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My fascination with the girl fight genre started with the covers of wrestling magazines that had apartment house wrestling photo stories in them.

That was the spark that ignited into a lifetime fascination with female fight genre, especially catfighting.

I am also a big fan of horror slasher genre and Japanese style blood splatter gore. So I guess my taste in Catfights naturally blended into these 3 genre and interest.

After watching and then reading the Famous Gypsy girl fight that was interrupted , I always wondered what if they were left to fight all the way to the end. It was suppose to be a fight to the death right? I was hooked to that idea ever since

My stories explore the darker and more violent aspects of female duels and catfights, usually ending in one or both combatants killed or being killed.

I am driven by the raw primal emotions and savagery that jealous women feel when they are left un-inhibited by society or political correctness. Fights that mimic our prehistoric ancestors animalistic fight for survival.

A kind of natural selection, survival of the fittest. Like two cave women defending their young or stealing another’s mate to survive the cold winters.

So if you don’t like your stories violent and bloody, usually ending in death, please give my stories a pass. It’s just fantasy. I never condone violence in real life.


This author can be contacted on his Deviant Art page.

Wattenest’s Stories

Vampire Queens

They were now equally damaged, both blinded and Bloody.

Locked together, they tore at each other again and again.

Teeth sought out nipples and breast meat. Biting down and tearing whatever they could find. Pussy’s ground into one another, pounding away trying to break the rivals clit bone. The two vampiresses were a bloody mess. Like two bloody wolves fighting and tearing into one another.

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Battling Babe Bots

Cheryl’s teeth found the mark as she ripped opened Winoner’s throat and nearly decapitated her. Winoner was trying her best to decapitate Cheryl too. Chomping and spitting out neck flesh as fast as she could. Nipples were twisted off and breast sliced open with broken nails.

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From Russia with Love

Howling, Zora thrust her own blade deep into Vida’s left bosom. The sharp blade cut through the tender meat like hot knives through soft butter and lodged in the heaving ribs beneath.

Desperate, Vida twisted onto her side, the knife in her right hand arcing like a flash into Zora’s bloody bowl of a belly. Zora’s gorgeous eyes widened like saucers as she watched all 12 inches of tempered steel sink into her abdomen. The hilt and Vida’s fist slammed into her slimy belly and twisted!

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Battle of the Queens

A Story Illustrated by Leandro

Suddenly knees were pumping up into bellies and fists were punching into pretty heads, making their hair snap back and forth. Bare white knuckles rain down on both Princess Isabella’s and Countess Báthory’s skulls. Their chest melons bounced and slapped from side to side on their already sweaty ribs as the fury of their attack first drives The Princess back, then drives the Countess back. It was a fight to the death without mercy.

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  1. Tejas says:

    Excellent work. Keep writing please. Would love to read two native American woman fighting to death after their lovers death.


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