A Tribute to Best Friend’s Sister – Part 9 by Augur

Rubbing Her the Right Way

To say that Chrissy had been pleased to hear what happened at Rolonda’s would be an understatement. When Nikki and Sophie had returned from their extended shopping trip in the evening, they’d found the muscular blonde stretching in the living room. Noticing Chrissy’s raised eyebrows at their mussed appearances, the girls had proceeded to fill her in on their latest adventure, namely the destruction of Rolonda and her roommate at the hands – no, tits – of Sophie.

The blonde had had no problem recalling who the hooter girl in question was; the morning after her narrow but humiliating loss to Tamera, Chrissy had found Rolonda in bed with her now very much ex-boyfriend. She’d suffered two huge blows to her ego that night, first by getting her previously untamed breasts flattened for the first time, and then by losing a guy to some black whore from the ghetto. The blonde had been absolutely crushed, and it’d taken several weeks to gather the courage to face another woman again. The night she finally did, incidentally, had been the same night she got together with Nikki. It’d started a new chapter in Chrissy’s life for sure, and as far as the blonde herself was concerned, a better one. Chrissy had since come to realize just how much of an arrogant bitch she’d been before, and what kind of an emotional connection and friendship she’d been missing out on. Still, it felt incredibly fulfilling to know that the black hooter slut who’d fucked her muscle-jock boyfriend was now just another notch in Sophie’s belt. If only she could’ve seen the skank’s saggy, beaten boobs pancake herself…

The brunette had certainly gotten a taste of Chrissy’s appreciation later that night. Several times. In numerous positions. And by the time the fitness blonde had finally gotten too exhausted to continue rewarding the young champion for her achievement, Sophie’d been reduced to a quivering mess of a well-fucked school girl. The red-headed tennis player Nikki, who’d mostly just watched as Chrissy fucked the curvy brunette’s brains out, had at moments looked almost jealous, but quickly dispelled those negative thoughts with some frantic self-pleasuring. And to be fair, it wasn’t like she hadn’t enjoyed the blonde’s attentions herself before. Nikki’s last, animalistic moans had caused Sophie to whimper as her spent pussy continued to spasm erratically, the barely conscious girl quite clearly overwhelmed by the sheer amount of pleasure she’d had to endure. Poor thing. All three had eventually drifted off to sleep, snuggling together in one sweaty heap of toned limbs and soft curves.

The following week kept each girl rather busy, and it was already Thursday when Sophie had the time to visit her friends (with benefits) again. Nikki had asked the brunette if she’d like to fight the pretty raven-haired girl from the lingerie shop, Sarah, who apparently wanted to see and feel Sophie’s big, round jugs for herself. The cute school girl’s self-esteem had been greatly boosted by her victory over Rolonda’s dark teats, and she’d immediately jumped at the chance to flatten another pair of firm tits. Nikki had of course given her some pointers, and adviced Sophie not to get caught in a grinding competition.

“I know how much you like to hug and rub my boobs out, but it probably won’t work on Sarah. She’s got some seriously tight tits,” the redhead explained with a thoughtful look on her face. Chrissy, who was eating a bowl of salad while she strutted over to them, nodded. “Nikki’s right. Never underestimate someone just because they’re smaller up top. I learned that when I fought against Emma, who’s also really firm. I won, but she gave me a lot of trouble. And you saw what happened to Gloria at Corey’s…” the toned blonde grimaced before shoving another mouthful of chicken salad into her mouth. Sophie bit on her plump lip gently, remembering how the slender redhead had speared Gloria’s big, round tits with her small but perky set. It’d been a close match, but to everyone’s surprise, the hostess had eventually managed to wear down the blonde’s larger mammaries. The brunette swallowed.

Nikki, noticing Sophie’s concern, wrapped her arm around the younger girl. “Hey, no need to look so worried! We just don’t want you to take her too lightly. Sarah did beat me, but let’s face it; my boobs aren’t as firm as yours,” the redhead sighed, giving the brunette’s full teat a quick squeeze through the shirt. Sophie grunted as Nikki groped her rack, and Chrissy guffawed at the redhead’s familiar antics. Luckily, she no longer had any food in her mouth. “I hope my horny girlfriend and her wandering hands aren’t bothering you, Soph?” the fitness girl grinned, leaning forward to place the emply bowl on a table. In doing so, the blonde also gave the other two girls an eyeful of of her huge, inviting cleavage. “‘Cause if she is, just say the word and I’ll put her back in line,” Chrissy continued, her smile widening as she noticed their slightly vacant looks. “Oh come on, like you haven’t seen them before?” the blonde laughed, plopping down on the couch next to Sophie and cupping her other boob. “Mmm, I’m going to have to agree with Nikki, though. These beauties are definitely a lot harder than her soft pillows,” Chrissy whispered into the eighteen-year-old’s ear while kneading her firm flesh, and earned a low moan for her troubles. The redhead pouted, but didn’t protest her lover’s choice of words.

“Don’t take it too hard, Nikki,” the blonde cooed. “I still like yours, too. They’re great for entertainment,” she winked, laughing as Nikki stuck her tongue out. They all remembered how much the fitness girl loved playing with the redhead’s bouncy jugs. Even Sophie had to giggle, though she shook her head at the two.

“Seriously Chrissy, Nikki’s boobs aren’t that much softer than ours,” she intervened, feeling a bit bad for the redhead. “They’re big, and firmer than most. It’s hardly her fault we have such epic racks,” she finished, smirking coyly at the blonde, and causing all three to chuckle again. “See what I mean, Chrissy?” Nikki whined in a mock groan, “A couple of wins and she’d already getting intolerable.” Chrissy’s response was an exaggerated shrug. “Oh, I don’t know… she does have a point about my rack…” she replied lightly, flicking her blonde mane back and simultaneously thrusting her prominent chest out. The other two snickered at her for a moment, but the conversation slowly flowed to other topics. Just as Sophie got up to change her clothes for the upcoming match, Nikki turned to her girlfriend.

“Um, Chrissy? There’s something I forgot to speak with you about. Or well, I forgot to relay a request, more like,” the redhead mumbled, biting her lip nervously. The blonde looked at her curiously, leaning back to let the brunette pass her. “What? Wait, don’t tell me, I want to guess: one of your fans wants to know if they can borrow you?” Chrissy smirked, waggling her eyebrows as she feigned a thoughtful look. “Is she hot? And can I watch?” Nikki shook her head in amusement, and the blonde let out a mock gasp. “If it’s a guy, he’d better be seriously good-looking!”

Both could hear Sophie snort from the other room, and Nikki punched her lover’s arm playfully. “No, you idiot! It’s girl,” she replied with a grin, and seeing Chrissy’s surprised look, started to laugh aloud. The redhead was pretty sure that this time, the emotion wasn’t faked. “Be careful with who you try to tease, Blondie,” she guffawed, “‘Cause I’m a pro. Besides, it’s not me she wants to borrow, it’s you. Or at least your tits,” Nikki explained, cupping the muscle girl’s huge jugs gently. “I met Emma at the campus earlier, and we had lunch. She asked me if you’d be willing to… help her out with something.”

Chrissy pursed her lips for a moment, before shrugging. “Emma? Sure, I might be. What’s it about?” The tennis player gave her an apologetic look, wringing her hands a bit. “Ahh, how should I go about this… You remember I was at her parents’ place some weeks ago?” She waited for the blonde to nod, and took a deep breath. “Well, as you know, Loni flattened Darla’s tits pretty badly. And I hear the stakes were even worse. So Emma wants some revenge. Now, she could fight Loni herself, but she’s not all that confident she’d win… and Emma’s definitely not eager to find out what happens if she doesn’t…”

Chrissy’s eyes had turned hard, making the redhead pause. “So she’d like me to take out Loni’s jugs instead? Seriously? She’s expecting me to help her dyke of a sister out? After everything that’s happened!?!” the blonde growled, shaking her head. “No fucking way. Emma can ask Darla’s saggy hooter slave for all I care, I’m not doing shit for them.” Nikki nodded quickly, wrapping her arm around the blonde’s well-muscled shoulder. “Fair enough. I told her you’d say something like that, but she wanted me to try anyway. As a favor to her, not Darla or Kara.” At Chrissy’s huff, she relented. “Yeah, I know. I promised her I’d ask. You’re pretty much the only friend she has who’s got a good chance against Loni. I doubt these would be enough for the job.” Nikki murmured, bouncing her heavy boobs to distract the annoyed blonde. It worked well, too, and her hands were soon joined by Chrissy’s. The girls leaned closer for a small impromptu make-out session, which grew more and more heated.

It was only Sophie’s return (and loud catcalls) that brought the two lovers back to Earth. Both were panting heavily, their faces flushed and tops somewhat crumpled. The school girl could see that Chrissy’s right hand had made its way to the redhead’s crotch, though she withdrew it quickly. “Oh, don’t mind me! Su casa es su casa and all that…” the young brunette grinned, plopping down next to Nikki. Sophie’d changed into a white tank top and a pair of bright red shorts, and judging by the way her large, firm breasts bounced, she hadn’t bothered with a bra. Nikki smiled at her, gazing down into the enticing cleavage on display before pulling the brunette’s lips to hers and giving Sophie a good, long kiss. Soon enough, Chrissy started clearing her throat and pushed them apart. “Whoa, Nikki, you got a secret deal with Sarah or something? Don’t get the girl worked up right before her match!” the blonde smirked, laughing at Sophie’s dreamy look. “See? We’ll be lucky if she lasts for five minutes with that kind of concentration.” The tennis player snorted at that, but scooted towards Chrissy’s side of the couch anyway.

About half an hour later, the trio heard the door bell ring. Nikki had arranged for the match to take place at her and Chrissy’s small but cozy apartment, and they’d cleared a space in the middle of the living room, complete with the blonde’s training mats. The tennis player jogged to get the door, making her jugs bounce a bit more than necessary. Chrissy had no doubt the small show was intentional, but couldn’t really bring herself to complain. While Nikki’s sizable boobs had slightly more sag and jiggle than hers, she still had a great rack. Sophie seemed to admire the redhead’s shaking titflesh as well, but unlike Chrissy, managed to get up just in time to see the door open.

After a quick greeting, Sarah stepped in, her black hair bouncing around her attractive face. She was fairly slender, and obviously took care of herself. Sarah wasn’t toned like Nikki or Chrissy, but looked fit enough. As Sophie let her eyes follow the girl’s lean form from the shoulders down to her hips and jeans-clad legs, the brunette realized that she wasn’t that much shorter than Sarah. Sarah was wearing a somewhat conservative outfit, though her dark t-shirt was snug enough to highlight her round, firm tits nicely. The fabric was also just tight enough to reveal the slightest outlines of her nipples, signalling a lack of a bra. Not that she needed any, of course. As Nikki led Sarah over to Sophie and Chrissy, the girl flashed them both a wide smile.

“Hi! I don’t think we’ve been introduced,” the slender girl said, giving Chrissy a good, long once-over. “Because if we had, I’m pretty sure I would’ve remembered,” she added with a meaningful grin, her eyes still on the blonde’s massive rack. Chrissy snorted, offering her hand with a wry smile.

“Yeah, I haven’t gotten around to visiting your store yet. I’m Chrissy, Nikki’s regular fuckbuddy. But you probably knew that already?” The black-haired girl laughed, nodding, and gave the tennis player a quick glance.

“Yup, you could say the word’s gotten around. These circles aren’t that big. Plus I happen to work in the same place as Tiffany…” she grinned guiltily before shaking hands with the blonde. “She said you really put her tits through the wringer, though given your size, I guess that’s not much of a surprise.”

Chrissy simply shrugged, prompting Nikki to nudge her teasingly. “I think Chrissy’s mostly surprised that she lost. She’s one of the best, and has gotten used to flattening pretty much any opponent.” Smiling knowingly, Sarah nodded.

“That’s what Tiff said, too. And apparently she wasn’t far off from suffering the same fate herself.”

The blonde waved them both off, shaking her head. “Yeah, sure, it was close. Who knows, I might get her next time. But whatever the result, that girl has some incredibly strong tits. They’ve probably beaten more sets than mine, and that’s saying something!”

All four young women laughed at Chrissy’s mock-boastful smirk for a moment, before Nikki began to steer Sophie and Sarah towards the mat. “OK, I think that’s enough of her for one night. As much as I like hearing about Tittyful Tiffany and her awesome knockers, we’re here to see a live fight.”

“Aww, don’t be like that, Nikki!” Sarah cooed, “We’ve all had our boobs crushed by her. There’s no need to be cranky about it.”

Chrissy guffawed, but then seemed to think of something. “Wait a minute, that’s not exactly true. Sophie hasn’t even met Miss Tits yet. But as for the three of us, yeah, I guess you’re right. Damn. Tiffany really HAS flattened pretty much every girl in town,” the blonde mumbled, smirking at Nikki. “If she was facing anyone else at their upcoming tournament, I’d be cheering for Hooters. At least that Michelle girl took her down a peg.”

“I’d say more than just a peg,” Sarah grimaced, not looking quite as pleased. “You probably haven’t heard about Gloria?”

After a few more minutes of small-talk and gossiping, Sophie and Sarah finally took their positions on the mat. Nikki and Chrissy plopped down onto the couch, sharing a quick smile before focusing their attention on the two young girls in front of them.

Sarah lifted her shirt without ceremony, peeling it off, and revealing her perky tits to the trio. The black-haired girl sighed seductively as she cupped those exceedingly firm-looking globes, her gaze moving to Sophie’s slightly flushed, anxious face. Nikki could see from the corner of her eye Chrissy’s impressed nod, and couldn’t help but to agree. Sarah’s perky boobs were even nicer than she’d remembered. The redhead also knew from personal experience that they felt every bit as dense as they seemed.

Her eyes still glued to Sarah’s gorgeous pair, the brunette pulled at her own top, lifting it up. Sophie’s big, meaty boobs fell down with a quiet thud, shivering on her chest ever so slightly. Nikki grinned as she saw the school girl’s large, firm orbs fall out of the shirt, the dramatic drop making them appear even heavier as they escaped from the confines of the restrictive garment. Sophie smiled nervously, giving her opponent a small wink as she gently rubbed her tits, slowly squeezing and kneading the ample, creamy flesh.

The brunette seemed to be a bit shorter than Sarah, but her tits were significantly bigger, and sat high on her chest. Both sets looked firm, though Sophie’s heavier jugs of course had more visible sag and jiggle. It was difficult to tell if that due to some difference in density or simply because of the greater mass, but all four girls gave it a shot anyway, drinking in the young, nubile titflesh on display.

“This ought to be interesting,” Sarah murmured as she finally dragged her gaze away from the brunette’s large rack, giving Sophie a quick grin. “You’ve got some serious tits for a high schooler, Soph. They might actually be the biggest I’ve fought yet…” Sarah trailed off, before letting her lips curl into a shrewd smirk. “Oh boy, am I going to have fun flattening your pretty boobies.”

Without giving her cute opponent any warning, the black-haired girl shoved her impressively firm pair into Sophie’s meaty mammaries. The brunette grunted as she felt her rack lose some of its round, full shape for a moment, displacing at the point of contact. Sophie’s face registered the contact, but the younger girl looked more surprised than hurt. Sarah’s mouth tightened, and it looked like she’d been expecting a more pronounced reaction. Meanwhile, Chrissy and Nikki snuggled into each other on the couch as they watched the two women start to match their best assets.

Sarah and Sophie seemed slightly wary of the other at first, moving carefully and simply pushing and shoving their dense breasts into each other. As Sarah’s right boob met Sophie’s left teat, both breasts would flatten at the point of contact. The brunette’s set of course gave more ground in absolute terms, but proportionally, they looked quite even. The contact was not always tip to tip, and Sarah’s tits sometimes looked as though they were trying to impale Sophie’s bigger boobs, forcing the school girl’s flesh outward from the point of impact. When Sophie’s heavy mammaries slammed into Sarah’s, however, the raven-haired woman’s hard tits seemed to yield, compressing visibly under the larger set.

Each pair held its shape quite well, neither girl being able to invade the other’s pair for more than a few seconds before the competing breast tissue sprang back. Sophie and Sarah had moved their hands on their opponent’s hips, keeping their breasts in an almost constant contact. As their tits slid over each other, sweat began to build. Their boobs bounced and shook on each pass, though not by much, and both looked happy to simply rub the other girl’s rack off their chest.

“Oh wow, don’t you just love seeing my perfect boobs wear your softer pair out, Soph?” the raven-haired girl smirked at their small audience as she lined her tits up and pushed. The move forced Sophie’s more ample flesh back, and it seemed, just for a moment, as though the younger girl’s heavy jugs were making way for Sarah’s pert, firm tits.

“Yeahhh, I know you can feel those big, fat boobs opening up for my firmer set,” Sarah whispered, obviously encouraged by the sight. She shoved again and again, each thrust making the brunette’s big boobs yield slightly. They still retained their round shape for the most part, but the difference to Sarah’s tight tits was becoming noticeable. On the couch, Nikki opened her mouth to give the younger girl some pointers, but paused as she saw the brunette’s large, grey eyes harden.

“Keep dreaming, girl. I’m going to squish your little sacks into nothing,” Sophie snapped, and shoved back, slamming her considerable mass forward. This time, Sarah’s perky boobs flattened more as they received the blow’s force head on. Chrissy and Nikki glanced at each other, wondering if things were about to escalate. But they didn’t, at least not yet. Both women were wincing slightly as their shoves and jabs forced some of the flesh outward, and the advantage was held with the person beginning the contact. If Sophie shoved her bigger tits into Sarah’s chest, the smaller-chested girl either saw or felt her firm tits flatten out from the surface. When Sarah pushed, Sophie’s ample breasts seemed to allow access, her flesh pushing in briefly. Neither woman looked to be more uncomfortable than the other, and no mentionable advantage seemed to have been gained.

Still maintaining their close embrace, Sarah began to slide her torso back and forth. Sophie mirrored her, trying to match the darker-haired girl’s shoves. It looked like every bit of their flesh was in contact, sliding, folding, bending and slapping. Sophie’s big boobs looked almost as if they were bouncing at times, while Sarah’s breasts were pushed in before bouncing back. Both sets shifted as they made way for the other girl’s dense flesh, but Nikki thought she could see Sophie’s larger jugs start to soften just a hint quicker than her opponent’s tightly-packed set.

As if reading her friend’s thoughts, the brunette’s hands moved suddenly, sliding up to Sarah’s slender shoulders. Sophie seemed to realize that even if their breasts were about the same firmness, Sarah’s more compact tits were able to concentrate a lot of pressure on a small area. Sophie could feel her own dense, heavy jugs bulging out as the black-haired girl’s hard pair tried to invade them, and knew that she needed a different kind of strategy. While her tits had so far been able to hold their own against Sarah’s perky pair, the brutal grinding was mostly working in her opponent’s favor.

As the cute brunette looked up at her opponent, she could see a ghost of a smile on Sarah’s face. With a huff, Sophie began to push, forcing the surprised girl back. Sarah responded quickly, however, and did her best to pull their racks back into each other. They stayed like that for a while, one girl pushing and the other pulling, and once more, neither titfighter was making much headway.

Rather than drag out their little test of strength any further, the raven-haired girl leaned down and fired a shot from below. Sophie’s heavy boobs bounced up, jiggling delightfully as Sarah continued the blow, shoving her firm tits into the underside of the brunette’s big rack. Sophie’s dense breasts flew up, rolling from the impact, and the school girl groaned as she felt the blow connect. Sophie’s breasts settled on her chest just as Sarah reared back, and Nikki and Chrissy’s watched with concern as their friend’s tits dented at the center, the plentiful, creamy flesh pushing to the sides as the opposing pair dug in. Sophie gasped at the unfamiliar sensation, and the older girl took advangage by spearing Sophie’s large breasts again. Knowing she had to break Sarah’s rhythm, Sophie’s hands tightened, but she didn’t move in time.

Sarah’s swing changed again, and Sophie, clearly unfamiliar with the older girl’s strategy, was having difficulty anticipating. A shot from the raven-haired girl’s firm left breast slammed into Sophie’s right, forcing her impressive boob to wobble. Sarah repeated the move with her other breast, and soon Sophie’s tits were both shaking on her frame.

“There we go, Big-Tits,” Sarah grinned, “Let’s see how high I can bounce them!” Another shot from Sarah’s perky, firm-looking left tit followed, and Sophie’s jugs were each shaking independently of the other. When Sarah finally paused, apparently to taunt the school girl, Sophie took her chance. With an angry growl, the brunette slammed her larger breasts into Sarah’s waiting pair.

The black-haired girl’s compact tits almost looked like they’d been swallowed by the brunette’s creamy jugs. Letting out a satisfied sigh, Sophie ground their tits together for moment, enjoying the sensation of her pair burying Sarah’s smaller set. Before Sarah could retaliate, the brunette pulled back and slammed forward again. The blows were so rapid that her opponent – or Nikki or Chrissy, for that matter – barely had time to register them. Grunting and cursing, Sarah watched as the brunette’s violent thrusts slammed into her tits, sending large ripples across the firm flesh.

Sophie pressed her advantage, swinging from the left to force her heavy breasts into the opposing rack. Sarah’s dense flesh shook and wobbled over her chest as Sophie held her breast against Sarah’s and began sliding her heavy, firm tits over Sarah’s smaller counterpart. Sarah groaned as she felt the considerable weight push her own breast inward and down, shifting both the surrounding tissue and core of her tit. Sarah’s boob slid back as Sophie continued, the latter pressing her flesh into Sarah’s other orb.

The black-gaired girl’s right tit was pushed outward noticeably, before being covered by Sophie’s breast. A careful smile appearing on her face, the brunette pulled back and watched Sarah’s tight tit bounce back into its original position. Sophie slid back, using her right breast to try to repeat the maneuver.

Sarah moved quickly this time, pulling back and slamming her hard pair into the underside of Sophie’s rack. Her left breast made the most impact, this time slamming into Sophie’s right tit, forcing the younger girl’s meaty flesh up toward her shoulder. Sarah followed up by grinding her right tit into Sophie’s left, pushing in so that Sophie’s boob slowly pushed out. The brunette moaned, but couldn’t stop herself from staring at the sight. All eyes were glued to Sophie’s big, powerful tit yielding to Sarah’s firm boob, her creamy flesh shimmying as it welcomed the invading orb.

“Oh wow, crushing these soft titties is making me wet,” Sarah whispered. “I can’t wait to feel them surrender to mine,” she added. “They’re going to look so hot, spilling around my better boobs.” Sophie groaned as her other jug was pushed inward slightly, leaving both her teats momentarily impaled by Sarah’s obviously firm pair. Sarah pulled away for just a moment, and Sophie sighed as she felt her boobs rebound into their original, almost spherical shape. Her relief was short-lived as the raven-haired girl remained the aggressor, this time lining her smaller boobs up and slamming them forward. Sophie’s heavy flesh rippled as it was pushed back and outward, and the younger girl moaned as she watched Sarah’s attempts to invade her big orbs. Sarah ground for a second, but pulled away, seemingly looking down to take stock of the situation.

Sophie pounced, dipping her waist just enough to send her large mammaries into the underside of her opponent’s perky boobs. Sarah’s boobs moved this time, flattening slightly at the bottom while the bulk of her mass flew upwards, wobbling up her chest. Sarah’s mouth was hanging open in surprise and pain as Sophie’s attack shook her hard tits. The brunette shifted her weight, and before Sarah’s perky boobs had time to stop jiggling, Sophie’s right breast slammed into its counterpart like a wrecking ball. Sarah let out a guttural groan as she felt her right tit get mashed inward, and again, Sophie poured on the pressure. Soon her right breast was pushing into Sarah’s left, while Sophie’s left tit was trying its best to flatten the raven-haired girl’s right boob. The look on Sarah’s face seemed to be of discomfort and pain. She seemed a bit dazed, but her eyes were narrow and her mouth was tight.

“What’s the matter, Sarah?” Sophie teased, smirking slightly. “Are those little boobs going soft on you already?”

“Oh, I’d be more concerned about your saggy udders if I were you!” Sarah replied with a hiss, and pulled away with a sudden burst of strength. Sophie managed to keep her balance, and soon the girls were circling each other. They both rubbed their sore breasts, their reddened flesh bouncing and jiggling enticingly. It was easy to see that Sarah’s tight tits had loosened quite a bit, but Sophie’s jugs weren’t doing much better either.

Diving down suddenly, Sarah shot her tits into the underside of Sophie’s big boobs. The attack sent the brunette’s heavy tits shaking uncontrollably upward, and Sarah grabbed her shoulders before the latter could step back to regroup. Sophie’s big boobs were wobbling when Sarah quickly moved forward. She slammed her tits into Sophie’s, once again spearing the school girl’s bigger tits. Still, the raven-haired girl’s smaller pair also compressed impressively, and both fighters groaned as they felt their dense flesh yield to the other’s rack.

Sophie closed her eyes for a moment as Sarah’s set invaded her larger boobs, but the brunette’s fleshy arms snaked around her opponent’s back. “Shit,” Sarah grunted as she felt the younger girl pull their sweaty racks even tighter together. She replied in kind, and as their boobs mashed against each other, both girls began to roll their tits further in.

“Bad move, Softy,” Sarah murmured in strained voice. “My firm boobs will grind you flat.”

“Oh yeah?” Sophie grunted in reply, shoving her rack forward and forcing the older girl to groan as she felt her own flesh displace briefly. “You sure it’s not the other way around?”

Gritting her teeth, Sarah pushed back. “For such a nice girl, you sure aren’t very bright. Watch and learn,” she whispered angrily, rubbing her smaller boobs over the tops of Sophie’s jugs. It was now the brunette’s turn to wince, her more ample bust billowing down and out as Sarah’s dense orbs pushed in from above.

The room became silent as the girls ground against each other, listening closely to the wet smacks of their tits against each other and their grunts and gasps as they felt their titflesh shift and jiggle. Nikki and Chrissy watched, captivated, as the two pairs of sweaty breasts slid from side to side, their flesh rippling with every pass. Sarah’s pert, smaller breasts slid up and over, shifting slightly. And while Sophie’s tits shifted more, they were also significantly heavier. Whenever the brunette managed to slide her rack on top, she was rewarded with a moan from her pretty opponent as Sarah’s firm flesh compressed beneath the bigger bust.

Sophie had taken note of this, if her satisfied smirks were any indication, and she did her best to ensure that her mammaries were resting above Sarah’s as often as possible. The black-haired girl fought her attempts of course, trying to make sure that her small, firm tits were meeting Sophie’s point-to-point.

The hug went on for a while, with each of the girls sliding, rubbing and shoving their breasts into and against the other’s firm set. Sophie’s jugs were yielding quite a bit of real estate by now, but so were Sarah’s tight tits. Nikki licked her lips as she watched their youthful breasts bend and fold, compressing the opposing flesh before being pushed back and starting the process all over again. Despite their warnings, Sophie had done little to avoid grinding, the redhead thought to herself, shaking her head at the brunette’s inexperience. If she won this fight, it’d be all thanks to her tits, not tactics. Maybe it was time for Chrissy to take over the bearhug lessons…

Filing those notes away for their post-match debriefing, Nikki brought her attention back to the present. She looked on as Sophie dragged her sweaty boobs across the older girl’s dense pair, causing Sarah to grunt again when her boobs flattened under the mass rolling over them. Sarah responded by shoving her own chest forward, and both pairs of breasts spilled to the sides as they met, compressing and shifting around each other. The girls kept twisting and rolling their shoulders gently, sending their tits wave by wave into the other’s rack. There was still no sign of a winner, and Nikki was slowly starting to wonder if they’d have to call it a draw. Neither girl was an athlete, and they were sure to run out of steam soon.

Just then, Nikki noticed one of the girls begin to grunt with an increasing frequency, while the other became silent. The tennis player watched closely, but could see little change; both pairs of breasts compressed, molding against each other just like before. As Nikki leaned forward for a better view, Sophie started another shoulder roll, forcing her large pair into Sarah’s perky set. The black-haired girl’s grunts and gasps indicated the move’s effectiveness, and the redhead could see Sarah’s struggles begin to slow down. It almost seemed as though the older girl was tiring out.

“About fucking time,” Sophie sighed softly, a small, tired smile forming on her lips. “Finally ready to give up, Sarah? Are my big, powerful jugs better than your little ones?” the younger girl gently pushed to her left, and Nikki noticed that Sarah’s right breast was shoved outward. Sarah responded, pushing back hard, but Sophie held her ground, and it looked like her opponent’s perky teat was pushed even further out.

“Fuck,” Sarah groaned in surprise, watching her once firm boob spill away.

Sophie pulled her opponent closer so she could press both of her larger, heavier breasts into the raven-haired girl’s set. Both Nikki and Chrissy watched as the brunette pushed her tits into and over Sarah’s gorgeous, perky boobs. The smaller pair began flattening quickly, compressing at the point and moving outward with a fluid motion. The tennis player heard and felt Chrissy’s relieved exhale. Sophie had clearly succeeded in turning those hard tits into mush, and they both watched Sarah’s flesh simply make way for the brunette’s. To the older girl’s credit, Sophie’s big boobs also compressed way more than they had at the start of their fight, and the wild ripples dancing across her creamy skin told everyone just how close to defeat the brunette’s rack had been. Great tits could only get you so far, at some point skill also came into play. They’d still have to work on that part.

Sarah, evidently hoping to scrape a stalemate at the eleventh hour, tried to shove her boobs forward one last time. While the desperate move did cause Sophie’s tenderized jugs to billow out noticeably, the raven-haired girl’s own perky set flattened in a wave of titflesh, Sarah’s normally firm boobs flowing outward from the point of impact in an almost liquid motion. Grunting softly, Sophie dipped her tits down and pushed up, bringing her boobs into the underside of her rival’s tits. As the brunette shoved her tits up, Sarah’s boobs offered little resistance. They pushed up and flattened from the bottom as Sophie celebrated her hard-fought victory. The brunette let Sarah’s tits flow down slowly, sliding her own rack over them until they were once again resting on top.

Sarah moaned as she felt her tits pancake under the considerable weight. “Okay, okay,” she gasped, sounding dejected. “I give! Your big tits are too much for my weak little boobs,” she said breathlessly, and Sophie pulled away quickly, a wide grin lighting her cute, round face.

The brunette looked at her beaten rival for a moment before leaning forward and bringing her hands up to Sarah’s clearly sore pair. They looked red and tender, and hung lower than before, but were still an impressive sight. Biting her lip, Sophie started to knead Sarah’s boobs gently.

“Wow,” Sophie whispered quietly, sounding genuine. “These are amazing. Not very big, but… perfect.”

After a moment, Sarah’s own hands rose up, reaching out to cup Sophie’s heavy breasts. They looked almost as red and sore as her own, but still maintained much of their usual round shape.

“You’re one to talk, Soph,” she replied with a torn smile. “If my tits are nice, these monsters are outright awesome. Your huge, firm rack crushed my baby boobs.”

Sophie giggled softly, and Sarah let out a moan as she felt the brunette’s fingers begin to caress her nipples. There was a definite hunger in the younger girl’s eyes, and Sarah shot a quick glance towards the couch. While Nikki and Chrissy were fondling each other’s prominent teats lazily, their eyes were on the two titfighters.

“No need to be shy, Sarah!” the redhead smirked playfully. “Sophie may be young, but she’s just as slutty as the rest of us…” she winked with a grin, and earned a hearty laugh from the muscular blonde beside her. “That’s right,” Chrissy confirmed, getting up to stretch a bit. “So don’t even think about letting her go home without a prize.”

Snorting at their audience, the black-haired girl turned her attention back to Sophie, who was gently caressing Sarah’s angry red breasts in her hands. The brunette’s fingers moved around Sarah’s hard nipples, coaxing another loud moan from the older girl. Sophie looked up, and their eyes met, both staring at the other with identical looks of admiration and desire.

“Fuck yeah,” Nikki whispered into Chrissy’s ear. “I’ve never had a foursome before.”

The following day went by quickly, and before she knew it, Sophie was already leaving her last class. Maths had always been pretty easy for the brunette, but this time, she’d been somewhat distracted. Not so much because of the dull throb in her still sore boobs, which wasn’t all that bad anymore (though Sophie WAS very glad she didn’t have any PE on Fridays, as the visible bruising on her rack would’ve been pretty difficult to hide in the showers). No, her concentration was shot because of what’d happened the night before. And what hadn’t, but would probably happen pretty soon in the future. Being still a high school student and living with her parents, Sophie had had to return home way sooner than she would’ve liked. Sarah was obviously a rather experienced lover, and they’d only just gotten started…

The brunette could feel her face grow hot, and quickly glanced around to see if someone had noticed. Satisfied that everyone’s attention was on something else, the school girl closed her bag and flung it to her shoulder. Linda, the blonde softball jock Sophie had flattened some months earlier, had been giving her curious looks ever since they bumped into each other at the mall. The blonde had asked about Nikki a few times, having apparently heard the redhead’s name pop up somewhere. According to Linda, quite a few people at the school knew girls who frequented the titfighting circle, but none were friends with a regular like Nikki.

The brunette hadn’t revealed much, but there was no doubt the other girls would keep on pestering Sophie until she spilled the beans. It wasn’t a very big school, and the topic was just too juicy. Several of the girls, Linda among them, probably wanted in themselves. Any suspicion that the brunette had stories, tips or other information to share would’ve been sure to put them on her trail.

Glad to have avoided her nosy classmates’ notice, Sophie headed to the lockers. As she quickly checked her phone for new messages, the brunette noticed there were two, both from Nikki:

   “Going to see a fight tonight. U wanna come?”

   “Some girls from Chrissy’s gym are going at it after the place closes, should be fun…”

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