty combat boots, short skirt, and black t-shirt for the day.

Samantha was a quiet, blond, athletic girl in highschool, but still pestered by the alpha girls. She had put on some notable weight since then, not the lean and toned thing that she once was. Her soft appearance was betraying, though, as the muscle was still hiding beneath her thickness. Her brother had been on the wrestling team and taught her some good moves, and she wasn’t a stranger to throwing a punch herself either. The husky girl wore a white tanktop and jeans on Ash’s opposite side from Diana.

A quick mental headcount refreshed Ash’s memory: half of her old enemies fled, Allegra and Liz beat. That left Megan herself, plus her personal lapdog Bunny, Kasey, Amber, Natasha and Gabby, assuming they hadn’t roped in any new help.

They kept up a steady walk for the gym’s auditorium, where they had their basketball games, minor assemblies, indoor sport meets and such. They passed the first few sidewalks without issue, then reached a more open area past the roads. Other students usually played frisbee and football out there for kicks, but everyone was no doubt waiting for her fight. Even then, Ashley’s scouring glance over the grassy area felt suspiciously empty and quiet. There were clusters of trees and a few smaller buildings that made for easy hiding spots and ambush points.

Diana put a reassuring hand on Ashley’s shoulder. “Just like we talked about. We’ll spread out and smoke em out for you. Whistle if you get one coming for you.”

Samantha nodded and flexed a few fingers readily. “You just worry about Megan. Anyone else, we can take them easy now that those dirty bitches are alone.”

Ash nodded with grim focus. “I trust you guys, don’t worry. Just remember, I’m not the real goal here.” They nodded, but Sam grabbed them both into a hug. The thin Ashley had to giggle at the display, as well as being almost squashed between the two plumper, bustier girls, but hugged back lightly. With that, the friends arced out left or right through the grassy area, leaving Ash to head right for towards the gym.

Diana took an arcing path away from Ashley, trying to keep her in sight and glancing back at her now and then. She seemed to be making it unmolested, but that was what they were there for. Diane poked her head into the restrooms and double checked a few trees and doorways, but followed her hunch to where she expected the trouble to come from. She found the trouble she went looking for when she went around the back of the track field bleachers. Some of the students went there to smoke, the stands keeping them in some shadow and giving them a decent lookout for interrupting parties. It was also just a few hundred yards from the gym where the match was taking place. Sure enough, she spotted Amber before the blond did her. When their eyes did lock, Amber scowled back at her.

“What’d you want?” she demanded. “Matter of fact, don’t care. Just fuck off. I’ve got shit to take care of.” Amber turned her gaze back towards the walkway to the gym, where Ashley was just coming into view.

“Would that ‘shit’ be my friend Ash?” Diana replied, firmly stepping in between Amber and her target with her broad body blocking her view.

Amber scowled back at her, though Diana stayed unshaken. She’d stood her ground against tougher than her. “This isn’t your fight,” Amber growled at her, standing up to her intimidating height over the more compact Diana.
“It’s not yours either. Didn’t see your name on that flier,” Diana countered, stepping daringly closer to Amber.

“Listen, fatass,” Amber hissed, thrusting a finger at her in warning. “You wa-” Her insult was apparently enough to spark Diana to throw her impressive weight behind a punch, knocking Amber silly a few paces backward. She got her footing and senses back to see Diana motioning for her to bring it with a confident smirk.

“Oh, big mistake, piggy,” Amber growled, raising her fists and rushing in after her. She was too surprised and furious from the punch to get a genuine boxing stance up at this rate, thrashing quickly and wildly with blows hurled at Diana’s face and chest.

Diana brought her arms up as a simple barrier between Amber’s fists and her face, working fairly well against her frenzied attack. The fists barely brushed Diana’s face, though stung her arms from Amber’s big strong limbs. She arced one fist upward to snap Amber across the jaw, making her backpedal once again. “Not in your little ring anymore, princess,” Diana hissed back, grabbing the still stunned Amber by the hair. She pulling the blond’s head down near her waist, raising and slamming her elbow between her shoulder blades. Amber gave a surprised shout as she fell to all fours in the grass. She started to stagger back up when Diana suddenly shot up her thick leg, slamming her knee into Amber’s chest and sending her flying onto her back.

The boxing blond coughed and rubbed her breasts as they jiggled to a stop under her shirt. “Come on!” challenged Diana as she pursued her relentlessly, grabbing Amber by the hair, dragging the shrieking, powerful girl back up to her knees. “Thought at least one of you popular bitches could fight worth a damn.”

Unfortunately Amber took that moment to prove that idea true, sinking a hard hook into Diana’s soft belly. She grunted heavily and nearly doubled up as she hugged an arm to her stomach, Amber standing back up with another shot to her stomach before sending a powerful punch across Diana’s tits.

It all sent the big girl reeling back into the wall, trying to protect her body and rub away the soreness in her jiggling belly and tits as Amber brought her fists up with an angry grin. “Can’t keep that fat mouth shut, can you?” Amber hissed, throwing a jab that smacked across one of her cheeks. Diana soaked up the hit to reply with a shot of her own to Amber’s jaw, both girls shaking off the hits while Amber clumsily grabbed onto Diana’s shirt, bending her over to pull it over her head like a hockey player. She sent a few knees into Diana’s hanging bra and bare belly before turning her to face the wall, thrashing to try and break free as she cursed up a storm under her shirt.

“Kiss the bricks, bitch,” Amber hissed, shoving her headfirst at the wall. Diana managed to slip out though, thinking it was a shame everyone was at the gym watching Ashley’s fight and unable to get a view of her enormous boobs contained only in her bra. Amber was left looking like a confused matador, holding the empty shirt against the wall and staring at it. It gave Diana plenty of time to grab her hair and pull back, arching Amber’s back and thrusting out her own rack to stretch her shirt.

“Slippery little AGHH!” Amber cried out when Diana returned the intended favor by kicking Amber in the ass, sending her into the wall breasts first and crushing them between brick and her ribcage. Diana kept the grip on her hair to send some more shocking hooks into Amber’s lower ribs, shocking her whole body into sharp little seisure shakes with each one.
“AH! AH! AH! AHH!!” Amber cried out in rhythm with the hard, dirty punches. She was already sore enough that she would have to skip the gym a few days, which would absolutely kill her routine and her figure with it, as far as she was concerned.

Diana went the extra mile on her fear of her looks, pulling back on the handful of hair to smash Amber’s face into the hard wall. She bounced off and fell ragged to the ground, eyes blinking rapidly and rubbing her bloodied nose gingerly in a slow stupor. Diana went off a few paces, picking up a mostly full trash can and dragging it back to Amber.

“You’re gonna start talking, meathead. Got it?” Diana insisted with a jab of her finger at Amber’s face.

“F-fuck off,” she gurgled resentfully in a pained haze, beaten worse than her most punch-drunk she’d gotten during her boxing matches.

Diana glared and sat up, lifting the trash can and giving it a shake. It dumped a half dozen odd bits of trash over Amber’s face and chest, getting her to shriek in surprise and disgust at the smell and sensation. “OH GOD! What are you doing, you fucking psycho!?”

“Making you some new friends, like the rest of those bitches of yours. Now how about you tell me where they are?”

Spitting and gagging a bit, Amber shook her head, tossing some greasy paper from her hair. “It was just me and Kasey!” she blurted. “We were going to jump Ash and make her tired for the fight.”

Diana frowned at this, shaking the can but not letting any more out, just enjoying watching Amber flinch and throw up her hands. It was so much fun that she’d forgotten to put her shirt back on. She was a bit soft in the middle, but she’d gotten used to her body since the abuse in highschool. Nobody was going to complain about a free show any time soon, she figured. “So you know about Ash’s secret?”

Amber snickered a bit. “Well yea. And we got Megan a dose for herself to even the odds.”

“Shit,” Diana cursed, biting her lip a bit. Ashley was going out there with a stacked deck. But if they had the formula…

Diana shook the can again, giving Amber a larger and fresher dose of the faceful of trash. She shrieked especially loud when a banana peel went over her face like an oversized slug. “So where’s Kimmy?!” she demanded, Amber splashing away the garbage and sputtering. Diana could see some bruises already showing on her face from her initial beating.

“I dunno!” she shouted desperately. “They dropped me off and told me to wait here when they had her! Last time I saw them!” She grinned a bit. “So do whatever you want, but you wait until I get my taste of that potion thing. I’ll pay you back ten times over whatever Meg does to your lezzy crush Ashy.”

“Checks your ass can’t check,” Diana spat back, emptying the can completely over the beaten blond, turning the can upside down and covering her head completely. Leaving her screams and outrage muffled and echoing in the tin can, especially when she sent a few more kicks to her ribs to make sure she was down.Amber just coughed and twitched as she was hit, too tangled in the garbage can and its contents to be able to muster the strength to get back up.

It left Diana some time to think as she tugged her shirt back on and adjusted her bra. She could go warn Ashley, but at what cost to her reputation, and nothing they could really salvage in terms of letting her win. The only way she could think was to find and take back Kimmy and have her cook up another dose like Ashley was originally thinking, but Amber was never the brains behind anything and not worth much on the subject. Needing more ideas, she looked around and saw no immediate sign of Samantha. Probably entangled in her own fight, Diana jogged off towards the gym with an eye out for any sign of her own trouble.

Samantha had headed further to Ashley’s left. While Diana’s path went around a few structures and covered less space, Sam’s went through a part of the greenery. It was the carefully kept lawns that was maintained on campus, and had a lot of wide open space, but also a few nooks and crannies around. A few statues, large rocks and trees could make for climbing or hiding spots as needed.

Kasey was there, sure enough, leaning against a thick enough tree to stay behind. She was doing her best to act casual, as if waiting there for something besides an ambush. Maybe it would have worked if Samantha hadn’t been looking for her in particular on her little list of top suspects.
Kasey’s eyes ran over Samantha as she approach and started to smile her best winning smile. “Oh Sammy! It’s been a while!” she chimed. It was like the tone she used to talk down to her when she had some of her cheerleader buddies with her in highschool to gang up on her, and Sam frowned back in quiet, smoldering anger.

“Guess you’ve been too busy laying low after your fight,” Samantha said dryly. “What’re you up to?”

“Oh, just checking out who’s going to the big fight today. I’ve got a specially reserved seat, of course, with all my connections with the right people.”

“Don’t suppose you’re doing anything to earn them right now, are you?” Samantha prodded back. Kasey was clearly a bit startled to hear, eyes darting towards the walkway where she hoped Ashley’s presence would give her an excuse to run off and take on her instead. Megan had said she’d be tired enough that even she could take her at this rate, and she was never one to get very hands-on with her victims.

But Ash was still a way up the path, and Sam stepped into her line of sight and bumped her thick shoulder into Kasey’s to press her point. She was staying between Kasey and Ashley.

Kasey threw a frantic punch at Sam, smacking across her cheek as it caught her off guard. She was quick to grab Kasey’s other wrist, pulling it away from her body and throwing her off balance in the same direction. Sam let go just to follow and slug Kasey in the belly while she tried to regain her balance and face her, doubling up the pretty theater girl quickly.

Still steaming over the stinging cheek, Samantha wound up and took two big swings, switching arms to bash her head left and right before the second left send Kasey flying to the grass, landing awkwardly and pawing at the ground to try and boost herself back up.

“Been hiding behind your friends too much, bitch!” Samantha grunted, breathing a bit heavily as she ran after Kasey to try and tackle her into the ground. Kasey reacted by kicking out her legs, tangling them and tripping Sam into the grass beside her instead. Kasey pounced on Samantha’s back and grabbed at her hair, pulling and shaking with one hand as the other sent curving punches at her face. Even the ones that hit weren’t at the best angle, stinging and startling her. Sam slammed an elbow backward, smashing into Kasey’s tender side and getting a scream out of her as she was toppled off her back. Sam grabbed at her leg, getting up to her knees with grass clinging to her hair and clothes

Sam grabbed onto Kasey’s foot, dragging her back towards her as her skirt rode up her hips as it was lugged along the ground. She kicked wildly with her free leg at Samantha, mostly hitting air or just one of her arms as her hands went down to try and hold down her skirt. Samantha got up to her feet, hoisting the leg up to throw Kasey even more off balance, resting solely on her shoulders and upper back.

It left her at a good angle for Sam to throw a kick into her lower back, jolting her whole body in its vulnerable position. A second nailed her right in the ass, getting a pained and insulted shriek out of Kasey. She released her skirt to rub at her tailbone, letting it pop up and expose most of her violet panties.

Samantha didn’t pay it much mind for right now, letting Kasey writhe and moan as she let herself drop and slam an elbow as she fell right onto Kasey chest. Both girls’ breasts bounced from the impact, but Kasey coughed hugely and flopped like a fish as her bosom was crushed.

Samantha got to one knee, pressing her other sneaker down onto Kasey’s chest to keep up the pressure. She grabbed at the shoe and writhed under her wailing, but couldn’t budge her. It let Samantha wind up and deliver one more big punch to her face, bringing the theater girl’s thrashing to a sudden stop.

“What’s you dumbasses thinking?” Samantha growled. “The poor girl whups your butts all at once and then you challenge her to a one on one?”
Kasey clumsily grabbed at Samantha’s shoe, but even that seemed difficult as she tried coughing air into her lungs and struggled just to keep her grip on the foot. “That’s what you think… ngh… she fixed her last fight. So we fixed Megan.”

Samantha weighed the words a moment as she weighed her foot down harder on Kasey’s chest. She squeaked and twitched under the crushing pressure. “What do you mean by that?”


Sam frowned and looked back at the gym. “Shit,” she snapped curtly.

“Okay, well where is she now?”

“Gab and Natasha have her! At the dorm!” she shouted as best her constricted body could. “You gotta believe me! Just let me go!!”

Samantha raised her foot to let her gasp desperately for air, clutching her chest and ignoring her exposed panties. She frowned between her and the gym, spotting Diana coming jogging after her from her end of the grounds.

“Found Amber by the bleachers. Megan’s got the potion,” Diana huffed, looking a bit red and winded from her own brawl.

Samantha nodded grimly. “And they’ve got Kimmy. Must be where they got it from.”

Diana raised her eyebrows a bit. “Really? Does she know where?” Diana gave a quick kick into Kasey’s ribs before she could reply, the theater queen letting out a sharp yelp of pain.

“Yea, Gabriella and Natasha have her at their dorm.”

“Well that’s great,” Diana said, tossing up her arms a bit with a slight smile. Samantha gave her a strange look as she nodded her head towards the quad. “I know where they live, and we know they can’t fight for shit. Let’s get her back. We can still fix this and she can give Ash her pick me up back.”

Sam’s face brightened a moment before looking concerned. “We gotta hurry,” she affirmed, Diane nodding as they dashed off for the dorms.

The gym was, naturally, packed. There was a dull roar of a murmur even as Ashley suited up in the locker room. She wore some blue shorts, a matching set of gloves, and a white tanktop for the bout. She’d read in the Facebook chatter that people didn’t want any mouthguards to interfere with the shit-talking, so the gloves were lighter than most. With the extra power Ashley had still lingering in her, she expected it wouldn’t make much of a difference. Diana had told her from experience that the padding didn’t make the gloves hit any less hard, just minimized real damage like cuts and broken bones. Since Ash just wanted to humiliate Megan and chase her back off as soon as possible, not really brutalize her, it was all fine by her.

She came out into the gym and the students in the stadium seats went nuts, jumping up and down and cheering and waving wildly. A few threw some confetti over the walkway in front of her. In the tense moment, it got Ashley to laugh and wave back with her gloved hands. It was taking her some getting used to, being the popular and well-liked one lately, after all her time being tormented in highschool. She’d accidentally reinvented herself on campus by beating up the bullies and snobs, as if she were some social revolutionary when she was just giving back as good as she took.

She smiled and waved to the crowd as she glanced towards the ring. There was Megan in her corner, dressed similarly except for her gloves, shorts and boots being pink (Ash guessed she hadn’t wanted to be caught dead in trunks either). She had seen her smiling before the crowd went off, and her bitter glare clung to her as she entered. Ashley shrugged it off, figuring she’d hate her forever at this rate. Given that Ash knew what Megan was like, that was all fine and good. She wanted people like that not to like her.

Between their two corners was the ref, and as she entered the ring Ashley recognized her as Stephanie. She had been Melissa roommate, and one of the transferred girls from her original rampage. She was a chubby but busty girl, and had on black shorts and a referee shirt she must have picked up from a Halloween costume given how much cleavage it had.

That must have been Megan’s angle; get a ref on her side that already had it out for Ashley. Still she could see the wary look in Steph’s eyes when she looked at Ash. She decided to take that moment to leer back at her and thump her gloves together. Steph winced slightly at the memories of what those fists could do before turning away. At least she wouldn’t be totally unreasonable…

“Alright, let’s get things started!” Stephanie called out to the crowd as they settled in and cheered. “Introducing your future campus champ, ‘Mighty’ Megan!” She smiled her winning smile, getting some catcalls and boos for the most part. Bunny, Allegra, and a few other faithfuls in the crowd cheered, if nothing else for her good looks. “And she’s here to beat the twig in the blue corner, Ashy!”

Again, her cheers outweighed Megan by far, Ashley raising a single glove with a wide grin. It stoked the fires in Megan’s vengeful nature, dying to win back the spotlight when she beat Ashley silly. Whether either out of impatience waiting for it to die down again, or simply spite, Stephanie motioned for a bell to start the match.

Ashley brought her fists up and sighed to steady herself. At the first swing from Megan, Ashley knew something was wrong. Her powers were a bit drained, but it should never have taken the full speed of her reflexes to block her first punch. Megan had a bit more style and practiced movement to her, but it was downright impossible for her to have improved so much in speed and power. Not unless she’d gone through the same process as herself. Ashley backpedaled a few paces to block and dodge Megan’s starting assault, letting the reality of the situation quickly settle in her head. Megan smiled wickedly as she saw the her former victim retreating.

“Oh what’s the matter? Too tired to fight?” she goaded. But Ash realized her problem stayed the same. She was draining with each punch, so she had to end it fast. She darted forward, suddenly dodging around Megan’s next punch and smashed her across the jaw with a crossing fist.

The leathery smack filled the gym at her first blow, clearly rattling Megan to one side as her stance and defense was shattered by the punch. The crowd burst into freshly pitched cheers as Ashley pressed her attack, swinging swift shots in from either side. Even with her own enhancements, Megan’s head was too rattled by the initial blow to mount a proper defense. Ashley beat around her ribs and sides, jiggling her opponent’s chest in her top as she was rocked side to side.

Stephanie’s arm cut in between them, shoving both girls back. “Watch those ropes! Back off!” she insisted, Ashley growling and taking a step back.

“She’s not even near the-” she started to object, just before Megan ducked under Steph’s arm and snaked a punch into Ashley’s belly. “OOF!” She let out a meaty grunt from the cheap shot, body jolting a bit and backing up out of reach again.

“Come on, chicken little,” Megan shouted after her, barging past Stephanie and throwing some more speedy fists at Ashley, this time for her face. Ash’s gloves shot up to soak up the slamming blows, finally letting one glove wind up wide and swing like a wrecking ball, hard and clumsy, into the side of Megan’s head.

Megan staggered wildly to one side from the force, hitting the ropes and draping her arms over the top row. She was just starting to shove herself back upright when Ashley plowed into her back, her scrawny body slamming her back against the ropes and swinging wildly into Megan’s sides. Her body shook with what would have cracked her ribs before her upgrade, but still stung with Ashley’s own unnatural strength. The ropes quivered beneath them while Stephanie grabbed at one of Ashley’s arms, trying to pull her back.

“Hey, she’s on the ropes! Get out of there!” she insisted, just for Ashley to turn and shove her away with one hand. Steph looked shocked and ready to argue when the crowd quickly turned on her, booing her and shouting to “back off, ref!” and “let ‘em fight!” She blushed and huffed but let them go until Megan kicked backward, her booted foot hitting Ashley’s. It twisted her ankle from under her and left her toppling to one side, hitting the mats with a grunt. She rolled back as Megan turned and furiously dropped a stomp at her head, avoiding the boot as it slammed into the mats instead.

Megan was starting to sweat, but only showing some light bruising around her midsection by now. She rushed for Ashley and raised her fist for a crushing swing, but Ashley got herself moving as well. She rolled onto one hip and hurled herself back up, more concerned with speed than balance. She swung a massive uppercut that sounded well into the back seats of the packed and cheering stadium, a resounding WUMP! that threw Megan for a loop and crashing to the mat utterly stunned and ears ringing as a barrier between her hearing and the resounding screams and cheers for Ashley.

Ashley went down with her, tripping over her flailing feet as Megan hit the mats beneath her body. Ash landed flat on top of her, trying to catch her breath but not stopping, as she boosted herself up and straddled Megan’s bare waist. She rained her gloves down on Megan’s like a hail storm, pelting Megan back and forth like her head was a speedbag. She managed to thrash her arms frantically in the air for Ash, but she ignored them in her furious attack, teeth grit as she simply tore Megan apart with her fists. Finally Steph got up the nerve to pull at her shoulder lightly.

“Come on, she’s down!” she warned, Ashley breathing heavily and starting to sweat much more heavily now as she looked down at her dumbstruck opponent. Even with her enhanced endurance, Megan’s head was rattled and ringing enough to keep her from even seeing straight through her fluttering eyes.

“Thought it was anything goes,” Ash fumed, but took the time to rest and lean on her knees as Steph started up her count (after a quick dirty look from Ash). She milked it for what she could, but the fans shouting to urge on the count made her proceed. Megan acted like she had just gotten off the worst tilt-a-whirl on earth, trying to get her head on straight and legs back under her in the right direction. The best she managed was to get on all fours, ass sticking out in her shorts as Steph took one more deep breath before resigning to counting “10!”

A bell sounded for round one, Steph frowning but waving a hand towards Ashley to mark her win. She raised a gloves hand to the crowd, but they felt so much heavier now. Fatigue was weighing down on her, and she quietly noted it as a bad sign. She went back to her corner and sat on a readied stool there, leaning on the ropes as a few volunteer girls helped rub her down, cheer her on, and get her refreshed for round 2, unawares that she may have just used up the last of her juice just on round 1.

In her corner, Megan scowled even more hatefully over at Ashley. Bunny toweled and watered her, tossing a few light painkillers into her mouth for good measure. “Look, she’s getting tired,” Bunny assured her firmly enforced social better. “You can still beat her. She got lucky.”

“I know that!” Megan snapped back at her angrily, the serum helping get her wits back quickly. “That little dork must have given her a stronger dose than she did us. But she’s old news. She’s washed up before she’s out of college. And I’ll show it to everyone.” She nodded back at Bunny to dismiss her when she was cleaned up a bit. “Get Liz and Allegra. Get ready for round 2,” she intoned grimly, getting Bunny to grin and nod knowingly.

Natasha and Gabby were busy watching over Kimmy the last day or so. They’d been shuffling her around their dorm rooms when they could in the few days before the match, treating her like a (very bullied) guest with food and all. She was an easy enough target herself, and not a threat in the slightest without her formula. So on the day of the match, they’d pushed her onto the sisters.

Megan had told them to keep her locked up somewhere and make sure nobody came to her rescue. They complained that Ashley would be at the fight, unable to help, and that Kimmy couldn’t do anything to interfere with the match anyway without her secret, but they caved in the end. They were promised that someone would be taping the whole fight, and settled by keeping one eye on Kimmy in the study room in their dorm. They simply sat her in a chair in the corner with some magazines, half paying attention while they played some games on their smartphones.

Kimmy fidgeted just thinking about what she was missing, and how she had helped create it. She fiddled through the magazines a bit, seeing as she was there a few hours, trying to get her mind off things or come up with something.

“I’m bored,” she piped up at last, a few hours in. By the looks of them, so were Natasha and Gabby.

“Don’t care,” Gabriella snapped back lazily. “Read your magazines.”

“I already did.” She didn’t find anything interesting in the fashion rags, and she’d only bought so much time with the video game one.

“Then just sit still and shut up,” Gabby insisted.

Kimmy frowned at that and kicked her feet antsily. “Can I at least borrow that? I haven’t played Angry Birds in forever.” She pointed over at Gabby’s Iphone.

“Uh, no. I’m using it.”

“Ugh, let her use mine,” Natasha groaned, holding it out. “Anything to shut her up.”

Kimmy started for it when Gabby finally started up with a jolt, grabbing back Natasha’s arm. “No! Wait, she’s just trying to use your phone to call for help!”

Natasha pulled her arm back loose and roller her eyes. “Call who? She doesn’t have any friends besides the one getting her ass kicked.”

“What about the cops?!” Gabby insisted.

“Duh, she doesn’t have any friends who are cops,” Natasha said with a roll of her eyes. Gabby seemed to pause at that, then shrugged and handed it over. True to her word, Kimmy took it and started playing with it, but knew they had a point. She didn’t know anyone on campus who could be much help besides Ashley, and it wasn’t really a matter for the police. And that was all assuming she could contact someone without them noticing.

It was then that the girls heard some footsteps pounding up the stairwell. Tasha and Gabby looked at each other in confusion and concern. Even without the fight of the year going on, it was early in the semester. Nobody should be using the secluded study room.

“Is that fatty D and Slutmantha?” Gabriella asked her sister, out of immediate earshot of the girls as they spotted them and their hostage.

“Kimmy!” Diana called with a high wave of her hand.

“Girls!” Kimmy shouted back excitedly. She’d only met Sam and Diane a few times lately with Ashley, but they were a sight for sore eyes all the same.

“Hey, mind if we borrow her?” Samantha asked, pointing to the brown-haired genius. “Kind of important.”

“No! We’re keeping her! She’s our geek now!” insisted Gabby, stepping in front of Kimmy’s line of sight and leaning a hand on her curvy hip.

The tension in the air thickened as the girls stared eachother down, Diana and Samantha moving in on the sisters. Sam made her move first, proving that even at her size, she still had some athletics under all her soft exterior. She bolted past Gabriella as she grabbed at her, but Gabby caught her by the back of her shirt as she passed. Sam staggered back as Natasha looked back at the struggle, leaving her open for Diana to tackle into her side. The chubby goth crashed to the ground with with Natasha beneath her, squashed under her bulk as their bulging chests pressed together.

Sam’s top tugged down a bit, showing more shoulder and cleavage than she’d had liked but ignoring it for the sake of the fight. Instead of fixing it, she swung her arm back to smash an elbow into Gabriella’s face. She gave a high shriek in return, tumbling backward into some of the chairs and grabbing on to stay standing. Samantha went after her, but she shoved a chair into her legs to make her stumble.

With the opening, Gabby grabbed her blond opponent by the hair and tugged hard, getting a yelp from Samantha as Gabby used it to bang her head into the tabletop in the study room.

It hit with a satisfying thud, and harder than Gabby’s fists might have, but Sam had taken worse practicing with her brother from the wrestling team. She had shrugged off bigger hits to her friends and fellow athletes with the story of how she got stitches learning to wrestle on the trampoline in their old backyard. She braced one elbow on the table top as if getting ready to armwrestle, just to reach back with her other hand. Her fingers grabbed onto the waistband of Gabby’s skirt, yanking down and back to send her hurling back by the weight of her own voluptuous ass.

The bottomheavy sister crashed to the carpet as Samantha turned and lunged for her, throwing punches like they were going out of style. Gabby just cried out in shock and confusion, throwing up her arms in a crude little maze of limbs to minimize just how many hits got through to thump on her tits and face.

Diana, meanwhile, grabbed a handful of Tasha’s hair to hold her head steady. Her other hand smacked down on her like she was swinging an invisible hammer, clubbing at her head. Natasha wailed back, shooting her fist straight up into Diana’s face for a quick stinging shot. Diana grunted and was forced to lean back, trying to right herself back up holding her reddened nose. Tasha took the chance to lunge up at her, swinging her fists wildly to smack into Diana’s hefty boobs and belly. The padding ate up much of the impact, but still jiggling like crazy and giving loud, wet smacking noises as the hit connected. “Where’s all that fucking fight now, fatty!?” Tasha barked down at her aggressively.

Diana backed off as she brought her hands lower to deflect a few of the hits, shooting a kick into Natasha’s own bouncing breasts. “OOOOF!” One was nearly flattened into her ribs by Diana’s boot heel as she curled up holding her chest. Stumbling over the carpet, Diana dragged herself up by one of the chairs and send another stomp down on top of Natasha’s other tit, milking another pained scream out of her as she looked to keep the chesty bully down and off of her.

Natasha whined and kicked at her in the belly, right below her proud hanging jugs that shook with every blow. She grabbed Natasha by the collar of her shirt, yanking it up to leave her on her knees as the chubby ex-goth sent one fist after another into her pretty face, leaving her hanging punchdrunk off her shirt. The pulling of her collar did leave her shirt yanked upward, exposing Tasha’s belly and a good portion of her lower bra for anyone who happened to b in the study hall, though just the fighting girls and Kimmy at this point.

Looking worse for the wear, Gabby reached out to claw and shove at Samantha’s face, leaving a few light scratches but not much else as the big blond tried forcing her hands back from her before she could do some real damage. Kimmy popped up behind her and grabbed some hair to yank back sharply, enough to get a squeak out of Gabriella. She tried tried some blind grabbing behind her for the ambushing geek, but was quickly quieted and halted when Samantha wound up one big slug to the kisser, Gabby flying off her feet and crashing into the table, bouncing off with a wooden thud and landing like a groaning ragdoll on the floor with her beloved ass sticking up in the air, her pants still yanked partway down from their fight to show more than a tasteful hint of thong.

“Got her,” Samantha huffed, wiping some sweat from her face and wincing at a few scratches, but otherwise faring far better than her opponent. Diana looked similar, with Natasha hanging by her handful of hair and looking not unconscious, but ready to flop onto the floor as soon as she let go and stopped hitting her. Diana turned to face Samantha, smirking and letting go to test her Newtonian theory, letting Natasha smack to the rug on the floor, her boobs squashing out beneath her to puff out at her sides. “I’m good,” Diana confirmed, Kimmy rushing up between them.

“Thank you both so much! But we’ve got to move! The other girls!”
Samantha nodded and waved off her explanation. “We know, Ash is fighting Megan now, and she’s running low. You can make more fast, right?”

Kimmy nodded. “Back at my room. I’ve got a few doses I was experimenting with before they got me. I gave Megan a watered down version, so it should be just what she needs to win. If we hurry we can still make it!”

The girls started running as Diana piped in. “So… you said a few doses? As in enough for more than one person?”

The bell sounded for round 2, and Ash was already feeling sluggish. She was up and itching to fight, but her body was starting to ache with exhaustion. She knew it had to be the formula crapping out on her, and at hardly a worse possible time. Maybe if she’d been planning to step in front of a tank.

Ashley put her guard up while Megan braced and ready for her when she threw her first punch. Megan brought her glove in to smack hers out of the way, her other hand snaking back around for a sudden uppercut to Ashley’s jaw. It hit with a resounding smack, the crowd giving sympathetic “Ohhh!”s of pain from the power blow. Ashley flew off her feet, relying on her same old, sub-par physique, only this time Megan was hopped up on a super drug to make her even MORE powerful.

She flew back and rolled completely across the ring, eyes rolling wildly and didn’t stop seeing stars until her body bumped against the ropes and stopped her unwilling travel. Bunny laughed as Ashley was barely able to blink and start getting back up, faintly recognizing that Liz and Allegra had joined her. For what it was worth, they still appeared pretty banged up and weary from the night before, which was why they hadn’t been part of the group with Amber to jump Ashley on her way.

Ash was having too much trouble just standing up to worry about them, though. Stef quick to move towards her and start the countout, but Ash got back to her feet before a hurried 5, even if she was a bit foggy in the head. She waved off Steph as she insisted if she was okay to continue a bit too strongly. Ash ignored her and started to move back out of the corner… just to suddenly feel her feet jerk out from under her and land flat on her face.

Ash let out a girlish wail as she held her sore nose, already a little battered but then hit harder by the fall, especially with normal scrawny coed level pain resistance. The crowd booed and shouted objections as Megan put her gloves on her hips. “Where have you idiots been!?” she snapped.
Amber released Ashley’s legs after she’d tripped, cracking her knuckles proudly. She winced as she was still a little more than a little sore from her fight with Diana. She had showered off most of the garbage and her hair still hung wet as she jogged over into Megan’s corner. “Got tied up. Sorry, Megan,” Amber panted, having run to make it as quick as she had.

“No fair,” Ashley groaned, trying to rise again. She felt her leg grabbed again, this time by Kasey as she raised and slammed Ashley’s knee down onto the edge of the boxing ring. Ashley screamed and held onto her pained joint.

“Anything goes, we said that right on the announcement,” Kasey insisted as she waltzed over to join the other cackling girls.

Stephanie was too busy laughing to even count, at least something still in Ashley’s advantage. The crowd booed and tossed fliers and junk at Megan’s cheating friends as Ashley boosted herself up onto her elbows, just for Megan to appear in front of her and shoot a glove down to smash her face back into the mat. It felt like being hit by a tiny speeding car as Ash’s head bounced on the ring, eyes blurred by tears and her ratttled brain as she laid a drooling mess on the ground, moaning and trying to roll to get her limbs back under her.

She started to rise again, but apparently not fast enough fo Megan. She grabbed her by the hair and hoisted her to her feet, getting a pained cry out of Ashley before she shoved her into the ropes. She sent several speeding punches into her as she held her against the elastic bands, socking her loudly in her modest chest this time. Bunny and Liz climbed onto the edge of the ring to hold onto Ashley’s arms, and Allegra taking her legs, pulling her limbs back behind her so Megan could get clear shots on her tits and belly until Ashley’s entire torso ached, redness showing all around her neckline and navel from the overpowered dirty shots. Ashley could only grunt and groan with each crushing hit, the once powerful geeky girl forceibly returned to her roots in front of the entire campus.

“You like that?!” Megan crowed aggressively. “Like that, fucking nerd? Did you miss me and my girls giving you shit like this?!” She ranted as she belted away on Ashley, finally grabbing her by the hair again as the other girls finally released her arms, though they just hung like noodles in her overwhelming fatigue.

Megan wrapped an arm around Ashley’s head and the pressure was like being caught in a vice, as if her biceps were twice as big as they looked. Ash tried yanking free, but nothing quick enough to prevent her next attack. Megan held her in place as she swung a hooking swing into her face. “UHHN!” Ash could only grunt stupidly at the impact, her body shaking weakly.

“Come on, get her, Ash!” shouted a random fan over the din, Ash barely even able to push at Megan’s arms let alone break free from them. Meg sent several more loud, smacking punches into her face as it was trapped, leaving her swollen and sore all over at this point, trying to keep pace with the parading Megan with a banged up knee courtesy of Kasey.

“This look like your champ!?” Megan shouted to the crowd, raising a hand overhead to show off Ashley’s beaten form. She received more boos and insults for her jeering, laughing as she grounded her glove into Ashley’s face like a painful modified noogie. “Yea, she’s a real looker, right!? She ever tell you what a kinky slut she is?!”

Megan brought her glove back, tugging down on Ashley’s shorts to show her simple white panties. Ash yelled in objection, but was barely able to muster the air to be heard. Megan raised her glove again dramatically, holding Ashley bent over before she swung it back, spanking her loudly with the sound of leather on flesh. Ashley gave a loud cry of pain and shame, and Megan went on whipping her with the glove across her ass in a public spanking before her fellow students. All the while her girlfriends laughed and cheered Megan on, finally getting their revenge after all their suffering and shame.

Even with the sexy display, the crowd booed Megan’s success all the same. Megan finally seemed to get bored of this and let Ashley go. Barely able to stand, she stumbled back into the ropes and slung an arm over the top one, supporting herself as her other hand clumsily and half-heartedly pulled up on her shorts to cover her reddened ass and panties again. She barely managed to accomplish this before Amber hopped onto the ropes behind her, shoving Ashley in the back to force her back into the middle of the ring.

Megan was waiting there for her, swinging another vicious hook to smack into Amber’s belly as she approached. She doubled up and coughed loud and hard as spit flew from Ashley’s lips. “Eww, skank germs!” Megan whined mockingly, wiping some off her chest lazily with one glove. “Take it outside, tramp! I’m sure your gross nerdy fans want some of that!” She used her teeth to yank off one of her gloves, this time using her bare hand to sink her claws into Ashley’s hair and scalp. Ash screamed fresh pain as Megan marched her to the ropes, shoving her into them and choking her by pressing her throat over the top rope. Ash gagged and choked again, thrashing her legs and arms for anything to push off of. She clawed at Megan’s arms and pushed on the ropes, neither doing much to break her free.

“What’s wrong, bitch? Haven’t had your weekly swirly in a while? Thought you knew how to hold your breath, brainiac! Come on! Give up! BEG FOR MERCY, YOU UPPITY LITTLE CUNT!” Ash coughed up more spittle over the ring apron, struggling to choke down some air. Amber, Bunny and Kasey gathered around, getting in their licks as Megan worked her over.

Bunny groped at her small tits as she insulted her looks, with Amber sending some fists into her lower belly with a vengance. Kasey raked her painted nails over Ashley’s flesh, giving her more to scream about but hardly the air to do it. Allegra slapped Ash across her cheeks until they stung and shone a bright red, and Liz pulled an arm through the ropes to bite into her wrist and forearm cruelly.

Ash could barely make out the crowd with her clouding vision and teary eyes, Megan finally letting go. She instantly collapsed to the mats, coughing and holding her neck as she whimpering and curled up on herself.

At ringside, Bunny had grabbed Megan’s towel from her corner, but for the opposite of throwing it in. At least in a metaphorical sense. She stretched the towel out and lashed it around Ashley’s neck, forming a crude noose to pull up at the blond’s scrawny neck and chin. Ash grabbed at it and gagged, kicking her feet to thump on the mats as she thrashed wildly.

Bunny leaned down past the ring apron, pulling on it harder with gravity at her side to press down on her windpipe with the improvised weapon.
“Looked a little wet there, champ!” Kasey giggled. “Thought you could use a towel!”

Bunny stopped the strangling, but only because she saw Megan stomping after her. She pulled back to let Megan sit down on Ashley’s stomach, her sweaty shorts sticking to the blond’s belly as she wound up and rained punches down on her like a furious meteor storm.

“Come on, bitch!? No more backtalk!? No more fuckin’ smart shit to say!?” Megan was on a rampage, verbally and physically abusing Ash right into the mats. She simply rocked with the punches and moaned and shouted in pain, either not able to talk back or realizing it was a waste of her time.

SLAM! “I want you to beg, you pig!” BAM! “Scream for me, you shit!

“SMASH! “You ruined me! You fucking ruined me!” Megan slammed away at her until Ashley could barely even hear her voice, lolling over the mats and drooling weakly, her entire body throbbing before she whited out from an especially hard and loud blow between the eyes.

She opened her eyes again at a new angle. Looking around, she soaked in the new scene. She was sitting on her stool again in her corner, apparently a break before the new round since Megan was sitting on hers. Ashley must have been dragged back to her corner by her assistants, or else stumbled back there in a stupor. She felt sore and humiliated and just everything awful at once.

Megan scowled at her with a sneer as Bunny helped towel her off, sweating from exertion with how badly she’d beaten her rival.

“Nice hitting, Meg!” Bunny encouraged. “You’re doing great!”

Amber nodded. “You can really have your way with her next round. Let’s strip her and throw HER in a dumpster!”

Steph leaned into their corner, generally being un-ref-like. “What’s your move this time, boss? How you going to hurt her?”

“She hasn’t begged yet,” Megan snarled. The other girls looked at her puzzled, but dropped it with the venom she stared at Ashley. “I’m going to break that little cunt, you watch. I won’t let her leave this ring until she begs for my mercy like she used to…”

Ashley groaned and leaned back in her corner, accepting the small comfort of her ring girls sponging off her forehead. She didn’t seem to be bleeding by some small miracle, probably some final gift of the serum to her body, like a survival mechanism. It might be why she didn’t seem to have a concussion, she thought, but wasn’t sure if that made any sense. Not much did right now with her head as fuzzy as it was. Especially the cheers…

Just about every voice in the gym was cheering for her in some way. A bunch just chanted her name, drowning out Megan and her threats so much that she could barely talk to her teammates. Some shouted, things like “Take her down, Ashley!” “Time for a comeback!” “Kick some ass, Ash!” “We love you, Ashley!”

She had to smile. Maybe it was adrenaline talking, but everyone was behind her. They wanted her to win, no matter how bad off she was. They were that dedicated to her, or maybe just that much against Megan and her bitchy, cheating, stealing, kidnapping ways.

She had to push on. Everyone watching her, counting on her, she at least had to go out swinging. And go out big.

“Hey!” She called out to Megan, the crowd quieting at the first noise from Ashley in a while. “I wanna change the bet. I beat you and you let Kimmy go,” Ashley managed to call loud enough to reach her.

Megan chuckled and shrugged. “Oh please. Like you’ve got a prayer in winning in the first place!”

“So?” Ashley prodded with a defiant scowl. Megan weighed the words a bit before she shrugged her mostly bare shoulders. “Sure, why not? I could say I’d go to the moon and dance naked on it, but it’s about as likely to happen as you winning.”

Ashley sighed and nodded to herself, a bit more drunkenly than she’d like. But the bell sounded and with a few last encouraging pats and shouts, she rose up to face her unbeatable enemy.

She’d hardly rose to her feet when the gym door busted open. Most people didn’t bother looking, assuming it to be some late freshman that had overslept the event of the entire generation of students. Diana and Samantha were moving fast enough and were big enough to shove through a few unlucky souls in the way, Kimmy scampering along behind them closely.

“Ash, wait up!” Diana called, waving a hand overhead. With her opponent and her toadies looking over anyway, Ashley spared herself a look and brightened up to see them, a little roughed up and untidy but smiling and with Kimmy holding up a water bottle. She saw the familiar sparkle and oily sloshing to the contents, the same as she’d seen her formula do when she did her demonstrations.

“Who are those pigs?!” Megan snapped, confused by the attention towards the girls’ entrance. She hadn’t bothered to pay much attention to Diana and Samantha herself, letting her “middle management” bullies handle them. “Wait, what the hell?!” Megan blurted when she realized Kimmy was behind them. “I thought Tash and Gabs had them!”

“They’re napping,” Samantha said dismissively. Megan glared down at her girls, Liz and Allegra rushing to intercept them. Allegra lunged and grabbed a hold of the water bottle, wrestling with Kimmy’s grip for a moment before Diana brought her elbow crashing into her face. “AHH!” she screamed and backed off, holding her nose instead of the bottle. Liz came behind her to dart past Diana, just for Sam to suddenly slip right in front of her. She spread out her thick arms to grab Liz in a bearhug, spinning to one side in a simple wrestling move that crushed Liz to the ground with a huge woosh as the air left her chest, rising back up to leave her wheezing on the stadium floor.

Sam quickly crawled under the ropes, reaching under to pull in Kimmy with her. Diana squeezed in after her, flashing a smile at their slowly grinning friend. “Hey, Ash. Doctor’s back in, and she’s got your medicine.”

Kimmy produced the bottle, with things finally dawning on Megan as far as what was happening. Her remaining girls rushed towards Ashley’s corner, but too far and too slow to do anything about it. Megan had her olympian speed, however, bursting towards them like a shot and winding up to smack the bottle from her hands.

Before she could even complete the swing, Sam threw an arm up just as quickly, cutting off her attack and Megan giving a pained cry as she withdrew her arm, hugging the stinging forearm where she’d connected with Samantha.

“We’re having girl talk. No interrupting,” she insisted with a frown. Diana took it a step further, in fact stepping between Megan and them to shove her in the chest, sending Megan toppling onto her ass and tumbling halfway across the ring.

“What the fuck!?” Megan demanded, shocked to be floored when she’d just been dominating the fight. She hadn’t considered that Diana and Samantha had just dosed up themselves on the tonic on the way over, suddenly on par with the powered up Ashley or better. “This isn’t fair! Get out of my ring!”

Diana feinted a punch at the incoming Bunny, her and the other girls in Megan’s corner cringing back in surprise. “Sure looks like your backup was fair game. Lucky I don’t just squash you now myself, but I’m saving that privelage for Ash.”

“New and improved!” Kimmy chimed as she emptied her bottle into Ash’s lips, gulping it down and standing straighter and stronger than she had the whole fight. Even her remaining bruises seemed a bit lighter as her body worked overtime to patch herself up, and her newly regained endurance blocking out the pesky notion of pain.

Ashley raised her gloves and grinned confidently, shuffling her feet a bit and meeting Megan’s gaze. “Ready for me to turn you into a REAL knockout, bitch?” she goaded.

Megan stared in shock, the other girls stepping aside to lean against the nearby ropes. Megan pushed herself back up, getting her practiced stance back and darting in, throwing a punch for Ashley’s face. She hadn’t even fully retracted her fist before Ash had dodged out of the way, and sent each glove across her face like a pair of rubber bullets to her cheeks. Megan staggered back, dizzily trying to keep her feet under her as her body couldn’t figure out which way to fall. She rubbed her forearm over her face, smearing her makeup a bit before waving a glove angrily at Ashley and her friends. “Get them! Take them all down!” The girls, even the recently recovering Liz and Allegra, rose up to rush to her aid and bum rush the ring.

Kimmy squeaked and hurried back out of the ropes, but in the ring all the remaining girls on both sides charged one another in a frenzy.

Megan and Ashley were out front with their extra speed and closer range, Megan swinging for Ashley’s small chest. This time her fist all but bounced off as it connected with the lean muscle. Ashley swung for the same target, though her harder hit sunk into Megan’s sizable tits, squashing her right jug into her ribs with a husky “OOF!” The crowd went nuts at the comeback as Ashley went nuts, slugging away at Megan too fast for her guard as she pelted her head and body, her longer hair whipping behind her head as it was flung about by Ash’s furious barrage.

Bunny got behind her to reach for her hair, only for Diana to ram her bulky body into her, blowing the skinny Bunny completely off her feet. “No you don’t!” she commanded, just before Amber charged in and swung at her. Diana’s head whipped back from the punch as it crossed her forehead, just to grab Amber by the hair and give her a streetwise headbutt back. “UGH!” The fit boxer stumbled back dazed, still not fully recovered from her fight and having taken the worse end of the beating in their previous matchup.

“Damn if you’ve got a thick head,” Diana grinned, rubbing her temple in an exaggerated motion. “Let’s try something softer!” She pulled back on Amber’s hair to make her arch her back, then slammed another headbutt down into Amber’s cleavage. The busty boxer grunted louder, rubbing her sternum as she stumbled back.

Sam had already crashed into Kasey like a football tackle, sending her all the way back into a corner. Kasey tried to wriggle free, just for Samantha to throw out her arms and grab the ropes to briefly trap her there. “My brother’d chew me out if I got stuck in a corner like that,” she grinned at her trapped bully. “Easy way to get your ass kicked, that.”

She swung a knee up into Kasey’s belly, getting a loud grunt from her as she held her slim and trim midsection, knees shaking a moment before falling onto them. Samantha took the invitation to grip the top ropes and shove her knee forward and crush her tit into her body. Kasey let out a large grunt, bouncing back into the corner as Samantha repeated the move, juggling her back and forth a while before stepping aside and letting her land as a battered mess on the mat.

Megan managed to get her guard up, soaking up a few of Ashley’s hits but unable to stop them all. She threw a jab that grazed Ashley’s temple, but she didn’t seem to notice as she socked Megan dead in the mouth, knocking her head aside with a spray of spit and eyes whipping out of control as she tried to see straight again.

“What’s wrong? Don’t you like it?” Ashley mimicked her earlier taunting. Bunny grabbed at her arms to hold one back, only for Ash to swing it aside and toss Bunny back until she bumped into Samantha and Kasey. Megan tackled into Ash to grab around her midsection, like any good stalling boxer as she tried to power her into the mats. Ash stood strong, sending more shots into Megan’s ribs to work out some howls of pain from her as she was doubled over, resisting the urge to sink so low as spanking her back.

While Sam was busy crushing Bunny into her corner, Liz leapt onto her back, reaching around to try and choke her from behind. Her hold was sloppy, getting more of Samantha’s breasts than her throat, the big blond backing up from Bunny enough to grab at Liz’s arms and pry them off. “Take me out for dinner first, sheesh!” she growled, turning and ramming backward so that Liz was crushed between her back and the turnbuckle. Liz grunted heavily, barely holding on as Samantha spun around, whipping her off of her like a tilt-a-whirl gone wild, sending the girl rolling across the ring.

Bunny spun around as Sam raised her arms to grab for her, shrieking and grabbing a fistful of sand from her pocket and throwing it into her eyes. Samantha shouted in angry surprise as she rubbed to get it from her eyes, Bunny shoving her so that she tripped over the still downed Kasey. With her down, both girls hurried to pounce on her like hyenas, swinging away at her. She was still bigger than them and tougher from the serum, but it didn’t go unnoticed as she shouted and cursed and kicked at them.

Diana saw this going down, dodging one of Amber’s clumsy jabs before sending both her fists arcing inward, just missing her own big jugs to smush Amber’s into eachother. “Comin’, Sam!” she called back, backhanding Amber to knock her aside and rush to her aid. Allegra suddenly cut into her way, throwing a kick at Diana’s impressive belly. It might have proven trouble before, but her improved reflexes quickly lashed her hands forward, catching her by the foot. allegra was left hopping awkwardly before Diane shove it upward, getting a scream from Allegra as she was forced into a vertical split and thrown over backward, performing a full flip before her head slammed into the mats, curling up and holding her cherry-colored head.

Diana moved on like an unstoppable locomotive and wrapped one fist in the other, swinging a double-handed smash across the back of Kasey’s head. The drama queen went flying to the mat flat on her stomach, letting Sam reach up and grab Bunny by her face. She squealed in pain as Sam squeezed her thick strong hand around her cheeks and temples, standing back up. She was still blinking away some of the sand, but it was hard to miss a girl sitting on top of you. She stood up still holding Bunny, lifting her off her feet. “Noooo! No no no please! Lemee gooo!” Bunny pleaded pathetically.

“Man, you chicks even beg annoying,” Diana commented before she slugged the dangling Bunny across the face, toppling her out of Samantha’s grip, and out of the ring as she fell over the ropes, hitting the floor below like a rag doll as the crowd cheered.

Amber had gotten her head on straight despite her throbbing tits, seeing their leader in trouble. Ashley had worked her sides enough, and leaned low enough to start punching her tits this way and that like twin speedbags. Amber rushed to her rescue, but for Ashley to twist and swing Megan in her way. They tripped over eachother and fell as Ashley stepped back, spitting on the mat angrily.

“You want a piece too, you’re welcome to it!” she snapped, grabbing them each by the collar of their tops. She shoved them upright and into the ropes, then yanked back with her clumsy gloved hands. It was still enough to yank their shirts off, leaving them topless and their battered jugs exposed. Ashley swung a sharp hook across Megan’s face, clearly overpowered with Ashley’s latest dose of the serum that punched right through her defenses, leaving her flopping across the ropes with them at her back.

Ashley turned and immediately followed with a shot to Amber’s face, giving her the same. She repeated it back and forth, leaving both punchdrunk and gurgling pathetically until she lowered her aim, pounding both girls’ tits. The fans chanted her name as she finally got her rhythm perfected, and was punching so fat between them that she was speedbagging both tits, complete with the leathery sound effects and screamingly pained speed bags.

Diana went after Kasey, kicking her in the belly as she tried to rise and dive at her with her claws outstretched. She scratched at Diana’s chunky leg ineffectually, the big girl wrapping an arm around her head and lifting her up facing away from her, Diana’s big boobs pushing into her back and shoulders. “Hope you feel like getting soapy, bitch,” Diana grinned at her. “Cuz looks like your boss is about to get you girls some naked time at the car wash.” Diana aimed Kasey to see the cruel fate of her leader, moaning as Diana threw her forward, letting her head go through the ropes but her waist getting caught, left dangling with her ass up in the air in the ring.

Stephanie suddenly slammed into Diana from behind, clawing at her with one hand and swinging her other as a thick fist. “That’s fucking it! I’m the goddamn ref! You bitches get out now!”

“Sounding real neutral there,” Diana grunted, doubling over to try and avoid what swings she could and hold Stephanie at bay with her big hips. “No love for a fellow big girl? Fine!” She twisted and slammed her elbow into Stephanie’s side, wind shooting from her lungs as Samantha came in behind her, grabbing her shoulder to spin her around and slugging her in the belly. Her fist sunk in deep as Stephanie’s eyes crossed, squeaking out weakly. Both girls got the same idea, and Sam and Diane grabbed for her checkered top and ripped it off of her, tugging it over her head and Sam throwing it from the ring.

“Here, Kimmy. You’re ref now. Got a shirt and everything.”

Kimmy giggled and tugged it over her shirt. “Wow, fits any everything.

Lucky cow tits was such a slutty dresser!”

Liz and Allegra were slowly crawling back up from the mats, but seeing their losing battle, they tried to sneak away like rats from their sinking ship of a plan. “Nice try!” Diana shouted, making them both jump and freeze in surprise as Sam grabbed them by the ankles, yanking them back towards the middle of the ring. The process dragged their tits across the mats, giving them some rough rugburn across their nipples that had them screaming the whole way. Sam held onto their legs as Diana walked up beside them, jumping up and stomping her big legs down so that a foot crushed into each of their backs, making them bounce on the ring and give a choked scream.

With the two beautiful bullies crushed flat, Sam grabbed Allegra by the collar, yanking her approximately upright. She struggled to drunkenly get her feet back under her, grabbing at Sam for balance, but she delivered a backhand that send her stumbling out of control into the ropes near Ashley and her cornered victims. Diana did much the same, grabbing the hem of Liz’s shorts and her hair to lift her like a rag doll and throw her into the row of ropes lined with the beaten bullies.

Kimmy suddenly frowned and looked to one side, seeing that Tasha and Gabby had finally staggered into the gym as well. They seemed wary at what they were seeing, as the tides were well turned against them already.

“We uh… weren’t really involved in this,” Gabby said, twirling her hair a bit in her finger innocently.

Natasha nodded. “So we’re not involved in this fight or this bet or nothing, we’ll just beeee…”

“You buttholes!” Kimmy shrieked and jumped off her seat in the bleachers, tackling right into them both as they hit the ground under her. Kimmy was a bit of a mousey girl by build, but Tasha and Gabby had just managed to wake up from being knocked out. She still thrashed the crap out of them, swinging her fists wildly to smack their tits and bellies and faces around under her. Gabby tried to crawl away at one point, but just Kimmy to grab her by the hem of her jeans and pull back to bare her ass and drag her back into the fray and the target of her fury.

“Our ref’s busy,” Samantha grinned, shoving Stephanie into the ropes alongside Megan and the rest. “How bout let’s make our own fun before she can get that ten count?”

“Bitchin’,” Diana nodded, leaning out the ring to grab Bunny by the arm and drag her back in. The full lineup of girls lined the ropes, arm in arm to make room as each was stripped of their top, tits punched with optimal speed to leave them bruised and swollen a good cup size bigger.

“Wow, Stef’s got some nice bounce to hers,” Samantha complimented.

“Try her out, then,” Ashley grinned back. “I owe you that much.”

“Oh you’re too kind!” Samantha giggled, switching with her to let Ashley wail on Kasey’s jugs instead.

Kimmy made quick work of the downed sisters. She punched Gabby across the kisser a few times, leaving her a fat lip to match her fat ass.

After that she dragged Natasha by her tits towards the ring and pushed her into the ring apron, punching her in the belly until her jugs popped out of her overly tight-fitting top. The crowd didn’t even know who she was and still cheered her on.

“Kimmy!” Ashley yelled and waved to her. “Come on in! Join us!”

“There’s no room for them,” she laughed back, wiping some sweat from her forehead from her brief explosion on the bully sisters.

“Ah, we’ll squeeze em in,” Diana chuckled.

“Not like they don’t deserve everything they get, right, Megan?”

The leader looked dumbstruck, as if paralyzed by the pain in her tits and her ribs and EVERYTHING! They were all topless, and as Kimmy helped drag the sisters in as well, Diana got to work on ripping off their shorts and pants as they were tangled in the ropes, leaving them mooning half the audience with their variously slutty panties.

“Let’s leave those on,” Sam giggled. “It’s somehow sluttier than if they were naked.”

“Yea, and leave something to surprise people at next week’s car wash,” Kimmy chimed as she tossed the sisters into the ropes as well, all the girls hanging off it like broken puppets with ugly boob jobs. They’d be seeing knuckle-shaped bruises in the showers for weeks for all their wicked planning.

Nearly a half hour of this went on, Kimmy having to take a breather now and then but the incredible stamina on Diana, Samantha, and Ashley after their dosage kept them wailing on one or two. Ashley even showed off a bit by working four tits at once! Finally Ashley sighed like she’d just beaten her own nightmares, pulling Megan’s hair to dump her onto the mats. All her friends and the entirety of the crowd chanted the 10 count mockingly, exploding into cheers and even a rain of confetti from a few of the more prepared students.

Ashley waved her gloved mitts at them with a laugh and a smile so wide she found herself crying in joy. She hugged her friends tight as the seemingly endless cheers went on, even kissing Diana and Sam on the cheeks in thanks.

“Thank you, girls. I couldn’t have done it without you. And thank you all!” she shouted as she turned back to the crowd. “Be sure and support your school, charity, and the fact that we won’t be bullied by these dumb bitches by showing up to that car wash! They’ll be there wearing nothing but suds and the scum from your car!”

And to think she she thought they couldn’t have cheered any louder…

The End

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