Vampire Queens by Wattenest

Queen Merrydeath was the last surviving daughter of Count Vlad, her lineage stretched all the way back to Osiris of Egypt.

Her public name was Countess Merrydeath of Bucharest. Her public age was 18. She ruled over the Kingdom of Bucharest.

Vlad died as King of the vampires. He was the last pure blood male, now only the pure blooded women remained. They took in lovers and bred half breeds.
But none could become as powerful as a pure breed and rule.

Vlad had foreseen his own death and had perfected the art of storing his sperm in the bloodstones of Bucharest to ensure the continuation of the pure vampire race. There were hundreds of bloodstone and only pure blooded women could impregnate the sperm into themselves and have the next generation of the lineage.

Whoever controlled the Bloodstone controlled the Vampires. She was the ruler of all vampires because of this.

Merrydeath had ursurp power after her father died by challenging her older sister, Queen Chernabog to a ritual duel, 18 years ago. She had taken the crown by killing her sister, and proclaimed herself Queen.

Her sister had a daughter, Nieva. She had been hidden away by loyalist. She was a pure blood and thus a threat to the Queen.

She grew into adulthood and was now 18 years of age. The age when a vampire reached full maturity.

She had been smuggled to Aztec Mexico and grew up to be the most vicious Queen of the Aztecs. The vampire nation were now split between those loyal to the ruling Queen and the loyal subjects of former Queen Chernoborg.

Princess Nieva was ready to take her place as the new Queen and to take her revenge for mother’s death.

A Challenge was issued to Queen Merrydeath . It was a challenge that she had to accept. That was the right of a pure bred. There could only be one. She would dispatch the pretender like she did her mother.

They met in the ancient chamber of Vlad, his coffin layed underneath the vast chamber together with the bloodstones, the spilt blood of the combatants would norish the bloodstones further.

A special dueling chamber had been specially prepared for their ritual combat. The fighting chamber was a forty meter diameter circle. A circular garden of wooden stakes marked its boundary. The stakes varied from two meter vertical stakes on the outside of the circle to inward sloping twenty-five centimeter stakes inside of the boundary. In between stood forty rows of wood of varying heights, angles. Eack stake was pointed at the business end and barbed along the lengths. Most of the stakes were stained black as was the ground in which the seem to grow. The circle of stakes was broken in two places by stake studded gates mounted on Cold iron. The floor of the circle was white, fine, reflective, fused sand and gravel, formed by the action of magnified sunlight.

Tonight, a full blood moon was shining. Perfect for the battle that was to come.

The challenge would be fought according to the Ancient Rite of High Ritual.

The fight would be to the death, the challenge will continue for as long as needed until one of the two women were no more.

Vampires could only be killed by sunlight, a stake through the heart and their heads decapitated from their bodies.

Wooden stakes however were like poisons to vampires, once punctured their bodies would start to liquidify and bleed into the ground. They would die a slow and painful death if the blood poison took hold.

The two Vampiress entered through opposite sides of the cold iron doors. The doors would be sealed and only opened again when a New Queen emerged.

Queen Merrydeath wore a Red Royal Robe. As she entered the Dueling chamber she shrugged off her robe to reveal her magnificent naked body. She had natural blood red hair and bright green cat eyes. The thick hair flowed like a living thing, which it was, into a long braid that curled down her back, reflected the blood moonlight as effectively as the glazed gravel. Fine nearly invisible red hair covering much of her body and a red triangle bush of her sex. The ancient Queen held her timeless beauty. She had a fabulous toned body, long muscled legs up to the firm round buttocks, up the hard ridged belly with a hint of natural softness around the navel, to the rounded rib cage that supported hard, firm breasts. Those breasts were large, with pale white hard nipples. The sight of her magnificent breast combined with the shocking red pubic hair reminded all of her legendary sexual powers and capacities.

Princess Nieva glided through the ancient Iron doors. She had a White Robe on her, she too shed it to reveal a naked deathly white pale body. As white as snow, her hair was flowing silvery white flowing down her body, she had a white triangular patch on her sex, her eyes were blood red like her grandfather’s. Seemingly pulsating with bloody avarice. She was well built and toned. Her breasts were as large as her rivals and her nipples were rock hard and determined, pale as ice. She looked the part of the Ice Queen.

They met in the centre of the ring, facing off . Yellow eyes locked onto Red ones. They moved closer together, until their nipples touched. Standing nose to nose and breast to breast .

Queen Merrydeath was the first to speak, “Your mother would have been proud my dear niece, I will be sending you to see her soon. I enjoyed gutting her all those years ago, her screams as she died gave me the biggest orgasm but I am sure your screams will fulfill me even more.” An evil smile filled her mouth, revealing her impressive vampiric incisors.

Princess Nieva could hardly contain her rage, she was so close to her mother’s murderer, she swore that she would tear the bitch to pieces. “I will avenge my mother’s murder this night. I am going to tear you apart and offer your bloody pussy to her as an offering.”.

With that she struck her Aunt across the face with uncontrollable rage, raking her nails deliberately, tearing the flesh off her once beautiful face. Sprays of blood and flesh flew off and first blood was spilled.

The duel had began.

The two women separated briefly, The nails transformed into razor sharp talons, their teeth transformed into animalistic jaws with killer fangs.

They were ready to do some real damage. They were ready to do some killing.

Queen Merrydeath kicked out at Nieva, her talon like toes catching her square in the stomach, she allowed her foot to sink in and then ripped down. Nieva uttered a groan and then a scream as her belly was ripped open. Bright blood poured from the wound and stained her pale white body turning her pure white bush red.

Nieva enraged at the dirty tactics retaliated in kind, she transformed her knuckles into spikes and landed a punch that ripped the Queen’s right breasts wide open.

They closed in ripping and biting into one another spilling blood all over the dueling chamber.

Nieva ripped into the Queen’s sex and she retaliated in kind. Both trying to de-sex the other. Their free hand went to work on breasts tearing at the large mammaries trying to rip them to shreds.

Their legs were ripped to raw flesh as they scrapped on another with their foot claws.

A trail of blood littered the floor as they fought.

They both fell onto the floor and started a death roll. Tearing and swearing as they fought for supremacy.

They rolled close to the corner where the wooden spikes were and the Queen with her vast experience, angled Nieva’s left hand into the wooden spike, puncturing a hole on the hand in the process, the white beauty screamed an inhuman scream. It burned and her thumb was ripped off as she removed her hand from the spike.

Their wounds thus far were only superficial even though it would have killed mere mortals. The pain was however real even though they were not fatal. A good feeding would restore them to health.

However once the Vampires were cut by the wooden stake the healing process would not be as effective and usually left a scar and if they lost too much blood on them it could end in a slow and painful death.

Nieva bit into the ear of the Queen, tearing the left side off and spitting it out, she then ripped at the queens right breast with her nails and with animalistic rage dug in and tore the bottom flesh apart.

The Queen bit into Nieva’s lips and tore them to schreds, their jaws clashing like knives cutting and tearing one another lips apart. She reached down and violated Nieva’s sex with strong fingers, drawing more blood from the already torn sex. The pain was incredible.

Nieva managed to clamp her legs around the bloodied body of the queen, she started to squeeze for all her worth. The pain was immense as the sound of cracking ribs could be heard.

The Queen tried to break the leg hold but was not able to, she changed tactics and clawed and bit at her young niece’s face.

As her ribs cracked, the queen managed to plunge her fingers into Nieva’s eyes. The gorging finger tips punctured the red eyes. Nieva screamed in agony as her eyes were destroyed.

Her legs held on and kept squeezing into the Queens ribs finally cracked them like pretzels, shattering bone tore through her royal lungs.

Blinded, Nieva sought her rivals face and returned the favor. Her claws found their mark and clawed the Queens eyes out.

They were now equally damaged, both blinded and Bloody.

Locked together, they tore at each other again and again.

Teeth sought out nipples and breast meat. Biting down and tearing whatever they could find. Pussy’s ground into one another, pounding away trying to break the rivals clit bone. The two vampiress were a bloody mess. Like two bloody wolves fighting and tearing into one another.

Gore splashed repeatedly over both of them. The Queen starting feeling for the stakes with her free hand. When she found it, she lifted Nieva off the ground and pushed her towards the spikes and hopefully her impending doom.

Nieva however wasn’t going down without a fight. She grabbed on to the Queen’s arms and pulled her towards herself.

She held her in a deadly bear hug. The two blinded and bloody mass of women fell onto the spikes.

The screams from both the women could be heard from outside the sealed chambers.

They were both impaled by the stakes. Nieva managed to twist her body as she fell and they were both impaled on the side.

The left side of her body was useless now but she still had use of her right claw, She instinctively slashed and ripped open the Queen’s throat. Nearly decapitating her rival.

They both painfully pushed and freed themselves from the wooden stakes, and crawled back to the centre of the dueling chamber. Both of them leaving a trail of black liquified bloody trail as their respective bodies were ripped part by the stakes. Leaving body parts still spiked in the wooden spikes.

Nieva’s left side was bleeding terribly, her left breast and her left leg was torn off, and her left leg was still staked on the spikes.

Queen Merrydeath wasn’t doing so well herself, she too sustained serious injuries from the spikes. She had grotesque injuries and body parts ripped off on the right side of her body, her right breast was gone.
The right side of her ribcage was torn open by the stakes and her right leg was ripped off while pulling herself free from the spikes.

The two blinded and disembodied vampires crawled on their good hands, feeling for one another,

Sightless, blood draining out in thick torrents from their mangled bodies, the two women continued to feel around the room for each other. Leaving a ghastly trail of blood and guts.

They crawled forward an inch at a time, supporting themselves with one arm, stopping to make wide sweeps, searching for their bitter rival.

Nieva’s hand brushed Queen Merrydeath as they passed near to each other. Turning toward the contact, they reached outward and touched each other. Crawling forward, they gripped each other tightly, both reluctant to give up their hold as they worked their way closer together.

Clutching arms and limps together, they pulled themselves to each other and began to wrap themselves together. Mortally wounded, but driven by an animalistic urge to hurt and kill, they tangled their bodies tighter together, slowly drawing each other into a tight deadly embrace from which no more than one of them could possible emerge alive.

Limps wrapped over and around each other’s body. Arms clutching bloody torn backs and sweat drenched hair. Pussys again locked together in their own bloody death duel. They twisted more and more around each other until one could no longer tell where one blood soaked woman ended and the other began.

Then, slowly and deliberately, they began to bite at each other.

Nieva bit and tugged until what was left of the Queen’s other breast was ripped loose. Leaving only torn flesh where a once magnificent breast used to be.

Queen Merrydeath returned the the favor by biting into Nieva’s neck, spitting out a huge chunk of neck flesh. Her good hand sliding down into Nieva’s already gaping belly. Ripping out her intestines and insides.

Nieva reached down towards the Queens sex and scooped the insides of Merrydeath’s virgina spilling the contents onto the dueling chamber.

The Queen retailiated by biting into her tormenters womb from above. Nieva screamed through her torn cheeks and half decapitated neck as did the Queen through her equally torn throat.

The mutual destruction continued. The battle grew slower and slower as the effects of the blood loss and wood poison took its deadly toll on them. If they did not feed soon they might both not last the night.

An hour passed as the mutual destruction continued beyond anything seen before. Queen Merrydeath and Princess Nieva were both mortally injured but could not finish one another off.

The battle was reaching its end, the Queen and Snow Nieva broke apart from one another.

The damage they had inflicted on one another was horrific.

Body parts and torn flesh littered the blood soaked ground. The women had literally tore one another apart.

Both the Queen’s breasts were gone, bitten off, shredded, clawed – gone. The front of her neck was gone, her voice box had been ripped open. Her virgina was now a mass of bloody flesh, torn open with intestines hanging out of it. Half her ribs were gone, while the other had penetrated out of her body on the good side. Her right side of her leg were reduced to bones with flesh and muscles hanging off it. Her other leg was torn off at the hip.

Nieva’s neck was only held in place by skin and muscle. Her belly was now a empty bloody hole, the stomach and intestines were bitten off and spit out by the vengeful teeth of the Queen, She was nearly decapitated in two by the Queen. Both her Breast were also ripped apart, torn from their place, only flesh hanging where two proud mammaries once were. She had also lost a limp at the hip. Blood and gore pouring from the torn flesh.

Nieva crawled forward and seized the Queens useless right leg. She used all her strength to twist and thug trying to snap it off.

The Queen tried to scream but nothing came out. Her voice box was gone. She reached back for her tormentor with her good right hand. Slashing wildly.

Nieva screamed as her kidneys were ripped from her back, but she clung on with determination and managed to finally snap off the leg.

Happy with her work she grabbed for the Queen’s offending right arm.

The Queen now desperate used her teeth to bite into the half chewed away stomach of Nieva, determined to complete the decapitation.

Nieva endured the pain until she finished tearing the right arm off its shoulder socket with a snap.

Nieva then pounded and clawed at the blind head trying to bore itself through her body.

She managed to free herself by pulling the biting head off her body, together with more chunks of her own flesh.

The creature that was once the Queen flopped helplessly, trying to move or at least fight back. The bloody creature on the ground had been reduced to a bloody writhing head and torso.

Nieva began dragging the Queen’s body by her cunt towards the stakes. Staying clear of the still biting teeth. Blinded and helpless, Queen Merrydeath’s mind screamed for mercy for the first time in her long life. There would be none.

Once Nieva was near the spikes, she began the systematic tearing apart of Merrydeath’s body, part by part. Decapitating the Queen tearing and biting through her throat and as promised she de-sexing Merrydeath , ripping her bloody pussy out from its cunt hole.

The night wore on until only the former Queen’s de skinned skull was left. The Queen was still not dead, her skin had been torn off, her hair scalped and punctured eyeballs dug out. Vampires did not die easily.

Nieva threw the remnants of her rival onto the stakes.

Even broken up and staked, it took Merrydeath another hour to finally die a long overdue death. Her decapitated and spiked skull was still attempting to scream.

The flesh lost its fight to regenerate and began to melt off the bones and drip into the wood to seep beneath the floor.

The irony was that her blood would nourish the bloodstones.

Nieva would use these bloodstones to impregnate herself and begin a new bloodline of Queens and end Merrydeath’s.

Nieva stayed until the end. Savoring the sweet taste of revenge. Holding her enemy’s torn clit close to her chest, it would be offered as an offering to her dead mother.

She fed through the night, and except for the places that had been penetrated by the wooden spikes she had no other scares to show for the terrible ordeal she had just barely survived from the night before.

She was crowned Queen Nieva and became known as the Ice Queen. Feared by all and challenged by none.

The End

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