A Tribute to Best Friend’s Sister – Part 2 by Augur

Return of the Gym Rat / The Gym Rat Awakens

As I stretched a bit in anticipation of my match, I made a quick note of the small crowd that was sitting in the spacious living room. I spotted the athletic redhead Nikki talking to a familiar-looking busty blonde whose name I couldn’t recall. Camille? Maybe Corrinne? She wasn’t quite as fit as the girl facing her, but the blonde’s heavy tits looked impressive enough. I made a mental note to ask around about her later. Emma had invited me to her parents’ house, where she was holding a small get-together for a bunch of her friends. Mine was the only actual titfight that evening, and I tried to ignore the nervous feeling in my stomach. I hadn’t fought anyone since my defeat against the hooter queen, and couldn’t quite manage to catch the confident mood I usually had before my matches.

No one had ever been able to flatten my big tits before Tamera, and I’d been convinced that they were, in fact, unbeatable. I’d been wrong. The black bitch had crushed my pride and joy with her own boobs, and then done her best to break my will to as well. And not entirely without success. Finding my meathead boyfriend in my own bed with some black whore (that skinny friend of Tamera’s) had been the last straw, and it was a long while before I managed to gather the courage to show my face in public after that. I had never felt so humiliated in my life. Suppressing a shudder, I continued scanning the crowd.

In the opposite end of the room, my eyes found an even more top-heavy blonde, whose huge jugs looked heavier than my own set. She’d been introduced to me as Tanya, and I had already heard of her victory over Loni’s tough pair some months earlier. Normally I would have been eager to challenge her, but now, after having gotten my big boobs flattened by another woman, I felt oddly relieved that my opponent wasn’t quite as well-endowed. My jugs had never fought against a set that was bigger, and even Kara’s jugs, which matched mine in size, fell behind in every other aspect. This girl Tanya looked much firmer, and meaner, than the saggy brunette ever did.

I knew that many of the girls present were members of the Beta Omega sorority, and reminded myself that I had to beat my opponent’s boobs in order to maintain my reputation as one of the top-tier titfighters in town. I’d worked hard to get this far, not having a lost a single fight before, and sure as hell wasn’t going to fall to the bottom of the pack now.


Emma cleared her throat, and the room hushed, atmostphere thick with anticipation. “A challenge has been laid down by Gloria. Do you accept it, Chrissy?” the toned blonde asked loudly. I nodded, and she gestured us towards the mat. I immediately stepped forward, pulling off my shirt and reaching behind to unclasp my bra. I grinned as all eyes followed my big, firm tits fall just slightly on my chest.

Gloria met me on the mat, removing her t-shirt. I’d already started with the visual comparison, and as the blonde’s tanned orbs dropped down, jiggling as they settled on her chest, I noted with satisfaction that they seemed to hang just a bit lower than mine. Her jugs were also about a cup size smaller than my globes, but they did look rather dense. The rest of her was toned as well, and she may have had a tiny height advantage. I of course held the edge in muscle mass.

This wasn’t really a revenge fight, and I didn’t know Gloria all that well. We’d always gotten along without any serious problems, but now she, for some reason, had decided to challenge my boobs to a match. Then again, Gloria’s jock of a boyfriend did seem to be pretty much hypnotized by my glistening jugs every time he saw them in the gym, and I was fairly certain that all those lustful stares hadn’t escaped his girlfriend’s notice. Last time we met, the muscle guy hadn’t even tried to hide the hungry look he was giving me. The guy’d been practically drooling, I thought smugly as we stepped forward. Gloria on the other hand looked annoyed, and her eyes were boring into me as we took each other’s bodies in. A jealous bitch if I ever saw one. It was hardly my fault I had such an awesome rack, and that Gloria’s own D cup set couldn’t satisfy her boyfriend’s appetite for big tits.

There was no ceremony as we pushed our tits together. My jugs were noticeably bigger than hers, but I could tell Gloria’s set was heavy and firm in its own right. Though my opponent’s boobs didn’t look quite as firm as my own thick set, I was surprized at how well we matched up. With our hands at our sides, we both pushed gently, Gloria’s right against my left, and my right against her left. Her pale flesh, less ample than mine, compressed at the point, pushing both out and down, while my boobs expanded up and out, mostly because they were sitting half an inch or so higher. I loved the feeling of her big tits under mine, and as we pulled back, we both nodded, rubbing our boobs.

I shuddered involuntarily as I felt the sensitive peaks of my breasts brush up against her opposing tips. My boobs bent and shifted, just as Gloria’s folded under mine. Both fleshy pairs sprang back to life as we made our preliminary passes. Gloria shifted her shoulders as I pushed mine forward, trying to get a shot into her tits with my firm flesh.

Gloria was quick, and moved back, so I pressed forward, falling for the feint. She slammed my tits solidly, striking both jugs with her heavy set. I groaned and watched Gloria’s unfriendly face break into a grin. I felt her boobs burrow in for a moment before she pulled back, and surprised me with another quick blow. Her left tit pounded my right breast, forcing it against my ribcage as she pulled back to land a blow with her right jug. I groaned again as my left boob was pushed left. Gloria had been in a lot of fights, I realized. I’d been hoping that I might have a lead in experience, but that didn’t seem to be likely anymore. Each breast compacted at impact, sending light waves rippling through our tits. Our two sets seemed to flow back into place as they pulled apart, and neither now-jiggling pair gave too much ground.

Rather than pulling back again, I thrust forward as our sets were in contact. I felt my tits slide over the top of Gloria’s pair, digging into her firm flesh. Gloria winced, but fought back. Both our racks were large and firm, but mine looked fuller and might have been slightly rounder whereas Gloria’s big tits were certainly heavy and dense enough to give my pair real trouble. While I had a significant edge in mass and volume, I couldn’t cauge a distinct difference in density. Gloria’s thrust put her other breast in contact with mine. As I shifted my shoulders a bit to line up my boobs more effectively, Gloria did the same. For a moment, neither of us moved, content to simply glare into each other’s eyes.

I twitched my right shoulder a bit, and the blonde countered by thrusting her left shoulder forward. My right tit was forced back by the jab. Responding to the blow, I drove my left jug into her right. Gloria winced, but her ground. We were now engaged in a standoff, in a fight for territory, with neither of us yielding an inch. The staring contest continued as Gloria and I gave each other small bumps and nudges with our chests. Gloria began to grimace, and I noticed the skin on her somewhat smaller breasts begin to tighten from the pressure of their contents being forced from the middle of her boobs. “Ugh,” the blonde grunted with a push of her chest.

Soon we were sparring, as our thick, meaty breats dueled. The tips of my slightly larger boobs would slide over hers, bending and flexing as Gloria’s were pushed in the opposite direction. I couldn’t tell who was winning as neither pair seemed willing to give, and looking at Gloria’s face, I saw the same determination that I felt. I grunted as I pushed forward, driving my tits into hers. Gloria pushed back, and both of our pairs morphed against the opposing tits. When we pulled away, the two sets sprang back to their original shape.

“I’m going to crush your big, saggy tits, skank,” Gloria whispered. “I’m going to flatten them with my superior rack.”

“Trying to convince yourself?” I asked with a sneer. My boobs hadn’t softened much, but neither had Gloria’s. Another thrust from Gloria sent her boobs into my set, and I groaned again. Her strikes were accurate, nailing the base of my large, firm breasts.

“Nope, just letting you know,” Gloria said casually. “I bet they’ll look real nice hanging down while you suck my winning jugs,” she chuckled, and I felt my anger take over. I thrust faster and harder, bouncing her round tits. Gloria’s own blows were slowed as she tried to match my pace. There was a light “thwap” with each contact, and I measured the rhythm in my head as I began battering Gloria’s pair.

I was gaining some ground until Gloria shoved her torso forward and landed a suprisingly strong blow. She caught me in mid strike, and I felt her dense mammaries slam and burrow into my bigger, heavier tits. My own set slid over hers, bending slightly in and upwards, and the move interrupted my rhythm.

Gloria took advantage, slamming forward again and rocking my jugs. I slammed towards her as well, but missed as Gloria pulled away and to the left. She pushed forward, slowly shoving her boobs against mine. I pushed back, and our hands immediately shot to the other’s shoulders. We both looked at each other’s faces, surprised at the synchronicity of the move. Both our tits fell, but we slowly brought them together.

“I’m going to grind them flat,” I told her. “You’re going to pour your tits into a bra when I’m done with you,” I said. Gloria grinned, seemingly enjoying the trash talk.

“I can’t wait to feel your plump lips on my better, stronger tits, Barbie,” I snorted at the nickname, noting her own blonde hair, but said nothing in return. I slid my tits over hers, feeling her thick flesh against mine. I tried to ignore the pleasurable sensations caused by our two sets straining against each other, and concentrated on grinding Gloria’s boobs away. I continued thrusting, enjoying feeling her flesh spill out as my pair burrowed into hers. The friction between our breasts still slowed their movement somewhat, but the constant contact had already started to make our sets shine with sweat.

“Your oversized boobs are going to flop around like Kara’s weak sacks when I’m done,” Gloria told me confidently. “I heard you’ve already had those jugs crushed by some hooter bimbo, so this ought to be a familiar experience”. I looked down at my powerful, once untamed jugs, and tried not to let Gloria see the flash of shame and anger that her words had coaxed from my memory. I brought my face close to hers, and fixed a steady glare into her eyes.

“I’m going to beat those puny little tits right off your chest,” I told her. Gloria growled and we both took a step back, before starting to slam our boobs into each other like boulders. The first strikes weren’t especially violent, but there was a definite clapping noise through the room as our big sets met. I watched as our breasts melded together, shifting and molding against the other until we pulled apart. I had no choice but to admit to myself that a big part of me liked the erotic element of matching my tits with another woman, and realized that I had to keep that feeling in check if I wanted to maintain the motivation needed to win this match. Gloria was no pushover, and her tits were doing serious damage.

I turned my attention back to my opponent, and sent my tits crashing forward. Gloria’s groan was easily the most satisfying sound so far, and I enjoyed seeing the shock register on her face. Apparently Gloria had been hoping that Tamera had crushed my spirits as well as my tits. I decided to show her just how much fight I still had left.

Taking advantage of Gloria’s stunned stillness, I thrusted forward to push her tits out. Her jugs ballooned out, but bounced back instantly after I pulled away. As I twisted to the left to send my tits across hers, Gloria recovered and shot her own boobs forward. I felt a bruising blow glance off my tits and winced.

Her blow had interrupted mine, and she was able to fire another shot into my boobs. I felt my own flesh indent and compress as she was able to land several battering strikes. I knew our tits were jiggling all over, and couldn’t help but to picture her smaller set slowly taming mine, conquering my jugs and forcing them to spill out. God, how much the idea of this big-titted blonde flattening my best assets was turning me on. It’s almost as if I was looking forward to losing and getting my boobs humiliated in front of the whole crowd! I found myself frowning as I thought how ludicrous it was for me to think that, and the strange look on my face seemed to confuse Gloria. She paused, and I struck.

The blow that hit Gloria physically forced her back, and I reached out to grab her shoulders. Gloria grunted as she tried to free herself from my grasp, and as she was wasting her effort on that, I landed a blow that sounded through the room with a big “splat.” I heard several girls gasp as I sent a similar blow into Gloria’s chest. It hurt me, but Gloria’s mouth was hanging wide open. Sensing a quick victory, I lined up again.

Whether the move was born out of desperation or disciplined control, Gloria squatted and then stepped forward and up, springing with her legs and sending her tits into the underside of mine. I felt my flesh swing upward, flattening from the bottom and jiggling wildly on my chest as they settled from the strength of the blow. I let go of Gloria’s shoulders and stepped back, shocked at the burning in my chest. “You really do have nice tits,” the blonde commented with an arrogant grin. “It’s just too bad that mine are better!”

Gloria sprang forward swinging her tits wildly. Her left breast slammed into my left jug, sending a mass of flesh wobbling across my chest. I thrust back, but missed completely, leaving myself open for a shot that my opponent gladly took. Her boobs slammed into mine with another wicked strike. I felt my tits flatten against Gloria’s again, before springing back to their round shape, and heard myself moan loudly. Damn, I really needed to get a grip! My treasonous brain seemed to actually enjoy the thought of getting flattened by another woman – so much so that it was getting difficult to concentrate on winning! Before, I had always been very competitive and absolutely hated losing at anything. I definitely hadn’t wanted to lose to that black bitch Tamera! But now that I’d experienced the feeling of my having powerful set slowly yield to another pair, I found myself thirsting for that same sensation again. Lusting for it, even.

I forcibly shook myself away from that line of thought, and knew that I had to get another blow in. I watched Gloria’s shoulders closely. When she pulled back to strike, I pushed my chest forward as though I was going to slam forward. When I saw her strike coming, I moved to the left, and fired back to my right. Gloria, off balance after the big miss, couldn’t react in time.

My right boob slammed into her right boob, sending it crashing against her chest. I forced my sore tit over her right boob and into her left, grinding away. We both grabbed each other for support and started slowly sliding our tits against each other. I felt my tits fold and bend on the first pass, but pushed forward and to my relief was met with Gloria’s similarly yielding tits. It was obvious that the blows we’d traded had tenderized our boobs a bit, and I’m sure everyone was watching the mass of titflesh shake and wobble as we pushed each other back and forth, trying to grind away the other’s tits.

I felt Gloria start to move almost in a circular motion, pushing my boobs up and down and to the right and left. Her meaty teats dug into mine and I pushed back, thrusting at the center of hers. Neither of us seemed to gain much of an advantage until I felt a shift under my boobs.

Gloria pushed up, and I thought at the time that she was hoping to push my tits up and out, but I pushed down, and felt her tits flatten at the tops. My tits forced hers down, and as I lined them up, I pushed in. Gloria pushed back, but there was no contest. Her groan indicated a sudden pain and my tits began burrowing into hers. I licked my lips as I began pushing her big boobs around, watching her udders bend and shift at my whim.

“Oh hell yeah,” I hissed. Gloria gripped my shoulders and tried thrusting again. I felt a malicious spark hit me as I stood still and watched as her tits splashed around mine, pushing my boobs in only slightly as hers bent and folded around my more powerful orbs. Gloria groaned as I finally pushed back, forcing all of her tits against her chest and pushing until they had flattened against her ribcage. Her hands fell from my shoulders and rested on my hips as I savored my victory. I heard some oohs and aahs from the girls as my pair dominated Gloria’s proud tits. With each thrust, my big orbs penetrated and distorted the blonde’s smaller, softer jugs.

“I’m gonna flatten your tits now, Gloria,” I told her. I made sure I caught her eye. The busty blonde looked at my face and I saw her frustration, disappointment and… sadness? Before she could respond, I took my rights, and her eyes left mine to watch the last resistance leave her tits. My boobs first burrowed in, forcing her flesh out, and as more and more of my tits entered her beaten sacks, the ballooning flesh squished against her ribcage.

“Watch them surrender to my big, strong tits,” I told her. “Watch as I crush your weaker sacks and make them mine.” Gloria groaned at the view and the pain of her once powerful tits being flattened by my bigger, better pair. I ground her in some more, loving the feeling of her tits folding and bending as mine overpowered hers. There wasn’t even a comparison now, I realized. I pulled away to watch her tits ooze back down her chest. “I’m going to do it again,” I said in a low voice. Gloria pushed back weakly, but I gripped her wrists and watched again as I shoved my firmer tits into hers. Feeling my breasts dominate hers was amazing, and I sensed a familiar, distinct warmth in my pussy as I obliterated her vanquished udders. Clearly I got off on winning as well, I realized, feeling oddly relieved. Just then, another thought popped into my mind, and I leaned forward a bit.

“Relax Glo, you can keep that dumb boyfriend of yours. I’ve gotten tired of drooling muscle jocks lately”, I whispered into her ear, and gave the blonde a meaning look.

I pulled away to leave Gloria dumbfounded. She cupped her sore tits, gently massaging them. I smiled at her. “You’ve got some tough tits, Gloria. They game mine a run for their money. It’s no wonder you were brave enough to challenge me.”

“But now we all know your set isn’t quite as good as mine.” She looked at her destroyed set sadly, but didn’t say anything. I looked at her expectantly. Although Gloria still hadn’t formally surrendered, the result was obvious to everyone.

“You know what I want, Glo,” I said, bouncing my jugs a bit. She nodded demurely, leaning down to suckle on my large orbs. I felt both of my nipples harden as the blonde moved her lips skillfully, and let out a sigh of pleasure while I enjoyed the moist warmth of her mouth. Gloria was flicking her tongue over my hard flesh and even circling the nipple around the areola. I swapped breasts making the busty blonde worship my other boob, and she dutifully repeated the treatment. I heard myself moan as Gloria kissed each nipple, and then stood back. I noticed how hard my breathing had gotten, and took a deep, shaky breath. Phew, I could get used to that tongue.

“No hard feelings?” I asked her quietly. Gloria looked up from my big jugs, her face a bit flushed, and searched my face for a while. Finally, she gave me a careful smile and nodded. “Yeah, we’re okay,” the blonde whispered softly. I reached out for a hug and reminded her of her place, allowing my tits to rest atop hers. Gloria’s boobs flattened immediately as she was pulled in, and I kissed her cheek. A moment later, the blonde walked back to her sister Gina, who handed her a t-shirt.

Emma, being the hostess, took her position next to me in the center of the room. She was wearing a tight tank-top and short shorts, showing off her rock-hard muscles to everyone. “Congrats to the winner!” the ripped blonde said in an loud voice. “Since it’s getting a bit late, I suggest we call it a night. That OK with everyone?” The girls made murmurs of affirmation, and started to get up. Emma leaned slightly towards me, and said in a low voice “Can you stick around for a moment, Chrissy? I know how much you like to push those big jugs to the limit, and might just have an idea.” I looked at her with a raised eyebrow, but nodded all the same. We were pretty good friends, and I’d known her sister Darla for years now. I decided to hear the blonde fitness girl out. Putting my bra and shirt back on, I wondered if she’d noticed the internal battle I was waging during the fight with Gloria.

While the other guests began to head home, I trotted over to the kitchen, where I saw Emma whispering something to Nikki. The girls noticed me, and the redhead gave me a calculating look. “Yeah, okay. Let’s do it,” Nikki nodded to the other girl. Emma smiled, and turned to me. “Umm, Nikki and I have been talking about a small, friendly tournament, but we’re missing the fourth girl.” I gave a quick glance at the redhead, who was chewing her lip as she watched us with an eager look. “Normally, I wouldn’t ask you, but seeing how your high-caliber jugs have already been tenderized by Gloria, I reckon the playing field is now level.”

Nikki snorted at that, and interjected playfully “Yeah right, I just hope those oversized jugs will still be able to offer me some resistance. I wouldn’t want my big boobs to crush Chrissy’s set without a fight.” I narrowed my eyes at the red-haired tennis player, but she just stuck her tongue out and bumped her chest lightly into mine. “Think you can handle ’em?” She asked, grinning. Even as I felt Nikki’s heavy chest pushing against mine, I couldn’t help but to smile back. The readhead’s good mood was contagious.

“Oh, my big jugs could flatten both of you without any trouble,” I replied casually, and watched the girls glance at each other. “So you’re in?” Emma asked hopefully. I nodded with a small smile, but then noticed that I’d missed something. “Who’s the fourth girl?”

“That would be me,” a voice behind me replied. I jumped a bit, and spun around quickly. “Oops, sorry Chrissy. Didn’t mean to startle you,” the girl replied apologetically. She was a cute brunette with soft, feminine curves and fairly large breasts. They weren’t quite as impressive as mine, of course, but far bigger than most. I recognized her instantly.

“Geez Lauren, stop sneaking up on people!” I told her with mock fright, holding a hand to my chest. She responded with a lopsided grin, and walked over to hug me. We hadn’t seen each other in a while, and I pulled the brunette in a bit tighter than was necessary. Lauren had never had the toughest tits around, and I was confident that my big, firm jugs would be way too much for the slightly plump girl to handle. She immediately awarded me with a gasp as my larger set started to push her more pliant breasts in.

“Oomph, stop doing that, you big-titted bully!” Lauren huffed, obviously in discomfort. I backed off, and grinned at Nikki and Emma. “Still think I’m an easy kill?” They’d clearly seen my little demonstration, and didn’t seem quite as cocky as before.

I suddenly realized the four of us had one thing in common: we’d all gotten our jugs crushed by a hooter girl. Before my own defeat at the hands of the queen bitch, I’d witnessed Emma lose to a reasonably busty redhead cheerleader, and saw how the aggressive latina Maria, after a long and fairly even struggle, penetrated Nikki’s jugs with her firmer cones. Lauren on the other hand had once been a hooter girl herself, before she got her heavy hangers crushed by the other girls. I remembered how pissed she’d been afterwards, and wished I’d taken her warnings more seriously. The hooter girls might be relatively new to titfighting, but their impressive boobs sure made up for the lack of experience. We’d all learned that lesson the hard way. I found myself wondering if that was the real reason behind Emma’s last-minute invitation to the “after party”? Was she planning something against them? Not that I’d mind if she was, of course.

They quickly filled me in on the basics: a friendly four-girl tournament with two semi-finals, and a final between the winners. No stakes in the semis, just a general winner-takes-all bonanza afterwards. In other words three toys for me to play with, I thought, grinning smugly.

Nikki, Lauren and I walked back to the living room, and watched Emma pick up a bowl containing three small pieces of paper. The blonde quickly explained what was going on. “This was Darla’s idea, actually. Random opponents. Each note has a name on it, you just need to pick one.” “But there’s only three of them,” Lauren pointed out from my right. Emma just rolled her eyes. “Well d’uh! I only asked Chrissy to join us a few minutes ago, I didn’t know who the fourth girl would be. Besides, it doesn’t matter anyway; when Chrissy picks her opponent, there’ll only be two left.” Nikki and I murmured in approval, while Lauren looked a bit embarrassed for not figuring it out. Shaking her head at the slow brunette, Emma offered me the three slips of paper, white side up. After a moment of hesitation, I picked the middle one, turning it around.

“Shit!” Emma groaned “just my luck.” I’d chosen the note with her name on it, and grinned at our hostess’ annoyed exclamation. Lauren for her part sighed in relief, obviously glad to face Nikki’s smaller jugs instead of mine. “Don’t worry Em, I promise to take it easy on your baby tits,” I teased the blonde. Not liking my dismissive tone one bit, Emma narrowed her eyes and took a small step forward, pushing her perky glands into my fuller orbs. “Oh yeah? I wouldn’t recommend it, squishy. But it’s your tits’ funeral, not mine,” she snarled, instantly forgetting any apprehension she might have felt about facing me. Nikki quickly put her arms on our shoulders, and tried to calm the annoyed blonde. “Maybe Lauren and I ought to go first? I mean, Chrissy could probably use a break after her tussle with Gloria,” she offered. Emma glanced at the redhead, and opened her mouth to say something when I replied on her behalf, “Nah, I think I’ll crush her tits now. My set can rest while you and Lauren slug it out, and then flatten the winner in the final round.” Emma snorted at that, “Keep dreaming, girl, my boobs will crush your bouncy set into retirement.” I smiled a bit at the blonde’s bravado, and bumped her chest lightly, forcing Emma to take a step back. “Okay okay, enough with the trash talk. Are you two gonna fight or not?” Nikki asked, grinning.


I nodded and then watched as Emma nodded her agreement. I whipped off my top, handing it to Nikki, and turned to present my boobs to my opponent. Emma eyed my huge, round jugs with an unreadable face. They stood tall and proud on my chest, sagging only just enough to convince anyone that they were real. The fight with Gloria had given my boobs a slight pink tone, but didn’t seem to have caused any noticeable change in their shape or heft. If Emma was intimidated, she didn’t show it as she stood with hands on her hips, facing me. We all knew perfectly well that bigger boobs didn’t always win, and that sometimes firmness was the deciding factor.

I watched with interest as the blonde started removing her top. Her tanned, remarkably shaped breasts barely moved, pointing arrogantly at me. Emma’s tight glands were firm, hard, and roughly the size of apples. Moving my gaze lower, I admired her tight abs. As the blonde shifted, her muscles bent and flexed slightly, their definition becoming more and more apparent with each movement. Eyeing Emma’s smallish but very dense-looking tits, I couldn’t recall having ever faced a firmer opponent. And as for the rest of her, Emma’s lithe, tightly-muscled body looked even more ripped than my own! Everything about her was rock-hard. Still, I felt confident that the weight advantage went to me, having a much thicker build than Emma.

Nikki motioned us forward, and Emma took a large step, pushing her tits into mine. We were about the same height, and since my jugs were so much heavier than Emma’s, her dense boobs rested slightly higher than mine, though not by much. Her tips bore pretty much straight into my set, and I matched her thrust, pushing back. Emma’s tits poked into me as my jugs engulfed hers, and I took some satisfaction in watching my opponent wince a bit as she got a feel of my pair’s considerable weight. She was forced back a little, and I grinned, already sure of my impending victory. These little girls really didn’t stand a chance against my perfect, heavy jugs. “Don’t run away just yet Em, I haven’t even gotten started,” I taunted my opponent smugly.

Enraged, Emma lunged forward, trying to wrap her hands around my back. I was able to grab one of her arms as I danced on the balls of my feet backward to avoid being caught. As my right hand gripped her left wrist, I pushed her right shoulder back with my left hand. She was able to keep me close with her right arm across my back but wasn’t able to thrust with much power. We danced around the room jockeying for position.

I tried launching my boobs at her from my right side to my left, but she was ready and turned her left shoulder to her left causing my boobs to smack into her upper rib cage. I winced as my jugs bounced off her rib cage and back into each other. I heard a Nikki yell as my tits made a loud smacking sound, and pulled back for another strike, but the same thing happened. As I moved, to the left to send a shot from my right to my left Emma gave me a quick thrust as I tried to position my boobs for another strike. The blonde mashed her set into my boobs, forcing them to balloon out on all sides as Emma’s hard tits bore into my rounder jugs.

“Yeah, feel that, you Viking bitch?” Emma taunted. “Thought you’d just crush Emma’s cute titties with your big, scary set? Well think again, mush!” She cackled, evidently happy with herself. I winced, feeling her firm boobs sink into my larger, meatier pair.

As I pulled away, my boobs bounced back into shape. I realized I had to change my strategy. I let go of Emma’s wrist and shoulder then reached for her biceps to control her shoulders. The ripped blonde countered me by reaching around my lower back. I was impressed with Emma’s strength as she strained to pull me into a tight embrace. I grunted, fighting to push her away, and was able to keep her from putting me in the bearhug, but was did not succeed in slinging my boobs into her with any effectiveness. We were at a stalemate.

I broke away from Emma by pushing her back and dancing away from her only to grab both of her wrists. I was able to land a few shot on her boobs as she struggle to shake her wrists loose from my grip. The blonde gave up trying to free herself from my grip and focused on defending her boobs from my attack. With her shoulders free, Emma would turn in the same direction that my boobs were heading to shield her boobs from mine with her shoulders. The blows hurt me more than my opponent.

“Scared bitch,” I grunted. “Afraid of meeting my better set head on?” Emma snorted, and replied “Yeah right, as if you didn’t just run away from my bearhug like a scared little girl.” I heard Nikki and Lauren guffaw in the background, and narrowed my eyes.

I’d begun to sweat and the adrenaline rush from my previous victory was beginning to subside. I should have known the fight wasn’t going to be easy, but could at least take consolation in seeing that Emma, too, was already sweating and breathing hard. She took a step forward, placing her right leg in between my feet and pushed herself into me. I countered by turning my body to the right, shielding my boobs from her spear like tits. As she recoiled from bouncing off my shoulder, I slung my tits around catching her tit on tit. I relished the yelp she let out as I pulled back to give her another shot. This time, as I slung my boobs around my chest, Emma leaned back at the last moment causing me to miss her tits completely. My momentum caused me to stumble to my left. I tripped over Emma’s knee causing me to fall on my side. I let go of her wrists as I fell to break my fall.

As soon as I hit the floor, I rolled away from where I thought Emma was standing. It was a good thing I did, because she tried to pounce on me, missing just barely. I scrambled to my knees and turned to face her, just as the blonde was picking herself off the floor. “Hey, it’s just a friendly little tournament, girls! No need to kill each other,” Nikki laughed from the side as Emma and I faced off on our knees. A sheen of sweat had began to form on both our bodies.

After knee walking to each other, I reached for her wrists again, but missed. Emma wrapped her arms around my back, crushing my tits against hers. I moaned as her apple-sized, rock hard boobs pushed into the top of my significantly bigger set. “Gotcha!” Emma exclaimed as she tightened her grip. As strong as my tits were, I realized I had to break the blonde’s hold, or she would eventually crush my boobs into defeat with her impressive firmness.

Pushing against her shoulders with all my might, I was eventually able to get her boobs a few inches away from mine. My boobs popped back to their original height and shape, only to be morphed again when Emma redoubled her efforts. This time her boobs mashed straight into my tits, and my larger jugs ballooned alarmingly on all sides as the center of my jugs gave way to the blonde’s pert globes. I reached up, putting my hands on Emma’s lowest ribs, and tried to gain some purchase. But that wasn’t to be. Emma thrust her hips and torso forward, putting all of her weight behind the attack, and I felt those small tits dig deeper into my rack. As the blonde kept squeezing, I watched my jugs push out to the sides, and allow her breasts to nestle in my softer flesh. “What’s the matter Chrissy, can’t your enormous tits hold up to my cute little ones?” Emma taunted, obviously enjoying every second. The blonde spitfire was thrashing my big set!

And she wasn’t done, either. Emma soon started thrusting her small but incredibly firm boobs into mine, and I felt my generous bust being pushed back further. The jab rocketed my tits, which jiggled with the force of the blows, the flesh curling and waving noticeably. Each time, my jugs they regained their original, round shape quickly. But Emma wasn’t about to let up, driving back a short way, and letting her hard breasts thrust forward again and again. I staggered from her blows, my big tits already burning from the blonde’s assault. My jugs hadn’t quite settled down when my opponent pushed forward again, trapping my tits. She then began sliding her tits down and under, before doing rapid fire stabs into the underside of my bigger set. My large jugs wobbled, quivering violently as I felt Emma’s tight boobs pushing them up in a staccato rhythm. I tried to maneuver my boobs into a better position, but the blonde simply slammed upward, almost stabbing her perky tits into the meaty undertissue of my boobs. Emma’s fast strikes were drilling my big jugs, causing the tanned flesh to wobble and jiggle.

Getting finally tired of being her punching bag, I retaliated by slamming forward as hard as I could. Now, it was Emma’s turn to groan as my own dense breasts enveloped her smaller pair.

I shifted my shoulders left and, twisting my hips fast and slamming my breasts into hers. As my left tit glanced Emma’s right breast, the force of the blow forced her flesh to shake slightly. I ground my other jug into Emma’s left for a moment, and then returned to savagely jerking my shoulders. My tits landed another solid blow, this time slamming the left breast into the blonde’s left boob. Emma groaned as she her breast was viciously shoved to the side.

Emma’s hard tits met my larger set as we both alternated between grinding our tits together, and then bashing them lightly. My tits bulged quite a bit, bur I continued to force my firm flesh onto Emma’s rack. Twisting my torso violently, I ground my tits into her tightly-packed glands. Emma gasped after a particularly violent twist sent shockwaves running across her pert orbs. Each breast met the other and morphed in its own way. Even Emma’s as the fight went on, seemed to shift more and more as I kept the pressure on. Her right breast shifted up a few times as I landed blows on the underside of her perky teat.

Next, I took a swing from my right to my left, sending a glancing a blow across her tits. The blow wasn’t particularly hard, but I was still able to knock her small set around on her chest. My follow through from left to right whiffed air as the feisty blonde was able to push me back. My boobs wobbled across my chest banging into each other. “Dammit!” I groaned in frustration.

Emma stepped toward me as I rotated to my right. I slung my boobs at her as she thrust forward. There was a loud smacking sound and the room filled our groans. I grunted from the blow, but finished my follow through and then rotated back to the left as Emma rocked back preparing for another thrust. Our boobs smacked together. We both grunted and recoiled for another blow. On the next volley, I forced Emma back. The blonde snarled as she took a step toward me for the next thrust. Though I’d been expecting it, her suprisingly powerful blow knocked me back a bit, and I could feel my jugs molding briefly around her firm globes. Nikki and Lauren started to chant my opponent’s name.

We spent the next few moments throwing everything we had at each other. Emma was spurred on by the chanting even as our boobs ached. I could see her boobs were turning red, and mine weren’t doing any better. Again and again, we smashed our dense breasts together, neither set giving in. Emma thrust forward, but I met her in the middle with a slam of my own. The blonde’s boobs splashed out severely even as my larger set dented, and she wailed in pain. She backed away while nodding with a slight frown on her face.

“You’re one tough bitch, Chrissy” she complimented while rubbing her sore chest. “I thought Gloria would’ve softened you up for me. Just how hard can those big sacks be?” I grinned at her unintentional praise, and she gave a small smile in return. We were both glad to take a small breather, and gingerly massaged our burning tits.

Soon enough, Emma advanced on me once again, grabbing my shoulders. I tried to evade her but she was too fast, and surprisingly strong. Once I was in her grip, the well-muscled blonde dropped her arms to my lower back, and then, with great exertion, lifted me off the floor. My eyes bugged out, and I heard Nikki and Lauren yell out in surprise. Emma showed her strength by bouncing me in her arms. My considerable mass worked against me, as it felt like my jugs were supporting all the weight. The blonde’s tightly-packed boobs were digging into my set in a spectacularly painful fashion, and I could beel a burning sensation deep inside the flesh.

I thrashed and turned wildly in her arms, and, together with the help of gravity, managed to loosen the blonde’s hold just enough to wiggle out. Emma roared in frustration, and moved in quickly, sending her perky breasts straight against my bigger breasts. I grunted as I felt the blonde’s sleeker breasts push into my own. God, they were firm. I wondered what condition my tits were in, and was no longer entirely sure that I’d be able to beat Emma, let alone win the tournament. My dense jugs had been only slightly sore when we started, but the sensation had now advanced to painful throbbing. My opponent’s hard, compact breasts burrowed again, and I could feel my tits push up and out. Emma tried to push further in, but this time I pushed back, managing to force some of her flesh outward.

While her orbs still compressed less obviously than mine, I could tell the blonde’s set had weakened considerably. I forced my breasts on top, and slid the larger globes over Emma’s tits, pushing her perky tits first up, and then dropping them. Added to the savage motion was the considerable weight of the my heavier tits. Emma tried to shift, but I held the blonde as steady. Standing on my toes, I lifted my large pair on top of hers, and then sent the weight crashing down. As I continued peppering the ripped blonde with my bigger, heavier jugs, I was awarded with a beautiful sound. “Oh fuck,” Emma groaned. Her pert little tits rippled and wobbled on her chest, and I followed up with a swing, battering the sculpted blonde’s set. As I slammed my tits into hers again, Emma swore loudly and stared at her tits in dismay, their flesh shaking all over her chest.

“I’m going to pound your tiny tits flat, Em,” I taunted gleefully, enjoying the feel of yet another woman’s boobs softening against mine. I slammed my heavy jugs tits into hers again, causing the blonde’s orbs to shift and shake, even dent in slightly. While I sent another shot from the left, the blonde tried to get out of the way, stepping back a second too late. As my huge tits crashed forward, Emma’s boobs momentarily lost their pert shape, as the point of the cone melded against my dense pair. It was now only a matter of time before I’d pop her cute tits.

In clear desperation, the blonde slammed her chest forward, and despite the beating I had given them, I felt Emma’s firm tits begin to burrow once more. My hands immediately went for her shoulders, but the blonde grinned triumphantly, and quickly wrapped her arms around me. “Let’s grind your big tits out, Barbie,” Emma said. I could’t prevent a groan as the ripped blonde started eagerly thrusting her perky boobs into my heavier set.

Rather than try to escape, I grabbed Emma around the waist and pulled her even closer. It was now clear to everyone that this was going to be the endgame, the winner of our match would be decided right here. I started to gently move my heavy glands across Emma’s smaller chest, ensuring that the core heft of my breasts met hers. While my larger boobs shifted and shook with each pass, they also pushed Emma’s tits to the side, bending them severely. Titflesh spilled and both sets of breasts mushroomed out as we brought them to one final test of firmness. I kept grinding my chest into her smaller orbs, and sighed with satisfaction and relief, having felt Emma’s tight glands start to slowly yield beneath my breasts. The blonde, too, could tell that my large boobs were now holding their shape better than hers, and tried to pull away.

“Oh no, you’re going nowhere!” I growled, slamming forward. The blonde’s firm boobs dented, flattening almost completely from the force of the blow and the superior tits crashing into them. Emma wailed as she felt her boobs fail, their flaccid flesh now splashed against her chest. I gave my torso a little shake, and watched as my opponent’s once rock-hard tits shook, now all loose and soft. Emma gasped in disbelief, watching her flesh spill around my invading breasts. Her face was a mask of shock as she took in the sight of her formerly perky tits opening up for my fuller pair. I gathered her left boob between my perfect pair and squeezed, forcing the tenderized flesh to spill out. The blonde let out a long, guttural groan, and threw her her head back in agony. “Okay, okay, you win! Please stop crushing my tits!” she moaned.

Taking a moment to celebrate my hard-earned victory, I pushed the same beaten left boob up with my own tit, then bounced it, watching the distorted flesh jiggle and shake over my own jug. After having repeated the action with the right breast, I finally released the blonde. She immediately took a step back, cupping her beaten breasts. “Phew…” Nikki whispered from the side.

Emma leaned her back to a wall for support, gasping for air, but couldn’t hide her disappointment. Her firm boobs had very nearly succeeded in grinding me out, and she knew it. “I want a rematch! Your overinflated jugs were THIS close to submitting to mine,” she panted, gently massaging her smaller set. I was breathing just as heavily, and nodded in appreciation. “Yeah, those things are a lot tougher than they look. I knew your tits were good, Emma, but damn…” I wheezed. Sitting down on the sofa, I held my heavy jugs carefully, softly kneading the reddened titflesh. It was tender and bruised, and throbbing like crazy, but still in far better shape than Emma’s beaten set.

“Holy shit, you two really went all out,” Nikki said, staring at our sore breasts with wide eyes. Lauren seemed to be even more awed by the devastation Emma and I had wrought on each other’s boobs, and I suddenly remembered how little experience with titfighting she had. Nikki noticed the brunette’s hesitation, and quickly capitalized on it, “It’s okay Lauren, you can forfeit the match if you want. I can understand if you’re scared of my stronger boobs.” “What? No, I’ll fight!” Lauren responded, sounding a little miffed. The redhead shrugged, her large bust bouncing pleasantly, and she threw a playful grin at me. “Oh well, you can’t blame a girl for trying,” Nikki sang innocently. She’d tried to cop out of her own fight, and to meet my battered set with fresh tits!

I stared at Nikki’s boldness in mock outrage, and tried to keep my smile away. Devious little girl. “Sure. After all, that would’ve been the only way your floppy set could hope to compete with mine. Nikki shrugged off my retort and turned towards Lauren. “Well, shall we? Ready to get your saggy tits crushed?” The top-heavy brunette glared at her opponent, and responded by starting to pull her shirt off.


We watched Lauren’s bra fall away, her heavy set slipping down and bouncing against her chest. I was surprised to see that the brunette’s boobs, while certainly sagging quite a bit, were almost as big as mine. The jugs reminded me of Kara’s pair, both girls having heavy hangers rather than full, round orbs like me and Nikki, or pert, slightly conical tits like Emma. Her frame was also somewhat similar to Kara’s, Lauren’s soft body not showing much tone, but not quite being what I’d call fat either.

Nikki had already removed her top, and was now untying the strings on her top, letting it fall off. The redhead cupped her thick set, and then let it fall down, its denseness slapping against her skin with a dull thud. Her tits were big, sagging slightly, but obviously firm. They weren’t quite as large her opponent’s hanging knockers, but about on par with Gloria’s round pair that I’d crushed earlier.

Lauren took a deep breath, inflating her big jugs. They looked fat and heavy compared to the redhead’s slightly smaller, perkier orbs, but I could see they had plenty of mass and density. The girls took quick strides towards each other, bumping their heavy chests together. Both pairs of breasts began morphing as the points met and ballooned outward. It was easy to see that Nikki’s pair held their shape better, but Lauren’s mammaries weren’t flopping much either. The competition was evident as the two women began pushing each other. At first the brunette made Nikki back up a few steps, but the redhead was able to quickly get her feet under her, and thrust her breasts forward, forcing Lauren’s tits back before the brunette was forced to step back.

In rapid succession, Nikki pushed and pulled Lauren’s shoulders, pounding the busty girl’s jiggling boobs with each thrust. Encouraged by Emma’s oohs and aahs, the redhead did her best to push Lauren’s tits back into her chest. “Aw, did I knock you flat, Lauren?” Nikki cooed with a grin. The redhead didn’t stop there, and swung her tits away from Lauren, and then slammed her boobs into the brunette’s big tits. I stared as the plump, hanging knockers quivered from the impact. Lauren shook her head in pain and disbelief. The first few blows didn’t rock Lauren’s jugs much, but after a few swings, the redhead had her opponent’s globes bouncing off each other and sloshing around her chest.

Lauren, getting frustrated, retaliated by slamming into the opponent chest first, knocking the redhead back from the impact. The blow knocked the smile off Nikki’s face. I did notice Lauren’s tits mash almost flat from the impact, but she didn’t seem to care or notice as she began to rub her boobs over the redhead’s tits. Lauren’s double heavy knockers covered Nikki’s smaller chest as she scraped and ground her jugs into her opponent.

“You want to feel how flat I am, feel this!” Lauren said angrily as she grabbed the redhead by her shoulders. Before Nikki could respond to the brunette’s threat, the better-endower girl swung her tits into the redhead’s chest from her right. Whatever Nikki was going to say hung in her mouth and instead a gasp escaped from it. The smacking sound of Lauren big jugs smacking into Nikki’s full tits brought a gasp from me and Emma. The blow didn’t knock her tits across her chest, but it did put some fear into the redhead. Lauren followed through with her swing and then brought her tits back to the left, smacking the backside of Nikki’s now reddening orbs.

The brunette was getting ready to send her tits flying into Nikki from the right again, but the redhead reacted quickly, grabbing the top heavy girl by her shoulders and pulling Lauren into her. Both girls grunted, their flying tits slamming into each other’s chests. With the girls latched onto each other’s shoulders, Lauren couldn’t get a good swing to bash the redhead’s tits, while Lauren’s moving targets made it hard for Nikki to catch the brunette’s jugs for a good thrust. The result of the mutual embrace was a mishmash of boob slamming and tit mashing that presented no clear winner. Lauren’s tits compressed and contorted as Nikki’s boobs twitched and turned red.

Nikki and Lauren shoved their big, meaty boobs into each other for a while, and I found myself getting turned on by their display. The brunette’s heavy melons would begin to slide over Nikki’s, and the redhead would in return thrust her own fleshy orbs forward, pushing into Lauren’s tits before the latter regained their impressive shape. Nikki had managed to pin the brunette’s arms to her sides, though, and began squeezing. Their breasts met at the nipples again, and both women sighed as they felt the contact, but the redhead was able to flex her arms and her breasts pushed forward. This part of the fight seemed to favor Nikki’s firmness as her breasts kept pushing forward, and Lauren’s kept expanding outwards. She was able to readjust, however, and gaining leverage, forced her own tits back onto the redhead’s. Nikki groaned as she felt the heavy boobs begin grinding her own.

“There we go,” I heard Lauren whisper. Given the position of the brunette’s breasts, now riding completely on top of Nikki’s, I could understand the latter’s groaning. She was trying to support two pairs of massive breasts, and her boobs were flattening at the top a bit. “How do you like my big titties now?” Lauren hissed. Nikki, obviously the more experienced of the two, thrust up, forcing her opponent’s tits almost into her jaw. “No!” Lauren gasped. The redhead kept thrusting as Lauren’s breasts bent and wobbled more and more.

Nikki put her tits’ firmness to good use, pushing more of her full set into the brunette’s chest. The redhead’s tits had been forced down slightly by Lauren’s heavy jugs, but with every thrust, they had bore deeper into the brunette’s softer flesh from below. It looked like Lauren’s set had been pushed up, severely. The brunette’s tits were flopping all over, buoyed by Nikki’s strong breasts as the latter dictated the movement of her opponenent’s mams. Lauren tried thrusting back, and slowly but surely managed to slide her heavy knockers back down.

Nikki, not to be deterred, gritted her teeth as she wrapped her hands tighter around her opponent’s lower back, and pulled. “Shit!” Lauren yelled, throwing her head back. “Can you feel it? I’m crushing your pillowy jugs,” Nikki asked with a slight smile. While Lauren’s boobs weren’t quite yet crushed, they certainly were under a powerful strain as the redhead’s firmer pair had the upper hand. The brunette’s sagging tits were compressed and distorted in shape. While Nikki’s jugs ballooned out a bit, there was far more of her pale flesh showing than Lauren’s slighly darker flesh.

“Are you ready to give up?” Nikki demanded. Lauren shook her head, pushing on her opponent’s shoulders to give her softer boobs some separation from the redhead. Nikki loosened her grip slightly, but then struck with a wrecking ball maneuver, slamming her firm set straight into the brunette’s. The blow rocked Lauren as the redhead’s tits crashed into the opposing pair. Lauren’s meaty knockers sloshed across her chest, and the brunette was pummeled with blow after blow from her opponent’s firm, pale boobs.

Knowing the match was about to end, Nikki pulled the brunette back into her tits, impaling the Lauren’s jugs on her own in a final boob-crushing bear hug. Lauren dropped her hands from the redhead’s shoulders while Nikki tightened her grip. Soon, Lauren’s head, too, fell onto the redhead’s left shoulder, as Nikki pumped her arms to increase the pressure. “There you go, softy. Those big jugs are done,” Nikki taunted, thrusting her tits into the brunette’s quaking, yielding chest. The brunette groaned sadly, watching Nikki’s tits overwhelm her own. “Fine… You crushed my big set with your better pair. I… quit!” Lauren panted, groaning again as Nikki sank her tits deep into hers one last time, the brunette’s tenderized flesh billowing loosely around the rival’s firm orbs.

Nikki eased the pressure slightly, and rubbed her tits all over the brunette’s beaten boobs. The redhead closed her eyes, enjoying the feeling of her opponent’s now defeated jugs molding against hers as she pushed the pillowy flesh around on Lauren’s large chest. “Ok, I think that’ll do for now,” Nikki told the other girl, giving her a small smile.

The brunette backed off quickly, and began to massage her conquered tits, gently squeezing and rolling them. Her opponent on the other hand stayed on the mat, hands proudly on her hips and the round, pale orbs pointing in my direction. Nikki noticed my gaze, and shook her full boobs a bit. “That’s right, take a good look at these beauties, they’ll crush your jugs too in a moment. Or would you like to skip the fight and move straight to licking them?” she said with a wink. Though the offer was tempting, I flipped her off, a small smile making its way to my lips.

“Nice work, Nikki. How long do you need before the final round?” Emma asked the redhead. “Five minutes should do it, Lauren’s big, soft pillows didn’t really do all that much damage to my better boobs,” she replied dismissively. I heard the brunette mutter something under her breath before returning to tend to her sore mammaries.


Soon, the short rest was over and Nikki and I padded back to the mat. Neither of us had bothered to put a bra or shirt back on, and we faced off with bare chests. My jugs were still aching slightly, and had quite a bit of visible discoloration, but I could feel their firmness under my touch. I felt quite confident in my resilient glands’ ability to take Nikki’s smaller set out.

The redhead was taller than I was by about an inch or so, and her boobs hovered just a tiny bit higher than mine. I had Nikki beat by almost a full cup size, but had to admit that she looked firmer than I’d remembered. The redhead’s heavy boobs usually sagged somewhat lower on her chest than my round set, but right now, we looked pretty even. Studying the opposing pair, I made note of their apparent density. They also had somewhat fewer red blotches than my own, more battle-worn pair.

I glanced up from Nikki’s chest to see a confident expression on her face. I nodded and then turned my attention to Emma and Lauren. “I hope you won’t be disappointed when I flatten the tennis-star and win our tournament,” I told them and shook my perfect boobs a bit. “Oh please, don’t make me laugh, Barbie. It’s as if your tits had a death wish or something” Nikki huffed. “Those droopy things of yours don’t look too good. Maybe you’d like a longer break to nurse them back to health? That way your bruised udders might at least put up a decent fight” The redhead leaned forward to heft one of my boobs in her hand, lifting it up and then letting it drop. My heavy teat fell with a slight bounce then smacked against my chest. I grunted, and heard Emma laugh a little. Nikki let out a small yelp when I retaliated by lifting her boobs up slightly with my own set. “How’s that for droopy? This will be my first hat trick, three sets tamed in one night.” I promised.

As Nikki looked down to examine my chest one last time, I took the initiative to start the fight. While the athletic redhead was looking down, I rolled my shoulders to the left and dipped just a bit then quickly swung to the right in an upward motion. My right boob slammed into the underside of Nikki’s right boob sending the smacked orb crashing into her left tit. I heard a grunt as she stumbled back a step from the unexpected blow. Before the redhead could recover, however, I stepped forward while turning my shoulders to the left giving her left jug the same treatment as her right. My second blow sent Nikki stumbling back two steps.

While I reached out to grab her shoulders to hold my opponent still, I glanced up to see Nikki’s shocked expression. Shen seemed to be surprised by the sheer force of my blows. I smiled as I turned my shoulders to the right to deliver another shot at her chest. The redhead’s best assets waved over her chest, being bounced around by my bigger boobs.

I grunted hard, slamming my left jug into Nikki’s quivering left tit. The sound of smacking flesh echoed off the walls. With my hands steadying the redhead’s shoulders, her boobs shook more from than the first two blows. I dipped my shoulders turning to the left for an upward blow, and heard Nikki squeal as I launched my right tit into the soft underside of her right jug. My blow knocked her right boob up and to the left while my follow through plowed into her vulnerable left jug. “Damnit, bitch,” Nikki breathed. “Cheating when you know you’re outgunned?”

Before I could unleash my next blow, the redhead finally managed to interrupt my assault by putting her arms around the middle of my back, and then pulling us together. It was an awkward embrace as my left boob stuck out to the left side while my right boob was flattened against our chests while Nikki’s boobs were in the same position. Her left boob peeked out under her left arm pit while her right was mashed sideways against my right boob and her chest.

I re-gripped my hold on my opponent’s shoulder to push her away in order to free my trapped right tit. I tried to sling my tits back across Nikki’s chest, but I couldn’t generate much momentum, making it more of a scrape than a hit. As my jugs slid across the redhead’s smaller chest, she re-doubled her effort to pull me in to her, halting my progress and mashing her tits into mine. I felt my boobs compress a bit as Nikki’s firm jugs slammed against mine. She straightened up, sliding her jugs over the top of my tits and then lowering them on my jugs. The full weight of her breasts forced my boobs down and against my ribs, and I couldn’t stop a groan from leaving my lips.

“Too much tit for you, Miss Viking?” Nikki taunted as she pushed her set harder into my pinned tits. “Keep dreaming, baby boobs,” I grunted, thrusting upwards to free my set.

I moved my arms lower, and grabbed my opponent by the waist. Nikki grimaced when I tightened my grip and actually groaned when she was lifted off the floor. It looked like she had difficulty breathing. “God, I love crushing little girls like you.” I whispered smugly and leaned back. “Holy shit!” I heard Emma exclaim, clearly shocked that I’d decided to take a page out of her book.

The redhead was kicking her legs helplessly and I heard the girls gasping at their friend’s predicament. Nikki’s boobs ballooned against my bigger jugs as she fought for air. I felt a bit disappointed that the fight was going to end so quickly, as I’d been expecting a better show from the busty redhead. I strained by back further and caught Nikki watching my face with a pained but at the same time fierce look. She didn’t seem to be ready to quit just yet, even with the dominance my larger jugs were displaying. What was she up to?

Just as that thought had crossed my mind, I felt Nikki’s toned legs hike up and around my waist, locking her ankles together behind my ass. I was totally taken by surprise by the daring move, and must’ve had a rather bewildered look on my face. The redhead didn’t wait around to pour on the pressure, and I let out a guttural groan. The effect of her sculpted thighs squeezing around my ribs was immediate, and I fell down to a knee. She unlocked her ankles, dropping her feet to the floor. Nikki had her arms around my back and used her weight to push forward, knocking me over onto my back.

As soon as we hit the ground, I felt the air rush out of my lungs. She used that opportunity to lock her strong-looking legs around my thighs. With my legs tucked safely beneath her, the redhead reached for my wrists and tried to force them to the mat. I struggled against her strength, trusting my muscular body to be able to overpower the tennis player. But I was out breath, and Nikki had the gravity on her side. Slowly but surely the athletic redhead pinned my arms to the mat.
She looked down in a look of absolute – and very arousing -triumph. Her face was flushed with excitement, and I noticed that her long, red hair had become rather tussled, billowing around her face. I followed Nikki’s curls down to her large bust, which was towering over mine and glistening with sweat. As I looked at the statuesque redhead lying on top of me, I realized she had me in serious trouble, and groaned with both frustration and lust. Nikki responded with a knowing grin. “That’s right, Blondie. I got you good. And now, my big jugs are going to grind you flat.”

I heard Lauren and Emma murmuring while I stared at Nikki’s dangling udders. She lined them up with mine and then lowered herself down onto my boobs. My big set jiggled slightly as her jugs sank into mine. It was an exquisite sensation, to feel Nikki’s heavy glands forcing their way into my set.

Soon enough, she changed tactics and caught me with a swinging blow from her right boob onto my left tit. My jug, already compressed from gravity, flattened even more from the contact with Nikki’s invading boob. I grunted in discomfort as the redhead moved quickly to the other half of my meaty rack. Another swinging shot pulled my opponent’s hanging boob to the side before it swung heavily into the side of my big boob. My flesh bounced back and forth as Nikki’s alternating swings began an almost rhythmic battering of my pride and joy. I tried to escape, but the tennis star pushed back hard, following up with a slam from both of her smaller tits into my rack.

“Bombs away” Nikki yelled, then dropped her heavy pair onto my helpless jugs. I watched the plentiful flesh shake and wave over my chest, held in place by my opponent’s own sizeable breasts. I cursed, and Nikki smiled as she pushed up. “Too bad, Chrissy” she said. “But this is the end of the line for your… Ow, what!?” I’d taken the opportunity to slide my right hand around the back of Nikki’s knee and twist, forcing the redhead to lose her balance. As soon as I felt the shift, I pushed as hard as I could, and watched my opponent tumble off. She didn’t quite fall down, but the maneuver gave me just enough time to roll away.

I’d barely managed to stand from my half-kneeling position, when the redhead lunged, giving me forceful chest bump. Nikki’s pale flesh collided into my tanned rack, and I felt her tits bore into the core of my jugs. As expected, my bigger set ballooned out, but Nikki’s tits, too, contorted severely – and clearly a lot more she would’ve thought. I grunted, taking a step back, and instead of pressing her advantage, the cocky redhead stood still with a shocked look on her face. “What’s wrong, Nikki?” I asked with a smug smile “Did you finally realize that my tits are too much for your soft jugs?”

Instead on replying verbally, the redhead strode forward, and quickly wrapped her toned arms around my torso. Nikki seemed to be furious as she clinched my hips. I slammed into her as hard as I could, and she followed my example quite eagerly. We stood in the middle of the room in a loose embrace, just bashing each other’s jugs. I couldn’t hear anything other than the smacking sounds our boobs were making each time they slammed into each other. Nikki grunted and stepped back, watching me swing from below. We were using our big tits like wrecking balls. I felt my left tit get slammed backwards, almost into my chest, as the redhead’s heavy left breast came for the blow. I groaned as Nikki’s right tit followed up, grinding over my newly-blasted breasts.

I returned the favor, and sent my bigger pair forward. I did my best to ignore the burning pain in my sweaty mammaries, watching Nikki’s reddened tits push back. Both pairs of breasts pushed in, and the redhead’s guttural groan was a clear indication that I’d chosen the right strategy. Nikki now had a worried look on her face, and I felt my confidence soar once again. I grinned as the redhead’s tits bounced and shifted all over her chest, relishing the control I was establishing over the sizable rack before me.

At first, I was content to just slug it out with the busty redhead until one of us couldn’t continue. But after a while, the burning ache in my boobs had spread and intensified, and I pulled back for a moment to survey the damage we’d done to each other’s boobs. Nikki’s tits were a bright red from her nipples back a couple of inches on both jugs. But where there was a relatively large red circle on my opponent’s tits, mine were a badly bruised all over. I was loathe to admit that my tits looked even worse than Nikki’s did.

I felt her hands leave my hips, and felt smug for a moment, thinking the redhead couldn’t take the heat anymore, then confusion as she grabbed me by the shoulders. I gasped as Nikki pulled me into her, trapping my arms at my sides and effectively stopping my swinging motions. My jugs were no longer wrecking balls but stationary targets. I looked down as Nikki began grinding her dense boobs into mine. I struggled get out of her grip, but had no leverage, and could do little more than twist in the redhead’s embrace. While I looked on in fascination as she worked her boobs into mine, Nikki forced more and more of her flesh in and made my big set shift and mold slightly. I shoved my own rack forward, and enjoyed the redhead’s gasp as she felt my firm breasts push back against her pressure. The redhead repeated the process by relaxing her arms a bit and then pumping them with force once again. Grunting against my will, I could feel Nikki’s jugs pulsating and thrusting against my round orbs.

After a while, she placed her tits on top of mine and then pressed down. Her weight pushed my boobs down on my chest, and the maneuver caused my already sore tits to start throbbing intensely. I struggled some more to no avail, and looked up from my chest. Nikki was smiling again, a cute grin on her soft face. “You know,” she began to taunt me “those big jugs of yours aren’t nearly as tough as I thought they’d be. This time you bit more than you could chew.”

“Oh yeah?” I’d show that smug bitch just how tough my tits really were! As I thrust my chest up as hard as I could, I heard the redhead grunt, her big udders flopping up and down on top of mine as she desperately tightened her grip. I admired our masses of titflesh battle for supremacy, wet slapping sound of flesh on flesh echoing through the room. Nikki was breathing hard, but looked determined as ever.

“Don’t think I’m not going use this once in a lifetime opportunity to flatten your pretty jugs, Chrissy. You’ve got one hell of a rack, I’ll give you that, but you got too confident. Now, be a good Barbie and let me crush you,” the redhead cooed. I thrust up and twisted to the side to try to escape. I failed, but just by luck one her left boob ended up nestling between my big tits, and I felt Nikki’s jug compress in my cleavage. I had pinched her boob! She yelped and released her grip.

This was my chance! I shoved my boobs into the redhead’s mammaries. She grunted. I did it again, and this time she stepped back. As I lunged into her for a third strike, Nikki whipped her boobs into mine from the side. We both groaned, but mine was far louder. My boobs burned as if they were on fire, and I grabbed the redhead in an embrace to give my throbbing jugs a moment to recover. Nikki obviously had other ideas as she thrust forward, mashing her boobs into mine. Having little choice, I returned the favor, pushing against the redhead.

We began grinding on each other, and this time, I was able to twist and turn freely as I scraped my boobs across her jugs. I looked down, and was mesmerized by our sweaty boobs rolling across each other. They were two mountains of undulating, shiny titflesh. Mine were of course larger, but the difference didn’t really seem to be all that big just then. As we tightened the hug, both sets of breasts flattened at the tips and began mushrooming out. I groaned as I felt Nikki’s tits burrow, and ground back, shifting from side to side. While we continued to stare at the two straining sets, I noticed something unpleasant: the redhead’s tits gained just a tiny bit of ground over my bigger set. I started pushing and grinding more forcefully, but again, my large orbs distorted more noticeably, as the redhead’s meaty breasts took a better position. Nikki glanced down as well, watching my heavy breasts move more fluidly with each minute, ripples of titflesh jiggling enticingly as she pushed her tits further in.

When we first started, we were pushing each other’s boobs around equally. Now, my boobs weren’t having the same effect as they were earlier, and Nikki’s boobs were ever so slightly pushing mine around. My face fell a bit, and I could see a small smile building on the redhead’s face. It looked like we were both witnessing the beginning of the end. Determined to regain my lost momentum, I thrust forward, slamming my tits into Nikki’s chest again. My opponent grunted, but forced her own tits back, clearly relishing the fact that my attempt had done little to slow her advancing breasts. “Oh, yeah, Chrissy, there they go. Can you feel my tits breaking yours down? My powerful boobs simply crushing yours?” the redhead sighed, a smug smirk playing on her pouty lips.

I fought to control her wrists while she fought to wrap toned her arms around me. I was able to grab onto Nikki’s shoulders and send a couple of quick shots across her tits, until my sweaty hands slipped off and over her shoulders. Exhausted, I fell right into the redhead’s arms. I cursed as she tightened her grip around my lower back. My curse turned to a groan as Nikki’s sizable tits burrowed into mine, and I threw my head back in pain while the redhead started forcing her boobs against my bigger rack intimately.

“God, I love feeling your huge udders open up to mine.” Nikki whispered into my ear. “We’re going to have so much fun tonight. All night.” I shruddered as I felt her warm breath on my skin, and let out an embarrassingly primal moan. The redhead pulled me in tighter, and I gasped at the feeling of the full weight of her breasts pressing against my own.

Nikki was too close to get my hands on her shoulder to push with enough leverage to break the hold, but at least I was able to limit some of the pressure she was forcing on my boobs. I pushed with all of my might as the red-haired tennis player began to grind her solid tits into mine. “Give it up, Chrissy,” Nikki breathed huskily, “I’ve got you. You fought well. A lot better than I thought you would, after all the punishment your jugs have taken today. But it’s over now. I’ve tamed your set.” Then, almost as an afterthought, she added “Hope you don’t mind if I keep your bra as a souvenir? I’ve never beaten someone as big as you before.”

I was able to push Nikki’s boobs off mine for a moment until my strength gave out and her tits sank back into my jugs. She thrust forward, thrusting her large breasts into my pair. Both sets spilled outward from the point of contact, but mine were now spreading far more noticeably than Nikki’s dense pair. “See, Barbie, my tits have finally crushed your arrogant set. You lose,” the redhead teased me, giving my earlobe a small, playful bite. The pale flesh of Nikki’s tits was obviously taking over the space between us, and I watched with unbelieving eyes as my softening glands yielded to her stronger pair. “No… way,” was all I could groan.

I could hear Emma and Lauren yelling for Nikki to finish me off. I twisted and turned in her embrace in order to catch my breath and mount a comeback, but it was useless. I’d exhausted my last reserves, and was now running on fumes. Nikki maintained her tight grip, methodically pulverizing my proud chest. She ground her heavy set on my boobs from all directions, top bottom and the sides. All eyes were glued to my huge orbs, which were now molding around Nikki’s firmer flesh. “Damn, I really did a number on these beauties,” my sporty opponent grinned.

I felt my big, tender jugs slowly giving way to the redhead’s round breasts. The soft, glistening flesh of my tits mushroomed out on all sides as Nikki’s smaller tits pushed into mine. While I’d had my big jugs speared before, this time, rather than simply bounce back like they normally did, my tits oozed around Nikki’s round pair. I stood silent, watching with trembling arousal as the pale boobs demolished my big, full pair. When she was all the way in, the redhead leaned in to whisper “Mmm… Oh Chrissy, I’ve been dreaming of this for so long. You’ve got the best tits I’ve ever seen on any girl. Any other day, they would have crushed my set. But tonight, you’re MINE,” She moaned into my ear, and reinforced her point by running her wet tongue across the lobe.

Like most girls in the titfighting circle, I was no stranger to ‘experimenting’ with the same sex. But I’d never had actual sex, let alone an orgasm, with another woman. Or even wanted to, really. I did now. My panties were absolutely soaked, and I was quivering with lust. And if Nikki wasn’t careful, she’d make me cum right here, right now.

“Please…” I whimpered pitifully. “Not like this.”

The redhead brought her round face up to mine, and licked her lips. Our sweaty chests were still molding together softly, and I could feel my big rack spilling around Nikki’s. Even in my lust-riddled mind I noticed that her eyes, too, were burning with need.

“Don’t worry, Barbie. They won’t tell anyone. In fact, I bet they’ll want to join in.” And with those words, she leaned forward to bring her mouth against mine, first pushing her tongue in, and then starting to suckle on mine. Somewhere in the distance, I could hear the faint sounds of Emma’s and Lauren’s yells and whistles, but those were soon drowned out by the unmistakeable wave of pure bliss that took over my body.

That night, I got my big tits flattened by another girl. And liked it. A lot.

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