Friends at the Office by Halhow3

With a sigh of relief, Carol pushed her chair away from the computer. Leaning back, she reached up and ran her fingers through her wavy, black hair. At 34 and a mother of three, Carol still had a trim waist, killer legs, and a dazzling almost innocent smile.

“Almost done”, she said as she turned to face her companion.

“All we have to do now is backup the project files to disk and we can go home.”

“Great”, Stacy replied as she sat back and crossed her long, shapely legs. “It’s almost 8 now, Ed is going to have a cow.”

Stacy reached down and unconciously smoothed the lines in her tight black skirt. At thirty, she had long, straight black hair, a full bosum, and an almost doll-like face. A face that concealed a somewhat less than doll-like personality.

“Let him”, Carol smirked. “It wouldn’t hurt your husband to cook his own dinner for a change, mine does it all the time.”

“You know what big babies men can be sometimes. Besides, your husband, Tom, is a sweetheart. Somedays I swear that if I didn’t fuck him, feed him, and dress him, Ed wouldn’t even make it out the door in the morning.”

Carol gave Stacy a questioning glance. “Mornings too uh? My, my he is a little spoiled.”

“Hey”, Stacy grinned as she brushed her long, black hair back out of her face, “what can I say, if you got it use it and I got him so……I use him…”

“You are too much sometimes”, Carol laughed.

Taking a sip of her coffee, Carol turned and popped the first blank disk into the floppy drive. Two clicks of the mouse later and the backup was off. As she turned back, she reached down with one hand and tugged at the hem of her short, beige, skirt where it was trying to ride up over her full and curving thighs.

Stacy picked up a folder and glanced through it for a moment, before leaning forward to drop it back on the desk. As usual, the buttons on her white silk blouse, came close to bursting, as the garment strained to contain her swelling chest.

“Its been a long four months”, she continued.

“Four months of Hell, I would say”, Carol replied.

“I’m just glad its over.”

“Almost over”, Carol nodded, “but not quite, and it hasn’t been all bad. After all you and I are friends now and we hardly knew each other before this project started.”

“True”, Stacy agreed. “I had seen you around the building a lot, but I never thought they would assign us to work together.” Looking down into her coffee with dark brown eyes, she continued, “I didn’t know how it was going to work out at first.”

“What do you mean”, Carol asked?

“You know, its just that you and I both have aggressive, take-charge personalities. I’m surprised we got along so well together. It could have just as easily ended up on the floor with wild hairpulling and tangled thighs.”

“You have too good of an imagination”, Carol chuckled, as she picked a piece of lint off the front of her white satin blouse. “Besides I’m not that much of a bitch, am I?”

“Well….let’s just say you can be a little too…firm…sometimes.”

“Well when you don’t have a set of double D’s, you sometimes have to shout a little louder to get the men’s attention”,Carol replied. “Anyway its just as well, it didn’t come down to that.”

Behind her, the computer chimed once and Carol turned to pop out the first disk, before slipping in second one. Another mouse click, and the computer went back to humming to itself again.

“Why do you say, that”, Stacy asked, “you mean because we ended up such good friends?”

Smiling over her shoulder, Carol winked and said, “It’s because I’d have kicked your ass up and down the hall.”

“Uh? What? What do you mean by that?”

“Nothing. I’m just saying that if you and I had gotten into a catfight, I’d have won.”

“Well I don’t think that’s necessarily so”, Stacy replied with a little edge in her voice. “I’m in pretty good shape I’ll have you know.”

“I’m sorry Stacy dear, but big tits don’t win a catfight”, Carol replied.

“How would you know”, Stacy snapped back.

Turning in her chair, Carol stared at Stacy, their eyes meeting and locking briefly.

“I think we’re going to need a couple of more disks, could you fetch them from the supply cabinet”, Carol asked?

“Sure…”, Stacy replied as she stood up and smoothed out her black skirt. Turning she left.

“Bitch”, Carol muttered under her breath as she turned back to the computer.

A few minutes later, Stacy returned and dropped the loose stack of disks on the desk beside her. Carol jumped and said, “You scared me, I didn’t hear you come in.”

“Good”, Stacy replied as she stalked away with her hands on her hips.

Turning in her chair, Carol looked up at her and said, “Do you have a problem?”

“Yes I do”, Carol replied quickly. “I don’t much like the idea that you think you can kick my ass anytime you’d like.”

Standing up, Carol walked over to her and said, “Hey forget it OK. I’m sorry I even said anything. I didn’t realize you were going to be so sensitive about it. Let’s just pretend I never said a thing and finish so we can leave.”

Carol turned to walk back to the computer, when suddenly she felt a little…shove.

“Hey! Stop that! What’s the matter with you anyway?”

“Nothing’s wrong with me, what’s wrong with you”…Shove!

“Quit pushing me damn it!”

“Oh, who’s going to make me stop”,….Shove….”you?”

“Look”, Carol replied in a suddenly low and serious voice. “I’ve put up with your little Miss Bimbo routine for four months, and I just let it pass, but if you touch me one more time, its over for you dear, do you understand.”

“Let me see”, Stacy replied as she tucked one hand under her chin. “Touch you one more time, you mean like this.”

Reaching out, Stacy, slapped Carol HARD across the face.

Stumbling back, Carol fell against the desk and raised one hand to her quickly reddening cheek. A look of disbelief flashed across her face and was quickly replaced by one of burning anger.

Standing up, she took two steps over to Stacy and slapped her back, HARD. Stacy fell back a couple of steps and then with an angry glare stepped right back again. Carol moved to meet her and suddenly they were chest to chest, and in each other’s faces, breasts pressing against breasts through the thin fabric of their blouses, as they glared at each other nearly nose to nose.

“You’re going to be sorry you every messed with me, you fucking bitch”, Carol whispered as she stared into Stacy’s eyes.

“Oh yeah, well we’ll just see about that won’t we, you stupid whore. That is if you have the nerve to do anything about it. Or are you going to go running home to hubby dear?”

“You wanted a catfight”, Carol continued, “well good news, bitch, you’ve found one.”

“Fine”, Stacy replied as she stared back, pushing her chest hard into her rival’s. “Just say where and when you flat-titted, little Cunt!”

Forcing her own breasts back into Stacy’s ample chest, Carol replied, “how about right here and right now!”

“You’d like to rip this new silk blouse right off of me wouldn’t you, well just forget that Honey.”

“OK then, why don’t you just take it off”, Carol sneered, “As a matter of fact why don’t we both take all of it off.”

Stepping back, Carol glared at her and said, “I’ll meet you in the back storage hall, in 15 minutes, in nothing but my panties, if you’re woman enough to do the same.”

“I’m more woman than you can handle”, Stacy replied, “and your going to learn that tonight.” As she started toward the door, Stacy turned back and said, “what do you say to a little side bet Carol dear, just between friends?”

“Like what”, Carol asked, as she stood there with her hands on her hips.

“Loser eats pussy”, Stacy replied with a little smile.

“Fine by me”, Carol snapped, “I hope you’re hungry Slut!”

“In your dreams, bitch”, Stacy said as she stalked out, slamming the door behind her.

Carol paced back and forth across the office, after Stacy left, her lips pressed tightly together in a thin white line. Finally she struck out with her foot, kicking the waste basket completely across the room.

“That Bitch! That no good fucking, slack-faced Whore! I’m going to kill her, that’s what I’m going to do, I’m just going to kill her!”

Calming down slightly, Carol brushed the hair back out of her face and sat down. After taking several deep breaths, she managed to calm down slightly. Reaching out, she picked up the phone and began to dial.


“Hello, honey, it’s me.”

“Yes, I’m still at work.”

“Well something’s come up and I think it’s going to take a little longer to finish than I planned.”

“Oh, don’t worry. Just go ahead without me and I’ll get home as soon as I can.”

“Love you too. Catch you later, bye.”

Hanging up the phone, Carol took one look around the office, before turning out the lights and locking the door behind her. It was late and all the other offices were empty as she made her way toward the back of the building.

When the building was first constructed, business was booming, and the company planned to add an extension to the back of structure in the near future. Accordingly, they built a long, doorless, hallway that ran down the entire length of the back of the new office. Unfortunately, business took a downturn and the extension was never built. As time passed, the long hall turned into a storage area, where broken equipment and boxes of old papers were stacked up and forgotten. Eventually the corridor became so unsightly that the company built doors on either end of it to hide the clutter.

Almost no one ever came to the hallway, except to occasionally retrieve some half lost piece of hardware. This made the hall an ideal spot for lovers looking to add a little spice to their lunch menu. It also made the hallway a nice, out of the way spot, where two women with a grudge to settle could meet and rip each other’s hair out without fear of being interrupted. Everyone in the company knew about the hall, but no one ever said anything about its “special” uses. It was a well kept if very public secret.

Now as Carol made her way to the hall door, she could feel the tension and excite starting to build inside of her. This wasn’t the first time she had come here, and she suspected that it wouldn’t be Stacy’s first time either.

Pausing at the door, she glanced quickly up the main hallway and then reaching down, opened the door and quietly slipped inside.

Closing the door behind her, Carol paused a minute to let her eyes adjust to the dim lighting. Large crates and sagging boxes loomed up on either side of her. After a few minutes, she left the door and began to move deeper into the hall.

Over the years, the aging fluorescents had died one by one, until only a few flickering tubes remained. Their insect buzz filled the shadowy hallway. Moving around a shelf bulging with dusty ring binders, Carol paused near a discarded card punch machine. Leaning against the rusty antique, she reached down and slipped off her high heels. Standing now in her stocking feet, she reached up and began to slowly undo the buttons on her white silk blouse. Her red lacquered nails undid every button and with a small shrug, she slipped it off her shoulders and dropped it into a nearby box. Reaching behind herself now, she unsnapped the clasp of her white lace bra and slid it down her arms, freeing her pale breasts. Dropping the bra, she ran her hands under her boobs, lifting them up and then gently letting them slip down again. Not bad for a mother of three she thought to herself.

As the cool, musty air of the hall touched her bare nipples they began to harden. Reaching back again, she opened the zipper on her beige skirt. Pushing down with both hands, she forced the skirt over her wide hips and let it drop to the floor. Finally, bending over, she began to roll her pantyhose down and over her hips and thighs until she could reach down and pull it off the ends of her toes, one leg at a time.

Standing now, in nothing, but brief white panties, she quickly gathered up her clothing and dropped it into the box. Straightening, she brushed her hair back and then removed the small gold chain from around her neck and the the three bands of her wedding ring. Dropping these into the box as well, she pulled the lid partly closed and then turned to face down the darkened hallway. Taking a deep breath, she resumed her walk down the corridor.

Making her way slowly around old, dusty, equipment and over badly placed boxes, she paused from time to time to listen for any sound that might give her opponent’s position away. With the shedding of her work clothes, Carol felt as though she had left her inhibitions behind with them. Nearly naked, she crept up the hallway, her heart racing and the blood pounding in her ears like a wardrum as she advanced into battle…

Coming in through the other doorway, Stacy closed it behind herself and tip-toed down the hall. Stopping behind a large shipping crate, she looked carefully up the hall, before beginning to open the front of her white silk blouse. The buttons parted easily under her black enameled nails, and Stacy slipped out of the blouse and dropped it. Reaching for the center clasp on her weary bra, she popped it and her large breasts, nearly exploded from their tight restraint. Unzipping her skirt, she let it drop and kicked it aside, along with her high, black heels. Leaning back, she began to roll her pantyhose down, until she was able to kick free of them. Standing now, in nothing but a pair of small black panties, she stood still, listening for the slightest noise. She could feel her small, dark, nipples beginning to crust in excitement and anticipation of the coming catfight. Carefully, she began to move up the hallway, darting from box to box as she advanced slowly…

As Carol moved deeper and deeper into the hall, the boxes became older and more numerous. Sometimes she had to turn sideways and wiggle to get between the stacks of leaning junk, her rounded butt squirming as she struggled to get through. As she moved, she would pause from time to time and glance upward. Several years ago, a girl in accounting had gotten her ass kicked soundly, when her rival, a girl from sales, had leapt on her from a position on top of one of the crates. That isn’t going to happen to me Carol mused. Slowly she continued onward, looking for any sign of her foe…

Stacy, continued forward. Moving and stopping, moving and stopping as she worked her way farther up the dirty hallway. You’d think this stuff was a hundred years old, Stacy thought to herself as she crouched behind a box and strained to see any movement in the dim light. Standing again, she moved forward another box as she hunted her once friend now turned enemy in the dark and musty hallway…

Carol stopped for a moment and stared. Had she seen a flash of bare skin somewhere ahead? It was impossible to tell for sure. Moving forward again, she arched her back and slipped past a box of old magnetic tapes. There was a small break in the clutter ahead of her and Carol guessed that she must be somewhere near the center of the hall. As she started to move forward again, Stacy came sliding around an wooden crate, not 10 feet from where she stood.

Both women froze, shocked momentarily by the suddenness oftheir encounter. Neither had seen the other nude before and both took a moment to look the other over fully for the first time.

Carol stood posed, one leg slightly ahead of the other. Her wavy, black hair fell past firm shoulders, leading to small, perk breasts. Her slightly rounded belly rose above wide hips and muscular legs. the result of hours spent running on the home treadmill. Slowly her bright blue eyes, wandered over her rival’s exposed features.

Stacy faced her, with hands on her hips. Long, straight, black, hair fell past a doll-like face. Her large breasts, hung low, above a hard stomach and generous hips. Her legs were long and shapely, a lovely package, with a heart of ice.

Neither of them said a word, the talking was over, they were here to FIGHT! Carol took two quick steps and lunged for her rival. Stacy ran to meet her and they slammed into each other HARD. Clinching body to body, they grabbed for each other’s hair and stumbled backwards, locked in battle. Two half-naked women fighting each other chest to chest in the dark and dusty hallway.

Tearing at each other furiously, pulling hair and cursing, they jerked each other back and forth across the floor. Eyes flashing with rage, each struggled to throw the other to the torn and dirty carpeting as they bounced off old boxes and worn out crates.

Thrusting with her powerful legs, Carol pushed Stacy backwards, forcing her up against one of the large wooden crates. Pinning her against the rough wood, she slammed her chest into her rival’s, driving the breath from Stacy’s aching lungs. Stacy arched her back, driving her larger boobs back into Carol’s chest, and the two girls, struggled tit to tit as they leaned against the wildly tottering box.

Dropping her hands to Stacy’s shoulders, Carol took half step back and quickly drove her knee up and into her rival’s soft belly. With an agonizing moan, Stacy doubled up. Carol leaned in and trapped her rival’s head under her right arm as she drove her knee upwards again, this time smashing hard into Stacy’s tangling breasts. Stumbling back from the crate, Carol held her grip on Stacy’s head while trying to keep on her feet.

Stacy reached up and wrapped her arms around Carol’s waist. Pushing hard now, she shook her blue-eyed rival left and right, then drove her backwards into the nearest wall, planting her shoulder deep into Carol’s stomach. As Carol gasped in pain, her grip weakened and Stacy was able to slip down and away to freedom.

Standing up straight once again, Stacy quickly threw a stinging slap that spun Carol half around before Stacy pushed her back into the wall. Pinning her with one arm across the throat, Stacy reached in low and seized one of Carol’s jiggling breasts. Pinching the stiff, pink, nipple between thumb and forefinger, Stacy gave it a hard, vicious twist. Carol, screamed in pain and thrashed against the wall as Stacy grinned and continue to work the nipple back and forth between her fingers.

Drawing a deep breath, Carol turned and unleashed a hard right fist, striking the hazel-eyed brunette in the side of the head. Stacy stumbled backwards and fell flat on her back, legs spread wide. With an animalistic snarl, Carol stepped forward and kicked her twice, before dropping on top of her. The two quickly turned into a kicking, thrashing tangle of naked arms and bare legs, fighting and squirming its way across the floor.

Body to body, the two rivals rolled over and around each other. Slick with sweat, they slipped in and out of each other’s grasp as they battled for position. Twisting around behind her cursing rival, Stacy threw her long legs around Carol’s waist and belly. Locking her ankles together, she quickly squeezed her smooth thighs around her enemy’s middle. Carol gasped in pain and rolled onto her back, pushing at Stacy’s legs with the palms of her hands as she tried to squirm free.

Planting her heels in the carpeting, Carol arched her back, twisting left and then right as she strove to work her way out from between Stacy’s crushing legs. Sweat trickled down her chest and between her quivering breasts she struggled to slip free.

Collapsing back onto the floor, she turned slightly to one side and glared at her enemy with a look of pure hatred. Her left hand thrust out, quick as a striking snake, her long nails aiming for Stacy’s fat right boob.

Anticipating this move, Stacy grabbed her left wrist before Carol’s nails could find their mark and then her right wrist when Carol tried with it as well. Holding both hands now,Stacy continued to punish her rival, squeezing her legs together, harder and harder as Carol winced and squirmed in pain. Lying almost side by side on the filthy carpet, the two women panted for breath as they struggled against each other.

Pushing out with her legs, Carol rolled Stacy onto her back. Forcing her legs straight now, she tried to arch up off the floor and break Stacy’s grip. Stacy continued to keep her legs locked tightly around her foe. Plastered chest to sweating chest, the two rivals glared at each other in the dim light, their teeth bared in white lines of anger. Twisting down at the waist, Carol slipped her head lower until she managed to fasten her mouth on one of Stacy’s hard, protruding nipples. Taking the tit in her teeth, Carol bit down until she felt the taste of blood. Stacy screamed like a steam whistle and quickly released her grip on Carol’s waist as she forced Carol’s head back and threw her to the side. Scrambling to her feet, she quickly unleashed a solid kick, right on Carol’s ass, before backing up, cradling her throbbing breast.

Rolling away from the kick, Carol rose to her feet as well, the two fighters stared at each other angrily as both struggled to recover their breath after the wild tangle on the floor.

Curling her fingers into claws, Carol leaned forward and raked her right hand down Stacy’s already bleeding breast. Stacy howled as the red enameled nails, bite into her tender flesh. Screaming in pain and anger, she lashed back with a wild right hand strucking Carol in the face, just below the left eye. Carol fell back and Stacy followed her, nails slashing for her rival’s face.

Bumping into the wall behind her, Carol ducked under Stacy’s clawing right hand. Dropping to one knee, she wrapped her arms around her enemy’s narrow waist and twisted, slamming Stacy into the plaster board. Grunting from the impact, Stacy grabbed her rival’s hair with both hands and drove one knee up and into Carol’s right breast. With a scream, Carol fell backwards, clutching her injured boob.

Flat on her back, Carol scooted backwards across the floor, pushing with her hands and feet as Stacy followed her, leaning over low as she looked for an opportunity to sink her nails into her fallen opponent. Fetching up against a low box, Carol was suddenly trapped as Stacy stepped over her, reaching down to claw at her face and chest. Desperate, Carol curled up and planted one foot in the pit of Stacy’s stomach. With a brutal shove, she drove the brunette backwards, to land flat on her ass, several feet away.

Getting to her knees, Carol began to crawl towards her.Stacy sat up and began crawling to meet her. Grabbing each other they fell back to the floor. Wrapping their powerful legs over and around each other, as they clutched each other and began biting and scratching.

Body to body, there was no escape as Carol wound her shapely thighs around one of Stacy’s and locking her ankles began to pour on the pressure. Stacy grunted in pain and responded by locking her ankles in turn and squeezing back. Leg muscles trembling with effort, the two women struggled to crush each other. Locked below the waist in desparate battle, they scratched and punched at each other as they squirmed in mutual embrace.

Jerking Stacy closer, Carol drove in fist into the bottom of her rival’s left boob. Stacy uttered a sharp cry and reaching out, dug her claws into Carol’s left boob until skin curled beneath her nails. Carol rocked back, trying to escape as she scratched Stacy’s hand until she released the throbbing breast. Sweat running down their bodies, the two girls continued their savage fight, as they writhed on the floor, locked in battle.

Straining every harder against Carol’s crushing legs, Stacy threw a punch at Carol’s face, only to miss. Carol in turn drove a thumbnail deep into Stacy’s navel, twisting it back and forth until Stacy grabbed her wrist and pulled it away.

With a grunt and a heave, Stacy rolled Carol over on to her back, pinning her to the musty carpeting. Fighting to stay on top of her bucking, twisting rival, she unlocked her ankles and let her leg slip free. This allowed Carol to curl up, throwing her legs around Stacy’s slim waist. Busy trying to hold Carol down, Stacy failed to realize the danger, until Carol’s leg locked around her with sudden, killing pressure.

Stacy’s beautiful face, contorted in pain as Carol crushed her between bulging thighs. Dropping flat on top of her enemy, Stacy gasped for breath and then slowly raised herself up again, before dropping HARD onto her rival a second time. Carol’s grip weakened a little and Stacy lifted up again, intent on pounding her foe right through the floor. As she came up, Carol’s head darted forward and her teeth once more latched firmly onto one of Stacy’s firm, round tits. With a scream of pain, Stacy dropped back to the floor, rolling off of Carol as she tried to snatch her attacker’s head away by the hair. Failing, she threw a hard punch to Carol’s face that rattled her and allowed Stacy to break the vicious hold.

Breaking, the two battling women rolled away from each other and sat up, each gasping for breath as they glared at each other from only a few feet apart.

Carol reached up and gingerly touched the dark swelling spot growing under her left eye.

“I’m going to have a black eye tommorrow. A black eye, you motherfucking Bitch! I’m going to have to hurt you for that, yes indeed, I’m going to hurt you bad.”

“Oh yeah! Well you bit me on the breast not once, but twice, you fucking lesbo Cunt! When I’m done with you, your going to have to learn to piss out a tube.”

“If I was a gay, I think I could do a lot better Honey, than that worn out, overused cunt of yours”, Carol sneered.

“Is that so? What’s the problem, little Miss Homemaker never got FUCKED before?”

“I’ve got three kids you, cocksucking, little tramp. Where do you think I got them Parcel Post?”

“Well I hope you enjoyed it dear, because when I get my nails in that little honey box of yours I’m going to scratch it right OFF!”

“You think so”, Carol replied, “well that might be a little difficult with these panties on. Maybe you want me to take them off. Maybe you should take yours off, that is if you ….DARE!”

Stacy glared at her rival, her eyes large and round and angry.

“You dare me do you, you fucking DARE me? OK, little Miss Ass-Kisser, let’s just get serious why don’t we.”

Reaching down, Stacy slipped her fingers under the waistband of her panties and in one smooth motion pushed them down and off.

“You do that so well, you must get a lot of practice”, Carol sneered as she slide her panties over her hips and down past her knees to the floor.

Both women took a moment to stare at each other. Both had a lush, dark, tangle of pubic hair between their legs. Neither was a stranger to either sex or combat.

Rolling to her knees Carol climbed to her feet and Stacy quickly did the same. Naked now and covered in sweat like two animals in some primordial jungle, the women began to stalk each other again in the narrow hall.

Circling slowly in the dim light, each crouched low, nails held out and ready to slash and rend the other at the first opportunity.

With a hiss, Carol made the first move, lunging in she slashed at Stacy’s face with her right hand, while her left make a raking attack toward Stacy’s now exposed crotch.

Stacy ducked Carol’s clawed right hand and twisted to the right. Leaning back, she let Carol stumble past and then raked her nails across Carol’s unprotected belly.

Carol howled and turned, falling back against one of the walls as she looked down, to see the bleeding red marks, etched on her tummy.

Stacy leapt for her and Carol stepped left and away, pausing only long enough to grab a handful of hair and use it to help Stacy’s face smash into the wall.

Stepping back, she waited for Stacy to turn and then buried her nails in Stacy’s heaving breasts. Stacy screamed as Carol back-pedalled, dragging her rival after her, by her stretched and bleeding boobs.

Tearing Carol’s hands away from her aching breasts, Stacy slashed at her face, dragging her nails down Carol’s left cheek.

With a banshee scream, Carol dropped into a crouch and wrapped both arms around Stacy’s thighs, forcing her enemy backwards on to the floor. Swarming up, she slapped the struggling brunette’s arms aside and drove one clawed hand deep between Stacy’s kicking thighs.

As Stacy screeched and struggled to sit up, Carol’s nails, plowed though the dense tangle of pubic hair and buried themselves in Stacy’s tender pussy meat. Clawing viciously she shouted with joy as her nails ravaged her rival’s delicate vaginal lips.

Reaching up, Stacy seized Carol by the shoulders and roughly threw her flat on her back. Twisting out of her grip, Stacy leaned in and seized a thick patch of Carol’s pubic fur. With a grim cry, she jerked back savagely, ripping out a huge handful of coarse black hair as Carol convulsed on the floor.

Rolling away, Carol got to her knees, just in time for Stacy to throw herself upon her. Clinching tightly, they fell to the floor, fighting it out. Bouncing off a nearby crate, they careened back into the middle of the carpet, just in time for Carol to slip behind her rival. Reaching up, she slipped her right arm firmly around Stacy’s delicate throat. Grabbing her
own right wrist with her left hand, Carol tightened her grip, cutting off Stacy’s breath in one sudden crush.

Frightened at last, Stacy tried desperately to pry Carol’s free from her neck. Carol leaned back and threw her long legs around Stacy’s body trapping her firmly in Carol’s grasp.

The two women lay on the carpet now, both on their sides. Stacy squirmed and twisted, gasping for each breath as Carol grimly choked her from behind, pressing harder and harder.
Moving in small circles, the two women lay locked together, like two lovers after a long evening of sex play, except that one was now doing her best to choke the other to death.

Stacy’s struggles became weaker and weaker as her face turned first a bright shade of red and then finally a dark and ugly purple. Eyes bulging and tongue hanging from her mouth, Stacy
battled hopelessly to draw even one more breath as Carol gritted her teeth and kept pouring on the pressure.

Finally it was over. Stacy stopped struggling and Carol held on to her vicious grip a few more seconds before finally loosening up and allowing her now unconscious rival to draw a sharp and painful breath.

Rolling Stacy onto her back, Carol climbed onto her chest, straddling her. Head hanging down with the hair covering her face, Carol took a moment to catch her own breath before squatting on Stacy’s flabby boobs, pinning her arms to the floor beneath her knees.

Looking down at her beaten rival, Carol took a deep breath and then slapped Stacy HARD, across the face. Stacy moaned and Carol slapped her again, once, twice, before Stacy’s eyes finally fluttered open.

Confusion was quickly replaced by fear and Stacy squirmed beneath her, but it was far to late to escape.

“Get off of me”, she wailed. “You’ve won, alright, you’ve won. Get off of me and leave me in alone…damn it.”

“I don’t think so little girl”, Carol sneered into her face. “You and I have a bet…remember?”

Stacy looked lost for a moment and then her eyes suddenly went round and she lunged upwards, trying to unseat her enemy.

“I don’t think so”, Carol laughed, as Stacy struggled under her. “A bet is a bet girl and you are going to pay off…

Slowly Carol began to work forward, the dark triangle of her furry bush moving closer and closer to Stacy’s face.

“Stop! I’ll bite it, I swear I will”, Stacy cried.

“Oh yeah”, Carol replied.

Reaching back she placed her nails between Carol’s sweaty thighs. With a little twist, she plunged her nails up and into Carol’s damp vagina.

“You bite me Honey and Ed is going to have to find a new place to stick it for a loooooong time.”

Moving forward again, Carol’s dark fur began to tickle the edge of Stacy’s chin. Stacy squeezed her eyes shut and let out a high pitched whine from behind her tightly pressed lips.

“Let this be a lesson to you Stacy dear”, Carol purred. “Next time don’t make a bet you can’t afford to lose.”

Reaching down with her left hand, Carol wrapped her fingers in Stacy’s hair and pulled her face up and firmly into the wet tangle of her own sex.

“Do it! Do it now before I get bored and claw the shit out of you just for the amusement.”

Just as Carol was certain Stacy would do nothing, she suddenly felt the warm, pink, tip of Stacy’s tongue forcing its ways slowly through her pubic hair. Deeper and deeper it pushed until it reached her vaginal lips and began to make a trail upwards ending against the hard throbbing button of Carol’s engorged clit.

Carol let out a deep gasp. Quietly shocked at the depth of her own sudden arousal.

“Yes. Yes. Do that again. Do that again.”

Stacy’s tongue began to make slow, delicate circles around Carol’s clitorus. Each soft touch sent a tidal wave of sensation racing up her body. Carol gasped again and pulled Stacy’s head even deeper into her crotch, working her hips back and forth grinding herself into her beaten rival’s face.

Stacy’s tongue began to move faster and faster, even as it’s owner struggled to breathe between Carol’s sweat soaked thighs. Bouncing now, riding Stacy’s face like a favorite pony, Carol groaned and arched her back, breasts jutting out as she rapidly approached climax.
Another stroke, a long wet lingering slide, and suddenly Carol was swept away in a flood of pleasure almost bordering on pain. Crying out, she doubled over, squeezing Stacy’s head between her thighs until Stacy passed out once more from the pressure. Carol never even noticed as she struggled to rise again though the cloud of anger, lust, victory, and completion that dominated her. Her body rocked, shaken to its very core and her hot female juices spurted out to run down the face of her beaten and unconscious rival.

Slowly Carol came to herself again and struggled wearily to her feet. Leaning against the nearest wall she gasped at the shock of the cold air on her sweat drenched skin.

I’m going to have to towel off before I go home she thought, or Tom will think I’ve been screwing half the men in the building. Turning she took one moment to look down on Stacy’s limp form.

“Not quite the little beauty queen now are we Dear?”

Without another backwards glance, she strolled back down the hall, in search of a certain box containing her clothes…

Next Monday, Carol was walking down the north hall when she spotted Stacy coming up the corridor. Stacy spotted her a moment later and hesitated just slightly before coming on again.

Carol quickly looked around and discovered that the hallway, for the moment, was mostly empty. Walking on down, she waited till the last minute and then stepped in front of Stacy blocking her path.

“Oh I’m sorry”, Carol said with a smirk. “Did I get in your way. How clumsy of me. Well no big problem, why don’t you just shove me out of the way?”

Keeping her head down and refusing to make eye contact Stacy said, “I’ve got work to do, just let me go by.”

“What’s that dear”, Carol asked?

“I didn’t hear you too well. Is that something stuck in your teeth? A pubic hair perhaps?”

Stacy looked up then, her eyes tightening with suppressed anger.

“Let me by you damn Bitch. You won…OK…its over now get out of my fucking way.”

Reaching out Carol pushed Stacy against the wall and then leaned into her pressing against her body to body.

“Its not nearly over honey, not nearly. From now on, we do things around here my way, and if you don’t like it, we can always just take a little walk down the hall again. Do you want to go for a little walk? We can go right now if you like.”


“No what?”

“No I don’t want to fight you right now.”

“Good”, Carol smirked as she stepped back. “You can go now, you have my permission.”

Turning Stacy almost ran down the hall as Carol’s laughter followed after her.

Turning into her office, Stacy slammed the door so hard, the pictures danced on the walls.

That Bitch, that fucking bitch. Stacy steamed as she stamped her foot angrily. She thinks this is over, but she’s right, this has just started and there will be a…reckoning.

Sitting down, Stacy got out her nail file. Crossing her long, nylon clad legs, she began to file her nails to a point … one nail at a time.

The End

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2 thoughts on “Friends at the Office by Halhow3

  1. Rival's Rapture says:

    Just have to say that this bit:

    That Bitch, that fucking bitch. Stacy steamed as she stamped her foot angrily. She thinks this is over, but she’s right, this has just started and there will be a…reckoning.

    Sitting down, Stacy got out her nail file. Crossing her long, nylon clad legs, she began to file her nails to a point … one nail at a time.

    Is a brilliant image. Bravo for it, and the rest of the story.

  2. Justbob says:

    Great story. You have a great way with words as I could picture this in my mind while reading. Stacy paid the price and humiliation for loosing. I wish you were for hire to write a person catfight story for me.


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