A Tribute to Best Friend’s Sister – Part 4 by Augur

Nikki’s Night Out

As I headed toward the front door, I could hear a cacophony of female chatter and laughter from inside. Emma’s cackle was easily recognizable. She had the house for herself for the entire weekend, and had invited me to a small Fight Night. While there were other things I could be doing on a Friday evening, few could compete with watching big, sweaty boobs slam into each other. Unlike some of the girls, I had no problem admitting that titfights turned me on.

Reaching for the bell, my finger hovered over the butten for a moment. The last time I’d been at Emma’s had been the night of our Tit Tournament. It had been an exceptionally good night for me of course; my rack had first taken out Lauren’s heavy udders, and then went on to flatten Chrissy’s perfect set, making me the winner of the tournament. I’d been on cloud nine for an entire week after that. While I knew it wouldn’t have been possible without help from Emma and Gloria, who had softened up the blonde’s tits for me, that single victory had given a huge boost to my self confidence. For as long as I could remember, I’d been lusting after Chrissy’s large, firm orbs, stealing glances at them whenever I could, wondering if they felt as amazing as they looked. And that one night, I’d actually gotten to tame them with my own set. The best tits I’d ever seen, yielding to mine. Damn it had felt good. Almost as good as my reward later that night…

After taking a deep breath and clearing my head, I finally rang the doorbell. A muffled yell could be heard, as well as a few running steps approaching the door. It soon swung open, revealing a smiling blonde. Even when fully clothed, it was easy to tell Emma had an incredibly fit body, packed full of tight muscle. While the redhead was less beefy than my girl Chrissy, I knew from memory that her stomach looked as hard as a rock. Next to her ripped muscles, my own rather toned and athletic body probably looked a bit doughy. As my wandering eyes returned to her face, I noticed Emma’s grin widen, the girl clearly having cought my blatant ogling. Oops.

“Has everyone else arrived already?” I asked, trying to distract the fit redhead from making a comment.

“No, not yet, we’re still waiting for Loni,” Emma replied, inspecting my own physique briefly, her eyes returning to mine with a small wink. “You look good too, Nikki.” I grinned guiltily in reply, giving the fit girl one last appreciative glance. As Emma lead me to the spacious living room (I didn’t stare at her tight ass at all, I swear!), I saw the blonde sisters Gina and Gloria talking with Darla, probably gossiping, if their high voices and giggles were any indication. They waved at me, and giggled even louded. I rolled my eyes, knowing that they were most likely talking about me and Chrissy, and glanced at Emma. The toned blonde simply shrugged, not letting on just how much she’d revealed to her sister. Looking to my right, I spotted Kara, who was sitting on the couch. She was wearing a red sports top and a pair of shorts, looking quite a bit more toned than when we’d first met. She wasn’t athletic by any means, but not flabby either. Well, save for one detail: Kara’s tits still sagged visibly, easily discernible through the flexible material.

She soon noticed my entrance and came by to say hello. As we hugged briefly, I could feel Kara’s big, heavy jugs dent, compressing against mine. She looked down at our clothed racks, but said nothing, and slowly pulled away. While Kara and I made some small talk, Loni finally arrived. The brunette strolled in, looking aggressive as ever. All conversation in the room stopped as we eyed the girl and her prominent rack. Loni’s tits were probably just a bit larger than mine or Gloria’s, though definitely smaller than Kara’s, and I admired her thick chest for a moment. The girl nodded to Gloria and Gina, but mostly kept her eyes on Darla, a menacing glare on her face. Darla glared right back at Loni, showing off her hard tits and pushing them further against her tight-fitting shirt. Kara stepped up, whispering things into Darla’s ear, and watched the redhead’s scowl turn into a grin. It was apparent to everyone that Loni and Darla were both itching for a fight, and I wondered what had brought this on. Knowing them, the match could get real ugly, real fast.

Emma cleared her voice, stepping forward. “Okay, girls. While it is fun to watch your pointless posturing,” the blonde quickly grinned at their outraged faces, “we should probably get this thing started. Kara and Gina will be the first to go. You girls ready?” Both nodded and stepped forward, looking eager.

I first took a moment to admire the brunette’s top-heavy form. Kara’s heavy breasts wobbled under her sports bra, hanging quite a bit as the brunette walked towards the mat. I kept my eyes on the hooter girl’s big mammaries, watching them shake and remembering her fight with Chrissy, where she’d been dominated by the tough girl in a spectacular fashion. Despite my interest in the current fight, my mind moved back to the blonde’s heavy yet very firm globes, and thought how they’d crushed Kara’s loose flesh. I could also remember Chrissy’s much more recent fight with Tiff, and feeling my nipples grow hard, I tried tried to focus again.

Gina was standing on the mat when I returned to the present, and pulled her shirt over her head without ceremony. Gina’s full, round boobs fell down, quivering slightly, and her nipples hardened just a bit in the cool air. The blonde’s set was definitely more than a handful, and looked supple yet firm. They also sat fairly high on her chest, especially compared to the brunette’s hangers. Though I estimated my own set to be slightly bigger, she wasn’t far behind. Gina cupped her set, watching Kara’s face the entire time, and the blonde’s sizeable rack shook pleasantly. As the hooter girl stood, I found myself eager to see her massive tits revealed.

Kara didn’t disappoint. She grabbed the bottom of her top, pulling it up slowly and letting her tits curve down in the center before releasing them from their confines. As the brunette’s hefty udders finally came free, the white flesh dropped down with a smack, Kara’s jugs shaking and wobbling like full water balloons. They seemed heavy, but sat much lower on her chest, and had plenty of visible sag. Still, the brunette had at least a full cup size on her opponent. The pendulous udders were topped by thick, red nipples, and the hooter girl’s rack bounced as she made her way to the mat.

The weight of Kara’s big boobs was apparent, and I realized Gina would have to either grind her out, or keep moving around and try not to let get stopped. If she did, Kara could probably pummel the less chesty girl flat. In my own match with the hooter girl, Kara had managed to pin me under her, boob-bombing my firmer set to paste with those huge knockers. I was pretty sure I could take the brunette out in a rematch, but staying mobile would definitely be a priority.

The blonde didn’t seem to share my caution, however.

“Wow, Elsie, you really are soft,” Gina laughed with a gloating grin. Kara huffed, straightening her back and pushing her chest out. “Those things are just wobbling all over the place,” the blonde added, mocking her opponent’s huge, shaking tits.

“Let’s see what you think of them after they’ve flattened your weak sacks,” Kara replied angrily. The blonde just smirked, shaking her head. “Whatever you say, Floppy. This shouldn’t take long.”

Gina’s tits bounced slightly as she rubbed them from below. Kara pulled her heavy hangers up and let them drop slightly as the girls lined up their chests. Kara moved first, pushing her big tits forward. Gina’s advantage in firmness became apparent immediately as the brunette’s flabby mammaries billowed out from the point of contact, spilling to the sides of Gina’s boobs. The blonde glanced down, grinning. “See? Your saggy tits know it already – I’ve got the better rack.” I saw gloria whisper something in Emma’s ear, and the latter guffawed, obviously amused.

Kara quickly took a step back, seemingly a bit wary of the blonde’s firm boobs, and the two girls circled around for half a pass. Darla provided a small yell of encouragement to the brunette, but this time, Gina was first to act. She stepped towards her opponent, bringing her dense left tit crashing forward. Kara tried to twist, and managed to get some of her lumbering boob out of the way, but the side of her right breast caught a solid blow, forcing the mass of her flesh towards the center of her chest. As Gina pulled back, Kara, grimacing, threw her right tit right back into Gina’s left, scoring a more head-on blow than Gina had. Gina winced, firing back another shot with her other tit, and landed a solid shot, forcing Kara’s left jug to wobble violently as the blonde pulled back.

Realizing that she needed a different approach, Kara started slinging her heavier, bigger boobs from side to side. The blonde was quicker however, and slammed forward, surprising the brunette by landing a wicked blow while the latter’s breasts were in motion. Kara gasped as she felt Gina’s firm flesh slam into her heavy jugs. Kara’s breasts shook and quivered, and the blonde pulled back for another strike, ramming her dense left breast flat against the inside edge of Kara’s right tit. The impact sent both women’s breasts jiggling. The brunette’s heavy tit waved across her chest from the noticeable impact, and Kara grunted as she stepped back. Gina continued her assault, sending another blow from her dense right breast into Kara’s left boob. Kara’s flesh wobbled again, ripples shaking her bigger breast.

Kara turned away, avoiding Gina’s third strike, though Gina’s left breast scraped by Kara’s right. Gina stepped back, more quickly than Kara moved and the two women reset themselves. As Kara moved towards Gina again, Gina threw another shot. But this time, Kara was ready. The brunette swung her hips from left to right, forcing her heavy tits to pull away from her body, distorting their shape slightly on impact, and noticeably as Kara followed through. The blonde’s boobs were pushed back by the force of the blow, and Gina groaned. Kara swung again, and Gina’s eyes shut against the painful blow.

Kara smirked, dragging her big, meaty mammaries across Gina’s likely still-stinging rack. The blonde managed to snag Kara’s shoulders in the middle of the blow, and soon both women were struggling with more of a grinding move. Kara’s massive flesh seemed to sometimes envelop Gina’s breasts, especially when they moved side to side. On alternate passes, however, Gina’s boobs seemed to push almost through the softer titflesh of the other girl. The brunette’s face was twisted into obvious discomfort, though she and Gina both were watching the battle unfold between them.

The brunette took a step back, most likely planning for another slam. Gina thrust her chest toward Kara, and the brunette met her midway. Both breasts slammed together, and both women winced as the contact was made. I wasn’t surprised to see the brunette’s jugs compress more, but noticed that the blonde’s firm, full orbs also morphed visibly. Gina tried to move first, pulling away, but Kara dipped her shoulders and shot up. While the blow was glancing, Gina’s boobs still jumped up, falling down with equal force. Gina grunted from the pain as Kara’s large breasts clipped her more compact pair. I watched Gina’s dense tits jiggle and wobble, and Kara immediately slammed her shoulders forward, sending her massive udders into Gina’s again.

Gina staggered back, reeling from the strike. A satisfied grin appeared on Kara’s face as she stepped forward. Gina responded by throwing a quick jab, for lack of a better word, into the larger breasts of her rival. Kara grunted, her flesh displaced momentarily, spreading away from the points of Gina’s dense boobs before Gina pulled away. Kara winced as Gina’s breasts slid back, but didn’t waste time, thrusting her own tits towards Gina’s rack. Gina shifted to her left, but couldn’t completely avoid Kara’s larger breasts, and Gina winced as Kara’s left boob careened into Gina’s right. I watched again as Gina’s breast wobbled over her chest, rippling from the impact.

Another shot from the hooter girl’s pendulous jugs sent Gina’s boobs across her chest from the right, and Kara’s distended tits slapped against Gina’s as the brunette came back. Gina, her eyes only half open after the first blow, didn’t react quickly enough to prevent yet another blow. Soon Kara was dragging her huge tits over Gina’s smaller pair.

Gina reached up and pushed Kara away. Kara grinned, but the blonde’s fast counter pre-empted any taunt she might have thought up, and sent Kara’s substantial rack up in waves. A few gasps erupted from the crowd, and Kara instinctively took a step back. Gina seemed to know it wasn’t a feint or baiting, and struck. The blow she landed, bringing her right breast from the side to slam into Kara’s right tit, sounded a large smack that caused a couple of the girls gathered to wince. I tried to resist the urge to grab my own tits as I watch Kara’s breasts quiver.

But Kara didn’t stay defensive for long. She took a step forward, swinging her heavy hangers. The blow was from the side, as Kara twisted her torso and sent another shot into Gina’s left boob. Gina grunted, and the brunette swung up, bending slightly at the waist before snapping to a vertical, standing position. The attack seemed to have caught Gina flat footed, and both her firm, perky breasts leaped upwards as Kara’s heavy tits crashed into the underside of the blonde’s jugs. Gina’s tits shook for a moment, but as Kara pulled away, the blonde’s boobs settled back to their original shape.

The less busty girl stood, recovering, allowing Kara to fire two alternating shots with her swinging breasts. Her left came from the side forcing the firm flesh of Gina’s left boob to splay across the blonde’s chest, while Kara’s right jug scraped across it. Gina groaned as her tit quivered, then was mashed to the side by Kara’s heavier boob.

Gina readied herself for the next blow, as Kara’s right breast careened into Gina’s right mammary, sending the pale teat smashing into her chest. Gina grunted as she stepped back, and Kara followed her aggressively. Gina was waiting this time, however, and brought her perkier chest down. Kara moaned as she felt the powerful blow fall hard on her jugs, flattening them at the top.

Encouraged by her reaction, Gina slammed the full weight of her firm boobs forward, shoving her tits straight into Kara’s boobs. The hooter girl’s tits seemed to splay out again, and she gasped as Gina’s tits seemed to simply burrow into the soft flesh of Kara’s udders, invading its space and pushing the looser tits away. Gina slammed forward even further, pushing her globes even deeper into Kara’s boobs. The blonde left her tits there for a moment, and I took a mental snapshot of Gina’s impressive tits displacing the brunette’s massive teats. Gina pulled away, and Kara’s boobs quivered on her chest.

“Oops,” the blonde laughed, a knowing, malicious grin on her face. “I think I just broke them.” Gina fired her left breast into Kara’s right, and I watched both tits compress at the point of impact. Kara’s larger tit once again fattened more, but it was receiving the blow, and I saw that as Gina pulled back, Kara’s heavy orb regained its shape. As the blonde prepared for her next move, a heavy blow landed against Gina’s left boob, shaking both pairs of teats. I watched Kara’s left mammary distend from the impact, then meet Gina’s breast at the front again.

“So, you’ve not a complete pushover after all” Gina growled. “I love it when saggy bitches like you think they…” Whatever she’d been planning to say was cut off as Kara slammed forward, both tits firing upwards. The impact sent Gina’s firm tits wobbling, and the girl staggered, releasing Kara’s shoulders. Kara stayed on the offensive, stepping forward with a wrecking-ball style shot from the side, her right breast slamming into Gina’s right boob with a sharp clap that caused some of the girls present to “ooh” with a few gasps.

Another thunderous slam hit its mark, and turned Gina’s face into a mask of pain as she tried to regain some control. Kara’s blows were obviously causing serious damage, as I glanced at her boobs. The parts that weren’t tan were reddened, the result of Kara’s impressive attack. Another blow landed, and Gina’s moan was low and primal. As the brunette reared back for another strike, Gina desperately struck forward, and muted Kara’s strike. She also managed to wrap her arms around Kara, and pulled her in roughly.

Kara’s face was now pained, as was Gina’s, while both women struggled to grind the other out. “I can’t wait to flatten you, Floppy,” Gina said, her mouth a strange and almost scary mixture of a smile and a snarl.

“You’ll need a new pair of tits first, Barbie, ’cause those weak sacks aren’t gonna cut it,” the brunette replied, and I briefly wondered what had happened to the once mousy girl. She’d clearly taken some trash-talk lessons from Darla!

With each moment in the hug, either Gina would flex her back and lower torso, thrusting her chest further forward as the hooter girl tried to grind, or Kara would bend as much as she could to bring her breasts up and over. Each action caused the respective pairs of breasts to undulate, shifting, and molding around the other pair. I noticed that even the blonde’s dense globes no longer held their round shape as well as before. While Gina’s tits were definitely firmer, she didn’t have the volume or mass that Kara did, and although the brunette’s heavy udders did move a lot more, Gina’s face seemed to relay just as much discomfort and pain as her opponent’s. Whenever Gina thrust forward, it seemed that Kara’s tits flattened at the point of meeting, compressing and making way for the blonde’s dense set. But Gina couldn’t hold her there, and inevitably Kara pulled back and started her own grinding assault on Gina’s jugs.

As Gina pushed forward once again, Kara twisted her hips left. Gina apparently sensed what was coming, and fired her own shot. Their breasts met forcefully, and each breast distorted, pushing and sliding over its counterpart. Gina’s nipples looked hard, poking up and over the curve of Kara’s flesh. Kara’s hard tips seemed to try to burrow into Gina’s flesh, denting the sides of Gina’s flawless boobs. Both women winced, but seemed eager to keep their tits pushed together. I hadn’t noticed Kara’s arms sliding toward Gina’s shoulders, but Gina did, and grinned as she brought her own arms up. Soon both women had the other by the shoulders, and their tits were pushing against one another.

Each breast flattened, though Kara’s looser set again gave far more ground. Still, the brunette seemed satisfied pushing their breasts together. While it certainly was repetitive, the erotic element of the contact started really getting to me. Gina’s firm tits would push into Kara’s for a moment, and Kara would slide her tits over and up, letting Gina’s rack try to bear the weight of her own. Eventually, Kara’s tits would slope down and start the cycle all over again. Both approaches apparently worked, judging from the redness of the two girls’ breasts and the slow creep of pain that eased itself onto their faces.

I watched as Kara moved her hands down Gina’s toned shoulders to the joint and pulled forward. Gina’s shoulders followed the motion, and Kara sighed. Gina’s tits were forced down with the pull, and the leverage Kara’s hands afforded allowed her larger rack to begin pushing into the tops of Gina’s tits. The blonde’s boobs were slightly displaced, compressing from the top and forcing the flesh downward. Gina struggled to twist away, but Kara’s grip was surprisingly strong. The blonde pushed against Kara, but the brunette knew she had the best position. To add a little more to the surprisingly effective hold, Kara pulled back slightly and slammed forward with as much power as she could muster. Gina’s tits were forced down for a moment even further, and Gina moaned.

“Who’s the saggy bitch, now?” Kara grunted. She repeated the motion, once, twice, and a third time. Each time, I watched Gina’s tits lose some of their shape, flattening at the top. The third blow pushed Gina to her knees. Her arms fell to her side as Kara maintained the hold. “Mmmm, It feels so good, pounding your soft little udders to mush!” the brunette taunted. Kara forcefully bent the blonde down, using her position to push Gina’s shoulders toward the floor. As expected, Gina’s sore boobs fell from her body, slightly swinging from the struggle she was putting up.

Gina twisted, still unable to get away. I watched her firm tits jiggle, wobbling from side to side. Slowly, Gina brought her hands to Kara’s wrists, and the brunette grunted as her opponent forced the controlling limbs away from her shoulders.

As soon as she got her foot under her, Gina shot straight up, driving her chest into the underside of Kara’s heavy breasts. Kara’s huge tits were rocked, bouncing and shaking. I could feel my own eyes widen as Gina pushed forward, slamming her tits into Kara again. The brunette’s loose jugs were now shaking on her chest, and Gina’s assault showed no signs of slowing.

Kara seemed as stunned as anyone. She was driven back at least three steps before she attempted to pull her hands from Gina’s grasp. The blonde stopped her assault as she felt Kara’s shift and immediately forced Kara’s wrists to her side with a sudden surge. Another blow, a direct hit from Gina, forced a gasp from Kara. The brunette struggled, and threw her tits to the left, catching Gina in a direct hit as the latter forced herself forward once more. Gina’s reddened tits bounced against Kara’s, sending both pairs into rolling waves across their respective chests.

Kara managed to land another crushing blow against Gina’s boobs, and the blonde grimaced. But rather than backing up, she stepped forward. With Kara’s wrists still (roughly) at her side, Gina’s arms suddenly and quickly snaked around Kara’s back. Kara gasped, swearing, but Gina had managed to establish the leverage she needed to keep her opponent’s arms pinned. Both women groaned as their tits smashed together, but the look on the brunette’s face indicated that she’d suffered more. Kara started to groan even more loudly as Gina pushed her tits hard into the pillowy rack, beginning to roll her set into the brunette’s meaty jugs. Kara’s boobs quivered as Gina tried to crush them with her firmer set.

The blonde’s arms slid down to Kara’s elbows, and as Kara struggled, Gina attempted twice to get her hands together. All the while, Kara’s full breasts billowed and rolled over and around Gina’s, and both women were feeling every shift of the mass of breasts between them. The pain and discomfort were etched on both women’s face, and each pair of breasts bounced and shook as they slid against the opposing pair.

Still, it seemed that Gina was controlling more of the action with Kara’s arms pinned. I watched as the blonde began shifting her feet, alternating the pressure between the left and the right. Had I not understood the competition, I would have found the site enticing, as Kara’s heavier breasts ballooned out in the rhythm of Gina’s short thrusts. Kara shifted her own legs, but couldn’t establish as much control because her center of balance had been limited. Then she had an idea.

In one sudden move, Kara jerked her hips to the left. She lost her footing, but the force of the move pushed Gina into letting go of the hold to keep her balance. The brunette stumbled, dropping to one knee. Gina stumbled, regained her footing, and jumped forward. Kara was just getting to her feet when she felt Gina’s breasts slam into hers. The force of the blow and the weak base from which she was working gave way to Gina’s assault. Both women tumbled to the floor, and Gina landed atop Kara. Kara shifted and bucked, while Gina reached for the brunette’s flailing wrists. Soon Gina’s left hand caught Kara’s right wrist and Gina slammed the brunette’s hand to the floor, causing Kara’s boobs to roll across her chest. But Kara reached up and snagged Gina’s right wrist and pulled the blonde to the side, still bucking.

Gina tumbled, and Kara rolled over, trying to get to her feet. Gina, still on her knees, lunged, and another loud smack announced the contact between the two women’s breasts. Kara put her arms down to brace herself, and Gina slapped another hug on, this time gripping her wrists behind the brunette’s back. Gina put her mouth to Kara’s ear and whispered something, and Kara suddenly tried to flail. With her knees under her, however, the brunette couldn’t try the same move, and she instead tried leaning forward, pushing her heavy boobs into Gina’s. Gina grinned and simply leaned back, taking Kara with her. I realized that even on her knees, Gina knew she had some leverage, and as Kara’s breasts leaned forward, Gina pulled her firm orbs up. Kara groaned as she felt Gina’s breasts begin pushing down on her larger pair. The blonde’s arms suddenly tightened and Kara snapped her eyes shut, gritting her teeth. I realized after a moment that Gina was grinding her tits into the top of Kara’s breasts.

I watched as Gina slowly began pushing and rocking her bust into the brunette’s tits. Kara’s tits began slowly sliding down, then springing back up as Gina released the pressure. Kara’s hands reached for purchase, but all she could do was grip Gina’s elbows. Throughout the attempt, Gina didn’t slow the slight sway of her shoulders as she began rolling her back slightly. I recognized the move, and apparently many of the other girls did, too. Soon Kara’s tits were rocking in rhythm to Gina’s motions while the blonde took control of the fight.

Gina leaned over again, pushing her tits further into Kara’s chest, and she whispered again. Kara once again struggled and the blonde smiled smugly. With each shove, more flesh spilled out, and then fell back in, undulating as the two pairs of breasts met. Ever so slowly, the brunette’s tits were being pushed further in, splaying out as Gina’s breasts made their way deeper and deeper into the opposing rack. I watched Gina’s gorgeous set start to actually disappear into the pale flesh of her opponent, and saw a confident grin on Gina’s face as she felt the brunette’s boobs yielding more every second. It was now simply a matter of time before they’d pancake, I thought, and almost missed the hooter girl’s last, desperate move.

With a loud roar, Kara jumped up, smashing both of her massive tits directly into the blonde’s round set from above. The shocked look on Gina’s face confirmed that she took the worst of the blow, her boobs quivering wildly. The move seemed to have stunned the blonde, and Kara leaned back before sending her boobs into Gina’s rack once again. The blonde’s tits jumped on her chest, and Gina let out a moan as she felt her firm boobs spill outward. Each of her round tits seemed to move independently of the other for a moment before settling on her chest.

The brunette reared back again, and Gina wasn’t able to react quickly enough. Soon, her left breast was flattening from the side, disappearing from sight as Kara drove her udders straight into Gina’s chest. The brunette pulled her big tits up and planted them right on top of Gina’s rack, pushing the perky set down with her massive bosom. Kara’s hands moved around Gina faster than I’d thought possible, and suddenly, Kara had Gina trapped, her huge boobs pushing down on the blonde’s tits. Gina cursed as she started her escape attempt, Kara simply holding on and letting gravity do the work for her.

A few thrusts from Gina sent Kara’s soft boobs shaking, but the brunette would give a little step, almost like a hop, and bounce her boobs down onto Gina’s again. The blonde grunted each time, but still kept fighting the hug.

“I’m going to flatten your precious boobs,” Kara told Gina after a particularly vicious blow. “I’m going to turn them into jello, so we can all see who’s really the soft one here.” Gina, despite the strain she was under, tried to reply, but Kara twisted at the hips and sent a massive swipe of her tits toward the blonde. Gina groaned as she felt her tits shoved down once again for a moment, and the brunette, smiling, pulled her heavier boobs over Gina’s smaller pair. Each time Kara’s huge tit flopped over Gina’s boob, both bounced back into their usual form, but from the way both women grunted, I could tell some serious damage was being done

The brunette was going for bigger and bigger strikes, and Gina simply couldn’t seem to get the leverage she needed to shake Kara off of her. “You can feel it, can’t you? My stronger titflesh overtaking yours?” Kara said, her voice a menacing grin. Gina grunted as Kara stood on her toes again and pushed, leaning forward so that Gina’s back bent at the waist.

I saw Gina’s tits begin to compress more and more as they were forced to bear the burden not only of Kara’s impressive jugs, but more of the general weight of the brunette. The hooter girl, still not satisfied, thrust her stomach up, forcing her huge tits into the air. They came crashing down onto Gina’s exposed boobs, and the blonde let out a muted grunt as she felt the impact of the blow. Gina began squirming as Kara shot her tits up again, letting them crash down atop her opponent’s jugs. The blonde’s tits had to be burning, I realized, recalling my own fight – and the throbbing pain afterwards.

The struggle lasted for a long while, but I noticed Gina’s head begin to shake slightly as she tried to fight off Kara’s assault. The brunette had stopped pushing her rack downward, and had moved to straight tit-on-tit ramming, sending ripples of flesh all over both tenderized chests.

“Oh, fuck yes,” Kara whispered. “Look at those little udders shake!” The blonde could only groan as she felt her rack softening under the hooter girl’s grueling assault. I saw Gloria watching her sister with a shocked look on her face, and could tell that Emma was equally surprised.

“How does it feel, Gina?” Kara asked. “Losing to ‘Elsie the Cow’ and her floppy tits?” The blonde growled, not willing to admit defeat, and weakly shoved her chest forward. The brunette’s loose, hanging jugs quivered violently, but Gina’s own tits actually splashed out. The brunette smiled, obviously unfazed by her own softened breasts. “Yeah,” Kara said, pulling away to let Gina’s tits drop down on her chest. “They are pretty soft. But you know what? My set’s still better than yours.” The brunette leaned in gave the blonde’s breasts gentle slaps with her bigger rack. Each movement caused vast ripples of flesh in all four teats, and Kara took in the sight with a wide grin before shoving her heavy hangers into the other girl’s yielding tits. Gina could only stare in disbelief as her formerly firm flesh spread out over her torso, displaced by Kara’s now somewhat less malleable jugs. Finally, the blonde, either sufficiently humiliated or faced with enough pain, gave up.

“Fuuuuuck, you win, Kara,” Gina groaned. “Your huge wrecking ball tits killed my little boobs. Please stop crushing them,” she begged. The brunette slid away, slowly, letting Gina’s tits reform only at her whim. The blonde’s once spherical globes slid down her chest, jiggling, splotchy, and most certainly going to develop bruises. While they didn’t sag quite as much as Kara’s, the difference was now small, and the change striking. The hooter girl had quite literally pounded Gina’s tits away.

“Don’t you want to give them a kiss?” Kara asked, lining up her own reddened, sore boobs with Gina’s lips.

“Mmmhm” Gina gulped as the brunette’s left udder pushed into her mouth. The blonde suckled for some time, her lips taking her time over Kara’s stiff nipple. The brunette watched with a triumphant expression as the defeated woman lavished her boobs.

“Now the other one,” she moaned gently. Gina’s reaction was far more enthusiastic than I expected, and I watched her head jerk back so she could work over Kara’s right mammary. The brunette’s heavy tit shifted and bounced as the blonde tongued and suckled it. After a good two or three minutes Kara stepped away, and turned to her small audience, grinning.

I watched her heavy hangers swing from side to side, and heard Darla stifle a laugh. “Watch those udders Kara, you’ll put someone’s eye out!” the redhead teased, but went to hug the hooter girl. Her clothed set burrowed into Kara’s mammaries, nesting inside the softer flesh as the girls embraced. I found myself suddenly glad that I wasn’t the one to challenge her, and remembered just how rock-hard those boobs looked without a shirt on. I’d see them again soon enough.

Meanwhile, Gloria had gone to console her dismayed sister, and I saw Emma stroll to the kitchen to get us some refreshments. And probably an ice pack for Gina’s wrecked set. Loni had also gotten up, and started to stretch.

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“Darla, Loni?” Emma asked, looking to the two girls. “You two ready to go?” Both girls stood, glaring at the other. Size wise, there was no contest, but Darla had surprised many by using her rock-hard tits to hold up against several other pairs, including Tiffany’s. According to Kara, Miss Tits herself had admitted to having only ‘barely won’ that match, and having been there myself, I had to admit it’d certainly looked close. I wondered who would be the victor in this fight, and as the brunette glowered at Darla, I began wondering what stakes were going to be involved. Both competitors had a tough reputation, and were unlikely go easy on the loser, I thought.

Darla peeled off her shirt first, revealing a set of very firm, apple-sized breasts. Her dark red hair was cut right to the shoulders, and with her top off, one could see enough definition to realize Darla took care of herself. Without the hindrance of clothing, I was able to judge more clearly and more effectively how she held up against the brunette. Darla’s tits were quite a bit smaller than Loni’s, but each sat high on her chest, round and full. They had only a little bounce, and looked dense and hard.

Not to be outdone by her opponent, Loni pulled off her shirt, and I watched her large breasts quiver beneath the cups of her bra. All eyes were glued to Loni as the clasp came undone and the brunette’s heavy boobs slid out, dropping with a quiet thud. Loni’s sizeable pair, already shaking from the motion of removing her top, drew long stares, and I couldn’t help but to compare them with Chrissy’s perfect boobs. Loni’s set seemed to have have an almost identical shape and looked equally dense, but was a bit smaller. I snorted, realizing just how few racks weren’t.

As the brunette started jostling her full, round breasts, I could tell that Gina and Gloria liked what they saw. I sure did! Loni was clearly practiced, and her set was very impressive. Impressive enough to have crushed both Cassie’s and Connie’s firm pairs, I reminded myself. They’d even beaten Tanya’s enormous globes once, though the top-heavy blonde had since avenged that loss. With a small smile, Loni bounced her full tits gently and turned to face Darla.

“Ready to get your undersized boobs flattened, little girl?” Loni asked with a smirk. Darla raised her eyebrows in a mocking grin and sneered.

“I’d watch that mouth if I were you, Loni,” Darla said an exaggerated sigh. “It’ll be sucking on my better tits by the time we’re done here, and then move on to my pussy when we get home. I will enjoy breaking you.” Now it was the brunette’s turn to laugh. “Keep dreaming, bitch, you’re way out of your league here. I can’t wait to have your skilled tongue between by thighs.”

I was enjoying the back and forth between Loni and Darla, but the referee seemed less patient. “Come on girls, we don’t have all day for your lesbian fantasies,” Emma said with a mock superior tone as she interrupted the verbal exchange.

“Fine,” Loni said. “I’ll crush your sister’s weak set straight away then.” Darla snorted at that, but both women strode forward. Soon Loni’s heavy globes were lined up with Darla’s more compact breasts, and both women looked down as they stood tit-to-tit.

Loni took a step back, but before she could fire her first shot, Darla stepped up and flung her smaller boobs into the busty brunette’s bosom. Darla’s breasts pushed inward a bit, toward her own chest, but it was easy too see that Loni’s pair gave more. Both girls took a deep breath at the impact. Darla kept her tits in, sliding them over Loni’s. They were definitely going after each other, each girl thrusting forward and making her foe wince as their quickly reddening breasts battled for supremacy.

Both sets mashed together, tits slipping and sliding over the other pair slowly as the girls tried to grind the other out. The room had gotten quiet, and the crowd focused on the suddenly intense battle. Darla and Loni both watched their respective chests shift and twist.

Loni’s bigger boobs didn’t hold their round shape as well as Darla’s, I noticed, slipping up and over the smaller set, while redhead’s impressively hard globes stayed more in the same position. But that was hardly surprising, as there was more of Loni to move. Even so, her flesh slid up more often than down, and I wondered if Loni had intentionally decided to put the weight of her larger breasts on Darla’s.

Neither girl seemed eager to pull away. Darla constantly moved her chest from side to side, forcing her smaller orbs to push into the side and underside of Loni’s bigger rack. Loni’s tits did shift noticeably, but Darla’s boobs, too, were pushed to the side and downward every now and then. I caught only fleeting glimpses of both girls’ erect nipples, each pair pointing straight out, thick and squat. Darla’s red tips were pushing forward, into the soft flesh of Loni’s boobs, and Loni’s turgid nips were doing the same to Darla’s tits.

Suddenly Loni leaned forward, pushing hard against Darla. The smaller-chested girl leaned back, then stepped back, trying to regain the leverage she had lost. Loni swung her tits this time, a quick strike from the left that slammed her left boob into Darla’s left as the latter tried to back away again. Darla groaned as she felt Loni’s larger boobs slam into her dense pair. The flesh of both tits rippled from the impact, but Darla’s face showed that she’d taken the worst of it. Still obviously stunned, she didn’t even move out of the way as Loni swung back, fast enough that her tits distended into battering rams. Darla’s right tit waved this time, jiggling and wobbling as Loni’s meaty jug forced the flesh outward.

Darla groaned and some of the girls in the audience winced as the redhead took the wicked hit. Feeling the rhythm and momentum go in her favor, Loni reared back for another strike, only to find that Darla took the break to slam forward. Darla’s tits jumped as she thrust her chest forward, landing a solid blow almost nipple to nipple. For a moment, it looked as though Darla’s tits burrowed into Loni’s, but soon both pairs of breasts had returned, slightly wobbling, to their original shape. Darla fired again, and Loni did not move fast enough to escape all of the attack. The strike pushed Darla’s right breast into the exterior side of Loni’s left tit, poking it in. Darla ground for just a moment before Loni twisted away, pulling her big boobs back.

Darla lunged forward, and Loni slung her torso left, throwing a haymaker blow from her left breast into Darla’s left boob. Moving forward as she was, Darla could not pull back in time, and the accuracy of Loni’s blow surprised me. Darla’s boob was pushed toward her right breast amid the wobbling flesh between the two women. Darla grunted, but pulled back, and narrowly avoided the next, quick twitch swing from Loni. The latter’s big tits distended, becoming narrow, dense flesh that passed by Darla’s tits.

Darla struck back quickly, not rearing back, but slamming forward, pinning Loni’s tits to the side for just a moment and twisting her shoulders quickly, grinding Loni’s big tits. Loni groaned and Darla kept up her attack for a few seconds before Loni reached out with her arms and shoved the redhead away. Darla took a few steps back, but her mouth turned into a wicked smile.

“Something wrong, Loni? Are my firm boobs too much for your fat sacks?” Darla said, her tone sharp with sarcasm. “Come here so I can finish them off,” she hissed.

“Can’t wait to see you try, you weak-titted slut,” Loni fired back. Darla stepped forward again, and both women brought their breasts forward at the same time. Both women groaned at the same time, too, as their tits rippled outward, waves of flesh moving from the source of impact.

Each girl winced mightily, and Darla and Loni both took a step back, drawing almost simultaneous slow breaths to help with the pain. Darla returned to the fight first, slamming her tits from beneath. I’d thought she would count on her smaller tits to be better at grinding away, but she was using them like fists.

Not that I could argue with the result. Loni groaned and stepped back, and Darla followed her momentum, swinging her tits from the right so that her right breast slapped Loni’s right tit with a loud, heavy smack. Loni’s tit wobbled, and Darla moved quickly, bringing her tits up from beneath. Another smack and both of Loni’s dense tits shook, the impact causing them to quiver. I felt myself grow hot as I watched those meaty globes take another shot from Darla, the latter’s hard tits seemingly bouncing Loni’s bigger pair around.

Darla thrust again, this time pulling straight back, and buried her tits as far as she could, wrapping her arms around Loni. Loni groaned, but instead of struggling to free herself, leaned backwards, pulling her own tits up. Darla readjusted her feet so she didn’t get pulled up, and in doing so, Loni’s tits lifted up and over her own in the hug. When Loni leaned forward, Darla groaned, the weight of Loni’s heavier jugs bearing down on hers.

Darla winced, but still had control with the hug, and she twisted at the hips. Loni groaned this time as Darla sent her tits up and into Loni’s rack. The less busty girl kept up, twisting again and thrusting so that she was constantly pressuring Loni’s chest with her own. Loni’s boobs bent and shifted as Darla began using her control more effectively. If Loni tried to lean back, Darla’s arms slid up and she pulled, causing both women to strain. That caused enough separation for Darla to land hard jabs from her tits.

When Loni stepped forward, Darla was ready again, slamming forward this time so that her tits met Loni’s head on. Both women groaned, but the momentum did help Darla’s cause, as Loni winced and pushed her hands against Darla’s shoulders. With a sudden shove, Darla’s hold broke, and Loni stood, her big breasts heaving as she tried to recover. Darla regained her footing and leaped forward, shoving her firm, notably reddening tits before her. Loni had just enough time to recover, however, and shot her own mammaries upward, slamming into Darla’s boobs. Both pairs ballooned outward, and the women staggered back, each cupping their newly stricken breasts.

Darla was again the first to recover, and slammed forward. Loni, anticipating the strike, sidestepped and grabbed Darla’s shoulders. As she spun, Darla stumbled and Loni realized she had the advantage. She completed the twist and pushed. Darla twisted and landed on her back, sending the air out of her already taxed lungs. A sheen of sweat glistened on both women, making their faces glow in the light. The difference was the predatory look on Loni’s face, glaring down at Darla, whose face was lined with pain and sudden desperation.

I watched as Loni leaped down, snaring Darla’s wrists as she fell. “That’s it, bitch,” Loni grunted. “Got you right where you belong.”

Loni slid her sturdy legs around Darla’s slimmer thighs, giving her some purchase as she held the struggling redhead. Soon, Loni had Darla’s hands pinned above her head. Slowly, the brunette lowered her right tit down onto Darla’s slightly gravity-flattened orb. Darla moaned as she felt the dense, heavy flesh of her challenger meet hers. Loni aimed carefully, keeping pressure on Darla’s nipple. She then lifted the contact, putting about six inches between them. Loni’s tits hung away from her body, full, round and lightly shaking as she lined up her larger rack over Darla’s vulnerable tits.

“Don’t even think about giving up, Darla,” Loni said. “I want to savor this.”

Loni dropped the first boob-bomb of the night. Loni’s big tits slammed down. I heard Darla whimper as she felt the force of the blow. Darla’s tits splashed out, waves of flesh moving toward the respective side of her breasts. I watched Darla close her eyes as she felt the pain course through her.

“God, I love that feeling,” Loni said. “Let’s do it again.”

Another shot seemed to send Darla’s tits outward. Loni’s tits flattened at the base, but aided by their position, didn’t seem to suffer as much. I noticed that Darla’s tits were beginning to discolor; her once flawless breasts now had bright red spots. Still, Loni’s tits also had a similar red tint, I told myself.

“You won’t believe what I have planned for these weak little tits, slut,” Loni taunted. “Maybe that saggy girlfriend of yours would like to come too?”

“Fuck you, skank! You’ll be licking us both, right after I turn those ugly fat sacks into mush!” the redhead spat angrily.

With a sudden burst of energy, Darla thrust her hips high in the air while twisting her torso to the right. Loni leaned down, trying to use her weight to ride the girl down on her back. Darla succeeded in twisting on her side, however, as Loni tried to turn the redhead on her back. Continuing to kick and thrust, Darla ended up face down.

“Roll over, you scared bitch!” Loni demanded as she pulled on Darla’s shoulder trying to roll the girl over, but only succeeded in falling to her side. After a brief but fierce struggle, Darla managed to hook her feet around Loni’s thick thighs, rolling the other girl onto her back. Before she really had a chance to recover, Darla captured the brunette’s wrists trapping them by Loni’s head.

“Karma’s a bitch, you cheating slut,” Darla cackled, looking at her opponent with almost crazed eyes. “We’ll be going to my place after this.” I don’t know if Loni was scared, but I definitely would’ve been!

The redhead slammed down with no ceremony, forcing her perky breasts into Loni’s trapped pair. This time, the brunette’s tits wobbled on her chest as Loni let out a strained groan. Darla let her firm orbs rest atop Loni’s pair, rolling her shoulders briefly as she literally rubbed her impending victory (and tits) in.

“Oh, you were right about one thing, Loni,” Darla cooed. “This does feel great.”

With a laugh, Darla pushed up and dropped another boob bomb on her trapped foe. Both pairs of tits ballooned out, sending ripples of flesh across their boobs, but Loni’s larger jugs were practically swimming on her chest.

“Look closely, bitch, I want you to see how your saggy udders turn into paste.” Darla said. “And when we get home, I will break the rest of you. Kara can help, since you asked so nicely,” the redhead finished, sneering at the girl below her. I noticed that the brunette’s eyes were closed, and wondered if the fight had already left her. As I slid my hand between my thighs, I heard a cough and glanced to Kara. She’d noticed what I was doing and winking knowingly. I felt my face redden, turning to the mat again. And did my best to ignore Kara’s wide grin.

Another shot from Darla blasted into Loni’s thick, quivering jugs. Both pairs of tits morphed around the other, but we heard a loud vocal reaction only from Loni as their boobs melded together. The sounds of flesh smacking flesh gave way to the sounds of Darla’s sister Emma cheering, and I could’ve sworn I heard Kara’s voice joining her as well.

“Just remember this, if you ever think you’ve got the best tits around,” Darla warned.

Loni watched their tits meet violently, and then closed her eyes again as she felt her full breasts flatten at the point of contact. Waves of flesh collided, and I almost felt the impact. Darla gave little pushes with her arms, letting her boobs bounce on Loni’s.

“I’m going make you my personal bitch, Tough Girl,” Darla whispered.

Darla’s firm tits jiggled as she pulled up, and then slammed onto Loni’s softening flesh. The redhead almost bounced herself off Loni as the brunette did her best to buck Darla off her by thrusting her hips in the air. Darla grinned as she pulled herself up for another blast. Loni began to curse as she tried to roll on her side to avoid the next impact.

“Maybe I’ll just grind you out.” Darla said while lowering herself on top of the brunette.

Loni continued to twist and turn until Darla unhooked her feet from the brunette to use her thighs to steady her opponent. With the brunette’s hips secure, Darla mashed her tits down perfectly on Loni’s vulnerable chest. Loni’s once proud breasts now ballooned out to the sides as Darla did her best to spear them with her dense set.

Just when I thought Darla was about to finish the brunette off, the redhead pulled her chest off Loni. She had a smug smile on her face.

“Get up, you fat cow, we’re going to finish this properly,” Darla said, standing up.

Loni slowly got to her feet, rubbing her bright red boobs. Darla’s sweat covered chest sparkled in the light, but also looked sore. Everyone had been cheering Darla to finish off the brunette, and was now silent, no doubt wondering what she was planning to do. Had the redhead felt Loni’s tits break?

“Come here, bitch, let’s finish this.” Darla ordered.

Loni strode forward with a strange fire in her eyes, and both women grabbed each other’s shoulders, shoving their tits together. The two pairs of tits pushed against each other, smashing at the center, and each seemed softer than when the fight had begun. Loni snapped her shoulders to the left and then sent a shot across Darla’s outthrust chest. The redhead retaliated, sending her more compact boobs slamming into the side of the brunette’s swinging jugs. The chest-slapping contest didn’t last long as the tired fighters slowed down to a tit grinding match. Darla’s tits slid on top first, then fell under Loni’s as each woman took a sliding pass at the other. When Darla’s firm boobs sat on top, they pushed the brunette’s larger teats downward and out. When I was sure Darla would finally spear her opponent, Loni’s heavy jugs would push Darla’s bruised tits back into her chest, regaining most of their full, round shape.

While Loni’s bigger tits engulfed the redhead’s pair visibly, there was no way to tell if one set was wearing the other out. Darla had clearly thought she’d managed to penetrate the brunette’s large set in the pin, and was now getting frustrated. The girls went back and forth, each of the four breasts mushrooming and jiggling as they pushed and slid their breasts around. Even the redhead’s dense apple-sized glands shook and bounced enticingly as they met Loni’s heavier mammaries.

I saw Darla and Loni’s exhausted arms drop from the shoulders down to their waists. Muscles strained and pulled as the two women ground their weary breasts together. The hug lasted a while, and it looked like they were taking a breather except for an occasional muscle constriction. Little else seemed to happened, until Loni suddenly growled, tightening the bearhug. I gazed at the two sets of tits mashed into each other, and noticed Loni’s boobs starting to slowly make their way into the opposing pair, Darla’s titflesh pushing out to the sides of her body.

The brunette pumped her arms violently, trying to crush her opponent’s rack once and for all. Gina had also seen Darla’s jugs beginning to mold around the bigger set, and was cheering the brunette on. Gloria joined her, excitedly chanting Loni’s name. It was an impressive sight, watching the brunette’s large, glistening mammaries force Darla’s firm breasts backwards, and I stared as the smaller set of tits mushroomed out from the contact, returning to their shape only as Loni pulled back. Soon, Loni tightened her grip again, and the redhead groaned loudly.

Loni pushed her heavy jugs into Darla’s, angling so that the shove slowly forced the smaller set outward. The redhead’s dense flesh splashed out, held there by Loni’s strong breasts as the brunette began slowly rolling her torso, shaping the opposing glands impressively. I watched Darla’s flesh become looser and looser as Loni pumped her solid tits into them, the once unmoving pair wobbling rhythmically. The brunette’s larger breasts compressed as well, but as she kept rubbing their sore chests together, the difference was becoming more and more pronounced.

“Oh yeah… I’m crushing them aren’t I, Darla?” Loni panted, in a voice that might have been tender in another context. “My big tits are just destrying your boobs, smashing them against your chest. Can you feel them? That firm, dense breast-meat taking over your weak little tits?” The redhead could only moan in response. “All you have to do to end the pain is to give up. Just say you give. Your tits are done.”

“No!” Darla yelled, “It’s not over!”. The girl pulled away, and slammed her smaller boobs into the brunette. Loni winced, but once again, Darla’s tenderized tits seemed to give more than her opponent’s.

“Oh, really?” Loni smiled maliciously, and slung her own shoulders to the left. Darla wailed as we all watched her compact rack slosh across her chest, spilling out against the dominant breast and offering little resistance to the attack. “Still think you can beat me?” The brunette asked, gloating openly. “Still think you’ve got the better set?”

Darla said nothing while looking down at her chest. The girl simply shook her head in disbelief, but said nothing. Loni gently pushed her globes forward, displacing her opponent’s formerly firm flesh. The redhead’s breasts slowly flattened from the tips outward, and while they didn’t pancake, the disparity between the two pairs of meaty breasts was apparent. I felt bad for the loser, having been in her shoes many times, but had to admit that the sight was insanely erotic.

“You win, Loni,” Darla moaned, feeling her sore, burning tits push out more every second, their flesh spreading across her ribcage. She hung her head in shame, not quite understanding how the brunette’s meaty jugs could be shaping her dense breasts at will.

Loni on the other hand looked supremely smug. She left her heavy teats in place, glancing down and admiring as she pushed the loser’s breasts around on her chest. Darla’s tits were shaking wildly, each sliding up and down as per the brunette’s whim. Loni’s big boobs maintained much of their shape while Darla’s yielded to the superior pair’s firmness.

The redhead let out a sigh of relief when Loni finally pulled her chest away, letting Darla’s vanquished breasts fall. The proud winner placed her hands on her hips, and watched her opponent with malicious glee. Darla looked a bit dazed and unsure of her footing, still coming to terms with her defeat. Both women’s breasts were red and tender from the constant contact, but Loni’s still sat fairly high on her chest, while the redhead’s normally gravity-defying breasts seemed deflated somehow, not as full, and a bit sagging.

For a moment, my mind went back to the fight I’d had with Chrissy, her perfect but tenderized orbs drooping down, and yielding to my set as I pushed in. Taming them had been a real struggle, even after the beating they’d sustained from Emma and Gloria, and the feeling of Chrissy’s proud jugs melting under my boobs was something I’d cherish forever. I shuddered, the powerful memory bringing me even closer to the edge. Shaking myself back to present, I noticed that Darla had kneeled in front of the thick brunette, swallowing her pride and getting ready to worship the winning pair.

“You want a taste?” Loni asked, pushing her breasts together around Darla’s face. A muffled shriek of surprise and embarrassment slipped from the brunette’s cleavage. The redhead briefly attempted to escape, but Loni wrapped her arms around Darla’s waist, holding the girl in place. “Go on, kiss them like you mean it.”

The redhead, voluntarily or not, did start working over Loni’s big jugs, and soon had the tough girl breathing hard as Darla sucked on the winning breasts. “Mmm, not bad, Darla. You’ll make a nice little toy for my collection,” Loni breathed. “I can’t wait to see you in my room tonight. And don’t forget to bring that saggy hooter girl,” she added. I glanced at Kara, who winced and looked at her beaten lover sadly. Not sure if I should try to console the hooter girl or not, I gave her a half-hearted smile.

Laughing at their plight, Loni pulled her tits away, and released Darla’s head from her sweaty cleavage. As the redhead tried to rise, Loni leaned forward, smacking Darla in the face with her left breast. The redhead looked furious, but caught on, kissing the dangling breast submissively.

Emma stood still on the side of the mat, looking at the spectacle with an aggrieved look on her face. I suspected the only thing that kept the girl from challenging Loni to a grudge match was the concern that she might suffer the same fate as her sister. I didn’t blame her.

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