A Tribute to Best Friend’s Sister – Part 7 by Augur

Dan the Man

As Connie and I made our way back from the diner, I couldn’t get her words out of my mind. Sure, I knew my sister had a great rack, and had even admitted as much to my friend (and Tiff’s boyfriend) Jon. And had then sworn him to secrecy under threat of serious bodily harm, of course. But to think that her boobs were even better than Chrissy’s… I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love Connie’s amazing, big jugs. So round and firm, yet also tantalizingly soft under my fingers. Tits to die for. But even so, I couldn’t deny the fact that the muscle babe’s huge rack seemed to almost eclipse my girlfriend’s gorgeous pair. They were noticeably bigger, but sat just as high and proud as Connie’s, maybe even higher. Chrissy’s tanned globes shook ever so slightly under her top, but were obviously much harder than tits that big had any right to be.

The girls had also talked about the gathering Chrissy, Nikki and Sophie had attended before popping in to get some dinner. I’d listened to Sophie’s excited account of the fights that had taken place, and learned that the muscle girl had fought and defeated Cassie, crushing the equally toned redhead’s very dense and perky set with her own globes.

And yet, the blonde had apparently lost to my sister’s rack some weeks earlier. It’d been close, according to Connie’s description of that match, but still. The mind boggled.

Desperately trying to shake my thoughts away from Chrissy and Tiffany, I found myself picturing the redhead Nikki again. I’d seen the statuesque tennis player quite a few times before, and thought that while her tits didn’t quite compare to Connie’s in my eyes, the redhead had every reason to be proud. She had half the guys on campus lusting after her, judging by the large crowds that attended the girl’s tennis matches. I’d watched her on the court a couple of times myself, and found that Nikki’s shaking titflesh seriously hampered my ability to concentrate on the game itself. Mine and every other straight male’s, most likely. Still, despite the extra weight on her bust, the redhead was one of the top players. For a short moment, my dirty mind wondered if her female opponents were just as distracted…

Taking a deep breath, I struggled to will my stirring member to calm down. It wouldn’t do to be seen walking the streets with a huge boner. I got enough looks and giggles at the titfighting events, thank you very much. From the corner of my eye, I could see Connie giving me amused looks, but she didn’t break the silence as we walked. My girlfriend was probably mentally preparing for the upcoming fight with Sydney later that evening, and more than a little distracted herself. Thanking my lucky stars, I let my mind drift to the youngest girl Sophie. The cute eighteen-year-old was just finishing her last year of high school, but had already made friends among the slightly older college students. And it was easy to see why: the girl had one hell of a rack. It may have been simply her short stature, but the stocky brunette’s tits looked to me like they were a tiny bit larger than Nikki’s or Connie’s big boobs. Sophie’s pair didn’t seem to sag under her form-fitting dark blue sweater either, nor did they bounce much when she moved. Combined with her luxurious curves and adorable round face, the girl looked very hot. Granted, her thick body may not be “trendy” like Chrissy’s or Nikki’s toned physiques were, but personally, I quite liked the more feminine, rounded look. My girlfriend Connie certainly wasn’t ripped, and I had no complaints!

When we arrived at Connie’s, my girlfriend immediately went to change her clothes. Sydney and her guy Charlie had agreed to meet us here in about half an hour, and I tried to quell my nervousness by turning on the tv. With any luck, there’d be some football on.

It turned out there wasn’t. I was immediately greeted by a pair of tits, appearing on the screen as if by magic. And they were a sight to behold. They looked exceedingly dense; full, firm and jutting perkily out from the girl’s chest. It was hard to tell without any comparison shot, but I guessed she was a bit smaller up top than Connie. The girl definitely made up for that in firmness, though, as her boobs appeared to be pretty much ignoring the laws of physics. The camera zoomed out a bit, and I saw she had long, brown hair that framed a slightly rounded, pale face with piercing blue eyes. The brunette was fairly slender, her hips sloping out slightly and then curving into a pair of shapely, toned legs. I licked my lips. All in all, she looked pretty good.

After a second or two, her opponent stepped forward. She looked fit but curvy, and had a slightly broader frame, which made her seem bigger than the brunette as they stood beside one another. I noticed her also dense-looking set was slightly larger as well. Her boobs didn’t look as pert as the brunette’s, but their firmness and lack of wobble was still impressive. The bigger girl’s soft, round face somehow reminded me of Sophie’s, but her dirty blonde hair was much lighter and her body fairly tall and toned. The blonde looked quite athletic, but as hard as I tried, I couldn’t recall having ever seen her before. The brunette on the other hand was more familiar, as I’d definitely seen her at the sorority events. While I drank in her body again, her pert breasts jiggled just a bit on her chest, making sure that everyone knew they were natural.

Just then, I could hear soft steps, and felt a pair of hands wrap around me.

“That’s Michelle, the current president. She’s got the best tits in the Beta O. Probably the entire campus,” Connie whispered, rubbing my shoulders as I watched the imposing set. “THE best?” I asked, unable to stop myself in time. I could almost see my girlfriend’s wicked smile, even though she was behind me. “Yeah,” she breathed into my ear, taking way too much enjoyment in my squirming, “even better than Tiff’s. Wanna hear how I know?” I forcibly shook my head, and croaked, “No thanks, I think I can guess.” Connie guffawed, but took some pity on me and leaned back. With graceful movements, she hopped on the couch next to me and lowered her head on my shoulder. “They are pretty awesome, aren’t they?” Connie asked quietly, Michelle’s firm, perky tits bouncing ever so slightly on the screen. I swallowed, nodding slowly. “Yeah… they are.” I felt my girlfriend’s arm slide next to mine, and she bought my hand to cup her heavy, round teat. I swallowed again, feeling her warm flesh and thick nipple through the fabric of her light blue shirt. She obviously wasn’t wearing any bra. “It’s okay Dan, just watch the fight. You’ll soon see another one live, right in this room,” Connie teased me. Taking a deep, shaky breath, I turned my attention back to the tv screen.

“This was recorded a couple of years ago I think,” my girlfriend said, and added “I snuck it out of the archive and watched it yesterday to glean off some tips. Guess I forgot it in the player. Michelle looks a bit younger than now,” she continued, almost to herself. “And the other girl’s Julie, a tennis player, but she’s graduated now. One of the top guns at the time from what I’ve heard, both on the court and…” Connie trailed off, grinning. I smiled back, nuzzling her hair lazily.

I leaned back on the couch, and watched the two women line their tits up, each pushing gently into the other. Both pairs of breasts pushed the other back but no ground seemed to be gained. While Michelle’s more conical set appeared to be harder than Julie’s fuller, rounder set, the difference in density clearly wasn’t too big. Neither woman seemed satisfied with the result, each pushing forward again. This time, they kept them there, and I was somewhat surprised by the lack of interest in boob-boxing. Given Michelle’s obvious firmness, I’d expected that Julie would’ve preferred to slug it out. Instead, they slowly twisted their torsos together, alternating the direction, so each dense, meaty breast pulled and pushed over the other.

“Nice tits, freshy,” the blonde acknowledged with a confident smirk, “But not nearly as nice as you’d like to think. A bit of cockiness is all well and good, but your overblown ego is getting out of hand. I’m here to teach you some respect.” Michelle’s face didn’t register much emotion, but I did notice her eyes narrowing. “Oh, so that’s why you wanted this recorded? So you could show all your friends how you put the new girl back in her place?” the brunette asked in a low, silky voice, nodding slowly. “Okay then, let’s see what you’ve got.” she sneered, slamming forward. The more experienced blonde had clearly been expecting it, and replied with a simultaneous ram of her own.

I watched amazed as the four dense jugs collided. Each shifted and sprung over, under and around the other, falling and shaking as gravity and the their twists dictated. Michelle’s perky tips seemed to stab at Julie’s bigger jugs at some points in the collisions. But if they bothered Julie, I couldn’t tell. I cursed not being able to move my head to catch something else from a different view. The blonde’s face had already twisted into a scowl, so any frustration with the dense boobs of the younger girl stabbing into her own didn’t seem to register.

Each of their firm tits slammed and slipped over each other as the women turned up the contest’s intensity. The grinding was becoming more aggressive, I noted, but so to was their grip on each others arm. Neither could move with the same fluid motions anymore. Each pull and tug on their limbs became jerky, almost stop-motion on the recording. I found myself once again mesmerized by the slapping tits in front of me. Julie’s heavy jugs fell over and around the brunette’s firm boobs, while Michelle kept her passes straight left and right, meaning her boobs bent and ground into either Julie’s left tit or right tit depending on her twisting torso. Each breast folded just enough to make way on her chest, but then reclaimed its position.

Neither woman seemed to be making much headway, though the brunette did have a slight advantage in firmness. Michelle’s gorgeous boobs stood high and proud on her chest, and Julie’s bigger pair didn’t seem to sag much more. Michelle looked down to her chest for just a moment, then back at Julie’s face, and grinned. Julie grinned back, but obviously had a different idea of what was going on. She pulled back and threw a heavy blow into Michelle, who obviously hadn’t seen it coming. Even with Michelle’s firmness, the shock of the impact threw her tits back, flattening, then regaining their shape and jiggling. They didn’t get a chance to stop the shaking as Julie’s second blow pushed Michelle back.

The brown-haired bombshell seemed to be getting knocked around by the blonde’s jugs for a while, but adapted soon enough. Sensing another slam, Michelle thrust forth and met Julie’s rack with full force, the momentum causing their meaty flesh to wobble and wave across their chests. Both women’s faces were masks of pain and discomfort. Michelle thrust slightly again, and Julie met her, neither woman backing down or showing any weakness. They both pulled away at the same time, and I watched as the women cradled their meaty jugs. After just a few seconds, they went after it again, this time slamming their boobs into the other’s pair. Another smack, not as loud, but the women kept their breasts together, grinding into the other’s dense flesh. Julie pushed more than twisted now, her back rolling with the effort of keeping her tits in contact with Michelle’s. Michelle tried to counter by shifting her torso side to side, stealing a page from Julie’s playbook and forcing her jugs into the Julie’s heavier boobs.

Both women continued their grind for several minutes before Michelle finally bent down just slightly and slammed her tits upward. Julie didn’t move quickly enough, confused if the look on her face was any indication, and felt the full impact of Michelle’s firm tits slam into her own. Julie groaned loudly enough for the camera to pick it up, and actually yelped as Michelle slammed her breasts into Julie’s from the side. Julie’s tits shook and slapped against each other from the impact. Michelle’s firm orbs came in again, but Julie slung her own jugs towards them. Another audible slap emanated from the screen and both women winced. Julie’s recovery was quicker this time, and she sent two quick blows, her left breast swinging wildly as she slammed it into Michelle’s right. I watched both tits push back where they met, only to spring back into their original position.

Michelle suddenly slung her tits from the left to the right, clearly surprising the blonde with her quickness, and backed up out of range. Having dodged her opponent’s retaliation, she stepped forward again, pushing her pert boobs lightly into Julie’s flesh. The blonde grunted as her boobs were indented. I couldn’t see a noticeable compression from Michelle’s side, groaning as I realized that she really was every bit as firm as she looked.

But she was giving up size. Even though Julie’s heavy jugs shook, she did seem to be firmer than my own girl, whose similarly sized breasts jiggled just enough for my distraction. The look on the blonde’s face was determined, and while she was softer than her opponent, neither set bounced much as they moved. I grunted again, and Connie gave me a knowing smile, pushing her tit deeper into my palm.

Michelle reared back for another strike, but this time Julie took the initiative. Her tennis routines must have come in handy, as the blonde’s blow was quick and solid. Even on the camera, the smack of Julie’s heavy rack slamming into Michelle’s firm breasts was loud. I stared as the brunette’s dense titflesh shook, jiggling as she took the blow from her opponent’s bigger boobs, but this time, she slung her left side back, slamming her right tit into Julie’s jug. The blow caused the blonde’s impressive chest to shake, and the accompanying groan told me that it hurt, too. Michelle finished the blow, pushing her perky tits over Julie’s meaty boobs.

The breasts on camera alternately compressed and sprang back, each pair reflecting, it seemed, the fire in their respective owner’s eyes. Julie seemed to be gritting her teeth as the younger brunette completed her first pass, but as soon as Michelle had finished, the blonde followed with a quick blow of her own, her left breast slapping into Michelle’s left jug with a parting shot. Michelle’s exceedingly firm flesh pushed in slightly, springing back quickly as Julie pulled her own dense teat away.

“The blonde seems pretty good, too,” I breathed out, squeezing Connie’s boob gently.

“Yeah,” my girlfriend grunted quietly. “Julie was one of the leaders back then. I think her boobs are about the same size as mine, and might be slightly firmer.” I looked up at the screen again, and down at the curve of my girlfriend’s right breast, the smooth line interrupted by my greedy hand.

“And Michelle?” I asked carefully. Connie shrugged. “She’s a bit smaller than I am. But those perky things are hard as rocks,” she sighed, biting her lip.

I nodded at her and took another deep breath. On the screen, Julie winced as Michelle’s thrust forward, pushing both of her boobs into the blonde’s rack again, making the dense flesh mushroom visibly. Connie and I both quieted down as we watched the brunette use her best advantage, that incredible firmness. Her blows were quick and accurate, her perky jugs turning into welterweight fists as she began battering Julie’s slightly heavier, thicker tits. The blonde reached out at one point, hoping to slow the brunette down by grabbing her arms or shoulders, but Michelle surprised her by slamming straight forward, and rammed her breasts into Julie’s dense set.

Michelle seemed to be pushing the older girl around, though even at this point, neither woman seemed to be giving a great deal of ground, a testament to their tits’ firmness. Julie shrugged off one stabbing attack, landing a swinging shot, her right breast compacting against Michelle’s right boob. The brunette winced but continued trying to spear the blonde’s tits. Julie backed away, allowing Michelle’s firm breasts to stagger forward, and setting them up for a solid thrust from the blonde’s own pair. Both women winced this time, the loud smack reverberating despite the distance between the impact and the camera. But Michelle staggered back, and Julie took advantage.

The latter stepped forward, slamming her left breast into Michelle’s right in a full on front collision that Michelle had tried to avoid. The brunette grunted as her tits compressed beneath the larger pair, seemingly filling back out as Julie pulled away. Both breasts jiggled from the release, and both women eyed the four boobs before them. It was hard to tell who moved first, but almost simultaneously, they launched their breasts at the other pair. Each orb compressed at the point of contact, forcing soft, supple flesh to spill out the side of the impact point. Both women held their breasts in the position for a while, twisting their hips, testing their firmness against one another before pulling away. Michelle kept her eyes down as she thrust forward again, drilling her perky set into Julie’s dense boobs.

“I’m going to enjoy crushing your saggy old tits in front of everyone,” Michelle hissed, “That ought to teach you to beat up on freshmen.”

Julie rolled her tits left, trying to avoid the stabbing attack, the slight wince on her lips the only sign she offered that the strike had affected her. Both breasts folded and bent as the two women swiped their chests together. Michelle’s left boob found its way atop the blonde’s right breast, shoving the pliant flesh down, and in reaction, Julie shoved her torso up, her right tit sloping around and across the freshman’s left breast before Julie’s left breast lay atop the Michelle’s left jug. They went back and forth a couple of times, each breast slipping and slapping across the opposing gland.

Connie was leaning into my hand, forcing more of her meaty breast into my fingers. Despite my intense interest in the fight, I made an effort to massage her boob slowly as we watched the video. Julie had pulled away, readying herself for a strike, but Michelle again thrust forward, her speed impressive as she landed what, judging by the look on Julie’s face, must have been a stinging blow to her left breast. The blonde’s flesh rolled slightly from the impact, and the jiggling teat withdrew with a sharp jerk, causing more waves to course through the entire boob.

Julie was starting to look worried, and began swinging her tits back and forth violently as she tried to avoid Michelle’s attacks. The brunette’s strikes were not slowing, but Julie had become accustomed to the speed, and the blows were not landing as solidly. Julie’s tits began hitting more often, though her strikes were slower.

Michelle finally managed a blow that seemed like the deal breaker, slamming her tits from below into Julie’s full boobs. Julie’s rack was rocked, both tits wildly shaking and morphing their shape as the blonde took a sharp step back. Michelle was breathing hard, but grinned.

“Oh, did I break your soft jugs already, Julie? They feel so good against my firmer tits. I don’t know how you ever thought you could take me on with those pillows.” she added, a malicious edge to her voice.

Julie’s face turned to a scowl and she thrust forward again. Michelle tried to dodge, but Julie’s arms shot out too quickly and grabbed her by the shoulders. “How’s this for soft, you cxnt!” Julie snarled, slamming her chest into Michelle’s. This time, with Michelle’s ability to move hindered, her more compact breasts were absolutely battered. Michelle’s groan grew only louder as another thunderous blow landed on top of her rack.

“How are your saggy tits feeling now, freshy?” Julie asked, seemingly to soothe some of the soreness her own, reddened jugs were experincing. Despite her obvious pain, Michelle growled and rammed Julie without warning. The blow was so fiercely delivered that the blonde took a step back, falling down. Michelle was atop her in moments, and began dropping her firm tits onto Julie’s, whose moaning grew more and more intense with each passing moment. I was stunned by the ferocity of the attack, and so, too was Julie, it seemed. The blonde tennis player tried to roll to one side, but Michelle’s arms pinned her down for another blow. Julie groaned, but grabbed Michelle’s wrist with her hand and pulled. Michelle fell, her perky boobs burrowing slightly into Julie’s, and the latter rolled away. As she was standing, she shot a wild blow that caused Michelle’s dense breasts to wobble mightily on her chest.

Julie’s tits shook even more from the impact, and her face revealed her discomfort. The brunette renewed her battering ram attack, and Julie reached up to grab at her shoulders. Michelle grabbed her wrists, and held her for a particularly brutal blow. Julie winced as Michelle’s breasts slammed into hers, the force of the strike sending Julie’s meaty tits ballooning out, her flesh displaced by Michelle’s perky set.

Julie bit her lip, but thrust back, pushing Michelle’s back as far as she could. Michelle pulled back almost immediately, however, and reared back for another strike. Julie didn’t waste time in pursuit, and because of the mistimed blow both women missed their targets. Julie’s left breast found its way between Michelle’s pair, and due to the position, Michelle’s left tit was squished between Julie’s rack. Both women groaned this time, their respective breasts splashing against their opponent’s breast bone. Julie acted first, seemingly inspired by the vicious contact. Her left breast shifted from between Michelle’s jugs and pushed into Michelle’s right breast even as Julie’s right mammary slowly slid into the brunette’s left. Michelle groaned and shifted in the opposite direction, all four breasts fighting for position in the center of their chest. The blonde pulled back a bit, starting to slam her dense orbs into Michelle’s perky set in a steady rhythm.

I groaned as Connie shifted slightly. Glancing back up, I saw several more shots connect. Michelle seemed stricken, but shook her shoulders, and the next blow missed almost entirely, Julie’s left breast just glancing off of Michelle’s boob. The brunette backed away, and Julie came after her again. This time, Michelle fired a short, quick strike, spearing Julie’s dense flesh with her slightly smaller tits.

The blonde grunted, but said nothing, still focused on the two pert globes between her and Michelle. Another slam from Julie missed, but this time, as Michelle came forward to strike, the blonde’s shoulders and hips twisted with a single jerk. Julie’s right tit slammed into the side of Michelle’s right breast, shoving the obviously loosening tit towards the center of the brunette’s chest. Julie’s right boob slipped over both of Michelle’s jugs, pressing them down. Both breasts shifted and folded again, but as Julie brought her chest back over the freshman’s torso, Michelle began to pull away again.

Julie tried for a two-boob uppercut, letting the force of her bigger jugs carry her forward. Michelle stepped back quickly, and as Julie tried to recover. Michelle swung her firm rack from below, slamming her tits into the underside of Julie’s jugs. Their titflesh wobbled, but that didn’t deter the brunette from grabbing Julie’s shoulders and swinging her perky tits from side to side, keeping distance between them so that each blow gained momentum. Julie’s boobs began shaking all over her chest, and I found my hand drifting towards my crotch. Hoping Connie hadn’t noticed, I quickly withdrew it.

Suddenly, Michelle stopped her assault, shifting to line her tits up with Julie’s. The brunette shoved forward mightily, and Julie wailed. I saw the difference in the blonde’s breasts as they ballooned out, Michelle’s perky jugs claiming a noticeable amount of space between their chests.

“Something wrong, Jules?” came Michelle’s venomous voice as she reached up and pulled on the blonde’s shoulders. “Are my rookie tits hurting you?” I could tell Julie was tired. The tennis player leaned back, but not quickly enough. Michelle pulled her back in, again using a simple but effective shove straight into Julie’s boobs.

“I told you she had the best tits,” My girlfriend said, her voice low and full of respect. I let my hand wander down Connie’s side, and she shifted and tightened her ass while I groped her round butt. “I heard that this fight took place just after Michelle became a member. She beat all the other pledges, and was apparently getting too arrogant for the older girls’ tastes. So Julie, who must’ve been a sophomore or a junior back then, decided take her down a peg…” Connie whispered. As I watched the screen, I realized that whatever her previous record, the blonde hadn’t been successful here. Julie’s big breasts were shaking with more vigor, and her head and shoulders were sagging as the younger girl began crushing her.

I kept squeezing my girlfriend’s behind as I watched Michelle complete Julie’s destruction. The freshman had the blonde wrapped in a bearhug, forcing her perky tits deeper and deeper into the opposing rack. Julie desperately tried to escape, or at least avoid as much of the sweeping, powerful passes as she could. But Michelle was driven, and her persistence scary. The brunette didn’t slow her assault even for a second, constantly rubbing the older girl’s big, firm boobs with her own, even more dense set.

Julie’s struggles grew weak as the visible evidence of her precious boobs’ destruction became apparent. Her head lolled forward while she watched the cocky brunette grind her best assets into paste, and the blonde clearly realized she’d been beaten. She just hadn’t accepted it yet.

“Whoa, what happened? I thought your big, strong tits were going to teach me something?” Michelle said in a malicious, sugary tone, smirking smugly. “Well, let’s see what they’ve learned.” In one brutal thrust, the brunette pancaked Julie’s once powerful tits. I could only see the result from the blonde’s left boob, as it flattened, spreading out her chest and across the freshman’s superior right tit. I watched as Julie’s tit came back into view, drooping slightly, but noticeably given their pre-fight state, and the blonde gasped, staring at her loose flesh in shock, pain and sheer disbelief. “Looks like you were the overconfident one, huh?” Michelle laughed, shoving her tits into the blonde’s beaten udders once more. Both of Julie’s tenderized boobs flattened again, as expected, and the blonde let out a guttural groan.

Caressing Julie’s upper arm lightly, Michelle leaned in and whispered something. The blonde whimpered, but shook her head. I noticed Michelle start to grin, and her grip on Julie’s arms tightened. Her forearms tensed as she slammed her firmer pair into the older girl’s beaten rack. Again, Julie’s tits splashed outward, this time almost as if there was nothing to them. It looked from the video as though Michelle’s tits were pushing Julie’s beaten udders back into the blonde’s chest.

“Please, Michelle, you win!” the blonde sobbed, looking completely devastated. “Your superior breasts destroyed my tits. You’ve got the best set. No one can beat you! Please stop!”

“Remember this, Julie. No matter how many girls you’ve flattened, your weak sacks are nothing compared to mine,” Michelle hissed, her voice cruel. But she was right. Those firm boobs looked like jello with Michelle’s amazing, perky teats smashing them. The brunette did a few more passes where Julie’s now flopping jugs spilled over her chest, but the video ended there.

“Wow…” was all I could manage. Connie snorted, but nodded all the same. “Yeah, you can say that again. Michelle’s not someone you want to cross, and Julie found that out the hard way. She remained pretty high up in the sorority, but apparently never challenged Michelle again.”


Now that the show was over, I could finally take in Connie’s new outfit. She’d changed into a snug, blue t-shirt that revealed quite a bit of cleavage, and was wearing a pair of grey jeans, their design accentuating her curves. My girlfriend quickly noticed my wandering eyes and smiled coyly, slapping my arm. “Not yet, Dan. Wait ’till I’ve flattened Sydney’s soft udders. Then you can play all you want – with both of us,” Connie breathed into my ear, causing me to groan aloud.

We sat there for a while, talking about school, life, us and of course about Beta O, Hooters and titfighting. Mercifully, Connie steered well clear of mentioning any of Tiff’s escapades, though I did get the impression that the latest event hadn’t gone too well for my sister, and that Michelle may have had something to do with it. Not wanting to dig any deeper, we concentrated on the really top-heavy freshman Tanya, who’d won the pledging tournament. She hadn’t fought against Connie though, and my girlfriend seemed to be pondering whether or not she should try her luck.

Suddenly, I heard a faint knock. Connie and I glanced at the door, and my girl jumped up, her large rack bouncing slightly under the shirt while she went to get the door. I watched from the couch as the all-American beauty Sydney greeted my girlfriend and strolled in, her beefy guy Charlie following soon after. Sydney was blonde like my girlfriend, but had the looks of a bikini model. Her face was gorgeous and her long, softly curled golden hair flowed down her shoulders as if she was at a photo shoot or something. Her skin looked tanned, and as Sydney walked in, I could tell the girl had quite a bit of jiggle in all the right places, especially her rack, which looked even bigger than my girlfriend’s. She was definitely one of the more curvy girls in these circles. While Sydney did seem to be slightly nervous, her smile was bright.

Connie had revealed to me that a couple of weeks ago, Sydney started dropping hints she wanted to set up a match. According to my girlfriend, the pretty, tanned blonde had seen the video from my “birthday party” at Kara’s, and decided to challenge Connie’s jugs to a duel against her own. I’d seen Sydney in a few titfights before, and based on that – as well as on what I’d heard from the others – she wasn’t one of the top-ranked Hooter girls, even if her looks were very impressive. Connie’d told me that the tanned blonde had beaten Riley and Alexis, but had lost her more recent matches against Maria, Hailey and Katherine. Then again, Sydney had apparently also given that black bitch Tamera some trouble earlier on, and that had to count for something.

“Hi, Dan!” Sydney waved at me, Charlie settling for an awkward nod, and we exchanged some pleasantries before the girls gestured us to sit down. Thankfully, Charlie chose a comfy armchair, leaving the couch for me. We both seemed to be a bit ill at ease with the other’s presence, and did our best to ignore the fact there was another guy in the room. As we took our seats, the two blondes started to lose their clothing. Just as she was about to peel off her shirt, Sydney suddenly paused, her eyes brightening slightly.

“Hey Connie, there’s something I need to ask before I forget: Isn’t that dark-haired guy who was at Hooters yesterday dating Sam? Tall, weird accent, really good-looking?” I noticed Charlie’s head turn quickly at the last bit, and had to cover up a smile at his suspicious look. He was sitting behind his girlfriend, so Sydney did’t notice. I looked back to the girls just in time to see Connie’s nod. “Yeah, I think he’s from Norway or something. Samantha and Riley were talking about him last week, and Sam seemed to be pretty smitten. Why’d you ask? You want to steal him off?” My girlfriend laughed, clearly having noticed Charlie’s jealous face. Sydney, still oblivious to her guy’s anxiety guffawed and shook her head. “No thanks Connie, I’m good. It’s just that I saw Rolonda trying to chat him up when Sam wasn’t there…” she trailed off, shrugging. “He mostly looked uncomfortable, though, so I don’t think she got anywhere.” Connie’s eyes flared for a moment, and her lips turned into a line. “That conniving bitch, she’s always after someone else’s guy. Remember her fight with Hailey?” Sydney nodded, biting her lip. “Oh yeah, and didn’t she challenge you so she could…” the tanned blonde trailed off again, her eyes giving me a quick glance. My girlfriend huffed, a small smile appearing on her face. “She tried, sure. But Rolonda’s saggy udders couldn’t get through these,” she said, bringing her hands under her big jugs, bouncing them slightly. Sydney grinned back, and finally yanked her white top off.

I watched her breasts quiver beneath the cups of her bra, and made some quick preliminary evaluations. Sydney’s tits looked somewhat bigger than my girlfriend’s, but definitely not as big as Chrissy’s massive orbs. As the tanned blonde fiddled with her bra, I gave Connie a quick glance, and caught my girlfriend staring at Sydney’s cleavage. I couldn’t blame her really, since her opponent did look amazing. Slowly, Sydney slid her heavy tits out of the bra, baring them for all to see. Her large, tanned chest fell down with a delicious smack, and I couldn’t prevent a quiet grunt. Shit.

Sydney grinned at my flushed face, laughing. “I bet your boyfriend would love to see my gorgeous boobs crush your set”. My girl just shook her head, sighing dramatically. “Nah, I’m pretty sure Dan would like sliding his cock between those floppy udders even more. Which is lucky for him, ’cause that’s exactly what’ll happen once I flatten you.”

Connie whipped her own shirt off, and since she wasn’t wearing any bra, immediately revealed her heavy boobs to Charlie, Sydney and I. We all admired her breasts for a moment, watching them shake as she cupped and lifted them. Their flesh was paler than Sydney’s, but rested a hint higher on her chest and looked to be somewhat firmer, at least if the amount of jiggle was to be trusted. Still, both sets had a similar full, round shape, and Sydney’s tanned jugs certainly looked dense enough to give Connie’s boobs plenty of trouble. My girlfriend cupped her slightly smaller set, watching her opponent’s face the entire time.

Sydney was wearing a small, careful smile on her face, while Connie looked equally confident. They took a few steps, and I watched them eye each other closely as the girls began to slowly circle one another. Their boobs jiggled enticingly, shaking in rhythm with every step and twitch.

Connie and Sydney both pushed forward, setting their big jugs against the other. Connie said something to her opponent, but Sydney seemed to dismiss it with a huff and then rolled her shoulder from one side to the next, scraping her heavy boob over Connie’s firm tit. I could only imagine that Sydney’s hardened peaks were dragging across Connie’s paler flesh. Connie met the move with the same tactic. Both breasts molded and twisted as they sought purchase over the space between them. This went on for a few moments, as both girls seemed to grin through the contact as if they were enjoying it.

Sydney leaned in this time, whispering to Connie. That seemed to spark some action, as both girls began their rotations more energetically. Their tits began shifting and slapping as they worked themselves into a more aggressive pace. I heard the girls grunting occasionally, and Sydney made the first move after a few minutes, reaching up to grab Connie’s bicep. Connie matched the move, and the two girls became mirrors of one another again. Rather than sliding their tits over the other’s set, the new strategy seemed to be to push their boobs together. Both girls watched the position of their tits ebb and flow.

“Aww, look Connie,” Sydney said, her eyes on the mass of breast flesh beneath her head, “My big titties are crushing your soft ones.” I couldn’t agree with Sydney’s statement, but her boobs were certainly trying to do exactly that. Connie wasn’t fazed by the comment, however. “Huh, I guess you need to go get your eyes checked, Syd,” she replied with a grunt, “Because you’re seeing things.” “Oh, really?” Sydney asked. “Let’s see if I’m just imagining THIS!”

The tanned blonde struck a big blow, cutting Connie’s reply off with a straightforward slam into her ample chest. Connie’s big breasts were shoved back into her chest, and as Sydney pulled back, Connie’s paler boobs were shivering violently. Sydney slammed forward again, sending Connie’s head rolling back.

I looked for any sign of Connie’s breasts weakening, but saw none, and Sydney sent another shot into Connie’s boobs. Her big tits shook and wobbled until Sydney reached around and pulled Connie’s body into hers. Sydney tightened her grip and Connie groaned.

“Since you can’t see it, maybe you can feel it.” Sydney grinned as Connie struggled in her grasp. “That’s right, my big, full tits burying your jugs, Connie.” My girlfriend gasped, but shook her head.

“Wrong, Syd,” Connie replied with a strained voice. “Your soft set is going to surrender to mine.” Connie shoved the tanned blonde away and stepped back. Sydney’s tits seemed to have reddened slightly, and I could tell from the way Connie was slowly touching her boobs that Sydney had hurt them. They took a few steps before their hands met and their fingers locked. As Sydney tried her thrust, Connie also met her, and the sound of their boobs slapping crashed through the room. Both girls grunted as their big jugs shook on their chests.

Connie had the advantage it seemed, moving faster and gaining more momentum, obviously putting her experience to good use. The tide of the battle shifted as she began bashing Sydney’s tits with rapid blows. I heard Charlie whisper “shit” as the pace of the beating increased. Connie knew the tide was turning as well. Sydney had started turning away and Connie grinned.

“Hey Sydney, I wonder how hard your man will be when he’s watching you on your knees kissing my beautiful big breasts,” Connie taunted. “Or when Dan fucks your pillowy rack with his big cock?” I felt my breath hitch, and saw Charlie shift uncomfortably in his seat.

Sydney seemed to react to the taunts, launching an attack at Connie’s big teats. Connie took the thrust and laughed. She began crashing her firm jugs into Sydney’s, and Sydney began dodging the big blows again. Sydney did respond, swinging her tits from left to right. The blow connected with Connie’s boobs, pushing the girl’s tits across her chest.

Before Connie’s jugs could stop shaking, another swing from Sydney’s tits sent Connie’s pair in the other direction. Sydney seemed to clench her fingers more tightly, and Connie couldn’t stop another blow, so hard that both Sydney and Connie winced. Connie pulled away, and Sydney, still reeling, let her go. Both women began massaging their tits and took a small breather.

Sydney’s red boobs bounced on her chest as she let them drop, distracting both myself and Charlie as we stared at the tanned blonde’s best assets waving on her chest. Both women stood with their hands on their hips and faced off. Connie moved first, swinging her tits to the right against her opponent’s unmoving boobs. The slap echoed through the room and Sydney moaned at the powerful assault.

Connie followed through with her initial swing, but this time, the tanned blonde retaliated, swinging her own massive jugs into Connie’s flying teats. Both pairs of boobs met at their peak momentum, slamming into one another with another ringing slap. The pain was obvious, and both women actually cried out. Neither was ready to quit, I realized, as both women flung their boobs into each other again.

The girls kept slamming their chests straight into each other’s boobs, both pairs distorting at the point of contact, compressing as they were forced together. Sydney’s seemed to be more affected with the impact, but little ripples flashed across the exposed flesh of my girlfriend’s jugs, too. Connie stepped back and Sydney slammed forward in turn. Connie’s eyes widened at the speed of the move, and both women glanced down to see their tits battling between them, their breasts shoving to gain and lose footing with each movement.

Connie shoved her torso to the left while her tits were still touching Sydney’s sending another shot into the larger breasts and causing them to shake and wobble just slightly. Connie winced as she felt Sydney push back, sending Connie’s tits a bit further back before they separated and each pair regained its natural shape.

Connie stepped forward, and Sydney fell back a step. Connie grinned, obviously thinking she had the larger breasted girl on the run, but Sydney laid a trap by bringing Connie closer, and the tanned blonde slung her tits from the left. Sydney’s big right boob slammed into Connie’s teat, sending the pale flesh rocking over her torso. I licked my lips almost unconsciously as my mouth went dry.

“Oh yeah Connie, I’m going to flatten that pretty set of yours,” Sydney growled, then continued with a smirk, “Ready for your present, Charlie?” Another shot from the confident hooter girl rocked Connie’s right tit again, and Connie winced. Rather than pulling back, Sydney rotated her other shoulder, sending her own right breast slamming directly into Connie’s left. Connie grunted, and as she tried to step back, Sydney slammed both her big breasts into my girl’s chest once more.

Given the lack of space, the blow was more forceful than I would have expected, sending Connie a step back with a thunderous clap. And to be honest, Connie was the one going back more often. Sydney’s big tits kept swinging, slapping Connie’s tits back and forth, and I felt myself grow aware of my heavy breathing. Sydney swung from below, but when Connie stepped back, my girl had obviously adapted. As Sydney’s tits were coming down, Connie’s tits were coming up. The smack as the top of her breasts slammed into the bottoms of Sydney’s tits was loud, especially for the small room. Sydney staggered backward and Connie took the opportunity to spring forward, landing another solid blow with her breasts atop the stunned girl’s boobs.

“I’m going to enjoy this,” my girlfriend promised, “Those big, bouncy tits are going to look amazing covered in cum.”

Sydney groaned, but reached out to grab Connie. Connie’s hands shot up, and she caught Sydney’s wrists, slamming the tanned blonde’s arms down to the side and leaving the larger pair of breasts exposed. Connie’s excitement seemed to increase as she moved forward, shoving her tits roughly against Sydney’s. Both girls winced, but Sydney’s trapped torso obviously took the brunt of the blow. Connie fell into a rhythm quickly, and smiled as she started to obliterate the tanned pair with fast and powerful jabs. I was impressed – and very excited.

Charlie and I stared at the rippling mountains of flesh and could hear Sydney beginning to grunt more loudly with each blow. Her gorgeous lips turned into a wince as the tanned boobs took a serious pounding from my girl. Connie was going from top to bottom, side to side, and even from under to send Sydney’s jugs flopping all over her chest. When Connie reared back for a big strike, Sydney jerked her entire body backwards, almost jumping out of Connie’s arms, and my girlfriend stumbled.

Sydney took her chance, springing forward. Just as Connie regained her footing, her already sore breasts were slammed by Sydney’s reddening orbs. Both pairs of breasts splashed outward, sending flesh wobbling all over the girls’ chests. Connie groaned, and she was stunned enough that she couldn’t dodge the next blow.

Connie’s tits flew upward as Sydney’s uppercut blow slammed into her stationary tits. My girl’s boobs were flopping over her chest when she looked up and stumbled back. The tips of Sydney’s bigger boobs grazed Connie’s tits, bending the slightly smaller orbs at the middle for just a moment before the distending breasts flopped back into shape.

Sydney kept up the aggression, this time slamming from her left. Connie gasped as she felt her boobs shoved to the left, and the tanned blonde dragged her heavy jugs across Connie’s, pulling another groan from my girlfriend. I couldn’t suppress a groan of my own as I watched Connie’s sweaty tits jiggle under the big, tanned pair, losing their round shape for a moment.

“Whoa, your guy’s getting so hard watching me flatten these soft titties,” Sydney grinned. “I can’t wait till I’m finished crushing you,” she added, giving me a look and licking her plump lips flirtatiously. “Maybe I should just keep bouncing your beaten jugs until Dan actually cums in his pants? That way you’ll only need to suck Charlie off when I win.” Connie looked up and thrust forward weakly. Sydney avoided the blow and her hands reached out to trap Connie’s wrists.

“What’s the matter Connie? Are you afraid Dan will like my big tits better than yours?” Sydney smiled, twisting her shoulder so her big left breast flew into Connie’s trapped right tit. The latter’s boob wobbled gently and soon her left breast joined in a delightful dance across her chest. Connie’s head lolled slightly as she watched Sydney’s tanned boobs trash her set.

Charlie was looking at his girlfriend with wide eyes and an amazed look on his face. His physical reaction further down was equally visible, a large bulge straining against the fabric of his pants. Suddenly wishing for eye bleach, I turned my gaze back to the girls.

As Sydney pulled back for what would have seemed to be the final blow, Connie surprised all of us, dipping down suddenly and breaking free of Sydney’s grasp. The uppercut she delivered sent Sydney’s big boobs up and toward her face.

“Oh damn,” Sydney groaned. Connie didn’t let up, sending another uppercut. Sydney didn’t get out of the way quickly enough, and both pairs of breasts met at the tip again. This time, both women groaned and stepped back, hoping to avoid more contact. Sydney leapt forward, obviously hoping to end the fight.

Connie foiled the attempt by slapping her arms around Sydney’s tanned body. The hooter girl groaned as she felt the heavy boobs of her opponent laying atop her own battered pair. Apparently Connie wasn’t preparing for a slow grinding victory, and started to violently shake her torso back and forth, forcing another groan from Sydney.

“Feel my big, thick boobs just squeezing the life out of your jugs?” Connie asked, and the way the other hooter girl was reacting, the answer was obvious.

Sydney groaned again, but didn’t yield. “Fine, have it your way,” Connie muttered. I saw her limbs tighten and Sydney wailed as Connie picked her up. Though I knew she was no weakling, my girlfriend’s strength did take me by surprise. And Sydney too, no doubt. “Let’s see just how much pressure those boobs can take.” Sydney grunted again, louder, as Connie reset her arms, and soon the tanned beauty was moaning. Connie faked a pout. “Still not enough?”

The paler blonde sighed dramatically, and began shaking, hard. My eyes lingered in the space between the two women, and despite Connie’s position, her own breasts beneath Sydney’s, it seemed as though the tanned boobs were giving up more. Connie began blasting Sydney’s tits, and the hooter girl groaned. She would occasionally thrust back, only to have her beautiful breasts beaten back by the sheer firmness of her rival. I noticed Sydney looking down to see her ample flesh part for Connie’s breasts. When Connie stopped her manhandling of the modelesque girl, Sydney’s eyes were shut, and her breasts seemed to have given up the fight. At the slightest movement, Sydney’s crushed jugs shook and wobbled.

Connie set her down and pushed gently. There was no mistaking the superior pair. The tanned orbs pancaked out from Connie’s pass, and my gorgeous girlfriend grinned as she watched her opponent’s big teats fail. Connie shook the hooter girl once more, thrusting her firm tits forward and smashing away any remaining resistance. Sydney’s once round boobs flopped wildly on her chest as she groaned, panting. I realized I was staring, but couldn’t bring myself to stop.

“I surrender,” Sydney groaned, gasping for breath. Her opponent grinned.

“I bet you do, Syd,” Connie laughed. “After all, my big jugs just completely crushed your set,” she added. The tanned blonde groaned as Connie gently prodded the beaten tits with her own pair. I saw my girlfriend grin at her coworker, leaning in to plant a small kiss on Sydney’s cheek.

“I told you mine were better,” she breathed out quietly, before slowly pulling away. “Oh and Syd, I’m keeping this if you don’t mind?” she said, reaching down for Sydney’s bra. “You’re the second biggest girl I’ve flattened so far,” Connie continued with a smirk, “And hell of a lot firmer than Kara.” The tanned blonde nodded, panting a bit. Her beaten boobs looked soft and pathetic on her chest, while Connie’s looked red, but still firm, sitting higher on her chest. For her part, Connie looked fairly impressed by the damage Sydney had managed to cause, and I caught her massaging her own sore tits discreetly. Still, my girlfriend had a wide smile on her face. She’d won, and apparently had big plans for the tanned blonde and her spectacular rack.

“Why don’t we show Dan how these things bounce, Syd? I bet Charlie won’t mind seeing that, either,” Connie smirked as she cupped Sydney’s boobs. My girlfriend began juggling them, and I watched the tanned, nubile flesh bounce and jiggle over her rival’s chest.

“Look at Charlie, Syd,” Connie ordered. “He can’t keep his eyes off your loser tits. But whose are better?”

“Yours are, Connie. Your big, firm boobs pounded mine into these bouncing jugs,” Sydney whispered dejectedly. She stared down at her tits without looking up. It was an amazing sight I had to admit, my girlfriend humiliating a girl with the body of a bikini model, having just defeated her rack in a titfight.

“My hands are getting tired. You bounce those soft jugs for a change,” Connie laughed. Sydney cupped her pillowy boobs and began bouncing them for our entertainment, an audible sigh on her face. Charlie was grunting against his will, and I tried to steady my breath as the tanned hooter girl humiliated herself. Again, my eyes were drawn to the quivering flesh on Sydney’s chest as she cupped them. When she finally looked up, her eyes met mine and I thought I saw a small smile her on her face, but could’t be sure. I was just about to dismiss the whole thing when she glanced at the large tent in my pants, her beautiful eyes widening slightly. The curvy blonde looked back up, and very slowly, very seductively, ran her tongue across her lips.

Oh boy, what had I gotten myself into…

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