A Tribute to Best Friend’s Sister – Part 10 by Augur

Late Night Workout

It was Friday night again, and I was heading to the gym. Nothing strange about that. I went there pretty much every day, as Nikki was fond of reminding me. What made this time special was the fact I had two friends with me, and that it was already past 10 PM. The place should’ve been closed by now. Only I knew it wasn’t. Nikki and Sophie had been rather curious about the reason behind today’s late night gathering, and I was only too happy to fill them in.

One of the gym’s instructors, a very fit twenty-something Asian woman by the name of Zoe, had been out clubbing with her boyfriend. According to some of the girls, Zoe had been returning from the ladies’ room when she caught a tall blonde grinding her body against a guy. Her guy. To make matters worse, Zoe had instantly recognized the skank in question: it was one of the girls from her gym. Ella, a lithe girl with an attitude, had apparently decided grab – quite literally – the opportunity and snatch Zoe’s hunk of a man for herself. I’d seen him at the gym a couple of times myself, and could certainly understand why the blonde was interested. Zoe’s guy seemed to be a rare specimen of a tall, muscular guy who wasn’t completely brain dead. I got the impression he was slightly older than either of the girls, but obviously in great shape. Anyway, to make a long story short, the fit Asian had promptly peeled the slim blonde off her prey and politely asked her to fuck off. Some less than civil words had been uttered, a few slaps exchanged and hairs pulled. In the end, Ella and Zoe had agreed to settle things once and for all – with their tits. There would be a definite winner, and the better woman would get the guy.

I briefly wondered how Zoe’s boyfriend liked being treated as nothing more than a piece of meat, and whether or not the girls had even asked his opinion on the matter. Probably not. As it turned out, the poor guy hadn’t even been invited to witness the fight in which his fate would be determined. Only girls were allowed tonight.

As we arrived at the gym, I saw a group of at least a dozen young women had gathered around the mats. We’d been cutting it a little fine, and by the looks of things, had almost missed the start. Most of the faces there were familiar to me, but there were also some that I didn’t recognize. One of them was standing next to the blonde of the hour, Ella. The girl had dark brown, almost black hair and a pair of rather piercing eyes, and as I watched her talk with Ella, I realized the two had to be friends. As bitchy as the blonde usually was, she seemed very amicable with the new girl. I gave them both a quick visual inspection, and though neither girl was particularly chesty, it did seem like the brunette’s set was just a hint bigger than her friend’s.

Looking around, I spotted a familiar-looking, tanned and rather muscular blonde waving at me. I gave her a small nod, grinning at her very appropriate choice of attire. Clad only in a black tank top and a pair of shorts, the blonde was immediately recognizable as one of the more ethusiastic gym-goers. I had to admit that her toned body looked like it could offer even me some competition, at least in terms of physical strength. While her sizable bust seemed nice enough, I doubted it’d be able to do much against my much bigger jugs.

“Hmm, I agree, Amanda doesn’t look half bad. Would you like me to take her on…?” I heard Nikki whisper into my ear seductively. I grinned at the tennis player, playing along. “Sure, go right ahead, lover. Didn’t Sarah say she’s already spent some time as Tiffany’s private little plaything? Can’t wait to see what that freak has taught her!” The redhead snorted in reply, and Sophie shook her head at us. “Behave, you two. I don’t want to get thrown out just yet.” After promising her we’d play nice (fingers crossed!), the three of us took our places in the irregular ring that had formed around the fighters.

My gaze settled on another frequent visitor to the gym, standing a few feet to my left. She too was toned, but shorter and far less muscular than Amanda. Her blonde hair was shoulder-length, giving the girl a fairly mature look. I knew her to be a few years older than we were, but you couldn’t really tell that from her face. “Hey, Annie. Haven’t seen you around lately.” I greeted the blonde. She smiled sheepishly, cocking an eyebrow.

“Gee, thanks Chrissy, what a nice way to boost a girl’s self-esteem. Coming from someone else, I might’ve taken that as a hint to get in shape, but seeing as how you come here just about every day, I guess I do look a bit doughy in comparison,” she grinned, letting me know she was just messing around. I laughed, smiling back at the reasonably fit blonde. “Whoa, keep your pants on girl. What I meant was that I haven’t seen you at these gatherings lately. I hope you haven’t quit the scene?”

“Ooh, okay, by bad,” Annie guffawed. “No, just been busy with work, and life in general. Though my sister Bianca here tells me you’ve been attending enough matches for both of us.” She introduced the younger-looking, lean blonde next to her, and we chatted for a minute or two. Nikki of course already knew Annie’s little sister, but was less acquainted with the older girl, and Sophie had never met either. I knew Annie’s sizable bust to be very firm, having seen her topless quite a few times, and from what I could tell, Bianca’s set seemed equally perky, though perhaps just slightly smaller.

Despite spending copious amounts of her free time working out here, I couldn’t see Emma anywhere. Her absence seemed a bit odd to me, considering that this gathering combined two of Emma’s biggest passions – titfighting and the gym – into one. Still, it was Friday night, and the ripped girl might’ve gotten a better offer. She did have a bone to pick with Loni after all…

I noticed some movement from the direction of the mat, and my eyes at last found the other girl on the roster tonight, Zoe. As expected given her Chinese background, she wasn’t very tall, standing about halfway between me and Sophie. But no one could accuse her of being petite. Zoe’s body was toned like mine or Amanda’s, but less sinewy and more agile. She looked great in any case, having a fairly dark complexion which went well with her black hair. The girl’s boobs looked just as impressive as the rest of her body, and appeared to be about the same size as Nikki’s.

Zoe gave her opponent a pointed look before lifting her sports bra up. I watched her round, dense tits bounce once, and then wiggle a bit when the Asian tossed her top away. Zoe didn’t seem surprised by the crowd’s reaction, welcoming their oohs, aahs and whistles with a satisfied smile. Ella’s face was unreadable as she stared at the large, firm jugs of her opponent, and I suspected she must’ve already gotten a few glimpses of them in the showers. To me, Zoe’s dark orbs appeared to be just a hint smaller than my girl’s, though definitely harder. They had very little visible sag and sat high on the girl’s chest, as if challenging any woman to top them, their perfectly spherical shape almost making them look fake. Though I wasn’t sure if Zoe’s tits were quite as perky as Cassie’s incredibly dense pair, the Asian had every right to be proud.

“Well? What’re you waiting for, bitch?” Zoe spat at the blonde, shaking everyone from their reverie. “Don’t tell me you’ve changed your mind. I’ve been looking forward to this all week.”

The blonde sneered back, starting to remove her own top. “Yeah? I always knew you were a masochist, Zoe. I’m going to pop those overrated balloons, and show everyone that you’re both just full of hot air.” I knew that Zoe had fought and defeated several girls before, and wondered whether Ella’s bravado was just for show or if the blonde really was as good as she thought.

Anyone could see that Ella wasn’t tremendously endowed, and I estimated her breasts not to be any bigger than a small C, more likely a large B. But what they lacked in size, they more than made up for in firmness. The blonde’s set looked exceedingly hard, having a perky, conical shape that protruded from her chest almost impossibly. They didn’t seem to have any perceptible bounce, staying in place even as Ella stretched and showed her lean body off to the crowd. Her movements looked graceful, and I found myself wondering if she was a dancer or a gymnast. Probably a dancer, given her limited muscle tone.

“I don’t know how you managed to trick someone like Jake into dating you, but after tonight, he’ll be spending a lot of time at my place. Just face it, he was way out of your league anyway,” Ella said loudly, giving her brown-haired friend in the audience a quick grin.

“Keep talking, Blondie. Every word just adds to the pain your weak little tits are going to suffer,” the Asian girl hissed in reply. “You can say good bye to them now, though I guess they’re not exactly a big loss, are they?” I heard a few girls guffaw at the pun, but the blonde herself stayed silent.

The two fighters stared at each other for a moment, and I saw Zoe’s face grow calm while Ella’s eyes darkened. The latter seemed to clench her right fist, even as her foe moved to the left, and they began circling one another. Next to the blonde’s slender frame, Zoe looked almost beefy. As she moved around, her toned muscles bent and flexed slightly, their definition becoming more and more apparent with each movement. Ella, while noticeably taller than her foe, seemed to have a definite weight disadvantage. That said, the blonde certainly looked agile enough to be able to overcome it, turning gracefully as she looked for an opening.

I was so intent on studying the two fighters I almost missed the first breast-to-breast contact, Zoe bringing her right boob to Ella’s left. Ella sneered as she felt her the asian’s firm orb lightly brush her perky teat, but neither could prevent the grunt that escaped as their sensitive peaks made contact. Zoe’s boobs were significantly larger and rounder than Ella’s conical teats, but while their shape made them look softer than the blonde’s, direct contact seemed to indicate otherwise. Neither set gave any real ground, and Ella’s face tightened as she felt the dark-haired girl’s large orbs resisting her own breasts.

Not to be deterred, the blonde thrust with more force, drilling her small but perky boobs into Zoe’s. For the briefest moment, I saw the Asian girl’s generous bust get pushed back before their racks disappeared into one big mass of titflesh. Zoe quickly set her feet, but Ella pulled back, thrusting forward again. The blow rocked Zoe’s dense tits, which jiggled with the force of the blow, the flesh curling and waving noticeably. They regained their original, round shape quickly, though, and the dark-haired girl responded in kind, bashing the blonde’s pert pair with a quick blow.

Ella looked determined to spear the busty Asian’s big rack, driving both of her firm tits into Zoe’s again, hard, and Zoe’s eyes clenched as she fought the pain. Ella didn’t let up, pulling back a short way, and before Zoe could recover, letting her smaller breasts thrust again and again. Zoe seemed staggered by the blows as she took small steps backwards during the assault. Her tits bounced and jiggled more than Ella’s, but that was only natural considering their sizes. As Zoe tried to recover, Ella took a moment to taunt her opponent.

“There you go, big Z. Your saggy boobs may be larger than mine, but they’re n…”

The blonde’s words were cut off as Zoe growled in anger and lunged forward, managing to land a crushing blow on top of the blonde’s smaller tits. It happened fast enough that both women stumbled, but Zoe was able to hold on to Ella, stabilizing both her opponent and herself. The blonde thrust forward as soon as both women were steady, but Zoe’s hands on her shoulders slowed the attack, and Ella’s flesh grazed against the larger-chested girl. Zoe, realizing she had an opportunity, thrust forward as hard as she could. It was Ella’s turn to groan as she felt the dense tits of her opponent envelop her smaller pair. I noticed that Zoe winced as well, but her arms immediately went around the waist of her foe.

Zoe began twisting her torso violently, seemingly hoping to grind away the blonde’s conical set. Ella grunted and twisted, trying to pull away from the toned girl, but Zoe’s arms didn’t budge. I watched her arms tighten around the waist of the slender blonde, her muscles becoming more defined as she increased the pressure.

Ella gasped as a particularly violent twist seemed to send shockwaves into her pert right orb and she gritted her teeth as she changed tactics. I watched with some surprise as the blonde’s arms tightened, her smaller muscles becoming more and more pronounced as Ella tried to push Zoe out of the bearhug. Zoe grunted, and for a moment, Ella’s defense seemed to work. The bigger, more toned girl stopped her assault and concentrated on keeping her tits in contact with the blonde’s more conical pair.

“Give it up, Ella,” Zoe grunted, even as her impressive breasts were brought into a standstill. “You little boobs can’t compete with mine. Admit it. They’re just too big and firm for you.”

“Fuck you, muscle slut,” Ella groaned back. “I’m going to grind your floppy sacks into dust.”

I saw the blonde’s arms start to tremble, and she reluctantly gave up her attempts to push the Asian girl away. Instead, Ella wrapped her lithe limbs around her opponent, matching Zoe’s hold. Both fighters tightened their grip, and I watched them wince in pain and frustration as the girls positioned their sets to put as much pressure on the other’s firm breasts as possible.

“Gotta admit, you’ve got some spunk Ella,” Zoe groaned in a low voice, “You’re a slut and a whore, but at least you’re not a chickenshit.” The dark-haired girl squeezed, and I again marveled at the definition of her toned arms. As we both spent a lot of time working out at the machines, I knew that her well-muscled legs – which were currently hidden under a pair of sweat pants – looked even better, rivaling my own sculpted thighs. And it looked like her tits would be serious competition as well. Zoe’s perfect orbs weren’t as big as mine, but clearly very, very firm. I’d have to feel them for myself at some point.

Turning my attention back to the breast-on-breast contact before me, I saw that Zoe’s tits were bulging visibly, but clearly not as much as Ella would’ve liked. The lithe blonde tried to force her hard flesh into her opponent’s equally thick rack, and Zoe winced, but flexed her shoulders in return and earned a groan from Ella.

“We both know it’s just a matter of time, Ella,” the toned girl grunted as she poured on the pressure. “You can struggle as much as you want, but it won’t save your precious boobs.” The blonde groaned as Zoe thrust her strong hips and torso forward, putting all of her weight behind the attack. “My bigger, stronger, firmer boobs will crush those pointy little things. And the longer you try to hold out, the worse it’ll be.” Zoe hissed. Ella reached up, putting her hands on her opponents’s lowest ribs and tried to gain purchase.

The darker-haired girl snorted. “Stubborn as a mule, I see. And dumb. You’re not going anywhere, Blondie.”

Ella groaned, but tried to move her right leg, apparently hoping to gain a bit of leverage by trapping Zoe’s left leg. The beefier girl seemed to notice it too, glancing down. But she was too late. With a sudden burst of strength, Ella thrust forward, sending her entire body into Zoe’s.

Caught by surprise, the toned girl lost her footing, falling back with a yelp. Zoe landed on her back, the gym mat making a loud thwack that echoed from the walls. True to her cat-like reflexes, Ella’s hands quickly made their way to Zoe’s shoulders. I was amazed at the quick turn. The Asian girl looked disoriented, only slowly realizing the peril she was now in.

Ella on the other hand had a predatory grin on her face, drinking in the toned body trapped underneath. As she held Zoe in place by the shoulders, the blonde lowered her firm breasts onto the Asian’s impressive chest. I heard Claire’s smug commentary from the audience as we watched their racks meet. Zoe’s larger bust, already less pronounced because of the gravity, pushed out to the sides even further as Ella allowed her perky breasts to nestle in the flesh of her opponent. “Oh fuck, that feels awesome. I could get used to this. My superior tits sinking into your soft udders.”

“Well, that’s just too bad,” Zoe hissed, obviously in significant discomfort. “‘Cause in a few minutes, your sacks won’t be able to displace a bowl of pudding, much less my firm boobs!” With a quick jerk, Zoe’s hands grasped Ella’s slender wrists and pulled outwards, forcing the lithe blonde to lose her purchase astride Zoe’s more sinewy frame. As Ella had already pressed her body against Zoe’s, the former did not fall, though she did gasp in surprise as Zoe tried to roll away. Ella reached to grab Zoe’s left arm, but the gym instructor was too strong for her to keep in place.

Zoe stood, her large, reddened breasts heaving as she caught her breath. But what really caught my eye was the dark look on her face. “Okay, Ella. You asked for it. Time to end your miserable little tits,” the dark-haired girl roared.

“Fuck you, you saggy bitch” Ella spat back. “My boobs are way too firm for you.”

“Oh yeah? Prove it,” Zoe hissed sharply.

Ella didn’t disappoint. She made a sudden charge, giving her opponent barely enough time to brace herself. Zoe seemed to be counting on her strength to hold up, but underestimated the blonde. Ella was one of the senior leaders of the Beta O, and best friends with its president. And while her rack wasn’t quite as good as Michelle’s, the blonde did know just about every trick in the book. She twisted her torso, using the momentum to plow her hard right breast into Zoe’s waiting right teat.

“Oh, shit!” the toned girl gurgled as her heavy globe splashed out, shimmying violently as it took the blow from Ella’s undeniably hard boob. The Asian was quick to recover, though, leaning forward to thrust back. Zoe landed two good hits as her breasts slammed into Ella’s, the latter still trying to recoup from her lunge. Both women winced at the blow, and Zoe grabbed Ella’s shoulders while the blonde returned the position.

The two fighters were once more locked into a bearhug, and both seemed perfectly happy to start trashing their opponent’s rack. The tips of Ella’s conical tits met Zoe’s time and again as both alternated between grinding their tits together and then bashing them lightly. Each breast met the other and morphed in its own way. Ella’s normally immovable boobs seemed to shift more and more as they pushed against Zoe’s dense orbs. Her right breast shifted up a few times as Zoe landed blows on the underside of her small, perky teat, and I saw both girls look down more than once to gauge the other. Neither looked as confident as before.

From time to time, ripples of titflesh jiggled enticingly as the blonde tried to push her tits into Zoe’s. I noticed the Asian girl’s firm orbs distorted noticeably, and admired how Ella’s pointy breasts slowly dug in. The blonde also glanced down, watching her opponent’s heavy mammaries move more fluidly, and smirked at the toned girl. Zoe huffed in reply, bashing her mammaries forward and quickly wiping Ella’s smile off her face. The blonde wasn’t ready to just give up her hard-won advantage, however, and immediately sunk her pert set back in. As their teats mashed together once more, I heard a shocked gasp.

The blonde’s conical set seemed to have almost disappeared into Zoe’s more ample flesh, and both women wore a look of surprise on their faces. Ella’s firm set must’ve finally managed to spear Zoe’s heavy jugs, penetrating their flesh as the Asian girl’s rack molded around the blonde’s smaller pair. I silently resigned myself to watching Zoe’s defeat at the hands of the lithe blonde. I counted myself lucky to have avoided the humiliation of losing to a small-titted girl, and already felt bad for Zoe, who’d now have to worship Ella’s pert little boobs and accept them as superior to her own, in my view perfect orbs.

To my bafflement, Ella’s shocked face didn’t morph into smug gloating. And Zoe didn’t seem to appear at all embarrassed or sad. Ever so slowly, the blonde’s eyes drifted down to their sweaty racks, her mouth opening into a silent gasp. The dark-haired girl took a deep breath, gently rubbing her chest deeper into Ella’s, and lowered her head on her opponent’s shoulder. I couldn’t tell if Zoe did it to whisper something into Ella’s ear, but if she did, I couldn’t hear anything. Either way, the blonde let out a deep, guttural moan as she felt their boobs mash even tighter together. Ella struggled for a few more seconds, grunting and gasping, before I saw her tap Zoe’s toned back.

“Holy shit, I give, I give!” she groaned in both astonishment and pain. “Oh gawwd, my boobs! You fucking killed them,” Ella whined, still shocked at the sudden end of their match. Zoe pulled back slowly, and as their racks separated, I saw she’d actually pancaked the blonde’s perky pair, flattening it against her ribcage. Ella’s set did flow back out as her opponent’s bigger boobs withdrew, but they looked considerably softer than they had at the start of the fight. Her once pert tits were red and tender, even drooping slightly. The blonde looked at them in dismay, carefully cupping her ruined breasts and trying to massage them back to life. The contrast to the firmness she’d displayed during their fight was considerable, and I suspected it would take a while for Ella to recover. Both mentally and physically.

A toned blonde – Amanda, I reminded myself – whistled from my right. “Wow… Awesome job, Zoe! You really destroyed those pointy little boobs!” I could see Ella’s friend’s eyes flash at the words, the brunette’s eyes narrowing as she stared daggers at the blonde. Amanda didn’t seem fazed, though, and flashed a mocking smile at the girl, whose cold look only hardened.

“Thanks, Mandy. I’ll let Ella’s droopy pair serve as a warning to you all. Try to steal my guy, and I’ll fuck you up. Starting with your tits,” Zoe said in a steady, low voice, moving her gaze from one girl to another. I could see a few smiling approvingly, while some quickly looked away. “Understood?” the toned girl asked, and after receiving several nods and affirmative murmurs, calmly strode off. No further stakes here, it seemed. Judging by Ella’s dejected look, she’d gotten the message loud and clear.

As the growd dispersed for the moment, I noticed Amanda start to make her way to talk with the winner. She didn’t get far, though, before the fuming brunette intercepted her. She was looking far less demure than her friend. “Watch it, freshy. We may not be at the sorority house right now, but disrespecting your betters comes with a risk. I would’ve thought Tiffany’s example had taught you that,” I heard her hiss.

“Betters? Give me break, Claire. Michelle might be better than me or Tiff, but you two sure aren’t.” the blonde replied lightly, trying to push past the other girl. But Amanda’s quick dismissal only served to anger the brunette further, and I watched her move in the other girl’s way again.

“Yeah, betters. Don’t think that being the second best pledge makes any difference. I could crush you with ease,” Claire sneered, running her eyes up and down the blonde’s fit body and looking thoroughly unimpressed. Her gaze finally settled on Amanda’s round breasts, and the brunette stepped closer so that their busts came into contact. I watched as Claire shoved her boobs into Amanda’s, and saw the blonde’s ample chest pushing away slightly. Amanda gave a surprised grunt, but quickly shoved back. Claire’s smirk grew.

“Oh, really? You actually think you stand a chance against a senior?” the brunette laughed. “I guess beating Connie really got to your head,” she added, shaking her head mockingly. “No matter. It’ll be my pleasure to knock those squishy sacks back to Earth.”

“You’re on,” Amanda growled. “Let’s see how you like respecting your betters when you’re on your knees, licking my superior tits.”

The two girls kept glaring at each other for a few seconds before the blonde strutted off, probably to find Zoe who she’d tried to talk to in the first place. Nikki, on the other hand, had already made her way to a curvy latina I didn’t recognize, chatting with her animatedly. I glanced at Sophie, who gave me a curious look.

“So… were those girls from Beta Omega?” she asked, eyeing Claire intently. The snappy brunette had finally went to help her friend, whispering what appeared to be comforting words into Ella’s mussed hair. “Yeah,” I nodded at the school girl. “The blonde’s Amanda, the girl Sarah talked about yesterday. And the sweet innocent one has to be a member as well. If she’s the Claire I think she is, she’s actually one of the leaders.”

Before Sophie could ask any more questions, a thin, almost waif-like redhead walked up to us.

“Hi! Fancy seeing you here, Soph. I didn’t know you went to these,” she said to the cute brunette, gesturing towards the mat and smiling brightly. As I gave the girl a quick once over, the first thing I noticed was her very impressive chest. The redhead’s boobs weren’t quite as massive as my own, I thought, but larger than Sophie’s, and her jugs certainly looked striking on her otherwise slender build. The redhead’s face was soft and round, and seemed to match her heavy jugs far better than her body did.

“Oh, hi Willa!” Sophie exclaimed in obvious surprise. “What’re you doing here?” The redhead glanced at me briefly, her gaze resting on my boobs for a split-second before she turned her eyes back to the school girl. “Well, I’m friends with Zoe. We grew up next door to each other, and went to the same school. She’s a few years older than I am, though, so we weren’t on the same classes or anything,” Willa explained. “But what about you? I’m used to seeing you at the bookstore, not at a gym, and definitely not at a titfight,” she grinned.

We talked with the redhead for a few minutes, with Sophie quickly introducing me – and Nikki, when she returned from her detour – to the slim-but-stacked girl. Though she tried to be discreet about it, I caught Willa throwing glances at my jugs on several occasions. While she did seem impressed, I couldn’t detect any fear or intimidation. It looked like the redhead was sizing me up. I decided to return the favor, drinking in Willa’s substantial rack. Her overworked t-shirt was struggling to contain the girl’s meaty pair, and my eyes traced the outlines of her bra. She was either pretty firm, or had very good support. My thoughts were suddenly interrupted by a sharp cough, and I looked up to see the redhead’s wide grin.

“They’re double Ds, in case you’re wondering. Though it seems yours are even bigger,” she teased, and I felt my face grow warm. As if Willa hadn’t been staring at my jugs first! “Clearly not by much,” I replied, doing my best to ignore the blush appearing on my cheeks. “Gotta say, those look like a lot of fun. Would you be interested in finding out who’s firmer?” There was little doubt that she was, but I wasn’t sure if she’d be willing to actually go through with it, especially on such short notice.

“I thought you’d never ask,” the redhead replied with a wink, and to my surprise, started to pull at the bottom of her shirt. I watched Willa’s tits move up as the redhead pulled slowly, keeping the front third of her boobs trapped in the shirt. She let her tits curve down in the center before releasing them from their confines. As her pale, almost white flesh dropped, a loud smack came from her chest. I stared at the redhead’s rather massive teats as they shook and waved for a moment, reminding me of full water balloons. Even so, Willa’s large breasts were thick and round, hanging only a bit.

“Daaamn, girl,” I heard Nikki exclaim, “You’ve got some serious boobs there!” Willa’s eyes were firmly on me, however, and she was clearly waiting for me to return the favor.

Not being one to back down from a challenge, I quickly started to pull off my own shirt. I threw it to Nikki, and giving the tennis player a small smirk, reached behind to unclasp my bra. I grinned as Willa’s eyes followed my massive, tanned tits fall just slightly. Her eyes went wide as she realized how high they sat on my chest, displying a far greater degree of firmness than the redhead had no doubt expected. While Willa’s own jugs were large and reasonably firm, mine were maybe half a cup size bigger and had a somewhat more spherical shape to boot.

That said, I was pretty impressed with the redhead myself. Though her ample mammaries seemed to have a bit more visible sag and bounce than my own, they looked heavy and dense. Willa’s rack might’ve actually matched Nikki in terms of firmness, and definitely dwarfed the tennis player when it came to size. Before I could make any further assessments, I saw Zoe walking towards us. The toned asian had put her sports bra back on, but even so, her dense orbs seemed to be bouncing more than they usually did, clearly softened by the beating Ella’s tight tits had managed to dole out before they succumbed to the better pair.

“Ooh, nice choice Willa. I see you’ve picked our biggest model,” she smiled, sounding like a saleswoman showing off her wares. Entirely on purpose, no doubt. “Chrissy’s jugs here are both large and firm, and should fulfill even the most demanding of requirements. The rest of her body is equally well equipped, as you can see by feasting your eyes on that pronounced six-pack, or these sculpted, muscle-packed thighs,” the busty Asian continued, pointing out different body parts as she went through her sales pitch. Several of the girls giggled at the show, obviously enjoying my squirming as I tried to shut Zoe up. Nikki’s entertained laughs were the loudest, and I vowed to get back at the cheeky redhead.

Willa waited for the commotion to die down before taking a few steps towards me. “Well, shall we?,” she asked, bouncing her hefty jugs in her hands gently as she lined us up. “I can’t buy them before I’ve had a proper test drive, can I?” the redhead said loudly with a grin. I guffawed despite myself, smiling at the slender girl.

“No, I guess you can’t,” I murmured, allowing Zoe to herd us towards the center of the mat. “Gather ’round, girls!” the Asian whooped, “Willa’s taking Chrissy’s big jugs out for a little spin!”

After a short staredown, Willa and I shoved our chests together. While my jugs were bigger, there was no denying that the redhead’s meaty set was one of the heaviest I’d ever faced. She wasn’t quite as large as Kara of course, but looked considerably firmer. As my thick set met hers, I felt our flesh start a familiar dance of burrowing and molding. Ours hands were at our sides, and we both pushed gently, alternating Willa’s right against my left, and my right against her left. To my satisfaction, the redhead’s pale mammaries, which were slightly less massive than my own, compressed noticeably. But while her rack pushed out for a moment, yielding some real estate, the delicious movement stopped quickly as my boobs reached Willa’s denser inner tissue. It was an amazing sensation, her big tits straining against mine as I tried to force my way in. I noticed a tense look cross the redhead’s face, and felt her begin to push back harder, straining her back as she ground those pale udders into mine.

I tried to hide a small grunt as Willa’s ample jugs displaced more of my flesh. I could feel my tanned boobs bending and shifting more and more as the redhead increased the pressure. Still, I knew that my tits were holding their shape better than Willa’s, and grinned as she glanced down to see her pair billowing further out. Both fleshy pairs sprang back to their round, only slightly pendulous forms as we pulled back. Willa, apparently deciding to change her approach, shifted her shoulders as she tried to lauch a shot into my tits.

She was faster than I’d anticipated. As I scrambled to lean back, the redhead slammed her heavy set against mine, landing a solid hit. I groaned aloud as Willa’s breasts forced much of my firm flesh to the sides. The redhead wasn’t done, either, and I felt her boobs attempting to burrow even deeper as Willa kept our chests in close contact, shoving her prodigious rack into mine. I stopped her advance quickly, pushing my own tanned orbs forward in response, but Willa again surprised me.

She moved like a greased lightning, withdrawing to land another heavy blow. Her left tit pounded my right breast, forcing it against my ribcage as she pulled back to strike with her right jug. I groaned again as my left boob was pushed out. Both pairs compressed at impact, sending light waves rippling through our tits. My tanned jugs seemed to flow back into place as we pulled apart, but I noticed they were now jiggling almost as much as Willa’s.

Rather than pull back for another slam, Willa thrust forward to bring our sets back into contact. I felt my tits slide over and across Willa’s pair, displacing some of her pale flesh. Willa winced, but fought back. Her boobs were undeniably big and heavy, though I still felt confident that mine were firmer. In terms of visual comparison, my breasts seemed to be slightly rounder, sat higher on my chest and had less bounce than the redhead’s impressive bust. But quite clearly, Willa’s mammaries had more than enough density and heft to give my pair trouble. While I had an edge in both mass and apparent firmness, I couldn’t afford to take her lightly.

I was shaken out of my thoughts by Willa’s latest thrust. As she shoved her left jug forward, my right tit was forced back, and I admired the way my tanned flesh yielded to Willa’s paler tone. I responded to the blow, driving my left jug into her right. Willa grunted, but held her ground. We continued to give each other small bumps and nudges with our chests, and just as before, her jugs gave slightly more, compressing further than my own orbs. I shoved my right boob against her left one, trying to force it all the way to the dense tissue at the core. Willa groaned as her jug seemed to make room for mine for a moment, and I noticed the white skin on her breast begin to tighten from the pressure of its contents being forced out from the middle. “Shit,” the redhead hissed, doing her best to push her chest into mine in return.

We continued matching tits in a close embrace, rubbing our thick, meaty breats together. I grunted as my larger boobs slid over hers, bending and flexing, while Willa’s jugs were pushed in the opposite direction. Even if my orbs did move a bit less, Willa’s heavy pair stubbornly resisted my efforts to invade them, yielding only some ground before our chests came into a standstill. Looking at Willa’s soft, round face, I saw the same determination that I felt. She gave me a small smile before driving her teats into mine once more. I pushed back, and watched both of our pairs morph against the opposing titflesh. When the redhead pulled away, the two sets sprang back to their original shape.

“Well fuck me, those things really are pretty firm,” Willa admitted, lining our heavy boobs and giving them a small shake. I watched the four sweaty mammaries bounce and jiggle for a moment, and grinned back. “You too, Miss Tits. I could tell you had a nice big set, but to be honest, I didn’t expect them to be able to match mine.” The slender redhead raised an eyebrow, pursing her lips.

“Oh, I think you’ll find they’re more than just a match for you. These big boobs are going to flatten your huge rack.” I snorted, enjoying the familiar banter. “Don’t make promises you can’t keep, Willa,” I warned her. “Maybe you haven’t noticed, but my jugs are still giving less ground than yours.” Or at least I thought they were. My large pair had gotten a bit red from the constant rubbing and jabbing, but still maintained their round shape nicely. Then again Willa’s boobs hadn’t softened much either, even if her pale flesh did show more discoloration.

“Well, if you’re so sure about yourself, Chrissy, you probably won’t have anything against a small bet?” the redhead said coyly, licking her lips as she looked at our glistening orbs. She seemed oddly confident, and I wondered what the girl had in her sleeve. “Of course not,” I replied cockily, refusing to let my wariness show. “What would you like to do after I win?” Willa guffawed at the taunt, making our ample titflesh wave and ripple again. “God, this is so much fun,” she smirked, staring straight into my eyes. “When I crush you, Blondie, I get you for the whole weekend. As my personal bed slave.” I felt my eyebrows disappear into my hairline, and took a moment to contemplate. My tits had so far been able to take everything the redhead dished out and still come out on top. Barring some highly unlikely occurrence, I was confident I could take her. Besides, Willa was pretty hot, win or lose.

“Deal,” I said in a hoarse voice. “I’m going to enjoy riding your pretty face tonight.” Willa simply grinned, taking my agreement as the end of our little parlay. She lunged forward without warning, sending her hefty boobs into my set. I let out a surprised groan, unable to evade her follow-through in time. Willa’s strikes were both powerful and accurate as she nailed the base of my breasts with her own solid boobs.

“Great! You’re going to enjoy it, I promise,” Willa murmured huskily, “All the girls I’ve beaten tell me I taste really good.” She kept throwing more punches, hitting my jugs faster and harder, and bouncing them in every direction. I got in a few blows of my own, trying to match her pace. There was a loud smack with each contact, and I measured the rhythm in my head we battered each other’s pairs. I thought I was gaining some ground until Willa shoved her torso forward and landed a suprisingly strong blow. She caught me in mid strike, and I felt her hefty mammaries slam and burrow into my bigger tits. My own set slid over hers, bending slightly in and upwards, and the impact made me stumble slightly.

Flashing a grin at me, Willa seized the advantage, slamming forward and rocking my jugs again. My eyes shut against the painful blow, and I felt the redhead drag her big, heavy boobs across my still-stinging rack. “You want me, don’t you?” Willa whispered into my ear, her hot breath brushing against my skin. “I know you can feel it too, Chrissy. My big, powerful boobs burying your tits. It’s almost over. Just give in.” I moaned as the redhead’s lips touched my neck, gasping at the sensation. She was good! Willa seemed to know exactly which buttons to push, digging in to my submissive side and trying to bend my will to hers. As dangerous as her tits were, so was her brain!

I shook myself from the redhead’s grasp, jumping up. Willa cursed loudly as she felt her boobs explode upward. Each of her heavy mammaries seemed to move independently of the other for a moment before they settled on her chest. I backed up a little, preparing for a swing, when the redhead lunged at me. She twisted her torso violently, sending her massive jugs at my stationary chest in a wild haymaker.

Caught flat-footed, I didn’t react quickly enough. I could feel my left breast flattening from the side, disappearing under the pale flesh as Willa pulled her sizable boobs over my chest again. This time, though, Willa pulled her heavy tits up and laid them on top of mine, pushing my large, firm tits down. Everyone could see my tanned orbs beginning to compress more as they were forced to bear the burden of Willa’s impressive jugs, and the redhead began to smile again as she wrapped her arms around my waist.

“Oh yeah. Whose tits are better, Chrissy? Mine or yours?” she murmured with that husky voice again. “You want to admit it, we both know you do. I bet that deep down, you’re actually looking forward to it. My big jugs slowly taming your enormous set.”

I stifled a moan, starting to get frustrated with her mind games. How on earth did she know? I muscled my way out of the loose hold and slammed into the redhead chest first. The impact knocked her back a few steps, and at last removed that confident smile. The blow also succeeded in making Willa’s mammaries mold around my set for a split second, and I couldn’t help but to relish the feeling. A little foretaste of things to come. I was pretty sure the redhead had noticed, as her groan was the loudest so far. As she tried to push back against the pressure, I lifted my heavy globes above hers. She watched through half-closed eyes as my tanned flesh covered her slightly smaller set, scraping and grinding into her jugs.

“Gonna give up now, Willa? Ready to see if my pussy tastes as good as yours?” I whispered, feeling smug at the sudden turn. The top-heavy redhead had put up a very good fight, but as usual, my jugs would prove to be simply too big and too firm to handle.

“How’s this for giving up!?” Willa grunted, surprising me as she grabbed my shoulders and swung her tits from the right. I didn’t see it, but I knew the blow had literally knocked my big tits across my chest. The redhead followed through with another swing, this time from the left. The smacking sound of Willa’s heavy jugs smashing into my tits brought a collective gasp from the crowd, and I glanced at the audience just in time to catch Nikki’s wince. The tennis player looked worried, but tried to give me a reassuring smile.

Willa was already getting ready to send her tits flying from the right again, so I reacted quickly, grabbing the busty girl by her shoulders and pulling her into me. We both grunted as our meaty sets slammed into each other, but the maneuver meant that the redhead could no longer get a good swing to bash at my tits. I tightened the embrace, and my opponent responded in kind, wrapping her own, much more slender limbs around my back. It was a mishmash of jabbing and mashing tits into tits, and at least initially, there was no clear winner. Willa’s tits compressed and contorted, but I could also feel my own jugs doing much of the same.

I looked down and watched as Willa’s big tits met my tanned set, both chests getting ground together. I could see my boobs bulging out quite a bit, but continued to push anyway. Willa’s pale jugs yielded, but soon reached a point where the dense breast tissue simply refused to bend any further. I twisted my torso violently, rubbing my tits into hers with greater force. Willa gasped after a particularly powerful twist sent shockwaves running across her reddened mammaries, their surface rippling and rolling in rhythm with my motion. I could see our breasts morphing more and more as the fight went on, their flesh shifting with increasing urgency. A small but constantly growing fire was emanating from inside my orbs, and I instantly recognized what it was. The dense tissue at the core of my tits was slowly starting to give out.

We continued shoving our large, meaty mammaries into each other for a good while, and I found myself getting turned on by both the sight and the sensation. My heavy melons slid over Willa’s, and the redhead responded by thrusting her own fleshy jugs forward, pushing and forcing her way into my tits before they regained their impressive shape. The redhead, too, sighed as she felt the contact, but flexed her arms and shoved those pale breasts further in. I’d expected our embrace to favor my firm boobs, but the redhead’s jugs kept pushing forward, and mine kept expanding outwards.

I struggled to readjust, shifting around to find some leverage. I could hear myself grunt and groan as I forced my tits back onto the redhead’s, slowly regaining the lost ground. Willa, too, groaned as she felt her heavy boobs spilling to the sides, but continued grinding them against mine. Holy hell, this girl was trying to grind me out!

“Oh, the things I will do to you, Chrissy,” the redhead whispered between grunts. “I can feel those enormous tits starting to surrender to mine at last,” Willa breathed out, sighing. “Get ready for the ride of your life, ’cause there’s no going back now.”

“Fuck… you…” I groaned, fighting against her words just as much as her tits. “I’m going to flatten those soft udders, and after that, I’m going to fuck your brains out.”

We put our prodigious chests into one last test of firmness, pushing more and more of our full sets each other’s chests. The redhead’s tits were being forced out by my heavy jugs, billowing out and compressing impressively, but with every return thrust, I could feel Willa’s dense cores boring deeper into the my own flesh. Just how strong could these pale things be?! I groaned as I watched my tanned boobs distort in shape, yielding more and more real estate. Straining my muscles even harder, I squeezed, pumping my arms to increase the pressure.

“Fuuuuuck!” At first, I wasn’t sure if the wail had come from me, or from Willa. As I looked up at the redhead, I saw her mouth hanging open, and her eyes staring at her tits in desperation. While my globes were ballooning out severely, her pale jugs had been pushed to the sides almost completely, and the pale titflesh was spilling from the center out like it’d been turned into liquid. Their dense cores had finally broken down.

“Shit, shit, shit,” the redhead whispered, gasping between words as she struggled to breathe. “You beat me, Chrissy. Those huge jugs squeezed me flat. Fuck that hurts,” she groaned, looking pained. I released her quickly, giving our sore boobs some separation. Willa’s heavy mammaries swung down, sloshing and shimmying wildly on the girl’s chest. I pushed my jugs into them gently, and watched as Willa’s quaking, yielding chest withdrew. The redhead sighed sadly, witnessing my orbs overwhelm her own.

“Wow. You really crushed my boobs,” Willa breathed quietly, sounding almost timid. She groaned as my tits sank deep into hers, the redhead’s tenderized flesh billowing loosely around my firmer tits. Her boobs were red and splotchy, and as I slid by own pair back slowly, reformed lazily, as if the flesh itself had become groggy. They hung much lower than before, looking tender and sore.

“I’m sorry I had to destroy them,” I murmured, bringing my right hand to Willa’s face to brush away a stray curl. I cupped the redhead’s cheek tenderly and looked into her eyes. “You have an amazing pair of tits, Willa. But I guess you already knew that.” She smiled at me weakly, breathing out a deep sigh. “Thanks. I just hope they were a little better. So I’d have, you know, won.” I grinned back, leaning forward to plant a quick kiss on her lips. The redhead let out a small gasp as her breasts made way to mine again.

“Maybe next time. But for now, I own you and your big, heavy tits.”

Willa nodded, blushing slightly. She began to kneel, taking my left orb into her hands carefully. I briefly wondered if she’d been in this position before, but soon felt my brain go fuzzy. The redhead sure knew how to suck tit! I moaned aloud as she inhaled my boob, sucking it hard. I watched as the redhead began to alter the angle slowly, moving my heavy globes as she lavished all her attention on them. I loved the feeling of Willa’s obviously skilled tongue basting my nipple, and grunted when she gently changed the pressure of the suction. “Oh, fuck,” I groaned, feeling a small peak hit me. My muscles tensed, and I was sure everyone could see my body spasm slighly. “Yeah… suck that huge, perfect boob,” I moaned. And Willa did, taking even more of my fleshy globe into her mouth.

I finally pulled her head away, my large, tanned jug slapping against my chest softly as it was released, and immediately forced Willa’s head to the other breast. My wet, now exposed left nipple was throbbing from the treatment the redhead had lavished on it, and the feeling in both nipples seemed to intensify as she worked on my right teat. Through a thick haze, I could sense my own hands finding Willa’s big boobs, reaching down to cup those heavy mammaries. They jiggled and wobbled against my palms as the redhead feasted on my superior jug. I tried to hold back, honestly, but found out that I couldn’t. I shook Willa’s huge, now soft udders, watching the flesh wave and ripple, bouncing and pulsating in my hands. I let her tender boobs slip and slide against my skin, enjoying the way Willa’s pale titflesh oozed around my fingers.

As I took a shaky step away from my latest conquest, I could hear the growd’s loud cheers for the first time, having apparently been too preoccupied to pay them any attention until then. Several girls came to congratulate me on the win, and I saw Nikki jumping excitedly in the background. She looked like a little girl who’d just heard that Christmas was coming early this year. I smirked at the statuesque tennis player, making my way to her. “Don’t get too carried away just yet, Nikki. You’re both mine, and I’m not sure if I should let you borrow her.” Nikki pouted prettily, giving me her best puppy eyes. “Aww, don’t be like that,” she whined, “Just think about it; two busty redheads sprawled on the bed, our young, nubile bodies glistening with sweat as we catch our breath after a mind-blowing orgasm. Admit it, Chrissy. You’d love to have us both at the same time,” the tennis player whispered into my ear, caressing my back with her fingers and finally lowering them to cup my toned ass. I moaned into her soft hair, realizing she was absolutely right. Fuck. Sometimes I wondered which one of us was really in charge.

We chatted for a while, getting to know our “hostess” of the night, Zoe, a little better, and allowing Willa and I to recover from our grueling fight. As the slender redhead huddled to my side, resting her head on my shoulder, I couldn’t help but to marvel at her smooth, milky white skin and delicate curves. For someone with such an ample chest, Willa looked remarkably thin. She had to have a lot of jealous friends, I thought, smiling to myself. Sophie was sitting with the latina I’d seen with Nikki earlier, the two girls seemingly hitting it off, and I made a mental note to ask about her later.

After a few more minutes of cooling off, I saw the snarky brunette Ella had come with, Claire, walk up to Zoe. They spoke in hushed voices for a moment before the Asian girl nodded, clapping her hands to get everyone’s attention.

“Okay everyone, time for one last match. It’s almost eleven already, and we don’t want the owners getting suspicious,” she spoke loudly, flashing a small smile. Someone snorted, and I heard a few murmurs of agreement. “Amanda’s agreed to fight against Claire, so let’s get them set up.” We cleared the mat once again, taking our positions at the edges as the two girls met in the middle.

“You made a big mistake, freshy!” the brunette’s silky voice rang out. Claire was smirking at her opponent, looking supremely confident as she strode closer and thrust her fairly impressive chest out. Though her bust didn’t look particularly large, it did seem bigger than her friend Ella’s. It also bounced only a little under Claire’s tight-fitting blouse as the mean-looking girl made her way to the mat. Even without a clear view it was obvious that the brunette had set of rather solid average-sized breasts.

“Let’s see how long your jiggly newbie boobs will last against mine,” Claire drawled with an unfriendly smile. “Though based on their performance against Tanya’s, I guess not very long.” Amanda rolled her eyes at the taunt and stepped towards the senior, her own full breasts shaking under her top deliciously. Apparently Amanda had fought against Tanya’s gigantic jugs – and lost. Still, there was no shame in that, I thought, trying to recall the last time I’d seen the extremely top-heavy blonde in the flesh. Tanya had the biggest rack around, outgunning even my own massive globes, and would no doubt give just about any girl plenty of trouble.

Nikki, Willa and I watched as Claire began to remove her blouse. Button by button, the brunette slowly revealed her ample cleavage. There were a few murmurs as Claire stood proudly for a moment, after tossing her blouse to Ella, to let Amanda and the rest of the crowd get a good look at her bra-encased boobs. With a smirk, Claire reached behind her, undid the clasp, and then held the garment in place for a moment or two before whipping off her bra. While Claire’s rack wasn’t quite the hardest – and definitely not the biggest – in the room, her jugs looked nothing to be trifled with, either.

Still, it didn’t seem like Amanda was intimidated. In fact, the blonde grinned confidently before beginning to remove her form-fitting tank top. Claire showed no emotion as she gazed at the contrast of the white lacy bra and the tanned skin of her opponent. Amanda undid the front clasp and then pulled the material away from her proud boobs. Again, Claire’s face remained set, watching Amanda’s tits jiggle sexily as the blonde flung her top and bra into Zoe’s waiting hands.

I, along with everyone else in the room, took a moment to compare their boobs up close. Amanda was a bit taller and a lot more sinewy than the brunette was. Claire’s body looked sleek where the blonde seemed toned. It appeared to me that Claire’s apple-sized boobs were somewhat smaller than Amanda’s, but to the senior’s credit, her set did also look firmer, having less visible bounce and jiggle than the blonde’s tanned globes. Despite Claire’s slight height disadvantage, both pairs of boobs sat at pretty much the same level.

“Okay girls, you both ready?” Zoe said, walking over to them.

Amanda nodded, and the senior flashed a sneer at the Asian girl.

“Oh yeah. I’m going to enjoy teaching this little bitch a valuable life lesson. You might want to choose your sides more carefully next time, Mandy,” she smiled. “Supporting a loser bitch like Tiffany will only get you in trouble.”

I could see Amanda’s eyes narrow, and she replied with a rude hand gesture. Zoe looked at them for a moment, before nodding carefully.

“Fair enough… may the best set win!”

Zoe backed away from the two fighters to give them some space, and the audience hushed. There was no more trash talking, just glaring before the action started. All of a sudden, they jumped toward one another. Both pairs of breasts slammed into the other with a loud smack, the reverberations bouncing off the walls. All four breasts compressed against their counterpart, shaking and jiggling as the two women continued to grind even after the first blow. Amanda’s breasts pushed in a bit further, but didn’t look to be yielding Claire too much ground. Each woman placed her hands on the other’s shoulder and they began slowly pushing their boobs into each other.

Amanda grunted first, even as Claire winced. Neither woman seemed willing to give the other the satisfaction of a reaction. The blonde’s full jugs were holding up reasonably well, I noted, tracing the curves as they met Claire’s firm tits. For the moment, it was impossible to tell if one set of boobs were winning the battle. One thing that did contrast was the seniors’s flawless light-colored boobs mashing into Amanda’s full, tanned jugs.

After the initial clash, both women were sliding their young breasts over each other, forcing each tit to shift and bend, each time reshaping beneath to the force of the other pair. There were no visual signs of which pair of tits had the most force, or strength behind them. Claire tried several times to slide her tits atop Amanda’s, but the blonde slipped back just slightly and pushed her own rack up. The four boobs met at the sides more often than not, and I wondered if the girls’ stiff nipples were entering into the equation as their sizable jugs rolled over one another. Their hands still gripped the other’s shoulders as they began grinding their breasts against each other. Amanda’s toned arms looked a lot stronger than the brunette’s, being thicker and more muscular just like the rest of her body, and as much as I hated to admit it, the blonde looked almost as buff as I did. Maybe because of the contrast against Claire’s slender body? Yeah, that had to be it.

“I’m flattening your weak tits, freshy,” Claire said.

“Got it backwards, granny,” Amanda countered. “I can already feel those floppy sacks starting to tremble in fear.”

Claire snarled as Amanda jerked her shoulders, sending her left breast into Claire’s right tit. Claire returned the favor with her left tit, and Amanda winced as her right mammary wobbled on her chest. Both women pulled away from each other, as if some unspoken agreement had been made, and then slammed their chests together. Again, both pairs of breasts compressed at the point of impact, this time sending waves from the centers of their breasts outward, the flesh rippling. I winced a bit at the slapping sound, watching Amanda’s face twist and turn as she grunted and groaned against Claire.

The brunette moved her hands down to Amanda’s arms, focusing on repeating the move, but Amanda slid her chest down. Before Claire could get the grip in place, the blonde launched herself upward. Her thick jugs slammed into Claire’s full pair, launching them up and out.

“What’s the matter, Claire?” Amanda asked as she watched Claire’s firm breasts rock across the girl’s chest. “Can’t your weak little set handle my stronger tits?”

Amanda continued her onslauht, slamming from the left and twisting her hips violently. Everyone watched her right breast bang into Claire’s exposed right teat, and the maneuver almost caused the brunette’s own tit slam into her left. Claire was cursing loudly as she was forced to absorp the pummeling, clearly not having expected such an impressive show from the younger girl. The blonde’s atheletism was obvious to everyone as she peppered her opponent’s dense rack with a flurry of blows.

“You thought you could compete with me, huh? My big, strong jugs will flatten your old, wrinkly set without even breaking a sweat,” Amanda taunted with a laugh. “I guess it’s time for retirement, Claire-bear.”

I didn’t know what was so bad about that particular nick-name, but it definitely got a reaction. Claire gave an angry roar, thrusting forward mightily, but Amanda met the shove with a breast slap of her own. Again, flesh flattened and waved, but neither pair seemed to move appreciably more than the other did; each set was rippling and jiggling across their respective chests. Their meaty globes didn’t have time to stop shaking before the two women brought them together again, hard. Another loud smack echoed through the room. The two resumed a lock with their arms and slowly pushed their jugs into each other. I looked around the room, and saw that everyone was enthralled with the fight. Nobody was cheering, just staring as two sets of nubile tits battled for supremacy. Neither girl was showing any signs of hesitation, though both were now sweating noticeably as they ground their glistening boobs together.

I watched again as their breasts shifted, Amanda’s tanned boobs bending at the side, then ballooning out, regaining their shape with each pass. Claire’s firm breasts did much of the same with each pass, their sides spilling out as they passed over and around Amanda’s thick mounds. The collision and contact with their dueling orbs was now accompanied by the smacking sounds of wet flesh.

Their faces were wincing more and more as the fight went on. Claire, seemingly growing tired of grinding, took a step back. She bent her knees and then swung her big jugs upward. There wasn’t much force behind it, and Amanda stepped back to avoid the blow. As she did so, Claire suddenly pulled Amanda in, letting go of the blonde’s toned arms to wrap her own limbs around Amanda’s back. Somehow, I got the impression she’d been planning to do that all along, using a half-hearted move to trick her younger opponent. We all watched the brunette stand on her toes as she pulled Amanda forward, and when she seemed to lock in the hug, Claire’s tits were laying atop Amanda’s jugs. The brunette gave her opponent a strained smile, and whispered something I couldn’t quite catch.

Amanda twisted and struggled, but Claire was surprisingly strong, and by wrapping Amanda’s arms up, she had taken the leverage from her. The trapped blonde groaned as Claire began snapping her back to push her tits into and down on Amanda’s slightly softer-looking boobs. The blonde’s chest flattened for a moment from the top as Claire’s boobs compressed Amanda’s jugs. Amanda groaned again as Claire’s dense pair tried to push the blonde’s tits flat with each twitch of her back. I saw Amanda’s eyes close with the pain of the move.

“Mmmm… can you feel my better boobs just overwhelming your mushy udders?” Claire asked with a smug laugh as she continued to push her more perky tits deeper in writhing, snakelike blows.

Amanda grunted as another blow sent her boobs further down her chest. It felt as if everyone in the room sucked in a breath of air while watching the confident senior dominate her younger opponent.

Claire’s face was triumphant, her lips drawn into a wide grin as she thrust her chest out. Amanda groaned as she felt her boobs get pushed outward by the force of Claire’s undeniably dense breasts. I saw the blonde bite her lip as she felt the older girl’s chest come forward, her own set slowly making way for the brunette’s firm globes. The blonde’s arms fell from Claire’s shoulder to her arms.

“Whoa, girl. Let’s feel those tits pancake again. You ready, Amanda? Those big pillows are even weaker than I thought. Looks like Tanya gave them one hell of a beating,” Claire laughed, seemingly confident in her impending victory.

She stopped laughing when she caught Amanda’s eye. The blonde yanked Claire forward, pushing her tits straight into the dark-haired girl’s. Off balance as she was, the only part of Claire that was trying to resist were her tits. Both pairs of breasts spilled out, but it looked, in that moment, like Amanda was winning the war for the space in front of them. Her tits dented, but so did Claire’s jugs. I could see the look of pain on the brunette’s face as she felt her firm rack meet Amanda’s thick boobs, both fleshy sets molding and pushing to the sides.

“Fuck!” Claire moaned, “I had you! I fucking had you!”

Amanda roared back with gusto, slamming Claire’s tits with her own. Claire’s tits shook and wobbled on her chest, the flesh rippling and shaking from the force of impact. Another shot sent the brunette reeling back, but Amanda grabbed her arms and aimed again. Her tits met Claire’s head on, tanned and light-colored flesh compressing equally, but I could see the fiery red stand out on her Claire’s skin. The older girl groaned loudly, both in pain and frustration. In a move that seemed to surprise the blonde, she lunged to the side, just as Amanda grabbed for Claire’s shoulders.

The two women grappled for a while, but again Amanda’s greater strength and athletism bacame evident: With a yell, the brunette fell, twisting around. Still, she didn’t release her hold, managing to pull the blonde down with her. Amanda landed on her side as well, and both women struggled for position. As Claire reached and grabbed for Amanda, the blonde rolled away from her opponent and then quickly hopped to her feet. Amanda stood back, waiting for the brunette to rise to her feet before resuming her attack. As Claire got to her feet, Amanda narrowed her eyes at the senior.

“We’ll finish this on our feet.” the blonde hissed.

“What’s the matter, Blondie? You scared of getting up close and personal with my firmer boobs?” Claire asked, trying to steady her breath.

“Pfft, those saggy things? I’m going to feed them to you in a moment,” Amanda answered with a snort.

The blonde advanced on Claire with her hands up ready to grasp the brunette’s shoulders. Claire did the same. After locking up in a shoulder holding embrace, Amanda took half a step back before planting her left foot behind her and thrusting forward with what looked to be substantial force. The blow connected from the bottom knocking Claire’s boobs up. Amanda had dipped during the strike and given her heavy jugs just the angle she needed to slam into Claire’s thick tits. We all watched Claire’s reddened tits shake violently for a moment before resting atop the blonde’s full pair. Amanda seemed to realize that she had another move before Claire did, and pulled her tits up, even standing on her toes to try and stretch the tissue at the base of the brunette’s tenderized chest.

“Ugh,” Claire groaned, looking more surprised than pained. Amanda quickly capitalized on the brunette’s distraction, and slid her hands down, snaking them around Claire’s waist and pulling the girl closer.

“Something wrong, bitch?” Amanda asked with a growl, her voice menacing. The brunette fought back with sporadic grunts, clearly looking for an escape. I saw the toned blonde’s arm muscles bulge impressively, and knew she was using as much strength as she could. The move drew further grunts from the busty senior.

“I thought you were going to flatten me with your firm, powerful tits?” Amanda continued. “I’m still waiting.”

“You haven’t seen nothing yet, Blondie,” Claire warned, sliding her hands down to the interior of the blonde’s elbows. “I’m going to crush your pride and joy, right here in front of everyone.”

The brunette slammed down, causing Amanda to groan as her arms gave way. Claire’s firm tits slid over the tanned boobs of the blonde, and both women grunted as their flesh melded together briefly. Soon both pairs of meaty teats shook on their chests. Claire held onto Amanda’s arms, tightly gripping her elbows, and pulled the girl in. The sudden move caused Amanda to stumble, and Claire managed to land a huge, battering-ram shot into Amanda’s ample tits.

The growd let out a collective gasp as we heard the thudding blow. I watched Amanda’s tits flatten at the point of contact while Claire’s tried to burrow in, pushing Amanda’s tits outward. The senior didn’t let go of Amanda’s arms, and instead used them to push away to set the blonde’s sore boobs up for another hard blow. I winced as Amanda’s breasts took another aggressive shot from Claire’s hard tits, sending the blonde’s supple flesh shaking all over her chest. Claire held her tits in place for a second, ensuring that both Amanda and the audience could see her round set displace the blonde’s tits, Amanda’s lush, tanned globes losing more and more space as the senior’s jugs pushed in.

Claire leaned back, obviously preparing for another blow, when I saw Amanda’s hands curl up to grab the back of the brunette’s arms. The toned blonde pulled on Claire’s arms, curling her own while forcing Claire to release her elbow.

Amanda struck a quick, strong blow, rolling her back to bring her tits low, and then up, slamming into the underside of Claire’s perky boobs. The brunette’s breasts sprang upward, bringing a cheer from the crowd.

“Shit! You… fucking… slut,” Claire groaned.

Amanda stepped back, her arms free and lined up for another shot. Claire took the initative from her, however, stepping forward and shoving her meaty right boob into Amanda’s left teat. The blonde’s breast flesh pushed out briefly as Amanda winced, while Claire ground for a moment, and smiled.

“I love the way your weak jugs bend under mine,” Claire gloated.

Amanda glanced down as Claire teats tried to burrow in, forcing her boobs to balloon to the sides. I saw the exposed titflesh wave toward the outside curve of Amanda’s compressing breasts, and noticed a worried look on the blonde’s face.

“Watch them fail, Amanda. You’ll be eating those big, soft tits in just a bit.” Claire breathed out confidently.

The brunette twisted her shoulder and then threw her left tit into Amanda’s right, forcing both of her firm tits against Amanda’s jiggling pair. The blonde gritted her teeth and shoved back. Claire spread her feet to give herself a wider base. Both women began pressing and grinding their big boobs together, sending each of their tits up and over each other. At some points, Amanda’s tits looked as though they were going to burrow into Claire’s firm but undeniably tender pair, pushing aside much of the brunette’s dense flesh while her own orbs maintained more of their full, round shape. But more often, Claire’s boobs seemed to shape Amanda’s tanned jugs, pushing her tits up or down depending on where the bulk of the brunette’s thick jugs were placed.

After what felt like an eternity, the two fighters pulled apart. Each pair of round tits sprang back, jiggling on their chest as they pulled away.

“I’m going to crush those arrogant little flapjacks,” the blonde said, her voice low. “Michelle won’t even recognize them when I’m done.” She had raised her hands to her own sore globes, and massaged them carefully in an attempt to ease the throbbing pain.

“I very much doubt it, Mandy” Claire sneered, though she too was kneading her reddened mammaries. “Your soft, weak udders are just about done. They already look almost as bad as Tiffany’s. You remember how she got crushed by Gloria? Tiff’s proud jugs spilling out like marshmellows, making way for a better pair? Now everyone knows she’s not all that. And neither are you.”

Amanda’s nostrils flared, and she took a sudden step toward Claire. The latter instinctively withdrew a bit, dropping her hands from her tits. Amanda smiled at the small victory, and shot forward, right into Claire’s waiting globes with a quick snap of her hips. Claire fired back, and her tits flew into the blonde’s tanned pair, sending the girl a step back. Amanda’s tits jiggled and wobbled on her chest as Claire stepped forward, launching another shot into Amanda’s boobs. The blonde’s breasts splayed out at the point of impact, but the senior’s firm orbs were also pushed in visibly. It was clear that the freshman’s attacks had loosened them up quite a bit. Still, Claire didn’t seem to care, taking great pleasure in Amanda’s pained groan as she pulled away. Sensing an opportunity, Claire pushed forward, slamming upward so that her thick jugs plowed over Amanda’s. The blonde winced, but tightened her well-muscled thighs and sprang forward, sending another uppercut into Claire’s big boobs.

Claire cursed loudly and pulled back, rubbing the underside of her boobs. I saw several girls lean forward to get a better look. The fight had so far been even more ferocious than I’d anticipated, and the crowd was definitely feeling its intensity. I looked at Amanda, whose eyes were locked into Claire’s. She had a strangely focused look on her face, but the senior’s eyes were actually smoldering, and I found myself wondering how this was going to end. According to Sarah, Amanda had flattened her perky boobs quite easily, and Claire’s earlier comment indicated the blonde had even managed to beat Connie, whose big, heavy rack seemed about as firm as mine. I’d seen Connie crush Nikki’s set, and knew she’d given Tamera a run for her money, just about matching my own performance against the Hooter queen. If Amanda had flattened her, she had to be pretty damn good.

But Claire, too, had a reputation as a tough nut to crack. I’d never fought her myself, but those that had all told the girl wasn’t someone you wanted to mess with. She’d apparently lost to Cassie earlier this year, but only narrowly. And looking back to my own fight against the ripped redhead, I had to admit I’d been very close to suffering the same fate myself.

We didn’t have to wait long for the fight to resume. This time, Claire took the fight to Amanda, hard and fast. The senior moved in quickly, slinging her dense breasts to the right so that both of her jugs slapped across Amanda’s sore pair. The blonde hissed, but fired her own shot, pushing straight forward into the base of Claire’s left breast. The brunette gasped, pulling her reddened boobs across her body, and in doing so pushed Amanda’s tits with them. Both women were pushing and pulling against each other. Claire’s left hand gripped Amanda’s right wrist, while Amanda’s right hand gripped Claire’s left wrist.

Both girls pushed and pulled their boobs into and across the other, a contest that appeared to be rather evenly matched. The girls twisted and turned, their tits slapping and stretching against the other pair. Amanda had been able to take advantage of her superior speed and strength, successfully countering Claire’s initial lead in firmness, and I hoped that the toned blonde’s athleticism would eventually win out. I didn’t really know either girl, but the brunette’s charming personality wasn’t likely to win anyone over.

Just as I started to picture the senior on her knees, humbled and humiliated by the younger girl, I saw Claire’s face turn into a wicked grin. She pulled away slowly, whispering something I couldn’t quite make out. Amanda gasped as the contact was broken, and Claire fired her slightly smaller tits from the side. Amanda moved, but not quickly enough, and Claire’s left breast slammed into Amanda’s left tit. Amanda’s flesh spilled out from impact, regaining some form, but not completely before Claire’s big right boob slammed into her again. Amanda grunted, her breast wobbling, and she staggered back.

Just as she regained her footing, Claire slammed her big boobs forward once more, crushing Amanda’s breasts beneath her own. Amanda grunted, and her eyes closed as Claire wrapped her arms around the blonde.

“Get off me, you saggy whore,” Amanda snarled, struggling. It was easy to see that the match was finally coming to a close. Amanda’s tits were pushed inward as the brunette tightened the grip, while Claire’s were holding their shape better. The brunette shoved her thick tits further into the space between the two women, and Amanda’s tanned jugs obliged, bending and pushing inward and spilling out.

“Well, well, well. What d’you know,” Claire murmured, looking supremely satisfied with herself. “I guess it’s not me who’s going home with a beaten set tonight. Tell Tiff I said hi.”

Amanda’s head lolled back, and I saw the fight leave her as her tits gave out. Her face was a mask of disappointment and shame, and I guessed some of it was due to having failed to defend her friend’s honor. Claire’s pert breasts pushed Amanda’s boobs around, the latter wincing with every pass of the superior pair.

“Oh fuck, you win,” Amanda groaned, just loudly enough for those gathered to hear. Claire loosened her grip but left Amanda trapped. Amanda’s tits slowly slid downward, jiggling as they came to rest. Both racks looked red and tender as Claire pulled away, but the brunette demonstrated her dominance by lifting the beaten pair with her own boobs. Claire’s tits bent and pushed Amanda’s beaten jugs upwards while the senior gloated.

“God, I love crushing newbies like you. You all think you’re something special, that your precious little boobs are the best on the block. Well, guess what, mine are better.”

Amanda’s only reply was a demure nod, and she seemed to be doing her best to stay still and avoid incurring any more damage to her battered jugs. From the corner of my eye, I could see Ella approaching with her expensive-looking phone in hand. I suddenly realized she’d been recording the whole fight, and was now getting ready for the “money shot”. Claire threw a shrewd grin at her friend before releasing Amanda’s strained mammaries and letting them drop.

The blonde groaned as her obviously sore tits flopped down with a smack, waving on her chest as if they were made of jello. They certainly looked tender and swollen, and there was going to be some serious bruising. Amanda glanced down to see Claire line up their breasts again, shoving her firmer pair forward and squishing Amanda’s tanned orbs. We all watched the brunette’s boobs move through the beaten flesh with ease, pushing Amanda’s more ample teats around at will.

“Take a good look, girls. This is what happens when you get ahead of yourselves. A better pair of tits will put you back in your place.”

I could hear Amanda’s pained moan as she no doubt felt her tenderized sacks getting pressed against her chest, the tanned jugs succumbing to the firmness of the senior’s superior tits. “Fuck, this is really bringing back some memories,” Claire murmured in a silky voice, loudly enough for everyone make out. “How did it feel, Tiff?” she said, turning to look at the camera. “Your soft, saggy boobs just spilling away as they surrendered to Gloria’s? Her big tits pushing your weaker set flat? I’ll never forget it, and I bet neither will you.”

The brunette gave the camera one last spiteful smile before increasing the pressure again. She kept flattening the blonde’s tanned breasts against her ribcage with no mercy or sign of remorse. When Claire finally pulled away, I watched Amanda’s titflesh fall, sagging to her body. The blonde’s once round tits fell down as though they’d been turned into mush, and the smirking senior apparently couldn’t resist administering a final bit of humiliation. She lowered her dense brests just below her opponent’s hanging udders, and then lifted them upwards. The blonde’s breasts offered no resistance, seeming to simply ooze around the firmer and obviously better pair.

“Haha, awesome!” the brunette cackled. “Now, I believe you’re supposed to tell me something, Mandy,” she smiled, a malicious mirth dancing in her voice.

“You have better tits, Claire,” Amanda sobbed, her voice tinged with pain, humiliation, and something a bit deeper. “You were right. You are my better. My tits are no match for yours. I was stupid to think I could beat you.”

Claire nodded, apparently done with the blonde, and walked off. I watched Amanda slide down to her knees, burying her face in her hands as her shoulders started to shake.

Not being able to stand still any longer, I quickly went to comfort her. We didn’t know each other very well, but there was no way I’d leave Amanda to recover from her ordeal all alone. Not after what had happened to me at Hooters. For whatever that loss had broken inside me, it had also changed me as a person. And as I wrapped my arms around the crying blonde, I knew that the change had been for the better.

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