A Tribute to Best Friend’s Sister – Part 1 by Augur

This BFS Tribute -series is my own take on Jon Grey‘s amazing universe.

Events below take place sometime after Best Friend’s Sister: Kara’s Struggles, Chapter 17 (By Goliadmike)

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Cheerleader Showdown

It started with a guy. Samantha and Riley had been at a party, meeting friends and having fun just like any other weekend. Only this time, he’d shown up; a tall, dark-haired hunk with a cute smile and the looks of a catalogue model. Kristian – with a K, as it turned out – was an exchange student from Scandinavia, and seemed surprisingly shy considering his obvious popularity with women. Knowingly or not, he and his accent had almost instantly charmed both girls, and by the end of the night, Samantha and Riley were practically throwing themselves at the cute european. And competing against each other for his attention.

It hadn’t been the first time the girls had been interested in the same guy, of course. Usually, they would put their friendship first and just let the guy make his choice. Usually, that meant Samantha won. But not this time, Riley had decided. She had been getting tired of playing second fiddle to the blonde for quite a while, and suggested that they settle the matter in a more… concrete way. With their tits.

The idea had at first shocked Samantha a bit, but she’d soon embraced the redhead’s proposal. After all, she was sure to win the fight with her glorious tits. The only set that had bested her boobs was Tamera’s, and even that had been a close call. Riley’s smaller tits would have no chance.

So, the blonde had readily agreed, and the girls were now in Samantha’s room, facing each other in only their panties and bras. While both girls were cheerleaders, and therefore had fairly toned bodies, Riley looked to be just a bit slimmer than her friend. She too had a nice bust, but with the bras still on, it was impossible to tell who was firmer. That would be determined soon enough.

The blonde reached behind her to unclasp her bra, and Riley did her best to hide a small intake of breath as she watched the meaty pair of round orbs jut free. Samantha’s heavy jugs had precious little bounce as they slapped against her chest, quivering ever so slightly. “Ready to call it?”the blonde asked sweetly. She cupped her breasts and gently let them slide down again. Riley responded by throwing her green lace bra at the blonde, who dodged it with a laugh, and the girls proceeded to massage their chests for a moment.

The redhead’s round, freckled globes moved only slightly under the Riley’s manipulations, and Samantha could tell they were quite firm. “I’m taking you down tonight, Sam,” the redhead murmured in a steady, low voice, and added “Let’s see how much you like being on the losing end for a change”. She took a deep breath, inflating and thrusting out her freckle-covered chest, and gave Samantha a good look of her sizeable assets. Riley felt fairly certain that she could take out Sydney’s big, tanned pair in a rematch, now that she actually knew what to do with her tits. Samantha wouldn’t be nearly as easy, but beating Darla’s sister, who apparently was an experienced titfighter, had given the redhead a big dose of confidence. Also, both cheerleaders had had a tough and even fight against Rolonda, even if the end result was different. She could do this, the redhead told herself.

Samantha and Riley stood about a foot from each other, gazing at each other as they took mental notes on the opposing pair. Riley was biting her lip as she studied her friend’s near perfect breasts. And she had every reason to look concerned. Finally close enough for a good comparison, the blonde’s thick set appeared to be not only slightly larger and heavier, but also looked just a bit firmer than Riley’s own pale flesh. Watching the tense redhead size up her big boobs, Samantha couldn’t stop her mouth from curling into a small smile. She was facing her friend with a much more confident expression, hands resting on the hips and those proud, round orbs standing out from her chest.

Riley finally looked up from the impressive pair facing her and noticed that the blonde had been observing the through inspecton with a small grin. “Yeah, they’re pretty awesome. It’s not too late to back down, Riley. We both know my big tits are too much for you, so why don’t you just admit it now and save yourself a lot of trouble,” Samantha teased her friend, flipping her hair casually. The redhead didn’t even bother with a verbal reply, and simply rolled her eyes. They both knew perfectly well that her freckle-covered set wasn’t that much smaller than Samantha’s, and their shape was equally round and full. They seemed quite dense, too, jiggling only slightly as she moved. As the two girls faced off, Riley looked determined, her pink nipples pointing rigidly at Samatha’s darker tips. Even Samantha had to admit that though her jugs were indeed bigger, the difference was barely noticeable.

The two women slowly brought their sets together, both pairs pushing outward from the point of contact and spreading just slightly across their chests. Taking a moment to admire the sight of straining titflesh, they started to gradually slide their boobs over and around. Samatha could feel her round boobs, as large and full as they were, bending against Riley’s firm set, while also pushing out the exterior of the redhead’s slightly smaller tits and making their flesh distort and shift. Riley felt the same thing, enjoying the sensation of her breasts straining against and almost into Samantha’s round boobs. As far as the initial contact was concerned, neither girl seemed to have the dominant set, and any possible edge in firmness appeared to be minor.

Samantha pulled the redhead into her, and after a short, surprised gasp, Riley returned the favor. Once again, both sets of boobs ballooned out to the side. The two racks seemed to be a fairly good match for each other, though Samantha silently thought that her friend’s pale set was giving up just a tiny bit more space than her own tanned one. While they poured on the pressure, Samantha and Riley looked down at the double cleavage occasionally, trying to judge who was winning. They seemed to be playing some kind of a mind game, smiling or smirking at the other girl, then glancing down at their dueling chests again.

“Not bad, Riley” the blonde breathed out, “those are actually pretty nice tits. Sorry for having to crush them.” Riley snorted, narrowing her eyes. “Fuck you, Sam. Your tits are all bluster, it’s about time I put them in their place,” she said with a growl. As the other cheerleader opened her mouth to respond with one more taunt, Riley shoved her sizable rack forward. Samantha grunted as she felt the redhead’s dense breasts push back against her pressure, both pairs fighting for position between them. Riley was gritting her teeth as she forced her tits into the opposing set, their pale flesh overtaking, if only for a moment, the blonde’s firm orbs. But Samantha’s tanned flesh seemed to win the battle for position, and bounced on top.

As the blonde’s big rack slid over Riley’s, the redhead could hear a low moan leave her own lips. Thinking she’d gotten an advantage, Samantha stopped her swaying to keep those heavy jugs on top her opponent’s chest. Riley tried to move them, and the blonde followed, the redhead growing frustrated as she tried to get her tits out from under the other girl’s breasts. Riley groaned and dipped her hips, relieving some of the pressure from her breasts. As Samantha stepped back in order to regain her footing, the redhead quickly shot up, sending her pair into the underside of the blonde’s meaty mammaries.

“Shit,”Samantha groaned, feeling her big tits shaking on her chest as she pulled back. Riley had already reared back, her pale tits quivering on her chest. The blonde, too, leaned back for a strike, but the redhead was quicker and slung her tits from the left. Her right breast slammed into Samantha’s right boob, sending waves across the blonde’s breast. Riley’s small smile was soon wiped from her face, however, as the blonde began dragging her dense tits across her opponent’s boobs.

Riley gasped as she felt her tits bend and fold slightly, springing back into shape and slapping gently against Samantha’s round breasts. She stepped forward, hoping to push her firm tits into the blonde’s larger breasts, but felt the other girl push back. Both pairs of breasts flattened out, seemingly meeting at the same point, and each becoming more and more red with the continuous contact. Neither woman could keep their eyes off the battle at their chest. Samantha felt her breasts slide over her friend’s set, loving how the pale flesh yielded under the weight of her dense tits, while Riley reveled in the fact that during one pass, she felt her tits push briefly into her friend’s bigger globes. Winces of discomfort showed appeared on the blonde’s face as her tanned breasts were pushed in slightly.

“Wow, that felt amazing. They’re so nice and soft,” the redhead teased, savoring the sensation. “It’s going to be so great when my firm boobs finally beat your saggy set. And don’t worry, you can still watch when I fuck him,” she added with a wink. Samantha actually growled at that last bit, responding to the taunt with a strong blow. She rolled her back to bring her tits low, then up, and slammed her big rack into the underside of Riley’s boobs. They sprang upward, flesh pushing and waving out, and the redhead moaned both in surprise and pain. “Who’s saggy now, bitch?” Samantha snarled. There was no way she was going to lose yet another guy due to a titfight, and certainly not to the redhead. Besides, this hottie Kristian was a much better catch than Tamera’s brother ever was, the tanned cheerleader had to admit.

Soon, both women began slinging their torsos in alternate directions, forcing their breasts to slide into the other’s cleavage. As Riley and Samantha smashed their best assets together, flesh spilled over flesh. For a moment, the blonde’s heavy jugs bulged out as Riley forced her firm pair forward, only for the redhead to groan, feeling her flesh be displaced momentarily by the other girls’s full breasts. The redhead watched with wide eyes as her friend’s big, firm tits pushed their way into hers. “How’s that for soft?” Samantha taunted smugly, “Bet they’ll make nice pillows for my better tits when I’m done.”

As the pushing session intensified into tit boxing, the girls began to grunt and groan with each hit. Neither one said anything as they concentrated on the fight. Samantha begun to realize she’d underestimated her friend’s pale tits, and looked a little annoyed at how even the struggle between their sets was turning out to be. Both sets of boobs smashed together time and time again, compressing and then springing back to their original, round shape. Soon, the grunts became louder and Riley reached forward, pulling the other girl into a bearhug, and using her weight to force Samantha to follow her down to the knees.

“Oh, damn”Samantha gasped between groans as the redhead tightened her grip. Riley on the other hand said nothing as she poured on the pressure. Both women began pressing and grinding their big boobs together, sending each of their tits up and over each other. At some points, Riley’s pale tits looked as though they were going to burrow into Samantha’s tanned pair, pushing aside much of the latter’s flesh while the pale tits maintained their full round shape. At others, the blonde’s big boobs seemed to shape Riley’s set, pushing her tits up or down depending on where the bulk of Samantha’s hefty jugs were placed.

The girls soon settled into the kneeling close quarters combat. As Riley rolled her tits into Samantha, the blonde would push her boobs forward, mashing her larger orbs into the opposite pair. The redhead tried to thrust her firm globes further, and watched with satisfaction as Samanta’s heavy orbs ballooned from the pressure. The blonde met Riley’s efforts with equal force as she pushed her boobs right back into the redhead. Grunts began to mix with sweaty slapping as the boob grinds, jabs and blows took their toll. The girls were already breathing heavily, and a small sheen of sweat had formed on both fighters. Samatha’s curvy, tanned body shined beautifully and Riley’s pale skin seemed to actually glow in the lights.

Slowly, Samantha worked her heavy boobs over Riley’s tits, pushing the redhead’s set back, only for them to spring back into shape a moment later. Riley, grunting with effort returned the favor by mashing her tits back into the tanned pair and forcing the blonde’s big jugs to retreat. It was a slow methodical pace as tits mashed into tits and scraped across each other. Like before, neither set dominated as the grinding session drug on.

Getting bored with simple pushing, Riley began to subtly roll her shoulders, grinding her pale tits into the blonde’s chest. With each circular motion, the bulge in their boobs became more prominent on one side, and then moved to the other as they rotated. Riley grunted, trying to push her pale orbs into and around the blonde’s bigger boobs. Samatha’s back bend more as her opponent’s weight forced the other girl lower. It was quickly starting to look like the redhead had a real shot at beating her friend after all. The blonde bent back further, her head almost touching the mat and with her feet trapped under her. Riley quickly wrapped herself around Samantha, who had her arms spread wide to keep her balance.

“Get off me!” Samantha growled, struggling against the redhead’s tight grip. “Not ’till you give, Sam!” Riley taunted defiantly, having finally gained the upper hand against her busty opponent. “Like that’s ever gonna happen, Red” Samantha replied, her voice strained and frustrated. “I’m going to enjoy crushing your tits,” she blonde hissed. “With what, exactly? My firm set’s about to pop your jugs!” Riley smiled back, pulling her tits off Samantha’s for a bit, and then dropped them back down on the blonde’s bigger tits. Samantha groaned. “Give?”Riley asked, almost smugly, grinding both of her tits against her opponent’s meaty pair.

“No,”Samantha grunted, starting to get out of breath. She tried to roll back and forth for some momentum, but the redhead bounced her weight just right to keep her opponent from being able to roll over. No doubt all those years of cheerleading practice were now paying off. Samantha started to move her right leg as she twisted, hoping that if she could get a foot out from under her leg, she could roll the redhead over. Riley didn’t seem to notice, and began to bounce ever so slightly on Samantha, careful not to lose her tenuous balance.

The slight bounces became bigger as Riley tried to force her set into the blonde’s. Samantha grunted louder and cursed with each blow, her tits shaking for a moment before regaining their impressive shape. Not satisfied, the redhead went for a larger slam, leaning further back. She came up too high, giving Samantha just enough time to turn her body so she could free her feet from under her ass. Once she had one foot free, Samantha used it to thrust her crotch into the air, straining to free the other foot from under her ass. Riley cursed as she felt the busty cheerleader shift under her, and then begin to buck.

Riley, to her credit, rode Samantha like a professional bull rider, holding the blonde tightly as she bucked her hips off the mat. The toned redhead kept her boobs pushing into Samantha’s tits all the while the slightly thicker girl fought to throw her opponent off her. The end for Riley’s short rodeo career finally came when Samantha rolled to her side, taking the redhead with her. Riley, sensing that her rival would try to reverse their original position, immediately let go of Samantha’s wrists. The girls struggled for a while, rolling around on the mat and eventually ending up side by side, pressing their sets against each other once more. Both pairs of tits morphed around the other, and the girls took a moment to catch their breath.

“Hmph,” Riley huffed, “I thought I had you.” Samantha let out a short laugh, panting slightly, and rested her forehead to Riley’s. “You and me both. Nice try, Red,”she commented, “But I’m gonna get you back for that, you know.” The redhead just grinned at the threat, and both seemed content to simply gaze into each other’s eyes. Their faces were now in very close proximity, and both felt their breaths mixing together. Had they been observing their embrace from further away, the girls could have admired the sight of two sweaty, young female bodies clinging to each other. If either felt an urge to lean in for a kiss, they certainly didn’t admit it aloud.

What felt like hours later, the girls finally decided to distangle themselves and start again from a standing position.
Riley, encouraged by the success she’d had so far, resumed her aggressive stance almost straight away, unleashing a salvo of shots into the blonde’s set and battering them with her own. Samatha’s heavy tits began shaking all over her chest, and even as she put her hands on Riley’s shoulders, the redhead pushed against, her hands on her opponent’s hips. They struggled, the blonde trying to pull and the redhead trying to push. Riley still managed to keep swinging somehow, landing a few solid blows, rocking her opponent’s big set from side to side.

One of her jabs slammed directly into Samantha’s left teat, and resulted in both pairs splashing outward, compressing at their tips and then ballooning away at the sides. The blonde let out an involuntary gasp, shocked at the force her opponent’s tits were able to generate, and watched her bouncing rack with concern. “Guess your boobs aren’t better after all, huh?” Riley smirked proudly, clearly determined to take her arrogant friend down a peg.

The women pulled apart, their impressive breasts jiggling on their chests as they stepped back. “I’m going to flatten you now, Sam,”Riley promised, her voice confident, “My tits will beat those bouncy jugs right off your chest.” “Not likely, Freckles” Samantha shot back, “Kristian’s mine, and there’s nothing your soft boobs can do about it. Just be glad I’m not going to finish you off in front of him. He’d probably love to see your weak sacks spilling around my better rack,” the blonde continued, trying to goad her opponent into making a mistake. It worked only partially, and Riley slammed angrily forward, forcing her tits into the blonde’s once again. Both sets splashed out, waves of flesh moving toward the sides.

As the contest continued, their breasts met one another with startling frequency. The slapping became almost rhythmic, and each blow was paired with reddening flesh folding in amongst the other. Both pairs of tits ballooned out, sending delightfully enticing ripples of flesh through their ample globes of titflesh. “Don’t worry, it’s almost over, Red,”Samantha whispered softly, “Your little pillows are just about to surrender to my stronger boobs”. Riley didn’t look too worried, and responded with a powerful slam. Her shot blasted into the blonde’s thick, quivering jugs. The two sets of tits once again morphed around the other, and neither girl could stop a groan as their boobs melded together.

Samantha’s breasts were were now shaking much more freely than in the beginning, jiggling on her chest as her Riley pushed her firm set forward. The redhead’s blows were moving fast, forcing more and more of the blonde’s heavy breasts outward when they landed. But Samantha gave as good as she got, sending large ripples of flesh through the redhead’s freckled tits. Both pairs of breasts were bouncing and wobbling violently.

The girls didn’t seem eager to return to a grind, and kept their distance, circling each other like predators. Riley held onto her opponent’s arms, tightly gripping Samantha’s elbows, and pulled the blonde in. She managed to land a powerful, battering-ram shot into Samantha’s thick tits, making them flatten at the point of contact. As the redhead tried to burrow in, her firm set seemed to push the opposing tits outward visibly. Samantha grunted as her tits shook and wobbled under the pressure of Riley’s dense orbs, and the blonde had a look of shock on her pretty face. She’d gotten used to being the top dog, but now it looked like there might be a change in the duo’s social dynamic. The redhead apparently had similar thoughts, and started to taunt her opponent. “Fuck yeah… Can you feel them failing, Sam? How your big, soft boobs start molding around my awesome tits?”

Samantha grunted as the redhead finished pushing those freckly breasts into her plentiful flesh, their boobs shifting and sliding slowly over each other. She didn’t know how this could be happening, her big jugs should have flattened Riley’s pale tits a long time ago, and yet they were currently struggling just to survive. All that coaching and advice Samantha had given to her friend was now coming back to bite her in the ass. The blonde’s large set took another aggressive shot from Riley’s boobs, sending the more ample flesh shaking all over Samantha’s chest. The redhead held her tits in place for a second, ensuring that both could see her pale boobs displace the opposing pair for just a moment. “Look at them, surrendering to my firmer tits. Oh, I’m gonna love bouncing you around, Sam,” the redhead panted eagerly. She saw the doubt creeping over Samantha’s face and pressed her advantage, literally.

Riley pushed her supple tits onto the blonde’s, smashing both pairs together. The pale cheerleader did her best to ignore the growing pain in her own boobs as she did so, watching Samantha’s reddened tits push back against the pressure. Both pairs of breasts yielded ground, the flesh billowing out visibly as the girls forced their chests tighter and tighter together. Groans and moans were now competing with the sounds of slapping flesh. Just as the redhead began a new thrust from the left, Samantha took a step back. For a short but gleeful moment, Riley thought she’d actually managed to best her opponent’s perfect, tanned boobs. But any ideas of celebration were quickly cut off, as the blonde slammed her firm rack with full force and straight on.

This time, Riley’s freckled boobs splashed outward, each compressing mightily, and a wave of tit spread to the sides before the pale flesh came to a rest. They shook as Samantha pulled back, and the slight look of relief on the redhead’s face seemed to encourage the aggressor. Samantha shot up, slinging her chest from the side, and landed a direct hit on the underside of Riley’s left breast with the top of her right tit. The redhead’s boob flung upward, and Riley wailed as she felt her flesh getting pulverized. Samantha completed her swing, bringing her meaty breasts over and around her opponent’s smaller tits, smashing them as hard as she could with the limited momentum from the blow. The smack of their flesh coming together was astounding, forcing both pairs of breasts to shake violently. The girls watched their tits meet again, and grunted as all four breasts flattened at the point of contact, waves of flesh colliding into each other.

The women, seemingly coming to a silent understanding, grabbed the other’s shoulders and shoved their tits together. Both pairs of tits pushed against the other, smashing at the center, and each seeming much softer than when the fight had begun. Riley’s tits slid on top first, then they fell under the blonde’s as each girl took a sliding pass at the other. When the redhead’s big boobs sat on top, they pushed her opponent’s heavy teats downward. Just as Riley thought she was gaining an advantage, Samantha’s thick jugs would push her sore tits down.

That didn’t discourage the redhead, and she kept thrusting, driving her boobs up and into the underside of Samantha’s pair. The maneuver succeeded in pushing them up, and made their shape distort noticeably, before the heavy orbs began to disappear under Riley’s now rising tits, as the redhead forced her opponent’s shoulders down. Samantha winced a bit, feeling the redhead’s boobs pop on top of her own. But if the blonde was worried about the tactic, she didn’t show it. Samantha immediately grabbed Riley’s shoulders, and begun to bore her way up and through the pale tits resisting her rack, forcing her round jugs on top of the other girl’s globes.

Riley responded by pushing the blonde’s shoulders back down, all the while shoving her own tits up through the opposing pair. Samantha immediately countered by thrusting her tits back on top, and smiled as the watched them force Riley’s freckled boobs to ooze down and around her own set. But the blonde’s grin soon faded as she looked down to see her tanned tits, once again, being pushed up just before they began to disappear under the redhead’s sizeable rack. The blonde groaned when Riley’s tits were resting fully on top of hers. With a grunt, Samantha forced her boobs back on top, and the redhead returned the favor. The flesh in both sets of breasts was now flowing much more fluidly than in the beginning, shifting and quivering against the opposing pair.

Inevitably, the wet smacks of titflesh became more muffled as both women, growing tired, wrapped their arms around the other’s waist. Pushing, shifting and slowly grinding away, each was determined to feel the other pair give way. The redhead groaned as she felt her opponent’s tits burrowing, and ground back, shifting from side to side. Riley grabbed her opponent tighter by the waist and thrusted, slamming her sweaty tits into Samantha’s softening jugs. The blonde pushed back and returned the blow, sending both pairs to their original state. They ground again for a while, before Samantha sent her own thrust into the redhead’s chest, pushing the pale orbs up and out. As Samantha pulled back, Riley prepared for her own blow, but the blonde moved faster, pushing her chest forward once again.

As Samantha slammed her chest into the red-haired girl’s sore flesh, she heard Riley actually whimper. The girl had felt her full breasts spread out, molding around the opposing flesh. They flattened severely, and while they didn’t pancake, the disparity between the two pairs of meaty breasts was apparent. Samantha left her tanned breasts there, and watched as they pushed the loser’s tits around on her chest, their flesh yielding to the superior pair. Riley’s boobs were now shaking wildly, each sliding up and down on the blonde’s whim while Samantha’s bigger breasts maintained much of their shape. Riley moaned as she witnessed her set’s defeat, the flesh splashing across her chest, and whispered a quiet surrender. The blonde slowed her movements, and gently shoved her tits forward, visibly displacing more and more of Riley’s tenderized boobs as they simply spilled away. Samantha gave a deep sigh as she relished the intoxicating sensation, her firm rack burrowing into the tamed boobs of her fallen rival.

She pulled away almost begrudgingly, and to the redhead’s surprise, reached out, gently cupping her defeated opponent’s breasts. Riley’s eyes widened even more as the blonde leaned over to kiss each freckled boob, suckling the nipples tenderly. The redhead gasped, her mouth hanging wide open, but said nothing while the other girl softly caressed her sore, reddened boobs. They seemed to hang lower and looser on her chest than before, but looked quite striking all the same. Evidently the blonde thought so, too.

“Can you guess why I did that?” Samantha asked quietly, sliding her hands up to Riley’s shoulders. The girl shook her head, exhaustion and defeat evident even in her confused look. “I wanted to show my respect for a worthy opponent,”the blonde whispered, gently caressing her friend’s neck. “I mean, just where did you get those boobs, Riley?! I barely won!” Samantha huffed with a small laugh, clearly impressed with the fight her opponent had managed to put up.

Riley knew she’d given her busty rival a lot of trouble, but in the end, Samatha’s rack had proved to be simply too much for her freckled boobs. Just like the blonde had taunted it would. The fact that her breasts’ defeat had been so close only served to deepen the disappointment. And now, Samantha would get the guy they both wanted, just like she always did. Only this time, the blonde’s superiority was beyond question, those tanned jugs having beaten her own pale orbs decisively. Riley knew she’d have to learn to simply accept that she’ll never be quite as good as Samantha. A small tear made its way down her cheek, and the blonde quickly leaned in for a hug, being careful not to crush the other girl’s tender flesh with her own set. “Hey, it’s okay Riley. Please don’t cry,” she whispered, trying to console her distraught rival – no, friend.

“Is it that guy? Did you really like him that much?” the blonde asked worriedly. “No!” Riley replied loudly, still sniffing a bit, but feeling the beginnings of a smile to pull on the corners of her mouth. Samantha pulled back slightly, studying the girl’s face. “Sure, he’s cute, but not THAT cute,” the redhead continued, and bumped her shoulder into the blonde’s, causing the other girl to raise an eyebrow. “Really? ‘Cause I thought he was pretty fucking hot,” Samantha said, looking doubtful. Now unable to hide her grin, Riley started to laugh. “You and your fucking boys, Sam. You can keep that fine piece of imported man-meat for yourself. I’ll survive.” Still smiling, the redhead decided to add one more thing. “Unless you’d like to share, of course.”

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