From Russia with Love by Wattenest

After their hand to hand fight to the death was interrupted by the gun fight. Vira and Zora manage to sneak away from the commotion to continue their deadly duel in private.

Zora managed to pick up a knife to dispatch her rival quickly with but Vida had the same idea as well and she picked up a Dagger to finish the job.

Vida ran to a clearing some distance away from the camp near the river, it was a secret place that her lover would bring her to make love to.

Zora followed and was incensed to find that her secret garden was violated by this whore. It was the same special place that she and theIr lover shared as well.

The intense hate and jealousy for one another reached boiling point. They both decided then and there that this sacred place that their they shared would be the final resting place of their hated rival.

Their bodies, naked and bleeding from the injuries sustained from their earlier fight, glistened in the moonlight. They eyed each other’s knife and cursed the other’s treachery.

The 2 naked gypsy girls knew there could only be one future Gypsy Queen. They would have to settle their dispute in the old fashioned gypsy way. A knife fight to the death.

The were now primed and ready to fight with knives, uninterrupted, naked and to the death.
They both instantly knew what was required of them.

The two girls faced each other, knives aimed at on another. Killing intent in their eyes. Both knew that this was gonna be a savage knife fight to the death.

Circling one another, sweat and blood dripping onto the the ground below them, forming a blood lined circle of death. Each girl looking for a weakness and opening. Cursing one another other and hissing like wild animals. They both knew that with knives at play, a wrong move here could end the fight quickly.

Their circular dance of death ended with Vida making the first move. Their fates were sealed. One or both of them would perish in this field that night.

Vida, screaming like a banshee, lunged forward and savagely slashed from left to right under the Zora’s arms, immediately opening a purple gash across her marshmallow soft tummy. Shocking red torrents of blood gushed out of the deep wound.

Howling, Zora thrust her own blade deep into Vida’s left bosom. The sharp blade cut through the tender meat like hot knives through soft butter and lodged in the heaving ribs beneath.

Desperate, Vida twisted onto her side, the knife in her right hand arcing like a flash into Zora’s bloody bowl of a belly. Zora’s gorgeous eyes widened like saucers as she watched all 12 inches of tempered steel sink into her abdomen. The hilt and Vida’s fist slammed into her slimy belly and twisted!

Zora screamed and jabbed her knife into Vida’s exposed throat, plunging the blade below the girl’s left ear and behind her jaw.

Now it was the Vida’s turn to open her eyes into a mask of over-whelming horror!

Vida’s naked legs gave way and she tumbled backward, dragging her knife down from its entrance just below Zora’s flopping breasts down to the pubic-bone hidden in its nest of jungle lush curls.

Zora too fell back onto the ground and backed away to survey the damage. She was shocked to see the deep open gash where her stomach once was and her insides spewing out. One hand trying to hold on to her intestines and the other gripping on to her knife.

Vida fell opposite her enemy. She surveyed her own body and was horrified at the damage the she had received from Zora. Bloody froth was pouring from her mouth like water from a broken dam. Her left breast was sliced wide open, limp fluids and blood were pouring down from her breast wound mixing with the torrent from her mouth and neck.

Seeing Zora being distracted by her spilling innards, Vida went on the offensive. She got up on her knees and lurched forward , with an inhumanly vicious right to left stroke, returned the favor and sliced Zora’s breasts wide open, but as she was going for the coupe de grace she stumbled on the slick blood soaked grass right onto her rival.

The initial lock up that followed allowed Zora to return the favor and slice a deep chunk off an unbalanced Vida’s other breast with her dagger.

Holding on to one another for dear life they crashed back onto the blood soaked grass. Both girls then started their bloody death roll on the blood soaked ground, clinging on to one another and holding off each other’s wrist carrying their respective weapons. Biting, cursing and crying as they rolled slowly over the field. One would remain on top of the other for a second before the other retook the advantage. Blood and gore pouring onto one another and saliva flying everywhere.

They ended up in a sitting position, cunt to cunt, legs intertwined, blood pouring down, sliced breast, pressed against sliced breast holding off one another’s weapons.

Zora was tiring from the loss of blood spilling from her innards and lowered her neck for an instance.

Vida seized the opportunity and started biting and gnawing at Zora’s jugglers, carotids, and wind-pipe. Blood so deep red, it was almost black spewed from Zora’s neck, washing both their twisting female torsos in her life-blood.

Zora lost all control of her bowels, shit and piss started to stream out of her bleeding anus and cunt. She dropped her knife and nearly blacked out from the blood loss. Only the hated thought of loosing to her bitter rival brought her back to consciousness.

With a last demonic spasm of fury Zora grasped the right side of Vida’s pretty head with her left hand, and drove her right thumb-nail through Vida’s huge left eye, busting it like a spiked grape, and sinking her thumb into the socket, down to the second knuckle.

Vida dropped her dagger and spasm in their clasp seated position.

Zora with her last grasp of strength grasped the fallen slimy dagger that murdered her, and stabbed it through Vida’s belly.

At this point, with the dagger buried in Vida’s belly, time seemed to stand still, both girls were eye to eye. Blood flowing from their wounds. Hatred and fear in their eyes. Both knew that the end was near, but both wanted to see her enemy die first.

Zora had the upper hand now, with a cruel smile on her face she yanked the dagger all the way up! Vida puked blood all over both of them and shuddered as Zora angled the blade up, and pushed it up through her rivals diaphragm towards her pounding heart.

Vida loss all control of her bowels at that point, Piss, Shit and blood flowed out of Vida, joining Zora’s excrements and blood.

With a scream of rage and disbelief, Vida’s right hand grabbed hold of Zora’s knife hand to stop its progress before it reached he heart to end her life. With a last ditch attempt to hurt her murderer back, She lunged forward and bit into Zora’s face and then her right breast, tearing out chunks of flesh. Blood sprayed everywhere.

Zora was caught by surprise and stunned, she fell backwards on the grass patch. Her overconfidence had allowed Vida to strike back. Zora’s knife was still in her Vida’s stomach, she painfully pulled it out of her stomach, blood and guts spilled out like a jet stream.

Vida dived onto her fallen enemy, Pinning her down with her body pressed against her hated foe, They were breast to breast, pussy crushing pussy and legs interlocked, knife ready to plunge into their hated enemy.

Now it was Zora’s turn to be in deep trouble, she managed to hold on to Vida’s hand preventing the knife from plunging down, just barely but she was loosing her grip and the inevitable would happen soon.

She was desperate, her other hand grasping for anything to fight back with, She felt the tip of Zora’s fallen knife, it was just within her reach, Zora vision was going but she managed to snatch it up from the Bloodied ground.

Now both mortally wounded girls were armed with each other’s original weapons.

With her last ounce of strength, bloodied blade in hand Zora plunged the dagger deep into the side of Vida’s Ribs and into her heart.

At the same time, Vida with her dying strength plunged her knife down into Zora’s breast and into her heart.

Both girls collapsed onto one another. Gargling Blood and spasmed in their death throes. Both girls joining their killer in death. Their collective blood and gore pooled under them.

They were found in the morning plastered together in death. Blood, gore and sliced off body parts lying all around them, tracing their bloody path of mutual destruction and carnage.

Their bodies had rigormotised together, caked in hardened mixture of shit, piss and dried up blood. They were unable to be separated.

Zora and Vida were buried together in the same grave on the spot where they both perished in.

Vida’s younger sister Carla and Zora’s younger sister Lola stared at one another during the funeral proceedings and both swore to avenge their respective sisters death and finish what they had started.

They would win back honor for their family in a no holds barred battle to the bloody death! both girls vowed to torture and ruin each others beautiful naked bodies! to avoid outside interference, they would travel 10 miles to a remote area to kill each other !…..that story is for another day.

The End

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  1. Yuki Fudo says:

    I’d love to see the sisters fight. Hopefully it would be longer. Though I think I’ve already asked this.


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