A Tribute to Best Friend’s Sister – Part 3 by Augur

Double Date

“Hey Connie,” Tiffany called. “Nice to see you again!” The blonde grinned, hugging my girlfriend as we walked towards the car. I opened the door and got in on the driver’s side. As soon as the girls had piled into the car, we started off to Nikki’s. The girls had cooked up something of a “double date”, with Connie taking on the athletic redhead’s jugs and Tiff fighting against the fitness babe Chrissy. I still remembered Kara’s match with the blonde, and felt a small wave of nervousness wash over me.

“So… Nikki and Chrissy,” Connie said aloud. “How did that happen?” Before I could ask what she meant by that, Tiffany answered her question. “I’m not exactly sure. I mean, I knew Nikki liked girls, but Chrissy seemed way too much of a… barbie. In a gym rat kinda way,” she added with a grin. “Yeah, I heard she was much more bitchy before”, Connie nodded. Tiffany laughed at that, glancing at her friend. “You can say that again, a bitch of the first order. I mean, Chrissy’s still pretty stuck up, but nowhere near as bad as she used to be. I wonder how mellow she’ll become after I’m done with her today,” my girlfriend smirked, grinning at me conspiratorially.

“Hmm,” Connie mused. “I’ve seen her, she won’t be easy to beat. That girl’s got pretty awesome tits.” Tiffany replied with a shrug. “So do a lot of girls. I’ve flattened bigger sets. And firmer.” The blonde raised her eyebrow at that. “Bigger AND firmer?”

“Well, maybe not both,” Tiff grinned. “But she’ll go down, don’t worry.” I gave her a quick glance, enjoying my girlfriend’s familiar confidence.

When we arrived at Nikki’s, Chrissy was already in the living room, streching on the mat. She was only wearing a pair of gym shorts, and I felt my mouth go dry as I saw her thick, heavy breasts, sitting high on her chest, as if daring a woman to challenge her. As she was showing us in, I noticed Nikki lick her lips in appreciation of the blonde’s toned body, running her eyes across her musculature and defined limbs. Tiffany also took in the huge, firm tits she’d no doubt seen crush countless other sets.

“So how ’bout it, Tiffany, you ready to finally test those overrated jugs against mine?” Chrissy called as she turned towards us. The tall blonde stood up, her knee slightly bent and her hands on her hips. Her large jugs stood high on her chest, seemingly rivaling Tiffany’s perfect boobs in shape and firmness, and having a visible edge in terms of sheer size.

Chrissy’s face a mask of confidence as she grinned. “Think you can handle these?” The blonde had every reason to be confident. Her toned, muscular frame was impressive, from her smooth, lined legs to her taut abs. Every part of her was tan, and even in my bizarre state of mind, I noticed the lack of tan lines around her nearly spherical breasts. “I heard you fought Michelle’s perky set. How’d that go?” Chrissy asked, smirking. Nikki snorted, but Tiffany wasn’t fazed. “About as well as your fight with Tamera. I’ll get her next time,” she said, peeling her shirt off.

It was now Chrissy’s turn to take in her competition. My girlfriend’s perfect body looked less toned than the blonde’s hardened frame, but her skin was light and perfect, with no visible blemishes above the waistline of her jeans. My eyes wandered to her firm, dense titflesh as Tiffany flung her bra into Nikki’s waiting hands. Tiffany’s full orbs, while smaller than Chrissy’s jugs, stood high and proud, jiggling just noticeably before settling in their natural state in the center of her chest.

Tiffany stepped forward, her hair in a pony tail and the impressive bust thrust before her. As my girl stood next to the blonde, I looked closely to see how they visually stacked up. Chrissy’s heavy teats were tanned, while Tiffany’s skin looked lighter. While both competitors had been blessed with large, firm tits, Chrissy’s set was somewhat bigger. They also seemed to shake just a bit more than Tiffany’s, but that may well have been simply due to the larger mass.

“Hey, your boyfriend looks a bit distracted, Tiff.” Chrissy teased, cupping her heavy breasts. “I’m not surprised, that’s pretty normal for him,” the brunette replied lightly. I looked to my left to see Connie whispering something to Nikki, pointing at my pants. There was a visible bulge, and I felt my face redden, which only caused the girls to giggle more loudly.

Soon enough, Tiff and Chrissy started to circle each other. Chrissy’s movements were more powerful, stemming from her muscled frame, while Tiffany moved more gracefully, bending and shifting where the blonde would stride. When the girls finally met, they surprised me by bringing their tits into contact rather gently. Both pairs of breasts pushed the other back a bit, but no ground seemed to be gained in the initial moments. They pushed forward again, and started to slowly twist their torsos together, alternating the direction so that each dense, round breast pulled and pushed over the other.

Each meaty jug shifted and sprung over and under, around the other, falling and shaking as gravity and the their twists dictated. Each of their firm tits slammed and slipped over each other as the women turned up the contest’s intensity.

Suddenly, Chrissy wrapped her arms around Tiffany’s back and squeezed, reminding everyone of her obvious strength. Tiffany groaned as she felt the blonde apply the pressure on her firm tits, but replied in kind, wrapping her own arms around Chrissy’s back. Soon both women were groaning as their tits shifted, shook, and molded around one another. The grinding was becoming rather aggressive, I noted, but so to was their grip on each others arms. Neither could move with the same fluid motions anymore.

Even after all the fights I’d seen, I found myself mesmerized by the slapping tits in front of me. Tiffany’s dense jugs fell over and around Chrissy’s boobs, while Chrissy kept her passes straight left and right, meaning her boobs bent and ground into either Tiffany’s left tit or right tit depending on her twisting torso. Each breast folded just enough to make way on her chest, but then reclaimed its position.

Neither woman seemed to be making much headway. Chrissy’s huge, gorgeous boobs still stood firm and high on her chest, and while Tiffany’s smaller orbs didn’t seem to sag any more than her opponent’s, the constant contact had reddened her paler flesh more obviously. Chrissy looked down to her chest for just a moment, then back at Tiffany’s face, and grinned. The brunette grinned back, but obviously had a different idea of what was going on. Chrissy pulled back and threw a heavy blow into Tiffany, who obviously hadn’t seen it coming. Even with Tiffany’s firmness, the shock of the impact threw her tits back, flattening, then regaining their shape and jiggling. They didn’t get a chance to stop the shaking as Chrissy’s second blow pushed Tiffany back. The brunette groaned as she felt her flesh distort and shake.

The blonde prepared to send her boobs forward once more, but Tiffany quickly jumped to the side, sending her big tits from the left into Chrissy’s larger boobs. Chrissy’s flesh rippled from the impact, but Tiffany was not waiting to watch her boobs settle back down. She swung back, gripping Chrissy’s waist to hold the blonde in place. The blonde groaned as her breasts swelled from the impact, shimmying over her chest while they returned to their original shape. Chrissy cursed, another quick blow slamming into her jugs.

As Tiffany swung again, Chrissy showed she was not without her own experience, and shoved her tits forward. Her boobs hit Tiffany’s tits from the top, quelling the momentum from the dark-haired girl’s big jugs and landing a nice hit. I realized that neither woman had really missed a blow when Chrissy pulled back and slammed forward again, this time with more power. She did so quickly, and I realized that this was probably not going to be a grind it out affair. Tiffany’s tits compressed at the point of impact as Chrissy tried to overwhelm them with her bigger set.

Chrissy reared back for another strike, and this time both girls slammed forward, sending a loud clap through the room. Both girls groaned. Each pair of tits pushed inward from the point of contact, just barely pushing each breast outward. Tiffany ground for just a second before pulling away, and Chrissy moved her hands to Tiffany’s shoulders. Tiffany made the move this time, lifting her torso up and slamming her tits forward. Chrissy reacted a fraction of a second too slowly and Tiffany’s boobs landed on top, driving downward. The blonde groaned as she felt the pressure from Tiffany’s blow.

Chrissy dipped her hips and escaped the pressure, but also brought her big jugs up fast, slinging them so hard that they moved independently of her torso. Tiffany, still caught in the momentum from her most recent strike, grunted as she felt Chrissy’s diagonal uppercut land on the underside of her tits, pushing the flesh toward her face, though Tiffany’s firm flesh didn’t move much. Tiffany retaliated, sliding her chest away from Chrissy’s but bringing it back with a quick twitch of her hips and sending a wild blow at Chrissy. The blonde was able to dodge some of it, but both tits met at the tips as they passed by each other.

The glancing blow made both women wince, and pulled away from each other to rub their already sore breasts.

“You’re going down, Tiff,” Chrissy said.

“Hah, you’ll be eating your oversized jugs off a plate when I’m finished with them, Chrissy,” Tiffany countered. Chrissy narrowed her eyes and jumped forward, but Tiffany was waiting, timing her blow perfectly. Another massive blow from beneath caught Chrissy’s boobs, and they shook violently as Tiffany kept her tits in place and shook. Chrissy groaned as she felt Tiffany’s firm jugs trying to penetrate her own.

I watched Chrissy’s tits get another huge blow from Tiffany’s rack, and the blonde staggered slightly, but suddenly sprang forward. Tiffany seemed surprised, moving just enough to avoid the direct blow from Chrissy’s swinging boobs. Tiffany winced and backed away, but Chrissy remained aggressive. This time, it seemed as though Tiffany was not playing possum, just reacting, and Chrissy’s next strike, a thrust forward with her powerful boobs was a much more straightforward blow. Tiffany’s tits jiggled, flattening slightly before springing back as Tiffany was pushed backward again.

Chrissy yelled, swinging up, and Tiffany grunted, stunned as her tits shook all over her chest. Chrissy’s tits looked red, but the blonde seemed to not mind as she flung her boobs around again, this time a swinging blow from the left. Tiffany still seemed dazed as Chrissy’s wrecking ball swing slammed into her from the left.

“Shit,” I whispered as I saw Tiffany stagger again. She groaned as she felt her tits pulverized, and Chrissy swung again. This time, Tiffany moved with her, just enough to avoid the blow. When Chrissy passed by, Tiffany grabbed her upper arms and slammed forward. Chrissy’s boobs had not returned to their original position, and Tiffany’s blow seemed to have landed right at the abase of her tits. Tiffany pulled tight, and Chrissy’s tits remained trapped to the side.

“Oh fuck,” Chrissy shouted. Her tits distorted severely as Tiffany pushed forward, slowly and deliberately. The brunette’s grin was tired and strained, but it was there. Chrissy grunted, but muscled her arms between the two and gave a violent shove. Tiffany tried to hold, but finally had to pull away, leaving both girls panting on the mat.

“Didn’t like that, I take it?” Tiffany asked, a satisfied grin across her face.

“About as much as you’re going to,” Chrissy snapped, and she tried to make good on her promise. Her hands tried to reach around and up, aiming for Tiffany’s shoulders. Tiffany twisted away, and Chrissy shifted her strategy in mid-grab, swinging her tits upward. Tiffany’s tits rocked, pushed up by the blow. Chrissy pulled away to let the heavy flesh drop to Tiffany’s chest. “Wow, look at those soft udders flop.”

“Why don’t you watch them crush your jugs, instead?” Tiffany growled. Chrissy answered with a different tactic, actually jumping and slamming her jugs down on top of Tiffany’s. Chrissy’s plentiful flesh bent at the bottom visibly, but Tiffany fell to one knee, gasping loudly and letting out a low moan. “Oh really, Tiff? Looks like the only set doing any crushing is mine,” the blonde smirked.

Chrissy, seemingly confident that her opponent wasn’t getting up anytime soon, raised her arms in the air and took a moment to show off her goods to her small audience, and Nikki replied with encouraging yells and catcalls. “You’ve got her, babe! Tame those pretty tits!”

The blonde turned around just in time to see Tiffany’s big set flying straight towards her. A loud, wet clap reverberated across the room. Their meaty flesh wobbled and waved across their chests, and both women’s faces were masks of pain and discomfort. Tiffany thrust slightly again, and Chrissy met her, neither woman backing down. They both pulled away at the same time, and I turned it up slowly as the women cradled their heavy jugs. After just a few seconds, they went after it again, this time slamming their boobs into the other’s pair. Another smack, not as loud, but the women kept their breasts together, grinding into the other’s soft flesh. Chrissy pushed more than twisted now, her back rolling with the effort of keeping her tits in contact with Tiffany’s. Tiffany tried to counter by shifting her torso side to side, stealing a page from Chrissy’s playbook and forcing her jugs into Chrissy’s boobs.

A slight sheen of sweat was sliding between both women as they continued their struggle. Both women kept grinding for a while, before Tiffany finally bent down just slightly and slammed her tits upward. Chrissy didn’t move quickly enough, confused if the look on her face was any indication, and felt the full impact of Tiffany’s firm tits slam into her own. Chrissy groaned loudly as Tiffany next slammed her breasts into Chrissy’s from the side. Chrissy’s tits shook and actually slapped against each other from the impact. Tiffany’s heavy orbs came in again, but Chrissy slung her own jugs towards them. Another audible slap echoed in the room as their chests met, and both women winced. Chrissy’s recovery was quicker this time, and she sent two quick blows, her left breast swinging wildly as she slammed it into Tiffany’s right, watching both tits push back where they met, only to spring back into their original position.

“How are your saggy tits feeling now, Blondie?” Tiffany asked, seemingly to soothe some of the pain of the blow. Chrissy growled and rammed Tiffany without warning. The blow was so fiercely delivered that the dark-haired girl took a step back, falling down. Chrissy was atop her in moments. The blonde began dropping her heavy tits onto Tiffany’s, whose moaning grew more and more intense with each passing moment. I was stunned by the ferocity of the attack, and so, too was Tiffany, it seemed. Tiffany tried to roll to one side, but Chrissy’s arms pinned her down for another blow. Tiffany groaned, but grabbed Chrissy’s wrist with her hand and pulled. Chrissy fell, her boobs flattening into Tiffany’s once more, and the latter rolled away. As soon as the brunette was standing, she shot a wild blow that caused Chrissy’s breasts to wobble mightily on her chest.

Tiffany’s tits also shook from the impact, and her face was telling more of the story about her discomfort. The blonde renewed her battering ram attack, and Tiffany reached up to grab at her shoulders. Chrissy managed to seize her wrists however, and held the brunette for a particularly brutal blow. Tiffany winced as Chrissy’s breasts slammed into hers, the force of the strike sending Tiffany’s meaty tits ballooning out, her flesh displaced by Chrissy’s bigger mammaries. I was getting worried now, and wondered how much longer my girlfriend could continue. The blonde’s huge set seemed to be every bit as imposing and powerful as I’d remembered.

Tiffany bit her lip, but thrust back, pushing Chrissy’s set back as far as she could. Chrissy pulled back almost immediately, however, and reared back for another strike. Tiffany didn’t waste time in pursuit, and because of the mistimed blow both women missed their targets. Tiffany’s left breast found its way between Chrissy’s pair, and due to the position Chrissy’s left tit was squished between Tiffany’s rack. Both women groaned this time, their respective breasts splashing against their opponent’s breast bone.

“Shit!” Both women yelled simultaneously. Tiffany acted first, seemingly inspired by the vicious contact. Her left breast shifted from between Chrissy’s jugs and pushed into Chrissy’s right breast even as Tiffany’s right orb slowly slid into Chrissy’s left. Chrissy groaned and shifted in the opposite direction, the four breasts fighting for position in the center of their chest. I was amazed at the resiliency of the four glands, and fought the urge to open my pants.

Chrissy’s apparent move to end the stalemate was sudden and fast. Tiffany was trying for a two-boob uppercut, letting the force of her large jugs carry her forward. Chrissy stepped back quickly, and as Tiffany tried to recover, the blonde swung her massive rack from the side, slamming her heavy left tit into Tiffany’s left jug. The wobbling titflesh didn’t deter Chrissy from grabbing Tiffany’s shoulders and swinging her own tits from side to side, keeping distance between them so that each blow gained momentum. Tiffany’s boobs began shaking all over her chest, and I found my hand at my crotch again.

“I’ve got you now, Tiff. Time to say good-bye to your tits,” Chrissy taunted, and rammed forward connecting dead on with a sudden, strong blow from her chest. Tiffany gasped as she felt the blonde’s breasts ram into hers, forcing her set to balloon visibly. Chrissy thrust again, and I saw another blow connect solidly.

“Fuck!” Tiffany groaned, her head tossing back and forth. Chrissy repeated the maneuver, and a wet smack of four battling breasts reverberated through the living room. The only accompanying noise was the grunts that my girl made when she felt the blonde’s enormous tits pushing into hers. Despite Tiff’s predicament, I found myself marveling the density and fullness of Chrissy’s heavy, tanned globes. Another blow landed, and Tiffany’s head lolled to the side.

Nikki, Connie and I were silently taking in the thrashing the blonde was giving to Tiffany, watching the four breasts smash and shake after each crashing blow. When Chrissy reared back, Tiffany desperately twisted her back, hoping to at least shake Chrissy’s rhythm. Her hands shot to the blonde’s shoulders, and Tiffany managed to land a quick shot, forcing the toned blonde to take a step back to steady herself. Tiffany, to my relief, had a look of pure determination. She still wasn’t ready to quit.

Chrissy noticed the change in Tiffany’s face and approached warily. The brunette smiled and immediately lunged forward, her breasts smashing into Chrissy’s and causing the two sets to lose their round shape for a moment. Chrissy groaned as Tiffany brought her breasts forward like a battering ram, and again, both tits flattened about the same. As Tiffany slowly pulled away, Chrissy lunged forward, her arms extended. I saw the blonde’s toned arms circle around my girl’s back again, and Chrissy’s heavy orbs crashed into Tiffany’s.

Tiffany groaned as Chrissy’s arms circled around her back, but the brunette grabbed her opponent with equal ferocity. “I’m going to crush you, Chrissy,” Tiffany whispered, “I’m going to flatten those huge udders with my firm tits”. Chrissy moaned as Tiffany pulled the blonde deeper into her chest, apparently welcoming the added pressure. Their breasts met again and again, Tiffany focusing her attacks on grinding the blode’s heavy mammaries while Chrissy tried to batter and ram my girlfriend’s round orbs.

Both women were breathing heavily as they shoved their breasts together, pulling each other into their chests. Tiffany continued to grind her dense orbs into the bigger set from every direction, forcing the blonde’s pretty face to wince.

My girlfriend licked her lips as she rammed her boobs against Chrissy’s, shifting violently to maximize the impact of her dense breasts against Chrissy’s tanned pair. Tiffany sighed as her foe’s heavy teats began to wobble, the flesh pushing in as Tiff tried to penetrate Chrissy’s orbs. Chrissy met each blow in turn, apparently hoping that Tiffany would tire. But the brunette showed no signs of slowing the assault, her hard orbs beginning to pepper Chrissy’s big tits with rapid blows.

I noticed that Chrissy’s face was registering more and more discomfort, and wondered if something had changed. My question was answered as Tiff suddenly shifted, lining her tits up with Chrissy’s. Tiffany shoved forward mightily, and her opponent groaned. I saw the visible difference in Chrissy’s breasts as they ballooned out, Tiffany’s firm jugs claiming more space between their chests.

“Ahhh, finally!” Tiffany sighed, the exhaustion evident in her face. “I’ve broken you, Chrissy. I took your big boobs and made them mine. God this feels good.”

“The fuck you did,” Chrissy growled, trying to reposition her boobs to ease the pressure. The brunette’s lips formed a tight grin as she grabbed her opponent’s arms and drew the other girl in. Chrissy tried to wiggle, but Tiffany began grinding the opposing pair with vengeance. It quickly became clear that Chrissy’s proud breasts were yielding to the other set, and the girl’s eyes grew wide. Chrissy groaned as her tits were shoved out violently, the tenderized flesh molding around Tiffany’s still round pair. The brunette leaned forward to whisper something, her globes burrowing further in. Chrissy moaned quietly, and I noticed her legs had started to tremble. Quickly, Tiffany’s grip Chrissy’s arms tightened and her forearms tensed as she slammed her heavy pair forward, forcing Chrissy’s sore udders to flatten. Chrissy was slowly fading, her head leaning on the brunette’s shoulder. Tiffany was keeping their chests together, pushing her boobs deeper and deeper into the jiggling sacks they’d just beaten. Chrissy tried once to push away, but gave up, and I saw her shoulders sag.

“I just pancaked your tits, Chrissy,” Tiffany whispered smugly. “Just watch.” Chrissy’s eyes drifted down, and looked on as the brunette pushed her previously unmovable tit against her own chest. My erection was raging while I witnessed Tiffany’s boobs conquer yet another pair of powerful breasts, and a very large one at that. Come to think of it, the only bigger set I could remember was Tanya’s.

Tiffany slowed her strikes, showing her dominance by pushing her tits, which admittedly flattened more than they had before, into Chrissy’s shivering teats. Tiffany’s jugs pushed the blonde’s beaten flesh around, shifting the loose flesh up, then down, and to the sides at whatever direction she wanted. The brunette even made a show of pushing her own breasts underneath Chrissy’s, just to watch them jiggle when they fell back onto her chest. Tiffany grinned as her opponent’s flesh spilled over her firm tits, enjoying her victory even as Chrissy’s face dropped. I watched the tops of Chrissy’s jugs spill over Tiffany’s still firm set and tried to steady my breathing.

“Who’s got better, stronger tits?” Tiffany asked. She pulled her breasts away from Chrissy’s beaten rack, watching with satisfaction as they drooped, rather than defy gravity like they had prior to the beating. “Who’s got the best set, Chrissy?” Chrissy looked up from her tits, and gave Nikki an apologetic glance.

“You do, Tiffany. You have strong, firm, sexy boobs. My soft jugs were just punching bags for your amazing set. Your tits are the best.” Chrissy then bent over to fill her mouth with my girlfriend’s victorious nipple, and Tiff sighed as she enjoyed the attention, allowing the blonde to take her time. A few times, the brunette woman reached down and gently massaged the beaten udders of her foe, which were hanging and swinging loosely beneath Chrissy’s submissive pose. After some time, the blonde stood up, her face flushed. She wiped her mouth and the two embraced, Tiff’s firmer tits still pushing Chrissy’s beaten sacks outward.

“I’m impressed, Chrissy. You really do have a great set,” my girlfriend said with a small smile as the girls separated. “But it’s nice to know that mine’s better.” Chrissy looked at the brunette for a moment, then nodded. “Good luck with that black bitch Tamera. I hope you destroy her.”

As Chrissy made her way to grab a bottle of water from the kitchen, Tiff picked up her bra and shirt, but decided not to put them back on just yet. She glanced at Chrissy’s sloshing, reddened jugs and grinned at her handiwork. I smiled back at my girlfriend as she hopped on the couch and sat beside me, turning her attention to the two competitors who were getting ready for their fight.

Nikki stepped forward, her red hair bouncing around her surprisingly round face. She was toned and fit, and as I let my eyes follow her neck down to her shoulders, I realized that her body looked quite a bit more athletic than Dan’s girlfriend’s. Not that I was complaining of course! I happened to like Connie’s softer figure exactly the way it was.

The statuesque redhead was the first to start to undress, peeling off her sweater and revealing a tight sports bra which covered a pair of large, pale orbs. With a small smile, Nikki began pulling the top upwards so that her boobs distended, pulling up with the garment before eventually beginning to slide. They fell to her chest and wobbled slightly before settling, her nipples pointing straight out. Nikki’s impressive tits sagged only a little, and I shifted in my seat, feeling a familiar pressure.

Trying not to stare too long, I turned back to Connie, who winked at me with a knowing smile. She bunched her shirt in her hands before slowly sliding the hem above her boobs. Groaning, I realised she was probably just trying tease me. But whatever she was doing, Tiffany didn’t seem to be bothered. Connie’s tits rose with the shirt, then slid out, bouncing against her chest as they hem could no longer contain them. The blonde’s large, round rack settled down with a soft smack, and I watched as the tissue waved and jiggled on her chest. Connie grinned at her opponent, smug and confident. Still, there wasn’t much difference between the girls in terms of size or firmness, at least not from what I could see.

“Wow, not bad Connie,” Nikki smirked, “I’m gonna have so much fun playing with those big pillows. I mean, two blondes and four big tits, what more could a girl want?” she laughed, throwing a quick smile at Chrissy, who flushed a bit. Just as my mind was about to wander to the possible implications of her statement, the redhead shoved her firm boobs into Connie’s round globes. Both sets held remarkably well, displacing slightly at the point of contact. Connie’s face registered the contact more out of surprise than anything, as neither woman seemed put out by the first touch. I leaned back and watched the women go at it.

They were tentative at first, simply pushing and shoving their sizable breasts into each other. As Nikki’s right would meet Connie’s left, both would flatten at the point of contact. It was not always tip to tip, and Connie’s tit sometimes looked as thought it was impaling Nikki’s boob, forcing the redhead’s flesh upward and outward from the point of impact. When Nikki’s heavy gland pushed against Connie’s from the exterior, the same thing happened, and the blonde’s tit seemed to yield momentarily.

Each pair held its shape fairly well, regaining their round form as the invading pair retreated. Neither woman said much, save whispers that I couldn’t hear. I looked to Connie, who had instigated the stance both women were in. Each had her hands on the other’s hips, keeping their breasts in almost constant contact. As their tits slid over each other, sweat began to build. Their boobs bounced and shook as I watched, and Nikki noticed the effect it was having on me. Or at least said something.

“Wow, Jon really likes seeing my gorgeous titties wear yours out, Connie,” the redhead said, and I saw Tiffany give me a mock pout. I grinned back, not bothering to even try to look sheepish. As I turned back to the fight, Nikki had lined her tits up and pushed forward. The move shoved Connie’s boobs back, and it seemed as though, just for a moment, as though the blone’s heavy jugs were making way for Nikki’s full, round tits.

“Yeah, look at those big, soft boobs open up for me,” Nikki said. She shoved again, and again, Connie’s heavy mammaries yielded slightly.

“Like this, you mean?” Connie said, and shoved back. This time, Nikki’s boobs flattened more, receiving more of the blow’s force. I wondered if things were about to escalate. I was surprised when they didn’t. Both women were wincing slightly, but light shoves forced some of the flesh outward, and the advantage was held with the person beginning the contact. If Nikki shoved her big tits into Connie’s chest, the blonde either saw or felt her meaty jugs flatten out from the surface. And when the blonde pushed, Nikki’s round breasts seemed to allow access, her flesh visibly pushing in. I wondered which woman was more uncomfortable, but neither seemed to give any indication that an advantage had been gained.

Connie’s hands moved first, sliding up to Nikki’s toned shoulders. Nikki stopped pushing, instead leaning down and firing a shot from below. Connie’s boobs bounced up, jiggling delightfully as Nikki continued the blow, shoving her globes into the underside of the blonde’s big rack. Connie’s heavy breasts flew up, rolling from the impact, and the blonde groaned as she felt the blow connect. I watched as Connie’s breasts settled on her chest and Nikki reared back.

Connie’s tits dented at their center before springing back. She grunted and Nikki put her experience to good use by trying to spear Connie’s larger breasts again. Connie’s hands tightened on Nikki’s shoulders, but she didn’t move in time.

Nikki’s swing changed again, and I realized that Connie, unfamiliar with the redhead’s strategy, was having difficulty anticipating. A shot from the girl’s firm left breast slammed into Connie’s right, forcing Dan’s girlfriend’s dense boob to wobble. Nikki repeated the move with her other breast, and soon Connie’s tits were both shaking on her frame.

But Connie was quick to retaliate, and slammed her large breasts into Nikki’s pair. The redhead’s tits, sizeable in their own right, almost looked as though they’d been partially swallowed for a moment before Connie pulled back, slamming forward again so rapidly that my her opponent barely had time to register the blow before the next strike. Nikki grunted as Connie’s thrust slammed into Nikki’s ample chest. As Connie pulled away, I saw that both women’s tits had already reddened impressively.

Connie pressed her advantage, swinging from the left to force her heavy left breast into Nikki’s left. Nikki’s flesh shook and wobbled over her chest as Connie held her breast against Nikki’s and began sliding her heavy, round tit over Nikki’s equally meaty counterpart. Nikki groaned as she felt the mass of flesh push her own breast inward, shifting both the surrounding tissue and core of her tit. Nikki’s boob slid back as Connie continued, the latter pressing her flesh into Nikki’s other orb.

I watched as Nikki’s right tit was pushed outward, before being covered by Connie’s breast. Connie pulled back suddenly, and I felt myself stiffen as the redhead’s jug bounced back into its original position. Connie slid back, using her right breast to try to repeat the maneuver. Nikki moved quickly this time, striking without warning by pulling back and slamming into the underside of Connie’s rack. Her left breast made the most impact, this time slamming into Connie’s right tit, forcing the blonde’s dense flesh up toward her shoulder. Nikki followed up by grinding her right tit into Connie’s left, pushing in so that Connie’s boob slowly pushed out.

The blonde groaned as her other tit was pushed inward slightly, leaving both her tits momentarily impaled by Nikki’s obviously firm pair. Nikki pulled away for just a moment, and Connie sighed as she felt her boobs rebound into their original, gorgeous shape. Her relief was short lived as the redhead remained the aggressor, this time lining her supple boobs up and slamming them forward. Connie’s flesh rippled as it was pushed back and outward, and I heard her moan as she watched Nikki’s attempts to displace her big orbs. Nikki ground for a second, but pulled away, seemingly looking down to take stock of the situation.

Connie pounced, and dipped her waist just enough to send her wrecking ball mammaries into the underside of her opponent’s large orbs. Nikki’s boobs moved this time, flattening slightly at the bottom while the bulk of her mass shifted upwards, wobbling up her chest. Her pink nipples danced as Connie’s attack shook Nikki’s sizable tits. Dan’s girlfriend shifted her weight, and before Nikki’s round, heavy-looking boobs stopped jiggling, Connie’s right breast slammed into its counterpart. Nikki groaned this time as she felt her right tit mashed inward, and again, Connie poured on the pressure. Soon the blonde’s right breast was burrowing into Nikki’s left, while Connie’s left tit was trying its best to flatten Nikki’s right boob. The look on Nikki’s face seemed to be between discomfort and pain. Her eyes were narrow, but her mouth was tight and angry looking.

“I can’t wait to see what these look like when I’m done,” Connie said. “Probably even more floppy than usual.”

“Speak for yourself, Blondie” Nikki hissed. Nikki pulled away with a sudden burst of strength. Connie kept her balance but soon the women were circling each other. They both rubbed their sore breasts, and I enjoyed watching their flesh bounce and jiggle as they dropped each boob.

“Can’t take the heat, huh?” Connie taunted.

“You’re going to pay for that, you top-heavy bimbo,” Nikki said, her voice edged with promise. The girls advanced quickly, and both pairs of tits slapped against each other loudly. I watched four young, nubile breasts wobble and shake away from the other, driven by the force of impact and the density of their glands. Both women winced, but both also thrust their chests forward again. While the impact was lessened because of the lack of momentum, neither woman seemed to hold back and both pairs of ample breasts quivered as the women pulled apart.

Connie ensured she wouldn’t lose momentum through the lack of effort, stepping quickly to her left to bring her torso snapping back. Her own breasts distended for just a moment as the motion pulled them away from her chest, then Nikki’s right breast flattened at the point of impact, where Connie’s right breast slammed directly into Nikki’s. Connie’s left tit slammed into her other big boob, but I noticed that the redhead whimpered, and Connie’s grin told me what I needed to know about who got the worst of the arrangement. Nikki’s right tit dented and flopped inward, meeting Connie’s left tit as Dan’s girlfriend dragged her torso through Nikki again.

In moments, it appeared that every bit of their flesh was in contact, sliding, folding, bending and slapping. Connie’s big boobs looked almost as if they were bouncing at times, while Nikki’s were pushed around before bouncing back. Neither woman seemed to be gaining a good advantage. After some impressive moves, both women seemed to be tiring.

“Can’t keep up?” Nikki sneered. “Might as well give up now, Blondie, accept your defeat,” she said, and faster than I had thought either woman would be capable, Nikki sent a shot into the underside of Connie’s big boobs. The redhead’s attack sent Connie’s tits shaking uncontrollably upward, and Nikki grabbed the hooter girl’s shoulders before the latter could move back to regroup. Connie’s big boobs were wobbling when Nikki quickly moved forward. She slammed her tits forward, once again displacing the blonde’s meaty tits. Both sets seemed as though they’d softened, but it was Connie who grunted as Nikki’s big boobs invaded her heavy pair.

I watched Nikki pull away, apparently for another blow, and Connie moved fast, stepping back to slam forward herself. Nikki’s eyes widened as she felt Connie’s big, firm breasts connect with hers. Both pairs flattened at the point of impact, and slowly, the blonde pushed forward. Nikki groaned, but Connie’s hands slid up from Nikki’s hip and within seconds, the redhead was pulled into a hug.

Both women groaned as Dan’s girl closed her arms around the redhead’s sculpted frame, their sets mushrooming against each other. Two pairs of large, firm jugs were pushed out more and more as the blonde increased the pressure. I remained silent while the two women ground against each other, listening closely to the wet smack of their heavy tits against each other and their grunts and gasps as their nipples scraped against the opposing flesh.

Easing her grip slightly, Connie began swinging her torso back and forth, lifting her legs to push Nikki’s tits up. Nikki responded, swinging her own torso in an opposing rhythm. With each pass, one of the pairs of tits seemed dominant. The hooter girl’s big, proud jugs rode over Nikki’s breasts, melting around them and swallowing them, while in the next pass, the redhead’s meaty tits seemed to push into Connie’s rack. While the blonde’s boobs didn’t seem to move quite as much Nikki’s, their unusual tint made it clear that the redhead’s large breasts were having an effect.

The stalemate lasted for probably just over a minute, but as Connie let go of Nikki’s shoulders, the latter pulled the blonde into her. The redhead moved quickly, forcing her set into Connie’s. The first shot came from the right, a strike that sent the blonde’s tit slightly down. Connie grunted and dipped her hip forward just a bit so that her tits only received the glancing blow from the other swing. As Connie’s tits flew by her own, the redhead slammed upward again, sending her big tits into the blonde’s from beneath. While it lacked the visual impact, the physical impact was apparently very real.

Connie tried to step back, but the redhead struck quickly, sending a swinging blow from her right. Her big tits slung to her right, slamming into the blonde’s torso, making Connie’s breasts tremble over her chest. Connie groaned as she felt the blow take its effect, and staggered back.

“Where do you think you’re going, Connie? I want to flatten those big jugs,” Nikki grinned. To my surprise, Connie answered with a smile of her own. “Fat chance, Ginger,” she said with a low voice dripping with determination, “You can kiss your tits good bye.”

The redhead raised an eyebrow. “I’d much rather kiss yours, actually,” she replied, sticking her tongue out playfully. As Nikki moved forward, Connie surprised us by slapping her arms around the girl, and trapped the tennis player’s arms to her side in a bear hug. Connie shifted so that her tits were laying on top of Nikki’s, and she grinned, whispering something into her opponent’s ear. The redhead struggled even more mightily after that, but Connie tightened her arms and began to slowly grind her tits into Nikki’s orbs.

I found myself admiring Connie’s control over the athletic redhead, whose toned arms bulged as the girl tried to get loose. Nikki kept squirming and struggled stubbornly, and both women began showing signs of discomfort on their face. Connie was twisting the redhead to the best of her ability, shaking her opponent so that their tits kept sliding over and around each other. I still could see no pair gaining an advantage, but I did note the sheen of sweat becoming more noticeable as their chests glowed in the light. Nikki’s groans grew louder as the blonde began shifting more violently, rocking her body back and forth.

After a while, she began moving in a circular motion, trying to push Nikki’s tits up and down and then right and left. Connie’s boobs seemed to be gaining ground, and the redhead fought back, trying to push her own tits into Connie’s. The stalemate held, Connie shifting while Nikki tried to match and grind.

The redhead pushed up, seemingly hoping to push her tits on top, but Connie pushed down in response. Nikki’s tits flattened visibly, and the blonde quickly lined up her boobs and pushed in. Nikki pushed back, but this time, her tits caved in. Both the visual of watching Nikki’s tits splay out as Connie pushed forward and the groan that escaped the former indicated the fight’s end. Letting out a deep sigh, the blonde began pushing her opponent’s tits around. Nikki’s pale jugs flopped around on her chest while Connie’s globes retained their shape for the most part. I noticed blonde licking her lips while she played with Nikki’s soft boobs.

“Yeahhhh,” Connie whispered. The redhead gripped her shoulders and tried thrusting again. Connie on the other hand did nothing, and watched, as we all did, while Nikki’s outmatched tits splashed around the blonde’s stronger pair. Connie’s tits shifted, while the redhead’s boobs folded and spilled around the opposing set. Nikki groaned loudly when Connie finally decided to push back, forcing the statuesque tennis player’s tits back into her chest. The redhead’s hands slipped down to Connie’s waist.

“I crushed your best assets, Nikki,” the blonde said, looking her beaten opponent in the eye, and moved her tits into Nikki’s jugs once again. She made it a progressive thrust, and as she moved forward she pushed more and more of Nikki’s boobs against her ribcage. She finally stopped and the redhead looked down, shaking her head. Connie just smiled, and whispered something. She then shoved her winning boobs into Nikki’s more forcefully, this time obliterating the latter’s big mammaries. The redhead’s flesh splashed against her ribs again, held in place by Connie’s better boobs.

As the blonde pulled away, Nikki cupped her sore tits and began massaging them demurely. “I surrender,” she said. “Your amazing boobs completely crushed my useless bags.”

“Good match, Nikki,” Connie smiled at her, “You really put up a fight. Those are pretty nice tits.” The redhead shrugged a bit, making her tenderized chest jiggle enticingly, and I found myself leaning forward to get a better look. A sharp elbow from Tiffany brought me back to earth, and I glanced at my girlfriend as she stuck her tongue at me. Trying to look suitably sheepish, I turned back to the mat.

“I guess, but unfortunately not quite as good as yours.” Nikki said with a wry smile. “Still, at least someone seems to like them,” the redhead added under her breath while looking meaningfully in my direction, and got a few laughs from everyone. She reached out for a hug, and Connie obliged, pushing her tits against Nikki’s weakened jugs as she leaned in. Connie’s big tits flattened the opposing pair once again, and she kissed Nikki’s cheek. “Thanks for being such a good looser,” the blonde cooed. Nikki replied with a dramatic sigh. “Practise makes perfect.”

I watched as Tiffany hopped to her feet and gave beaming Connie a tight squeeze, congratulating the blonde for her victory. “That’s how it’s done, girl! You’re one to watch.” Connie grinned at the compliment, and while the two friends embraced each other, I couldn’t help but to admire the way their chests shifted and morphed as they smashed together. Both sets began to spread, but Connie’s rack didn’t seem to compress any more than my girlfriend’s. And given the close attention I was paying to their shimmying and jiggling titflesh, I should’ve noticed.

“Thanks, Tiff,” the blonde said, still smiling. Tiff pulled back from the hug, but made sure to keep her boobs in contact with the blonde’s. I noticed both glancing down at their assets, smirking as the globes slid across each other gently. Connie leaned in to whisper something that I didn’t quite catch, but whatever it was, it made Tiff’s eyebrows raise a bit. With a small nod, she backed off and went to grab her shirt.


Jon and Tiffany made their way to the door while Connie gathered her clothes and carefully lifted her bra to her sore chest. The blonde could hear Chrissy saying goodbye to the pair, and thought she caught a smug taunt from Tiffany. Nikki just shook her head, muttering something about bad winners as she grinned at Connie. Just as Connie finished pulling her shirt on, she saw Chrissy saunter back to the living room. The fit blonde walked up to Nikki and leaned in to give the redhead’s right tit a kiss. As Chrissy ran her tongue teasingly across the two globes, Nikki closed her eyes, enjoying the blonde’s gentle ministrations.

Connie cleared her voice, grinning. “I’d tell you two to get a room, but seeing as you’ve already got one, I think I’ll just show myself out and give you some privacy.” Chrissy guffawed, and since her mouth was still locked onto the redhead’s meaty teat, caused Nikki’s flesh to wobble distractingly. “Aww, don’t be a spoilsport. I’m sure Nikki here would be happy to give your jugs a similar treatment. After all, they did just trash hers.” The redhead smiled at Chrissy as the latter finally withdrew her lips and stood back. “Sure, no problem. I know how much you’d like to see me in your position for once.” The muscled blonde huffed a bit, and gave her a mock pout. “You’re never going to let that one drop, are you? It was a one-off, a fluke, and you know it,” Chrissy whined. The redhead simply hummed happily. “Maybe, maybe not, Sweet-Tits,” she said in a sing-song voice.

Connie looked at the two, her face a bit confused. Nikki noticed, and glanced at Chrissy. “What’d you say, should we let her in on it?” The blonde looked at Connie for a moment, then shrugged. “Yeah, why not. But keep in mind that it wasn’t a public match, so this is just between us. Besides, it wasn’t really a fair fight either,” Chrissy finished, giving Nikki a dirty look. The redheaded tennis player grinned innocently, nudging the muscular girl lightly, and gave Connie a small wink. “Oh, don’t listen to her, she’d just a bad loser… unlike me.” Chrissy rolled her eyes, but said nothing. Connie’s eyes were now darting from one girl to the other, a realization slowly dawning on her face. “You mean…”

“Yup, I flattened Chrissy’s big boobs with these beauties. Sure, she didn’t go down easily, but in the end my awesome tits were just too much for her to handle.” The blonde rolled her eyes, opening her mouth to say something, when Nikki silenced the girl by pulling her into a deep kiss. Chrissy moaned as the redhead’s tongue invaded her mouth, and Connie stared at the two with a flushed face. She could see Chrissy’s big boobs softly molding against Nikki’s equally loose set, their beaten, sweaty chests flattening and spreading around the opposing titflesh. Connie licked her lips as she watched Nikki’s pale boobs first jiggle, then lose their round shape when they met Chrissy’s larger mammaries, both pairs shaking wildly and yielding to the other girl’s rack.

As Nikki pulled away from the blonde, she took a moment to catch her breath. Chrissy was panting heavily and, still having her eyes closed, started to massage her big orbs, paying little attention to Connie. The redhead gave her an amused glance and slapped Chrissy’s toned ass playfully. “Behave! We’ve got guests, you know.” Chrissy’s only reply was a grunt, though she did finally open her eyes. Nikki turned to Connie.

“So, Tiff may have beaten her tits, but so have I. Don’t let a few defeats get you down, you win some and you lose some. And sometimes the rewards from just one victory can make up for everything else,” the redhead finished, planting a little kiss on Chrissy’s cheek. “You’ve got a serious rack, Connie, one of the best I’ve fought. And remember, I’ve fought Tiff, too,” Nikki finished with a wink.

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