A Tribute to Best Friend’s Sister – Part 5 by Augur

Saturday at Corey’s

That weekend, a large crowd had gathered at Corey’s place, a brown, two-storey brick house not too far from the campus. The thin redhead made her way around the spacious living room, chatting with as many girls as she could, before reaching the first competitors. Cassie and Christy were already streching on the mat, their well-muscled limbs straining as they loosened up. Even as Corey leaned down to discuss some last-minute details with the two, her perky breasts never seemed to droop an inch.

Nikki took a moment to admire Chrissy’s young, nubile breasts as they shifted and shook on her chest. The blonde’s huge, tanned orbs bounced inside the sports bra almost obscenely, while Cassie’s smaller set, mostly hidden from view by her hoodie, didn’t seem to move much. The redhead wasn’t wearing any pants, though, and Nikki’s eyes followed the curve of her shapely ass all the way down to her well-toned thighs. Both were quite obviously no strangers to the gym.

As large as the room was, it seemed to be packed. There were almost two dozen girls present, all having chosen to spend their Saturday afternoon watching tits meet tits. Nikki, Gina and Sabrina were sitting close to each other, but most hadn’t settled down just yet. While Chrissy and Cassie would pair up first, there was at least one another match in the air.

Corey was somewhat used to the other, more busty girls taking jabs at her smaller boobs, but a few days earlier, Gloria’s frequent mocking had finally gotten on her nerves. Quite explosively. Sabrina had managed to keep their loud argument at the college from getting out of hand – and prevented the two “friends” from revealing just what went on at the BOOB sorority – but not before the big-titted blonde had offered to prove her point with a practical demonstration.

“I’m actually surprised that Corey accepted the challenge,” Gina said, leaning towards Nikki and Sabrina conspiratorially. “I mean, just look at them, Gloria’s going to destroy her!”

Sabrina just shrugged, eyeing the skinny redhead closely as she set Cassie and Chrissy up. “Yeah, probably, but I’m not entirely sure. Gloria’s pretty good, but she shouldn’t take Corey too lightly. I’ve shown her some moves before, and those tiny tits aren’t half bad,” she admitted. Gina looked surprised, and glanced in the redhead’s direction once more. “What? You mean that those little things gave you trouble?” the blonde asked, sounding doubtful. The dark-haired girl snorted in reply, a smug grin tugging on her lips. “Well I didn’t say that, did I?” Sabrina laughed, “But Corey’s not the pushover your sister seems to think. If you don’t take her down fast, those tight boobs will be tough to grind out.” And judging from the way they strained against the redhead’s tight shirt, Nikki had to agree. Corey’s set definitely looked firm. Gina, on the other hand, huffed and crossed her arms, not quite convinced that Gloria’s much bigger set had anything to worry about.

There was a loud whistle, and the room hushed suddenly, all eyes turning towards the mat. Corey gave Chrissy and Cassie a small nod, leaving the mat to the competitors.

“Ready to get your little tits flattened, Cassie?” the blonde taunted. Her huge breasts practically overwhelmed the tight sports bra, but given the blonde’s muscular frame, it would’ve take a lot of fabric to hide the size of those impressive tits. Cassie took a moment to admire Chrissy’s beefy physique, and smiled toward her opponent.

“Oh, I’m ready alright, only it’s not me who’s going home with a trashed set tonight. But first things first, let’s give the audience a little show,” Cassie said lightly. She reached to the bottom of her sweater and yanked it over her head, the girl’s big, dense boobs quivering slightly inside her bra.

Chrissy’s face twisted from a smug smile into a cold stare, her mouth forming a thin line as she gazed at Cassie’s still bra-clad boobs. Chrissy had hoped to completely overwhelm the redhead with superior mass, but it looked like she had just one full cup size on her opponent. A considerable lead no doubt, but less than expected. And more importantly, less than she’d had against Emma’s tight glands.

“Shall we?” the sinewy redhead asked as she lined up opposite Chrissy. “Or did you suddenly get cold feet?” Cassie teased, smirking at the blonde. Chrissy’s eyes narrowed briefly, but her face remained set to an intense glare. No way she’d let this cocky redhead intimidate her.

“You wish,” the blonde hissed. “Let’s get this going.” She whipped off her top, letting her large, tanned breasts bounce. Cassie’s eyes traced the wobbling flesh on her opponent’s chest, obviously impressed. The blonde’s heavy tits undulated, but far less than one would have expected given their size. The redhead had of course heard some of the girls talk about them, but realized that those descriptions hadn’t really done full justice to Chrissy’s huge orbs.

The redhead raised an eyebrow in appreciation, and reached behind her back. All eyes were on Cassie as a delicate snap filled the quiet of the room, her bra sliding down for a second before the redhead slung it to the side. Cassie’s thick tits jiggled slightly, but quickly settled down, resting noticeably high on her chest. Chrissy estimated the redhead’s boobs to be almost as big as Nikki’s or Tiffany’s, but firmer than either’s. Disturbingly firm, actually. Every part of the redhead’s body was toned, from the sleek lines of her shoulders to the sculpted mass of her thighs. Sharp lines defined every muscle on her arm and in her calves.

The redhead even allowed herself a small smile as she showed the entire audience her gorgeous, perky breasts, bouncing them a bit for added emphasis. The blonde responded in kind, and as they stared each other down, the audience remained rapt. Chrissy’s large tits wobbled enticingly with each pull, while Cassie’s smaller breasts shook less. The bigger girl finished her show by sliding her hands to her waist, jostling her heavy tits gently on the way before putting her left foot forward, thrusting her rack toward Cassie’s bared breasts.

An eerie quiet filled the room as the two women stepped towards one another. There was a clear size difference, but given the visible firmness of Cassie’s set, one couldn’t be sure about the outcome just yet. As the two racks met, flesh was pushed in rather equally. Cassie’s firm boobs seemed to give less ground, but jiggled just as much as the blonde’s big jugs. Chrissy inhaled slowly, but kept her tits in contact with the redhead’s dense orbs. Cassie shoved again, and both tits lost their round shape only briefly, seeming to almost bounce off one another and quickly returning to their usual form. Chrissy pushed back, with the same result, some pleasant jiggling of breastflesh, but no clear signal that one rack or the other was going to hold the advantage in the contest.

Cassie looked down, almost as if admiring their breasts while they struggled for dominance. In her defence, she wasn’t alone. All eyes followed the two sets of dense mammaries as they tried to get purchase on the other, flesh rolling on flesh as the women pushed and twisted in the preliminary part of the fight. Even Cassie’s firm boobs rolled around, and at one point her left breast was between Chrissy’s two impressive globes. The blonde pushed in forcefully, and Cassie groaned not so much from the pain, but the arousing visual. Feeling the density of her opponent’s tits from all sides, Cassie had to wonder if she might have bitten more than she could chew. The redhead quickly dispelled the thought. As large as Chrissy’s orbs were, she’d flattened bigger. Tit-Tanya and her massive jugs could attest to that.

Chrissy, for her part, was amazed to find that even as she ground forward, Cassie’s boobs did not bend to hers like most girls’ did. She’d crushed several racks just by ramming them with her massive pair, ending the contest before it’d even really had time to pick up. But clearly, Cassie’s firm breasts weren’t going to surrender quite as easily. While the blonde didn’t really doubt her set’s ultimate victory, she had to admit that these hard tits were proving to be serious competition. Nikki had warned her that the redhead would be a tough nut to crack, and Chrissy was quickly starting to understand why.

Deciding that offense was the best defense, the blonde made the first aggressive move. Abandoning their twisting, she pushed for a thudding blow from her right. Cassie winced and tried to bring her torso around, but a quick twist of her shapely hips sent Chrissy’s massive breasts swinging into Cassie’s. The resulting smack made the girls in the audience closest to the fighting cringe, and Cassie grunted as she felt her right breast take the brunt of the blow. Cassie’s right breast wobbled all over her chest as she stepped back, dodging Chrissy’s next blow, but also setting up for Cassie’s uppercut.

Chrissy felt the blow connect, and was surprised by how much strength the toned girl was able to put behind those two big, insanely firm tits. Chrissy’s breasts lifted, the two globes stretching obscenely as she felt Cassie’s breasts push up. They came down, sliding onto Cassie’s tits, and the redhead felt the weight of her rival’s breasts push down on her own. Cassie thrust a few times, pushing her tits back and up in unnatural ways. As the redhead pulled away, Chrissy’s big breasts spilled over and down to her chest, their red undersides now hidden from view. Cassie and Chrissy both watched their breasts interact, while Cassie reared back, and faster than Chrissy had thought, slammed her big tits into Chrissy’s waiting ones. The blonde swore as she felt Cassie’s strike smack against her. Both women felt their rack holding up, but burning as the contest continued. Neither one had bent nor really distorted the other despite vicious strikes and twists.

Still standing, Cassie thrust forward, but Chrissy moved at the same time, twisting to the side to catch the blow. The blonde’s effort was partially successful as she managed to catch Cassie’s left tit with a glancing blow, but more effective as Cassie stumbled and fell to the mat. She rolled over to stand, but that was as far as she got before the big-titted blonde landed on her. Chrissy licked her lips and gazed into Cassie’s eyes as the redhead began struggling to get free. She felt Chrissy’s muscular leg twist around her left calf, and when she raised her right leg to try and roll, that limb was suddenly entangled. Swearing, Cassie tried to shift her left arm up, but the moment Chrissy felt the movement, the blonde gym rat pushed Cassie’s toned shoulder’s down. Leverage established, Chrissy wasted no time, dropping her heavy, full breast directly onto Cassie’s firm, smaller right tit. Cassie gasped as she felt the full weight of Chrissy’s body directed through the heavy breast. Her own breast, already flattened slightly from lying on her back, was pushed out ever so slightly as Chrissy’s breast flattened at the tip. Chrissy repeated the move with the right, and still neither breast gave way in an appreciable sense. Both met at the tip, flattened outward, and slid back into the original shape.

Not satisfied, Chrissy began peppering the sinewy redhead’s rack with her bigger, heavier jugs. Cassie bucked her hips twice, and the blonde slid her hips down. As the redhead bucked a third time, Chrissy pulled her wrists above her head and slammed her hips down, smashing their chests together in the process. Cassie groaned as she felt her firm flesh push out, the blonde’s tanned jugs pummeling her rack. She tried pulling her wrists down to get more power behind an attempt to escape, but the blonde tightened her grip.

With a loud roar, the redhead put her athleticism to good use, bridging her back hard. Chrissy gasped as she fell on her back, completely surprised by her opponent’s abrupt move, and Cassie managed to roll them over. She quickly took the dominant position, sliding her waist down until she was straddling the blonde, and then grabbed Chrissy’s wrists, pinning her hands behind her head. Chrissy struggled, wasn’t able to free her muscular arms. The blonde watched Cassie’s full breasts move lower, wincing slightly as the redhead lined up her tips to burrow into Chrissy’s big mammaries.

The blonde’s mind briefly drifted to a similar pickle she’d been in when fighting against Nikki, the statuesque tennis player’s red hair billowing down as she straddled Chrissy’s hips. The muscular blonde could still remember the feeling of their boobs melting together, and as much as she’d like to deny it, Cassie was definitely firmer. All over.

A powerful jab from the redhead brought Chrissy back to the present, and she struggled fruitlessly while Cassie let her boobs do some damage, grinding on the blonde’s reddening rack. Cassie grinned as she watched Chrissy stare at her big, full tits lowering themselves onto the massive orbs below.

Again, neither pair of breasts yielded, though Chrissy felt the increased pressure as gravity, and Cassie’s full weight, met at the center of her breasts. The blonde winced as Cassie’s hard nipples flicked across hers but she knew that Cassie’s attack was focused more at the firm, dense center of her massive rack. Chrissy thrust up, and felt Cassie shift as the latter seemed to lose her grip with her legs at the waist. Chrissy tried to shift her hips quickly, but as Cassie felt the blonde begin to move, she pulled up and then dropped a vicious blow onto Chrissy’s tits. The surprise of the blow seemed to have as much effect as the impact. Chrissy’s breath left in a groaning gasp, and the blonde stopped struggling, allowing Cassie to reposition herself. As the redhead regained her dominant position, Cassie glanced at the audience, flashing them a small grin. “Watch closely, girls. This is how you deal with top-heavy bimbos!”

Cassie looked back to Chrissy, focusing on the tits beneath her, and dropped suddenly and viciously. The smack of her tits against Chrissy’s heavy udders was as shocking to the crowd as the impact was to Chrissy. Chrissy fought back a yelp as her tits mushroomed slightly, flattening at the tips before they regained their form, and bounced Cassie’s tits off of them. The redhead dropped her breasts again, stymied by how firm Chrissy’s tits remained throughout the assault. The blonde grunted, and in a sudden move, brought her left leg up. When Cassie moved to compensate, thinking Chrissy was going to try and buck her off, the blonde arched her back, pushing her torso up, and Cassie slipped off, losing the grip on her opponent’s toned arms. Chrissy quickly twisted, pushing off with her now free arms, and got to her knees. Cassie turned, only to find the blonde leviathan waiting. Without hesitation, both women lunged forward, each seeking to wrap their arms around the other. The thud of flesh meeting flesh reverberated through the room as the women both sought purchase.

Cassie groaned as she felt Chrissy’s arms slide under hers, pulling her close. Chrissy’s heavy tits slammed into Cassie’s and both women groaned as they began grinding. The bearhug was secured as Cassie was able to lock her fingers around Chrissy’s back. Both women pulled, twisting their torsos to grind their impressive breasts against one another. When Chrissy twisted, Cassie’s tits distorted, bending and twisting beneath Chrissy’s breasts. As Cassie twisted, however, it was Chrissy’s heavy pair that looked as though they’d taken the worst. Both women winced and groaned as they ground their breasts together.

“You’ll pay for that, bitch,” Chrissy growled. She leaned back, looking for another tit to tit smash. Cassie quickly stepped to the side, and the blonde’s heavy mammaries danced around on her chest as she tried to follow. As soon as she turned, Chrissy felt two snake-like arms wrap around the small of her backs, and what felt like two burning stones plunged into her thick breasts.

As sore as her own breasts were, Cassie could tell she was causing the toned blonde considerable pain. Still, she had to admit that Chrissy’s big tits felt much firmer the she would have liked this far into the match, and squeezing them out wouldn’t be an easy feat. Judging from the visible firmness that they had displayed at the beginning of the contest, the redhead was confident that she held the advantage in a grinding match. However, she quickly realized that the blonde’s heavy tits had managed to deal a lot of damage, and the bear hug Cassie had applied wasn’t doing her own boobs any favors either. Both women grunted and hissed as they rocked back and forth, their breasts folding and slapping against each other.

Chrissy struggled against the toned redhead with all her strength, and to her astonishment found that she was unable to budge her off. She’d always been a big girl, and was used to both outgunning and outmuscling her opponents. Not this time, though. She shifted underneath Cassie’s grip, trying to find a position that didn’t put so much pressure on her sore boobs. The redhead shifted as well, and did her best to force her tightly packed boobs into the opposing rack. Most sets would’ve been making way for hers at this point, but the blonde’s big jugs seemed to simply refuse to surrender, denting only slightly.

Feeling her opponent’s tits begin to burrow, Chrissy knew she needed to push against Cassie’s breasts with as much surface area as she could. Chrissy could see the redhead’s firm orbs trying to spear her own without much success, and allowed herself a small smile as she watched Cassie’s frustration grow. Chrissy’s tanned jugs pushed in as the perky set invaded their space, but bounced back each time, regaining their full, round shape. Cassie, meanwhile, groaned from both the strain on her arms and the distortion of her own sizeable bust.

Cassie had no intention of losing the fight, but she could tell from Chrissy’s return thrusts that the blonde wasn’t going down willingly, either. Both women were feeling a fire begin in their shapely tits, a burning that had started gently, but was quickly escalating. Cassie couldn’t believe how tough Chrissy’s tits were. Even after the thrashing she’d been able to deliver, Chrissy’s boobs were still pushing and pressing against her own, meeting every thrust with equal force. Cassie’s eyes began to flicker down, wondering if she’d see the blonde’s tits cave in before she felt her own set fail.

Chrissy smiled as she recognized the doubt on the redhead’s face. She felt it too, and knew that whatever the result, it would be close. The redhead’s impressive tits had proven themselves to be just about equal to her own, matching their power at every turn. As the realization settled over her, Chrissy began pushing harder. No way were those perky little boobs as good as her magnificent orbs. She’d win the fight or thrash her own tits in the process, she decided, pulling the redhead even closer. This fight wasn’t going to end in a stalemate.

Cassie groaned as she felt more and more of her firm tits displaced, pushed inward and spreading across her chest. Chrissy felt her own breasts flattening as well, but growled and squeezed even harder. Everyone could see the blonde’s large muscles bulging as Chrissy tightened her toned back and forced more of her flesh forward, pushing both pairs of breasts to critical mass.

Both women grunted in unison, their prodigious racks ballooning from the immense pressure. Each bust distorted severely, losing its usual shape and pushing out on all sides, though Chrissy’s larger, heavier tits were practically enveloping Cassie’s more compact set. The blonde moaned as she felt her tits begin softening at an alarming rate, and realized she might’ve made a fateful mistake. Surely a draw would be better than losing? As much as she disliked the idea of publically accepting the redhead as her equal, submitting to another woman’s tits before the entire audience was going to be infinitely worse. Chrissy had been subjected to such humiliation once before by the hooter queen Tamera, and wished to never repeat the experience. She needed to end this, quickly.

Steeling her resolve, Chrissy started to slowly ease off the pressure, opening her mouth as she leaned closer. But even as she did so, the blonde noticed how Cassie’s toned arms fell to her hips. She could feel the redhead’s breasts offering less and less resistance to her jugs, pushing in and molding against the bigger set.

“Oh, fuck,” came a deep groan from the loser as she felt her tits pancake. Cassie couldn’t help but whimper, her perfect set flattening and making way for the superior pair.

Chrissy’s eyes traveled down to Cassie’s yielding jugs, taking in the sight with a surprised gasp. She could see how the redhead’s tits gave up completely, caving in. The blonde hadn’t needed to make a show of flattening her opponent’s powerful teats, it’d simply happened. Amazed, Chrissy looked at Cassie’s face, and saw a mask of pain, shame and defeat. She shook her chest gently, and stared at the redhead’s loose, wildly jiggling bust. Her set had, at the very last moment, turned Cassie’s powerful boobs into jello. Immensely relieved, Chrissy continued to push the perky but tenderized rack around until Cassie tapped the blonde’s toned thigh, whispering her surrender.

“Oh, wow. How does it feel, Cassie?” Chrissy asked quietly, almost tenderly. Cassie slowly looked up, gazing at her conqueror with glassy eyes. “Your pretty little boobs flattening, completely surrendering to my rack?” There was no fight left in Cassie, and she let out a shaky breath. Not waiting for an answer, the blonde lowered her cheek to Cassie’s, almost nuzzling her opponent. “Just so you know, I think your tits are fucking amazing,” she whispered quietly, and the redhead, feeling Chrissy’s hot breath on her neck, could only gasp in reply. They stayed like that for a while, two sweaty, exhausted fighters embracing each other. Girls in the audience stared with their jaws agape, entranced, and some could’ve sworn they heard hushed whispers from both women.

Ever so slowly, Chrissy leaned back, letting Cassie’s softened but still gorgeous tits droop against her chest. With a nod to her opponent, the muscular blonde raised her hands in victory, and the crowd cheered. Cassie’s head fell forward, utterly spent. Gently but firmly, Chrissy took hold of Cassie’s wrists and pulled the loser’s arms up. “Kneel,” the blonde commanded softly. Cassie dropped to her knees without a sound, and took a deep breath. Chrissy leaned over just enough to allow her magnificent left breast graze the mouth of her opponent. Cassie didn’t wait for instructions, and started to suckled at the big breast of her conqueror.

Chrissy closed her eyes and enjoyed the redhead’s skillful tongue. Her mouth opened slightly as she felt Cassie’s mouth move over her solid teats, gently shaking the blonde’s ample flesh and forcing the massive boobs left and right with her mouth. Cassie obviously knew what she was doing, and soon had the victor moaning. The blonde let out a deep groan, and the audience watched with wide eyes as Chrissy took a shaky step back, panting, and tried to clear her head. After a few moments, the taut blonde offered her hand. Cassie took it begrudgingly, and was instantly pulled into Chrissy’s embrace once more. The larger breasts forced Cassie’s set back just as before, but Chrissy held the embrace only briefly. As they separated, Chrissy again whispered something into Cassie’s ear, and the defeated woman nodded slowly, accepting the blonde’s dominance. For now, at least.

Corey, the lithe hostess made her way to the center of the mat, smirking. “Okay, it looks like the winner has been thoroughly satisfied.” A few laughs followed, and Chrissy flashed an embarrassed smile, resting her left hand on Cassie’s firm ass. “We’ll have a small break, and continue in, say… fifteen?” The girls murmured their approval, and the spacious room quickly exploded in conversation, everyone sharing their impressions on the fight they’d just witnessed.

As the well-built blonde gave Cassie one last hug and strutted off to find her top, a less taut yet still evidently fit redhead sprang from the crowd to congratulate her.

“That was so hot, Chrissy!” Nikki gushed, squeezing the bulky girl with enthusiasm. “My very own juggernaut, crushing hot chicks and their firm tits,” she grinned, then continued with a lower voice “I really should have you bring them home afterwards, Cassie would’ve made such a great little plaything”. Chrissy leaned back, quickly glancing at the beaten girl, and grinned in agreement. While they held each other close, Nikki’s eyes drifted down to Chrissy’s sweaty chest, and the redhead took great pleasure in seeing that her smaller pair didn’t push in like it usually did. Normally the blonde’s huge, firm tits held their shape better that hers, something they both were well aware of, even if the redhead tried to brush it off. But right now, their boobs met on an equal basis, and Nikki couldn’t help but to give the other girl a seductive smile.

“So how ’bout that rematch you’ve been talking about, Chrissy?” the redhead whispered. “Ready to put your money where your mouth is?” The blonde snorted, looking incredulous. “What, now? Seriously Nikki, how dumb do you think I am?” The tennis player laughed aloud at that, a wry grin on her lips. “Well… you know what they say about muscle jocks…” Chrissy rolled her eyes, but couldn’t keep her face straight, allowing a small smile to form. She did give the redhead’s full set a small chest bump though, and felt a familiar thrill as their heavy boobs shaped around each other briefly. Catching Chrissy’s low grunt, Nikki’s grin widened. “See? You want it too. You like losing to my tits, don’t you Chrissy?” the redhead breathed huskily, getting more and more turned on. If they didn’t leave soon, she’d have to fuck the toned blonde right there on the mat.

Chrissy could feel her face heat up, but didn’t deny it. As much as she hated losing, the blonde had also come to terms with the fact that feeling her big tits yield to another pair seriously turned her on. And while public humiliation was far too high a price to pay, the aftermath of their cozy little fight at Emma’s hadn’t been too bad… Oh hell, who was she kidding, Chrissy thought. She’d enjoyed it. A lot. The thought alone was enough to make her wet. Maybe, if she allowed herself to lose to Nikki, she could concentrate on beating everyone else. Besides, no-one would ever know, would they?

The redhead could almost see the cogs turning in Chrissy’s head, and waited with bated breath. The suspence was killing her! Could she really be getting another chance to flatten those huge, sexy orbs? Maybe even in front of all their friends? Finally, the blonde’s eyes brightened, and her lips curled into a crafty smirk. “Hmm,” she mused aloud. “Why don’t we make things a bit more interesting.” Nikki’s eyebrows flew up, and she took a small step backwards, studying the blonde’s round face intently. Chrissy took a moment to relish the tennis star’s puzzled look before continuing, “I’ll fight you tonight, but only if you have a match of your own, first.” She had let Nikki run the show long enough, going along with her pushy antics for the most part. From now on, the redhead would have to earn it.

To her credit, the tennis player accepted the terms without too much pouting, and quickly disappeared into the crowd to find an opponent. It was short notice, sure, but given the large selection of girls present, Nikki ought to have little trouble in locating a suitable victim. She knew better than to challenge any of the top-ranked titfighters, but had sufficient size and firmness to be able to beat quite a few pairs. Now, if only she could find someone who’d give up without too much of a fight…

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Nikki still hadn’t returned from her little recruitment trip when the next pair of fighters made their way to the mat. A thin redhead and a more curvacious blonde met in the middle of the room, glaring at each other.

Chrissy was sitting in the front row, next to a fairly big brunette by the name of Loni, who’d come to congratulate her a few minutes earlier. Apparently the girl had also beaten Cassie’s firm set, and felt some kind of animosity toward the redhead. And consequently liked anyone who flattened her, it seemed. While the blonde hadn’t been able to cauge the exact size and shape of Loni’s jugs through the shirt, she could tell they weren’t as big as her own. Probably a full D, about Nikki’s league. Still, the knowledge that they’d tamed Cassie’s awesome set was enough to earn her respect.

Loni quickly filled the blonde in on the new competitors, and explained that they were usually seen in the same clique. “Which one’s the favorite?” Chrissy whispered to brunette. Loni glanced at her quickly, a pensive look on her face. “The blonde, I think. Gloria’s tits aren’t as good as mine, but better than most.” Chrissy murmured in agreement at the last part, having faced the blonde’s set herself once. Still, after her tussle with Emma, Chrissy had started to look at small but firm boobs with new eyes.

Corey had chosen a tight t-shirt and was clearly not wearing a bra. Not that she needed one. Chrissy could see just how high the redhead’s perky tits sat on her chest, and her nipples provided protrusion even through the thick fabric of the white top. With a nasty look toward her opponent, the hostess addressed the audience.

“Listen up, everyone. Gloria here seems to think that her big, saggy boobs are much better than my firm ones. She’s even promised to prove it,” the redhead stated loudly, pausing for a moment as a buzz of whispers traveled through the room. “So of course I took her up on that offer, and agreed to flatten those weak sacks in front of everyone,” Corey jeered, locking her gaze on the blonde.

“Hah, good luck with that, Corey!” Gloria spat. She pulled up her shirt and let her tits bounce free. The blonde seemed to love the sensation of her heavy breasts falling so dramatically, a smug smile forming on her lips. Corey’s eyes followed the blonde’s rack, the tanned flesh shaking on Gloria’s more robust frame. Her tits were full and round, and sagged only slightly. Gloria’s skin was flawless, and Corey found herself staring at the girl’s large, heavy jugs. She wasn’t alone.

“What’s the matter, are these too much for your mosquito bites? Maybe you’d like to forfeit the match and move straight to the part where you suck them?” Gloria asked with a wink, loving that the redhead was lavishing such attention on her full globes.

“You wish,” Corey snorted, pulling her own top off. The pale, perky tits hardly moved at all, and though they were small, Corey’s boobs looked very, very dense. The redhead’s prominent, thick nipples were on full display, already hard. Corey thought better of cupping her more pointed boobs, and instead put her hands on her hips. Gloria tried to stare nonchalantly, but was more impressed with her opponent’s boobs than she wanted to admit. Corey’s almost conically-shaped breasts looked even firmer than she’d expected, and while Gloria had what seemed to be at least a cup size on the redhead, probably two, both women knew that size wasn’t everything in these competitions.

“You were saying?” Corey smiled confidently. The blonde simply narrowed her eyes in reply.

“Let’s get this started,” Gloria hissed. The two women strode toward each other. The blonde, slightly taller, thrust her chest out as Corey brought her own pair forward.

As the redhead’s perky boobs slammed into Gloria’s larger, meatier pair, the blonde couldn’t hide a wince. The flesh of her full tits bent away from the force, but quickly regained their shape after the impact.

“Not bad, for a little girl,” Gloria said, her eyes smoldering. Corey didn’t say a word, instead sending another battering ram shot into the blonde’s large mammaries. Gloria grunted, but thrust back, feeling Corey’s pair bend just slightly. Gloria moved to swing her bigger boobs from the right, but the redhead thrust forward again, and the blow slowed as it hit Corey’s ribs before dragging across Corey’s firm breasts. Both women grunted, but Gloria realized she didn’t necessarily want to be in a grinding type of fight given the density of the redhead’s tits. She felt the thick nipples burrowing into her tit flesh, and pulled back to try another swing.

Corey recognized the move and stepped closer, reaching for Gloria’s shoulders. The blonde shifted her shoulders left and twisted her hips fast, slamming her bigger right breast into Corey’s smaller pair. Gloria’s tit glanced Corey’s right breast and the force of the blow forced Corey’s flesh to shake slightly as Gloria’s jug ground for a moment into Corey’s left. The surprising speed of the strike caused the redhead to pause, and Gloria took advantage, savagely jerking her shoulders to the right and landed another solid blow from her bigger pair, this time slamming her left breast into Corey’s left boob. The redhead groaned as she felt her breast viciously shoved to the side.

“Damn, you’ve got such nice, perky tits,” Gloria breathed. “Can’t wait to crush them with mine.”

“You can’t crush anything with those pillows,” Corey spat.

“Let’s find out,” Gloria said, rearing back for a big blow. Corey moved quickly, sending her hard tits straight against and even into Gloria’s bigger breasts. Gloria grunted as she felt the redhead’s sleek breasts push into her own. They really were quite firm, Gloria realized, and as Corey felt her boobs line up, the redhead tried to burrow further. Gloria hissed, but was able to push back. Her flesh was forced even further outward, while Corey’s slighter orbs compressed less obviously.

“It looks like I’m splitting your jello boobs, Gloria,” Corey grunted, trying to hide the discomfort she felt at her own breasts compressing, a burning sensation starting to pulse from the core.

“Not even close, girl” Gloria snapped, though she hated the fact that Corey’s small boobs were holding their shape better than hers. Gloria forced her breasts up, sliding the large globes over the redhead’s firm tits. Corey groaned and clenched her jaw as Gloria’s breasts pushed her own up then dropped them. Added to the savage motion was the sudden weight of the blonde’s heavier tits. Corey tried shifting, but Gloria put her hands on Corey’s shoulders. Holding the redhead as steady as she could, Gloria stood on her toes and then dropped, sending as much of the weight from her larger pair as she could crashing down. Corey groaned, surprised at the pressure that Gloria was able to generate with her heavy tits.

“You fucking bitch,” Corey groaned, but thrust upward. Gloria winced as she felt Corey’s hard tits try to dig into her own again. The undersides of her tits seemed more sensitive, and Corey was generating some meaningful pressure. “Let me shred your tits, cow.”

“Fat chance,” Gloria hissed. She tried pushing down, but Corey managed another thrust, and the hard, compact breasts of her rival burrowed again. Gloria groaned as she could feel her tits pushed up and out. She could tell that her flesh was being distorted rather significantly, even without looking down. Had she really done so, the blonde would have seen the front half of the bottom of her breasts seemingly split in two, with slight folds of her tits caressing Corey’s pointy boobs.

“What lovely pillows you have,” Corey laughed. “Perfect to rest my firm titties,” she added spitefully. They seemed at home there, Gloria thought angrily, trying to figure out how to pull away from the aggressive redhead. She felt a momentary reprieve, and sighed, but barely had time to register the feeling before Corey thrust up even harder. Gloria’s head rolled back as she gasped, not believing how much damage Corey’s tiny tits were doing. The blonde tried leaning backward, but Corey thrust up again, spearing the large orbs once more.

“Dammit,” Gloria cursed. Corey grinned and set her feet for another thrust. Gloria tried moving to the side, which did lessen some of the damage, as Corey’s blow missed much of the sensitive tissue. Gloria slung her shoulders to the side again, and while she didn’t generate the momentum she thought she might, she did feel her tits colliding with equal force, causing Corey to moan as she tried to match the move.

“Can’t take the pressure, huh?” the blonde asked, pushing forward. With Gloria holding her shoulders, Corey couldn’t step back, and her center of gravity shifted. She found herself gripping Gloria’s arms so she didn’t fall back. As soon as Gloria stopped, however, she realized what the blonde had done. Corey could no longer arch her back, and therefore could provide no pressure to attack Gloria’s heavy jugs. Gloria, however, had positioned herself so that she could slightly lift and drop her bigger breasts, and she began doing so immediately. Two wet, sweat filled smacks later, and Corey was groaning.

“Yeah, let’s tenderize those pointy sacks a bit,” Gloria hissed. Corey wished she could come up with something witty, but Gloria had nailed the sensation. She could feel her tits beginning a slow irritation, and sensed how the bruning sensation that had started in the core of her tits was now speading and intensifying. Getting desperate, Corey tried to push hard against Gloria, her slender arms hoping to find some purchase. Bent at the waist as she was, even slightly, Gloria’s hands immediately dropped to Corey’s tight ass, then just below it. The blonde pulled up and in and Corey felt herself falling for a split second, before Gloria’s hands had found the center of Corey’s back.

“Time to lie down,” Gloria spat. She lunged forward, and Corey’s footing gave way. Gloria broke her fall, but still remained on top of the redhead, and Corey yelped as Gloria followed through with her tits crashing onto Corey’s smaller mounds. Gloria found Corey’s wrists and bound the slighter woman beneath her. The blonde was much heavier than her opponent, and the combined effect of Gloria’s leverage and weight was considerable. Soon Corey could barely wiggle. Some macabre instinct made her watch Gloria’s heavy jugs begin pounding her own. The first and second blow hurt, and the third blow caused a streak of fire in her left breast.

“Oh, shit!” Corey yelled.

“You want more?” Gloria asked, her voice getting a hard edge. “Happy to oblige.” She dropped again, slamming her tits down onto Corey’s. Corey’s head rolled back as she felt the fight slip away. The redhead had spent a good deal of energy trying to escape the drop to the floor, and realized that she’d have to get away quickly. If she didn’t, the blonde would crush her tits and brag about it for the rest of their lives. Corey tried to make another attempt to escape, this time bracing against the floor with her left foot and twisting her hips around.

With a sudden burst, the redhead jolted up. Not expecting such a feat from the thin girl, Gloria shrieked and fell to her side. She tried to ignore the pain in her shoulder, but couldn’t, letting out a gasp. Corey rolled away, her pointy tits reddened from the damage from the fight. “You’re so going to get it now, you big-titted slut,” Corey spat.

Gloria was on her knees when Corey met her. The redhead slammed her chest forward, and despite the beating, Gloria felt Corey’s firm tits begin to burrow again. Gloria’s hands immediately went for her opponent’s shoulders, but the redhead ducked, and wrapped her arms around Gloria.

“OK, let’s see how you like grinding,” Corey panted. Gloria groaned as the lithe redhead pushed those perky boobs into her own heavy tits. Rather than try to escape, Gloria grabbed Corey around the waist and pulled her even closer. Both women winced and Corey stabbed forward as much as she could. There wasn’t much pressure, as Gloria was pulling her tightly. She could no longer stab as effectively, and Corey cursed herself mentally for losing what had been an effective strategy. As Gloria shifted, Corey realized something else. Her hard boobs were no longer digging into the blonde’s orbs like they had earlier.

“Yeah… your little tits are fading,” Gloria taunted, mirroring her opponents thoughts. “Let’s see how long ’till they flatten completely.” Gloria began gently pushing and pulling her own torso, ensuring that the core heft of her breasts met Corey’s perky jugs. Gasping, the redhead couldn’t believe how dense her opponent’s big teats were. She stabbed forward, causing Gloria to wince, but the blonde continued pushing her larger boobs across Corey’s chest. While Gloria’s mammaries bent and shaped, they also pushed Corey’s tits to the side with each pass. If Gloria pushed up, then momentarily Corey’s perky breasts dented the top of Gloria’s larger orbs, but soon Corey’s boobs were pointing up while Gloria’s pair regained some of their shape.

Still defiant, the lithe redhead leaned back and thrust her chest forward with a yell. Gloria could only watch her full breasts mushroom at the tip, the force of the blow displacing much of the flesh. The blonde groaned as Corey’s first strike hit dead on. The redhead winced, too, but the blow didn’t seem to affect her nearly as much as it did Gloria, who actually staggered from both the force of the blow and the pain that accompanied it.

Corey pulled back and swung her tits from the right, faster than one would’ve thought she could after the momentum she’d put behind the first attack. Gloria nearly fell over from the force of the impact, and Corey grabbed her arm, pulling the blonde hard until their sore chests met. The smack of crashing titflesh caused several people to jump, shocked at the feracity. Corey slid her arms under Gloria’s and pulled the blonde up and into her, so that Gloria’s breasts were under her own. Gloria instinctively clasped her hands together and began pulling as well, but Corey seemed to have her tits in a better position. Gloria grunted as Corey shook violently, almost like some predator. Each movement sent her breasts grinding into Gloria’s, and the blonde began cursing.

Gloria’s sister Gina looked worried, and for a moment it certainly seemed as if Corey had the more buxom girl at her mercy, but Gloria moved her hands up and grabbed Corey’s shoulders. With an angry growl, the blonde brought her tits up and over Corey’s, causing both pairs to shift and mold as they seemed to fight for position. Gloria, after both breasts shimmied and shifted, rested her throbbing udders atop Corey’s pair and began grinding back. The blonde’s tits seemed red, and grew redder still from the effects of the attack. But now Corey grunted and groaned, and as much as she tried, could not seem to re-establish her position. The mass of flesh became so entangled that was impossible to tell who really had the firmer pair. Gloria kept grinding, but the redhead’s perky little tits strubbornly resisted her assault.

Corey struggled fiercely, groaning and cursing as she did so. Soon, both women’s breasts seemed to be in a more or less equal position, battling for the space between them, rather than an upper or dominant position. Both pairs of breasts squished and flopped as the two women went back and forth and even brought their tits together straight on. Neither woman’s chest seemed to give in to the other, and one had to wonder how they would resolve it. Neither woman said a word, instead concentrating on the battle waging between them.

With a low growl, Corey roared back, her face a mask of angry determination. She was able to pull away just enough to see a gap between the fighting orbs, and then it was gone as the redhead tensed her leg muscles and thrust up. Still holding the bear hug, Corey had essentially uppercut Gloria’s full tits, and the blonde’s udders took the blow straight on. Both breasts flew back and up, towards Gloria’s shocked face. The blonde let go, but Corey did not, choosing instead to repeat the maneuver. As her reddened breasts shot upwards again, Gloria wailed upon contact.

“Fuck!!!” the blonde shouted. Corey grinned and delivered a third shot. This time Gloria staggered and slipped, and as she began falling, Corey held her up. The slim redhead was displaying surprising strength, and the blonde’s eyes widened almost comically as Corey pulled Gloria to her.

“I’m going to crush those fat sacks now, you bitch,” Corey growled. Gloria caught her feet under her, but let out a deep moan as she felt what was obviously a firm, hard pair of tits slam into hers, pushing their way deep into her ample pair. The blonde struggled, but could feel her udders fold and splash around on her chest as Corey forced herself into Gloria intimately.

The blonde couldn’t believe the sensation, and had to look down to make sure it was really happening. Her firm, heavy tits seemed to balloon out and around the redhead’s compact boobs. She realized that Corey’s tits had managed to penetrate her own, and rather than simply bouncing back, her breasts oozed around the firmer pair. The redhead could feel it, too, and let her boobs rest in the heavy breasts of her opponent. Gloria stared, horrified, as her flesh spilled downward when the redhead pulled away, reforming slowly rather than springing back. Still, Gloria refused to give up, slamming her own tits forward in a final effort to shake the fiery redhead off.

Gloria let out a pained groan as she felt her round orbs wrap around Corey’s smaller boobs. The skinny girl took advantage of her apparent shock, and slammed the blonde against a wall. Gently, slowly, she pushed her tits into Gloria’s. The redhead was just as amazed at the change in Gloria’s rack, and stared as her boobs pushed aside more and more of the blonde’s flesh. Soon it looked like the blonde’s tits had simply surrendered to the redhead’s firmer pair. Grinning, Corey pulled away and did it once more.

Gloria stood in stunned silence as she saw her proud tits collapse. There was no denying it — Corey’s perky rack had proven better. Her eyes were wide as the redhead began moving the beaten jugs over her chest. The blonde could feel her tits flopping gently around. Up, down, left, right, her boobs wobbled and shook as the redhead directed them. Gloria’s eyes flickered from the redhead’s smug smile down to her own impaled chest. Closing her eyes, the blonde groaned as she felt Corey’s hard breasts move back and forth over and through her tits, pushing her rack out severely. Gloria’s once firm boobs were now making way to Corey’s, molding as the better pair roamed around her softened flesh.

“Fuck yeah, Gloria. I ground you worthless titties flat. Who’s got the better set now, bitch?” Corey snarled. She pulled away and presented the freshly beaten breasts of her rival to everyone. “Take a good look! You too, Gina.” Gloria’s sister swallowed visibly, looking at the now sagging breasts of her older sibling with sympathy. Gloria still seemed astonished when Corey gently cupped the blonde’s left tit, letting it ooze through her fingers before flopping the pulverized flesh against Gloria’s chest. Gloria watched her humiliation unfold, unspeaking. She did not resist when the redhead pulled her head to the firmer, superior tit and wasted no time in paying her homage by sucking at the rock-hard peak of the victor. Corey watched Gina’s face intently as her sister worshipped the redhead’s small, firm boobs, whispering encouragement while Gloria acknowledged her defeat over and over.

“Your big, arrogant tits are nothing compared to mine. Isn’t that right, Gloria?” Corey whispered, though loudly enough to hear. Gloria’s affirmative was audible, though muffled by the redhead’s dense titflesh. Corey’s hands grew more insistent as she cruelly directed the demure blonde. “Keep sucking them, Gloria. Keep sucking these firm, strong tits.” Gloria obeyed, latching her lips to the redhead’s left nipple. Corey winked at Gina as the busty blonde was humiliated, clearly enjoying every second. Ultimately, the redhead got tired and pushed her opponent’s head away.

“That’s enough, slut. You’re starting to slobber. Go tell your sister who really has the best tits,” Gloria pulled her head from Corey’s chest and made her way to Gina, looking thoroughly embarrassed. Sabrina scooted away to make her some space, and gave Corey an appraising glance, obviously impressed.

Chrissy, too, was taken aback by the result. Gloria’s tits were very similar to Nikki’s in terms of size and density, and the blonde made a mental note to ask her girl if she’d ever fought against Corey. Which reminded her: had Nikki managed to find an opponent?

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As the girls in the audience once more broke into conversation, many getting up to grab some refrestments, Chrissy’s eyes started scanning the room. The blonde finally spotted Nikki, and noticed she had a somewhat short, doe-eyed brunette in tow.

The girl looked quite young, Chrissy thought. She had a cute, round face, and there was still some baby fat left on her freckled cheeks. Even her dark brown hair enhanced the impression of youth, being tied into a long braid which curved from her left shoulder and rested on the girl’s bust. The brunette would’ve looked almost like a cherub, if it weren’t for her body. Sure, there was a bit of extra meat here and there, and you could tell she wasn’t an athlete, but the girl seemed to have good genes. Her tits were covered by a dark blue sweater, and Chrissy noticed that they shook only slightly even as Nikki dragged her towards the beefy girl. The brunette was either pretty firm, or just had a good bra. They’d find out soon.

“Hey, stop ogling her!” Nikki chastised Chrissy with a laugh, earning a giggle from the brunette, who blushed slightly at the close scrutiny. The muscular blonde smiled back at the pair, not sure if the new girl was intimidated by her or just nervous. The brunette’s gaze did linger on Chrissy’s boobs, though, the tight sports top doing little to hide their large size and round shape. Then again, the girl had also seen them crush Cassie’s set just half an hour earlier.

“So, this hulking barbie on steroids is my friend Chrissy,” the redhead offered, reaching out to squeeze the blonde’s full tit. “But don’t worry, she’s completely harmless. Well, mostly harmless,” Nikki grinned, enjoying Chrissy’s surprised yelp. Not pausing to meet the blonde’s glare, the redhead continued, “And the little cutie over here is Sophie. She’s fresh out of high school, would you believe it!

Yes, Chrissy could indeed believe it. The brunette didn’t look a day over eighteen, smiling at her shyly. Probably hadn’t even been in a titfight before. Well played, Nikki, well played.

“Sophie’s starting college this fall, and wanted to check out what we get up to in our free time,” the redhead explained, and Chrissy snorted. “One hell of campus visit,” she mumbled. The brunette laughed again, and shook her head, “No, really, I’ve heard a lot about these gatherings from my sister. She used to be in the sorority as well, but graduated last year. I’m the youngest,” she added, switching her weight from side to side. For someone so… not quite chubby, but not toned either, Sophie seemed to move rather gracefully. Her thighs looked thick and meaty, and given the brunette’s short height, made her look a bit stocky. The girl’s shoulders were fairly broad too, and together with the sizeable bust, kept her proportions in balance. Except for the shortness, obviously.

“Well, since you’ve seen how we spend our weekends, maybe you’d like to tell what you usually do?” Chrissy asked with a friendly smile, trying to cauge the brunette’s level of experience. “Oh, nothing quite this exciting, that’s for sure,” Sophie grinned, “I do like to ride whenever I get the chance. We live a few miles outside the city, and there’s plenty of space for the horses.” Hmm, Chrissy mused. Another rich kid, apparently.

“So, this all new to you then?” the blonde tried one last time. “Uh, you mean…” Sophie started, glancing at her big orbs. “Yeah,” Chrissy nodded, grinning. “Well, no, not entirely. I mean, I’ve fought a few girls from school. And one of my sister’s friends,” the brunette finished, biting her lip. She really looked rather adorable, Chrissy had to admit. Nikki would destroy her.

The redhead seemed to have similar thoughts, and winked at the muscular girl. “I actually know Sophie’s sister pretty well, we played tennis together. She’s good.” The brunette nodded, looking sheepish. “Yeah, she’s the sporty one in our family, I’m more into books. Didn’t stop her from making me be your ballgirl, though,” Sophie grimaced, and got a laugh from Nikki. “I haven’t forgotten, you looked so cute stomping around the court, a spitting image of Grumpy Cat,” the redhead chuckled. The shorter girl huffed in reply, sticking her tongue out.

Their little chat was interrupted as the hostess Corey cleared her throat. The redhead had put her tight-fitting shirt back on, the garment hiding the redness of her sore but victorious boobs. They’d definitely taught everyone a lesson. “Thanks for the demonstration, Gloria, you really proved your point,” the redhead snickered, looking to the beaten blonde as she kept twisting the proverbial knife. Her opponent, though clearly humiliated, met the redhead’s gaze evenly and looked defiant. Sabrina, who was sitting next to the blonde, coughed meaningfully. With one last sneer, Corey turned her attention back to the audience. “Now, are there any more matches today?”

Nikki immediately started off towards the hostess, and Chrissy used the opportunity to give the brunette a thumbs up. “Good luck, Sophie. Knock her tits down a peg,” the blonde whispered with a wink. Flashing a quick smile, Sophie took off, close on the redhead’s tail. Nikki talked with Corey for a moment, and Chrissy could see the hostess nod, starting to walk away from the mat.

“Okay everyone, one more fight. Nikki’s big tits versus Sophie’s jugs!”

Chrissy watched Nikki step forward first, the redhead peeling off her sports bra and letting her big tits fall down, jiggling as they settled on her chest. The blonde enjoyed each shake and bounce, and had to admit that while Nikki’s jugs sagged more than her own, it wasn’t by much.

Sophie’s turn was next. Brown hair framed her cute, round face, and she licked her lips, the girl’s nervousness obvious. With one one fluid move, she pulled her sweater over her head, the girl’s ample bust jiggling inside her bra. Compared to Nikki’s toned body, Sophie looked softer, rounder. You couldn’t call her fat, but “chunky” wasn’t far off, Chrissy thought. The brunette didn’t have any rolls on her stomach, but next to the tennis player, she did look a bit flabby. Sophie was also shorter than most of the girls, which made her breasts look larger on her frame. The brunette reached behind to remove her bra, and Chrissy felt her pulse quicken with anticipation. When the garment finally came off, Sophie’s tits fell just slightly, shivering in place as the audience drank in the sight.

The brunette’s light-colored tits appeared to be just a hint bigger than Nikki’s, and were quite firm to boot. Not in Cassie’s ball park of course, but to Chrissy’s eyes, they seemed to have less jiggle than the redhead’s meaty boobs. Their shape was just as round and full, though, and they may have sat a bit higher on the stocky girl’s chest. Not that it was enough to set off Nikki’s height advantage, of course. All in all, Chrissy was pleasantly surprised. Sophie’s big tits were nothing to sneeze at, and actually reminded the blonde of her own tanned globes. Only smaller, Chrissy smiled to herself. If the brunette knew how to use them, Nikki might actually have a proper fight in her hands. Sophie flashed her opponent a careful smile, stepping forward.

“Ready to lose to a school girl, Nikki?” the brunette called loudly, cupping her tits and giving them a bounce. Nikki snorted, throwing her hair back.

“You’ve got spunk, Sophie, that’s for sure. But let’s see if you’ve got the tits, too,” she replied, jostling her own set and grinning widely.

The girls slowly lined up their boobs, pressing forward. Both pairs distorted at the point of contact, compressing as they were forced together. Neither seemed to be more affected than the other, little ripples flashing across their exposed flesh. Sophie, still smiling, was mirroring Nikki’s movements and started to grind, moving her chest left and right. As the competitors strained against each other, the continual shift of their torsos forced the pressure into different points on their respective breasts. Chrissy took in their shimmying titflesh, and idly brought her hands to her own boobs, fondling them.

Nikki slid her boobs over and around the younger girls’s set, as if testing the waters. Both pairs seemed to compress, but kept most of their shape even as the contact increased. Suddenly, the redhead slammed forward, and Sophie was forced back as Nikki surprised her opponent. The brunette’s smile vanished as she tried to thrust back, but Nikki, quickly taking control, thrust again, and her chest slammed into Sophie’s firm set. The brunette felt the dense flesh of Nikki’s breasts slam into her own, and groaned as the redhead delivered yet another blow. A few girls rewarded Nikki’s aggression with a loud cheer, but as the two women began contesting with swinging tits, the crowd was riveted by the sound and sight of four large breasts colliding. Each thud and smack was accompanied by rippling breasts, both sets eventually regaining their round form.

Sophie appeared to be a quick study, and responded with counter thrusts of her own. As the brunette rammed forward, the crowd watched Nikki’s large breasts lose their shape for a moment, springing back only when Sophie’s jugs were removed. Encouraged by her opponent’s groan, the brunette dragged her tits across Nikki’s. The breasts’ flesh compressed and condensed between the two women, and judging from the amount of displaced breast, Sophie’s tits were indeed a bit firmer. The brunette had also noticed the effect her tits were having, and started to grin.

“Aww, they’re so cute and soft,” Sophie cooed, “I think I’ve found my new favorite toy! Can I keep them?” the audience roared with laughter, enjoying Nikki’s humiliation at the hands of the innocent-looking school girl. The redhead blushed, but retaliated quickly, hopping up and slamming her big tits into the brunette’s set from above. Sophie winced as she felt her firm breasts shiver on her chest, wobbling from the fierce blow. She closed her eyes for a second and wasn’t able to react to Nikki’s next blow, the redhead’s thick boobs thudding into hers straight on. Both sets of firm orbs shook and quivered from the impact, the violence of the blow forcing their big breasts to balloon out. While Nikki must have been feeling some discomfort, she was much more used to the pain than her young opponent was. Another vicious strike sent the brunette backwards, and caused her to curse aloud.

“Fuck, Nikki!” Sophie groaned, “Stop punching my tits!”

Knowing she couldn’t afford to show any mercy, Nikki approached again. The brunette also pushed her heavy mounds forward, stopping the redhead in her tracks, and both women grimaced. Nikki raised her breasts to drop them on top, but Sophie beat her to the punch, jamming her rack under the redhead’s and pushing them up. The redhead grunted, but kept coming, twisting at the waist, and delivered repeated blows. Enough of them connected to cause Sophie to stumble, and she reached out to grab Nikki’s arms.

The girls wrestled, struggling for purchase with their breasts pressing firmly together. Chrissy couldn’t get a really good look, but to her, it seemed as if the redhead’s tits were giving up more space. Just when Chrissy started to think Sophie had Nikki in trouble, the less experienced girl lost her balance. And as soon as her knee touched the mat, Nikki used her leverage to topple the two of them over. Sophie tried to shift her meaty hips to avoid being trapped on the bottom, but the redhead was on her too quickly.

“It’s time to end this,” Nikki whispered.

She locked hands with the brunette and dropped her heavy tits onto Sophie’s big set. Encouraged by her pained groans, Nikki rose up and started to pound her full boobs on top of the brunette’s rack. The blows knocked the wind out of Sophie, and before she could recover, the redhead delivered a particularly vicious slam. The younger girl grunted in pain as her breasts seared, and felt her whole body tingle. Nikki could see that the brunette was beginning to falter, and increased her tempo. She needed to take Sophie down before the brunette’s firm tits could cause any more damage.

Sophie sighed in relief as the redhead pulled her breasts away, the cool air calming some of the sting on her large globes. She didn’t have time to enjoy it for long, however, as the redhead landed another wicked blow on her tits, the smack echoing through the room. The brunette’s head rolled from side to side as she felt Nikki’s heavy sacks land on her own, whimpering each time the redhead pulled back for a new blow. Another smack sent waves through both pairs of tits, and the younger girl yelled out in pain.

“Give up, Sophie,” Nikki hissed into the brunette’s ear, “There’s no point in holding on, you’ll just end up hurting your tits more. Give up now, and the pain will stop.”

The younger girl closed her eyes briefly, before opening them. It was clear she was contemplating the offer. Her eyes took in the redhead’s dangling jugs, hanging over her own pair, and the brunette swallowed. Still, she didn’t say anything

Nikki resumed her tit-bombing with a roar, slamming down hard. Rhythmic blows battered the brunette’s large set, and she closed her eyes again, looking to be close to tears. Sophie wasn’t even fighting to escape anymore, Chrissy noticed, simply absorbing the assault.

“Last chance, Soph,” Nikki warned, steel in her voice, “Quit now or I’ll pound your pretty little tits flat.” The redhead reared back for another slam, and Sophie’s eyes suddenly flew open.

“No! I give!” the brunette yelled, looking scared. Nikki immediately got off the younger girl, helping her up, and looking a bit quilty. Even Chrissy was surprised by her ruthlessness. Quite clearly, she’d underestimated the redhead.

Sophie’s sore boobs were bright red, and looked a bit softer than before. They had to be stinging too, Chrissy thought, as she watched the brunette cup her boobs gingerly and start to knead the pale flesh with her hands. Nikki gently wrapped her arms around the shorter girl, whispering quiet apologies. The redhead’s own set had some bruising as well, but seemed otherwise the same.

“I’m really, really sorry Sophie. I didn’t want to hurt you, but I just had to win as quickly as possible. You’re better than I thought! And I’ll make up for it, I promise. Please don’t be mad at me?” the redhead begged, giving the girl her best puppy eyes. And they were good, Chrissy thought. Sophie sniffed a bit, but nodded. “I’ll hold you to that, Nikki. That last bit really hurt,” she grumbled. The redhead hung her head. “Oh, I know, believe me. I’ve gotten the same treatment myself, only the other girl had much bigger boobs.” the brunette looked up at that, grimacing. “Ouch.” Nikki sighed silently, nodding. “Yeah, she bombed me flat.”

“But enough of that, I need to get back on your good side,” the redhead continued, giving Sophie’s shoulders a gentle squeeze, and leaned closer. “How would you like to come watch me and Chrissy decide who’s the top dog? You can even play with her once I’ve won,” she whispered flirtatiously, and the brunette’s eyebrows flew up. “Wow, seriously?” Nikki nodded, looking apologetic. “Uh huh. That’s why I was in such a hurry to finish you off, I need my puppies in prime condition… Sorry ’bout that,” the redhead mumbled.

Sophie straightened up, sliding her hands away from her tits, and took a deep breath. “It’s okay, I forgive you. But you owe me Nikki,” she said, her voice lowering towards the end. “I also want you to teach me, so that the next girl who challenges me, regrets it,” the brunette added with a quiet growl. The redhead smiled, nodding her acceptance.

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