Back to School by JB57

Additional Credit

Parts I and II of this story are by Rodman. The rest of the story is written by JB57, with permission from Rodman. 

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Part I

“Thank god the kids are back in school,” Sue said to herself as she pulled into the elementary school parking lot to drop off her 4th and 5th grade boys on their first day at Harker Elementary. It was a special day for her boys and she was also excited for them, yet a little sad to see her little babies growing up so fast.

To describe Sue as a hot soccer mom would be the worst understatement in the history of the world. At 28 years of age, Sue’s body hadn’t changed much since college. With shoulder length dark brown hair and stunning natural Hispanic complexion, Sue’s face was like a magnet to the other women’s husbands. Her figure had bounced back amazingly after having her children and she still sported an eye-popping 36DD, 24, 36 figure. She was proud of her young looking body and flaunted it in an obvious but classy way. She possessed the kind of breasts that seemed to defy gravity, even without a bra. Her nipples always looked like they were in a state to semi arousal and it was impossible not to notice them poking through just about anything she wore. Sue enjoyed the attention from the ever-present staring husbands and would feel even more excited by the dirty looks some of the other moms would give her as she walked through the halls. Sue was obsessed with comparing her body, especially her breasts, to the other moms at the school.

Sue’s competitive obsession evolved to not only comparing, but into a detailed fantasy of flattening another woman’s breasts with her own in a private confrontation. It was not a sexual thing for Sue, but more of a competitive thing to confirm that her breasts were the firmest of any mom at the school. She fantasized about wanting to put her bare breasts on the line against an equally endowed rival, risking everything. She fantasized about her big firm breasts engulfing the breasts of her foe, crushing and bending her rival’s nipples with her own erect pair. Her fantasies usually ended with Sue forcing her rival to admit that her breasts were better and then having the other mom hold her head down the next day at school when they passed in the hall. “Just a harmless fantasy,” Sue would say to herself when her imagination got the best of her.

The parking lot was crowded with mostly mothers, parking their mini vans to walk their children to class. Many of the mothers were old friends since their children had literally grown up together since preschool. Each year, the experienced mothers with older children would confidently walk their children through the familiar halls to meet this year’s teacher, saying hello to old friends and teachers they hadn’t seen for over three months.

As Sue hugged and kissed her oldest goodbye, she noticed a group of her old friends huddling together in front of one of the adjacent classrooms, talking and whispering to each other with urgency. Sensing their alarm, Sue couldn’t help but join the group to find out what was going on. As she tuned into the conversation, Sue quickly gathered that they were focusing their attention on a particular woman, seeing her little one off to her first day at kindergarten. As Sue focused on this new mother, the hairs on the back of her neck stood on end and goose bumps formed on her arms.

“Can you imagine yourself coming to school wearing that?,” one of her friends exclaimed in shock.

“She might have just dropped her kid off in her bra and panties!” another whispered.

As Sue examined this new threat (and she was a threat in Sue’s mind), she saw a statuesque blond wearing a pair of tight running shorts and a short sports bra, revealing an extremely flat, muscular stomach. Although looking like she was dressed for a long run or an aerobics work out, this woman’s hair was perfectly done. As she bent over to kiss her little one goodbye, Sue was shocked to see this new mom’s round muscular ass peek out from under her sheer running shorts. Like many mothers dropping their children off for their first day of kindergarten, she was quietly crying as her little one bounced into class. From the tears running down her cheek, Sue could clearly see she was not wearing much makeup and didn’t need to because of her pristine complexion.

As the new mom turned and faced the group of gossiping women, everyone looked away as to not be obviously staring, except Sue. As this extremely sexy new mom strolled by, she immediately locked eyes with Sue. The look was one of contempt and in Sue’s mind she might as well have just said out loud, “I’m the sexiest mom in this school now, admit it!” As the two stared into each other’s eyes, Sue couldn’t help letting her eyes dart down at this new mom’s magnificent rack. The sports bra she wore showed a substantial amount of cleavage up top, and didn’t quite cover the underside of her full breasts where they met her rib cage. Despite their size, they only bounced and swayed slightly, nipples fully visible through the thin fabric. As she passed, Sue could only stare in disbelief at this new mom’s perfectly shaped muscular ass, barely concealed by her skimpy running shorts. Sue could even distinctly see each of her ass cheeks alternately moving up and down with each powerful step.

As the other women gathered behind Sue and also stared, the first comment from the little gossip gallery cut Sue like a knife.

“If I had breasts like that still, I’d flaunt them too.”

“They’re not that big, probably fake too,” snapped Sue, proud of her natural breasts.

“I think she’s got you beat in that area Sue,” another one said.

With that, Sue stormed off steaming mad, thinking to herself “Give me ten minutes with that little bitch and I would smash those flabby bags flat with mine.” Wild thoughts filled Sue’s head as she visualized her bare breasts engulfing this new mom’s breasts. She envisioned humiliating her by bending her nipples over with her own diamond hard points. As Sue sat in her car in the school parking lot, she suddenly realized that she was the only car left in the entire lot. Startled like getting caught daydreaming when the stoplight turns green, Sue quickly started her mini-van and stepped on the gas.

The next day after dropping off her boys at school, Sue had plans to drop by the pool club she belonged to where she regularly worked out both in the gym and by swimming laps. The pool club was one of Sue’s favorite places. It not only served as a place to stay in shape, but also served as a huge ego boost since every man in the place had his eyes glued to Sue’s body from the second she arrived until the moment she left. As Sue left the locker room in her one-piece Speedo swimsuit, she looked up in shock to see that very same new mom pulling herself out of the pool by the bars at the steps. At the same moment, she realized that not a single eye was trained on her like usual, but instead all eyes were now straining to get a look at that new hot little bitch.

Actually, the sight even had Sue stopping dead in her tracks for a moment. First of all, as this new mom pulled herself from the pool, drenched with water, Sue was shocked to see that she was wearing an embarrassingly skimpy bikini. This was unheard of at this pool club since most people there were fairly serious swimmers and the women only wore one-piece racing style Speedo suits. Second, the fabric of the small triangles that barely covered her breasts and crotch had become see though from the water and Sue could clearly see two very cold, very long hard nipples and the curly texture of her obviously blond bush. As she stepped up on the edge of the pool, she whipped her soaked hair out of her face and squeezed the water from her head as she arched her back. Lifting her hands above her head, causing her large breasts to rise and sway. The water streamed from her heaving breasts and down her flat belly as she squeezed the water out of her hair all the way to the tips of her locks. Her nipples were so clearly visible through her skimpy top that she might as well have been topless. Sue was shocked at their length and darker color considering her blond hair.

As Sue passed, it seemed like they were the only two in the entire club. They locked eyes once again, occasionally looking down to compare bodies, not a word said. As they walked in opposite directions, Sue turned to see that the fabric on her ass was just as see through as the front and she could clearly see the crevasse of her muscular but sexy ass. Shaking now, Sue dove into the pool and swam like never before. As she swam, thoughts once again filled her head of physically confronting this new mom, breast to breast, to see who’s were bigger and firmer once and for all. Sue could feel her own nipples become hard as nails as the water resistance pulled at them.

At the end of her last lap, Sue grabbed the edge of the pool and looked over toward the inside gym area of the club and contemplated taking a sauna. The sauna was the favorite part of her workout and she relished the feeling of donning just a small white towel and sweating off her frustrations.

Somewhat exhausted, Sue climbed from the pool and made her way to the women’s locker room. The club was almost empty now and the locker room was deserted. The only sign that anyone had changed before her was a single open locker door. Like usual, Sue proceeded to peel her Speedo suit from her quivering body, anxious to warm up in the sauna. Sue looked down to see that her entire body was covered with goose bumps and her nipples were hard and throbbing from the cold and partly from her vivid and erotic fantasy while swimming. Again, the image of the new mom’s nipples raged in Sue’s head and she tried to visualize their nipples side-by-side.

The pool club towels were just large enough to cover Sue’s athletic frame and it barely covered her panty line above her neatly trimmed bikini cut bush, as she wrapped it around her breasts and tucked in the loose edge just under her arm. At least three inches of cleavage was clearly visible as her full breasts strained against the skimpy white towel. As she walked toward the sauna door, she noticed that the door window of the normally empty sauna was steamed up indicating it may be in use. “It can’t be.” Sue said to herself as her pulse quickened. She pushed the door open, confidently stepped in, and tried to focus through the steam filled room.

As the steam momentarily cleared, Sue gasped to see none other than her new rival, wrapped in her own skimpy white towel, pouring water on the sauna rocks. As the new mom turned, both women froze and locked eyes once again, not a word spoken. After a few awkward seconds, both women’s eyes began to survey the other’s body from head to toe. A knot formed in Sue’s stomach as she followed the opening of this new mom’s towel down to what seemed like a fraction of an inch below her little blond bush. The towel clung to her big breasts, just above the nipples, which were creating little tents as they pushed up the fabric of the towel. In a daze, Sue walked toward the sauna rocks and poured on a ladle of water eliciting a sharp hiss of steam. The new mom had seated herself on the opposite side of the small redwood room, legs crossed, arms spread wide along the back of the bench. Sue also sat down, assuming a similar position, facing her new rival. Still, not a word had been spoken.

Again they just stared at each other. Then, the new mom broke the silence.

“You should take a picture, it lasts longer.”

“And that’s supposed to mean what?” Sue replied.

“I mean the way you’ve been staring at me at school and now here at the club.”

“You were the one that was staring honey, but I don’t blame you, everyone stares.” Sue replied.

“Not any more, haven’t you noticed,” the new mom said, slowly shaking her head.

“The only reason they are staring is that people feel embarrassed for you,” Sue snapped back. “It’s amazing what happens to some women’s breasts after children isn’t it.”

“Actually, mine look even better since I had my daughter,” the new mom replied.

Sue responded, “Sure, that’s because they are bought and paid for I’m sure.”

Obviously pissed off by Sue’s insinuation, the new mom quickly stood up, arching her back, “These are the real deal sweetheart.”

Offended by the new mom’s aggressive posture, Sue also stood up and assumed a similar stance, hands on her hips, chest thrust out. “I see new moms like you come along every year, flaunting what they think they have like cheap whores in front of everyone’s husbands. I have yet to see a single one of you that has the guts to back up what they are flaunting.”

Both women took another step forward, now only a few feet apart. Both were breathing heavily, their full chests threatening to pop open the towels wrapped around them. Exactly the same height, they stared defiantly into each other’s eyes, occasionally glancing down at the deep cleavage above each other’s towels.

“You sure are making a big deal about my breasts. That usually means that someone is insecure about their own assets, don’t you think?” the new mom said.

“Honey, compared to those sorry things, I’m not too worried,” Sue said as she looked down at this stacked new mom, expecting her to back down.

“If you think you’ve got better breasts than mine, why don’t you prove it,” the new mom declared.

Somewhat shocked at the challenge, Sue wanted to make absolutely sure of what she was suggesting. “What, you want to compare right here?” trying to act like she was above such a thing.

“You know exactly what I mean!” the new mom said in a frustrated voice. “If you think yours are better, prove it!”

Sue’s head was spinning now and she felt dizzy. She had secretly fantasized about a moment like this but never imagined it would actually happen. Her breaths came in ragged succession now and this new mom’s challenge filled her with rage, as she silently stared at the new mom’s cleavage. Without even thinking, Sue’s instincts took over.

“When you see mine next to yours, you’ll run back to where you came from.” Sue said with steely eyes.

With that comment, the two women moved forward so only a foot separated their tightly wrapped chests. Then, to Sue’s surprise, the new mom slowly reached up to the knot of her towel and began to pull it loose, and then quickly yanking it open with both hands. The new mom’s breasts literally popped out at Sue, swaying heavily as she jerked her upper torso. Instead of dropping the towel at her side, the new mom tied it around her waist with a knot at her side. It was tied low on her hips and Sue could see her two sexy hipbones sticking out above the towel line. The sight of her high, firm breasts, covered with a slick layer of sweat was almost more than Sue could take. Sue examined every millimeter of her fantastic looking breasts, instantly comparing their every feature to her own pride and joys. They were indeed impressive, topped with long, rubbery nipples, also coated with a thin layer of sweat.

“Now, who’s the one that will be running home?” The new mom exclaimed with confidence.

Slowly, Sue slipped her fingers up the slit of her towel and undid the knot. The new mom stared down as she let it drag over her now stiff nipples until it fell to her side, still held in one hand. Sue also tied the towel low around her waist with a tight knot at her side. The look on the new mom’s face had now completely changed from one of confidence to one of reservation. Sue’s stupendous breasts were every bit as large as the new mom’s and just as impressive looking covered in their own liquid sheen. Silently, both women moved forward, chests trust out, nipples lined up. Now only one inch from actually touching nipples, the comparison was stunning. Their breasts were almost identical in terms of their size. Both women’s nipples were extremely hard, with bumpy areolas and long thick nipple knobs.

Seeing her shiny bare breasts so close to her rival’s wet pair took Sue’s breath away. She still felt that her breasts were nicer looking and somehow stronger. For several minutes both women stared down at each others glistening breasts, slowly turning their upper torsos back and forth to compare at every angle. They stared down their respective glossy cleavages to the tips of their own engorged nipples, pointing directly at each other. Both women’s hearts were pounding in their chests and their breathing became ragged and labored from the excitement of the intimate comparison. With alternating deep breaths, each woman’s chest expanded, almost poking the opposing breasts with her own sharp nipples.

“You’ve been flaunting those soft nipples of yours, but they don’t look so tough now, do they….” Sue said, in a breathless whisper.

“My nipples are easily longer and probably much harder than yours I’m sure.” The new mom quickly replied.

“I don’t think so.” Sue said, as she rotated her shoulders forward, moving her left breast toward the new mom’s right. The new mom also moved forward until they lined their nipples up side-by-side, shaft next to shaft. Finally, Sue felt the tip of her throbbing nipple point lightly touch the new mom’s puffy areola. At the same time, she felt the new mom’s point poke her own bumpy areola. Both women held their breaths for a moment as their eyes rolled back, then looked down to see the result. Their nipples were exactly the same length, lightly poking each other’s areolas, shaft-to-shaft.

“I told you!” Sue said as she rotated again, this time flicking her rubbery nipple shaft across the new mom’s equally hard shaft. Sue felt her nipple shaft bending the new mom’s shaft for a moment then slip apart like two springs. As their nipples flicked across each other, both women let out a little squeal. With her little squeal, the new mom threw her head back, whipping her hair back across Sue’s face.

“Try that again, and I will smash those old bags of yours flat!” The new mom said sharply.

“I would crush yours if we pressed them together!” Sue shot back.

“Go ahead then, if you have the guts!” The new mom said, resuming her posture.

Both women were again face-to-face, chest thrust out, hands on their hips just above the little white towels tied around their sexy hips.

“I knew we would titfight from the second I saw you. That’s why I waited for you in this sauna.” The new mom explained.

“Well that’s your mistake if you planned this!” Sue said as the sweat streamed down her face and beaded on the top of her now aching breasts.

Each woman now issued her final insult.

New Mom: “My nipples will bend your nipples flat and my firmer breasts will crush your weaker breasts until you beg me to stop.”

Sue: “My nipples will scrape your nipples raw first, then I will rip your sorry tits off your chest with my firmer pair.”

With that, both women moved forward, lined their nipples up and pressed them together head on. Too slick to maintain their head on position, their nipples shafts slid past each other and buried themselves in their rival’s areolas. The women threw their heads back as a tingling sensation radiated from their slippery nipples. They seemed to have something to prove between their nipples and did not press their breasts together full force. Instead, they began flicking their nipple shafts back and forth across each other. They locked nipple shafts like two sword fighters and slowly tried to bend the other over by rotating their shoulder slightly in opposite directions. Their knobs would bend and build up a load like two springs, then slip apart because of the slick layer of sweat covering their entire bodies. They would grunt and squeal as their nipple shafts scraped along their entire length, then quickly rotate in the opposite direction to bring them back into firm contact. Trying to build up a greater load between their shafts, they pressed their breasts together another inch to try and prevent them from slipping apart. With the added pressure, both women could feel the others bumpy areolas scraping together as their stiff shafts dueled. This time, the pressure was so great between their nipples, that when they slipped apart, both women’s breasts swayed and quivered as they separated.

“I thought you were going to bend me flat with those tough nipples of yours!” Sue snapped.

“Aaaaahhh!!” the new mom yelled as she pressed her big breasts directly into Sue’s waiting pair. They leaned into each other, hands still on their hips. The sweat now dripped from both women’s chins, dripping down onto the giant cleavage formed as their breasts wrestled. Sue could feel her breasts snake across the new mom’s breasts sending her right breast upward and the other downward against the new mom’s firm, slippery pair. She looked down in alarm as she saw her right nipple sticking almost straight up from the compression. She then looked to her left to see the new mom’s nipple also sticking up at her.

“Noooooo!” Sue grunted and flopped her breasts back and forth across both of her rival’s slippery boobs. The new mom matched Sue’s move and the women slopped their breasts back and forth, fully compressed. Sue relished the feeling of her engorged nipples digging deep into the new mom’s breast flesh and her long nipples scraping across the equally engorged nipples of this unbelievable rival. As their breasts slipped across each other, they mushroomed out on both sides at the extension of each deep slippery rub.

Looking to increase the pressure with each grind, the women brought their hands from their hips and gripped each other just above the elbows, pulling each other back and forth as their breasts continued to tangle like two snakes covered with oil.

Just as the two enraged women began to lose all control, Sue suddenly felt the knot of her towel loosening. The violent thrashing of their upper torsos was having the same effect on the new mom’s towel as both women felt their towels loosen and begin to slip down their hips, but they were so intent on crushing each other’s breasts with their own, the thrashing continued unabated.

With the next violent clash of wet, slippery breasts, both women’s towels fell to their feet. Both women immediately froze, still tightly holding each other above the elbows, breasts pressed together. Both were painfully aware that not more than a couple of inches separated their meticulously trimmed pussies.

“I knew you would quit if things got nasty.” Sue said through clenched teeth as she slowly ground her nipples into the new mom’s wet chest.

“You can forget it if you think I’m quitting” the new mom replied in a determined voice, grinding her burning hot nipples back across Sue’s nipples.

“Anyway, you can’t match me down there either!” The new mom said as she extended her pelvis forward, pushing her soaked mound into Sue’s, still maintaining the pressure between their breasts.

“Oh my God! You dirty little bitch!” Sue yelled, shocked at the feeling of their wet pubic hair rubbing together. “Fine then, I’ll destroy every part of your body if I have to!”

Now, both women clinched their butt cheeks and thrust their pussies together down below and slithered their breasts back and forth across each other. Grunts and yells filled the room every time one sensitive part rubbed or scraped across another. The women simultaneously released their mutual arm holds and slipped their arms around each other’s waists, locking their fingers at the small of the other’s back. This allowed both women to squeeze their own breasts together with their biceps to stab their now pointed breasts into each other while maintaining constant pressure between their sweat soaked pussies. Sue then unlocked her fingers and dug her manicured nails into the new mom’s slippery, firm butt cheeks, eliciting a yell. She then leaned back at the waist and drove her pussy into the new mom’s exposed mound. She could feel the folds of her pussy lips penetrating and spreading the new mom’s pussy lips. Sue moaned loudly as she desperately tried to bring their clits into direct contact.


Both women froze as the pounding emanated from the sauna door.

POUND! POUND! POUND! “Everything ok in there?!” the female pool club manager called out.

Both women immediately separated and took several steps backward, their chests heaving up and down like they just finished a marathon.

“This isn’t over.” Sue said in a threatening voice.

“You’re damn right it isn’t!” The new mom snapped back, as both women retrieved their towels, wrapped themselves, and stormed from the sauna.

Part II

Returning home, Sue stormed through the front door, slamming it behind her. She hurried upstairs to the master bedroom and slammed her workout bag on the ground. She had hurriedly dressed at the club and wasn’t wearing a bra or panties under her matching sweats. Breathing heavily, Sue just stood at the end of her bed for several minutes, her breasts and pussy still tingling from the rough contact with the new mom. “That dirty little bitch!” Sue said out loud as she quickly unzipped her sweat jacket down past her still moist cleavage. She quickly tore the sweat jacket off her arms and threw it on the bed. She then peeled off her sweat pants, leaving herself standing naked. Her breasts and pussy were still on fire as she moved over to the full-length mirror mounted on the back of the bathroom door. Cupping her heavy breasts with both hands, she examined them in the mirror. Her nipples were still erect and throbbing as she rotated her upper body from side-to-side to survey any damage. Although a bit red from the intense rubbing she had engaged in with the new mom, her proud breasts were unscathed. Sue then looked down at her swollen pussy lips, also still tingling from the rough contact from her rival’s pussy. She slowly combed her fingers through the soft tuft of pubic hair, then down over her soaking wet pussy. She closed her eyes and shuddered as she let her middle finger press between her engorged pussy lips, shocked at just how wet she was. “Oooooh my God!” Sue said, as she pressed the pad of her middle finger against her very swollen clit. Sue’s pelvis quivered as she closed her eyes, vividly remembering the initial feeling of her furry pubic mound tangling with her new rival’s equally protruding mound.

Suddenly, the phone rang loudly, jolting Sue back into reality. She quickly slipped into a full-length satin robe she retrieved from a hook on the bathroom wall. Flustered and still breathing rapidly, she answered the phone.

“You dirty little gutter tramp!” the voice said before Sue could even say hello.

Immediately recognizing the new mom’s voice, Sue instinctively shot back. “You’re calling me a gutter tramp?!………..You’re the one that shoved your filthy pussy into mine!”

“Oh my God!, you bitch!…….You were the one that started it!” the new mom yelled into the phone.

“I knew you couldn’t back up that big mouth of yours” Sue snapped back.

“Bullshit I can’t!……..Another five minutes in there and you would have found out what a real woman can do,” the new mom proclaimed.

“I thought you were going to show me just how good those big fat boobs of yours are?” Sue said with a sarcastic tone.

“My beauties pushed your old bags all over your chest and you know it!” the new mom shot back.

“Your tits felt like soft pillows to me honey” Sue said in a superior tone.

“Nothing was settled and you know it!” the new mom said.

“You don’t have the guts to meet me with everything you’ve got…..admit it!” the new mom said.

“Honey……you just name the time and place and I’ll turn you into a puddle on the ground,” Sue said with confidence.

DING DONG! The doorbell suddenly rang.

Sue froze as she held her breath, still holding the phone to her ear.

“Answer the door bitch,” the new mom said calmly in Sue’s ear.

Sue quickly went to her upstairs window and looked out to see an unfamiliar car parked at the curb. She swallowed dryly as she walked out the bedroom door and descended the stairs. She hesitated at the front door for just a moment, steeled her nerve, and opened the door. There she was………her rival, standing at the door with her cell phone at her ear. The new mom snapped her cell phone shut as Sue lowered her cordless phone, pressing the off button.

Both women stood there in silence for a moment, staring daggers into each other’s eyes, occasionally glancing down at each other’s bodies. The new mom was wearing a matching sweat suit outfit, accentuating her ample bosom. Sue noticed right away that she wasn’t wearing any panties since the cleft of her pussy lips was clearly visible under the clinging fabric of her tight sweat pants.

“You need a lesson and I’m the one that’s gonna teach it to you bitch,” the new mom said with frightening confidence.

“I’m the one that’s going to be giving the lesson honey,” Sue said as she stepped back to let the new mom in.

“Upstairs,” Sue commanded.

“Anywhere you want honey,” the new mom said as she headed up the stairs in front of Sue.

Both women’s hearts were absolutely pounding in their chests as they climbed the stairs together. The new mom noticed the open door to Sue’s master bedroom and entered without a word. Sue followed, shutting the door behind her. The new mom stopped at the end of Sue’s king-sized bed and turned. Without a word, she pulled down the zipper of her sweat top. She stared into Sue’s eyes as the zipper passed her breasts, letting it split wide open on her chest.

“These are gonna teach your flabby titties a lesson they’ll never forget” the new mom said as she pulled the sweat top open, peeling it off of her arms. Her big firm breasts swayed and bounced as she firmly threw the top on the carpet. She then slipped her thumbs into the waistband of her pants and gave her hips a sexy wiggle as she slid them down to her ankles and stepped out. Just as Sue had suspected, she wore no panties and stood completely naked in Sue’s room. Sue looked down at the perfectly manicured strip of pubic hair above her swollen and fully visible pussy lips.

“Take a good long look honey, because this is gonna teach you a lesson too” the new mom said as she arched her pelvis upward, reaching down to stroke her fingers through her pussy hair.

Sue then slowly slipped open the belt of her white satin robe. She paused as the robe fell open just enough to expose her deep cleavage and flat belly. She then moved her thigh forward, opening the robe to expose her flaming pussy. The new mom’s eyes raked down Sue’s body as she opened the robe. Sue spoke as she drew the robe over her shoulders, letting it slip down her back to the floor.

“I have had it with your big mouth bitch” Sue said calmly, stepping forward toward her naked rival. “I’ve got more than enough to handle anything you’ve got honey,” Sue said stopping just in front of the new mom. The two women stood in front of each other, completely nude, only inches apart. Both flipped their hair back as they breathed heavily. They looked each other in the eyes, occasionally glancing down at each other’s rising and falling breasts with anticipation. Both women’s nipples were so hard that it felt like they had clothes line hangers attached to them. Both sets of nipples were long and thick with tight, bumpy areolas. Finally, the new mom spoke:

“You can’t possibly think that your weak looking nipples can stand a chance against my beauties,” the new mom said as she slowly raised her right hand up to cup Sue’s left breast. Gently cupping Sue’s breast, she softly lifted and squeezed it. Sue flinched slightly but stood her ground.

“These babies are gonna turn your little buds inside out before I’m done with you,” Sue said as she also brought her right hand up to the new mom’s large left breast. Sue lifted it slowly, feeling its weight then softly squeezed it. She heard the new mom suck in a short breath as Sue caressed her sensitive breast.

“What’s the matter honey?……..You want to run home already?” Sue said, looking the new mom in the eyes.

“These are no match for mine,” the new mom groaned as she brought her other hand up to gently lift and squeeze Sue’s other breast. Sue involuntarily let out a lusty gasp as the new mom lightly squeezed both of her breasts together.

“I don’t feel anything I can’t handle,” Sue said with a low husky voice as she too brought her other hand up to cup then squeeze the new mom’s other breast. She firmly squeezed and pushed them together eliciting a guttural, lusty moan from her rival.

The two women stood solidly in front of each other, both hands caressing and manipulating each other’s big firm breasts. They silently traded slow sensuous squeezes as they lifted and squeezed one or the other breast, occasionally squeezing the others boobs firmly together. One or the other would involuntarily moan with pleasure and defiance as they handled each other’s boobs. Both silently marveled at the weight and firmness of the others breasts as they allowed the other to gently fondle and knead their proud breasts.

Feeling bold, Sue backed her hands off just a bit and let her index finger slide up and flick over both of the new mom’s stiff nipples. “Ooooohhh God” the new mom moaned as Sue lightly bent her nipples over.

“I think someone’s going to have a nipple orgasm” Sue said as she gently twirled the tips of her fingers around the new mom’s areola.

The new mom then shifted her own hands on Sue’s big tits, gently squeezing both nipple knobs between her thumb and index finger. “Ooooohhhh… bitch” Sue moaned with pleasure as she felt her knees buckle.

The two of them now teased each other’s nipples as they continued to squeeze and caress each other’s breasts. The new mom was lightly pinching Sue’s nipple knobs like radio dials as she occasionally lifted and squeezed her big breasts together. Sue continued twirling two fingers around the new mom’s areolas, occasionally bending her nipple shafts over as she lifted and caressed them. As they struggled and moaned, they arched their backs, almost offering their meaty breasts to each other. Heads occasionally flipped back with eyes closed as one or the other would hit a sweet spot with the other’s nipples. For the most part, they remained in the same spot, with the back of the new mom’s knees pressed up against the end of Sue’s bed. Down below, their bellies and thighs would occasionally rub together as they leaned into each other’s breasts.

Seeking more leverage, Sue bent her knees and slid both hands up the new mom’s flat belly before lifting and squeezing both of her increasingly sweaty breasts. This position forced Sue’s right thigh between the new mom’s legs. “Yeeeeesssssssss….” Sue said with gritted teeth as she felt the new mom’s wet, furry pussy rub the full length of her thigh. “Mmmmmmm…..” the new mom groaned as she also forced her leg between Sue’s wet thighs. Without ever letting go of each other’s breasts, they tilted their pelvises forward and ground their wet pussies up and down each other’s legs.

“You wet little bitch” Sue groaned as she slid her pussy down her rival’s thigh like a slippery pole.

“Get that wet thing off of me” the new mom moaned as she leaned back, gently tugging on Sue’s long hard nipples.

“Noooooooo…..” Sue moaned, as she bucked her pussy into the new mom’s thigh, head flipped back, eyes closed.

Sue’s unexpected pelvic thrust pushed the back of the new mom’s legs against the bed, forcing her to let go of Sue’s boobs and sit down. This change in position also surprised Sue and both women paused, breathing rapidly as if they had just run a long distance race. Sue was now straddling the new mom’s right leg as she stood over her. Without a word, the new mom reached out with both hands, placing them on Sue’s waist. Sue shuddered as the new mom slowly pulled her dripping pussy down onto her upper left thigh. Sue placed her hands on the new mom’s shoulders as she allowed herself to be guided down. Sue drew in a long sharp breath as her pussy slipped all the way up the new mom’s muscular thigh. In this top position, Sue’s big breasts pointed directly into the new mom’s face, allowing her to look down her deep cleavage into her rival’s eyes.

“You will cum first” the new mom said, shifting one hand from Sue’s waist, wrapping it around her lower back. “Now come here” the new mom said as she slid Sue further up her leg.

“Oh my God!…..Nnnnnooooo…..” Sue moaned with lust as she half-heartedly pushed against the new mom’s shoulders. Sue let her full weight come down on the new mom’s thigh as she was pulled in. Her soaking pussy squished down on the new mom’s upper leg and she felt her lips separate. Sue felt herself losing control as she involuntarily slid her pussy down, then back up her rival’s leg like she was sitting in a saddle. “Oooohhhhh…….you bitch” Sue moaned as the new mom locked her hands behind Sue’s lower spine, pulling her back in. The feeling was so utterly incredible that Sue was unable to control herself. She sat her full weight on the new mom’s leg, thrusting and twirling her pelvis. She could feel her juices completely soaking the new mom’s leg creating an unbelievably slick feeling between pussy and skin. Her breasts swayed and bounced in the new mom’s face as she thrashed.

“YES!…….COME ON!……DO IT!” the new mom said as she did her best to lift her leg into Sue’s convulsing pussy.

Without warning, the new mom opened her mouth and took one of Sue’s long hard nipples into her mouth. She didn’t just lightly lick it either. She sucked the entire nipple into her mouth and quickly twirled her tongue around Sue’s puffy areola. “OH GOD NO!!!” Sue moaned out loud as she wildly humped. The new mom’s mouth felt like a vacuum hose clamped onto her super sensitive nipple. Her hot wet tongue twirled and lapped at her nipple shaft and areola. Sue now felt her clit fully rubbing against the skin of the new mom’s leg as she humped. Her belly tightened as she felt that familiar feeling of the “point of no return” build. Sue squeezed the new mom’s shoulders as she rode her leg like a horse, bouncing up and down on the end of the bed. Sue suddenly felt her right nipple pop out of the new mom’s mouth. Sue looked down to see her gobble up her other nipple, sucking it deeply into her mouth. Sue grabbed the back of the new mom’s head and pressed her big breast into her face while increasing the pace of her pelvic thrusts.

“NNNNNNAAAAAAA!!!!…….NNNNOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!” Sue screamed as her entire body became stiff. The massive orgasm was violent as she pushed the new mom onto her back and writhed the full length of her body over her rival. The new mom never released Sue’s breast from her mouth as she grabbed both of Sue’s buns with her hands, spreading her legs wide. Sue slipped between the new mom’s legs, bringing their wet pussies into direct contact for the first time. Sue did a slow push up over her rival causing her boob to pop out of the new mom’s mouth. Sue looked down into the new mom’s eyes as she panted.

“Don’t move!” Sue commanded as she grabbed both of the new mom’s wrists, forcing them above her head. “I’m gonna make you cum now you bitch!” Sue said as she flipped her right leg over the new mom’s left to mount her. Without a struggle, the new mom said, “Then make me!” as she lifted her free leg and placed it up on Sue’s shoulder. This position made their legs mesh like scissors. Sue held the new mom’s leg with one hand as she lowered her sopping pussy down onto the new mom’s waiting pussy. Even though she had released the new mom’s wrists, she left them lying above her head in a submissive position. Sue began by slowly gyrating her hips, forcing their pussy lips to slip and slide together like two people kissing. The new mom moaned as she arched her back and lifted her pelvis up off the bed to keep their pussies glued together. Sue gradually increased her rhythm as the two women met each other’s thrusts.

“Make me cum!…Make me cum!” the new mom groaned as she thrashed her hair back and forth on the bed. Sue was now literally bouncing up and down on top of the new mom as she powerfully fucked her. She could feel her swollen clit diving deeply into the folds of the new mom’s pussy each time she thrust downward.

“OH GOD!….YOU FUCKING BITCH!” the new mom yelled as she thrashed under Sue. Sue then reached out with her free hand to squeeze and pull on the new mom’s left nipple. The new mom then grabbed Sue’s wrist, guiding two fingers into her mouth. She sucked Sue’s fingers deeply, licking them with her tongue. She pulled the slick fingers out and placed them on her erect nipple. Sue twirled her wet fingers around the new mom’s areola, occasionally flicking the nipple knobs.

“OH GOD!…..Yeeeeessssss!!!!!!!!” the new mom yelled as her body arched and stiffened. Sue ground their pussies together as deeply as possible, struggling to stay on top of the wildly thrashing new mom.

Once the new mom’s violent orgasm subsided, both women collapsed next to each other on the bed.

Part III

Sue and the New Mom lay side by side on Sue’s bed, their perfect nude bodies wet with sweat and cum. They were gasping and panting, their bodies vibrating with the incredible intensity of what they had just done to each other. Their beautiful, perfectly matched tits jiggled wetly as they panted.

Sue stared at the ceiling through half-closed eyes as she tried to catch her breath. Part of her could not believe what she had just done. Her fantasy of titfighting another woman had always simply been a pleasant distraction, a little something to feed her ego, something a woman who was as proud of her breasts and her body as Sue was bound to do. But now, in the span of two days, the idea had gone from a fantasy to reality and beyond. She had been fucked by another woman, and fucked the other woman in return. And the sex had been incredible, absolutely delicious and exhilarating. Sue knew that she wanted and needed more of it. She also realized that she and her incredible new rival had not yet settled which of them had the better pair of tits.

Sue turned her head to stare at the blonde bitch beside her. The New Mom’s eyes were closed, her red lips parted as she panted. She had thrown her right arm over her forehead. Sue stared at the blonde’s heaving tits. The New Mom’s breasts were unimaginably beautiful, even more appealing as they jiggled with each breath, as their dark, hard nipples pointed straight up at the ceiling. The thick, juicy orbs gleamed with slickness, with the sweat of their shared exertion.

The new Mom opened her eyes and turned her head to return Sue’s glare. The two beautiful women stared daggers at each other for a moment.

The new Mom sat up, then rolled off of Sue’s bed. Where she had been lying was damp, and a distinct wet spot marked where her ass and crotch had been. The blonde woman padded across the room to pick up her sweat pants. She pulled on the pants, then reached for her sweat top and slipped it on. Sue was sitting up on the bed by this point, watching the other woman dress.

“This isn’t over,” Sue purred, her voice soft but dangerous. “We haven’t settled anything.”

“No, it’s not over,” the new Mom agreed, her eyes flashing savagely. “I’d love to stay here and settle our little disagreement, but I’ve got places I have to be. But don’t worry, you little slut … really soon, we’ll get together and fuck this out.”

“Yes, we will, you little whore,” Sue snapped back. The new Mom sneered at Sue, then walked to the bedroom door on bare feet, opened it, and stepped into the hall. The tight sweat pants clung to the woman’s voluptuous body, snugly embracing her curving hips and rippling, glorious ass. Sue remembered that the woman had arrived wearing sports shoes that she had kicked off in the foyer. A few moments later, Sue heard her house’s front door open and close.

Naked, Sue climbed off of the bed and walked to her bedroom window. She watched the new Mom walk up the front path, get into her car, and drive away.

Slowly, Sue pulled the blinds closed. She walked into her ensuite and, in moments, was standing under the hot shower, her hands running slowly and sensuously over her lush body. As her mind played back the events of the past two hours, her sex became more and more aroused. Sue’s hands wandered to her pussy, to find her clit engorged and throbbing. Slowly, gently, then with increasing urgency, she masturbated. Her right hand fingers stroked and played with her vaginal lips, teasing and tantalizing her swollen clit, pressing hard on the pulsing bud. Her left hand filled with her right tit, and she squeezed her nipple and areola, groaning as she remembered the feeling of the new Mom’s tongue and teeth, sucking on her pebble-hard nipples.

Sue rubbed and rubbed, stroking, teasing, her mind filling with vivid pictures of the new Mom’s body, her tits, the feel of the other woman’s cunt and clit sucked and grinding to her own, the unbearably erotic sensation of Sue’s clit diving and driving into the hot, slick flesh of the New Mom’s labia, the suction of twat to twat, the sweat, the heat, the tantalizing musk of hot sex… Sue groaned loudly, then jerked hard, her body releasing its spring-taut tension in a series of jolting orgasms.

Panting, Sue washed away the ejaculate, then turned off the water. She stepped out of the shower and dried herself. She looked at her magnificent body in the full-length mirror on the back of the bathroom door. She dropped her towel to the floor, and admired her sensual beauty – her long, muscled legs, her slick, naked pussy topped by a meticulously trimmed landing strip, her wide, curving hips, her taut, smooth abdomen, her heavy, perfect, round, thick tits. She cupped her heavy breasts, her pride and joys, and pointed their sharp, dark nipples at her mirror image.

“Next time, bitch,” she murmured. “Next time, you’re not getting away until my babies smash you flat and my pussy sucks yours dry. We’re both going to know which of us is the better woman.” Sue shuddered with desire and anticipation. The deep chill rippled through her body.

Most mornings, Sue dropped her sons off at school and then started her day, running her various errands, before returning home to start the day’s work. Sue had stopped working outside the home after her first son was born, intending to return to office work after a few years. But her sons had come one after the other and she found the pleasures of being a stay at home Mom enticing. Sue’s husband brought in a good income. Sue did part-time work as an accountant, her chosen profession. It was a lucrative career and part-time employment was more than enough to compensate for any shortfalls in the family’s income and also keep her contacts fresh. One day, she thought she might return to full-time office work. For now, she valued her freedom and flexibility and there was little she could not do at home with her computer.

Part of Sue’s routine was regular attendance at the pool club. She missed her visit the day after her clash with the new Mom, due to an emergency audit that she had to do for a client. The next day, she eagerly resumed her routine. She went to the pool that morning fully expecting to find the new bitch swimming laps in her transparent bikini and soaking up steam in the sauna. Sue was looking forward to her next meeting with the blonde. She went to the pool giddy with anticipation, her body sensually aroused. To her disappointment, however, the new Mom was not there. For the next three days, Sue went to the pool expecting to find her new rival and being disappointed. She realized that the New Mom had either stopped coming to the pool or, more likely, had worked out a new schedule that did not coincide with Sue’s regular times.

The weekend passed, followed by most of the next week. To Sue’s surprise, however, rather than fading from her mind, the details and sensations of her sensual struggle with the new Mom became more vivid with time. Sue’s long-held fantasy of matching her magnificent tits to that of a worthy rival had been realized in the most erotic and arousing way and now she could not put the fantasy aside. Instead, the reality of what she had done, the desire to do it again, was becoming a kind of obsession.

On Friday morning, Sue went to the pool club at her normal time. She enjoyed the usual ogling from the regulars at the pool, but she had the sense that the men were a bit more distracted than usual. She did not know why; the new Mom was nowhere to be seen. Still, Sue felt something was off. She put the feeling out of her mind and swam her laps, enjoying the intense exercise for about a half hour. When she was done, she returned to the deserted locker room, stripped off her one-piece Speedo, wrapped herself in a pool room towel that barely covered her torso and pushed her beautiful breasts out and up, and made her way to the sauna. The glass window in the door of the sauna showed a bit of steam, but Sue did not think anything of it.

Sue opened the sauna door and stepped in. She immediately gasped as the steam cleared. The new Mom was sitting on the cedar bench on the opposite wall, her luscious bare legs crossed, her arms extended along the top of the bench, her voluptuous body barely covered by a white towel that was straining to hold in her bulging tits. Sue was struck by a powerful sense of déjà vu. The blonde bitch was obviously waiting for Sue, just as she had been before. The women’s eyes locked, a look of pure rage and mutual lust passing between them. Sue felt her nipples go as stiff as nails, tenting the towel stretched across them. Her pussy clenched and lubricated. Sue’s clit began to throb. Her heart pounded as her excitement and anger built.

Sue struggled to control her raging hormones and her feelings of intense excitement and arousal. She walked to the sauna’s heated rocks and ladled on some water. As the steam hissed, she sat down across from the new Mom, and mirrored the other woman’s pose.

For a few silent minutes, the two beautiful bitches glared at each other through the steam, basking in the heat, both enjoying the feeling of building confrontation and sexual excitement.

“I’ve been waiting for you,” the New Mom finally said, her smoky voice a low purr. “I saw you come in and I thought now’s as good a time as any to settle things between us.”

“If you’ve been waiting for me in this sauna for the past 30 minutes, you won’t be much of a challenge,” Sue smirked.

“Do I look like I’ve been in here for that long, you stupid cunt?” the new Mom snapped. “I just got in here a minute before you.”

“Nice to see you’re so willing to wait for me,” Sue sneered. “It looks like you really want what I’ve got. When you didn’t turn up last week, I thought you had realized which of us was the better woman and you were avoiding me.”

“Some things came up that threw off my schedule. From now on, I’m going to make sure this is my regular pool time. And, as far as I’m concerned, this time isn’t going to work for both of us.”

The New Mom slowly got to her feet. Her eyes locked to Sue’s dark eyes, she reached up, untied the white towel where it was knotted under her arm, and slowly pulled it open, revealing her tanned perfection. The woman’s body was beaded with sweat and glistening in the warm light. Her heavy tits swayed deliciously as they sprang free of the towel’s pressure, quivering with the sudden release. Sweat dripped from her brown, inch-long nipples. Sue’s eyes raked hungrily over the other woman’s lush form, lingering on the blonde’s perfectly shaped tits, which were gleaming wetly in the steam. Sue’s eyes swept down the new Mom’s flat, sculpted belly, over her narrow, deep navel, to the other woman’s naked cunt, which was also dripping with moisture. The blonde’s vaginal cleft was deep, her pussy lips thick and inviting. Her swelling clit protruded from her clean-shaven pussy, a warning and a threat. The new Mom’s pubes were meticulously trimmed into a small, furry landing strip. Her meaty hips were wide and strong and tapered into long, muscular thighs and calves down to perfect feet. The blonde dropped her towel onto the bench and stood before Sue, nude, luscious, her hands on her curving hips, her pelvis cocked forward, presenting her hot, dripping sex to Sue in challenge.

Sue rose to her feet. She glared spitefully at the beautiful, flawless bitch before her. She reached up, untied her towel, and pulled it away from her body. Sue’s massive tits popped out from their restraint, jiggling provocatively as they bounced free. She dropped the towel to the bench behind her. The new Mom’s eyes drank in Sue’s beautiful body, raking over her bulging tits, sculpted belly, powerful, womanly hips and legs, down to her perfect feet. The blonde licked her lips in anticipation.

The nude women moved towards each other through the steam. Their eyes were locked, but neither could avoid glancing down to take in the other’s approaching tits. The women were exactly the same height, exactly the same build. They already knew that their incredible tits were perfect matches for each other, that their swollen nipples were equal in length and hardness, that their spectacular bodies were equals in muscularity and voluptuousness. They were perfect rivals.

When their engorged, throbbing nipples were only an inch apart, Sue and the new Mom paused. They both stared at the other woman’s incredible tits, examining and comparing their sweat-slick, meaty boobs, their brown, jutting nipples and pebbled areola, looking for flaws or any sign that the other woman was less than equal in her beauty. Sue’s nipples were darker than the coffee-brown nips of her rival. That was the only noticeable difference between the two incredible women’s thick, juicy tits. Sue and the blonde raised their eyes and locked their angry glares.

“I’m going to smash those ugly bags flat, fucker,” the New Mom whispered, her green eyes glinting with malice and lust.

“I’m going to show you what a real woman’s tits feel like, you cocksucking whore,” Sue shot back.

As one, both women reached for the other’s shoulders. Getting a good grip on the firm flesh, the women leaned forward, closing the final inch separating their tits. Their rock hard, sweat-slick nipples met head on, tip to tip. The women immediately groaned in mutual ecstasy. They did not push harder; they simply allowed their throbbing nipples to pulse into each other, sexual power meeting sexual power, erotic pleasure building with erotic pleasure. Their nipples seized on each other, their milk holes sucking and forming a tight, hot vacuum, gripping each other and seeming to fuse together.

“Mmmmmn, oh fuck….,” Sue gasped, her eyes fluttering as the intense sensations radiated through her flesh. Her nipples were burning, their heat filling and tightening her areola, then pouring through the dense, thickening flesh of her tits. She felt her breasts get larger, even heavier as they exploded in sexual arousal.

“Aaaaahhhhh, God,” the new Mom groaned. She threw back her head, her wet blonde hair jerking, her eyes closed as the intense pleasure rippled through her thickening tits. Both women felt their throbbing clits swell even more as the heat flowed from their nipples, filling their tits, through their taut bellies and down into the burning core of their wet pussies. Sue felt her cunt clench involuntarily, then spray lightly; she felt an answering gush from the new Mom, both women moistening their inner thighs with pussy juice as their incredible arousal took hold.

Gasping, the women pressed nose to nose, forehead to sweaty forehead. As if following some hidden code, Sue and the new Mom pressed forward, stabbing their fused nipples deep into each other, pushing their ridged areola together, pressing their tits until the succulent titmeat mushroomed out, resisting further compression, and their nipples disappeared from view. Their nipples held each other in check deep within their merged orbs, each thick, fleshy brown cylinder refusing to give way, pushing each other back deeply into the women’s advancing tits. A combination of pain and scintillating pleasure rippled through them. Sue and the new Mom held each other like that for a few moments, both women feeling the power of the other in her tits, feeling the delicious sensations of their mutual violation, as their nipples pulsed and throbbed into each other, struggling to destroy the rival pair. The women pulled back, only far enough to see their nipples again. Then the women rammed forward even harder, stabbing each other again with their nipples. They tried to keep the erotic moaning and gasping they were making as quiet as possible, both remembering what had happened the last time they fought in the sauna. But their cries still grew in volume as they began titfucking each other in earnest.

For a few minutes, they pumped tits, driving their nipples into each other, trying to break their rival’s beautiful, heavy tits with their own, fueling the growing sexual lust in their incredible bodies. Their breasts mushroomed hard and tight, succulent flesh burning and pulsing against equally succulent flesh, nipples throbbing, hot with pleasure and exquisite pain as their tits fucked. As their lust built, Sue found herself slipping her hands down the new Mom’s smooth, sweat-drenched sides to the woman’s muscular hips, then around to the small of her back. The new Mom copied the move, pulling Sue in a bit closer. Groaning, panting into each other’s beautiful faces, both women tried to keep quiet even as their titfucking became more and more pleasurable, more and more intense. The erotic sensations filling their struggling breasts were flowing directly into their clits and their aching cunts, pumping them with pleasure. Their clits were growing harder and hotter, their juicy pussy lips were thickening and pulsing with sensual electricity, dripping with lubrication. Sue was so wet between her legs that she was not surprised when she began to feel the heavy flow of pussy juice as it trickled from her cunt to her inner thighs, down to her calves and then her bare feet, mixing with her hot sweat, making the cedar floor even wetter. She knew that cunt juice was flowing down the new Mom’s luscious thighs as well; both women could detect the distinct, acrid smell of aroused pussy. The new Mom slipped her hands further down Sue’s back to grasp the brunette’s muscular ass. Sue returned the grip, enjoying the feel of the other woman’s round, hard, sweaty ass rippling under her hands. She sank her nails into the thick meat and squeezed, eliciting the same reply from her enemy.

The women began to move harder against each other, their bare feet shifting, their smooth, sweaty thighs rubbing and sliding. Sue began to grind her tits harder and harder against the new Mom’s boobs. The new Mom thrust back, her back muscles rippling as she moved her meaty orbs in the opposite direction, grinding back against Sue’s attack. The women’s juicy, slick tits mushroomed and squashed, slipped and slapped, slithered and slid against each other, wet, hot masses of delicious meat, struggling to beat and squash each other down. Their nipples remained locked and fused together, but the dense titmeat shifted and rippled around them, hot and thick and juicy all at once. After a particularly savage round of titgrinding, their nipples released each other, but both women pushed them together again and began rotating their nipple shafts around and around each other, scoring the sensitive flesh of their throbbing areola. They used their shafts like small fleshy swords as they hooked and bent and flicked each other from side to side, sending pain and exquisite pleasure rocketing through the women’s tits.

“You bitch, you fucking bitch,” Sue moaned at her enemy, as she ground her hard nipples back against the new Mom’s shafts.

“Cuntlicking sow,” the new Mom shot back, locking her nipples with Sue’s, then rotating her chest until their rigid nips bent each other back and sprang free. The women gasped in shared ecstasy.

As they slopped and slid their powerful, beautiful tits together, pressing hard, mushrooming and grinding against each other wetly, Sue felt the tension in her pussy grow unbearably; her clit was pulsing and throbbing with need. Sue and the new Mom panted and gasped in each other’s beautiful faces, their quiet moans threatening to grow louder and more uncontrolled with every moment. Sue slid her hands up from the other woman’s ass and wrapped her arms around the new Mom’s upper torso. Sue stepped into the other woman’s body until their hard, sexy abdomens flattened against each other, their bellies rubbing against each other as the women undulated in each other’s arms. Standing toe to toe, their thighs pressed tight, Sue squeezed her sexual rival as hard as she could. The new Mom wrapped her arms around Sue’s torso and hugged back with all her strength. The two gorgeous women threw back their heads and moaned loudly, in unison, as they both desperately tried to flatten the other woman’s tits with their own. Their thick pads of hot, heavy titmeat crushed and throbbed tightly, locked and straining between their powerful bodies, but slipping and sliding on their sweat-drenched flesh, unleashing unbearably erotic sensations. Their nipples burned into each other. The women trembled with effort, their bare, sweaty feet seeking purchase on the cedar floor, their thighs pressing into the other woman’s wet, hot, naked cunt. Their naked bellies shifted and slid, slick with sweat. Their tight, deep, narrow navels sucked at each other. Sue and the new Mom lurched from side to side, grinding tit to tit, writhing in each other’s arms, their slippery bodies unbelievably sensuous, feeling as if they were slicked with oil. The new Mom lowered her head and bit at Sue’s neck; Sue retaliated and the women shared gasping moans as they pushed cheek to cheek.

“Fucking whore,” Sue whispered in the blonde’s ear. “I’m gonna squash you flat…”

“Dirty cunt,” The new Mom moaned in reply, “I can feel your saggy bags giving up…”

They began sliding on each other’s thighs, lifting their smooth, muscled flesh into each other’s wet pussies. They gasped in unison as their hard, hot clits pushed against the slick, warm flesh. The fever between them grew and grew. Staring savagely into the other woman’s beautiful face, nose to nose, Sue’s hands moved back down to seize the new Mom’s rippling ass. The blonde did the same to Sue. Even as the women filled their hands with their adversary’s round, hard buttocks, they spread their legs and cocked their pelvises forward. Their hard, pulsing clits were calling to each other like erotic magnets. They pressed their hot mounds together. Sue pushed hard, feeling the other women’s fat pussy lips slide slickly against her own fat cunt lips. An erotic heat like she had never felt before suffused her body as twat kissed twat, juicy flesh merging with a wet, sucking sound. Sue and the new Mom groaned together, clenching their teeth as they struggled not to shout out in feverish desire. Sue pushed harder, feeling the other woman’s thick cunt lips crush and stick wetly to her own, the blonde’s labia spread beneath the pressure, even as the new Mom pushed back, spreading and opening Sue to her own sexual invasion. The women’s aching, throbbing clits came into hard contact, two exquisitely sensitive nerve rich nubs meeting head to head. The women shouted in shared ecstasy. Then, quickly, Sue and the new Mom, for the first time, drove their tongues and mouths together in a savage, sensual kiss, seeking to silence and dominate each other at the same time. They shrieked into each other’s throats, their twisting tongues muffling their cries of erotic pleasure. Their tongues worked hard, scouring the inside of each other’s mouths, before twisting and slipping together in sensual bliss.

Fingers digging into each other’s asses, butts rippling with powerful effort, bellies flat to each other, bulging tits crushed tight, nipples stabbing and fused as one, lips and tongues locked and sealed, hot spit flowing between their inosculated mouths, the struggling women fucked and fucked and fucked. Their clits moved hard against each other, grinding and sliding slickly, jousting, moving over and over and around each other, rubbing, throbbing, burning with each delicious stroke of exquisitely sensitive nerve on nerve, refusing to separate as they struggled for superiority. Erotic electricity flowed from the women’s struggling clits to every nerve in their bodies, filling them with exquisite, unbelievable pleasure. The women’s moans were constant, both women refusing to break their savage kiss. Spit overflowed from the sides of their mouths, but neither woman cared. They squeezed each other’s ass, their hands slipping in the hot sweat that streamed from their bodies in the steaming room. Pleasure built and built as clit moved on clit, nipples pulsed and burned with nipples, tits throbbed with heat and pressure, hot flesh writhed and undulated as one body.

Stroking, stroking, clit to clit, Sue and the new Mom fucked each other powerfully, relentlessly, each woman determined to sexually break the other. As the pleasure built to unbearable levels, as their struggle went on and on, the women slowly lost their ability to stand, their legs weakened by the overwhelming sensations and the effort to control the erotic power filling their bodies. Thigh to thigh, clit pressed and throbbing to clit, they slowly dropped to their knees on the cedar floor. Their tongues worked hard in their mouths, their hands gripped flexing asses even harder, pulling and tugging each other as tightly together as they could. They humped each other hard, their knees spread, their thighs pressed tight, their pussies slapping wetly, their clits rubbing furiously and vibrating with ecstasy.

Still locked in a vicious, probing kiss with her erotic rival, Sue reached up from the new Mom’s ass and grabbed the blonde by the hair on the back of her head. Yanking hard, Sue pulled the new Mom’s head back, overbalancing the blonde. Slowly, agonizingly, Sue forced the other woman down, riding the new Mom onto her back. As the woman’s shapely shoulders and perfect ass crushed onto the cedar plank floor, her back arched. Sue forced her thighs between the blonde’s muscular legs, spreading the woman beneath her. The new Mom eagerly splayed her legs wider, offering her pussy, tilting her pelvis up to give Sue better access to her dripping, aching cunt and throbbing clit. Sue’s muscular ass flexed powerfully as she sank her sopping cunt deep and hard into the other woman’s welcoming twat, rejoicing in the indescribably delicious feeling of her labia merging and intermeshing with the blonde’s labia, in the feeling of their hungry cunts sucking and pulling at each other, fusing into one hot, steaming, succulent mass of fuckmeat. Their thick pussy lips slotted together, vaginal lips locking. The women moaned in ecstasy as their perfect bodies merged into one. Sue felt the new Mom’s hands gripping her ass tightly, pulling her in as deep as she could go. Moaning, gasping, Sue rammed and drove her clit as hard as she could against her incredible rival’s pulsing sex. She broke their spitty kiss, lifted herself slightly off the woman beneath her, filled her hands with the new Mom’s massive, perfect tits and squeezed the meaty mounds desperately. The new Mom’s head thrashed from side to side. “Fuck, fuck oh fuck, yesssss,” the blonde moaned.

Sue rode the blonde as hard as she could, her back arched, her ass pumping, her hips rolling. The new Mom matched her thrust for thrust, keeping their cunts glued together, their vaginal lips locked, like sealed mouths. Their clits deeply penetrated each woman’s succulent pussy, plunging deep into hot, wet, labia with every delicious thrust. Their clits ground tight into one throbbing, pulsing nerve of ecstasy. Sue’s breasts swayed and rocked, spraying hot sweat down on the fantastic woman writhing under her. The new Mom reached up and grabbed Sue by the back of her head. She pulled Sue’s face down to hers. The women’s tits crushed hard, burning nipples spearing throbbing areola; the new Mom’s lips closed on Sue’s lips. The women kissed passionately, their tongues tangling, spit flowing between their sucking mouths. Their bodies writhed like undulating snakes, slick, hot flesh rubbing and flowing. Both women seized their rival’s bucking ass once again. They stretched out on each other, their long, powerful legs twined and locked, bulging, sweaty muscles straining against each other, straining to become one. Their struggling clits rammed together, grinding and grinding mercilessly, trapped and locked together within the hot, tight confines of the women’s fleshy cunts. The hot, squelching sound of wet cunts merging and struggling filled the cedar room. Their fevered moans of pure pleasure grew louder and louder, even muffled within their locked mouths.

The women broke their kiss, just for a moment.

“You fuck, you dirty fucking whore!” the new Mom gasped.

“Cunt, cunt, fucking cunt!” Sue groaned in reply. She forced her tongue back deep into the blonde’s mouth; the new Mom eagerly sucked on Sue’s lustful pink probe.

The incredible pleasure finally became too much. Sue felt her belly clenching, the feeling of “past the point of no return” take her. She ground her clit into the new Mom’s sexhorn even harder, she sucked on the other woman’s tongue viciously, trying to push the blonde over the edge. The new Mom bucked harder, moving with Sue, keeping their wet, hot pussies locked. Sue broke the kiss, raising her head, her eyes closed, deep moans of incredible pleasure pouring from her mouth, as she struggled to hold back her orgasm. Under her, the new Mom also threw back her head and moaned desperately, her teeth clenched, her eyes closed, as she struggled to outlast Sue. The women trembled and moaned, locked together in sexual agony.

With a whooping scream, the new Mom erupted in orgasmic ecstasy. Her powerful body jerked hard; Sue felt the gush of hot cum injected into her cunt, splashing against her pubes and thighs. Screaming with relief, Sue let herself go an instant later, and joined the blonde in a shriek of pure sexual joy. The women went stiff as boards as they came hard in shared orgasms, their bodies shuddering, their powerful, naked legs intertwined and straining, their toes curling as the tension built then released. Their incredible bodies trembled uncontrollably in each other’s arms. The new Mom’s fingers dug into Sue’s bucking ass, pulling her in deeper, harder.

Sue clapped her right hand over the new Mom’s mouth, stifling the woman’s screams. The new Mom pulled her right hand from grasping Sue’s ass and clamped it over Sue’s gasping mouth. With her left hand, she pulled viciously at Sue’s wet hair. Wave after wave of sheer, raw pleasure roared through the writhing women. Their pussies convulsed, clenched then released, over and over again. Shot after shot of hot cum erupted from their interlocked cunts, injecting into their sucking twats, gushing out to soak their lower torsos and upper thighs. The women writhed and strained in each other’s arms, cumming violently. They screamed and screamed in erotic joy, their hands muffling their howls of pleasure.

Sue collapsed on the beautiful bitch beneath her. Their tits crushed hard, their pussies squashed tight, fuckmeat to fuckmeat. The women felt their hearts pounding into each other through the thick meaty pads of their succulent tits, through the impossibly intimate shared violation of their locked, throbbing clits. Their bodies were soaked in perspiration, their wet hair tangled up.

Sue finally lifted herself off of the new Mom. Their bodies dripped with sweat as they slid apart, their luscious tits rippling and swaying, droplets of sweat raining down. Their juicy pussies sucked apart. Pearly strands of viscous cum trailed from their turgid twats, linking their hungry pussies even as they separated.

Sue had never cum so hard in her life. She looked down at the incredible woman splayed on the floor before her. The blonde new Mom was unspeakably gorgeous, her perfect, voluptuous body shimmering with slick wetness in the hazy gloom of the sauna. The blonde looked up at Sue, her eyes glazed with a combination of exhaustion and unabated sexual hunger.

With a deep moan, Sue staggered to her feet, using the cedar bench to push herself upright. She picked her towel up off the bench and staggered out the door of the steaming room, into the cool locker room air beyond, leaving the new Mom sprawled on the sauna floor. She did not bother putting on the towel. Instead, she used it to wipe her body down, wiping off the slick sweat and the thick gobs of cum that dripped from her pussy and stained her inner thighs. She stumbled to her locker, opened the door, reached in and pulled out the sweat suit top and the black yoga pants she had worn to the pool. She pulled them onto her hot, nude body, not bothering with any underwear. She just wanted to get out of the pool club before the new Mom regained her senses. Sue slipped on her gym shoes, grabbed her bag and made her way to her car. Once in the car, she drained an entire water bottle that she kept in the cupholder. Sue rested her head on the steering wheel for a moment. Her entire body was vibrating, her breasts were heavy and her nipples were hard and exquisitely sensitive. Her pussy was so wet that she could already clearly see her vaginal cleft sucking at her yoga pants. Groaning, she started the car, put it in gear, and made her way home, her mind and body still reeling with intense, unresolved sexual hunger and confusion.

Part IV

Sue parked her SUV in her garage and walked, somewhat unsteadily, into her house. She felt almost light-headed, perhaps from the dehydration caused by fighting so long and hard in such a hot environment. What she and the new Mom had just done to each other – again- seemed almost surreal. It was like a replay of last week, except this time they had struggled to the final, devastatingly erotic outcome. Sue felt she had won their battle, just by virtue of being able to walk away before the new Mom could get herself together. But nothing felt resolved.

Sue made her way up the stairs and into her bedroom. She stripped down, kicking off her shoes and removing her sweat suit top and pants. She threw everything on the bedroom floor and staggered to her ensuite. She examined her beautiful nude body in her bathroom full-length mirror. Once again, she was struck by a powerful sense of déjà vu – this was exactly what she had done after her first sexual encounter with the new Mom. Sue examined her heavy, thick-nippled tits. Her nipples remained at full alert and her breasts were visibly aroused; they appeared thicker and heavier than usual and they throbbed with a deep heat that refused to abate. Sue slipped her hands down her smooth, taut belly, over her navel, and down through her furry landing strip to her naked, fat-lipped pussy. She formed the index and middle fingers of her right hand into a v and ran them along the slick, wet lips of her throbbing cunt. She pressed the pad of her index finger into her hot, hard, swollen clit and gasped, then moaned long and loud, at the sensual shockwave that raced through her.

“Oh fuck,” Sue moaned. She was so unbelievably horny. She did not understand. She had just had the hardest, longest, most intense orgasm of her life. Several of them, in fact. She had squirted harder and longer than she had thought possible. She should be satiated. Instead, her body felt more aroused, more desperate for sexual satisfaction, than it ever had before. It was like some kind of dam had broken inside of her and she needed to find some way to staunch the flow of erotic energy irradiating her body.

Sue stood quivering before the mirror, gently stroking her inflamed nipples and her slick, hot cunt, gasping with need. She looked incredibly beautiful, the wanton light in her eyes, the panting moans, her half-opened mouth and moist, red lips, her sweat-damp, dark wet hair carelessly tossed over her gorgeous face, her heaving tits and glistening body – all of this created the image of a lustful goddess. She felt the overwhelming need to masturbate, and masturbate as hard as she could. She turned back to her bedroom, intent on getting started.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang. “It can’t be,” Sue thought to herself, but her heart leaped with excitement and desperate hope. She grabbed her robe and ran to look out her bedroom window. There, parked in front of her house, was the car she recognized as belonging to the new Mom.

Sue’s heart started to pound with excitement. “Oh God,” she moaned. “Oh fuck.” Her pussy began to water, her nipples became hotter and harder and throbbed with almost painful erotic arousal. She pulled her robe on over her nudity and tied it loosely at the waist. Her tits bounced free, her deep cleavage fully visible in the loose neck of the robe, which was open to her navel. Her long, bare legs flashed as she ran from her bedroom, down the carpeted stairs, to the front foyer. The doorbell rang again. Gulping, gathering her nerve, she steeled herself, then pulled the door open.

The new Mom was standing there, dressed in her sweat suit. The sweat suit top’s zipper was open halfway, revealing her ample bosom and her wet, glistening cleavage. Her yoga pants were wet at the crotch, her vaginal cleft fully visible beneath the damp, skintight cloth.

The women glared at each other for several seconds, the erotic heat building between them, their eyes darting down to the other’s body. Sue began to move to step aside, to let the other woman in. The new Mom did not wait. She moved suddenly, shoving the door open, sending Sue stumbling back. The blonde entered the house, slammed the front door closed, and locked it.

“What are you doing, cunt?!” Sue cried, as she caught herself on the stair bannister. “You can’t just shove your way into my house!”

“You dirty whore,” the new Mom growled. “You can’t just fuck me and walk away. This still isn’t settled between us.”

“I left you sprawled out on that floor like the filthy cunt you are, bitch,” Sue snapped. “You’d already cum like a fire hose. You lost.”

“Fuck you,” the new Mom snarled. She kicked off her sport shoes, then hooked her thumbs in her yoga pants waist band and pulled the tight sheath down her womanly hips and down her powerful, smooth, tan thighs. “Fuck you to hell.” In a moment, the pants were in a balled-up pile at her bare feet. She was bottomless, her long, powerful, sleek legs bare and remarkably beautiful, her twat fully exposed. The new Mom kicked her pants out of the way. Sue licked her lips as she saw the new Mom’s bare legs, as she focused on the woman’s clean-shaven, dripping pussy, topped by a well-sculpted, furry landing strip. The new Mom reached up and unzipped her sweat suit top, leaving it on but open, her bare torso flashing, her luscious tits bouncing as she stalked towards Sue.

Sue was still taking in the incredibly erotic vision of the new Mom advancing on her half-nude when the woman suddenly lashed out. Her slap caught Sue on the side of her face. Sue gasped as she went spinning, falling back on her ass on the carpeted stairs, her loose robe falling around her and loosening even more. She sat up, slightly dazed, her legs completely exposed, the robe barely tied at the waist, hanging open, exposing her delectable tits.

“Bitch!” Sue screamed. But the new Mom was on her, pushing her back on the stairs by her shoulders. The blonde woman’s lush, naked legs flashed. Sue caught a glimpse of the new Mom’s pussy, thick-lipped and dripping with lubrication, her clit swollen into a red, fleshy nub. A jolt of pure, overwhelming lust roared through Sue’s body. The new Mom grabbed Sue’s ankles and pulled Sue off the stairs, pulling her onto the floor in the foyer. She pulled Sue’s luscious legs wide apart by her ankles, then pushed Sue’s spread legs toward Sue’s head, completely opening and exposing Sue’s succulent, juiced up cunt. Sue felt the cool tile of the foyer on her bare ass.

“Yes! Fucking god, yes!” Sue cried, her body wanting nothing more than to mate and merge with the new Mom’s luscious body, cunt to cunt and clit to clit. Involuntarily, she reached for the other woman, even as she tried to spread her legs even wider, making her twat even more accessible.

“Oh god, you fucking whore!” the new Mom snarled. She spread her legs, aimed her hot, wet cunt at Sue’s waiting pussy, and jerked her hips hard as she rammed their thick, sopping fuckmeat together. Cunt slammed to cunt, cuntlips slapped to slippery cuntlips, and the women’s twats penetrated and sealed in a wet, meaty join. Their labia melted together, their hot cunts sucked ravenously at each other. Their engorged clits crushed hard, sending spikes of raw pleasure radiating through the sexual warriors.

“You bitch, you bitch, YOU FUCKING BITCH!” Sue screamed, thrashing her head from side to side as her whole body exploded in erotic ecstasy. She reached up inside of the new Mom’s sweatsuit top and filled her hands with the blonde’s incredible tits. Sue squeezed the thick, meaty mounds savagely, enjoying the feel and the weight of the beautiful glands in her hands.

“Oh fuck, YOU CUNT!,” the new Mom screamed. She released Sue’s ankles and reached down and sank her fingers deep into Sue’s bouncing, jolting tits. Both women screamed, then moaned deeply as they inflicted pain and exquisite pleasure on each other’s massive tits.

Their hips and asses bucked and thrust, clits rubbing furiously as they fucked each other powerfully. Sue wrapped her thighs around the new Mom’s waist and moved in rhythm to the blonde’s powerful, penetrating thrusts. Sue was being clitfucked mercilessly, the new Mom was riding her like a horse, and she loved it. She had never wanted anything more desperately in her life.

Groaning, Sue released the blonde’s heavy tits and grabbed the woman’s head instead, pulling on the new Mom’s hair on either side of her face, pulling her head down towards Sue. The new Mom resisted only for a moment, then released Sue’s tits and allowed herself to be guided down. The women’s tits and bellies crushed hard, though the sweat suit top and the robe provided annoying but titillating obstacles to the full flesh to flesh contact both women needed. Their mouths sealed, as their tongues twisted and pushed and shoved inside their sucking cheeks. The women ground their tits and bellies together, hard nipples burning into dense titflesh, writhing and wriggling, the pleasure building like a freight train racing to its destination.

Sue spread her legs and reached back to grab the foot of the stairs, bracing herself as the new Mom plowed her clit deep and hard into Sue’s aching pussy, riding Sue relentlessly, thrusting herself, from the tips of her straining toes to the apex of her engorged clit, all the way in and up Sue’s aching fuck trough. The new Mom’s clit stabbed and grated at the base of Sue’s clit, licking and grinding all the way up, before pulling back to strike again. Sue grasped the new Mom’s flexing, pumping ass and pulled the woman into her. Sue screamed in erotic bliss as she was fucked out of her mind.

Pulling on Sue’s hair, writhing tit to tit and belly to belly, the new Mom relished fucking Sue’s brains out, relished the feeling of Sue writhing and moaning and gasping uncontrollably beneath her. The incredible sexual tension built in both women, their trembling soon telling them that they were both on the edge of a powerful orgasmic release. The women kissed savagely, sharing hot spit, before resting cheek to cheek, their erotic moaning growing louder and louder as they fucked each other up the pleasure curve.

“I’m gonna make you cum, you little fuck, I’m gonna make you cream so hard…,” the new Mom snarled at Sue, pulling Sue’s hair as they ground into each other mercilessly.

Sue squeezed the new Mom’s pumping ass even harder, sinking her fingers into the firm flesh, slipping a finger into the blonde’s anus, and pulling with all her strength, even as she thrust up against the new Mom’s attacking clit, meeting the other woman’s clit with her own, matching the blonde blow for blow.

“Fucking whore, dirty slut, you cum for me…,” Sue panted.

The women’s mouths locked again, their tongues lashed at each other. They swallowed each other’s moans and cries and shared spit. Sue twined her legs through the new Mom’s limbs, straining powerfully. Their bodies trembled, they grasped at each other. Sue slapped the new Mom’s taut ass several times as the pleasure finally became too much to take.

“Oh, you FUCKING WHORE!,” Sue screamed. She spread her legs wide and thrust up with all her power, as her body convulsed in a devastating orgasm. Her pussy clenched hard, then erupted in a gusher of hot cum.

“YOU FUCKING BITCH!,” the new Mom shouted. She screamed, rearing up, her eyes squeezed shut, thrusting with all the power of her ass, as she ejaculated powerfully, emptying herself into Sue’s hungry pussy. Sue wrapped her arms and legs around the blonde bitch and the two women screamed, gasped and moaned, their bodies twined tightly, shuddering in concert, as they rode out multiple orgasms together.

After the last orgasm, the new Mom rested on top of Sue for a few minutes. The women lay twined, panting in the aftermath, their bodies wet with cum and sweat. A slick wet spot formed on the tile of the foyer under Sue’s ass and dampened part of Sue’s robe which had not ridden up her back. After a few minutes, the new Mom rolled off of Sue and the women lay side by side, panting. Strands of cum connected their naked pussy lips. Sue sat up. The new Mom remained on her back, struggling to regain her composure, her tits jiggling with every gasp. With a surge of energy, Sue got to her feet. Her robe was in complete disarray; it was now gaping open, the sash long since having loosened. Without a word, Sue reached down and grabbed the new Mom by her blonde hair and pulled viciously.

“Stop! You whore, stop!” the new Mom cried out. She rose rapidly to her feet, pulled by the pain in her scalp. She spun herself around, grasping Sue’s wrist, crying out and cursing, as Sue began dragging her up the stairs towards the second floor of the house.

“You fucking cunt,” Sue shouted. “We’re going to settle this upstairs!”

“Dirty bitch!” the new Mom snarled. She reached up and grabbed Sue’s dark hair. For a few moments, the sexual rivals pulled each other’s hair viciously as they staggered on the stairs, holding each other at arm’s length. The new Mom succeeded in slapping Sue’s hands away. Rather than following up on the attack, the blonde turned and ran up the stairs to the second floor. Sue was caught by surprise for a moment, then took off in pursuit, her eyes fixed on the new Mom’s naked, perfect ass, the round globes undulating, her meaty hips see-sawing as she ran.

The new Mom entered Sue’s bedroom, then slowed down. She began walking calmly towards the bed. As she did so, she reached up to her shoulders and pulled off her sweat suit top, pulling it down her back, pushing the sleeves down her arms, and letting it fall to the floor. Sue entered to see the top slide off the new Mom’s beautifully muscled back. Sue closed and locked the bedroom door behind her as she watched the gorgeous blonde bitch, now entirely naked, walk up to her bed and climb onto the mattress, like she owned it. The new Mom crawled to the top of the bed, then turned around and sat on her ass. She spread her legs wide, exposing her perfect, lush cunt. Her twat was still dripping with cum. With a vicious smirk, the new Mom lowered her right hand to her pussy, slid her index finger up her wet, thick slit, spooning out a dollop of mixed cum. She raised her finger to her mouth and then licked her finger clean.

“Come and get it, fucker,” the new Mom purred. She flexed her pussy, squirting a bit.

Sue watched this display with increasing anger and building lust. Slowly, she began walking across the room to the bed. Her robe was already gaping open. She reached up and slid the robe from her shoulders, down her body, letting it drop to the floor. The new Mom’s eyes raked hungrily over Sue’s nude perfection. Sue crawled onto the bed and positioned herself at the foot of the bed. She sat on her ass, her legs extended in front of her, her knees slightly bent, her feet to the mattress. Then, slowly, enticingly, she spread her legs wide, exposing her burning cunt to her enemy in all of its erotic glory. The new Mom gasped a bit as she stared into Sue’s burning, dripping twat. She licked her lips, her eyes glazed with desire. Sue reached down and ran the fingers of her right hand over and around her naked genital lips, pushing down on the succulent flesh, forcing a trickle of cum to run from her pussy down to her ass. Then she ran her index finger up her cum-saturated twat. She raised her wet finger to her lips but then, at the last moment, rubbed the cum and juice around and around her left tit, until the erotic mixture was dripping off her engorged nipple.

The women locked eyes from across the bed. For long minutes they stared deep into each other, each seeing the desire to dominate in the other. But more, they both saw their shared, overwhelming need to fuck, to fuck each other until they could not stand it anymore. Neither woman had ever felt this kind of hunger in her life and both were determined to satisfy it.

The new Mom moved first. She began to slide herself down the bed, towards Sue, her legs spread wide. Sue began to slide up the bed to meet her enemy. Both women were leaking from their pussies, their hot juices coursing down from their cunts to trickle down to their ass cracks. They slid their powerful, slick thighs over and under each other, carefully moving to scissor each other. Beautiful thighs rubbed and Sue and the new Mom shuddered with pleasure and anticipation as their hungry, raging cunts moved into position.

“I’m going to fuck your brains out, you whore,” the new Mom threatened, her green eyes blazing with heat and lust. “When I’m done with you, you won’t be able to get out of this bed for a week.”

“Fuck you, bitch,” Sue breathed. “I’m going to destroy every part of your body with mine. I’m going to suck your ugly cunt inside out.”

“Let’s see, fucker,” the new Mom smiled. “Every part of you against every part of me. Let’s see who can stand when this is over.”

The two women smiled at each other hungrily, their excitement building to a fever.

Bracing their bodies with their arms slightly behind their backs, Sue and the new Mom aimed their red, hot, dripping cunts directly at each other and thrust forward with all the power of their hips and asses. The women’s succulent cunts slapped hard, tight, fat pussy lips flattening and straining to fat pussy lips, soft labia sucking and spreading and merging with soft labia. The women’s massive, engorged clits rammed together, tip to tip, and crushed each other with devastating pleasure. Rolling waves of sheer ecstasy rippled from their locked cunts, from their mating, grinding clits.

“Oh fuck, fucking GOD!” Sue howled, throwing back her head, her eyes squeezed tight, reveling in the sheer, raw, sexual pleasure.

“You bitch, you FUCKING BITCH!” the new Mom screamed, her blonde hair whipping as her head lurched back, her incredible body trembling with erotic joy.

Bracing themselves, smiling at each other savagely, Sue and the new Mom pulled back, then slapped their pussies together, the thick meat clapping erotically. They thrust their twats together hard, locking them, wet, hot meat to meat, and ground into each other relentlessly, their asses and hips rippling and rolling in tandem, their throbbing clits locked together and grinding mercilessly, waves of pure erotic ecstasy streaming through their rocking, bucking bodies. Their powerful bellies rippled with effort. Their cunts sank into each other, forming a tight, meaty seal. The women stared into each other’s eyes viciously, their breath came in heaving pants, their bodies were soon shining with sweat. Lubrication poured from their inosculated cunts, soaking their thighs, soon forming a double wet spot on the bed where they fought. Their big tits jiggled and rocked with each other powerful thrust. The women’s erotic moaning grew louder and louder as their mutual pleasure built and built.

Sue and the new Mom rotated their hips just slightly, giving them both a better, stronger lock on each other’s pussies. Their fat, juicy cunts slotted together perfectly. The women leaned back and began driving into each other even harder and deeper, their muscular cunts sinking into each other and forming a wet, hot, meaty vise. They contracted their pussy muscles, sucking and squeezing at each other, trying to devour each other sex to sex. Fuck hole seized and locked to fuck hole, suctioning and sealing, meat to meat. Fused together, their undulating bodies joined at their twats, Sue and the new Mom fucked and fucked and fucked. Sue grabbed the blonde’s sweaty thigh to provide her more leverage with which to grind into her enemy. The new Mom grabbed Sue’s powerful thigh in response. Glaring at each other through half-closed eyes, the two women bucked and fucked harder and harder, riding each other furiously in the effort to grind the other into submission. The wet, thick sound of squelching, sucking cunts filled the room. The delicious aroma of aroused womanhood wafted into the air. Sue and the new Mom’s pants, groans and cries of ecstasy formed an erotic symphony. No longer needing to keep their sexual warfare quiet, the women gave full throat to their moans, cries and screams of sexual rage and ecstasy.

On and on the battle raged, until the women’s bodies were shuddering with repressed sexual tension and dripping with sweat. Their groans and moans were slowly becoming screams and cries of frustrated erotic need.

“Cum, you fucking bitch, cum!” the new Mom shouted at Sue, her ass rippling as she fucked Sue powerfully.

“Squirt, you dirty whore, squirt! You know you want to let go…” Sue snarled back.

Their hips rolling, their asses pumping, their tits bouncing, Sue and the new Mom slowly fell over onto their backs, each still grasping the other’s thigh, their bodies interlocked, fucking furiously. Each woman knew she was on the verge of an incredibly powerful orgasm. Both vixens were determined to outlast the other.

The new Mom’s hands touched Sue’s hand; as if of one mind, both women released the other’s thigh and reached for the other’s hands instead. They locked hands, palm to palm, fingers interlocked. Using each other’s grip as leverage, they ground harder and harder and harder, fucking and fucking and fucking, pussies locked and sealed, joined in an unbreakable bond of pure meat and muscle, sucked together like vacuums. Sue cried and screamed with the unbearable pleasure. The sensation of being joined, being mated to the other woman’s bucking body was complete and overwhelming. Flesh flowed into flesh, wet, hot meat strained against meat, incredible heat roared and pulsed through their bucking bodies, burning in their nipples, filling their tits, pulsing in their pussies, filling up their grinding clits. The new Mom’s screams and gasps harmonized with Sue’s; the two women howled out an erotic chorus as they fucked each other to the end.

Their voluptuous bodies writhed and undulated uncontrollably, stretched out on the bed, sealed together at their cunts, glistening with sweat and the pussy juices coating their lower abdomens and upper thighs. Wetness flowed constantly, from their pussies, from their sweat-drenched skin. Their heavy tits bounced and jolted, their heads thrashed from side to side as both women screamed and snarled, gasped and moaned.

The end finally came. Sue knew she could not last a moment longer. The pleasure filling her body was too great, the need to release too powerful. Her clit felt like a throbbing, aching balloon of raw sexual energy, demanding to explode. Flat on her back, Sue arched her spine in ecstasy, lifting her hips high off the bed, her round, hard ass grinding into the new Mom’s ass as their bodies bridged, driving her cunt into the new Mom’s cunt with all her power.

“OH YOU FUCKING WHORE!” Sue screamed as she exploded in an overwhelming orgasm. Her pussy gushed, hot cum jetting from her pussy like a waterfall, spraying all over the blonde’s cunt and lower abs and inner thighs.

Even as Sue erupted in orgasmic ecstasy, she felt the new Mom cumming too. The new Mom arched her spine, shrieked in pleasure, and unleashed a gusher of cum that met and mixed with Sue’s erotic discharge.

Squeezing each other’s hands ferociously, the women writhed and bucked, screamed and sobbed, as they fucked orgasm after orgasm out of each other, grinding into each other mercilessly. Sue felt the tears running down her face as the sheer, raw pleasure left her sobbing in ecstasy. She could not stop cumming; the new Mom was equally out of control. For several minutes, the women shared orgasms, their bodies convulsing, trembling, as the raw sexual tension built then released, built then released, over and over again. Finally, the erotic energy abated. Moaning, gasping, their exhausted bodies barely moving, the women collapsed on the bed.

For a long time, maybe 20 or 30 minutes, Sue and the new Mom lay together. They drifted in and out of consciousness. Their bodies remained locked into one, the soft lips of their cunts squished wetly, like sucking mouths, the pink folds of their labia intermeshed, their pulsing clits locked against each other. The merging of their genitals sent constant shocks of erotic bliss racing through their spent bodies. Their bodies were slick with sweat and cum and the sheets were soaked with their discharges. The room was saturated with the intoxicating scent of womanly sex.

Sue floated on the cusp of consciousness, awash in the afterglow of the most delicious sex of her life. She did not know what was happening but she knew she did not want it to end. Her hate for the other woman was intoxicating and stimulating and growing with every scrap of evidence that this blonde bitch was her equal in every way. She wanted to destroy and conquer the other woman almost as much as she wanted to ravage the blonde’s body. She could feel the heat of the other woman in their sealed cunts. Sue was preparing to launch another attack, to mount the new Mom and fuck her into final, incontestable submission, when she felt the new Mom stir, then pull back, sucking her wet, hot cunt away from Sue’s pussy. The women’s bodies separated with a squelching release, thick strings of cum pulling away.

Sue forced herself to sit up, ready to take on the blonde bitch again.

“Are you ready to admit I’m the better woman?” the new Mom asked Sue hoarsely. She was sitting up, getting into a kneeling position.

“Like fuck,” Sue replied, her voice a hoarse whisper. She needed water. She cleared her throat. “I told you I’d leave you a puddle on the ground and that’s just what I plan to do.”

“Still bitchy, you little cunt,” the new Mom smirked. The new Mom stretched out beside Sue, her feet pointing to the head of the bed, and slowly opened her thighs, exposing her wet, beautiful twat.

“Let’s eat, bitch,” the new Mom challenged. “Let’s see which of us is better at sucking pussy.”

Sue had never done this before, but she knew she could not back away from the challenge. A thrill of erotic desire and excitement rippled through her body. She had always wondered what it would be like to suck and lick at another woman’s twat; now, she was going to find out and she had a lot of ideas that she was eager to put into practice.

“I’ll teach you how to suck a cunt, fucker,” Sue replied, stretching herself out along the new Mom’s luscious body, facing the opposite direction. The women lined their faces up with the other woman’s genitals. “I’m going to make you cum until you’re a dry husk.”

The new Mom reached out and placed her hand on Sue’s upper hip and pushed. At the same time, she moved towards Sue. The effect was to roll Sue over onto her back. Sue did not resist; she knew it would be easier for them to get at each other’s twats if they started their 69 with one of them on top of the other. The new Mom rolled on top of Sue. Sue spread her legs eagerly, even as the blonde’s thighs spread on either side of Sue’s head. Sue looped her arms over the other woman’s hips and grabbed the new Mom’s succulent ass, her hands gripping each taut, round ass cheek, her fingers sinking into the resisting flesh. She pulled and separated the new Mom’s muscular ass cheeks as she ran her tongue all the way up the woman’s wet, soft slit, reveling in the sweet taste of the blonde’s juiced up twat, the intoxicating aroma of sex-slicked pussy. Sue felt the blonde’s hot tongue pushing into her labia, penetrating her vagina. She felt the other woman’s hands on her ass, kneading and squeezing her flesh, even as the new Mom’s mouth clamped over Sue’s pussy and began to suck like a vacuum. Her tongue began to probe Sue’s depths, before lapping at Sue’s engorged clit. Sue returned the violation, tasting and lapping at the other woman’s labia, penetrating the woman’s vagina, then closing her lips on the blonde’s juicy cunt and sucking, sucking back the delicious fluids inside. Sue’s lips and tongue wrapped around the blonde’s thick clit and she sucked, then nibbled gently, at the hot, red bud. The new Mom shuddered and moaned in reply, then did things to Sue’s clit that had the brunette thrashing and crying out in ecstasy, before she lifted her head to retaliate by doing the same things to the New Mom’s soaking cunt.

Both women shoved fingers deep into each other’s hot, wet twats and began to pump and thrust at the hot flesh, enjoying the feeling of the thick, ridged muscle inside the juicy vaginas, enjoying the sound and smell of wet, sex-engorged flesh. They sucked mercilessly on each other’s clits, lapping at each other’s fuck slits, drinking and sucking back the natural lubricants that poured from their pussies. Sue shoved two fingers up into the new Mom’s anus, eliciting a groan of delight from the blonde, who immediately replied. As Sue writhed, as the sensations rolled out from her anal violation, she used her tongue to taste and probe the sensitive, puckered flesh of her enemy’s ass. She shuddered in delight as she felt the new Mom’s tongue lapping at her forbidden orifice. Both women closed their mouths around the other’s asshole and sucked hard, lathering the tight hole with spit, licking and sucking and probing, spreading the taut flesh with their fingers and thrusting with hungry tongues. Sue and the New Mom cried out in shared delight at the depths of depravity to which they were both willing to sink.

The women’s thighs were locked tightly around each other’s heads. Sue rolled their interlocked bodies and took the top position. She squeezed and separated the other woman’s ass cheeks, then locked her mouth around the new Mom’s pussy and sucked as hard as she could. She drove her tongue into the yielding slit and lapped the blonde’s labia, before shoving her tongue deep into the steaming, wet cavity. The new Mom groaned and writhed in ecstasy in response to Sue’s violations, but she, too, was busy probing and entering Sue’s deepest crevasses with her tongue, probing and teasing at Sue’s throbbing clit. Her hands were looped around Sue’s hips and her hands were filled with Sue’s ass. She kneaded and sank her claws into the muscular meat.

How long they sucked and ate and feasted on each other, Sue did not know. She lost track of time, she lost track of everything except the incredible pleasure burning in waves, rippling up out of her swollen clit and her soaking genitals every few minutes. Her world became that incredible pleasure combined with the acrid taste and intoxicating scent of the new Mom’s luscious pussy and delicious ass. Sue’s tongue went deep into the other woman’s soft, fleshy labia, she probed the ridged hole of the blonde’s cunt. Her tongue played at the rough, tense orifice of the new Mom’s anus. Her fingers slid and probed and held open inviting orifices she then explored with her tongue. She licked and bit at the new Mom’s inner thighs. More than anything, she relished sucking and nibbling on the woman’s hard, thick clit, because this forced the new Mom to do the same to her, sending both of them into paroxysms of pure ecstasy. She gushed in the face of the new Mom and the blonde gushed back into Sue’s gorgeous face until both women’s faces were soaked with cunt juices. They rolled onto their sides, their muscular thighs wrapped around each other’s heads, their hands kneading and clawing into thick, round ass cheeks, their faces buried in delicious pussy, their tits crushed, their nipples burning and throbbing into each other’s abs, and sucked each other to screaming orgasm after orgasm after orgasm.

Finally, howling in pleasure, sobbing uncontrollably into each other’s succulent cunts, Sue and the new Mom released each other and rolled apart. Sprawled on the bed, flat on their backs, side by side, the two beautiful women gasped and panted, their perfect bodies soaked with sweat and sexual secretions, their bodies trembling with sexual release and exhaustion. Sue glanced at the clock on her bedside table. Dimly, she registered that she and the new Mom had been locked in a 69 for almost 90 minutes. They had been fucking each other almost non-stop since 9:30 that morning. Now, it was almost 1 PM. In another hour and a half, it would be time to leave to pick up their kids.

Sue pushed herself up on her elbows. She glared at the new Mom over her heaving, sweaty tits. She glared at the blonde’s perfect body, at the beautiful woman’s trembling, massive breasts. Sue was absolutely determined to break the whore, to force the bitch to admit and accept Sue’s sexual superiority. Unfortunately, she suspected they did not have the time to decide the issue today. Sue was exhausted, but she could feel her sexual power surging just beneath the surface, eager and willing to take on the blonde in even more depraved sexual competition. Sue was sure that the new Mom was every bit as energized as she was.

The new Mom sensed Sue looking at her. She propped herself up on her elbows and met Sue’s glare.

“Fuck you, bitch,” the new Mom growled. She sounded hoarse. Like Sue, she had to be very dehydrated, despite swallowing so much of Sue’s ejaculate.

Sue sat up and then tucked her legs under her and placed her hands on the bed. The new Mom also got onto her hands and knees. The two women moved towards each other until they were nose to nose, pressing their sweaty foreheads into each other, glaring into each other’s gorgeous eyes.

“You little slut,” the new Mom murmured, her hot, sweet breath washing over Sue’s face.

“Fucking little cunt,” Sue whispered back. Her blood was boiling with erotic heat.

The women’s tongues touched, then began sliding, licking over each other, strings of spit linking them. Tongues lapped over red, swollen lips. The women’s heat built and, in moments, they slipped their noses past each other and slid into a deep, sucking, tongue kiss. Thick pink tongues twisted and twined inside wet, hot mouths, sending delicious erotic sensations rippling through the women’s sex organs. Spit swished back and forth, filling Sue and the new Mom’s mouths, causing them both to swallow it back, to suck spit back from the other, their cheeks hollowing as they sucked and pulled. The women raised themselves up on their knees and leaned into each other, powerful arms looping around necks and waists, thick, swelling tits crushing nipple-to-nipple into throbbing titflesh. Both women began to slide their pulsing, aching tits against each other, working their backs and shoulders to move their tits around and around, hard nipples burning as they grated on each other. Their hands wandered on each other’s muscled backs, caressing and gripping, reaching down to stroke round, tight asses, to slide up deep ass cracks and tease clean-shaven pussies, before sliding up to trace long, curved spines. Their tongues worked relentlessly. Sue and the new Mom moaned in concert, deep in their throats, their bodies aching and trembling with sexual power and growing, growing lust. Sue felt her cunt dripping, burning with heat and aching with tension. She maintained one arm around the new Mom’s back, pulling the blonde’s tits into hers even harder, but slid her other hand onto the other woman’s bare belly, then down her flat stomach, through her thick, but neatly trimmed, blonde thatch. Sue’s hand eagerly, gently caressed and teased the new Mom’s dripping, naked cunt, sliding and probing urgently at thick, wet labia and the blonde’s thumb-thick clit. The new Mom gasped and cried out as Sue slipped two fingers inside her and began to finger-fuck her vigorously. An instant later, Sue screamed out as the new Mom’s fingers penetrated her twat, twisting and spreading her burning genitals.

The two women broke their kiss. Forehead to forehead, nose to nose, they struggled to keep their eyes open to glare at each other hatefully as waves of pure, erotic sensation soared through their trembling bodies, radiating up from their nova-hot cunts. The finger fucking, caressing, teasing and tantalizing went on and on. 15, 20, 25 minutes passed. Sue and the new Mom sobbed quietly, their faces wet with tears, their bodies trembling, quivering with barely-contained sexual fever. Their heavy, massive tits were crushed tight, throbbing and pulsing into each other, locked like two sets of horns on two rival bulls, sexual power and vitality matched to sexual power and vitality, hard nipple sucked and fused to hard nipple.

It was good. It was so fucking, fucking good. Sue lost herself in the rapturous sexual pleasure.

Suddenly, the new Mom’s left hand, which had been resting in the small of Sue’s back, just above the powerful curve of Sue’s naked ass, slid purposefully up the groove of Sue’s spine. The blonde twisted Sue’s long, dark hair around her fingers and pulled savagely. Sue found herself slowly rolling over onto her back. Part of her did not mind at all. Her pussy was burning, aching with need, her clit was throbbing relentlessly, desperate for the exquisite, unmatched pleasure of meeting and mating to the clit of Sue’s blonde rival. Sue fell flat onto her back, borne down by the blonde’s body, their heavy tits welded together, their bellies flat to each other. Sue spread her legs wide, offering her aching, ravenous cunt to the new Mom. The other woman slipped between Sue’s legs and brought their soaking, slick, naked cunts into direct, excruciatingly pleasurable contact. Sue’s hands reached down and filled with the new Mom’s round buns; Sue pulled hard as the other woman’s juiced-up fuck meat mashed and mated with her own, as their hungry, gaping, pink slits found each other and sucked tight, pulling at each other, melting together in heat and wetness. Thumb-sized, rock-hard clit met equally formidable clit and mated; the women shrieked in a concert of pure ecstasy as their clits fused, head pressed to head. Their hips and asses jerked and shuddered in minute twists as they moved their clits around and around, over and under, side by side, pressing and trying to crush each other, slipping and sliding, but never separating, always in constant electrical, erotic bliss. The women did not kiss, but they pushed their faces close, noses and foreheads tight, and sobbed, gasped and cried out to each other, their erotic moaning and screaming growing to a fever pitch as they fucked and fucked and fucked.

Sue closed her legs, twining them with the new Mom’s powerful pair. As the sexual intensity of the women’s battle increased, as the overwhelming sexual pleasure of their clit to clit, tit to tit, belly to belly grinding and writhing grew and grew, the women’s powerful muscles charged with tension as they overflowed with sexual power and energy, begging for orgasmic release. Their muscles locked against each other and their sweat-soaked, trembling bodies ground slower and slower, but harder and harder, their universe becoming nothing but their rock-hard clits, burning with nova-hot pleasure, their aching, fused nipples, their thick, pulsing tits. Heat built on heat, pleasure built on pleasure. Flesh melted into flesh, erotic bliss flowed in waves of unbearable sensation.

Sue glared into the new Mom’s gorgeous face through half-lidded eyes. The new Mom glared back. Both women watched each other, hoping to see the moment when one of them would surrender to sexual pleasure and explode in orgasmic defeat. Their moans and screams of sexual joy reached a fever pitch. They whispered obscenities at each other as their mutual fucking built to a crescendo. Their bodies were shuddering with sexual restraint, both long past the point of no return, both women holding back the ocean of sexual pleasure aching in their interlocked loins through sheer force of will.

Finally, finally, it was too much. Sue felt an intense, unbearable flare of heat in the head of her clit, a wave of heat and pleasure so extreme that it almost blew her out of her mind. It spread in a flash, filling her entire clit until it seemed to be radiating power, setting the entire network of nerves surrounding her pussy into a throbbing nova of pleasure, swelling into her tits, burning into her nipples, erupting through her straining, perfect body in a release of pure sexual ecstasy. Sue threw back her head and moaned from deep in her soul, the pleasure too intense to allow her to scream and scream with the intensity of what she was feeling. Her body shuddered down to its core, her belly rippling, and she felt her vagina convulse. Sue spread her legs wide. She felt a gusher of cum explode from her pussy, drowning the new Mom’s pussy in cunt juice, soaking the bed, soaking their thighs.

An instant later, the new Mom’s eyes squeezed tightly shut, her beautiful face contorted into an expression of unbearable pleasure, and every muscle in her body went rigid with sexual tension. The woman moaned in a cry of absolute sexual agony. An instant later, Sue felt the release, as the new Mom’s hips jerked, as her abdomen rippled against Sue’s, as her convulsing pussy shot a stream of hot, thick cum deep into Sue’s aching, hungry twat. Sue’s cunt eagerly sucked back the thick discharge. Sue reached up and pulled the blonde’s face down to hers; the women locked into a hot, spitty, tongue-filled kiss. They moaned and screamed into each other’s throats as their bodies shuddered with orgasm after orgasm, each more ecstatic than the one before. Sue twined her legs through the new Mom’s powerful limbs and the women strained and strained against each other, muscles locking, sweat mixing into a hot froth, as they pumped cum back and forth between their locked pussies, as their hungry cunts sucked and sucked at each other until they became one fused mass of ravenous fuckmeat. Sue passed out as the tenth, most unbearably pleasurable orgasm of her life, convulsed her body and blew out her mind.

Minutes later, Sue regained some semblance of her senses as she felt the new Mom’s hot, luscious body slowly separate from her own. Their pussies sucked apart, their nipples pulled then released, their hot bellies slid away. The new Mom’s weight and heat rolled away from Sue’s naked, perfect form. Sue’s eyes opened. Blearily, she watched the new Mom’s naked, sculpted back, as the blonde sat on the edge of Sue’s bed and struggled to gather her wits about her. After a few moments, the new Mom stood up, then stepped forward. She reached down and then stood up straight, holding her sweat top. As Sue watched, the blonde shrugged herself into the fleece jacket. The new Mom turned around, the jacket open on her chest, as she fluffed out her unruly blonde mane with her hands. Her breasts pushed at the jacket; her wet cleavage, flat, muscled abdomen and deep, narrow navel framed by the open jacket. Her lower body was naked, her powerful legs gleaming with wetness, her thick landing strip curled and damp, her naked pussy dripping with cum and natural lubricants. The new Mom saw Sue staring at her gorgeous body. The new Mom’s eyes wandered over Sue’s naked body, sprawled out on the bed. Sue knew what the woman was seeing: a perfect, nude woman, her body glistening with moisture, her long, dark hair fanned out around her head, her amazing tits lolling thick and wet and hard-nippled on her chest. The two women’s eyes locked. They felt the incredible heat that passed between them.

“I thought you were going to leave me in a puddle on the floor, cunt,” the new Mom said to Sue, her voice hoarse. “Looks like I’m leaving you a dripping, hot mess in your own bed.”

“God, you little fuck!” Sue rasped, her throat dry. A shot of energy raced through her body at the insult. She pushed herself up and rolled off the bed as fast as she could.

“If we both didn’t have to leave and pick up our kids, I would pull you back into this bed and fuck you until you were begging me to stop, you dirty whore!” Sue pointed at the clock, which indicated that both of them had only twenty minutes, at most, before they had to leave for the school.

Sue stood straight, her hands on her hips, her dark eyes blazing with heat. She reached down with right hand, formed her fingers into a V, and pressed on her red, dripping cuntlips. Her fingers spread her pussy, her thick, hard clit teased free. The rigid sexhorn rose in challenge, displaying itself, revealing its mistress’ readiness for sexual combat.

“You see this, cunt?” Sue grunted, thrusting her hips forward. “My pussy has more than enough power to ride you into the ground! You’re just lucky we have to stop now!”

The new Mom reacted to Sue’s aggressive move. She reached down with her right hand and spread her twat lips, coaxing her swelling clit free.

“See this, whore?” the new Mom shot back. “My clit is more than ready for yours! My pussy will suck yours out like a ripe fruit, fucker!”

Both women glared at each other. Their hands returned to their hips, they thrust their pelvises forward, challenging each other. Both glanced at the clock; they knew they did not have time to continue this.

Sue slowly relaxed her posture. Letting her arms fall to her sides, she slowly, sensuously, began to walk towards the new Mom. The new Mom let her arms relax at her sides, but stood her ground, waiting for Sue to make the next move.

When Sue was close enough, she slowly reached out, carefully grasped either side of the new Mom’s open jacket, and pulled the coat wider, until the blonde’s beautiful, thick-nippled golden orbs hung fully revealed on her chest. Sue thrust her chest out and aimed her swollen brown nipples directly at their counterparts on the new Mom’s tits. Their throbbing brown cylinders touched hot and slick, sending electricity racing through both women’s bodies. Sue and the new Mom let out shuddering gasps, in concert, as the erotic, sensual energy surged. Their nipple holes sucked to each other and held. The women pressed forward and watched as their rock-hard nipples pushed each other back into their mistresses’ DD titflesh. The women’s areolas met and fused; titmeat bulged and slid sensuously as naked meat met meat. Sue and the new Mom were nose to nose, gasping, their tits heaving slowly with their excited pants. Their muscular thighs pressed tight, hot and sweaty. Sue felt the new Mom’s hands sliding along her naked hips, then around her waist and down to her round, hard ass. The blonde filled her hands with Sue’s ass and squeezed hard, sinking her fingers into the taut meat. Sue returned the grip, grasping the blonde’s ass. Gasping, the excited arousal between their bodies growing hotter, both women slowly, teasingly, spread their thighs and tilted their pelvises forward. They could feel the heat, the electricity, as their swollen, throbbing clits drew closer and closer. Finally, their engorged clits licked and caressed, head pressed to burning head. The women held them there, allowing the raw pleasure to arc through their trembling bodies.

“Oh, fucking God!” Sue moaned, her body shuddering with pleasure and need. This was unbelievable. Just minutes earlier, she had been fucked into unconsciousness from the most intense erotic pleasure of her life. Yet, here she was now, fully reloaded, her voluptuous body primed and ready to fuck and fuck and fuck to the end. Sue’s sex drive had always been strong, but whatever was driving her now was insatiable.

“Nnnnnnh, fuck!” the new Mom gasped. Her eyes shut tight, her teeth clenched, as she fought to control the intense pleasure rippling through her body.

Sue and the new Mom stared into each other’s eyes, their mutual, unquenchable lust apparent to both.

“We need to settle this,” the new Mom whispered tightly, her fingers squeezing Sue’s ass harder. “We need to fuck this out.”

“Yes,” Sue gasped in agreement. Her clit was burning, aching with need. It was resting against the new Mom’s clit, pulsing like a quasar. Her nipples were on fire.

“I’m taking my daughter to my ex tonight,” the new Mom panted. “Tomorrow is Saturday. It’s a long weekend. She won’t be back until Monday night. Come to my house, early. We can fuck all day, all night, however long it takes to finish this between us.”

“Can’t,” Sue gasped. “I’ve got to spend the whole weekend taking the boys around. Soccer…”

“Let your fucking husband do that,” the new Mom hissed. “Make an excuse. Business meeting, something. We need to fuck this out. We need to!”

The blonde woman sounded insane with lust and need, but Sue felt exactly the same way. Whatever was happening between her and this woman, this incredible rival, demanded that they fuck each other raw, that they fuck and fuck and fuck and fuck until only one of them was standing. They needed to match body to body, clit to clit, tit to tit, erotic power to erotic power, and learn which of them was the dominant woman.

Sue moaned in reply, then moved her clit, slow and hard, against that of the blonde. The other woman cried out, then replied, grinding back just as slow and hard. Sue and the new Mom tightened their grips on each other’s asses and pulled each other in forcefully. Pressed nose to nose and forehead to forehead, panting and gasping with lust, the women began grinding their clits, harder and harder, using slow, powerful jerks of their hips. Their nipples burned like hot pokers, buried in their aching titflesh. They ground and ground and ground, sawing clit to clit, suffering unbearably delicious sexual agony as they tried to force the other to cum. They gasped and screamed into each other’s faces. Both women glanced at the clock. Their time was almost up, they had to leave to get their kids, but they could not stop.

Their excitement built; neither woman tried to hold back. This had to be fast, but their unbelievable desire could not be denied. Suddenly, their throbbing, burning clits flared with exquisite heat.

“Yes, yes, oh fuck, yes!” the new Mom cried out.

“Ohhhhhh, godddd!” Sue moaned.

They pulled each other’s asses even harder, pulling each other in deeper, as their bodies shuddered with intense pleasure. Hot, shared cum gushed down the women’s thighs. They wrapped their arms around each other and squeezed their bodies together, compressing their throbbing tits, as they shuddered again, another gush of cum spraying out over their thighs, trickling down their calves to the floor, drowning their kissing, sucking quims in cunt juice. Sue and the new Mom screamed together in bliss, cheek to cheek, faces buried in each other’s hair, as a third orgasm roared through their struggling, fucking bodies. Vaguely, Sue realized that they could just keep doing this, could just keep grinding orgasms out of each other, all day.

After the third orgasm, the new Mom screamed and pushed away from Sue. Reluctantly, Sue let the nearly naked woman go. Panting, their tits heaving, the women regarded each other feverishly from a few feet away. They had to stop, though every nerve, every ounce of flesh in their bodies was begging them to continue.

“I’m going to be at the pool tomorrow morning at 8:30,” the new Mom panted to Sue. “If you are willing to settle this, then meet me there. We’ll go to my house and fuck this out. The whole day. The whole night. However long it takes. We need to fuck each other raw.”

Sue said nothing. Her body was wracked with sexual fever and erotic need. Her mind was whirling. She knew the new Mom was right. There had to be some way to make this work. She did not think she could survive the weekend without locking up, cunt to cunt and clit to clit, with this whore, and fucking her into submission.

The new Mom flashed Sue a final look. The woman walked out of the bedroom, her naked ass and beautiful, powerful legs flashing. Sue stood immobile in her room, almost paralyzed with sexual desire. She heard the woman pause in the foyer, long enough to pull on the yoga pants and shoes she had discarded when she first invaded Sue’s house. The front door opened and closed. Naked, Sue walked to her bedroom window and looked out. The new Mom was talking on her cell as she walked quickly down the walk to her car, her skintight exercise tights doing nothing to conceal her spectacular ass and swinging hips. As the new Mom turned to climb into her car, she looked up at Sue in the window. The women’s eyes locked. Both felt a spike of pure sexual desire flare in their clits and wet their pussies. Then the blonde closed the car door, started the engine, and pulled away from the curb.

Sue picked up her cell off of her dresser. She called the school to let it know that she would be a bit late picking up her kids.

Sue dressed slowly. She pulled on a blouse, a thong and a short skirt. Her nipples were pulsing, her clit was hard and hot. In no time, her thong was soaked. As she drove to the school, she struggled with guilt. She knew she could come up with an excuse to leave for the weekend and let her husband take care of the kids. Her sense of motherly responsibility wrestled with her overwhelming sexual needs. By the time she got to the school, she still had not decided what to do.

As Sue picked up her sons, she saw the new Mom a few cars ahead of her, helping her daughter into her vehicle. The new Mom looked up. Sue and the blonde’s eyes locked again. The heat that passed between them staggered both women, forcing them to reach to brace themselves on their cars. The moment passed.

The new Mom drove away again, casting one final significant glance at Sue. The blonde woman could not tell what Sue had decided to do, but she felt a bit more hopeful that Sue would be at the pool the next day. The new Mom knew that the night ahead of her was going to be very difficult. The suspense of what would happen when she went to the pool the next morning would eat at her all night. She was thankful she had a well-equipped arsenal of sex toys at home.

Sue’s boys were in the car. As she drove away, Sue’s clit throbbed, her pussy leaked into her thong, her nipples speared her shirt. Her body was telling her what she had to do. Sue made up her mind. Sometimes, she knew, a mother needed to put her own needs ahead of the family.

Part V:

The next day, Sue made it to the pool club at exactly 8:15. She was dressed in a blouse and skirt; a jacket was on the seat beside her. This was her professional uniform. She was wearing runners to drive, but had a pair of high heels in a box in the back of the van, along with her weekend bag. Most of this was for show; Sue had no intention of using almost anything she had packed. She parked her van in the parking lot and waited. The building had opened only a few minutes before and Sue did not see the new Mom’s car in the lot.

Sue had been up half the night in a sexual fever. When her husband came home that evening, she could not wait to get him into bed and fuck him until he passed out in exhaustion. But even that was not enough for Sue. She did not know what was happening between herself and this blonde whore, but she knew that she did not want it to stop – it was too exciting and exhilarating, and it felt so very, very, very good. The sexual pleasure she and the new Mom were inflicting on each other seemed to get better every time they fucked. Sue was utterly determined to prove her sexual superiority to the new Mom, no matter how long it took, no matter how long and hard she had to fuck the bitch. It had become clear that the hours between dropping their children at school and picking them up would not be enough time to decide the beautiful Moms’ sexual rivalry. They needed uninterrupted time in which to fuck each other relentlessly until one could not go on. Now, they would finally have it. What they would do to each other this weekend would determine which of them was the dominant woman, which of them had the superior sex.

Sue told her husband that an emergency audit had come up and that she would need to go into the city for the next couple of days to work on it. She would stay at a hotel and could be reached by cell. He had no reason to be suspicious of her or her excuse; this kind of thing had happened before. Sue’s husband agreed to ferry the boys around to their various events that weekend. Sue apologized to her sons for missing their games. She felt a pang of guilt as she saw their disappointed faces, but she knew that the forces demanding that she deal with the threat of the new Mom could not be denied.

At 8:25, Sue saw the new Mom’s car pull into the pool club parking lot. Sue was going to get out and catch the other woman before the blonde entered the building, but she did not have to; the new Mom saw Sue’s van and pulled up next to her, their driver’s side windows aligning. Sue powered down her window and glared down into the blonde’s beautiful green eyes. The other woman glared back. A blast of staggering sexual heat passed between the two women, causing both of them to suddenly tense in their nether regions, their nipples to swell, and their breasts to tighten.

The new Mom had been up most of the night, pumping her pussy with her biggest dildo, using a vibrator on her clit, doing everything she could to satisfy the erotic hunger that her sex war with Sue had unleashed. Everything she had done had only fed the hunger, the need, for Sue’s cunt and tits. She soon realized that only Sue’s body could satisfy her deep sexual needs. The new Mom was aching with sexual frustration. She had left her home that morning with a burning anticipation in the pit of her stomach. She hoped that Sue would show up, that she would not be able to resist the challenge of uninterrupted sexual combat, but the new Mom could not be absolutely certain of that. Now that the blonde saw Sue here in the parking lot, her sense of relief was followed immediately by a powerful shot of pure lust and building anticipation. The new Mom knew, with certainty, that the rest of the day, maybe the rest of the weekend, would be spent locked up, sex to sex and body to body with this beautiful brunette rival. She could barely contain her desire.

“I’m glad to see you are here,” the new Mom snipped, bitchy to the core. “I was afraid you’d be too scared of getting your cunt fucked into hamburger to show up.”

“Fuck you, bitch,” Sue snarled in reply, “I’m the one who’s going to be teaching you lessons you’ll never forget.”

“Let’s go back to my place right now,” the new Mom replied, betraying her desire. “You can follow me.”

Sue nodded. “When we get there, I need to put my van someplace inconspicuous; I don’t want someone seeing it on the street.”

The new Mom nodded. “You can put it in my garage. It’s double car, but I only use one side. I’ll open the door and you can drive in.” She put her car in gear and led Sue out of the parking lot and onto the quiet street. The new Mom had to resist speeding. Her body was burning, tense and hot with lust, and she could not wait to get Sue back to her house and begin fucking the brunette into submission.

It was less than a 10 minute drive to the new Mom’s house, a comfortable looking bungalow on a quiet street. When they arrived, the new Mom activated her garage door, then pulled her car next to the curb in front of her house. Sue drove her vehicle into the garage. As soon as Sue was in, the new Mom pressed the garage control and shut the door. She pulled her car into her driveway, parking on the unused side of the pad.

The new Mom locked her car, took her gym bag out of the trunk, then walked up the pathway to her front door. She keyed in the passcode; the door unlocked. Taking a deep breath, she opened it and stepped into her home. She was giddy with anticipation of the confrontation awaiting her inside. When she entered the house, Sue was not standing in the main hall, as she had expected. The inner door to the garage was unlocked, so Sue must have come into the house. Then the new Mom noticed Sue’s shoes, sitting by the mat under the door. With a grim smile, the new Mom kicked off her shoes and walked, barefoot, down the hall to the house’s master bedroom, her bedroom.

Sue was standing in the bedroom, looking around. The room was tastefully appointed. It spoke to moderate wealth and good taste. The room was large. Sheer blinds let in the light but blocked the view to the back yard beyond. Sue had put her overnight bag in the corner, by the room’s walk in closet. She turned to face the new Mom as the blonde entered the room.

The two women stood only a few feet apart. Their eyes locked, the new Mom’s greens to Sue’s dark orbs. The heat between them grew to a fever. They let the tension, the anticipation, build a bit more. Both women knew that, once this started, they would not stop until their sex war was decided.

The moment passed. As if with one mind, both women reached to their tops and began undressing. The top buttons of Sue’s blouse were already undone, revealing plenty of juicy cleavage. She slowly undid the remaining buttons, then peeled the white blouse back off her shoulders and down her arms. At the same time, the new Mom unzipped her sweatsuit jacket. In a moment, the beautiful women had shrugged off their tops and dropped them onto the floor. They stood before each other topless, their beautiful, flawless DD tits jiggling tautly in the gentle light, their muscled, bare torsos rippling sensuously. The women paused to drink in the other woman’s spectacular tits and naked bellies. Their voluptuous hips flared, Sue’s skirt and the new Mom’s pants tight against the widest parts of their hips. The new Mom hooked her fingers in her yoga pants’ waistband and pulled the skintight garment down her hips, thighs and calves, slowly and teasingly revealing her perfect, naked body. She was not wearing any underwear. She kicked the balled-up pants into a corner of the room. At the same time, Sue unzipped her skirt and let it drop down her bare legs to pool at her bare feet. She hooked her thumbs in her black thong and shimmied it down her curving hips and lush legs. She picked up the thong and skirt and tossed them to the other side of the room.

Sue and new Mom stood facing each other. Their eyes wandered over the other woman’s naked beauty. Sue felt the heat in her sex boil unbearably. The tension in her tits was incredible, her nipples felt like they were being stretched by steel cords, her pussy was on fire. The anticipation was maddening. The new Mom licked her dry lips, as her eyes wandered from Sue’s perfect, brown tits down her taut, chiseled abdomen, to Sue’s manicured landing strip and the clean shaven pussy below. Sue’s eyes traced the golden tanned body before her, exploring the other woman’s massive, gleaming tits, her smooth belly, her thick-lipped pussy. The new Mom’s golden landing strip was as finely trimmed as Sue’s, clear against her tan skin.

Slowly, the naked women walked towards each other. Their breath came deeper and faster as their excitement grew. Their beautiful tits, the original cause of their erotic rivalry, rose and fell together, their hard nipples locked on each other.

“You fucking bitch,” Sue whispered. “It’s time for you back up all that ass and tit you’ve been flaunting. Let’s find out what you’ve really got between your legs.”

“You know what I’ve got, you fucking whore,” the new Mom whispered in reply. “And now I’ve got all the time I need to show you what I can do with it.”

Slowly, teasingly, the new Mom raised her open hands. Sue accepted the challenge. The women reached out and locked hands together, fingers interlacing, palms pressed tight. For a few moments, they stood that way, the intimacy of their palms pressed flat, of their fingers tightly intertwined, sinking into them. Then, they pushed their hands up, raising their arms out to their sides and pulling their naked bodies in closer, pulling their tits high on their chests. Their rock-hard nipples, perfectly aligned, topping their thick, tear-drop shaped tits, pressed directly into each other. Nipple holes sucked and sealed. Their areola fit together, burning as they merged. The women gasped in unison as they pushed their throbbing, aching tits together, taut meat squashing and wrestling with taut meat. Standing face to face, eyes locked with hate and lust, Sue and new Mom leaned into each other, reveling in the feeling of their massive breasts mashing and merging, hot, throbbing flesh mating with hot, throbbing flesh. They held their arms out to their sides as they moved gently back and forth, rubbing tits in a soft, teasing way. Sue thrust her right thigh up into the new Mom’s wet crotch; the blonde instantly reciprocated. The women pushed closer, their throbbing tits mashing and compressing against their chests, their hard bellies pushing tight. They pushed nose to nose, as they glared directly into the other’s beautiful face. The new Mom’s tongue darted out to caress and moisten Sue’s lips; Sue’s tongue replied, teasing and tantalizing the new Mom’s attacking pink probe. The women kissed gently, lips to lips, tongues darting and stroking, until they slowly opened their mouths then locked their hungry maws together, sinking into each other mouth to mouth. Even as their tongues lashed and tangled, even as they sucked hot spit from each other, Sue and the new Mom freed each other’s hands so they could wrap their arms around each other. Sue placed one of her hands on the back of the new Mom’s head, pushing the blonde more deeply into her mouth. The new Mom wrapped her arms around Sue’s muscled waist and squeezed hard. The women pressed their luscious bodies as tightly together as they could. They stood beside the bed, locked in a deep, lustful kiss, swallowing each other’s moans and gasps and saliva, writhing and undulating slow and hard against each other, lush body to body, as they struggled to sexually overpower the other.

For long minutes the women kissed deeply, hatefully, sucking and lapping at each other’s tongues, sharing spit, even as they pushed their wet pussies hard into the other’s muscular thigh. Both could feel the other woman’s clit pulsing against her taut leg. Both women slowly moved their arms to encircle the other’s back; they began to squeeze hard, locking in a bearhug, straining to crush the other woman’s tits flat. Their breasts throbbed with incredible pleasure and arousal and with the pressure placed on the taut, meaty flesh. Sue and the new Mom broke their kiss to throw back their heads, their lips joined by strands of spit, and moan in shared agony and ecstasy as their tits crushed hard. They began to stagger as each woman struggled to throw the other one onto the bed. Sue succeeded in tripping the new Mom. Their twisting, struggling bodies fell onto the bed, Sue on top. The women instantly wrapped their legs together. Straining, they began to roll up and down the bed, struggling and writhing, slick, naked bodies sliding and slapping flesh to flesh. Sue found herself slowly, agonizingly, rolled onto her back by the new Mom, who brought all the power of her voluptuous body to bear. Sue continued to fight, pressing and jerking up with her hips and buttocks, using all her power to continue the roll and slowly regain the top position. Another roll would cause the women to fall off the side of the bed onto the floor. Sue realized this and, rather than continuing the body to body battle, disengaged from the new Mom, releasing the other woman, pushing the blonde away, and crawling quickly across the mattress to the top of the bed.

Sue spun around, her back to the headboard, and sat on her ass. She spread her legs wide, and used the fingers of her right hand to spread her swollen pussy lips and reveal her throbbing, swelling clit. She used her left arm to brace her voluptuous body.

“No more fucking around, bitch,” Sue panted at her enemy. She stroked her clit and shuddered as a wave of pure electric pleasure raced through her lusty flesh. “It’s time to lock up and decide this, clit to clit.”

The new Mom crawled to the middle of the bed, then sat down, braced her body with her arms behind her back, and spread her lush thighs. Her massive tits jiggled deliciously as she leaned back. Her hot, wet, pink pussy presented itself to Sue’s lustful eyes. The blonde new Mom licked her lips lasciviously, and reached down with her right hand to stroke and caress her golden thatch, then the lips of her clean-shaven cunt. Her clit pulsed and nodded at Sue, throbbing with the intensity of its arousal.

“I don’t think that your clit can handle mine, you fucking slut,” the new Mom murmured, her voice a smoky, sexy purr. She smiled, her beautiful face a mask of pure animal lust and cunning. “Come here, baby. Let’s fuck.”

Sue slid herself down the bed, until her lush, powerful legs scissored with those of the blonde. The women pushed close, bracing their bodies, until their hot, throbbing cunts were only an inch from kissing and locking and sucking; their engorged clits were pulsing, twitching at each other as the sexual tension grew unbearably. Sue and the new Mom paused, just for a moment. They glared deeply into each other’s eyes, both prepared to sexually destroy the other, both knowing they were only moments from locking together in an erotic battle to the death. Their excitement grew to an uncontrollable fever of lust. They felt the heat from their burning cunts warming their inner thighs, they felt their aching clits calling to each other.

Sue and the new Mom thrust together, their thick lipped pussies slapping, wet, hot meat crushing and mashing to wet hot meat. The blonde and brunette threw back their heads, their long hair flashing, as they moaned in exquisite pleasure. The joining of cunt to cunt, clit to clit, that they both longed for was finally happening. Delicious pleasure roared through their bodies and both women cried out in the joyous realization that their erotic duel was just starting and would bring them incredible, unbearable ecstasy for hours and hours to come.

The dueling women thrust hard, their engorged pussy lips crushing and flattening to each other, spreading until the soaked, succulent crevasses of their hungry vaginas pressed tight and sealed with a wet hiss. The women moaned as they felt the suction form between their muscled cunts. Their cunts sank into each other, labia melting into one, their vaginas locking. The women contracted their inner muscles and sucked at each other, pussy wrestling with pussy, as they tried to devour each other, cunt to cunt. Their hot, hard clits speared each other head to head, and pulsed with excruciating erotic ecstasy. Their powerful abdomens rippled as their bodies bucked. The women raised their asses off the bed and thrust at each other with all their power, trying to force the other back. Their tits bounced and jolted furiously as their beautiful bodies heaved and bucked, hips rocking, asses flexing and rippling. Their legs forked, the women turned slightly, slotting their twats together even more tightly, and pushed harder.

Sue grabbed the new Mom’s sweaty thigh; the new Mom reciprocated. The two women ground into each other with all of their strength. Their animal grunts and screams became louder and more savage. They penetrated each other as hard and deep as they could, muscular cunts locked in a wet, trembling, meaty vise. Their pussies lubricated profusely, pussy juices squeezing out from their interlocked labia and trembling cunt lips, soaking their lower bellies and inner thighs, trickling down into their ass cracks and down to the bed. Both women squeezed and squeezed with their pussies; when they were not squeezing they were sucking at each other, contracting their vaginas, trying to pull each other in and destroy their rival. Their engorged clits were trapped together within the hot, wet, tight cage formed by the women’s inosculated cunts. Their clits throbbed against each other in agonizing pleasure, rubbing, grinding and pulsing constantly. The sound of wet, hot flesh sucking and squelching filled the air.

“You dirty whore, you fucking dirty cunt…” the new Mom panted at Sue.

“Filthy slut, fucking bitch…,” Sue panted back.

The women’s breathless obscenities soon faded away, replaced by continuous grunting, moaning and gasping, timed to the women’s shared, violating thrusts, as each woman struggled to sexually conquer the other. Sue reached out and gently grasped one of the new Mom’s bouncing tits. She squeezed and kneaded the heavy flesh, twisting the nipple between her fingers. The new Mom cried out, then returned the grip, crushing one of Sue’s tits in her left hand. The women moaned, but neither sought to hurt the other woman’s tits; this fight was about proving which of them was sexually superior and that meant overpowering the other with pleasure and sexual prowess.

Sue and the new Mom fucked and fucked and fucked. For almost 30 minutes, the women held back the incredibly powerful orgasms shuddering deep in their bodies. Both knew that this was a sexual war of attrition; who came first did not matter. It was who came last that counted. But both women felt the urge to force the other woman to orgasm first, to prove to both of them which of them had more control, the ability to force the other one into a submissive orgasm. Leaning back, their arms bracing their straining, thrusting bodies, they undulated in rhythm, sucking and squeezing at each other’s twats, rubbing and grinding and jousting clit to clit. Pulsing waves of pure, raw sensual pleasure filled every molecule of their bodies, forcing moans and cries and screams of sexual joy from their mouths.

Sue felt her clit twitching and throbbing with heat and tension. Her belly was tight, her bouncing tits felt like they were twice their normal size, about to explode with pleasure, with every jolt on her chest. Her nipples were burning, sizzling with erotic sensations. She had never felt so sexually aroused, so insanely filled with pleasure, in her life. She knew that she was on the verge of a devastating series of orgasms. She screamed and howled, her willpower straining to hold it back. Part of her wanted to force the other woman to cum first, to establish a victory over her sexual enemy. But another part of her just wanted the pleasure to continue. As much as her body begged for release, another part of her wanted more and more and more.

The new Mom was screaming and bucking with Sue, matching her thrust for thrust, grunt for grunt. The blonde’s gorgeous face was contorted with effort as she strained to hold back the terrible pleasure pounding in her clit, throbbing in her tits, boiling in the rock-hard flesh of her nipples and areola. Like Sue, the new Mom had never felt such pleasure before in her life. Her body screamed for release but the sexually voracious slut awoken inside her just wanted this sexual torture to go on and on.

Sue fell flat on her back. Sinking her fingers into the mattress, seizing the sheets, she thrust as hard as she could with her hips. Her screams of pleasure intensified as her steel-hard clit grated even harder against the new Mom’s matching clit. The new Mom fell onto her back. Reaching above her head with one hand, she pushed into the headrest, bracing herself to grind back against Sue’s clit. Her other hand clutched the sheet, holding on for dear life. The women’s hips and asses jerked and thrust, moving in concert, pumping viciously.

“You fucking whore, cum, you bitch, you cunt, CUM!!” the new Mom squealed.

“Filthy slut, you cum for me!!” Sue screamed back.

“FUCK you!”

“Goddamned whore!!”

The tension in their bodies finally became too much to bear. Sue and the new Mom arched their backs, lifting their asses off the bed, driving their cunts as deep and hard as they could, their pussies sucking hard at each other.

“Jesus Fuck!!,” Sue howled. The pleasure, the tension, finally became too much to take. She felt the new Mom’s clit throbbing, pulsing, grinding against her own. It was the straw that pushed her over the edge. Sue came with incredible force, her belly rippling, her vagina convulsing, a hot, hard continuous blast of girl cum jetting into the new Mom’s waiting pussy, squeezing up from between their interlocked cunt lips, soaking the women’s crotches, trickling down into their ass cracks. An instant later, the new Mom shrieked in joy as she came, her boiling juices washing over Sue’s pussy, drowning Sue’s quim in hot ejaculate, mixing with Sue’s discharge within the women’s locked vaginal canals.

Screaming, moaning, bucking and writhing, the two women continued driving with their hips, thrusting into each other, fucking every orgasm that they could out of the other woman’s body. Their tits bounced joyfully on their chests, punctuating every delicious thrust.

Gasping for breath, sexually spent, the women finally collapsed onto the bed. Their pussies remained crushed together, two mouths sucked and interlocked into a permanent kiss. Cum leaked from between their mashed together labia and thick cuntlips. For some time, Sue and the new Mom lay exhausted on the bed, unable to move. They drifted in and out of consciousness, intense erotic sensations rippling through their bodies, emanating from their fused cunts. Their bodies were soaked with sweat; their thighs and bellies were glistening with vaginal juices. Their tits rose and fell with their pants.

Sue slowly regained her senses. She was elated at the ecstasy she and the other woman had just given to each other and she again realized, with a thrill, that their sexual combat was just starting. But she was disappointed that she had cum first. Sue prepared to stir, to get up and continue the battle. The new Mom moved just before she did, however. With a groan the other woman pushed herself up on her elbows, then rolled her lush body away from Sue’s, sucking their cunts apart. Strings of cum linked their turgid genitals for a moment, until they broke and fell to the bed, joining the other numerous wet spots on the sheets.

The new Mom got on her hands and knees and began to crawl towards Sue. Sue sat up and quickly got to her hands and knees, taking a defensive position. She did not want to risk being mounted by her blonde rival. The new Mom stopped, still kneeling, and grinned lasciviously at Sue.

“Looks like you can’t hold it in, bitch,” the new Mom smiled. “You came like a firehose. But don’t worry. By the time I’m done with you, you won’t be able to get a trickle out of that nasty cunt.”

Sue pressed forward until she was nose to nose with the blonde bitch.

“We’re just getting started, you whore, and I’ve got a lot more fuck in my tank than you have. It doesn’t matter who cums first; it’s who cums last. And I guarantee I’m going to be mopping you up off the floor before I leave here.”

The new Mom smiled. Without comment, she leaned back on her haunches, then reached out and gently grasped both of Sue’s magnificent tits. She began gently stroking, teasing Sue’s engorged nipples, tracing and squeezing the thick brown cylinders, rubbing the areola. Sue moaned, momentarily basking in the incredible sensation. Sue sat up and reached for the new Mom’s beautiful, juicy tits. She sank her fingers into the luscious flesh, then began imitating her enemy, gently stroking and teasing the new Mom’s nipples, occasionally pinching the woman’s enflamed nips like thick brown knobs. For both women, the gentle massage of their nipples was incredibly tantalizing, filling their throbbing titflesh with building electricity, causing their already thick, hot tits to swell even more as they filled with heat and tension. It went on and on, both women groaning and gasping as their bodies became more and more aroused. Sue’s pussy began leaking, juice trickling down her inner thighs to the bed. The new Mom’s cunt dripped, her clit swelled like a balloon. The longer the women stroked each other’s burning nipples, the more and more sensitive they became.

“Mmmmmm, fuck oh fuck….,” the new Mom gasped.

“You’re going to have a nipple orgasm, aren’t you, cunt?” Sue murmured, giving the blonde a vicious smile as she slowly squeezed a thick brown nip. A moment later, Sue moaned uncontrollably as the new Mom squeezed her right nipple hard, then rubbed it between her thumb and forefinger.

“I’m going to make your nipples cream, cuntlicker,” the new Mom groaned.

With a gasp, Sue leaned forward and took the new Mom’s right nipple in her teeth. She sucked hard, biting down at the same time. The new Mom cried out and reached up to grab Sue’s hair with both hands. But she did not push Sue away and Sue continued to suck and nibble at the woman’s inflamed, throbbing nipple. As she sucked, Sue slid her hand down the new Mom’s taut belly, over her deep navel, through her perfectly trimmed pubic hair, to cup and caress the blonde’s weeping cunt. She shoved two fingers up into the woman’s twat and gently pressed her clit.

The new Mom cried out. With a jerk, she pulled Sue’s head back, forcing Sue to look at the ceiling and release the new Mom’s tit at the same time. The action curved Sue’s back, pushing her massive tits forward. The new Mom used the opportunity to lower her head and wrap her lips around one of Sue’s jutting nipples. The new Mom sucked ferociously, nibbling and tonguing the nipple. She chewed exuberantly on the supple flesh. Sue groaned in an agony of ecstasy. She twisted the new Mom’s blonde hair around her right hand and pulled hard, slowly forcing the new Mom to release her burning nipple. At the same time, Sue worked the other woman’s cunt harder, fingering the blonde’s twat with alluring, tortuous caresses punctuated by savage, probing thrusts. The new Mom slipped her hand onto Sue’s twat. She squeezed hard then shoved three fingers into Sue’s most intimate domain.

Sue and the new Mom leaned back a little, glaring at each other as they fingerfucked viciously. Then, as if following a signal, both women leaned forward, grasped the other woman’s left tit, and pushed the massive glands up so that their distended nipples were pointing right at the women’s faces, making them easy to suckle. Cheek to cheek, sweaty hair tangled, the two women bent their heads and began feasting, sucking, licking at their enemy’s massive, fleshy tit at the same time. They wrapped their lips around hot nipples and sucked; they sank teeth into juicy titflesh and bit and chewed. Simultaneously, the women’s hands and fingers moved deliciously between the other woman’s legs. Soon, both women’s tits were dripping with saliva as they slowly, meticulously, coated the lush flesh with their spit. Their pussies dripped with juices, aroused and aching with erotic tensions.

“Mmmmmmm,” the new Mom moaned as the pleasure grew in pulsating throbs. Her nipples burned. Her throbbing clit matched the rhythm.

“Aaaaaaahhhh,” Sue sighed, her nipples and pussy getting hotter and tighter with every passing moment.

The new Mom twined Sue’s hair around her free hand and pulled hard, slowly pulling Sue away from her tit. The women glared at each other through half-lidded eyes, nose to nose, then kissed deeply, savagely, their hot tongues twisting and pushing, spit flowing freely between their mouths. They broke the kiss then, by mutual understanding, switched their licking and sucking to the tits that remained.

For a long time, Sue and the new Mom worked each other’s tits and cunts, rubbing, licking and sucking at their most sensitive erotic flesh until their luscious bodies were trembling with need. They sucked each other’s nipples until the fleshy swords were as hard as rocks but, simultaneously, unbearably sensitive. Both women could taste, could sense that they were both on the verge of nipple orgasms. Their clits were aching with excruciating pleasure and need, the thumb-sized organs swollen to point of bursting as both women expertly rubbed and teased the nerve-rich nubs.

Sue and the new Mom released each other’s tits from their mouths, then leaned back slightly. Glaring at each other, the women reached for the other’s biceps. Getting a firm grip, Sue and the new Mom slowly, agonizingly, pressed their hard, ultra-sensitive nipples directly into each other. The women screamed as intense sexual heat roared through their breasts, filling their boobs with throbbing tension; their nipples grew even harder, their fully aroused pussies gushed. The women did not yet crush tits, however. Instead, they began rotating their nipples around and around the other woman’s areola, stimulating and attacking the sensitive flesh. They flicked nipple against nipple, hooking them together, trying to bend the other back, until their overloaded nubs sprang apart and set their massive tits jiggling.

Sue and the new Mom tortured each other, and themselves, with their ferocious nipple attacks, tantalizing each other, sending shocks of excruciating pleasure racing through their jiggling tits as their nips fenced and grated, until they could not stand it any longer. The new Mom was the first to close the distance, driving her big tits hard into Sue’s matching titmeat; Sue instantly retaliated, rubbing her thick, meaty boobs into the new Mom’s matching rack, trying to squash the other woman flat. Groaning, gasping with the electric sensations pulsing through their nipples, the women began grinding and mashing their massive tits into each other, hard nipples scoring taut breastmeat when they were not stabbing into areola or twisting around each other deep within the women’s merging boobs. Their breasts, trapped in the cage formed by the women’s arms, rubbed into each other mercilessly. Slick with sweat, dripping with moisture, their massive, wet tits slid and slopped and squished into each other, slipping and sliding and slapping, burning with tension.

Sue and the new Mom screamed and cried out. Tears ran down their beautiful faces as their burning tits struggled desperately. The women knew that their rivalry had started with their mutual jealousy between their tits; they had to decide their rivalry now. Breasts slid over and under each other, mashing and rubbing, pulsing, hot, tight meat throbbing and squashing into hot, tight meat.

“I’m going to mash those bags into nothing, fucker,” the new Mom gasped at Sue. “We’re going to settle this right now.”

“Fuck you, whore,” Sue growled in reply. She used all the strength of her back muscles to ram her chest as hard as she could into that of her enemy. “My tits are way too much for you to handle!”

On and on, the titfight raged, the women’s gasps and cries becoming deeper as the pleasure built. They jerked each other back and forth, mashing their tits as hard as they could, each woman certain she could break the other woman’s luscious sexual organs with her own. The round globes of their tits pushed against each other, distorting each other where they rubbed. Their nipples burned with delicious sensations, their areola felt like throbbing nerves of erotic power on their chests. At some point, it became clear that neither woman was going to defeat her enemy through the constant tit to tit grinding and rubbing. The new Mom released Sue’s biceps and, instead, threw her arms around Sue’s back and crushed Sue’s chest to her own. Sue instantly retaliated. The women locked up in a mutual bearhug. They threw their heads back, eyes closed, and groaned in shared agony as they struggled to crush each other flat. The thick, meaty pads of their bulging tits compressed, then held each other at bay in quivering tension, the taut flesh refusing to give any further, four tits balled up and trembling against each other like fleshy balloons. Sue and the new Mom felt their hearts pounding into each other, they felt nipples stabbing deep into enemy flesh, even as they felt the sensation of being stabbed. As they crushed, both women rotated their tits against each other, drilling down, trying to force the other woman to surrender.

“You cunt, you fucking dirty cunt…,” Sue whispered, struggling to speak through the strain on her lungs.

“Fucking slutty bitch…,” the new Mom gasped back, her beautiful face wet with sweat.

Suddenly, the new Mom shuddered and groaned. Sue could tell the other woman was on the verge of an orgasm; the stimulation to their aching, burning tits was finally too much. Moaning, Sue thrust her hips forward, slapping her lower body to that of the new Mom, trying to bring their throbbing clits into contact, to push the new Mom over the edge. The new Mom pushed back. Their sweaty thighs crushed tight, their rippling bellies kissed wetly. The instant their clits touched, both women shrieked in unrestrained sexual pleasure. An erotic shockwave of staggering intensity rippled through their writhing bodies. Within seconds, both women screamed in concert as their pussies contracted powerfully and squirted hot cum all over each other, onto their hot cunts, onto their lower thighs, onto the bed. At the same time, the women felt intense, unbearable heat between their mashed together tits, heat that soon turned wet as liquid discharge coursed from around their crushed tits and trickled down their bare bellies. Staring at each other in astonishment, Sue and the new Mom gasped as their pussies came again and as they felt they nipples cum again too, in concert with their vaginal contractions. The women pressed their clits together harder, trying to force each other into exhaustion, trying to fuck the other into submission. They screamed, gasped and moaned as orgasm after orgasm rippled through their bodies, soaking their thighs, soaking the bed. Their breasts convulsed, nipple cum flowing down their bellies, into their navels, down to their furry pubes.

“Fuck, FUCK YOU!,” the new Mom screamed as her body shuddered with pleasure.

“Dirty fucking WHORE!,” Sue shrieked back, her body trembling.

Finally, the orgasms abated, leaving both women gasping and dripping with sweat and cum, leaning against each other for support.

The two women slowly pulled apart. Their tits were wet with nipple discharge; their hot, brown nubs were linked by thick, viscous strands of cum. The women looked at their breasts in shared awe and anger. Their magnificent globes were reddened from the constant grinding, but their over-sensitive nipples were as hard as ever.

With a snarl, the new Mom reached up, filled her hands with Sue’s tits and pushed hard. Sue fell over onto her back. She was tired, nearly exhausted, but prepared to fight on. Sue expected the new Mom to throw herself onto Sue, in an effort to mount her and fuck her into submission. But the blonde did not. Instead, she crawled towards Sue, then turned herself around and lay down, stretched out beside the brunette’s luscious body. Sue instantly understood what the other woman planned to do. She did not move, but remained flat on her back. She spread her legs a little more.

The new Mom rolled over onto Sue, placing her moist thighs to either side of Sue’s head, shoving her dripping, clean shaven cunt and her puckered asshole into Sue’s face. Sue smiled as she spread her legs in anticipation, inviting and encouraging the blonde woman to devour her pussy. Sue looped her arms over the new Mom’s hips, grabbed and squeezed the woman’s perfect ass, and eagerly, enthusiastically licked the new Mom’s cunt all the way up the slit, from her throbbing clit to the deepest part of her furrow. Sue then tongued the woman’s asshole, enjoying the acrid taste and the rough, puckered flesh and the wetness of the bodily orifice. The new Mom was doing exactly the same thing to Sue. As one, they fastened their mouths over the other woman’s dripping twat and sucked as hard, as savagely, as they could.

The women’s muffled moans filled the room. They tongued then sucked and nibbled at each other’s clits; they pulled their ass cheeks apart and probed each other’s assholes. They drove their tongues into hot, wet pussy slits and lapped up every drop of cum, covering the other woman’s twat with spit. It wasn’t long before both Sue and the new Mom were fingering each other as they sucked and licked. Hot fingers penetrated tight pussies and even tighter assholes. Sue shoved in three, then four, then five fingers up the new Mom’s willing snatch, sheathing her entire hand in the woman’s cunt like a knife. The new Mom screamed in pleasure, then viciously returned the violation, to Sue’s incredible delight.

After 20 minutes of constant probing, licking and sucking, and vigorously savage fisting, the women’s oversexed bodies were trembling with tension and need. It wasn’t long after that they both began to writhe and wriggle uncontrollably until they went stiff with orgasmic pleasure.

“OH FUCKING GOD!,” the new Mom cried out.

“FUUUUCCCKKKK!” Sue screamed as her pussy erupted with a hot jet of cum. The new Mom’s cunt gushed into Sue’s face; she drank and sucked back as much of the flow as she could.

Intense shockwaves rippled through their straining bodies, forcing gushing orgasm after orgasm out of their convulsing pussies. Sue’s entire fist was trapped inside the new Mom’s contracting cunt; Sue could feel her own vagina sealed like a vise around the new Mom’s penetrating fist.

After almost three minutes of multiple orgasms, the women collapsed, the new Mom burying her nose in Sue’s sopping pussy, deliberately inhaling and reveling in Sue’s musky, erotic scent. Sue did the same, inhaling as much of the blonde’s thick scent as she could. Gasping, panting, their hearts pounding, moaning with the intensity of what they had just experienced, Sue and the new Mom rested, struggling to regain their strength.

After a few minutes, Sue braced herself, wrapped her wet thighs around the new Mom’s head, and rolled their bodies over, taking her place on top of her enemy. The new Mom did not resist. She kissed Sue’s cunt, then started exploring, probing and violating it once again. Both women seized the other’s ass and turned their undivided attention to torturing the other’s thumb-sized clit. Soon, their fingers were, once again, probing and exploring moist orifices, their tongues were tasting and lapping at their most secret parts, their teeth and lips were biting and kissing and sucking.

Gasping, moaning, sucking and licking, Sue and the new Mom ate each other ravenously. They spat into the other woman’s twat, then sucked up everything they could. Soon, their fingers were going deep into the other’s snatch, probing and teasing each other’s asshole. They taunted and tantalized each other, both seeking to use her superior sexual skills to reduce her opponent to a quivering heap of voluptuous flesh. The battle was difficult for both women. Sue and the new Mom wanted nothing more than to enjoy the sheer, raw pleasure they were inflicting on each other, but they had to resist the wild sensations and, at the same time, administer more ecstasy to the other woman than she could take.

Soon, the women were ejaculating hard into each other’s faces once again. They writhed and bucked slow and hard, pumping out hot cum as their twats convulsed and squeezed. They rested only briefly, then went back to work, ravaging each other mercilessly.

The women lost all track of time. Their worlds became nothing more than the other women’s succulent twat and pulsing clit and other intimate body parts. Their bodies seemed to vibrate with raw erotic energy as they tried to sexually devour each other. At some point, they rolled onto their sides. From that equal position, their wet, muscled thighs wrapped around each other’s heads, the women feasted on each other until, finally, they had forced as many orgasms from each other as they could. They released each other and rolled apart.

Exhausted, spent, Sue and the new Mom lay side by side, their bodies pointing in opposite directions. Their majestic tits heaved with their pants. Sue felt almost delirious. Despite her near exhaustion, her body felt incredibly sensitive. Her skin was burning with sensations, her clit felt hot and hard, her nipples continued to jut angrily from her tits. She did not know where this energy was coming from but, somehow, the more she and the new Mom sexually assaulted each other, the hungrier for each other’s sex they became.

Sue reached down and filled her hand with the new Mom’s left tit. She squeezed it gently. The new Mom returned the move, kneading Sue’s left tit, tweaking her nipple. For a few minutes, the women played with each other’s tits, taunting each other as they regained some of their strength. After a while, Sue felt able to keep going. She knew that she could only win this battle by wearing out the other woman, by pushing her to the limits of her sexual power.

Sue rolled away from the new Mom, onto her stomach and breasts. Sue placed her elbows on the bed, pulled her knees up and shoved her bare ass into the air, fully presenting her naked, wet cunt and asshole to the other woman. Looking over her shoulder at her blonde rival, Sue smiled lasciviously.

“Ass to ass, bitch,” Sue purred. “Pussy to pussy.” She wiggled her beautiful ass from side to side.

The new Mom smiled hungrily.

“I’ve got a better idea, cunt,” the blonde smirked. She reached over to the night table beside the bed, opened it, and pulled out two massive black dildos, each one about 12 inches long and 2.5 inches thick. Both were hollow on the inside, with large penile openings to allow the free flow of cum and other liquids from pussy to pussy.

Sue’s eyes widened, then she grinned with excitement.

The new Mom spun around so that her perfect ass was pointing towards Sue’s buttocks. Then she took one of the massive cocks and inserted it into her tight, hot vagina. She moaned with pleasure as she shoved it in for at least 3 to 4 inches. Once it was secure, she took the other, equally thick cock and shoved it into her tight, hot asshole. The blonde looked over her shoulder at Sue. The two women backed up into each other, their perfect, heart-shaped asses tapering up into waspish waists before flaring into beautifully muscled backs. When they were close enough, Sue reached behind her, gripped the dildo protruding from the new Mom’s cunt, and directed it into her own twat; she backed up onto it just enough to penetrate her pussy, as the new Mom held it firm with her vaginal muscles. Sue then used her hand to direct the other dildo into her ass, again penetrating herself no more than an inch. Once both of the shafts were secure, Sue slowly, agonizingly, backed herself onto the massive shafts, impaling herself on the slick rubber, enjoying every inch of the two dildos as they violated her in the most intimate ways. The new Mom pushed back too, and the women gasped and then cried out in shared pleasure as they penetrated each other. The women shoved their asses in the air and smacked hard buttocks together, the taut flesh jiggling and sliding slickly, round moon to moon. The two wanton women moaned as they felt their fat labial lips smack and kiss and merge. Sue and the new Mom placed their elbows on the bed and began pushing, rubbing and flexing their naked asses against each other, working the dildos into each other, reveling in the sensations as their cunts and assholes worked against and into each other. Both women gasped in sheer, raw pleasure as they spread and penetrated and violated each other’s bodies. Their vaginal muscles and asses struggled for control of the massive rubber cocks as they shoved them back and forth, pumping each other, reaming each other out.

Sue cried out in unbearable pleasure. “Oh god, you FUCKING BITCH!,” she screamed.

“Oh Christ, you goddamned CUNT!,” the new Mom howled.

The huge rubber cock stretching the women’s asses hurt, but it was a good hurt, one that intensified their mutual pleasure. Sue felt her asshole flatten against and caress the stretched flesh of the new Mom’s asshole, and it felt deliciously, sinfully good. Sue and the new Mom thrust their asses high in the air and brought together the undersides of their throbbing clits. They cried out in ecstasy as the hard nubs rubbed and grated against each other, hooking and releasing with a terrible jolt of pure sexual pleasure.

The women went on and on, asses and pussies locked together, tits throbbing hard and crushed into the bed, their nipples burning with pleasure as their bodies writhed and squirmed as they struggled to overwhelm each other with erotic pleasure. Their thrusting bodies were soon slick with sweat, which moistened and added wet suction to their grips on the other woman’s ass and twat. After some time, they lay flat on the bed, their legs stretching under and to either side of each other’s bodies, their pussies locked, their asses crushed tight, ass cracks aligned, perfect rumps pumping and rippling as they fucked the dildos into each other as hard as they could.

Sue came first, screaming and trembling as her cunt gushed. Hot pussy juice shot up the hollow dildo and injected deep into the new Mom’s aching, hungry cunt. The sheer, raw pleasure of the delicious violation sent the new Mom into a screaming orgasm. She gushed hard, treating Sue to the delightful feeling of the other woman’s hot ejaculate flowing deep into her body, filling her insides with her enemy’s cum. The women screamed and moaned, sharing orgasm after orgasm, pumping hot, boiling cum back and forth, filling their vaginal canals, soaking the intersection of their bodies, squeezing up into their ass cracks, wetting the bed. The women’s fingers dug into the sheet and mattress as their bodies strained and released, strained and released as powerful orgasms shook through them. Their bodies wet with sweat and cum, the women collapsed, panting, cheeks on the bed, arms stretched over their heads, too exhausted to continue. The two women had fucked each other to exhaustion. Their sexual appetites were insatiable, but their bodies needed to rest from the incredible erotic pleasure they had given to each other.

Sue and the new Mom’s asses and cunts remained locked together, joined inextricably by the deep, powerful shafts. Their ass cheeks were crushed tight, their pussies were locked and fused, like two sucking mouths. Their hard clits throbbed into each other. Joined intimately, violating each other as deeply as they could, the women slept, passed out, recharging their sexual engines for the battle to come.

Part VI

Sue gradually came back to her senses. She woke slowly but was immediately conscious of the pressure in her ass. The pressure in her pussy was less intense and not as unfamiliar. She became conscious of the wetness and the heat around her groin and ass and realized that she and the new Mom were still locked tight, their buttocks and groins crushed together without any space between, their assholes and their pussies still impaled upon the massive dildos, connecting them and making them one body. Where their bodies were joined was hot and dripping with sweat and coated with dried cum.

The new Mom was still asleep. Sue turned her head to see the clock on the night table. It said 5:30. Sue did not know when she and the new Mom had ass fucked and cunt fucked each other into unconsciousness, but she felt she had been asleep for a few hours. Sue began to move. It was easier for her to tighten her pussy and her ass around the dildos and pull them out of the new Mom than to try to slip off of them herself. One of her legs was under one of the new Mom’s legs; her other leg was on top of its counterpart. Using her arms, Sue crawled down the bed, pulling the dildos out of the new Mom as she slowly extracted herself from the other woman’s body. Once she was clear, she rolled onto her back, reached down and pulled the dildos out of her twat and ass, one at a time, and threw them onto the bedroom floor.

Sue sprawled on the bed, flat on her back. She was tired, but not exhausted. She was hungry and thirsty. She glanced at the new Mom. The woman’s beautiful cunt and enticing asshole were pointing right at Sue and she had to restrain the urge to shove her fists into both and ream the bitch out. Sue considered rolling the other woman onto her back, mounting her, and fucking her into submission. But she wanted to win her conflict with the blonde as fairly and unequivocally as she could. She did not want the other woman having any excuses later. She wanted to beat this woman on equal terms. Besides that, Sue had to admit that she was enjoying herself enormously. The sex she and the new Mom had inflicted on each other was, to this point, easily been the best and most incredibly orgasmic of her life. She did not want it to end too soon.

Sue rolled off the bed. She staggered to the ensuite bathroom; her legs were weaker and her pussy was sorer than she realized. Her asshole ached, too. She relieved herself, washed up a bit, and then padded, naked, out of her rival’s bedroom and into the house’s livingroom and dining areas. She found the kitchen, poured herself a big glass of water, and began looking through the fridge for food to tide herself over.

Sue made herself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and found some yogurt. While she was eating, she heard the toilet flush in the bedroom. A few moments later, the new Mom walked into the kitchen. The nude woman gave Sue a contemptuous glare. Sue sneered back. Their mutual hatred had not let up at all. After spending so many hours inflicting unbelievable pleasure on each other, violating each other as intimately as they could, their mutual antagonism was even stronger. That was good. Both women hated each other and their desire to sexually destroy and humiliate the other grew stronger by the moment.

“Eat as much as you want,” the new Mom said to Sue. “I want you at your best. Once we go back into that bedroom, we don’t stop fucking until one of us submits completely.”

“That’s just what I want,” Sue snapped back. “I’m going to have you begging me to stop before I’m done with you.”

“I’m going to have you begging me not to stop, cunt,” the new Mom replied, her green eyes flashing.

The new Mom made herself a sandwich and settled down across from Sue at the breakfast counter. The women sullenly stared at each other as they ate and drank. Their mutual hostility could not hide or suppress their growing sexual need. The more they hated each other the more they wanted each other. Sue’s eyes drifted to the other woman’s beautiful, thick tits, and her perfect brown nipples. The new Mom’s breasts were spectacular, Sue had to admit, every bit as wonderful as her own. She was seized with the need to suck those tits, to tongue the nipples and knead the heavy flesh, and feel that flesh throbbing and rolling and pushing back against her own tits. Sue looked up and saw the new Mom staring, mesmerized, at Sue’s tits. Clearly, the blonde wanted the same thing.

The women’s eyes locked across the counter. The heat that passed between them was staggering. Sue knew, in that instant, that she and the new Mom were going to fuck each other in the kitchen, in the livingroom, in every part of this house. They both sat up and leaned forward, their mouths approaching each other, their desire to kiss and lock up almost unbearable.

Just as their lips were about to touch, the new Mom’s house phone rang. The sudden noise jerked the women out of their sexual trance. The new Mom glanced at the phone and saw the caller ID.

“It’s my daughter,” she said. “I’m going to take this.”

The comment reminded Sue of her own family. “I’m going to call my boys and check in,” Sue replied.

Sue went into the bedroom and found her smartphone in her overnight bag. She called home and got her husband. She assured him that things were going well and that she would be back sometime tomorrow – the evening at the latest, but maybe even sooner. Then she talked to her boys and caught up on how their games had gone.

As Sue talked on the phone, the new Mom came into the room. She went into the ensuite and came out a few moments later carrying a bottle of baby oil. When Sue saw this, her heart leaped in anticipation and sudden, intense sexual desire.

The new Mom placed the bottle on the night table, then smoothed out the sheets on the bed and folded down the duvet to the foot of the bed. She fluffed up the pillows, then climbed onto the bed, sat with her legs akimbo and open, and began to squirt oil onto her body. The new Mom spread the oil, smoothly and sensually, on her perfect golden body. She put a bit on her arms, but most went onto her chest, causing her incredible tits to gleam with a liquid sheen. More went on her belly. She squirted a hearty dollop onto her pussy and spread it around her slick cuntlips and into her thick, trimmed bush.

Sue wrapped up her phone call then turned off her phone. She replaced it in her bag, then walked to the bed, her eyes never leaving the new Mom’s gleaming, voluptuous body. Sue crawled onto the bed and sat on her ass, her legs spread, facing her blonde rival. The new Mom passed the bottle of oil to Sue. Sue spread oil on her breast, belly and twat. She rubbed it in until she felt good and slick, until little droplets of oil fell from the tips of her hard nipples. She capped the bottle and handed it back to the new Mom, who placed it on the night table, within easy reach.

The women stared into each other’s eyes. The sexual tension between them grew hotter until, in no time at all, they were both in a sexual fever. Still they stared. Sue reached out with her bare feet and touched toe to toe with the new Mom. Both women shuddered at the intimate contact and pushed against each other, bare foot to foot, toe to toe.

Sue began masturbating, stroking her throbbing clit, caressing her slick, hot pussy lips, slippery with oil. Her fingers probed her vagina, stimulating and exciting her hungry cunt. Her pussy grew wetter and wetter, lubricants pouring from her excited twat, trickling down her inner thighs to her ass crack, quickly creating a wet spot on the bed.

The new Mom matched Sue stroke for stroke. The women’s eyes were locked. They pushed harder into each other’s feet, occasionally stroking and caressing each other’s arches and toes.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck…,” the new Mom chanted, her fingers moving hard and fast inside her burning twat. Her breath came in hot pants, her breasts heaved in excitement, her nipples stood at full attention.

“Dirty fucking cunt, filthy fucking slut…,” Sue moaned, her eyes locked to those of the new Mom, both women feeding each other’s intense desire with their shared hate and lust.

“Mmmmmn, fuck!,” the new Mom gasped. She stopped masturbating and braced her body with her hands behind her. Her tits heaved, her belly rippled as she panted with excitement and arousal. She began to push herself down the bed, towards Sue. Her pussy was red with desire, her pussy lips fat and wet, her vaginal slit slick and tight, her pussy leaking juices down into her ass crack. The new Mom’s clit protruded, hard and thick, like a fleshy spear crowning her delicious cunt.

Sue stopped masturbating; her cunt was hot and ravenously hungry, more than ready and willing to enter the battle against its succulent rival. Her clit ached with need. Sue began moving towards the new Mom. The women spread their legs wide, until they were almost horizontal to each other, and shoved their hips forward, presenting their burning cunts to each other.

Slowly, taunting each other, Sue and the new Mom pushed their wet, steaming, juicy cunts together. Cunt lips kissed cunt lips then crushed, liquids dribbling and squirting as the fat, succulent flesh merged and fused, slippery and hot. Unbearable pleasure rolled through the two women as they mated; Sue and the new Mom threw back their heads and screamed out in erotic joy. They pushed harder, driving their open, aching cunts together, their labia spreading and meshing, their vaginas sucking and sealing, fuckhole locked to fuckhole, fuckmeat sucked to fuckmeat. Hot, thick clits met each other head to head and sent nova-hot blasts of heat and pleasure roaring through the women’s bucking, straining bodies.

“FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!!!,” Sue screamed, her eyes closed tight, her teeth clenched in ecstasy.

“OH GOD, YOU CUNT!!,” the new Mom shrieked, her body trembling with pleasure.

The women’s tits heaved with their excited, gasping pants. Sue and the new Mom forced their eyes open, and locked gazes. They smiled at each other savagely, both overjoyed by the lust and hunger that they saw reflected in the other’s eyes. Both women knew that they were going to devour each other, that they would not stop until one of them overwhelmed and consumed the other with sheer, raw, unbearable sexual ecstasy. The women scissored, right legs over lefts, each woman throwing a leg over her rival’s hip, and pulled the other in. Thick, hard nipples caught and crushed; massive DD tits, taut with tension and pleasure, met and mashed tight and hard, sending spasms of pure erotic delight racing through their incredible bodies. Sue and the new Mom both wrapped their arms around the other’s hips and reached down to seize their rival’s beautiful round ass. Sue sank her fingers into the new Mom’s perfect buttocks, reveling in the feel of the muscular flesh. The new Mom gripped Sue’s ass, tracing the thick round curves. The women pressed face to face, nose to nose, forehead to forehead. Their hard, oil-slicked bellies pressed tight, navel lining up and sucking to navel.

“We don’t stop,” the new Mom whispered to Sue. “We fuck and fuck until one of us can’t go on.”

“Yes,” Sue agreed, her eyes bright with lust. “We fuck and fuck and fuck…”

“And fuck and fuck and fuck…” the new Mom whispered, turning her head to slide her nose past Sue’s, using her tongue to lick and probe at Sue’s moist lips.

“And fuck and fuck and…,” Sue’s words were cut short as the new Mom’s mouth closed on her mouth. Their tongues lashed out, twisting and twining, as the women pushed their mouths deeply into each other. They sucked their spit back and forth. Their hips and asses moved slow and hard, rubbing and sliding and grinding their hard, throbbing clits directly into each other. Grasping each other’s rippling, pumping asses, sealed together mouth to mouth, their bodies slick with the oil, slipping and gliding in delicious stimulation, the women fucked each other powerfully. Clits rubbed and crushed, twisted and pushed, flicked and fused, finally twisting together in a knot of pure ecstasy.

Sue and the new Mom sobbed, tears flowing down their beautiful faces, as the incredible erotic sensations filled their bodies, pumped their erogenous zones with heat and electricity, filled their pulsing nipples and aching tits with unbearable pleasure. Their hands gripped their humping asses. Sue slipped a finger, then two fingers, up the new Mom’s tight, hot asshole; the blonde immediately replied, violating Sue in the same way. Groaning with pleasure, spit flowing down their cheeks as their mouths overflowed with saliva, the women fucked and fucked. Their bodies writhed ecstatically, bellies rippling against bellies, bulging tits throbbing and mashing against bulging tits, hard nipples sucked and pouring heat into each other, rigid areola grating. Their tongues moved endlessly inside their sealed together mouths, sucking spit back and forth, refusing to let each other go.

On and on, the sexual rivals fucked. It took almost 40 minutes before the women’s bucking, grinding, trembling bodies went rigid in a series of powerful, straining orgasms.

“God, oh Fuck!,” Sue cried, her head thrown back, her fingers digging into the new Mom’s perfect round ass, her index fingers shoved into the blonde’s tight asshole.

“Yes, oh Fuck, Yes!,” the new Mom cried, her own fingers lodged in Sue’s ass, her muscles straining and trembling. The women’s interlocked cunts gushed, hot cum flowing like water, as they ejaculated over and over into each other, soaking their thighs, wetting the bed.

Panting, the women leaned into each other, heads on the other’s shoulder, struggling to recover from the multiorgasmic bliss. Sue turned her head and began to lick and bite at the blonde’s columnar neck; the new Mom returned the bites. In a moment, the two women were locked into another spit-sucking kiss, their asses and hips moving in concert, their bellies sliding and navels sucking as they resumed their fuckwar.

Sue and the new Mom lost track of time. They fucked and fucked ceaselessly, both women determined to drain the other, to ride the other woman into absolute submission. Their powerful bodies dripped with sweat. They replenished the oil on their breasts, bellies and cunts, giving themselves the added lubrication to keep grinding. As they fought, as they fucked, their bodies grew more and more sensitive, more and more alive with sexual power. Their flesh burned with electricity. Each successive orgasm seemed more powerful, more devastating than the one before.

The struggle went on. At some point, Sue saw the bedside clock and realized that she and the new Mom had been fucking each other non-stop for almost two hours. The realization was fleeting; she was shaking with the tension of another orgasmic explosion, about to erupt.

After another hour, the women’s bodies began to be overwhelmed by the constant sexual stimulation, the shuddering ecstasy of their supremely intense shared orgasms. They fell flat on their backs, locked cunt to cunt. Gripping each other’s thighs, they raised their asses off the bed and penetrated and ground into each other as deep as they could. Their swollen clits were knotted together, sending constant shockwaves of unbearable pleasure roaring through their straining bodies.

“Oh god, Oh FUUUUCCCKKKK!” Sue screamed as every muscle in her body filled with heat then released in waves of pure sexual bliss. Her cunt gushed, pumping hot cum deep into the new Mom’s eager twat.

“God, oh Goddddd!!,” the new Mom cried. The women arched their backs, their asses crushed together at the top of the apex. They shuddered in concert, multiple orgasms chaining through their bodies. Their tits bounced deliciously, their muscled abdomens rippled with effort as their bellies pumped cum into the other’s twat. They sprayed each other; their nipples came hard, unleashing a thick discharge. Finally, their asses fell back to the bed. The women sprawled on the bed, deeply locked into each other’s cunts, their vaginal furrows slotted together and clamped and trembling with effort, muscle to muscle, their bodies glistening with sweat and oil, their golden tits heaving and dripping with sweat and nipple cum.

For some time, Sue and the new Mom drifted in and out of consciousness, too spent to move. Vaguely, the two women realized that they had fucked each other to exhaustion, over more than three hours.

The new Mom groaned and then twisted her body, gasping as she pulled her cunt away from Sue’s sucking twat. Their pussies separated with a gush. The new Mom got on her hands and knees. She reached down to the foot of the bed and unfolded the duvet she had left there. Draping it over her shoulders, spreading it out like wings, she crawled on her knees towards Sue’s prone body. Sue looked up at the other woman defiantly. She opened her legs and tilted her pelvis up invitingly.

The new Mom threw herself onto Sue’s naked, prone form, pulling the duvet over their naked bodies. The women moaned as they arranged their nude bodies, hot belly to belly, navel to navel, powerful tits crushing and burning nipple to nipple. The new Mom slid her wet, hot cunt onto Sue’s soft twat and rubbed it around and around, slick pussy lips sliding on pussy lips. The women sighed and moaned in unison as their throbbing clits met and rubbed deliciously and rested against each other, head to head, pulsing with electricity. Sue ran her hands over the smooth muscle of the new Mom’s back, then slid her hands down to the blonde’s perfect ass, and held her lightly.

Trapped under the duvet, body to body, clit to clit, tits burning into tits, Sue and the new Mom stared deeply into each other, through half-hooded eyes. They were too tired to keep fucking, but neither was willing to submit.

“All night, you cunt,” the new Mom whispered to Sue. “We fuck all night. We don’t separate.”

“Yessss,” Sue sighed, twining her calves around the new Mom’s legs. She shifted her hips and smiled, moaned as a rush of pure pleasure radiated from their crotches as their clits caressed and slid on each other. “Yesss,” Sue moaned. “Clit to clit. All night.”

The new Mom reached up and clicked a button on the night table. The room plunged into darkness.

The women sighed in pleasure as their bodies settled, hot flesh to flesh. They moved against each other, gently but insistently. They slid their slick, deliciously sensitive pussy lips on each other. Their swollen clits throbbed and pulsed, rubbing and caressing, sending waves of pure pleasure through their bodies, filling them with raw erotic delight. Their aroused pussies lubricated, their engorged tits swelled. They rested, sexually aroused and on the verge of orgasmic pleasure, but holding it back, dragging it out as they drifted in and out of consciousness, until their bodies could not resist any longer and stiffened and strained in orgasmic release, hot cum gushing down their thighs, drowning their mated quims.

Sue and the new Mom shared sweat and cum and spit and heat under the duvet, never separating, keeping their clits touching, rubbing and throbbing, for the whole night. They woke many times during the night to fuck, sometimes hard, but mostly slowly and gently, their bodies never peeling apart as they took turns mounting each other and carefully, teasingly, pumping their powerful asses as they stroked burning clit to clit.

For both women, it was the most erotic, deliciously sensual night of their lives. The whole night passed, Sue and the new Mom lost in sheer erotic pleasure when they were not asleep, their bodies twined into one, their moans and cries of ecstasy harmonizing into one long symphony of sexual delight.

Sue woke with a start. She was alone on the bed, under the duvet. The bedside clock reported 7:30 AM. Sue listened, then heard the sound of the shower in the ensuite. A thrill of pure erotic pleasure rippled through her luscious body. Sue remembered how she and the new Mom had spent the night, what they had done to each other, what they had been doing to each other since coming to bed the previous evening. The heat in Sue’s body grew exponentially. She sensed that what she was feeling was not some ordinary arousal. Somehow, all of the sexual pleasure she and the new Mom had given to each other was now building, working towards some kind of crescendo.

Carefully, Sue crawled out of the bed. The sleep she had managed to get had rejuvenated her and the sexual hunger she was feeling now drove her on, like a compulsion. Her clit was huge and throbbing almost painfully; her breasts were thick and swollen with arousal, her nipples erect. Heat flowed from her belly down into her wet, hot cunt. She knew that there was only one way to relieve the building pressure: by driving her cunt and her tits into the cunt and tits of the new Mom for as hard and long as she could.

Naked, Sue entered the ensuite. The shower stall in the bathroom was a large, beautiful, pebble-floor room, designed almost like a spa. The new Mom was under the shower nozzle, running her hands through her wet hair, her massive tits rising on her chest, jiggling as she moved under the water. She did not see Sue come in. As Sue watched, the woman turned around to face the stream of hot water, her back to Sue. Sue paused for a moment, admiring the other woman’s gleaming, wet body, the powerful legs curving up to wide, muscular hips and a tight round ass, curving again to a narrow, sculpted waist and beautifully muscled back.

Silently, Sue padded up behind the naked woman. She reached around the blonde’s body and gently cupped the woman’s beautiful tits, kneading them and squeezing the nipples. The new Mom reacted instantly, gasping with the sudden pleasure, placing her hands over Sue’s hands, keeping them pinned to her heaving chest, as the shower beat down on their bodies. The women gasped in concert. The new Mom reached up and grabbed Sue’s head and pulled Sue’s face down to her face, to lock the brunette in a deep, tongue thrusting over-the-shoulder kiss. After sucking on each other’s tongues for a moment, Sue turned the new Mom around and pushed her back up against the shower stall wall. The new Mom reached up and filled her hands with Sue’s luscious tits and began fondling and massaging the beautiful glands in reply.

“Did you sleep well, whore?” the new Mom murmured to Sue. “Or did I ride you too hard?” She squeezed Sue’s nipples tightly between her thumb and forefinger, twisting the hot nubs like dials. Sue moaned.

“I slept just fine bitch. You were a nice ride last night, but it’s time to finish you off like I promised I would.” Sue sank her fingers into the new Mom’s tits and enjoyed the feel of the dense, resisting flesh.

The women stared intently into each other’s gorgeous faces, their lips slightly parted as they sighed and gasped as they manipulated each other’s tits. Sue felt the other woman’s tits swell with arousal beneath her probing fingers. The new Mom reached down with one hand, reached between Sue’s slightly spread legs, and stroked Sue’s huge, engorged clit. Sue gasped.

“You fucking cunt,” Sue whispered. She reached down and cupped the new Mom’s aching pussy and pushed the palm of her hand into the woman’s rapidly growing clit, before stroking the nub with her finger. The new Mom moaned in uncontrollable bliss.

For several minutes, the two women fondled each other’s tits and finger-fucked each other, helping the incredible arousal in their voluptuous bodies grow even greater, even hotter.

Still finger fucking, Sue dropped to her knees and pulled the new Mom with her. The women leaned against each other on the smooth, gently pebbled shower floor. Forehead to forehead, nose to nose, they panted as they fingered each other, as they squeezed and caressed the other’s tits. Their bodies became unbelievably fevered as they struggled, their sexual desire, their raw lust, turned up to a level neither woman had yet experienced. Something was happening between them that was taking their sexual warfare to a whole new level of erotic bliss.

Moaning, not able to resist any more, Sue pushed away from her rival and sat back on her ass, her legs spread wide, her pink, thick lipped pussy open and inviting. Her clit seemed to have swollen monstrously. It nodded and flexed, almost thrumming with heat and arousal. Sue leaned back, her hands on the tile, her tits jiggling lustfully.

The new Mom sat back and braced her back against the shower room wall. She spread her legs too, presenting her turgid cunt, her engorged clit, in challenge to Sue.

The two women pushed closer. They were both panting, groaning with lust. Legs spread wide, the women aimed their hot cunts and hard clits at each other and thrust together with all their power.

Sue and the new Mom shrieked in shared ecstasy as their steaming cunts slapped together, clits crushing hard and tight. The women braced their bodies and worked their hips and asses furiously, with all their power, grinding clits with all their strength, driving their succulent cunt flesh as deep and hard into each other as they could, penetrating, spreading, mating their steaming cunts into an inseparable fusion of fuckmeat. The women’s swollen clits rubbed relentlessly, sending shockwaves of pure ecstasy firing through their bodies, then hooked and linked, fusing into a single organ of pleasure.

Tits bouncing, hips and asses bucking and rolling, bellies rippling with effort, Sue and the new Mom fucked each other furiously, frantically, as powerfully as they could.

“Oh god, oh god, oh god…,” the new Mom moaned. “Fucking, fucking whore, I hate you so fucking much…” she cried.

“Uh, uh, uhhhh,” Sue gasped. “You dirty cuntlicking slut,” she groaned, “you filthy cunt!”

The women clamped down, cunt locked and slotted in cunt, and squeezed their interlocked fuckmeat with all the strength of their struggling pussies. Their cunts trembled, their bellies rippled. Their mutual fucking built and built until, with a shared scream, they came together, their steaming twats shooting a waterfall of hot ejaculate which bubbled up from their locked pussy lips and was washed away by the pounding water before it dripped to the shower floor. Sue squeezed and pulled with her vaginal muscles, sucking the new Mom’s cum into her vulva; the new Mom moaned, then returned the attack, sucking the cum back. Sue gasped as she felt her twat being drained, being pulled into the other woman’s pussy; she pulled back, contracting her deep vaginal muscles, and the women trembled as their powerful cunts wrestled for control. They orgasmed twice more, their bodies jerking, their tits bouncing. Nipple cum leaked from their erect brown rods. They threw back their heads and screamed with pleasure as wave after wave of erotic power washed over their writhing bodies. Finally, they relaxed, their asses hit the wet floor and they released each other’s cunt.

Gasping, the warm water beating down on their naked bodies, Sue was amazed to find her lust still as high as it had been, even after such intense orgasmic explosions; indeed, her desire, her raw need, continued to grow. She could see the same need burning in the new Mom’s eyes. With a cry, Sue threw herself at the other woman, pushing the new Mom onto the shower floor. The blonde did not resist. Instead, she eagerly stretched herself out and spread her legs wide, her red hot cunt open and inviting, her thumb-sized clit throbbing with tension. The new Mom reached for Sue, pulling her rival down onto her body.

Sue mounted the new Mom, pressing her cuntmeat solidly into the blonde’s waiting, hungry twat, and slid her throbbing, engorged clit deep into the woman’s fuck slit, until it licked the underside of the new Mom’s clit. Both women shivered uncontrollably, gasping and moaning into each other’s faces, shuddering with the incredible sensations.

The new Mom seized Sue’s perfect ass and pulled her in deeper and harder; she wrapped her thighs around Sue’s hips. Sue seized the new Mom’s hair and pulled it savagely. Her belly was flat to the new Mom’s abdomen, her tits crushed down on the other woman’s massive boobs. Their nipples burned into each other, aligning, grinding and stabbing. Sue began thrusting, working her clit around and around, head to head, with the new Mom’s massive clit. The women screamed into each other’s faces, nose to nose and forehead to forehead, panting with excitement and raw lust. They did not kiss but, instead, looked deep into each other’s eyes through half-closed lids, watching each other, sharing the excruciating pleasure, feeling the incredible orgasms that were building inside of their bucking, writhing bodies. The new Mom squeezed Sue’s ass ferociously and moved with her thrusting hips, keeping their succulent twats glued together.

Their bodies humped ferociously, their clits knotted together and sent spikes of unbearable pleasure roaring through their bodies as they fucked to the end. Every cell in their bodies was radiating heat, their swollen nipples were burning as they rubbed and pulsed together.

“Yes, yes, yes…,” the new Mom chanted, her forehead pressed tight to Sue’s, her eyes feverish with lust.

“Fuck, fuck, oh fuck….,” Sue moaned, working her hips and ass with all her power, riding the woman under her even as she was ridden and ravaged in turn.

The hot water beat down on their bucking, writhing bodies. The shower echoed with their animal snarls and growls, gasps and moans, as they fucked each other senseless, both women knowing that their delicious fuckwar was building to something incredible, something that they both desperately had to have.

The women’s bodies were hot with lust, their breasts were crushed tight, rolling and mashing into each other as the women fucked. Their cunts were interlocked, fat lips flat to fat lips, sucking at each other, vaginal canals sealed into one. Sue’s ass pumped frantically as she felt an incredible orgasm building in her core, as her body began to tremble with repressed sexual power. The new Mom was trembling too, her moans and cries growing louder and more strained as she struggled to hold back her orgasm.

“Cum, you fuck, cum…,” Sue moaned at her sexual rival.

“You cum, bitch, cum inside me, let me feel your jizz,” the new Mom grunted in reply.

Finally, it was too much. Neither woman could hold back the terrible orgasms wracking their interlocked bodies any longer.

“Oh, you fucking whore!!,” Sue shrieked as she thrust down and felt her pussy convulse, felt herself injecting a long, hot stream of ejaculate into the new Mom’s waiting, ravenous cunt. Her nipples came, squirting within their mashed tits, her bobs exploding with force.

“Fucking bitch!” the new Mom shot back. Her eyes closed tight, she gritted her teeth as her pussy replied, taking Sue’s cum and shooting back a hot gusher of cum. Her nipples came too, ejaculating hard, her breasts soon covered with Sue’s nipple cum and her own.

The women screamed and moaned as their bodies strained and writhed, as they undulated powerfully against each other, rubbing and grinding their voluptuous flesh, as they exchanged hot shots of cum and shared powerful orgasms. To their amazement, the orgasms did not stop. Instead, it was like a dam had broken inside and all their orgasms came pouring out.

“Oh, oh fuck,” the new Mom gasped, her green eyes lit with pure lust as they locked with Sue’s dark eyes. Pleasure roared through her, like a freight train, filling every part of her. Sue stared back, equally caught in the incredible passion and pleasure.

“Fuck, fucking God!,” Sue moaned. As powerful orgasms chained through her body, she felt like her burning flesh was melting into the flesh of the new Mom. Both women felt like they were flowing together, as though their hungry genitals were filling their bodies, slipping and sliding inside and outside each other, flesh and erotic pleasure flowing and burning and merging. Their breasts felt like they were expanding, ballooning with pleasure and melting together, nipples sizzling as they fused into one, exploding every few minutes with intense shots of cum. Their clits felt like they were ten times their normal size, pulsing like drums, twined into a single knot of unbearable pleasure.

Sue and the new Mom kissed savagely, desperately, as orgasms rippled through their mating bodies. They sucked tongues, they exchanged spit. They cried out in sheer, raw ecstasy, as their bodies strained to become one body, one flesh.

For more than 15 minutes, the two women suffered through intense orgasm after intense orgasm. Their bodies shuddered and trembled, quivering with tension as their powerful muscles strained against each other, holding them immobile. Their moans and screams and cries faded. Their faces were wet with tears as the erotic sensations grew to unbelievable levels.

Sue stared deep into the new Mom, sharing their mutual violation, their mutual hate, the unimaginable lust and pleasure that carried them to the very edge of pleasure. Another incredible orgasm, more powerful and pleasurable than any either woman had ever felt, rocked them to their souls with erotic sensations so intense that neither woman could stand it anymore. They came so hard that it felt they could not stop. Their bodies became one, their flesh, their senses, their sexual organs, fused into one, in a delicious explosion of pure ecstasy. With a final cry, Sue and the new Mom passed out in each other’s arms.

Sue slowly regained her senses. She was lying across the new Mom, still joined to the woman pussy to pussy, their breasts throbbing together in the aftermath. The water from the shower was becoming cool. Sue reached up and turned it off.

Slowly, Sue pulled herself off of the new Mom below her. Their pussies sucked apart. Sue sat back on her haunches, looking down at the perfect body sprawled before her. The new Mom was fast asleep, her beautiful face wearing an expression of absolute sexual satisfaction. Sue felt the same way.

Sue toweled herself down, then left the bathroom, found her overnight bag, pulled out a change of clothing, and began to dress. She picked out a comfortable pair of slacks and blouse, along with a thong. She went braless. As she was leaving the new Mom’s bedroom, her eye caught in the mirror as she saw her gorgeous reflection. Suddenly, a thought occurred to her.

Sue went to the new Mom’s vanity and found a red lipstick. She walked to the mirror and thought for a moment. With a cruel smile, she wrote on the mirror in block letters: “I left you in a puddle on the floor, bitch. Anytime, anyplace.”

Smiling, Sue made her way down the hall to the garage, opened the garage door, got in her van and backed out. She left the van running as she returned to the garage, closed the car door, then exited the house through the front door.

Sue felt the elation of victory. She felt the deep warmth of absolute sexual satisfaction. She had met the most beautiful, voluptuous rival she had ever had and sexually exhausted and humbled her enemy. She felt prouder of her body, more fulfilled as a woman, than she ever had before. She could not wait to do it again.


Sue no longer saw the new Mom at the pool club. The woman either stopped coming or came at a totally different time. Sue even rarely saw the blonde at the school. Her fantasy of having her defeated foe hang her head in shame never happened. The few times that that Sue saw the new Mom at school, their eyes locked and the raw hate and pure lust that passed between them left both women shaken and deeply aroused.

Sue’s sense of elation, the sweet feeling of victory, never left her. But, only a few days after her win, she began to feel the now-familiar ache between her legs and deep in the core of her breasts. Sue’s daydreams were filled with the erotic memories of what she and the new Mom had done to each other, of all the incredible ways in which they had inflicted sheer ecstasy on each other. Her dreams at night filled with sensual images, with visions of the blonde’s incredible body, naked and wet, writhing and bucking under her own; of how it felt to have her massive rack mashed hard and tight with the equally impressive tits of her enemy, hot nipples digging and burning into tight flesh. She spent restless nights tormented by sexual fever. Her husband’s cock could do little to treat the symptoms.

On the Monday, three weeks after her climactic battle with the new Mom, Sue was driving her car to the corner store to pick up some supplies. It was early. She had just dropped off the kids, come home, then realized she needed to run some errands. As her car pulled into the parking lot of the local mini-mall, she spotted the new Mom leaving the building. The blonde must have come here right after dropping her daughter at school. Sue froze as she watched the other woman. The new Mom was wearing an outfit that might have been the same as the first time Sue saw her: a short, tight sports bra that revealed an incredible amount of cleavage and even some underboob and skintight shorts that emphasized every movement of her powerful ass. Sue watched the woman’s bare belly rippling as the blonde moved, and remembered how it felt to have that hot, smooth, muscled flesh glued to her own. She remembered the feel of their sweat-soaked navels sucking to each other. The spike of pure desire that pulsed through Sue’s tits and poured into her cunt like molten liquid was impossible to withstand. Sue gasped aloud. Trembling, she put her car into gear and returned home. Her mind was on fire, her body was aching with sexual need.

Sue entered her bedroom and quickly stripped out of her blouse and pants. She found the smallest, tightest shorts she could find; she did not bother with underwear. She pulled on the black scrap of cloth, using her bathroom mirror to admire the way her ass peeked out from beneath the tight cloth. She found her smallest sports bra and snapped it on. She admired the way the straining triangular cups caused her voluptuous titflesh to bulge, the way the top pushed up and accentuated her lush cleavage. Her hard nipples were clearly visible, indenting the cloth. A bit of underboob showed where her tits met her chest. Sue pulled on her running shoes over her bare feet.

Sue looked at herself in the full-length bathroom mirror. She examined her incredible body, reaching up to gently stroke her nipples under her bra. Her free hand wandered down to her pussy, sliding along the slick cloth of her shorts to cup her camel toe. She gasped as she felt the pressure on her pulsing clit, then turned on her heel, went downstairs to the garage, and climbed into her car.

Sue drove to the new Mom’s house. The blonde’s car was parked in the driveway. Sue parked under the tree in front of the house. She breathed deeply, trying to control herself. Her excitement and her overwhelming sexual needs warred with her uncertainty. After about five minutes, she gathered up her courage. She exited the car. She strode up the walkway. Sue tried the door, but it was locked. She rang the doorbell, then tried to control her excited breathing and her pounding heart.

The new Mom opened the door.

The blonde woman froze, her eyes catching Sue’s beautiful eyes, then sweeping down Sue’s incredible body, which was so flagrantly displayed. Sue’s gaze traveled over every inch of the other woman in turn. Now that she was so close to the blonde, the woman’s sexual power and tanned, bare flesh were almost overwhelming. The woman was dressed in her sports bra and tight running shorts; her feet were bare.

The women’s eyes locked again. Slowly, Sue reached out. She placed her left hand on the blonde’s bare, muscular belly, covering the woman’s navel. Her right hand reached out and slowly pressed into the other woman’s taut left tit. The new Mom gasped, then bit her lip. But she did not resist or retaliate as Sue slowly pushed her into the house and closed the door behind them.

Once inside, the new Mom reached up and filled her hands with both of Sue’s magnificent tits, grasping the meaty mounds through Sue’s tiny top. Sue grunted, placing both of her hands on the new Mom’s bare belly, then sliding them around the other woman’s waist, before reaching around to seize the blonde’s tight ass. The new Mom slipped her arms around Sue’s upper body. The women pulled each other in, their half-naked bodies coming together, bare thighs pressing and sliding, naked bellies slapping, thick-nippled tits pressing hard and tight through Sue’s top and the new Mom’s sports bra. They felt their hearts pounding into each other through the meaty masses of their tits.

The women pushed nose to nose, eyes glaring into each other, sweet breath washing over their beautiful faces.

“You couldn’t stay away, could you, cunt?” the new Mom breathed.

“I’m here for the victory fuck that you owe me,” Sue replied, her words coming in hard pants.

The new Mom sneered, then reached up, grabbed Sue’s long hair, and pushed Sue by the back of her head into a hard, long kiss. Sue moaned deep in her throat, her incredible lust exploding into full blossom as she sucked on the new Mom’s invading tongue. The women writhed and swayed against each other, moving their bodies slowly and deliberately, bare flesh rubbing on flesh, pulling at each other’s asses and hair as their kiss became savage, passionate, angry, full of all the repressed desire that had built up in their incredible bodies over the previous weeks.

For long minutes, they shared spit and breath, tongues scouring each other’s mouths, fighting and pushing and twining in spitty knots. Their hands wandering the other’s body, they staggered around in the foyer of the new Mom’s house, their bodies growing more aroused with every moment. The new Mom pulled at the clasp of Sue’s bra. Sue reached up and unsnapped the new Mom’s sports bra. Sue felt her bra dragging over her compressed tits as the new Mom pulled it away, throwing it in the corner by the front door. Sue was now topless.

The new Mom released Sue and stepped away. Sue gasped as she stepped back, her beautiful, naked tits jiggling on her chest. The new Mom reached up and pulled off her sports bra, throwing it aside. Sue could not control herself. As the new Mom’s magnificent tits bounced free, Sue hurled herself at the other woman. The new Mom eagerly opened her arms, reaching for Sue. Both women gasped then moaned in excruciating pleasure as their massive, naked tits slapped and crushed, taut meat to meat. Bare nipple met bare nipple, ridged areola grated together, sending shockwaves of pleasure through Sue and the new Mom. The two topless women wrapped their arms around each other’s naked torsos and hugged with all their strength, crying out in pleasure as the thick, meat balloons of their gorgeous tits crushed with unbearable force and held each other in check, throbbing and pulsating with heat and erotic pleasure.

For some time, Sue and the new Mom swayed from side to side in the foyer, clutching each other as tightly as they could, rubbing and grinding their meaty tits as hard as possible. The women enjoyed the delicious, sensual contact of tit to tit and nipple to nipple. After a time, Sue reached up, pulled on the new Mom’s long hair, and pulled the women’s head back, so that her face was pointing to the ceiling. The new Mom’s perfect tits sprung free of their lock with Sue’s tits. Sue dipped her head and sank her teeth into the blonde’s succulent tit. Sue’s lips wrapped around the woman’s thick nipple and she sucked hard; Sue’s other hand filled with the new Mom’s free tit and she kneaded the heavy meat. The new Mom moaned in pleasure and pushed Sue more firmly into her tit. With her other hand, she reached down and began to stroke and squeeze at Sue’s right tit, twisting Sue’s enflamed nipple.

For a minute or two, the two women stood in the front hall of the new Mom’s house, frozen in the erotic tableau, as Sue sucked hungrily on her rival’s breast, even as she groped the blonde passionately and the other woman massaged Sue’s thick tits in return. The women’s groans and gasps grew deeper and louder. After some time, the new Mom twisted her hand in Sue’s thick dark hair and slowly pulled Sue off of her tit. The new Mom pushed Sue away, against the hallway wall.

Panting, Sue glared at the blonde. The new Mom turned on her heel and walked down the hall, to her bedroom. Sue watched the other woman’s powerful ass cheeks rippling in her shorts. After a moment, Sue pulled off her shoes. Barefoot, she followed after the new Mom.

Sue reached the room in time to see that the new Mom wriggling her tight shorts down her long, muscled legs. They fell at her feet; she kicked them away. As Sue watched from the doorway, the new Mom rolled her thong down her thighs and calves, then stepped out of them.

The new Mom stood beside her unmade bed completely naked, her arms relaxed at her side. She smiled at Sue lasciviously, then placed her hands on her hips and thrust out her magnificent chest. Sue’s eyes roamed over the woman’s perfect nude beauty. Her gaze lingered on the new Mom’s round, golden tits, her narrow navel, her thick, sculpted pubic thatch and her pink-lipped pussy.

The new Mom threw herself onto her unmade bed, flat on her back, her tits bouncing entrancingly. She threw her arms over her head and then slowly, teasingly spread her legs wide. She tilted her pelvis up as she offered her naked twat to Sue.

“If you want to fuck my cunt,” the new Mom purred, “come and get it.”

Sue entered the room. She was breathing hard as she slipped her tight shorts down her naked legs. Nude, she climbed onto the bed, kneeling between the new Mom’s open thighs. The women looked deep into each other’s eyes, seeing their raw, ravenous lust reflected in the other. Sue reached down and gently traced the lips of the blonde’s slick, hot twat with her index finger. The new Mom closed her eyes and gasped, but then opened them and glared defiantly at Sue. She contracted her pussy lips, causing her cunt to close and squeeze tight. Sue leaned down, shoving her rounded, heart-shaped ass in the air, and buried her face between the blonde’s luscious legs. Sue inhaled the new Mom’s sexual musk deeply, her nose pressed into the woman’s wet cunt. Slowly, carefully, Sue licked the new Mom’s anus, tonguing and teasing the woman’s asshole before penetrating the new Mom’s vaginal furrow and sliding her tongue all the way up from anus to the top of the new Mom’s throbbing clit. Sue loved the delicious taste. She let her tongue linger on the hard bud of the blonde’s swollen clit. The new Mom moaned in uncontrollable lust and desire; she arched her back involuntarily, shoving her cunt forcefully into Sue’s face, working her hips so that she rubbed her twat on Sue’s beautiful face. Sue smiled inwardly as she felt the flow from the woman’s twat grow stronger on her tongue. Sue continued to lick the new Mom’s beautiful clit for a few more moments, finally kissing the thick nub, then sucking it gently. The new Mom moaned desperately. Sue raised herself up and smiled at the panting bitch spread out before her. Sue slid her hands up the new Mom’s naked belly, all the way up to the woman’s massive tits. She grasped the blonde’s naked breasts. She squeezed them hard, enjoying the feel of the thick meat deforming under her fingers, twisting the new Mom’s nipples until the woman cried out in lust.

Sue could not wait a moment longer. The incredible sexual pressure that had been building in her for three weeks demanded release.

Sue released the woman’s tits and placed her hands on either side of the new Mom’s body. She mounted the other woman, lining up their tits, nipple to nipple. She spread her thighs between the new Mom’s legs, then slowly lowered her hot, wet, dripping pussy down onto the blonde’s waiting, eager fuckmeat.

Both women closed their eyes and moaned with uncontrollable passion as their burning twats mated, fuckmeat merging and mashing to fuckmeat, slits meeting and slotting together, vaginas sinking into each other, hot lips spreading and flattening to each other with a wet hiss, powerful quims pulling and sucking, throbbing clits pressing head to head.

“Fuck, oh fuck, yessssss,” Sue moaned as her genitals melted onto and into the new Mom’s ravenous cunt. Sue slowly settled her body onto the woman beneath her. Their pulsing tits mashed and fused, nipple to nipple. Their naked bellies pressed tight, warm and smooth against each other, until their navels sucked. Their thick, manicured bushes meshed and tangled. The new Mom twined her legs through Sue’s, reaching down to sink her fingers into Sue’s round, hard buns and pull Sue in harder. Sue leaned forward, letting the full weight of her body rest on her tits, enjoying, reveling in the feeling of breast meat mashing, of hot nipples burning and pulsing into each other. She slipped her hands under the new Mom’s body and grabbed the other woman’s powerful ass. Sue rested face to face, nose to nose, forehead to forehead, with the woman beneath her, her dark hair mingling with the new Mom’s blonde.

For more than a minute, the two gorgeous women stayed immobile, both feeling and rejoicing in the incredible erotic sensations they were feeling, in the anticipation of the terrible pleasure they were about to inflict on each other. Both women savored the moment, the moment they had both been lusting after ever since they had last parted. They glared into each other, eye to eye, seeing and accepting the pure, indescribably intense lust in the other’s gaze. They wanted each other; they wanted to completely sexually devour each other, in every way imaginable.

“Fuck me, you dirty whore,” the new Mom whispered.

“I’m going to make you cum, you bitch, I’m going to make you cum so hard…” Sue whispered in reply.

“Then make me cum, fucker, and I’ll make you cum…,” the new Mom murmured. “We’ll fuck each other raw….”

Sue began moving her hips. The women’s pussy lips pulled on each other, thick lips dragging and mashing. Their cunts sucked and pulled, the suction between their locked cunts increased. Their rock-hard clits moved on each other, caressing and stroking, sending shockwaves of pure pleasure racing through the women’s rocking bodies. Their heavy tits ground together relentlessly, heavy meat fusing, their nipples burning. Their muscles twined and strained. Panting, sweaty forehead pressed to forehead, nose to nose, Sue and new Mom moaned and gasped, their cries of ecstasy growing louder and more urgent as their incredible bodies writhed, their hips and asses moving slow and hard as they fucked each other powerfully. The women shifted their noses past each other and plunged into a deep, hot, wet kiss, sucking saliva back and forth, their tongues pushing and sliding and twisting into slippery knots.

Sue and the new Mom fucked and fucked and fucked. For more than 45 minutes, they rode each other, slow and hard, keeping the incredible pleasure going and going, torturing each other with unbearable ecstasy until, finally, they could not stand it anymore. The women went rigid in a series of convulsive, shared orgasms.

“FUCK, FUCK, oh GOD, yeesssssss!!” Sue shrieked.

“Cunt, you FUCKING CUNT!!,” the new Mom howled.

They injected their shared cum into each other’s starving cunts. The overflow soaked their thighs and bellies. Their screams of joy came to an abrupt stop as both women clenched their teeth against the unbelievable pleasure that flowed through their straining bodies. They groaned in sexual agony. Waves of orgasmic delight flowed over them, melting their flesh into one straining, bucking body, until they were teetering on the edge of passing out.

Gasping, sobbing, the women finally collapsed in each other’s arms, their naked bodies twined tight, their hearts pounding. They panted furiously. Their bodies were soaked in sweat and cum. They rested for a few minutes, Sue sprawled on top of the luscious blonde Mom. A sense of intense satisfaction flowed through her body. At least some of the sexual energy that had built in her over the past weeks had been released. But Sue could tell that a lot more needed to be depleted. Sue finally rolled off and lay beside her sexual rival. The women’s tits heaved, their beautiful bodies gleaming in the sunlight, as they tried to regain their senses.

The new Mom slowly pushed herself up, looking down at Sue with a vicious smile. She ran her finger up Sue’s succulent cunt slit, scooping out some of the hot cum, and then licked her finger clean. Sue gasped. The new Mom sat up, then sat back on her ass and spread her legs. She reached between her legs and began slowly stroking her clean-shaven pussy, running her fingers through her golden pubes, before caressing her throbbing clit.

Sue rose, then sat back and mirrored the other woman’s position. Sue began stroking her pussy too, shuddering with pleasure at the intimate contact.

Eyes locked, the two sexual enemies stimulated themselves as they faced each other. Both women teased and caressed their own clits, their own cunts, until their bodies were quivering with sexual desire, until their tits were heaving with their hungry pants.

Ready, ready, more than ready, the two women moved down the bed towards each other. They slipped smooth, powerful legs over and under each other and scissored. The heat from their dripping, aching cunts warmed their wet inner thighs. Their swollen clits throbbed with tension. The women shuddered with pleasure and anticipation as their juiced up twats moved towards each other. They both knew what they wanted: the complete joining, the merging, the total violation and penetration of the other woman’s body, the other woman’s sex, that they had inflicted on each other in the shower three weeks before. They both would do anything to achieve, once again, that absolute, unbearable ecstasy.

“I’m going to fuck your brains out, you cunt,” the new Mom breathed at Sue.

“Bring it on, whore,” Sue replied. “I’ll take you on any way, every way. I’m not leaving here until my pussy has sucked yours dry.”

Sue’s last conscious thought before she gave herself over to her incredible lust was that she knew she could not live without this. She did not know what door she and her blonde rival had opened, she did not know what the future would hold, but she knew that it was only between the legs of the new Mom, it was only tit to tit and clit to clit with the blonde whore, that she could find the unbearable pleasure and absolute satisfaction she craved.

The sexual rivals closed the final distance. Steaming, aching cunts kissed, fat pussy lips merged, fused and sucked. Hot lubrication gushed from both women’s over-stimulated pussies, drowning their smooth, slick vulvas. The women screamed in mutual joy and hate as they pushed together with all of their strength, flattening their twats against each other, clit locking to clit, and began thrusting into each other in a rhythmic dance of ecstasy.

The End

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1 thought on “Back to School by JB57

  1. Giannis says:

    It was the longest sexfight fest i have ever heard. I really wonder JB57 how you could write all this story, keeping the quality at the same very high level. You kept the erotic tension between the two women high, you offered the needed variety, you also wrote about the same erotic positions using different words. It was really a masterpiece !
    It is very difficult for the two women to admit it, but after all these sexual moments they shared for days, they are in a relationship. They need each other as never in their lives felt that way. They love to hate each other. Now they have a bond which is not easy to break.
    AWESOME !!


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