A Tribute to Best Friend’s Sister – Part 8 by Augur

Learning a Lesson

It was Sunday afternoon, and I was getting ready to go out shopping. I’d managed to entice Sophie to join me, since Chrissy’s free time was pretty much always spent at the gym. Sure, the blonde’s well-toned body looked amazing, but sometimes I wished she wasn’t quite so obsessed with her workout routines. At least Sophie, who wasn’t the world’s most fanatic shopper either, was ready to ditch her beloved books for me. Of course, I may have also mentioned a visit to the book store to help sell the idea to the brunette… As I rummaged through the drawer, trying to find a certain dark green top to go with the black jeans I’d already laid out on the bed, I thought about just how much things had changed in only a week.

After our little fight-night and the threesome that followed it, Chrissy had taken the role of Sophie’s mentor, and had put me in charge of the practical education. Especially Sophie’s “grinding lessons”. It was no doubt because the blonde took great amusement in watching the school girl’s boobs push my somewhat softer set around. We would start out fairly evenly, but as much as I wanted to deny it, my flesh simply wasn’t as firm as Sophie’s. No matter what I did, my boobs inevitably began to yield to the younger girl’s pair. And to add insult to injury, the brunette’s smug smirks revealed that she, too, enjoyed our sparring matches a bit more than she should. While it was obvious to anyone that Chrissy and Sophie both had bigger boobs than I did (though in latter’s case the difference was admittedly very small), my tits couldn’t match – let alone beat – theirs in firmness, either!

I naturally did my best to ignore their taunts and knowing smiles, but to be perfectly honest, always being the soft one was seriously getting on my nerves. Oh how I wanted to wipe those confident grins off their faces! It wasn’t too long ago that I’d been the one to boss Chrissy around, but with the way things were now, it might just as well have been in a different life. And I seriously doubted I could ever repeat my performance in our fight at Emma’s, at least without some other girl wearing out the blonde’s huge orbs first. It looked like I’d just have to get used to Chrissy calling the shots from now on. Though to be fair, she probably wasn’t any worse than I’d been, sticking to just teasing for the most part. Chrissy had even let me keep the bra I’d won from her before, telling me I’d earned it. It still hung on the bedroom wall, reminding us of our first night together.

The rational part of me realized that Sophie’s boob-wrestling lessons had their own, perfectly sound logic: by seeing and feeling her tits start to burrow into mine, the school girl’s confidence was growing quickly. She was still as sweet and friendly – not to mention cute – as always, but less shy, and a bit more sure of herself. And of her tits, of course. The brunette had told us how she’d managed to beat all her high school challengers without too much trouble, only to get shot down by her sister’s friend Jessica. I of course knew the girl too, and was well aware of the fact she had a reputation as a pretty skilled titfighter. Jessica had been on the same class as my friend – and Sophie’s older sibling – Juliette, with whom I’d spent countless hours playing tennis. And not just that. Juliette was also the first girl I’d ever been with, and the one that’d made me realize I wasn’t completely straight. Hell, who was I kidding? I liked girls just as much as I did guys, maybe even more.

I knew that Juliette, who most people at the campus knew as either Jules or Julie, had tested her tits against Jessica’s more than once. And each time, the blonde had emerged as the winner. That wasn’t all too surprising, since my one and only match with Juliette had ended in a rather similar fashion. She’d crushed my jugs pretty convincingly, matching my strength, speed and reflexes, and simply overwhelming me in the boob department with her firmer pair. Then again, as Chrissy’d put it, many girls did. Once a bitch, always a bitch, I grinned despite myself.

As one might’ve expected, Sophie had also wanted to try her luck against Juliette. Typical sibling rivalry, nothing new there. The tennis player, for her part, hadn’t been at all enthusiastic about facing her sister though. In my mind, I put it down to the fact she hadn’t wanted to hurt Sophie, or that she’d thought matching tits with her own sibling felt weird – at least in our brief duel, the sexual tension had been palpable. That said, I was also pretty sure that Juliette wouldn’t in a million years have been able live down the embarrassment of losing to her bookish little sister, and the blonde may have just wanted to play it safe.

Personally, having fought both, I wasn’t sure if Sophie was quite as firm as Juliette, but had to admit that their tits certainly looked and felt very similar. Sophie’s pair was also just a hint bigger and heavier than her sister’s, and despite claims to the otherwise, sometimes size did matter. All things considered, though, the vast cleavage in experience (I actually snorted aloud at the unintentional pun) would’ve been sure to decide the outcome in Juliette’s favor. It certainly did when the blonde had asked Jessica to get the younger girl off her back by showing just out of her league she really was. Based on Sophie’s short recount of the fight, the school girl had gotten knocked around pretty badly. After losing to Jessica, Sophie revealed, she’d been far less eager to challenge other girls – not to mention her older sister, whose jugs were by all accounts even more powerful.

Now, Chrissy and I were trying to help Sophie build up her confidence. The brunette seemed to be making good progress, too, although I still wouldn’t exactly call her cocky. Save for our bear hug practice sessions of course, where, if looks were any indication, the brunette was quickly learning that she liked to dominate another girl’s tits with her own. Oh well, I couldn’t deny that the R&R afterwards was good enough to make everything worth it… Sophie really was a quick learner, in or outside of titfighting. Realizing that I was quickly starting to grow hot, I grudgingly dragged my mind out of the gutter and back to the present. Fuck, just thinking about her tongue was apparently enough to get me wet.

After a while of slightly more concentrated searching, I finally noticed a bit of green peeking from underneath a pile of white shirts, and pulled the missing top out. It was fairly snug, and showed quite a bit of cleavage, but wasn’t so outrageous as to draw too much attention. It would entice guys (and girls!) to look, but not to stare. Nodding to myself, I threw the top on, and grabbed the jeans I’d picked earlier. Just as I was pulling them on, I heard a knock, and only narrowly kept my balance, hopping on one leg to steady myself. I guffawed, suddenly glad that Chrissy wasn’t home. I quickly sauntered to the door, opening it and giving Sophie a warm embrace. The young girl smiled and hugged back, but soon realized that I’d deliberately positioned my jugs above hers, preventing the brunette from taunting me with her firmness. I winked at her and stuck my tongue out for a moment as I rested my rack on top of hers. Sophie shook her head, but couldn’t hide a small grin, clearly amused.

“I’d love to see you try that with Chrissy,” she smirked as we separated. I grinned back, knowing exactly what the brunette meant, but chose to misunderstand her all the same. “Sorry Soph, she’s not a midget like you,” I cooed, laughing at her outraged face. “Hey! I’m not that short, you two are just tall!” she whined, pouting adorably. “Of course dear, of course,” I smiled in mock condescension, enjoying her annoyed huffs as we started to make our way to her car. I knew she wouldn’t take it too seriously; being the youngest of three siblings, Sophie was more than used to a bit of teasing. I also took the time to admire the brunette’s round ass and luscious thighs as she walked down the stairs in front of me. The girl’s full, fleshy body made a nice change from Chrissy’s hard muscles, and I could remember how good it felt to bounce that meaty butt in my hands. I couldn’t help but to grin as I thought about how quickly the brunette was turning me into an ass-girl!

Sophie was wearing a pair of dark blue jeans, and though they probably weren’t designed to be tight-fitting, the girl’s thick legs begged to differ. Her intricate white-and-brown sweater was a bit looser, but the outlines of Sophie’s sizable breasts were still clearly discernible. All in all, we had the good girl – bad girl combo pretty well covered between us. With me being the bad girl, obviously. Duh.

“I guess Chrissy’s lifting weights again?” Sophie called over her shoulder, fumbling with her purse to find the car keys. I snorted, nodding. “Where else? She’s completely obsessed with that body of hers, and it’s driving me mad! Just this morning, I woke up to see her doing fucking crunches!” I moaned in an exasperated voice. “At seven thirty!” Sophie laughed heartily, knowing perfectly well that I was exaggerating a bit. While the blonde’s antics annoyed me at times, I also really liked the visible results of her fitness obsession. And so did Sophie.

“I’m so sorry for you Nikki,” she grinned, “I bet it’s awful to have a girlfriend with a body like Chrissy’s… maybe you ought to dump her and find someone hotter,” The girl sighed dramatically, and I flipped her off as we climbed into Sophie’s big, shiny SUV. Of course, it technically belonged to her father, but he’d recently fallen ill with a serious case of mid-life crisis and had decided to buy a Porsche, leaving the massive truck for the short brunette. The contrast in size between the two really was quite funny. Sophie’s parents were both medical doctors, and though she didn’t live in a mansion, you couldn’t exactly call her poor either.

On the way to the mall, we talked briefly about Sophie’s future plans. Unlike her big brother, the brunette wasn’t all that interested in continuing the family tradition, and had her sights on studying architecture instead. “Dad’s not too bad about it, but you should’ve heard my mom’s reaction,” Sophie smiled wryly, “It’s almost as if I’d told her I wanted to become a prostitute! And in hindsight, maybe I should’ve,” she laughed, and I couldn’t resist joining her. “Well, it’s not too late to tell her you’ve changed your mind…” I winked, wiggling my eyebrows and trailing off, and caused both of us to laugh even harder. The car actually swerved a bit, and Sophie quickly tightened her hold on the steering wheel. “Oops, sorry ’bout that,” she gulped, biting her lip as she glanced at me. I was still chuckling, and waved it off. “Don’t worry Soph, I’ve seen worse drivers. Though maybe not in person.” We laughed a bit again, but this time the brunette managed to keep the SUV on the correct lane.

We eventually managed to get to the mall in one piece, and quickly started to go through the clothing stores. It wasn’t packed, but as we wandered from shop to shop, I noticed there were more people than usual walking around. At one point, we ran into one of Sophie’s friends from school, and the two talked for a few minutes. The girl was somewhat taller than Soph, and had curly, platinum blonde locks running down to her shoulders. She looked to be the cheerleader type, and though her blouse wasn’t at all revealing, seemed to have good-size tits. Probably not quite as big as mine or Sophie’s, but a fairly nice rack nonetheless. The girl – Linda, as it turned out – was friendly enough, but it still felt to me like something was off. The way she stood as she chatted with the brunette, her back tense and legs wide apart, screamed of nervousness. And something else. As soon as the blonde left, I asked Sophie about it. Her reply, to my surprise, was a predatory grin.

“Oh, Linda and I have always been the top students, and we like to compete for the best grades. I usually win,” the brunette said smugly. “But just before Christmas, the other girls in the softball team convinced her to challenge me to a titfight. I’m sure they thought Linda would beat me easily, since she’s much more athletic,” Sophie said lightly, though I could sense a touch of annoyance in her voice. “I take it they thought wrong?” I asked, already knowing the answer. The brunette smiled, puffing her chest out proudly. “Yup. Linda’s boobs aren’t bad, but I could tell pretty early on that they just weren’t able to keep up with mine. She’d clearly thought I wouldn’t be as firm as she is, and looked a bit shocked when she felt my jugs against hers. So yeah, I won. At first, I was pretty mad that everyone seemed to think I was a pushover, but later on one of the girls told me that Linda’s apparently got the best tits in the team.” I grinned at Sophie’s proud smile, and couldn’t resist taking a dig at her.

“Well well well, look at you Soph,” I whistled approvingly, “bragging like a teenager.” Her eyes widened as the latter part sunk in, and I laughed aloud at her face. “I’m kidding, I’m kidding! I’m proud of you, kiddo. Besides, you ARE a teenager, so you get a free pass,” I smirked and nudged her shoulder a bit, eliciting a low groan from the brunette, who blushed prettily. “You’re such an asshole, Nikki,” she huffed, though I could see the corners of her mouth trying to curl into a smile. “I don’t know why I even bother telling you anything,” Sophie tried to grumble. Giving her a mock pout, I wrapped my arms around the brunette and flashed a winning grin. “You like that I’m an asshole. That’s why.” She snorted, but didn’t bother to deny it.

After raiding the book shop, every corner of which Sophie inspected with a scary thoroughness and a glint in her eyes, we finally started to head back. Both of us had picked up a few shopping bag’s worth of stuff, and after a short walk, found ourselves in front of the lingerie store. We looked at each other for a moment, smiling at how appropriate it was to finish our little shopping trip here. I held the door open for her, letting Sophie enter first. Sarah was standing behind the counter and glanced towards us, recognizing me instantly.

“Whoa, Nikki! Where have you been, I haven’t seen you in ages!” the raven-haired girl yelled excitedly, making her way to greet us. Her smaller, very firm boobs dug into mine slightly as we embraced, and I saw Sarah glance down. The girl’s smile widened as she no doubt remembered our match some months earlier. It’d been her first match. And her first win, I added to myself, grimacing a bit at the memory. Preferring to give the girl something else to think about, I quickly turned to Sophie and made the introductions.

“I don’t think you’ve met my friend Sophie? She’s graduating from high school in a few months.” Smiling brightly, Sarah moved to give the brunette a hug as well. “Ooh, congratulations! I’m guessing you’re not here to buy your first bra, though?” she winked, giving Sophie’s fairly large chest a pointed look. Sophie blushed prettily, appearing to be a bit embarrassed by the close attention, but returned the hug all the same. I watched their racks meet, and had to supress a laugh as the raven-haired girl’s eyebrows disappeared into her hair. Unlike mine, Sophie’s boobs didn’t seem to yield to Sarah’s by any appreciable amount. Both girls were of course wearing bras, and one couldn’t draw many conclusions based on that, but the saleswoman looked impressed. She gave the brunette a small smile, and stepped back.

We talked for moment until a fourth girl appeared from the back. Sarah introduced us to her coworker Bonnie, a gorgeous redhead with lithe curves and a bright smile. The store appeared to be otherwise empty for the moment, and after a while, Sophie and I started to look at the garments on display. As the school girl tried on a few different bras, Sarah hovered nearby, commenting on how they looked and giving tips. It was obvious that the raven-haired girl was paying plenty of attention to the brunette’s jugs, and I felt there was something oddly familiar in the way she looked at Sophie. Now, the fact that Sarah liked girls was no secret to anyone, as she’d quite publicly made out with me after our match. But there seemed to be more than just desire or arousal in her gaze. Suddenly, I realized what it was; she was taking in the competition. Interesting. When the brunette headed to the changing room again, I pounced.

“Hey Sarah, you didn’t happen to be at Corey’s last week, did you?” I asked innocently. Of course she hadn’t, I would’ve seen her if she had. The girl looked up and shook her head. “No, I had to work on Saturday. Why? Oh wait, didn’t you manage to finally beat someone?” she smirked, glancing at my jugs teasingly. “Some of the girls were talking about it yesterday. Gotta say, I’m surprised,” she added with a playful grin. I narrowed my eyes at the dark-haired girl, bristling slightly. “Gee Sarah, thanks a lot,” I replied, flipping her off. “But yeah. Sophie and I tussled a bit, and I won. She’s actually quite good.” I noticed the brunette peek from behind the curtain, having apparently heard our conversation.

Sarah gave me a long, appraising look, pursing her lips. “Your soft jugs managed to beat her, huh?” she asked quietly, almost to herself. Hook, line and sinker. There was no doubt about it now, she was definitely interested. I gave Sarah a once over of my own, taking in her every curve. The raven-haired girl wasn’t all that experienced in titfighting, and would make an excellent practise opponent for the school girl. I knew how firm Sarah’s boobs were of course, but thought that Sophie’s large, dense rack had a reasonably good chance against the less busty girl.

In the end, the brunette chose two demi-bras and some matching panties, one set being purple and the other gold. Bonnie checked her out at the register, while Sarah and I hung back. The dark-haired girl was still throwing glances in Sophie’s direction, and I smiled at her. “Would you like me to feel her out? I’m pretty sure Sophie’d be up for a match if you’re interested,” I said quietly. Sarah nodded carefully, her eyes still locked on the school girl. “Sure. Taming those big jugs should be fun. She’s awfully cute, too,” she whispered, giving me a quick grin. I winked back, remembering our own girl-on-girl fun we’d had after Sarah’s win over my set. Judging by how comfortable she seemed that night, and the ease with which she’d managed to seduce me in the first place, the raven-haired beauty was no stranger to fooling around with other women. We already had each other’s numbers, so I promised to text Sarah as soon as I had an answer.

As Sophie and I headed back to the car, I thought I heard the brunette’s stomach rumble. I glanced at her curiously, and she threw me an embarrassed look. “What can I say, I didn’t have time to eat a proper lunch,” she explained with a smile. We both laughed a bit, and an idea suddenly popped into my mind. “Hey, what do you say if we make a stop at Hooters to get something to eat? I know several girls working there, and who knows, even Connie might be working today.” It turned out that Sophie didn’t have any objections, and a few minutes later, we were pulling up into the restaurant’s parking lot.

As I scanned the place to see who was around, I spotted Kara and Alexis chatting with each other excitedly. I’d of course seen both girls at the fundraiser a couple of days before, and smiled as I recalled how their soft, oily jugs had flopped in every direction. While my own pair had a bit of sag, I definitely had those two beat by a considerable margin. Kara had noticed my entrance and made her way to the door, greeting me and Sophie warmly, while I congratulated the brunette on defeating Loni in her oil wrestling match. The thick sorority girl had always been rather aggressive, and given their physiques, I’d expected her to make short work of the hooter girl. She hadn’t though, and it was easy to see that Kara’s workouts hadn’t gone to waste. As Sophie and Kara talked for a moment, getting to know each other, I briefly returned to scanning the room. Alexis had disappeared somewhere, but I saw a thin and toned black girl serving drinks to a bunch of construction guys. She appeared to be rather well-endowed, which of course wasn’t all that surprising given the venue, and I remembered having seen her at the fight event where Chrissy and I both got our tits flattened. She didn’t look as intimidating as Tamera or Maria though, and judging by the way her rack bounced and jiggled, didn’t quite match them in firmness.

Kara had apparently noticed my curious gaze, and decided to help me out. “That’s Rolonda, Tamera’s best friend. Are you guys looking for an opponent tonight?” she asked with a slightly raised eyebrow. I shrugged noncommittally, “Not specifically, no. But you know, if an opportunity presents itself…” I trailed off, winking. The hooter girl smiled back and nodded slightly. Just as she was about to say something, Sophie’s stomach let out another loud rumble, causing Kara and I to pause. The younger girl simply grinned at us, patting her midsection. “I like a good fight as much as the next girl, but first, I’d really want to get something to eat.” Laughing, the top-heavy hooter girl showed us to a table.

It didn’t take too long for our food to arrive, and as Sophie and I munched through a selection of chicken wings, I saw Kara make her way to the dark-skinned girl. They chatted about something for a few minutes, and I caught Rolonda sending surreptitious glances in our direction every now and then. I watched as her lips slowly curled into a grin, and the girl nodded at whatever Kara had said to her. While the place wasn’t packed, several tables had customers, and soon enough they had to part ways. Kara went to take a few orders, before walking back to our table. I leaned back slightly, feeling fairly confident about what she was going to say.

“OK, turns out you’re in luck. Rolonda’s finishing her shift in about ten minutes, and would love to take you on. Her exact words were ‘those jiggly udders looked so hot with Maria’s pointy jugs spearing them. I can’t wait to feel them flatten under mine’,” Kara grinned, and I couldn’t resist the temptation to roll my eyes at the unimaginative trash talk. “She also mentioned that her roommate Jacqueline would probably be interested in challenging Sophie. Tam and Rolonda have been showing her the ropes apparently, and Ro says she’s itching to test her tits on someone.” Sophie glanced at me, as if asking what I thought. “Is that the girl who hung out with Rolonda on the night I fought against Maria? The thick one?” I asked Kara to confirm my suspicions. The hooter girl nodded, and I smiled at Sophie. “I’d say go for it.”

Half an hour later, we were standing in Rolonda’s spacious living room. She and her friend Jacqueline lived in a small house near the restaurant, and as it turned out, the black hooter girl had been entirely correct with her assessment concerning her roommate’s eagerness to face Sophie. Jacqueline had been out with some of her friends, but had decided to turn in early so she wouldn’t miss the fight. As I compared the two dark-skinned women, one difference was immediately obvious; whereas Rolonda had a fairly skinny, muscular body, Jacqueline looked hefty. Her wide hips swayed seductively, leading to a big, well rounded ass and a pair of fleshy thighs. Jacqueline had a bit of a tummy, too, and I realized that for once, Sophie wasn’t the chubbiest girl in the room. That said, despite their lack of visible muscle tone, one couldn’t deny that both voluptuous girls looked pretty hot. Not as hot as Chrissy of course, but hey, who did?

I turned back to Rolonda, and noticed that her dark brown eyes were firmly on my body, drinking in every curve and bulge. I winked at her and, in quick succession, pulled off both my top and the intricate turquoise bra I wore underneath it. I felt my heavy tits bounce once, jiggling a bit as they came to rest. I stretched my neck a bit, waiting, and looked at the black girl with a what I hoped was a confident smile. Rolonda’s tits looked to be the same size as mine, but had seemingly somewhat less bounce. They sat fairly high on her chest as well, but it was hard to get a good look with her clothes still on. I suddenly realized I’d never seen Rolonda’s tits out in the open before, and hoped I hadn’t made a mistake. If her rack was anywhere near as good as Tamera’s, I’d be in big trouble.

The toned black girl finally stepped forward, removing her own snug t-shirt. Rolonda’s big, coffee-colored tits shook on her chest, but looked to be a bit firmer than mine. We both had full, round boobs of course, and neither’s chest sagged much. The black girl was maybe an inch or two shorter than I was, but my height advantage was much too small to make any real difference. I took a moment to marvel at the color contrast between our racks, and apparently so did everyone else. After we’d all gotten a good look, Rolonda and I strode forward, taking deep breaths to inflate our prominent chests even further.

“Your bra is going to look good on my wall, Red” the black girl taunted, looking self-assured. I gave her a crooked smile, shaking my head slightly. “Keep dreaming, hooter girl. My jugs are going to eat those chocolate orbs up.”

“Pfft, you’ll be eating them alright, but not with your tits,” Rolonda snorted, winking. I couldn’t cover up a small smile at the comeback, and playfully stuck out my tongue at her. “We’ll see about that. You’re going down.”

As Rolonda brought her dark, meaty orbs against mine, I looked down to see my skin tighten visibly, before starting to push in slightly. Even close up, there was virtually no size differential at all, and while my tits appeared to sag just a hint more than hers, mine might also have been slightly heavier. Who knows, it was hard to tell. The comparisons stopped as we both shoved forward at the same time.

I grunted quietly as I felt my meaty jugs strain against the opposing pair. They bent and shifted, but so did Rolonda’s. I rolled my teats on top, and grinned as I watched the brown orbs fold under my set. Both fleshy racks rippled and shook as we made our preliminary passes. Rolonda shifted her shoulders as I pushed my tits forward, and I realized she was trying to maneuver her set into a position where she could launch a shot into my tits.

Rolonda was definitely pretty fast, rearing back before I had time to do anything to stop her. I tried to press forward to keep our racks in close contact, but fell for the feint. She slammed hard, and speared my jugs solidly, striking them straight in the center. I groaned and watched Rolonda’s pretty face twist into a mean grin. I felt her tits burrow for a moment before she pulled back, and the black girl surprised me with another quick blow. Her left mammary pounded my right one from below, forcing it up, and Rolonda quickly pulled back to land a blow with her right teat. I groaned again as my left jug was pushed back. After my fight with Maria, the latina had told me that she’d flattened Rolonda, but clearly the black girl was quite a bit better than I’d been lead to believe.

Rather than pull back again, I tried to thrust forward. I felt our racks mash together, and slid my jugs on top of Rolonda’s, their dark flesh compressing a bit. Rolonda winced, but fought back. She started to bounce my set above hers, sending my tits into waves of fleshy ripples, before thrusting up. I felt my teats quiver as the black girl lifted them up with hers, my flesh stretching painfully, and I quickly took a step back. I heard Jacqueline’s whoop from the couch, and saw Rolonda’s smug grin widen.

“That’s right, white girl, run away. This black momma’s gonna pop your sacks with her awesome jugs,” she taunted, winking at her roommate.

I growled in response, cupping and massaging my boobs for a moment. They still felt as firm – or as soft, depending on how you looked at it – as before, but it looked like I was once again facing a slightly denser pair.

“I hope you like sucking tit, cause you’ll be spending the rest of the night on your knees,” Rolonda laughed. Her eyes were glued to my tits as she taunted me. Instead of a verbal reply, I stepped forward and pushed our tits together. With our hands at our sides, we both shoved in turns, her right against my left, and my right against her left. My pale flesh compressed up to a point, but didn’t seem to yield much more than Rolonda’s. As her jugs tried to dig in, they pushed my tits both out and up, while her boobs expanded down and out, mostly because I was slightly taller. I loved feeling her tits mold under mine, and as we pulled back, we both smirked, rubbing our boobs.

“Your tits are going to look just like Kara’s by the time I’m done with them,” Rolonda told me with a grunt, “Though I’ve gotta admit that they already fit in nicely with that hair of yours.” I looked down at my reddening teats and cursed, noting how well Rolonda’s dark complexion hid any damage that her own set may have sustained.

“Fuck you, I’m going to beat those black tits flat,” I told her, feeling a wave of anger and embarrassment wash over me. Rolonda grinned at my flushed face, and we stepped forward again. This time, we both abandoned grinding and shoving in favor of a more violent exchange. The first strikes were pretty moderate, but there was a definite clapping noise through the room as we met. I watched our breasts meld together, shifting and molding to the other until we pulled apart. I always enjoyed the erotic element of matching my tits with another woman, but in this case, I realized that I was extra motivated to take the arrogant black bitch down a peg.

With a loud yell, I sent my heavy tits crashing into the opposing pair. Rolonda’s groan was easily the most satisfying moment of the fight, and surprise registered on her face as the girl felt my dense flesh force hers to spill away. I took advantage of her stunned stillness, thrusting forward again to push Rolonda’s tits out. Her jugs ballooned visibly, but bounced back instantly after I pulled away. As I twisted to the left to send my tits across hers, the black girl recovered and shot her own boobs forward. I felt a bruising blow glance off my tits and winced.

Her blow interrupted my attack, and she was able to fire another shot into my boobs. I felt my own flesh indent and compress as she was able to land several battering strikes. I knew our tits were jiggling all over, and that Sophie would be enjoying the sight. Deciding that the brunette deserved a good show, I reared back for a slam of my own.

The blow that hit Rolonda physically forced her back, and I reached out to grab her shoulders. The black girl grunted as she tried to free herself from my grasp, and as she was wasting her effort on that, I landed a blow that sounded through the room with a mighty splat. I heard Jacqueline gasp as I sent an another blow into Rolonda’s chest. It hurt me, but Rolonda’s mouth was open. Sensing a quick victory, I lined up again.

Whether the move was born out of desperation or as part of an actual plan, Rolonda squatted down and then stepped forward and up, springing with her legs and sending her tits into the undersides of mine. I felt my flesh swing upward, flattening from the bottom and jiggling wildly on my chest as they settled from the strength of the blow. I let go of Rolonda’s shoulders and stepped back, shocked at the burning in my chest.

The black girl seemed to smell blood, and sprang forward swinging her tits wildly. Her left breast slammed into my left jug, sending a mass of flesh across my chest. I thrust back, but missed completely, leaving myself open for a shot that Rolonda quite gladly took. Her boobs slammed into mine with another wicked strike. I felt my tits flatten again, springing back to their shape. I knew I had to get another blow in, so I watched Rolonda’s shoulders. When she pulled back to strike, I pushed my chest forward as though I was going to slam forward. When I saw her strike coming, I moved to the left, and fired back to my right. Rolonda, off balance after the big miss, couldn’t react in time.

My right boob slammed into her right boob, sending it crashing against her chest. I forced my sore tit over her right boob and into her left, grinding away. We both grabbed each other for support and started slowly sliding our tits against each other. I felt my tits fold and bend, but pushed forward anyway. It was obvious that the blows we’d traded had tenderized our boobs a bit, and all four of us watched the mass of titflesh shake and wobble as Rolonda and I pushed each other back and forth, trying to grind away the other’s tits.

I felt Rolonda start to move almost in a circular motion, pushing my boobs up and down and to the right and left. Her teats dug into mine and I pushed back, thrusting at the center of hers. I could feel my boobs shift more and more as the hooter girl’s darker jugs tried to squeeze them flat, and realizing I was quickly losing ground, I tried to pull away.

Rolonda wouldn’t have any of it. She started to push my tits up and out, and when I tried to retaliate by pushing down, I felt my tits flatten from the bottom. Her black set forced my jugs to rise even further, before they slid down and fell with a wet smack. I groaned and watched in resignation as Rolonda lined us up. She pushed in, and though I did my best to push back, there was no contest. The sudden pain in my tits revealed to me that the game was over. Rolonda’s big, sweaty boobs burrowed into mine, and I could only stare as she licked her lips and began pushing my loose flesh boobs around. We all watched my udders bend and shift at the black girl’s whim.

Clearly not feeling particularly merciful, she gripped my shoulders and shoved forward. I stood still and moaned as my tits splashed around Rolonda’s, her boobs compressing only slightly as my mams folded around the better pair. Rolonda caught my eye, smirking as she forced my tits spill out, pushing until they had flattened almost completely. I let my hands fall from the girl’s shoulders and rested my head on her shoulder as Rolonda savored her victory.

“I’m gonna flatten your floppy tits now, Nikki,” she announced in a low, menacing voice. Knowing there was nothing I could do to stop her, I watched the last bits of resistance leave my wrecked boobs. Rolonda’s dark teats invaded mine, forcing the pale flesh out as more and more of her tits entered my beaten sacks. The ballooning flesh squished against my ribcage as Rolonda turned my full, round jugs into pancakes.

“Haha, awesome. I love jello,” the black hooter girl exclaimed, laughing. I moaned as I felt her firm orbs roaming around my loose teats, and let out a deep breath. “You win, Rolonda. Your stronger boobs squished mine.” She smirked at me, looking exceedingly smug. “Too fucking right. These beauties are the best there is,” the hooter girl boasted loudly, shaking them a bit and making my tenderized flesh wobble wildly.

Rolonda pulled away for a moment and brought her hands under her dense, round boobs. To my chagrin, they still looked good, and I stared as the black girl lifted them up slightly, an expectant look on her face. I knew there was no point in refusing, so I latched on, ensuring my lips had surrounded her areola and that my tongue was plying her thick nub as much as I could. Almost through a fog, I could hear Rolonda’s smug brawl.

“Yeah, suck that thick nipple. Show us how much you like my big, black tits.” I gasped as the hooter girl pulled her tit away and switched, letting me have my way with her other breast. I felt her cup my sore jugs and start to paw them, bouncing them a bit for our small audience’s entertainment. I heard myself moan into Rolonda’s meaty boobs, making the flesh jiggle slightly, and the black girl gave a long, shaky sigh.

“Holy fuck, this girl’s good. You can do my jugs anytime you want, just say the word,” she purred. “I might even consider keeping you around for that.”

I gurgled over her large breast, unable to respond properly, and tried to pull away. Rolonda reached up and gently forced my head back down, keeping my mouth glued to her coffee-colored teat. Wanting the punishment to be over quickly, I complied, continuing to suckle on her nipple. After a long while, Rolonda reached down and cupped my slightly hanging udders again. She brought both tits together gently, bumping them into each other. I could feel my flesh jiggle and shake, and there was a soft clapping sound as they sloshed across my chest. Obviously pleased with herself, the hooter girl finally withdrew her rack, and my lips detached from the black teat with a wet plop.

“Okay Red, you can keep licking my big, powerful boobs while I watch Jacqueline destroy your little friend,” Rolonda grunted, steering me to the couch with her. She squeezed my beaten jugs roughly, letting the soft flesh ooze from between her fingers. “Oh hell yeah, will you look at these,” she laughed aloud, “They’re like fucking Play-Doh!” I moaned from both pain and humiliation as Rolonda gleefully toyed with my sore mammaries, and hoped that some higher deity would come to flatten the black bitch’s jugs. I doubted anything short of that would shut her up. I’d initially thought our racks matched up pretty well, meeting each other more or less evenly, but Rolonda seemed to have an answer to my every move, and her boobs were definitely denser than they looked. Just how had Connie and Maria managed to beat her? Sighing, I tried to make myself as comfortable as I could given the circumstances, wincing whenever Rolonda groped me more harshly than usual.

I saw Sophie send me a worried look, and tried to smile at her reassuringly. She didn’t need to think about my plight when she had a fight of her own to concentrate on. Besides, this wasn’t the first time I’d lost, not by a mile. The black bitch was meaner than I’d expected, though, and I sincerely hoped her roommate Jacqueline wasn’t quite as spiteful. Or that Sophie would win, of course.

Rolonda strutted to her roommate, and the two whispered for a short moment. I saw that Sophie’s gaze was glued to Jacqueline’s ample bust, no doubt trying to cauge their exact size and density. I gave her a playful wink, and she shrugged, smiling. Rolonda appeared to be giving her roommate some last-minute advice, and we waited for a while. When they finally separated, Jacqueline looked good and ready, her round face a mask of eager determination. Her jaw was set, and I wondered if she was more experienced that Kara had let on. Rolonda’s friend didn’t seem at all nervous to me.

The thick and meaty black girl stepped forward, removing her top and peeling off her lacy bra, letting her full tits fall on her chest. As I took in the shaking titflesh, I estimated that she was a bit smaller up top than I was, and therefore about half a cup size smaller than Sophie. Jacqueline’s boobs hung lower than Sophie’s, too, and I was suddenly more eager to see the girls pair their tits against one another. Even though I didn’t get too see Rolonda on her knees, witnessing her friend’s set flatten ought to wipe that self-satisfied smirk off the black girl’s face.

Giving me a small smile, Sophie pulled her sweater over her head and flung her brassiere away. Her tits were noticeably bigger than Jacqueline’s dark brown udders, and their shape was more perky. I again found myself thinking how much they reminded me of Chrissy’s or Tiffany’s almost spherical teats. Sophie’s big jugs looked firm and dense, though they had enough natural sag to ensure that no one would suspect them to be fake. All in all, the school girl’s rack looked pretty damn spectacular, and her creamy skin contrasted well with Jacqueline’s dark caramel tone. As I admired their sets, Jacqueline and Sophie took a few careful steps towards one another, their chests jiggling enticingly.

“Ready to start?” the brunette asked, moving her hands to her hips. The black girl’s response took us both by surprise. With a low growl, Jacqueline charged, slamming her full breasts into Sophie’s stationary tits. The brunette groaned as her round breasts swelled from the impact, shimmying over her chest before they returned to their original shape. Because of the quickness of the contact, I couldn’t really tell whose set compressed more, but Sophie certainly took the brunt of the damage. Another vicious swipe from the black girl’s heavy tits displayed their density, and the brunette’s mammaries dented visibly.

Sophie did, however, manage to snap out of her shock and began to respond with tit-punches of her own. She intercepted the black girl’s next attack in mid-air, and I watched as Jacqueline’s jugs swung from left to right, then into each other, flattening against the sides of her own breasts. The school girl pushed her tits forward, trying to reach around and grab Jacqueline in a hug. I knew Sophie preferred grinding to boxing, and had to admit that with her firmness, it was usually a sound strategy. She’d held her own even against Chrissy’s dense, powerful orbs, and I had no doubt Jacqueline’s softer-looking boobs would respond well to that kind of approach. Unfortunately, the black girl seemed to have similar thoughts and quickly grabbed Sophie’s hands, preventing her from wrapping them around her back. It didn’t seem like this was Jacqueline’s first fight, but then again, Kara hadn’t really claimed she was completely green, either. She’d just said that the two black hooter girls had been coaching Jacqueline, which was no doubt true. So, deliberate misleading at best. Then again, I also had to admit that Sophie with her cute looks and big, round eyes probably looked far less dangerous than she actually was. Tit for tat, I thought, grinning.

Jacqueline swung her large breasts, connecting with her right onto Sophie’s right tit. The brown-haired girl’s globe shifted slightly, and Sophie winced. I wondered if Chrissy and I should’ve concentrated more on boob-slapping, as Sophie still seemed somewhat uncomfortable with it. Jacqueline swung again, hitting the younger girl’s left breast with considerable force. Jacqueline’s plentiful flesh ballooned under the pressure, but I could tell the blow had hurt Sophie. Cursing, she steeled her jaw and thrust forward, interrupting the black girl’s next swing.

The thrust sent her left breast into Jacqueline’s left tit, and in mid-stroke, the black girl’s right breast crashed into her left. Jacqueline grunted as she felt her own breast slam into her other jug, while Sophie’s boob was hitting it dead on. The young brunette swung from her wide hips, and I nearly applauded as she increased the effectiveness of her stroke. Jacqueline seemed to think it was effective, too, as she groaned, releasing Sophie’s hands. The brunette quickly seized the advantage, and finally succeeded in trapping Jacqueline in a tight bear hug. As Sophie closed her arms around the black girl’s fleshy frame, it was easy to see the advantage the school girl’s tits had in firmness; Jacqueline’s plump tits began to mushroom earlier than her opponent’s did, and the movement continued further into her rack. As I took their straining chests in, it actually looked like Sophie’s meaty tits were pushing into Jacqueline’s sacks with more and more pressure, forcing their way deeper and causing the dark flesh to push out to the sides.

“Oh, fuck,” Jacqueline groaned, her pretty face turning into a grimace as she no doubt felt her mammaries yielding to the opposing set.

“You go girl, grind those puppies out!” I cheered, admiring the brunette’s prowess. Sophie took my advice to heart and began swinging her torso back and forth, straining her legs to push Jacqueline’s tits up. Grunting, the black girl responded, swinging her own torso in an opposing rhythm. Still, each pass seemed to confirm that one of the pairs was dominant. When Jacqueline’s heavy jugs rode over the brunette’s rack, they did force the tops of Sophie’s creamy breasts to compress slightly, but otherwise it was the brunette’s firm, large set that pushed Jacqueline’s full teats around. Sophie, much more in her element now, speeded up the rhythm, still pushing in hard. Her dense jugs didn’t move as much as Jacqueline’s, but their red tint indicated that black girl’s breasts were having at least some kind of an effect on Sophie’s. That visual evidence may have also encouraged Rolonda’s roommate to keep going despite her apparent disadvantage in firmness, and neither girl was trying to pull away. Both had their fleshy arms wrapped around the other’s back, staring down at their racks and rolling their wide hips as they ground on. If anything, they seemed to be picking up speed and increasing the force with which they shoved their ample racks together.

Jacqueline looked up from their sweaty bosoms for a moment, grunting softly. “Come on white girl, bring it. Or is that all you’ve got?” she asked in a strained voice. The brunette groaned as she felt her opponent’s dark jugs roll over hers, displacing their flesh for a moment, but stared back evenly. “Don’t worry, I’m just getting started.”

Sophie and Jacqueline met the other’s thrusts willingly, almost eagerly. One woman would twist her hip, thrusting her torso and the other woman would meet it, their breasts slamming together at their points. Sophie had a small but confident smile on her lips, and the black girl’s face was slowly starting to fall. Despite her best efforts, Sophie’s breasts were still maintaining their impressive shape well, while Jacqueline’s full tits molded around Sophie’s more and more noticeably. Groaning, the black girl used her thick body and wide hips to gather more power behind her strikes. She was sweating noticeably, but by putting all her weight behind her breast-shoves, she was forcing Sophie to take an occasional half-step back before she could reposition her feet.

Both girls were breathing hard, but Jacqueline began wincing more and more with each pass. She still wouldn’t give up, though, and hopped slightly, landing her heavy jugs on top of Sophie’s larger boobs. The school girl gasped in surprise, but quickly pulled back and shoved her rack into the black girl’s meaty chest, this time meeting them head on. Jacqueline moaned as Sophie kept thrusting forward, sliding her tits back and forth.

The black girl’s hands fell to her sides and she let out a guttural groan, apparently in pain from the vicious strike and constant grinding. Sophie pushed in once more, her flesh burrowing into Jacqueline’s softer jugs. It was obvious to me that the brunette’s firm teats were taking up more and more space between their chests, and I watched as Sophie started pulling back and slamming forward. Jacqueline tried to meet the thrusts, but her ample breasts were pushed back at the point of contact, ballooning out before Sophie pulled back. Sophie’s tits held firm, and her face was growing more confident with each strike.

Jacqueline tried a last ditch thrust or two, slamming her tits into Sophie’s, and while the younger girl stepped back, it was pretty easy to see what had happened. Jacqueline’s tits flattened against Sophie’s on the first powerful blow, and as Sophie responded and met Jacqueline’s next blow, the latter’s flesh splashed even further back, pancaking against her chest.

Sophie had a good instinct for titfighting, I realized, as she grabbed Jacqueline and held her close, keeping the black girl’s flattened tits between them. She began grinding against Jacqueline, who at that point started to moan, but had not yet surrendered. The black girl’s hands slowly cupped Sophie’s round butt, and Jacqueline slowly twisted until her tits were laying atop Sophie’s. Sophie shifted a bit as she felt Jacqueline’s maneuver, waiting until the black girl was finished before thrusting up. Her breasts pushed Jacqueline’s up and outward as the limp flesh drooped to the side, yielding to Sophie’s denser, better tits.

“Oh fuck, I give, I give!” Jacqueline cried out as her tits flopped aside during a particularly strong grind from the brunette. Sophie carefully pulled away, watching Jacqueline’s tender jugs slowly flow towards the center. They hung, loose and soft on her chest as Sophie gently pushed, obviously enjoying the view of her tits moving Jacqueline’s around.

“Good match,” Sophie said, smirking as she looked up at her opponent’s face, “But did you really think your soft titties could beat these?” she asked, bouncing her larger, still firm-looking boobs. Jacqueline said nothing as she pulled away, cupping her breasts and massaging them gently.

“Shit, you flattened my boobs,” she grumbled, looking at her loose flesh in astonishment. Sophie snorted, grinning at Rolonda.

“Damn, your friend sure has a good eye. Too bad her tits aren’t on par with her skills of observation,” the brunette giggled, and I couldn’t help but to laugh with her. The black girls didn’t look at all amused, though, and Rolonda quickly made her way to her roommate, wrapping the thick ebony woman into a careful hug.

“Fuck you, white girl,” the hooter girl hissed as she rubbed Jacqueline’s back. “You better watch that mouth, unless you want me to crush your saggy tits like I did your girlfriend’s.” Sophie looked taken aback at Rolonda’s venomous voice, but stood her ground.

“What’s your problem? I won, so I get to snub her a bit. And besides, she hasn’t even sucked my tits yet,” the brunette pointed out, looking a bit annoyed. Rolonda looked even more cross, though, and let go of her roommate to face the school girl.

“I thought I told you to shut it,” she snapped. “Jacqueline ain’t gonna be sucking no white tit tonight if I have anything to say about it. You can leave your floppy-titted girl here and fuck off, I’ll send her back in the morning. If there’s anything left of her, that is,” I felt my eyes widen in surprise, and Sophie’s jaw dropped. I was pretty sure Rolonda was just trying to act tough and get Jacqueline off the hook, but doubted the brunette had realized that.

“What? We didn’t agree to that!” she exclaimed. “I beat your roommate fair and square, so she owes me. And Nikki’s already paid her stakes!” The stocky school girl crossed her arms on top of her large rack, glaring at Rolonda. She would’ve looked more intimidating if the wasn’t so cute and short.

The black girl raised an eyebrow and glanced at me. “This girl serious? She thinks she can boss me around?” Rolonda laughed, shaking her head in incredulity. “Fine, have it your way. I’ll crush your precious boobs too, so you can both stay.”

Sophie looked surprised, but her eyes were determined and she nodded slowly. “OK. You’re going to regret pissing me off,” she growled, cupping her sizable boobs and jostling them gently. “Let’s see what you’ve got.”

Neither girls’ tits really seemed to have been affected by their previous fight. Sophie’s jugs looked just as firm and full as before, and while the normally creamy skin tone was now closer to pink, they sat impressively high on the brunette’s chest. Rolonda’s boobs, which for obvious reasons didn’t appear to have suffered any visible discoloration, also maintained their usual round shape. Still, to my great satisfaction, it did look like the black girl’s mammaries had slightly more visible sag than Sophie’s almost perfect globes. The brunette was also just a hint bigger, as Rolonda and I were pretty much exactly the same size. I’m not sure if the black girl noticed her disadvantage in the visual comparison, but if she did, she hid it well. She regarded her opponent with a condescending smile, stretching her back lazily.

“Oh, this is gonna be so much fun. A lamb to the slaughter, if I ever saw one!” Rolonda laughed, causing Sophie to narrow her eyes and take a step forward. The black girl of course noticed, and gave her a mocking sneer. “Face it, little girl, you’ve got zero chance against my perfect titties.”

Sophie huffed in reply, rolling her eyes. “Just how does a saggy bitch like you get so full of herself? Those soft sacks don’t look like anything special, and I bet they’ll look even worse after I’ve flattened them with mine,” she growled, impressing me – and the other two girls, it seemed – with her confidence. Rolonda smirked at her, but nodded approvingly, a small smile still playing on her lips.

“Not bad, for a school girl. I think I’m gonna enjoy crushing your cute, fat tits,” she laughed and turned to her roommate, who was still nursing her tenderized jugs. “Watch closely, Jackie. I’ll dedicate this beatdown to you,” Rolonda called, cocky as ever.

Sophie stood with her hands on her hips, appearing to wait for the black hooter girl to make the first move. As the girls started to slowly circle one another, I took in their general physiques. While the brunette’s tits appeared to be firmer than Rolonda’s, the rest of her body was thick and round, full of soft, luxurious curves. She wasn’t jiggly or fat, though, and her sturdy frame seemed surprisingly solid. Rolonda’s sleeker build on the other hand looked quite muscular, and the black girl had at least a couple of inches on her opponent.

Almost simultaneously, both girls lunged at each other. The collision was so quick that I couldn’t really tell which set of boobs yielded to the other, but both let out a loud grunt. Their large sets bounced off each other, and the girls stopped to look at their opponent’s chest for a moment before stepping forward for another impact. I watched closely as Sophie’s creamy and Rolonda’s coffee-colored boobs careened toward each other. This time the blow was slightly slower and the rebound less noticeable, and though it wasn’t by much, it seemed to me that Sophie’s dense tits held their shape just a bit better than Rolonda’s.

Sophie jabbed her left tit into Rolonda’s right, making the slightly softer-looking jug wobble and shake. Rolonda grunted and pushed her tits forward so that their racks smashed together, and prevented the brunette from following through with another punch. Again, the black girl’s teats appeared to displace a hint more than Sophie’s, and I noticed a frown appear on her previously confident face. She tried to shove her rack into the opposing titflesh, and though the move did cause Sophie’s creamy orbs to balloon out to the sides, Rolonda’s own teats also compressed further. Leaning forward, I watched as the hooter girl’s tits were distorted in shape, and realized that while the brunette’s jugs gave some, there was more pale than dark flesh visible.

“Fuck yeah, Soph! Crush those ugly, brown sacks!” I yelled in encouragement. It was becoming obvious to everyone that the school girl had a serious rack, and as I looked at Rolonda, she seemed to be quite unpleasantly surprised. With a snarl, the black girl began pushing and pulling her tits around, trying to gain more purchase for her jugs. Sophie responded in kind, and soon both sets were juggling for position. Chrissy and I had been giving the brunette boob grinding lessons for about a week now, and as I watched Sophie and Rolonda struggle, they appeared to be paying off.

I couldn’t see either girl gaining the upper hand, and while they fought in a tight embrace, grunting in unison, a shiny layer of sweat started to appear on their skin. After a while, Sophie began to try to stab her boobs into Rolonda’s dark pair. She was awarded with a soft groan as the black girl felt her mammaries push in slightly, but the brunette didn’t have time to think of a taunt before her opponent managed to lift her large boobs on top. Rolonda had decided to make good use of her height advantage, and was now forcing the stocky brunette to support both pairs of heavy teats. I could see the strain on Sophie’s face as the black girl tried to grind her globes from above, compressing them visibly and making the brunette grit her teeth while she glanced down at their glistening chests.

“Yeah, take a good look. That’s a pair of big, powerful tits,” Rolonda boasted, smirking as she no doubt felt the younger girl’s large boobs yielding to hers. “They’re about to squeeze you flat.”

I felt my breath hitch for a moment, but forced myself to calm down. We’d covered this situation in our sparring matches pretty comprehensively. Given how tall I was compared to Sophie, she’d been in this position quite a few times, and learned exactly what to do. The young girl shoved her firm rack up forcefully, and, straining her back and thick, strong legs, lifted Rolonda’s sweaty mammaries towards the hooter girl’s dismayed face. Jacqueline, who’d been chanting Rolonda’s name, stopped suddenly and let out a small gasp.

“What’s the matter, bitches? Can’t either of you handle a cute little school girl?” I taunted them with a grin, taking cue from Sophie’s words just before our own match at Corey’s. I’d beaten the brunette then, but to be completely honest, only thanks to my lead in experience. As far as our tits went, she had me outgunned. Under any other circumstances that thought would’ve annoyed me, but right now, I took great enjoyment in the pained, shocked look on Rolonda’s face as she felt her dark flesh stretch and expand upwards.

Cursing, she attempted to force their jugs down, but seemed to have little success doing that. Finally, getting frustrated, the black girl brought her toned arms to push her opponent away. Sophie grunted at the sudden move, taking a step back, and we watched Rolonda’s coffee-colored breasts drop down with a soft thud. They wobbled for a moment before the hooter girl cupped them in her hands, kneading her round boobs softly. Satisfied that there was no serious damage to the tissue, she looked up. Rolonda’s face was furious, her nostrils flaring dangerously and her eyes boring holes into Sophie.

“Okay, that settles it, white bitch. I’m gonna fuck those fat udders up. I’m gonna beat them to mush,” she growled “And there’ll no point in running home to cry to mama, ’cause even she won’t recognize you after this!” With that final roar, Rolonda charged forward, the brunette taking an instinctive step backwards as she braced for the attack.

I’d rarely seen someone get so enraged during a titfight, and couldn’t help but to flinch as Rolonda’s dark teats crashed into Sophie’s creamy pair. As firm as the brunette was, the force was enough to cause her big orbs to splash out, the dense flesh pushing to the sides as Rolonda’s heavy jugs slammed in hard. Both women groaned loudly, but whereas Sophie looked stunned, the black girl paused to recuperate only for a second or two. Hissing obscenities, Rolonda began to swing her shoulders from side to side, slapping their boobs together in a frenzied rhythm. Sophie cried out as her large, obviously reddening rack bounced and shook with each blow, but soon started to fight back. Even so, I realized she was in trouble, and doubted she’d be able to match Rolonda’s aggression or speed. She was doing her best avoid the beating that the black girl was putting out, staying mostly on the defensive.

Rolanda gasped when Sophie scored a direct hit into the underside of the black girl’s rack, but didn’t slow down the assault. Loud slapping sounds echoed from the walls, and both racks had to be hurting by now. Rolanda was attacking with wild abandon, not seeming to care that she was also causing considerable damage to her own boobs. Each girl groaned as they used their ample chests as punching bags, and I wondered, given the brunette’s inexperience and previous aversion to pain, if Rolonda would be able to simply pound the younger girl into submission. I wasn’t the only one.

“Yeah! Pound those pasty tits flat, Ro!” Jacqueline whooped, cheering her friend on. I watched in major concern as Sophie’s face showed more and more discomfort, but couldn’t see any definite change in her boobs. Both sets shook wildly as the girls traded blows, but that was only to be expected. Though Sophie’s barely noticeable size advantage may have helped her some, overall, the boob-boxing seemed to favor Rolonda. The ebony girl still looked furious, but the considerable effort that went into maintaining the assault had taken its toll on her stamina, and she was slowly running out of steam.

“She’s getting tired, Soph, just hang on!” I yelled, hoping I was right. “Your tits are better than hers, and she knows it!”

I wasn’t sure how much attention the brunette had been paying to me, but whether it was due to my encouragement or because of something else, the school girl leaned in and grabbed Rolonda’s shoulders. Before the hooter girl had time to react, Sophie slid her arms a bit lower and caught her opponent’s upper arms in a tight hold. Her mobility now severely limited, Rolonda grunted and tried to wiggle free.

Sophie grinned and began to slam her firm rack into the opposing teats, their heavy breasts meeting straight on. Her blows created large ripples of titflesh across both sets, though the effect was more pronounced on the dark than the light one, and Rolonda cursed. The black girl tried to respond with quick jabs of her own, but seemed to realize that her own blows weren’t quite as effective. The school girl’s small lead in both mass and firmness was beginning to show, and I watched as Sophie’s large, round tits sent Rolonda’s dark mammaries waving on her chest.

The aggressive black hooter girl still continued to fight back, landing several good hits. But even as Sophie’s jugs took the blows, I noticed they shook a bit less than her opponent’s. The discomfort was equal on both girls’ faces, though, and I wasn’t ready to call it just yet. The brunette was more confident, however.

“Can’t keep up, huh?” Sophie panted between jabs, a strained smile playing on her lips. “I can feel those big, fat udders opening up to my better boobs. You’ll have the honor of being my first hooter girl,” the brunette continued with a snarl, and I couldn’t help but to grin. Chrissy and I had created a monster!

Rolonda’s eyes flashed at the school girl’s taunt, but her reply was drowned out by a gurgle as Sophie pushed forward, landing a violent blow against her tits. The round, dark brown orbs dented severely, and for a moment, it looked like the stocky girl had actually speared them with her own firm teats. Rolonda did manage to shift her boobs upwards slightly, their dark flesh regaining some of their usual shape, but her set was still giving up far more real estate than Sophie’s. The brunette leaned back, bringing their prominent chests tip-to-tip again, and shoved her left teat into Rolanda’s right one. Sophie repeated her maneuver in mirror image, and soon got a feel for the desired location. She began to thrust her jugs into the meaty core of the black girl’s rack, battering the dense breast tissue in an obviously painful fashion. Rolonda squirmed as her discomfort grew and tried to pull away, but Sophie had managed to wrap her fleshy arms around the black girl’s toned back, holding her close. I could see the look of sheer disbelief on Rolonda’s face as she realized that Sophie’s tits were starting to overwhelm her own.

“It’s time to accept it, Ro. You just lost to a school girl,” the brunette whispered softly. Rolonda groaned and closed her eyes for a moment, but was clearly too stubborn to quit.

“I know you can it feel it, too. My meaty boobs pushing into yours, slowly massaging their soft flesh away,” Sophie whispered, staring straight into her opponent’s dark eyes. It was’t her usual, friendly gaze, but a much more intense, dominating look. Sophie’s big, round grey eyes tended to make her appear even younger than she really was, but right now, the only thing they radiated was power and intimidation. Rolonda swallowed, unable to hold her gaze for long, and looked down to see her boobs beginning to welcome the brunette’s powerful breasts. The black hooter girl gasped as her flesh pushed further and further out, billowing away from the invading pair.

“Fuck, that feels awesome,” Sophie sighed, “Like soft pillows caressing my firm boobs. Almost makes me want this to last forever,” she said softly, licking her lips and leaning back slightly as she admired the sight. I saw a look of relief cross Rolonda’s face, but knew that it was premature. Sophie had wrapped her arms around the slender, toned midriff of her opponent, and was still keeping her close. I saw the young brunette shift slightly, their tits wobbling a bit as she found what I was sure she thought to be the most comfortable position. The only sense of movement I saw from my vantage point was the gentle flexing of Sophie’s shoulders, and I knew that she was grinding her orbs against Rolonda’s.

“Shit,” Rolonda moaned. She tried pushing away, but Sophie shook her head slightly, smiling, and tightened her grip. As they shifted, I could see the brunette’s round jugs pushing Rolonda’s black teats around on her chest.

“Finally had enough?” Sophie asked. Rolonda shook her head, and tried to grind back. Sophie grunted in surprise, her smug smile faltering for a second as she felt the opposing flesh resist her jugs. “Oh, seriously? You really don’t know when to give up, do you, hooter bitch?” she hissed. Jacqueline and I stared silently as they ground their torsos together, each girl’s breasts shifting deliciously. But it was clear that one pair had taken the beating much more severely. Rolonda’s lips were trembling, and I suspected the only thing that still kept the girl fighting was her pride. And that, too, was about to be broken any minute now, just like her tits.

My assumption was made fact when I saw Rolonda’s grip on Sophie’s back loosen. I watched the black girl’s arms slide down, her hands resting comfortably on the first smooth curve of the brunette’s meaty ass. Rolonda’s hands went limp as she groaned, and she quietly breathed out her surrender. My guess was that she was too embarrassed to say it any louder.

Sophie didn’t seem to mind, however, and slowly pulled away. The school girl had pretty much obliterated Rolonda’s big, coffee-colored jugs, while her own orbs still stood reasonably firm and round on her chest, red but unyielding. Sophie looked down, slowly, almost as if savoring the moment. With a satisfied grin, she pushed forward gently, thrusting her full teats into Rolonda’s beaten pair. They pushed in immediately, molding around Sophie’s rack with surprisingly little resistance. Rolonda wailed as her tits broke down, but was unable to look away. Sophie held the hooter girl in place, her face in an uncharacteristically vicious smile.

“Not so tough now, are you?” the brunette said softly. “I hope you’ve learned your lesson, Ro. Who’s got the best tits?”

Rolonda sniffed, gathering herself for a moment before taking a deep breath. “You do. Your big, firm tits flattened my weak pair. They’re much better than mine,” she said, her voice cracking. “Just stop crushing my boobs, I give,” Rolonda groaned weakly, and I saw her toned shoulders slump. She was a far cry from the proud and confident ebony beauty I was used to, and seemed to be struggling to accept what had just happened. Sophie nodded, appearing satisfied, and released Rolonda. She let the black girl collect her thoughts and turned towards me, a wide smile on her face. I immediately jumped up, running to hug the brunette.

“That was amazing, Soph!” I cheered, feeling my sore tits spill around hers but not really caring about that at the moment. “You fucking flattened that arrogant bitch! I love you!” We both laughed and held each other, all the nervousness and excitement finally getting its release. Sophie had won, and I was free. And perhaps even more importantly, the black hooter girl had been humbled. Big time.

As if having read my thoughts, the brunette pulled away and glanced over her shoulder. “Sorry Nikki, but I believe there’s still some unfinished business to take care of,” Sophie said loudly, licking her lips. She sauntered back to Rolonda, who was being consoled by her roommate Jacqueline, both girls’ beaten jugs hanging down. I idly wondered what the darker patches on their racks would’ve looked like if the girls were white, but soon brought my attention back to the young brunette. She was lifting her right jug, and holding it up for Rolonda.

“Wanna show your friend how it’s done?”

Rolonda seemed to hesitate for a second, but slowly lowered her head, leaning closer and wrapping her lips around the victor’s puffy, pink nipple. Judging from Sophie’s reaction, it wasn’t the first time the black girl had to suck someone’s tit. Despite not looking too happy about it, Rolonda took paying her own debt seriously and worshipped the brunette’s gorgeous boobs demurely. Sophie groaned, caressing the hooter girl’s dark, tender mammaries while Rolonda devoured her superior teats. I smiled as loud smacking sounds filled the suddenly otherwise silent room, and felt my shoulders relax. It was over. We’d won. And now, the victors would have their spoils.

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