5 thoughts on “Astra Khan vs. Sophie – Letters Sent

  1. astrakhan says:

    So glad to see this story make it to the site! It was a pleasure to work with a writer as good as Sophie on it, and I hope that everyone finds it just as fun to read as it was to write.

  2. Sophie says:

    So proud to see this on fights.sexy. Thanks a bunch to my insanely talented partner/rival. Let us know what you think!

  3. phoenixfalcone says:

    Honestly this was a great read. I have never previously partaken much in the way of chat logs such as this. But seeing two very talented writers work such magic together has piqued my interest further. I would love to read further work if you both got together again! Fantastic job.

  4. Wondering48 says:

    What a story! The story was extremely well written and the way you told the story between Sophia and Astra really kept my interest. Having that perspective from each woman made it possible to better understand their thoughts as their fighting continued.
    Also this might be a minority opinion but a sequel just might work for these participants. The fighters in all likelihood will not be willing to fight again, especially since they both know all they might have to experience again.
    Great job.

  5. Ellis Kent says:

    An extremely well written story; an acutely observed story of female relationship – half-friendship half-rivalry…I liked the way the psychological perspective drive the physical aspects of the story.


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