Battle of the Cavewomen by JB57

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Part I

Tana moved quickly through the jungle, her powerful young body brimming with energy, her tanned muscles flexing, her heavy breasts bouncing with every step. She was wearing only the merest scraps of clothing. A tiny halter made of a single piece of lion fur formed a hammock for her bountiful breasts, cupping them around her hard nipples, but leaving most of the rest of her breasts exposed. The halter was tied only around her neck. Her breasts could easily have fallen free if their sheer size and gravity had not combined to hold them snugly in place. Around her hips, she tied a simple leather string; a tiny scrap of fur was attached to the string, and fitted snugly to her powerful pussy. Her golden blonde pubic hair, thick and rough, bushed out over the top of the loincloth. The tiny triangle of fur cupping her cunt was attached to another leather thong which fitted up between her ass cheeks and attached to the string around her hips. Tana’s beautiful round ass was revealed completely. Her long, tanned legs were powerfully muscled and rippled with every movement; her hard flat stomach was ribbed with muscle and curved down to her deep, tight navel. Her womanly hips swayed deliciously as she moved through the forest. Her beautiful face was framed by a thick, wild mane of dark blonde hair. She carried a rock-tipped spear for protection.

Tana was a beautiful cavewoman, the member of a tribe of Cro-Magnon humans living in the heart of a tropical valley. She was young, powerful and in the prime of her sexual hunger and feminine power. Like the other women of her village, Tana was a skilled hunter and warrior. She had killed many foes in battle; as a huntress, she had proven her incredible strength and skill many times in contests with the most dangerous and cunning creatures of the forest. Her body was honed to perfection by the physical rigors of life in the jungle and by the abundant supply of food provided by the forest. Tana was the pride of her people. She was spectacularly beautiful, a specimen of physical perfection, and greatly desired by all the men and many of the women of her village.

On this particular day, Tana was on her way to a rendezvous with a young man, a stranger to her village who she had met just the previous morning. The young man’s name was Jonggar, and he was visiting from a neighboring valley. He had been completely entranced by Tana’s voluptuous beauty. Jonggar was young and handsome and Tana decided that she wanted him as a mate, at least temporarily. She and the young man had spent most of the day together. She tantalized him and drove him insane with lust for her body. She pressed close to him, she pushed her massive chest into his, letting him feel her hard nipples. She kissed him and allowed him to feel her beautiful ass, even to fondle her hard, round tits and run his hands over her sleek bare abdomen. Once, she even let him slip his hand inside her loincloth, to tangle his fingers in her bush and feel the wet heat of her pussy. But she did not let him move on to the next steps, to pull off his own meager clothing and satisfy their mutual lust. Tana wanted him almost sick with lust and desire when she next saw him. She wanted to be sure that he was completely under her erotic power. Now, she was journeying to the spot where they had agreed to meet on this day. Her body was powerfully aroused and her pussy was hot and wet; she could not wait to feel Jonggar’s thick shaft thrusting into the core of her womanhood.

Tana was not the only beautiful, lustful young woman moving through the jungle this afternoon. Rakara was a woman from another village on the other side of the valley. Her people had good relations with Tana’s people, but there had been times of wars in the past. Rakara was Tana’s counterpart in every way. Among her people, she was admired as powerful warrior and huntress. Her wild beauty was overwhelming. Her massive tits rocked on her chest, her voluptuous hips swayed as her long, thickly muscled legs propelled her through the forest. A single strip of fur was tied horizontally across her breasts and knotted at her back. The strip barely covered her wide areola, and did little to support or restrain her bouncing tits. Around her crotch she wore a single piece of fur, attached to her hips by a thin leather thong. The tiny scrap of fur cupped her hot pussy, then tapered off into a thin string which looped back between her ass cheeks and attached to the string around her waist, forming a tiny thong and leaving her round, hard ass fully exposed. Her thick red pussy fur was visible over the top of the loincloth. Her rock-hard belly rippled as she moved rapidly through the forest, her dark red hair flowed out behind her.

Rakara was a woman on a mission of sexual conquest. That morning, a young man had passed through her village, and Rakara had found him extremely appealing. She decided that he would be a good mate, and she was now determined to catch up to him and claim him for her own. She ran carrying a spear for protection, but she knew the valley well and she was not concerned with anything beyond finding her prey. She had had no chance to talk to the man, but she knew that he had noticed her, and the hunger in his eyes had been enough to assure her of his desire for her. She had seen him leave the village, and she was now tracking him through the jungle, closing in on him rapidly.

Rakara felt the heat between her legs like a pulsing furnace. She had no desire to have children with this man, her desire was purely carnal. She wanted to feel his cock deep inside her body, she wanted to wrap herself around his muscular form and crush her tits and stomach into his hard body. She smiled in anticipation, her nipples hardening even more as she contemplated what she planned to do to her unsuspecting prey.

She came across the man in a clearing by the river, beside an old tree. He was whittling a stick, his spear propped up beside him. He gave every indication of waiting for someone else. Rakara noted this, but she did not really care – whomever he was waiting for could wait, she decided.

The language of the people was quite primitive, and the dialects between the people inside and outside of the valley were different enough to make verbal communication a chore. Still Rakara was sure that she would be able to communicate with this man very easily. She approached him stealthily, her bare feet moving soundlessly across the clearing. When she was close enough, she paused. She placed the spear she had been carrying on the ground beside her, then reached behind her back and undid the binding around her breasts. Her magnificent tits popped free, full and hard, their light brown nipples stiff with tension, their oversized areola rigid with heat and friction. Then, with a smile, she undid the knots on her thong, and pulled the loincloth away from her crotch. Her wet pussy was almost dripping with arousal, her thick pubic hair flared around her thick pussy lips. She threw the scraps of clothing aside and, at the same time, called out to her prey.

“Jonggar,” she breathed.

The young man jumped up, startled. He was an excellent hunter, yet Rakara had sneaked up on him and caught him completely unaware. He turned around, smiling, about to say something. The words died in his throat, however, as he confronted the vision before him.

Rakara stood before him, absolutely naked, her gorgeous sun-kissed body glowing with health and sexual power. Her hands were on her hips, which jutted out at a saucy angle, drawing his attention to her hot pussy, the thick pubic hair already glistening with vaginal fluid. Her tits were twin globes on her chest, huge and hard, throbbing with sexual power, and begging to be touched and suckled. Her long legs and muscled belly flexed and rippled with power. Jonggar could not help it; he was instantly erect, his cock as hard as metal and jutting away from his groin like a spear. His erection pushed aside the loincloth that he was wearing. He was clothed in not much else, and Rakara smiled as she watched his eyes glaze over with need. Her own body burned with desire; she could feel the heat in her core spreading out through her belly and into her breasts as her body prepared itself for delicious sex. She motioned the man towards her; he came as she beckoned, his eyes shining with lust.

Rakara reached down and grabbed his erection, smiling as he groaned with pleasure. She ran her hand over the thick shaft, playing with the tip. She pulled his loincloth off of his hips so that he stood naked before her, then she began massaging the thick cock, gently and slowly, enjoying her power. The man gasped and cried out at the sensual massage. Rakara took the engorged organ and aimed it at her pussy. Her hot pussy was wet and slick and burning with need. However, she only ran the tip of his throbbing shaft over her pussy lips, moistening it, giving it a tantalizing taste of what it would soon be lodged within. Her pubic hair tickled the tip of his sensitive cock. Rakara shuddered with hunger as she felt the hard shaft rub against her thick, moist pussy lips; it strained her own self-control to not simply drive the cock deep into her burning body. Jonggar cried out, almost overwhelmed with lust, but Rakara controlled him easily.

The redheaded beauty was just about to fall to her knees and begin the second phase of her conquest when, suddenly, a cry of anger came echoing out of the forest. Rakara and the man were both surprised, and Rakara looked up in bewilderment. To her surprise, she saw Tana racing up to them from out of the forest. It only took Rakara a moment to realize what had happened. Evidently, she had interrupted a lovers’ rendezvous. Jonggar must have been waiting at the old tree for Tana. Still, as far as Rakara was concerned, the man was fair game and she had gotten to him first.

Rakara and Tana knew each other. They had met a few times before at the annual large tribal gatherings held between the villages, but they had rarely exchanged more than the barest greetings. Still, each woman was very familiar with the other. Both were aware that the other woman was powerful and beautiful and an undeclared rival. If they had lived in the same village, no doubt they would be bitter enemies and would, long before, have established which of them was the dominant female.

Tana glared in anguish and anger at her prospective mate. Jonggar looked away in shame, but it was impossible for him to hide his erection and the fact that he was overwhelmingly attracted to this other beautiful woman. Rakara smiled triumphantly; it was clear that, as far as she was concerned, this contest was over before it began. For Tana, however, the struggle had not started. With a cry, she threw her spear to the ground. Then, her eyes locked in rage with Rakara’s, Tana reached up and undid her halter. Her massive, beautiful tits fell free, golden globes of tight, bouncing flesh, topped with large cocoa brown areola and thick, pulsing nipples. Tana’s tits were easily a match for Rakara’s tits, and both women knew it. A moment later, Tana pulled the thong away from her wet pussy, and tossed it aside. Now, she stood in all of her naked glory in front of Rakara and Jonggar. Her bulging tits seemed to glow with sexual power; her swollen pussy dripped with vaginal juices and was surrounded and protected by a thick, tantalizing bush of damp pubic hair.

Rakara had to admit that Tana was incredible; the blonde beauty’s body seemed her equal in every way. She suddenly realized with a start that Jonggar’s eyes were now glazing over with lust as he took in Tana’s magnificent form. Rakara gaped – she had never had a man turn his carnal attentions from her before, under any circumstances. Now it was Tana’s turn to smile. She fixed the man in her powerful, seductive gaze and motioned for him to come to her. Led by his massive erection, Jonggar began to approach the blonde cavewoman, his desire building even more.

Rakara watched this for only a moment, then leaped into action. With a yell, she pushed Jonggar, sending him stumbling towards the underbrush. Rakara moved forward to confront Tana. The two women could only speak a primitive language, but.their flashing eyes and snarls of anger were enough to convey their feelings. They pushed up to each other and leaned forward so that they were nearly nose to nose; their massive tits hung between them, both sets of breasts burning with arousal.

“Mine!,” Rakara shouted, gesturing at the fallen man. “I was here first, he is mine.”

“Cunt!,” Tana snarled back. “He was waiting here for me. He’s mine!”

The two beautiful women paused, panting with rage. Their tits rose and fell, both women clenched and unclenched their hands in anger. The women were suddenly fully conscious of the other’s nudity, of the fact that their throbbing tits and burning cunts were only inches apart. The scent of hot, aroused womanhood wafted up off their glorious bodies. Their eyes locked; a look of understanding passed between the savage beauties. Rakara and Tana placed their hands on their voluptuous hips and, with snarls of rage, the two women hurled themselves at each other chests first, their powerful legs propelling their massive tits forward into a cataclysmic confrontation.

The two sets of beautiful tits, glowing with sweat and power, equally large and taut, crushed together nipple to nipple. A shock of pure pleasure exploded in both women’s succulent tits, burning down into their bellies and filling their hot cunts. Tana and Rakara cried out in ecstasy, their bare feet digging into the soft ground as they thrust their tits against each other. Their swollen breasts locked up like the antlers of two battling deer. They powered into each other, the weight and power of their bodies focused in their struggling tits. All the power of their backs and legs went into grinding their tits together.The taut tit flesh, throbbing with the power of arousal, crushed and mashed and pulsed, sending shivers of raw pleasure through both combatants. Jonggar watched with fascination, his erection growing ever harder as he witnessed these two magnificent beauties use their sexual organs against each other in a battle over him.

As the women struggled, however, Tana began to feel herself weaken. The throbbing pleasure in her burning tits began to turn to pain; her rock hard nipples slowly began retreating under the pressure of Rakara’s even harder brown nubs. The battling women were grunting and groaning, crying out as their breasts crushed and rolled. Now, Tana’s cries began to turn to gasps of pain; Rakara moaned with pleasure and a sense of power. She could feel her nipples slowly overpowering those of her foe, she could feel her powerful tits slowly grinding Tana’s beautiful tits back. Rakara smiled with joy; she was proving herself to be the more sexually powerful woman and the dominant warrior. She pulled her hands from her hips and quickly wrapped her arms around Tana’s naked back. She squeezed hard, crushing the other woman in a bearhug, trying to drive her tits even more firmly against her enemy’s burning globes.

Tana gasped, driven to panic and confusion by the unprecedented feeling of having her tits crushed back. Her breasts were her pride and glory, the powerful symbols of her womanhood and her sexual power. They were renowned for their size, beauty and firmness and they had never been conquered before. Yet, now, incredibly, her nipples were being pushed back, her hard tits were being slowly overwhelmed by an even stronger set of tits. Tana placed her hands on Rakara’s shoulders and tried to push the redhead back. This sign of weakness, however, only redoubled Rakara’s efforts. She pushed harder with her legs. Tana found herself losing her footing. She stumbled back, still wrapped in Rakara’s arms. The women hit the tree behind them, their naked bodies slapping together, Rakara leaning hard into Tana. Their nude torsos plastered together, hard bellies pushing, navels sucking at each other as the women writhed in each other’s arms. Rakara swung her hips and slapped her thick pussy lips into Tana’s cunt; the two beauties groaned at the volcanic heat that rippled up from between their legs. Rakara was letting Tana know which of them was the dominant bitch. Tana struggled back, bucking up with her hips, slapping her wet pussy into her enemy’s driving cunt. But she was being overwhelmed by a more powerful sexuality, and both women knew it.

Suddenly, the women cried out together, Tana screaming in pain and despair, Rakara shrieking in pleasure and victory. Rakara’s throbbing nipples had finally succeeded in pushing Tana’s nipples all the way in. The redhead’s nipples crushed those of her blonde foe. Tana turned her face away from Rakara in shame and despair. She started to cry in anger and frustration. Rakara leaned in, cheek to cheek with her foe, and squeezed harder, thrusting forward with her tits. She grunted in pleasure and victory, her back muscles rippling with effort, her hard belly rubbing into Tana’s muscled abdomen. Her hips worked hard, smashing her juicy pussy into Tana’s equally beautiful cunt. Every thrust brought an answering gasp of pain and defeat from Tana. With a final pussy punch to Tana’s wet cunt, Rakara at last released the blonde cavewoman, then stepped back. Tana was left leaning on the tree, panting in anger and despair. She looked down at her magnificent tits. They were still incredibly beautiful, but her hard nipples were completely flattened into her areola. Rakara stood before her, her hands on her hips, grinning in triumph. Her magnificent tits blazed with power, her powerful nipples jutted proudly away from her twin globes. The women locked eyes; there was no question as to which of them was the more powerful woman, which of them had the stronger sex. Tana looked away in shame. Rakara smiled in pleasure. She was overjoyed; she had finally proven her superiority to the one woman in the valley who could challenge her beauty and power. She turned away from Tana dismissively. Her defeated foe was no longer of consequence. Now, she intended to enjoy herself with the spoils of her victory. She turned back to Jonggar, who had watched the entire battle through a haze of sexual excitement. He was almost ready to explode with lust.

Slowly, Tana pushed herself away from the tree. She cupped her magnificent tits and massaged her battered nipples. She watched Rakara advance on Jonggar, she observed the glazed lust in his eyes. She felt despair, shame and anger. She could not understand how her womanhood could have been overwhelmed so easily. As she watched Rakara and Jonggar preparing to mate in front of her, she felt a blaze of raw fury. She would have to leave; she could not stand the idea of watching Rakara take what was rightfully hers, of watching the redheaded bitch in the throes of ecstasy as she fucked Tana’s man. Suddenly, however, another thought came to Tana. When she had interrupted Rakara and Jonggar, they had already begun to touch and fondle each other, to prepare for the mating to come. Rakara’s body was at a level of arousal that Tana’s had not yet begun to match. This might explain why Rakara had beaten Tana’s body so easily.

Tana had no time to lose. Closing her eyes, she began to stroke her nipples; she quickly pulled her left breast to her mouth and began to suckle herself. At the same time, she reached down between her legs with her right hand and began to stroke her throbbing clit. She filled her mind with images of Jonggar and his beautiful hard body locked to her own, his hard cock filling up her insides, her tight pussy squeezing him with her deep muscles. As she masturbated herself, she felt blazing heat burn up from her core and fill her body. Her tits seemed to explode with energy and sensitivity and, when she opened her eyes and looked down, she was shocked and thrilled to see that her nipples had been entirely restored. They were as hard as steel, aching with power and tension, and pointing away from her burning, aroused tits like spears.

Tana looked up to see Rakara and Jonggar. They were still standing, but Jonggar had his right leg jammed up into Rakara’s crotch, his muscular thigh pressed into her pussy. She moved her hips gently, rubbing herself into his leg, leaving a trail of hot, wet vaginal fluid behind. Jonggar was sucking vigorously at Rakara’s incredible left tit, groaning with lust as he feasted on the hot, delicious flesh. Rakara had her head thrown back, her eyes closed, grinning with animal desire and satisfaction. Her right hand was moving between Jonggar’s legs, squeezing and massaging his thick cock. The two lovers were clearly taking their time getting to the actual mating.

With a snarl, Tana leaped forward and grabbed Rakara by her long red hair. Rakara cried out as she was yanked away from Jonggar; fortunately, he was not biting on her breast, and she was able to release his shaft before they were jarred apart. Tana spun Rakara around, then let her go, sending her stumbling back. Rakara snarled with anger and frustrated lust; she had beaten Tana soundly and she did not know why this whore was trying to continue the battle. As she leaped to her feet in anger, however, fully prepared to rejoin the battle, she suddenly understood what had changed. Tana stood before her, hands on her hips, chest thrust forward. Rakara saw Tana’s nipples fully restored. She could not understand; she had never before seen another woman’s breasts return to full power so soon after a titfight, particularly a titfight with Rakara. Still, she could not deny what she saw. Tana stood before Rakara, the blonde’s heavy tits radiating power, her voluptuous body steeped in the scent of raw sex.

Rakara moved towards Tana; Tana stood ready to meet her. Then Rakara paused. She knew that the battle she was about to engage with Tana could turn into more than just a titfight. A full-fledged sexfight was more than likely and, among the women of the valley that way of fighting and resolving disagreements and rivalries was restricted to the women involved. Except under special circumstances, no one else was supposed to watch.

Rakara stood back, her hands on her hips. She thrust out with her pelvis, shoving her pussy forward, making clear her intention to engage Tana with every part of her body. Tana placed her hands on her voluptuous hips and thrust her pussy out toward Rakara in response, accepting the challenge. Her eyes were already glowing with anger and lust.

Both women had been in sexfights before, and both were the undisputed champions in their respective villages. It was well-understood among the women that a sex to sex battle was the fairest way to resolve conflicts of this sort.

Rakara smiled. Tana grinned back, anger shading her face. Then she gestured at the man, who was still sitting on the ground, his erection still in full bloom, watching the growing confrontation between these two incredible women.

Rakara nodded. “Jonggar,” she said, “We go to settle this. You stay here – do not leave.”

Jonggar nodded, bewildered by this turn of events. Both women quickly pulled on their scraps of clothing, retrieved their spears, then walked off into the jungle together, leaving the confused man behind.

The women did not travel too far. They traveled into the jungle for 15 minutes, neither woman talking, but both acutely aware of the other and the confrontation to come. They walked until they found a clearing in the dense bush, not far from the side of a hill that sloped down to a small stream. Then they turned and faced each other. The true battle was about to begin.

Part II

Rakara locked her blue eyes to Tana’s glowing green ones. The women were overwhelmed with anger and the desire to destroy each other, but they were also both cautious and respectful of the power of the other woman. Still, Rakara and Tana understood that the valley was not big enough for both of them. They had to decide now which of them was the dominant bitch.

Rakara reached behind her back and untied the strip of fur encircling her tits. The thin strip of cloth fell away, letting her massive breasts spring free, huge hard nipples pulsing with power. Tana untied the loop around her neck and allowed her halter to drop to the ground, releasing her equally beautiful and powerful tits. Her bronzed orbs glowed with heat and sweat. Carefully, both women untied their thongs and threw the scraps of fur and string aside. They now confronted each other completely nude. They stood at opposite ends of the clearing and examined each other. Both were impressed by what they saw. If one woman was superior to the other in any way, it was not obvious from their god-like bodies. Which of them had the stronger womanhood could only be revealed through intense sexual combat. Each woman prepared to pit her elemental sexuality against that of the other in a fight to the finish.

Rakara and Tana slowly approached each other. They paused within a foot of the other. Each woman took in her enemy’s beauty, the smell of aroused womanhood, the size and power of the other woman’s tits, which hung only inches apart. Tana stared, enrapt, at Rakara’s beautiful golden globes, which seemed almost perfect duplicates of her own. Rakara’s tits were thick and heavy and firm. They were perfectly shaped and, despite their great size, needed no support. Thick nipples pointed straight out from oversized, ridged areola. The massive tits were swollen with arousal and seemed to throb with sexual power. Carefully, Tana reached up and cupped Rakara’s left tit with her right hand. She weighed the massive globe, hefting it slightly, feeling the throbbing mass jiggle. Then she ran her palm over the globe, squeezing the tight nipple between her thumb and forefinger. As Tana fondled Rakara’s beautiful breasts, Rakara did the same to Tana’s. She ran her hands over her enemy’s bronzed orbs, feeling their weight and tautness, realizing that they seemed almost duplicates of her own magnificent rack. She tweaked Tana’s engorged nipples and ran her fingers around the sensitive areola. As the women fondled each other, both began to pant with need and lust. The delicious sensations from their burning tits slowly worked down through their bellies and into their loins. Powerful pussies burned as one, and vaginal juices trickled down the women’s muscular thighs. Soon, their tits were throbbing with heat and desire and dripping with sweat and other feminine secretions. Tana and Rakara panted and groaned as they squeezed each other’s tits. They locked eyes, heat and lust blazing between them. Both were ready for the next step.

Each woman slowly reached out and grasped the upper arms of her opponent. They held each other, squeezing their enemy’s hard biceps, preparing for close combat. Their locked arms pressed their beautiful breasts out towards their counterparts on the other woman. Their light brown nipples were as hard as steel and pointing directly towards each other. Tana and Rakara moved closer until the tips of their nipples were only millimeters apart. They paused, drinking in the tension; their eyes locked in anticipation. Each could feel the heat pouring off of the other’s magnificent tits and moist nipples. Then, they closed the final distance.

A shock of intense pleasure rippled through both women’s voluptuous bodies as their nipples touched tip to tip. The shock caused Tana and Rakara to gasp, then grit their teeth to keep from crying out with ecstasy. The building heat in their aching tits grew like twin furnaces. Their bountiful tits, already hard and taut, grew even more aroused and stronger as they fought, swelling into each other. Panting hard, their chests heaving and grinding, the two women held each other, allowing the waves of intense pleasure to wash over them. Tana shifted her tits slightly, allowing the tip of her nipples to slide free and slip down the sides of Rakara’s nipples until they hit the redhead’s areola. Tana and Rakara began to slowly rotate their tits, rubbing their nipples into the other’s areola, around and around, building a delicious friction, rubbing sweat and female secretions into their ridged areola. The terrible heat in their throbbing tits and burning nipples spread through their bodies, filling their bellies, tightening their loins and feeding their aching clits. Hot juice trickled from their soaking pussies. Their increasingly aroused cunts suddenly contracted powerfully, gushing vaginal fluids. Rakara and Tana groaned together. Rakara pulled her nipples back slightly, realigning them tip to tip with Tana’s equally engorged pair. For a moment, the two beauties locked eyes, exchanging looks of lust and pure hatred. Then, gripping each other’s biceps tightly, they leaned forward hard, driving their nipples together, each one trying to crush the other pair back. Their nipples held, then slowly pushed each other back into their enemy’s areola. Tana and Rakara cried out in unison, the shock of intense pain matched by the deep pulse of pleasure as their nipples pushed into their tits, as their areola perfectly eclipsed the other pair, then fused together into a perfect match of intense sensation. The women began rubbing and rotating their tits together again, each determined to grind the other down. As they thrust at each other, the pleasure and desire continued to build. The women leaned forward, their hair hanging down over their mated cleavages, gasping with pleasure and exertion. With a cry, Tana suddenly released Rakara’s biceps and threw her arms around the other woman’s back. Rakara instantly reciprocated, and the two battling cavewomen locked each other into a mutual bearhug. The women screamed as their meaty tits, which had previously mostly been jousting, were now crushed as tightly together as they could go. They worked their back muscles, grinding their tits around and around into each other, their magnificent bronzed globes so perfectly matched that only the cleavage line showed where they were separated. The pleasure exploded again as their tits fused, as the deep pulses in their fully aroused breasts seemed to meld into one growing sensation of shared ecstasy.

Tana and Rakara continued thrusting at each other, grinding their tits, reveling in the feeling of their fused nipples struggling within their hard titflesh. They panted furiously, nose to nose, gasping and crying out into the other’s face. Thick, sweaty hair veiled both women’s beautiful faces as they fought and exchanged hot breath. Their tits burned until neither woman knew where her own breasts ended and those of her enemy started. Tana and Rakara locked eyes and suddenly paused in their tit-grinding action. Both magnificent women tightened their mutual bearhugs as much as they could. When they both had firm grips, they signaled each other with their eyes and, in unison, thrust their bulging tits forward into each other as hard as they could. Tana and Rakara groaned together at the intense pulse of pleasure as their tits tried to crush each other back. Their tits quivered with tension, the taut flesh vibrating with heat and effort. The women held the thrust for several seconds before releasing the pressure. Then, signaling with their eyes, they thrust together again. They did this ten, twelve, twenty times. Their powerful tits rocked with the force and intensity of the struggle. Raw pleasure throbbed within their joined tits, feeding the wet heat between their legs. Neither woman, however, could break the other. Their mighty tits continued to be as strong and aroused as when they started. Both women felt a growing ache as they fought on, but still their tits held firm. Finally, they paused. Rakara caught Tana’s eyes and smiled in triumph. Despite her best efforts, the blonde beauty had still not succeeded in avenging her earlier defeat. Rakara’s tits remained as powerful as ever, still a perfect match for Tana’s magnificent rack.

Tana snarled as she saw the look of triumph in Rakara’s eyes. She was determined to get her revenge on this redheaded bitch. With a growl of hatred and fury, she tightened her grip on Rakara’s muscular back and began to pump her tits at her enemy’s golden orbs with all of her strength, throwing all the muscles of her back and chest into the crushing attack. Rakara was caught off guard and cried out in sudden pain. In a moment, however, she tightened her hold on Tana’s back and, with a snarl of anger and hatred, began thrusting her tits back at her enemy’s beautiful bronzed globes with all of her strength. The women attacked each other in a frenzy of tit thrusts, forcing their massive globes to rock and quiver with energy. Their screams of rage and pain mixed with cries of pleasure. As they fought, their burning tits grew even harder as the heat of their arousal grew stronger.

As the heat in their tits continued to build, the furnaces between the women’s legs burned white-hot. Rakara, still squeezing hard, arched her back and slapped her naked belly into Tana’s rock-hard abdomen. Tana rubbed back. Hot sweat trickled down from their compressed tits and helped lubricate their undulating bellies. Their thick pubic hair tangled and meshed. Tana swung her hips and crushed her engorged pussy lips tightly into Rakara’s equally swollen cunt. The women screamed out; the heat of their battle suddenly shifting from their grinding tits to their wet, aching cunts. Both women now used their pelvises to hump hard at each other. Their magnificent asses flexed and rippled with effort. Their arms slipped down from their backs and settled around their waists. Both women grasped one of their wrists with their free hand, locking themselves in place as they began to fuck.

Rakara snarled, almost delirious with lust. Her tits were exploding with pleasure, her cunt was burning with need. She had to mate with Tana, she had to use her enraged sex to devour and defeat the sex of her enemy. She had to feel her glorious cunt locked and sucked to Tana’s, she had to feel her womanhood overpowering that of her hated foe. Tana felt the same way. She worked her cunt almost desperately against Rakara’s pussy, longing for the ultimate contact, wanting to destroy her foe in the most intimate way possible and, at the same time, relieve the terrible hunger burning between her legs. The women worked their hips and asses hard, sealing their pussy lips together with a hiss of wet flesh, sucking tight and merging. Their hot labia melted together. Sexual lubricants flowed from pussy to pussy, and trickled down between their thighs and down their legs. Their soft inner cores opened to each other and melted together. The women’s hard clits emerged from their hoods and swelled to full size, hot and wet and ready for combat. These were the weapons that would decide which woman was more sexually powerful and who would win the man, Jonggar, as her prize.

Tana and Rakara ground together, working their hips and asses in a hard rhythm, moving in unison to keep their bodies locked into one pulsing mass of flesh. Their vivid hip movements helped to keep their tits thrusting together, alive and aroused with friction and almost exploding with pleasure. Hot sweat greased their bodies, causing them to glint in the morning sun, lubricating their undulating flesh as they ground into each other. Thrusting their cunts together with all of their strength, both women suddenly stiffened in shocked ecstasy as their massive clits crushed head to head. Tana and Rakara froze, their eyes locked together in astonished pleasure. Hard, throbbing clits crushed and held, sending shockwaves of raw carnal joy blasting through both women. Tana shrieked and bucked her hips as hard as she could, driving her clit against Rakara’s with all of her strength, desperate to attain even greater pleasure. Rakara howled and thrust at Tana at the same time. Both massive clits crushed each other all the way back to their protective hoods and sent a nuclear explosion of raw ecstasy racing through the combatants. Tana screamed with joy and began sobbing with pleasure; Rakara howled and gasped, tears running down her face as the intense sensations burning up from her cunt threatened to overwhelm her.

The women pulled back from the clit to clit confrontation, relieving the pressure on their throbbing sex organs, allowing the hard, thick buds to emerge once again. Panting with lust, nose to nose and glaring at each other in hatred and desire, Tana and Rakara thrust their clits together again, fencing with the sensitive nubs, flicking them across each other, both women drawing gasps and groans from each other, before shoving their clits together head to head. In this most sensitive and excruciating position, the women worked their hips, rotating them around and around, forcing each other higher and higher up the pleasure curve as their swollen clits melted together into one continuous explosion of ecstasy. Both women sobbed uncontrollably, their teeth gritted with effort and the agony of raw pleasure. Tana and Rakara glared at each other through their tears, each woman determined to break the other, to force her enemy into orgasm.

Their pussies were sucked tightly together, their clits ground together relentlessly, and the women’s burning tits felt as though they had become one tender mass of taut flesh. Tana and Rakara fought on, working each other as hard as they could. Hot sweat poured from their bodies. The women threw their heads back, thick hair thrashing, and screamed out in pleasure. On and on it went, the raw pleasure building to unbearable levels. Their hot bodies trembled with tension and ecstasy.

Rakara realized that the excruciating battle could continue for some time and that she and Tana were too closely matched for any victor to emerge easily. Indeed, she wanted the fight to continue forever. Still, she felt herself overwhelmed by the sheer joy of the clit to clit fuck, of her hard tits melted into Tana’s, their beautiful nipples fused together and rubbing furiously. She needed to use another strategy if she was to ensure her victory.

Through the haze of pleasure, Rakara shifted her weight and wrapped her powerful right calf around Tana’s equally beautiful left leg. Both women were thrusting and grinding at each other from a solid standing position. Rakara’s move threw them off balance and, with a groan, Rakara pushed forward, driving her body onto Tana’s and sending both women crashing to the ground, Rakara on top of the tangled mass of beautiful flesh. Tana and Rakara shrieked as their bodies smashed together. Their tits crushed even harder, nipples penetrating each other; their bellies slapped solidly; their thrusting clits suddenly crushed together with incredible intensity. The women writhed in each other’s arms, beautiful legs struggling and locking. Rakara dug her toes into the soft earth and thrust her cunt into Tana’s with all of her strength, powering her clit into its counterpart on the blonde’s body. She was determined to use her position on top of their grinding bodies to her advantage. Tana screamed and bucked, matching the attack thrust for thrust, then thrashed wildly and soon managed to force their writhing bodies into a roll. Tana took the top position and fucked Rakara furiously, her powerful ass pumping hard. Tana’s hands were buried in the other woman’s hair, her head tilted up as she cried out in rage and lust, smashing her cunt into her enemy’s cunt with all of her strength. Rakara bucked back even as she sank the claws of her right hand into Tana’s pumping ass and yanked on Tana’s blonde locks with her other hand. Animal cries of lust and passion filled the clearing as the women fucked relentlessly.

The vicious fuckfight raged on, the women rolling each other and taking turns in the top position, trying to dominate and exhaust each other, trying to inflict more pleasure than the other could bear. Their hard, round bronzed asses worked furiously, moving in tight circles as they ground their clits together, pumping with effort as they drove their cunts at each other. Their hips rocked and their bellies writhed. Their beautiful breasts crushed and slid and rolled, nipples sealed tightly. Incredible sensations rushed through their bodies which burned with lust and need. Tana and Rakara hated each other, but the intensity of their sexual struggle had taken both of them to levels of sheer pleasure and desire that neither had ever experienced before. The women could not help screaming with desire. Then Tana, momentarily on top, drove her mouth down on Rakara’s and locked the redhead into a sucking kiss. Rakara returned the kiss with equal passion. Their hot tongues rolled and writhed within their locked mouths. They broke the kiss to curse and scream at each other as the pleasure continued to build.

The battling women rolled close to the edge of the hill, then plunged over the side. Wrapped together in an inextricable knot of raging muscle and thrusting asses, the women rolled rapidly down the hill toward the stream below. They stopped just before they hit the water, however, their bodies brought to a jarring halt by a thick log resting along the side of the bank. Rakara was on top, and now found herself in a decidedly advantageous position. Tana was jammed slightly down into where the log met the soft earth. Groaning with pleasure, Rakara braced herself and began thrusting her ass and working her hips, driving her cunt as deep and hard into Tana’s aching cunt as possible. Their burning clits were fused together and throbbed with constant ecstasy as the women fucked. Tana snarled and wrapped her powerful thighs around Rakara’s bucking hips. She controlled the redhead’s thrusts, and bucked up with her hips to meet her enemy’s attacks. She began working her torso against Rakara’s, rubbing her tits around and around Rakara’s, forcing ever greater arousal on her foe. Tana sank her claws into Rakara’s bucking ass and pulled the redhead in as hard as she could. Rakara wrapped her arms around Tana’s back and squeezed with all of her strength, trying to force Tana’s tits to surrender to her own. The women locked up in a probing kiss, their growls and snarls of hatred and ecstasy muted by their slick tongues. Tana wrapped her legs with Rakara’s and continued thrusting back against her foe. The struggle went on and on, but the end was now approaching.

The pleasure and tension had built up in both women to unendurable levels. Their bodies shook with pre-orgasmic tremors. As they built towards an incredible orgasmic explosion, both women felt as though their pussies had expanded to fill their lower bodies. Now their slick, wet cunts slid within each other, merging and melting. Their hot, throbbing clits were fused into one continuous explosion. Their burning tits and rock hard nipples pulsed with unbearable sensations. The women drove at each other with increasing desperation, hard asses pumping, rock hard bellies slapping as they rode each other to the end. Their cries and moans of joy built and built. Rakara’s eyes were shut tight, her teeth clenched in agony as she fucked Tana with all of her strength, her clit so hard and strong that it felt it had to break anything it confronted. Tana’s clit thrust back with equal power, however, holding Rakara in check. Tana and Rakara suddenly felt the impending orgasm that they had both been fighting off finally arrive. With final cries of lust and desperation, both women drew back their powerful asses, then thrust forward with all of their strength. Their fused clits smashed head to head, then crushed each other completely back into their hoods. The explosion of ecstasy that followed was so intense that Tana and Rakara let out hitching gasps of joy, struggling for breath and consciousness, before they let out whooping shrieks of pleasure and stiffened in each other’s arms, muscles locking and straining as their bodies convulsed with ecstasy. Hot cum flowed between their locked bodies, filling up their vaginal canals. The women held each other rigid with pleasure as multiple orgasms chained through their bodies, building in intensity before slowing declining and fading. The women cried out and screamed as the orgasms exploded through them. Nose to nose, Rakara glared down into Tana’s eyes as they fucked each other to the end. They locked together in a final kiss of lust and passion as both women felt their consciousness fading, the intensity of their mutual pleasure finally too much to bear.

Tana and Rakara sank their claws into their enemy’s ass and held on. They broke their hard kiss and shrieked in the final throes of pleasure and passion. Crying and gasping the two women finally passed out, their incredible bodies locked and merged, muscles convulsing, limbs tangled, hot sweat slicking their shining flesh.

Part III

Rakara and Tana lay together, exhausted, for some time. Finally, Rakara rolled off of Tana’s beautiful body and they lay side by side, panting with exertion, basking in the afterglow of the incredible pleasure that each had just taken from the other’s body. Their beautiful tits, reddened by the constant friction of the sexfight, rose and fell in unison. They turned their heads and locked gazes, their looks a combination of raw passion and deep hatred. Groaning, Tana slowly pulled herself away from the log. Her back was scraped and abraded from being rubbed into the rough wood, but she was otherwise unhurt. Her pussy ached, sore from the incredible battle that it had just been through. Still, she could feel the tension rising in her loins as she confronted Rakara’s equally beautiful body. Her eyes roamed hungrily over her enemy’s hard tits and chiseled abdomen, punctuated by her deep navel. Rakara’s thickly muscled legs swooped away from her hairy cunt. Tana took this spectacle in and prepared herself for continued battle.

Rakara pulled herself into a sitting position and sat facing Tana, who had pulled herself to her hands and knees. Rakara felt her insatiable sex stirring again as she observed Tana’s voluptuous form. Tana’s heavy breasts hung down toward the ground, her hard, tight ass curved away from her sculpted back. Rakara wanted to go cunt to cunt with her foe. Right now, however, she realized that they were too evenly matched and she might lose a simple war of attrition. It was better to wear Tana down, to try to gain an advantage in another field of battle before taking on Tana’s sex with her own. Rakara pushed herself back, then quickly rose to her feet. With a groan, Tana also assumed a standing position. Rakara did not waste any time. The moment that Tana got to her feet, Rakara attacked. She threw her nude body at her beautiful enemy. Tana was expecting this, and caught Rakara on her chest. Both women gasped as their hard tits crushed into one, but Tana quickly spun her body so that the momentum of the attack sent the two battling beauties over the log and into the mud on the wet bank of the stream.

Tana and Rakara tangled together, their powerful limbs locking and straining against each other, each woman struggling to gain the top position. Tana had landed on top, but Rakara thrust with her hips and soon managed to gain the dominant position, if only for a moment. As the women fought, they churned up the wet mud on which they battled and they were soon covered in a slick coat of dark brown mud. They rolled from side to side, first Tana on top then Rakara, their thrashing bodies battling furiously, animal groans of effort and pleasure issuing from their mouths. They clawed at each other’s backs and asses, their hands slipping on the new coating of wet mud. The mud squeezed up into their ass cracks and slid between their writhing bellies, filling their navels. Their bodies slid and slipped, hot flesh rubbing, lubricated by the muck. The women’s hair soon became caked with filth as they fought. Each woman had thrust a powerful thigh up into the other’s pussy. Their massive tits slid and slapped in the thick liquid, squeezing out moist mud. Rakara bit at Tana’s shoulder and Tana eagerly returned the attack. Even here, however, the pervasive muck prevented either woman from inflicting much damage. Finally, Tana took the top position and then spread her legs, digging her toes into the wet ground and anchoring herself. Rakara could not roll her enemy over, so she drove her thigh even more deeply up into Tana’s cunt, rubbing insistently, pushing into the blonde beauty’s burning clit. Tana moaned and snarled in pleasure, enduring this new assault with gritted teeth. She had her hands sunk into Rakara’s muddied hair; Rakara’s hands were buried in Tana’s wild mane. Tana released her enemy’s head, reached up to seize Rakara’s hands and pulled them away from her own head. Rakara had not expected this attack and suddenly found her arms being forced back to the ground, spread on either side of her body. She resisted, but in moments her hands were pinned back into the mud by Tana’s hands. Both women squeezed hard, sinking their sharp nails into the back of the other’s hands. Rakara growled and continued driving her thigh into Tana’s cunt. Tana snarled and raised herself up, putting extra weight on Rakara’s hands to hold her in place. Then, she began rubbing her hard, throbbing tits into Rakara’s bountiful breasts, using her back muscles to rotate her torso, grinding and sliding and stimulating her enemy with her sensual attack. The mud lubricated their rolling tits, enhancing the delicious sensations. Tana moved her breasts from side to side, sliding her tits between Rakara’s, using her powerful chest muscles to squeeze one of Rakara’s tits between her own hard pair. With her arms restrained, Rakara could not squeeze back, and found the pleasure burning down from her chest firing the heat between her legs with a growing intensity. She rubbed her thigh into Tana’s open cunt with even more effort, the thick pubic hair grating on her skin, forcing gasps of pleasure from her hated enemy. Tana could not take much more; she closed her thighs around Rakara’s rubbing leg and then thrust her own left thigh up into Rakara’s cunt in retaliation, trying to force her foe to orgasm. At the same time, she continued to hold Rakara down by her arms, even as she rotated her torso into Rakara’s, their massive breasts engaged in an ecstatic war of their own. The women gasped and groaned, the heat in their bodies building and building as they stimulated each other, each trying to conquer the sex of the other with raw pleasure.

With their legs coiled tightly together, it was more difficult for Tana and Rakara to stimulate the other’s cunt. As the lust and pleasure built, however, Rakara found herself unable to resist her desire. She loosened her leg from Tana’s beautiful limb and opened her thighs, allowing Tana’s leg easy access to her burning cunt. Tana thrust her left thigh as hard up into Rakara’s pussy as she could, enjoying the feel of the hot lips sucking on her muscled flesh, the pubic hair grating on her smooth skin. Rakara cried out with pleasure under this new assault. Even as she drove at Rakara, Tana spread her own legs slightly, an opening that Rakara instantly exploited, jamming her thigh up into Tana’s pussy. Now, their tits rolling on each other, their powerful legs furiously working their slick cunts, the two goddesses fought on, their cries of animal lust and passion filling the clearing. Tana still had Rakara’s hands pinned to the ground but, as they fought, their bodies writhing, Rakara managed to twist her hands free of Tana’s grip, aided by the slick mud. She immediately wrapped her arms around Tana’s back and sank her hands into Tana’s wild hair. Rakara squeezed tight, crushing their tits together. Tana screamed out with pleasure. Her body stiffened, and she returned the grip. Thrashing wildly, humping furiously, tearing at each other’s hair, Tana and Rakara rode each other mercilessly. Their swollen clits rubbed wetly into their foe’s muscled thigh. As the battle raged, Rakara began to tremble with tension and pleasure. Tana was quivering with restrained ecstasy, but her body was not yet at the same peak as Rakara’s. Through the haze of pleasure, Rakara realized her danger. She was terribly close to an orgasmic explosion and to losing this round of the battle. With a snarl of desperation, she placed her hands on Tana’s shoulders, shifted her hips and, with one last thrust of her thigh into Tana’s burning cunt, Rakara pushed hard with her arms and hips. Tana, lost in the pleasure of the sexfight, was caught off-guard and went rolling over onto her back, her hands still tangled in Rakara’s hair, her arms tight around the redhead’s beautiful back. Rakara pushed hard on Tana’s shoulders, pinning the other woman down even as she pushed her torso back off of Tana’s, releasing the pressure on their battling tits, though their massive breasts were too large to separate. Tana’s arms remained locked around Rakara’s back, holding her close. Rakara allowed herself to drop onto Tana, their hard bodies slapping together, their massive tits crushing tight. The shock of pleasure shot through them. Tana moaned and weakened her grip. Rakara pulled herself up, then dropped again. The two battling cavewomen screamed out their pleasure as their tits crushed again, as their hard bellies slapped into one. This time Rakara managed to push herself off of Tana and, with a groan, she rolled away, pulling her thigh, slicked with vaginal juices, out of Tana’s pussy. Tana’s leg peeled away from Rakara’s cunt with an audible wet pop. Rakara rolled away, then came to a kneeling position. Tana pulled herself to her knees.

The two gorgeous women confronted each other across the expanse of mud in which they had been fighting. Their chests heaved with their pants, their hearts pounded with effort. The fire between their legs burned with nova-hot intensity. Still, Rakara had the relief she had sought. Slowly, the aching pleasure between her legs came under control, and she was able to confront her foe with greater confidence.

Tana and Rakara glared at each other. Their bodies ached with arousal and sexual power. Rakara stared hungrily at Tana’s heaving tits, her tight belly curving down to her thick bush. Rakara wanted this whore, she wanted Tana locked to her, heaving and panting and fucking, she wanted to feel Tana clit to clit, she wanted to consume Tana, sex to sex. She was never more enraged or aroused in her life.

Tana felt exactly the same way. Her body burned with lust, she was consumed by the need to devour Rakara’s body with her own. She wanted to feel every inch of her skin crushed to Rakara’s in a battle to the finish.

Tana began crawling towards Rakara, but the redheaded beauty sat back on her hard, round ass. She spread her magnificent legs, opening her powerful cunt. Her engorged clit thrust out from her pussy, her pussy lips contracted with arousal, her hot pink labia glowed with heat. Hot juices flowed away from her pussy, trickling down to her ass. She panted with lust as she presented her cunt to her foe. Tana immediately accepted the challenge. She crawled closer, then sat back on her powerful ass and spread her legs. Her pubic hair was caked with mud, but her beautiful pussy opened like a flower, her clit thrusting like a stamen. She moaned with lust as she closed the final distance between herself and her despised enemy.

The two women scissored each other, their powerful legs streaked with mud and spread wide. Tana pushed up until her mud-thickened pubic hair crushed with Rakara’s. Their juicy pussy lips touched gently, and the women paused, panting with hunger, as they glared into each other’s eyes. Their engorged clits were fully aroused and extended from their pussies; Rakara and Tana carefully moved together until, very gently, they touched clit to clit. A shock of pure pleasure roared through their bodies. Both beautiful women threw back their heads and screamed, then groaned with ecstasy, their bodies trembling with sensation. Still they kept their clits pressed gently together, the electric sensations pulsing through their bodies. They locked their gazes together, looks of pure lust and burning hatred passing between them. Their fully aroused pussies convulsed, hot juices gushing out to soak the hot flesh joined at the intersection of their crotches. With a mutual moan, the women pulled apart, letting their clits separate and the intense pleasure abate. This tantalizing touch had given them a taste of the ecstasy to come, the incredible battle that they were about to wage on each other.

Their pussy lips stuck wetly together, their mud-streaked pubic hair tangled. Gazes locked together, snarls of hatred on their lips, they signaled each other with their eyes. Tana and Rakara sank their hands into the mud behind them to brace their bodies, then slowly pushed their aching pussies together again. Hot cunt lips crushed and sucked, melting into one. Their enraged clits slowly crushed together. As the throbbing sex nubs touched and continued pushing into each other, Tana and Rakara both let out explosive screams of pleasure. They snarled and growled at each other, their chests heaving, their breath coming in hard pants as the raw sensations blasted through them. They continued clit wrestling, pushing hard into each other, each trying to force the other’s rock-hard clit back. Their clits held each other, quivering with tension within their locked cunts, struggling to overwhelm the other. Tana closed her eyes tight, animal groans of pleasure coming from her lips, incredible pleasure filling every inch of her straining body. Tears of pure ecstasy trickled from Rakara’s eyes as she gasped with joy, concentrating with all her strength to keep from being overwhelmed, willing her clit to hold its own against its attacking counterpart. Opening their eyes, locking their lust-filled gazes, the women signaled each other again and now drove their clits together with all the power of their bucking asses and thrusting hips. Their quivering clits crushed into one ecstatic mass, then agonizingly pushed each other all the way back. Tana and Rakara shrieked in unison at the top of their lungs, then broke down sobbing as the pleasure from their clits rippled through their bodies. Their cunts were sucked tight, hot vaginal juices flowing between them, pussy lips pushed flat together. Their throbbing clits continued to hold each other in check, their sexual power too evenly matched to overcome the other. Now, the battle was becoming a test of endurance. Which of these beautiful women could inflict more pleasure than the other could take?

Tana forced herself to act, despite the paralyzing pleasure burning in her cunt, filling her belly and tits. She drew back slightly then drove her wet pussy into Rakara’s as hard as she could. Their burning clits crushed, incredible sensations blasting through them. Rakara howled with pleasure from the attack, then she thrust back. The women’s wet pussies pumped into each other, their rock hard clits now began smashing together in a deadly rhythm.

“Whore, you dirty cunt…” Tana screamed at her foe. “Cunt! Filthy cunt!” Rakara shrieked back.

As the women fought, the vicious fuckfight caused both to lose their grips in the slick mud. The battling warriors fell onto their backs in the muck, their massive tits bouncing as they hit, then jiggling with tension as the women dug their fingers into the wet earth and tried to find the leverage from which to drive at each other. They writhed in the muck, their muscled torsos rippling with effort, their long legs straining with tension. Neither could gain a good grip until Tana reached down her body and grabbed Rakara’s upper thighs, sinking her claws into the smooth flesh. Rakara screamed, then immediately returned the grip. Holding each other as an anchor, the two Amazons drove into each other, their wet pussies sucked and merged, their hard clits fused into one hot nub of ecstasy.

Rakara closed her eyes and fucked Tana with all of her strength. She no longer had any strategy. The only thing that mattered was grinding her clit into Tana’s clit until the pleasure reached its final, inevitable conclusion. Every inch of her body burned with ecstatic sensations, her tits were throbbing with arousal, her nipples were so hard they hurt. She was overwhelmed by lust and pleasure beyond anything she had ever felt before and she needed to lock together with Tana until they merged into one enraged body. She could no longer think. She was only conscious of Tana’s magnificent body and rock hard clit driving back against her own. The women’s screams and cries merged into one long exclamation of pure joy as they fucked with everything they had. The women were quivering with tension, both on the verge of an orgasmic release of unprecedented proportions. The women had turned partially onto their sides and were now scissor-locked with their legs on either side of their enemy’s torso, each holding the powerful thigh of the other for leverage, as their hips and asses worked their cunts together in a savage rhythm. Hot juices lubricated every thrust and washed away some of the wet muck coating the sensitive flesh around the women’s joined crotches. On and on the battle raged, both women grunting and crying out with each delicious thrust, their cunts sucked together wetly, their beautiful tits rocking in concert.

Suddenly, without warning, Tana felt herself about to explode. Her eyes shot wide, her gasps became more frantic. “No…” she moaned, then “NO!” She drove at Rakara even harder, desperate to bring her foe with her over the edge of ecstasy. Rakara’s eyes shot open and locked with Tana’s. She understood instantly what was happening. With a cry of victory, she began driving back, smashing her clit into Tana’s as hard and fast as she could. The women screamed together, exchanging snarls of pure hatred as they struggled to the end, each aware of how close Tana was to defeat.

Tana exploded. With a shriek of joy mingled with despair, she felt her powerful cunt convulse, her clit explode and mind-numbing pleasure blast through her body, tightening her muscles and causing her pussy to contract. Hot cum blasted from her as she pumped her release into Rakara’s waiting body. Only moments after Tana exploded into her incredible orgasm, Rakara could not take any more. With a shriek of joy, victory and release, her body unleashed its power. The women fell back from each other, their cunts locked together, and writhed in ecstasy in the wet mud as their bodies fucked to the end. Their throbbing clits exploded as one as they rubbed furiously into each other, Tana and Rakara forcing orgasm after orgasm from each other as the sexfight raged. Tana may have gone off first, but she was determined to fight to the end. She was sure she could fuck Rakara into submission. The raw pleasure proved too much for both women, however, and soon neither woman could do anything more than ride the waves of pleasure blasting through their bodies, pushing them to the edge of consciousness as each orgasm detonated with greater intensity than the one before.

Rakara continued writhing, shaking with pleasure, grinding herself into Tana’s driving body. Tana writhed back with equal desperation. The two beauties shrieked and cursed and moaned, crying out in sheer joy as they fucked each other senseless. The battle seemed to go on forever. Eventually, however, hovering on the verge of unconsciousness, Rakara came to realize that Tana was not grinding back. Gasping, riding out another mind-numbingly intense orgasm, she looked down between her rocking tits at Tana and discovered that the blonde beauty was unconscious, her mind finally unable to take the incredible pleasure saturating her body. The realization that she had succeeded in fucking Tana into submission was Rakara’s last thought before she finally passed out, her own body unable to stand any more. With a sigh of pleasure and lust, she collapsed, letting the darkness take her.

Part IV

Some time later, Rakara came back to consciousness. Her pussy ached, her tits burned with tension. She was still deeply aroused, despite the incredible fucking she had just endured. Still, she was flush with a sense of victory. She was still locked cunt to cunt with Tana. As Rakara stirred, Tana groaned and began to move. Rakara was too tired to claim her victory. Her pubic hair was matted with mud and completely melded to Tana’s. Their constant grinding into each other in the muck had merged their bushes into one thick mass of hair, glued together by drying mud. Rakara gritted her teeth and pulled away. The shock of pain brought Tana back to full awareness. Both women screamed with pain as they slowly, agonizingly pulled apart, each woman leaving large parts of her bush in the other’s crotch.

With a moan, Rakara staggered to her feet and threw herself into the stream they had been fighting beside. She immersed herself in the water, letting it cool her and ease her aching body. The mud quickly washed away. She stood up in the water, which came to just below her waist, and squeezed out her thick red hair. She scrubbed her pussy hair, cleaning as much of the mud out of her thick bush as she could. Even as Rakara cleaned herself, Tana waded from the bank of the stream out to the middle of the water and dipped below the surface. Like Rakara, she luxuriated in the cool water, letting it ease her aches. She rose from the water, squeezing out her thick blonde hair behind her back, her arms behind her head, her beautiful tits thrust out. Rakara and Tana regarded each other coolly. Rakara placed her own hands behind her head and arched her back, thrusting her tits towards her foe. Both women felt the dull tension in their loins quickly flare back to life. Tana’s nipples tightened, aroused by more than the cool water. Heat suffused her belly. The women began moving back to the stream’s edge even as they began moving toward each other. They came together in the shallow end of the stream, where the water peaked at their knees.

The nude women pressed into each other. Taut nipples pushed tight and mated, sending a shiver of pleasure through both women. Thick heavy tits crushed and merged. Their smooth bellies slid together as the women wrapped their powerful arms around their enemy’s naked back and squeezed tight. Rakara brushed her lips and nose against Tana’s. “You lost,” she murmured, her hot breath playing against Tana’s half-opened mouth. Rakara’s tongue slipped out and ran along Tana’s full lips. “We’re not done yet,” Tana groaned back, her nose rubbing Rakara’s, her tongue reaching out to play with Rakara’s hot pink probe. The women’s tongues pushed and thrust, licking each other gently, tantalizingly, arousing Tana and Rakara, feeding the heat between their legs and in their tits. Their hands roamed their naked bodies, stroking and squeezing, kneading and scratching as the heat between them quickly built back to full arousal. After playing for a few minutes, Tana and Rakara opened their mouths and slipped their tongues inside of each other’s gorgeous mouths, their tongues tangling and sliding, hot saliva flowing between them. With groans of lust, both women squeezed ever harder as they drove their lips together, pushing as deeply into each other as they could, their tongues battling furiously within their joined mouths. Rakara ran her hand down Tana’s ass, then thrust her index finger up Tana’s tight hole; Tana groaned with delight and returned the violation. They finally broke their French kiss with a moan, and pulled apart, their breath coming in hot gasps. Tana placed her forehead to Rakara’s, and the two rested nose to nose, panting into each other’s face. Their nipples were fused together, their tits throbbed with electric pressure. Tana slipped her right hand down Rakara’s smooth belly, her palm briefly sucked by Rakara’s deep navel, and then tangled her fingers in Rakara’s bush before slipping her palm over the redhead’s hot cunt. Rakara returned the hold, cupping Tana’s thick pussy.

Both women traced the other’s pussy lips, moistening their fingers on the wet, sensitive flesh. Then they drove their fingers into the other’s pussy, spreading the thick pussy lips, separating the hot labia, and then probing their vaginal canals. They just held each other at first, but soon they started stroking and rubbing. Thumbs found their thickening clits. In moments, Tana and Rakara were gasping into the other’s face, nose to nose as they began working each other. They locked up in a hungry kiss as their persistent fingers worked their slick cunts. Both women tried to close their inner vaginal muscles around the invading fingers. As they kissed, they groaned with ever greater arousal. Rakara slipped four, then five fingers into her enemy’s tight pussy. She worked her fingers back and forth, sliding and teasing Tana’s hot, wet cunt, rubbing the intense pleasure spots that she could find. Tana rubbed back, drawing gasps and moans of pleasure from her foe.

Tana was still working Rakara’s pussy with only two fingers and her thumb when, suddenly, Rakara launched a devastating assault. Thrusting all of her fingers up into Tana’s cunt, she folded her fingers together and made a fist. Suddenly, Tana’s vaginal core was filled with her enemy’s hard fist and her pussy was exploding with pleasure. Tana shrieked at the sudden assault, then gasped as it continued. Her swollen clit was crushed by the intruding knuckles. Desperate to survive the attack, Tana slipped her remaining fingers into Rakara’s pussy, then closed her hand. Rakara shrieked in response to this counterattack, then redoubled her own assault, shoving her fist as far into Tana as she could. Tana’s internal muscles involuntarily closed and squeezed around the intruder; hot vaginal juice gushed, soaking Rakara’s invading hand.

“Oh God, you dirty slut!,”Tana cried, sobbing with the intensity of the attack, her body almost doubled over with pleasure. She felt overwhelmed, the core of her being completely dominated by the attacking knuckles. Rakara thrust and twisted, forcing Tana into another hitching gasp, which turned into a shriek of raw pleasure. Tana had to fight back. She thrust her fist as far up Rakara as she could, forcing the redheaded beauty to shriek with passion, feeling Rakara’s deep muscles convulse around her probing hand. Both women were leaning into each other, crushed tit to tit. With her free hand, Tana grabbed Rakara’s thick hair and forced the woman into a brutal kiss. Rakara kissed back passionately, determined to meet and destroy Tana in every way that she could. They had to break the kiss, however, as waves of pleasure burned up from their engorged pussies, forcing them to scream in unison. The two battling beauties twisted their fists, dragging screams of joy and anguish from each other. They clawed at each other with their free hands, slapping and squeezing tits, occasionally pausing to lock their mouths in deep kisses, or to and bite and suck at engorged nipples. The struggle within their cunts raged on. Tana and Rakara panted and sobbed, driving each other mad with desire. Their legs slowly weakened from the intense pleasure, and they fell to their knees in the stream. The cool water was finally enough to break the spell of their lustful battle. The women pushed apart, slipping their wet, slicked hands out of their enemy’s hot hole. On the way out, Rakara reached down and seized Tana’s bush, then pulled out a handful of pubic hair, evoking a shriek from her enemy. Before Tana could retaliate, Rakara pushed her away, then pulled herself unsteadily to her feet and backed away up the stream bed to the shore. Her eyes never left Tana, making it clear that she was waiting for more, that she wanted the pursuit to come. The women’s eyes shone with lust. They wanted to hurt each other, but they were also dying to inflict pleasure, to pit sex against sex in a final decisive battle.

The two women staggered up onto the bank, then prepared to face each other. Their eyes blazed with rage and hate and almost overwhelming desire. With a cry, Tana threw herself at Rakara, who lunged to meet her. Their bodies slapped together, then the two women began striking at each other. Each took a handful of the other’s hair and, with the remaining hand, began pummeling her foe. They pounded each other’s breasts, bouncing the magnificent tits and inflicting severe pain. Rakara sank her hand into Tana’s bush and ripped at the thick pubic hair. Tana shrieked, then retaliated in kind. They pushed at each other and fell away. The women panted in fury as they fought to gain their second wind. Their tits rocked, their rippling abdomens sucked in, their hot cunts dripped with arousal. Then, fists clenched in anger, they advanced on each other again. Tana and Rakara exchanged hard blows, two warriors now locked together in a vicious struggle for supremacy. Rakara punched Tana in her rock-hard stomach, causing the blonde beauty to double over in pain; Tana lashed out and struck Rakara hard in her cunt, then smashed a hard fist into her foe’s right tit. Rakara screamed out and almost fell to her knees, before sinking her fingers and nails into Tana’s bulging tits. Tana howled and returned the hold; for a few moments, the women mauled each other’s breasts, clawing the taut flesh and squeezing the tight nipples. They shrieked in unison as they inflicted horrible pain on each other. At the same time, their vicious battle was stimulating both women. The anger and violence fed their burning lust, their mutual need to conquer the other woman in the most intimate way possible. The heat in their pussies continued to build, thick vaginal juices began to flow hotter and faster as they fought harder, as their arousal deepened.

Tana and Rakara broke apart for a moment, then lunged at each other again. Tana slapped Rakara hard on the cheek, then absorbed a vicious retaliatory blow. They slapped frantically at each other for several minutes, their heads snapping to and fro, their hair thrashing wildly, until their open handed slaps became clenched fists and they began trading powerful punches to their bodies. They battered each other, punching abdomens and tits, occasionally breaking through to strike a painful blow to the face of their foe. They knocked each other around the bank of the stream, exchanging hard kicks and sharp punches. For several minutes they fought viciously, two skilled warriors locked in a battle to the finish. They resisted the urge to grapple, each woman hoping that she could land the blows that would stun her enemy, and render her foe easier to conquer in a clit to clit fuck. The warriors proved to be too evenly matched, however, and the brutal fight could not satisfy the growing heat between their legs. The harder they fought, the more their mutual lust built.

Tana and Rakara locked hand to hand and began pushing against each other, each trying to physically overpower the other. With a mutual groan of lust, they came together tit to tit, hard nipples piercing each other, both women aroused beyond all measure. They pressed close, hard bellies slapping and sliding, hot cunts only inches apart. With a cry, the women began exchanging pussy punches, their wet cunts slapping wildly. Tana and Rakara released their enemy’s hands and quickly sank their sharp nails into the other’s pumping ass, as they pulled each other together as hard and tight as they could. Their asses flexed and rippled with effort; their hot cunts slapped and sucked, and then pressed hard and began to spread and merge.

“Bitch, you bitch…,” Rakara moaned. Then “Fuck me…”, she begged, her body desperate to be locked into Tana’s volcanic sex.

“Whore…,” Tana groaned at Rakara. “You beautiful, fucking whore…” Her body was aching with need. She had to fuck this bitch until they both exploded.

The women leaned back, their hands fixed to the other’s rounded ass, compressing their massive tits between their biceps, forcing their breasts together with even greater force, nipples and areola melting into one. At the same time, they gyrated their hips, grinding their pussies, hot liquids lubricating their thrusts. Tana gasped as she worked her cunt into Rakara’s, feeling the folds of her throbbing pussy lips penetrating and spreading Rakara’s pussy lips, feeling her soft labia melting into Rakara’s. Finally, she felt her hard clit driving into the velvet furnace of Rakara’s cunt, searching for its engorged enemy. Rakara worked her cunt into Tana’s with equal passion, luxuriating in the incredible feelings as their cunts melted together. Their wet, hard, throbbing clits flicked each other, causing both women to gasp with the sudden ecstasy and open their eyes in shocked pleasure. Then, glares locked together, jaws set with determination, Tana and Rakara thrust their clits together with all of their strength. Rakara whooped with sheer joy as her hot sex nub crushed and held Tana’s burning sex. Tana screamed in absolute pleasure, then began grinding herself into Rakara, seeking the ultimate release. Rakara ground back and, in moments, both women were screaming like banshees, cursing each other and moaning with animal lust as they fucked with all of their strength. Wave after wave of raw pleasure blasted through their enraged bodies with every powerful thrust. Hard tits grew even harder and more sensitive as their rubbed raw; powerful asses rippled and clenched with effort; glorious cunts sucked and slid. Throbbing clits slashed and rubbed and wrestled, holding each other in tension, struggling to overpower and overwhelm.

Rakara and Tana were in absolute ecstasy. As they fought, their legs began to weaken from the sheer pleasure. Slowly, they slid down, their legs scissored, until their hard asses hit the ground. They continued to grind at each other, their breasts pressed even harder, sweat lubricating their tits as they rolled and crushed. Tana released Rakara’s pumping ass and placed her hands behind her, providing leverage from which to drive her pussy into Rakara’s with greater force. Rakara reciprocated the move. Their tits remained glued together, rubbing and rocking as their bodies bucked in rhythm.

Rakara smiled with joy. She was lost in the pleasure, in the delicious sensations burning through her flesh. She had defeated Tana once already in a clit to clit confrontation, and she was certain she could do so again. For now, she just enjoyed being fucked out of her mind.

Tana threw back her head and closed her eyes, enjoying the wonderful feelings throbbing up from her clit, pulsing out of her engorged tits. She was in blissful agony. However, she had not forgotten her earlier defeat, and much of her concentration was now on preventing herself from exploding too soon. She struggled to control part of herself, to keep from being fucked into submission a second time.

The battle raged on, for ten, twenty, thirty minutes. Their pussies felt as though they had expanded to encompass both women’s entire bodies below their tits. Tana and Rakara were both shaking with pre-orgasmic tension. Still, they battled on, grinding slowly and hard and mercilessly, their clits fused into one. Wave after wave of excruciating pleasure rippled through the joined women, melting them into one beautiful mass of driving muscle. The voracious sexual animals buried in both women were now released and struggled to devour each other with raw ecstasy.

Suddenly, Rakara opened her eyes, and gasped in astonishment. Through the haze of pleasure she could feel her impending orgasm suddenly reaching unendurable levels. She stared searchingly, desperately at Tana, whose face was still thrown back, her mouth half open as she moaned with pleasure, but who was clearly still some time away from orgasm. Rakara suddenly realized she was on the verge of defeat. She could barely think through the haze of pleasure clouding her thoughts, but she knew that she could not take much more. With a cry of anguish, she suddenly placed her hands on Tana’s shoulders and pushed the blonde beauty away. At the same time, she sank her barefeet into the soft earth and pushed away from Tana’s thrusting hips. Rakara yanked her crotch away from Tana’s, struggling to disengage from her enemy’s body.

Rakara hated to do this. She wanted the orgasmic paradise that she was so close to attaining. But her pride would not allow her to be beaten. With a scream, her cunt sucked away from Tana’s, hot fluid pouring out as she broke the tight seal between their joined sexes. Her swollen clit suddenly pulled away from Tana’s throbbing sex nub, providing instant relief to Rakara’s burning body. With a gasp, she threw herself back from Tana, landing on her back, groaning with unrelieved lust and pleasure. However, Tana was not about to let her enemy pull out of this fight so easily.

Tana gasped, struggling to recover from the sudden disengagement. She realized why Rakara had pulled apart. She was enraged, but also hopeful; she was clearly close to winning this conflict, and she would not let Rakara cheat her of the victory. She hurled herself at Rakara, finally seeing her opportunity to gain a decisive advantage in the battle. She landed hard on Rakara’s naked body, forcing her foe to gasp as she had the wind knocked out of her. Tana quickly straddled Rakara’s luscious hips and began to strike the redhead viciously in the face, slapping her head from side to side, and punching her in the tits. Rakara gasped and cried out with pain, too stunned to defend herself effectively. She tried to shield herself with her arms, but Tana easily broke through her defense and continued to pummel her foe. She punched Rakara’s face from side to side, rendering the redheaded beauty dazed and on the verge of unconsciousness with a few powerful, well-placed blows.

Tana moaned, overwhelmed with lust. She needed to lock up with Rakara and resume the fuckfight that the redhead had broken off. Tana pulled Rakara’s left leg up, placing it on her shoulder, and scissored her enemy. She lowered her sopping wet cunt down onto Rakara’s hot, thick pussy. Tana shoved hard, driving into Rakara with all the power of her round ass. Rakara, still stunned and dazed, responded to the violation instinctively, her body jerking up, her back arching, meeting Tana’s thrusts, her aching clit seeking its counterpart in Tana’s cunt. The women began to move together rhythmically, Tana increasing the pace of her thrusts, Rakara meeting her every inch of the way. Tana reached down and squeezed Rakara’s bouncing tits, kneading the taut flesh and sinking her claws into the yielding breasts. Tana stroked Rakara’s burning nipples, running her fingers around the rigid areola, stimulating her foe to even deeper arousal. Even as she worked Rakara’s beautiful tits, Tana’s pumping ass drove her cunt deeper and deeper into its counterpart on Rakara’s bucking body. Tana felt her hard, swollen clit plunging down into the thick labial fold of Rakara’s pussy, seeking out its mate. The wet heat of Rakara’s cunt was intoxicating, and Tana loved the delicious sucking tension as Rakara drove back at her. The women’s hard clits at last touched, and the two warriors screamed with pleasure from the sudden shock. Tana fucked Rakara with all of her strength. She drove herself as deep and hard into her enemy as she could, smashing her clit into Rakara’s, rubbing furiously, screaming with joy as Rakara’s clit rammed back against her own. She drove herself and her foe ever harder and faster to the heights of ecstasy. At the same time, she knew that Rakara, in her semi-conscious state, would be in no condition to resist the incredible pleasure racking her body.

Rakara thrust back automatically, her dazed mind seeking out the incredible pleasure blasting up from her pussy and through her muscles. The harder Tana worked her, the more Rakara thrust back, her ability to restrain herself lost in the sensuality flowing through her body. Her hair thrashed from side to side and she moaned and screamed with pleasure. She was in absolute ecstasy, lost in the delicious animal sensations of exploding pleasure. She was merging, muscle to muscle and cunt to cunt, with her enemy and she thrilled to the feeling of complete union. Her hands reached out blindly and she sank her fingers into Tana’s enthusiastically bouncing tits

Tana continued the attack, but now made every effort to control her own arousal. Her clit worked hard against Rakara’s, driving the redhead insane with pleasure. The clit to clit fuck filled Tana’s body with unbearable lust and tension, but she still managed to keep from simply giving in to the incredible pleasure. Still, she threw her head back and whimpered with joy, her teeth clenched with pleasure and the strain of self-control as her hard sex continued its delicious attack on her enemy’s cunt.

Rakara finally exploded in a devastating series of orgasms. She shrieked, thrashing wildly, her body bucking in furious passion. Tana rode her hard, moving with her, keeping their pussies glued together, squeezing Rakara’s tits tightly, flicking the hard nipples and playing with the engorged areola, doing all that she could to force pleasure onto Rakara’s overwhelmed body. At the same time, Rakara’s furious bucking and grinding subjected Tana to pleasures that, finally, she could not resist any longer. With a shriek of pure ecstasy, the blonde beauty exploded in passion, her powerful orgasms chaining out, her writhing body grinding furiously into Rakara’s magnificent form. The two women worked against each other, their muscles straining, their clits fused into one, their powerful pussies sucking and squeezing and convulsing together. Hot cum filled their vaginal canals and overflowed, trickling out onto their interlocked thighs, soaking into their tangled pubic hair, mixing with their hot sweat to slick their undulating bellies.

For more than ten minutes, the two beautiful women rode each other, pulling orgasm after orgasm out of their enraged bodies. Tana still struggled to hold some part of herself back, but Rakara could only ride out each shock of ecstasy until, finally, her exhausted body, overwhelmed by the raw sensations, forced her mind into unconsciousness. Tana convulsed in a few more devastating orgasms before finally collapsing onto Rakara’s spent body, crushing the redhead tit to tit and belly to belly. Tana sighed with pleasure and victory, and slowly stretched herself out on Rakara’s beautiful form.

Part V

After some time, Tana pulled herself off of her defeated enemy. She groaned as their cunts sucked apart, as their thick bushes pulled. She felt elated. She had just fought the hardest, most sensual battle of her life and she had won. True, it had been an incredibly close struggle that could have gone either way. But the battle had gone in her favor, and now she planned to savor it.

Tana smiled with pleasure as she looked down at her beautiful enemy. Rakara was magnificent in her defeat, her voluptuous body glistening with sweat, her round, hard tits topped by thick, erect nipples. Her red-furred cunt lay open and exposed, hot cum overflowing from her juicy pussy lips. As Tana took in this fantastic sight, she felt a renewed stirring in her loins. She smiled cruelly. She wanted to leave Rakara with clear signs of her defeat. More, she wanted to feel Rakara’s hard, magnificent body surrendering to her own again.

Tana lay down beside Rakara for a moment, then reached out and stroked her foe’s thick left nipple. She squeezed and weighed the beautiful golden tit, marveling at how identical it was to her own. Then, she slid her right hand down Rakara’s smooth bronzed belly and buried her hand in the thick fur surrounding her enemy’s cunt. At the same time, she lowered her head to Rakara’s tit, fastened her hungry lips around the engorged nipple, and began to suck hard. She opened her mouth and took in as much of Rakara’s supple titflesh as she could, biting and sucking the whole time, reveling in the delicious taste and texture of the salty, spongy flesh. Simultaneously, her fingers probed Rakara’s open cunt, driving into the woman’s hot core, gently massaging the hardening clit. Tana shifted to Rakara’s other tit, biting and sucking until she was sure that she had left marks that would not fade for many days. She wanted Rakara to get up for the next week and see the signs that she had been defeated and ravaged, fucked into submission, by a stronger woman.

Tana feasted on her foe’s tits for a while longer, the whole time working Rakara’s cunt, feeling the woman’s hard clit slowly harden and emerge, feeling the redhead’s hot pussy grow wetter and tighter. Rakara was unconscious, but her body responded helplessly to the intense stimulation. Even in her exhausted, unconscious state, Rakara’s chest heaved and her breath came in desperate gasps. Tana finally moved down from Rakara’s tits, her pussy aching with heat and need. She kissed and licked her way down Rakara’s abdomen, pausing to thrust her tongue into her foes’ navel. She reached Rakara’s cunt. Tana smiled at the beautiful sex spread out and helpless before her. Then, with a groan of pleasure, she threw herself onto Rakara’s cunt. She rubbed her face in the thick, wet red pussy fur, inhaling the deep musk of her enemy, getting her nose wet with the hot vaginal juice. Then, she opened her mouth and thrust her tongue deep into Rakara’s open pink pussy, spreading the labia, swirling her tongue into the sensitive flesh, before wrapping her tongues and lips around Rakara’s blossoming clit. She sucked hard, and Rakara groaned and bucked hard in her unconsciousness. Tana feasted on her foe, reaching up and squeezing the taut titflesh, biting and eating Rakara’s cunt. She made sure to leave teethmarks wherever she could on Rakara’s pussy, including her soft inner thigh flesh.

By this time, Tana’s cunt was burning with fever, her clit was as hard as rock and she needed the release of a good, hard fuck. Even as she ate Rakara, she reached down and stroked her own clit, setting the heat in her body to boiling. She was finally ready. With a grin of pleasure, lust burning feverishly in her eyes, Tana pulled Rakara’s beautiful legs apart, pushing them up over her head and opening the redhead’s soaking cunt. Tana smiled with lust, looking down at the hot, yielding flesh, the swollen clit reaching out to her own. Then, she positioned her pussy over Rakara’s and, with a final snarl of lust, she drove her open cunt down onto its counterpart. She groaned and cried out with unrestrained joy as her hot cunt sucked and locked and sank into Rakara’s glorious twat. Her hips and ass worked furiously as she mated with her enemy, enjoying every thrust, smashing her burning clit into Rakara’s aroused sex nub. Tana gasped then screamed with pleasure. She wished that Rakara was awake to grind back against her, but she still enjoyed the delicious sensation of being sucked and locked into Rakara’s hot body, going at her clit to clit. The unconscious redhead’s body moved instinctively back against her foe’s luscious form, and her gasps and cries began to indicate that she was returning to consciousness. Tana smiled, riding the whore beneath her like a horse, squeezing her enemy’s delicious tits, reaching up to stroke her own nipples as she worked her hips hard, grinding clit to clit with Rakara. Tana pulled her own massive left tit to her mouth, so that she could suck herself. She tongued her hard nipple, then sucked greedily on her breast as she continued kneading Rakara’s right tit with her free hand.

With a cry, Rakara returned to consciousness, feeling the intense sensations burning through her body, filling her with unbearable pleasure. The pain in her head could not match the heat and ecstasy flowing through her sex, driving her insane with desire. She was helpless before Tana’s attack. Her mind remained fuzzy and unfocused as the sensations burning through her body overwhelmed her, preventing her from doing little more than enjoying the hard, clit to clit fuck that was now driving her over the edge of pleasure. Rakara threw her body into grinding back against Tana’s devouring sex. The two beauties writhed together for a long time, Tana basking in her victory and the intense pleasure of her sex, Rakara lost in the sensations ripping through her body, filling her with unendurable pleasure. They moaned and cried out in concert, their panting gasps finally turning to shrieks of orgasmic ecstasy.

Rakara exploded in one orgasm after another, her body bucking like a mule, her tits shaking on her chest. Tana joined her moments later, her body scissored around Rakara’s beautiful form, her own ass moving in a hard rhythm to Rakara’s rocking body, her breasts bouncing in time to her gyrating hips. Tana screamed out her joy even as she rubbed her clit into Rakara’s, forcing the other woman to one orgasmic release after another. Tana finally succeeded in fucking Rakara unconscious again, before convulsing in her final, devastating orgasm on top of her hated foe.

Tana fell forward after her final release, her hard tits crushing Rakara’s, her body overwhelmed with pleasure. Still, she managed to stay conscious. After several minutes she pulled herself off of Rakara yet again and smiled down at the redheaded beauty. Rakara’s body now bore Tana’s teethmarks and scratches in the most sensitive places. Rakara would remember being fucked into submission for a long time to come.

Tana was not done with Rakara yet, however. Rakara had humiliated her earlier, in their initial encounter in front of Jonggar. Tana was determined to avenge that dishonor, and she knew exactly how she was going to do that.

Jonggar had been waiting by the tree for hours now. He was growing increasingly impatient, but his lust and his desire to know what would happen between his two prospective lovers kept him waiting. He had considered tracking the women down and watching what they did to each other, but part of him knew that doing so could be dangerous. He could sense that whatever Rakara and Tana were up to, it was something reserved for women only and he did not want to know the consequences if he were caught spying on something he was not supposed to see. Like most cavemen, he had a healthy fear of the mystical power of the women of his people.

Suddenly, he heard the sounds of something approaching him from the direction where Tana and Rakara had disappeared. He grasped his spear in case it was an animal, but his trained ears soon picked out the sound of an angry voice. It was a woman’s voice, but he had not heard Tana or Rakara speak long enough to identify who it was. The sound came closer, then the jungle foliage parted and Jonggar was faced with an amazing sight.

Tana stepped into the clearing. She was dressed, again, in her halter and thong, and she carried her spear in her right hand. Over her left shoulder, however, she was carrying Rakara’s naked body. The redhead’s beautiful round ass was thrusting up into the air, her torso was draped down Tana’s back, and her long, beautiful legs hung down the front of Tana’s body. Rakara was tied up with jungle vines, enough to render her virtually immobile. Her hands were tied behind her back. Her undignified state did not stop her from cursing Tana viciously.

Tana paused, then crouched down and roughly flipped Rakara from her shoulder onto the hard ground. Rakara grunted with the impact, then resumed her cursing.

“You whore!” she screamed. “Let me go! Take these ropes off of me!” She writhed on the ground, struggling to free herself.

Tana said nothing, but she smiled grimly, and wiped the sweat of her exertion from her brow with the back of her hand. When Jonggar approached, she waved him off. She placed her spear on the ground, then dragged the cursing Rakara to a nearby tree. She braced the woman against the trunk, then quickly tied Rakara’s arms with a new length of vine, cut from the forest, which she looped around the trunk of the tree. She tied Rakara’s ankles to the tree too. When she was sure that the new bonds would hold, Tana picked up her spear and quickly cut the ropes that she had used to bind Rakara for the journey back to the clearing. The vines fell away and Rakara was suddenly revealed in her nude glory, her magnificent body on fully display. Her flesh was marked with the red indentations from the rope, but those would soon fade. What was of more interest to Jonggar were the clear signs of teethmarks and scratches on Rakara’s beautiful tits and other intimate places on her body. His massive cock, already aroused by the return of the women, thickened even further.

Tana walked around the tree and tightened Rakara’s bonds. The redhead’s wrists were tied to either side of her body at hip level, and tightly held by the vine. Her legs were parted, her cunt fully exposed, as her ankles were fastened in place. Tana walked around to the front of the tree and confronted her enemy. Rakara was silent now, knowing that she was at the mercy of this hated blonde bitch. Tana walked up to Rakara, slowly removing her halter as she approached. Her massive tits hung free. Tana walked directly up to Rakara and pushed into the redhead, nipple to nipple, tit to tit. With this contact, both women inhaled sharply, intense sensations rippling from their breasts to the other hot spots of their bodies. Tana pushed Rakara up into the tree until their tits were crushed together, their bellies pressed flat, and their faces nose to nose.

“You’re going to watch, you bitch,” Tana whispered to Rakara. “I’m going to show you what you’re missing. I’m going to show you what you tried to take from me.”

Rakara sneered at Tana, but she said nothing. The women locked gazes for a moment more. Then Tana peeled her hot body away from Rakara’s equally beautiful form and walked across the clearing toward Jonggar. She stripped off her thong as she walked. By the time she reached him, he had pulled off his loincloth and stood exposed, his massive cock at full attention. Jonggar noted the marks of combat on Tana’s magnificent body and grew ever more excited thinking about how these two incredible women had spent the last few hours.

Tana smiled and advanced on the man that she had just fought so hard to claim. She paused when she reached him and ran her hands over his muscular chest; with a groan of lust, he reached up and cupped her massive rack, then squeezed her golden breasts, as he had been longing to do. Tana moaned with pleasure, her growing arousal filling her body with enough sexual energy that she could begin to ignore the painful aches in her breasts and pussy. She knew that the incredible fight with Rakara had drained her and pushed her to her sexual limits, but she also knew that she would be rejuvenated by the coming encounter with Jonggar.

She pushed closer, then used her right hand to direct his swollen member towards her engorged pussy lips. She rubbed the tip of his cock into her wet vaginal flesh, smiling with raw lust as Jonggar tried to pull her closer, seizing her bountiful hips and trying to pull her onto his cock, trying to penetrate her. She resisted, placing her hands on his chest, then fell to her knees and took his massive shaft into her mouth. She sucked him slowly and carefully, playing with the head of his inflamed member, licking down the sides, taking the whole shaft deep into her throat. Her ministrations caused the lust- maddened man to groan with desire. Tana controlled him completely, and enjoyed her power. Even more, she enjoyed knowing that Rakara was observing everything that she did. She could feel Rakara’s eyes burning into her back, and Tana slowly turned Jonggar around so that she could establish eye contact with her enemy.

As Tana seduced her prey, Rakara watched from the tree. She strained against her bonds, her body burning with anger, but also inflamed with lust. Rakara felt totally humiliated and she wanted nothing more than to free herself, then hurl her body at Tana, beat the whore into the ground, and claim the man for herself. She was helpless, however, and now had to endure the sight of Tana devouring Jonggar. Despite her rage and humiliation, she could not look away. Tana locked eyes with Rakara, and the two women exchanged glares of raw hatred, and something more.

Tana at last pulled Jonggar to the ground with her. He was excited and aroused beyond belief and she knew she now needed to control him further. Her own body was on fire with lust, fully prepared to receive the man’s cock. She pushed him over onto his back, then lifted herself up over him. She positioned her pussy over his massive shaft, which she directed into her wet, burning flesh with her right hand. Slowly, agonizingly, she lowered herself onto his erection, her incredible cunt gradually devouring him. She gasped with lust and pleasure as she descended, taking the hard cock directly into her hot, wet cunt, filling herself up with raw pleasure. Jonggar growled with lust and need as Tana’s deep muscles squeezed him and worked his shaft. When she was finally fully impaled on his member, Tana began working her ass and hips, riding the man beneath her, driving him into her burning core and keeping him there. Jonggar reached up and kneaded her bouncing tits, squeezing the thick nipples. Tana threw back her head and screamed with pleasure and victory. She ran her hands through her wild blonde mane, then held Jonggar’s squeezing hands to her bountiful tits. Smiling with pleasure, she locked gazes with Rakara and held her beautiful enemy’s eyes the whole time as she fucked Jonggar mercilessly, until she finally exploded with pleasure. The look of rage and envy in Rakara’s eyes, combined with burning lust, thrilled Tana as much as the hard sex driving into her core. Tana had her revenge.


Hours later, Tana stirred. Jonggar was lying by her side, completely exhausted. They had spent hours fucking. Every time the man had tired out, Tana expertly aroused him again. She had made him obey her every sexual whim. He had taken her from behind, below, in front; he had feasted on her breasts and her cunt, he had kissed and licked and sucked at every inch of her beautiful body. Tana had enjoyed every moment of it, but she had loved watching Rakara’s helpless rage even more. Finally, Tana and Jonggar had passed out from exhaustion and pleasure.

When Tana woke, the forest was dark and the moon was climbing in the sky. Tana smiled, got carefully, though rather unsteadily, to her feet and walked toward the tree where Rakara was imprisoned. Rakara was apparently asleep. As Tana approached, however, Rakara raised her head and glared at her hated nemesis.

Tana stood before Rakara, her hands on her hips, and smiled. She reveled in the pure hatred that Rakara’s eyes revealed. Tana stepped up to the tree and carefully crushed her nude body to Rakara’s beautiful form. Tana was sore and stiff from all of the sexual encounters that she had had during the course of the day, but her tits still blazed with pleasure as they struggled with Rakara’s golden globes, nipple to nipple. Tana licked Rakara’s lips and nose; Rakara’s tongue darted out to wrestle with its counterpart. Tana locked the enraged redhead into a vicious kiss, even as she rubbed her aching tits into Rakara’s hard titflesh. Their rock-hard bellies undulated against each other, rubbing and sliding until their deep navels sucked and both women thrust with their hips, enjoying the feel of their pussy lips kissing and sliding. Their hips jerked, and they slowly pressed their cunt lips flat against each other, even as they continued to wrestle with their tongues inside of their locked mouths. Hot juices began to flow, moistening their compressed pussy lips. Pubic hair grated and intertwined. Softened, exhausted clits slowly began to harden. Before their clits could meet in combat, Tana pulled Rakara’s head back from her own. The women were panting hard, their bodies burning with heat and lust. Tana finally released her foe and stepped back, contemplating Rakara’s beautiful body, seemingly undecided about what to do next. Then, she walked over to pick up her sharp spear, and returned to cut the bonds holding Rakara.

Immediately, the redhead pulled free and stepped away from the tree. She ripped off the vines around her ankles and wrists, then massaged her wrists to return the circulation. Rakara glared at Tana with anger and hatred. However, she did not attack. Even though, at this point, she was certain that she could easily overwhelm Tana’s exhausted body, Rakara knew the rules of this kind of combat. She had lost, her enemy had defeated her and taken her revenge, and now things had to stop here. But Rakara knew they would not; indeed, they could not.

Tana and Rakara stared at each other, their perfect nude bodies glistening in the moonlight, the heavy air filled with the scent of their shared musk. Tana and Rakara both realized that men like Jonggar would come and go, but each woman knew that the other was here to stay. Tana knew that she would need to meet Rakara again in combat, and the idea filled her with a burning lust. She had won this first battle, but Rakara would not let her victory go unchallenged. Tana did not want her to let this go. The idea of locking up with Rakara again, of fighting and fucking and ravaging each other until one of them proved herself to be dominant, was a possibility that tightened Tana’s cunt, burned in her tits, and made her nipples rigid with desire. She could see the same hunger reflected in Rakara’s eyes.

The women’s gazes were locked together. Each could see and feel exactly what the other was thinking. Finally, Rakara spoke.

“Ten suns from today. We meet again, in the clearing where we fought. Just you and me, nothing to do with any man. We take as long as we need. We settle this.”

Tana smiled grimly, then nodded. “My sex against yours, woman to woman. We will see which of us is stronger, which of us more of a woman. We won’t stop until the cunt of one eats the cunt of the other.”

Rakara nodded curtly then, with one last hungry look, she turned and vanished into the nighttime jungle.

Tana watched her go, her body burning. She knew that the upcoming battle would be wonderful, and she was sure that it would only be the first of many. Even if she lost in 10 days time, she knew that would not be the end of it. She shivered in anticipation of all the pleasure and passion that this rivalry would bring. Then, she returned to Jonggar to wake him and enjoy even more of the fruits of her victory.

The End

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