Battling Babe Bots by Wattenest

The battle dress for Kevin and Carson’s Babes was simple and sweet, and included strap on steletto’s with spiked heels, nails at a maximum of three inches rom the base, dental appliances with a maximum of four two inch incisors. Each Babe Bot would wear a sleeveless dress a maximum of six inch above the knees and a minimum of four, g-string and a break proof-tie bound that each Babe’s waist, tieing them together a minimum of two feet ands maximum if three. The battle zone was an area approximately 23 feet in diameter composed of a clear rubber like material, that was suspended above the lighted floor. The zone itself was set approximately five feet below the main viewing area.

Kevin’s fighting babe was modeled after the 80’s actress Winoner Ryder and Carson’s Fighting Babe was a Cheryl Ladd clone.

Winoner was the first to drop down the zone. Her long black tresses flopped up and down along the material of her brief white pleated combat garb.

Cheryl then entered from the opposite side, shooting a confident gaze into her masters eyes prior to dropping down into the zone….”I trust you will enjoy the show my master.”

Both combatants met in the middle of the fight zone and locked their ties together. As the rules and vital statistics of each combatant were read out and flashed on both the floor scan and 3D imager above the zone. , the Babes got into the combat position.

“One…No Weapons…Take clinch”,… The right hand of each Babe reached over the left shoulder of the other grabbing a tuft of the opponents hair, while the left hand were placed in a low position near the others waist area.

“Two…No time limit…Ready”,… right hands pressed foreheads together as shaepened nails began to dig into the enemy’s scalp.

“Three…From the Countdown of Three you will begin”…fangs glistened in the glow of the floor lighting… “Three”…the lighting in the view area came down as the opponents hissed and spat at each other… “Two”… a lubricating water/oil spray pulsed from six corners of the zone… “One” … the artificial hatred from each Babe flowed into the other’s eyes.

“Fight”… On que both combatants clenched and twirled about on their four inch spikes. Tearing at the opponents flesh and cloth with three inch nails, while fangs ripped away at face , neck and shoulders. They took turns ramming and tossing against the five foot walls of the zone, while intermittently trying to trip and fall on the other with a leg hook and ankle sweep…with Winoner’s fang’s stuck in her shoulder, Cheryl rammed her own back against the wall, slamming Winoner’s head into the wall at the same instant looped and locked her legs behind the dark haired rival. The two angry she bots now tossed back and forth about 45 degrees incline of the wall, taking turns slamming the others head against the wall while spattering the entire zone with bloody clumps of hair, mingled with shreds of cloth and bits of flesh.

After 20 minutes of this upright combat, the score timer began ticking, as the angry limb locked ball fell to and rotated across the floor. Each second the opponents back was pressed against the floor was a point for the other. The walls now moved up to the 90 degrees position, to prevent the fighting ball from rolling into the viewing area. The first 10 minutes of the ground battle was a frenzied roll about, as their combined mass pounded the floor and wall of the zone. Their bloody entwined legs were speckled with tiny scratches and holes from the spikes at the ends of their legs. Fangs were firmly entrenched into the other’s shoulder, while bloodied nails dug into hair and cloth.

As they rolled end over end and from side to side, the last remaining bits of cloth rolled off their bodies and matted the floor. Both babes were now battling it out to death in their full naked glory.

Both naked Babes now had their right legs firmly wrapped about the others waist while the left was strapped behind the opposing rear, allowing the combatants to rotate end over end one second, then side to side the next, like a spinning out of control gyro. Oil and water mixed with blood and sweat coating the rotating unrecognizable fighting female mass.

The only way Kevin and Carson could tell who was winning was from the numbers flashing on the holographic score board above the battle zone.

Then the fight took a savage turn, as if activated by some form of animalistic program the battle Babes began to bite and tear away at breasts and nipples. Trying to dislodge and reduce their opponents mammeries to mince meat.

Biting and spitting out chunks of breast meat and scratching and tearing away at their opponents back til they were raw.

Part of Cheryl’s articifial spine could be seen though the torn flesh as strong fingers scrapped against artificial flesh.

Nipples were savagely bitten and spit out onto the floor and Pussy hair were pulled bald and clits were scratched bloody.

The fight was degenerating into a vicious carnage and the she-bot’s were literally tearing one another apart. Artificial blood and fluids were spurting all over the place. Artificial flesh and limps were being torn apart.

The babe-bot’s had to tear one another part and destroy the other’s artificial heart or rip out the other’s clit in order to win.

The heart was protected by a tough carbon rib cage so it was difficult to get to. The clit would seem the better option but it was protected by a strong pussy.

Battle Babe bots were sanctioned to have their pussies implanted with ‘biting teeth’ at the lip of the pussy, these could snap off any probing fingers trying to reach inside the pussy.

The only way that the clit could be reached was if the two Babe-bots pussy latched onto on another and sealed themselves in a biting hold, leaving their octopus like clits to duel it out inside their artificial Virginias. At the end of the fighting clits were piranha like mini teeth that would attempt to bite and tear off the other’s clit. Thus disabling the babe bot.

That was what the Cheryl bot and Winoner Bot did, on Que, their pussies lined up together and rubbed roughly against on anther. Pussy teeth grinding against each other triggering a response.

Cheryl kicked her legs out and apart, her pussy lips opened like a flower with sharp teeth issuing the challenge.

Winoner responded in Kind, opening her legs and spreading them part to scissor Cheryl’s leg. Her pussy spread its lips, revealing an equally sinister set of teeth.

Locking their pussy hold on another, their pussy lips secured and sealed the entrance of their hole and their snake like fanged clits started their final duel.

The upper part of their bodies carried on its own battle, claws continued to rip into breasts and eyes and teeth going for necks.

Cheryl’s teeth found the mark as she ripped opened Winoner’s throat and nearly decapitated her. Winoner was trying her best to decapitate Cheryl too. Chomping and spitting out neck flesh as fast as she could. Nipples were twisted off and breast sliced open with broken nails.

Below the clits were having their own horrible duel as well, like two venomous snakes locked in a death duel, they curled around one another trying to pull and bite the ends securing their clits to the Virgina wall. Artificial blood, flesh and other liquids were freely flowing out from their Virginas. Squirting and spraying out between their locked Virgina teeth pooling under them.

Cheryl and Winoner frantically bit and tore at the base of their clits.
The flesh holding their clits started to rip and tear off from the bite and pull strategy..

Winoner’s bloodied and torn clit was loosing the battle. It was being ripped right off.

Winoner’s wet nude form girated and screamed in agony under Cheryl’s bloody embrace.

Cheryl had a mean streak in her, either because of programing or a freak of nature, nobody knew.

She looked deep into her enemy’s artificial eyes, with an evil smile, ripped her clit out with her own clit. More blood and liquids flowed out as their Virginas unclasped with a loud pop. Her snake like clit had her enemy’s clit in its jaws. Wriggling like an eel out of her bloodied and torn pussy, proudly parading the bloody piece for all to see.

The paralyzed Winoner bot was unable to move but she was still functioning. Her eyes and head were still working. Still pitifully trying to bite at her tormentor.

Cheryl shoved her sharpened clawed fingers deep into her enemy’s now unprotected sex hole and began gorging and tearing at it until her circuits were pulled free. A final burst of artificial blood and liquids spilled out as the Winoner bot began it’s permanent shut down.

Her eyes never left her rivals while she was being tortured and terminated.

Cheryl rolled off the torn and bloodied Babe Bot, and with bloodied and broken fingers undid the tie holding them together and then the stelleto straps.

She bent over her die-ing foe and slowly twisted off her head, decapitating her from her body. She reached in through the shoulder blades and tore out Winoner’s still beating artificial heart. The glow from the artificial heart died out.

Throwing it onto the floor with a thud she smashed it with her foot, thus rendering her totally unsalvageable.

With her enemy’s bitten off trophy clit in her mouth, she leaped the five foot wall landing directly in front of her master, Carson.

He could see the damage his artificial love and confidant had sustained from the fight, her swollen face was etched with scratches and streaked with blood and hair, both blond and black, the right side of her neck and face were left with nothing but torn flesh from Winoner’s fangs, her long nails were mostly cracked or broken as they hung from the ends of broken fingers. Her artificial body was now a bruised and torn form, shreds of flesh hung from her breasts and back, her left breast was torn open and right had its nipple ripped away,…

She gently pulled his legs apart and bent over, smiled at her master and spit out the bloody trophy clit onto his crotch.

He would make love to his love bot that night in her full bloody glory. She was a sight to behold.

In the morning, he would rebuilt her to fight another day.

The End

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