The Battle for Amber: Ewa S. vs. Red Hot Scarlet

Red Hot Scarlet vs. Ewa S. from FCF

Red Hot Scarlet:

The carousel never stops turning. 

No, it simply goes — around and around, with days passing by in a blink, with eyes which close to sleep, opening to wake in what feels like an instant. Clock in, clock out. Return. Repeat. It is a marathon we each run, until our legs give out, our back breaks, our eyes dims, and our minds fog. Or at least that’s how my life was, until I met her. Ewa. She was, frankly, indescribable. At least with words, either written or spoken. From the very first moment I met her, that cold November morning when she said hello to me as I sleepily poured myself a cup of coffee, I … I found myself transfixed. My heart stolen and chained. And my eyes ever searching for her — studying her every move and expression. The sound of her laugh so beautiful, that when it would ring out in the office I would close my eyes, and just imagine she and I opening presents on Christmas morning in our PJ’s, finding humor and joy in whatever gifts we got each other. Or at Thanksgiving with her family and mine.

Those blissful thoughts and everything about her drove me. I wanted her. Needed her. LOVED her, I had not a single doubt. She would be mine! I promised myself, as I adjusted my dress in the mirror every day. Swore to myself as I applied my makeup, looking to make myself as irresistible as possible. But those oaths, to my dismay, ran headlong into Ewa’s own … indifference…? Distraction… ? Disinterest…? I could never tell…. But regardless of the cause, every day I would try to speak to her. To flirt with her. And she would speak: yes. Engage: yes. But only briefly before she would bury herself back into her research. Her own cases. Making it clear that my time was through.

But do not mistake my failure for a lack of effort, as I tried, for almost a year to catch her eye. To show her how funny I was. How pretty I was. How sexy I was. But, eventually it was clear to me — she saw none of it. And so, the day when I finally threw in the towel, I set myself to self pity. To drinking myself into a stupor. To drowning my love-struck sorrows in the sweetest wines I could find. But as I collected my purse, my keys, and phone when the clock struck 5:00 o’clock, I met her. Scarlet. Her hair was like fire. And her eyes like jade. She was less busty than Ewa, but sexual and beautiful in her own enchanting way. And from moment one, I knew … she wanted me. Needed me. In exactly the way I had pined for Ewa. And as I had for the brunette goddess, Scarlet did for me. Looking for ANY excuse to talk to me. To flirt with me. To brush her hand against mine as we talked. And though I could not have imagined that it would happen, slowly, methodically, Ewa’s presence and perfection faded into the back of my mind — replaced my this auburn-haired angel. One that wanted me. One that I wanted in return.

Eventually, her flirting led to our first kiss. And then more. She coming to my private office, closing the blinds, and servicing me, only for me to return the favor again and again. It was not some sort of filthy short term affair, but a romance. One that the entire office learned of before too long. One that she and I flaunted, even if we never officially became a pair. But just as Scarlet and I began to discuss such a title, the girl who once rejected me — ignored me — brushed my advances aside as if she didn’t even notice them, caught wind.

Ewa S.:

How… How did I fucking let that happen? 

You’re a stupid, stupid, fucking stupid piece of shit Ewa. 

My eyes choked with tears, as I rushed out of the break room at the office. Danielle and Sarah had said enough. I was trying to get to the bathroom to shut the door and lock it behind me, before the gatekeepers lost their fight against the onslaught of warm bitterness and salt, and let them run down my cheeks. I made it. I shut the door, locked it and pressed my body to it slowly slinking down to the floor. My knees bent, skirt hiking up to reveal the black thigh highs. I wrapped my arms around them, hugging them and rested my pounding head on my forearms. How… How… How did I not see it? 

All these months, she suffered. All these months I thought Amber was just being a good colleague, a good mentor. Someone who cared for me and just wanted me to get on the right foot with such a demanding job, with my little to none previous experiencec. All this time, I thought she was being cordial and kind. And she, she was suffering. Publically and with utter humility, that even the two skanks from HR saw, and thought it was such a cool subject to be talking about by the water cooler. 

Dani: “Oh Ewa, you look great girl!” 

Sarah: “Gee, you must be soooo happy for Amber and Scarlett, huh?” 

Me: “….” 

Dani: “Happy? More like relieved.. Ughhh! I’m glad that episode was over, it was so sad watching her follow you like a lost puppy all these months.” 

Me: “!!!!!!!” 

Sarah: “Oh come on, let’s be happy for Amber, she found someone who’s uhh.. As passionate as her, although.. P.D.A!!!!!”  

The conversation running through my mind again and again. How. How the fuck did I miss that. I guess, it’s because I was terrified. I was trying to be professional, and wanted to curb my urges. Sure, I was shocked, to be honest, a bit disgusted. Physically, every time Scarlett came in. My stomach would turn seeing her flawless Ivory skin, her hourglass figure and round buttocks in the dresses she wore just TOO well, and the skirts oh so tight. Her slender waist and fiery hair that brushed her marble neck. I would turn my eyes every time you met her at the door of your office with a wide smile, I hated seeing you two kissing, but the loud smacking sounds filled my ears. I was jealous, but… happy for Amber. I just wished she had someone… better… 

And now… I realize she wanted me too…. And I fucking blew it… 

No… NO!! 

I wipe my tears… and get up. I look at my self in the mirror, and I grab a tissue. I wipe the ruined mascara and eye shadow. I wash my face, and I purse my lips. NO! It’s not too late. 

And holding my heart in hand, I turn and stomp through the hallways on my heels. On a march, on a mission. I walk into my small reception office and to the door leading to yours. With the bronze plaque carrying your name. I push the door. I see your eyes turn up to me surprised, your lips moving, you’re saying something, but I don’t hear it. I just walk around your desk and I drop on your lap turning my right side to you, my bosom brushing with yours. I see your eyes go wide. And I almost stop. It almost scares me into paralysis. But I don’t let it. I lean in and press my lips to yours, my eyes shutting. I give you the kiss that I’ve owed you since November. Since the day I first met you. 

And I hope you like it. 


I should be working. Should be checking on one of staff attorney’s cases, guiding them — teaching them, and earning my keep as a partner. But … oh god…. I c-cant…. I need…. I can barely think with Scarlet’s tongue lashing against my clit — a clit she holds gently between her teeth, keeping it in place. God she is a master. An expert at distracting me. At causing me to writhe here in my chair, my every thought of work consumed by her skills and my own insuppressible lust. “I … lov…. Shit….” My chest heaving, as I desperately try to speak, and to focus on that venture. Try to tell her, for the first time that I love her — my Scarlet, I catch out of the squint of my almost completely shut eyes, you. Ewa. 

Oh god. What…? Why would she…? She’s never come to my office before. Never willingly sought me out…. She must just be lost, and when she sees the plaque on my door she’ll turn around. Right? Right…? As I try to convince myself of your accidental presence, even though for the past year I would have traded ANYTHING to have such a visit, I try to roll back in my chair. Try to prepare myself as I see you getting nearer and nearer my door. But as I so try, Scarlet wraps her arms tightly around my thick, creamy thighs and pulls me back to her. “Scarlet….. Ew….” As I try to speak she lashes her tongue against my clit again, and I find myself silenced. Find myself frozen with lust. “We…. You….” As I try again, she redoubles her efforts, stealing from me all intent. All ability. Driving me closer and closer to orgasm.

It is then that you turn the handle, and push open my heavy wooden door. Scarlet will stop…. Won’t she…? She must have heard that…. And though she did, she doesn’t…. No, instead she continues to please me — to drive me wild, she being perfectly hidden under my desk. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. I think to myself, unable to put those panicked thoughts into words. And yet, as heightened as it is, my panic grows exponentially as without words you march over to me, AROUND MY DESK, and then in what I can only describe as the greatest shock any woman has ever experienced, you take a soft seat on my lap, and kiss me. It’s so bad. So terrible. You having basically taken a seat on Scarlet’s head while her tongue drags against my most sensitive of triggers. But at the same time, it is wonderful. Beautiful. Incredible. Your kiss. Your lips. Your body touching mine. I wanted it — all of it for so long. And even now, even after Scarlet and I’s sudden connection, I still want it. And so I kiss you back. My lips and yours meeting so very softly at first. Each pair conveying such passion and care that I can feel my very soul quaking in joy.

You can hear it. The smallest of whimpers coming from me, as I gleefully try to process what has happened. Completely forgetting about the red-headed beauty beneath my desk. Until she speaks. Yells. SCREAMS. “WHAT THE FUCK!” She says, as she fights to pull her head out from beneath my skin-tight, knee length black dress. Only to succeed in that venture and then shove my chair, and we two kissing lawyers away from my deep red mahogany desk. 

“Who the….” Scarlet says in part, before she freezes. Before her eyes see what has occured. To her horror, not only am I, her love, kissing another woman — something that happened while she was sharing the most intimate of moments with me, but it’s you…. Her rival, even though that word doesn’t do your relationship justice. Her enemy. Her nemesis. The woman with who she battled in a brutal, desperate catfight. One which led to her own, humiliating and scarring defeat. And worst of all…? Even as she makes that realization, and after her scream, we continue to kiss. Paying no attention to her. Me being hopelessly lost in your unexpected affection, and you … having your own reasons I have no doubt.

Such a cruel happening and continuance leads Scarlet to lunge like a wildcat driven mad, her hands burying themselves in your hair, and then with one violent, insanity-driven yank, pulls your lips from mine, you from my lap, and then down to the plastic mat beneath my chair. Then, without wasting a second, she she drops down to her knees, and with bared, red-painted nails aims to gouge your eyes out. All as I sit, almost dizzy and comatose from our incredible kiss.


She… deserves.. BETTER…. 

I tell myself, with every step my 3″ black heels stap through the hallways. My mind racing. Buzzing with fears, with emotions, with not-so distant memories. Ones that the tramp duo chewing each other’s ears up in the break room don’t even know. My own little personal history with Scarlet. The one that only the tippy top officials of this company and HR knew about. And did everything they could to cover up. They knew they were stuck. With the two clawed, mauled, bleeding girls wrapped in comfort blankets. The office that looked like a tornado of wild cats blistered through. And the dilemma they were left in. A PR disaster. That forced them to just turn a blind eye, give us each two weeks off, and move us to different departments, instead of firing one, or both. It’s harder with girls than it would have been two men fistfighting in the parking lot. With girls they have to deal with a lot of backlash, sexual-natured accusations and lawsuits. And they took the high way. 

But she didn’t. No. That redheaded CUNT certainly did not. She kept sniffing for me and my trail, like the wildcat that she is. It wasn’t hard to figure out which offices I worked at. Whose assistant I became. But it took some pretty big balls for her to walk in that day, give me the dirty look and tell me ‘I have a 2pm with Amber.’ Just… ‘Amber’… I was fuming, but heck I had to act professional. I won our fight, I should be the one smirking. But all it took her is a week. ONE fucking week, and I could hear the thuds, the bumps, turn my head to Amber’s large window and see the blinds slowly twisting, with Scarlet kissing Amber against the wall, her piercing green eyes glaring at me. And just like that, I didn’t become the winner no more. 

But that’s all going to change. It fucking has. And as I march in and drop my bum on Amber’s lap, tightening my ass. I am bustier than scarlet, but what I have in the chest department I lack in the rear end. The bitch has a larger, rounder, sexier ass. Maybe that’s what Amber likes? So I tighten my round glutes and aim for her crotch, I want to grind and massage it, maybe that’s what she enjoys. And I feel something… HARD… I don’t have time to be startled. It doesn’t feel like a dildo or a bunny. It feels like someone’s head. But I don’t stop the kiss. I need this fucking kiss, and I get lost into it, when I hear a shriek a familiar one and, the chair is pushed rolling on its tiny wheels and hits the wall. I gasp and turn my head. Fuck, I get it nowww–AAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWW!! 

All it takes is one pull One fucking pull and I am yanked right off Amber’s lap and I crash on my back, my short, tight skirt hiking up my thighs, more of the stockings revealing, maybe even a flash of my black thong panties. The soft pink blouse tight around my waist, and tighter around my bossom. “UUGHHH!!!” I gasp in pain as the whiplash on my spine stuns me. I see her rise, like a savage siren from Dante’s worst nightmare. Teeth bared and red claws pointed at me. And I turn my head to the side, feeling her nails gouging into where my eyes were, but now, into my left temple and right ear. She curses for missing her true target, and I scream when she just decides to rake her nails down the side of my head and the shell of my ear. 

I’m too shocked, too shaken to even question what fate is, what destiny means. Busy with my hands reaching for her dangling red locks and pulling and to my right, sending her body crashing on mine, chest to chest, rolling to my right, and sending her to her back, her creamy legs kicking in the air. Amber pulling her legs up instantly, and I drop the cunt into the small space between me and the base of the chair, and with my chest pressing on hers I shriek and lean down, trying to bury my teeth into her bottom lip and BITE!  

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I had heard about it, even though it was supposed to be kept from me. The fight. Their fight. Dave, my department’s official HR stooge let it slip one night at the bar. “Did you hear about — actually, I’m not supposed to talk about it…. Unless you want me to…?” He offered before raising a finger, and asking for the bartender to bring me another drink. Using the offered secret and alcohol as a way to get in my pants. And though I could have literally had not less interest in him, given his gender, smell, and overly gorilla-like body hair, I played along. “Give it up, Dave. No secrets at the bar, you know that….” Despite my interest, I was not ready. Not for the tale Dave told. Of Ewa and Scarlet finding themselves at each others throats. Arguing, fighting, trying to kill each other it seemed in one of the conference rooms on the floor above mine.

As Dave spoke, even with his cigarette-charred vocal cords, I couldn’t help but get turned on. Two of the most beautiful women I had ever met struggling against each other. Hurting each other. Trying to best each other in a nude battle of wills. God, it took all I had not to touch myself to the thought. A thought that played through my mind every time I saw them. A thought that made each seem even more enticing to me, even though I would be ashamed to admit that to another person. But here, now, it’s happening right before my very eyes. I should stop you both. Dive down, and seperate you. But…. But….

As my better angels wrestle with my very worst, you turn your head, and cause Scarlet’s claws dig into your beautiful, kiss-blushed face. And as my ethics and morals begin to crumble under the weight of my own lusts and desires, you reach up, grab Scarlet’s gorgeous red hair and drag her down to you, with your sexy, intensely different bodies crash together at the chest. With she laying atop you at first, until you with a single roll, move her to your side, and then to her back. With her there, you lean down and then almost simultaneously do you bite each others lips. Both of you beyond the point of anger. Beyond the point of rage. Each becoming almost an avatar of hate and malice.

At the sight I lean forward, my mouth agape, and from there, I watch. I examine. I enjoy…. Saying nothing. Doing nothing to stop you from hurting her or vice versa. Hurting which you both do as, not satisfied with merely a mutual bite, Scarlet reaches for your beautiful dark hair, and after taking grips just like yours, she pulls with equal strength on either side, looking not to pull you away, but merely to wound you. To rip your locks from your head. To make you scream. To make you feel the pain, you have caused her.


Why. Why did it have to be… HER?? Fucking WHY?? I know I will never find the answer to that question, without getting superstitiously convicted into gypsy curses, past lives, and eternal fighting spirits. But part of my question is lamenting why did it have to be a bitch like YOU. Someone who took me to the verge last time. True I won, but it was a coin toss. One that teetered dangerously on its edge far too long before just flipping to my side. But what would happen this time? Fucking what? I bite your bottom lip, and I hear and feel the soft *Squish* of her lush strawberry shaped and colored lips between my teeth. And I… I.. I fucking TASTE IT…

I know it’s not her lipstick, I know it’s not her saliva, God knows she spit on my face so much I can pick her spit sample out of a dozen blindfolded. No, it’s something else. Something that makes both my heart tremble, and my pussy convulse realizing what it is, but trying to convince myself it’s not. It’s Amber’s nectar. The bitch wedged her face far too long between my angel’s legs, that now I am tasting her for the very first time, and it couldn’t be off a worse, more bitter cup. But the sensation doesn’t last. Along with it, comes the sharp teeth snapping on my own upper lip. We screech and gnaw. Biting viciously. I feel my upper lips split, bleeding, and I growl like a dog, biting harder, until the taste of cum is mixed with copper, and I feel the venom running through my redhaired rival run down our chins mixing with my own.

But then her hands go for my hair, gripping and. “NNGHHHHH!!!” I wince, like a professional hairpuller, she knows how to do it. How ot make it hurt, pulling my hair in opposite directions, causing a split line to appear down the middle of my hair. One that I’m sure my pretty Amber can see from above, and I squeeeel in pain, trying to hold on to the bite, but the pain is too intense and I end up losing it, but the hell-hound just keeps hers and chews harder on my lip. My eyes shut in pain. I try to pull back, and with no effort on her part we half roll to our sides, my right and her left. And I get some more freedom with my legs, my left tossing over her hip, and I jam my 3″ heel into the back of her curvy thigh. Poking, Digging, Raking. Trying to cause any damage.

My eyes squinted, I glance up and from this angle I see Amber’s legs pulled up, her heels just off the edge of her seat and around them…. Her coiled down panties. The ones this siren pulled down so she can give her head. And I let go of Scarlet’s hair with my left reaching up, grabbing the panties and I yank them down Amber’s ankles and heels, sliding them down and over Scarlet’s head, letting the waist band press just against her eyes and with my left hand holding it behind her head I PUSSSSH back, trying to stretch the panties and make them press on her fucking eyeballs.


Despite your moment of dominance, Scarlet quickly works you to her side. The effect of her bite and hairpulling being too much for you to take. So much so that you release your bite on her lower lip, only to find that she continues to bite on your upper. Then in a brief moment in which she alone attacks, the redhead gnaws cruelly. Her eyes shooting daggers of hate at you, even as they well with tears. Blood dripping from both of your mouths and mixing at your flesh-pressed chins. God the sight is almost more than I can stand, but it does not end there. For to my own glorious benefit, you two have only just begun. A fact made clear as you wrap your leg around Scarlet’s hip, pulling her close.

The sight of that action alone is enough to make my heart pound, and blood to pump white hot with lust. But then with all the fury you can muster, you dig a single high heel into the back of my auburn beauty’s thigh. As you do I see her soft flesh press in, just before you begin to dig and then drag your heel down, leaving a bright red trail in its wake. One in which small specks of blood begin to appear, just as Scarlet lets out a blood-curdling, one which makes me grateful that the rest of the floor had gone to lunch. 

But even before they bleed you reach for me, tugging my previously half-removed panties from my lifted calves. I am so confused at that moment. What do you have planned? Fingering me as you battle this red-headed vixen…? Stuffing them in her mouth to make her gag on what you will soon claim to be yours, should you win…? No! Instead you wrap them around Scarlet, head, with the band pressing into her eyes. Then you push, pull, and drive the garment back.

January 26 2018 11:47 AM Rival’s Rapture (www.Fights.Sexy): The attack does not cause Scarlet pain when compared to your vicious heel dig, but it does cause her to release her bite, her grip on your hair, and to roll away from you. Her left hand moving to her head to pry the panties off of her, as her right moves to her thigh to access the damage done. All being done as she pulls herself back to her feet, and turns to face you, she being only a foot away from my left side, and you nearer my right at the same distance. 

“Get up, Amber….” Scarlet demands in a voice made manic by exertion. A request that I immediately comply with, unsure what she has in mind, or why I need to stand, other than to give you both room.

“I…” I try and offer as I turn my head to look at the redhead, just a blink before she takes a single step, reaches for my cheeks and pulls me into a kiss. On her lips, and tongue as it slips into my mouth I taste her blood, yours, my own cum, and your saliva. Yes, it tastes like copper, but given how such a taste was earned it is the sweetest thing in the world. In its flavor, and Scarlet’s kiss, I find myself lost again — almost forgetting that you, Ewa, my goddess stand behind me.


Like a vicious badger, she fights. She’s like me, neither are too big, too imposing. Both almost always pitted as the underdogs in our fights. But that only teaches you to fight more frantically. More viciously. More desperately, and yes, much dirtier than those who rely on their reach and strength alone. And that’s not saying that the whore is not strong. In fact, she’s too damn fucking strongfor her size. And with that mixed strength, and ferocity she rolls me off her and to my side. Chewing and gnawing on my upper lip, making sure it’s in a much worse shape than I left her bottom one. I can feel my blood trickling down my upper teeth and mouth. It tastes awful, nauseating, but it’s mine. And I will drink it happily, as long as I engorge myself with hers. I roar, in delight, hearing her wince, feeling her skin caught under the thin tip of my heel and parting off. That’s the thing with pasty pale bitches like you hunni, you bruise like fucking peaches!

But the bitch… Keeps.. the BITE… Keeps tugging on my hair, pulling it… Like her life depends on it… Pulling so intensely, it’s not only popping out by the roots; it’s fucking BREAKING halfway! Pressure so surreal I am choking on my own screams, while I snag the panties and move them over her pulling and pressing her eye balls in, until she lets go and rolls away. But not without parting gifts. Now without her fucking right knee hammering me up, trying to  catch me in the pussy, hitting my inner left thigh; ONLY because I shifted my hips and was trying to stab my heel into her fucking cunt. We grunt in pain and roll away. Panting, and perching on all fours. Staring at one another.

My hair a mess. Torn and floating down, tufts still around your fingers. But I have enough of her sunset red tresses around my fingers. Not enough though. Not enough to weave a scarf of scarlet, to gift to my Queen. To my Amber. For us to snuggle under and watch the fire dance in our fireplace, in our home, in OUR future. She shifts and rises, and I push up. My skirt is now at my upper thighs, the tops of my patterned black stockings exposed. The top of my inner left thigh turning quickly purple from the knee shot. My pink blouse half hanging out of my skirt. And then the bitch calls for you. My eyes go wide. I curl my claws. Do NOT involve her. Just. DON’T! But she does, and she involves her fucking tongue into your throat!

I watch in shock, like she is butchering a puppy before me, and I SHRIEK, I RUSH at her, but what do I do. She’s using you as a human shield. And it’s obvious as her hands, shoot forwards towards me as I approach and her left grabs the collar of my blouse, her right sinking into the side of my neck and pulling me in. I stumble, yelping and I crash into my lover’s back. My breasts mashing into it, sandwiching her between us. I scream, my face buried into the platinum streaks, and without seeing it, I know the SLUT is smirking while kissing you. But I shoot my own arms too, around Amber’s body, and towards Scarlets. Trapped, and hugged between four arms, like Sheeva herself is embracing her. My left claw going up, to Scarlet’s right cheek. I need the kiss broken, I do, and I jam my nails into her sweaty right cheek. I grab the flesh, I pinch it between my knuckles, and I push my thumb nail into her right nostril. My right arm swinging lower, going for her curvy, thick hip. and I grab her by her skirt, and I pull violently. I try to rip the damn thing, but it’s sturdy. I pull, relaxe, pull, relax, pull and relax trying to wear the seams and break the clasp. Only to realize that I’m also pulling her crotch to hammer into Amber’s, time and again and again! 


With Scarlet in her sharp-creased gray skirt and cleavage, yellow rich blouse, and me in a my black dressed, which rests almost completely hiked up and caught on my hourglass hips, we kiss. Hotly. Passionately. My ability to process information and understand the moment in which I now reside have been obliterated by my own excitement about all that has transpired here in my rich wood, and yellow-lit office. Such a state has left me as a leaf on the wind, /at least at that moment/, one that can be swept away by Scarlet’s torrent of wind and then yours, only to be torn back again. But in that moment of control, Scarlet revels, kissing me deeply, as with her tilted head she glares at you, taunts you, lavishing me with affection — knowing that such is exactly what you want, and exactly what she plans on never letting you have again.

But in response you rush, and before you can push me out of the way, Scarlet reaches for you and drags you forward by the collar, forcing your large breasts to flatten against me and instantly reminding me of your presence and my still red hot desire for you. Then, even when I felt I could not possibly be more turned on, you and she begin to fight each other around me. You moving first, and driving your nails into her soft, effort-reddened cheeks, an attack which causes her to whimper into my mouth. All while you tug desperately at her skirt wanting it off of her. She might have fought you, or resisted, but with each tug, you unknowingly drag her forward into me, the tip of our hidden valley’s colliding, causing both me and she to gasp in a sudden and unexpected pleasure. 

But even with that distraction, Scarlet remains focused on you and your battle. Our kiss meant only to drive you insane with jealousy. And so despite the pleasure, and the further torment she might cause, she breaks our kiss, leans her head away from your claw, and taunts in words now. “Her clit feels so good against mine, Ewa. Mmmm….”

As she speaks I move one hand to her hip, and my other back to yours, resting them softly as my eyes close and I begin to fully give in to the rapturous moment. But just as I do, Scarlet pulls her hands back from you to my blouse, and with a sudden rip, tears it down over each of my shoulders. Baring my large breasts, which match yours more than hers. My eyes open in shock, just as her hands move again, this time with one of them going to my bra and the other to just above it. With them so placed, with one hand she grabs a hold of my black bra, and with the other shoves me back into you. Doing so with such force that my bra snap breaks, allowing the entirety of the cover to come free. A freedom that comes as I careen backwards, stumbling into you, with almost no footing of which to speak. At that moment I cannot see Scarlet, but quickly she chases after us, looking to capitalize on whatever state we land in. 

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We clash hard. And I know what I want, what I NEED to do. I need to get you away from her. I need to get slutty, seductive, ship-wrecking siren body off yours.But she has other plans, grabbing me she pulls me in. She knows. She knows I won’t hurt you. I can’t, and in that moment we both strike with our auxiliary attacks, going wide and around you, claws scraping skin, and pulling on fabric. My blouse strains and the buttons just pop off. The collar letting out a daily wail, then rips out, exposing my tanned, rapidly perspiring flesh. My breasts flatten and ooze, the black lace of the bra not doing much in the way of forging a barrier between my stiff nipples, and the back of your blouse. And for a moment, I find myself just pushing my crotch into your ass, for the first time feeling its lush firmness, clenching it while I work on her skirt.

The thumping, the pulling on her damn skirt lasts longer than needed. My own pleasure of feeling my love’s round bottoms, one that blow mine out of the water, and are in the same class of that trashy cunt’s clouds me of the fact of what it means. But she makes a display of it. A loud, verbal proclamation, taunting me about your bumping fencing clits. And I ROAR out “Enjoy it slut, soon you will no longer have one!”

I just can’t believe I said the words, am I capable of such a thing? Is it even wise to utter such words in the presence of this psychotic, vicious, primal vixen? I know it’s a mistake, but she almost roars in approval, and I hear Amber’s blouse ripping open. Buttons fly, and then the violent shove that sends me stumbling back, my heels dancing as my immediately thought goes to protecting Amber, which only gets worse seeing her own legs struggling to remain up, I grab her by the hips, my right hand brushing hers that is still resting on my hip and by a strike of good fortune my ass hits the edge of her desk. An impact I would have taken without falling over, if not for Amber’s weight pushing into me and toppling me on my back, with her sprawled over me.

The sound of her keyboard buttons clacking under my back, the popping and snapping of the fragile plastic with some 200+lbs of future lovers crashing rises, the top of my head smacking into Amber’s computer screen and knocking it off the desk, only for it to get caught by the cables and swing, smacking into the wooden side of the desk. “Uuuhhhh” I moan for a moment, I could just lay here forever, feeling Amber’s weight on my chest, pressing my bra covered breasts in through my flaping open blouse. Her ass resting on my hips. My legs move up, almost absent mindedly wrapping around Amber’s hips to just ensure she goes no where when I hear the roar. The roar of a rabid, blood-lipped hyena. And my hands on Amber’s hips just PUSH her, shoving her off me and to the side, and out of harm’s way.

And whether this cunt was planning to throw herself on Amber, or if she is just that damn quick, even as Amber’s platinum locks pull off my face all I can see is a wildfire rising in the air, flaring, as Scarlet crashes atop of me, her claws jamming into my barely covered breasts, and her weight slamming on my hips.

“UUUGHHHHHAAAAAAAAAHHHH!” I cry in pain hearing Amber pushing off the desk, clearing the new arena before she gets in the way. My arms reaching around and I sink my claws into Scarlet’s thick, round pale buttocks. My nails driving into her soft flesh and hard muscle alike. Two nails so close to her cleavage that it allows me to PULL her cheeks outwards, in opposite directions parting her crack further and giving Amber a view of the thin line of her string thong, and more importantly, the swollen back end of her thick, puffed labia. “Bring it on, you CUNT!” I hiss before snapping my teeth up, going for her face, but she pulls her head back. But it doesn’t stop me from snapping my teeth on her dangling red bangs, catching them and jerking my head to the side, pulling right and left, like a dog trying to rip a chunk of meat off a bone. 

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For a moment, once our staggered tumble lands us on my desk, knocking the accoutrement flying this way and that, we lay. You doing all that you can to protect me. To take the blow, instead of me. It makes my heart swell, just as unceremoniously I am removed from your gentle touch. Once again to save me, even if it sends me rolling to the side and then crashing down to the office floor. But had you not sent me off on such a venture, I would have found myself pinned between you and Scarlet once again. 

Instead, as safe as one could make it, you push me off and away, just as my redheaded  vixen lands atop you in a straddle, bending over you, so that her rear sticks up into the air, with the rest of your nethers lined up but separated by 3 or 4 body-heat warmed centimeters. From that vantage, the auburn beauty begins to not only slash at you with her nails, but to do so with the intent of tearing your disheveled bra from your body, throwing it to the side of the desk. With such a focused attack, and with it already having been so misplaced, Scarlet succeeds quickly, tearing your bra from you and finishing off the last remnants of your blouse.

As soon as such occurs, Scarlet feels your nails dig into her ass, and your hands pull wide, spreading her ass cheeks, and baring her to me, just as I come to a stand at your dangling feet, my large breasts out for all — or for you both to see, were you not so distracted. The sight transfixes me, but in all the action, and my sudden involvement, my own shock, and lustful confusion has worn off. Leaving me with a choice. Do something. Bring a stop to your fighting, if I can. Or…? Or…? I ask myself, just before a wicked smirk crosses my crimson lips, me having made my decision.

But even as I come to my own conclusions about what I will do, so does Scarlet, as as she reacts to your bite at her hair. One you use to yank, and rip, pulling for her head the red locks between your teeth, causing her to yelp loudly. But that yelp, comes as she buries one of hands into your left tit, clawing it, gouging it, twisting it at the nipple. Only for her to then use her other hand to press into your chin. Bending your head back hard, wanting to hurt your neck, and force you to focus on defense rather than offense. As she does, I round the table, retake my position in my seat, and roll forward, placing my head next to, and just between the two of yours. Even as you struggle. Even as you battle for the chance to be with me. Hoving so close I can hear your grunts, smell your sweat, and almost taste your combined desperation. Every second of it driving me wild.

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That… BITCH… I groan out in pain, as she crashes atop of me. She has learned. She has learned from our last battle, as I have. Each finding first hand in that gruelling battle where we tore each other to shreds, each other’s weaknesses, and our own strength. And hers, is her thicker frame and superior weight, and she uses it to slam her body on mine, her hips crashing on mine. Not please or bring contact, but to knock the air out of my lungs, and she suceeds. So much so she manages to spread her thighs, straddling me. Her ass rolled back, her arch arched, and giving her claws enough room to tear at my bra first, then at my sensitive, tender womanly assets no longer offered any hints of protection.

“AAHHIEEEEEEEEEEEHHH!!!” I shriek in sharp pain, feeling the savage  claw jamming into my left tit. Her pale fingers spread, the long sleeve of her still mostly intact blouse showing the way her arm is tensed, her muscles flexed poking at the fabric. A sight Amber catches as she rises from the desk watching my Caramel colored flesh ooze between the wicked hellcats fingers. The way the tips of her sharp claws jam into my flesh. My breasts depressing slightly, pancaking, but then has no where to go and solidifies in her grip, letting only the sharp talons slowly poke, denting the skin and begin to break it. And all the while, all I get for my effort is a mouthful of her hair, my head pushed back, banged to the wooden edge of the desk. She growls and pushes the offensive, increasing the punishment, as my only retort is to drag my claws up and along her cream-colored buttocks, raking, slowly and hatefully, carving streaks along her flesh, and my GOD does she have a ridiculously curvy, full ass. I feel my jealousy rising until my fingers the waistband of her thong that I PULL up, going for a nasty wedgie.

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The fabric, weakened and softened from the dampness and sogginess of her slutty cunt just tears off like a wet napkin, my attempt of an offensive dead on arrival. I curse and toss the torn garment to the side, not realizing that as I do, it smacks on Amber’s bare, heaving breasts, and just hangs there. My only clue is seeing Amber’s face from the corner of my eyes, hovering to the right of mine, her eyes wide, her lips curled in excitement. No. No no NO! She is watching me get punished, get hurt, and I will NOT… let this be the highlight to which she gets off. It can’t be… My left hand coming between us and grabbing Scarlet’s right wrist, trying to push, to weaken her grip on my wrist, but it remains. So in a fit of rage I shoot both hands up, and I push my right palm into her face, just like she’s doing me, but before I drive hear head back my left hand reaches up, highter, and I pinch my thumb and index on her fucking nose, grabbing it tightly, and only then do I SHOVE with my right hand, and lift my hip, trying to give that tramp’s clit, a full feel of my hip crashing into it, as I twist my body to my left and strain trying to use her fucking nose to throw her off me and to the left. otu

Since the moment Scarlet pulled you from our kiss, everything has been a struggle. A battle. A close one mired in parity. With each of you giving as good as you have gotten. But in the last few moments, since Scarlet brought me into the battle, she has seemingly taken control. Pinning you to the desk. Straddling you. Clawing at your tits. Tearing off your bra. Bending and pressing your neck at such an awkward angle I know it must hurt. And under her attack, perhaps distracted by me, you have seemingly lost pace. Attacking: yes. Hurting: yes. But not to the same degree as she.

That thought, that realization makes me look to you. Yes, with lust, passion, and dare I say it: love. But also, a pity. For my dark-haired goddess, at least for the moment, seems to be losing. Falling behind. That look, even though I don’t intent to have it, or tell you of that creeping belief, you see. You read. And immediately you react to it. By reaching up to Scarlet’s face, and bending her own head back at the chin, just as she pushes yours in like manner. Something about that moment of mirrored attacks makes me hot. Bothered. And turned on beyond belief. And so in reaction, almost on instinct, I let my left hand creep down to my soaking sex. Into it I insert two fingers, slowing driving them inside, which causes me to let out a much louder moan than I anticipated, one that rings out into your ears, but not Scarlet’s. As at that moment, her panties having been ripped off, and with your grip on her chin and nose, you throw her off of you, sending her flying to the left, and then off the desk to the floor, where she lands in a heap.

With Scarlet momentarily removed, and with my opening eyes, I gaze at you proudly, a wide smile on my face. One that accompanies my right hand, which I lift onto the table, and gently place on your shoulder. There I sit, ready for you to chase after her. To pounce now that the moment was yours, but even in that expectation, I long to kiss you again. For my lips to meet yours once more.

“FUCKING BITCH!” I hear from around the desk, as Scarlet begins to stir — she having hit her head on the hanging monitor on her way down. 

“DON’T TOUCH HER!” She adds, nervous about what might be occurring in her absence and obscured vision. “SHE’S MINE!”

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It just feels… we were thrown into a time machine…. Sunk our claws into each other’s faces, bumping our bodies and bouncing around, pressing all the buttons and twisting all the dials, pushing levers as it swirled around the timestream and spat us out into that conference room. Only an alternate universe one. One where the fight actually MATTERED. One where there was more than just hissing animosity and dislike. One where there was something… SOMEONE who matters and on the line… Someone watching now, as the bare-bottomed crimson haired vixen is having the upper hand, on her topless dark haired nemesis. And I hate this fucking universe. I want it to fucking implode, to get erased from the timeline.

The claw sinks deeper into my left tit, I SCREAM as I grab her chin and nose, I can feel blood slowly oozing from around her nails, as they not only stab, but twist as she shakes my breast violently and sadistically. But I have enough grab to thrust and throw her off. She falls and I hear the *CRACK* of her head hitting something. I sit up gasping, here is my chance. Here is my shot. All I need is to grab the edge of the desk, which I do. Pull myself closer. And I find myself staring at the fucking CUNT, laying down, no skirt or panties, her bare sex lined with a tiny red furry crown. One that makes me want to just PULL and let gravity and my knee caps do the work. I snarl and start on it when I feel the fingers on my shoulder and I freeze. My head turns and… My God.. My FUCKING GAWDDD!

I stare at Amber. She’s.. She’s naked, apart from the skirt rolled up her hip. One hand deep into her sex, the other touching me. With a longing, wanting look. My heart throbs, and all I want. All I NEED at this moment is here. Fuck this cunt on the floor. Fuck everything. I push up and turn to her, my head inching, our breasts touching, hers so large and full. So soft and creamy and perfect. Mine covered in bruises, scrapes, and glistening with blood-minced sweat. I feel almost bad for smearing it on her chest but I do as they press and dent, my lips inching to hers… And then I Hear the loud shrill SCREAM…..

“FUCKING BITCH!! — DON’T TOUCH HER!! — SHE IS MINE!!” And my eyes light up in a fire…. Suddenly the devil pounces against from the deep dark well, and creeps her pretty, horned face back into this picture…. No. No. NO… Fuck her…. Every bit of logic says that I should just turn and throw myself down at her. Crack her pelvis under my knee, or rupture her ribs. Finish her once and for fucking all. But with the soft, radiating, musky breath brushing my bloody lips, tickling my nose, I just can’t resist. I lean in, and press mine to Ambers, kissing her passionately, and we both MOAN in pleasure. A sound Scarlett hears from the floor, and second later, she sees my right arm sticking up and out in the air, my hand curled into a fist, with my middle finger thrust up in defiance.


We kiss again, this time with me expecting it. Wanting it. So bad I am almost drooling in anticipation. GOD it is … it is…. EVERYTHING…. Everything I thought it could ever be. Everything I dreamed about for the past year. Your lips are so soft, and your tongue and mine seemingly made to lavish and lash one another. Our tits, even though yours are wounded press together, in such beautiful parity, each pair being a perfect match for the other — so much so that I might compare them to the last two pieces to a 1000 piece puzzle. Our nipples rock hard and crossed, as I reach for you, and place my hands on your hips looking to pull you closer. To pull you into my lap, so that I can just enjoy you. But as I so move, and as we each moan quietly into each others mouths, I hear it. Notice it. Silence.

Why is there silence…? I think to myself…. Where is Scarlet…? Did she see this kiss and give up? Did she storm out and leave us to our passions…? Is that what I wanted…? Or did I want more fighting…? As those questions in worry form, and then in lust vanish from my head, you are taken from me. Pulled away. Not by the hair, but instead, by the cord to my keyboard wrapping around your throat. As I see it, my eyes growing wide, Scarlet yanks you back hard, dragging you to your back, but keeping you on my desk. Then, as you lay there, with her hands squeezing the cord, she crawls atop you, never releasing her garrote, instead keeping it pulled tight.

Then, hovering over you, and to my absolute astonishment, she brings pussy down, and sits on your face, before tugging at her cord noose, dragging you face-first into her sex. As she does, but before you have a chance to react, she reaches her free hand down and begins to tug, and rip at your panties. Wanting them gone, just like hers. As I watch all of this transpire, my mouth again agape, Scarlet looks to me, and beckons me to kiss her. I shouldn’t. I can’t. You’re the on…. As I try to think of reasons not to, my body makes the decision for me, pushing me to lean in, and kiss Scarlet as she straddles your face. The kiss is incredible, just like ours. But as my tongue wrestles with this auburn-haired vixen, I realize this is my fault. You are trapped beneath her because I distracted you. And so, wanting to give you a chance, I reach around Scarlet, and pull her just far enough forward to give you room to breathe. Room to bite. Room to escape. 


I’m in Heaven…. I’m in bliss… I am tasting your lips… Again… And this time, my lips are chaffed… scratched… bitten.. bleeding… They are stained with that CUNT’s saliva and blood.. But you don’t mind it… You don’t stop or pull back.. You… you accept me… You press your perfect breasts against mine, making the scratches burn… And I moan but I just push MORE into you…. I want you to feel what I am willing to go through, to right my wrongs. To make you mine. To get you back, and give you everything you need. If this is my punishment, I will fight this slut for eternity, as long as I get you at the end, even if it’s in the next life.

But bliss never lasts, and this time, it’s in the form of a noose…. One that slips around my throat, and TIGHTENS. Not just pulls, no, the sadistic cunt shaped it in a hangman’s knot and pulls, causing it to tighten around my throat and I gasp, croaking whipped back and I CRASH on the desk again, my head on the edge, and I find myself staring at the whirlwind of red hair, yellow silk, and creamy, red-streaked buttocks. She scrambles over me and before I can move she DROPS her shapely ass on my face… I groan… my nose pushing into her crack, I can feel the streaks and welts my claws left, as she shift and GRINDS down, crushing my head down against the wood until I feel it’s almost about to explode like a coconut. Her hand goes down between my legs, and I feel the fingers on my thighs. I panic and immediately close my legs. She is crazy like this, and she.. SHe would claw my pussy bloody just to make sure I can’t fuck you….. But instead she yanks on my thong, pulling, stretching it, sawing it into my crack, and for my luck she has no interest in keeping a wedgie. She yanks to RIP it off and she succeeds quite readily, tossing it away.

She beckons you, and hypnotized you come closer, you lean and I start to hear your lips kissing, smacking, popping. The moans as she quickly washes my taste off your lips and replaces it with her own necrotic plague flavored spit. I grimace and shift, but she PULLS on the noose, rolling her hip back and PULLING me into her pussy, the cord itself slips between her lips and rubs against her clit. She pulls on it tighter, rubbing it right and left, both choking me AND pleasuring herself with my nose and the rubber-coated cord at the same time. My hands slap at her thighs. They claw. I try to reach around to get at her cunt, but she grabs my wrist and pushes it away. I grimace and groan, getting choked, getting her juices all over my face as she.. is literally… taking you away from me. She moans deeper and begins to grind even more… And I see my opening… And I go for it….

And you feel it first, you feel it even before her, my left stocking-covered right foot… It’s bare now, I made sure to knock my heels off first before pulling this stunt and risking hurting you… It slides just under your chin and hers, while my left leg kicks up on the other side, and both my ankles lock around her fucking head. You must have heard her grunt of shock. The one like a pig getting stuck as I used all my power to PULL hard, to thrust her over and I send her, covered tits first crashing into the wooden desk. It’s lucky for her that her face just missed the wood, and went over the edge, but I PUSH hard grinding it, her head dangling over the edge. The cord still tightening around my neck. My cheeks flushed red, but I tilt my head in, my face pressed against her ass now, no longer having access to her cunt, which I regret… as I would have just LOVED to sink my teeth in it.. .But for now… I just take a wild BITE at the ‘cleavage’ of her left butt cheek. Sinking my teeth into the flesh with everything I got. 


Deeper and deeper, do I fall under Scarlet trance. Her kiss is like honey. Her lips, even broken as they are, taste like the caramel. But her tongue, in this kiss, works differently. Strangely. As she, without me knowing, works to clean my mouth of your taste. Your saliva. Wanting to erase our kiss from the history books. Wanting to prove to both me and you that she is mine, and always will be. But even with that strange purpose, our kiss is bewildering in its quality, just as yours was. Leaving me so lost in my desire for both of you. But even as I wander that desert, I again find my lips stolen away from a kiss I wish to continue so badly. As your stocking-covered legs slip past our kiss, around Scarlet’s head and then drag her down, almost throwing her, not only off of you (though only in part) but down, sending her head not only to the edge of my desk, but well over it, leaving her hanging about to fall.

In panic, she releases her noose, which only a moment earlier she had used to not only strangle you, not only to drag you face-first into her pussy, but to please herself at the thought of both. With her hands free, she plants them at the end of the desk, trying not to fall, for if that were to happen she would likely do so on her head, and possibly break her neck. And though she has successfully stopped her rapid, forward descent, she finds herself still atop you, but without even the slightest hope of offense. As her hands are busy as girders, her legs needed to keep her from collapsing, and her head in position to do nothing other than hang, along with her red tresses. To make it worse you then bite her, and in reaction she screams — your teeth digging in deep.

As if such a position wasn’t bad already, you then bite down hard on her rear cleavage and cause her to scream out in pain. A sound that I stand up, and step back from. Not wanting to get in the way, or disturb your mutual battle for my soul. Even I, as I round the table to the opposite side, nearer you, cannot fathom how she will escape except for going forward — FALLING forward. But that would be madness, as my desk is tall Scarlet’s position, dangerous. It is then that I expect it. She has to give. Has to give up.

But just as I move to speak, to tell her that. To tell her that’s it’s ok to submit. She suddenly pushes herself up off the table, lifts her arms, and straightens mid-air. It is an act of lunacy I think to myself with a gasp, but then I see it. As her legs, already straddling you, drag you up to a seated position and then lock at the knees, wrapping around your abdomen. Then as her ankles cross and notch behind your back, all of her weight drops back down, and she hangs off the desk, transfering all the pressure of keeping herself from falling on you. On your ribs. Your back. Your abs. Then, as she hangs, she uses her free hands to pry your legs open just far enough so she can turn her head. Once done, she clamps down, digging her teeth into your calf, biting for all she is worth, all as her hands reach the outside of your thighs and dig in. with each leaving long, red streaks as she drags them across your flesh.

As all of this transpires I look on worried now for both of you. Unsure who has the advantage. Unsure who is in the most pain, or at the most risk. And though I want to speak, I remain quiet. Certain that neither of you would even hear me at that moment. 


There isn’t much left for us to hold back. I know I fucking HATE her. And she hates me. I know we are going to be the end of each other. I fucking know it. But if that’s my fate. To be jumped in an alley, brutally mugged by her in brass knuckles, or with a knife back in my apartment. If we’re going to end up locked on a beach somewhere, tangled stubbornly while the tide rising, submerging and dragging us both to the depths of the ocean. If this is how my life is going to end, abruptly, suddenly at this vile cunt’s hands. 

Then I will make sure I spend every fucking second of it with my one true love. With my Amber. And I won’t waste a fucking second. 

My face, is covered in sweat, it’s covered in cum. In this crazed redhead’s CUM as she ground her ass and kitty down my face, leaking her venomous, sweet nectar while she cleaned Amber’s mouth from my taste. But even though, I still bite. I still bite and I still squeeze my legs around her ribs, my heels locked just behind her head. Pushing down. Bearing and hearing her scream and screech. My blouse flapped open, rolled up to my armpits. My skirt is hiked up, my thong torn off. My stockings laddered and my heels voluntarily dropped off my feet as I took them off before kicking up to protect Amber’s face. 

She’s suffering, and I do my darnest to increase it. Especially seeing Amber walking around, her sweaty sweet breasts heaving. More akin to me, but her hiked up skirt and her round buttocks resembled Scarlet’s so much. She has the best of both our features. A perfect being that I have been blind to so long, but I am going to fix the mistake. Over my fucking life, or this tramp’s. I see Amber’s lips move, about to say something to the CUNT. Yes. Tell her. Tell her you are DONE with her. Tell her she needs to GO. Fucking TELL HER. 

But then, with a shriek, with a surge of power I feel her pushing up, lifting. Her powerful body thrown up, forcing my leg lock to break as I shriek, then grabbing my ankle she surged forwards, and I YELP, her body arching down and I CRY as she bends my leg back, unnaturally and forcing me UP in a sitting position, my ass teetering on the edge of the desk as her powerful, tree-trunk thick legs coil around my waist and “ARRGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” 

I cry in pain, then double it when her teeth bite at my toes… My eyes gushing with tears as I can no longer bite. I’m being crushed, clawed and bitten as her teeth and nails rip through the black stockings leaving red welts and ugly marks.My ribs compress, she is not scissoring me on a mat in some apartment match. No. She’s trying to BREAK me. and I can feel my lungs constricting. My lips caving in. I groan in pain and reach back to her legs. If I can grab a toe, bend it, twist it, I can break her grip. 

But I feel only her heels. She never took them off. And I change my plans, grunting and grabbing her left shoe I pull it off, but it slips and crashes to the desk then flops to the floor… 


I cry louder, grimacing… My ribcage about to break, but I refuse.. I fucking REFUSE to give.. I reach to your other heel and I wrap my fingers around the 3″ stiletto, and I pull it off. And holding it in my right hand I push the tip against her fucking tightened, swollen labia… I want her to fucking feel it… Like a carpenter lining up the hammer over a nail I grimace and pull my arm back and I SWING hard, trying to nail her fucking CUNT with the tip of the heel! 


She was done. Finished. With the most useful half of her body hanging off my desk, it being held up by her palm-anchored hands and straining arms, limbs that should instead be used for offense, but instead find themselves used only as a dam to hold back a sudden drop and quick stop. But then out of the ashes she finds a cinder. Out of the rough she finds a diamond. Launching herself up, so that she can turn peril into punishment, not for she but her enemy. Her legs wrapping tightly around your abdomen. Just as her teeth sink into your calf. Just as a scream rings out in my office, one which had escaped from your lips as the pain set in.

Instantly the situation is reversed, and it is you who is broken. You who seems to teeter on the pinnacle verge of defeat. God, I should intervene. I should stop you both from destroying each other. From KILLING each other. But, again my own selfish lusts and desires stop me. And again, the red-lipsticked smile on my face grows wider, as I enjoy every single second of this war.

But just when that war seems to be barreling towards a cessation. A submission. First from her, and then you. I see you, through the gritted teeth. Through the utterances of pain. Trying. Reaching up for one of Scarlet’s heels. You have it! No…. I narrate to myself as a sudden pulse of the redhead’s legs cause you to drop it. For a moment you pause, languishing between your rival’s legs, and then you go for the other one. Within a moment you have it. Part of me pretends I don’t know what you’re planning. Part of me wants to think that despite the ferociousness of the battle so far you wouldn’t. But in an instant you do it. The most devastating attack I could even imagine. One in which you drive the stiletto of her heel hard against her moistened clit. In an instant she screeches. In a blink her holds on you release. In the speed of a firing neuron she falls, only having just enough time to reach up in desperation and grab the tattered leavings of your shirt, and the thing that lingers on your thighs as she collapses to the carpeted office floor in a heap of misery and pain.

And yet, as she falls, so do you, you have been so dangerously perched on the edge of my desk, with your body only held thereupon by Scarlet’s vicious leg scissors. And so together, and yet on opposite sides of my desk you crash. You land. You suffer. Each of you having fought like wolverines for me. Each of you having given your all to break the other, and yet in that parity of force, found only failure — so far….


I’m. I’m breaking. I can feel it. This bitch is trying to snap me in half. And every single pain spasm shooting through my body, through my spine is saying that she is SUCCEEDING. I whimper and scream, and then I grab the heel. I pull it, I aim it, and I FIRE. ANd then I don’t even hear your cry. I don’t know if I’ve gone deaf, or if the pain has muted you. All I know is that your legs open, I see them, and feel your arms clutching at my blouse, yanking, your feet still hooking the backs of my shoulders and we slide. I’m slowing you down, or you would have broken your neck falling this way. And with a THUMP. A RIIIIP. And a couple of grunts we hit the floor. 

I am aching in pain, wheezing. She is just whimpering, her hand buried between her legs. I can see the heel, it rolled three feet away, and I grit on my teeth reaching for it. Inching for the weapon. My ultimate equalizer. But as I do I see a pair of legs rushing and punting it out of my reach across the room. I look up and I see you, my Amber. My lips whimper weakly ‘Why’. But I know that you’re protecting me as much as you are her. You know the next swing would be for her fucking skull. Her tit. Her throat and you don’t want either of us going that far. You step back and I grimace turning to her and I reach with my right hand for her blouse and I plant my foot on her hip, I try to use it for leverage to grind my foot into her side but the damn thing RIIIIPS and I fall back. 

I grunt and reach again, latching at her fucking skirt. I hold on to it and I start to pull… One foot on her hip, the other on the desk and I feel the material give as she begins to stir and kicks at me. I yelp in pain and stomp at her. Rip Rip RIIIIIIIIP and the material gives and we go on ROLLING away from each other, both in nothing. Absolutely NOTHING but our torn stockings.. My black ones and her whites… Both showing more gaps and rips than actual lace and sheer.


As you both lay on the floor, with you naked, and Scarlet’s clothes in tatters, I round the desk again so that I can see both of you. You’re both beautiful even in your state of disrepair. Gorgeous in your state of hot-messness. Sexy as hell, even though your bodies are scratched, bitten, and clawed. While enjoy the view, the vista, and the sight of two women I want to be mine so badly — who themselves want to mine so badly, I feel a certain wetness building once again between my legs.

A feeling which is both increased, and yet distracted from, as I see you reaching out desperately for Scarlet’s heel. You want it. To hurt her. To end her. To finish this fight, and take me as your prize. And though I want that…. To feel your lips against mine…. To feel my body and flesh against yours. To press our tits together and enjoy those blessing god has gifted us both with. No…. I think to myself as I step towards the heel. No…. I say to myself as I take a few quickened step towards the shoe, and kick it out of reach of both of you. I will tell myself I did it to protect you. To protect her. And likely that rouse will never be dissolved. But in truth, even if I will never admit it to myself, I took from you the show, not to protect but to inflict. Not to avoid, but to enjoy. For I want more. I want this fight to continue. To see you and my redheaded goddess to continue to writhe, to fight, to battle for my attention.

With the threat of that fate fading into a sudden finish, I with a self-satisfied smile move to the couch in the corner of my large office. Once there, I turn, and after sliding my thumbs into either side of my skirt, I push down. Then, after it has fallen to the floor, I remove the ripped blouse which hangs from my shoulders, and join you both in the nude as I take a seat. There, on its plush, velvet contours, I spread my thick thighs, and lower a hand to my sex. With it, I gently part my soft lips, and begin to rub myself. 

At the very first touch, I let out a low, lustful moan, and to it Scarlet reacts. Stirring from her state of abject destruction, and pushing herself to all fours. On them she crawls over. Not to me, but to you. She, upon reaching a near enough distance, reaches out for your hair and tries weakly to drag you up, as she brings herself to her white stocking-covered knees.

“Get up, bitch….” Scarlet mutters, as with her non-tugging hand she delivers as hard a slap as she can muster, one that nonetheless feels like only ta tap, given the redhead’s state. 


 I watch you. I stare at you. I look into your eyes. I try to decipher your action. Are you siding with her? Would you have kicked the heel if she was the one reaching for it, not me? Are you protecting us truly, or are you just aware that continuing this fight is the true cruelty. That whatever swift ending this heel would have brought is not enough for you to satiate your desire to see ME punished for not seeing your advances all these months. If it’s your attempts to punish, to absolve me of my sins, they are working. Ironmaidens and medieval torture-racks have nothing to  a catfight with this vicious, terrible redhead. I lay there, sprawled on the carpet, sweating, sobbing, and bleeding over it, watching you walk to the couch, stripping your blouse, down to your stockings also, one leg tossing over the arm of the couch, spreading yourself as you touch yourself.  

Oh no…. You’re not punishing us… I get it… You’re pleasuring yourself. My lover. My Queen. My Goddess. Wants to see who is worthy of her. Not by a lucky short or a nasty stab. She wants to see who is the better woman. Who is willing to endure more. You moan, and she stirs, and I realize that nap time is over. 

I push my palms into the carpet, watching her rise to all fours, then I just lay down there, why strain to rise, when she will do it for me. And she does, grabbing my hair and pulling me up. I grimace, my body arching, my breasts, pressing into her thighs, slowly dragging up, my stiff nipples sliding along her hips, her belly, and her perky breasts, then… 


She smacks me across my cheek and HARD. And my head snaps to the side… I sway, as I pant, then I turn, blood running from the corner of my lips, and I just flash her a vicious grin… And I SHOOT both hands into her soft crimson curls. My arms slipping under her armpits and up, feeling the soft flesh, the tough muscle, slick with sweat and I pull her head back and I THRUST my face into her bottom, my teeth snapping, BITING into her fucking left breast as I PUSHHH hard with my head into her body, using the hairpull and the bite to SHOVE and try to drop her to her back, my legs spread, not wanting to be scissored, but not wanting to straddle her either. 

I know what my Goddess wants. So I push my right thigh to be between hers, and my left outside of her body. If we fall as planned, we wil be in a fucking Catball. THE MOTHER OF THEM ALL

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 I could see it in the way she moved. In the way she crawled. In the way she rose to her knees with a slowness that told me exactly what she was feeling. Exhaustion. A withering of the body, even as her heart still holds strong. Still holds hate for you. So much hate that she will drag herself through the spike and  flame laden depths of hell. Still holds love. So much love that she will do the same with a smile, knowing that if she wins, she will earn me. But it is that fatigue that leads her to put up almost no resistance, as you reach for her hair, and with a violent tug, bend her neck backwards. No returned force when you use that grip to pull angle her body backwards and sink your teeth into her supple, creamy white tit. No counter, when you push her to her back, and like the devilishly delicious angel you are, you cross thighs with your rival — your torn stockings being the only things left on your now hotly intertwined bodies.

To me, it seems, as your teeth press down into her breast. As Scarlet screams out in pain. And as you adjust yourself atop Scarlet, your most sacrosanct of valleys locking together with hers, it seems that the fight between my two desired lovers has quickly become anything but, and that all there is left is for you to mount her, and destroy her before my eyes. At that thought, my fingers begin to pick up speed and force, rapidly moving up and down, excited beyond any rational measure. All of which causes me to moan again, a sound which lights a fire in Scarlet again. Not one that simply pushes her to continue. Not one that drives her to again engage. But to instead lash out, wildly. Raising her arms up, out to the side, and then bringing them swinging back, claws first, which each set digging into your cheeks, dragging up, and then pulling back to attack again.

Such attacks come with screams that sound as if they came from a banshee, a mix of pain, hatred, and a desire to both maim and attain. With those clubbing, slashing strikes, and those haunting screams, Scarlet begins to buck wanting to throw you off of her, not giving a moment’s thought that with each she slams her own sex into yours. As such a sudden re-escalation occurs, I find myself drug from the couch onto my knees on the carpet, with my hand still working my clit. My eyes glued on you both, memorizing every moment of this struggle. 

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There is no sound louder, than that of a battlefield. Be it bombs dropping. Widows wailing. Hospitals Collapsing. Or just the simple, raw grunts and hisses of two bitches locked in HEAT. And right now, all I can hear in my ears is my own growls. Like an animal. Chewing on her teet. My teeth biting into the flesh and my fingers tugging, pulling, twisting her hair. She drops back. And I feel no resistance. That. Is. It? That’s IT bitch? I want to screech at her. My body shifting, my naked pussy, leaving a thick trail of my own juice on her curvy right thigh, until it nestles at it’s top. My right leg curling around her leg, crossing to the other side and my ankle locks behind my left knee. My knee pointed under her left leg and in a sense, propping it a bit higher. Her hip turned a bit, and I can feel her own naked sex grinding, smearing my tanned flesh with her whore juice. 

I pull on the hair, I yank and drag, rubbing the back against the carpet. I want to. Rip her apart. I want to tear her and punish her. But then that moan again. Crashing on us like the drums of wars from atop Mount Olympus, and breathing new life into her. Her claws stab into my cheeks and slash UP. “AIIIEEHHH!!” I cry out in pain, my head arching back, losing the bite, and her fingers latch to my hair and PULL violently. My neck craning to my left, my body tilting a bit. No. No. NO! I struggle and try to remain ontop, but with a vile THRUST of her fucking hips she slams her sex, right into mine. The corners of our labis slamming and she sends me to my side, and with the momentum going, I flop to my back under her. 

“GRRRHHH!!!” I growl, as she roll atop of me, our legs crossing, curling, locking in a giant knot. Her white stockings hissing against my own. Thighs flexing. Her buttocks clenched for you to see. Fingers twisting in the others mane as she presses her thicker body, and smaller breasts down to mine. I grimace and let go of her hair with my right. I keep the left to make sure she can’t lunge for a bit. My right palm pushing into her chin. I grimace and PUSH. Twisting her head, trying to turn her chin towards he left shoulder, while my hand in her hair pulls down to torque her fucking neck. Trying to hurt it as I BUCK up and twist to my left. Towards where we rolled from, trying to regain that prized top spot. 

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Suddenly, after so many minutes of the two of you being locked in a breathtaking push and pull, with one dishing out punishment, and then the other, my moan — my oral announcement of pleasure, changes it. And without any intention, locks you two in a breathlessly tight catball, one in which your tanned body, and Scarlet’s pale one are locked together, with legs curled around each other to keep the other from escaping. In such a passionate connection of wills, sexs, breasts, and bodies you eack lock in. Not for the moment. But until this is finished. Until one of YOU is finished.

The sight is glorious, and as my finger shifts from pleasuring my clit, to diving between my soaking lips and into my sex, Scarlet breaks your bite with her slashes. And with her wild, stallion-like bucking sends you not just off of her, but then to your back, with her mounting you without a second lost. Within a moment, your hands press into her chin, and work to push her off of you. I can see her resisting. Trying to hold strong to remain in such a position of power. But then she stops, and gives into your push, letting you move her head to the side, but so far that with ease she slips past them as she rolls, and then as she reaches her back, beneath you, buries her teeth into the soft skin, just between your neck and your shoulder. There she latches on with a cruel, flesh-rending bite one that comes just as her nails dig into your back and drag downward, working towards your ass leaving LA freeway of bright red lines down your back.

Yes, her mount was quickly lost. And yes, it is now well in your hands, but in a way, she took that loss as an opportunity to secure her points of torture, as you focused on taking back your spot atop her. An irony that is lost on me, as I slowly inch myself towards you both on my knees, wanting to be closer to you both. Wanting to feel your body heat as you struggle against each other. Wanting to hear every whimper, e

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It’s insanity. It’s a world of hurt, hate, and pure primal savage sexuality. Here I am again, in a place I promised myself to never revisit. I promised myself on my loud, music blasting morning runs, my tears long showers watching the scars slowly heal, on every screaming night terror waking me in cold sweat, watching her shadowy demonic visage retreat into the dark. I promised myself to never again lay in her clutches. In Shelob’s lost daughters embrace. In another sweaty, tears, bloody cat fight with this CUNT of a woman.

But how could I not? How could I not spring up to defend what’s mine. Rightfully man. By the laws of God and man. My Amber. No, this is a small price and I am happy to pay it. I am happy that she is here, watching. Seeing my torment first hand. To know how much I am willing to atone. How far I would go for her. I can hear her moans. The fingers and soaked palm smacking inside of her wet mound, the gasps as she draws closer. Enough to feel our heat, and for us to smell her scent. The one that I am yet to taste. Close enough that her right knee presses down and pins my Chestnut hair to the ground as the Cheetah of a woman rolls off and latched to my flesh like a starved dog. The clench that is meant to tend flesh and rip it off if her neck was strong enough. But for now I scream, and BLEED.

My eyes squinted, my face touching the rug, I can’t lift it, not from the savage pain on my neck, nor the knee pinking my hair. I wince in pain, feeling my back getting shredded and ribboned. My hips shifting and feeling her thrust her hip to slam into me, sex against sex. A nasty vicious taunt and insult. But my rage is swelling like supernova inside of me. My right hand coming up, and pressing on her throat. Not a choke. Just a push. My fingers curled, my nails gouging into the sides of her neck grimacing and trying to find the right nerve connecting with her jaw. The ‘release’ button on her locked jaws before she takes a literal pound of flesh off. My left claw moving up, between my left breast and her right. And in London we don’t have long LA like highways. We have a web of cross-crossed roads and alleys. And I proceed to use my claws to drag, rake, and slash, using her nipple as the city center, the Rome that all the roads lead to.


It seemed like such a good idea at the time, I’m sure. Trading the top for the bottom, with the latter coming with such gloriously painful opportunities for destructive ravaging. But it came with one unforseen disadvantage, one perhaps worse having the woman she hated most atop her. The fact that with her attacks launched, landed, and latched, with teeth dug into flesh and claws busy rending the back of her rival, when the counterattack came, Scarlet was stuck. Her weapons being otherwise disposed, the auburn beauty could do nothing to stop you from grabbing and pushing at her throat. Nothing to stop your claws sneaking between your warring breasts and then dig into her milky white tits, coming to a shriek-inducing crescendo as your fingers tightened and tortured her nipple.

And yet even as your sudden offense hits with maximum malice and leaves Scarlet so wounded — so without recourse, that her teeth loosen, and her head drops back to the floor. Her face a mess of run-mascara, wet tears, and a haunting look of pain. Her lips parting to curse you, only to catch mid-breath, leaving her mouth open, letting loose one small whimper of pain after another. She being on the very edge of submission and defeat, her mind mulling the question is this hell worth it? Am I worth it…?

To all of that — to your impending moment of victory, you do not lift your head. No you remain bent over her. I try to decipher why. Listening for you for sounds of pain or submission. Examining your body for some injury I have not yet noticed. Doing so, so closely, that I bend over, until my tits lightly graze against your back. All as my fingers remain glued to my sex. All as I stroke and rub, finger-fucking myself to this incredible scene. But then I see it. My knee! Damnit!

Once known to me, my unintended pull on your hair, and trapping of your head, I scoot back so quickly that I fall to my ass, legs spreading wide with you both in between them, your aligned heads not a half a foot from my soaking sex. I quickly take my hands away from my self-pleasing, place them behind my back, and then press them to the carpet to scoot away. But just as I go to apply pressure and push, I see it. Scarlet’s hands drop from your back and their claw to the carpet. There they lay, unmoving, and behind you both I sit stunned. Is it over? Is Scarlet done….? Had you once again beaten her, this time on my office floor…?

I see your head slowly lift, and bend your upper body upward, a wicked smile on your still-pained face. You sense it. Her weakness. Her frailty. And the giving out of either her strength or will. Like a jungle cat you watch her, your eyes narrowing, preparing to pounce. But as you do — as you contemplate how to choke a verbal submission from her lips, Scarlet’s right hand raises slowly. Weakly. Moving up, passed your shoulder, and back to me. Like a blind man’s cane it searches for me, moving jittering and faltering, until she finds my calf. From there it begins to slide upwards to my center as your face contorts with anger and outrage. I look to you, more than excited to see how you will handle such a brazen act, when all about the red-headed vixen seems to be going dark. But just as I assume you would attack, strike, destroy her for daring to touch me, her left hand crashes against your face in the hardest slap I have ever heard or seen. Certainly not enough to end you, but one that will rock your world. One that you come to grips with as her right pulls back, and with sharp nails digs into your right cheek.


It’s never been easy. Never in my life have I felt so ravaged, so torn, so spent as I have fighting this…. woman… this THING…. And right now, despite it all. I just lay there, pressing on her throat. Scratching, raking, and slashing over her right breast, focusing on her aerolas and nipple, over and over and fucking OVER. Until I feel the teeth loosen. But even with her head thumping into the carpet, the pain doesn’t ease off, if anything, the bleeding continues and intensifies. With the teeth no longer there wedged into my flesh, I feel the slow, grim sticky running down my bronze shoulder, slowly seeping down my left breast, and dripping down my clawing hand and her own wounded tit.

But my face remains pinned. It stays put, and you can only hear my whimpers, as I just grab at her. My nails no longer gouging or clawing. I’m just holding her, pressing her down. I pant, my eyes fluttering. From pain and exhaustion. I just want her to give. To fucking stop. Maybe if I stop attacking, she would appreciate the…. kindness… and opt for stopping. For a controlled retreat. And amidst it all, I feel the pinning pressure on my hair receding, and the plop of my lover’s curvy buttocks on the carpet. I glance up and I see it, her soaked, cum-drenched kitty and inner thighs. Scooting away. She’s gasping and crab-crawling past us. And I smile. I give her a smile as I push up, pressing my palms to the carpet. In my mind, I’m trying to look all mighty, all victorious and appealing. I want this image to burn into her neurons forever.

But then, she had to move.

I see the alabaster right arm, covered in scratches, torn auburn and chestnut hair sticking to it reaching to grab my Goddess’ ankle and pull. I almost whimper, feeling her pussy and mine gliding apart, the friction making me shudder a bit. My juices that have never ceased to flow from all the pain, hormones, and pheromones enveloping us causing it all. And I blink. Gritting on my teeth, as I reach for her offending arm, my lips moving, starting to form the words; “No. Stop it! She’s mine!”

But I don’t know how far in I got, because I feel a baseball bat clogging me across my open, unprotected head. At least it felt that way. It wasn’t a slap. She put her arm, her wrist, her fingers, her shoulders, and a whole twist of her body into it. And it crashed right between my cheek and ear. A haymaker that should make Tyson proud. And you can see my eyes fluttering, blinking, my head swimming as I groan and come CRASHING down, straight on her. My chest into her right shoulder, as she’s been turned.

I grunt in pain, moaning, but THRUSTS her thicker body and rolls me over to my back. You can see her hands moving, trying to grab for my wrists, Her legs shifting, still tangled with my own. Adjusting. Grunting, her teeth clenched, lips cracked and split. Her eyes full of menace as she PUSHES down, in a stunning table turn.  

You hear her fucking hate-filled words; “No you Polish skank. Not again. You won’t beat me this time.” 

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In a single, desperate instant — in a fate-filled blink, as Scarlet’s cataclysmic slap hits you, taking full advantage of your distraction, you are felled. Knocked down atop her, and then with a body-to-body roll, moved over and to your back. Then with a speed that betrays her cruelly effective game of possum, one which tricked up both, she mounts you. Anchoring her body against yours at the very tip of your valleys, as she seeks out your wrists. Despite your sudden state of absolute dismay and devastation, you try to avoid her grip and grasp — moving your hands so that she must settle for her palms to meet yours, as your fingers on each hand lace.

Though the grip may be different than she sought, with it she pins your arms to the carpet. Once done, she does not free her legs, but instead with only the smallest of adjustments, she binds yours with her in a grapevine, one which again puts all the pressure between your cunts with now seem fused together by the mounting pressure.

I look on, as worried now for you as I was for Scarlet when the end seemed to have come for her. What cruelty does she have in mind…? What final blow for you…? Will you escape as she did…? Once again turning the tables in this epic battle of wills and bodies…? As I wonder, and lay down, on my side next to you both — my head laying next to both of yours as I listen. And as I do, Scarlet leans in, and seals her forehead to yours. With it there, and with the tips of your noses pressing, she speaks.

“Give up, Ewa….” Scarlet whispers, as she nuzzles her nose against yours softly, almost sexually. “Submit to me. Submit to Scarlet. Your enemy….. Your rival…. TELL ME AMBER IS MINE!!!!” Her soft, almost trance-inducing voice suddenly morphs into a scream, one let loose right in your face. “TELL ME I’M THE BETTER CATFIGHTER!!!” Again she yells, as you gather yourself and your wits — she no longer seeing you as a threat, a confidence so pervasive her muscles begin to relent in their pinning of you to the floor. “Tell me I’m better than you….” With no less speed or surprise Scarlet’s tone again drops to a whisper, one she utters as her lips brush against yours — a softness meant to taunt you. 


It’s never been easy. Never in my life have I felt so ravaged, so torn, so spent as I have fighting this…. woman… this THING…. And right now, despite it all. I just lay there, pressing on her throat. Scratching, raking, and slashing over her right breast, focusing on her aerolas and nipple, over and over and fucking OVER. Until I feel the teeth loosen. But even with her head thumping into the carpet, the pain doesn’t ease off, if anything, the bleeding continues and intensifies. With the teeth no longer there wedged into my flesh, I feel the slow, grim sticky running down my bronze shoulder, slowly seeping down my left breast, and dripping down my clawing hand and her own wounded tit.

But my face remains pinned. It stays put, and you can only hear my whimpers, as I just grab at her. My nails no longer gouging or clawing. I’m just holding her, pressing her down. I pant, my eyes fluttering. From pain and exhaustion. I just want her to give. To fucking stop. Maybe if I stop attacking, she would appreciate the…. kindness… and opt for stopping. For a controlled retreat. And amidst it all, I feel the pinning pressure on my hair receding, and the plop of my lover’s curvy buttocks on the carpet. I glance up and I see it, her soaked, cum-drenched kitty and inner thighs. Scooting away. She’s gasping and crab-crawling past us. And I smile. I give her a smile as I push up, pressing my palms to the carpet. In my mind, I’m trying to look all mighty, all victorious and appealing. I want this image to burn into her neurons forever.

But then, she had to move.

I see the alabaster right arm, covered in scratches, torn auburn and chestnut hair sticking to it reaching to grab my Goddess’ ankle and pull. I almost whimper, feeling her pussy and mine gliding apart, the friction making me shudder a bit. My juices that have never ceased to flow from all the pain, hormones, and pheromones enveloping us causing it all. And I blink. Gritting on my teeth, as I reach for her offending arm, my lips moving, starting to form the words; “No. Stop it! She’s mine!”

But I don’t know how far in I got, because I feel a baseball bat clogging me across my open, unprotected head. At least it felt that way. It wasn’t a slap. She put her arm, her wrist, her fingers, her shoulders, and a whole twist of her body into it. And it crashed right between my cheek and ear. A haymaker that should make Tyson proud. And you can see my eyes fluttering, blinking, my head swimming as I groan and come CRASHING down, straight on her. My chest into her right shoulder, as she’s been turned.

I grunt in pain, moaning, but THRUSTS her thicker body and rolls me over to my back. You can see her hands moving, trying to grab for my wrists, Her legs shifting, still tangled with my own. Adjusting. Grunting, her teeth clenched, lips cracked and split. Her eyes full of menace as she PUSHES down, in a stunning table turn.  

You hear her fucking hate-filled words; “No you Polish skank. Not again. You won’t beat me this time.”  

A hummmm. A low, deep one rises and persists in my left ear. A tone that I will never hear again from the sharp, bludgeoning slap. Collapsed on my back, I try to wiggle away. To fight and squirm. But the nakedness of this she-cunt crashes on mine. Her smaller breasts, clawed and bloodied grind into my equally damaged, larger pair. She pushes my breasts outwards, nipples jostling and stabbing into flesh. I lift my hip, but hers are thicker, and heavier, and thump down on mine, sending my ass crashing down. Legs twist and hers slide between mine, curling and spreading. Slowly forcing my legs open. Her sex pressed on my own. No escape, no retreating from this contest as our labis press, rub, and our clits jab.

I tense my shoulders, pushing up. My nails pushing into the backs of her wrists as hers do to mine. The pinching of our nails. The way we struggle and squirm, inching on the rug, my back BURNING with pain. Those vicious long cuts her nails left are being rubbed, ground, and spread against the weave of the felt. And I’m sobbing. Noses press, foreheads grind and lips brush. Both at the end of our rope. Both struggling and wrestling. Both fighting for it all, at the feet of our Goddess.

“NNnnnoo…. Neevveerr….” I wince in pain…. Refusing. I won’t.. ever… give it up to her… But she keeps asking. She keeps repeating. Her muscles battling mine. Her strength… And her position and heavier frame. Every twitch and twist, causing our sexes to drag and grind. My head falls back, and I yelp a pain-filled “Fuck!” That encourages her, to GRIND more. To press her sex on mine, and begin to press, to drag, to fence. Her taunts coming off. “Is that too…. much for you… You Polish slut?? Come on. Show her. Show Amber. How much better. I am. Than you.” Her sex grinding, pressing, gyrating. My legs twitching, weakening, only allowing her to spread me more. Sobbing, my arms slowly losing their strength, now pressed down to the floor. The pain from the shoulder bite pulsating. The bear on my chest making it harder to breathe.

My hips slowly beginning to betray me. Shifting, shuddering, thrashing. “No. NO. Get.. OFF ME… FUCK YOU SCARLET! FUCK YOU! YOU ARE NOT BETTER THAN ME. I WILL NEVER GIVE AMBER… UUHHH.. UP!”


Your flesh-dulled nails digging deep into the back of each others hands, becomes the last remnant of your rolling, tortuous catfight. As fatigue from all the monumental effort expended robs your arms and hers of strength, and your pairs of intertwined legs loosen until atop each other they lay unmoving and seemingly without threat. And in such states, with Scarlet left atop you, only because she was the last to take the position before you each reached the end of your candle, you war in the only way you have left. Cunt-to-cunt. Clit-to-clit. Scarlet seeming to enjoy every second of it, as she keeps you pinned, and her face not centimeters from yours.

“See, Amber…? See how my sex is dominating hers…? How my strong American pussy is breaking her weak Polish one?” With every long, grinding stroke of her pussy against yours, Scarlet watches your reaction. With your every recoil to her closeness — to her taunting affection, she pays the utmost attention. Deciding to use your discomfort to her advantage, to distract you — to throw you off your game and rob you of your focus. “Mmmm, Ewa, it feels so good doesn’t it…?” The redhead asks, as she starts dragging her chest left right against yours, using her rock-hard nipples to scratch you, as her fingers remain laced with and pinning yours.

“Is this what it felt like when you drove me to orgasm last time? This feeling of power? This feeling of strength, you little, Polish, slut…?” Despite her own taunting, and beacon-bright confidence, Scarlet begins to show signs of your slow, methodical trib duel. Her eyes starting to close, and arms starting to quake, even as she continues to try and distract you by delivering small, gentle kisses on your face. Knowing you hate them. Knowing you would rather kiss anyone in the world than her. “God … I … Ugh….” Again Scarlet moves to taunt you, but her words seem stolen, as her hips start to slide to one direction in particular, and with every thrust into each other the auburn-haired beauty begins to to suffer more and more from the pleasure you lavish upon her.

“Gi–giive up, yoooouuuuu bitch….” Scarlet demands again, her own descent into lust and passion betrayed as she pushes herself up, her face away from yours, and releases your hands before burying her own in the carpet, looking only to keep herself upright, she beginning to trib you more for her own pleasure than yours.

As Scarlet seems to melt atop you, I look to you, wondering if you have enough left. Wondering if you have enough desire and will to hold off your own orgasm, and come back from the pits of absolute exhaustion to claim me.


I try to hold on. But to what? I have nothing left in the tank. The only thing I am holding on to is my next breath. I’m fighting to keep it going. I’m fighting because as my skull grinds into the rug, with each press, twist, and grind from the pale, bruised, scratched, bitten, mauled naked vixen atop of me, all I can do is hold on my squeels and gruns. My knuckles grinding into the rug. My head tilted, I can see your blurry visage, upside down through my teary eyes. I can see the way you spread your thighs, rub yourself, finger yourself, flick your clit. Watching, gasping. Staring at her prove every word coming out of her mouth.

She’s conquered me. She’s bested me. She’s out-cat me, and now, she is grinding me into a slutty paste into the rug. I wonder if she will drag you down to this same spot, if she will fuck you right here, where every fiber of this carpet reeks with my scent, at the moment of my defeat. I gasp and weakly moan out; “No.. Nooooo… Get… off mee!!” I twist weakly, and I manage to bring my left wrist up few inches but she twists and THUDS it down. LIfting my wrist and punishes it by slamming it into the carpet few times until my fingers loosen and I am whimpering.

Her voice getting more intense, her attack more brazen, more daring. Our forces are no longer battling to the death on the borders. My defensive lines are broken, shattered, and now, she’s advancing into my territory. She’s pushing me back. My armied, or what’s left of them trapped, cornered in my last castle. With the supplies running low and the morale even lower.  

I hear the taunts. I can feel her thigh shifting, sliding under mine and lifting it up. Her hip angling, and she starting to ‘Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!’ smack into me, tribbing me into the ground hard. “NNnnghhh stop!! fucking.. STOOPPPPP!!” I sob and scream, my body shaking. Her nipples flicking and dragging across mine. Her sex hammering into mine. Her hips thicker, stronger, feeling so powerful.

I am being FUCKED by my arch nemesis. I’m being battered and slutted out infront of my lover. I’m beaten, helpless to stop it. And like a battering ram hammering on gates, the clit slams into mine until.. “Ugghhh.. Ahhhhh!! NNNGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I shriek and gasp, and my body spasms… And then you both see and feel it… The gush… The spasms of a violent eruption. My orgasm bursting and flooding out, gushing and smearing itself all over her sex and inner thighs…

“Nnooooo!! Fuckkkkkkkkk!! FUCK FUCK FUUUUCKKK!!!”


So fair. So even. Back and forth. Your moment to shine and then hers. But then in an instant, as you let your focus move from Scarlet to me, your red-headed rival struck. And with one blow, not only ended your dominance, but took hold of her own. Mounting you. Pinning you. And then with her wider hips, and thicker bottom, fused your sex with hers. Taking the battle from one with claws and bites — dug in heels and torn stockings, to one of sexual prowess — to a race to see who could drive the other to orgasm first.

As such a battle began, Scarlet seemed unbreakable. Confident beyond measure. And as if she had you right where she wanted you — on her battlefield, and on her terms. But as every taunt escaped the auburn-haired vixen’s lips, and as she tried to distract you with a soft touch and tone, one at complete odds with every other moment of your relationship thus far, I could see Scarlet body weakening. Even as you struggled against her, and failed. Even as within you panic set in. Even as she would slam your hands back down to the carpet, when you would weakly try to free yourself.

A race it was, for a moment. With each of you racing towards an orgasm. Each of you trying to bring an end to what seemed like an eternal struggle of wills and bodies. But then suddenly, like the striking of a bolt of lightning, or the sudden gong of an unexpected church bell marking the time, you said it:  “No.. Nooooo… Get… off mee!! … NNnnghhh stop!! fucking.. STOOPPPPP!! … Ugghhh.. Ahhhhh!! NNNGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! … Nnooooo!! Fuckkkkkkkkk!! FUCK FUCK FUUUUCKKK!!!”

Those words of submission and surrender did not all come at once, no she dragged them out of you. Harshly. Slowly. Cruelly. Not even thinking for a minute of relenting or repenting. This was Scarlet’s moment, and she took it. Pounding her kitty into yours until she could feel it. Your already drained muscles suddenly softening and then wildly seizing. Your cries for her to stop and shouted cursing turning to whimpers, sobs, and screams as your body began to quake beneath her. Your eyes closing, toes curling, and lips with rapidity a pleased smile, only to within another instant form into an angry and abjectly sorrow-filled frown.

There, at that moment, with you broken, defeated, and forced to beg her to stop, she could simply ride you to her own orgasm — to fuck you as you weep, and as I weep for you. But no. Scarlet chooses another path, and within a blink, shifts her hips, and drags her sex backward, even as your own juices coat her inner thighs and kitty with, she wanting to make sure she avoids an orgasm. One which was only a blink away from tearing through her body, just as yours had within you.

With that shift, Scarlet’s body and head drops down to your giant tits, and between them, without fear, perhaps foolishly, she rests. Her breathing heavy. The sound of her bludgeoning pulse pounding in her ear. There she lays. Exhausted. Broken herself, even in victory. And yet, even as she listens to not only her own heart thudding, but yours — along with the sound of you crying, Scarlet’s eyes remain locked on mine.

In the windows to her soul I can see her strength building, even as each brims with her own tears of joy. Then she smiles, and it warms my heart, and causes me to do the same, just before she speaks. “I beat her for you, my love….” Scarlet says lovingly, doing her best to make it seem as if she would not have fought you without me being a prize.

Without needing more, I pull myself from my seated position to my knees, and then lean over, moving to place my hand on each of your shoulders. And yet, as my hands travel, Scarlet reaches out, and grabs the hand that was meant for you, and pulls it to her lips — kissing the top of it softly. “She doesn’t get to touch you, Amber. Not now. Not EVER AGAIN!” Scarlet’s soft voice hardens, and loudons, my reach apparently having roused something with her.

“Isn’t that right, Ewa?” Scarlet asks, not needing an answer, as she lifts her head from your breasts, and raises herself into a straddle of one of your floor-bound thighs. My head begins to lower, to look in your eyes, to send you some kind of message that it’s ok. That you fought hard. That … that … something…. But as I do, Scarlet again intervenes, and raises a single hand to block my chin from angling downward. “Amber, Amber … stand up.” The redhead instructs, and unable and unsure how do anything else but obey, I do. Bringing myself to a stand with my thick legs spread, one on either side of your head, though a few inches past the top of it.

“Good.” Comes a comment from Scarlet, who quickly scoots up your body, and after using her shits to pin your biceps to the carpet, she plants her kitty on your face, making sure to drive your nose into her clit. “Now, let’s get back to where we were, shall we…?” The redhead offers as she reaches out, grabs my ass cheeks, and then pulls me forward, burying her own face between my legs. Within an instant she goes back to the work you interrupted her from. The work of applying tongue to clit, and all else that she finds in need of attention.

“Oh god!” I shout out, and moan, as I lower both of my hands to her shoulders, again awash in pleasure, now more than ever — after all I have witnessed. I can feel Scarlet smile, as I react in such away, but in my state miss one of her hands leaving my ass, and moving down to your hair, tugging it, and dragging you deeper into her sex


I’m a mess. How… How did… How did this happen?? How did a normal, everyday walk to the break room lead to this. To me in my boss’ office, naked, on the floor. Pinned down helplessly, bruised, cut, bleeding from too many spots to count. My back streaked red, grinding and rubbing harshly into the rug. My strength sapped. My own very ESSENCE oozing out from between my legs, held parted open by the woman I reviled the most in my life. The one I could never stand. The one whose cheek is resting now on my wounded breasts, talking up to my love. Talking to her as if she has her now….

… maybe because she does….

Maybe because she ALWAYS had her, and I was the dumb fool, who passed on it. Who tried to come in and take her by force and failed…. I sob, and moan softly, feeling suddenly the touch of my triage angel on my shoulder, only for the hand to be pulled up, to slip between the Strawberry shaped and colored lips of Scarlet, kissing and suckling the hand that thought about showing me some kindness, and immediately making her forget about me.

I let out a soft, aching moan feeling Scarlet shift above me. Feeling her move and settle ontop. Feeling her press her naked crotch down on my belly, then sliding up, dragging her soaked, yet still intact sex up along my stomach, over the rise of my breasts, then sitting down with her shapely buttocks on my best assets, crushing them down. Her ass against my tits… If there is not enough symbolism in that gesture, that sight in front of you, watching her rear end crush and flatten my breasts and making me MOAN out, I don’t know what.

And from my point of view, I can see you both. I can see both of your sexes. Hovering over mine. The scents filling my nostrils. One so alluring, one I would kill for, if I could. The other, so repulsive to my mind, but my body can’t help but long for it. Both sexes soaked and dripping, and I watch you come closer, your breasts touching, in a sight that causes my lungs to seize and stop breathing, the hard nipples poking and denting flesh. And she lowers herself, kissing your lips, down to your chin, neck, chest, stomach, before burying it into your sex. and with a violent YANK, she pulls my hair up, forcing my face between her thighs.

“NNGGHHH!!! GGHHHHHHH!!” I squeal, I shake my head, I protest, my hands shooting up, slapping at her sides and thighs, but they are too weak, and she just spreads her legs more, pinning my upper arms down, her hand roughly jerking my head by the hair, sharply hurting my ultra tender scalp, and making me whimper and soft. She taunts me; “Still got some fight into you, CUNT? Do I have to just skin your fucking head for you to know who is the better woman, HUH?”  

She growls through her work on your sex. And while her words don’t break me, it’s… It’s YOUR MOANS. The moans of my Goddess Amber, pleasured by this CUNT… It’s those sounds that make me soft, and my hands to fall back to the carpet, my neck stopping the fight, letting her shove it roughly into her sex…. I sob, I cry, as my nose and lips begin to drag across her labia…..

It’s over. It’s all over. Might as well then….

And my lips part, and my tongue slides out… Broken…. Defeated… Deflated….. I begin to drag its tip against her slit…. licking and lapping it softly…. Obediently…. Feeling her juices rolling down on my tongue and down my throat. Like poisoned honey…. Filling my body with just…. tremors.


I … I … want to go on a date?

Would you want to … would you be willing to … can we….?

I practiced in the mirror so many times. Practiced what I was going to say and how I was going to say it. Preparing myself for rejections. For a cruel dismissal. Or maybe even an eye roll and a quick walk away. And though I never spoke to you. Never actually asked you. Never made my love clear. All I can hear in my head now, is those unspoken words. All I can see is you in my mind, even as you lay beneath Scarlet. But with every moment my mind spends trying to show you to me, Scarlet’s tongue fights those images back. She doing everything she can to wipe the confused, unsure look from my face, to replace it with a pure, unaffected smile. And yet, she can tell. She can see it, as she looks up at me. I’m faltering. I am just a blink away from pulling away, and telling her to stop. And so she acts.

“She’s licking me, Amber. She’s eating me out.” The redheaded vixen speaks, with her upper lips just barely brushing against my lower ones. “She’s done. She’s beaten. She is mine, just like you are….” Scarlet says, trying to push me over the edge of certainty. Trying to push me into accepting her victory, and your removal from my life. But even as she does, and again, without me seeing it, she tugs at your hair and lowers herself, making sure you won’t be able to speak or correct her. Making sure that her words will go unargued with, even though you can hear everyone of them.

I can’t help but fold, hearing her say it. Hearing that you have given in to her fully. That you have abandoned me, at least in my mind. That I wasn’t worth fighting for, that you would accept Scarlet’s control and her ownership of me. It hurts, at first. But before long that hurt gives way to pleasure, and I begin to moan again, loudly, melting on the tip of Scarlet’s golden tongue.


I can hear them. The moans. The grunts. The groans of pleasure. The slurps. The gasps that should have been mine to extract, mine to dig out of you.

And now, they are all hers. Every single one. The fingers that are brushing through her auburn hair, scratching her scalp. The hips gyrating and trembling to the touch of her expert tongue, and wanton slutty lips. The gyrations and calls out. All were rightfully mine. And I… I wasted them….

And what’s worse, is her own words. Her cruel vicious taunts. Telling you what I’m doing to her. Telling you about my obedience. My broken state. That I’m serving her, because I have no fucking choice. I have no fucking way around it. That I am just, a husk. A shell, that at this point, have nothing else to lose. I lost you, so what’s my pride and dignity after that. And with those words, she PRESSES down. Putting her weight on my head. On my skull, the pressure so harsh, so intense. It makes me burst out in tears, moaning, but everything is muffled. You can’t tell if it’s of pleasure or agony, and right now, with your rising groans of pleasure, you don’t seem to care anymore….

My lips part more, and I start to lick her more. I know the only way to end this torment is to get her off. She won’t stop. She won’t stop the torment, the humiliation until she gets what she wants, and I have no way of stopping it. I have none. So I oblige. I obey. Sobbing, I just lick, suckle, and slurp her juices. My tears rolling down the sides of my face, forming two pools of misery on your carpet, that will pale compared to all the others formed  by sweat, cum, and blood. But they are going to last the longest.

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Despite my obvious enjoyment of it, of her, of all that she is doing at that moment, Scarlet is done. She needs to make certain she turns me. Make certain that I won’t stray back to you. Won’t go to you as soon as we three part. And so again she pulls back from her tongue lashing, and looks up at me — her own face beginning to warp with pleasure.

“She only wants you, because I have you. She doesn’t love you. She never did. She just wanted you because she hates me.” Scarlet says in part, before softly, teasingly giving my clit a few strokes of her tongue, before pulling back and continuing. “You … y-you believe me, doooon’t yoooouu….?” Her concentration broken, by your licking and lavishing, Scarlet makes through her question, only to collapse forward, face-first into my tummy. Her left-handed grip on your hair loosening, as her right moves from my ass, to the right side of my abdomen, as her eyes close and lips part in a long series of moans.

Her every word hurts, and yet make so much sense. I had heard about your rivalry — your hatred for one another. And it was only after Scarlet showed me affection, that you came to me. Kissed me. Waiting until Scarlet was with me. No! Why…? It’s not true! I … I … is it…? I think to myself, as I fall forward, dropping to my knees in front of Scarlet, pressing my forehead to hers as I begin to cry. My redheaded vixen’s orgasm quickly approaching. Through it I seek to take her, walk her, as I press my lips to hers in a soft, loving kiss — thankful that she fought for me, and then made me realize the truth, painful as it might be. But as the moment comes, and I fully expect my love to begin to quake in my arms, brought to orgasm by a woman who hurt us both so deeply, Scarlet quickly stands, pulling me to my feet with her.

“No, bitch!” The redhead yells, as her kitty is taken away from your tongue and lips. As she stands, and allows me for the first time to see you. Tears running down your face. Makeup a mess. And with every ounce of my empathy for you gone, destroyed by Scarlet’s revelation of your false intentions.

“Here, Amber, come.” Scarlet motions for me to move to your feet, and as I do, she lays down on top of you. Lining your bodies up perfectly, with she facing upwards, her ass pressing against your pubic mound, her lower back against your tummy, and the back of her head coming to rest on your nose. From such a position she lifts a single leg, and then instructs. “You do it. You finish me, Amber, not this Polish slut….” 

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I’m in hell… It’s the only explanation… This bitch… She killed me… Somewhere… Sometime… in this fight… She smacked my head too hard, and the intensity made me skip purgatory and go straight to the fiery pits of hell. It’s what I deserved for everything I’ve done in my life. For all the sins I’ve committed, although none compare to the sin of breaking your heart. Of not noticing your advances, of pushing you towards her webs, that now entangle you fully.

How else am I laying down. Beaten. Defeated in the worst fight of my life, against my arch nemesis, with our lover watching. How else am I to lay there, serving, pleasuring her with my tongue, like an obedient, subservient worthless cunt. How else?

And then her mind games begin. Her brain washing. Talking to you. Telling you all the lies. Or are they? My mind racing as even I begin to wonder. It’s… too convenient isn’t it? I only turned to you, showed interest when I heard about it. No. NO. NO! I knew you were together for weeks. I saw her walk in and out, and I did nothing. I tried to convince myself that you were happy. She was afterall… Scarlett. One of the hottest women in this office, if not the world. One that I KNOW what she is capable of. She’s the bitch who took me to the limit, and beat me not only in a catfight, but in the most primitive and fiminine of duels. She beat my sex with hers.  

No. I only changed, when I heard that you wanted me. And now, now she’s shifting things. But her words seem to get to you. I moan and whimper, when she suddenly pulls up. A thick line of her cum drooling down from her lips to mine. She pulls you to my feet. I try to turn, but she drops her ass down on my hips, and I gasp, she lays back on me, her back crushing my tits. Her ankles inside of mine, spreading our legs. Mine too weak to fight back.. Her head grinds on my nose, forcing me to turn my head to the left, as her fingers latch on my wrists. We’re too akin to Davinci’s Vitruvian man now, as she expands and spreads us.

I can’t see you straight, but I do see your reflection in the glass of the window. I see you, slowly dropping to your knees. Your hands pressing on her hips, your elbows on her thighs, and I see your face pressing on her sex. Tasting not only her juices, but my saliva. I hear her MOANING, her skull grinding further into my temple. I whimper. I sob, I shake and try to get free, but… but I can’t. I have nowhere to go. I have nothing else to do as I shudder and squirm. I hear her moans rising, and so are yours.

“YEESSS!! YES BABY!! YES!! Come on… Come on. Show her. Show her that you want me. Show her how MUCH you want me, your TRUE love!”

Her words like thorns wrapping around my heart, tearing it apart. And they are like jet fuel thrown on your fire. Your face BURIES into her sex, your lips violating hers, your tongue thrust deep. I hear her moans, her body shifting, her buttocks clenching and relaxing, gyrating and rubbing my labia and sex. I fucking… hate her… I hate you… No.. no.. I love you… I fucking LOVE you…. I just hate her… And hate this heavy price I’m paying for losing this fight…. My eyes staring blankly at the reflection, at how amazing you look, your back curled, your face moving, turning, licking, suckling and purring. You’re fully absorbed into her world now.

I’ve lost you… But… I’ll get you back… I stop crying, and my lips curl in a determined grin…. I will… win… you… back…. Amber… I know it… I swear it….

My eyes shut, just as I hear the crecendo of her squeals, her body bucking, thrashing, and EXPLODING like a volcano, sending her juices over your face, feeling them drizzle down my sex, coating it. Erasing my scent completely from her nostrils, and what was left of my taste. Filling your mind, heart, and world with nothing but… Scarlet….

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At her kitty I lap, lick, nibble, and kiss, my desire to do so born of all of my appreciation for Scarlet, my red-headed protector. All of my love for her. For wanting me when you didn’t. For fighting you off, when you intended to steal me away, just to toss me away and aside like garbage once you had hurt her. And now she is getting her revenge, OUR revenge on you. Pinning you down as I worship my victor’s pussy. Doing so long. Well. And so intensely, that within only a minute or two she explodes in a fiery orgasm, she screaming out just as you did before. Her body shaking. Her sweet juices flooding into my mouth as her thick, pale thighs squeeze around my head, pulling me in as her orgasm continues.

It is then that you have both cum. Both released. Leaving me alone in my lack of such pleasure. I know it is the first thing on Scarlet’s mind as she releases your wrists, and moves to sit up off of you. She looking at me, like a hungry tigress, wanting to finish me off, as she had to you, and as I had just now for her. But as both she and I bring ourselves to a stand, and as moves towards me to do whatever it is she has in her mind, I put a hand out and stop her, pressing my palm to her chest, it coming to rest between her beautiful alabaster tits.

“No….” I say, for the first time, sternly.

“What…? Babe, I just wan….” Scarlet tries to explain, confused at my intentions, and mid-sentence I raise a finger to her lips, and shush her. “Move.” I again say with force, no longer worried. No longer scared. Knowing exactly what I want.

“Why…? You don’t nee….” As she continues to argue, I move my hand to her shoulder, and push her to the side, moving her body from between me and you.

“Amber, don’t! You’re mine! I beat her!” Without moving, but clearly panicked, Scarlet motions and almost yells at me as I step past her, and approach you, as you lay there on the floor. Without stopping or responding to Scarlet, I drop to my knees between your still-spread legs, and look down to you, seeing your eyes averted from me. Despite that I lean forward, placing my hands at your sides, slowing crawling up your body until I lay atop you, the tip of my valley then pressing to yours. All as I lower myself even further, my forehead pressing to yours, as I nuzzle your nose with mine, trying to get you to look at me.

Finally, you do, and upon our eyes meeting, softness in mine, and abject terror and sadness in yours I speak softly, so quiet Scarlet cannot hear me. “I loved you. For so long, I loved you. I wanted to share my life with you. To be your wife, and have you as mine. I would have done anything to have you. But all you wanted was to use me…. As a tool to hurt Scarlet…. Well fine then…. I’ll use you as a tool.” My every word drips with pain and sadness, tears beginning to fall from my eyes, just before I finish my statement, and with a single roll, flip our position. Putting myself on my back, and pulling you atop me. “Make me cum, Ewa…. Be my tool, before I throw you out of my office. Before you leave my life forever….”

Immediately Scarlet charges towards us, no longer willing to watch this happen. “AMBER, don’t let he….” She again demands I stop, but in response I yell back. “Fucking, Scarlet, shut up. Let her finish me. Let me use her, as she wanted to use me. As a tool to get off….” As I speak every word, I glare at you — all of my softness gone. 

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I just lay there, oblivious. Devoid of any emotion, any pain, any fear. I sure do feel it, somewhere, but it’s not just… there… It’s like I’m in another body… If I’m being prepped for an operation and under heavy anesthetic. I know how vulnerable and fucked up I am, but it just doesn’t  matter. I can feel the redhead getting off. Using me like a mattress. I can feel my lover’s chin tickling my sex. I can feel the juices running down. Her lips only six inches off the right spot… Off MY sex… The most brutal six inches of my life… If they were a blade twisting between my ribs, it wouldn’t have hurt that much… at least, it would have given me relief. Some peace.

But then, I hear the discussion. The barking orders, and I don’t flinch. I don’t move. I know it. Even if Scarlet doesn’t, I can’t sense any tenderness in your voice. You’re not here to soothe me. And then, in perhaps the most cruel act performed against my violated body today, you lay atop of me. You spread your naked, warm, immaculate body on mine. You let me FEEL you. Feel every inch of what I could have had, and let go to waste. Your breasts that rival my own. Your hips that pulse with more power and desire than what is left in mine. Your abs brushing on mine and your curvy thighs spreading mine. And lastly, that warm, pulsing inferno of your sex against my own.

I don’t turn to face you, but you force it. With your nose, turning me, as I purse my lips, staring at you. And it begins.

The most savage. The most brutal speech of my life. I hear it. And my eyes turn to faucets, tears running down my cheeks. My temples. I don’t deny it. I don’t defend myself. I just listen. Staring at you. While Scarlet grins and smirks. She’s done this. She’s been the architect of this destruction, and now. Now she is enjoying it. Then you grab my hair and pull me, you roll us over, and you set me atop of you. I grunt. And look at you, whimpering, and I let out a soft…



“… Please… please don’t…”


I moan, and slowly I slither down… My lips softly kissing your breasts. That no longer belong to me. But have they ever? Down your cleavage, your waist, down to your sex, that I begin to softly lap, kiss, and nuzzle. My breasts mashed to the carpet. My ass sticking up in the air. I can taste HER. But I just endure, lapping her juices up. Cleaning your sex, as I begin to kiss your clit, suckling on it, my tongue slipping up one slit, and down the other. Poking between your labia as you.. USE me…. Just like a tool… And as I do it..  

“UUUGHHHH!!” I groan in pain as I feel Scarlet shoving three fingers into my sex… Her fingers curling, and her nails gouging at my walls. “Don’t think for a SECOND that you will enjoy this, CUNT… Go on.. SERVE her… But you will NOT enjoy it…”

I whimper, my pussy clawed… Pinched, scratched, as she ravages it with each moan leaving my lips… My tears flowing, mixing with your nectar as I suckle and poke, lick and blow, trying to pleasure you… If this is as good as I will ever get, I will do my best at it…


From both ends you are claimed and tortured.

Your head buried between my thighs, as my legs raise and come to a bend and a gentle rest on your back and shoulders. Being forced to service me — to taste me, both for the first time and what I am sure will be the last. Pressed into action you would have this morning taken without a second thought, but now you do so only because it is your last chance and because I want it. To use you, as Scarlet has convinced me you were trying to use me.

But as you please me, doing your best to enjoy something you fear may have been taken from you forever, despite your self-assurances to the contrary, Scarlet does her best to hurt you and distract you from your purpose. Pinching your lips hard, and pulling them out and away from each other. Not doing so quickly, or moving from one attack to the next with speed, but instead letting her attacks linger, and you to languish. Claws dug into the softest of flesh, and then drug along their contours until the claw comes free, only for that finger to be reinserted, and the attack to be renewed.

Some women hurt each other because they have no choice, And have found themselves in each others way, without purpose. Perhaps that is how you and Scarlet started out, but since then, your feud has become something more. And so Scarlet, with nothing but malice and hatred in her heart, takes her time, looking for your most vulnerable of places and then with a wicked smile attacks them. Studying the way you gasp when she scratches your insides, and the way your body jerks when she finds just the right spot to dig her nails into soft pink flesh. All the while she whispers to you: “You’ll never taste her again, slut.” “She’s mine, and she hates you now.” “I finally beat you, you Polish cunt.” All of those curses fly above me as your tongue lulls me into a coma of pleasure. Your lips coaxing me into a state of pure enjoyment. My hands in your hair softening their grip as for a moment, a wonderful one, I forget where we are, and why you are between my legs.

In that moment, that brief, beautiful moment, my hands run down to your shoulders, and gently massage them. Giving you a glimpse into what we might have been, and what we might be, if you come back and fight for me. God, despite it all, I can feel my heart welling with gratitude and love for you. If I could do anything, change anything, I would make what Scarlet said a lie, and make you love me….

With your tongue running in and out of me, I make myself believe it. Force myself to picture a world where we are together. And within a blink, I am pushed over the edge into an incredible orgasm. You go to lap at my juices, but as soon as you try, and as soon as my senses are stolen from me in glee, Scarlet drags you back and away from me. Not wanting you to have the satisfaction. Not wanting you to taste a single drop of my cum. There on the floor I lay, as Scarlet drags you to you feet, pulls you over to the door to my office, and slams you against the doorframe. There, she presses herself into you. Eyes glaring with hatred and satisfaction at having beat you. Then, she leans in, places her chin on your shoulder, and whispers into your ear as her breasts and yours meet, with yours devouring hers despite your state of weakness. “I only wanted her to hurt you, bitch. And now … I have her. Enjoy watching me marry her. Enjoy watching me make her love me. Enjoy watching me destroy her life when it’s too late for you to stop me….”

I hear none of her admission. None of Scarlet’s admission. Instead I only see her press into you, before opening the door to my office and throwing you out. Then, with as much softness and love she could muster, my red-headed lover comes to me, and lays down. “I love you, Amber.”

“I love you too, Scarlet.” Words shared for the first time. Words that she intends to use as a dagger to drive into both my heart, and yours…. 

The End

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