A Tribute to Best Friend’s Sister – Part 6 by Augur

Saturday Night Fever

A few hours had passed since the informal gathering at Corey’s, and the girls were finally heading home. They’d gone to get some food at a cozy little diner near the university, and briefly ran into the sorority girl Connie. She’d been there with her boyfriend, and immediately went to hug Nikki. As per the custom, the blonde had placed her formidable rack on top of the tennis player’s jugs, reminding her about the result of their fight some weeks earlier. The maneuver hadn’t escaped the attention of Connie’s guy, either, his eyes threatening to pop out as he stared at the bouncing titflesh. Nikki had taken the winner’s smug gloating in stride, promising to get the blonde in their next match. Chrissy and Nikki had also introduced Sophie to the pair, before all five settled into a table, the girls eating and chatting together while Dan did his best to pretend he wasn’t ogling Chrissy’s massive orbs. And to be fair, he hadn’t been doing that the whole the time, either, as Nikki’s tits and Sophie’s youthful boobs had stolen his attention on more than one occasion. Dan’s girlfriend hadn’t missed his distraction of course, teasing him even further by pushing her own flesh against his arm. Poor guy.

That little detour had lasted far longer than planned, and as they’d talked, Connie had revealed that she and Dan, too, were heading to a match later that day. The blonde had been challenged to a private fight by one of her co-workers at Hooters, with both girls’ boyfriends coming along as witnesses. And though she didn’t say it, Chrissy and Nikki got the impression the guys might eventually end up doing more than just observe. Afterwards, just before they’d parted to go their separate ways, Connie had leaned to whisper something in Dan’s ear, causing his jaw to drop and his eyes to once again settle on Chrissy’s large set.

“What? Seriously?” he’d stammered, Dan’s whole face turning red. Connie, obviously enjoying her boyfriend’s shock and uncomfortable squirming, simply nodded. “Yup. She’s an honored member of the ‘Beaten by Tiff’s tits’ club. Isn’t that right, Chrissy?” the blonde had smirked. After an exasperated eye roll and a quick nod, Chrissy, Nikki and Sophie had made their getaway, leaving Tiffany’s dumbstruck brother and his girlfriend to prepare for their own event.

As the girls walked the couple of blocks to Nikki’s and Chrissy’s apartment, the redhead explained to a curious Sophie who the girl that had managed to beat Chrissy was, and just how good her tits were. The school girl had been shocked to hear that Tiffany was the same size as she and Nikki were.

“But she’s firm. Like, really firm,” Nikki said, recounting her own loss to the tit queen. “I’d say almost in Cassie’s league. Or what do you think, Chrissy?” The blonde nodded, pursing her lips. “Yeah, definitely not far off. But didn’t their president, that bitchy girl, what’s her name, kick her ass? I hear she’s been making Tiffany do all sorts of humiliating things at the official sorority meetings?” Grinning, Nikki nodded. “That’s right! Michelle, the leader of Beta O, has been serving Miss Tits the humble pie for weeks now. Gloria can’t stop talking about it!” the redhead laughed, and the other girls joined her.

Having at last reached their destination, the older girls gave Sophie a quick tour of the small apartment. Nikki also filled the brunette in on their previous match at Emma’s, where she’d managed to squeak a win against Chrissy, and even showed the blonde’s huge bra she’d kept as a reminder. They could tell Sophie’s respect for the tennis player soared, even if the redhead did have help. As they settled down in the living room, loosing the excess clothing, Nikki gave the blonde a meaningful look. She walked slowly towards Chrissy, licking her lips, and gently pressed their racks together.

“So… any last words, before we begin?” the redhead smirked confidently. “You can still avoid getting your big tits flattened in front of our cute little guest, mind you. Just admit it. Who’s got the better set?”

Laughing, Chrissy shoved forward, forcing Nikki’s clothed boobs to displace slightly. “Easy. Mine are better,” she grinned. “Your bouncy jugs are nice to look at and great to fondle, but they’re not made for fighting. They’ve got no chance against my big, firm orbs.”

Grunting, the redhead pushed back, and caused both racks to compress and balloon out, straining the fabric of their tops. “Well, I guess we’ll just have to see about that. Prepare to eat your words, along with your tits once I feed them to you.” Chrissy snorted at that, shaking her head, and pressed her flesh further into Nikki’s

The blonde and the brunette stared at each other for several moments, keeping their large mammaries in contact. Sophie was watching them with wide eyes, and felt her breath quicken as the two girls fought a silent war of boobs and minds, both seeking to dominate the other. To her, Chrissy with her massive breasts and visible muscles looked more intimidating, but the tennis player was just as tall and held her own, her toned body and big meaty tits straining against the blonde. Sophie wasn’t sure if her panting had become loud enough for them to hear, but whatever it was, something made Chrissy glance in her direction. The blonde bit her lip as she remembered Sophie’s presence, and the pair broke off.

“I should probably warn you, Nikki and I can get a bit… intense. We’re not gay or anything,” the redhead snickered, and Chrissy waved her off, “but we both happen to like girls as well. So if you’re not comfor-“

“No no, it’s cool, don’t worry!” Sophie assured the blonde, “I’m not sure if Nikki’s told you, but she did more with my sister than just play tennis,” she smirked playfully. “I once even caught them kissing in the showers. And no, they weren’t wearing anything…” the brunette grinned, laughing at the girl’s embarrassed look. Nikki’s face was quickly catching up with her hair color. “Ah. And how old were you at the time?” Chrissy asked, clearly amused. “Old enough. And it would’ve been a lot hotter if my sister hadn’t been there,” Sophie finished with a lopsided smile, and Nikki groaned, burying her face in her hands. She peeked through her fingers to look at Chrissy’s face, and saw that the blonde was fighting not to laugh aloud. Phew. The blonde didn’t seem to be the jealous type, at least where exes were concerned. They hadn’t even been dating anyway, just… experimenting.

“Well, in that case, I guess you’ve seen it all already,” Chrissy grinned, grabbing the lower edge of her snug sports bra, and peeled it off. Sophie couldn’t prevent a small grunt as she watched the tanned orbs pop out, thudding down and quivering on the blonde’s chest for a second or two. They were large, firm, round, tanned and well… very attractive. Perfect even.

Nikki pulled her own top off quickly, and while it wasn’t the show that the larger-breasted girl had offered, it still had Sophie’s undivided attention. They didn’t sit quite as high as Chrissy’s, but were close enough in both shape and firmness. At least now, after the blonde’s grueling fight against Cassie’s incredibly dense set. Before that, the brunette thought, Chrissy’s huge orbs had looked even harder.

Chrissy was taking in the redhead’s best assets as well, and noticed that they’d maintained their heft and round shape very well, only the slight bruising on the surface revealing that they’d been in a fight some hours earlier. Still, as Nikki stepped closer, the redhead’s jugs shook pleasantly, while her own heavy orbs bounced only slightly as she moved to her place on the mat.

Surprising Sophie, both women lunged at each other at the same time, and a dull smack of their breasts crashing together thudded against the walls. Chrissy’s bountiful jugs shook and quivered from the impact, but so did Nikki’s smaller boobs. Both women groaned and rammed forward again, with similar results. The blonde’s thick breasts bounced her opponent’s dense set, and then both pairs of breasts compressed at the point of impact. This time, the fighters didn’t pull back for another slam, choosing to keep their chest pushing into the other’s instead. Looking closely, it almost seemed as if Chrissy’s big boobs had displaced more of the redhead’s tits, whose pair appeared to have flattened just a bit further than the blonde’s mammaries.

Both women began slowly twisting their hips, keeping their breasts in constant contact as each pair slid over the other. The blonde’s plentiful flesh looked darker, though the difference to Nikki’s fairly tanned tone was small. Sophie felt a stirring in her groin as both girls’ breasts undulated against the other pair. Chrissy’s massive tits would sometimes block the redhead’s full pair from view, but when Sophie caught a view of both, each seemed to be holding its ground. The larger pair of the muscular blonde jiggled and shook as her tits rolled over Nikki’s, but the redhead’s pair seemed to be pushing in just as much, wobbling a bit before forcing Chrissy’s heavy jugs up and to the side as they rolled against each other.

“Oh, it’s going to be so hot to watch you kneel before me, Chrissy,” Nikki breathed, “Your huge, firm tits hanging low after they’ve surrendered to mine.” The blonde groaned aloud at the arousing mental image, but pushed back, furious at her treasonous mind. With a determined look, Chrissy began sliding her tanned orbs to the left and right, trying to burrow her big boobs into Nikki’s smaller pair. The flesh of both sets bounced and quivered as the blonde continued her assault, but Nikki gasped, feeling her dense flesh yield. It was just slightly more than what her opponent’s boobs were giving up, but it was enough. Nikki quickly reached out to grab Chrissy’s shoulders and pushed her away.

Realizing what had just happened, the blonde grinned, and made a lunge forward. But the athletic redhead stepped back quickly, dodging the blow. She struck back, and the blonde let out a quiet grunt as she felt her tits shake violently from the impact. Nikki’s tits shook as well, but retained more of their original shape. The redhead struck again, this time pulling further back and slinging her round orbs from the right. Both sets of boobs moved, shaking violently, but Chrissy’s pair seemed to actually roll across her chest from the impact.

Nikki pulled back once more and slammed her tits forward, arching her spine, demonstrating her speed and musculature. Sophie watched as she turned her big boobs into weapons, shooting toward the blonde’s heavy rack. Chrissy groaned as the attack rocked her dense globes, and her quivering flesh suddenly started to shake violently when Nikki began grinding her full, round boobs into the blonde’s tits. Both sets pushed out quite a bit, but only Chrissy let out a pained moan.

The blows had stopped the blonde’s momentum for a moment, giving Nikki enough time to prepare a new attack. Chrissy’s jugs were still wobbling when the tennis player started gliding her tits over and by them. Keeping her pace up, the redhead rotated her shoulders to the left, smacking her pair back into Chrissy’s waiting boobs. Nikki’s moves didn’t slow down even as her own tits shook from the impacts. The blonde was fully turned to her left when the agile tennis player flung her tits back to the right, but Chrissy had deliberately waited for her swing to meet Nikki’s flying boobs in the middle of her swing. The well timed blow caused the loudest-sounding smack so far, and all four fleshy boobs caved from the impact, bouncing wildly.

The blow didn’t keep Nikki stunned for long, however, and she soon retaliated by slamming forward. Hard. Both girls’ boobs almost seemed to explode on their chests, spreading out and up before molding back to their original shape. Both women obviously felt the violent impact, but Chrissy, unprepared, seemed to stumble, and Nikki pounced, slamming forward again. The blonde grunted, stumbling backward as her enormous tits wobbled all over her chest. The redhead kept up her assault, slamming forward so that her large, heavy breasts became battering rams, and Chrissy groaned as her own massive boobs were pushed back and flattened out for a moment. Nikki’s orbs had apparently been hurt as well, as both women pulled away, cupping their heavy boobs.

Soon, Nikki stepped forward, and to her surprise, into a hug by Chrissy. The blonde wrapped her muscular arms around the tennis player, trapping her, and forced her tits directly onto Nikki’s. The redhead groaned as she felt the large, firm tits of her rival begin burrowing. She struggled violently, but Chrissy tightened her grip and wouldn’t budge. The blonde’s eyes were focused on Nikki’s shocked face, and a strained smile appeared on her lips.

“It’s useless, Nikki,” she grunted through the effort of maintaining the hold. “My tits are firmer than yours, and my arms are stronger than yours. The redhead groaned, pushing hard and her toned shoulders tightening against the hug, but she couldn’t overpower the muscle girl. Her boobs ballooned out from the center, and Sophie saw more and more of Chrissy’s big bust take over the space between them.

Thinking quickly, Nikki curled her left leg around the blonde’s exposed right, leaning forward with all her might. Startled, Chrissy lost her balance and fell backwards, releasing the hug. Both women toppled to the ground, but it was the redhead who landed on top. Her big tits slammed straight into the blonde’s jugs, causing the strong girl to wheeze as air left her lungs. Her arms fell to her sides, and she seemed lost for a moment, while Nikki leisurely gathered her wrists and pinned them to her side. Amazed, Sophie watched the redhead slide her thick jugs over Chrissy’s large orbs, sighing in contentment.

Nikki didn’t wait long to slam her set down onto the blonde’s bigger bust. Chrissy could only groan, the redhead’s heavy boobs crashing into her defenseless rack in a steady rhythm. “It’s going to feel so good to flatten these. They are so fucking firm,” Nikki grunted as she ground her big boobs into the blonde’s chest. The redhead dropped her chest down again, pushing the muscle girl’s spine back against the carpet. She tried to lock her ankles around Chrissy’s legs, but the blonde’s powerful thighs didn’t allow her to hold it for long. Even without a good grip, Nikki’s barrage was steady and effective, her heavy tits pounding Chrissy’s left, then right tit, each one suffering equal abuse.

Sophie thought the two full pairs looked magnificent, large amounts of tit flesh spilling out to their sides with every impact. The weight of Nikki’s tits along with her circular movements pushed the air from the blonde’s lungs. Their sweaty jugs slid over one another, and Chrissy felt Nikki’s boobs trying to burrow into her increasingly sensitive breasts. She pressed up against her attacker, and the sheer size of her bosom unsettled Nikki’s body, who had yet to secure the grapevine. Chrissy pressed her toned ass against the mat and pushed her chest up, and even with Nikki’s weight and leverage, the blonde managed to twist the buxom redhead onto her back.

Their positions now reversed, it was Chrissy’s turn to use gravity to her advantage. Pinning the redhead’s arms down, she dropped her huge mounds onto Nikki’s, eliciting low groans. They were the heaviest set of breasts the redhead had ever felt in that position, their firmness making them feel more powerful than Kara’s similarly sized udders. She squirmed underneath, but Chrissy’s strong hips kept her in place.

“Ssshhhit,” Nikki groaned as Chrissy dropped her tits down again.

“How’s it feel, Nikki? Not fun, huh? About time you got a taste of your own medicine,” the blonde mocked, and Sophie, recalling her fight earlier that day, had to agree. Despite hoping for the redhead to win, she couldn’t deny that it was great to see the tennis player on the receiving end of that type of beatdown for a change.

Chrissy’s tits were twin battering rams assaulting the walls of Nikki’s big udders. The redhead’s boobs took several blows, her flesh splashing out and practically swimming across her chest. As much as she tried, the tennis player just wasn’t able to budge the blonde off. She could only moan as the heavy globes relentlessly pummeled her breasts, smashing and squishing them. After what felt like hours, Chrissy stopped her devastating attacks, leaning back. The redhead heaved and panted beneath her, peering down to inspect the damage. Her breasts spilled to the sides slightly, their flesh reddened, but didn’t appear to have been beaten just yet. Nikki looked up at the blonde straddling her, baffled.

“Get up, Nikki,” Chrissy ordered, starting to rise. “I told you the rematch was going to be a fair fight, so we’ll settle this on our feet. I don’t need to cheat in order to crush your tits,” she hissed, giving the redhead a fierce look.

Nikki climbed up slowly, and Chrissy let the girl catch her breath, waiting with her hands on her hips. She too seemed a bit winded, and happy to take a breather. The tennis player rubbed her sore breasts, glaring back.

After a while the girls nodded, ready to begin the fight again. Chrissy stepped to the side as Nikki tried to use her big boobs like wrecking balls, swinging back with her right tit leading the way. Chrissy’s dodge left her opponent’s tits flying free, and the blonde took advantage. Before the redhead’s breasts had settled on her chest, Chrissy launched one of her favorite strikes. She could almost hear her big jugs slamming upward, the air blowing past them, and definitely caught the thud as her meaty globes crashed into Nikki’s wobbling boobs. The redhead groaned as her smaller tits flew toward her face.

As vicious as Chrissy’s blow was, Nikki recovered quickly, stepping the side as the blonde thrust her big breasts forward. Sophie’s round eyes were glued to Chrissy’s large breasts quivering in empty space. Nikki’s retaliatory swing caught Chrissy’s heavy right breast in mid-air, sending it thudding into the blonde’s left teat. Chrissy groaned as both of her massive breasts shivered independently from one another.

“Here we go, Sweet-Tits,” Nikki smirked, and then lifted her left jug into Chrissy’s right. Chrissy groaned again as the bottom of her heavy boob morphed around the tit punch, settling down as Nikki pulled back. As Chrissy twisted her shoulders to the left, hoping to get a quick shot, Nikki dipped again, and connected with a double uppercut, forcing both of Chrissy’s thick globes to bounce atop hers.

Sophie’s eyes widened as she watched the blonde’s huge, solid tits jiggle from Nikki’s violent blows. The young girl’s mouth almost watered as she wondered what Chrissy’s beaten jugs would feel like in her mouth, tenderized by the redhead’s meaty tits. She caught her hand wandering down toward her waist and took another deep breath.

Another shot from Nikki’s big boobs sent Chrissy’s head lolling back. As the blonde tried to respond, a further powerful strike sent her right tit to wobbling. Chrissy watched her flesh quiver, wondering how she could get out of the rhythm the redhead had established. Her eyes found Nikki’s face, and the redhead grinned as yet another shot, this one from the side, slammed into Chrissy’s left breast. Sophie could feel her pussy moisten, and allowed her hand to rest on her leg. It looked like she’d soon get to toy with those huge tits, just like Nikki had promised.

“Fuck yeah, feel my powerful set pound your tits away,” Nikki grunted, sending another blow from her right tit into Chrissy’s left udder. Chrissy reached out and grabbed Nikki’s shoulder.

“Don’t get cocky, Nikki,” Chrissy snapped. “Those little pillows have nothing on my firm boobs.” Nikki put her own hands on Chrissy’s waist in reaction, but could do nothing to stop Chrissy’s blow from hitting home. Chrissy simply slammed forward, using her grip on the redhead’s shoulders to pull her into the blow. A resounding smack echoed through the small room, and Sophie couldn’t prevent a gasp as she watched the thundering blow. Nikki felt her tits pushed in roughly before they sprang back to their original shape. The redhead tried to push Chrissy away, and the blonde stepped back, only to deliver the same strike, forcing Nikki’s hands to Chrissy’s hip. Again, Nikki’s thick jugs spread briefly, waves of flesh rolling from the center.

The redhead grunted again, and Chrissy’s smirk widened. As her opponent reared back, Nikki sensed an opportunity. She threw a boob haymaker from the left, and drilled Chrissy’s left breast with her own boob. The blonde groaned and Nikki felt Chrissy’s hands slip, so the redhead slammed from the right. The collision stung Nikki’s right breast, but Chrissy’s hands fell completely from her shoulders. The blonde’s large breast shook wildly as she stepped away, trying to recenter herself after losing the grip on Nikki’s shoulders.

“Trying to run away, Barbie?” Nikki cooed. “Are you finally ready to admit that my tits are better?” The redhead flicked her shoulders down, then snapped them up, sending her own tits to almost bend before the meatiest part of her globes crashed into the underside of the blonde’s massive breasts. Chrissy groaned again, cursing herself mentally for letting go of the redhead. She snaked her arms out, but Nikki caught her at the forearms. “Hold still, you’re almost done,” Nikki whispered, slamming forward. This time Chrissy’s big boobs spread across her chest, and the blonde felt a flicker of doubt enter her mind. Deep down, she knew that her jugs were both bigger and firmer than the redhead’s, but she couldn’t ignore the fact that she felt for a moment that Nikki’s strong, surprisingly dense breasts might force hers to submit again. Chrissy tried to shake the idea from her mind, but another ramming attack splashed her large boobs again. The blonde moaned as she felt Nikki’s blow begin to burn slightly, silently wondering what would happen if she lost to the redhead for a second time.

Nikki reared back and slammed forward again. Chrissy’s perfect breasts ballooned, and the blonde let out a slow moan as Nikki slowly pulled away. Chrissy felt her shoulders fall, and as she looked up, she saw Nikki’s face in a smug smirk. “Oh, Chrissy. There’s no point denying it, you know. My awesome puppies are crushing your big jugs, just like last time,” the redhead taunted confidently. Something inside the blonde snapped.

“You’re not gonna beat me twice, Red,” Chrissy whispered. Sophie could see Chrissy’s toned legs tighten as she sprang forward, using her muscular body to slam her heavy breasts forward. Nikki’s gurgled groan was packed with surprise, and she staggered back, releasing the blonde’s toned arms. Chrissy sprang forward again, and Nikki staggered back.

The redhead wasn’t about to give up her advantage just yet, however, thrusting forward suddenly. Both pairs pushed out, but neither gave move ground than the other. As Nikki pulled back for another blow, Chrissy struck first, sending a double shot into the redhead’s tits. The tennis player groaned as the blonde grabbed her arms and pulled her in. Realizing that she wasn’t going to be able to escape from the muscle girl, Nikki tightened her own grip, grinding her round boobs into Chrissy’s dense jugs. Nikki felt the groan in Chrissy as she renewed her attack, the blonde’s arms loosening for a moment. As the redhead prepared to further tighten her own grip, the bigger girl’s arms tightened, every muscle straining as she pulled Nikki’s body into hers.

But both women were now getting tired and their breasts were sore. Chrissy slid her heavy boobs over Nikki’s in an attempt to grind her opponent out. Both tits sprang and bounced against the other, their dense flesh sliding up and over and between, bending and shifting enticingly. Chrissy held the redhead tight, confident that her strength and stamina would outmatch Nikki’s. The tennis player squeezed back, but then lowered her head. As the blonde looked to Nikki’s face, a gentle tongue stroked her bottom lip. Chrissy’s mouth opened in surprise and Nikki slid her tongue in, pushing against the blonde’s. Chrissy realized immediately what Nikki was trying and lashed her tongue back and forth, trying to push Nikki’s away.

Sophie leaned in to get a better look, but there wasn’t much to see. Both women had locked their lips, and the brunette couldn’t see either tongue as the two women battled, their arms still wrapped around each other and their breasts continually grinding against one another. All four breasts mushroomed out at the sides, and there was no appreciable winner being decided. Sophie could hear the girls moaning into each other’s mouths, though, and let out a groan of her own as she felt her wet pussy spasm.

Chrissy felt Nikki’s tongue begin to tire, and, repressing a smile, forced her own tongue further and further into the redhead’s mouth. Nikki groaned as she lost the duel, her tongue going limp as the muscular blonde played with it in her mouth. Chrissy forced her tongue up and down, back and forth until as the redhead’s arms slowly slid down Chrissy’s back and rested on her toned ass. The blonde felt her opponent’s arms slide away and took advantage immediately.

Chrissy pulled away slowly, enjoying Nikki’s deep sigh before ramming forward. She slammed the redhead’s breasts with her own, still keeping a vice-like grip on her rival. Nikki grunted as felt the blonde begin thrashing her round breasts. Repeated blows sent the redhead to her knees, and Chrissy knelt on the mat with her, forcing her breasts against Nikki’s smaller pair. She ground her heavy tits into the opposing set, and the redhead could only groan as she felt her boobs spread under the considerable pressure.

Nikki grunted, watching Chrissy increase the pressure by moving her hands up her wrist and to her forearm. With every millimeter, Chrissy’s heavy, firm jugs began to bore into Nikki’s round tits. The blonde leaned closer and licked her neck, whispering something. Sophie suddently realized that the earlier blows had softened Nikki’s dense boobs just enough for the blonde to start gaining ground again. Chrissy tightened the hold even further, drawing on her massive reserves of strength. Nikki began struggling, twisting while she tried to return the grinding assault. Even as she began the attempt, however, a burning sensation deep from her breasts told her what was happening. Chrissy’s big, heavy orbs had begun to penetrate her smaller pair.

Chrissy sighed as she felt her breasts begin to swallow the redhead’s fleshy tits. The feeling was familiar to the blonde, who closed her eyes to savor the victory. Nikki’s less-impressive set had managed to tame her huge globes in their previous match, and avenging that embarrassing loss felt gratifying. The redhead’s struggles continued, however, shaking Chrissy from her reverie as the tennis player thrust against her. Chrissy hid her smile in Nikki’s now messy hair, and tightened her grip even further. The redhead felt her opponent’s tits burrow even further into the core of her quickly softening udders, groaning as she felt her tits begin to pancake as the blonde’s larger globes overwhelmed them.

Sophie could see Chrissy’s heavy, firm pair start to overtake Nikki’s, retaining their shape even as the redhead’s tits were driven back and out. The tennis player slowly stopped struggling. Her arms rested on the victor’s forearms, and her head lolled back and forth while Chrissy alternated pressure and direction. The very tissue of her tits was getting pulverized, and she knew that Chrissy would take the fight to its logical conclusion. Every twist of the blonde’s muscular torso pushed Nikki’s tits further inward, and as the redhead released her own hold, Chrissy pulled away, sometimes grinding and sometimes using her breasts as battering rams. Nikki’s tits were now a quivering mess, moving at Chrissy’s whim. Finally, the blonde shoved Nikki’s tits towards her ribcage, flattening them completely. Chrissy’s lips curled into a satisfied smile, and she gave the redhead a small kiss on the nose.

“Not bad, Nikki. Those plump tits put up a much better fight than I thought,” the blonde murmured, just loud enough for Sophie to hear. “But we both knew that my jugs are simply too much for you. You may have beaten them once, waiting for Emma and Gloria to wear me out first, but in a fair fight you’ve got no chance.” Nikki’s head lolled from side to side as she felt the last bits of resistance leave her tits, and the girl watched Chrissy’s tanned orbs dominate her sloshing rack with resignation. Chrissy leaned her head onto Nikki’s, their sweaty cheeks touching, and whispered “Now, be a good girl and surrender to me.” Sophie could see the redhead tremble at whatever Chrissy had said, and noticed the small nod.

“I submit, Chrissy,” Nikki groaned, her voice cracking slightly. “You flattened my smaller, weaker boobs with your epic jugs. Your tits are fucking unbeatable.”

“Abso-fucking-lutely,” Chrissy grinned, taking in the redhead’s scent as she nuzzled her. “I tamed those cute little puppies with my big, bad set. And now they’re all mine.”

Taking a shaky breath, Nikki brought her hands around Chrissy’s victorious teats, admiring their massive size. Without a word, she crouched down to run her tongue across the still firm flesh, and Sophie heard the blonde begin grunt as Nikki continued paying homage to her conqueror. The already horny brunette stared in amazement at the scene, slowly sliding her hand down to her crotch. Without properly realizing it, Sophie reached inside her panties and began to rub her drenched, quivering clit, reaching her peak almost instantly. Her loud, animalistic moan was enough to bring the other two girls back from their own little world, both suddenly remembering they weren’t alone in the room. They watched as the young brunette tried to get her breathing back under control, her short, sturdy legs trembling while she came down from the high. Nikki and Chrissy shared a hungry look, and the redhead once again leaned down, taking in more of the blonde’s luscious flesh. They really were amazing tits, Nikki thought, for what must have been the millionth time. They felt incredible as she sucked on them: huge, strong, firm. “Your tits are so fucking perfect,” the redhead whispered softly, staring at the heavy, full pair that had just bested hers.

Sophie watched, entranced, as the fight was brought to its conclusion. The two lovers were clinging to each other, breathing hard, and the brunette felt an almost irresistible urge to join them. She too was panting, having just experienced the most erotic spectacle of her young life, and knew that she wanted more. As Nikki stood up and turned to face Sophie, the brunette noticed a change in where the girl’s tits hung on her chest. They’d been softened to the point where they’d lost much of the visible firmness, drooping down and jiggling freely. Chrissy’s large orbs, in contrast, still looked majestic, slowly heaving up and down as the blonde tried to calm her breathing.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t get her, Soph,” the redhead murmured, giving the younger girl a sad smile. “I guess you’ll have to settle for me now.” Sophie could see the blonde’s pretty face turn into a frown, her confusion obvious as she glanced at the school girl.

“Umm… Back at Corey’s, Nikki promised me I’d get to play around with you if she won…” Chrissy’s eyebrows rose and she gave the redhead a dangerous look, enjoying the way Nikki squirmed under her gaze. “Oh, did she really?” The brunette paused for a second, looking a bit unsure, and continued “But, since you beat her, I wondered if I could still… have a go at you? No boob-slapping though, that hurt! Just… some grinding and stuff?” Sophie asked hopefully. “I mean, none of the girls from school have tits like those!” she finished, sounding almost awed. The blonde snorted, unable to suppress a grin.

As much as she wanted to deny it, the idea of matching her big tits against the hot eighteen-year-old did sound appealing. Sophie had a very nice, meaty rack, and though they were obviously smaller than her own, the blonde was pretty impressed. Not to mention very, very horny. And the fact that Sophie looked so delectably cute in her post-orgasmic haze didn’t exactly hurt either. Chrissy glanced quickly at Nikki, and noticed her eyes, darkened with arousal. No need to ask what the redhead thought, apparently.

“Okay…. so you’d like to just boob-wrestle with me for a bit?” the blonde asked slowly, gently cupping her boobs and lifting them. Sophie quickly nodded, her eyes still glued to Chrissy’s large orbs. “I can even suck them afterwards if you want, like Nikki did,” she offered, licking her lips unconsciously. Nikki noticed it, and let out a low groan.

“It seems we have a deal,” Chrissy grinned, winking at the redhead who was now fondling her beaten tits quite openly.

“But first, I’m going to grab a bottle of water.”

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After a small break, Sophie was watching in fascination as the blonde cupped her naked tits and shook them, her large, firm orbs moving magnificently. Their natural jiggle caught both Sophie’s and Nikki’s eyes, and Chrissy continued with the show, playing with her own jugs for a little bit before settling down.

“Like what you see?” the blonde murmured seductively, enjoying her lustful gaze. “Feel free to cop a feel.” Looking somewhat conflicted, the younger girl nevertheless shook her head quickly. She needed to concentrate, and fondling her opponent’s huge tits wouldn’t really help with that.

Sophie took a deep breath, her t-shirt clinging to the sides of her globes. She lifted the garment and a pair of large, firm jugs bounced out, falling back to her chest with a very soft thud. Drinking in the sight, the muscular blonde estimated that her own orbs were about a cup size bigger, and very similarly shaped. Sophie’s creamy tits sagged just slightly, but they were full and round, with large, pale pink areolas encircling the nipples. Up close, Chrissy could see that the brunette’s boobs were indeed a tiny bit larger than Nikki’s. They didn’t look quite as firm as before the fight at Corey’s earlier that day, but the blonde’s own orbs were no longer fresh either, sitting somewhat lower than usual. Both sets also had a slight red tinge, but otherwise looked to be in decent condition, Sophie’s jugs obviously having recovered from her earlier defeat quite well.

Chrissy was about the same height as Nikki, and therefore quite a bit taller than Sophie. However the brunette’s broad frame and fleshy limbs made sure that the match-up didn’t look too unbalanced, and Chrissy found herself wondering just how much of Sophie’s thickness was meat and how much was muscle. Whatever the case, there was no doubt that the overall strength advantage went to the tall, toned blonde.

“OK, Soph. You ready?” Chrissy asked. The stocky brunette nodded, inhaling some air and pushing her large rack further out.

As the muscular blonde brought herself tit-to-tit with her opponent, she put her hands behind her back, and Sophie did the same. With an unspoken agreement, both women pushed their boobs together slowly, testing their firmness. Both sets’ of fleshy breasts seemed to spill out, competing for space rather evenly, and it was obvious from the blonde’s face that she wasn’t expecting it. Despite having lost to Nikki earlier that day, Sophie’s breasts retained their shape well, pushing in slightly at the front. The brunette grunted softly as she began lightly thrusting into Chrissy’s bigger jugs, and the blonde replied in kind, driving her orbs back into Sophie’s dense flesh.

Nikki hadn’t broken the younger girl’s tits, Chrissy suddenly realized. She’d boob-bombed Sophie into submission, using the painful slaps to demoralize the young brunette and to get her to quit. But she’d never actually flattened those nubile boobs with her own set. They were softer than before, sure, but the dense core was clearly intact, Sophie’s resistant tissue still pushing against Chrissy’s heavier globes.

“Wow, they’re fucking huge!” Sophie gasped, watching their ample racks compress and ripple. “Just how big are you, Chrissy?” she asked quietly, looking mesmerized. The blonde grunted, feeling her boobs push in slightly as they strained against Sophie’s. “You’ve got pretty nice boobs yourself, kid,” she complimented the brunette. “My bras are usually E or Double D. You’re what, a D cup, right?” The brunette nodded, biting her lip as she tried to shove her tits further. “Yeah, I’m 36D. Bigger than my ‘big’ sister,” she added, and smirked as she emphasized the adjective. Chrissy grinned back, amused.

“Hey! She’s the same size I am!” Nikki exclaimed indignantly, which only served to widen the other girls’ smiles. “My point exactly,” Sophie whispered, winking at her blonde opponent. Chrissy actually guffawed, causing both racks to wobble slightly, and chose to ignore Nikki’s annoyed huff. She was starting to like this girl.

The blonde knew that Nikki, too, found the brunette’s youthful jugs very attractive. They were heavy and full, and creamy and pink, a model of femininity. They’d both fantasized about a third girl, sucking and fondling her big breasts after they’d been beaten by either Nikki’s or Chrissy’s tits. Mostly Chrissy’s though, since the redhead really got off on the thought of having the muscle girl as her personal champion.

Sophie was amazed, but couldn’t deny that what she was feeling was pure lust. She knew Chrissy had the bigger tits, and in her mind bigger had always been better. The blonde’s amazing, heavy breasts had to be very firm too, as it would’ve been impossible for them to maintain that perfect, spherical shape if they weren’t. And yet, her own, smaller rack was able to compete with them equally. Sophie groaned, but pushed forward. The blonde felt her opponent’s breasts begin to dig in, her own flesh yielding slightly, and quickly thrusted back, alleviating the pressure as she regained some ground.

Chrissy and Sophie both groaned, feeling their boobs compress. Encouraged by her tits’ success so far, the younger girl strained her legs and shoved her rack further, forcing the shocked blonde to take a step back. There was definitely some muscle hiding in those thick thighs! Chrissy gritted her teeth as their breasts joined again, thrusting back. Sophie met her thrust, and both women grunted as they felt their tits spread out, each pair quivering in their quest for dominance.

Grunting quietly, Chrissy started to pull the curvy eighteen-year-old into her, by the waist, and Sophie immediately reciprocated. The blonde groaned with the new pressure on her chest, and each woman seemed to take turns doling out punishment. As Sophie pushed forward, her tits seemed to dent Chrissy’s breasts, but when the blonde pushed back, her own breasts seemed to flatten more of the flesh. With a grunt, Chrissy tightened her grip even further, and once again, the brunette mirrored her. With all the pressure applied, both sets of boobs ballooned out to the side. The two racks seemed to be a good match for each other as neither set seemed to give up more space than the other one. As they poured on the pressure, both girls would occasionally glance down at the double cleavage, trying to judge who was in the lead. But seeing no advantage had been gained, they kept pushing their ample chests together. Again, Sophie thrust her chest forward, and the blonde grunted as her tits seemed slightly displaced. The strain in both girls’ arms was visible as the grinding duel raged on.

Nikki watched them with hungry eyes, and without thinking, found her hands at her own round breasts, kneading her sore flesh while she watched two impressive pairs of breasts do battle in front of her. She thought about her own position, having beaten the brunette yet having lost to Chrissy, and imagined what would happen if little Sophie managed to flatten the blonde’s huge rack. She was brought back to the present when Chrissy began a swing to her left, preparing for a huge strike. The younger girl had apparently seen it coming and swung first, thrusting rather than swinging into the blonde’s right breast with her own. Both girls winced, but Chrissy let out a low groan. It seemed more of frustration, as Sophie wasn’t able to gather a great deal of momentum. To Nikki, it seemed like the equivalent of a defensive jab into the blonde’s tits. The tennis player watched with interest as Chrissy backed away, bemused, and pushed her own hand into her underwear, beginning to gently play with her outer lips and clit.

Chrissy altered her strategy slightly, and brought her tits around to thrust forward. The brunette’s tits absorbed the blow, and she bit her lip as she stood her ground. As Sophie began to thrust forward herself, the blonde had already launched another attack, and the younger girl again got the worst of the exchange. She resisted cupping and rubbing her sore breasts, unwilling to show weakness in front of the more experienced girl. She did turn slightly and thrusted her chest out, but Chrissy came forward with an uppercut that slammed into her right breast. The blonde’s massive left orb hit with such force that Sophie yelped, and Nikki watched the girl’s firm breast twist upward further than she’d seen all day. The thudding noise hid the redhead’s groan as she began working her clit faster, moaning and trashing on the couch. Chrissy reared back for another strike, and Sophie staggered back as both of her breasts took on too much tit. The blonde’s massive breasts had scored a slight victory, their sheer size pushing Sophie’s breasts (and the girl herself) backwards. Chrissy grinned as she stalked the shorter girl, and the brunette’s hands went to rub her full breasts, trying to calm herself down.

“Move your hands, Sophie,” the blonde whispered softly. She let her hands fall and watched as Chrissy pressed her magnificent breasts against her own. Sophie immediately began pushing back, and the blonde, evidently unprepared, swore as she had to reset her feet. I was an intense sight; the smaller, shorter girl forcing the muscular blonde backwards, using her sturdy build to temporarily overpower a bigger opponent. Sophie immediately seized her advantage, slamming with quick, staccato strokes into Chrissy’s massive chest. This time the blonde took two steps backwards as Sophie’s dense tits plunged into her rack.

Adrenaline rushing in her veins, the brunette didn’t let up, trying to back Chrissy against the wall. The muscle girl felt her naked, sweaty feet slipping, and took another step back. Nikki, watching them from the couch, moaned as she slowly slid a finger into herself. Sophie ignored the sound and thrust forward, and Chrissy soon felt a smooth surface against her back. Not surprised to find Chrissy’s breasts meeting hers there, the brunette began lightly thrusting, almost grinding, against her opponent’s bigger tits.

Chrissy tried thrusting back, but with her spine against the wall, she couldn’t generate that much force. Sophie was somehow rolling her spine, causing wave after wave of her dense breasts to roll into the blonde’s tits. She began feeling Sophie’s breasts push their way into the center, the real meat of her bigger tits, and massage it. It was at once uncomfortable and also satisfying to feel her breasts meet another woman’s so intimately. The brunette continued a slow massage, trying out something her sister had told her a long time ago about titfighting.

Nikki could see the blonde’s discomfort as Sophie’s tits burrowed in, and realized what the brunette was doing. She felt herself cum over her hand, sighing in relief while she continued to watch the spectacle. She pulled herself up, wiping her hands on the cushion seats and gently rubbed the underside of her own breasts. As she did so, she watched Chrissy’s breasts mushroom out for a brief moment as Sophie pushed her firm tits forward. The cute, little school girl was turning out to be a force to reckon with!

Chrissy felt Sophie’s breasts slowly moving deeper into her own, and realized she couldn’t stay here if she wanted to win. The blonde gripped the younger girl by her shoulders and pushed her backwards, using her considerable strength to simply outmuscle the smaller girl. Sophie took two steps back, and watched as the blonde began to rub her large breasts. Chrissy’s eyes grew wide as she felt her boobs; they had grown a bit softer under the brunette’s careful massage. Sophie’s mouth turned into a shrewd grin. She was winning! The change wasn’t visible, but both Chrissy and Sophie knew it would have been soon. It also made the blonde’s massive breasts more vulnerable to tit-boxing, which to so far had been her strongest point. Deciding that desperate times called for desperate measures, Chrissy stepped forward and took a wild swing. The haymaker of flying breastflesh caught Sophie’s right tit just as she was shifting her weight, and sent the stocky girl falling backwards, swearing as she caught herself. The blonde quickly slid down and crawled over the younger girl, pinning her tits with her own set. Chrissy’s hands quickly flew out and grabbed Sophie’s forearms, pulling them to her side. Noticing the brunette’s panicked look, Chrissy paused.

“It’s okay Sophie, we agreed to no boob bombing,” she reassured the girl. “I’m just going to grind you out. It won’t hurt nearly as much.”

The blonde positioned her massive tits over Sophie’s, and lowered them slowly onto the her waiting rack. Sophie let out a deep groan as she felt her opponent’s big, round tits press against her own, trying to squeeze them flat with their sheer mass and size. The blonde began to roll her torso from side to side, effectively launching tiny jabs into Sophie’s boobs. Several thudding hits caused the brunette’s rack to bounce and jiggle around, and Chrissy repeated the motion, finding significant satisfaction in the brunette’s gasps as she felt her boobs wobble. Smirking, the muscle girl moved lower again, trying to squash the opposing jugs once and for all.

The brunette grunted as she felt the pressure increase, Chrissy rolling her bigger tits into Sophie’s as well as she could given the lack of space. The school girl groaned, but ground back, and soon both girls were rubbing their breasts against their opponents’ tits. As the grinding continued, each tit trying to gain dominance over its rival breast, the blonde felt Sophie’s attacks slow. The brunette was growing tired, and Chrissy felt some relief as her spunky rival pushed with less and less resistance. The younger girl realized that even though she’d managed to soften Chrissy’s orbs, her boobs wouldn’t be able to withstand the sheer weight of those mammoth tits. Sophie could tell her tits would sooner or later pancake under the assault, and as Chrissy pushed up to get a better look at their racks, the brunette jerked her arms free suddenly. The blonde fell down with an “uumph”, but Sophie twisted to the side and succeeded in avoiding a direct hit on her reddened tits.

She grabbed the blonde tightly, wrapping her arms around Chrissy’s toned back, and buckled wildly. Caught completely by surprise, Chrissy could feel the younger girl’s thick thighs push against the mat, sending them both into the air. With a great feat of strength and dexterily, Sophie managed to twist them around, rolling the blonde under her as they slammed back into the ground.

The stout, curvy brunette wasted no time in straddling her opponent’s hips, securing her meaty legs around the blonde’s thighs. Quickly realizing the trouble she was in, Chrissy buckled and lifted them both up again, but the younger girl expertly held her balance. The muscle girl arched her back, straining with all her strength, but Sophie clung on, seemingly happy to let the blonde tire herself out. God damn horse girls, Chrissy cursed inside her head, the brunette riding her like a bull.

Having to take a break from her strenuous escape attemps, she watched as the stocky girl slowly lowered her creamy globes down. Sophie began sensuously grinding her tits into hers, and Chrissy felt her throbbing breast glands being squashed, the motions giving her an unwanted deep tissue rubdown. She tried to push up from underneath, but again, she was unable shake the brunette off, and her body relaxed. She could hear Nikki moaning on the couch, and the blonde’s eyes fluttered shut as the pressure and burning increased, the prospect of actually losing to the cute school girl becoming more real by the minute.

Nikki was now leaning on her toned stomach, her nipples scraping against the couch as she squirmed, watching Sophie do what she’d been unable to do – dominate her girlfriend’s breasts. She reached between her thighs to rub her pussy through her panties, amazed that she could get herself wet so quickly after her previous orgasm. The brunette thrust down again, and Chrissy quietly grunted, a tired-sounding noise. Nikki was sure that the blonde had been bested. She looked exhausted, she looked beaten, and Sophie was beginning to crush her amazing breasts.

Chrissy wondered what it would take to get the thickset school girl off her. She was losing steam from the struggle and the constant pressure on her huge, dense breasts. She felt her powerful globes slowly losing their resistance as they were battered and thrashed by the smaller breasts of her opponent. And while she wasn’t giving up, her own stamina was running out. Sophie’s tight hold was making regular breathing hard, and she felt her body slowly becoming starved for oxygen. She looked to her left, where she saw Nikki’s head leaning over the couch, obviously enjoying the show. The blonde tried to draw up her strength as Sophie leaned back for a second, her big, sweaty breasts an imposing sight. The school girl soon returned to her slow grind into Chrissy’s breasts, her hands holding the blonde’s shoulder’s down so that she was completely at the mercy of the more compact girl. Nikki switched positions, sitting on the edge of the couch to watch the contest as Sophie methodically dismantled the muscular blonde, tenderizing her globes with her firm, round tits. Sophie ground harder, and Chrissy’s eyes began fluttering as she tried to thrust back, shoving against the brunette’s ever more insistent attack.

Accepting that she wouldn’t be able to throw the experienced rider off, Chrissy decided to try something else. She snaked her well-muscled arms around the younger girl, pulling her hard, and twisted her hips, attempting to roll them both over. Sophie grunted as she spun the side in Chrissy’s tight embrace. She fought back, straining to twist them in the opposite direction, but the muscular blonde succeeded in reversing their positions. Sophie slid her arms out, seeking to repeat her earlier escape, but Chrissy quickly shifted her balance lower and used her long, toned legs to wrap under Sophie’s fleshy ass and thighs. The brunette felt her ass cheeks spread as her legs followed suit, leaving her spread-eagled while the muscle girl pinned her arms above her head. The brunette still tried lifting her hips, but to no avail. Cursing aloud, she watched Chrissy lower her bigger, tanned tits onto her creamy set. Sophie thrust up, but the blonde continued pressing down, and pushed her heavy, firm tits onto the younger girl’s pair.

Sophie groaned and twisted once again, but the blonde’s muscular legs took away all of her leverage. Chrissy smiled as she mashed her massive breasts into the brunette’s, sighing as their sheer size ground the girl below her. Sophie winced, feeling the heavy breasts use gravity to help crush her own. Chrissy had done great job of securing her in place, and the brunette watched the massive globes of her opponent rub their way into her weakening pair. Chrissy’s tanned tits slowly began to crush her own, and Sophie groaned. While she wasn’t very experienced at titfighting, she knew how powerful tits should feel. And while Chrissy’s had softened quite a bit, their weight and density were apparent as the blonde prepared to bring the fight to an end. Chrissy heard another groan as she tried to push Sophie’s tits down. The brunette’s breasts were still withstanding the pressure, but she knew she was slowly wearing them down. Another roll of her muscular back caused Sophie to wince. Chrissy noticed and smiled. She pulled up, her massive breasts swinging slightly beneath her, both tits red from the constant contact and pressure. She leaned so that her left tit brushed Sophie’s right and slowly scraped her nipple across the brunette’s peak. Sophie groaned at the erotic touch, then sighed as she felt Chrissy mammaries burrow into her jugs. Another roll followed, and the brunette’s tits shook wildly. Chrissy repeated the maneuver several times, and Sophie couldn’t help herself from watching her breasts become looser and looser as Christy’s magnificent breasts ground them down, slowly forcing the firmness from them.

“Gotta give it to you, kid, those thighs pack some serious muscle. You sure you don’t go to the gym?” Chrissy panted as she started yet another cycle, rotating her back and pushing those big, tanned globes into Sophie’s softening tits. The brunette could feel the tissue of her breasts lose its resistance, and the hot, burning sensation that had emanated from the core for awhile grew and spread. It was a weird sensation of pleasure and discomfort, and the brunette realized that she was, for the very first time, about to witness her tits fail her. She’d lost two fights before, to Nikki and to her sister’s friend, and on both occasions she’d been the one to quit. But this time, she would be the one to stubbornly hold on, and her boobs the ones to give up.

Sophie felt her core, the most central part of her meaty breasts, soften as Chrissy methodically ground her tits away. The discomfort grew as the feeling intensified, the brunette’s rack weakening until she saw her breasts beginning to soften under Chrissy’s consistent pressure. She could definitely feel it, and watched, fascinated, as the blonde simply pushed in, her own breasts parting to welcome and embrace Chrissy’s firmer pair.

Chrissy could feel it too, her magnificent orbs swallowing the smaller pair inch by inch. The brunette’s large tits began to widen and flatten, slowly mushrooming to the sides. Chrissy watched her own breasts retain their shape as she flattened Sophie’s impressive set. Nikki groaned on the couch while she watched her lover defeat yet another pair of breasts. It was obvious now, the brunette’s creamy breasts were being beaten into submission by her girlfriend’s large, firm orbs. Sophie winced while her sore breasts parted for the blonde’s, and she let out a long, deep sigh, watching Chrissy dominate her breasts.

“You flattened me, Chrissy,” she gasped, astonished. “Your huge, awesome boobs just completely ground mine away.”

Chrissy slowly extricated herself from Sophie, and reached down with her hand to help the shorter girl up. Both pairs of breasts were red, with some minor bruising, but they had kept to the pact: no serious damage. Sophie’s tits did look softer, sagging a bit, the damage to her firm tissue obvious. They were still an amazing sight, even if not quite as impressive as the blonde’s own breasts, which continued to sit fairly high on her chest.

“Holy shit, Soph. You’ve definitely got potential,” the blonde panted, pecking the school girl on the lips softly. “Those sorority girls better watch out, because your tits are the real deal.” The younger girl blushed slightly, a tired but genuine smile appearing on her face. “Thanks, Chrissy. And thanks for letting me try,” she murmured. The blonde grinned back, hugging her carefully.

“My pleasure. If you ever need a teacher, or a sparring partner, just let me know,” Chrissy said softly, and the brunette nodded. Leaning down to whisper in Sophie’s ear, the blonde continued quietly “One day, those big tits might even manage to beat mine.” When their hard breathing finally subsided, the girls slowly pulled apart, both exhausted and their legs trembling.

“Fuck, Chrissy. I think congratulations are in order. You finally did it,” Nikki murmured, getting up from the couch she’d been sprawled on, looking absolutely ravished. Chrissy gave her a strange look, and the redhead continued, “That hat-trick you were bragging about at Emma’s. How you were going to flatten three sets in one evening.” Realization dawned on the muscle girl’s face as she remembered her promise. Or taunt, to be more precise. It hadn’t quite gone as planned, back then.

Nikki smiled, the redhead too recalling the best night of her titfighting career. She sauntered closer, swaying her hips seductively. “Well, now you’ve done it. Two redheads and one brunette added to the list. It’s just too bad Cassie isn’t here now, I would have loved to eat her tight pussy out,” Nikki sighed, her eyes dreamy. “But I guess I’ll have to make do,” she added, running her fingers across Chrissy’s muscled arm, and grinned at Sophie’s flushed face. The blonde slid her own hands onto Nikki’s boobs and squeezed the pliable flesh, forcing a sigh from the redhead.

“Oh…” she exhaled, before Chrissy’s full lips pressed against hers.

Nikki purred into the blonde’s mouth, their tongues washing over one another, and she reached for Chrissy’s large, victorious breasts. Nikki caressed the globes with her fingers, causing the blonde to kiss her even more forcefully, pushing her tongue back into her mouth.

Feeling her nipples harden, Chrissy decided to return the favor. Her soft hands caressed Nikki’s soft, creamy breasts, her fingernails lightly raking across the sensitive nipples. She finally took the redhead’s thick, swollen tips between her fingers and pinched, before gently kneading them. The redhead winced and moaned into the muscular girl’s mouth. Their breasts had just some minutes ago been weapons, but now, they were simply tools of pleasure.

Nikki gently pushed them down onto the couch, and the two girls continued to kiss passionately for several moments before finally breaking off, both gasping for breath, their lips reddening. Chrissy didn’t let up and kissed a trail down her lover’s neck until she was planting kisses on either side of Nikki’s left nipple. Sophie’s mouth hung open and her sore chest heaved. She had hoped to witness something like this, but… wow. Just wow. She longed for the muscular blonde to take her own mouth to those luscious lips, and let her lick her way all the way down to Chrissy’s glorious orbs.

As if sensing the brunette’s desire, Nikki gestured her to come closer. The redhead began her own feast, flicking her tongue at Chrissy’s nipple before fully inhaling it, forcing a shaky sigh from the blonde. She bathed the large mound with a layer of saliva and gently nibbled at the stiff peak. Pleasure radiated through Chrissy’s breasts all the way down to her sex. She cursed her snug panties; they seemed to have tightened, pressing against her warm mound. Chrissy shifted her toned thighs, and the redhead took her meaning, pulling the offending garment down. Now completely naked, the blonde moaned again.

With Chrissy’s nipple still in her mouth, Nikki raised her chin and pulled her head back. The entire breast lifted and stretched outward as the statuesque tennis player continued to pull.

“Oh god, Nikki,” Chrissy whispered softly. The redhead looked up and let the heavy boob drop, a smirk appearing on her flushed face. “Goddess, actually. But screw semantics,” she teased with a wink, capturing the blonde’s rock-hard nipple into her mouth once more.

Chrissy watched her right breast distend as far as it could go. She felt her glands stretching and instinctively reached up to help support the weight, but Nikki gently caught her hand. She pulled the blonde’s breast out a little farther, drawing another uncomfortable moan, before releasing it from her mouth, the massive tit slapping against Chrissy’s chest.

“At least we softened you up a bit. I was beginning to think those jugs were made of steel or something,” Nikki smiled.

Sophie finally managed to shake herself from her stupor, joining Chrissy and Nikki on the couch. The redheaded beauty switched her attention to Chrissy’s left tit, gliding her tongue over it, while the brunette quickly busied herself on the right one. This double barreled assault felt so good that Chrissy almost began to worry if it was turning her on too much. Could you die from extreme arousal?

Deciding that things were shaping up to be too one-sided, the blonde lifted Nikki’s head and kissed her, freeing her wet left nipple to the cool air. Sophie, on the other hand, had cupped Chrissy’s large right tit with both hands, doling out her own pleasure on the blonde. With her tongue, she traced a circle around the massive teat, before inhaling the thick, hard nipple. Chrissy moaned into Nikki’s mouth and reached out, caressing her brown-haired admirer’s slightly hanging jug.

Her head spinning with excitement, Sophie flicked and mashed Chrissy’s big boob with her tongue, trying to deliver as much pleasure as she possibly could. She sucked so long and hard, a spittle of saliva splashed down onto the blonde’s toned stomach, and it only made the muscle girl hornier. Nikki resumed her own boob-meal, the two girls starting to alternate between Chrissy’s orbs, each tanned saucer becoming more shiny and wet.

Starting to feel overwhelmed, the blonde reluctantly pulled her breasts away and watched as a string of spit made its way down Sophie’s chin. Chrissy licked it away before giving the brunette a powerful tongue kiss. The younger girl moaned in surprise, but responded eagerly all the same. Their tongues danced around one another while they manipulated each other’s nipples, Sophie’s fingers sliding over the slippery surface of the blonde’s wet orb, and Chrissy squeezing and pulling on the brunette’s meaty boob.

Quite a while later when oxygen became an issue, Chrissy ended the kiss and, after a deep breath, focused her full attention on Sophie’s swelling breasts. She pushed the tenderized mammaries together so that the light pink nipples were side-by-side, and took them both into her mouth. The brunette gasped loudly, her eyes opening wide and ecstasy pulsating through her body. Both her nipples were in Chrissy’s mouth, and the blonde was sucking hard enough to draw milk. Sophie could feel her young body tremble, unable to handle the intense eroticism.

“Uhhhhhh, f-fuck, m-me,” she groaned weakly, but made little effort to pull away.

“Would you like that?” Chrissy whispered, before inhaling Sophie’s rock hard nips again. The brunette didn’t answer, but they all knew she would.

Sophie sighed under Chrissy’s lip service and ran her fingers up and down the blonde’s toned back. The younger girl’s nipples were like steel and the blonde’s grazing teeth made her entire body tingle. As Chrissy kept suckling on her nipples she moved her head, jiggling Sophie’s titties left and right. Nikki had simultaneously busied herself with the muscle girl’s set once again, squeezing her hefty breasts together.

The brunette couldn’t think straight anymore, and tried shaking her head to regain some semblance of control. With considerable effort, Chrissy managed to remove her mouth from the brunette’s fine globes. They’d certainly proved themselves worthy adversaries.

“For someone who doesn’t lose a lot, Chrissy sure sucks tit pretty well,” Nikki teased, running her hand across the blonde’s hard abs. “But you really should just lie down and relax, babe. You won, so enjoy the prize.” And with a long sigh, Chrissy did just that, leaning her head against the cushions.

The redhead briefly lifted Sophie’s shiny nipples to her mouth and licked Chrissy’s saliva off them, before re-acquainting herself with the blonde’s large, spherical orbs. Chrissy could feel her pussy spasm, and she dropped further down on the couch, idly rubbing her throbbing clit while Nikki attacked the tanned set. The blonde’s arousal was intensifying quickly, and she began to squirm under Nikki’s tongue. Groaning, the blonde reached out and cupped the redhead’s fleshy saucers into her hands, trying to distract herself from the quiet rumbling within.

Nikki grinned, sensing Chrissy’s excitement, and knew just how to up the ante. With a small wave, the redhead’s sucking was again joined by Sophie’s invading tongue as the brunette dived in. The girls’ slurping sounds were almost entirely drowned out by Chrissy’s long moan, the blonde reeling from the sheer arousal their joint sucking was causing. Nikki and Sophie’s tongues occasionally met as they took turns nursing their conqueror’s nipples. The sight ans sensation of both women feasting on her big tits was now seriously turning the blonde on. Nikki briefly removed her tongue from Chrissy’s left tit, redirecting Sophie’s mouth there and beginning to suck the left orb herself. Chrissy, groaning louder and louder, started to nurse her tormentors’ boobs in her own hands, looking at them with glazed eyes. She couldn’t believe the amount of pleasure the girls were able to dish out!

Well aware of the blonde’s growing desperation, Nikki stopped sucking for a moment and reached out to cup Sophie’s free tit, manouvering it above Chrissy’s open mouth. Still attached to the blonde’s left tit, Sophie watched out of the corner of her eye as Chrissy’s hungry mouth approached her own big jug, and then enveloped her pink nipple. The brunette moaned loudly into Chrissy’s breast, and instantaneously felt her own wetness grow. She desperately suckled on the blonde’s tit as Chrissy’s tongue went to town on hers. Meanwhile, Chrissy had hoped for a respite when the redhead pulled her mouth away from her other orb, but with the brunette continuing to suck her left breast, and Nikki’s mouth returning to the right, the blonde knew she was done.

All three girls continued their simultaneous sucking assault, their heads bobbing as they ferociously attacked each other’s meaty boobs with everything they had. As Nikki’s skilled fingers found the blonde’s wet clit, the muscular girl began to squirm and shift on the couch even more urgently. Chrissy squeezed her eyes shut, trying to distract herself from the brimming ecstasy. Sophie felt the speed of the blonde’s tongue increase on her jug, sending currents of pleasure to her own moist pussy.

Suddenly, the brunette released Chrissy’s hard tip from her mouth, gulping and panting. She tried to twist away from the blonde’s sexy lips, but it was too late.

“Oooh! Unnnhh!”

Sophie shuddered as her orgasm engulfed her, her pussy spasming while her breast bucked against Chrissy’s face, who continued to suck. The brunette’s uncontrollable orgasm splashed into her lacy panties, and only after she stopped shivering, did she notice that the blonde, too, was in the midst of her own climax. Her massive chest heaved as she moaned into Sophie’s meaty tit, the plentiful flesh muffling Chrissy’s cries of ecstasy. Finally, the blonde slumped against the couch, letting Sophie’s tit plop free.

As the brunette’s own orgasm slowly lifted, it was immediately replaced with surprise. She’d never come from just having her nipples sucked, and certainly not while the girl doing it was so effectively distracted herself. It hadn’t been a small orgasm either, but quite possibly the best she’d ever had. Chrissy had taken her out while coming herself, and Sophie briefly wondered if she was just too easy. She’d fooled around with a few boys and girls before, but they’d never turned her into goo like that. Awed, Sophie decided that she didn’t even care, it had been so damn hot.

Nikki was impressed that the brunette was able to come like that, and equally turned on by the young beauty. Her own pussy felt incredibly moist as she looked at the two girls in front of her, the redhead struggling to control her own sexual urges. Both Chrissy and Sophie looked absolutely gorgeous in their flushed, post-orgasm haze, their large, round breasts rising and falling with each breath. One girl was tanned, tall and muscular, and the other creamy, short and voluptuous, their bodies complementing each other beautifully.

“What happened?” Chrissy whispered, watching as the redhead planted a soft kiss on Sophie’s cheek.

“We came,” the brunette exhaled dazedly. “We both came.”

The toned blonde gathered her thoughs for a moment, grinning stupidly, and gave Nikki’s slightly hanging jugs a gentle squeeze. She leaned towards Sophie and planted a forceful tongue kiss on the school girl’s plump lips. Nikki, who had been straddling Chrissy’s strong thighs as the blonde reached her peak, riding out the muscle girl’s wild orgasm, lifted herself off and cuddled at their side. It was a sweet moment, and even though the tennis player could still feel her beaten boobs throb, she realized that her defeat in the earlier titfight stung very little anymore. She’d lost to a better pair of breasts, pure and simple.

Chrissy laid there, exhausted and in disbelief, but Sophie’s caresses, and then Nikki’s wet tongue in her ear, retook her focus. The blonde’s hands found Nikki’s plump udders again, her fingers dancing on the redhead’s beaten breasts. Her dominance securely established, Chrissy gently massaged the warm titflesh, kneading Nikki’s sore breasts in her hands. The redhead grimaced as her tips, despite their soreness, again started to harden at the touch. Her breath quickened as the muscular girl took her nipple into her mouth, sucking and nibbling it with her teeth. The pleasure was undeniable, and Nikki fidgeted as her already damp pussy continued to soak her panties. With the redhead’s nipple in her mouth, Chrissy extended the breast up and away from Nikki’s chest, the eroticism and anguish exploding together, before letting it drop limply against her chest. The blonde lightly cupped the undersides of the redhead’s sensitive breasts, and made them ripple and wave for her pleasure.

Chrissy guided Nikki to lie down, and as the girl positioned herself on her back, her full, round breasts flattened and spilled out to the sides. Nikki raised her hips slightly to adjust the tight thong that had become twisted between her folds, but it did little to quell the lust in her crotch. There was a noticeable damp spot on the front of her panties. Mounting her lover, the blonde jiggled Nikki’s beaten breast flesh with both hands, slapping her tits together gently. The statuesque tennis player pouted as her wilted breasts once again danced and jiggled at her conqueror’s whim. Grinning, Chrissy pressed them together so the nipples sat side by side and took them both in her mouth, repeating the move she’d used on Sophie.

Nikki growled like a wild animal as the sensation washed over her, relishing the blonde’s loving caresses. Chrissy made sweet sucking noises as Nikki’s hard nipples popped in and out of her mouth. The muscular girl then sucked them aggressively, inhaling both nipples so hard, her cheeks sucked in at the sides, and Nikki moaned in delight. Her legs pushed back and forth against the couch, her wet thong plastered against her pussy, and the redhead started to squirm against her will.

“Yeahhhh,” Nikki breathed. Chrissy withdrew her lips and squeezed the redhead’s meaty jugs again, drawing a groan from her pet. “God, I love your big tits, Nikki. They’re beautiful. You’re beautiful,” she whispered, giving her lover’s round boobs a kiss. Another loud moan came from the redhead, and she started to purr at the praise. Chrissy licked Nikki’s mammaries once more before lifting the plump tits by the nipples and shaking them. Nikki groaned as the blonde, unable to keep her hands off her sore puppies, continued to tediously jiggle and shake them, soundly relishing her supremacy. Finally, she released Nikki’s set, the voluptuous mounds flattening back against her chest.

Chrissy leaned forward, her perfect, tanned orbs hovering over the redhead. She dangled them proudly, shaking them back and forth, reminding the tennis player that her globes were still firm and full. Cupping the girl’s head and pulling her in, the blonde sandwiched Nikki’s face between her bosom, the heavy mounds slapping the redhead’s cheeks left and right. Chrissy closed her eyes, and Sophie giggled as the blonde literally rubbed her lover’s face in the objects of her demise.

Smirking, Chrissy dangled one of her tits over Nikki’s mouth, the pebbly areola skipping over her closed lips. Aligning her stiff nipple over the girl’s mouth, she slowly lowered the full weight of the breast onto the redhead’s face. The excess tit spilled over the sides of Nikki’s face and partially blocked her nose, forcing her to open her mouth and let the nipple in. She took a deep breath and tongued the taut nipple once more, bringing satisfied purrs from the blonde. Chrissy extracted her tit from Nikki’s wet mouth and replaced it with her other magnificent tit, and the redhead was forced to repeat the sucking. When the muscular blonde finally withdrew, Nikki went to wipe some of her saliva away from her lips, but Chrissy immediately replaced it with some of her own after a passionate kiss.

“I squashed your gorgeous little boobs, Nikki.” Chrissy whispered. “And Cassie’s. And Sophie’s,” she added, sighing. It’d been one hell of a day, full of closely fought action between big, powerful tits. The blonde had felt her own confidence waver several times, all but certain she’d witness her firm globes surrender to another pair. But they hadn’t. Slowly but surely, each set had succumbed to her boobs, their flesh losing its resistance and flattening against hers. She’d won. With a grin, Chrissy turned towards Sophie, carefully cupping her cute, round face, and leaned down to kiss her. It was long and sweet kiss, full of promise. The blonde was practically basking in her victory, taking in both Sophie’s and Nikki’s beautifully defeated bodies, their breasts reddened and sagging, not as dense and full as they’d been just an hour ago. She’d crushed their sets with her better boobs, taming both gorgeous girls. And at that moment, Chrissy felt completely fulfilled in every way. She was the top dog.

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